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Ry and I

Okay...this is my second story but only my first Fiction so let me know what you think. This story was written for my hockey-playing friend, Ryan, who I like a lot :) So, while it is fiction, the characters are real and hopefully I can change it from fiction to "true story" some day

Salvation Ch. 28 Sarah's Cruel Punishment

A dark and sadistic tale set in Victorian England

I Had No Choice

My student's mother gets me to teach her daughter about sex

Camryn: C01

Another Noc

Anhgel 7

wolf fun

Friendly Skies

This is my first story. Comments and feedback welcome.

bonding with daddy

Bonding with Daddy ============================= I remember my dad waking me from a sound sleep

New Neighbor: Part 2

New Neighbor Part 2 Thanks for the comments guys =] I hope you think this one is as good as the last =] “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!” blared the alarm inches from my head waking me, pulling me from a sexy dream

Best Beach Day

so what is that.........

Driven to Sex

Mother and daughter enjoy the chauffeur

Little Princess

My first time

Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho.. Chapter 11.. (Babysitting Katie)

This is a fairly long chapter and I apologize. However, it is a critical part of this story, and is necessary to maintain the stories continuity

Legal Tender

A young Boy and much older man


This is the first part of a very long story detailing my gay adventures up to the age of 16 years old it will probably be in about 10 parts

Sex Sex Revolution

This story was written by a friend. I am putting it up here for him.

Rape 101: The Kidnapping

A young lawyer doesnt know what real rape is

Apples and Oranges part ii

Ever had that know....forbidden fruit

Shadow (Complete)

This contains all the chapters

The Slender Man

Carmen, a half raced Third Reich follower is coming out of a party and sees you know who. Being drunk she's hits on him

I Dare You To Fuck Me

I went to a large University when I was seventeen. I had a girlfriend, a band, and a high alcohol tolerance