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A girl named wendy

It was on a warm summers night when wendy decided to go to bed, when she did finally fall sleep she started dreaming that this cute boy was fucking her. after wendy fell asleep her dad came in to check up on her he then unzips his pants and wips his cock out and starts jacking off he thought to him self I hope she doesn't wake up. He pulls her blanket down to the foot of the bed then he pulls his shorts down and crawls into bed with her. Then he plays with her pussy untill shes wet then he slowly puts the head of his cock in her and pushes it in. Once it's in he fucked her brains out after he cums in her he pulls his cock out and then he goes down and eats her out, when he gets done he gets up carfully not to wake her then he pull his pants up and and pulls the blanket back up then leaves her room.
The next morning when she wakes she finds herself bleeding so she run to her dad

(wendy) dad, dad I'm bleeding

(her dad) WHERE

(wendy) down here

and she points to her pussy

(her dad) oooh don't you worry your little head about that its just your on your period

just then her dad thought oooh shit I hope she doen't get pregnant

(her dad) I guess this is your first perod

(wendy) if your on your perod when you bleed then yes

(her dad) come here my little darling

so she comes over to her dad then she follows her dad to the bathroom and he grabs some t.p. and cleans her.

(wendy) ooooh daddy that feels sooo good....... oooh daddy your gona make me cum!!!!

so he stops

(wendy) oooh don't stop keep doing it maybe without the t.p.

so her dad knelt in front of her and put his pointer finger in the crack of her pussy and started to rub her then he started sticking his finger in her pussy hole.

(wendy)ooooooh that feels sooooo good........I'm about to cum.

when she did cum she came all over her dads hand.

(her dad) did you like that????

(wendy) no actually I loved it can you do that to me again????

(her dad) no because what I did to you is wrong and it's aginst the law.

(wendy) how is what you did to me wrong????

(her dad) because it's called sexuel abuse on a minor which can put me in jail for ten to twenty years if any one found out.

(wendy) If I promise not to tell any one would you then????.

(her dad) no cause what happens if you get pregnant????.

(wendy) Then I'll tell them that my boyfriend got me pregnant now will you???

(her dad) You have a boyfriend???.

(wendy) No but if I got pregnant and I got asked I would get me one and have him fuck me now will you do anything I want you to do to me????.

(her dad) No because I might do something that would make you mad at me then you would have something over me.

(wendy) You couldn't do anything that could make me that mad at you, any more fears???.

(her dad) Yes what about your older brother.

(wendy) Moms always wanted him to live with her and he's alway wanted to live with her so why don't you send him to mom, now will you do me???.

(her dad) Yes but only after he goes to his moms.

(wendy) Kool thank you now ask him go ask him ok.

So wendy and her dad went to her brothers room and knocked on his bedroom door.

(her brother) come in.

they opened up the door

(her dad) dan how would you like to move to your moms.

(dan) You serious of course I would when can we go is wendy coming to???.

(his dad) Idon't know if she wants to now you get packed while I call your mom ok.

So their dad went to the phone and called their mom.

(the phone) bzzz bzzz bzzz.

(their dad) it's busy.

Fifteen minutes later.

(the phone) Ring ring ring ring.

(their mom) hello.

(their dad) Hello just calling to ask you if you still wanted dan to live with you???.

(their mom) Yea sure but what about wendy??? let me ask her if she wants to live here to.

(their dad) Sure.........wendy your mom wants to talk to you.

So her dad hands her the phone.

(wendy) Hi mom what did you want????.

(her mom) How would you like to live here with your brother and me????.

(wendy) No thanks dad needs me here to help him around the house.

(her mom) Ok then let me talk to your dad.

(her dad) Hello whatcha need.

(her mom) ok looks like you'll be taken dan by himself.

(her dad) Ok so I'll see you in about an hour bye.

(her mom) Ok see you then bye.

So then he hangs up the phone then goes over to dans room.

(her dad) You ready to go, your mom is expecting us in an hour wendy do you want to come to and say hi to your mom???.

(wendy) Sure I'll come.

(dan) Ok I'm packed and everythings in the truck.

(his dad) Ok every body in the truck.

(wendy@dan) Ok.

So every one got into the truck dan and his dad in the front and wendy in the cab then they drove to their moms house. When they got there their mom was standing outside waiting for them.

(his mom) Hi dan you know were your room is you can put your stuff in there, ahh wendy you decided to move in with us???.

(wendy) No I just came with them so I could say hi and so I could see you.

(his mom) Ooooh ok.

Then they gave each other a hug.

(her dad) It was nice seeing you again but we got to get going I promised wendy I'd take her out to lunch after we droped dan off, see ah.

Just then dan came out to say good bye.

(his mom) See ya wendy and you drive safely.

So wendy and her dad got back into the truck and drove off.

(her dad) So were do you want to go eat????.

(wendy) Subways.

(her dad) Subways it is.

So they went to subways ate then went home but on the way home they talked.

(wendy) Now are you mine???.

(her dad) Yep now I'm yours after we get home what do you want to do????.

(wendy) I don't know kind of stuff is there?????.

(her dad) Well theres masturbation, theres fucking, theres playing thats what I did to you earler, theres sucking, and theres games we can play.

(wendy) What kind of games are there?????.

(her dad) I'll tell you but hold all your questions till I'm done ok.

(wendy) ok.

(her dad) Theres bondage and discipline, theres master and slave, theres fantasy, theres role playing, theres torture, theres card games, and theres board games, theres other sex games that I can't think of.

(wendy) Well can I suck you now???.

So her dad unziped his pants and pulled out his big cock out,

(her dad) ok here you go suck it.

So wendy leans over and opens her mouth and stuck her tongue out and started licking the head of his cock then she started licking the cocks shaft all the way to his balls then went back up the shaft and wraping her tongue around his cock and when she got back up to the top of his cock then she opened her mouth took about half of it then she starts bobbing her head up and down till he came in her mouth.

(her dad) How'd the cum taste???.

(wendy) A little salty but good now can you suck me???.

(her dad) I can't suck you.

(wendy) Why???.

(her dad) Because you don't have a dick you have a pussy so I can eat you out.

(wendy) Can you eat me now???.

(her dad) Not rite now because I'm driving.

(wendy) Ok when we get home then.

So she got up and she watched the scenery till they got home. Then they both went in the house. Then they went to his room. Then she took off her dress and panties. And then threw them on the chair.

(wendy) Ok dad I'm ready for ya.

Then he picks her up and puts her on his bed then he crawls onto the bed untill his head meets her pussy then he sticks his tongue in the crack of her pussy and then he gently licks from top to bottom intill his tongue meets her clit then gently he puts his lips around around her clit and sucks it.

(wendy) Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.

Then he sticks his tongue up her pussy hole untill she came. Then he crawls up further untill the head of his cock hits her pussy then he pushed it in gently at first then when it's finally all the in, he then almost pulls it out then back in slowly at first then he goes faster and faster in and out like a jack rabbit untill he cums in her then he keeps fucking her for about a half an hour then he pulls it out then he sits up and looks at her lying there with both of her hands on her nipples then he looks farther down and sees their juices dribbleing out of her pussy onto the bed.

(her dad) how do feel now???.

After a few minutes,

(wendy) I was on cloud nine what else can we do I want to go back.

(her dad) ha ha ha .I gotta rest I'm exhausted.

(wendy) Ok we'll rest I am a little tired to.

So they layed down together and fell asleep.

When she woke up she saw a note laying next to her and it said, honey I'll be rite back I went to the adult book store to get some toys for you to try and some magazines for you to read and some movies for us to watch and some games and some devices and some sexy stuff for you to wear...........................LOVE YOU dad........p.s. don't get dressed I want to see you in the nude like you were when I left. So after she read the note she ripped it to shreds and then flushed it down the toilet.Then for about three hours she just roamed the house till he got back. When she heard truck roll in she ran to the window and peeked through the shades to see if it was her dad it was, just then she heard the door open and saw her dad holding five sacks.

(wendy) Whatcha get me whatcha get me.

Then he puts the sacks down and pulls out a see though nightie eatable panties and about three leather outfits and a vibrating dildo one playboy one playgirl a couple of triple x movies handcuffs anklecuffs rope leather straps spiked collar and some sex games like board games a case of bud and two bottles of jack daniels and a soft whip a woman leather mask a ball gag
a leather neck and arm restrants a leash a swing a but plug and a camcorder and two subs from subway.

(wendy) All this stuff is for me????.

(her dad) for us some for now and some of it for later.

(wendy) What's for now???.

(her dad)What ever you pick is for now so go pick something.

(wendy) I gather the bud and the j.d. is for you??.

(her dad) Nope it's for us, both of us twelve buds for you and twelve buds are for me and one bottle of j.d. is for you and one bottle is for me.

(wendy) Trying to get me drunk.....kool when we get to play with this stuff. I want to do the drinking game first.

(her dad) Ok we'll play the drinking game after dark ok?? but for rite now put everything in my room on the bed except the beers and the j.d. then get dressed and come out and eat ok.

(wendy) Ok.

So she puts everything in the bags except the beers and j.d. and the subs and takes all the bags into his room then gets dressed and comes out and eats. After they eat they go in and watch tv for awhile then he reaches around and puts his hand down were her pussy is, and reaches his hand under her panties and puts his middle finger into her pussy hole and finger bangs her for awhile and she unzips his pants and pulls out his cock and strokes it till about nine then he gets up leaves.

(wendy) Were you going????.

(her dad) I'll be rite back.

Then he goes to the kitchen and grabs the beer and the j.d. and some shot glasses then he comes back then he puts it all on the coffee table.

(her dad) You ready to play.

(wendy) yep lets play.

So he tells her the rules they start playing she lost the first one and he told her that she had to take off her pants then he lost so she told him he had to take off his pants and so forth and so forth. Finally when they were both nude they were both drunker then a skunk by this time they forgot they were playing a game and she gets up and comes over, and makes him lay down and then she sits on top of his hard cock and then leans over and gives him a french kiss that would straighten your hair. But at the same fucking his brains out. After they got done they both pass out right there till morning.

The next morning they both wake up with a hangover from hell and so they looked around the room and saw all twenty four cans of beer empty and both bottles empty to. And no memery of it.

(wendy) Oooooh my head, what happened last night?????.

(her dad) Oooooooooh my head, I don't know.

later when their heads clear up and then they go into his room and they grab all the sacks and went downstairs and she grabed the swing and handed it her dad and then helped him put it up. After they were done he lowered it so she could sit in it. Then he helped her put her legs in the sturups then he raised her to were her pussy was even his mouth then tied it off. when he got done he then went between her legs and grabed her clit with his lips and played with it with his tongue.


Then she cums.


So her dad lowers her down then does what she asked and rams her hard. He fucks her all day he came at least twenty times.

(three months later)

(wendy) dad how often am I suppose to be on my period?????.

(her dad) Once a month I think why????.

(wendy) It's been three months and I haven't started yet and I've been sick in the mornings to and my stomach feels funny like theres something in there

Later that day, her dad takes her to the doctors and finds out that she is three months pregnant.

(her dad) OK WENDY WHO DID THIS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


(her dad) ANSWER ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(wendy) m m m m my boy friend.

then she starts crying.

(her dad) WHAT'S HIS NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

(wendy) his name is samuel.


So they walked to his truck and got in, and when they got in they dove off.

(her dad) Thanks I was scared that you were going to blow it when I yelled at you.

(wendy) I told you that I would tell who ever asked me that it was my boyfriend, now I gotta find one and have him fuck me.

(her dad) No we're gonna move is that ok???.

(wendy) That's ok with me maybe we can move some where far away someplace that doesn't know us and a place where we don't need to take a blood test and age doesn't matter and then we can get married because I LOVE YOU that much and instead of calling you dad I could call honey, or my little teddy bear or whatever pet name you let me call you.

(her dad) Where do you suppose we go????? intill we move as long as we're in private I like honey but out here or around any body we know it's dad ok.

(wendy) Ok I don't know???? maybe out of this country???? I'll check around and I'll let you know ok honey.

(her dad) ok darling.

When they got back home they went into the house her dad looked in the newspaper and saw an ad about how to become an ordained minaster so he called and asked for the pamphlet a week later the pamphlet came.

(wendy) honey I'm horny come fuck me I want you to fuck my brains out.

(her dad) Meet me in our room I'm trying to fix this problem.

(wendy) lets worry about it later and come fuck me ok and I'll help you later honey.

(her dad) ok darling I'm coming hay lets roleplay.

(wendy) Ok lets play cops and robbers and I'll be the robber ok honey.

(her dad) Ok go get the hancuffs and my b.b. gun.

(wendy) Ok I'll be rite back.

So she went to the room and grabbed the handcuffs and the b.b. gun then came back out and gave him the cuffs and the b.b. gun then went back to the room.

(wendy) Ok I'm ready I'm coming out don't shoot.

Then she walks out.

(her dad) Turn around and face the wall.

Then he walks over to her and grabs one of her arms and puts it behind her back and cuffs it then he grabs her other arm and puts it behind her back and then he cuffs that one to then he turns her around.

(her dad) Ok I gotta frisk ya.

So puts his hands on her breasts and squeezes them and caresses her nipples, then slowly pats her down and when he gets to her pussy he puts his middle finger and caresses her pussy crack,
(wendy) uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,

then he puts his middle finger up her pussy hole,

( her dad) Looks like I have to check your pussy with something else.

(wendy) Do what you gotta do officer.

So he takes his pants down and this seven an half incher and sticks the head into the pussy hole then pushes it in then almost out again then back in again he starts slowly then goes faster and faster,


right there they cum together. Then they lay on the floor for awhile out of exhaustion.

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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