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Retirement Group Sex

Three couples retire together.

Strap-On Fun

Wife surprises Husband with a new Toy

Cumshots That Changed the World

This is an epic novel of one man who's cum could change the world

World of Warcraft fantasy 2 : The Grimtotem

This is a sequel to "World of Warcraft fantasy: Elvish Graces"

The Island, Chapter 12

Author’s Note: This is a serial novel. It mixes actual experiences, fantasies, and outright lunacy

The Story of Ann Chapter 3: How I Ruined my Life Before it even Started

My life begins at the young age of seveteen.

The Burning Skyline Succubus

Posted it on a few diffrent sights and thought it was time to put it here

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 83: The Stallions

A quick and kinky bestiality fantasy!

Gym Shower; first gay experience

This is a 100 % true story of my first gay experience.I had been living in Canada for just over a year when it happened

Lift perks II

How do you follow up a late night fuck?

Caroline and the Hot Tub

Here’s my latest story for you all! Also, please read my previous story (Mandy) as it got lost in the well documented website maintenance issue cave of despair

Online Dating, Gone Awry…

This is my first story on this site. please leave constructive critism, the * indicate a break in time or a flashback

Vicki's little secret part 2

If you missed part one, read it first, or else some of this won

Andrea's weekend

It was the weekend, and I had been looking forward to this night for weeks. My best friend, Will, had moved back to our home town after living out of state for close to ten years

"Two Worlds Collide"

A young gorgeous twink experiences his first gay encounter with a former school bully, who also just happens to be a cop

Sister's Fate - Emily's Ordeal

Chapter 2

Free Spirited (09)...My first job (New Years Day 1999)

It was 1998, I was 16 years old living in a dump of place with hookers, junkies and street kids; it seemed a hopeless situation

The Selection - Cheerleader Sally Ch 2: a Frankel story

More nasty sex for poor Sally

Angel 4

Snow shows her the ropes

Cute Little Colin (Part 2: Friday)

Alas I have submitted my story :) Hope you like