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Nicki visits her uncle

The Midnight Intruder

Roll playing at it’s finest.

Monster World (MW): The Prologue

This story is mainly just to tell you all I'm not done with the once Monster Lab series.

Banging Billie 2

I thought for days about everything that happened. I was only twelve, and I should not be having sex at all let alone with my brothers

Young Cowboy Part 1

This is a western about a young cowboy after the Civil War

My Sardinian Holiday Continues

This is a sequel to my experience during a holiday in Sardinia where I was raped. I told this story already “My Holiday Rape – Sardinia”

My Cock Hungry Sister-In-Law II

It's great to have your sister-in-law as a fuck buddy

Yes Sir, I'll do whatever you want Part 2

Its quickly becoming my naughty addiction to write this series

My Pretty Little Slaves - Chapter 14 - Becky's gift to Ben, a fashion show trip to Paris and New York City --- Part One

Fictional Story. Romance about an unusual family

( pt 2 ) Saturday nights fun

Kim loved dogs


:) Enjoy. and Please Please Please Comment.. xo

My Sister in Law #3, The First Anal Experience

Okay the final chapter of my fun with my sister in law and wife, sorry it took so long to get it posted, didn't realize it wasn't till now

Greatest Sex Scene Ever: Switch Hitters

Sex scene leads to author's bi awakening.

I love my son Daniel (1-4)

This is the whole story. Enjoy!

Gang Fuck Toy

Fuck Toy Part 3

Birthday Dinner Party

Using her as a serving place and more

Die or Live to do a Porno

A sister is forced to do a BDSM porno with her older sister

The Black Bull, The Hotwife and Cuckold Pt. II

When Times Get Tough

family changed ron to rose

this story says how a family has changed the fate of ron

Mom Took Me To A Concert

My mother really wanted to go to that concert.