Best Sex Stories, Adult Stories, Lastest Sex Stories 2017

the new dark lord

the rise of a new dark wizard

Snowed in with Nothing but Body Heat - Part One

Part One of a future series. This part includes the start of two very sexual relationships and marks the beginning of a lot more to come

Chantelle's Punishment

Some stories I wrote hike thinking about being a sub

One to Go

Ever had that fantasy of doing that hot waiter? Well fantasise no more!

Watching My Sister's Rape

His bullies make him watch as they rape his sister

The Devil's Bull - A Halloween Story

Be careful when you dance on the Devil's doorstep. You never know when he might come out and ask you to come inside

Those Were the Days

i speak the truth

Beyond the Limit

A beautiful company employee needs to find a glitch in a virtual reality super-computer. She encounters a lot more than electronic circuits!

The Story of Ann Chapter 2: My Life on the Farm

My life on the farm living with grandma.

Married Life -05

A story of lust & romance

Galactic Vendetta chapter 06

the next chapter of Galactic Vendetta

Hiking with Tina

My girlfriend Tina was the kind of girl every guy wants to fuck. She’s tall, about five foot nine with long, long legs

Getting to Know Sean

Read the first paragraph and the themes to get a feel for what the story is about.

Blank, Sex and Murder

This story is an explicit erotic thriller. It contains strong lead female characters, BDSM, semi-non-consensual sex between adults, murder, and a storyline that makes you wonder "Where the heck has E

Teaching Tammy, part 3

The conclusion of Tammy's experiences with her elderly neighbors

Linda and Cindy (Chronical III)

Tale of two girlfriends

Emily Quietly Slips Into Your Room ...

Missing my lover!!!

Great Mom Pt. 5

Katie and her daughter pleasure each other when Katies friend joins in.

Captured female Sergeant and her men

When Sgt. Danniels and her men were captured, she knew she was in for a rough time.

sexy secretary & friend

this follows on from my previous story