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Bestiality Island - Part 1: The Dog

Barbie Lez awoke with the worst headache of her life. In fact, it was the worst headache in the history of headaches. But the first thing the eighteen-year-old noticed was not her pounding head or the sun’s hot rays on her skin. It was something long and slimy slithering across her face.

Normally, she would have jumped to her feet, ready to fight for dear life. But every muscle in her body was sore. She immediately began wondering what had had happened to her. Had she been in a car crash? Little did she know, that was not far from the truth. But the events leading to her painful return to reality would have to wait. Something hot and wet that kept sliding across her face and she desperately wanted to figure out what it was.

Her eyes fluttered open and she was momentarily blinded by the light. Once her vision had acclimated to the bright surroundings, she peered up to find a large dog standing over her. His head hovered mere inches above hers and that long, slimy tongue of his slid back and forth across her face.

“Get away!” she yelled. At least she tried. But her throat felt like sand paper and only a muffled moan escaped. However, it was enough to scare off the large canine.

Once she was safe, Barbie took a few moments to gather her strength. During that time, she glanced up at the sky. It was completely blue and without a single cloud. But the sun was nowhere to be seen, which meant it was either early or late.

“Where am I?” she wondered. Unfortunately, her current position made answering that question impossible.

It took a few minutes, but she eventually found the strength to sit. Her head was still pounding and her vision was slightly blurry, but she was still able to notice the sun rising in the distance. It was morning.

The next thing she noticed was that she was seated on a beach. The sand was the purest shade of white and the nearby water reflected the sky, giving it a blue tint. She glanced around and noticed a few palm trees. Wherever she was, it was tropical.

It took Barbie a while to notice certain details. Like the fact that the beach was littered with junk. There were plastic glasses, towels, suitcases and all sorts of other random items. But it was not until she spotted a large shape that things finally started making sense. Standing a dozen feet to her left was a man. Or rather what was left of him. His body was completely carbonized and there was no doubt in the young woman’s mind that whoever the poor shmuck had been, he was now dead. This should have shocked Barbie, but it actually brought a smile to her lips.

“I know what happened to me,” she realized. Images started flashing before her mind’s eyes, telling her exactly what had happened. She remembered boarding the plane. She even recalled the boring-ass movie that was playing. The first part of the flight was calm. But then they hit turbulence. She clearly membered struggling to fasten her seatbelt as the plane bounced around on the unstable air currents. But before she could, the plane plummeted. The last thing she saw was the ceiling flying down toward her. Then nothing but darkness.

“I was in a plane crash!” she realized. But it was not until she peered down at herself that this theory was proven correct. Her clothes were torn to shreds and she was covered in filth from head to toe. But she was otherwise unharmed. It was a veritable miracle.

Though realizing she had survived a plane crash should have been her primary concern, she was busy freaking about her grimy appearance. But that was because her brain preferred to focus on something mundane rather than facing the reality of her situation.

“I need to get cleaned up,” she realized. Gathering what little strength had returned to her body, she got to her feet. Her legs were wobbly, but she still managed to reach the water. Taking shaky step after shaky step, she marched deeper into the water until it reached her waist. She then took a seat in the salty liquid and started cleaning herself.

It took well over ten minutes, but she eventually managed to extract every last speck of dirt from her body. By the time she returned to shore, she was back to her usual flawless self.

She had long, platinum-blonde hair with a few pink highlights. Her eyes were the same blue as the ocean and her fleshy lips were chapped from exposure to salt water. She had left her shredded clothes behind and now had nothing left to cover up her flawless body. Her firm, D-Cup boobs thus remained in plain sight. As did her bouncy ass and tight, clean-shaven pussy. But her lack of clothes also put her large, bright-pink birthmark in evidence. It was shaped like the lesbian symbol and seemed to hover between her pussy and navel.

Upon realizing she was naked, Barbie started freaking out. That is until she remembered there was no one there to spy on her. But instead of calming her down, this realization freaked her out even more.

“I’m alone!” she realized. Once quick glance at her surroundings told her she was right. The beach was littered with remnants of the crash. There were personal belongings, detached parts of the plane and even a few bodies. But no one else had survived. For the first time in her life, Barbie was completely, utterly alone. Even worse, she was stranded on what could very well be a deserted island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

She started seriously freaking out, but soon realized that would do no good. If she planned on surviving, she first had to familiarize herself with her surroundings. She glanced around and studied every detail. The beach she had washed up on stretched on for a little over a dozen feet before the sand turned to grass. The grass itself went on for a couple hundred feet before reaching a forest. And from the looks of it, an endless ocean of trees covered the rest of the island. In the center of the landmass stood a mountain. It was not exactly big, but it would take at least a full day’s walk to reach the top.

Never once during her inspection did Barbie find any sings of civilization. But the dog that had pulled her back to reality proved there had to be someone else on the island. She knew wild dogs still existed, but the canine she had seen had been wearing a collar.

“Maybe I’m not on a deserted island after all,” she realized. Unfortunately, the dog was nowhere to be seen and there was no telling in which direction he had run off. If she went the wrong way, she could get lost for days and risked death. But staying put pretty much ensured her demise.

“I have to explore the island,” she decided.

She spent the next few hours exploring her surroundings. She dared not wander off too far from the beach by fear of getting lost. Unfortunately, she found noting of use. The dog was nowhere to be seen and there were no signs of civilization. Even worse, her parched throat started getting even worse and hunger quickly became an issue. She eventually came across some weird-looking fruit. There was no way of telling it if was comestible, but times were desperate. Unfortunately, the fruit tasted foul and only made her thirst worse.

She continued wandering around for a bit until she finally spotted the dog. Unfortunately, he ran off as soon as she got close. And given her grumbling stomach, she did not have the strength or the will to pursue it.

“It’s hopeless,” she realized. And with that, she came to a stop. Resting her back against a nearby tree, she took a few moments to think.

If she wanted to survive, she had to find food. Unfortunately, living off fruit was not an option. She considered trying to hunt, but the only other animals she had seen were a few exotic birds. And even if she somehow managed to capture one, she doubted she could bring herself to kill it. And even if she somehow did, she had no way of building a fire to cook it. And there was no way in hell she would eat raw meat.

She could survive a few days without food. Unfortunately, water was essential to her survival. But she had thoroughly scoured the surroundings and had not found a single drop of fresh water. As if being parched and starving was not bad enough, things were about to get worse.

Barbie was a virgin. But she was also a nymphomaniac. That meant she had to masturbate at least once a day to keep her arousal in check. But some days, she was forced to pleasure herself up to three times. And, considering the massive amounts of arousal she only now realized had begun growing within her, it did not appear as though simple masturbation would be sufficient. Plus, squirting what little fluids she had left was not a good idea. She needed every drop of it just to survive.

But she forgot all about that when she heard a branch crack to her right. She whipped around to see the dog sneaking toward her. Unlike before, she had time to look him up and down.

Barbie was no expert when it came to dogs, but the approaching animal appeared to be a Bullmastiff. And a large one at that. His powerful muscles could be seen rippling beneath his beautiful beige fur and his razor-sharp teeth sent a shiver running down the naked woman’s body.

The canine grew closer and closer. He no longer seemed afraid of Barbie. Only curious. Still, the tight-bodied teen dared not move by fear of scaring him off. If she could tame him, he could lead her back to his masters and then she would be as good as saved. But there was a lot of work to do before that happened.

It took almost a minute, but the dog finally reached the young woman. He started by sniffing her. He seemed to appreciate her smell, because he soon started licking her face like a puppy happy to see his master. Barbie momentarily forgot all about her troubles and started laughing. This encouraged her new friend to paw at her playfully and the two spent the next few minutes rolling around in playful fight.

As much as she was enjoying herself, Barbie was weak from lack of food and water and her time was growing short. She had to find her new friend’s maters before she got too weak to travel. But first, she had to make sure her only hope at survival would not run off on her. And the only way to do that was to become his best friend. So she started petting him and scratching him behind the ears. It was not until she got to rubbing his stomach that she noticed something.

Her new friend was now on his back with his legs in the air and his tongue dangling out of the corner of his mouth. But Barbie was more interested in what lay between his legs. And not the animal’s two large testicles. What caught her eyes was red and pointy. It was his cock. Or rather the tip of it, which stuck out of his prepuce.

The mere sight of it reminded Barbie of how horny she was. Though she was still a virgin and had never before considered having sex with a dog, the sight of the canine’s cock was too much for her to resist. Perhaps it was a result of the crash. Or maybe it was due to her lack of food or water. Whatever the reason, she did not hesitate a single second before reaching out and touching the tip of the shaft.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned as she felt the intense heat emanating from it. That was enough to convince her to get to work. Without a moment of hesitation, she started stroking the manhood.

The Bullmastiff seemed to appreciate, because he shifted his body to give her better access. Taking advantage of her full-access pass, Barbie massaged the prick, forcing it to grow. Before long, the canine had a rock-hard schlong standing perfectly erect between his hind legs. Momentarily pulling away, Barbie took a few seconds to study it.

“Wow!” she gasped in amazement. The spear measured an impressive twelve inches in length by two inches in width. It was by far the largest cock she had ever seen, but given virginity, that was to be expected. The sight of the massive manhood sent her arousal level skyrocketing and resisting it any longer became impossible.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned as she reached out and wrapped her fingers around the rock-hard shaft. With a wide smile curling her lips and bestial arousal coursing through her veins, she started jerking him off.

Her body was weak, but her arousal gave her the strength to continue, gradually increasing the force of her hand thrusts. Before long, she was furiously jerking him off. She could feel the hot spear shudder against her palm as she massaged it. A wide smile was plastered across her lips as she watched her hand fly up and down the red prick. The mere sight of it was enough to send her arousal into overdrive, forcing her to release blissful moan after blissful moan. But as great as her first sexual encounter was, it was about to get even better.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned as she felt her lover’s cock begin to jerk around in her hand. She was so busy giving him the best handjob she could that she did not immediately realize what was happening. It was not until she saw the first wave of cum squirt out the tip of his manhood that it finally hit her.

“He’s climaxing!” she realized. Sure enough, wave after wave of canine semen flew through the air. Oddly, Barbie’s first reaction was disgust. She had never before touched anyone else’s cum and feeling it raining down upon her felt rather perverse. But she forgot all about that when she realized the orgasmilk that flew through the air was exactly what she was looking for. It may not have been fresh water of a juicy hamburger, but it was liquid and filled with tons of nutrients. Desperate to survive and also eager to get her first taste of cum, she closed her eyes and leaned forward. As she neared the squirting schlong, she opened her mouth and soon felt the hot jizz fill it.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned in a mixture of surprise and relief. The surprise came from the incredible sweetness of her lover’s cum. She was not quite sure what she had been expecting, but it definitely as not the sweetest liquid she had ever tasted. The relief came when she swallowed and let the sweet nectar hydrate her throat.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned in relief. She had not felt this good in what felt like an eternity. And she only had one person to thank for that. Her canine lover. Desperate to thank him and also eager to get her hands on more of his tasty cum, she continued jerking him off with every last ounce of strength at his disposal.

She was stunned by the massive amounts of cum released, but was all too happy to ingest every last drop of it. By the time the final wave oozed out of her lover, she finally felt full. Her hunger had been taken care of and her throat was no longer felt like sand paper.

Soon forced to release her lover’s cock, she watched it slither back into his body. She was sad to see it leave, but soon realized it would be making another appearance soon enough. Though the Bullmastiff had climaxed, Barbie was still horny. In fact, taking part in her first sexual encounter had made her hornier than ever before. And the bestial aspect of the encounter only increased her arousal. When she had previously been repulsed at the thought of losing her virginity to an animal, she now wanted nothing more than to feel his massive cock in her soaking-wet cunt. But for that to happen, she had to make her move before her lover wandered off.

Reaching out, she started massaging the canine’s crotch. This was only a theory and she had no way of knowing if it would be enough to bring arousal back to his body. But it was her only chance. So she massaged hic cock through the layer of skin that stood between it and her hand until she felt the tip against her palm. She continued massaging his prick until it was once again as hard as rock. By then, the Bullmastiff was ready for round two and got to his feet.

As badly as Barbie wanted to feel that massive spear in her pussy, she had something to do first. Reaching out, she grabbed hold of her lover’s collar and started looking for a name tag. If she was going to lose her virginity to a dog, she at least wanted to know his name. Unfortunately, the collar seemed quite old and rather worn out and there was no sign of a dog tag.

“It was worth a try,” she muttered as she realized she would lose her virginity to a nameless dog. Fortunately, the massive amounts of arousal that coursed through her veins made it impossible for her to be disappointed by this. In fact, it was kind of a turn on. It was sort of a one night stand, only with a dog. However, she hoped her lover would not hurry off as soon as they were done. If that happened, she would once again be stranded alone on a deserted island. But when she remembered the canine cock with her name on it, she decided to focus on life’s more important things. Sex.

All Barbie had to do was get on all fours and offer her body to her studly lover. As soon as the teen’s tight butt was put in his face, the Bullmastiff took control of the situation. His front paws left the floor and he used his front legs to squeeze the busty virgin’s waist. Meanwhile, his hind legs forced his body forward until the tip of his spear made contact with the teen’s engorged labia.

“Mmmmm!” moaned Barbie as she felt it massage her lower lips for a few seconds. But her moan soon turned into a veritable shriek of bliss when the canine jerked forward.

“FUCK!” she cried out as the rock-hard manhood shot up her soaking-wet cunt. She could feel it stretch out her pussy past all previous limits as it dove deeper and deeper. Though she masturbated on a daily basis, the young woman’s, pussy was still as tight as ever. So it was an impressive accomplishment for the Bullmastiff to force his massive cock deeper and deeper into her. By the time he hit bottom, over half of his spear has been swallowed up.

“Wow!” gasped Barbie upon realizing this. But that was the last thing she said for some time because her lover had just started jerking back and forth. She felt his rigid appendage dive in and out of her tight cunt, forcing her arousal level to rise with each new penetration. Before long, she was hornier than ever before, but still her arousal rose. And it continued to rise throughout the entirety of the interspecies pounding.

Eventually, Barbie’s voice returned and she started moaning.

“Faster!” she begged. “Harder! Deeper!”

And that was exactly what her lover did. Though the interspecies pounding was already incredibly intense, he increased the speed and force of his thrusts. Before long, his spear was moving with such speed that it became impossible to tell when it was in and when it was out. It felt like one continuous penetration and that was exactly the way Barbie liked it.

“Don’t stop! DON’T FUCKING STOP!”

And that was exactly what the studly Bullmastiff did. He continued pounding his young lover as fast and as hard as he could. Even when the busty virgin started yelling about how she was on the verge of climax.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!!!” soon moaned Barbie as she felt her pussy start to convulse. A split second later, she felt the orgasm that had been growing within her explode. And a moment after that, the first wave of cum came shooting up her cock-filled twat. The sweet nectar flowed around her lover’s cock before squirting past her engorged labia.

The Bullmastiff climaxed at the exact same time as his tight-bodied lover. Moments after his massive cock started jerking around madly, his first wave shot up his manhood. A split second later, it gushed out the tip, filling up the teen’s already overflowing pussy. The canine semen mixed with the human orgasmilk and the resulting cum cocktail was sent flying out of the young woman’s cunt.

Barbie’s moans echoed throughout the island. Unfortunately, no one heard her. At least no on human. But all the nearby wildlife was so terrified by the intense shrieks that they fled in fear. Fortunately, that did not keep Barbie from moaning at the top of her lungs. And that was what she did until the final wave oozed out of her. Moments later, she felt her lover’s cock pop out of her. As soon as the large canine dismounted her, the busty blonde felt her muscles give out and she crashed to the cum-covered ground.

And that was where she remained for the next few minutes. Though drinking her lover’s cum had brought strength back to her body, it had been forced back out by the most powerful orgasm of her life. But as she lay there panting, her strength gradually returned.

Halfway through her recovery period, Barbie realized something.

“Oh my god!” she gasped. Not only had she just lost her virginity to a dog, but she had enjoyed it. A lot. But now that she had come down form her sexual high, she felt guilty. But she knew her lover’s cum had been what had kept her from dying of hunger and dehydration. So it was with mixed feelings that she thought back to her first sexual encounter. Was she proud to have finally lost her virginity? Or shamed that she had let a dog take it?

“I was only trying to survive,” she realized. “Nothing I do on this island counts.” She could have sex with a dozen different animals on her trip back to civilization, but none of it would count because she would only be doing so to survive. However, she could not deny how awesome the studly Bullmastiff’s cock had felt in her pussy. Determined to thank him for saving her life, she opened her eyes. Unfortunately, the sight she discovered was not the one she had been hoping for.

“No!” she gasped as realized her lover was gone. Not only had she missed her opportunity to thank him for quenching her thirst and hunger and giving her the best orgasm of her life, but she had now lost her guide. Without him, her hopes of locating the inhabitants of this island were slim. That is, if there even were any. For all she knew, she could very well be the only human on this island. However, she knew thinking negatively could only lead to her demise. So she decided to take charge of her destiny and do whatever it took to get off this island and get back to her friends and family.

The best thing she could do now was search the island for any sign of life. But she knew wandering around aimlessly was not the answer. She needed to see the entire island and then use that knowledge of the geography to orient herself. And the only way to do that was to scale the mountain. She knew it would take most of the day, but it was her only hope. Of course, she could also stay put and hope her canine friend would return. But the odds of that happening were slim. Still, he had saved her life and she would forever be in his debt.

“I just hope I can thank him one day,” she thought as she headed toward the mountain. She was naked and had not a single possession left. But at least she had a stomach full of cum and heart full of hope. Nonetheless, she could not help but wonder if she would ever get off this island. But only time would tell…

To be continued in Part 2...


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Have a horny day,

Barbie Lez

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