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Chapter VIII -- More of the Same

School started in early September, and I turned 14 a few days later. My mother had a big party for me that Saturday, and invited all of my friends. We swam and danced, and cooked hamburgers and hotdogs. I could see that most of my classmates were maturing. The boys had obvious bulges, where none had existed a few months ago. I could see from looking at some of them that they were noticing the girls’ growing breasts and plump, rounded butts. The party was fun, but because everyone (including my parents) was there, Mark and I were not able to engage in our usual Saturday activities. Since the start of school, our sex episodes were mainly limited to the weekends, so we were getting anxious by Saturday. That night, my mother came into my room and said that she wanted to say a few things. “Please don’t think I’m prying, accusing, or condoning anything,” she said, as she had obviously rehearsed. “I just want to say that if the time comes that you want to take birth control pills, you just let me know, and we’ll go to the doctor, no questions asked.” There was a moment of silence, and then I said simply, “yes please.” She asked for no clarification and the next morning made me an appointment with my gynecologist. The next week I had birth control pills, and was instructed that I must wait a month before having sex without protection, and to please understand that this does nothing to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. I couldn’t imagine that anyone would think it did, but I thanked the nurse, and we went to fill the prescription.

My mother did not question me about my decision, and behaved no differently toward me than before. I learned years later that she my dad had started having sex when she was 15, and that she would probably have started earlier if the opportunity and the right person had come along. She also could tell that Mark and I were very close, and expected that if it hadn’t already started, it would soon. She had considered having the talk the day my periods started, but decided to wait until I was 14. She wasn’t really sure why; she just thought she should. She really trusted me to have the good judgment to use some kind of protection.

Mark and I awaited the arrival of the end of the 30 days with great anticipation. We had, of course tried the bare sessions, and greatly preferred them. As it turned out, the 26th day was a Saturday, and we both just tumbled into the sex without the foam, figuring that was close enough. It was. I let Mark in that morning, and we bounded up the stairs as fast as our athletic legs would take us. Our clothes were off in a flash, and Mark was on top of me and in me. We didn’t need any foreplay this time: we were both more than ready. Mark entered my cavity, already dripping wet, and shoved all the way to the back wall, as I lunged to meet him. He then slowly withdrew and shoved again, The feeling of his warm head against the back of my pussy, sent my head swirling. He withdrew again, but this time slowly pushed back in. He developed a slow rhythm, out and in and continued for about five minutes, when I could feel his cock begin to swell and jump inside my pussy, and finally a long, hard thrust, and I felt the hot cum shoot out against my cavity, once, twice, again and again, and I lost count as my pussy clasped the cock, again and again in a beautiful, pulsing orgasm. I loved the feel of the cum that I had been missing for so long.

As usual, Mark didn’t stop. He increased his speed as I continued to push my hips upward to give him the perfect angle. By now, he was thrusting a couple of times a second, and I was moaning and grunting and meeting each thrust with my own. About five more minutes, and he let out an “Ohhhhhhhhh,” as I felt another smaller shot of hot semen deep in my pussy. He held his cock deep inside me for about a minute, as my pussy milked the last drop out of his still throbbing cock. I grabbed his muscular shoulders and rolled him over so that I was on top. He was still hard, and I began grinding my hips into his, feeling his cock all around the inside of my vagina. I ground and then pulled away until his cock almost came out, and then sat down hard, pushing his cock hard against my back wall. Grind, pull up and push down. Grind, pull up, and push down. This time took at least 20 minutes as I came twice more, until I felt a much smaller, but still hot liquid enter my cavity.

I lay on him, my breasts against his. I could feel that he was still hard, but neither of us was moving. “I love you, Julie,” he said, and my heart jumped. “I love you so much, too, Mark.” I replied. Although I had assumed that he felt that way, he had never said it before, and neither had I. We lay there for about twenty minutes, during which I could feel him lose some of his stiffness, but he still filled me. After that long, I began to rub my breasts on his, and I could feel him come completely hard again. I began to slowly move up and down as he lay there with his cock hard as a rock. I moved slowly up and down for another half-hour or so, and I felt him come again, although I could hardly feel any semen this time. I came too, and then rolled off of him. His cock and his pubic hair were covered with semen, and I began to lick him clean as I played with his balls. He was still hard and just lay there enjoying it. I moved up to face him, and we kissed a long passionate kiss. Then we fell asleep.

I awoke about 11:30 and went to the kitchen to get us some sandwiches. We ate in the nude, and I watched Mark’s beautiful body. He was 15 now, and his cock was fully man-sized. It was flaccid now, but hard it was 6 ½ inches long and 5 ¼ inches in circumference. I had measured it. He was well muscled in his arms and shoulders, but his stomach was flat with his muscles clearly defined. A real six-pack. Sometimes, I marveled at how good-looking he was. I was so in love with the whole package, that only when I took time to really look at him, did I really notice how truly handsome he was.

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