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I Had No Choice

My student's mother gets me to teach her daughter about sex

Cougar in the Yukon Part 4

I know its been some time since I have posted a story but I'm back with a long awaited addition to the Cougar series

Unexpected Pleasures, part II

Grandmother and son in surprise encounter, plus Steve blackmails wife with new information

The Handy Man - No job too Big

They hired me to fix there house, I fixed there marriage

Hot softball coach

I was just dropping off candy money...

Woman's College soccer star

Lenny always dreamed of knowing what it would be like to be with her

Reuniting with David.

Just another day at work i suppose....

Sara's Protective Dad part 1 corrected

Sara's Dad had always been proctive, till he falls in love with her.

The Adjustment Service

A woman undergoes an extreme adjustment to her attitude

The incredibly true story of my relationship with my stepmom

This is 100% true. I don't know, it may seem boring because I wanted to be honest rather than sensationalize the sex

The Story of Ann Chapter 3: How I Ruined my Life Before it even Started

My life begins at the young age of seveteen.

My Cock Hungry Sister-In-Law II

It's great to have your sister-in-law as a fuck buddy

Anu Chachi(Aunt) Sleeps in My Room Again

Passionate Love Story of nephew and his hot mature Aunt


...she pushed deep into heaven...

Mixed up strip show for my mom

i am a male stripper for my own mothers birthday party

Debbie My wife

Debbie caught cheating turns it around in her favour

Mom and Son-2.

The next day when Alex stays home with his mom


For all of you critics our there worried about “GOOD WRITING SKILLS” please take some time and read some of the writings of Mark Twain, William Faulkner or John Steinbeck

Hiking with Tina

My girlfriend Tina was the kind of girl every guy wants to fuck. She’s tall, about five foot nine with long, long legs

Liz's Business

Liz has a fling on the side