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Dana gets fucked

This story is for all my cheating wives. Haha

Kate, Catherine and Big Black Cocks Chapter 8

Kate and Catherine Girl on Girl, Bisexual romance

The Fucking Slut

My daughter is a very poor student but she makes up for it in other ways.


Sheila and I recognize our love for each other

Billy's sexlife 2

Back in south florida, and learning some new tricks!

Too Advanced For Her Age

A very intelligent teenager falls in love with the head cheerleader.

The Office Junior - Part 17

The story evolves

My Club Fantasy

My great night...

The Denny And Devon Plan

Two guys go out to a bar to get some chicks...

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 102: The Saber-toothed Tiger

A quick and kinky bestiality fantasy!

A Weekend in the Fall

New Topic, since my first wasn't going anywhere good

Making Trouble

What is a girl to do when she is feeling playful?


Ray with hands in casts convinces his sister to beat him off. He reciprocates and as they pleasure each other, their mom catches them

I did it again

I feel like such a slut, until recently I had abandoned my wilder days, apparently writing these stories has gotten me to revert

The Three Megans Part 2

Hey guys here is that part two

Part 5, my sexual life slowly begins

my self exploration continues

Andrea Sweet Andrea

My daughter and I go out on a date.

My Little Buddy, My Lover C5 - The Meeting

my gf meets my fuck buddy

Wolf Eve

A werewolf for Christmas.

My second (and third) time

The sequel to "My first time" if you haven't read it just to catch you up: Travis and I talked exclusively over text for a year