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Creaming my little sisters toes

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you some background information. This will be a medium length story, and is all about my little sisters feet! I have a huge foot fetish and it is disappointing to me; I have yet to see a decent foot fetish story aimed towards a pre-pubescent teen and her horny older brother creaming her cute little toes! I don't know if I will make a series of it, maybe if there is enough interest in it then I'll write another chapter!

If you want a part 2 then comment and rate, tell me what you would want in the next chapter! Thanks guys, if you have any ideas for stories post a comment! I'll write any for you!

And now, the story:

Ever since my little sister was born I have been her protector. I've beat as much ass for her as I've beat my meat laying in my bed drooling over her perfectly cute little feet. Her little toes wiggling around my cock; gripping my member as she curled them around the head till I blew my sticky load all over her soles and toes. You get the point. I'm a horny 17 year old boy with one thing on his mind; My sisters feet.

My name is Jacob, I'm 5'10 155 pounds. I've got a huge foot fetish, it's all I can think of! Feet are always on my mind and if a girls in flip-flops outside her feet is all I'm looking at! I've barley got any fat on my body, I like to work out but I'm no juice head pumping hours on head and shooting steroids in the locker room. Not that I've never been offered, but I like my testicles and I'd like to maintain my manhood. I'm sure you'd feel the same way.

My sister's name is Lydia. She's really is a tiny little thing! Standing at probably 4'5 she is the cutest 10 year old you'll ever see! She's really the same as any other 10 year old kid, goofy and innocent. She normally wears a tank top, tiny little booty shorts, and if she can have her way; barefoot! She loves to let her tiny little feet breathe as she tells me, if she only knew the half of it! As much as she loved to wiggle those free toes and rub her feet together I loved it ten times more!

I can't explain the amount of times we've been watching T.V, my cock pulsing and oozing it's sticky goo as I goggled over those little tootsies! Her feet are tiny. When I say tiny I mean TINY! They're perfect, smooth and sexy; Flawless! Her toenails are painted daily it seems, no flaws can be found, trust me I've tried, but I'll get to that later!

It all started on a day like any; us watching T.V. Kung Fu Panda, the new series based off of the movie to be exact. It was our ritual and we had our own little game to go along with it. She loved it and forced me to watch it with her every day! I would grumble and pretend like I didn't want to but she knew I couldn't say no and was just playing. Little did she know I wouldn't be watching a fat ass panda jump around and make a fool of himself as he discovered the secretes of the Kung Fu or some shit. No, I'd be watching her cute little toes wiggling and curling as she sat next to me, and every once in a while; rub against me! This happened every time, she'd adjust and her soles would rube against my thy almost brushing against my erect member. I'd be straining to hide my raging pulsing hard-on from her as it oozed out my pre-cum and leaked down my balls and leg forming a massive wet spot as if I'd cum a gallon in my pants.

Today she looked nervous. She kept throwing glances my way and I was sure she noticed the massive tent in my pants, aching to be released from it's torment. Longing to slide between her sexy soles smoothly as she giggled and moaned wrapping her toes around my cock and fucking me with her feet. I just knew this time something was up. Not only was she more focused on me then the movie, but she did something that would forever change my young brief life.

She looked at me and slowly moved her hand towards my leg. I looked at her and she smiled. I saw a new look I'd never seen on her, a mix between mischief and lust; a longing to please. I looked down and saw her other hand was in her shorts, under her panties; rubbing her bald smooth pussy slowly as she moaned quietly and her tiny hand advanced towards my cock.

She gripped it, grabbing it from the outside, wrapping her hand around it as it throbbed uncontrollably through my shorts. I got up and quickly dropped my shorts, I looked at her and she looked at me. It was a look of love and lust. I knew what was going to happen and she did too. We both accepted it without words, connected and bonded we were so close; now we would be closer. We would be lovers.

I picked her up and she giggled wrapping her legs around my torso. I took her to my room, standing in my boxers my cock straining painfully. She said;

"Mmmm, looks like my big bro has something in his pants! I think I can help with that!"

She pulled my boxers down on her knees gripping my cock softly. She gasped;

"Oh my God... It-It's beautiful!"

She took me into her mouth, and I gasped with surprise! I was a complete virgin and now she was not only grabbing my cock but sucking on it uncontrollably?! This was too much. I thought I would cum right there! My cock was pulsing and spasmodic with pleasure; as it leaked my pre love goo into her mouth. She swallowed it and smiled as she continued sucking with increasing speed.

As she took me into her mouth, taking on probably 4 out of the 6 inches she moaned. I looked down and she was rubbing her pussy with incredible speed; she was no beginner with masturbation! The smell of a female was thick in the room, the smell of her lust.

Suddenly, right before I was going to cum I said;


She took me out of her mouth and asked;

"Whats wrong?"

I looked at her. I didn't know what she was going to say. What she would think of me when I said this, but she never hid her feet, they were always on display and she loved them! It was worth a try, maybe she had a foot fetish as well, after all she was my little sis!

I said;

"Sis... Can you umm... Can you jerk me off with your feet? They're so cute and I just- I just love them so much! I want to suck on your toes, for your soles to wrap around my cock and make me cum. For your toes to wrap around the head and for me to just blow my load; for you to lick it all off! Please don't think I'm weird!"

She said;

"I thought you'd never ask!"

She jumped up quickly and told me to lie on the bed. She got next to me and ordered me to lick her toes. I gladly submitted and went to work, and nibbled on her toes licking in between them. She giggled and laughed, pushing her sole into my face. I inhaled deeply enjoying the scent of her. They weren't smelly but had a smell that almost made me cum right then and there. I licked her wrinkly soles and moved to her toes. I sucked and licked them and she giggled again laughing as I tickled her cute feet gently with my tongue.

She ordered me again;

"Enough, lie down as I ordered before!"

I gladly did laying on my back. She put her dripping wet feet on my cock and teased my balls with one foot while rubbing her sole all over my cock with her other foot. I moaned loudly and she giggled. She took her toes and wrapped them around my head, I was oozing goo out uncontrolably and her feet were slick with my cock juices! It felt so good! She wrapped both feet around my shaft and started rubbing up and down with her cute soles. I couldn't handle this! I shot rope after rope all over her toes and soles as she kept pumping my sticky cock up and down.

Her feet were soaked. I got up and ordered her this time;

"Lick it all off Lydia!"

She obeyed me and brought her feet to her mouth licking and sucking the cum off her toes and between them. Running her little tongue up and down her soles devouring my slick love juice, my man juice guzzling it down quicker then professional whore! Man was this a sight to see! My 10 year old sister's tiny tiny feet covered in MY cum, and her sucking it off of her toes? I was the luckiest man in the world!

I scooped her up and said;

"Your turn lil sis!"

I pulled her panties off and was shocked. Not only was she wet and nearly hairless, she was dripping! Her clit stuck out hard and wet. I dove in!

I slowly moved my hand up and rubbed her little button. Her whole body shook with pleasure and she moaned loudly. If we were not home alone another family member would have ran in thinking she was hurt or in pain! I rubbed my finger back and forth on her clit and circled her lips. The sticky goo was so enticing! I never knew a child of 10 years old could get so wet! She moaned loudly with her head thrown back and eyes closed. I scooped some of the goo up and stuck my finger in my mouth. It was the most Delicious substance I had ever tasted! If I bottled this up you would buy it for a ridiculous price and sprinkle it on your cereal! It was that good. It tasted of honey and was a musty delicious smell, so sweet tasting!

I licked her clit and devoured her. She moaned and screamed in pleasure shaking uncontrollably as she squirted into my mouth, juice running down my chin and splashing my face like a golden shower. I felt in heaven as I licked up and down her twat, this time running up and down and teasing her rosebud asshole while her pussy shook in spasmodic power.

She smiled and thanked me and fell asleep in my arms as we cuddled content with life.

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