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Gambling , My Wife and Black Business Partner

This is a Fantasy that my wife had about Gambling and Big Black Men

Auntie Turned Me into Her Little Boy Slut

Please see the tags and don't read if you doPlease rate on the quality of the writing not whether you like the subject matter, indicated in the tags


First attempt...Looking for some feedback, trying to get better so...yeah! Thanks!

Party Girl

this is my first story enjoy

Justin in D.C. Part 1

I've wanted to write a story about this kid for a long time. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think in a comment! :)

Our mean aunt Stacy part II

The continuing story of two boys and their sexually abusive aunt

Slaveworld Spy Chapter 5

More Slaveworld fanfic. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Choose your own adventure!!! Episode 5

Another installment in a choose your own adventure style series. Please leave a comment with your vote for the next step! Of course, suggestions or ideas are always welcome! “Awwwww, fuckkkkkkkk…” Kelly moaned as I bore open her tight pussy

God thinks I'm funny. (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

A very dark tale of a very disturbed man. He's good at what he does, but you won't like it. Don't bother reading this if you aren't into extreme torture

Alex's BDSM Adventures Pt. 1

A sexy 20 something's adventures into BDSM

Breaking Lia

This is a very hardcore story. If you're not into that kind of stuff, please don't read.

Body Work pt. 1

Things didn't go quite this way, but it would have been interesting if they had.

Patricia's Daring Anniversary Experiment, Part 2

My beautiful wife Patricia goes wild and becomes a hot slut!

Rooms of Horror and Delight room 2

Its like a trip to the zoo...gone bad

Gazing party

For the first time in my life I write a story voluntarily. With this being said I like the stories I have read and was wondering if I also could pull it of to make a ‘’interesting’’ one

Captured During War-Chapter 2

Continuation from chapter 1.

My Girl and Me

A fantasy about me, my sub, and my master

Only Girl in School Ch 1: a Frankel story

Only girl at an all boys school is raped by everyone.

The Breaking of Tracy part 2

A rich slave trainer has a new toy. But before training her, a demonstration is required.

The Next Morning. The Judge Cooke Series # 7

I hope that you all like this continuation, of the true stories in the Judge Cooke Series.