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Erin and Josh

Josh and Erin met in high school when Josh was a sophomore and Erin was a junior. The two quickly grew attached and eventually got together. They dated for just over a year before Josh broke things off after Erin left for college.

After the break up, Erin had a hard time dealing with the situation. She couldn’t understand how it could simply end like that, after all they’d done together.

The two continued to text and occasionally skype each other and from Josh’s side, things seemed really good. He was going after a new girl that he’d really liked since before he started dating Erin. However, from Erin’s side, things still weren’t right. She didn’t want to let go of Josh, so she thought of ways to try to turn things around or have some sort of compromise.

One of Erin’s ideas was to try to turn him on in some way. Her messages started to hint at sex and other things and Josh went along with it. She sent him any pictures he wanted and did anything he told her to do. In some ways, she became submissive to him.

Unfortunately, the two still fought sometimes when they were messaging. There had always been things the two didn’t agree on, but while they were dating, it had mainly only been play fights, nothing serious. Now, things got much more serious. Eventually, Erin decided she’d had enough of Josh and decided to move on from him. A little while later, she met a guy at her college named Austin and they started dating. She eventually forgave Josh and they started messaging again, but nothing sexual.

Then came winter vacation. Erin came back down for the break and Austin went back to his home. Before break started, Josh and Erin had talked about hanging out or going to see a movie while school was out and they were looking forward to getting to hang out again for the first time since she’d left for college.

One day, they decided to watch a movie at Erin’s house. And that’s when things shifted. A little ways into the movie, Erin started moving closer and closer to Josh. Not in a very noticeable way, just occasionally shifting position to hide that she was actually moving closer. Then, when she was finally close enough, without warning she flipped herself onto Josh’s lap and started kissing him. Needless to say, he was surprised, but went along with it. And as their kiss stretched on, their clothes came off. Now they were both completely naked, Josh hard and Erin dripping wet with Josh’s cock between her ass cheeks.

Before they could go any further, Josh had to ask, “Isn’t this wrong? Don’t you have a boyfriend? I highly doubt he’d be OK with you having sex with anyone, especially your ex. It’s sort of cheating (Can you taste the sarcasm? It’s just dripping with it).”

Without even taking a second to think about it, Erin responded saying, “This is OK. Austin’s not here and I need a way to relieve my sexual tension while I’m at home. That means it’s not cheating.”

Josh knew just how wrong that was, but he went along with it. The sex the two of them had when they were dating had always been amazing and that was one of the things he missed about dating her. Erin’s body was so sexual and she looked amazing naked. Her naturally tan Asian skin, her straight, jet black hair, her big eyes and full lips. She had just the right amount of fat to give her the most amazing curves, and her breasts were huge, with large brown areolas to match. And right in the center of them, her sensitive nipples. They were like big pencil erasers and when he played with them, they got even bigger. Many times, he’d gotten her off with just her nipples.

She got down on her knees in front of Josh and wrapped her hand around his hard cock. When her breasts were pressed all the way up against him, she started rubbing and pulling on his cock while sliding her breasts up and down his body. When he started to ooze precum, she wiped it off with her finger and sexually sucked on it, turning him on even more. She stood up and grabbed his hand, motioning him to get up. She brought him over to the middle of the room and told him to lie down. With his cock pointed straight up, she straddled him, her dripping pussy hovering just above his cock. She teased him, only letting the tip slide in before rising back up. Finally Josh decided to take charge and forced her all the way down his cock, her tight pussy clenching with the surprise.

“Oh fuck me!” Erin screamed as she started bouncing up and down on Josh’s cock. “Oh shit that feels good! Fuck me baby! Fuck my tight pussy!”

They kept fucking like this until Josh forced her off, stood up, and bent her over by the wall. Each stroke brought them closer and closer to release, and as Erin’s moans picked up, Josh suddenly remembered he wasn’t wearing a condom, and he knew that Erin wasn’t on the pill.

“Shit! I’m not wearing a condom Erin!”

Erin started to freak out from hearing this. When they were dating, she always got very paranoid after having sex, even after checking that there weren’t any holes in the condoms. But now she was feeling too good and kept on fucking.

Josh was very close now, and he started warning her, but she kept going, wanting more than anything to orgasm with his cock buried deep inside her. Finally, at the last second, she pulled him out and spun around, just in time to receive a huge load of hot cum all over her big tits and stomach.

After the last load hit her, she was about to start licking it off, but Josh picked her up and put her down on the couch and buried his head in her pussy. This was another thing Josh loved about sex with her. Although he was usually able to have her finish before he did, he learned that she was super sensitive when it comes to cunnilingus. He used that here and he knew it was working with how much force her legs had while squeezing his head.

She screamed in pleasure as he kept licking and sucking until she finally had a mind blowing orgasm.

Finally, they cleaned up and put their clothes back on and talked for a little while more before Josh got ready to leave.

As they were walking to the door, Josh turned around and kissed Erin, grabbing her ass with both hands and lifting her up on her toes. They kissed for around a minute before letting go, and they both knew that this wouldn’t be the end of things.

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