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Anhgel 7

wolf fun

Friendly Skies

This is my first story. Comments and feedback welcome.

New Neighbor: Part 2

New Neighbor Part 2 Thanks for the comments guys =] I hope you think this one is as good as the last =] “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!” blared the alarm inches from my head waking me, pulling me from a sexy dream

Driven to Sex

Mother and daughter enjoy the chauffeur

Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho.. Chapter 11.. (Babysitting Katie)

This is a fairly long chapter and I apologize. However, it is a critical part of this story, and is necessary to maintain the stories continuity

Sex Sex Revolution

This story was written by a friend. I am putting it up here for him.

Shadow (Complete)

This contains all the chapters

Bare And Tiny 3

Heidy and Angela Give Jack a birthday party he won

tThe prego club pt.19

Monday morning

Michelle Part 6 Punishment

In this chapter, Michelle finally gets the punishment she earned for breaking the rules earlier. But life doesn't exactly turn out the way I'd planned

My dream guy became my lover.

It begings in the Cafa'

Ex-Wife Loves Dirty Talk and Rough Sex

Lust and horny

Mother-In-Law Sex Pt 5, Ex Aunty-in-Law

Keep it in the Family, or at least ex-family....

Choose your own adventure!!! Episode 5

Another installment in a choose your own adventure style series. Please leave a comment with your vote for the next step! Of course, suggestions or ideas are always welcome! “Awwwww, fuckkkkkkkk…” Kelly moaned as I bore open her tight pussy

TeenageJo beggins

Abduction, based on what I really believe is not precisely such a mistake, I do believe that having something to fuck with is always the best way to link our ways to the new world we are going to make, terrorize, no, just ignore that some bitches may ever regret about this, humiliation, such a funny mistake that shall lead us to the best girl or boy to fuck

House Sitting, Sara and the Golden

A surprise is arranged for a house sitter.

Woman's College soccer star

Lenny always dreamed of knowing what it would be like to be with her

the girl that changed my life

in this story i will witch off from a girls prspective and a guys prospective

Out of Town Basketball Game

Lust and Horny

A Ghostly Haunting-Chapter Four

After there fun family night, Mrs. Logan wakes up. She is not aware that there is a presence there that intends harm on her daughter