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Ry and I

Okay...this is my second story but only my first Fiction so let me know what you think. This story was written for my hockey-playing friend, Ryan, who I like a lot :) So, while it is fiction, the characters are real and hopefully I can change it from fiction to "true story" some day

I Had No Choice

My student's mother gets me to teach her daughter about sex

Camryn: C01

Another Noc

bonding with daddy

Bonding with Daddy ============================= I remember my dad waking me from a sound sleep

Best Beach Day

so what is that.........

Little Princess

My first time

Rape 101: The Kidnapping

A young lawyer doesnt know what real rape is

Apples and Oranges part ii

Ever had that know....forbidden fruit

Dutch Uncle (final try)

I apologize for the repostings. My writing program doesn't seem to agree with the Forum's about certain punctuation marks

Awakened PassionsCh3

Ok. Here's chapter three... four soon to come

Auntie Turned Me into Her Little Boy Slut

Please see the tags and don't read if you doPlease rate on the quality of the writing not whether you like the subject matter, indicated in the tags

The Raping of Alex, Pt. 1

i fuck my dream girl, and ensure i get more ass, later

My Cousin Annie 2

Part two of the tale of two cousins who fall in love continues. Please read My Cousin Annie 1 before you read this!

The Helpful Sister

Older sister helps younger sister during difficult time


First attempt...Looking for some feedback, trying to get better so...yeah! Thanks!

Cougar in the Yukon Part 4

I know its been some time since I have posted a story but I'm back with a long awaited addition to the Cougar series

Spreading Seeds Chapt 4 The Clusterfuck

Josh finally gets his clusterfucked

In Kind (retry)

A college guy gets his spring break reward for saving a life. the Woods

2 against 1 in the woods. Merry Christmas.

The Slaver Gets His Wish 13

Lorne's Mansion