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Laura and her Youth Minister Chapter 8

A night of babysitting leads to Laura learning more

Me and my Neice and Nephews Part 7

Me fucking my family members

How Bean Became Loving

This story was originally written for CAW 18. Everyone seemed to think it needed a good proofreading, however it only got my poor proofreading skills

Impregnating Sarah -- Part 3

I guess it really helps to read these chapters in sequence.

Seduced In The Rain

Older woman seduces schoolgirl walking home in the rain

Milk of Desire, Chapter 6 : Testing Lisa at the sleepover

Does my cum make women love me? I'll test that crazy theory tonight on Lisa, who hates my guts.

I Met Cassie At The Sex Camp

Some parents want their kids to have sex. Some kids are too awkward to manage this on their own. There exists a camp that fixes this problem

My Life story of sex Saga part 1

Ever sexual thing I ever did in my life told in order for you.

Holiday with Grannie

How does a boy liven up a boring holiday at his grandmother's place?

Money buys everything 2

The reluctant mother finally submits herself to her son.

Mommy's New Bed

He helped his mom assemble her new bed, and then things took an unintentional turn into a hot direction

Best Friends for Life

A boy tells of his adventures with the girl next door, Rachel.

Charlie’s First Time With Alexis by MorethAntOlesstHanwHole

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The Trick

a crule trick that happend too me

The Stray

The Stray Nitro nee Fido. The first time I saw the stray was as I left home for work. He was curled up against the privet hedge, sleeping just inside my front garden

Kris and Kat, The Swensen Girls

Now that I’m the only one still alive that would be affected by this story, I will share it with my readers


A runaway finds adventure

What happens in... Denver

His eyes met mine, and I was instantly attracted.

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 105: Finally!

A quick and kinky bestiality fantasy?

Karen, My lover (pt1)

karen is a 21 year old virgin, she is my Girl friend. This is how I take her v and turn her into a sex addict