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Laura, my gorgeous sister

Home alone with my sister

Broken by the Twins

This is my first time writing about my first time.

Summer on the Family Farm Pt. 1 Aunt Sandy

Summer on the Family Farm Pt. 1 Aunt Sandy I’m out of Rum, Why am I always running out of rum, ah that’s why because I keep drinking it

the new dark lord

the rise of a new dark wizard

Snowed in with Nothing but Body Heat - Part One

Part One of a future series. This part includes the start of two very sexual relationships and marks the beginning of a lot more to come

Mom Caught Me pt. 2

Thanks for the encouraging comments on part 1. Again, this story is a stretch on the true story that these are based on, but the stories are intended to be read with the notion that they did in fact happen

Blackmailing Jenny

She was so beautiful and I was so interested in fucking her

Polyjuice Potion and the squib part 2 Sarah

Squib tries to produce some polyjuice potion for interesting experiments...

That One Day...(3)

Follow up to my first two and the last in this series. I would like some suggestions as I will be moving to fiction now and would like to write good stories

Sleepover fun part 1

Fun time with some friends

She's all grown up 2

After I came to my senses, I couldn't believe what she had said. My daughter wanted to have sex with me

The School Bus

New storie, let me know what you think. I love to get feed back. Let me know if I should keep going with this one?

Best friends Bond In the Changing Rooms

A boys curiosity about his friends body, leads to an unexpected sexual encounter

Sara - Cristina's first Time

Cristina starts to pay for her bad behaviours

Getting to Know Sean

Read the first paragraph and the themes to get a feel for what the story is about.

Sign of the Times Part 7 & 8

Brad continues to run family and fuck his family

Going Bi -3

Looking for a boy like me

A senior and a Freshman (Part 1)

A college senior teaches her freshman lover

Young Caglary Indian Couple with BBC

How one day my wife turned into a Black Cock Slut...

Greasy guy part 1

a young boy meets mommys new friend