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Sweet as summer rain.

I'm new to erotic fiction, so I welcome input. I'd like to expand it and add more charachters and vary the genre a bit

Best Night of My Life -- Part 2

Two unlikely lovers share their love.

Too Advanced For Her Age

A very intelligent teenager falls in love with the head cheerleader.

detention with Mr. Thomas

I am a 16 year old sophomore in high school and everything seemed to be going fine. I was on the varisty hockey team, I had a million friends, guys were asking me out left and right and I am a pretty girl

Cum at 15- Part 3

John cums in spain.

Part 5, my sexual life slowly begins

my self exploration continues

My Life and Other Pleasures

A women explores her early sexuality

Wolf Eve

A werewolf for Christmas.


This story is true, starts slow, ends nasty...

The Sex Trade Business

Three Girls nightmares, Dealing in sex

Goddess Part 1.

True Story from India

Mom's best friend...

Virginity lost...

my anal encounter part 1

id fantasized about having a guy inside me but never thought it would happen intil i was caught playing with myself one day

Sarah! What are you doing?! PT1

Friday Night...

The Life and Times of an Expatriate, Chap 1-3

A widower rediscovers young love overseas

Freshman year...part 3...Finally getting with Justin again

After about a week and a half I finally get with Justin again.

My explorative teenage years

Haven't posted for a while, have several stories unfinished, so trying to work on them one by one. Again positive or negative feedback always appreciated but advertising is not!

The Benson Burner Project - Chapter 1

Have you ever wondered what Freddie would become if he grew a set? I did. And I'm very sorry.

Birthday Fuck Up

Do you ever wonder what would happen if your crush liked you back?

Cousin's Night(3in1)

My name is Greg, and i'm 15. I'm about 6 foot and have blond hair, but not particulaly buff. I had come in for my Allion's Graduation with my grand parents, since my parents both work