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Two-way street

Motherand daughter find unexpected comfort in each other.

My first encounter with Monty

This isn't something I ever thought I'd write out, let alone let anyone else read, but it never really occurred to me that anyone would want to, or that there was anyone else like me

My sexy step daughter (Part 2) (Edited)

Spaced out the paragraphs for ease of reading.

Was It Wrong? Part 1

Wow, I love that sight, that athletic topless 31 year old body mowing the lawn, my 13 year old pussy yearns for him and the worst thing is that I can’t tell my friends that I have fantasies about my father, I can’t tell anyone

Harry Potter and the Sisters Black - The Complete Saga PART TWO

HARRY POTTER AND THE SISTERS BLACK - THE COMPLETE SAGA PART TWO (THE CONCLUSION) This is my story that I originally posted on *******

The Cubicle

An 18 Year Old Girl is on her way home from dance class when she gets a horrible surprise in a park toilet

The Awakening of Chris - Part 2

Like of fiction. Hope it makes you feel good in certain areas.

First time with the girls.

When three sexually obsessed teenagers discuss their thoughts and wants, they begin to realize the opportunity they have

The Girl With The Pink Flowered Panties

A horny guy gets to see some cute panties, and a whole lot more, when he looks under a hot girl's miniskirt

How To: Give Your Lady an Orgasm

Treat her like a queen now, so that she will treat you like a king forever


Young love, Drive-In style

A Kanker gets her man

Just a little something from a show called Edd,Ed,and Eddy on cartoon network.

My Uncle Benny

A different view on a story you might know.

Indoctrination Chapter 3

Alex and Ryan together at last. Enjoy

Once Forbidden (1); Bloody Time

He's just a man and she's just a woman right? Well it just so happens that he's a werewolf and she's a virgn

Time Fuck

I've been messing with my characters in "I Want to be Your Slave." "Back in Time." "The Other Stephen's Story

The beginning of my sex addiction (2 Monday) repost

The seduction of a teen boy - hope that the site doesn't affect pucntuation too badly


...she had the right stuff

Her Name Was Lilly

Author's note: My name is Rebecca and I'm in my early twenties. This story is just under 3,000 words; it is mainly the work of fiction, but it is based on real experiences from my childhood

Grandfather Gets A Hardon

The following story is essentially true. The events happened pretty much as described, though I have embellished some of the details – after all, this occurred when I was very young, and I can’t remember everything precisely as it happened