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Best Beach Day

so what is that.........

The Slender Man

Carmen, a half raced Third Reich follower is coming out of a party and sees you know who. Being drunk she's hits on him

The Helpful Sister

Older sister helps younger sister during difficult time

The Handy Man - No job too Big

They hired me to fix there house, I fixed there marriage

Party Girl

this is my first story enjoy

Just Cause, part 1 of 2

Chapter 1-10...

Taking pictures

I can't tell you everything. I can only tell you a few things and you might like them.

Incest Roulette

A silly idea with serious consequences

The Bestiality Cruise - Part 1: The Cat

An 18-y-o virgin has sex with a studly cat!

End of the Road

A taxi ride home from school ends in some serious back seat action!

Jack & Diana

A young lover is paradise

Fucking Lisa Part 3

A night of clubbing, sucking, fucking, etc.

Gazing party

For the first time in my life I write a story voluntarily. With this being said I like the stories I have read and was wondering if I also could pull it of to make a ‘’interesting’’ one

I trust my daddy (3)

Lisa's father agrees to take her virginity. Her parents work on her together and bring her into womanhood

Raped by my cousin : chapter 1

Lilly's cousin Parker entered her room early morning and ended up raping her

The Breaking of Tracy part 2

A rich slave trainer has a new toy. But before training her, a demonstration is required.

Christmas is Cuming

Once again my extended family is getting together for the holidays, but now Sonja isn't going to be there

Birthday Party Sleepover

An experiment at a birthday

Back from the Future- Chapter 9

The adventure through time continues!

The Adjustment Service

A woman undergoes an extreme adjustment to her attitude