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Hot softball coach

The first year my girls played softball, they were on the same instructional league team. They were coached by a guy named Todd and his wife, a pretty young thing named Danielle. As anyone with kids in any youth sport knows, fund-raising is always going on, whether it's candy, raffle tickets or whatever, there's always something to sell. After we sold our allotment of candy, we had to turn the money in to the coach. We had to get our money to coach that day, so I went over to their house to drop it off.

I knocked on the door and got no answer. Their cars were in the driveway, so someone must have been home. I knocked again....nothing. I thought I heard music from around back and went around the garage. Danielle was out back, sunning herself. She was in a tiny string bikini and stretched out on a chaise lounge. She didn't know I was there, so I watched her for a minute or so. She let out a yawn and arched her back, showing off a set of tits that she kept well-hidden under those baggy sweatshirts she usually wore. She had long dirty blonde hair in a ponytail. She had long legs and a tight ass that she couldn't hide behind sweats.

I cleared my throat and called to her. She sort of jumped as she was startled by me. She got up and wrapped a sarong around her waist and came over to let me in the backyard. Her boobs bounced slightly as she walked and I was afraid I'd get caught staring at them.

"Let's go inside and put that money in the envelope with the rest. I'd hate to misplace it." I followed her inside, admiring her ass beneath the sarong. She put the cash away and offered me a beer, since it was such a hot day. As we popped the tops, I thought I caught her checking out the front of my shorts. The bulge in them was starting to grow as all that skin she was sporting was tanned and tight.

"Where are Todd and the girls?" I wondered.

"They went with Jim (one of his friends) and his kids to a pitching clinic. They'll be gone all day." she replied. I thought that was good for him to do, as their older girl was just starting to pitch. As we drained our beers, she offered me another. Anything to extend my visit a bit, I thought. As she handed me the bottle, she leaned over so her boobs hung down and jiggled about a foot from my face.

She sat back down and her bottle dripped onto her tight, flat stomach. I couldn't take my eyes of her. She knew I was getting an eyeful and was loving the attention. As I shifted my weight to accommodate the now fully-erect cock in my shorts, she asked me if I was ok.

"Yeah, my back is a little stiff" I lied.

"I bet that's not all that's stiff" she said. I knew I was busted.

"Well, what do you expect, Danielle? You're sitting there in a string bikini with a body to die for. All that skin is turning me on. I'm not gonna lie, if you weren't married, I'd be trying to get into your pants right now." She smiled and stood up. She reached behind her back, untied the top of her bikini and removed it. She was about a 36C and they were still quite perky.

"I told Todd to draft your girls so we could get you on the team. If I'm being too forward, I'm sorry, but I really want to fuck your brains out."

I didn't need anymore encouragement. I got up and put down my beer. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me, mashing those tits against me. We kissed and groped as she led me to the couch in the living room. Kneeling in front of me, she took my shorts and underwear off. She sat me down and dropped her head in my lap and gave me the sweetest hummer I'd had in a while. She sucked me slowly and deeply, paying my balls special attention.

I pulled her off me, not wanting to come too quick. I stood up and told her to take her bottoms off. She did, revealing a pierced labia and a shaved box that was already glistening with wetness. She laid down on the couch and spread her legs.

"Lick me" she commanded and I dove in. She smelled and tasted so sweet that I could have stayed there all day. I stuck a finger up her pussy and found her g-spot and started massaging it while pressing down on her stomach with my palm. She hit another gear and really got into it. As she neared her climax, she started panting and moaning and clenching her twat. When she started coming, she let out a yelp and damn near sucked my whole hand into her.

I stood up and grabbed her by the wrists and told her to get on all fours. She got off the couch and flopped on the floor, pointing that great ass up at me. I got behind her, found her pussy with the head of my cock and plunged in. She gasped and moaned and pushed back onto my pole. I started slow, teasing her with the swollen head of my cock. Her pussy was still pretty tight after two kids and she knew how to use it. I could feel her cunt juice running down her thighs as I pumped harder and harder.

I felt her start to tremble and knew she was getting close to another orgasm. I started thrusting as hard as I could and she responded with a string of obscenities that would make a sailor blush as she came. As she finished her gyrations, she slid away from me and flopped onto her back. I re-mounted her and buried myself inside her. She took me quite easily by now and was gushing cunt juice all over the carpet. I was getting close to popping as asked her where she wanted it.

"I don't care, just fuck me hard." she said. I took that as an invite to coat that gorgeous flat stomach of hers. I figured I had less than a minute to go and pumped as hard as she wanted me to. As my balls got tight, I pulled out and aimed at her bellybutton. The first rope was under such pressure that it reached her face, splattering against her jaw. The rest of it coated her stomach and titties. As my own orgasm subsided, she slid her fingers in the cumbath and licked her fingers clean. I told her I could have come in her mouth, but she said she got the best of both worlds...cum on her belly and tits plus she got to swallow it.

We got up and put our clothes back on. As I left, she said she'd like to do that again sometime. We swapped cell numbers and did manage to hook up a few more times. It was always hot and intense....she even let me fuck her ass once...but they ended up moving away the next summer. Too bad.

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