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I'm hot for my older sister 3

Christine looked up at me with that sly smile of hers and purred: "So what NOW, little brother?" I gazed down at her perfect naked body with lust in my mind, but the honest fact was that my cock needed a break for a while after fucking her so intensely so often in a short period. We still had 6 hours before our parents got home from work, so we were in no rush.

I had an idea: "Let me shave you". She looked at her legs with a frown and replied: "What for, I just shaved them yesterday, they're still smooth".

I said: "No, your pussy". Her eyes went wide with surprise and she looked down at her close-trimmed pubic mound. "Isn't it clean enough for you?" she said pensively as she spread her labias slightly with her fingers.

"It's GREAT, but there's nothing like a clean shaved pussy. They're sexy as hell" I countered.

She looked down again, looked up at me, smiled seductively, and said: "OK, why not? Just be careful". I led her by the hand to the bathroom, propped her butt up on the counter, and spread shaving lotion on her pubic hair. She spread her legs wide accomodatingly. I took my razor and very carefully shaved the area with hair on it, Following each shave stroke, I flicked my tongue out and licked her clit, with my sister responding with a squeal and squirm of her ass.

Finally I was done. I wiped her off with a wet hand towel and looked at the glory of her clean-shaven cunt, the lips of her labia slightly protruding and her excited clit standing at attention. "Let me be the first to eat that clean pussy!" I growled as I licked my tongue over her pussy lips and sucked and slurped on her clit. My sister grabbed my head and held it into her, moaning with pleasure. Her hips began to buck, so I reached my hands around and gripped her ass to keep her from bucking right off the counter, my tongue grinding into her pussy.

"Ooooooooo.... Ooooooooo.... Oooooooooo...... lick me Jake, lick me little brother....." my sister moaned as she squirmed on the bathroom counter. I alternated between plunging my tongue into her cunt, licking the lips of her pussy, and flicking her clit with my tongue-tip until her ass began to buck uncontrollably.

"AHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'M CUMMINNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! my older sister screamed as I continued to tongue her, her hips bucking wildly as I held them tight to avoid her falling to the floor. I held on firmly until her shuddering subsided and she was once again calm.

Christine looked into my eyes dreamily, moaning "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm". Then she said: "Your turn!" My sister got on her knees, spread shaving lotion on my pubic region, and carefully shaved it. She even went and found some scissors to closely trim the hair on my balls. When she was done, she stared at my clean groin, licked her lips, and muttered: "Damn, that makes your cock look even bigger! Let ME be the first to suck that bastard DRY!!!!!!!"

By now my cock had revived and hardened as my sister proceeded to suck it on her knees, fondling my balls with her free hand. I stood erect for a little while enjoying the feeling of her warm, wet lips sliding back and forth on the shaft of my cock, her tongue massaging my glans. Then I picked her up and led her back to her bedroom. Once there, I laid on my back and motioned her to jump on. She did so without hesitation, lowering her wet pussy onto my rock hard cock, quickly impaling herself with a hiss of pleasure. It was a highly erotic sight to see my cock plunging into her bald pussy. With no hair to hide it, I could see every detail of her pussy lips spreading on the shaft of my cock as she lifted up then tucking inside as she descended on my throbbing penis. She groaned with pleasure, her juices leaking onto my fresh-shaven groin as she bounced up and down.

I reached back and grabbed my sister's ass, lifting it up and down on my pulsating cock. She clenched her pussy tight on my cock each time she lifted, then released for each downward plunge. I groaned to match her moans of pleasure. I looked up to see her large, firm tits bouncing with the rhythm of our fucking and grasped them, squeezing them and reaching up with my mouth to suck her nipples and circle her areolas. My sister groaned with pleasure at this manipulation,

After several minutes of this delicious fucking, my older sister took control and began to jackhammer her ass downwards rapidly, slapping her ass on my groin, moaning: "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT LITTLE BROTHER? LIKE THAT? LIKE THAT? LIKE THAT? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed, as I felt her pussy start to pulsate on the shaft of my cock in orgasm, her entire body shuddering with pleasure. She stopped bouncing on my cock and squirmed her ass, groaning in ecstasy as her orgasm continued. I prolonged it by furiously licking and sucking her hard nipples, squeezing her magnificent tits, my cock impaled to the hilt in my sister's fluttering cunt.

When her orgasm began to subside, I threw my sister down on her back and straddled her stomach. I growled: "Time for some tit-fucking NOW!" I placed my slippery cock between her 36D breasts and pushed them together to cover it completely, then began to stroke it back and forth, my cockhead emerging from between her tits with each thrust. She pushed her hands up under mine and took over squeezing her breasts around my thrusting cock. She said with a leer: "How do you like tit-fucking your older sister, Jake?" I groaned: "Awwweeesommmeeee.........". She tilted her head up and opened her mouth, sucking the head of my cock into it each time it emerged from the top of her breasts. I pinched and thumbed one of her nipples while I reached back with my other hand and fingered her clit in rhythm with each lunge of my cock between her tits. Christine began to moan and squirm her ass, bucking her pussy up to my finger, her clit aroused and hard. The feeling of the warm fleshiness of her breasts around my cock was different than her pussy or asshole, but exquisite nonetheless.

After several minutes of tit-fucking, I could feel my orgasm begin to build, and began to fuck her tits with increased speed. I also intensified the flicking of my sister's clit with my finger, and her moans of pleasure intensified. I began to groan loudly: "Here I GO!! HERE I GO!! I'M CUMMINGGGGG!!" This set off Christine's orgasm, and I felt her hips begin to shudder as she lifted them and screamed in ecstasy. Finally my balls went tight and my cum raced up my shaft, squirting several spurts on my sister's chest and neck.

I stayed straddled on Christine's stomach, kneading her quivering breasts with my hands, my cock still buried between them, as both our orgasms subsided. She took her hand and rubbed my cum over her chest, neck, and tits, licking off her fingers when she finished. "That was delicious" she purred with satisfaction.

I glanced at the clock- 2 p.m. We still had four hours before our parents got home.

What a day to remember this had turned out to be, and it wasn't over YET!

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