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Jack & Diana

In a cheap motel somewhere west of Kansas City Missouri, in some un-named Kansas town. Jack Mcalister peered into Diana Douglas's chestnut brown eyes.

"I love you baby," he says passionately. Diana's laying beside him in bed completely nude, in the moonlight Diana seems even younger then twelve. Jack's eighteen years older then she is, he recently celebrated his thirtieth birthday just last week. Diana smiled ever so sweetly, she leaned over letting her nipples caress his hairy chest, she kissed his lips, then flirtatiously replies. "I love you more!" his young lover began kissing her way down his chest, ever so slowly making her way to his stiffening cock.

Jack laid his upon a stack of motel pillows, he loves watching his preteen lover do her oral magic. For such a young girl, Diana's very good at oral sex. Over the passed year of their taboo affair, she's learned her oral techniques using mouth on training; so to speak. Plus she loves watching Jack's extensive porn DVD collection, especially his small collection of child porn.

"Mmm..I love sucking your big cock!" Diana grasped his shaft with one hand while gently foundling his testicles with other. She lapped her warm wet tongue around the circumcised head of his cock, then licks and kiss's her way down the sensitive flesh of his shaft.

"Mmm. That's so nice baby, you know what I like!"

Jack moaned, Diana knew exactly what her adult lover liked, she lapped her tongue over his nut sack, then gently sucked his nuts. Mmm ahh. Was all Jack could say, she let lose of his nuts then kiss licked and sucked her way back to the sensitive head of his cock. Jack smiles with complete satisfaction, watching his innocent looking girlfriend engulf his thick cock between her full pink lips. The inside of her mouth is so warm, he holds back the urge to cum to soon.

Jack entangled his fingers into her once chestnut brown hair, she's recently dyed her hair from brown to platinum blond, he likes her new look. Some of her long hair caresses over his sensitive nuts, it tickles him the sensations driving him mad with desire for her.

"Mmmm you taste so good Jack," She smirked playfully, stopping just long enough to tease her much older lover, she wraps her perfect full lips back over his cock, and starts vigorously bobbing her head up and down.

"Stop it baby you'll make me cum to soon!" She stops, he grasped her long hair looking into her innocent eyes. "Sit on it baby, put my dick in that tight little pussy of yours. I want'a cum inside you."

Giggle. Diana's childish laughter is such a turn on to Jack.

"I love it when you cum inside me Jack. I hope these birth control pills work, I'm not ready for a baby just yet." She winks at him affectionately as she lowers her almost hairless once virgin cunt over her lovers rock hard cock.

"Don't worry baby girl, they'll work. My friend from the pharmacy told me they're the best on the market. Now come on fuck me Diana, stop teasing me like this." Giggle. "I love teasing you!!"

From Jack's position he watches his seven inch cock disappear inside the pink folds of Diana's vulva. As he enters her, he remembers it was barley a year ago, Diana lost her virginity to him. Over the passed months she's learned to relax her vaginal muscles, at first it was painful for his young lover. Now the girl craves the feeling of his hot adult cock, she's addicted to the pleasure it give her every time she slips it between her legs.

Her body quivers with warm tingling sensation of tiny electric impulses flowing from her sex to the tips of her toes, to her earlobes. Soon every section of her preteen body is aroused by the feeling of her lovers cock. She looks into Jack's sky blue eyes, smiling with lustful satisfaction. Her voice trembles with desire for her lover. "Are you ready baby."

"Do it sexy girl, fuck me like the worlds ending, and you'll never get a chance to do it again!!"

Diana closes her eyes, a satisfied smile appears over her full pink lips. Mmm, ahh, she moans softly, raising her ass from Jack's upper thighs. Jack gently grasped hold of her hips, he loves touching her baby soft skin. He uses his strong arms to assist his young lover, as she rides his erection cowgirl style. Letting her legs lift her buttocks up then drop down. The soft white flesh of her ass cheek smack against Jack's thighs.

Diana opens her eyes, she slowly leans her torso down gently flexing her cunt over her mans cock. She entwines her fingers in his blond crew cut hair, she places her lips to his. They kiss passionately, their tongues mingle tasting each others saliva. Jack thrust his cock deeper, the passionate kissing quells her moans. Jack roles her body over now she's on the bottom. He takes charge, thrusting his manhood in deep then pulling back until his cock almost falls out, he thrust back in deep. Ohhh ahhh, she moans.

Diana wraps both her slender legs around Jack's backside. "Mmm fuck me deeeep." her voice trembles with pleasure. Jack's been longing for this passionate moment alone with his lover, since they drove away from Indianapolis to this small Kansas town eight hours ago. Now he's enjoying every passionate moment with the girl of his dreams. With every thrust of her lovers cock, Diana thrust back into him. He's fucking her harder and harder. Her body trembles with pleasure, she feels an orgasm flowing from somewhere deep within.

Jack feels an orgasm as well, his nuts tighten. He tries to hold back but its of no use, he's waited all day to make love to his child lover. No mater how hard he tries, he cant hold back any longer.

"I'm cumming Diana, cum with me baby cum with meee!" Jack cant control his hips, he begins thrusting harder and faster. Diana feels his hips banging into her soft inner thighs, she loves the way it feels. Her young body convulses with an earth chattering orgasm. Ahhhh mmmm. She moans. They lay entangled in each others arms, Diana keeps her legs wrapped around Jack. They kiss once more, Diana's slightly shorter then Jack, he has to lean his head down to kiss her. He brakes away, in a trembling voice Diana exclaims.

"Wow now that's what I call making love. You made me feel like a grown woman baby."

"Well thank you baby, I thought you'd like it." Jack kissed her cheek. "Every time I make love to you, I feel eighteen years younger."

They unwind from each others arms, Jack lay on his back Diana placed her head on his shoulder. Jack felt her soft hand caressing over several scars located on his chest just left of his heart then up to his shoulder.

"Every time I see these scars, I thank god you didn't die in Afghanistan with daddy."

Diana kissed a scar, the one closest to his heart. Shrapnel from an IED hit Jack near the heart and in the shoulder. But Diana's father, Jack's long time friend lost his life when the improvised explosive destroyed the humvee both Army special forces soldiers were riding in. She lay her head on his chest, Jack noticed tears seeping from her eyes, using the tips of his fingers he wipes them away.

"I wish Bill came back with me. I know you miss him sweetheart, I miss him too. Scoot up here Diana let me hold you. I cant bring your dad back, but I can help you miss him a little less."

Chapter Two: Dreams

A US Army convoy of one tank leading trucks full of soldiers at the end of the convoy, is a lone humvee. "Our last week in this shithole buddy," said Bill Douglas, while he's driving he pulls a picture of his wife and daughter from the pocket of his bullet proof vest. He kissed the picture, then handed it to Jack.

"Here's a recent picture my wife sent me Jack, look how tall Diana's getting. Its hard to believe my little girl's turning eleven in eight months." Jack took the photo, looking at it closely.

"She's as pretty as your wife Julia, Billy boy. Diana's so pretty, it won't be long she'll have every boy in Indianapolis chasing after her."

Bill grinned with pride. "She takes after her momma. Do you remember how the guys in high school chased after Julia, she was the hottest girl in school. But I won her as my prize, now its time to go home and make a little brother for Diana." BOOM. The last thing Jack saw that day was Bill's proud smile, just as the explosion tore the humvee and Bill Douglas to pieces.

Jack sat up in bed, sweat ran down his face, his heart felt as if it would beat out of his chest, he fought the urge to panic. He hasn't had this horrifying dream in months. He told an Army hospital shrink about the recurring dream. The psychiatrist told him what he's told so many young men and woman who come to him since the war started, on a daily basis.

"Sergeant Mcalister your suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder."

After the good doctor told him what he already knew. The Army honorably discharged him, after three months in the V.A hospital under going rehab they gave him full disability benefits and sent him home. If it hadn't been for the sever shrapnel wounds that almost took his life, they most likely would've patted him on the back telling him. Man-up soldier PTSD's just part of the job.

Jack needed a smoke. He pulled himself together and slowly climbed from the hotel bed, he didn't want to wake Diana, she was sound asleep. After dressing into a pair of blue jeans, and a green Army rangers T-shirt, he gently pulled the covers over his young lover. To make maters worse, Diana just happens to be his best friends twelve year old daughter. He kissed her cheek, grabbed his pack of cigs. Outside the room he lit a smoke then looked up at the clear night sky.

"Billy boy, I bet you want'a come down here and kick my ass right about now: Don't you!"

Jack blew a cloud of smoke from his lungs, as he smokes he thinks about what Bill told him before the explosion, under his breath he tells his old friend.

"Billy, you know Julia was screwing every guy in Indy while you and I were serving our country. That disrespectful bitch, went and married some lowlife scumbag. She told me, she planned on telling you she wanted a divorce when you came back.."

Jack took a puff his cigarette he kept talking softly, hoping Bill was listening wherever his old friend might be. "Buddy you dying in that godforsaken hellhole, just made it easier for her. This way she gets your benefits, plus she didn't have to see you face to face when she told you the bad news."

When his cigarette grew to short, he snuffed it out, then lit another one. As he blew smoke out he kept talking not very loud, but loud enough for Bill to hear him if he was listening.

"Bill I'm in love with Diana, I know she's young. And I understand. If you were alive and you found out I took her virginity just six months before she turned twelve. You would most likely kill me. And I would deserve it."

"Bill you've always known, I have a fetish for young girls. And you know, until now at least I've never messed with any of them, I just looked at them from afar. But Bill, over the passed months since I came back, I've learned although Diana's young, she's not stupid. What I mean is, although she might have the body of preteen girl. She has the mind of an adult,"

He took another puff, being quiet; half expecting to hear Bill's voice booming out of the heavens, telling his old friend. Keep your filthy child raping hands off my little girl. But it never came, he kept talking to his long dead friend.

"I know you think I'm out of my mind, letting her run off to California with me. But Bill, you know how sad she's been since you died. Diana cant stand her new daddy, and she doesn't seem to like her mother very much either. Ha, after the way Julia screwed around on you while you were gone. To tell ya the truth Bill, I hate that bitch myself,"

He took a deep breath. "So Diana's coming with me, don't worry man I swear I'll take good care of her. And if everything go's right, I'm going to marry your daughter in six years."

Jack finished his last cigarette. He looked up the vast Kansas night sky.

"Bill, please: Look out for us, if not for me; do it for Diana. And by the way, maybe you can have a word with the big guy up there. Because Bill, Diana and me: We're gon'a need some serious miracles."

Chapter Three: Diana's Dream

As Diana sleeps, she dreams. Her dreams are much more peaceful than Jack's. The first dream she had, or at least she thought it was a dream occurred the same day her father died. These dreams usually occur after she's been crying, or thinking deep thoughts about him. He always wears his Army dress uniform, with his black beret tilted slightly to one side of his head. Along with a massive array of shiny medals pinned over the left side of his chest.

Tonight Diana's father sits on the edge of the hotel bed. She looks into his eyes, he smiles kindly at her making her feel at ease. It's a smile she's known as far back as she can remember, his smile let her know he loved her without saying a word. Diana sounds angry, when she speaks.

"Daddy, where have you been. Don't you know I miss you!!"

Bill lovingly smiles at her. "Sorry sweetheart. Its not easy for me to leave my new home."

"Dad are you mad at me for running away with Jack?" If he was angry, it surly didn't show in his face.

"Nope, I'm not angry. Although I should be mad at Jack for having sex with you at such young age, and for running away with you. But I'm not, for some reason I don't feel anger anymore."

"Are you here to make me to go home." She looked him sternly in the eye, telling him.

"Because if that's why you're here, I'm not going. I hate mom for messing around on you, while you were gone. And not to mention, most of all; I hate Blake, that jerk she married just one week after they buried you at the veterans cemetery!"

He smiled and chuckled. "No, I'm not here to make you go home. I'm here to let you know, I love you. I want you to be happy. Jack's my best friend, I know he's much older then you, his age doesn't matter to me. But I warn you girl."

Finally he did become serious, he touched her cheek. This is the first time he's touched her in any of her dreams, the warmth of his touch lets her know, this is no dream daddy is here with her.

"This journey your taking won't be easy. Its going to be full of strange sometimes exciting, and sometimes very dangerous twist and turns." He looked sternly into her brown eyes.

"What's it going to be baby. Life on the run hiding from the authorities for the next six years. Or a life of living with your mother and that fucking prick she married?" The way he spoke surprised her, this is the first time he's ever said this much to her during one of his visits. It didn't take long for her answer.

"I'm not going home daddy. This is what I want. I know it won't be easy, but I love Jack and he loves me. That's what's important: Right?" He didn't answer her question, his form began to fade away before her eyes. "Daddy don't go away. Don't go, please daddy, you didn't answer me."

Her father faded away without another word. Jack came back from outside the hotel room, he noticed Diana sitting up in bed, her small breast are exposed, the blanket has fallen from her body. She appears to be asleep, he hears her begging for her father not to leave. His heart feels for her, he miss's his best friend too. What Jack doesn't see is his old friends spirit fading back to the other side, behind the thin vale separating the world of the living from the world of the dead.

Jack sat next her, he kissed lips and pulled her to him holding her tightly. "Hey baby, your dreaming."

"No Jack I wasn't dreaming. Dad was here, we were talking. I swear Jack, he was sitting right where you are now." Even though he's been outside trying to talk with Bill himself, Jack doesn't seem to believe her. He tries to act as if does believe her.

"What were you talking about?" Diana pulled away from him she lay on her back looking up at him, she smiles happily. "We were talking about you for one thing, and our getaway to California."

Jack stood up he began to undress, he thought how serious she sounded when she told They were discussing him. "Ok, now I'm curious what did your dad say about me.?"

"He said he should be mad at you for having sex with me, but he's not. He also said you're his best friend."

Jack stripped totally nude, then lay down close to Diana, he held her close. "Well what else did he say?"

Dian shrugged, she looked slightly nervous as she told him. "He said our trip to California will be full of strange and sometimes dangerous adventures. I don't know how he knows this stuff, but I'm looking forward to what ever happens." Diana pulled Jack's mouth to hers, placing her hand on the back of his neck. She kissed him.

"I know every things going to be ok. Because your with me, that's the important thing: Right?"

Jack kissed her soft lips, he pulled away. "Yes the fact we're going on this Journey together, is the important thing." His cock rubbed against her leg, he was hard again. Diana noticed his erection.

"Mmm, baby for an old guy, you never have trouble getting hard!!" Jack laughed. "Its all your fault. Lets make love one more time before we go back to sleep."

Jack caressed his fingers slowly down her chest over her flat tummy, letting the tips of his fingers slip through her thin growth of light brown pubic hair. Diana spread her legs giving him access to the soft folds of her pussy. They kiss passionately, as he fingers her getting her wet wanting to enter her once more. Jack fingers her hard with his lips pressing over her mouth. Diana moans, she begins bucking her pelvis up and down, she thrust her cunt into her mans invading finger.

Jack slipped his index and middle finger from her sex, raising them to her mouth. "Taste yourself."

Diana smiles lustfully, she sucks the tips of his fingers. Jack lay his body over her slender frame.

"Spread your legs wide for me little girl." Giggle. "I like it when you call me that."

She does spread wide for him. As she feels her grown lovers cock slip inside her sugar walls once more, she moans softly. Jack feels her legs fold over his backside, he thrust into her slowly, this time he's in no hurry. His intentions are to make love to the only girl he's ever truly loved.

Chapter Four: The Morning After

They slepped late, their late night lovemaking wore them both out. Jack slepped like a log, his nightmare didn't repeat its self. Diana slepped ever so soundly as well, her father never came back to answere her question. Last night as she lay in jack's arms, she decided her father did answer her question in his own silent way. It was the way he smiled at her, before he slipped away. It was the fact he wasn't angry at her or Jack, that made everything ok.

Jack woke up first, he looked at an old clock radio sitting on the night stand beside the bed. It was 10am. They needed to vacate their room by 11 am. He kissed Diana letting his fingers caress her small nipples.

"Get up girl, lets get going. California's waiting for us."

Diana stretched her arms above her head, she lay on her back and stretched her tall slender body out flexing her sore muscles. Yawn. "I need a shower!" "Me too, we can share the tube, its big enough for both of us." said Jack. With in minutes they were in the shower washing each others bodies. Showering together is one of Diana's favorite things. She washed his back, he washed hers, this process took time, because they kept stopping to cuddle and kiss.

Finally they're done showering, with just enough time to spare for Diana's makeup and disguise process.

"I'll get our gear in the Camaro, you put your makeup on. And don't forget to make those pretty brown eyes of your's blue."

With that said Jack left her alone, within twenty minutes Diana stepped out she looked completely different. A little light pink rouge on her naturally high cheek bones, a little light tan eye shadow, some black eye liner. The dark eye liner causes her new eye color stand out. It was Jack's idea to use blue eye contacts to turn her brown eyes to bright blue. Her new look is made complete with a knee length light blue spegahty strap sundress.

She and Jack planned their getaway for two weeks, not wanting to be seen with the man she was running away with, Diana gave Jack her clothing sizes. He bought her a brand-new wardrobe, consisting of dresses, blue jeans, shorts. Even panties and bras, she lifted her skirt to look at a new pair of red thong painties, she felt so sexy in them. And he bought her matching bras for every different pair of panties as well.

Jack surprised her as he re-entered the room, with a loud cat whistle. "Wow girl you look marvelous."

He looked into to her eyes. She noticed he was staring. "You like my new eyes; don't you." She batted her eye lids at him.

"We have matching eye colors, I look like your daughter," she giggled. "Now every time we have sex it will be like we're having incest. That turns you on don't it."

Jack chuckled. "Oh yeah baby. If you were my kid, I'd surly have trouble keeping my hands off your tight little body, and my cock out of your snug little pussy." They embrassed with the door open, as they kissed the maid knocked on the door startling them both. Jack pushed Diana away, he turned to find a middle aged chubby black woman standing in the doorway, she smirked.

"You two lovers leav'n today. Or will I need to come back later, after you finish get'n it on."

Jack spoke quickly. "No mam we're checking out."

Diana added her two cents. Giggle. "We got it on last night, twice to be exact!"

The maid eyed the blond haired blue eyed gir suspiciously. "Honey you look awful young. How old are you sweetie." Diana came up with a quick lie. "I'm eighteen. This hansome man here is my fiance."

The black maid grinned happily. " honey your way to young to get hitched. But shit I shouldn't judge ya honey. I got married when I was sixteen. Heck I'm still married to the same man; to this day."

Jack was completely relieved that the woman bought Diana's story. Although his plan for the getaway, was to make Diana look like his daughter, not his fiance. He took Diana by the hand, gently tugging her passed the maid.

"Come on sweetheart everyone's waiting for us back in Kansas city, and were late getting started as it is."

He aready had his classic black and gold 1975 Z28 Camaro loaded and ready to roll. Once inside as they back out. Jack gave a relieved sigh. "Phew...I hope she bought your fiance lie baby."

Diana smirked. "She did, and hey buddy beside that its not a lie: Right. You are my fiancé. We just cant get hitched; as the woman said for another six years." Diana let her hand slide between Jack's blue jean covered crotch. She squeezed him somewhat gently. "Right Jack six years and you'll marry me.Right!!"

"Ouch" Dammit baby. Yes I'll marry you, now don't be messing around like that while I'm driving."

Diana didn't pull her hand away, she gently stroked his crotch. "Sorry Jack, I hope I didn't damage my favorite toy." Jack pressed her hand harder against his conceald cock. "No harm done baby girl."

In no time flat Jack's shiny black and gold Z28 rolled onto hwy 70 west. They passed a sign saying six hundred miles to Denver Colorado.

"This highway takes us to Colorado cool, I've always wanted to go there. I've seen pictures of the rockies now I get to see them up close." Diana exclaimed with excitement. Jack knew most girls her age might be uninterested in places like the rocky mountains, but Diana was thrilled about seeing a beautiful place such as the rockies. Jack kissed the back of her hand.

"I love you Diana, I'm glad your with me." The next thing he knew Diana decided to show her love for him by unzipping his fly, and undoing his belt. She pulled his soft cock from his black boxer briefs, then began giving Jack a mobile blow job. "Oh baby you know what I like; don't you." Jack was speeding at first, it wasn't hard to do with a supped up 350 V8 engine under the hood . He slowed down just below the speed limit not wanting to attract attention.

Diana licked and sucked his cock to a full erection, then began bobbing her head up and down, then changing to a slow shaft licking then back to sucking the head of his cock. She surprised him by shoving all of his cock meat down her throat. Ugh cough ugh cough. "Don't kill your self baby just suck me!!"

Jack was completely turned on by her efforts to give him a nasty porn star style blow job.

She kept working his cock like an expert. She stopped suddenly making Jack think she was done. She sat up in her seat, then lifted the hem of her sundress up.

"What are you doing girl." Jack watched her slip out of her brand-new red thong panties. She teased him, placing the crotch piece of her panties to his nose. Mmm Jack grunted. "You smell divine baby, but what the hell are you up to."

"I want you to fuck me while you drive!!" she exclaimed, sounding completely happy with her crazy idea. "Come on we can do it Jack. It'll be fun; don't ya think."

Jack reached down to ease the seat back, she got this started with an unfinished blow job, now he was rock hard. The thought of dying in a fiery crash with a twelve year old girl impelled on his erection crossed his mind for a second, but Diana's sudden urge to live on the edge gave him the urge to oblige her sexual desire.

"Lets do it baby, climb on my dick for the ride of your life. And in this case, I do mean: Ride of your life."

Diana giggled childishly as she moved her slender body over Jack's cock. At twelve she was almost five foot tall, but still small enough to fit over Jack lap while he drove. Jack did a good job, keeping the car steady on the flat strait stretch of the Kansas highway, while his girl lowerd her wet cunt over his erection.

"Mmm.. Yes your cock is so hot. Isn't this exciting!!" She exclaimed, her voice trembling as she spoke, she began humping her lovers stiff prick, moving her slender body in short little thrust.

Jack fought the urge to cum, looking over her shoulder making sure to stay at the seventy mile an hour posted speed limit, and keep his car on the road. He looked to his left noticing a large red semi truck rolling along side them. The semi passed him, he felt relieved. Now he felt cum churning from his nuts.

"Fucking me faster baby. That's it make me cum." He heard Diana grunting, he felt the soft slick walls of her young cunt pulsating on his cock. He knew she was cumming too. As he came the car swerved a little, it took every muscle in his strong arms to keep them from crashing, but his orgasm was the best he's experienced with Diana since they began having sex a little over a year ago.

"Oh god oh yes Ahhhh." He heard himself saying, he had to tell her. "Ok baby get off, please befor we crash." His cock made a poping sound as it slipped from Diana's tight snatch. Diana sat beside him looking completely fulfilled, once she caught her breath she leaned over taking his cock in her mouth once more. She licked every drop of cum from his semi erect cock, then stuffed it back in his underwear.

She sat back in her seat, using her fingers to wipe excess cum from her lips. She teasd him, letting him watch as she licked his creamy sperm from the tips of her fingers. "Mmm you taste so yumee." speaking flirtatiously. She spotted a sign for a truck stop three miles ahead. "I'm hungry aren't you."

Jack joked. "What's the mater, my cums didn't fill you up." Diana kissed his cheek at the corner of his mouth.

"Your cum filled the wrong hole silly. Now my tummy's hungry, a girl cant live on cum alone you know!!"

"I think that maid back at hotel freaked you out. You took off to early, I hoped we'd get breakfast before we left." she said.

Jack looked down at Diana's exposed pussy. "You need to freshen up when we stop. My stuffs leaking out of you like a river." Diana exclaimed childishly. "Ooooh that's grosssss."

Chapter Five: West Bound

Jack couldn't believe how hungry Diana truly was. The slender young beauty ate every bite of her double stack pancake breakfast, along with three eggs over easy, plus three slices of bacon. Jack ate a light breakfast, knowing if he ate anything heavy, he might possibly become drowsy and crash into one of Kansas's famous sunflower crops or wheat fields they've been seeing since they passed the capital city of Topeka.

Diana must've grown tired of searching the FM radio airwaves for her favorite top forty music. Jack looks over at her, noticing she reclined her seat back as far as it can go, she's fallen into a deep sleep. Her full tummy made her drowsy. It's a picture perfect day, the evening suns shining upon Diana's face, he appreciates her content smile. As he looks her over, he whispers. I love you. As he says these three magic words, he fights off thoughts that their taboo romance will never last. He feels his eighteen year age difference will suddenly come along and bite them both on the ass. Jack shrugged his shoulders whispering to himself.

"That's bullshit, I know our love will overcome the odds," Jack looked back in his rearview mirror, noticing the sun sinking into the eastern horizon. He thinks of his old friend, Diana's father.

He whispers. "Billy boy, don't forget to drop a hint to the big guy about those miracles we need!!"

The End of part one

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