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Join the Navy and ride the Waves

This is based on my own exxxperiences while touring the Mediterranean Sea aboard an aircraft carrier serving duty with an attack aircraft mechanic squadron as an E-2 petty officer and not quite 21 yrs old yet. I was not very experienced in sex with girls in high school just the non penetrating sex such as sucking tits, licking pussy and getting stroked and sucked by my girlfriends. There was also the dry humping on a beach blanket while watching the submarine races or the back seat of a car. Most of my cum ended up in my shorts. I guess you could say, according to our past president Bill Clinton, that I was a fucking virgin!
I was stationed on a base with an airfield and there were plenty of opportunities to jerk off and ease those blue balls, but that all changed when I was shipped overseas. My first liberty, I went alone and somehow, and I don't remember how I got tangled up with this lovely older woman and she took me to her room. She told me that I could do anything I wanted to do with her for a fee. I told her I just wanted to fuck a woman for the first time. She was very friendly and told me to undress her and I eagerly and rapidly did just that. When she was naked I fondled her tits, sucked her nipples and slipped my fingers into her pussy. She moved away and laid on her back with her legs apart and started to finger her pussy and started to spread her pussy lips so I could see up inside her cunt. I started to fumble around getting my uniform off and then I groped my pockets for the US Navy condoms. I had never even tried to put a condom on and wasn't doing very well and tore the two I had while trying to get them over my very swollen cock head. She saw my frustration and she loved the size of my very thick cock. She sat up and took my hand and pulled me down on the bed on my back and she slowly started to kiss my lips, neck, nipples and all the way down to my cock. She held it in her hand and marveled at the veins swelling along the shaft and the bulbous head. She then leaned down and kiss my cock and balls and started licking it all over getting it all wet and starting my precum to ooooooze out. She reached over to her nightstand and opened the drawer and grabbed a condom. She opened the package and placed the condom in her mouth. She then took my cock and pointed it to her mouth and she placed her lips on the tip and soon I felt her tongue and lips forcing the roll down my shaft and at the same time she was swallowing my cock and I was near cumming but didn't want to stop her assault on my poor aching cock that was about to explode. She made it to the base of me cock about the same time I shot my wad of saved up cum into the condom and she didn't stop as she started to suck on my cock until I told her that I couldn't take any more. She backed off and removed the condom as my cock started to shrivel and she dropped it in her trash can next to the bed. I thought my turn was over but she had other ideas and felt like showing this young virgin a few tricks to please a woman. She told me that I needed to do more than lick her pussy lips but it's a good start. She then showed me her clit and told me that a woman likes to have it sucked and tongue whipped. She then told me that the place between her pussy and asshole was a very sensitive area to touch and lick as well as her asshole. She told me that it was also good to fuck a woman in her ass and that feels as good if not better than her pussy to fuck. All this time I was starting to get frisky and she laid back and let me go to town on her pussy and clit and with some encouragement from her I worked my tongue down to her area between her pussy and asshole. She raised her legs and had her knees pressed to her shoulders exposing her lovely hole and I needed no more encouraging to place my tongue in her hole and try to push it as far in as I could. I heard her encouraging me to go deeper but I just didn't have enough tongue. She told me to use my middle finger and push it inside her ass. I did as she asked and soon I was finger fucking her asshole and she was making a lot of noises. She must have cum while I was doing that and when I pulled out she lowered her legs and pulled my up to her face and started tongue fucking my mouth and we were soon having a battle of the tongues. She then sat up and held my cock that was coming back to life. She went to her drawer and took out another condom and used her mouth to get it started then she used her hand to take it to the bottom so I wouldn't cum. She then straddled me and held my cock in between her pussy lips and started to rub it up and down her slit getting it nice and wet.. She found her entrance to her cunt with the tip and slumped down and impaling herself on my cock and just held me there for a few seconds and then she started to slowly work her cunt up and down my cock....who is fucking who? This was something I never experienced, I was always on top when dry humping my girlfriends and this felt real good to me. She was in complete control and wanted to help me learn how to please a woman.... lesson learned. We laid there for a few minutes and soon she got up and removed my condom and dropped it in the waste basket. She walked very slowly to the bathroom giving me a good view of her ass. I knew I wanted to fuck her in the ass with my cock but I feared the party was over. She came back with a warm wash cloth and cleaned my cock and balls, gave it a good bye kiss and told me I had to leave. I paid her the agreed amount and then some, leaving me too broke to party any more so I headed back to the port to get a liberty launch back to the ship. I was walking on clouds all the way to my bunk. I got undressed and went to the showers and the place was deserted. I stood in the shower and soaped up my cock and balls and just had to wank one out for good luck. I went to my bunk and slid in and went right to sleep and dreamed about fucking her in her asshole. I later learned that in Greece they but fucked as a way to have sex and not get pregnant....hmmmm, not a bad idea!
The next liberty was coming up and I had made close friends with a fellow aircraft mechanic from another squadron and we worked out together in the gym. We got to talking and he asked me if I was taking liberty at our next spot. I told him it was before payday and I was a little low on funds and he said he was in the saw way. He suggested that we combine out resources and rent a room. We could then go out and find a chick and bring her back to the room and fuck her brains out, either one at a time or both together. His was a good looking guy about my size and shape and he was Black.
We left the ship on liberty and walked around what is called pig alley and found a cheap room. We got settled in and removed our sailor suits down to our skivvies and laid down on the bed to relax until it got dark out. It wasn't long before I noticed he had his hand on his skivvies and was rubbing his cock through the thin cloth. He looked at me and asked if I minded if he wanked off before we went out to take the edge off before he met a girl so he wouldn't cum so fast. I didn't know about that so I asked him what he meant. He looked at me like I was from mars and said, "Just how many women have you fucked?" I told him that my first true fuck was last liberty and I came before she got the condom all the way on. He said that before he goes on a date he jerks off and then he doesn't cum too fast and leave the lady wanting more. I said that sounds good, I'll join you. He said as we slipped off our shorts, I got a great Idea I'll jerk you off and then you can do me. It's always feels better when someone else does it for you. Before I could say yes or no he had my cock in his hand and it started to instantly get hard and I had no choice but to lay back and let him do it for me. I kept telling my what a nice cock I had and he took his finger and collected a drop of precum and sucked his finger tasting my precum. He smiled and looked in my eyes as he lowered his head to the head of my cock and slowly took it in his mouth and started to suck it in and out of his mouth and all I could do was groan in pleasure. He soon had me on the verge and I tried to warn him that I was cumming but no words came out as I erupted into his mouth and he continued to suck it dry. I laid there totally relaxed and in pleasure heaven as he laid down beside me. After I got my composure back I sat up and eyed his nice hard black cock and was mesmerized by the sight of it as it was already ooooozing precum. I held it in my hand and slowly stroked it a few times until I got up the nerve to take it in my mouth...I had to try! I soon had my lips on the wet head and started to lick his precum. I couldn't help myself as I started down his cock until I gagged and had to back away. he told me not to go too far and it will be just fine. You can't tell me what to do or not do so I went back down until I started to feel the gag start and I just stopped and suck what I had so far. Soon I got the urge to go further and sure enough I was able to take more of his cock into my throat and I would back off and catch my breath before taking it further and further until I finally got it all the way in. I was so proud of myself and he was really enjoying my skills of sucking cock. I paid no attention to his warning and soon he splattered my tonsils with warm cum as it filled my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow and then I kept swallowing until he stopped cumming and begged me to stop. We both lais there for about an hour and got dressed and went out. We managed to get a lady, not a hooker but a horny teenager who we invited back to our pad for some fun. She was eager to accept our offer and off we went. We got there and it was me undressing her while my Black buddy was already giving her some tongue and as I pulled off her bra, I started to lick and suck her nipples and feel her pussy under her clothes. I finally got her clothes off and they were on the bed with her on top of him....Maybe that is the way they do it over here! I got out of my clothes and she grabbed my cock and swung her legs off him and dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock while my buddy shed his clothes. By that time I was on my back and she had straddled my cock with no condom used. Soon I was balls deep in her pussy and she was sucking my tongue out of my mouth. I felt my buddies fingers taking some of her juice from my cockshaft and he used it for lub as he got behind her between my legs and slowly slid his cock in her asshole. It was the weirdest feeling to feel his cock rubbing my cock as she fucked us both. It felt like we were in the same hole and it was an amazing feeling. He fuck her so hard she just stopped with my cock still inside her as he unloaded his balls into her ass. He got off and went into the bathroom to clean up and I rolled her over and pulled my loaded cock from her pussy and shot my cum all over her tummy, tits and mouth. For some reason I didn't want it to go to waste so I leaned down and sucked it all from her body and lips. I then slid down and started licking her cunt and her clit until she had her first of several orgasms. My buddy would spell me so we could get her fully satisfied. She left happy and we laid down to rest until it was time to go back to the ship. My friend wasn't done yet and soon he was playing with my cock until I was totally hard. He knew that I was ready for anything so he raised my legs until my knees were on my chest and he went down and started to tongue my asshole. he then put the head of his hard cock against my hole and said, "This might hurt a little at first but you will soon be begging for more." Before I could object or not his head was inside my ass and he was slowly working it all the way it. Yes it hurt and I yelled, "Stop it some more, it feels so good. he then steadily fucked my ass until he came and then he offered me his ass and I dove in to taste his ass and then fuck him the way he fucked me until I shot my cum deep in his ass. We got cleaned up and dressed to go back to the ship and wait for the next liberty and they were weeks apart!

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