Best Sex Stories, Adult Stories, Lastest Sex Stories 2017

The Bestiality Cruise - Part 1: The Cat

An 18-y-o virgin has sex with a studly cat!

End of the Road

A taxi ride home from school ends in some serious back seat action!

The Warehouse Peephole

I build a glory hole to the ladies wasroom

Violated As Deserved

A vulgar, quite hardcore tale about a real-life slut using a 'net to ask for a crew of 5 guys to actualize her fantasies of them whipping her before tying up for rape, one after the other

Breaking Lia

This is a very hardcore story. If you're not into that kind of stuff, please don't read.

My new house (revised)

i needed some help with this so thanks for the comments here's the final draft

My mom, boyfriend, and me

Continuation of the story "Boyfriend forced to watch me being used".

Body Work pt. 1

Things didn't go quite this way, but it would have been interesting if they had.

Woman's College soccer star

Lenny always dreamed of knowing what it would be like to be with her

A Proposal To Forget

no one should endure this.. especially from the one they love

Join the Navy and ride the Waves

My first time

the girl that changed my life

in this story i will witch off from a girls prspective and a guys prospective

Patricia's Daring Anniversary Experiment, Part 2

My beautiful wife Patricia goes wild and becomes a hot slut!

Out of Town Basketball Game

Lust and Horny

Jack & Diana

A young lover is paradise

Sweet Little Holly

Holly an her friends celebrate a party with a horny teenager

My Hot Dorm Mate - Part 4

Lisa was not going to let the threesome end just like that

A Ghostly Haunting-Chapter Four

After there fun family night, Mrs. Logan wakes up. She is not aware that there is a presence there that intends harm on her daughter

Ladyboy Love - Part 1

This is an offshoot from my long series, Ex-Daughter Grown Up, but while writing it as part of that series, I felt it was developing into a new Love I began sharing

Fucking Lisa Part 3

A night of clubbing, sucking, fucking, etc.