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Male / Female Teens

Bare And Tiny 3

Heidy and Angela Give Jack a birthday party he won

The Tack Room

It was just another day at the barn...

Party Girl

this is my first story enjoy

Chapter VIII -- More of the Same

This continues the Amy series. A comment on a previous chapter complained that the same old stuff was getting boring

My Daughter Alison and her best friend Sarah's Treat

Another little fantasy story that I hope you enjoy.

Christmas is Cuming

Once again my extended family is getting together for the holidays, but now Sonja isn't going to be there

Daughter Surprise

A father comes home early and finds his daughter and her friend in a compromising position.

Daddy's Special Massage - Part 2

After the girls left this morning I had alternating bouts of intense guilt followed by intense pleasure reliving the memories of this morning, intense enough to give me a steady hard-on, which just started me on another cycle of guilt

Case Study 301: A daughter's Rebel Yell

There's a dark creature in all of us just wanting to get out.

The Island, Chapter 12

Author’s Note: This is a serial novel. It mixes actual experiences, fantasies, and outright lunacy

Daddy's Game

Mr. Allen catches his 14 year old daughter and her friend watching his porn and plays a secret little game with them


Nicki visits her uncle

My Pretty Little Slaves - Chapter 14 - Becky's gift to Ben, a fashion show trip to Paris and New York City --- Part One

Fictional Story. Romance about an unusual family


A research botanist's adventure in the deep jungle.

Blackmailing Jenny

She was so beautiful and I was so interested in fucking her

Picked up in a bar by 18yr old.

A true story of a wild wild night in Sheffield.

Teachers Pet: Part two

Tension rises as Bretts lusting thoughts for Becky continue! What will happen when the two are alone and in his home!?

camp rape and revenge

long story. tell me what you think

Mandy's Brother

this is my first story. Please be easy on me

Court Record Chapter Six

Life on the farm take strange twists.