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Anhgel 7

wolf fun

Best Beach Day

so what is that.........

In Kind (retry)

A college guy gets his spring break reward for saving a life.

Unexpected Pleasures, part II

Grandmother and son in surprise encounter, plus Steve blackmails wife with new information

The Gaunching of Eloise

A horrible death on the Barbary Coast

I’m Not Wearing A Bra

She really wasn’t wearing a bra or panties either.

Neighbors and Friends

This is a story of 2 firends who are neighbors and find out how good a frindship they have.

Unwilling Nude Models

I blackmail women into posing nude for me.

A girl named wendy

this girls beauty could rivel helen of troys and she

Me and Mr. Bill: Part 3 The Truck (Fuck) Stop

Part 3 of my meeting with Mr. Bill

A holiday In Crete

A chapter from my novel 'Only Silence Speaks Her Name.'

Raped by my cousin : chapter 1

Lilly's cousin Parker entered her room early morning and ended up raping her

The Breaking of Tracy part 2

A rich slave trainer has a new toy. But before training her, a demonstration is required.

Christmas is Cuming

Once again my extended family is getting together for the holidays, but now Sonja isn't going to be there

Strap-On Fun

Wife surprises Husband with a new Toy

Lovers Story

Couple Loving . . .

The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles 11: Sally, The Gift

Sally is auctioned off into slavery to a man searching for his wayward wife.

Lift perks II

How do you follow up a late night fuck?

The Devil's Pact Chatper 50: The Bloody Knife

Mark and Mary meet with Lilith on the one year anniversary of the Fall of Seattle, unaware of Lilith's plan

A Summer's Surprise (Part 1)

I was nineteen in 1993, having just come home from a shitty year at college. To be honest, I hadn't gone any further than kissing or heavy petting at the time, and this summer would change all of that