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I Had No Choice

My student's mother gets me to teach her daughter about sex

Friendly Skies

This is my first story. Comments and feedback welcome.

bonding with daddy

Bonding with Daddy ============================= I remember my dad waking me from a sound sleep

tThe prego club pt.19

Monday morning

How bad could it be anyway?

Before the story begins just in case you missed it, this is fiction. [u]The story is not based on reality or nonfictional event[u]

My new house (revised)

i needed some help with this so thanks for the comments here's the final draft

Gazing party

For the first time in my life I write a story voluntarily. With this being said I like the stories I have read and was wondering if I also could pull it of to make a ‘’interesting’’ one

Fun on a Cruise

THis is my first story in a while so I hope you enjoy. If you guys like it there is more to come :)

Sara's Protective Dad part 1 corrected

Sara's Dad had always been proctive, till he falls in love with her.

Virgin Niece

My sister was my very first virgin and now I was going to get her daughter’s virginity too.

Broken Promises

Emily's betrayal by her father goes very deep.

I trust my daddy (3)

Lisa's father agrees to take her virginity. Her parents work on her together and bring her into womanhood

Only Girl in School Ch 1: a Frankel story

Only girl at an all boys school is raped by everyone.

The Story of Ann Chapter 3: How I Ruined my Life Before it even Started

My life begins at the young age of seveteen.

Temptations of a Young Teacher

This story is based on reader feedback from my story “Temptations of a Substitute.” While they have completely different characters and settings, the themes are very similar and if you like one, you’ll probably like the other

The Coven Part 1 - Reed

So, this is my first story. It's basically a lot of short chapters that make up one larger story. It is about a group of vampires that live in a Coven together and their lives and the things that happen to them

End of the world - Chapter 7

For those looking for just sex in a story this one will not be for you. There is quite a bit of story and not so much sex

The Selection - Cheerleader Sally Ch 2: a Frankel story

More nasty sex for poor Sally

Poolside Taboo.

When Nick comes home after working a half a day, he's in for a BIG surprise....

Angel 4

Snow shows her the ropes