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Note to readers. This is a snippet from a book I am currently working on for retail publication. The working book title is Step by Step. It will be a collection of erotic letters between lovers as their intimate relationship grows. These are intended to be female friendly. It will be posted for a limited time as I am looking for constructive feedback.

Thank you...NKL13

My Alicia,

You come home to me after being away for a week. You come into the door and find me waiting for you with a huge smile on my face. I hold you, kiss your lips and softly say, “I have missed you so much Alicia. I love you.” I take your hand and lead you to the dinner table. You find I have cooked you a nice meal and it is waiting for you. My Alicia will not be hungry for long. We have a nice dinner most of the time I am gazing at you smiling at you. You can see my eyes are saying ‘I love you.’ You can just sense my complete devotion to you.

After dinner I clean up. You have worked enough now it is time for you to be pampered. I take you by the hand again and lead you to our bathroom. I seductively undress you, turning on a nice hot shower for us. We both get into the shower; you can tell by my hard cock how much I have missed you.

There will be no sex in the shower as this is just a warm up to what is going to come for you.We spend a nice time, a very sensuous, seductive time in the shower. I tenderly kiss your lips, your neck and shoulder has my hands dance over your wet naked body washing you. Yes, my love will not have to do any work even in the shower as I am going to pamper you more than you have ever experienced.

We step out of the shower and I dry you off. I whisper in your ear, “I think the love of my life could use a relaxing massage to release all your stress.” I tenderly take your hand and lead you to our bedroom and our king size bed. You find I was ready for you as I have scented candles burning and rose-petals on the bed. I have you sit down on our bed, crossing your legs. I sit down in front of you as I grab something. I was naughty and went to the adult store. I found flavored, edible massage oil.

I loving hold your right hand and tenderly rub it with the massage oil. I start with your fingers, gently massaging them and when done I bend my head to lightly kiss each finger. Then I tenderly massage the palm of your hand, then the backside. When I am done, I kiss your palm and then the backside of your hand. I take your other hand and repeat the process. I keep looking into your eyes; you see the sparkling love and devotion in mine as I pamper you. That is when you realize that each of my kisses is me saying ‘I love you’.

Now I need to work the stress from your arms. My touch is filled with love, caring and gentleness as I massage your forearm, kissing it all over and giving you a few playful licks. My licks are teasing, light, just the tip of my tongue; just enough to send a pleasure full tingle up your spine. I slowly massage your upper arm, keeping eye contact with you although your hard nipples would be attempting to entice me away from your arm. I would give both arms such attention, kissing them up to your shoulders. I would massage your shoulders as I look deeply into your eyes. I would lean in and kiss your shoulders up to your neck.

Now I very, very tenderly massage the sides of your neck…just for bit before I lean in to very slowly kiss one side then the other. I wonder how many kisses it will take to go up and down each side…I cannot wait to find out.

I grab a pillow and sit behind you. I place the pillow on my lap and have you lay your head onto my lap. I want to make your head comfortable…and I do not want to poke the back of your head with my hard cock (I don’t think that would be comfortable for you. LOL). I start massage your beautiful face. I gently massage your forehead with my finger tips tracing the line of your face. My finger tips start from the center of your forehead, tenderly move down your temples, down your cheeks to meet again under your chin. I lean down and lovingly kiss your forehead. Then I massage your eyebrows with my finger tips, running around your eyes and up the bridge of your nose…trust me it is very relaxing…I hope you will not fall asleep on me. If you close your eyes for too long I will lean down and give you a sweet kiss on the tip of your nose.

I take a finger tip with massage oil on it and lightly run it across your lips. I place my hands on the side of your face, lean down and kiss you several times on your lips. As I raise my head our eyes meet. You can see in mine that you just melted my heart; you see pure love and devotion in my eyes for you and only for you.

I have you roll over on your stomach, stretching out for me. I squirt the warm massage oil on your back. My hands go to work from your shoulders down to your amazing ass. You have never felt such a massage, so caring, tender and naughty. I playfully work my hands to your sides, brushing my fingers tips along the sides of your breasts. Then you feel my lips randomly kissing your shoulders working my way down your back, playful licks are sprinkled in with them. I kiss my way down to the small of you back. I slowly kiss your lower back from one side to the other.

I brush my finger tips across your womanly lips and feel how wet you are down there. Mmmmm, you must be enjoying my massage. I begin to massage your amazing, perfect ass. I am very playful along with being tender as I massage and fondle your ass. I bet you are wondering if I will kiss your cheeks. YES! I give each cheek very playful kisses. Then I massage your ass more, my hands slowly rubbing between your ass cheeks, slowly moving closer to your sweet honey pot.

I have another pillow that I place under your stomach that raises up your hips an ass. I tenderly push your legs apart as massage your inner thighs just millimeters from your pussy. You can tell I am teasing you with my massaging. Then I stop, “Alicia, you are so wet, I think you need a special massage.”

You can feel me lay down on the bed and then suddenly you feel the tip of my tongue on your wet lips. I very slowly run the tip of my tongue down one lip and up the other. I give your clit a nice playful flick or two with my tongue. Then my tongue goes to work massaging your sweet lips. Mmmm, I can only imagine how sweet you must taste. My hands do not stop with the massage. I am massaging your ass, your inner thighs and your calves as my tongue keeps massaging your lips inside and out. I am thrusting my tongue in out, exploring all over your pussy, enjoying every moment of it. My goatee hopefully will give you pleasure too as it tickles away at your pussy lips. I will keep giving your pussy my complete oral attention until you orgasm. Yes my love, I want you come as quickly as you want, I want savor your sweet taste. When your orgasm has ended I gently kiss your pussy lips. Maybe you will hear me whisper, ‘thank you for letting me taste you.’

After you come, I give your inner thighs kisses. I work my way down your legs, massaging and kissing as I go. I want you to know that I love every part of you. Are your feet ticklish? Will I be nice or mean by tickling your feet?

Now I lovingly ask you to roll over on your back. Did you think I forgot your front…oh no, no, no my Alicia. Every part of your body needs a loving massage.

I think it is time to pay a lot of attention to your breasts. My hands begin to massage your chest, first next to your breasts but slowly my hands move to your breasts. I run my hands around them as I want to enjoy the shape and size. Then I start to massage them, holding them, giving them the best of loving attention my hands can give. I play with your erect nipples. I take my finger tips and rub your nipples around and I lightly pinch them and tug on them.

I lean down and the first place I kiss is over your heart. Then I look up at you. I hope that the kiss on your heart tells you everything on what you truly mean to me. I kiss each of your breasts. I kiss the sides, giving light licks and sucks as well. I massage one as my lips work on the other. I kiss my way to your areola. I stop; taking the tip of my tongue I very slowly trace your areola with it. Then I give it a kiss. I lightly kiss your hard nipple. I use the tip of my tongue to play your nipple, flicking it around taking moments to kiss it and to suck on it. I kiss my way down to your heart again. I kiss your heart again; I gently place my right hand on your heart where I kissed you. My left hand places your left hand on top of mine. Then with my left hand I take your right hand and place it on my heart. I am looking into your eyes the entire time and smile at you. Do you feel an unbreakable bond of love between us at that moment? I may stay like that with for a minute or two, no words as our touch, our heart beats and eyes will do all the talking.

After that moment I gently start my oral massage your other breast. I take the same time paying attention to your right breast. I look at you and give you a dirty, naughty smile. ‘I have a special massage for your breast Alicia…I hope you will not mind.’

I straddle you placing my hard cock between your breasts. I push your breasts together around my cock and begin to thrust. Not too hard or fast to start just enough to make a pleasure to massage your breasts. My thumbs would be playing with your nipples as I continue thrusting my cock between your breasts. I will be honest as I know I would not be able to last long between your breasts. I would start thrust harder before I could not stop from coming. I will make such a mess but do not worry honey as I will clean it up.

After cleaning you up from my orgasm I need to keep my massage going. I am not done with you my love. I massage your sexy stomach. You see the joy I have running my hands all over your stomach. I lean down begin to kiss it. I start from under your breast, kissing and playful licks, all over your stomach slowly moving lower. I spend extra time lovingly kissing around your belly button. I will be between your legs as I kiss your stomach. Yes I will be trying to stimulate your pussy with my chest as I kiss your stomach, while massaging your thighs again. I kiss my way down to your pussy again. My head is between your thighs, I kiss your inner thighs, kissing oh so close to your pussy but I stop.

I cannot resist your Alicia; your magic is telling me to give your oral pleasure again. How can I say no? I give you one big, long single lick on your pussy. I try to lick both your lips and between them without stopping. Can I do it? I place my hands under your ass, my thumbs pull apart your wet lips so I can dart my tongue in and out. My tongue is darting in and out fast, and then I slowly down to lick you, to lick your clit and give it nice sucks. I would let go as my hands would go back to work running all over you stomach, your inner thighs, your calves, as I lapped away at you. You can have another orgasm my love.

I can tell by your moaning and breathing you getting closer to coming. You are thrusting your hips rubbing your pussy on my tongue and goatee. I know you are close so I lick faster. Then your let out your moan of pleasure as you orgasm all over my tongue, lips and chin. But do you know what happens this time? I do not stop with my oral sex on you. Oh no, I keep going, licking you like crazy, sucking on your clit. I want to see if I can give you a nice multiple orgasm. If not I will not stop pleasuring you orally until you come again. That’s right Alicia, I am keep giving your oral pleasure until you orgasm twice. It is your massage my love and I am there to give you pleasure. Giving you pleasure will give me pleasure.

My love needs some rest now. I start back with my massage as your legs must be sore from being cramped up in a plane. I sit down on our bed and place your legs in my lap on a nice soft pillow. I sensuously massage your lower legs. I massage every tired muscle in your lower legs showing them as much attention as I have shown every other part of your body.

I gently take your legs off of the pillow, I stand up and my hard cock bobs around always happy to you. Once I feel you have recovered enough from your oral delight it is time for the most intimate of pleasure.

I stand at the foot of our bed; sliding my hands under your ass I pull you forward a bit. I slip between your legs, giving you that naughty smile again. “It seems to me that I did not give you a good enough massage between your sexy legs. There is only way I can give you a proper massage.’

I grab my hard cock, slowly moving it towards your pussy. I tease with just the head, rubbing it between your soft pussy lips, up and down I go before I very, very slowly insert it into you. Oh the delight! I slowly slide all the way into you, the both of us enjoying every moment as my shaft disappears inside you. Mmmmm, I would never get tired of that feeling.

Once I am inside of you I stop and give such a dirty grin. “Well honey, it is your massage so you get to tell me how hard and fast you want me to massage you.” I take your legs and place them on my shoulders. I slowly slide in and out of you until you tell me to go faster or harder or deeper…you control me now.

As I thrust in and out of you my hands run up and down your sexy legs. I alternate between my hands or just using my fingers tips with a light touch that will give you tingles in your spine. I bet you would want to go hard and fast. I would love that! My eyes would be glued to your magnificent breasts watching them bounce with each thrust of cock. I could only resist you for so long before I would grab your ass and move back up on the bed. I would be on top of you, thrusting to your commands. My lips though would be all over your breasts and your neck. I would let all my passion out, kissing your like a mad man, oh yes Alicia, your neck, face and breasts would get more kisses than you can imagine. Our bodies would be covered in passionate sweat; our moans of pleasure would probably wake up the neighbors.

Your hips would be rocking in unison with my passionate hard, fast thrusting as my lips continued to cover you with kisses. Then as we both closed in on our orgasms my lips would stop their attack on you. I brace myself just above you looking deeply into your eyes. I want our eyes to share the most intimate of moments to make it even more intimate. Then we both come, our eyes locked together at that moment. Oh my, the intensity of that moment would be beyond description. I would collapse into your arms, rolling to the side as we embrace, kissing and just enjoying this intimate moment together. The love between us is unbreakable, our bond unbreakable as well. Both of us smile knowing we were together with the person we were destined to be with.

Are we done? No, no, no as my naughty Alicia takes charge. You give me a dirty smile and roll me onto my back. You straddle my chest looking down at me. Your long black hair framing your beautiful face as you say, ‘Maybe I should give you a little massage too…if you are ready for it?’ You slowly slide down my body to my cock. You hold it making me hard again. You lean down as if to give me some oral pleasure but you stop. You look at me, ‘oh no you don’t Cole, this is my massage and you are not getting away with doing for your Alicia.’ You spin around putting us in a 69 position. You look over your shoulder at me, “Now get back to work and massage me again.”

Now the two of us are giving each other oral pleasure but it does not last too long as my naughty Alicia stops. You spin around again and straddle my waist. Your tender fingers wrap around my throbbing hard cock. You grin at me as you guide my cock inside of you again. “You have given me enough oral massages tonight but I want more massage like this!’ I place my hands on your hips as you ride me, bouncing up and down. I am enjoying the sensation and the views, the view of seeing my cock go in and out of you and watching your perfect breasts bounce around. You lean forward to kiss my hard nipple, licking them and lightly sucking…now you have turned the tables and are driving me wild. I am running my hand through your hair moaning your name. Then you rise up a bit as you continue to rock your hips on cock. Your hands are on my chest as your brace yourself. I help you by placing my hands on your breasts. Your head is leaning down, looking at me with them most intense look I have ever seen. You are moaning as you grind and rock your hips on my cock. You lean forward and order me to suck on your breasts. Then you hiss at me, ‘kiss them, kiss my nipples, and now flick your tongue on my nipples.’ I do as you say as you grind harder and faster. You are looking down at me; your long hair is brushing against me as you talk dirty, ‘How is this massage? Do you like it? Are you going to come for me? Tell me you like it; tell me you love how I feel.’ You can sense me getting ready for my orgasm, I tense up and you can feel my cock stiffen. Then you just down into my eyes. The gaze in your beautiful eyes is more than I can stand and explode with a loud groan…I groan ‘ooooooh Alicia!’

Then you collapse on my chest. You kiss me; kiss my neck as I wrap my arms around you. We are both spent and that is how we fall asleep; in each others arms.

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