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A Boy and His Powers II

Danny's new target is his sister!

Daddy's Boy part 3

Father finds not just his son is a slut

Sex Education (1)

NOTE: THIS STORY CONTAINS INCEST AND UNDERAGED SEX. If you are not interested, please don't read it! This is a work of fiction and fantasy; I in no way condone actual incest

Lia Learns The Limits Of Friendship

Charisma screams in pain. Lia screams in pleasure.

maa ko chodne ki kahani

Saketh the hot

Babysitting Benny - Chapter 2

Holly returns to further educate her young charge.

mom ki chudai in front of me


Heather gets what she deserves

I watched as his cock slid up inside her...

murga bn jao

a pakistani female spy got her self in a state of severe punishment in india

Kristy After School

Kristy After School "Kristy, honey, could you get the Peterson file for me?" Daddy asked, looking up from his desk

Bhawna Bhabhi Ki Paad ka mein Dewana

Mera naam Vicky hai. And I have fart fetish

Creaming my little sisters toes

17 Year old Jacob is enjoying a show with his sister, her rubbing her feet and toes together. He's not focused on the show but he is watching one of his own! His cock strains and he finds his sister feels the same as she moved her hand gently and slowly on high thy and down her panties

Camping with my Niece (Part 2)

Did I think about fucking her before the trip began, Yes. Did I want to fuck her? Yes again. Did I think it would happen? Not a chance

Island Fever 4: Paradise - Chapter 12

A quick check-in on how Jeremy and his bevy of beautiful women are living their lives

The Dog Who Brought Dinner - Chapter 3

Dogs Love and Sex overtakes my life, sometimes brutally...

The Tutor

Emma is failing her chemistry class, so she must be tutored. But she gets tutored in more ways than one

Surrendered My Hairy Pussy to My Young Son

A naughty son successfully seduced his horny mother into sex

Working Out Never Felt So Good

A little twist, written from "his" POV (Can you guess which of the girls I am? ;) )...

Babysitting Benny - Chapter 3

Holly and Ben meet again...finally!

Milk of Desire, Book II, Chapter 3 : The Return of Jake

I get a morning surprise and find out what happened last night.