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My Cousin Annie 2

Chapter 4
The 69 session with Jenny was a needed relief, especially after days of getting turned on by Annie. Before we parted Jenny had to ask,” Those things you did to me with your mouth. Where did you learn them? None of my girlfriends can do that to me!" "Some little tricks I learned from the Israeli ambassador’s daughter," I smirked.

After a shower I went back down to the party to look for Annie, since it was getting to be about 10:15 and we had to be back by 11:00. I couldn't find her anywhere downstairs, so I tried upstairs. I heard some muffled screams from behind one of the doors. It sounded a lot like Annie. I busted into the room and was shocked to find Annie naked, covered with cum and sweat tied to a bed with Kevin on top of her looking very helpless. I pulled the iPhone out and took a photo, thinking it may prove useful when the police investigate. Kevin was too busy with my cousin to notice my entrance, so I clocked him in the face with a punch. That was enough to get his uncondomed cock out of Annie's helpless pussy.

"Is that your bitch? She can't be 'cause I am the one who popped her cherry," Kevin smirked. I sucker punched him and proceeded to untie Annie. "I am calling the police," I told Annie in a reassuring voice, "They know how to deal with scum like him!" "No! Please, no. This is not like New York, everyone will know. I don't want to be a slut," She protested. A doubled over Kevin offered, "She is a slut, and I made her one." With that I gave Kevin a chop to his neck rendering him unconscious. Annie pondered, "Is he dead?" "No, I said, he'll just be out for awhile and will wake up thinking he has a bad hangover. It was a little trick I learned from the Israeli ambassador’s daughter."

"If we aren't going to the police, you better get cleaned up," I said while I found one of Kevin's robes for Annie to wear on her trip to the bathroom to shower. While my cousin was washing up, I thought it prudent to snoop around Kevin's room. Not surprisingly, I found a hidden camera that had recorded Kevin's exploits. I thought about wiping the memory card clean, but then it dawned on me there may be others as I noticed it said "Annie" on it. There were four other cards in his sock drawer all labeled - "Kimmie", "Jody", "Jane", and "Sarah" all with dates that corresponded to the past four Fridays. This son of a bitch targets girls to rape using his party as a cover.

I took all five memory cards and put them in my pocket. I then checked to see if the videos were on his computer, thankfully they were not so it looked like I had the only copies sitting in my pocket. I found a stack of DVDs by the computer and decided to burn the contents of the memory cards to DVD using Kevin's computer just in case the police did catch up with them the data would be there and recoverable. (Of course I edited out the parts where I came in and stopped him.) The process finished and I pocketed the DVDs and memory cards.

Chapter 5
Annie appeared dressed saying, "Let's get the hell out of here!"
We slipped out of the house and began to walk the six blocks back to her house. She started crying and I instinctively put my arm around her shoulder and said, "It is all over now. I am here for you. I'll protect you."
We stopped and Annie turned to me and said, "This was not how I wanted to loose my virginity. Kevin cornered me in the bathroom. He picked me up and brought me to his room. He got on top of me and tied me up. He got me naked and fucked me. It hurt. He had no love in him just lust. Now I am just a slut and whore. He kept telling me that. I wanted a guy who loves me to pop my cherry. A guy who respects me. A knight in shining armor. I wanted you to be my first."

I don't know if I was more shocked by Annie's description of what Kevin did to her or the fact that she just said she wanted to have sex with me. I stammered, "But we're cousins..."
"I know," she replied. "I kept seeing your pop tent when I showed off my twins getting into bed. I wanted you ever since we were ten. Now I know I'll never have you. I am a slut whore. Kevin could have gotten me pregnant, since I am not on the pill. I don't want to have his baby and I don't want to get an abortion. No man will love me."
Without thinking I said, "I love you Annie."
"I know," she said pecking me on the cheek.

When we got back to her house, we were greeted by her father, my great uncle Frank who was wearing a Red Cross jacket. "James, you seem to be a good influence on Annie. She usually gets home after curfew. 10:55, five minutes to spare!" I grinned in approval while Annie giggled, momentarily forgetting the night’s events. "I am afraid I have some bad news, though. There have been some bad tornadoes down in southern Illinois and the Red Cross has been called in from as far away as Georgia. Since Sally and I are state disaster coordinators we have to go, she left an hour ago; I am headed out in about a half-hour. We'll probably be gone for a week or two."
"Wow," I said. "Is there anything Annie and I can do?"
"No, but there is a Red Cross first aid training class for teens starting at the high school on Monday, you should sign up. It'll give you two something to do. Who knows, you might even meet someone. That's how I met Sally. She'd be teaching it, being the school nurse and all, but duty calls."
Outside a horn honked, and great uncle Frank grabbed the two duffle bags by the door said "So long, you can reach me and mom on the cell" and left.

Annie darted off into her parents’ room and was rummaging around in the adjoining master bathroom. After about two minutes, she found what she was looking for. She darted across the house to the side where the room we shared was holding some sort of box. "Come in here and help me," she called. I found her in her bathroom straddled over the toilet naked. She tossed a small plastic object my way, saying, "Hold it in my pee stream." At once I realized it was a pregnancy test. My pants were, as expected, tenting at the scene of her incredible pussy with its sweet luscious lips. I thought to myself, this is the first time I have seen her naked, but then I realized that I was wrong - had just a little while ago when I rescued her from Kevin. My pondering was disrupted when Annie piped up, "I think it is time." We both took a great sigh of relief when the test revealed that Annie was not pregnant. I am pretty sure she had a bit of a devilish grin on her face after the good news was delivered.

"Now let's get me clean. Take those clothes off and grab the douche under the sink," Annie commanded while turning on the shower. I stripped, giving my cousin an eight inch salute, causing her to giggle. We spent the next few minutes douching her clean. "Now your look like you could use some relief, my knight in shining armor," she teased as she wrapped her mouth around my manhood, somehow ingesting all eight inches. The feeling was exquisite as she swallowed my cum. Not even the Israeli ambassador’s daughter could top that.

We washed up toweled off and got into bed together naked.
"I love you James," Annie said.
"I love you Annie," I responded.
"I want you to be the first to make love to me," my cousin offered, "I need to be made love to right now."

Given the events of earlier in the night, I decided that I was going to be gentle and let her set the agenda. I set off caressing and kissing her on the lips, then proceeded to work my way down to her 34Cs with the amazing puffy pink areola and nipples about the size of iPod earbuds. I began to suckle her right breast and she let out a moan of pleasure. I switched to the left causing another positive endorsement working my way down her stomach to her pussy mane. She spread her legs and put all the lessons that I had learned from the Israeli ambassador’s daughter about how to properly pleasure a girl into action as Annie was making beautiful sounds of pleasure. Then all of a sudden, a massive amount of girl cum splattered down into my face and mouth. Annie looked at me apologetically for a moment but noticed the grin of sheer delight I had as I was licking it off my face and started licking her juices off the rest of my face.

Once she finished cleaning me with her tongue and noticing my swelling member, she said, "I think we are both ready now." Annie then spread her legs open on the bed as I inserted my throbbing penis into her waiting pussy.
I don't know how many times we made love, that night, but when we awoke together on Saturday afternoon we were still coupled together. We spent the rest of the weekend in bed tending to each others desires.

Chapter 6
That Monday morning we signed up for the Red Cross first aid training classes that were being held in the high school. Jenny was there too, but we avoided her. The class went quickly and instead of leaving with the other students, we started roaming around the school. "Here we are," Annie said as she stuck the key in the lock of the nurse's office, "We need to replace what we used up the other night." We looked around for a few minutes until my cousin found her query - pregnancy tests. She took two, one to replace the one she used Friday night and I assumed one to see if our weekend of love making sessions didn't lead to anything.

We got back to her house and once we got in the door Annie took all her clothes off with me following her lead a beat behind. "Make love to me, James. Right here, right now," she requested. She sat down on the carpet and opened her legs and we spent the rest of the afternoon coupled together in bliss and drifted off to sleep.

It was about 9:00 when we woke up. Our workout made us quite hungry so we popped a frozen pizza into the oven and decided to make some salads. "God, you are so beautiful," I said as Annie chopped some carrots for the salad. "Don't try anything," she giggled staring down at my erect member "I have a knife in my hand and don't want you to have any accidents!"

The rest of the week was a blur with the mornings occupied by the Red Cross classes and the rest of the day taking sheer delight in one another. On Sunday morning I decided to talk about what I found in Kevin's room - the videos of her and the four other girls he had raped. I told her I made copies of the cards onto DVD's using Kevin's computer, which I assured her had no photos of her on it, I showed her the photo I took of her being raped by Kevin after I burst into the room.
Annie looked at me and asked, "What do you want to do? Blackmail him?"
"No," I said. "I am going to send the DVD to his mother with a note that says 'Your son is a rapist. Send him off to an all boy’s military school or the originals go to the police. Do the right thing for the town and the girls he hurt.' If they do it, we can find out where he got sent and arrange for him to get a taste of his own medicine. Probably wouldn't even cost a dime, since that is how those places are. I figure we can print the letter and envelope at the high school computer lab and then stick it in the mail slot at his mother's office. My guess is that she is the doctor for you and the other girls."
My cousin nodded and remarked, "You really thought this through, haven't you?"
"Nah, I said, "just some more tricks l I learned from the Israeli ambassador’s daughter."
Annie laughed.

Monday after the Red Cross class we stopped in the nurses office to get some rubber gloves, printed up the note and made fresh copies of the DVDs to deliver to Kevin's mother's office. The envelope was made up to look like it had important medical test results in it with "PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTAL" on the front in big red letters.

That afternoon at about 4:30, the phone rang. We took a break from our constant love making sessions to see if it was really important. The caller ID displayed M SULLIVAN MD. Annie grabbed the cordless phone while I picked up an extension phone that I had removed the microphone from earlier.
"Hello," Annie said.
"This is Dr. Sullivan. I was reviewing your, um, chart, and um, I think you need to come in for some tests. Are your parents home?"
"No, they are off doing Red Cross work, they'll be back Saturday. Is it something I should worry about?"
"No, can you come in the Monday at noon and bring your Mother?"
"I guess."
"Good, I'll see you then. There is nothing to worry about," Dr. Sullivan said as she ended the call.

"I think she has seen the videos," I said.
"She probably wants to give me a pregnancy test. If you have knocked me up this will cover it up nicely. Let's test me now." So we went into her bathroom where she stood over the toilet while I held the test in her pee stream. When she saw it was positive, she let out a squeal of joy. "No wonder I have been so horny!" she said playfully. "I am so glad my baby is yours."
The sight of my beautiful cousin standing there naked, and pregnant with my child was the most incredible turn on I ever had. "Let's make love, beautiful!"

To be continued. . .

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