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My Youth

I have read multiple stories here about some twit that is so wishy-washy in his feelings and dealings with the opposite sex it makes me nauseous. If this is reality for some of you guys and/or women, I truly feel sorry for you. Time to put on your big boy/girl panties and get a handle on life.
I've read a lot of stories on this and different sites. Although my stories are true, I needed to add a little dialog so there WAS a story- as opposed to: 'I saw this hot girl, we appraised each other, kissed then had hot monkey sex.'

It's important for the reader to follow the accounts of my life in order to appreciate the entire story. First, let me emphasize I'm not some kind of male 'whore'. The women I've met and been intimate with have either been drawn to me, introduced to me or ones I've actually pursued and romanced.
Please start with Mom, then follow numerically.

Maybe WHY I'm Crazy?

©Hellraser 2015
I would say there's a small bit of importance to you reading this section 1st. It helps explain the possibly weird way I grew up.

I guess the only way to start is to start at the beginning, at least as far back as I can remember.
1950- year of my birth. According to my mother, Satan spawned another child.

1952- not that I can remember much, but later, thinking backwards, I could not recall my mother ever holding me. At this time, I just have vague recollections. You'll notice the name 'mom' is never capitalized...I hate the bitch.

1953- I DO have a vivid recollection of one incident here. I was watching my mom at her sewing machine. For some reason, I kept touching the cloth as it ran under the pressure foot. mom rewarded me by sewing two of my fingers together as she forced my hand into the works. I think now that she was scared of what she'd done because I was made to sit on a chair while she removed the thread from my baby fingers. I never told anyone. I didn't know I could.

1954- She had Dad build a playpen for me on the side of our wash house. It was to keep me out of mischief while she did the wash. Trouble was, the pen was outside in the summer sun and I was there from breakfast until shortly before my Dad came home from work in the evening. Damned good thing I don't sunburn easily. I didn't know any better, so I told no one.
1955- I could not leave our yard and was refused playmates until their mother's stopped asking. I didn't know better, so I never complained.

I had an older brother- 17 years older, and an older sister- 11 years older. The brother was gone all the time, either at Jr college or off in the National Guard. As early as I could remember, mom told me I'd never be as smart, never make as much money, never be a football star [that was his only sport – our school only had 15 high schoolers in all 3 grades, so just going out for a sport meant a place on the team.] and finally, never grow up to be as handsome as he. I didn't know any better, so I told no one.

Sis became my mother substitute. She tried to protect me as much as she could by keeping me with her outside, out of mom's reach. I didn't know any better. At the age of five, I DID notice I was getting a beating every time I turned around, at least during the day when Dad was at work. At 16, Sis was dating, ONLY the boys that mom approved of, being the sons of wealthy farmers in our area. In my eyes, Sis was a raving beauty; red haired, busty... and most of the boys in her class thought so too.

1956- My world collapsed, as did Sis's. Sis ran off and got married, and not to one of mom's chosen. Sis was banished from the house. I THINK 9 months later she had my first nephew. mom refused to allow Sis, her husband or their new baby in the house. He joined the Air force and they moved a thousand miles away. My protector was gone and I was alone with mom...all day long. I didn't know any better, I told no one, but the beatings increased in occurrence and severity. Before, mom beat me with a switch that I had to go cut from a tree. If it didn't meet her standards, I got to cut a bigger one. I didn't know any better, so I told no one. Eventually, I got used to the switch, so mom changed tactics and moved to a belt of Dad's. She'd whip me, pants around my ankles and bent over a chair until she couldn't raise her arm anymore. Then I got to listen to her tell me I was an accident she blamed Dad for and wished I'd never been born. If she got worked up enough in her tirade, she'd beat me some more. Dad never knew any of this. I didn't know any better and never told anyone.

1957- The beatings continued, but I'd gotten used to the belt, or at least as used to it as you can get. It even stopped hurting my feelings. mom told me I was being punished for the bad things I did when she wasn't around. I didn't know any better and I told no one. Since the belt didn't hurt much more than my pride, mom changed to using an extension cord...that fucking hurt and she wasn't above drawing blood.

She did start doing something new at night. Her nightgown was a baggy shapeless thing with a stretched-out neckline and looking back, even then I knew it held no sex appeal for Dad. They'd slept in separate bedrooms for as long as I can remember. I'd go to bed and shortly, she'd put in an appearance, leaning over me, making sure I got an eyeful. I had a close-up look at her dugs, every night, but they meant little to me. mom would ask me what I was looking at and truthfully, I had no clue. It did, however, earn me several face slaps and a beating when I got up if Dad were gone. I didn't know any better so I never told anyone.

1958- I changed. I went into puberty at the tender age of eight. Hair under my arms, sprouting around my penis and darkening wispy little hairs creeping out on my chin and upper lip. My child's dick grew, along with my balls, I suppose. Later in life, a psychiatrist friend of mine [no, I wasn't seeing him, he was an officer over me in the Air Force] decided it happened because of the emotional stress I'd been under growing up. Why had I never told anyone. I didn't know any better and never knew I could.

Hah! A high point I can remember- every year for Christmas, we made the trek to Grandma's house. My oldest cousin was 12 and grandma gave him an Uncle Wiggly game while I got a Gillette razor set with blades, aftershave and all. I was not at all popular that day with my cousin. Dad thought it was great, mom took a different approach. She still did her nightly appearance in the baggy nightgown only now, she bent over and made me look at her dangling breasts, then she'd slap me until my ears rang, asking me 'WHAT was I looking at?' Her attitude when Dad was away working changed too and so did her brand of punishment.

Previously, I mentioned I'd gotten used to getting a belt wore out over my ass. I'd been outside, playing by myself and was called inside. I hadn't seen nor talked to my mom since breakfast and Dad had left for work. “Go in your Dad's closet and get his belt.” Nothing new there. Coming back, she told me I'd grabbed the wrong belt. She wanted the one with a big bull rider's belt buckle he'd picked up somewhere. I never remember him ever wearing it. “Drop your pants you little bastard” [first time she'd called me that].

OK, this wasn't anything new, except for her choice of weapon. I bent over the chair with my ass sticking out when she said “No, stand up and move away from the chair.” Strange, but OK. She had me put my hands on my head and reared back and hit me across the groin with the buckle using the full length of the belt. I suddenly knew what pain was all about. Gawd, I never knew anything could hurt that bad but I managed to stand up straight and grabbed the belt out of her hands.

Both her hands turned to claws but before she could touch me again, I cold-cocked her. I took the belt back to Dad's closet and hung it up, then went outside. I stayed out of the house until Dad's truck pulled into the drive. For some reason, I said nothing about this afternoon's happening. I hadn't made up my mind that I wouldn't get in trouble with Dad – I KNEW the shit would hit the fan with mom if I told. mom put supper on the table and as we ate, she calmly informed Dad I'd doubled up my fist and punched her. Without a word, Dad backhanded me out of my chair.

“But. . .”
“There is no but. You NEVER hit a woman and you especially never hit your mother.” I picked myself up and dropped my pants. Across my entire groin area was a bruise in the shape of that belt buckle.
“You want to tell me how you got that, son?” I explained mom's new method of beating me. Dad grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into his bedroom and WW3 started. Dad came out later and semi-apologized for hitting me, however, he reminded me I was never to hit a woman again. For the first time, Dad took me out to his domain, the garage. He fiddled with some things on his workbench and I could tell he was working up to say something.

“Buck, I don't know what to say about your mom, it wasn't called for and it wasn't right. Maybe my first reaction would have been to hit back… I just don't know. My advice is to do what I do- whatever she says, do it the first time around with no argument, get it done then stay the hell away from her.”
“What good is that gonna do?” I asked, “I get beat for things she THINKS I've done or maybe she's just in the mood.”
“How often?”
“Every day, sometimes ALL day.”
“Why didn't you say something?”
“I didn't know any better and didn't know I could.” Dad got real silent and stood shaking his head.

mom upped the daytime ante. At this point in my life, I didn't know or appreciate what girls were. As far as I was concerned, they were weird, giggling 'things' with nasty cooties. The guys at school felt pretty much the same way, but then, I was different. I was shaving my stubble about every other week, my voice was changing and I never knew when I spoke if I was going to be a soprano or a baritone. Mom decided I needed to 'observe' when she went in the bathroom to pee and she was always there when I had to go.

1961- Dad's job required we move 45 miles from where I grew up. New school, new kids, new house. Dad's hours changed too. He'd go to work at 8AM and get home, a lot of times, around eleven or noon for the day. The more Dad was 'underfoot', the more agitated mom got.

I'd gotten up one morning to eat with Dad and after he left, mom was in some kind of state. I was ordered to pick up my room and sweep and mop my linoleum floor. Not a big deal. I was required to do it every week. I'd been following Dad's advice and doing everything just the way she demanded. After straightening up, making my bed, sweeping and finally, mopping, I started to go outside and look up a neighbor kid to play with. I was in fifth grade.

mom locked my heels and told me to wait in the adjoining kitchen while she 'inspected'. This was new. She'd never been able to raise any complaints about my room's housekeeping before. About two minutes later, she called me in and peeled back my chenille bedspread. Clinging to the underside of it was a black, fuzzy dress sock. We weren't religious and seldom, if ever went to church. The only time I'd ever worn those socks was the odd wedding or odder funeral where I had to wear my suit. Last time was over a year ago, so I didn't have a clue how the sock got stuck to my bed spread.

mom started making real funny noises and ran into the kitchen to return with a steak knife in her fist. I stood there, wondering what in the hell she was doing with it until she stabbed me high on my chest below my left shoulder. Luckily, it hit a rib or something. I took the knife away from her and she was babbling totally unintelligible noises and cussing me, my Dad and my Sis.

I forced her to the floor and kept her in a leg lock until Dad got home a couple of hours later. My hands were free and having a smattering of first aid training from Cub Scouts, I kept pressure over my wound. By the time Dad got there, the front of my T-shirt was pretty well soaked. I released mom and backed away from her as quick as I could. Dad gathered both of us up and took us to the hospital. I got three stitches and an arm sling. They kept mom for a week.

Stupid me. I didn't know what I'd done or why she felt the need to stab me. During that week, I went to work with Dad while I thought over this new event. I was never considered slow, but it finally dawned on me – mom had tried to kill me. I questioned Dad about it and he explained the doctors wrote it off to menopause and put her on some pills. You had to be totally bug-nuts in those days to see a psychiatrist. I guess they didn't think she was a threat anymore, but on that day, I mentally and emotionally ceased to have a mother, I would never trust her again. Two years later, we moved back to my hometown and I was in Junior High.

1963- Girls. Tall ones, short ones, curvy ones and skinny ones and I KNEW what their purpose in life was. I had the regular crappy classes common to all Jr High's but possibly, the worst one was gym. We had to take communal SHOWERS and you got NAKED with a bunch of other guys. I suppose it wasn't that big of a deal except I was coming OUT of puberty while the other guys were praying for it to start. I had under arm hair, a thick patch around my 6 inch dick, a deeper voice and was shaving once a week now.

All but one other guy still looked like grade schoolers. The other odd kid failed a grade, so he was the oldest of us. This was one of those kids who looked like they should be on the varsity football team in high school instead of in junior high. Like I said, he was a big, muscular dude. I was short but far more matured than my peers. That didn't stop the ribbing in the dressing room. The other guys made ape noises whenever they saw me in the altogether. My standard response was 'What are you looking at, pencil dick! 'We' shared' an athletic field with the girl's gym class. They had a separate door to enter their dressing room and after running or doing whatever, both sexes lined up with their respective class. We alternated every other day going in the dressing room and showers with a ten or fifteen minute lag before the other sex entered.

To this day, I still don't understand the logic. It wasn't like we shared dressing rooms, showers or even a hallway. On the day in question, the boys had been running the 880 track while the girls cheered us on. The coaches blew the whistle to line up and we took our places. Today was our turn to hit the showers first. I stripped out of my gym clothes, grabbed my towel and soap and got wet. I'd no sooner stepped out to dry off when several guys grabbed my towel and pushed me down that short hallway and out the door to the athletic field. I pounded on the door, cussing them all until I heard the tittering behind me.

I wanted to just let the earth swallow me up. There were maybe fifty girls all staring at my backside. To make matters worse, their coach came over and demanded the boys open the door. They finally did and I got dressed. The girl's coach waited for me at our gym door and marched me down to the office. I think the only saving grace was the principle was my mechanical drawing teacher. We got along pretty well in his class and after the girl's coach pitched her bitch about 'scarring innocent young girls'[rumor had it she was a dyke, anyway], he was doing all he could to keep from laughing out loud. I failed to see the humor.

1964- I turned nerd, at least according to everyone in my school. I'd always been interested in science and our biology teacher took me under his wing. The previous year, I'd built a working rocket engine and demonstrated it for the class. The General Science teacher was impressed but my class mates were even more so. I smoked and stank up the whole room, causing class to be moved to the Student Union until the janitor could get the room aired out. Ninth grade rolled around and I was strongly encouraged to enter the state science fair. My project was a 'Lord Kelvin Dripper'. Rather than go into specifics here, Google it. Bottom line is, it make electricity by dripping water down through a series of metal rings. I won.

During the early fall, we had our county fair and for some reason, I bought this huge orange helium balloon. I just drug it around the rides with me until Dad picked me up. Getting home, I knew what I was going to do with it. I took a magic marker and drew a checkerboard over the entire balloon and fashioned a waterproof 'capsule' on the string with a note saying I'd give a $20 reward for proof anyone found it. Taking it to the front yard, I let it go into a stiff, autumn wind and promptly forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise when two weeks later, I got a letter in the mail with a Polaroid picture of my deflated balloon hanging from a nail on the edge of a garage roof. The damned thing traveled over a thousand miles and lacked 50 feet from landing in Lake Michigan. I made plans to get a money order and pay this guy for his trouble. mom had other ideas. She called the newspaper and they sent out a reporter to get the story, however, according to HER, the whole thing was mom's idea. SHE encouraged me to make up the balloon and let it go. I thought my Dad was gonna shit. To her dying day, she had that picture [which she'd confiscated] and the newspaper clipping sandwiched between two pieces of glass framed and hanging on the wall.

Mom's beatings turned to literally that – no more belts but a slap across the cheeks or a fist to my head. I'd finally had enough. After Dad came home, I pulled him into the garage and told him I'd had enough of her abuse... I couldn't bring friends home because she 1st degree'd them. What did their parents do, how much money did they make...ect. Also, she made it clear that the only girls attracted to me HAD to be sluts of the first rank and neither they nor me was actually welcome in HER home. Add to that the punches and slaps, regardless of who saw it, I was moving out.

I know. How does a 14 yd old move from home. Dad and I had a friend (a barber) that would let me stay in his back room, which started life as an efficiency apartment, only requiring that I sweep up after closing each day. It seemed that he'd never used it and ANYPLACE was better than 'home'. Dad “up'd” my allowance to cover food and clothing. I also got an after school job sweeping up and straightening two gas stations close by. Dad did insist I come home Thanksgiving and Christmas.

1965- I started a garage band. Frank [the barber] told my dad and he insisted we practice at home in the garage. You know how new bands are- louder HAS to be better, right? We were vibrating things out of the kitchen cabinets and dad 'suggested' we open the garage doors. During our 2nd practice with the doors open, a police car pulled up and informed us we shut it off or so low it couldn't be heard outside.

Ok, we could do that. The next practice, we'd hardly tuned up when the cops knocked on the door saying there had been another noise complaint. Dad told the police he'd walked outside during our tune up and could barely hear us. Got an idea where this is going? Mom had been calling the cops. ANYTHING to make life miserable for me.

Dad sat her down and explained that the money he was spending on her YWCA membership, her charitable donations and her credit cards had just been cut off. Instead, he was going to rent a small, vacant warehouse for us to hold practice. If mom felt the need to continue her current lifestyle, she could get a job.

1968- Life went on. I went to school, studied, did my homework and did band practice. A very strange thing- my gym coach took an 'interest' in me as a sophomore. I was scrawny and let's be truthful here; weak, short and pitiful. He put me on a weight training regimen, lots of track work, and lo and behold- I could max my phys-ed tests. Maxing them only had him push me harder.

The band was doing well, the family (mainly Dad) bought a truck stop and I was bringing in my own money from the station and the band. The band and the amazing amount of my real MONEY was a major sore spot to mom. In her thinking, I should turn half of it to HER for all the years she 'put up' with me. Needless to say, Dad was apoplectic over this...I never heard the real argument they had, but Dad seemed to pour more interest in making the band a success. As a side note, a major, local radio station had taken the band on, with us playing gigs from Nebraska to Texas... 'Friday or Saturday night at a National Guard Armory near you'.

Graduation rolled around and I got an award [which I was expecting]in Distributive Education. For those not familiar with it, it encourages high schoolers to go out and learn management skills. I had managed the truck stop for two years prior to Dad buying it and afterwards between hissy fits from my older brother about who SHOULD be manager.

However, the surprise wasn't over yet. I got called on stage AGAIN, along with the gym coach and I was presented with a plaque and a blazer with the Presidential Seal on both, stating I'd won The President's Council on Physical Fitness, one of seventeen winners in the whole US. Boy, did I take shit over that! And surprise surprise, MOM snatched up the plaque and the blazer once I got home. I've never seen them since.

A whole five days passed after graduation and Uncle Sam claimed me, more or less saying 'please come to our war'. [Read Caroline 9]

1970- Dad finally died of a brain tumor. My Sis and I were told we weren't invited to a reading of his will. Somehow, mom got named executrix of his estate, I was pissed about being excluded from the last 'family' thing we'd have. Dad had told me I was to inherit $175K for my part, his estate being divided equally between the remaining four of us after paying off the house.

Mom informed Sis and I we'd never see a dime and she promptly began to spent it on jewelry and clothes. There seemed to be a codicil in the will that cut Sis and I off if we contested the will. I can only guess where THAT stipulation came. From that point on, mom and I rarely spoke. I moved around the country with only my sister keeping track of me. Sis succumbed to congestive heart failure years later, all the while still trying to show she was a 'good' daughter.

During her time in the nursing home and hospice, mom came to see her exactly one time, staying ten minutes and leaving without speaking a word to anyone. mom finally DIED less than a year afterwards, disinheriting me and my sister and any offspring we may have had. A load had been lifted off my shoulders. I WAS a little pissed because Dad had left ¼ of his estate to me when he died, but mom was the trustee for it. She spent every dime, only splitting part, possibly half, with my older brother. Brother followed her in death a year after. Now, all my family ties were, for the most part, over. My niece and nephew were still bitter about their grandmother's treatment of their mother and them and we seldom communicated.

A chapter closed in my life. My family, such as it were, was gone and now I was totally on my own.


Recalling sexual adventures from my teen years
The Legalities: This is a story written by
me. It may or may not have happened exactly this way. If
material involving masturbation, brothers and sisters, sex between young people, etc. bothers you, JUST DON'T READ IT! I will not be held responsible. You have been warned. © Hellraser 2014

This is a true story. I am not a homosexual, nor am I a pedophile, so
mail directed to those ends will be universally disregarded. This is for
entertainment and maybe instructional purposes only. I have to add - this is not exactly a stroke story. If you are looking for reasons to get offended, go spend some time watching how your government takes away your right to free speech, your right to read and write what you want, and spending your tax money on worthless programs which fund studies to link literature like this to sociopathic behavior. Even you Bible-thumpers should find that offensive.
A true story of growing up. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. : mf mf, mmf, oral, anal, cons.

My Youth

Ah, how to begin? Let me fill you in on a little background of my troubled youth:)
I started younger than a lot of my peers. You see, due to a lot of emotional problems with my bitch mother growing up, I was 'forced' into early puberty at the tender age of eight. Now, that might not seem like too bad a deal, but we had a neighborhood gang [Some neighborhood, in a town of 250 people. What few kids there were numbered about six living in town and another 10 or so living on farms. My first grade had eight students.]

I had a rough time in my pre-junior high days, mostly from as early as I can remember until about age 14. To say my mom was a bitch would be an understatement – she was totally bug nuts [read mom for a few nightmares]. Regardless, my mother twisting my formative years did give me one 'advantage'. I went into puberty at the tender age of eight.
Tracy was my younger next-door neighbor, a young man eighteen to my nineteen older, wiser years. We first met when he moved next door two years earlier and we became best friends ever since.

The trouble with being older and having a younger 'shadow' around all the time was whatever I did, Tracy wanted to do it too. I was just starting to smoke ( yeah, I know...nasty habit), so Tracy started also. His father bought a rather ramshackle cabin at a local lake and me having the experience as a carpenter/electrician/plumber from working with my dad, enlisted me to remodel it for his family. I tore out the inner walls and replaced the shoddy paneling with sheetrock, new outlets and windows, walls painted and put down new linoleum in the kitchen and bath. Next, I replaced the worn out shallow water well head with a new one.

After looking over several weeks of my work, his dad commented that he could never begin to repay me for all the work I had done. Tracy and I put our heads together and came up with the idea we'd like to have our own cabin, away from parental unit's prying eyes. To our surprise, his dad thought it was a marvelous idea and began to shop around. Actually, I think we were cramping whatever they did on weekends.

A couple of weeks later, his dad had us scalp the yard about 300 feet from the house and told us just to wait and see our new 'surprise'. In about 2 hrs, a truck pulled up and three guys started laying railroad ties in the area we'd scalped, then a set of rails, spiking them down. WTF we thought! Soon another flatbed came with a huge winch and offloaded a railroad caboose.

Man, it didn't take the head cashier at Wally World to see whatever else it needs to make it our home away from home. I gave Tracy's dad a list of supplies I'd need and the next day he'd brought enough plastic pipe for me to tie into the well system and electrical wire to splice into the house wiring. With running water and electricity, we needed little else.
Oh, we did put up funky little curtains over the few windows on the lower level and made the 'crows nest' into a fold-out queen bed.

Now the real story begins............

Tracy and I, being normal pubescent teens kind of went into a homosexual stage - mutual masturbation, a little sucking and finally fucking one another. This was all great and took the 'edge' off, but was a poor substitute for what we really wanted....real live girls!

At this point in the story, I need to fill you in on Tracy's family situation. His mom and dad were die-hard alcoholics and once his dad was home from work, it took him probably an hour to get blind drunk, his mom not being far behind. Tracy also had a sister nine months younger, making her a gangly eighteen year old too, blond hair, titless, no ass and kinda scrawny legs. Barb was different than most little sisters- never telling the parents or adults what went on at home or at our new cabin. The neat thing was, she ran around with another young lady of eighteen but who was already starting to blossom out into young womanhood.

Sal had lost her baby fat and was tall for her age, almost as tall as Tracy. She had developed probably A cupped breasts and had the beginnings of a cute bubble butt. Sal was a very quiet girl, had hardly anything to say, even when directly addressed, but went along with whatever Barb wanted to do. Funny, Tracy and I never mentioned any sexual feelings toward either girl the whole summer we stayed in our new cabin( the girls stayed in the main cabin with Barb's folks). We DID, however wonder from time to time, what went on in there because, being true to form, both parents were drunk on their asses about an hour after arriving at the lake. They also had a lot of friends over who'd party till the wee hours most weekends. What the girls did while this was happening I'll never know. We were aware that Barb's mom, although kinda grossly overweight, would get down to her bra and panties after the sun went down and dance around the living room of their cabin- entertaining the guests, I suppose.

As I mentioned, Tracy and I explored each other that summer and sat and talked for hours of what we'd do with a 'real' woman, but like everything, time passes and summer came to a close.
School the next year was a bore, as usual, but I managed to score a Honda 300 motor cycle. Wow, mobility! Tracy and I nearly wore the tires off that coming spring. One day, I had the dubious pleasure of sweeping out and straightening the garage for my dad. I'd finished and was sitting on a folding chair in the shade of the garage door, nursing a soda to cool off when Tracy ran over and told me I'd never believe what Barb and Sal were doing.
"Ok, what?" waiting for the other shoe to fall.
"I dunno what it is their doing but they call it 'witchy' and they keep running around the house, rubbing on furniture."

Well, this I had to see first hand, so over to his house we went. Remember when I mentioned his parents were seldom home? True to daily form they were absent and not expected back til evening. We walked into the living room and there were Barb and Sal rubbing their crotches along welting on the back of the sofa, evidently enjoying the texture of the heavy polyester against their panty-clad pussies. Seeing me there, they stopped and looked kind of embarrassed and turned several shades of red when I asked them just ' what ' they were doing.
Barb, never the bashful one, said "We thought up something to do. We call it Witchy. It feels SO good when we do it."
Sally just sat there, looking at Tracy and I with the 'deer-in-the-headlights' look.

"Ladies, there are much better ways to get that same feeling and a lot more fun too" I said, looking them directly in the eye.
"How do we do that?" Barb said with a smile.
"Come into Tracy's bedroom and I'll demonstrate."
At this point, I should elaborate that another neighbor, an eighteen year old girl had introduced me into eating pussy, ass fucking and blow jobs during the previous fall and winter, but that's a story for another time. Needless to say, if the girls were willing. I was ready to rock their world. Tracy wouldn't be a problem- just tell him what to do and he'd go at it, possibly without the finesse I'd learned, but certainly with enthusiasm.

After entering the bedroom, I told the girls to strip off. Barb jumped on the bed and did a little dance as she dropped her t-shirt, soon followed by her panties. Sal was a little slower to respond, but after seeing Barb nude and hopping all over the bed, stood and within a minute, was as bare-assed as her friend. THIS is when I first got a close up look at Sal's charms. She was possibly a year physically more mature than Barb. Compared to Barb, she had a chest full at a B cup, whereas Barb still had mosquito stings on hers. Barb had a near featureless little slit, zero hairs and still had no ass. Sal, on the other hand, had breasts, not big - more like a third of a grapefruit, womanly hips and a bulgy little twat.

Barb chimed in and said it wasn't fair for them to be naked while we were still in our street clothes. She added that she'd never seen a 'grown man's cock' and she wanted to see mine. ( I about died. Here-me? with a grown man's dick?? Not likely, but who was I to burst her bubble).
I looked at Tracy and said "Strip", whereas we both got naked at about the same moment. I was hard as a steel rod at a modest 7.5 inches ( I knew- Tracy and I had measured each other often).

Barb crawled across the bed on her knees in front of me and asked if she could hold it - who am I to refuse a lady? Putting it in her little hand, she bent her fingers around it.
"Gawd! It's so warm and hard and soft at the same time" she cried, Sal had yet to grab at Tracy but I could tell by her eye movements she was considering it.
"Go on - touch it. Hold my brother's dick. Feel how nice it is."
All this time, Barb isn't stroking me - damn, if she had been, she'd probably have gotten her first cum bath. Instead, she just kept squeezing it in her fingers. I figured we needed to get down to some serious stuff pretty quick or the show would be over, for me at least.

"Barb, lean over and just kiss it, feel how velvety it is." Damned if she didn't do just that, kissing the helmet over and over.
"Oh Sal, you just gotta try this. I can't describe how it feels, but it's giving me tingly feelings all over!" said Barb.
As usual, Sal was a little slow getting into the act, but soon was kissing Tracy's five inch dong up and down it's length.
Ready for more stimulation, I told Barb to put it in her mouth and suck it like a Popsickle. She was a little reluctant to do it, but after a moment's hesitation, took about three inches into her mouth. Her little tongue was going a mile a minute and I was about to get my nut from this little vixen waay too soon. Pulling back away from her, I told her if she kept that up much longer, the party would be over.

"Why? Doesn't it feel good? Makes me get goose bumps. I've never done anything like this before but I want to do it again" she pouted.
"Oh, hon - it feels great but I don't want to cum just yet" I told her.
"What's coming?"
"Well when I guy gets around a sexy girl and starts thinking sexy thoughts, his dick gets real hard and then he shoots some white, milky stuff out."
"Is that the stuff that makes babies? Oh, you mean semen. We learned about that in sex-ed class but I've never heard it called 'come' before. I took a minute and explained to the girls about coming and cumming. They both replied that, ok, CUM, was supposed to be in their vaginas.

Yup, I told them, right on the money, IF we planned to make babies, but the practice was oh so much better. You can practice all you want as long as neither of you has had a period yet and then there are several other ways to enjoy it without fear of getting pregnant.
"How? Tell us how to do it."

"Wait' ladies....the whole idea here was to show you better ways to get that good feeling besides rubbing on furniture. Besides, doncha think your parents would soon figure out what you were doing while they were gone once they saw all the snail tracks down the top of the couch?"
That got me a hard punch on the arm when Barb figured out the correlation between her soaked, sticky panties and the upholstery.
"Ok, wise-ass, HOW do we make this better and hide what we're doing."

I had the girls lay side by side, but head to hips of each other. That way they could watch what we were doing to them from each other. Tracy and I had had long talks about foreplay and how I'd learned to please a woman, so whatever I did, he would mirror on Sal.

I asked them together if they'd ever touched themselves and as nearly one person, they explained that only in the shower when they washed themselves. Evidently both mothers had told each to wash their genitals well, and so they'd gotten little charges out of a washcloth on their clits.
Opening Barb as wide as I could, I could see Tracy looking up and over to see what I was doing and followed suit on Sal. Looking at Sal, I asked her if she could see this little bump at the top of Barb's slit. She nodded her head yes and Tracy was showing Barb on Sal's slit.

"Ok girls, remember from sex-ed, this is called a clitoris or clit for short and it makes girls feel very good."
I proceeded to wet a finger with spit and stroke it along Barb's clit, every stroke making her jump and wiggle her tiny ass around.
"Is that uncomfortable, hon" I asked?
"Oh! Oh! Shit no, oh crap, I feel that all the way up to my face."

I looked over at Sal. She had nothing to say - her eyes were rolled up in her head, so she must be enjoying it. After doing this about ten minutes, I could tell Barb was tensing up, her hips were bouncing of the bed with every stroke of my finger. Sal still had her eyes closed but she was undulating her hips as Tracy stroked her clit.
Barb was the first to get hers as she let out a big moan and arched her back. She looked like a fish out of water, gasping like she couldn't get enough air and sweat poured off her per-pubescent body. I glanced over at Sal and she twisted her head from side to side, making unintelligible noises. From the silent one, I took this as her getting her rocks off.

We continued to rub them until Silent Sal finally said "Too much! Too sensitive!!", so Tracy and I left them in their afterglow and went into the kitchen for cold sodas.
"What do you think? I asked Tracy
"Gawd, this is the best day of my freekin life! I never thought I'd get to touch a live girl until I'd at least hit my senior year."
"Welp, the day ain't over yet, Pard" I said with a wink.
Going back into Tracy's bedroom, we found the two girls sitting knees to knees, legs spread, examining the other. I suppose they wondered if both had the same equipment. Gang leader Barb looked up and asked me what else I had to show them. Taking a moment, I thought of something really wicked for my young age.

"Well, there's oral sex, but you girls are probably too young to do that!"
"Who does oral sex and what is it" asked Sal. Wow! The deaf and dumb COULD talk!
"Lots of people do oral sex. A lot of people think its normal and natural and just gets people in the mood for bigger fun and games." I looked at Tracy with questioning eyes. He just turned kinda red and nodded his head.
"How do you do it?" Again, the dead speak.
"Well it involves putting your mouth on some one else's sex, kinda like you girls did when you kissed and licked our dicks."
"Oh Wow, that was fun. Are we gonna do it again" asked Barb?

"Maybe a little later. You girls aren't around Tracy and I all that much and since you hang out together all the time, it's something you could do to each other."
"Eeeewwww, that's gross. We pee down there!" said Barb. Sal was back to her stoic self again, but her eyes were lit up.
"Tracy and I do it once in a while and we PEE through our thing!"

Barb chimed in and told us that the girls at school talked about it and told everyone it made you queer lesbians and talked about all the short-haired women around town and how they dressed like guys.

"No, it doesn't make you a lesbian, although many women prefer the company of other women over men, but that's their choice to make. We do it to feel good but we still chase girls every chance we get, so that doesn't make us homo's."
"Really? Barb and I dress and undress in front of each other all the time but we never have tried to touch each other. I think I'd be embarrassed." said Sal. I looked at Barb - she looked at Sal and piped up "I will if you will!"

Once they both agreed to try this, they lay head to crotch with each other. I pulled Barbs bottom leg out and had Sal lay her head on it and the same with hers - that way, both girls were eye to twat with the other.
"Ok, now just lean in and lick that part that Tracy and I just played with. Real soon, you'll both feel great."
What I hadn't figured on was the natural girl smell, along with a little pee odor coming from both. Barb and Sal could only get in smelling distance of each other. To remedy this, I had both go to the bathroom and wet a washrag and wash their twats. The little vixens, little did I know, once in there with the door closed, they cleaned each other. Coming back to the bedroom, both seemed in a better frame of mind.

Dare-devil Barb was the first to put her little lips on Sal's clit and take a tentative lick. Sal soon returned the favor and Barb's little clit began to sneak out of its hood. With a little more stimulation from Barb, Sal's poked waay out, a good half inch. Within scant minutes, both girls were going at it hot and heavy. Tracy and I stood there watching them both, wondering what next trick to pull out of my ass. In less than ten minutes later, both ladies had cum hard, alternating between burying their face in the other's twat or just moaning. Pretty soon, they fell apart looking drained. I sent Tracy to the kitchen for a round of sodas while I sat between the two girls rubbing their hard little nipples. Barb's just went up like hard little BB's while Sal's areola and nipple both swelled. I noticed that Sal's great little breasts seemed to swell along with them. Pretty quickly, they had me alternating nipples and wiggling around on the bed. I wasn't sure at this point, but if past performance was any indication, whoever fucked these two young ladies had better be a rodeo rider. Spurs were entirely optional.

Tracy came back loaded with pop and we sat around talking. Tracy, as always, didn't have a whole lot to say, but hung on every word the girls and I uttered.
"What did you think of that, ladies?" I said.
"Oh Gawd, I didn't know I could EVER feel that good. You sure it doesn't make me queer or anything?" asked Barb
"Do you feel queer? Or do you feel good?"
Looking at Sal, it was time for her to throw her hat in the ring. "Well?"
Sal just kinda sat there with a dazed look on her face, smiling.
"I don't feel queer, hell, I don't even feel embarrassed any more. What else ya got for us, Teach?"

I looked at Tracy - this was going to be either educational or a total disaster because we were getting to the down and dirty.
"Tracy - got any hand lotion?" Surely with two women in the house there had to be some somewhere.
He left to rummage around and came back with some Vaseline Intensive Care lotion. Perfect!
"Ok ladies, time for the next chapter in your education. Lie here, side by side."
Once they were positioned, I had them lock adjoining legs around the other, splitting their crotches apart. Both lay there with eyes closed, I suppose wondering what I had in store for them next. I reached out a hand to Tracy for the lotion, then poured some into one hand and letting it warm up a little. Dipping my fingers into my palm, I lathered up the fingers on one hand and transferred a gob to the other.

"Ok ladies. From here on in you call the shots. At any point you decide you don't like what I'm doing or its too uncomfortable, just say so and I'll quit - deal?"
Barb kind of rolled over to Sal and asked WHAT she thought I'd do.
"Relax girls, this should be very pleasant to each of you, but remember my promise."
With that, both kind of snuggled together and held hands.
I put my lotion laden fingers inside the slits of both girls. At first touch, they both sort of froze up.

"Have I hurt you yet?"
"NO, but what are you going to do?"
"Lay there and enjoy."
I started running my slick fingers from their clinched little assholes to their clits and it didn't take long for both to start hunching on my traveling fingers. I spent a little time on both nether holes, rubbing my greasy fingers around and I actually felt their little rosebuds loosen up. Hmm, that would be part of my contraceptive lessons in the near future.

After feeling them hunch and actually push their little twats up towards my hands, I figured it was time to ramp this up a notch. Letting my finger enter both love tunnels, I couldn't believe how tight it sucking little mouths. I fingered them until I got to feel their cherries. Barb's was very close to her thin little opening while Sal's was slightly farther back, almost half a knuckle back because of her thicker pussy lips. I'd never fingered a virgin before so I was kind of perplexed as to the intricacies of the female anatomy. The neighbor I'd been fucking had no such obstruction and depending on her state of mind, was tight as hell or big as a house. I was aware that virgins had a membrane over their openings and what it was for, but feeling it and book knowledge being two different concepts.

I gently prodded both inner walls and low and behold, both had an opening in them. Making sure I was still greasy, I slid a finger into both twats to my hand. Looking up, Barb was in another world while Sal looked to be in a little pain.
"Sal, am I hurting you? I'll stop."
"It's not a big hurt, kind of like a little stinging. It feels good when you touch me down there. I'll be ok."
"You're sure?"
"Damn it, How would I know, I've never done this before" she said. I noticed her looking at Barb whom I've yet to cease fingering. Barb must have sensed her looking because she just turned her head to Sal and told her it felt wonderful. I looked at Sal again with raised eyebrows. She got the message and nodded her head.

Ok, with approval from both, I finger fucked them for at least ten or fifteen minutes and soon had them squirming on my fingers, any pain forgotten.

After getting both girls off, I looked at Tracy and asked him if he could do it and be as gentle as I had. Never having done this, he was a little sheepish but game to try.
"Ok ladies, Tracy is gonna try this out. It's his first time too, so let him know if it makes you uncomfortable. Tracy then lathered up his hands and inserted them into both love holes. He looked up at me astonished and said:
"Damn, I never knew girls were this tight. I can barely move my fingers around."
"Well, enjoy it while you can because they won't always be that way." I said this relying on my experiences with the neighbor and the locker room talk from school.

Tracy fingered them both to climax and I could tell the girls were getting pooped again. When he'd withdrawn his fingers, I bent down and licked their little nipples and kissed them on the mouth. Barb took all this in stride, but Sal looked like she was going to swoon. The girls got up and went to the bathroom, I suppose to swap experiences and just giggle. I pulled on my cutoffs and donned my t-shirt and went out in back to smoke. Tracy soon joined me and was buzzing with excitement. Wow! to have a hot sister like that AND her girlfriend. [I could see wheels turning in his head, so it was time to play Big Brother.]

"Tracy, yer my bud and I love ya like a brother, but please don't try to fuck Barb, she's your sister for God's sake. It's bad enough what we did today but at least I felt like I was in control."
"Why can't I fuck Barb? She enjoyed everything we did. She was even the first to try a lot of those things."

I could tell Tracy was in a predicament. Hot sister, willing to do just about anything that felt good and both were alone ALL DAY LONG. At the time I didn't know any better about genetics, that brother and sister could mate and have normal offspring, BUT Tracy was the eldest and Barb just barely eighteen. What would he do if he knocked up his little sister, huh? How would he take care of them. I told him his dad and mom may be drunks but that doesn't mean either would have any qualms about castrating his young ass. He finally got the point.

"What about Sal" he asked?
"About the same thing applies, dude. She has parents and two older, very mean brothers....wanna take the chance of knocking her up AND getting the crap beat out of you, THEN castrated? Her dad will prolly only SHOOT you."
I thought he was gonna start bawling.

The girls were back in the bedroom, heads together giggling like mad. Barb looked at me and with a serious gleam in her eye says:
"Are you two gonna fuck us or what?"
"Wow, dunno, do you want us to?"
"You got both of us so turned on, we want more, we want to be real women."
"Little darlins, you are real women. A lot of girls never get to feel all this until they are way later into high school and some, not even until they hit college."
"But we are both sooo horny now, you can't just like, STOP!"
In my head I could hear the police sirens blaring up to my front door if any of this ever got out. Even at that young age, I was not prepared to be someone named Bubba's boy bitch inside the slammer.

"Girls, neither Tracy nor I are gonna take your cherries. IF and I say IF you want to go all the way, you'll have to help yourselves."
"And how do we go about that" asked Sal.
"Tracy, yer old man still have that junk drawer full of tools and candles and stuff?"
"Yeah, so what?"
"Got grab me a couple of 6” tapers and a couple of thick candle stubs about 4" long."
He looked at me a while and trudged off to get what I wanted.

Back in his bedroom, I laid out the tapers and the stubs by each girl.
"Ok, here's what you need to do. Pick up a taper (these were maybe 1/2" thick at the small ends and tapered up to 1" near the bases), Grease them up good with lotion and put them in your twats. You may have to poke around gently until you find the hole in your hymen, but once you find it, ease it into you like I did my finger. Once you feel comfortable with the fit, try going down farther on the candle where it's thicker. We'll check on you in a little bit." I grabbed the stubs and pulled Tracy outside.
"What's with the stubs? I know what they're doing with the tapers, it's gonna stretch them out isn't it."
"Yup and if they're lucky, it'll take their hymens with mess and we weren't really the ones taking their cherries."

"Wicked!" he said smiling. "But what about the stubs?"
Pulling out my Zippo, I proceeded to melt the smaller ends down so they were smooth and somewhat rounded and an inch thick. When I finished, I had two 4" dildos at least as thick as we were at the time. It didn't take long for the light to go on in Tracy's eyes.....all he could say was 'Wicked!"
After about a 15 minute interlude, we walked back into the bedroom. Both girls were flat on their back, pistoning the tapers into their virgin cunts. I looked and no blood. I'd always heard girls bled when their cherry broke. Maybe they weren't stretching the membrane far enough.

"How we doing ladies?"
"Oh wow, this feels great. It felt kinda stingy at first but we're way past that now. See how easy it slides in?" Yeah, so easy it was making my mouth water.
I had them remove the tapers and handed them each a stub, telling them to grease these up and try some more. Tracy and I leaned against the wall behind us and watched as the girls eased the stubs into their now semi-virgin twats. Both had a mixture of looks on their faces- from an occasional grimace to a sleepy smile until they had the stubs sliding in and out with ease. This time, there was a little blood trickling down the thighs of both.

"Damn- that felt good...are you gonna fuck us now?" asked Barb
"Not just yet, hon. I need to run next door and get a couple things. Be right back." I took off out the door like a shot.
Going back into my room, I hit my stash of condoms. Hell, every normal 18 yr old has at least one somewhere. I had gotten brave after pronging the neighbor girl and bought a whole box and kept it hidden among my baseball card bundles. Out the door I raced again, glad my bitchy mother didn't think to even ask where I was headed, or when I'd be back...the usual parent crap.
I went back to Tracy's and the girls had the stubs in their pussies again, sliding them in and out with blissful looks on their faces. I handed a couple of condoms to Tracy and grabbed two for myself.

"Ok girls, here is where we get down, but first, both of you have to promise this goes no farther than these walls. I mean it. Tracy and I would go to jail in a heartbeat and both of you would probably end up in foster homes. I don't want to see either of those things happen but I'm not taking the chance if you're gonna act like little kids and blab about this at school....not even to another 'best friend'. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"
Both girls were silent a while and soon went into the bathroom. Everything was deathly quiet for a minute or two before the giggling started. I just hoped I wasn't making a major mistake in my life, but they say a hard dick has no conscience.....possibly people are correct on this point.

The girls came out and Barb walked up to me, Sal walking up to Tracy and Barbed looked me in the eye.
"We promise. We don't want any of us to get in trouble. Just promise us that we can do this again and you won't treat us like little girls anymore."

Party Time!!!

I pushed Barb back onto the bed and Tracy followed suit. I opened the condom pack and started to roll it over my already stiff dick. A thought occurred - why should I have all the fun? Barb was watching my actions like I was getting ready to perform some kind of magic trick. I had only started to roll down the rubber, instead, rolled it back up and handed it to her. Both Sal and Tracy were giving this show their rapt attention.

"What's this thing for? What am I supposed to do with it?"
"You saw what I started doing... this is to keep my baby making juice trapped so we don't have any kind of 'accident'. I'd strongly suggest that anytime you feel the need to stick a man's dick in your pussy, you do the same thing. It's also good to stop the spread of disease. ALWAYS ask 'him' to use one and if he doesn't have one, use one of your own, your own personal stash – better safe than sorry. Now, just put it on the tip of my dick and roll it all the way down." Thankfully, this was before the AIDS scare. Clap was the most common thing but I was clean and I knew Tracy was. Barb and Sal were no-brainers, but good habits stay with you. Barb rolled it down my hard shaft like she'd done it a hundred times, sitting back on her heels with a pleased smile on her face.

"Did I do it right?"
"Just fine, little lover, just fine." Barbs eyebrows shot up at this remark, but she didn't elaborate.
"Now what do we do?"
I looked over and checked Tracy. Sal had rolled it down but the reservoir at the end was down on the side of his helmet....not a good idea. I showed the two of them how it should fit and they adjusted it again.

"What's the little thingy at the end for?" said Sal.
It give the cum a place to go, rather than all down the inside of it. You don't wanna take the chance of even one sperm getting to one of your eggs. Real smart people figured this all out a while ago and now nearly all rubbers have it. It also keeps our dicks dry to help keep the condom on, rather than sliding off when you really don't want it to." Satisfied with the answer both girls were on their knees now.

"What we need you two to do is lay back and spread your legs as wide as you can." That part was easy. Barb nearly put herself into the splits while Sal just spread her feet and knees shoulder wide. Tracy knew about fucking, at least as far as the time he fucked me, so the mechanics of it weren't all that foreign to him.
I eased up between Barbs outstretched legs and supported my weight on knees and elbows. I leaned down and gave her what I thought was going to be a soft kiss. Hell, was I surprised! As soon as our lips met, this little lady opened her mouth and played dueling tongues with mine. I pulled back after 15 or 20 seconds and looked at her.

"Where the hell did you learn that?" Shocked.
"I told ya we weren't 'little' girls anymore."
With that, I kissed her again, tasting the sweet mouth that only a 18 yr old has. I started nibbling down her neck and she had a fit of giggles and the squirms. I propped up on my elbows again and just gave her the hard eye.
"Ok, I know that was childish, I promise I won't do it again, although I don't promise not to giggle. It's the first time anyone has ever done that to me. It feels wonderful but it still tickles. It tickles clear down to my little pussy. Please don't stop."

I resumed my path of kisses down her neck and she did TRY to keep from squirming. I suppose it goes with the territory. I got to her already stiff little nipples and sucked them into my mouth. By this point, the giggles were far behind and she was squirming, pushing her little chest up into my face. I let go of one nipple and turned to the other, sucking as much of her little breast and chest up into my mouth as possible. Her hands went to my head and she pulled my head harder into her. Hmm, she must like this.....a lot!

Traveling further down, I took a dip into her belly button and the giggles began again. I just looked up into her eyes from my position on her belly and she stopped immediately. I let my tongue travel further south until I reached the top of her slit. Already her little nubbin was peeking out of its hiding place so I obliged by sucking it between my lips. Her back arched and she started breathing heavy. Wow, this little lady was hot! I slid farther down until i was eye level with her slit and opened her up with my fingers. I could see moisture pooling up near the bottom and I hated to waste it. Lapping it up and making a path with my tongue from her puckered little anus to her clit, I gave her the best tongue washing I could produce.

By this time, I'm having to hold her bucking little hips down to keep me from losing my little nectar patch. Her knees had my head trapped and for a little girl, she was about to crush my skull. I tongued her until it was obvious she'd gone into an orgasm. I propped up to look at her. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing like a bellows. Makes a guy feel good to know he's doing a good job. I looked over at Sal and Tracy. He hadn't taken the scenic tour like I had and was plowing his hips into her like no tomorrow. Sal, on her part was meeting him thrust for thrust. I had my own hot little number to deal with.

Barb leaned her head up and said "Fuck me now!"
Who am I to deny such a shy request.
Easing back up until I was in position over her, I told her to reach down and put it where she'd slid the candle earlier. I could feel her nervous little fingers grab hold of me and put me right at the base of her opening.
"Hon, rub it up and down your slit a little, get it wet."

No problem on that, she rubbed it down, over her asshole, which made her jump and squirm a little until she found her clit on the upstroke. She rubbed it over and over her little nub and I thought if she kept this up, it would soon be all over. I pushed her hand down and let her guide me into a warm, slick tunnel. I looked down on her and asked her if she was sure this was what she wanted. She just stared into my eyes and nodded her head.

Slipping slowly inside this tight little body, I let maybe an inch slip inside. I was already past where her hymen used to be. I felt her jump a little and asked if she was ok.
"Are you gonna fuck me or just talk about it?" Again, who am I to turn down a lady's request.

I eased in, inch by inch until I bottomed out about 4" in. I figured I was against her cervix and that was the end of this road. I could feel her vaginal walls pulsating around my stiff dick. Looking back now, I wonder if her pussy was relaxing around me or feeling this intruder out. I pulled out a couple of inches and slid in again, doing this slowly for maybe 5 minutes when she started pushing back at me, hunching her little pussy up as if to capture more of my hard dick. I looked down at her again and she went from eyes rolled back to lustfully staring right back at me. I couldn't resist.

"Feel good?"
"You fucker, you big fucker. Is this how you really fuck? I need it faster, fill me up."
As the lady wishes, I pulled out and slowly pushed in until I felt something inside her move out of the way. I didn't know a cervix could move, but whatever it was let me bury the whole thing in up to my balls. Pulling back a few inches, I eased it into her again. She began to buck up into each of my gentle thrusts, turning them into hammering blows. I figured if that's what trips her trigger, who was I to argue. Pulling out until only the tip remained in the wet little pussy, I slammed it in. I thought this would cool her ardor a bit but she began to buck so hard it was all I could do to stay in the saddle and stay plugged in. And plugged in I was, buried to the root and digging my feet into the bed to get more traction. Who da thunk a little 80 lb girl could move my 180 lb. body around like I weighed next to nothing.

Barb started moaning and then the moan turned into a scream as she hit her peak. I grabbed a pillow and crammed it into her mouth to keep the neighbors from investigating who was being slowly dismembered. After what seemed like long minutes, she quieted and her hips quit bucking. She just ground her ass around on the bed a little while, then stretched.
"Gawd, if I knew fucking was this good, why didn't you do it a long time ago?"
"Hon, you weren't ready then. The whole 'witchy' thing showed you were at least aware of your body. You just need to learn how to tune into it."
Sal and Tracy were just laying there quietly. I never checked them. They were apparently sleeping. Barb told me to get dressed and come with her.

I got dressed, at least in my cutoffs & shirt, Barb pulled on her panties and top and led me into the garage.
"What's this all about, sweet thing?" I asked.
She pulled me down and kissed me like an 18 yr old, swabbing my tonsils with her sharp little tongue.
"I've wanted you to kiss me for the longest time, but you never paid attention to me....ever!"
"Well" I said in my own defense, "You never hinted you WANTED me to kiss you, so there."
"Sal and I have dreamed about it, thought about it, schemed about it for more than a year and finally today it happens." She looked kinda downcast so I put my hand under her chin and lifted it up to look in her eyes.
"What's bothering you, babe? If you didn't wanna fuck, you shoulda said something."

"It's not THAT, stupid. Sal and I have been dreaming about what real fucking would be like for the last couple of years, but that's not the problem."
"Well, if you don't tell me, I'll never know what's bothering you."
"Sal has had the biggest crush on you, ever since the day you walked into the bathroom at the cabin when she was changing clothes. She LOVES you and you had Tracy be her first."

Wow! sensory overload. She'd just dropped a bombshell on me.
"Wait a sec. I vaguely remember walking in on her but I honestly don't remember actually SEEING anything. You guys were just a couple of little girls then."
That got me another hard punch on the arm.
"We might be younger, but that doesn't mean we don't have feelings!"
"Ok, so what do I do? I can't 'take back' fucking your hot little pussy. I have to say, it's the best I ever had. You know I've been putting the pole to the neighbor girl but she isn't near as sexy as you are, and that's the truth."

"You remember earlier when you called me lover?" Trying to remember pillow talk is a bitch.
"Uh huh" I said as non-committal as possible.
"I think you broke Sal's heart. You're all she talks about and then you fuck me and call me lover. But I guess it's not your fault, you didn't know."
"Ok, so what do I do? Listen, lemme tell you something. I have some kind of thing about letting Tracy fuck you. Not because I'm jealous, but because he's your brother. I wouldn't want anything to happen to such a cute little lady. I can't be around you two 24/7 but promise me no vaginal intercourse with him, at least until you're way older. Can you do that?"

"My first time fucking and you put limits on it. What am I supposed to do for fun then? Wait, what did you mean by VAGINAL intercourse?"
"I meant, there are other pleasurable ways to fuck that won't let his baby makers into your sweet little womb."
"So, how then?"
"Anal intercourse"

"You mean take his dick in my poop chute? Gross! Besides, sometimes when I poop a big one, it hurts. Why would I want his thick dick up my ass? He's thicker than you are. Now you - I wouldn't mind trying it with. You're longer but thinner than he is."
"Babe, I know just what you mean. I've had Tracy's dick in my own ass and it's something you have to relax and get used to, but it only takes 30 seconds or so. At least with me. I love something in my ass. I'm not gay, but if it feels good, do it. If it feels THAT good, do it some more."
Barb rolled this around in her head a little. I think I could hear the gears rattle. She finally smiled and looked at me.

"You're gonna take Sal's anal cherry. That way, at least there's some 'first' the two of you could do. C'mon, let's wake those two duds up." With that, she rushed off into the house, with me bringing up drag, wondering just how the hell this was going to play out.
Barb shook Sal and drug her into the bathroom. For a good 20 minutes all I heard from the whole conversation is:
"You told him WHAT!!!"
After coming back in, Tracy was beat, fucked out, on overload and sleeping soundly. Me? Just getting my 2nd wind.

Sal got on the bed in front of me with a hangdog look in her eyes, just staring at my dick. I pulled her chin up and looked her in the eyes.
"I hear there's something you've been wanting to tell me." I smiled at her. She began to sob so I took her hand and led her off the bed and out into the garage.
"Ok, now tell me what's on your mind, pretty girl."
Her shoulders started to shake and I could hear her sob, quietly, but sobbing none the less.

"I've been in love with you for so long and you never give me a second look and TODAY, today of all days, you fuck my best friend right in front of me. Tracy's ok, he's nice and he's sort of considerate, but he isn't the one I want."
"Darling, all you'd needed to do was drop a hint or two, maybe even a few broad hints but until today, I've never thought about you or Barb as anything but girls. What girl would be interested in an old fart like me?" I'd already figured out the term 'little girl' was definitely a trigger word with these two.

"Did you just call me darling? Did you mean it or was it just something to say?"
"Baby Doll, let me tell you something and if you repeat it to Barb, you'll not only hurt her feelings but I won't talk to you ever again....understand?"
She nodded but acted like whatever I was about to say would be the last thing she wanted to hear.

"You are way more mature than Barb. She's sweet, she's aggressive and she fucks like a mink, but you are still way ahead of her in looks. You've got boobs, a sweet looking ass, legs that look good from the ground up to where they grow together. You just never tipped your hand to me that you were attracted, Doll. How was I supposed to know?"
She started blushing and I could tell she had something she wanted to get out. I waited but she held back.

"Like now - I can tell there's something on your mind but you dummy up. Hell for the longest time, I thought you were a mute. You never talk when I'm around."
"When you're close I just clam up. There's so much I want to say to you but you'll think I'm a stupid little kid."
"I'll listen to anything you want to say, but you DO have to say it."
"I wanted you to fuck me, I wanted you to be my first and now that's all gone away. I've got nothing to give you to show you how much I love you." With this, she started to outright crying.

"Oh hon, like I told you both when we got down to it, this was a point of no return. Lemme explain something to you." I went through the whole rigmarole about the incest thing with Tracy and Barb.
"I would have made love to you first in a heartbeat if it weren't for that and if you'd given me the least little sign, hell, I'd have sent Tracy off somewhere and done you both if that's what you'd wanted." I would have actually hated to cheat Tracy out of his first real fuck, but there were other considerations.
"You mean you care about me, even just a little? What do I have that you want that you can be my first?"

"Darlin, I think you are beautiful, sexy and way grown up past your young years....what's not to like?" I hugged her to me and she clung like a leech.
"As for what you have that would be a first, there's always your anal cherry."
"You mean I have a hymen in my butt?" After all, she is only eighteen even if she's close to her 19th birthday.
"No, silly, I mean like someone poking a dick in your cunt the first time, that gets your cherry. Hell, you could have lost the hymen in a bike accident or in's the dick that counts. Besides, when I think about it, you have at least one other cherry."
"I don't have that many openings for something the size of a cock." She thought about it a minute.

"You mean my mouth? I put Tracy's dick in my mouth, so that's out."
"No you pretty thing, yes, you put his dick in your mouth, did he cum? Did you swallow it?"
"No, I just put it in and sucked on it a little like Barb did. Does that mean my mouth is cherry too?" she started bouncing up and down, smiling as she went.
"Yeppers, still cherry and waiting for her first dick."
"Oh, pleeaase, take my other cherries, let me give you something no one else has ever had."
"You sure? This is like the other thing - once we start there's no going back. Anal will hurt just a little at first then it gets better. Would you please do me the honor of allowing me to pluck those remaining cherries of yours?"
"I'll kill you if you don't then die as a wretched old maid, so get moving."

Sal led me into the house by the hand. Anyone looking in a window would have seen a naked young lady leading someone half again her size into the room. Sal was determined to give me whatever 'cherries' she had left to give to prove her love for me. I never asked for them, this whole deal was hers. Tracy was still out of it. I guess the poor kid had put his all into the previous session. Hell, let the kid sleep. Barb, Sal's best friend and the instigator of the whole deal was showering, knowing her best friend had finally 'fessed' up to her feelings for me and waiting for us to do the dirty deed.

Sal led me to Barb's bedroom and threw herself down on the bed, legs spread in a wanton invitation. Who was I to turn down something this tempting.
"Please make love to me. Do it better than Tracy and make me your girl. I wanna be your woman in every way possible and you did promise to take my other two cherries, so get busy!" Wow, tells me she loves me and now she's a pushy little thing. I knelt between her sweet thighs and put my tongue straight into her waiting little twat.

"Oh, oh, do me, do me all over. Tracy just licked around a little but I saw how you drove Barb crazy. I want it all."
So, being the kind person I am, I licked her from her puckered little asshole to the top of her bulging, wet slit, circling her nubbin that poked at least 1/2" out from it's hood. Every pass over her clit made her bounce off the bed and she grabbed me by the ears and held my head just where she wanted it. I bet it didn't take a minute until she got her rocks off the first time. As she fell into a limbless state, I moved down and began to tongue her ass, rubbing wet circles around it until I felt it relax.

Swiping a wad of girl goo from her gushing pussy, I rubbed that around her pucker until it was very slick. Pushing her knees up to her chest, I had a clear path to her little rosebud. I pushed a finger in her butt to the first knuckle then waited to feel her response. She squirmed around a moment, then relaxed her grip on my digit. My entire finger was slick with spit and her juices so I eased in to the second knuckle and once she relaxed again, started to twist it around, ever loosening it. Soon, I was able to introduce a second finger, both going in all the way to my hand. I looked up at her and asked if she was ok. She just gave me a dreamy smile as an answer. I pulled out my fingers and crawled up her body, stopping to suckle her B breasts with their large nipples. Moaning, she clutched my head to her chest and pushed her breasts up to me.

"Oh, suck them, suck my titties, suck them hard!"
I released the one I was on and moved to the other, sucking as much of her tit-flesh into my mouth as possible. This just drove her up the wall! I could not believe it, the girl had an orgasm from me sucking her tits. Moving upwards, I put my lips against hers and felt her tongue pushing back at mine. She sucked it into her mouth and rolled her own around it. I pulled back a little and began to suck and bite on her lower lip. This made her moan some more so she evidently liked it. Pushing up on my elbows, I looked her in the eyes.
"How are you doing, beautiful?"

"Why did you stop down there? I thought you were going to take my little ass for the first time," frowning.
"I plan to but my cock needs to be clean and wet for what I have in mind now."
"You mean my mouth cherry?"
"You got it." I shoved up in the bed until my crotch was at head level to her.
"Just pick it up and put in your lovely little mouth.....that's the way....suck on it like it was a pop sickle...oh yeah, that feels so good!"
I watched her work it into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it, little cheeks sucked in with effort.

"You don't have try to suck my cum out. It'll show up all on it's own in due time, just keep doing what you're doing."
She rolled me over onto my back and leaned over me, bobbing her head up and down. I put my hand behind her neck and sort of pushed her further down on me. She took it completely to the back of her throat and started to gag. I pulled her off and kissed her then told her to just let it slide down, swallow and breath through her nose. So, slide she did and soon I felt it make the bend of her throat and continue downward until the hair around my dick tickled her nose. I pulled her head up a little and eased it down again, setting up a rhythm. Soon, she got that down pat and was actually deep throating me her first try. No one had ever done that to me before and I could feel the cum boiling up in my nuts.

"Darling, I'm going to cum really quick. either swallow it or spit it out. You're doing wonderful."
I think she could feel the pressure of my cock swelling in her throat but made no move to pull off of it or pull back. I held her head while gushers of thick cum splashed down her throat. She gagged a little but held it all in until I started to go soft. She sat up and kind of licked her lips and smiled.

"That's one cherry down! I loved it. I could feel you swell up and I knew something was going to happen. Did I do it right, did it feel good?"
"My little love, that was the best feeling ever. Gawd, I love the way you sucked me right down, just like you'd always been doing it and I love you just FOR doing it."
She began to tear up and I wondered if I'd done something wrong, but the way she clung to me told me I'd done everything right, for once.
"How's your throat hon? Did I hurt you? I'd never want to do anything that hurt you, you know that, doncha?"

"It's a little sore but I think that's from where I tried to force it down. It just seemed to be the thing to do, getting you as deep in my mouth as possible."
"Baby Doll if were any better, I think I'd had a heart attack. I love the way you got into it." Some people are born cocksuckers and this little lady was one of them and the best thing is, she was mine!
We snuggled for a while, me rubbing her back and stroking through her short brown hair while she tickled my chest and ran her fingers through the hair around my cock.

We rested and after a while, she looked up at me and said:
"Are you going to take my other cherry now? I liked what you were doing before so I think I'm going to enjoy the real thing." She leaned up and kissed me again and pushed me down her lithe body.
"Baby, we are going to need something to grease up with. You remember what happened to the hand lotion?" She thought a second and leaped up to run into the other bedroom. When she returned, she had the bottle of lotion in her hand.
"Was Tracy still asleep?"
"Yes and Barb is curled up next to him." I'm going to really worry about those two for a while. Barb probably wouldn't take no for an answer and I don't think Tracy would turn her down anyway. Not my problem at the moment.

I told Sal to get on her knees and put her head down on the bed. I spread her knees as wide as possible, looking at that sweet ass poking up in the air, waiting to be filled.
I dribbled lotion down Sal's ass crack and dammed it up right below her pucker. Taking a finger, I swirled it through the lotion and started rubbing circles around her little puckered ring until it softened up. Lubing a finger, it slid in to the first joint with very little resistance, so dipping a second finger, it slid in with only a slight push. Soon, I had both fingers in up to my hand and twisted them around trying to get her as relaxed as possible. When I thought she was loose enough, I leaned over her back to whisper in her ear if she was ready to go through with this.

"I'm ready" she said hesitantly, "just be slow and let me get used to it."
Getting into position behind her, I rolled my dick around in the remaining lotion, getting it pretty well covered. Placing the head at her tiny pucker, I moved it up and down a little and her tight ring seemed to grab at it. Slowly I pushed and the head popped in. I waited, feeling her tense up a little, then relax.

"How does it feel, baby?"
"How much of your dick is in me?" she asked, "I feel full and feel like I need to shit at the same time." I knew the feeling well.
"We're just getting started hon. Want me to quit?"
"No, damn it, do it. I want to really feel what it's like."
Needing no further prodding, I eased another inch or so inside her tight ass. No complaints, no spasms, so I slid in to the hilt.
"Oh God, I feel like I'm going to explode. You are so deep inside me. Just stay there for a little bit, ok?"

"No problem." I eased back a little, getting my lower belly off her rump. Pretty soon I felt her humping back against me, pushing my hard tool deep inside her young body. She's feeling good now, I bet. I started to ease it in and out of her tight ass, pulling out until only the head remained locked within her puckered tan asshole. I pushed in until I hit bottom and she ground her ass against my pubes. Soon, I began pounding into her and she started moaning and moving her ass back to meet every one of my thrusts. After 10 minutes or so of this, I could feel the cum churning at the base of my nuts again and leaned over her back, asking her if she was ready for a load of my hot cum in her bowels.

She moaned again and tossed her head like a racehorse at the starting gate. Suddenly I knew there was no more holding back and I shoved it in her until I thought I'd crawl inside her bowel and blasted shot after shot of hot cum deep within her. She screamed and shouted "Don't stop, don't stop...I'm cumminggggg." I held my dick in her, trying to cram more of it into her until she fell limp and my soft dick plopped out. Her little tan ring stayed open enough for me to see what she actually looked like within her rectum. It looked so sweet, I planted my tongue as deep in her ass as it would go. Eventually, it closed down around my tongue and I let it slip out.

Crawling up her body, I pulled her to me and held her close, stroking her hair.
"You got it, you got all of me I had to give you. I hope it was enough." I could tell although sated, she still felt a little insecure as I hadn't gotten ALL of her the first time.
"My sweet little love. You gave me more than most grown women would have and I love you for it. Tell me sweet thing. Since you and Barb hatched this plan out, where are you going with it?"
"I don't know. I never thought it would even get to this point. I just know I've wanted you and wanted your arms around me like this for nearly two years. Now your finally mine."

"Babe, I am yours now. I don't want to make you mad but you know I've been fooling around with the neighbor girl on the corner but she's nothing compared to you. Besides, I'm just a passing fad for her until she goes back home at the end of summer. That part was fine but I don't mean anything to her and she means nothing to me. I wish the hell you'd have said something earlier. Think of all the time we've wasted."

"I know. It was me. I just got so scared to say anything to you for fear you'd make fun of me or worse, ignore me like you've done the last two years. Do you remember that day you walked in on me changing clothes? You scared hell out of me at first, then I wanted you to look at me. I even paraded around in the tiniest bathing suit I had, even trying on Barb's who is like 3 sizes smaller than me just so you could see my body. I got goose bumps every time you looked in my direction, then I just clam up. While I'm finally getting this out, I may as well tell you all of it. When we'd all go to the lake and swim, I'd pull my bottoms off, hoping you'd get close and I could brush up against you and let you know I was naked under the water, but you didn't ever get close enough to me.

Ya know what? I never quit trying though. At night, Barb and I would sneak out and we'd watch you guys beneath the bottom of the curtains you put up. Boys! You don't know anything about curtains. They have to fall BELOW the window to keep people from peeking and peek we did. We watched about everything you and Tracy did and all I wished that it was me in there with you and you in me."

Wow! this is the most I've heard this girl talk in the two years I've known her.
"While we're on the subject of the lake, tell me - do weird things happen in the main cabin?"
"You mean after dark when everyone is tanked up? Oh yeah, creepy things. Tracy's mom will start taking off her clothes and she dances nude with whoever is sober enough to stand up. Last year, she and his dad tried to get both of us to dance around for them. I think her mom actually fucks whatever guys are visiting for the weekend. For a long time, I thought they slept on the couch and got up before we did, but last year when we started spying on you and Tracy, we'd sneak out after midnight and no one was in the living room. That meant they all had to be in her mom's bedroom.

If we came in early in the day when they'd just started drinking, her dad and some of the visitors kept trying to get us to sit on their laps. We'd stay with you guys as long as possible and only go to Barb's room when everyone was drunk. We were afraid to sleep for fear one of them would come in the room with us. That was one of the reasons we snuck out."

"You poor kid, why didn't you at least tell one of us. I wasn't really paying attention to you as a woman then, but I'd have let you share a bunk with us...way better than staying up because you're scared."
"Listen to me. If I'd have done that, I don't know what I would have tried after you fell asleep. I'd have proved to you I wasn't just a little girl any more."

"So summer is here and we'll be headed for the lake. I think this year, since I'm so 'old and responsible' , Tracy's mom & dad will probably leave us out there all week long. His dad still has to work through the week, I have no clue what Barb's mom does all day, except she's never home. I would bet we will pretty much have the place to ourselves except on the weekends."
"So what will you do with two little girls all week?"

"Make sure they get bedded properly, I mean bedded down properly"
With this, she broke into a spasm of giggling. Since she was in a happy mood now, I couldn't resist it, so I dug my fingers into her ribs and armpits. Wrong move...she wet her pants from laughing so hard. Oh well, I carried her into the shower and we washed off the pee and all the dried cum sticking to her body. I let her soap up my dick and nuts...she just had a ball doing that, telling me she'd never spent so much time holding a dick in her hands.

I knew I'd have to do something about Barb and Tracy, since I'd obviously made a choice. Should I just turn a blind eye and let the two of them go at it?

What to do, what to do? There were actually not that many people who stayed at the lake all summer. Crap! Tracy and I had tried romancing the weekend visitors (female) until we were just plain frustrated. The girls were either too young or too old. I would have better luck, but where would that leave Tracy? Time will tell what this summer's crop of tourists would have to offer.

Sure enough, the next Thursday, Tracy's dad came over and asked me if I was still up for an exciting summer at the lake. He wanted me to do some more repairs, for which he'd pay me a fair wage plus my room and board to watch his 'kids' while his wife and himself were in town all week. He assured me they'd both be there every weekend so it wasn't like I'd be trapped there with the young'uns all the time. Damn guy, get a clue. I suppose in his alcoholic fog I looked like the best choice to keep the 'kids' out of their hair and a lid on their activities. I told him sure, I'd do the work and watch Tracy and Barb and whoever all summer. Slapping me on the back, he told me to stop by his store Friday and pick up grocery and gas money for the coming weekend. The motorcycle had gone the way as a trade-in on a 2 year old Mustang hard top.

Friday arrived and the four of us drove to Tracy's dad's store. His dad gave me a couple of blank checks and $50 cash. As we were making out a grocery list, he asked if I'd mind hauling up a box for him and put it in the main cabin when we got there. I opened my trunk and he loaded it in, slapping me on the back and telling me what a responsible young man I was. Finally, we were off to the cabin, by our horny little selves, with no parental unit snooping. When we'd made the 40 mile trip, we opened the cabins for the first time since last fall and let them air out. I asked the girls if they needed to open their bedroom windows and they told me they wouldn't be sleeping there, so why bother. I opened the trunk a grabbed the box Tracy's dad put in there - CRAP! it was heavy. After toting it in the cabin, I set it on the dining room table and just kinda opened it. 24 bottles of booze of about every flavor. I guess the parental units would be off to a typical summer.

The girls and Tracy hauled our bags into the caboose. The girls immediately started fussing with our 'guy' stuff, arranging it so it suited THEM. Damn, at least my own mom left my crap alone as long as it wasn't scattered all over the floor. Thinking to myself, it was time to sort out the Tracy/Barb situation.
I told the girls to take a walk down to the local store and grab as much pop as they could carry and gave Barb a $20. Sitting on one of our built-in couches I asked Tracy what his plans were.

"I wanna try and get with one of the tourists this year. Having our own cabin and no parents oughta make it easy."
"So, you're ok with me and Sal?"
"Sure", he said.
"What about Barb? You know she's gonna be climbing the walls if I have Sal and you have one of the beach bunnies."
"Hmm, I don't know - you told me not to touch her, so I mean, I have to find someone."
I could sympathize with his problem. It wasn't like I hadn't thought about it at all the last couple of weeks.

"Look, I warned you not to fuck her mainly without a condom and then you'd still be risking things. If worst comes to worst, you could try butt fucking her. I know her ass is sensitive from the day we fooled around. At least then you'd be safe from making an awful mistake."
"You think she'd go for it?"
" I think she's gonna come trying to jump your bones as soon as Sal and I start fucking."

"How do you get the privilege of fucking where I don't?"
"Where do you think I fuck her, dumbass! I'm not taking the chance of getting her pregnant either. It's blow jobs, pussy eating and butt fucking for us."
"And she's ok with that? I mean she takes you up the poop chute without complaining?"
"I'm sure she'd be happy with normal fucking but we do what we have to do. Besides lil bud, I have way more control than you do. Learn to control your hormones and things get lots better."

The girls came back a half-hour later with 6-packs in either hand so we'd be good until at least tomorrow. I'd take my car in if we need more, besides, we'd have to hit town and do some grocery shopping pretty quickly if we wanted to eat.
I took us all to the local drive-in for dinner and we sat and talked to the regulars about how nice it was this year and how they all hoped the tourist trade was better than last year. It was finally dark. Driving home, this time Sal got in front with me and I put my arm around her, squeezing her tight little boobs once in a while. I could feel her shiver and she'd try to get as close to me as possible. In the 15-minute drive from town to the cabin, she managed to get her hands on my johnson and squeezed it every time I stroked her hard nipples. The night was looking up.

As soon as we entered the caboose, both girls started shucking off clothes. In the time it took to grasp what they were doing, Tracy and I found ourselves with two naked little nymphs on our hands. Crawling up in the upper queen bed, Sal soon came after me, cuddling up in my lap with her hands inside my shirt. I lay her back and kissed her, feeling her tongue battle it out with mine then started a slow path down her neck to her luscious little tits. The nipples were already standing at attention so I just picked one and started sucking and nibbling on it.
"Gawd, you make me so hot and so wet. Sometimes I feel like I need to change panties after you kiss me. I've been soaking ever since the car ride. You know, if we ever go someplace dressed up, you're gonna have to keep your hands to yourself or else I'll have to pack dry underwear in my purse."

It never hurts to stroke a man's ego. If he's doing a good job, tell him so.
I lay down beside Sal and stroked her sides and her chest with just the lightest touch of my fingertips. She'd shiver and goosebumps would pop up all over her body. This would make her grind her pubes into my crotch, which wasn't a bad thing at all, I loved how responsive she was to the slightest touch. As we lay there, I could hear whispering from the lower bed. Barb was trying in vain to get Tracy naked and into her tight little pussy, however, my little talk with Tracy must have sunk in.

"Damn, Sis, you're driving me crazy. Can't you just lay down and go to sleep? I told you I'd hold you all night. I can't fuck you, we'd make a three headed monster if things went wrong. Quit grabbing me there. No, I'm not getting hard, that's a pocket knife. Roll over or I'm going to sleep in the main cabin."
Tracy got up and I guess decided to walk around outside until he cooled off. Next thing I knew, Barb's head peeked over the edge of our mattress.

"What the hell am I supposed to do? I LIKE fucking and there's no one to scratch my itch." I knew Barb was hurting so I offered her this advice. "Remember when we were talking in the garage and I told you about anal sex? Tracy could do that without taking a big risk. Would you be willing to do that?"
"I'd do just about anything right now, I need to get off, I'm so frustrated. Would he do the other stuff like eat me out, kiss my nipples like you did. Would he let me lick his dick? I gotta do something."

"Barb, you are aware of how anal sex works?"
"Sure. Sal and I have talked about it a lot. She says she just LOVES it. I dunno, I've never tried it. Although after that day when you licked my ass and kind of played with it, I poked my fingers up my butt in the shower. It felt weird but good weird."
"There ya go, hon. If it feels good, do it, if it feels that good, do it some more." I eased out of bed, figuring the girls would talk about what I'd just said and I needed to talk to Tracy. I found him on the porch of the main cabin, smoking.

"Hey Bud, you ok?"
"My fucking dick is hard and I got nothing to do but jack off until I find some tourist chick that wants a little fun and games."
"Dude, I just talked to Barb and she's game to let you in her back door, provided you'll not only stick her but lick her too. Tracy, listen up guy. A lady needs her foreplay. It's not like when you and I got it on. I mean we're guys and we're a lot more direct about what we wanna do sexually. A girl has to be juiced up to make her feel that she wants it. I dunno about Barb. She's like a cat in heat but she still wants all the things we did last week. Think you can do that for her and just back door her instead of climbing in her pussy?"
"I'll fuck her or anyone else anyplace they'll let me poke em."
"I think you'd better go in and satisfy your sister a while. By the way, we didn't bring any lotion. Is there any in the cabin?" We went inside to look.

Tracy's mom must have packed nearly everything last fall and took it home. All we found was a big family sized jar of Vaseline. Taking that, we made our way back to the caboose. Barb was lounging on the lower bunk, slowly fingering her twat. I crawled into the upper bed and into the arms of my teen lover.
Sal woke up shortly after I slipped under the covers. As we lay in each other's arms, we could hear whispering and giggling from the bed below. Looking each other in the eye, we both smiled and leaned over the side of the bed to see Barb taking Tracy's cock in her mouth. Tracy had his hands around Barb's head and steadily pulled her further onto his stiff dick. Pretty soon, he was deep into her mouth. I may have mentioned before, but Tracy has a dick a little over 5" long, BUT two and a half inches thick. It didn't take length to fill Barb's mouth. Her cheeks were bulging with what she had in her at the moment and you could tell her lips were straining around his thickness. Tracy kept Barb to a steady rhythm, pulling her on and then pushing her back. Barb, to my knowledge, had yet to lose her two other cherries. Maybe this would be a first for her too. Sal lay there watching the brother and sister go at it until she could stand no more.

"Roll over on your side a little" as she shoved me away from her with her hands. Never taking my eyes off the two below, I felt Sal pull my dick out and run her hands up and down it a few strokes, then a warm mouth close down over it and a hand fondling my balls. As I watched the two below, I could tell Tracy was getting very close. The boy has about as much control as his sister does. Everything has to be 'right now' and it has never occurred to him to space it out and make it last. Maybe I should start calling him Jack Rabbit because they'd been at it all of about three minutes when he grabbed her head and shoved in as far he could go and let go a growl. Barb didn't have much choice but to swallow as fast as he filled her little mouth. Tracy pulled out of her and both fell limp onto the bed.

"Hey you two, everything ok?"
"Oh shit, yeah, wonderful" said Tracy.
"Wow! I didn't think I could do that. First, I thought I was gonna gag, then I was gonna drown. How much do ya think he squirted?"
"Knowing Tracy, probably a teaspoon or a little more."
"It felt like the whole glass, I swallowed and swallowed."
"Welcome to the world of sex, hon. By the way, you know you just lost cherry number 2?"

"Crap! I did, didn't I"
"Yes little lady, you just did." Looking down at Tracy, he was well on his way to falling asleep. Some guys, I guess are like that - get their rocks off and roll over and start snoring. I'm just the opposite. I get off, I'm wide awake and looking around for more. Speaking of which, my own little teen lover had worked my stiff cock down her throat. I'm not huge, but I'm close to 8 inches. I could feel the bend in her throat as she pushed me down her gullet. Time to pay attention where it's so richly deserved. I took her brown curls in my hands and slowly worked her up and down then held her off me and fucked up into her waiting mouth. After a bit, she could allow me to do this without hitting her gag reflex. She pleasured me for the longest time and soon, I felt the familiar churning in my nuts.

"Darling, do you want to swallow this or what?" She pulled her head off my dick and said "I love the taste of your cum. Give it to me, give it all to me." I never refuse a lady. Pulling her head back down slowly I went in to the hair of my pubes and just held her there as my hot cum squirted down her eager throat. When I quit pulsing, she held the tip on her tongue and sucked every last drop out. The great thing about being eighteen is practically zero refractory time. I'd just finished cumming and with a minute or two, ready to explore new worlds. Sal noticed the hardness poking her in the belly and rolled over onto her hands and knees, wiggling her tender young ass in the air ....bait, trolling for dick, I guess, but I got the idea. I slid over beside her head to whisper in her ear.

"Let's try something different. Don't breath a word of this to either of those two below us, but I'm going to fuck you this way, in this position like a regular couple. The last thing I want is for those two to think it's alright and do it on their own. No hassles and no accidents, ok?"
"Please tell me what you mean, like a 'regular couple'. Your going to fuck me up the ass aren't you?"
"Maybe at some point tonight, but first, I'm going to put it in that wonderful little pussy of yours and make you cum big time. After that, we'll see what we're in the mood for."

"I thought you were scared of making babies." grinned Sal
"Desperately scared, but I have more control than either of those two added together, plus, I brought my box of condoms. So, if your willing, I want to slide my dick into that warm love tunnel of yours" squeezing her shoulders.
"I trust you to do whatever is right. I know you'd never hurt me and yeah, I want to feel your dick filling my little pussy."

I sat up and rummaged around in my stuff until I located the box of condoms. Pulling one out, I just looked at her.
"Oh, let me put it on you. I need the practice"
I lay back and she rolled the condom over my stiff dick getting it just right the first time. Still on her hands and knees, I moved behind her sweet little buttocks and slid my latex covered dick up and down her wet slit. Once it seemed lubed, I placed it into the entrance to her love hole. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her back onto me, sliding up the slick entrance to her womb. Once fully impaled I waited for her to accustom herself to the invader as this was only the second time she'd had a dick in her teen pussy. She started moving her ass around, and making very short little thrusts back and forth.

"Oh Gawd, that feels so good! I can feel you all the way up in my stomach. How can I feel you so deep?"
"Length, baby doll, length. Tracy may open you up wider than I can, but I have close to 3 inches on him."

The feeling of being deep in her tender pussy had the added pleasure of a different type of pressure. I suppose it was her internal organs pressing down but her already tight pussy was like a heavenly glove, pulsing around my hardened cock. I pulled back and slid into the hilt again, enjoying the way her pussy seemed to fold in around my stiff member.

"Don't baby me! I want to feel you push into me, split me wide open. You can do it as hard as you want, I don't care, just fuck me!" I always take directions well.
Pulling back until only the tip remained to split her pussy lips, I hammered in, thrusting as deeply as I could into her waiting twat. She pulled off me and I thought maybe I'd hurt her when she slammed her tight young pussy back onto me, burying me to the hair again. Again, I DO take directions well, so picking up the hint, I grabbed an ass cheek in either hand and plowed her furrow as hard and fast as I could muster. I could hear her making little mewling noises and sometimes the air rush out of her young body as I pounded her pussy. Not wanting to hurt her, I slowed down a bit and leaned over her back to quietly ask her if I was making her uncomfortable.

"Oh, you lovely darling. Why did you stop? You're gonna make me cum. Do it, do it harder.... please!"
Drawing back, I hammered her again and again. Pretty soon her head was up, tossing from side to side as she fucked back at me as hard as I was fucking into her. All of a sudden she tensed up, absolutely rigid. Her young pussy clamped down like a vise and she began to shudder all over. Burying her face into the pillow, she screamed out her satisfaction. When she began to relax, I pulled my still stiff dick out of her dripping pussy and curled up with her in my arms. She snuggled her ass against me and wiggled it back against my hard cock. She was pretty well spent and sated at this point, so I peeled off the rubber and just held her as she went into a deep sleep.

I needed a smoke and I needed to let some cool air wash over my raging hardon so I slipped out of bed and tip toed out the back door of the caboose, sitting down on the steps. Pretty soon I felt a warm body wrap itself around me. Barb had evidently heard me get up and came outside.
"What's up, Toots? Couldn't get to sleep?" I asked.
"Nope, can't sleep. My pussy is itchy and I got tired of playing with myself. Brother is still in there sawing fucking logs."
"Poor baby. I thought you'd both gotten a little satisfaction tonight, at least enough to take your edge off."

"Take the edge off, you asshole! All I could hear was the damned bed above me creaking, you huffing and puffing and Sal moaning and screaming. All I had was my finger...big fucking deal!"
"So, I assume you and Tracy haven't tied anal yet?"
"He gets off and just fucking rolls over and goes to sleep. Would you do me up the ass? I promise I'll be quiet."
"Barb, let me explain something. Sal and I have this kind of thing going. I got her to open up and tell me how she feels and I won't damage that for anyone. I really like that little girl sleeping in there. If you want some kind of different arrangement, go talk to her. Whatever she's ok with, I'll play along."

"Would you just eat my pussy now? I need to get off so freekin bad!"
"Talk to Sal."
"No, talk to Sal."
"Would you finger me then? That's not really sex is it?"
She kept getting louder and louder.
"Sit back against that wall and open your legs."

After positioning herself, I dipped a finger in her wet snatch and rubbed her from asshole to clit. Every time I came close to her love tunnel she'd try to get my finger inside her. Not gonna happen. I needed her turned on to her ass so Tracy and her could both get their jollies and play it safe. Scooping as much of her girl juice as I could, I spread it around her little puckered ring. Barb is has such light complexion that her ass was as white as the rest of her, the skin around her pucker, just shinier than the rest of her bottom. Rubbing my finger around and around her little ring, she gradually loosened up. I did actually dip my finger into her twat just to get it coated with her slick juices, then put it against her tight little ass and pushed it inside.

Once in to the first knuckle, I let her get relaxed until her tight little ring softened up again. Sliding my finger slowly up her bowel, I went in to the hand. Barb slid her ass down on my finger and clinched down on it, relaxing her ass as she grew accustomed to the new invader. Working my finger in and out of her tight hole, I was soon able to introduce a second then a third finger into her loosening sphincter. Barb began to hump her little ass up onto my fingers as she played with her flat little chest, her nipples being the only features on that landscape other than her shiny areolas. Barb started breathing harder and harder and she's clench down on my finger as deep into her as I could push them. We did this for maybe 5 minutes and she started moaning and making incoherent little noises as she drummed her heels on the hardwood porch. She went limp and truthfully, I thought she'd passed out.

"Roll me over and put your dick in there, fuck me right" as she made a grab for my stiff stiff prick.
"Talk to the MORNING. Yer done and I'm going to sleep."
"But I'm still horny!"
"Babe, yer gonna have to learn to deal with it. Find a freekin candle or something if you have to play with yourself, but I meant what I said about Sal. Whatever she's comfortable doing is fine with me. In the mean time, I'll have a little chat with your brother. Now, go to bed."
I pulled myself up and walked back into the caboose, hard on swinging from side to side. Climbing into the top bed, I curled around my teen lover and promptly drifted off to sleep. Before slipping under, I couldn't help but think that Barb was becoming a slut, needing something in her and on her all the time.

Early the next morning I got coffee brewing and my morning smoke out of the way. True to teenage form, we had messed around yesterday evening and failed to buy any food. Tracy would 'sip' at a cup of coffee but never seemed to finish it. An acquired taste, I guess. Me, if you cut me, I think it'd be a toss up between soda or coffee that ran out my veins, depending on the time of day. I guess I made too much noise because Sal got up, followed by Tracy. Barb was still dead to the world.

Sal came into our little 'kitchen' area, wrapping her naked body around mine. All we had was a mini fridge and a beat up old microwave, but everything suited our purpose. She smelled so good early in the morning so I turned and pulled her into my arms, kissing her sweet lips good morning.
"You have a choice - soda or coffee, you pick."
"Could you maybe give me a mouthful of cum?" she asked with a gleam in her eye. Damn, this was only the second day of our summer together. I'll be a drained, skinny corpse by the time fall gets here if I fill her needs at every whim. Life's a bitch, ain't it?

"Hmm, like drinking beer, it's a just as tad early in the day. Let's wait for some alone time later." I leaned down and whispered in her ear, telling her now was not a good time as I watched Barb get up and stretch.
Barb said; "I gotta pee, anyone wanna come watch and help me?" I could not believe my ears. Where does she get this stuff? I've only read about it in those dirty magazine stories. Not hearing any takers, she stumbled down the steps and went into the big cabin to do her morning stuff.

Sal was still clinging to my backside, rubbing her naked body across my back. I had the old morning wood as I wanted to get the coffee going before relieving myself. Tracy had gone off the other side of the porch and was seriously watering the grass.
"I've got to go myself. You know, I've never seen a man pee before. Why is Tracy standing up? Isn't he going to make a mess and get it all over him?"
"Big difference between boys and girls, sweetheart. We got a hose and you ain't."

"Come with me while I go, I'd like to try peeing in the woods, it seems so nasty to do it that way."
"You mean you've never squatted in the trees and just let it go?"
"I've always been afraid something would crawl up my leg. My mom always told me mice just waited for the opportunity to catch a girl peeing outdoors, They'll run up your leg and jump into your cooter." I may be nineteen but some kid's parents are just fucking unbelievable. To me it would be better to chance a maybe field mouse than take the chance of rupturing your bladder because there isn't a convenient outhouse. Sheesh!
Taking her hand, we walked down the steps towards the surrounding woods. After going in maybe 10 yards, the caboose was cut off from view.

"This looks like a good spot" I said. She moved around on the other side of a tree from me. I watched her squat down but a flow never left her body."
"I'm kinda scared" she said "what if a mouse runs up my pussy?"
I walked around until I was facing her and squatted down.
"I'll keep the critters away. You just do what you need to."
"A man has never seen me pee before. I don't know if I can go."
She squatted there, holding the lips of her pussy apart.
"Just relax and pretend I'm not here. Besides, for my part, this is real interesting. I've never seen a girl pee before, either."

She looked at me a moment then smiled as I saw her pee hole kind of extend from her little vagina and a yellow stream hissed to the ground. In a short while, the flow stopped and she looked at me.
"I didn't bring anything to wipe with" frowning.
"No problem" as I moved closer to her. I ran my hand through her damp slit and wiped the pee along the back of my hand. I looked at her and her eyes went kind of vacant. Standing up, she hugged me and said THAT was certainly different. I had my own needs to take care of so I turned a little away from her and fingered my stiff dick. I was so full of piss I thought my eyes were turning yellow and watching her go hadn't helped a bit.

"How do guys do it?"
"Watch and learn my little love" as I pointed my pee hardened dick at a nearby tree and let loose.
She started giggling and told me guys did have a hose after all. When she started talking, I shut off the flow.
"Were you done?"
"Nope just getting into it, actually."
"Would it be ok if I held it while you pee?"
"That, darlin, would give me a thrill...go for it."

She moved right beside me and extended her hand until she could hold my dick.
"What do I do now" she asked.
"Just point it at whatever you want painted." She aimed at the same tree I'd started on and watched it squirt a foot or so off the ground.
"You can move it around if you like. After all, what's a hose for" I grinned.
Getting bolder she pointed it up the tree about waist high and I let loose again. As the flow began to diminish, she asked if she needed to wipe me off with her hand like I'd done for her.

"No baby doll, just give it two or three big shakes and that's all there is to it."
Shake it she did. When she was done, she leaned over and looked at my pee slit closely.
"It's dry! How come guys can do that and girls can't? You guys get all the neat stuff!"
"Oh darlin, all our 'neat' stuff wouldn't be worth squat without your 'neat' stuff to go along with it or over it. That's why we are a pair."

I pulled her to me and gave her a deep, soul searching kiss to show her just how delighted I was that we were together. As we walked back towards the caboose, she leaned into me and asked me if I got a thrill out of watching her pee as she admitted that helping me made her nipples hard and little tingles went through her little pussy.
"Hon, I'll watch you pee anytime and maybe, just maybe, I'd like to taste it, at least a little." I felt her shiver and I could see her nipple harden like rocks. I think she liked that idea. Truthfully, we were like a blank page, ready to write whatever seemed to please us and we had 3 months to fill it in.

Back in the caboose, Tracy and Barb had gotten dressed. Sal and I were the only two nudies in sight. I rustled around in my bags and found a pair of cutoffs and a t-shirt. Sal pulled on a sun dress but I noticed she had left off any underwear. I leaned in and told her quietly I'd have a hardon all day, knowing she was naked under that dress. She just turned and rubbed herself up my front. Shit! hardon city.
After regaining control, we went back the siblings.

"Guys, we are headed to's grocery time. I'll spring for breakfast but we need to do most of our own cooking from now on or we'll end up broke."
Hustling out to my Mustang, we motored into the local town. We gave the girls the shopping list with the limit being too much junk food. It was ok to get a few bags of cookies or some candy bars and be sure to stock up on pop. Once they headed down the isles, I pulled Tracy outside where we could talk.

"Pard, you are neglecting your sister and she's bugging the hell out of me. I thought you were going to try back door her last night?"
"I got off so hard when she gave me that blow job I couldn't help it, I fell asleep."
"What are you? A one-shot wonder? How can you just roll over and start snoring like that?"
"It felt so good and I was so relaxed, it was easy."
"Dude, if you'd hang in there, you'll find you can get even more relaxed and your sister might even be satisfied for once. Sex is a reciprocal thing. Barb isn't here just to get you off and you know how aggressive she is."
"Couldn't you just fuck both of them? That way they'd both be happy."

"Barb and I talked about it last night....over your snoring. She has to talk to Sal and whatever Sal says, goes. I'm not gonna screw up a good thing. I figure you have a couple of choices - either get in the saddle and do her like she wants or find someone to take the load off. Remember, if you do her ass, you'll still get your rocks off and she'll tone it down a notch or two. Oh, I want to stop in the drug store before we head back."

Going into the local Rexall drug, I found the condom area and looked around til I found what else I had on my private list - KY jelly, an enema bag and some douche powder. Wouldn't you know, it was all in the female's section. Paying for a new box of Trojans and a family sized tube of KY and the rest, we went back down the street.

Tracy thought about all we'd discussed as we walked back in the store. The girls were up to the cashier now, so I got the total and wrote out one of the signed blank checks I had from Tracy's dad. Loading up my trunk, the girls wanted to ride in the back seat together so Tracy piled up front. Very soon the whispering and giggling started. They kept this up the entire trip back to the cabin.

After unloading the groceries - some into our mini fridge and the rest into the main cabin's fridge and pantry, we all decided to hit the swimming area. Both girls disappeared into the main cabin where their clothes were located. It wouldn't do if their folks came up and found the girl's stuff in OUR cabin. After what seemed like an hour wait, the ladies paraded out in new beach cover ups and headed for the car. Tracy and I were way less formal, being as how our cutoffs served both as day wear and beach attire. All we had to do was slip off our t-shirts, I don't think either of us even brought underwear.

Once finding a parking place, our little lake looked like it was going to be busy this summer - cars were everywhere and the beach near the swimming area was about towel to towel.
We carried our towels down to an area a little off from the main crowd. Something told me this was the thing to do, and I always trust my first instinct. After spreading the towels, Tracy and I pulled off the t-shirts to start working on our tans. The girls, meanwhile, kept looking at each other, waiting for, I guess, one or the other to make the first move. No real contest here. Barb pulled her cover up off and had no top on.

She'd taken a pair of panties and cut the leg bands off until it was more like a loincloth. Leave it to her to go over the edge. I made her sit DOWN on her towel. At least we were pretty much out of sight from the crowd. I kinda waited with baited breath to see if Sal had a surprise under her cover up. She turned away and unbuttoned it. As far as Tracy and I could see it was just another bikini. From the back, she looked like a shapely young woman - an ass that stuck out but tight and firm, womanly hips and a smooth back leading up to her short brown curls. Then she turned around and I swear, you could have heard my jaw drop to the soft sand beneath me.

Her top consisted of two originally small triangles but she'd rolled them up somehow so the cloth barely covered her nipples! The whole undersides of her firm little breasts pushed out from the restricting band. I hadn't noticed from the back, but since her bottoms tied at the sides, she's pulled it high in back and down to where her pubes would have been, if she'd had any. Her peachfuzz did show in the sunlight. grabbing her, I pulled her down to the beach towel.

"Shit! are you two trying to advertise? What if one of the rangers come strolling by. I'd get arrested."
"But baby, you aren't that much older than we are. Why would anyone mess with you?"
"Ever hear the term 'Statutory Rape'? The cops figure I'm old enough to know better and you girls are below my age. Remember when I warned you guys back at the house last week about this being strictly a secret between the four of us?" I told Tracy to get his sis under control or we were leaving. I got up and walked off my mad. I was still shaking when Sal ran up to me. She'd re-arranged her top now so her boobs were at least covered up. I could live with the bottoms.

"I'm so sorry. I just wanted to excite you. I love showing my body to you. It just makes an electric shock in my pussy. Please don't be mad at me."
"Babe, you excite me with your clothes on, but there's a time and place for everything!"
Sal started to tear up and I pulled her to me.

"Don't cry, sweet thing, I'm not mad at you, the whole situation just scared me to my roots." I continued to hold her close and she finally quit sobbing. I pulled her up and kissed those sweet lips, showing her I still cared very much for her, even if I couldn't help being nervous. Once we'd rejoined the other two, we relaxed and acted like kids again. The only snag was when Barb went into the water. Her white, butchered panties went nearly transparent. Her pussy slit and the crack of her ass were there for anyone to see. I gave her two choices- either sit on her beach towel or wear her cover up until we left. Sulking, she sat on her towel and gave me evil looks.

The sun was getting low in the sky and we started thinking about grilling some hotdogs back at the cabin. The beach, still packed didn't show much sign of slacking off. As we headed for the car, there were lots of tents set up along the tree line, so maybe there'd still be a crowd tomorrow.
Unloading our sandy towels at the caboose, I hung them over a line and hosed them down, trying to get as much of the sand out as possible. Tracy got the fire going in the pit. The girls were laying out the buns and condiments. Every once in a while, I'd hear Barb getting loud about something. I suppose it could have been about what she was asking Sal to let her do, or I do or whatever.

Soon they came out and loaded the picnic table with goodies. Barb kinda stayed quiet and I could hear the wheels turning in her head. This wasn't the place to discuss it, although I did give Tracy a few hard looks. I think he got the message he needed to make a move of some kind. After cleaning up the mess, the girls went inside. Tracy and I sat out at the picnic table talking about the day.

Tracy, it seemed, had been visually scouting the beach as we sat. He mentioned seeing a few girls going in and out of the tents and they were just his age. While I questioned him about his plans, I still wondered what he intended for his sibling. Tracy had plans to head back to the beach and camping area. Good luck with that. I walked back inside and Sal was sitting at our little table, reading a chic magazine.

"Where's Barb" I asked?
"I really don't know and frankly, I don't care."
"What's up doll?"
"Do you know she had the nerve of asking me if I would 'lend you out' because Tracy isn't doing it for her?"
"Well, I won't keep secrets. She came on to me last night after you'd fallen asleep and I told her that she'd have to ask you. I won't do anything to hurt you or make you mad at me. I'm your guy, but if you want to share, I can live with it. I don't think I could share you with anyone else, but you two are best friends."

"Best friends don't want to fuck their best friend's boyfriend!" I could see a head of steam building up here.
"Ok, get it all off your chest babe."
"How could you even think of fucking someone else when you have me? Aren't I woman enough for you?" Now she was tearing up again.

"Lover, you are plenty woman enough for me. Maybe I'm an ass for letting you make the big decision. Personally, I don't have that much interest in her, at least not enough to rock our boat. I only mentioned it to her because I'm scared she's gonna go off the deep end pretty soon. At least with her, I'm sorry last weekend ever occurred."
"If it hadn't, you wouldn't know how I've felt about you at all. I'd be back to clamming up every time you got close to me."
"Think back to what I just said - I said at least with her."

"You do love me, you really, really love me?"
I had to think about it quickly and hoped I wasn't stepping off a high cliff.
"Yes, sweetheart, I do love you. At first the experience difference bothered me. Once I got to know you better, the little girl thing was soon forgotten. You're a passionate woman. Although just turning 18, you're woman enough for me." With that, she burst into tears and plastered herself into my lap.
"Oh darling, I KNEW you loved me, at least I hoped you did as much as I loved you. Take me to that bed up there and fuck me like you mean it. Please!"

Again, I follow directions well. She dropped clothes as she made her way to the ladder. Shucking my t-shirt and cutoffs, I was ready for action. Once beside her, I asked what she'd like me to do to her and with her.

"I want to suck that big hard dick down into my throat while you eat my pussy. Make me cum. Then I want you to turn me over, put me on my knees and use both my holes however and whenever you want. I want you inside me, deep inside me." Wow! tall order.

We lay head to crotch and she reached out to pull my hardening dick into her waiting mouth. It hardly took her a minute before I felt the bend in her throat. I had to get my mouth on that sweet pussy of hers! Pulling her completely over on top of me, I pushed my arms through her legs until I had both hands free and her gaped open. Running my finger through wet already wet slit, I moved in to taste her sweet little girl nectar. She got progressively wetter until I had girl juice running down my cheeks. Time for more actions. I wrapped my arms around her butt and hauled it closer to my mouth, then put two fingers in her tight pussy, feeling her inner walls clench and unclench as I stoked her fires.

I had two fingers free so what the hell, I rubbed them both through the secretions dripping out of her young pussy and moved them as one right into her ass. I felt her tighten up and then relax her sphincter as I pleasured her teen ass. Suddenly, I felt a dry finger slide around my own ass and she pushed a finger into me as far as she could go. I started cumming like a fire hose. I'd find out in later years, she'd tapped right onto my prostate. At the time, it just felt marvelous. She sucked hard on my dick, draining the last drops out of my shrinking nuts. Hell, this could be a form of birth control if I couldn't get hard anytime soon.

My balls were drained more than I thought possible. I'd never stopped manually stimulating her young pussy and asshole, so I slithered out from under her, leaving her on her knees, just like she'd asked for. Positioning my hardening dick in the opening of her young pussy, I let her inner muscles milk me to my maximum hardness in a very short time. Not neglecting her tiny ass, I kept my thumb buried in it to my hand. I pushed down on her lower back, bracing her for what was to come.

Hammering into her yielding pussy, she started to moan and thrash around with a small orgasm. I pulled my dick out and my thumb at the same time, only to shove my rock hard penis into her waiting asshole. Man, did she howl. I thought maybe I'd hurt her but she started rocking back to meet every one of my thrusts, screaming for me to FUCK HER. I pulled her back on my knees so she had to actually do some of the work. I kept her guided on track because I was afraid she'd bounce off of it. This time, when she got her rocks, she bounced on me crying that she loved me and any hole in her body was mine whenever I wanted it...I just love a satisfied woman.

Maybe another hour had past and no sign of Tracy or Barb for that matter. They both knew where they lived, so they'd come home when they wanted. I just hoped they used a little common sense and stayed out of trouble. About 2 AM, Tracy came dragging in. He made enough noise to wake the both of us, so we sat over the edge of the bed and talked. Seems he'd found a group of young ladies whose parents had gone into town to party. Being alone, they had no problems playing Spin the Bottle and finally Truth or Dare. At this point, the dares became more outrageous as everyone's shyness passed. Tracy managed to shag one who'd been having sex with her boyfriend for over a year and was beginning to feel the separation anxiety of him being at home while she was stuck here with her family.

Tracy admitted he had to do a lot of show and tell and had three different girls hold his dick. The eldest showed her sister how to jack a boy off. The big thing was, they'd be here for two weeks, allowing Tracy to visit whenever they could be alone. It also turns out their parents had an alcohol problem like his and most time when they'd return to camp, it was to simply pass out in their own tent. So much for parental guidance.
Had he seen Barb? Well, kind of. She'd been talking with a family the last he'd seen her. A mother, father and a daughter.

Around 3 AM Barb decided to grace us with her presence again and she looked very tired, but wired at the same time. The family she'd struck up a 'friendship' with had a daughter her age. They'd walked up and down the beach sharing secrets like only a girl can. It turns out the father and the mother had been introducing their little daughter to sex over the last few months. The mother wanting her cherry gone before she started college. Barb pounced on this like a hungry dog, pumping her new friend for all the details. Barb told her she'd lost her cherry only a week before and had no one to get her excited and she'd be living here all summer. The new friend took her back to camp and told her parents about Barb's situation. They were only too glad to be of assistance.

Dad led the three females into their large cabin tent and swore Barb to secrecy. Probably for the same reason I had. Barb was a daring little twat but she had sense enough to wait until someone else dropped their clothes before she did. Once they were all naked, the mom & dad began to stroke Barb's body until they had her sufficiently turned on. I'm sure it didn't take much...after all this IS Barb. After fingering her and determining that she indeed had no cherry, the dad pushed her down to her hands and knees and entered her unprotected pussy. Barb had the presence of mind to balk at this, saying she didn't want to get pregnant.

The father explained that he'd had an operation after the daughter was born removing that possibility. Barb kneeled again and the dad mounted her. The mother crawled between Barb's legs and started licking the junction of her husband's dick and Barbs newly opened cunt. The daughter knew what her mother liked and lay down to lick her pussy. Barb did get the experience of laying on her back while the father plowed into her pussy while having the mother straddle her mouth. To my knowledge, Barb and Sal had not tried this to speak of after that particular weekend. The daughter's pussy was held to her mother's mouth while the father and daughter kissed. And I thought I was a little warped! Maybe I'd better escort her back over there, simply to take lessons on group sex. In a word, Barb was fucked out. When she undressed, her petite little pussy was red and swollen with use. The only thing those adults didn't try was anal sex, so Barb was still deficient in that area. Gawd, just what I need, a late teen to worry about.

Things started to fall into a somewhat predictable pattern. Tracy would get up, wolf down whatever was laid out for breakfast and out the door to be with his new 'girlfriends'. Barb was only a little better, at least waiting around until 10-ish before she disappeared. I kinda thought it was a good idea after they'd left for the day to drive over to the camping area and write down the tag number of this 'happy family's' car, in case I needed it for future reference. Sal and I had the caboose and cabin to ourselves the rest of the day and a good part of each night. That meant uninhibited fucking whenever the thought crossed our minds.

Our warped little brains must have looked like a porn mag because we were doing it four or five times a day. Even a randy nineteen year old like me eventually drains his balls. Oh yeah, I could cum, but it was non-productive. This little vixen with me kept me drained and satisfied. Shangri-La or as close to it as we would ever come. Speaking of cumming, all things come to an end - the weekend was here and the parental units would be here boozing it up.

We had a little group conference early Friday morning. The girls would have to stay in the main cabin unless things got out of hand. Tracy and I would stay where we were and Sal and I would only get together when the coast was clear. Tracy and Barb already had excuses made up for being gone all the time - Tracy found a 'girlfriend' and Barb found another girl closer to her likes than Sal. Sal, when left alone would hang out with me and the absence of daily fucking put that little puppy dog look back on her face. Tracy's parents thought this was an absolute hoot and his dad suggested a few times that I'd better snap her up before someone stole her away from me. Funny, Barb's mom & dad just accepted all this with no questions. I guess it meant no kids underfoot.

Serious drinking and partying were on the near horizon. About six PM. or so, two couples and half a dozen single men showed up at their door. It took about 20 minutes for Sal to scoot over to the caboose.

"Did you know most of them were half tanked before they even got here" she asked? "I couldn't keep them out of our room....they wanted me to come out and party with them. Fat chance!" I really wanted to know just what went on over there after dark but how to do it? Sometimes opportunity knocks like a 2x4 to the side of the head. One of the wives kept trying to strike up a conversation with me but I kept telling her I had to watch the little girls. Sal would stand by me with the cutest little pout, wanting me to go 'play' with her. I took her off to the caboose and ate her pussy for a few minutes, then told her I wanted to know everything that went on in the main cabin. She asked me what I had planned and I told her I wanted to just ask some innocent questions and see what I could see. I didn't think it would be too hard to connect the dots. Sal stayed in the caboose and I went over to get a fresh 6-pack of pop. The same woman that tried to talk to me pulled me to her full breasts as soon as I walked through the door.

"Reinforcements have arrived! I'll bet he doesn't wilt so quick like you slouches." She kept trying to push my face down into her cleavage.
One of the guys, I dunno if he was a husband or one of the singles there, hollered out "What does a punk kid know about pleasing a woman? Fuckin kid, anyway."
One of the other women chimed in that what I didn't know, I'd make up in staying power. I was starting to get a little paranoid. Barb's mom was sprawled on a chase lounge in a dressing gown, which was opened completely.

Tracy's dad was for the most part, just sitting in a drunken haze, never objecting when someone male or female mounted or licked or put their dicks down her throat. She just serviced whoever was interested. Yeah, she had big, soft tits but her ass was wider than her shoulders and those were pretty meaty in themselves. I don't think, even in my later years, had I ever seen a woman with a hairier cunt. From down the insides of her thighs to her belly button, nothing but thick bush. The other women were getting into the act and peeling off their clothes. I made sure both Barb's mom and dad knew I was in here, that I'd pretty much seen everything that was going on and that I was headed back to our own cabin....Have a nice time, people!

I waited up and intercepted both Barb and Tracy as they returned home in the wee hours. The party next door had gotten a little quieter but lots of bodies passed by the windows and there's no way to mistake a naked woman's breasts from the shadows on the curtains. Putting everyone to bed, we had to resolve some kind of game plan in the morning.

Morning came entirely too quickly for me. Being the first up, I started coffee and went out on the porch to look at the main cabin. A few of the cars left during the night, but there was still a crowd in the main house. Sal got up shortly after me. After all, we'd had a relatively quiet night after closing up the caboose. Since the parents were next door, we were both wearing clothes for a change. We didn't alter our sleeping arrangements because I didn't think anyone in the main noticed or even cared. Looking at my woman, I told her it was time to pee while I waited on the coffee to finish perking.

We walked over to the same familiar tree and Sal dropped her shorts and squatted. I moved in front of her and went to my knees. Something drew me to this yellow stream shooting out from beneath her. For some reason, I put my hand in it and felt the warm piss from her young body flow over my hand. When she'd finished, I took my dry hand and rubbed the backside across her pee hole and then transferred it to her stiffening clit. It didn't take long at all to 'rub her off'. Offering her a hand, I helped her to her feet while looking at the other wet hand. Bringing it to my lips, I took a tentative lick. A little salty but it smelled a lot like her. I can't begin to think of the times I'd had my face buried in that same, sweet little pussy. This was just tasting a different part of her. I looked up at her and caught the gleam in her eye.

"My turn!"
I let her unzip my cutoffs and let them drop to my ankles. Reaching out, she took my piss hardon and pointed it away from us. This felt pleasant so I didn't rush through peeing as I normally did. I think she tried to write her name in pee on the ground in front of us. The flow was beginning to slow to a trickle when she fell to her knees and put my leaking dick into her mouth. What I had done I wrote off to curiosity. She was being downright kinky and I loved it and her for doing it. Sucking the last drops from my shrinking dick, she looked up and smiled.
"I wanted to try that from the other day when we first peed in front of each other. Does this make me a horrible person now?" Not bloody likely!
I pulled her up, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her soundly. I think I could taste myself on her tongue, but what a rush!

Back in the caboose, Tracy and Barb were both awake and rummaging for food. I just took a cup of coffee and propped up against out little dining room wall.
"Guys, we need to talk. I got pulled into your folk's cabin last night mid-party, if you could call it that." I went on to describe what I'd seen going on, how I'd been propositioned by an obviously married woman and how the atmosphere of, I don't know, I suppose was so thick you could cut it. I didn't want to get entirely too graphic about the short time I was in there, but I did tell them about their mom servicing whoever cared to bother.

"That's pretty much what they always do, but they've never had so many people over before" said Tracy.
"You should hear how they talk to me, like I'm some kind of sex pet kept around for them to handle" Barb added " I've had my ass pinched and my nipples pulled and mom or dad really didn't do anything to stop it except to tell them I was jailbait." I kind of began to get an inkling of how Barb was wired now. She'd been exposed to sex for a long time and now it was showing up as aggression and maybe nymphomania....but I'm not a shrink.
Both sibling were getting a little morose at this point so I changed the subject.

"How's your new 'girlfriends' ( stressing the plural ) Tracy?"
"They're leaving this morning. The older one, Tammy, I think is in a hurry to get back to her regular boyfriend. The younger two really liked having me around."
"Same here" said Barb, "the couple told me they belong to this club in Kansas City that's all moms and dads and daughters. They were training Megan to go to the meetings with them. I just love all that sex. I couldn't get enough of it and now they're packing up. They did tell me it was too bad I couldn't get my parents interested. They'd love to get with me again."

"So what do you two want to do now? I have Sal in here every night. I don't think your parents care or even notice she's gone. I make sure she goes over there every day, early to clean up and change clothes. Otherwise it's like we aren't even here."
"So where does that leave me" asked Barb?
"You mean you can't stand to sleep around your brother" I said.
"Big deal, he's got other girls on his mind and he doesn't touch me." Leave it to me to pick the wrong subject.

We went to the beach, mainly because Tracy was playing cock hound again. Barb just kind of lay there next to Sal and I while we soaked up the sun. It started to get dark and everyone was hungry so we walked back to the cabins. Once we got there, the place was in full swing again. Probably a good thing we were so far off the beaten path because the stereo would have gotten complaints. We made sandwiches, ate chips and downed a lot of pop that evening. By 10PM, we were ready for bed. Sal and I crawled into our little love nest while Tracy stretched out below. Barb just sat on a kitchen chair, swinging her legs.
I woke up several hours later with a very full bladder. I tried easing out of bed, so as not to wake up Sal, but as soon as my warmth left her body, she began feeling around for me. She opened her eyes and squinted at me.

"What time is it?"
"Really late or really early, depending on how you wanna look at it, but the party is still going strong over there."
"Why did you get up"
"I need to pee so bad my eyes are turning yellow. Go back to sleep, hon."
"No, I'm awake now and since you mentioned it, I need to pee too."
Neither bothered to get dressed as we'd only be going to the woods away from the main cabin. As I hit the floor, I looked in the bottom bed. There Tracy lay, taking up the whole bed, snoring softly, but no Barb. Grabbing Sal by the hand, we looked on the front porch and the back, still no Barb.

I had a sneaking suspicion, so we walked quietly over to the main cabin to a shade that wasn't pulled entirely down, as a matter of fact, not even halfway down. Looking, we could see Barb on the kitchen table with her ass in the air being fucked by a line of men, at least six of them. In front of her, a line of women waiting for their pussies to be eaten, passing the time fondling each other.

Barb had a puddle of cum underneath her the size of a saucer, so this was plainly not her first round with these guys. She must have been enjoying it because she fucked back as hard as the guys pounded her pussy from behind. Someone in the group wanted to know why they couldn't use her ass. Barb's mom piped up and told them she's cherry there. That started a bidding war. One guy won with a hundred dollar bid and a case of whiskey. Barb just snuggled down and wiggled her ass in the air. Gawd, I was getting tuned on despite myself. I rubbed Sal's nipples and they were hard as pebbles so she had to be getting aroused.

I leaned her over so she was braced against the window frame and got behind her. Likely, if I'd had a condom handy, I'd have fucked her little pussy until it frothed. The great thing is she has two holes and enjoys either getting plowed. I squatted behind her and used my hands to spread her legs apart. Dipping my head between her cheeks, I pushed my tongue in her ass. She answered by arching her back and pushing back against me. Sucking as much spit as I could muster, I coated my throbbing dick and eased it into her tight little ass. I could barely control my self but I had the presence of mind not to just slam into her. Grabbing either hip, I eased my aching dick deep into her bowels.

Once seated to the hair, we both watched as Barb got ready for nher first anal experience. Her mother mopped her hand through the puddle beneath her and lathered it into and around Barb's cherry little ass. Once satisfied her baby was as lubed as she would get, she slathered cum all over the winner's long skinny dick and held Barb's ass cheeks apart and he stepped up and put the head of his cock to her tight opening.

"You gonna just stand there or fuck me with that thing" cried Barb. She wiggled her ass trying to get the man's dick started in her.
"Now go easy in her, she's just a kid" said her mother
"If the way she takes cock and eats pussy is any indication, you better pay more attention to her free time." said the winner.
All the time he was talking he kept putting more and more of his long dick farther into her bowels. I swear, he had to be nine or ten inches long but very slender. He finally bottomed out in her young ass with inches to spare. Stroking in slowly then out until the tip barely remained in her, I watched as Barb's back arched and she started to fuck herself on his long dick. Gradually, they both picked up speed when the man let out a war whoop and grabbed her hips in a strong grip.

Meanwhile, I had my own hot little vixen to deal with. We'd both watched Barb take it up the back end and Sal was nearly mindless, muttering
"Fuck me now, fuck me now, FUCK ME NOW!!!" I grabbed her hips and started the age old rhythm but she wasn't having any today. She shoved her ass back on me, nearly knocking me off my feet.

So much for mister nice guy - I jammed it in her hard and listened to the breath go out of her. She kept grinding and twisting her ass back at me, trying for another 1/2 inch. She had all I had to give, so I stuck a thumb in beside my dick. She turned into a wild woman. I never knew anyone could piston themselves back and forth like that. I just hung on for the ride of my life. I felt her tensing up and knew her climax was getting close. She pushed back again with my thumb and my dick jammed in as far as they'd go and started to wail. Luck was with us because Barb chose that time to have her own orgasm, screaming fuck me fuck me fuck like a litany at the top of her lungs.

Barb didn't return to the caboose that night or any of the weekends that followed. She'd found her place in the world. Luckily for her, she still hadn't missed her periods. Once back in the old hometown that fall, things settled down for the winter and Tracy told me his mom got her started on the pill. Barb would now be their party cum slut.

Sal and I kept to our relationship through the school year, just waiting for summer to roll around again. One good turn of events- Sal's mother was afraid she would get involved with boys and put her on the pill, ostensibly to regulate her periods. Tracy's dad didn't offer to foot the bill for us staying in our cabin since he now had in-house entertainment with Barb. Tracy was too old to need a baby sitter, so the three of us left could come and go as we pleased.

Speaking of cumming, Sal turned into an absolute wild woman. Just mention something kinky and she'd try it. The parties in the main cabin resumed as soon as the weather turned warm. Tracy's dad and I went down early to open the cabins, flush the water lines and air our cabins out. During the trip to the lake, he brought up the subject of their little informal parties. I thought a while before venturing the subject of Barb getting the stuffing fucked out of her. Talk about shock - his dad just said Barb was old enough and experienced enough now to make her own decisions and her decision was to take on as many as wanted her during her weekends there. Then, he brought up the subject of Sal and I.

Why didn't we want in on the booze and free-flowing sex offered there. My only reply was Sal probably wasn't interested in strange men [talk about copping out]. He then asked me if we'd ever discussed it. Sure, we'd discussed it. She'd goaded me about all the wives just itching for a young stud to try. I had to ask, didn't it bother him to see his wife getting her brains fucked out while he just sat and watched.

"Hmm, so you know I just watch. Well, my young friend, it's the booze. It's easier to get plastered than try to satisfy the bitch or any of the others. I'm content to sit, sip and watch. Wouldn't you fuck my wife?"
"Sorry Jack, but she's not my type. I like a little less meat."
"Well different strokes and all that."
"And none of the other men mind watching their wives get porked?" I was still kind of incredulous.
"Why should they? They get all the strange pussy they want all weekend. You should come over and sample some...and bring that girl with you."
With my silence he tabled the discussion. Maybe he wondered if he was losing his handyman.

As soon as we'd returned from the cabins, I called Sal to pick her up. She'd just die if she knew what was proposed.
"And he said what? The women wanted you to come service them? What did he say about me?"
"Well, it was a pretty blatant suggestion that you come too and add to the entertainment every weekend."
"And you said what to that? The thought kinda makes my pussy tingle, but I'd never do anything like that if it upset you."

"Then you mean you'd do it if I were ok with the whole thing."
"Tell me the thought of porking all those strange women doesn't excite you too. Deny it and I'll call you a liar."
'I never said it wasn't tempting, but you know this could be a real turning point in our relationship. I mean it could go either way - enrich it or bust us up. Talking about it in fantasy is one thing. Me watching you with a stranger or the other way around is an eye opener we may not be able to live with or decide it's something we'd missed out on."
We rolled this around the rest of the evening. The next day being Sunday, Tracy and Barb's folks were at the cabin, so we had the house to us kids.

Pulling everyone to the patio outside, we sat and discussed it. Tracy was intrigued and asked a million questions, more like he was asking my permission. Barb was more or less comfortable with the whole deal, asking Sal if she ever fantasized about fucking other guys, especially a whole LOT of other guys, one after the other.
"I just can't seem to get enough dick those weekends. You gotta try it at least once. Maybe you'll like it as much as I do."
Sal just sat there taking it all in.

"Barb, remember last summer when I got so mad at you for wanting me to 'loan out' my Buck? I've thought about it all winter and I think I'd be ok with it. Part of me wants the thrill of seeing it and part of me is scared I'll lose the best thing I've ever had."
"Ok, so what will make up your mind?"

"Well, none of us here are strangers and we ARE all friends, so let's try something. I want Buck here to finally fuck you. If I can take that, maybe I'll be open for more experimentation."
Ever get the feeling someone is digging a grave for you and there's nothing you can do about it. Somehow, I could feel the dirt ready to be shoveled back in on top me.

"Do I have any say about this?" I said in disbelief.
"You two already fucked once, remember. What's so different about doing it now with my consent?"
"A hell of a lot- that was then and this is now! The first time was an experiment to 'educate' you ladies. This could be a deal breaker."
"Baby, I just told you I was ok with it. In my heart, I know who you belong to." she smiled sweetly.
Remember the old adage about a deal being maybe too good to be true? I think that applies here.
"You seriously want me to take Barb in the house and fuck her?"
"Absolutely, but I want to watch."
Like I was loading the rifles at my own execution, I agreed.

Following Barb and Sal into Barbs bedroom, Tracy followed on my heels.
"How the hell do you luck off?"
"Ask me that in about an hour, if I'm lucky or not."
It took Barb about fifteen seconds to get totally naked and spread wide open on the bed. Sal got down by the foot to get a ring side seat to the action about to take place. Very slowly I slipped off my T-shirt and cutoffs, standing there in my boxers.
I looked at Sal "Last chance, hon. You sure you want this?"
"Do it! Fuck her like you fuck me. Don't hold a thing back."
"Pussy or ass, Barb?"
"Pussy first, then we'll see."

Deciding to make this as good as all expected, I kissed Barb and slid a peek at Sal to try and gauge her attitude. Seeing nothing but an expectant look, I continued down Barbs chest. Her boobs were still small, but she had grown in a year. Thank God she wasn't taking after her cow of a mother, YET. I got to her lightly furred slit and peeled the cover back on her clit. It hadn't changed much, just peeked our easier.
I move further south to lick her wet slit and tongue her shiny little pucker. One thing had changed here- she gets wet, VERY wet!
"Get on with it- I don't need all the foreplay, stick it in and pound me."
I wrote this off to either anticipation or the working over she got on weekends at her parent's cabin. Grabbing both legs at the knees, I folded them back alongside her ears.
This was going to open her up as much as possible and give the observer a bird's eye view of her friend getting fucked like she asked. No foreplay, I could do that, especially since she was so wet to begin with. With one shove, I went in to the pubic hair. I didn't give her the chance to get used to it. Hell, she probably had miles on this pussy already. So, pound away I did. It took maybe 2 minutes for Barb to start bucking and thrusting on her own, then she screamed and went limp.

Catching my breath, I wondered if I'd hurt her or she'd simply passed out. But, my major concern was still standing at the foot of the bed with a glazed look on her face.
"Honey speak to me. Are you ok?"
"Ok? I creamed my panties when she came. That was so exciting."
I looked at her, both in disbelief and relief. She just watched me pork her best friend and seemed happy about it. I was still trying to wrap my mind around this development as I watch Sal shedding her clothes as fast as she could. Maybe she was turned on and wanted to finish me off. From a guy's point of view, watching sex is kind of a turn on.
"What's going on now?"

Turning to Tracy, she said: " get your damned clothes off dude!"
Tracy had that deer-in-the-headlights look, looking at me for some kind of direction.
"I think I'd do what the lady says, pard."
"No, you get my pussy, Buck gets my butt. I wanna be DP'd, I think that's the term, isn't it?"
"Are you saying you want BOTH of in you at the same time?"
"I want...I want to try this so badly."

By this time, she was totally nude and crawling over to me. Tracy was moving very slowly. I think he was either afraid I'd pound his ass or just in shock.
"You heard the lady, hustle yer ass over here."
Barb had rolled off one side of the bed to make room for Sal to lay down.
"Tracy, get over here and lay down" patting the bed beside her.
Tracy did as he was told and lay down, however, with a limp dick. He was scared as I was, but I had a totally different reason. Sal was showing more and more the kinky side of her sexuality. I just wondered if I was man enough and grounded enough to handle it.

Seeing Tracy's limp dick, Sal immediately plunged her mouth over it and within minutes, he sprang back to life again. Tracy, in the last year, gained about an inch in length and was still embarrassingly thick. After getting him to the state she wanted, she threw a leg over him and just impaled herself on his cock. She then leaned forward and braced her elbows on his shoulders.
Wiggling her ass as an invitation, she turned to me and said: "Plug my other hole honey. I want this so bad. I've had dreams about this!"

Who am I to argue? Getting into position between Tracy's spread knees, I spit in my palm and rubbed it over my own stiff dick still damp with Barb's secretions. Lining up, I eased my cock into her waiting ass. Sal and I had anal sex often enough she need little foreplay to accept my hard dick. Sal moved up until Tracy was just inside her pussy lips and told me to move a little closer and deeper. Once positioned, she slammed back on the two cocks embedded deep in her. Tracy in her succulent pussy and me deep in her bowels. As if we knew what our roles where, Tracy and I remained stationary while Sal did the work. Sal began to make funny noises and just shudder every few seconds, finally tensing up rigidly as she pushed both dicks in her as deeply as she could. Letting out a long moan, she collapsed on Tracy's chest. Strangely, Tracy, the one-shot- wonder was still hard and I had yet to climax myself. I think I was still in awe over what had taken place and still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I pulled Sal off Tracy with my dick embedded in her adorably tight ass to lay side by side, cuddling. Looking over at Barb, I uttered words I never thought would ever leave my mouth.-
"Barb, get over here and ride Tracy so he can come."
The girl was on him in a flash and it took me a second to think about what I'd just said, but remembering Tracy's mom had put her on the pill. Sal convinced her mom to get her to a doctor for 'debilitating period cramps'. That got HER on the pill too. Damn! They were kissing and fucking like this was their last and only chance. Maybe I'd created a sleeping monster last summer. Well, as they say, the cow's out of the barn now, too damned late to shut the doors.

Sal and I finally pulled apart and headed for the kid's shower. The smell of fresh sex permeated the air, so it would likely be the best idea to air out the house before the parental units returned. Summer and school vacation was a week away. How were we going to handle this? Obviously Barb's parent had no problem sharing her out to strangers. How would they feel about a little old fashioned sibling incest? Next question, where did this leave Sal and I? As we soaped each other, the situation with Sal, me and whoever else had to come out, at least for my sanity.
"Hon, are you ok now? Was this what you wanted?" Probably for my own reassurance more than anything else.

"Will you get mad if I say it was everything I've fantasized about and more?"
"So, you're telling me you're ok with all this, then...."
"Oh Darling, I love you so much and that you'd let me live out my widest dreams makes me closer to you than ever!"
"Well, that's a relief, anyway. What about the weekends at the cabin? Do you want to sample a little diversity?" It appears all I have are questions, feeling like I'm still on thin ice.

"I will only be with a stranger if you will agree to do the same. You're my man, my one true love...the rest is just sex. As long as we make no attachments to anyone else, it's just like playing tennis or golf, just physical relaxation. My only fear is that some of those weekend visitors are creeps. I want each of us to have the right to say no to anyone we aren't comfortable with. Barb has never mentioned anyone being forceful or annoying unless it's all those sex-starved women waiting for tidbits after the men finished with her.'
"As long as you're ok with it, so am I. You do know this is just going to strip Tracy's gears, don't you?"
"Whatever do you mean?"
"I think the summer beach bunnies are probably going to be taking a backseat to some of those experienced older women. Some of them look pretty good." That got me an elbow in the ribs.

"You really think Tracy is going to give up cruising the beach?"
"Ok, think of it this way - knowing what you know about me and our sex together, would you want some high school kid in a backseat somewhere? I'm not breaking my arm, patting myself on the back, just stating the obvious. Now, add in the 'access to Barb' factor. Hell, we'll never get him out of bed" I said with a grin.
"Yeah, like you're going to be so hard up the whole summer!"
"Baby doll, as long as I have a hot chick like you, I'll never be hard up, just hard" smirking.

"This sounds like an off-the-wall question, but do you, by chance, need to pee?"
"I could, why? Do you need to go? We can get out of here and dry off."
"No this is the ideal place. There's something I've wanted to do since last summer" as she dropped to her knees. Taking my semi hard dick in hand, she put her lips around it and mumbled "pee".
Not believing what I heard, she patiently waited for get a stream started. It's hard to pee when someone's watching unless you're about to burst, but she asked for it. Starting very slowly, not much more a fast drip, I let the urine flow. That little darling swallowed as she got each mouthful. I didn't last long as I really didn't need to go. She sucked hard, getting the last drops out.

"Now, wasn't that more fun than shaking it off" she grinned
"I can't believe you did that. You are SO nasty" I yelped, grinning from ear to ear.
"Ah, but turn about is fair play, don't you agree?"
"By all means." I got down on my knees in front of her as she stood legs apart on the edges of the shower basin lip. This spread her pussy lips open so I latched on to the top of her vagina and began so to suck. We had, after all, tasted each other last summer. This was just going to be a little more overboard.

She really had to go, failing to mention that small fact to me. I had to gulp several times to keep from drowning. She began to moan and tremble as she released. Done, I licked her entire slit, from 'taint' to clit and she began to stumble. I caught her before she could fall and held her to my chest.

"OMFG! That was incredible. Why didn't we ever do that before?"
"I guess the thought never registered. Doing it once was a turn on, wasn't it? Shall we do it more often?"
"Mister, you are going to look so funny following me to the ladies john every time I want to pee, especially as good as that felt."
"I keep seeing parts of you I didn't know existed. What other little kinky thoughts are whirling around in that head of yours...Do I want to know?"
"I know you must have kinky thoughts of your own. Tell me some of them. You never know, they might come to fruition." smirked Sal

This was all before men's magazines showed much more than cleavage and porn movies had to be secretly mail ordered, unless you lived in a city large enough to have 'blue' theaters. I had the opportunity to peruse a rather racy porn mag belonging to a buddy showing a woman being fisted by the man in the picture with her. In my mind's eye, he had his fist in her up to the elbow, but that couldn't really happen, could it? I mean that would be clear up to her stomach. Nah! No way, but the thought had hung with me, popping up from time to time.
"I'm not sure you're ready for my idea of kink. Urine, that we've all been taught is nasty and vile, is actually sterile, although laced with a salty taste. Once you're over the revulsion of actually drinking or tasting it, it's not that bad."
"You still didn't answer my question."

"Ok, you asked for it. I saw in a porn magazine about a woman that let a man put his fist in her vagina. Maybe he was an amputee and no fist was involved, but it's always been a secret turn on. We got one fantasy out of the way this afternoon - the double penetration and I'm secretly proud of you for that. It took guts! I told you about the visiting neighbor girl. She wanted sex during her period. So I guess I got my 'red wings' with her. I've found that most women want to crawl in a cave and hide when they're on the rag, as it were. Personally, I have no problem with it. I'm not really sure I'd eat out a woman on the rag, but her clit is in the clear. While we're at it, Tracy and my 'discoveries' prior to meeting you were satisfying as well. I'm not the least bit gay, but something in my ass is pleasurable. I'm certainly not opposed to it. There, that's what comes to mind right now."

"Hmm, about that fist's that work?"
"How should I know, I'm not a woman."
"Obviously, but still, your cock fills me up and Tracy's really does. How can a fist go up there?'
"Women have babies, don't they, and a baby is much larger than a fist."
"Listen Bud, I was right outside the delivery room when my sis gave birth. The things she called my brother-in-law, it's a wonder they stayed married."
"Don't sweat it. The woman might have been a freak or like I said, maybe the guy was an amputee. It was just a fantasy."

"Hmm, that would really make a girl feel....full" she said pensively. I could just hear gears turning in her head. "Can we try that sometime too? About the period thingy, I used to be so embarrassed when I got mine, afraid I'd leak and just die. Since I've had them for going on three years now, we've made friends. You'd actually suck my clit if I was on the rag? What a wonderful thought. I'm sooo horny when my 'friend' visits." Again the wheels turned between her ears.

"When I stick my finger in your ass when we make love, it turns you on, doesn't it?"
"Yes honey, it does, mainly because it's you doing it, and sometimes, you're able to rub my prostate in the process."
"Oh please, tell me what I'm missing. I want to make you feel as good as I can every time."
"Easy- a couple of inches inside my rectum, you'll feel a walnut sized lump. That's my prostate gland. Massaging it makes me cum harder or get hard to begin with."
"Oh boy! Homework" I've created a monster.

It's Friday, school is out for the summer...yay! The four of us are loaded in my Mustang, headed for our cabin. This year, we weren't going to make any pretext about not sleeping together.. The parental units had no room to point fingers. The parental units at home don't NEED to know the sleeping arrangements. We'll kind of let the chips fall where they may. By Friday evening, 4 couples had arrived at the parent's cabin. The music came on and we could hear people talking loudly over it. One of the women, a wife I assumed, came over and asked if Barb was up for some party time. After looking at us, Barb said she might be over in a little while.

Barb volunteered "This is kind of the moment of truth you guys. You know I have no problem going over there and fucking every guy with a hardon. What about you three?"
Actually, this was kind of the moment I dreaded. Would we or not?
Tracy spoke up saying "if I go over there, are you going to fuck me too?'
During this last week, I'd never brought up the subject of if Tracy had jumped Barb since our little experiment. Sal hadn't mentioned anything, so I had to assume it hadn't been a repeat performance.

Barb spoke up "Why brother, I thought you'd never ask. You do remember I'm on the pill, so fuck away and stop worrying."
"This is so going to change a lot of stuff between us, you know" Tracy added.
"You mean we can't fight like brother and sister anymore? Well, I don't want that to ever happen again."

"Barb, there's something I have to tell you. I'm just not sure I wanna say it in front of Buck and Sal."
"Would you like us to leave?" as I grabbed Sal's hand and headed towards the door.
"Oh shit, you'll know soon anyway" Tracy took a deep breath and screwed up his face, "Barb, I love you. It's taken me a year to figure this out. I was sure you'd slap me, just laugh or run away, maybe all three. We're brother and sister, for God's sake."

"Boy, this changes a bunch of things. What about the parties? Brother I love you too, but I've got an itch that's hard to scratch, I hope you can live with that. I think I'd go nuts after a while if I had to give up this lifestyle. I can't say I'll want it forever, but I like it for now."
"I can live with that as long as you love me. I don't mind sampling the wares myself as long as you don't get mad."

How the hell had their situation run so parallel to Sal's and mine. I think Sal and I had both come to grips with ours. It was only physical exercise, trying the buffet, so to speak. Our love was only for each other. Time to man up and make a decision.
"Ok, so we're all agreed. Our partners for the evening may change several times, but our lovelife stay with the one we love." I looked to Sal for agreement and she was just smiling. Hand in hand, out the door and over to the parents cabin we went.

You could have heard a pin drop and jaws hit the floor as we waltzed in the front door.
I made a beeline to the big tub on the table, grabbing a beer for Sal and I.
"I thought this was a party?"
After a few moments, everyone crowded around us, telling us how happy they were we decided to join their little 'club'. The men sequestered Sal and Barb as the wives latched onto Tracy and I. For just a second, I knew how a steak felt in the butcher's case, we were the fresh meat on the hoof. I barely had time to take a swig off my beer when female hands started tugging on my T-shirt and 501 cutoffs. Looking over at the girls, at least they were allowed to disrobe on their own, amidst a lot of cheers from the husbands. By this time, Tracy and my own cock were out, in the hands of the wives.

"OMG, would you look at the size of these. My hubby is just gonna shit his pants. One of you has the longest dick here and the other the fattest. Are we in luck or what ladies?"
Tracy was being led off by his cock by a rather scrawny woman. I actually had a very nicely put together MILF on her knees, trying to inhale my dick. I just grabbed her ears and face fucked her while the other watched, waiting their turn.

The girls had a hand on every tit, fingers in their pussies and I assumed in their asses while the men argued who was first with who. The women around me were much more civilized. I had to pull the woman up off the floor, explaining the night was young and more opportunities lay ahead.
"But I want a load of your jizz" she pouted. "I love the taste of cum."
I didn't have long to wait before a shapely brunette grabbed my hand and headed towards the girls old room. Falling back on the bed and pulling me after her, I landed between wide spread thighs and she wasted no time pulling me into her dripping pussy. After a couple of pumps, I stopped and pulled out. She sat up and wanted to know what was wrong.

The woman's name was Alice, probably low to mid thirty's, nice body with firm tits.
"This is so wrong" looking down at her.
"How is it wrong? You aren't upset your girlfriend is getting fucked by someone, probable several someones, by now? This is what we're all here for."
"You missed the point entirely. I don't 'Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am'"
"Then what the fuck are you here for?" rising to her elbows.
"This" and I slipped down to capture her engorged clit between my lips and slipping 3 fingers into her drenched pussy.
"Oh My God! No one eats pussy here. It's all about getting laid the most."
"Well, I could stop if you want."
"No FUCKING WAY! Munch that fur burger kid. Bite that clit...I like it rough." A woman after my own heart. I sucked and bit her clit lightly, then harder. I'd know when it was hard enough.
Cramming 4 fingers in her snatch and two in her ass. I jammed all my digits as far into her body as possible and she let out a blood curdling scream as she came, splattering me with girl cum. The woman was a rainmaker, a rare type that actually ejaculated when they came. Her ass had no sooner settled on the bed before the door flew open and the other women rushed in.
"What the fuck did you do to her? She's limp as a dishrag, you asshole! Honey, did he hurt you?"
"If I had to venture a guess, she came and came hard." I explained
The dishrag came to life with a big sigh and hugged me around the waist.

"Can we do that again? I don't think I've ever cum that hard." The other women were all chattering among themselves.
"If you're going to stand there, buy a ticket or wait your turn." I was so not used to gawkers.
"Just how did you fuck her anyway?" one asked
"I didn't, at least not yet, anyway."
"She came screaming and you didn't fuck her." said another
"Well, maybe two or three strokes."
"No fucking way."

"Alice sit up and stop making cow eyes at that kid. Tell us the truth."
"I pulled him on me and in me and he just stopped. Next thing I knew he was doing marvelous things to my clit, my pussy and my ass...all at the same time. I think I'm in love."
"This is totally bullshit. No one could do that to me or any other woman for that matter."
"Wait your turn or not. Your choice."
"Alice, get your skanky ass outta that bed, I'm trying this one out."

I guess since I hadn't cum yet, I'd be good for a while at least. I had no clue if I'd be able to service four women in one night. Sorry make that three. Alice rolled to the side of the bed and planted a big kiss on my lips.
"I'd PAY for that kind of experience again." as she slipped away
Hmm, I wondered....naw, not gonna happen.

Sharon, the loudmouth, closed the bedroom door as the other filed out. She wasn't all that bad looking, just kind of hard around the edges, like someone who isn't getting what they want out of life. Totally nude, she had small breasts, a trim waist and hardly any ass to speak of.
"Ok stud, do your stuff. I've had better men than you since I was twelve"
"So, I have to assume you only came here to fuck, not enjoy yourself and that's a shame because you're a very attractive woman."
"Look. All those bozos out there think they're God's gift to women. I can get a bigger thrill out of my hairbrush than any of them."
"Well, I guess we've got as long as we want, so tell me what you enjoy. What brings you pleasure?"

"Men don't take the time to ask what turns a woman on. Me Tarzan, you Jane. Lay down, spread legs.....Ooh Ooh Ooh"
"Would you mind a little experiment?"
"Just what did you have in mind? You aren't planning to tie me up are you?"
"No, not at all. What I would like to do is blindfold you. Your hands are free at all times, so you aren't a captive or anything."
"Ok, I'm game, but no funny business. My husband is very protective."
"It also appears he has certain deficiencies in other areas."
"Big talk from a punk kid." I walked over to Barb's dresser and rummaged until I found a long T-shirt. Going back to the bed, I gestured for her to sit up. Doing so, I wrapped the T-shirt around her head, covering her eyes.
"Comfortable? Any anxieties?"
"I'm still waiting for this miracle, kid."

I had her lay back and started stroking her scalp, moving down to her neck. She was tense as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Soon, I replaced my fingers with my lips, nibbling her earlobes. She broke out in a fit of giggles.
"I get it. You're going to tickle me until I cum."
"Hmm, lemme see...would that work for you?"
"Not on your life, stud. Get busy."

I changed sides and instead nibbling, I planted soft kisses down to the hollow of her throat. Her giggles shifted to a slow squirming. I was making some kind of progress. I continued the kisses and nibbling down what passed as the valley between her breasts. At this point, she acted like she was trying to direct a nipple to my mouth. Plenty of time for that. One thing I'd learned from the visiting girl last summer, was that many women like the undersides of their breast stroked and nuzzled.

Trying this out on her brought immediate whimpers and more attempts to put her nipples within my lips. After kissing and licking her entire breast area, I took one nipple between my lips and the other between thumb and finger. Since her breasts were not large, sucking on the nipple needed a lot of effort. I spit on the index finger of the hand holding the free breast and drew wet circles around her areola. Pushing upward, she tried for more contact but I had her motor running now, even if it was only idling.

Running my fingertips softly down her sides, my tongue continued south, finding her belly button. Rather than plunge into it, I licked all around it, never going farther than the drop off. I had most of her upper body in motion, no real sound out of her, but her breathing got heavier by the minute. Hell, I was just getting warmed up. The Ice Queen was going to be a bubbling puddle before I was done.

Her pubes were shaved bare with the exception of a small landing strip above her cleft. I left her upper body all together and shifted to her feet. Massaging the arches brought a moan from her, I could still see the marks left by her high heels impressed into her skin. I worked her arches and Achilles tendons. Moving up each leg, I planted lingering kisses along the inside of either leg. She figured I was going for her snatch, but I grabbed an arm and sucked the inside of her elbows. I know this is an erogenous zone on most people, even men. She gave a gasp and a shiver at each arm.

Getting back between her legs, I sucked the lips of her tight little cleft, working my way up to her clit hood. At this point, she tried to grab my head. Backing away, I said "No hands. This is my show."
Pulling on the juncture of each thigh and crotch, I opened her up like a flower. Planting a kiss on her inner lips, I moved up to her clit which was prominently displayed by now, pulling it between my lips and gently biting it. Her groin was bouncing with ever manipulation so it was time to go for broke. Keeping her clit in my mouth, I pushed two fingers up, inside her dripping pussy, finding that soft, spongy area in the roof of her vagina. She arched her pelvis towards the ceiling.

"Holy shit. What the fuck are you doing to me? You're driving me up a fucking WALL!"
I took the time to whisper "Nothing, ... yet"
Returning to her G-spot, every stroke brought her hips off the bed. She needed an anchor, so swabbing a generous amount of her girl juice, I coated my middle finger of the other hand and slowly shoved it into her asshole. Coordinating the thrusts between hands, I worked her ass until it loosened enough for a second finger. Jamming fingers of both hands into their selected areas all the way to my palms, she screamed and levitated off the bed. Her orgasm left her twitching like a petite mal.

Of course, her lady friends burst into the room only to see her gasping for breath, then crying silently.
"Why is she blindfolded? What did you do to this one? Honey, was he rough with you.? Do you want me to call your husband?"
"Oh Hell NO. If he could do for me like this kid, hell, he's no kid. He must be a very young looking 30 year old. My God, I can't remember EVER cumming like that in my life. Now I'm pissed. The man here goes home or back to that little honey he came in with, lucky bitch, and I get to go home with DIMBULB out there."
Turning to me, she took both my hands and stared me right in the eyes.

"PROMISE me, you'll be here every weekend this summer, please!"
"Well, I can try, but I have my honey out there to take care of too. Speaking of which, we came at 9pm and it's now 3am. Where has the night gone? We need to head to our cabin. Tomorrow is another night."
"Ladies do you realize he spent nearly 3 hours between with Alice and I? How many of our husbands spend even five minutes trying to satisfy us. And the worst part, the very worst part was he never fucked either of us. It was all about our pleasure, not his." At this point, she started bawling.

Thinking this was probably a good time to check on my girls and make a graceful exit, I edged towards the door. Alice grabbed me in a tight hug, leaned up and whispered in my ear "I was serious about paying for something this good, keep that in mind."

Sal and Barb were dressed and ready, just waiting on me. Tracy managed to last through two women before passing out, as was normal for him. A few shakes got him on his feet.
"I cannot wait to get back to our cabin and use that douche kit you bought. I feel yucky"

Barb chimed in with "Dibs on it next!" Like Tracy or I ever wanted to use it.
Sal and I walked with our arms around each other. Tracy and Barb held hands. Back in our own cabin, it seemed time to tell about our experience of the night. As I feared. Sal launched into me as soon as the door closed.
"Ok, how many did you fuck tonight?"
"Can I ask you that same question and answer you afterwards?"
"I'm not hiding anything, I fucked all four men and a couple of them twice. Now, 'fess' up."

"Not a one, I'm afraid."
"We all distinctly heard at least two screams coming out of that bedroom tonight and you claim to have not fucked any of them?"
"Yes Ma'am, that's correct, My dick is still as clean as that lady left it in the front room. Fingers, lips and tongue were the only part of me to actually touch another person tonight."

"Then explain the screaming. Those women out here acted like they were next in line for a firing squad. I never saw three women squirm so much."
"I never said those two ladies didn't get off, I said I didn't fuck either one."
Sal looked at me really hard for a few seconds, then broke into tears.

"Those 'men' just used us like they couldn't wait to get off in a teenage pussy, then on to the next guy. They wanted to double and triple up on me and Barb had to warn them off. I did get off twice, but it was more from the thought of how nasty we were being than what the men were doing for us."

Barb added "I always feel, I dunno, 'used' after a party. I like the excitement, but I don't like it so much after it's over." Tracy just sat there with a smile on his face.
"I heard you made it with two of the women. That's a record for you."
"Did you know one of the men said he'd like to get it on with me. He'd never had a dick as thick as mine. Are we supposed to do that?" Tracy demanded.
"Truly, I believe in that kind of party, you go with the flow and whatever you're comfortable with. You certainly aren't an anal virgin giving or receiving. Being a sometimes bi-sexual is probably ok."

"I dunno, it's different when I'm with you. Surprised the shit outta me when I saw my dad jerking one of the guys off, still sitting in his chair. And another thing - I've NEVER seen my mom nude and I hope never to again. Gawd, that woman is gross. Seeing her in that damned bikini she wears is bad enough."
"Can't say as she does much for me either. I like em just this size." grabbing Sal around the waist and pulling her between my legs.

Sal looked me in the eyes and said "Who got you off tonight?"
"No one"
Sal stepped back, eyeing me closely.
"No one? I overheard those women talking about the size of your dick."
"Touching and looking does not equate to fucking."

"You had all those women waiting in line to be 'serviced' and no one got you off."
"Bingo. Give the lady a cigar."
"Ok. I'll bite, why not."
"Wasn't what they needed and wasn't what I wanted at the time."
"What did you want 'at the time'?"

Sal rushed over to me and I wrapped her in my arms. If I had to guess, some of her adventuresome ideas may be a bit tarnished at this point.
I still maintain this is just physical exercise and our true feeling are reserved for the ones we love. Time will tell about that. Judging from my own feelings of the night's events, I was somewhat pleased at my ability to scope out the two women I'd done. Being able to guess, and guess it was, what turned these women on gave me a certain sense of pride. I'm no coxman, I just do what feels right at the time.

A lingering question in the back of my mind was still the Barb/Tracy union. How will tonight's activities change that? Tracy thinks with his dick and little else. Sex is all about him. Bang 'em, then sleep it off. Big Brother mode tells me he's got to do some changing or he's going to be a total bore later in life, like some husbands we'd met tonight. Sex can be about taking, yes, but it's also about giving and deserving what you get. My old dad once told me "Son, make sure the woman gets hers first. You'll get taken care of along the way and they'll always ask you back." Words to live by.

I needed sleep in the worst way, but I needed my woman more. I got the feeling she was a little insecure about the whole night, now that it was over. I whispered in her ear that she probably could do with a douche. Maybe that would help her feel 'cleaner'. She ducked out the door with the bag and a bucket of water. Returning a half hour later, I grabbed her hand and we climbed the ladder to our queen bed. I snuggled her close to me, wrapping her in my arms and putting my head beside her ear.

"I love you, Baby Doll."
"I'm a tramp now, aren't I."
"Do you feel like a tramp? If you do, then tell me about it."
"Four men, six fucks, that's why" she sobbed.
"Then I assume you don't see this as physical exercise that feels good."
"I just feel used."
"No, you just feel fucked. Tell me, through the whole experience you never got turned on."

"Well, sure I got turned on. I was hoping at least one of them would go down on me, but all they wanted was to plug my holes as many times as they could. It felt more like a gang bang than a party. And the women- all but one stood around and cheered."
"My money is on the one that didn't and the ones in the bedroom with me. I have a very strong feeling the party situation is going to change or the guys may be here by themselves."

"And you say that why?"
"I was told by those two women none of the guys bother to get them off. If they cut them off from pussy at home because of that, do you think it'll be any different here next weekend? I'm thinking changes are in the air. Now, if I can just get Tracy to change his way of doing things, more women will get off and the men will be left holding their dicks. Remind me to talk to him in the morning."

Morning comes.....

I slid out of bed, trying not to wake Sal. As soon as she felt the loss of my body heat, she was feeling around for me. Not finding a warm body, she sat up. After seeing my morning wood, she knew exactly where I was headed, so naked, we slipped out the back door to our favorite tree. Sal was in a playful mood and wanted me to piss, then let her finish me off. Who the hell am I to turn that down? She stood in front of me and held my penis in her crotch as I let flow.

"Damn, that feels good, so warm and it tickles going down my legs."
"I'm about done, kiddo."
Immediately dropping to her knees, she took my softening dick in her mouth and drank the remainder, sucking the last drops out.
"Sometime, I want you to do that while you're inside me."
Is this chick kinky or what? She squatted and did her job, As she was done, I swiped my fingers through her wet gash. Good to the last drop.
"You need a bath now, toots" She didn't have the odor of urine now, but given time.....

"Got something to do first. We can go to the lake in a while" she said grinning.
Dropping to her knees again, she pulled my limp dick into her warm mouth. Soft, it still reached her gag reflex. Working her lips over it, my cock began to take shape and the harder it got, the farther she took in into her throat. Pulling my hips to her, she grabbed both of my ass cheeks and went all the way to my pubic hair. Holding me there with one hand, the other slid along my crack until she reached my asshole. Dry, she poked her finger in to the hand and felt for that lump I'd told her about.

After about the first or second rub, I felt the cum begin the churn in my balls. If anything, my dick may have grown another half inch with this stimulation. I could only stand this for a few minutes and warned her I was about to explode. She just nodded her head yes. Cum and cum I did, causing her to choke. Some even came out her nostrils. Never in my life have I ever seen a woman snort cum out her nose.
I pulled her up, patting her on the back until she had it under control again.
"Damn" she gasped, "You weren't joking about it making you cum harder. I thought I was drowning."
You fuck with the bull, you get the horns.

I guided her back to the caboose to wake the other two only to find Tracy balls deep in Barbs ass. I made coffee while they did their business. Barb was already climaxing when we walked in and was urging Tracy to fuck her vagina. As Tracy pulled out, I noticed no condom. Barb is on the pill, but that's beside the point.
"Hold it you two!"

"What's wrong now?"
"Ever heard of yeast infections? No anal to vaginal without a condom you can remove. Besides, other people eat there."
"Some of those guys at the party do me that way" complained Barb.
"Then you've been very, very lucky. Tracy have you gone down on her?"
"Yeah, just a little bit ago."
"Any cheesy stuff come out of her or an odor?"
"Just white shit- I thought maybe it was last night's cum. Now that you mention it, it does smell different."

"Jesus, Barb, hasn't your mother said shit to you about anything?” Picture a deer in the headlights look.
"Who else did you see doing anal to pussy?"
"Mom and I are the only ones I've seen do it."
"I told you she was a cow" quipped Tracy.
This might also explain the itch Barb seems to have since last summer.
"Barb, hate to say this, but you're out of commission until we get you to a doctor."

"Am I sick?"
"If you've had this yeast thing since last summer, it's a wonder if you aren't sterile or something."
"That couple and their daughter I was with do it all the time."
I just groaned - You can't fix stupid, it goes all the way to the bone!
"Barb, would you suck Tracy's dick after he butt fucked you?"
"Ewww, no way, that's gross!"
"Then why let someone put it where it can't be washed off or out?"
Sal finally spoke up: "I see your point. Better take me too. A couple of those guys did me that way last night."
What fucking morons. And the wives never said shit either.

Waking the parental units, the four of us sat dad and mom at the kitchen table and explained what they'd done, not only to Barb, but to Sal too after last night's initiation. Since this was their doing, the four of us suggested rather strongly that the father unit would foot the bill for the girl's exams and prescriptions. I had words of my own for the mother. How could she be so fucking ignorant? Father unit started to get angry until Tracy and I both reminded him that not only were he and his group exploiting minors, it also amounted to statutory rape. He wanted us to calm down and yes, he'd pick up the tab. I suggested he also bring his wife along. I failed to describe the mother adequately. She stayed so far out in the ozone most of the time, she barely making sense when she did try a conversation. All she seemed to live for were the weekend parties. Damn, someone had to be the grownup here. Why did it fall to a 19 yr. old?

Following the parental zeros into town in my car, it was decided we'd announce the problem to the rest of the party participants. I'm sure mom & dad will be upset by the news, but the couples, rather the wives should have known this all along. Ok, Barb had been like a party favor, but you still take care of your toys. The girls were pretty subdued about getting an infection through ignorance. I had to remind them - didn't they teach you anything in sex-ed?

Sal only added "They mentioned yeast infections, not how you got it. Some girls asked about it and we were told to ask our mothers. No one dared ask any pointed questions for fear the class would think they were sluts."
"I must have been absent that day. I don't remember any of this" said Barb. To think we pay taxes to pay for these classes, only to find out they shunt simple questions off to the parents who probably won't or can't answer.
I chose to keep my mouth shut and let the ER doctor do the explaining.

The urgent care clinic saw the two girls and Barb's mom at the same time. The exams took maybe 30 minutes to complete while the drunk and I sat in the waiting room. I had nothing to say to him he wouldn't hear tonight.
At last the girls walked out, each clutching a sheet explaining how to get rid of the yeast and signs to watch out for along with prescriptions. My own mother got yeast infections from time to time, but I didn't feel the need to ask her about it or what curing it entails.

The Rexall Drug was our next stop and the girls got some kind of cream to squirt in their pussies and a small amount of pills each. Sal sat up front with me on the trip back and explained it wasn't THAT big of a deal and easily cured. Most women above puberty got yeast infections, some every month when they had a period and the symptoms to watch out for.
All three were out of commission for at least a week, possibly longer. A little knowledge can be scary and the careless way they handled these parties made me cringe. Surprisingly, the subject of STDs never came up. AIDS hadn't reared its ugly head yet – the clap and syphilis were the only worries. I guess as long as the group played within the group only, that wouldn't be a problem.

That Night.....

We waited until the party had been underway for about an hour before inviting ourselves in. The mom was waltzing around in bra and panties, oblivious to everything and everybody. No one was having a good time at that point.
"I assume you've been told the news". It was hard to contain my growing anger. These people were adults, for God's sake. Supposedly, they knew better...obviously not or uncaring, take your pick.
One of the men, an attorney spoke up: "You kids aren't going to tell anyone about this, are you?"

"Shouldn't we? I mean ten grown people took advantage of two young girls, did unspeakable things to them and carelessly exposed them to infection."
One of the other men, a loudmouth spoke up: " You little shit! We're all in enough trouble with our wives after what you did last night. I should beat your ass."
"Go for it then, but you're forgetting a nineteen and eighteen year old boy made to do sexual things to married women? Wanna add assault and battery to it too? We're not mad at you, just disappointed that 1. You're so uncaring and self-centered and 2. Not men enough to do for your wives what it takes to make them enjoy sex. I don't think WE are the ones in trouble."
"Why, I oughtta..." That got him a slap upside the head by his wife, Sharon, the one I blindfolded.
"I think we'll just leave now. If you all decide to change the game plan to something more favorable to everyone, let us know." With that, we headed out the door.

Our cabin...

I think everyone was kinda bummed about the whole deal. To make matters worse, no pussy for us until the girls had used up their pills and cream. Barb wasn't acting like a cat in heat for once and Sal was just kind of morose.
"Look, it'll only be for a week and there's other things we can do."
"Like what? Fucking is out."
"There are lots of hot spots on a woman's body and there's always anal. Just think- laying there, letting us guys suck your pretty tits while we finger you or slide a hard cock in your ass. You ladies can give us blowjobs. It won't be so bad."

I crawled up into our bed, followed by Sal. I held her in my arms, spooning in behind her. After a while I mentioned we should take our clothes off if we planned to sleep. With her head on my shoulder, I used the other arm to cup her tit, rolling the nipple around until it got hard, then switching to the other. She kept squirming around...go figure. It was a shame I couldn't eat her, but I could tongue her ass and finger her clit.

She had a better solution, getting on her knees with her face in the pillow. She reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks. I didn't need a written invitation. I replaced her hands with mine, exposing her brown little pucker and licked around her nether hole, feeling it clench and unclench as I worked it looser. Meanwhile, she had both hands rubbing her clit and squeezing a breast. After a few minutes, she was moaning and telling me to fuck her ass and I was only too willing to comply. Remembering the tube of KY jelly on the shelf by the bed, I put a generous coating on my now hard dick and eased it into her hot bowel. That made her lose her mind. Hunching backwards, she was slamming her ass cheeks into my legs and balls and near screaming as she got off. One of the best things about Sal was she had a quick trigger.

From the bed below, we heard a "WTF are you two doing up there? You're shaking the whole caboose!"
Sal answered: "He's butt fucking me and it's sooo good."
Shortly thereafter we could hear the brother and sister moving around. A 60,000 pound caboose will never move during sex. Maybe Tracy's porker mom might make it vibrate a little, but it may as well been welded to the ground. Hah! Shaking the whole caboose.

Peeking over the edge of the bed, we watched Tracy mount Barb doggy style. Barb moaning and groaning as Tracy slammed that fat dick of his into her tiny ass. With a little imagination, Tracy looked just like a male dog with his arms over Barb's pelvises, hunching like a jackhammer. I REALLY needed to talk to that kid about technique. Slow is good unless the woman asks for different, but again, Tracy has near zero experience with women.
It got quiet and soon all we could hear was Tracy snoring away, his task over. What a fucking dud! Fortunately, Barb decided to go to sleep in his arms.

The week passed, and our girls stayed with their medication. The doctors advised against douching powders but did recommend a fresh water douche after sex. I'd added a daily enema long before that. I gotta hand it to the ER doctor. This was the '60's and he never made any disparaging remarks about two teens already sexually active. Friday afternoon is here again and the four of us waited with a little anticipation - would the parties be over or what? I don't know whether it was relief or regret when the first couple pulled into the parking lot next door. Alice, the first woman I'd pleased two weeks before came up the caboose steps and knocked on the door.

"May I come in?" she said. "I've never been in a caboose before and Tracy's dad had shown us all the remodeling you'd done on his cabin and told us you'd worked this place over also. Max [her husband] and I are considering buying one of the properties close to here, since we spend every weekend here." A rosy blush came to her cheeks. "I know we'll be spending a lot more time here. The commute for Max isn't that long and I love being around the lake and all the other scenery [looking at me and blushing some more]. Would you boys be interested in another refurbish job? We'll gladly pay you adult wages to work for us through the week and leave your weekends free."
Looking over at Tracy, I winked at him. "I charge $15 an hour for whatever work you require and Tracy works for $10 per hour." A thought popped into my head - this was the woman offering to PAY me for extracurricular services two weeks ago.

"I'm sure it will be ok with Stan. He has absolutely no skills, [in or out of bed??] Just provide us with a list of things you need."
"Tracy's dad had lumber and sheetrock hauled up here by someone. The rest, I picked up in town. Mostly plumbing supplies, nails, screws... yada yada. Talk to him or make your own arrangements. However, I'll need to see the place first and make a list."
"Stan and I are planning to spend the night in Barb's old room. Possibly we could take you all to breakfast, then go over to the property. If you stay here all week, I'll try to stay in the main cabin as I'll have it all to myself. Stan has his bank to take care of on Monday."

After looking around at the renovations in here, she left us alone.
"Damn! MONEY", shouted Tracy. I'd already been counting the dollars. This might mean my car would get paid off if this job took any time to complete. The girls chimed in, wanting to know what they were going to be doing while we were away working. Since Alice hadn't mentioned WHERE the property was located, I suggested they could work on their tans or come with us... there was always something to hold or tote.

We were invited to supper at the main cabin, so cleaning up a little was in order. Clean cutoffs and a T for me, Sal wore another of my shirts and her bikini bottoms. The damned shirt came to nearly her knees. At the dinner table, Stan was all over the idea of us renovating their new place, saying if he had to hire workers from home, it would have cost him three times what he'd be paying us. After the meal, Stan took me outside where we walked around.

"Buck, where did you learn to do what you do? I mean you're nineteen years old."
"Well, what exactly are you talking about?" I knew what he was referring to, but I wanted him to say it.
"It's obvious you're a talented handy man, but I'm referring to what you did to my wife. She's never stopped talking about it. You're too young to have that many life experiences."
"I had the opportunity to get an education from a nineteen year old college girl a few years ago. She showed me how to read a woman, and to listen to what she and her body was saying, not to mention she fucked my young brains out nearly daily."

"You would have been what? A LOT younger?"
"Yes sir, I was a lot younger and stupid and if I got away from her directions, she cut me off until I did it her way. She introduced me to oral, vaginal and anal sex, toys, bondage and a little pain. My dad had a hand in my education too. Not knowing if I was even sexually active yet, he sat me down and told me to make sure the woman got her's first, that I'd get taken care of along the way and she'd always ask me back for more. I've lived by that ever since. I've heard stories about some women who take forever to get excited enough to cum, but I've yet to run across one. That would probably mean her head wasn't in it or someone's not hitting the right spots. Alice got off because I hit three of her erogenous zones at the same time. She probably told you all that."

"Damn, you are wise beyond your years, boy. I didn't lose my virginity until I hit college. Since that time, I guess I just did what felt good to me. Alice has informed me things are going to be different."
"You realize I didn't really fuck Alice. I did penetrate her slightly, at first. That's what she expected, but wasn't what she wanted or needed. I can only tell you to experiment, listen to her and her body. Somewhere along the way, you'll get your jollies, just make sure she gets her's first. That's my best and only advice."
He slapped me on the back and we headed to the main cabin.

In the cabin, Tracy's dad was in his normal chair, the mother unit dancing around to a tune only she could hear and no girls. Dad wasn't all that far gone yet, so we asked him where our girls were.
"In Barb's old bedroom. They went in and closed the door while you and Stan went wherever."
Knocking on the door, I waited until someone told me to enter and what a scene I walked into.

Alice lay on the bed with Barb's mouth plastered to her pussy while Sal ate Barb. Tracy sat in a chair, jacking off for all he was worth.
"God, this is soo hot! Look at that." breathed Tracy.
"How long have they been at it?"
"Since shortly after you an Stan left. I bet I've come four times!"
"And you haven't passed out yet? You're usually sawing logs by this time."
"Fuck, this is too good to miss. They keep switching around."
To my knowledge, Barb and Sal hadn't done any exploration into the land of Lesbos since that first afternoon they were exposed to sex, but they seemed to be avidly lapping it up. [I had to get that pun in there, sorry]
I motioned Tracy to follow me out. I didn't think he'd actually leave, but he did.

"Tracy, my man, we need to talk. Let's grab a beer and go sit in the shade."
Outside, we made our way to a pergola we'd constructed.
"We need to get you up to speed on being with a woman. One fuck, and your out like a light. Not good, not good at all. The other night you lasted through two women - that's good, but you're young and can do better. Just now you've told me you came four times and you're still awake..excellent progress. Now we need to work on your technique."

"They spread their legs and I fuck em. What's the big deal"?
"The big deal is you're only satisfying yourself, not them. That makes you just like those four clods that bring their wives. Sex ain't all about you, dude. Get a grip, do things to turn the lady on. Finger her, lick her before you stick her. Get her climbing the walls, just waiting for you to shove that fat dick in her waiting pussy. If you want them lining up for your attention, get with the program, else you're no different from their husbands. How long do I spend on Sal?"
"That's Sal, she's just slow to cum. Look at Barb. A hot look and she's creaming her jeans."

"Wrong, pard. Sal likes it slow and easy, a long buildup makes her cum harder. She'll also come if I just slam her, but I know what she likes. Barb? What can I say, some women are totally nympho, but the rest are not like Barb at all. Slow down, pace yourself. If you feel close to cumming and the lady hasn't, back off and do something else to her FOR her. Practice eating Barb out, or hell, ask Sal if she'd mind you practicing on her."
"And you won't get mad?"
"I let her entertain four strange men last week, why would I get mad if my best friend tries to make her feel good?"

I left Tracy deep in thought. I knew beyond a doubt, if this change got him more pussy, he'd do everything possible to make it happen. Stan and Alice were the only visitors Friday night. The girls came back after a couple of hours looking totally fucked out. Sal was just so mellow and Barb, for once, relaxed in Tracy's lap.
"I'm guessing you girls enjoyed yourselves. I'd kinda pissed over the fact you weren't pleasuring each other. How did this come about?"

"Alice was so nice, and easy to talk with. She doesn't talk down to us at we were all girlfriends. She jumped right in and asked if we 'played' with each other or strictly liked men. I told her Sal and I tried it once but never did it again, although, the one time was nice."

She told us she'd never done anything with a woman until she got to college and her roommate kept after her to just try and see if she liked it. She wasn't a virgin and still dated guys on campus, but after a hard evening of study, she and her roommate would relax each other. College ended and she met Stan. They'd joked about an open marriage from time to time and somehow ended up here on the advice of one of the other three couples. I joked it was something they could do to pass the time if they didn't want to help with the remodeling. The girls just smiled at each other, then pulled together in a kiss. I told them to take it up to our big bed.

Tracy and I stood beside each other as the girls hands began to roam over each other. Turning to Tracy, I told him to watch what they did. Women know what women want and if a guy's smart, he'll do his best to copy those moves. After maybe five minutes, clothes began to fly and the girls had swapped ends, crotch to mouth. This was too good to pass up. Rolling the girls to their sides, I went to Barbs feet and motioned Tracy to go to Sal's. Lifting Barb's upper leg to my shoulder, it opened a clear shot to her pussy. As Tracy was following my every move, he watched me slide my hard dick into Barb's dripping pussy as Sal had a lip lock on her clit. He kept looking at me until I nodded my head in Sal's direction. He had to work it in as Sal was much tighter than Barb.

You could hear the girls moaning with their mouths full of clit and pussy lips. Sal's hands, which had been clenched around Barb's thighs, reached around to pull my dick out her pussy and rub it up and down Barb's ass crack. I'd never been in Barb's ass, so it was time to break new ground. Placing my crown on her rosebud, Barb began to moan louder. Taking this as a good sign, I eased into her puckered ring until I was in to the pubes. Barb did the same move on Tracy and I could feel Sal tense as Tracy moved his thick cock into her bowel.
"Give her a minute to get used to it, then go slow until she loosens on her own."

It was hard for Barb as she wanted to hunch my dick, but doing so would break Sal's contact with her clit. When Tracy was finally seated in Sal's tight ass, she went after Barb's clit with a vengeance. Barb wasn't much different.
"Take it slow and easy pard. Let her body tell you when it's time to speed up or go harder. Make it last as long as you can."

It was a good fifteen minute fuck when Barb tensed up and went rigid followed shortly by Sal. This drove both Tracy and I over the edge. I pushed deep into Barb and filled her rectum with all the jism I had. Tracy's eyes were nearly rolled back in his head, so I know he was in mid-cum or about there. The girls lay there for a minute and clutching their bottoms, they raced out the back door before they leaked on the bed. Coming back inside, we handed them wet washrags.

No other couple showed Friday night, so Saturday morning, Alice and Stan took the four of us to breakfast at a local diner. Alice was excited and Stan was mellow, so I concluded they were working the kinks out of their sex life. Alice had that 'freshly fucked' glow on her face and Stan, Stan just sat and smiled a lot.
Breakfast concluded we headed back to the lake and down the road from our two cabins about half a mile. Damn, these people had a huge cabin within rock throwing distance from the water. The cabin, probably more apt to call it a LODGE, hadn't been occupied in years and nature was trying to reclaim the place. Peeling paint, rotting boards and a few cracked or broken windows were apparent on the outside.

Strangely, inside, other than dust deep enough to leave foot prints in, was in very good shape. I had a pad and pencil with me to take notes. Stan asked me how hard it would be to soundproof each of the four bedrooms, replace the antiquated bathroom and kitchen fixtures and a fresh coat of paint inside and out. I guesstimated a figure, telling him it depended on several factors - the soundproofing could be done, but the old paneling, plaster and lath would have to come off the outer bedroom walls to allow for bagged insulation to be added. Any connecting walls between the bedrooms would have to be treated the same way.

We got into the bathroom and there sat an old claw-foot bathtub. Alice asked me if were possible to replace it with a jetted spa tub and a marble topped vanity the length of the wall the old pedestal sink occupied. Told them anything was possible as long as they were willing to pay for it. I also mentioned many of these items were best shopped for and purchased in the large city they lived in as it had home improvement centers and big box stores as opposed to our local hardware store.

I won't bore you with the minute details of this remodel job, but the dollar signs were adding up in my head.

Monday morning....

We were up and fed well before we watched Alice kiss Stan goodbye. He'd taken the list of fixtures they wanted to shop for while away for his work week. Tracy's folks had packed up earlier to head back home while we kids now had the run of the place. What to do with Alice?

I need my tools, ALL my tools. I suggested to Tracy we head back home and gather what I needed. My Ford had a tow hitch but I didn't have a trailer. I guess that's what U-Haul is for. The girls wanted to stay and keep Alice company. You do know where this was going? Alice had brought a bag of toys with her and the girls had only ever been exposed to candle stubs, so this will be a treat for them. Us manly types gassed up the car and headed home. Tracy and I spent the forty minute drive talking sexual technique. Trailer rented and loaded, we went back the way we came, getting to the cabin about dark thirty.

'Meanwhile, back at the ranch', the girls were introduced to real dildos, big, small and vibrating varieties. Alice instructed them on the proper use of a double-ended dildo. As they hunched with the double-ender impaled in both pussies, Alice had a vibrator in her ass and a dildo wedged in her own pussy. We walked in as the group neared a mass orgasm.
I'd like to say I was shocked, but the nineteen year old neighbor had already cured that. Tracy on the other hand, didn't know whether to 'shit or go blind' as the saying goes - sensory overload. Too much exposed pussy doing interesting things for his young mind.

I had other thoughts of my own. Walking over to Alice, I let her keep the vibrator in her pussy, but leaned her over the seat of the chair she was in. Her ass was already lubed and relaxed from the dildo she'd had there, so I dropped my cutoffs and eased into her warm tunnel. She arched back and thrust her ass all the way to my pubes while pistoning the dildo in her cunt. It took about a minute and she grabbed the chair back while her pussy clenched the dildo there and screamed like I was disemboweling her. I hadn't noticed the girls had finished and Tracy was eating Sal's juicy cunt. I held Alice upright in my arms as her orgasm slowed. We heard three people clapping. Alice turned and kissed me, pushing her tongue back to my tonsils.

"Gawd, we have to do that again" She sighed.
"Ever use one of these on Stan? He might like it."
"You ARE kidding me, right? As far as he's concerned, this is all girly stuff, and his ass is 'one-way-only'"
"Too bad. I like all kinds of things in my ass, so does Tracy." Barb's eyes lit up with that.

I announced to the girls it was time to start unloading tools so I could return the trailer tomorrow. They were welcome to help, but Tracy and I could handle it. Sal and Barb were still enamored with all the toys Alice had brought and begged off to play some more.
Alice asked if she could ride to the new cabin with us and extend her wish list for renovations. She climbed in the back and once we were seated up front, leaned up to rest her arms on the back of our seats. Driving along, I could tell something was on her mind. She'd talk when she decided to talk and I wasn't going to grill her. After a few minutes had past, I could tell she was trying to formulate something in her mind.

"Buck, you mentioned you liked things in your ass. Can I assume you're gay? Maxine's husband Bill, and I use the word 'husband' loosely, is as gay as a $3 bill."
"Do I act gay?" I said with a grin. I thought Tracy was going to fall out of his seat, laughing so hard.
"Let me put it this way - the girls explained your little period of girl-girl sex in college. Does that make you a lesbian? Because Tracy and I both like things in our ass on occasion, does not even remotely make us gay.

You seem to enjoy anal sex.. why? Because it feels good to you. Why should a male feel any different? Having a preference for mostly anal sex by a male would kind of make him gay. One of the guys, I don't know who, propositioned Tracy that first night to take him in the ass, saying he'd never had a dick the size of Tracy in him."
"That was likely Bill. He does get with us women at the parties, but we know he cruises the gay hangouts when at home."

"So what brought all this up? Just curiosity? To answer your original question a little better, yes, Tracy and I experimented on each other for an entire summer once. Mainly, because there were no women around to ease our frustrations. We've given each other blow jobs and had anal sex with each other but we both know where our true desires lays. I came upon what I think is a UNIVERSAL TRUTH. If it feels good, do it. If it feels that good, do it again and if your happy with it, make it part of your repertoire. Sal at least, has begun to massage my prostate during a blow job or intercourse because it makes me cum like crazy. You have a clit, which corresponds to our penis, but you also have a G-spot, which is like our prostate gland. Someone massaging either one only adds to our pleasure."
Alice sat back and looking at her in the mirror, she was lost in thought.

At their lodge, we unloaded my tools into her garage-to-be and went inside. While we were looking around and checking her list, a thought popped into my head. Maybe she could help train Tracy and break him of some of these boorish habits so I brought it up to her when we were alone in another part of their cabin.
"Tracy is a lot like the other men at the parties - still out for number one. I was hoping you could lend a hand [or a pussy or ass] to broaden his education with someone who is experienced and knows what she likes. The poor kid has only had his sister and Sal and a couple of high school girls to draw on, experience-wise. I think his efforts at that first party kind of groups him with the other husbands."

"Yeah, go ahead and talk about me like I'm not here!" snarkily replied Tracy as he walked up
"And where would all this take place?" she asked.
"Well, we DO have two cabins all to ourselves this week."
"Would you be willing to help too?"
"He'd be the one doing the fucking. I just want you to help make him a stud."
"Oh, I wouldn't mind that at all, but there's another thing I'd like to try. Some of the other wives like to be double penetrated. I've never had the nerve to really try it but you're both so, I don't know, pliable."
"I've had some experience there and Tracy has had one shot at it, himself."
"Goody. Let's wrap this up and go home." She was quivering now, little shivers every time she thought about it. Anti...cipation is part of the thrill.

Arriving back at the main cabin, we found the girls passed out, likely from orgasmic overload, cuddled together. This was a first. I had never seen Sal and Barb actually this loving towards one another. Barb and Tracy shared one thing in common, with both, sex had to be 'right now', hard and fast.
Checking the master bedroom, it was a mess. Dirty sheets, dirty clothes and a stale odor - not very conducive to love making, I told Alice and Tracy we would go to our cabin for this little educational event.

End Part 1
Author's note: It's up to you to decide for yourself where the age of consent is concerned. A universal fact of life is: kids fuck, some sooner than others, but the fact remains. In my state, 16 yr olds can decide.

3- My Youth

True story, although I fleshed it out, but just a little. The conversations are more or less accurate, the situations are as they happened. Sorry about the major delay adding to this story, but life and work get in the way.
© Hellraser 2014

**A note to readers- Tracy, Barb, Sal and I found ourselves in the middle of an adult swap/swing group consisting of Tracy and Barbs parents and whatever couples dropped in to their lake cabin on summer weekends. Some of the adult couples changed from time to time, but I've included the regular visitors. At the time all this was happening, I thought these adults were just wild or nuts. As I got older and learned the ways of the world, it appears many married couples are either self-centered or just plain naïve about pleasing their partners. Some just liked the variety. Whatever the case, it was certainly 'educational'.

Alice, Tracy and I grabbed two cold beers and headed for the caboose.
Entering, Alice's eyes were glued to the queen bed in the upper loft. I looked at Alice very closely. Her eyes were bright and her breathing got heavier by the minute. Her nipples poked out of the T shirt she wore and she kept clenching her thighs together. Closer inspection of said thighs, my eyes slowly trailed up to the growing wet spot on the crotch of her shorts. Well, they say anticipation is 90% of the game and anticipating whatever I had in mind was tearing her up.

"Why don't you take off a few clothes and crawl up and get comfortable? Can I get you a beer? I'm afraid we don't keep anything harder out here."
She just nodded her head - I guess I was supposed to interpret that as yes, she'd get naked and yes, she wanted a beer. As she removed her shirt, I hung it on a clothes hook, followed by her daisy dukes. Gotta love a woman who goes commando! I meant to ask her if she dressed this way every day or if she was hoping for a little action. Climbing up the ladder to the loft, her wet pussy was nearly dripping.

I told Sal and Barb to go up and kneel on either side of her head while Tracy and I shed our own clothes. The girl's clothes flew in every direction. They didn't know the script, but were looking forward to whatever perverted plan I had in mind. By the time I crawled up, Tracy was a hand deep in Alice's squishy pussy, plumbing her tunnel with all four fingers. All you could hear was her rapid breathing and the sloppy sound of her snatch as Tracy got her kitty purring.

I asked Alice to direct Tracy in whatever ways felt best to her. Her answer was to push Tracy's hand away and pull on his shoulders until he was face down in her pussy. You didn't have to tell him twice - Tracy was sucking on her pussy lips and he pinched her clit between thumb and forefinger.
"Oh! Right there, right there. Pinch that clit! Harder, make me scream."
You could visibly see her making that short climb up the hill to her orgasm.

Barb and Sal sat there salivating, waiting for something that included them. I had both girls grab one of Alice's generous tits and for them to suck and lick her nipples. That was all it took to push Alice over the edge. She grabbed Tracy by the ears and ground her dripping pussy into his face.
"OMFG! Oh shit! I'mmmmm cummmmmming!" as her ass bounced off the bed. I think she about broke Tracy's nose, banging her pubic bone into it as she thrashed around.

Letting her catch her breath, the girls still had lip locks on her turgid nipples.
"You liked that, eh?" as I smiled at her.
"Christ on a bicycle, that was wonderful!"
"Glad we could take the edge off, however, we're here to do two things - help train Tracy and satisfy a few of your favorite fantasies. You told me one earlier. How is it that in your married life and the weekends here, you've never been DP'd?"
"I didn't say never. I said I was curious about it and the one time I tried it, the guys just forced it and it hurt like hell. Stan has never even tried anal with me. I don't think his mind works like that."
"You do know Stan and I had a little chat before he left. He told me he was a virgin until college and not a lot of experience at that, most of it with you. Sometimes you need to tell the guy what you want or need and how you want it. Damned few of us are mind readers."

Everyone had recovered by now and I asked Tracy if he had gotten close while turning Alice on.
"OMG, yes! The higher she got, the more excited I got. I just wanted to jump on her and fuck the daylights out of her."
"Pard, there's nothing wrong with that, but remember what I told you about pacing yourself. It's not ALL about you. Sometimes I have to distract myself by thinking of anything but what I'm doing. After a while control gets easier."

"Alice, present company aside, don't take this as applying to you. Tracy, sooner or later, you'll meet a woman that just lies there. You're doing your best and the only times she moves or makes a sound, you aren't sure if she's enjoying it, or you're hurting her. These three ladies are pretty vocal AND physical. You KNOW when you're doing a good job. Take that other lady Sharon for instance. You've yet to be with her, but her idea of sex was just lay there, get the guy off and go on to the next one. I'm not into patting myself on the back, but I think I rocked her world."

Alice added her two cents. "Damned straight you did. She was all over her husband Max after you two finished up. I think she cut him off and she hasn't been with another guy any weekend since."
"Hon, didn't anyone ever tell you it's ok to demand a little for yourself now and then."
"Then how did you know? I felt things with you I've felt damned few times in my entire life!"
"A smart woman showed me how to listen to a woman, feel her responses and change my tactics accordingly. Too many guys think sex is all about them, not bothering to think if the woman is satisfied. They are in it to get themselves taken care of. If the woman does enjoy it, that just an accidental side benefit, owning all to their natural studliness."

Why does a nineteen year old know these things and the 'adults' don't? I know if I rode rough shod over Sal, she'd either hand me my nuts with an evil grin and leave me or just leave me.

"Are we going to try my fantasies out?" asked Alice. Her wish is my command.
"Ok, I need to ask you if you're ok with girl-on-girl action"
"Oh hell yes. I love it." Her thighs began to squirm again.
"Ok, Barb or Sal, decide who gets their pussy eaten."
I left them to sort that out while I had Tracy lay on his back.

I had Alice lay over the top of him as he slid his dick into her waiting pussy. I pulled her torso a little to the side. This made her mouth accessible to whichever girl she was going to lick.
"Tracy, just lay there and feel good. We're going to let Alice do most of the work. Just slowly slide in and out. I want her to know she has a fat dick in that tight pussy of hers. Once I get in her, just lay there and let her provide the movement. If it gets intense, slide out a moment or do some multiplication tables or think about dead kittens."

With Alice crouched over Tracy, I got behind her and spit on a finger to circle her brown crinkled hole. After a bit, her ass was squirming, both on Tracy's dick and my finger. Figuring she was getting into it, I swabbed a finger through her copious juices running down out of her full pussy and sank a finger into her ass to the first knuckles. She tensed up.
"Just relax and concentrate on Tracy's dick. Don't clinch your ass, let it relax."

Feeling her stop clamping down on my finger, I wiped up more juices and added a second finger, twisting it around to widen her. Two fingers would allow me into her tight recesses just fine. Tracy was taking up a lot of room, making her ass tighter. Sal was the lucky lady getting her pussy eaten, so I asked Barb to hand me the KY tube. She had been busy nursing Sal's exposed nipple.

Slathering a generous amount on my hard dick, I put a glob on two fingers and eased that into her ass while twisting them around.
"This all feeling good Alice?"
"Unh, unh mmmm hhhmmm" I took that as a yes.
I lined up with her nether hole and gently pushed in just past the head.

I held it there as she squirmed, finally hunching her hips back to me. I took this as a definite sign she was ready for more. Sliding slowly in, I went all the way to my balls. I let her get used to being stuffed a few moments as her ass continued to churn. Grabbing her sexy hips, I pushed forward until only the head remained and started pumping slowly. I could feel Tracy through the thin wall separating her pussy from her bowel. She met me hunch for hunch, having a hard time keeping her mouth on the job at hand. That part took care of itself as Sal moaned and bucked her way through her own orgasm. Alice had hard suction on Sal'd clit and two fingers buried in her twat and ass both. Sal slipped backwards and started deep kissing Barb. Alice took over all the movement at that point, hunching both my dick buried in her bowels and Tracy's sheathed in her tight pussy. She started hunching harder and more rapidly, then raise her head and screamed as her peak overtook her. As her climax hit, I know Tracy could feel the same pulsing of her pussy and ass muscles as they worked to milk all possible sensation from the two of us.

Collapsing on Tracy's chest, she was like a fish out of water, gasping for breath.
"Neither one of you came!" as her heartbeat returned to normal.
"Nope, but that's ok. This was about you and about Tracy. I am so proud of him. He handled that just right. And you! You acted like you do this everyday."
"Oh Gawd! I wish. It was fantastic. I thought it would hurt, but all I felt was 'stuffed'. I never knew my ass could feel so good, so sensitive."
"Aw shucks, ma'am, tweren't nuthin."
"Can I ask one more favor of you both? I've never seen a man cum. I mean I've seen cum run out of me and other women and I sure as hell have felt it squirt inside me, but have never seen the act itself."

"Well, three ways we could do this. One, fuck you, then pull out and cum all over your tits. Two, let you give us head, then squirt on your face and tits, or three, just jack off."
" I think I'll pass on either of you jacking off, that doesn't sound as much fun for you. The first two choices involve me and I like that idea. That ok with you girls?"
Alice tuned to see Barb and Sal with their faces buried in each other's cunt. I guess that answered her question.

I gave the choice over to Tracy. His decision was to finish fucking her. He'd never sprayed a woman's tits before, so it was very tempting for him. Bending Alice's legs so her knees were positioned on both sides of her head, opened her pussy like a flower.
"Remember Pard, it has to feel good for her too."
Tracy pushed in slowly but not stopping until his pubic hair met her nearly bald mons. I was very surprised he'd managed to pick up some style. I know Alice appreciated it as her head twisted from side to side. We both paid close attention to Alice, her breathing and movements.
That was all it took to set Tracy off. Pulling out, he generously sprayed her from chin to tits, finally dribbling in her belly button. Seeing Tracy squirt hot cum on her body pushed her over the edge again and her pelvis began to buck. As both returned to normal, I'd gotten a warm washrag for Alice and I to clean up with.

"Ready for round 2?"

Barb and Sal were still going at it. Barb had worked her small fist inside Sal's pussy and it was making her crazy. Knowing those two were occupied with each other left me open to give Alice what she desired.

Alice on hands and knees and me kneeling, put her mouth at the right height. She barely hesitated as her warm mouth slid over my distended cock. It kinda surprised me she was so avid, taking it into her throat with a swallow. I grabbed the back of her head and just face fucked her for a few minutes. As I held her head, she cradled my balls and ran her fingers along my perineum. There I was, pumping along, enjoying an excellent blow job when she pushed a dry finger in my ass and rubbed my prostate. Elvis has left the building and this rodeo was over. I pulled back and she just opened her mouth wide as I shot rope after rope of white cum, catching most of it. The rest hit her cheeks and eyes pouring down her chin to drip on the sheets. When I stopped quaking, I started to hand her the washrag again. Pushing my hand away, she swabbed her face with her fingers and rubbed what she hadn't swallowed into those marvelous tits of hers.

"So, what shall we do the rest of the week?" I asked.
"Can I talk to you and Sal together some time?"
"Sure," I said. I was a little wary of her intentions, so I asked her why.
"Well, I'm really curious about what the two of you do. She's way more experienced and a damned sight kinkier than I was at that age, hell, prolly even more than I am now. So, I'd like to know what the two of you are into and how you got into it."
"You aren't exactly a stranger anymore, so I don't have a problem with it. I'm sure she won't either."

Tracy and Barb decided to hit the camping beach just to see if any 'new' meat had made it to the campground to beat the weekend crowd, leaving Sal and I to entertain Alice. I could see Alice mentally trying to work on her questions for the two of us.

"Sal, Buck told me it would be ok to talk to the two of you about your relationship. When did you become sexually active and how did it happen?"
Sal just grinned and sat next to her. "Barb and I were rubbing around on a couch trying to bring ourselves off when Buck walked in with Tracy. Buck asked us 'what in the hell we were doing' and we told him. He surprised the shit outta us when he said there were more, better ways to accomplish that. Then, he proceeded to show us. We took our own cherries with a candle, of all things.
I had been in love with Buck for a couple of years, and believe it or not, was too chicken to tell him. Barb blabbed my secret, it turned out to be the best day of my life and it only got better from that point on."

Alice sat thinking while Sal retraced her memories of that afternoon in Tracy's bedroom.
"You said you had a crush on Buck for two years. Weren't you a little young to take things that seriously?"
"Maybe it started out as a little girl's crush, but after a year passed, my panties got wet every time he looked at me. Sadly, he wasn't the first to fuck me...Tracy was because Buck had a thing about the incest factor. He fucked Barb and it about crushed me, but how was he to know? I was too stupid and shy to tell him how I felt and he was sooo much older and more experienced than I was. Barb finally drug his lame ass out into the garage and told him what I was too tongue-tied to tell him. The rest is history. Tracy got 'some' of my virginity, but Buck got my heart and all the rest of me."

Alice got pensive after hearing Sal's confession.
"But you seem so, I don't know, experienced now."
"Buck let me experiment. Understand, I have older brothers but never once saw a live, nude male. That afternoon in that bedroom, was to say the least, an eye opener for me. He had us do some girl-girl stuff and it was ok - shit! It felt great and that was something that had never crossed my mind. It's hard to believe, but I'd never seen a female pussy other than casually in the gym showers and damned sure never seen the inside of one. He made us INSPECT each other so we knew what parts of us were the hot spots. It was seemed gross at first, then as we got into it, made Barb and I both wet but it wasn't something either of us really pursued until later. We did go take a shower together and fingered each other."


"I hate to admit it, but I never did much until I went to college. It was like it was expected to happen. A lot of groping went on in the back seat of a car or in some idiot's frat room. That was about the extent of my experience except for a few hand jobs. The idea of putting my mouth on some jock's dick never crossed my mind. The cum I wiped off my hands disgusted me, but if it made my date happy...swallow it? Never gonna happen."

I chimed in with "Stan told me he was cherry until his college years. How did that work out for you two?"
"Stan was a sweetheart about sex and I finally 'gave up' my cherry to him our senior year. The sex was 'ok', not mind blowing, but ok. Hell, we were dumb bunnies when it came to sex. Just a lot of fumbling around til we found what felt good. Being out here at the cabin with the other couples is the wildest things we've ever done. I just felt kind of ignorant of the possibilities. I knew the guys all wanted Barb to get into the act with us, but she was so young. I was actually pissed when Tracy's mom gave in and actually SOLD her pussy and ass."

"Barb wasn't exactly innocent when she went to that party. I'd told Tracy to be very careful about sex with Barb for fear of him knocking her up. You have to know, they are unsupervised all day just like they are out here. Tracy took the warning to heart and wouldn't touch her, preferring to prowl the campers for a playmate until they'd leave. Barb was going nuts, even asking me to do her. I finally said if Sal is ok with it, then I'd help out."
Sal added: "I said NO FUCKING WAY! I wasn't sharing my man, even with my best friend. That lasted all the first summer, even after she got fed up and joined the cabin parties. Barb 'experimented' with a family that first summer. The dad was a pedophile. She obviously enjoyed the attention"

"Yes, but that's Barb - what about you guys" asked Alice.

"Buck just kept me always turned on, just by the way he treated me. He coaxed me into doing things I was always afraid to do - like peeing outside."
"Your mom told you something would run up your leg and into your pussy, didn't she?" laughed Alice.

"Exactly. Buck assured me he'd beat off the snakes and the mice and to just squat and do my thing. That in itself was an eye-opener, peeing in front of a man. I'd neglected any toilet paper and when I was done, Buck just calmly wiped my pussy with the back of his hand. Later, he peed and let me 'aim' it. Gawd, that was such a turn on."

"You gonna tell her the rest of it?" I asked.
"How easily grossed out are you" Sal queried, looking Alice in the eyes.
"Not easily. I'm really curious. Maybe I'll learn something new." She replied.
"Ok, you asked for it. The next day, as we were doing our morning thing, I forget if it was Buck or me that first initiated it, but we tasted each other's urine. It was a little salty, but it about made me cum on the spot. Since then, Buck's pissed in my pussy and in my ass and it was just mind blowing. I don't think I'd ever cum that hard. You may not be aware, but urine is sterile, so unless you had a UTI or some social disease, there's no danger. We've also just latched onto the source and drank from each other. I think they call all that 'water sports'."

Alice was quiet for a bit, then said "Gawd, I don't believe it. How do you guys think up all this kinky stuff. It sounds like fun, but I don't think Stan would ever go for it."
"We don't really 'think' this stuff up. A nasty thought will just cross one of our minds and we try it. If you don't experiment, you never know what you may have missed. We aren't into that scat stuff, that's just plain icky. Look at you - you had a fantasy about being DP'd. Now it's a reality and you loved it. I've been told by a few ladies more informed than I am that if you do a good, cleansing enema before playing, it's ok to go ass to mouth afterwards. We've yet to try that, though. Ass, yes, mouth yes, but one didn't necessarily follow the other" Sal answered.

"I think I have a lot to think about. I've had all the guys at the parties, but although it feels good, it's just never got me off. If it doesn't bother you for me to say so, that first time with Buck made me think something's been wrong all this time. I want more times to happen like that and I know the other women will too. I know you made a believer out of Sharon that night."

"There's nothing wrong with free sex, as long as the people involved give as well as receive. I think the guys see it as just a 'fuck fest' and don't pay any attention to us girls" Sal added.
All I could say was "Exactly. Men seem to be programmed to fuck, then move on. Seems to be a genetic thing. Little do they realize what they miss."

The week passed with Alice trying every variation she or we could think of. She finally worked up nerve to have me piss in her pussy after a round of sex. As it was happening, she shivered and hunched like it was eating her insides.
"OMFG! That was unbelievable. It was sooo nasty and felt so good" as she reached between her legs and dipped her fingers into her sodden snatch. Pulling her fingers to her mouth, she gave a tentative lick, then licked again, then put her fingers into her mouth and sucked them.
"I am actually surprised at the taste - a little salty, but I can taste me and your cum there too. What a tasty cocktail!"

Alice paired off with Sal and Barb and alternated with Tracy and I for the rest of the week. Soon, Friday was here and the parental units showed up and later, the weekend crowd.

After it got dark, apparently the group was here for more debauchery and mayhem. Sharon, my second 'conquest' from before pulled Alice away from the crowd and wanted the lowdown on everything and all of us. I don't think Alice applied any filters on what she told her friend. Sharon kept looking at me like I'd grown another head.

We had a new couple drop in about 10 pm. This was a realtor from the same town Tracy and I were from. Herman and Mary were probably in their middle 60's and looked like Mutt and Jeff. He was grossly overweight and she was skinny as a rail. Herman was content to sit in a chair like Tracy's dad and drink himself unconscious. I guess the bad thing about Herman was every time Tracy or I got close, he wanted to play with our nipples and squeeze our dicks. I finally asked him if he was gay or 'queer' as that was the PC term for homosexuality then. He told me 'maybe', so I asked him if he wanted to give us a blowjob. I'm not opposed to one from either male or female. A hard dick has no conscience.
"Not tonight, but let's not cross that off the list. It's our first time here."

Mary, on the other hand, was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Her eyes flew to every couple in the cabin, trying to take in what they said and watch the men squeeze breasts, butts and the occasionally the crotch of the other women present. She was very hard to read - whether this was causing excitement or panic.

By this time, Alice and Sharon had hashed out whatever women talk about and came to her aid. The women took Mary back in the bedroom and closed the door, so I didn't know if they were telling her the facts of cabin life or raping her. After an hour, they came out and she looked a lot better - still looking around, but without all the apprehension. Herman, by this time, was out in the ozone, oblivious to all that went on. It wasn't long that all the adults had consumed an appreciable amount of the free liquor and started to pair off. Our girls didn't seem to be in the spirit, so we crept out.

Tracy managed to down a couple three beers from his parent's cabin and was soon snoring away on his bed. Barb and Sal had other ideas.
"Get up here and do your duty to a couple of horny girls, asshole" said Barb. Who am I to argue?

After climbing to our queen sized bed, I was presented with two girls on their knees, butts in the air with their faces on the mattress.
"So, I'm here to judge asses or pussies?"
"Buttfuck us both" said Sal. She gotten over her jealousy of Barb a while back and didn't mind sharing as long as she got hers.
"Who's first?"
"Who do ya think dickhead" groused Barb.
"Well, that would have to be the love of my life then."
"Ya think??"
I reached over to the windowsill and grabbed the tube of KY. Squirting a glob on Sal's asshole, I began to work a finger into her tight ass. Soon, she relaxed and I added a second finger, twisting them around to coat her insides good while widening her hole.

"I'm ready, do it and do it now."
I know better than to open my mouth, so I slathered my hard dick with the KY and eased it into her sphincter. Sal didn't wait. As soon as the head of my dick passed her tight hole, I was prepared to wait a bit until she got used to it. Sal had other ideas and rammed herself backwards, impaling herself on my dick all the way to my nuts. What's an innocent boy to do? I grabbed her by both hips and started pile driving her into the mattress.
"Oooooo GAWWWWWWD, harder, split me wide open!"
I kept trying to force my dick out her mouth. She finally arched her back and slammed her ass into my crotch and screamed out her orgasm.

Since the girls had gotten into the cabin play, they religiously douched and helped each other with daily enemas. Sal lay down on the bed to get her wits about her and her breathing under control. Barb was still had her ass in the air, wiggling it around.
"Hey! I'm getting older over here."
I calmly reached over to my box of condoms and tore open a tin, rolling it on.

I think Barb liked anal sex more than the other way. After her mom sold her asshole as a party favor, she had no trouble relaxing without the foreplay. Still. I worked a good amount of KY into her loosened butt and then coated my rain-coated dick. I just lined up and sunk it in to the hair the first shot. Barb started humming about how good and how full she felt. You need to understand that Barb was tiny all over, possibly four foot eight tall or a little less. She still had next to no tits, peach fuzz on her mound, but had miles on her pussy and ass by this time. The little shit snaked a hand over to Sal and began to finger her. Three fingers then a fourth and finally folded her thumb down and sank her entire fist in Sal to the wrist.

Sal came up off the bed screaming, but it wasn't with pain. She was cumming like a jack hammer. Barb had her elbow on the mattress and Sal was doing squats, pistoning Barb's fist in and out. This was about all I could take and grabbed Barbs hips and tried to drill her tonsils as I came. Pulling out, I sat and watched as Sal bounced up and down on Barb's fist until she stiffened and her eyes rolled back in her head. Barb eased her hand out of Sal's twat while I wet a washrag to rub her face and neck with.
"OMG, OMG, OMG What made you think of that" gasped Sal.
"I read a lot and like to look at the dirty pictures' smiled Barb.
"I'm gonna be sore later, but you can do that again if you want, but later."

I decided to speak up and mention Alice might like to try that too. It wasn't my first rodeo but it was something I'd read about but only tried once. Barb's face lit up with the thought and I could see the hamster on the exercise wheel in her head. With her small hands, the ladies next door were in for a surprise.


Herman and Mary came up late in the afternoon. Tracy's dad and Herman started hitting the sauce right away. Tracy's mom had yet to make an appearance, still snoozing away in their bedroom. Hell, maybe she was drunk - not my week to watch her.

Mary was another story. She seemed to mostly stay to herself, talking with Sharon after she came from Barb's old bedroom. Tracy, the girls and I were enjoying a cup of coffee after a late night. We heard someone climbing the metal steps up to the caboose 'front' porch and Mary politely knocked on the screen door.

"May I come in" she asked?
"Certainly, care for a cup of coffee?"
"Gawd, NORMAL people, gimme gimme" she exclaimed! "The others are either hung over or getting an early start on tonight."
"How can we help you, Mary. This is really the first time you've spoken to us"?
"How is it you kids are even here, part of this whole orgy thing?"
"Well, we LIVE here" spoke up Sal. "As for the other, we kinda sorta got 'invited' to the parties in the main cabin. It's not like we're blushing virgins, ya know."
"Mary take a load off and enjoy your coffee. If you want to ask questions, we'll try to answer them" I said.

Mary...this is an old fashioned woman and getting her 'groove on' would take time, just bear with us.

"I watched Herman put the moves on you last night, Buck. Doesn't that disturb you? From listening to the women, I assumed you weren't like that."
"I take it Herman likes young stuff, especially if it has a dick. Is he a pedophile or just queer?" [that PC thing again]
"I really don't know how to explain Herman. We have two boys, the same age and older than you, I think. But in the last ten years, Herman hasn't touched me. I've heard rumors he has a couple of young men/boys he spends time with when he's out of the house."
"How does that make you feel, Mary?"
"At first, frustrated, then mad, then neglected, then just resigned that our marital sex was over with. I don't know if it's me or his tastes just changed or if he's always been this way."
"That's sad, Mary. You're still a very attractive woman. Many women would have divorced their man if he indicated he was queer. I know you and the women, Sharon and Alice spoke last night and I know this whole place is a bit of a shock if you're not expecting it."
"Sharon and Alice kind of talked about the goings on and told me I could watch or participate or just relax, but there's SEX going on here. How does one justify going to bed with another's spouse?"
"These people come here to enjoy sex with someone other than their spouses. They like it because it's a small, safe group. This is our second summer partying with the couples that come for the weekend" I said, offhandedly.

"You four have sex with these people?"
"Yes, we do and enjoy it for the most part. We do reserve the right to go off and come to OUR cabin and have our own 'party'"
"But, you're KIDS!"
"And your point being "
"Oh, I don't know what to think, this is all so strange to me."
"Do you have a problem with the couples that show up in the evening?"
"Oh, son, I'm AWARE people swap or swing or whatever you want to call it. I just never envisioned I'd be in the middle of it."
"So, that brings up the point - TEENAGERS don't have sex" I asked with a smile?
"Oh, you brat! We all started having sex as teenagers. I just never expected to see four teenagers at one of these things. Not playing with adults, that is."

I couldn't read how Mary felt about all this. Was she shocked, amazed, disgusted or what? She seemed to be straddling the fence here.

"Mary, what do YOU want? We all pretty much act like adults here. I know the four of us do act somewhat more mature than some of the people that come here, so just blurt it out."
"I want what every woman wants. To be loved, to be excited about being alive, to know I'm still a vital person, not afraid to have wants and needs."
"Your husband is four sheets to the wind by now and obviously hasn't been taking care of you, so what can WE do for you?"

"I'm not sure I can do what those other women are doing over there. I've NEVER had 'public' sex before. I want the things they have and do. I'm just not sure how to go about it. Those women, Alice and Sharon speak very highly of you four. Supposedly, you're better than their husbands." I about choked on THAT remark.

"May I ask you some personal questions then"? I asked
"I'm not guaranteeing I'll answer, but go ahead and ask." Mary seemed to kinda draw up at this point. We could be delving into a very personal part of her life with these questions.

"Ok, from what you've told us, you've been ignored, sexually, for quite some time. What do you do, if anything, for yourself"?
"What do you mean for myself?" she asked; "I cook, I clean and try to be a good wife."
"That's for your family. What do you do for physical release? I'm asking because I'd like to know your boundaries."
"I'm not sure what you're getting at."
"Damn it Mary, what the hell gets you off? Toys, playing with yourself, dirty movies or magazines? WHAT!"
"I wasn't brought up that way. A good wife doesn't resort to 'outside' things when she feels the need. That's what a husband is for."
"And you're telling me you get those needs met?"
Mary's face reddened, then she began to tear up.
"NO, damn it to hell, I'm not. I told you Herman hasn't touched me in years... he has 'other' interests."
"So that brings us right back to the reason you're here with us instead of watching Herman play grab ass with a guy, or, knowing all those other women are getting what you are obviously missing out on."

Her floodgates opened. I didn't mean to make her cry, but a little self-analyzing was called for. After a bit, she calmed enough to speak.
"I don't know if I can BE like those other women, I mean... I've never done anything with anyone outside of my marriage. I'm not sure I'd even know how" she sobbed.

I took her into my arms and just hugged her, letting her know WE appreciated her problems and sympathized with her.
"The women told me to come to you all, that you you'd help me. What do I need to do?"
"Let's start with the easy stuff then...Mary, kiss me like you'd wanna be kissed."
She leaned back a little bit and looked me in the eyes. "Buck, I'm old, old enough to be your grandmother. Why would you want to kiss and old lady like me?"
"Do you want to keep FEELING like an 'old lady', or enjoy some of what life has to offer?"

Her answer was to lay a kiss on me that rather surprised me. In for a penny and all that...I let my tongue taste her lips and she answered by trying to push her tongue down my throat and grabbing around my waist. After many, many seconds, she pulled her head back smiling, "I'm so embarrassed but that felt wonderful!"
"If you liked THAT, yer gonna LOVE this" as I pulled her back to me and went for her earlobe, sucking it into my mouth, then nibbling it. [She was wearing 'old lady' perfume. We'd have to talk to Alice and Sharon about that.] I started laying kisses down her neck as she stood stiffly. She was wearing a summer dress, which although not low cut, did offer the very top of her cleavage, such as it was. I lay a trail of kisses down to where the material was buttoned.

I felt her shiver, listened to her moaning softly as she clutched me to her, wrapping her arms around my shoulders. She pushed back, fanning her face.
"Young man, NO ONE but my husband has kissed me there. My face is all aflame."
"Question is...did you like it?"
I could see her squirming her thighs together. I wondered if her panties were wet yet.
"I'm so embarrassed. It's wrong for me to feel this way."
Not very kosher, but it might be time to play a little dirty.
"Do you suppose Herman feels embarrassed when he's sucking some guy's dick or balls deep in his ass?"
Mary seemed to snap to attention. I think rubbing her face in her hubby's extra curricular activities mighta pissed her off.
"My mother always used to say 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander'. I'm THROUGH being neglected!" I thought she'd stomp her foot, but she didn't.

I knew I/we needed to ease her into this thing slowly. This whole thing was 180 degrees off from her entire lifestyle.
"So? More" I asked?
She stared at the four of us. "Sal, you are Buck's 'mate' for want of a better word. How do you feel about all this?"
Sal explained "I didn't know squat two years ago, being a virgin and all, Buck's opened my eyes about a lot of things these last two years. I'd NEVER dreamed I'd ever let another man touch me, but I learned to separate LOVE from feeling good. The four of us play together and separately, but WE know, at the end of the evening or whatever, who we go home to sleep with. I'm just so sorry your situation is going to be different. Some of the other women come here to get what they're NOT getting at home. I suppose it works to keep the couples together."
It still amazes me that Sal can speak her mind now. My little love is growing up.

Mary sat on the bottom bunk, pulling me in with her.
"Show me" she pleaded.
I turned her around so her back was to me. I figured it was the most non-threatening way to go to the next lesson.

Pulling Mary against my chest, I wrapped my arms around her waist. This gave me access to her neck and ears. I used my chin to sweep aside her short blond hair. If she had any gray, it was well hidden by a bottle. As I nuzzled her ears and the side of her neck, I rubbed her sides and lower stomach. Very shortly, she squirmed closer into my embrace. It was time.

I let my hand slide up her stomach to the bottom of her bra and waited. She didn't push me away, so I went a step further. I let a hand slide up to cup a bra-covered breast and she allowed it. I could feel a hard nipple pressing against my hand in spite of the bra. Her body's reactions still worked. The other hand moved up to join its twin and I did my best to tweak her nipples through that industrial strength bra. She shrank back at first, then leaned her chest into my hands. As I continued, she let out small gasps and started moaning quietly. I took this as a good sign.
Very slowly, I reached her top button and began to open her dress. At this point, she grabbed my hand for a moment, then gave it a squeeze, and raised it to stroke the side of my face. One by one, I unbuttoned her to the waist, exposing a slender torso wearing a nude colored bra. I went back to squeezing her small breasts.

Mary was squirming around in my arms now, her breath coming in gasps.
"How are you feeling Ma'am?" I still wanted her to know we/I respected her.
"Gawd, you're squeezing my tits and you're calling me Ma'am. I'm Mary and don't stop what you're doing."
Guess it's time to take the plunge, so I worked her dress off her shoulders to puddle around her hips. This gave me access to her bras strap. Looking at it, it only had 2 snaps or hooks or whatever they call 'em. I'm about the last person to try to guess a bra size, but hers were smallish, Who knows what kind of padding that industrial bra she had on added. I'd learned a trick with my old summer girl - how to unhook a bra with the snap of my fingers. The trick still worked. None of the women out here ever WORE a bra.

Easing the bra straps off her shoulders, she immediately covered both breast with her arms.
"Hon, we need to get you past the shyness. It's ok, I've seen a pair before, I think." smiling
"You may have seen breasts before, but you've never seen mine" she sputtered.
"Shall I just close my eyes then? If I do, I won't be able to really appreciate them."
"But they're small. I've always wished for larger, but I never 'grew' a pair."
"Even Barb over there has more than I do. I can tell just looking at that swimsuit top."
"Ever hear that old saying 'more than a mouthful is a waste'?"

She lowered her arms slowly. I think she expected some kind of complaint. Only a total asshat would say something like 'Gee. I thought they'd be bigger'."
With her hands chastely in her lap, she sighed and leaned back against me. I took this as a go-ahead.
Hands back in front. I moved up to cup two teacup sized mounds of flesh. Nipple hard as diamonds, aureoles dark brown against her creamy, pale skin. This got her REALLY squirming back against me.

"I suppose you want to see the 'whole package' now, such as it is" she muttered.
"Why? What I can see now is beautiful, like a young girl. No, the time isn't right for the 'whole package'. You'll know when it's time because you'll ask for it."

I pulled her off my lap and lay her down on the bunk beside me. Turning to her, I leaned over to kiss her from her throat down to the small valley between her breasts, cradling my head in her hands as I went. Finally, after dancing around the whole 'titty' region, she pulled my head to a nipple. FINALLY, she's getting into this! Her nipple got even harder as I licked and nibbled on the pebble sized bump on the end. The other nipple got the same treatment. Many women have a hot zone below their breasts that mostly ignored by lovers. Mary was no exception. Licking the bottom swells of her breast drove her absolutely up a wall.
"What are you doing to me? You're giving my goosebumps all the way down to my toes" she gasped.
"Just making you comfortable."
"You keep that up, you'll have to pardon me while I pass out."
"Oh, I think we can come up with something to make you pass out... later."
"Gawd! I haven't felt this good in I don't know how long. Herman never paid much attention to my.. is it ok if I just call em 'tits' from now on?"
"Call them whatever you're comfortable with."
"I like 'tits'. Makes me feel so nasty." Nasty was good if that's what it takes to bring her into our world.

I straddled her lower legs, giving her time to acclimate herself to the idea. Last thing I wanted was for her to tense up again. She pulled me down to her lips and tried to swab my tonsils again. After letting me up, I started the next phase.

"Mary, I'm going to take this dress off you now." She looked me hard in the eyes, then smiled, relaxing.
"You're running this parade. I'm just an innocent bystander" she grinned. I just hoped we wouldn't be witnesses to a train wreck. She actually raised her ass to help me slide the dress off. Things are looking good.

Mary was wearing old granny briefs? Panties? I don't think they HAVE a class for these. Bloomers maybe. Her stomach was mostly flat with a little loose skin around her midsection that'd probable result in a little 'pooch' when she stood up. All in all, she still had her looks.
"Mary, do you mind my asking what your age is?"
"I told you I was an old lady." I could see her start to wilt.
"On the contrary, you are totally HOT, woman. I can't believe you think you're OLD."
"Flatterer. I'm sixty two, if you must know."
"Darlin, you make ME hot just looking at you."
Since I was already straddling her thighs, I HAD to look at her crotch. No camel toe since her legs were clenched tightly together. I just had to get a better look at this.
Leaning down, I trailed little kisses and nibbles down her flat stomach, circling her belly button and going down to the top of her absurd 'panties'. I could feel her breathing quicken and she made little animal noises.
The woman had me by the ears by this time.
"Wha...what are you going to do?" she gasped.
"Making you feel vital and wanted again."
Sliding off the bed. I leaned over and grabbed those ugly underthings she wore and started pulling them down her legs. Her hands snatched at mine.
"Now isn't the time to be coy, Mary. Have I hurt you so far?"
"No, all you've done has made me feel good, tense, but good. No one has ever seen me bare-assed naked before. Herman and I have always either dressed in the bathroom alone or with the lights out."
"Look around. Herman isn't here and he's not doing these things to you or for you."
"But you'll se my 'private' place. I've seldom looked at it myself except to clean up after my monthly 'visitor'."
"It's not like we're gonna sell pictures, just relax. If it gets too intense, we can stop."
"This all takes a lot of getting used to. We're are totally out my experience range."
I gave her a minute to compose herself and she took her hands away. Slowly, I worked the pants down her legs, giving her time to get used to this. Once completely nude, she tried to shrink into herself. Not good.
"Mary, please relax. I promise you'll enjoy everything that comes next."
"Wha....what comes 'next'?"
"Nothing but pleasant feelings and hopefully, giving you a new outlook on things."
She kinda warily eyed me as I spread her thighs. I actually figured I'd need the JAWS of LIFE to pry them apart.

Her pussy was all bush, as in never shaved or trimmed in her life. I inwardly cringed, but this was a woman from a bygone era. Knowing what I had planned to next, I hated the idea of the built-in dental floss. I made a mental note to get one of the girls or women to kinda clue her in on current trends. I think since bikinis were so popular, more women found it necessary to trim and shave where they hadn't needed to before. I'd finally convinced Sal to shave hers completely. Barb still only had a little wispy peach fuzz covering the top of her mound. Still, I was bent on my task at hand. I lay between her thighs and felt her trembling a little. Nevertheless, I scooted up until I could smell the musk coming from Mary's little-used pussy. I moved back a bit and nibbled the insides of her thighs, all the way up to where they grow together. I really believed Mary was going to lose her tiny little mind. She bucked, she moaned, she tried to trap my head between her legs [maybe a little LIGHT bondage was called for here, otherwise, she was impeding my progress. After all, this was mainly for her benefit, not like I was going to get anything out of it. Sometimes I just love my work ]

Getting her to relax and get in the swing of things took a while. Once she stopped trying to pinch my head off, I pulled her pussy lips apart and gave her a lick from asshole to clitty. Off the mattress she came, sitting up suddenly and pushing me off onto the floor.
"Why the HELL did you just do that? That's nasty - I pee down there!" She was almost screeching.
"I'm aware WHERE you pee. You should also be aware that if I found it distasteful, I wouldn't have done it. Now tell me it didn't feel good."
"I don't know. I was too shocked that you'd lick me down there. NO ONE licks people there."
"Hon, prolly at least 50% of couples LICK their partner down there."
"You mean to tell me men like to lick women there?"
"Not to gross you out, but WOMEN, many women like to suck their mate's dick and get their pussies licked too. This isn't your mother or grandmother's era, hon. People do things with their mates that feel good, at least the one's who care do."
Barb and Sal jumped in to tell Mary how much they enjoyed getting their pussies munched and told her to just ASK the other women's opinion.
Myself, I've always enjoyed the idea of 'lickem, then stickem'.
"Now, may I continue?"

Mary finally lay back and tentatively spread her thighs. I resumed my spot between her legs.
"Mary, like I told you, if it doesn't feel good, tell me and I'll stop. HOWEVER, because something is just new to you, try it before you flip out, please."
"This is all soooo strange. I never knew people did this. I bet my mother is spinning in her grave right now."
"Prolly because yer dad never knew any of this either. And just look at the strides you've made in the last hour." I just smiled.
"Now, where was I? Oh yes, eating this beautiful peach."
With that, I pulled her lips apart and again tasted the nectar of an unused pussy. Hell in ten years of neglect, it's probably returned to its virginal tightness. It didn't take long, just a few more swipes of my tongue and I could visually see a hard protrusion coming from the top of this hairy mound. I just KNEW she had a clit in there somewhere - waking it up was another matter. Once a little out of its sheath, I locked my lips on it and sucked, flicking my tongue over it as it grew harder and longer. Truthfully, I can't say I'm any kind of expert at female clits, but this one was the fattest, longest one I'd seen to date. It was kind of like a tiny dick, maybe 3/4" long and fat as the tip of my little finger.
Mary was losing control. If her hips bounced into my face any harder, she'll break my nose. And they sounds she was making. I think she reverted to cave man days, grunting, moaning, grabbing my ears and squeezing my head between her thighs.

She finally arched her back, only meeting the bed with her shoulders and heels and let out a scream. Damned good thing the party was in full swing next door, people laughing and music loud enough to deafen normal people, otherwise, someone woulda called a cop. I let her relax on the bed, crawling up to stroke her face and lightly trail my fingers up and down her torso. Once she caught her breath, she began to sob, holding me to her.
"Was it good for you, hon" I asked?
After she lay there a minute or two asked "what just happened?"
"You mean you don't know" asked Sal
"I thought I was having a heart attack except it felt GOOD!"
Barb snickered "Had an orgasm, eh??
"An orgasm, I just had an orgasm?"
"You mean to tell me you've never felt that before now?"
"Sometimes it felt nice when Herman DID make love to me, but I've never felt THAT before now."
"This is what feeling like a woman is all about. Sometimes, I think I'm losing my mind when Buck gets me off" chimed in Sal.
Mary started sobbing again "I have missed out on so much, haven't I?"
"Likely, Herman is a product of his environment- he doesn't know any better and neither did you."

"Mary, this is kinda indelicate, but what positions have you and your man tried?"
"Positions? Why me on my back and him between my legs. What else is there?"
Sal about fell out of the upper bunk laughing. "Oh hon, just wait."
"It gets better than this? I'm not sure I could survive anything 'better'."
"Mary, you just had a clitoral orgasm, there are at least four other kinds. Some women prefer a variety."
"Ok, If I'm gonna be game for this, what are you talking about."
"Before you wrinkle your nose up, there's anal..." Mary interrupted.
"Women do not let men in their back sides, no way. That's, that's just gross."
Barb smiled at Sal "Do WE look gross? Do any of the other women look gross? I don't know for sure about them ALL, but SOME of them enjoy anal sex."
"But how, pardon my pun, how can they do that. It's filthy."
"Could be if you were a total hog about it. The women who DO like it give themselves an enema to get rid of any clinging matter. My girls do, nearly daily. Besides, there's always condoms. We use them religiously if there's any chance of anal to vaginal sex involved."
"I don't know about other women, but I'm really tight back there. I've felt pain giving myself an enema before. I use laxatives when I need them" prompted Mary.
"A good, caring lover learns to relax his partner before trying anal sex. A good lubricant works wonders."
Barb chimed in "We buy KY in the family-sized tubes. I LOVE anal sex. I love my pussy and ass filled at the same time. Some women don't, but it just does it for me."
"Damn, this is so much to take in at once. Anal, who would have thought. What other types or orgasm are there then?"
"Mary, besides clitoral and anal, there's vaginal, G-Spot, nipple/breast orgasms."
"So, you're telling me a woman can have an orgasm from 'normal' sex. What's a G-Spot? I know it felt wonderful when you were nursing on my breasts. I sort of wish you hadn't been quite so gentle now."
"Mary, this is kind of a tell and then show deal. We are way past being delicate here, so please reach your index finger into your vagina, rubbing along the top, feeling for a spongy area. THAT's your G-Spot."
She did while staring me in the face. I knew when she found it because her eyes lit up.
"OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod" 'Nuff said. We gave her a new toy to play with and a lot to think about.
"What else can we do for you?"
"I've never had any other man besides Herman but would you try to make me have a vaginal orgasm?"
"I'd love to, but keep this in mind - not all women have vaginal orgasms, so if you don't, it's no big deal. As long as it feels good, go for it."

She stretched out full length on the bunk and spread her knees all on her own. Maybe she's getting into this now. Be real interesting to see what she does in a party atmosphere.
I knelt between her open thighs and stretched over the top of her, resting my weight on my elbows. Kissing her was too good a deal to pass up - she puts so much into it. She reminds me of a starving bird in a nest. After some soul searching tongue battles, I moved down to her chest. She mentioned I was 'too gentle' there before, so let's see what a little pinching and biting does for her.
"Tell me if what I do hurts you. I have no problem going back to gentle."
"I can do that."
So, I latched onto a nipple and sucked, I sucked harder and she pulled my head harder onto her breast. Taking the other nipple in my fingers, I pinched. When she pulled on me harder, I pulled that nipple out until I KNEW it had to smart.
"Harder, oh God! That feels marvelous." Momma didn't raise no dummy, if she asks for it, who am I to deny her. The other nipple I'd captured in my mouth, I started to apply pressure with my teeth. A little at first to gauge her reaction. If her yanking my head to her chest was any indication, I could prolly do more, so I bit her nipple. She groaned and started stroking my hair. Must be doing something right. If she was this naïve' about sex, I'd give her a mark to show she'd been loved on. Instead of biting her nipple off, I moved to beside her areole and gave her a monumental hickey. Since her head was propped up on a pillow, she looked down after I was done and giggles. 62 and giggles??
"I've NEVER had a hickey. Isn't that what they call it?"
"Yes doll, it's a real hickey. Anyone seeing your tit is gonna know you've been a nasty girl." She just kept giggling. Whooda thunk it?

I had other plans for this willing little lady. Looking her in the eyes, I guided her hand down to my hard dick, feeling her fingers close around it.
"Oh God, it feels so hot and it's so long!"
"You've never seen Herman's dick?" I questioned
"I told you we never did that. I've never seen a man naked except my two boys and they were little. Age eight stopped the mommy baths, so I know what one looks like. They had a penis, only MUCH smaller."
"What I want you to do now is put it where you want it."
"You mean, like I'm in control? Herman never let me touch him."
"I ain't Herman."
"Oh God no. Let's forget Herman exists, ok?"
She placed me near her opening.
"By the way, I have to ask - are you still fertile?"
"Oh hon, I wish. I dried up about 15 years ago. That was so sweet of you to ask."

"Hon, I think you're excited, but not excited enough. I don't want this to be uncomfortable in any way, so rub my dick up and down your slit and let's get you wetter."
She did and on and upstroke, found her clit. She jumped like she'd been shocked.
"OOOooooh, I like that. It feels SO good when I touch that part of me."
"Some women think of it as their magic button. When they are in the mood, a little stimulation does wonders."
"I don't think I've ever been so wet. I can feel it running down my crack."
"Then it's time to start this dance. Put me where you want me."
She did and I did...all the way to my balls.

It's hard to believe how quick Mary got into actual intercourse. She was so skittish in the beginning. I kinda thought she might be frigid, always wanting, but afraid to try. The whole shooting match took all of ten minutes. She kept getting wilder and wilder, making noises and clutching any part of me she could get her hands on. Speaking of hands, the woman left furrows down my back from shoulders to buttocks. One would think she was making up for lost time... a whole lotta time. All good things come to an end and so did we. I held off cumming because I wanted her to try and get her's first and get it she did, followed by maybe one hard deep thrust by me, bathing her cervix with my baby batter. Again, I propped up on my elbows so not to crush her. She pulled me down for a long kiss. Tearing up again, she held me tight.
"What's his name and I never did this. It was climb on, cum and roll over to sleep. You have no idea how much this all means to me. This closeness, I'm just not used to this at all." I licked the tears off her cheeks and she got the giggles again.
"Hon, let me break something to you. IF you participate with the guys in the cabin, they likely are not going to do ANY of this. For them, it's Wham BAM Thank you Ma'am and on to the next set of spread legs. SOME are in training to be more considerate lovers, some are still assholes. 'You play the game, you takes yer chances' kind of thing. The guys have their way of doing things, I've got mine. For me, you're a special lady and you deserve to be loved and taken care of. Just remember what the other couples are here for. You're welcome to THIS cabin anytime. We will treat you like you want to be treated. Besides, we got a whole lot more to show you, once you work up the nerve."
"You're going to make me cry again. I do feel 'loved' here, I'm not saying I'm IN love, but this just something I've needed for so long. I feel alive again. How can I ever thank you?"
"Thank me? Hell lady, you were wonderful."
Mary got dressed and headed back to the big cabin. Sal and Barb walked her over.

4-My Youth

© Hellraser 2015

Paula continued.....

I offered Paula my elbow and she took it as we walked the 50 yards or so over to our humble little caboose.
"Wow, a real gentleman!"
I held her hand, helping her up the steps leading to our back porch. Once inside. I showed her the amenities we'd installed to make this real living quarters.
"So, you turned the old lower seating area into a full bed and the 'observation' deck into a queen sized bed....interesting. You never worry about falling out of bed?" she asked
"Not if you have someone to hang on to" I added with a grin. "We try to stack one wide and two deep. That solves THAT problem."

You could have knocked me over with a feather as Paula turned into my arms and planted her lips on mine.
"Upper or lower? Which is YOUR bed?"
"I'm on top, not all the time, but a lot." She's not the only one who could make double entendres.
As much fun as seeing her all dolled up, thinking of her naked and sweaty was rapidly draining my IQ points. The kisses deepened.
She breathed heavily and said: "Your kisses are driving me crazy. Either stop or take me up on that queen bed of yours."
I looked her in the eye and replied: "Let me think, stop or bed you? Do I have stupid written on my forehead?"

We raced to see who could shed clothes the quickest. I won with only a T-shirt and board shorts. She had to lose a dress, bra and panties. After climbing up, we resumed the long kisses and I moved to her neck and ears. I wasn't in a hurry, even though PART of me was. This time, the big brain overrode the little one. I worked my way down her chest to those two big melons she sported. Pulling a hardening nipple into my mouth, I tried to suck the entire tit down my throat. Not letting her other nipple be ignored, I moved to it, kneading the breast flesh behind it. She held my head and pulled it harder to her chest as she gave out satisfied moans. Time to get this rodeo started in a big way.

Working my way down her stomach, she had a little pooch, not much, but it was there. Her pussy was shaved bald, as in not even a little stubble. I'd have to ask her about that....later, MUCH later. Rocking back on my knees between her thighs, her slit was already swollen, the lips bright pink and a small amount of girl juice was slipping down her crack. Doesn't seem to take a lot to get her motor running. I parted her nether lips with my thumbs and leaned in for a lick of her nectar. Asshole to clit in long sweeps. Her clit was working it's way out of its little sheath so I zeroed in on it, sucking it in and nibbling on it with my lips.
"Oh shit!" she said, "Thank God for a man who know what they're doing. I was beginning to think you were all extinct."
I pushed a finger into her wet canal, searching up for that rough patch at the top of her vagina. Rubbing it, she began to bounce her ass off the mattress.
"Oh GAAAAaaaawd, right there, right THERE!"
If she liked that, she liked the two fingers I slid into her pussy and her tight asshole way better as I continued to assault her. I worked her really fast to her first orgasm. There's no need to tell me she's cumming. Anyone in the vicinity can hear her. I could hear coyotes in the area answering her call.
Paula is on her back, knees somewhere near her ears in a contortionist's pose thanks to her flexibility, wouldn't have believed it in a big woman. Maybe she works out. Her pussy is tilted towards me while she stares up at my face, her eyes like saucers, wondering what comes next.

I lined up, rubbing my dick up and down her slit. I put the head in and about three inches.
I pulled back and gave her these short little stokes as I felt her pussy unload a gush of fluid.
Her bottom kept coming off the bed, trying to get me in deeper until I gave one massive push, all the way to her cervix.
She laughed, then cried, then whooped and hollered. If she'd have had longer fingernails I'd have needed a transfusion and a hair transplant by the time we were done. By the time I let go and started pumping her wet pussy full of thick man cream she was lying there limp, her eyes half open. Well, until she felt me squirting in her.
Then her eyes popped open and she grabbed my head. "Cum in me," she croaked "Cum hard."

Made me proud to be the one on top of her and IN her. Paula started off hitting orgasms like a string of firecrackers, one right after another. She spent so much time flip-flopping around loose limbed that I thought she was having a grand mal seizure at first. When I realized she was just hiccupping orgasms, I settled in to see just how much fucking she could take before her head exploded and she plain lost her mind.
I tried to hold her at her at the top of her orgasms as long as possible before she relaxed and then went completely limp. Looking up at her face. She wasn't out, but I would bet she couldn't tell me her name about now.
"I get the feeling you needed that," I said quietly.
"Oh God!. . . you have no idea . . ." she said.
"Brent works hard and long hours, what with the office and the hospital. A lot of time, he just comes home, showers and flops into bed. Hell, we had sex more often when he was in med school. Now, it's maybe once a week and sometimes, not even that often. When he IS in the mood, it's just a quickie to get him off. I resort to toys during the day while he's at work."
Damn, another one. What's with this lonely housewife shit?

She lay there, toying with the hair on my chest, relaxed.
"Ready for round two?" I asked
"You can go AGAIN? The wonders of youth! Maybe I need to get me a boy toy somewhere." she said kinda incredulously.
"Roll over onto your hands and knees, please."
I kicked her knees wider apart and put my dick to her wet slit and rubbed it up and down until it was soaked and well coated. Positioning my dick at her nether hole, she let out a gasp as I slid part way up into her. Fuck she was as tight and hot as I could have ever imagined!
"UNNnnhhhhhhh.....OH GOD BUCK!" Paula groaned as I went a little deeper.
I looked down at her, "You never took a dick like this before?" I asked and pushed a little deeper.
"NOoooooo....Oh MY GOD!" She yelled out as I pulled back and gave her a deeper stroke. Then I pushed up in her tight, hot asshole and made her groan as half of my length pushed up into her bowels.
"Oh my GOD that feels good!" She moaned, as I started to fuck her with an increasing need to cum in her hot ass. DAMN, she was hot and tight that I knew it wasn't going to take long for that to happen! It didn't help the way she was moaning, thrashing her head from side to side and bucking back at me.
"Oh YEAH....Unnhhh.. Oh SHIIIiiit Oh Yeah....FUCK ME!.....Give it to me Buck!!. Do it NOW!!"
I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them wider apart. I started pumping as hard and fast as I could, and watching Paula's asshole swallow all my cock.
"OH GOD!" she screamed, "OH FUCK! AHHHH GOD!.......OHhhhh FUCK MEeeeee!" Paula yelled and grabbed handfuls of sheet off the bed. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her back on my thrusts three or four times until I started spraying cum in her.
After the first hard squirt she moaned out and I felt her brown flower tighten up around my throbbing dick as I kept blowing my cum just as far up in her bowels as I could.
"AHhhhhhhh ohmyGod ohmyGod !" Paula screamed, "Oh YEAH....oh yeah YES!!!..... Cum in Meeeee! Fill my ass!!"
The woman obviously enjoyed it.

"Disgusting is getting a blow job right after you have anal sex."
"Oh yuck, that IS disgusting."
"You're right. Those little brown things on my dick are not cornflakes." [I had to add that]

So, we come down to all these horny women that make up our little group of 'perverts' on summer weekends. Every guy rates a woman in the first few seconds of meeting her. Will she or won't she? Yes, we would never admit this to a female, but we do. For Paula the rating goes like this. First, she is definitely a 9 to 9.5 on looks alone. She could lose a tiny bit of weight, though, tighten up the tummy a little. I think I subconsciously deducted a half point because she was married and willing to fuck a stranger - for whatever reason. If I were judging her as a total stranger and not knowing about her being with another asshat, she would be a solid 9.5. Second, her breasts were somewhere between big grapefruits and a medium melons. I would give those tatas a solid 9. Now her ass is another story altogether. I LOVE a fine tight ass. Paula had one of the top 5 asses in our little group now. She rated a 10. Finally, of course, is 'Would I fuck her?' This rates from ' right here in front of God and everyone' all the way down to 'not even with YOUR dick!' She was looking exceptional tonight. I adjusted her rating to a solid 10. The final kicker was I would do her on the beach in front of God and everyone. Sal is the love of my life, Barb, Alice and Sharon are sweet ladies. Mary is kinda bony, a little on the naïve' side but very enthusiastic about making up for lost time. Paula just floats my boat, big time.

I've gotten to love anal sex and along with Sal and Barb, Paula welcomes it without question or protest. Tracy's mom? Ain't never EVER gonna happen. Besides, I'm not sure she'd even recognize who was doing what to her. Must be nice to live in your own little world.

Paula stretched like a big jungle cat and wrapped herself around me.
"I am DEFINITELY coming out here on a regular basis from now on. It gets so boring hanging around the house all the time and the country club just doesn't hold my interest."
"Talk to Alice - SHE and Max have a lot of room. Besides, Max needs practice and Mary is wearing him out, so I hear."
"Max is fucking Mary? She's gotta be what? 60 or something?"
"Max is, Tracy and I do and now, it seems, some of the others. She's making up for a total lack of interest or imagination from her ex. She's a great lady if you get to know her."
"And how WELL do you know her?"
"Not nearly as well as I'd like to and not nearly as well as SHE'D like. She's very into new things right now."

"Will your girls object if I end up out here all night? With you?" she asked as she snuggled closer.
"You done any girl-girl stuff? They may want to play with you if you stay."
"Nope, but that doesn't mean never. Just what exactly are you four into?"
"Fuck this is hard enough, talking about other women. Ask me questions you're not going to like then sit and listen."

"Why wouldn't I? So far, I'm amazed at what you know and how you can just take over and make me feel what I feel."
"The problem is, I don't know you. I don't know what's going to turn you off and make you run screaming back home."
"I'll take my chances. How personal is personal?"
"We, the four of us have nothing to hide. We kinda work on the premise 'if it feels good, do it. If it felt THAT good, make it part of your repertoire "
"Wow! And you're what? 19?"
"What does age have to do with it?"
"Well, nothing I guess. I just can't believe you have all this experience and you are all so young."
"Could say we just started early. I got a whole summer of experience with an extremely horny, experienced college girl. Tracy, when he was 18, along with the girls at 18. Tracy and the girls have only been at this for the last two summers."

"So, in three years, you've learned all this?"
"Wasn't like I was hard to convince" I said with a smile.
"Lemme get this straight in my head - Sal is your 'girlfriend'" What about Tracy and Barb?"
"Sal is the love of my life. Turns out she had a crush on me the prior two years before coming out here but was afraid to tell me. Tracy and Barb 'discovered' each other just last summer. The incest thingy is kinda weird, but they live with it. All the girls are on birth control, so it's not like it's gonna raise any stink. Besides. What you DON'T know is two years ago, Tracy's mom tried to get us involved then sold Barbs ass cherry to the highest bidder. How's that for a fucked up family?"
"Tracy's mom and dad kinda give off really strange vibes."
"You're telling me? His mom is totally bug-nuts and his dad is an alky of the first order. I have NO idea how all this swapping got started. We kinda got sucked into it. I can't say any of us has suffered for it. Sal has learned to share her body with others and extends that to me. Tracy is just learning that sex is not all about him. And Barb...what can I say? Nympho from the git-go. Line up a 20 man gang bang and she's selling tickets."
"OMFG! She looks so young."
"Age has nothing to do with experience. To hazard an opinion, Barb has more miles on her teen pussy than the Daytona 500."
"Ok, what about you. You seem to be the ringleader of this bunch of crazies. What have you tried and what turns you off?"

My Story...I'm leaving out parts here to get through this for Paula

"Ok, you asked..."
"Tracy and I have been coming here since his dad bought the place several years ago. Lacking any female companionship, Tracy and I indulged in our overactive hormones.
A little masturbation, then mutual hand jobs led to taking the plunge and trying anal sex with each other. Neither of us thought it made us queer, just got us off satisfactorily and alleviated the current problem. After that summer, Tracy informed me one day that Sal and Barb were doing something weird at his house and invited me over. Living next door to each other made it not a problem.

Finding the girls rubbing their panty'd crotches along the back edge of a sofa, it came to mind they were trying to stimulate themselves. Hell, girls get horny too. With what I'd been taught from the college girl, I had a way better idea how to satisfy them. I told them to come to Tracy's room and strip off the T-shirts and panties. Barb was the brave one and told Tracy and I to strip off first as they'd never seen a 'grown' man. I had Barb handle my dick while Sal held Tracy's. It took a little coaxing, but the girls were finally convinced to put our hard, teen dicks in their mouths. Showing them this wasn't gross as they first thought, we got them to examine each other's pussy, got them to actually finger each other, then showed them what the term cunnilingus meant.

After getting them off, I told them there were more exciting ways to get that good feeling. They'd gotten the 'tickles' from trying to stimulate themselves, but had never peaked. That would all shortly change. I had Tracy search out two tapered candles and two candle stubs that were about as thick as my dick. Tracy, on the other hand, was considerably thicker than me, however, I had him for length by over an inch. We showed the girls how to introduce the tapers into their young little pussies. Neither had started any serious dating yet, so nothing we assumed had been up their little twats. We left them to their own devices for a bit while we went into the garage to talk and smoke.

Returning, both had a small amount of blood trickling from their virgin kitties, but weren't feeling any pain. We'd gotten them both to take their own cherries. I told them that it would hurt and that would be all for today, but the girls had other ideas. Barb wanted to fuck, to be made a 'woman'. All this time, Sal had barely said a word to either of us boys. Barb wanted it and she wanted it right now. Sal, she was just along for the ride - wherever it went.

I had access to condoms, so getting a couple, we went back to the girls. Handing one to Tracy, he gave his to Sal while Barb took mine. Barb rolled mine on like an expert the first time, Sal, not so much. After explaining what the parts of a condom were for, Tracy got his fitted right (first time he'd ever worn one and he'd NEVER fucked a girl yet). Laying Barb down, I pushed her knees up to her chest to open her as wide as possible - Tracy mirrored my actions. I'd gotten some hand lotion and slathered it over my condom and all around Barb's open pussy - Tracy followed suite. Lowering myself to Barb's opening, I asked her if she was sure because this was a once in a lifetime deal. Barb tried her best to get me inside her on her own. Didn't work as well as she thought, so I did the deed. Sal worked Tracy's fatter dick into her own tight little hole. We all came like a big, happy family.

I made the mistake of calling Barb 'lover' and Sal kinda lost it. Barb took me into the garage and while I smoked, she told me Sal had had a crush on my for the last two years and here I went calling her 'lover'. I can fix this. Going back inside, the girls went to shower while I waited on Sal to return. Once back in the bedroom, I took her hand and led her to the garage. She bawled her head off. I told her what Barb had let on and she bawled harder. I told her I thought she was a mute because in the two years I'd known her, she had never spoken a word to me. Her explanation was 'I would only think of her as a little girl'. If she told me how she felt, I'd just make fun of her. Well, things progressed kinda fast after that - we hit the cabin the first time as a group and it was a time of exploration between the two of us. As far as Barb and Tracy? I'd warned Tracy about the dangers of incest. The boy has no control over his hormones and if it has a hole, he'll fuck it. His solution - hit the camping areas and scout for beach bunnies willing to fuck and off he went. Barb was left with no one, even asking me to do her again. By this time, Sal and I were an item and I told her if Sal said ok, I would. At that point in our relationship, Sal was NOT the sharing type.

The girls told us about the creeps that hung out at her parent's cabin on weekends....drunk and pawing at all the women there. Every time Tracy or I would go in there, we'd be hit on by every woman in the place- Tracys mom included. We decided it was safer for the girls to come sleep in our new cabin, rather than barricade themselves in Barb's bedroom at night. That led to Sal getting feisty and wanting to experiment and experiment we did. If it even looked like it would feel good, we did it. I'd introduced Sal to anal prior as a means of birth control until it was discovered that Tracy's mom, Sal and Barb all had bad yeast infection. That led to getting them on birth control pills.

By the next summer, Barb had her ass sold and was a party favor to whomever wanted her - which was every guy there. Sal and I agreed to try the scene to see if we could handle it - wasn't so bad except the guys were only interested in getting themselves off, the girls were just cum dumps for their pleasure.

I had the opportunity to get with a couple of the women there and did what I knew worked. It made a convert out of those two and they in turn, led others to Tracy and me.
Tracy is still training to get out of being a one shot wonder, Mr 10 Seconds. Experience is what will cure him - that and some help from some of the women."

"Now, are you ready to run screaming back to your husband?"
"I'm ready to scream if you don't fuck me again, stud."
"Have you ever been DP'd" I asked.
"As in two guys at once?"
"Never tried it. I've seen it in some movies, but then again, this is my real first exposure to bizarre behavior. Who knows, I might be interested." she smiled.
Tracy is gonna LOVE this one.

We went back to the big cabin. Everyone was kinda standing around or fondling a couple of women. Women can tell, somehow. It's not a hard scientific fact, but they can always tell. One woman recognizes another who has been well and truly fucked. Sharon and Alice ran over to Paula. If they had been high schoolers, they'da started squealing. As they drug Paula off to pry her experience from her. I looked around for Tracy and our girls.
Barb was on all fours on the kitchen table with a line of guys behind her waiting for their turn at her sloppy asshole. She was probably booked for the night. I looked for Sal. Mary came up and told me she was giving 'special' instructions to Stan, Alice's hubby. If I needed her, she'd go see if she could be interrupted.
"No, tell her when her night is over, We will have some company in the caboose."

Soon, Alice, Sharon and Paula came out of the other bedroom. I walked up to them and asked if everything was ok. Alice explained that Sal was giving some lessons to Stan about reading a woman. Sharon was still mildly pissed about her own husband. I took Paula's hand and leaned in to whisper we may or may not have our cabin to ourselves tonight, but Sal would likely wander over later. She murmured she'd be ok with it. Tracy saw me with Paula and was at the door waiting on us.

"Paula, this is Tracy. Tracy, Paula. Wanna head over to the cabin with us?"
"For?" he asked.
"Paula is looking to expand her horizons somewhat. I might need a little help."
I'm SURE he didn't mean it as an evil grin, but that's how it looked. The three of us made our way home.
"Paula, can I get you a beer? I'm afraid that's the hardest thing we have, or Tracy can run over to the other place for a mixed drink."
"I probably SHOULD be drunk if what I think is going to happen, but I'll do this with a clear head."
"The very least is Tracy and I double team you, that is if you can handle multiple orgasms. If you're game, we'll try the DP thing. No one is going to hurt you or force you to do anything."
"So I can chicken out at any time? Tell me. Have Alice or Sharon tried this yet?"
"I don't like to talk about other women. That's talking out of class, but I WILL say other ladies out here have tried it and liked it. That work for you?"

"Will it hurt?"
"Did it hurt you earlier?"
"No, it was absolutely wonderful."
"I think you're going to love this then."
As we spoke, she was already shucking clothes. Tracy's eyes ran out on stalks. I could see the bulge in his shorts already and I knew Paula did too. I helped Paula up the ladder to my loft with Tracy following close behind.
"My God, Paula. Those are the best looking set of titties I have EVER seen!" gasped Tracy. Subtle, that's my boy.
"You just gonna look at them? Get over here and nurse on me guy."
He about fell over himself getting to her massive chest. You would have thought he'd had never nursed as a baby.
"Hey, leave SOME for someone else!"
"I was a bottle child. I have issues." Tracy said as Paula chuckled.
While he was getting Paula worked up suckling her firm breasts, I worked my way down and knelt between her legs. Thumbing her pussy lips apart, I put my whole mouth over her and sucked lips and all into my mouth. Unfortunately, Tracy was easy picking for her to squeeze his head as I started her motor running. Pinned between those giant tits, I think he was running a little short on air.

As I tried to suck her pussy off, Tracy got loose and slipped a leg on either side of her head. She didn't need to be told what to do. She grabbed Tracy's hard, thick cock.
"OMFG, this is the thickest dick I've ever seen, let alone have my hand wrapped around."
"I can think of a couple of better places for it" snickered Tracy.
"I can think of one right now" as she sucked Tracy's hardness between her lips.
Looking up over her bald mound, I could see her lips straining around his hard shaft. Cheeks bulging, she had all she was going to get in her mouth. Tracy didn't give a damn. He got few, if any blowjobs out here. Barb and Sal were too small to do much more than lick the head of it. The other women felt it was a novelty to get it between their pussy lips. Some even got penetration. Sal was very flexible, size wise and Barb was plainly wallowed out [tie a board across your ass to keep from falling-in-loose] so intercourse wasn't a problem for either of them. Sal's ass was mine and mine alone. Barb? She'd rather have her ass fucked than anything.

Tracy was rock hard by now and lasting very long was still an issue for him. I was primed and ready after feasting in her garden of delights. Time to get in gear.
"Paula, roll over on top of Tracy and get him in your pussy."
She did so, but I think if she hadn't been flowing so copiously, it would have never worked."
"Gawd, is this like giving birth?" she wheezed
"Hold still a little bit and you'll get used to him."
"And you've had him in YOUR ass?"
"Well, we were younger then and the boy's grown a bit."
"Tracy, make a few strokes and see how she's doing."

He did and she'd relaxed enough to begin to enjoy it. With that, I reached for my handy tube of KY to slather on my dick and into her tight asshole. In the minutes it took to relax her sphincter, Tracy had calmed down and wasn't so near a meltdown. The fun of a DP is BOTH guys getting to fuck and the woman getting double poled. I pulled her all the way down on Tracy's hard dick, burying him to the short hairs. Lining up behind her, I eased my own dick into her tightest hole. She took a deep breath and relaxed. I could feel the difference in her ass. After a minute or so, I slid into her all the way to my balls.
"OMFG OMFG I am soooo fucking full!"
"Feeling ok? Want us to quit?"
"I think I'm ok, just go slow, ok?"
"Well hon, here's where the woman does some of the work. It let's you take it at the speed you're comfortable with."
"What do you mean?" She seemed to be losing her concentration.
"I'll set a rhythm. You go with it or whatever feels good."
I grabbed both hips and pushed her up a few inches only to pull her back to full penetration. It only took a heartbeat for her to get totally into it. That woman went totally fucking wild! I had to grab her hips just to limit her movements before she bucked one of us out of the saddle. I had NEVER had a woman pound me like Paula did. She make guttural noises and then a steady keening started from somewhere deep inside her. I could feel Tracy's fat dick rubbing mine through the this flesh separating us and I know this was making her crazy.

Suddenly, her back arched like a bowstring and she grabbed a handful of Tracy's chest in a death grip. I was damned glad to be on the back side of her- no nails, no teeth, however, her asshole that had already been in a tight grip around my dick tried to pinch it in two. With a soft little "Oh shit", she collapsed on Tracy's chest. God, What a woman and what a rodeo and I stayed on till the bell sounded. I backed out of her hole with her sphincter still twitching. Poor Tracy was pinned under an unconscious woman. We eased her to one side and I looked at Tracy'
"Well pard, what'd ya think?"
"She ain't moving. Is she dead?"
"Nope. This is a case of being well and truly fucked. She'll prolly always remember this, or at least what she CAN remember. Great job, dude" as we hi-fived.
I got up and went to our kitchen to get a warm washcloth. I cleaned her ass crack and Tracy cleaned the sweat and pussy juice off her front. The woman never opened her eyes through all this.
"Would you mind getting up and grabbing Sharon or Alice?"
Tracy put on shorts and headed to his parent's cabin and brought Sharon back. It seems Alice, Sal and hubby were co-mingling in one of the bedrooms. No problem- we were here to have fun.

"My God, what did you do to her?"
"Well, we sorta double teamed her and she passed out."
Paula took that moment to join the living again.
"Baby, are you alright?" asked Sharon
Paula turned to me and said "You motherfucker! You've absolutely RUINED me for other men. I have NEVER passed out from fucking before. We are GOING to do that again...but not right now. I think I'm going to be bow-legged tomorrow."
I had to duck my head and hide my snicker. Talk about an ego booster!
"You think I can get a ride to Alices place. I'm totally fucked out for the night."
"Buck has a car. We'll take you and make sure you're alright." And off we went, getting Paula into the shower. She knew where the bedrooms were.

Back in the car, Sharon was acting real funny, kind of withdrawn.
"What's up with you and some of these women? First Alice, now Paula. We had great sex together, but I wasn't anywhere near to passing out."
"We doubled up on her. I think you could call it sensory overlord."
"Think you could work me into that schedule some time?"
"Anytime you like, darlin, but be sure that's what you want. It does get a little intense."
She stuck out her chin and said "I can take anything you've got to give, buddy."
"Let's see if Tracy is up for another round when we get back.'

Tracy was waiting for us in the caboose when we arrived.
"You rested up? Sharon needs her cage rattled."
"Did you cum in Paula? I didn't."
That's my boy, he's learning control and I told him that.
"Control? I was trying to keep her from killing me. You try getting your nut when some crazy woman is trying to rip your chest off."
Poor thing, but who knew. Sharon already had her clothes off while we talked.
"So how does this work" asked Sharon?
"Just lay down on top of Tracy and get him inside you."
"That's it?"
"Oh, it gets a little more involved, but first things first."

The KY was still laying on the bed, so taking the opportunity, I lubed up. Squirting a glob on Sharon's ass, she tensed up from the cold goo running down her crack. Working a finger into her ass as she worked Tracy's dick deeper into her pussy, I kept applying lube as she relaxed. Soon, I added a second finger and was able to get KY to run between the cracks of my fingers.
She was already juicy, from anticipation I assumed. This was going to be different from other DP's as we hadn't used any foreplay to get her hot. As her tight brown flower loosened, I pulled my fingers out to replace them with my dick. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her back to full insertion on both of us.

"No more free rides Sharon. You get to do the work this time."
"Just hold your horses a minute, cowboy. I gotta get used to this. I'm like waaay full of dick at the moment." She was breathing deep, trying to relax. We let her move her ass around as she got comfortable having both holes filled.
"You ok now" I asked?
"Go VERY slow, dude. I can feel you both touching each other, Gawd, I hope you don't rip anything."

Again, holding her hips, I moved her forward and back just a few inches. As I did, I felt her sphincter loosen even more "I think I'm ok now but let me tell you, I have NEVER been so full of dick at one time in my entire life."
"Work yourself up and back now. You've got everything in you that's gonna go."
Sharon started out slow and tentatively but began to speed up as she learned the limits of how far she could travel without losing one of us."
"OMFG, this feels sooo good. Why Uuhh did we never UUHh do this before? You've been holding out on me, asshole!"

She moaned, she grunted, she bucked and sweat was flying everywhere. She tried to get us both in deeper. All I could do was part her ass cheeks to gain another half inch. This was a woman with a mission. She was riding us hard and we tried to give back just as hard. I felt Tracy growing under me and I knew he was on his way to getting his nut. As this was the second time around for me too tonight, I certainly welcomed the sensation in my nuts as I prepared to fill her bowel. Howling, she let out a short scream, grinding down on the two of us as hard as possible. She stiffened and shook and coated my balls with girl cum then literally flopped on Tracy's chest. Sharon had never squirted before, at least on me. A 'rainmaker', not a common occurrence in women. Maybe this was just one of her better cums.
"OMFG" she said when she got her breath back " I know exactly what Paula was talking about. I am fucking ruined. I can't do this every time I'm horny, but you better believe I'll be back for seconds on this. What's all this wet stuff? I feel like I'm swimming in something."
"You squirted girlfriend"
"Squirted? You sure I didn't just piss on you? I've NEVER squirted."
I dipped a finger into her fluids still running down her slit, tasting it.
"Nope, not urine. First time for everything, hon. You squirted, babe"
"Gawd, how many 'firsts' am I gonna have with you four?"
"Who the hell knows, we're just starting out."
"Gawd, what have I gotten myself into? I thought I was gonna shit when I found out about Max's little activities. Why the hell don't you give these other guys some classes or something?"
"Hon, We just do what we do. You women live with them, complain about them and do the same thing over and over.


© Hellraser 2015

Sal and Barb came back after making sure Mary was ok. The girls were gone about an hour and it made me wonder if they were partying themselves. Arriving back, Sal told me Mary went straight to Alice and Sharon and they shut up into one of the bedrooms, later calling our girls in to talk.
"They acted like we were some kind of 'sisterhood' or something. After Mary told them, pretty graphically I might add, EVERYTHING you did to her. She even unbuttoned her dress and pulled her bra cup up to show off that hickey you gave her. I got kinda embarrassed. Evidently, Alice and Sharon have had their heads together about that little chat we had that one know about our 'kinky' stuff? Sharon asked me point blank if I'd really let you pee on me and in me. What could I say? I just grinned and said 'yup and I love it'. Alice brought up being DP'd and I thought Mary was going to lose her mind. She said you'd TALKED to her about it but never knew anyone besides the four of us ever really did it. Oh, Alice brought up something I'd never heard of before - what's being made 'air-tight'?"
"Darlin, that's DP with a blow job... all holes get filled." I only knew this at the time from reading a Forum in one of the men's magazines.
"Ewwww, NASTY! We should TRY that" Barb added. Sal just got a wistful look on her face.
"We don't have enough guys I trust for that" she said frowning.
"Uh, I dunno, maybe Alice's Max. He's kinda docile, isn't he?"
"Of all the guys over there, Max is a sweetheart. He ALWAYS asks before taking any of the women."
"So, maybe he's a candidate. We'll havta try it out with Alice."
"As long as US girls get to try it."
"That goes without saying, but Max IS claimed at the moment."

The weekend came to a close

Tracy and I went back to work on remodeling Alice and Stan's 'lodge'. Too damned big for a cabin. The soundproofing they wanted was no big deal aside from the mess of tearing off plaster and lath walls to replace with sheetrock. The kitchen and bath took a bit longer because the kitchen countertop had to be shipped from out of state. Luckily, the spa bath fit just fine. This was a big house, built in the days when they didn't try to squeeze everything into the smallest space. New commode and the rest that remained were just plumbing. Their water well had gone tits sometime in the past, so I showed Tracy how to sink a sandpoint, a pipe with a sieved point that goes down to the aquifer to pump water through. Didn't need to do much to the pump except put in new gaskets. The pressure tank was fine. It had been drained when the last people left the place. We did add a coat of spray paint.

We made a list of windowpane sizes, then, Alice called Stan at work to see if he wanted single pane or double. [double pane windows were kind of a new deal when all this took place, not nearly as common as double or triple pane is now.] Max decided single pane was fine as they had no plans to winter here. Very few diehards spent the winter at the lake, cabin or no. Actually, that worked well for Tracy and I. As soon as it got cold, the vermin moved into the crawl space beneath the cabins, those having one. Come spring, people learned they hosted families of skunks beneath the floors. Tracy and I would shoot them with a .22, then drag them out with a 20' cane pole with a treble hook wired on the end of it. We charged a modest $50 per cabin as 'pest control specialists'. Actually, once we were done, it took many showers and a lot of time in the lake scrubbing off with sand to rid us of our unique odor. But hey, we started the summers with money in our pockets, sometimes as much as $200 - $300 apiece. Tracy's dad STILL paid the two of us for upkeep on their cabin, so it's all good. This took us weekends until late May when school let out, our summer starts and it's party time!

As usual, Tracy and Barb's parental units came to stock their cabin with food and booze, heavy on the booze. They were really good about keeping us stocked in beer by this time. We drank responsibly, never drove while or after drinking and NEVER got blind drunk. Like they'd even recognize the behavior by the time 8 pm rolled around.
The first couple to show up were Alice and Stan . They had a cabin of their own to air out and stock up. Funny thing, with their mega lodge, why come to the old cabin? Maybe because we were next door? Who knows.

Alice came over by herself one afternoon to chat. It seems she had started 'training' Stan before last summer ended and had all winter to polish off the rough edges. She did still want Tracy, the girls and I to party with her in our own little caboose. She explained that over the winter Mary had finally gotten enough of being mostly ignored by her husband Herman and they had split up. Herman was a very well to do realtor and Mary got the house and some righteous alimony. Mary and Alice had kept in touch all winter and Alice said Mary planned on staying out here most of the summer. She and Stan certainly had the room, so she'd bunk there if not with certain people I could name.

What the real reason for her little visit was to tell us that Sharon had just about had it with her hubby Max. Seems he was still the same asshat he was last summer and cutting him off only made him look elsewhere. To make matters worse, it seemed Max was extremely intrigued when Barb made her first debut at the cabin. He's taken an 'unhealthy' interest in YOUNG girls. Seems the younger the better. I'm thinking Sharon and I will have a heart-to-heart when she gets here. Alice seemed to think that with him trolling for teenyboppers, she'd rather be here with us 'normal?' people than around him if HE gets caught or shot or whatever. He's an attorney, he's well off and if the doodoo hits the oscillating fan, she'd come out ok. I tended to agree with her.

Mary did show up later Friday night and headed straight for the caboose. Once inside, she had a kiss and a hug for the other three. Me? She tried swab my tonsils. I got a full body press and she rubbed those firm little tits across my chest.
"I've spent the entire winter thinking about last summer. You do know I got rid of what's his name, right? Do you girls mind if I make up for a little lost time?"
"Only if you promise to leave enough for us later" piped Sal.
"Oh, I think he'll survive...maybe lose a little weight, but he'll live" Mary grinned evilly.
"I've done a lot of talking, reading dirty books and watching some very NASTY movies while I holed up during the winter. I've decided I want to be one of Buck's cum buckets. There's so many new things I want to try with a real human being."

"It's kinda like the old saying 'you can sell it or give it away, but damned if you can completely get rid of it'. Do I look like meat on the hoof? Protect me Sal. I'm about to be abused!"
Everyone laughed, but me? I'm not so sure.
"Did I tell you Alice hooked me up with a toy catalog? I've been practicing all winter and this spring, I want to try anal with you and maybe Tracy."
My boy's eyes lit up.
"I'll try to see you all sometime tonight, if that's ok" as she danced out the door.
Maybe I'd created a 60-something year old monster. Rotten job, but someone's gotta do it.


Sharon made her appearance Saturday night, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me into Barb's old bedroom. In a flash, her clothes were flying in all directions and she started on mine.
"Hurry, get naked and do me. I've been waiting all winter."
Where have I heard that recently?

I put my arms around her and stroked her satiny smooth back all the way to the sweet round globes of her ass. I was lifting up on her ass cheeks when the steely hard nipples driving into my chest just begged for attention, I slid down and sucked a nipple in to my mouth. I hated to move my mouth but the other nipple demanded equal attention. Her hands were moving all over me, telling me it was time to get down to business.
"What are you up for tonight?"
"After our last time, with you, anything."
"I may just hold you to that, girly."

Instead of the usual position of her on her back, I spun her around and pushed her head first onto the bed.
"What are you going to do" she gasped?
"We did the missionary stuff last time, and you just laid there and let me do all the work. THIS time, we're going to explore other avenues."

Knowing Sharon kind of liked it rough, I was glad to oblige her, however, this wasn't going to be the quicky she was used to with the other men. They were like doing some kind of marathon - how many women could they fuck in an evening... not happening here. I'd rocked her world the last time we were together, so now this had to be even more intense.
I got on my knees behind her and rubbed my dick up and gown her drooling slit. After feeling it was wet enough, I eased my hard dick into that sopping hole. Grabbing her by the hips, I pulled her back until I was seated in as deep as my balls would allow. I watched as Sharon's head twisted side to side, moaning as I'd filled her empty snatch.

I took the opportunity to reach around and snag a distended nipple between the fingers of one hand, keeping the other pressing her shoulders down into the mattress.
"Oh GAAAAWD, pinch that nipple HARD, pull on it, rip it off my tit!"
Sharon took over the actions, rocking back, pounding my cock deep into her pussy. As she pleasured herself, I pushed my thumb in her tight asshole. She immediately tensed up as I slowly worked it in and out of her tightest opening.
"Just relax, take a deep breath. I think you might enjoy this if you can get your mind around it."

She watched as I reached for my tube of KY on the nightstand.
"Aren't I wet enough? I mean I'm running like a river down either thigh."
"I'm just making sure my cock's nice and slick."
"For what?"
"For this," I said. I slid my finger out of her ass, and she took a deep breath and relaxed, thinking THAT was over. I immediately pressed my cock head against her asshole.
"Oh, shit," she said with genuine fear, "What are you going to do now?"
"Just relax," I said, "You know I'd never hurt you." She immediately propped her knees wider apart, head on the bed but didn't pull away.
"It won't fit! I've never done anal." she groaned as I pressed.
"Remember when you said you'd do anything?"
"I didn't know that meant--THIS!" she yelped as the head of my cock popped into her tight, virgin ass.

"Take it girl, and you'll take all of it" I said, letting her get used to my intruding cock. When I heard her breathing even out, I pushed gently deeper.
"Uhhn!" Sharon groaned as, little by little, I eased into her tight ass. Eventually I felt her ass cheeks against my balls and her asshole squeezing the base of my cock. I let her get used to having me balls deep in her bowel.
Prying her ass cheeks apart, I gained maybe another inch of dick to push into her.
"Oh, fuck me running..." I breathed, looking down. My cock was buried to the hilt in this horny lady's ass.
"God, Sharon, your ass is so tight. This is virgin territory here."
"Is that it?" she asked, a little disappointment in her voice.
"It? What do you mean is that 'it'?"
"It's supposed to hurt more. Everyone says it's supposed to hurt. Some of the other girls refuse to even do it." she said.
"Am I hurting you now?"
"A little, but it also feels kinda good. I just feel 'full'. Just be very slow, ok?"
I nodded and pulled out until just the head was in her, and then slid back in gently until I bottomed out in her again. Her eyes clenched shut and mouth went agape.
"Ah!" she said.

I waited a moment, but she looked back at me, "Buck, what are you waiting for? Do that again! Stuff my ass!" I withdrew and then pushed back into her ass again, and Sharon's face resumed its contortions. Slowly, I fell into a rhythm, sliding my cock in and out of her ass, feeling its tightness. Fucking her ass, I could see pleasure and pain kind of alternate across her body. When she began making guttural whimpering moans, I knew neither of us were going to last much longer.
With every stroke I had to fight to hold off my own peak.
"Oh fuck," I said. "I'm gonna come!" as I felt my balls began to tighten.
"God, yeah!" Sharon urged me on. "Do it! Do it Harder. Fuck my ass...FUUUUuuuucck MEEEEEeeee!"
She pounded her ass back like a jack hammer.
That was all I needed to hear. I felt my balls tighten, and pleasure washed over me as I thrust as deeply as I could one last time and filled my lover's ass with my hot semen.
"Oh, God, Buck! I can feel it in me. I can feel it squirting. Fill my ass up!"
We came within seconds of each other.

She collapsed on the bed and I followed her down, laying on her back but holding my weight up with my elbows, still plugged into her sweet asshole. As our breathing returned to something like normal, I rolled off, pulling her into my arms. I had some baby wipes and cleaned her butt and my dick.
"Damn it, I hate you. Every time we've been together, you do SOMETHING that just ruins me for the other guys."
"Sorry about that" I said, "Should I just stop?"
"Max can just chase his little teenyboppers all he wants. I may move in with Alice and Stan this whole summer, or maybe I should ask Sal if I can just move in with you guys."
"Hmm, that might be great except for the little problem of ROOM. It's kind of a tight fit with four of us in two beds. Not that I'd object to having your lush little bod around" I said, smiling.

"You and Tracy are carpenters, build onto the caboose. I'm thinking you're going to need a DORMITORY before long. I see about eight queen-sized beds in my mind, two for the four of you and six for all the other women here. You know damned well you made a convert out of Mary. Who would have thought a woman her age had so much frustration bottled up and so willing to stretch her experience. She's about to wear Stan out, not that Alice minds."
"Well, that'd be great, except for the fact that Tracy's dad is never going to foot that bill. Tracy and I sure don't have those kind of bucks."
"What would it take to do it?" she asked
"Damn, I dunno. I'd havta put it down on paper to guestimate the materials. You're not serious about this, are you?"
"Food for thought. Just be aware you're making a harem here, whether you realize it or not."
"Oh, Sal is just gonna LOVE that!"
"Sal shares well. Just something to think about. As it is, with only two bedrooms in the main cabin, it's like two separate gang bangs going on...the 'recipients' just change. If we get tired, all we have is the couch and nobody gets any sleep."
I had to grin "I didn't think you all came out here to SLEEP."
"Wise ass." I just smiled as I washed my dick.

Sharon rolled onto her back and reached for me. Pulling me over between her spread thighs, she took my dick in hand and put it where it would do the most good. Her legs wrapped around my back as I plowed deep into her waiting pussy.
I was still recovering from the previous bout, so cumming was far from my mind. I pushed in deep, just touching her cervix. Sharon never slowed up, she was ready for round two in a big way. She started moving her hips in a forward rolling motion and even moved them in a circle as well. Five minutes later she reared back and turned cut loose with her own self-induced orgasm. She flooded my crotch and pulled me down, burying those hard tits in my chest.
She whispered in my ear "Thanks, you have no idea how much I really needed that. I kinda feel like you and I don't 'fuck', we make love. I seem to be the only one in a hurry, but it's hard to get much satisfaction out of that weekend bunch. I have to try and milk as much sensation for myself as I can. Maybe that's not such a good thing. You guys are just fucking habit forming."
This wasn't the first time I'd heard this. Oh well, all the better for us four.

Sunday afternoon, late....

We met an infrequent couple to this little group later that day - Paula and Brent. Paula was a stay-at-home housewife while hubby Brent was a busy pediatrician. Paula was attractive in kind of a well padded way. Hips, not so slim and absolutely ginourmous breasts. The thing that evened her out was she was tall - about six feet tall, towering over all the ladies there. She had little to say although she did join in the other wives' conversations, at least as a listener.
Brent fell right into the men's crowd - boisterous and loud, claiming he was 'ready' and 'when does the fun begin'. His eyes kind of lit up when he notice Sal and Barb. I heard him ask the others why two 'little' girls were hanging around. He was told those 'little girls' would rock his world, given the chance. When asked about his work, he mentioned he took patients from one month to 14 years, then referred them to GP's in his same building. His appraisal of our two damsels hit some kind of sweet spot in him. I sure hoped he wouldn't turn out to be another Max.

Sharon and Alice introduced our four to these newcomers while Mary kept a possessive arm around my waist. I overheard Paula ask if I was 'attached' to Mary.
"No, she is just making up for ten years of lost time. Long story but maybe she'll fill you in later. As to why she's hanging on Buck, he actually made her into a sexual person again" said Alice.
"But he's a kid! Well, maybe not a child, but certainly a very YOUNG man."
"Don't let looks fool you. Buck is probably the best 'man' here, physically and romantically" chimed Sharon. Paula just watched, taking all this in. This wasn't what she'd imagined after Brent had talked her into to 'trying it out', as he said.

I'm 5'- 11" and Paula is the first woman out here I had to look up to up close. With those humongous tits of hers, I wished I were only five feet tall. Can't wait to see what she looks like after all the wrappings come off.

Tracy was hanging with the guy crowd as they had Barb and Sal in their group. I didn't know and actually never thought to ask if Tracy had some jealous pangs running through him as the men tried to get our girls 'in the mood', otherwise, he was just being a protective member of our little clique. It really wasn't an issue that any of these guys would actually hurt our girls, they just didn't give a shit for their feelings. After all, weren't they here to be 'used'?
Then men started to pair off with whichever lady they could start this dance with. Brent naturally latched onto Barb as she looked the youngest of the bunch. Barb just looked over at me and winked. I think she planned on rocking Brent's little world.


Alice and Sharon walked Paula over to me. Mary had been chosen by one of the guys so she was being taken care of.
"Buck, why don't you show Paula your neat little cabin? Paula, you've never seen an actual caboose tricked out into real living quarters, but Buck and Tracy did the work themselves. They're even doing the remodel on our cabin."
Paula looked me in the eyes "Alright, show me what you've got." How do you take a comment like that?

6-My Youth

(c) Hellraser 2015

Meeting of the minds.....The husbands gather

"Look you little shit. Our WIVES all seem to gravitating to you and your little buddy there. All we get are complaints about OUR performances."
"Well, I may be a 'kid', but momma didn't raise any retards. One of the things I've tried to drill into Tracy was that you should not expect sex. If it was offered, treat it like a gift and treat the lady like you appreciate her."
"I will give you the biggest secret to getting women to have a good time. Take your time and learn what they like. Use a lot of foreplay and see where their buttons are, what makes them purr, and don't be afraid to ask them if they like what you are doing. Taking your time to find out what your lover wants will keep them coming back. One MAJOR thing you dudes need to keep in mind - WOMEN control a large portion of the money in the world, husband or not, and they have all the pussy."

The guys just stood around, shaking their heads. I don't think ANY of this even occurred to them. One of them spoke up "I guess I can sympathize with the ladies."
"But you know what they say about sympathy...You can find it. It's in the dictionary between "shit" and "syphilis. Don't just try to placate them. Do the right thing" I said.

Einstein's quote, "Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results."
My Quote, 'Sometimes, you just can't CHANGE stupid.'

It made me wanna to hit something, preferably any or ALL these men, with a baseball bat until it stopped feeling good to me. I don't know if anything I'd said had even gotten through to them. Hopefully, one or two might see the light. What started out as just a 'wild' experience for these couples was making rifts in their marriages. I'm a 19 year old KID. Why should I have to educate these grown guys? I'm not some kind of control freak. Really, all I could influence was Tracy, and he was coming along slow but sure. Sal was open for about anything WE wanted to do because she knew I'd never hurt her. Barb? Well, what can I say - Barb does what Barb wants. For the most part, she does nothing that really affects our group of four.

Mary...getting into the swing

Mary wanted to go to our caboose again. She'd gotten a little experience in the main cabin, but it seemed most of the guys sorta avoided her because of her age. She WAS the oldest here, but she still had looks and a strong desire to try any new thing that excited her. Almost as soon as she was in the door, her clothes fell off. I was quite pleased SOMEONE had talked her into shaving off that JUNGLE she had decorating her crotch. Tracy was still tagging along.
"Babe, can I offer you a beer or something?"
"Oh, you know, if I have a few beers, my clothes fall right off now" she said with a grin.
"Darlin, I think a glass of WATER will make your clothes fall off if you know it's leading to sex." She just giggled and nodded her head.
"That's beside the point. I overheard Alice, Paula and Sharon talk about taking it up their butts. Isn't that supposed to hurt? Not to mention it's so nasty."

"You mean your husband nor any of these other swinging dicks has ever tried your ass?" She nervously giggled again and added. "Never, but I'm willing to try anything with you. You I feel I can trust. You've shown me types of excitement I didn't even know existed. So, if you want my ass, you can have it" she said. "How do I do this?"
"Some women like if on their backs with their butts propped up on a pillow, some like it with their knees pulled up to their chests, or some just do it doggy style. I've been told that's a 'submissive' position though. I guess you need to figure what'd be the most comfortable for you."
"I told you 'what's-his-name' rarely ever HAD sex with me, let alone experiment. I don't think it even qualified for 'plain vanilla' as I've heard the other ladies say."
"Then you need to crawl on one of these bunks and get comfortable. I'm going to get your motor running to get you relaxed." With a bounce, she was on the bed on her hands and knees.

Seeing as how she'd positioned herself, I pushed her knees a little further apart and lay with my head under her wet pussy.
"I need you to kind of squat down so I can reach that wonderful pussy you have."
"Thank God for a year of yoga. I think I can manage that just fine." And squat she did by moving her knees even further apart. My target was right before my nose and mouth and I dug in, licking her moist slit from clit to her opening. She began humping that pussy down every time I got even close to her clit. The woman had found her sweet spot and was learning to take advantage of it. The first time we were together, she didn't know what a clit was for. It didn't take long and she was absolutely dripping girl juice. Sliding from between her knees, I reached over and grabbed the ever present KY.

"Mary, I'm going to stretch out your sphincter a little. This will ease any pain you might feel, just try to relax and trust me." Rubbing a generous amount of lube right onto her asshole I was able to slide a finger in her quite easily. I pulled out and pushed a glob into her waiting butt, slathering it inside to get her as juicy as possible. I felt her tight ring relax as I rubbed so I eased a second finger inside her.
"Buck, I feel so full. I feel like I need to go to the bathroom."
"That's normal, hon. Just relax, you're doing fine."
Two fingers were sliding in and out with only slight resistance. Now was the time for the main event. With barely any hesitation, I pulled my fingers out and eased the tip of my hard dick in. She hadn't moved nor complained, so I eased in about three inches.
"Oh damn, stop right there. I can't stop myself from tensing up."
While she was trying to relax, I talked to her.
"It's ok, Mary. The worst is over. It's not going to stretch you any more but it will go deeper. Everything you feel will be from your tight little ring. Did you know that your asshole has more nerve endings than your twat? According to Barb, she gets more stimulation from her ass than vaginal sex."
"She must like this more than having her pussy stuffed. Seems like every time I see her, someone is buried to the balls in her ass, so she must be onto something."

Mary had totally forgotten about having her own ass invaded by now.
"Ok, I'm going to give you the whole thing now" as I slid in to my balls. She made no complaint, so I pulled back until the head was just inside her. Easing back in, I buried myself as deeply as I could go. Mary bought into the act and began to buck herself back onto me. After finding her rhythm, the bucking turned to slamming.
"If every woman had a dick like this stuck up her, the vibrator companies would soon go out of business. I LOVE this!"

Low moans started deep in her chest and soon turned keening noises. Soon, she heard a scream and only dimly recognized it was coming from her. Her body was seized by a huge contraction, her entire body stiffening as her climax peaked. The most intense orgasm of her life crashed over her body and it built until it became a pounding in her ears. Her eyes rolled up and if it had it lasted any longer she knew she would have passed out. I let her drop down on the bed to curl up in a fetal position.
"Darlin, are you ok?"
"Damn, what the hell did you just do to me...I can't stop shaking."
"Honey, THAT was an anal orgasm."
"OH MY GOD! I have NEVER felt anything remotely like that in my life. Will I do that every time?"
"That would be hard to say, but the fact that you DID means it can happen again."
I hate to sound smug, but I just love to ring a woman's bell. Talk about an ego boost! Tracy had the forethought to get her a wet washrag. Her thighs were soaked. She cleaned herself and gave both of us a hug and a kiss as she got up to leave.

Sharon returns...

"You're my new boyfriend." She said it with a big grin, but in a tone of voice that sounded like she wasn't really kidding at all, which scared me a little bit. Ok, way more than a little.

"Alice told me that women NEEDED someone like you and I should just latch onto you. I think Max is going to be history. If he wants to chase teenyboppers around, then more power to him. One of these days he's gonna get caught, shot or castrated and I don't wanna be connected with him. Over the winter, I found his stash of kiddy porn and it was just...disgusting. I mean what ADULT gets his rocks off with a ten year old. He's even got films of young brothers and sister and the kids were fucking adults....that's just sick. I know where he orders them and I've got all his credit card receipts. I'm thinking I'm going to part 'Mr Rich Attorney' from some of his money. Hell, after talking with Alice, she agreed to 'rent' me a bedroom in that big cabin of theirs. I might havta do Stan once in a while, but he's turning into a real sweetheart and it's something I'd be doing anyway."

"But what if he tries to drag us into it?" I was getting nervous by this time.
"What's he gonna do? Admit to having sex with two UNDERAGE girls....I don't think so."
"A couple of points we need to get clear on - what if he comes out here and makes a big stink about you leaving, an next, what about Sal and I?"

I'm trying to get this whole thing into my head, but the idea of a woman just suddenly deciding she needs ME besides Sal is only slightly short of completely, totally NUTS!!
"Do you really think Sal is going to be a problem? I mean I'm not trying to monopolize you or anything. She seems to share her toys well as it is."
"Sal is my love. You, I can let grow on me, but no one replaces her in my heart."
"I think if we can work at it, you can learn to love two women. Right now, I love you but I'm not 'in love' with you. You just make me feel better about myself than I have in a long time."
"I don't wanna sound like a wimp, but this is a conversation for you and Sal." Ok, I WAS wimping out, but hell, I LIKED Sharon but then again I LIKED Alice and Mary.
"If Max does show his face, I'll just tell him. He's an attorney."
"Try not to use words of more than two syllables or he won't understand" I said.

Sharon and I made our way back over to party central. She went in the door first and as I followed, the room got quiet.
I suddenly got that deer-in-the-headlights look as five women in the room turned to stare at me with pure animal lust in their eyes. All the guys decide to go into town and hit the beer joint.
I heard Tracy say as he backed out of the room, "Be afraid, be very afraid."
"Wait! Where do you think you're going?" grabbing his arm.
Just another night of debauchery. Tracy and I are SO abused.

The four of us decide to hit the beach...

Sal and Barb wanted to check out the campers, just to see new faces. Tracy and I were more or less, along for the ride. Ya never know when some cutie sporting a bikini will suddenly appear. I mean, Sal is my woman but I AM male. Low and behold, Sal met up with two girls she and Barb went to school with. The four girls put their heads together and it was evident that we were NOT part of their conversation. We left them to do whatever teenaged girls do and strolled down the beach, looking for that hot mamma that was sure to be out here in the warm sun. We'd reached the end of this three block long beach and headed back the way we came, disappointed no new pussy there gave us a hardon.

On reaching our girls, the two new ones didn't take their eyes off of Tracy and I. Their scrutiny was intense enough to make both of us sport boners.
"What?" I asked
Sal spoke up "This is Susan and this is Beth."
After the usual pleasantries, I took a closer look at the two new girls. Both girls were matured more than our two little sweethearts.
Both new girls sported a woman's hips, a tiny waist and were sporting big B to small C cups in their tiny little bikinis. Tracy had lost the power of speech, so I took up the slack. Rather than make a fool out of myself OR lose my dick to a jealous woman while I slept, I told the girls we'd see then back at the cabin.
I had to damn near DRAG Tracy to get him to follow me.
"Dude! Did you SEE those two? OMG, I'm in love."
"No you're not, you're in lust. BIG difference. And how do you think Barb is going to feel?"
"You mean I can't LOOK?"
"Lil buddy - you see grown, BEAUTIFUL women all the time and you even get the privilege of fucking them."
"Fuck you. You have four women who follow you around like you're the last man on earth."
I won't argue that, although it's starting to become a problem."
I filled Tracy in on the Sharon development.
"What are you gonna do?"
"Be a friend to the ones that need a friend and a lover to the one that loves me." Little did I know all that was about to change.

The four girls caught up with us to walk the rest of the way back to the cabin. Sal pulled me back to talk while Tracy drooled down his chin over the two new ones. Barb just smirked.
"Ok, what's going on? You've never brought anyone back to the cabin and neither has Barb."
"Those two are our best friends in school" she stammered a bit, then added "We told them everything. Don't worry - neither is a virgin."
"So Tracy and I are supposed to fuck them?"
"Only if you want to. Barb and I agreed to share."
Just shoot me.
Tracy and the girls had stopped to wait for us and each grabbed a guy's arm.
"What are we doing now?"
"Well, you and Tracy here are going to show us the railroad car you rebuilt and then we're going to talk. Talking is ok, isn't it?" I wasn't sure I liked her smug smile.

Alice, evidently waiting on the four of us to return was standing at our cabin door. She gestured to the two new girls, "what are you doing with these girls? Adding to your harem?"
I looked at Susan and Beth, "nothing....YET. They followed me home. Can I keep them?" smiling
"Only if you agree to share." With that, she headed to the main cabin. I THINK she'd planned on a little slap-and-tickle but that wasn't happening with the new girls around.
With Sharon and Mary staying around full time, I didn't think she'd get TOO lonely.

It took about one minute to show the newcomers our luxurious digs. Our new cuties perched on the lower bunk with Barb and Sal on either side.
"Who sleeps where?" asked Beth
"Well.." I started to say when Sal spoke up "Buck and I sleep up top and Tracy and Barb sleep here."
"EEEeeeew, kinky" replied Susan.
"What do you even know about kinky" I asked
"Our brothers took our cherries and we sometimes trade off. Does that tell you anything? Sal and Barb have told us ALL about what ya'll do here and even a little bit of what goes on next door." I didn't know whether to be scared or mad and I think our girls read that loud and clear. Tracy's eyes were showing the whites.
"We'll be camped out with our parents for the next two weeks and we want in on the action."
"You DO understand that most of the 'action' takes place at night? How are your folks going to handle that?"
"They barely pay attention to us as it is. We'll just tell them we met up with two girls from school and we're spending the night with them. They're more into the four of them. Us girls are just baggage they had to drag along. Believe me, they won't miss us."
"You girls told them what goes on next door and how they're liable to be treated?"
"We told them. It will be more than they're used to, but they DID volunteer."

Lambs to the slaughter, but I guess the old saying 'if they're old enough to bleed, they're old enough to breed' applies here.
"What about birth control?" Really wasn't any of my business but SOMEONE had to play the adult here.
"We've both been on the pill a couple of years. With what our parents do, they figured we'd be active sooner or later. We both just chose sooner. We both absolutely love to fuck, but you know how teenaged boys are. Ten second wonders."
"Ok. You asked for it. Barb, go drag Alice or Sharon over here. I need some 'adult' input."

Wouldn't you know it'd be Alice that came back with Barb. We got her up to speed and she had her own questions for the girls, along with a stern warning.
"If you girls don't mind being party favors, I'm SURE they guys will fill any 'needs' you have but one thing we need to stress here- this is a closed group. We all trust each other not to blab to the world about our little parties, So, you will NOT mention to your parents OR your brothers about what goes on here. Understood?"
"Yes Ma'am."

Night was falling and our girls led the new sacrifices over to the big cabin. I'm sure the hubbies fell on the new meat like stink on shit. Alice chose to hang around a while.
"Do we even KNOW what we're doing? This could get way out of hand."
"I'm sorry Alice. I had no idea Sal and Barb were bragging about any of this. You KNOW I don't talk about it and neither does Tracy."
"A little late to cry about it now, what's done is done. On another note, I was hanging around because I was feeling a little frisky and didn't want to be in the middle of that group right now."
I got a big shit eating grin
"I am so going to hump your brains out tonight" I smirked.
"You are so full of shit!", protested Alice. I eyed Alice speculatively. "Just so you aren't!" Outrage, then shock at what I'd just said raced across her face. She started laughing.
"Let's take a quick peek over there, just in case" said Alice.
Sure enough, the new girls were bent over the back of the sofa while they guys played musical pussy. Neither girl seems upset if the moans and 'fuck me harder' were any indication. Alice and I had pressing business.

"Just the thought of being in your amazingly tight ass, my IQ has again dropped to single digits," I said.
I put the tip of my dick to her hot little nether hole and pushed it inside. She let out a gasp as I slid part way up in her. Fuck she was as tight and hot as I'd ever imagined! Alice had her motor running flat out, and began slamming her ass back.
"UNNnnhhhhhhh.....OH GOD BUCK!" Alice groaned as I went a little deeper.
"Oh my GOD that feels good!" She moaned, as I started to fuck her with a burning need to cum in her hot ass.

It didn't take long before I just couldn't hold back much longer.
I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them wide apart. I started pumping as hard and fast as I could, and watching Alice's asshole swallow all of my cock.
"OH GOD!" she screamed, "OH FUCK! AHHHH GOD!.......OHhhhh FUCK MEeeeee!" Alice yelled.
After the first hard squirt she moaned out and I felt her rosebud tighten up around my throbbing cock as I kept blowing my juices just as far up in her bowels as I could. She collapsed face first on the bunk. I could barely keep my knees supporting me.

"I get the distinct feeling you needed that," I said quietly.
"Oh God!. . . you have no idea . . ." she said.
Poor baby, I thought of my situation suddenly and laughed. If being exhausted from the best sex of my life on constant demand was such a hardship, I'd take it happily.

About ten thirty Sal and Barb led two well fucked girls back to the caboose.
"Who's going to clean up the mess" I asked, both girls were dripping puddles all over the floor.
"No more" gasped Susan, "I loved it but I think we over did it." Beth just fell on the low bunk and soon began to snore.
"Hey! Your buddies, YOUR problem" as I looked over at our two girls. I went out to the gazebo and sat down to collect my thoughts. Soon, Sal came up and sat beside me.
"What's going on inside?"
"Tracy and Barb are putting them to bed and cleaning up the mess. I don't think Tracy thinks much of used cum." She tried to laugh but she could see I wasn't in the mood.
"Susan is going to share the bunk with those two. I had them load Beth into our bunk."

Great I thought to myself. I think Sal got the distinct impression I wasn't overly happy at this point.
"Are you mad at me" she asked
"More like disappointed. It's kind of a trust thing."
Sal clung to me and started to cry.
"Are we breaking up because of this? I mean with all we do here, I thought you'd LIKE two new girls to play with."
"Sal, how many people do you think I've told about what we do with each other and the others? I mean what you and I and Tracy and Barb do can hardly be a secret, but no one outside our group knew anything about it, until NOW. With the exception of the asshole husbands, we all get along pretty well in our private little world. NOW it's not private anymore."

"Oh GOD, I'm so sorry, I didn't think..."
"Exactly" as I cut her off. She stumbled off towards our cabin. Lights were still on in the big cabin so I walked over there, thinking maybe a beer or ten would calm me down. Walking in, Mary, Sharon and Alice were cleaning up the mess. Must have a sign on my forehead saying 'I'M PISSED' because Alice asked if the other two could handle the rest, she needed to talk to me. I DID grab three beers between the fingers of one hand and started to fill the other when she grabbed me by the elbow and led me out to the porch swing.

"That won't help whatever's bothering you" she said.
"It won't hurt anything, either" as I popped the top off a bottle. I let out a big sigh and pulled me to her.
"It's the new girls, isn't it?" Must be psychic or something.
"Does it show? I just can't believe Barb and Sal would just invite strangers in, not to mention telling all their experiences with Tracy and I and all you other people."
"Both those girls are young, probably getting involved with any of this might have been a mistake" she said.
"I've always treated Sal like an adult. Is it too much to ask for her to act like it?"

"I'm not going to make excuses for her, but for a young girl, this is something of a dream we all play a part in. She IS still a little girl in a lot of ways and girls talk. Look at what we women do. We share our experiences too."
"Yeah, but you don't drag outsiders into it." My mood was not improving.
"Not trying to influence any decisions you may be making, but you do know Sharon, Mary and I would love to have you all to ourselves. I KNOW Sharon's broached the subject with you. She's taking care of her problem. Mary has already solved hers and I know Stan has no problem having you in our lives. If this doesn't work out between you two, just know we have a place for you."

Since I was smack dab in the middle of my own pity party, I added "To do what? I'm gonna be a boy toy?" I was working up a head of steam.
"If, and I say if, the situation were reversed and Stan told all the bank employees how you get it on with other guys and a few of the women, wouldn't you feel betrayed? I feel like I just lost my best friend." I could tell she was seriously thinking about what I'd just said.

"Listen to me young man. Sharon has a 15 year age difference on you and Mary, God, that's almost hard to imagine. I'm the baby but I'll never see thirty again. We ALL care about you. One thinks she's falling in love, one thinks the sun rises out of your ass and you rock my world better than anyone in my life...where's the hardship here?"
"Not changing the subject, but where are you going to sleep tonight?" Hmm, guess that does bear a little thought.
"Damned if I know where but I do know where I'm NOT!"
"Come home with us. I promise we won't molest you TOO much" she said grinning. She left me there to finish my beers and walked back to the cabin. An hour later and three beers down, I wasn't feeling quite so empty, physically or emotionally. The women had me follow them home and I had two cuddly bodies sandwiching me in a king sized bed. Tomorrow was Monday. Stan would be gone all week and Tracy's folks would head back home themselves. I drove back to our cabin to find Tracy and Bard rousing the two new girls out the door. Sal was nowhere to be seen.

"Sal rode back with mom and dad. You guys going to patch things up" asked Tracy. Barb seemed to be making herself scarce too.
"It's a trust issue, dude. I don't know if I can ever trust these two again."
For once, Tracy wasn't wrapped in his own world of never ending pussy.
"This could ruin it for everyone, couldn't it?"
"It might, just depends on who blabs what to who now."
Barb poked her head in " We didn't think it would hurt anything."
"Hit the nail right on the head, Barb, you didn't THINK."
"Are you going to quit coming out" Tracy asked
"Not entirely. Probably see me around a lot. I DO have another place to stay and we'll for sure be together on weekends. Tracy, you and I are still best friends." I purposely left Barb out of the mix because she was as much to blame as Sal. Give her some food for thought.

The women, Stan and I lasted another year together, happily I have to say. I had a rock band that had progressed from the garage stage to being vetted by a big radio station. I'd come back to this little caboose from time to time - I DID have some happy memories here.

7-Goon and Ragdoll

Goon and Ragdoll
© Hellraser 2014


This and other stories by me are wholly true. Sometimes, and only sometimes, names are changed to protect the people involved. These stories are from my past and no doubt, some of the characters have gone on to lives of their own which may or may not have been affected by the accounts written here.

Where do I begin? As an author of adult paranormal romance books, you'd think I could pull from some of these true stories for fuel in my writing. But you know what? I've never done that. Yes, 'stuff' that I've learned from my life itself does add to the flavor of the books I write, but you know what people say- truth is stranger than fiction. Anyway, I really should begin the story now. My name is Buck, but that hardly matters as the story isn't really about me.....

In my high school years, there were two girls who hung together like they were joined at the hip. You remember a pair of them from your own youth, no doubt. Goon, who's name was actually Mary was tall for her age, likely 5'-6" or so and just kind of rounded. Not fat, nor plump, she just appeared to carry a lot of baby fat. She had dishwater blond hair, never seemed to get a tan and dressed like her 80 year old grandmother had made her dress in all the clothes she'd saved through her own youth. Goon, unfortunately had a rather bad over bite, which just added to her look of a cipher.

Ragdoll, aptly named Dolly, was nearly a complete opposite. Short, maybe 5', skinny, long mousy brown hair which never looked like she'd ever run a comb or brush through it. However, her grandmother must have been great friends with Goon's as she always dressed in crap the Salvation Army threw out. Both girls wandered through the halls on their way to classes, never speaking, not even to each other, and somehow, managed to have nearly the all the same classes together. Both were the subject of a lot of speculation -Goon was supposedly the center of attraction at a gang bang once, although no one could name anyone there. Ragdoll was reportedly a lesbian, although the town had no women of that bent. Why else would she cling to Goon?

At night, the kids in my school were divided into two distinct species - the 'Socials' which included all the rich and the jocks, and the 'Low Lifes', which unfortunately included me and my crowd of friends. The Socials had their own fast food drive-in - Tasty Freeze, and we had A&W, which was by far the larger and more heavily populated of the two. My crowd included the guys in my band which was popular enough to tour the Midwest courtesy of the largest AM radio station in the state. I could tolerate my 'Low Life' caste because the band and I could care less what other people thought. We were well thought of by our peers and amazingly enough, the Socials would stoop to the point of begging our band to play at one of their parties or dances if we happened to be in town. Goon and Ragdoll didn't even fall into our lowly niche. They cruised the main drag in an old beater, never stopping, never listening in to the latest gossip. Sadly, Goon and Ragdoll were usually the subject of at least our crowd's derisive comments every time we saw them drive by. At least I often wondered * what * they did with themselves, other than burn a tank of gas, running up and down the street alone. We never saw them at school functions, never at the huge dances where our crowd hooked up with someone to take to the city limits and expand their knowledge of male-female anatomy along with installing a hangover for the next day. Then one night, it all changed for me.

I had already put away a six pack of Coors and had a slight buzz going and just felt, hell, mellow with the whole world. Sometimes I'd park at A&W by myself just to watch the people who circled the drive-in. This was one such night and I saw Goon & company driving by and decided, what the hell. No one, myself included, knew anything about these two and I decided I'd put on my big boy pants and find out for myself. At the time, I had a Dodge Super Bee, a muscle car I'd ordered factory direct from the proceeds of a summer on the rock & roll bandstand. I thundered out of the drive-in after them and caught them at a light. Rolling down my window, I motioned Mary to do the same. After a short conference between the two girls, she finally did, giving me a look of 'I wonder what this asshole wants'.

I said "Hey, what are you two up to tonight, I've seen you cruising for the last hour?"
Mary just stared at me and mumbled "What do you want? Go back to A&W with the rest of them."

"No, I want to talk to you two. You never talk to anyone, never go anyplace but school and out here on the street for a couple of hours every night. What's up with that?"

"Yeah, like you care. What'r ya gonna do, run back and tell them you tagged us, make you a big man cause you had the nerve to talk to us? Just leave us alone."

Ragdoll or Dolly just stared straight ahead, like maybe I'd disappear if she stared hard enough.

"Look, what's it hurt to talk. Run over to that vacant gas station and let's ride around for a little while or do you have a more pressing engagement?"
Shaking her head, she leaned over and whispered to Dolly who just shrugged. Mary pulled away from the light and into the deserted station. I pulled along side and reached over and unlocked the passenger door. Again another conference between the two girls and both got out and slid into my car.

After looking over the dashboard, my tach, the Hurst shifter on the floor and my trusty 8-tack tape deck. Dolly, who was sitting closest to me asked if she could put in a tape. I motioned over the seat to a rack of about 60 tapes, all the hard rock of the time. She pulled a Cream tape and popped it in.

"So what exactly did you want to talk about" whispered Dolly.

It was hard to hear her over the music, so I leaned in closer to her and she bent into my ear and repeated herself.

"Is there anything wrong with just talking, I mean, hell - I don't know anything about you girls and I've seen you in school everyday for the last three years?" On one hand, I was getting exasperated over the reluctance of these two to even talk. On the other, I did get kind of perverse thrill out of doing something that my crowd might have looked down on.

"No one talks to us, why should you be any different? Why would you even care?" Wow. I'd never heard Dolly string this many words together at one time.

"Let's just cruise and get to know each"

I didn't wait for an answer, just goosed the gas pedal and laid a track of rubber out of the drive way. We hit the main drag and made one complete round when Mary asked if I had any beer.

"Nope, downed the last of it about half an hour ago. You wanna get some?" I should explain here that Kansas had very weird drinking laws. Girls could purchase at 18 but guys had to wait til they were 21 to buy legally. Girls were supposed to be * more responsible *....go figure.

"Pull into Jiffy Mart and hand over some cash."

Hey, no problem - if she'd fly, I'd buy.
Toting back a case of Coors, she slid it over the seat into the back. Down the road we went, but to do any serious drinking we had to leave the city limits or chance the local fuzz hauling us off to jail. You remember how the cops used to sit around and dream up stuff to make our high school years miserable and complicated, so off to the boonies we went. About twenty short miles away lay the river, not a long trip at 80 miles per hour. Once parked by the river bridge, we got out and I opened the trunk to pull out a tarp I kept there. Hell, I also carried a couple of sleeping bags, but that though hadn't entered my head at that point. The girls hoisted the case between them and I handled the tarp. There was a beaten path alongside the highway that led down to the river bottom and the moon was full, so we didn't even bother with a flashlight.

We spread out the tarp and everyone grabbed a fresh, cold beer from the box. I had a church key on my key ring for these situations. Both ladies knocked back three beers apiece, one right after the other. Me being the suave rock & roll star, leisurely nursed on one, since I'd already had a six-pack shortly before.
The girls stared off across the river for a while, whispering to each other now and then.

"What's so private you guys need to whisper? Not planning to jack my car are you?"

"No, we both still would like to know exactly why we are out here, drinking beer with you."

"I told you in town, no one knows squat about either of you. You don't talk to anyone and you're never separated. Hell, if you're queer for each other, that's fine by me. Just talk to me, that's all."

"Well, what is it you want to know? You asked if we were queer for each other. Maybe sometimes. I couple of years ago we both figured out we weren't wining any beauty contests and just got tired of handling the put downs by ourselves, so we decided to cruise together. At least then, we have someone to talk to. Why shouldn't we get as horny as anyone else and who else do we have to play with? Both of us want boyfriends like everyone else, but who wants a couple of losers like us?"

"Ok, I understand the reasoning, but what exactly are you wanting? A boyfriend or just a dude to get you off? Mary, I'd heard a rumor that you been the 'host' of a gangbang once, is that true?"

Goon's Story

"My dad got my cherry when I was twelve. I wasn't big like this then. It hurt the first time, but after several nights, I got to where I liked it....a lot. I told some of my girlfriends at school about it and they told someone else and after that, high school boys started asking me to go out and *party*. Dad took off and it left me with no one. I had an itch I couldn't scratch and after a while, I gave in and went with a couple of guys. They took me to someone's house and there were a dozen or so guys there. Four beers later, I was bent over the back of a couch while they all took turns. I felt really used when they dropped me off at my house later. I never went out again and soon went through a growth spurt. I just got bigger, all over. A couple years later, I met Dolly."

Dolly kinda looked around, like what the hell were we expecting her to do.

"Well?" said Goon.

"Do I havta" pleaded Ragdoll?

"I hung out MY dirty laundry!"

Ragdoll's Story

"My brothers started chasing me when I was about fourteen. They'd catch me in the shower and make me let them watch. Whenever they got the chance, they were always pinching my ass or one of my tits. Sometimes, they'd call me into their room and make me watch them jack off. It made me wet but they never tried to actually get in my pants. I was always skinny, no tits and no ass, but it never stopped them from grabbing a feel. Then they'd laugh and walk off. All I can say is it made me Godawful horny. I took my own cherry with a hairbrush while I rubbed myself. Other than my brothers there hasn't been any guys after me. I get urges just like everyone else. Thankfully, Mary is here to get me off or else I think I'd go totally bug-nuts"

Me, again

Looking at Dolly, I said "So, let me get this straight - Mary has some sexual experience but you are technically, are still a virgin. Wow! This is kind of amazing. These women knew not to take chances. About the only girls that made it to their senior year without getting knocked up were ugly six year olds that could outrun their brothers or dad."

Maybe the girls started to think possibly they weren't the only ones with a screwed up past. Mine didn't bother me at all, but I guess it's different for girls. At any rate, we were finally talking and getting the ladies to talk about their pasts was giving me a boner.
Looking over at the two girls, I passed over another couple of beers.

"So, where do we go with this? You're both out here with me, plenty of beer and no one to see what goes on." With that, I pulled my T-shirt over my head and dropped my cutoffs as I walked towards to river. Just as I got to the water's edge, I dropped my boxers.

"Coming in, ladies? I'm all for a little skinny dipping." I waded out until the water was halfway up my thighs and turned to the girls. They were both watching me intently. Naturally, with two women staring at me, I got a boner that poked to my belly button. I'm almost 8" erect and the combination of the water and my audience made me hard as stone.

As I watched, both stood and began to remove their clothes, leaving two neat piles of tops, shorts, panties and bras. They picked their way over the riverbank and waded out to where I stood. I noticed right away that the water made their nipples stand out hard as pebbles.

Goon, or Mary, as the two names were interchangeable, had large, floppy breasts with oversized nipples. She was approximately the same size under the armpits as she was around the hips, in other words, grossly fat. As she'd walked towards the water, I noticed she didn't shave below her belly button, nor much to her knees. This was about enough to kill whatever boner I grown until I turned to look at Dolly. She'd stayed in Goon's shadow until they'd come out into the water.

Dolly was, to put a point on it, skinny as a rail. Teacup breasts, and a near hairless twat. Her most appealing thing was that she was so wet with arousal, it seeped down her thigh. Now here was a girl I could do something with. We splashed around a while to cool off but I needed them out of the water before the booze wore thin.

"C'mon girls, there's things to do and a lot more to talk about." With that, I walked back up to the tarp and stretched out. The girls soon joined me, both one side. Dolly sat on her knees next to my hip, staring at my boner. Mary stood behind her, playing with her long brown hair. I just watched Dolly as she worked up the courage and reached for my hard dick. Taking a hold and wrapping her fingers around it, she just held it, never taking her eyes off it.

"Is this the first dick you've ever seen before? I asked?

"No, I'd seen my brothers, but I've never touched one. It's so warm and soft and hard all at the same time. This is looks so much bigger than my brothers'"

"Hon, given your ages at that time, it probably does, but they are probably bigger now too. I'm certainly not superman."

"Can I......can just I play with it? "

"Sure, just be gentle with the little guy." With that, she leaned over and rubbed it along her cheek, placing little kisses along the shaft.
Soon, she got to the crown and lay kiss after kiss on it, finally letting it slip between her lips. I put my hand on the back of her head, forcing her to take more into her mouth until I felt the back of her throat. Pulling her down made her ass rise farther into the air. Mary kneeled behind her and stroked her slit. As Dolly began to moan and take more into her mouth, Mary began a pistoning motion with her arm. I could only assume she was fingering Dolly. As she sucked my dick. I looked up at Mary as she smiled.

"This is how Dolly and I do each other, although I'm so big down there, she can get her little fist into me."

This I'd havta see. Dolly stopped what she was doing, so I grabbed an arm and pulled her over on top of me. She reached between her legs and guided me into her wet snatch. Dropping down, she impaled herself on my shaft. She leaned over and I took the opportunity to kiss her. She nearly put her tongue completely down my throat.

Mary had moved between my spread legs and began to play with Dolly's ass.
I could feel a finger sliding up Dolly's butt, rubbing against the wall of her vagina. This served only to increase the feelings I got from plunging into this wet glove. Mary introduced another finger into Dolly and this just sent me over the edge. I came geysers into Dolly's wet pussy, feeling it overflow and run along my own dick and down the crack of my ass. Dolly must have felt me swell because she let out a shriek and I felt her tight glove squeeze my softening dick. Mary didn't remove her fingers, just twisting them around in Dolly's ass. Ragdoll came to life and started bucking back on Goon's finger, climaxing again.

Mary shook Dolly and told her to roll over on her back. Once she was down, Mary bent her knees back to her shoulders and began to lick her clean. Dolly's head whipped back and forth and she went through her third orgasm in ten minutes. After maybe five more minutes, Dolly sat up and moved over to where Mary was now laying. Mary automatically raised her knees as Dolly put four fingers together and slipped them into Mary's gaping pussy. A dreamy smile spread across Mary's face while Dolly began to rotate her hand, spreading her natural lubricant around Mary's nether lips.

"Now" whispered Mary. Dolly's thumb joined the other four fingers and she thrust her hand into Mary's cunt nearly to the elbow.

"Oh God, hardy Dolly, harder" gasped Mary.

I was finally seeing my first fist job. Apart from feeling a little physically inadequate, it was thrilling, none the less. Mary lay there, slowly meeting Dolly's thrusts with a slow roll of her hips. Her breathing came faster and she soon stiffened. As I waited for her to come back to the here and now, Mary turned her head in my direction.

"That's how I get off. It has to be something big. Nothing personal, but you aren't hung enough to do me any good. You could try putting your fist in there if you'd like. Ever done something like that before?"

"No, I can't say that I ever have. I've HEARD of it, but never seen it in the flesh. I've had two fingers and on rare occasions, three in women, but damn! A whole fist!! Doesn't that hurt?"

"The tender part is getting inside the inner lips. Once I'm wet enough and relaxed enough, it just goes right in."

"Fantastic, girl. I think I'll watch one more time, then maybe I'll try it. My fist is ever so much bigger than Dolly's."

"What are you planning to do in the meantime?"

"I'll watch and learn, but I'll probably pester Dolly while she does you again, if that's ok?"

"Did you know that Dolly has never had anything but hers or my fingers in her? You were her first real fuck."

I looked at Dolly. "I'm honored to be your first, my dear."

Dolly blushed so hard you could see it in the dark.
Mary raised her knees again and this time Dolly spit on her fingers, rubbed it around Mary's opening and plunged right in. I got on my knees behind Dolly where I could see her hand moving in and out of Mary's pussy. I, on the other hand, had something I wanted to try with Dolly. Remembering when I was mining new territory in her pussy, Mary had two fingers stuck up her ass and she apparently enjoyed it. Let's see if about 4 more inches makes her smile.
Dolly pussy, true to form was running like a faucet, so I gathered what I could and started rubbing it around her puckered brown ring. Easing a finger into her, I rubbed it in circles, attempting to widen this tight hole. This served to turn her on and she actually started to drip. Gathering more, I swabbed it around in her bowel all I could, preparing her for an invasion by my heat seeking moisture missile. Sliding said weapon into her soaking twat, it covered itself with her secretions. Pulling back, I merely rubbed it up her crack until it lodged in her loosened asshole. With the tip already speared inside her, all that was needed was to simply lean forward and let the inevitable happen.

Dolly had other ideas. I'd no sooner than flexed my thighs when she rocked backwards, sinking herself onto me all the way to my pubic bone. Rotating her hips, she ground herself on the dick seven inches up her bowel. She got a rocking motion going - her fist plowed into Mary then she rocked back onto me. This kept up for maybe 20 minutes. I was so very close to popping my nut by this time, I stopped watching what she was doing to Mary to concentrate on my school grades, an ass eating from my dad, counting the first one hundred prime numbers...anything to distract me. Too damned late - this show was over and Elvis has left the house.

As Dolly began shaking with her orgasm, she pushed back again to grind on my pelvis. Gradually, she moved forward and off my softening member.
Mary moved to her hands and knees, her ponderous ass high in the air. I'd collapsed to the side and leaned up on an elbow to watch Dolly push four, then all five fingers of her idle hand up Mary's bowel. This too swallowed Dolly's arm nearly to the elbow. I sat in total awe as she sawed her skinny arms slide in and out of Mary's lower hole. Totally unbelievable! I'd heard talk of girls being fisted before, however I wrote it off to possibly being possible after childbirth or those born with an abnormally large vagina. Never had I heard of an ass being fisted, let alone both holes being fisted at once. I had to try this myself.

Mary lay there looking aroused but not actually climbing that climax mountain. She told Dolly to pull out and let me feel what it's like to put hands inside another's body. Dolly's arms pulled out with a plopping sound. After seeing Dolly do this twice, it couldn't be rocket science, so I pushed Dolly on her back and rubbed my hands around on her flowing pussy, gathering her copious juices. Properly lubed, I turned back to Mary and joined four fingers together and slid them into her waiting maw. Feeling next to no resistance, I added my thumb and had to push lightly to gain entrance to her twat. Once I had my hand in her, buried to past my wrist, Mary started clenching her vaginal walls. When she'd relax, it still felt like having my hand in the sleeve of a coat, touching all around but not binding me in any way. Mary reached down and wrapped her hand around my forearm, pushing it back and pulling it forward about four inches. On the forward stroke, I could feel it hit the end of her. As much as I knew about female anatomy, this had to be either her cervix or the back of her vaginal wall. Regardless of what I was feeling, Mary had her own agenda. She increased the speed of my thrusts to a fairly rapid stroke and she timed her vaginal contractions accordingly. A few minutes past and her breathing accelerated along with spasms along her lower body. Seizing my arm, she pulled it into her, hard against her inner wall and screamed. Clenching hard on my fist and arm, all I could do was ride it out. A few moments later, she pushed my hand out of her and flopped back on the tarp.

Dolly put her arms around my waist and told me "She's never had anything that large inside her before. I'm not half as big around as your fist and arm.....I think she liked it."

"Oh, hell yes!" came a voice from the tarp, "That was fucking unbelievable. I've never felt so full in my life."

"Glad I could be of service, Mary. It was a total hoot to me too. Actually, a first for me too."

Ragdoll had a dreamy look on her face whenever she glanced at me. I should explain here that I had other girlfriends and enjoyed plenty of sex with most of them. A few were a little kinky, liking to be tied up, butt fucked or throat fucked. We all need a dark part to our sexuality, a place where new thrills are available. The hard part is knowing where to draw the line so no one is hurt. I think I'd found another little room in my dark part, but was it really dark?

I'd probably never openly date either girl, but private sessions were another matter. I would, however, never ridicule either again. Goon needed a fat farm and a total makeover but Ragdoll might be attractive if she'd just do something with herself. New clothes, a little makeup and a trip to the hair salon were totally in order. Maybe a little outside help financially would benefit her. I could supply that help.

Months later.....

Throughout the summer break, when the band was in town, The three of us would meet up and head to the river bottom. Goon was working on a diet, at least she claimed to be. I could never see any changes in her weight. Dolly, well Dolly needed something more. We had no Victoria's Secret close by, but an hour's drive got us into Wichita and better shopping options. My car is paid for, so is my new bass and amp, leaving me with a lot of pocket money and I decided to do a make-over on Dolly.

We found a Fredrick's of Hollywood AND a Victoria's Secret and a new wardrobe for Dolly. I can't believe how that girl can blush. Maybe no one's ever done anything for her before, which is a shame. $200.00 later, we packed the trunk of the Bee with her new duds, then off to the Estee' Lauder shop for some makeup and smelly stuff. A haircut, or should I say 'style', and a manicure and she was set. We got into the car and I asked her if she was hungry and what she'd like. Not a sound came out of her. I turned to her and she was silently crying.

"Did I do something or say something?" Guys are usually oblivious to this stuff.
"No" she said between sobs, "You did everything right, but why? What am I to you?"

How do you explain that sometimes, you just wanna do something for someone? Hell, I'm no saint but I got an absolute rush out of seeing the expression on her face with every new outfit. She was Dolly, after all, and everyone likes to play with Dollies.

"Just enjoy them when you can. You'll find a reason and a place to wear them." I was starting to feel kinda creepy, as this was so out of my league. She was silent as we drove to a seafood restaurant. Actually, she seemed kind of scared.

"Wanna tell me what's on your mind?", trying to get her to open up.

"What's Mary going to think? When she sees all this stuff, it'll crush her" as the tears began to flow again.

"Mary needs to do some things for herself - like this diet she's supposedly on. You're her friend, can you honestly say she's done anything? She looks exactly the same, weighs exactly the same, and doesn't care about her looks. Yeah, she's a big woman, but she will never crawl out of that rut unless she decides she wants to. She has options, she just needs to grab on and take advantage of them. There are other girls at school who are overweight, but they do the best with what they have and a lot of them are popular. I think Mary has decided she's no one and after all this time, is happy with the rut she's in. You know, my old daddy once told me a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out.
You, on the other hand were willing to experiment and try to make yourself better and it worked."

"But what if she hates me now?"

"You want to go back to the way things were, say the word. I'm sure we can return most everything we bought today."

"No way! I love the clothes and my hair and makeup. I've never had anything this nice."

"Then use them to Mary's advantage...make her see a person can change."

Dolly was silent most of the way home and I could tell she was lost in thought about getting her longtime buddy off her ass and changing what was changeable.

8-Goon and Ragdoll

Months later.....

Another change, this time in Dolly, started as soon as she got home from our trip. After cleaning out the endless supply of shapeless, outdated clothes in her closet, she made room for her new things. She was a little dismayed that the new clothes occupied a very small area of her near empty closet. She had some money saved. After all, she rarely went anywhere and if she did, it was with Mary. Her only expense was to chip in for gas or beer. She had a car and town did have, at least, decent clothing stores. K-mart would be an improvement over the old contents of her closet. Actually anything manufactured in the last five years would be an eye opener to anyone who knew her. Tomorrow, she do her own shopping.

Cutoffs and a T-shirt would do for her little shopping spree. Dolly was determined to shed the Ragdoll persona she'd fell into for so many years. K-mart wasn't known for it's designer labels but a swimsuit is a swim suit. With her slim body, she picked out a white one-piece swimsuit that had a bikini style bottom, open from both sides around the back, tying behind her neck. The flashy part was the gap between the ties that went down to near pubic level making what you did see look more daring. She had been told by more than one sales lady that if it got out of your comfort zone, it was probably the right choice. This was waaay outside her comfort zone and in her mind, she couldn't wait for Buck to see it.

Next stop, the panty and bra isle. Buck had bought her some very nice, very sexy pushup bras with matching panties, but she wanted things for everyday use. Thongs had yet to make an appearance on the fashion scene but French cut and bikini panties were the hot item. Since her bust was small, she chose matching lace and half cup bras that barely covered her nipple. She felt herself getting wet just thinking about wearing them, especially with one guy in mind.

Sundresses and fashionable shorts and tops were next on the list. She also had to decide on school wear. At this point in ancient history, and not just in parochial schools, girls weren't allowed to wear jeans or slacks to school, even if it was 10 below outside. Every Monday morning, students could enter by one of four entrances, going up a flight of stairs to the 1st floor.
At the top of each stair landing, one or more male and female teachers stood watch over the entering students. Boys had to have their cigarettes hidden or they'd be crushed by the male teacher [there had already been a lawsuit against the school for destruction and theft of property, so the teachers could only smash the cigs if they found them publicly displayed]. The boys had to endure a ruler laid along the top of their ears to check for sideburn length and the ruler was scraped along the cheek and chin to check for any emerging beards. God help you if your pants slid down enough to show your underwear, Shirt tails tucked in at all time [BTW, all shirts had to have a collar] and belts were required. [this was prior to schools being forced to chuck their dress codes.]

The girls, on the other hand were not allowed to show any signs they were wearing a bra - no straps showing and no tight tops that showed the forbidden bra strap across the back, and absolutely, may you burn in hell, gasp....CLEAVAGE! They were also forced to kneel on the next to the last step and their skirts had to break on the step above. No heels more than 1" tall, no open toed shoes, no stockings or hose [panty hose had yet to be invented]. Girls all wore girdles so there was no possibility of accidentally showing panties. A shaved pussy in the girls shower meant being sent home and your parents notified of WHY.

Yes people, the prehistoric times are only 40 years or so in the past.
No hand holding in the halls, although it WAS permissible to walk together as long as you weren't actually touching someone of the opposite sex. Getting caught kissing was punishable by being expelled.
Married, engaged or pregnant meant banned from school forever. [this was before Alternative or Transfer schools existed]

I had a band, it was my livelihood, and with a note from my parents, I was able to have hair that hung over my ears, as it was 'necessary' to my 'work'. School didn't like it, but it seemed lawsuits kept popping out of the woodwork forcing them to take a more moderate approach.

I digress. Dolly chose what she felt she could get away with and paid for her purchases. Rushing home, she called Mary [Goon] and asked her to come over to see her new stuff. After Mary saw all the new things, she got very quiet, and started to cry.
"What's wrong" cried Dolly, "don't you like my things?"
"Oh, they're wonderful, so different from what you usually wear, but you're different now too."
"I'm the same girl you've ran with the last three years, but I'm tired of being frumpy all the time."
"So where does that leave me?"
"Mary, you're my best friend, like a sister I never had. Now we need to work on you."

"Look at me Dolly, really look. You know that saying about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear? I think that applies."
"You're just going to give up? What about your diet? We have a YWCA here, go enroll and get into an exercise class."
"That's a lot of work and I'm not ever sure it will change anything" she whined.
"If you started to lose some weight, you'd feel better about the effort it takes. I think it will get easier as you go along. Somewhere down the road, you'll reach your best size. Buck was reminding me about the heavier girls in school. Some of them are beautiful even at size 24. The right clothes, the right makeup and we'll make a new you.
Buck was so helpful picking out a lot of this stuff, things I'd never dream of wearing and I know he'll help you too."
"Ok, I'll give it a shot. Speaking of Buck, how many times did you have to fuck him to get all this?"
"Not once. Can't someone do something for us without a price tag? I asked him the same thing and know what he told me? He never had a dolly he could dress up before."

Mary did join the Y and got into what would later be know as aerobics. As she sweated off a lot of excess water, she started to shrink, little by little. At the end of a month, she'd shed nearly 30 lbs and it showed. She started a program to walk, then jog, then run around our school's 880 yard track, toning her thighs and calves. It also dropped a lot off her ass. Her pear shape was disappearing and her self esteem was climbing.
Mary finally got down to a size 16, which made her look miraculously better.

Dolly and I loaded her up for a trip to the big city for her own shopping trip. It's harder to find large women's sizes, much more difficult than the other end of the scale. The difference in school was very noticeable. Kids who never spoke to them began to walk and talk with them. Mary lost a lot of the chip she carried on her shoulders.

Summer was underway and as my band had grown over the years, we'd grown from using own cars, to a panel truck and finally, to an 18 wheeler to haul our stuff.
We had sound techs, lighting techs and roadies to do everything but play our music. One of those roadies was Ted, a big hulk of a guy who placed our instruments on stage and made sure the guitars were tuned, and mics adjusted to our respective heights and cords taped down. I never asked him, but he probably topped the scales at 250 or better and 6'-4" tall. Like I said, a hulk. I invite Mary and Dolly to one of the closer gigs we had in Pratt Kansas, playing for a Miss Kansas pageant. Mary got introduced to Ted, and the rest, as they say, is history. Ted's size intimidated normal girls but Mary was build for action now. Ted got Mary and Dolly backstage passes and seated them in the wings just offstage and hovered next to Mary.

After the dance was over and everything packed in the tractor trailer, Ted asked Mary if she'd ride back home in the cab with him. By the time they got our stuff home, you couldn't pass a cigarette paper between them. Dolly rode with me while our drummer and organ player had some action going with some of the pageant contestants after the show.
Ted started to hang out with the girls and I and soon, we started a regular thing at the river bottom between gigs. The first time, Ted was a little shocked when we went skinny dipping. Like I said, Ted was big, ALL over. Mary's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning when she saw what Ted was packing in his cutoffs. I started to feel real inadequate.
Mary introduced Ted to her brand of love making and convinced him it was quit alright to push his big, ham sized hand into her dripping pussy. She enjoyed the fisting to point of entertaining all the wildlife for about a mile around us. Ted was no slouch below the belt, looking like he had a pet anaconda in place of a dick.

Dolly didn't care. I was balls deep in her tight ass as her pussy dripped with her arousal. She also had taken on the habit of howling, kind of like a coyote, baying at the moon when she got off. I was actually getting more anal sex than I'd ever had in my life.
Thank God for the pill! Once Dolly got on it, she couldn't get enough sex - pussy or ass didn't matter to her, she was making up for lost time. I think Ted was a little shocked to see Mary and Dolly going at each other as girl-girl stuff was still very uncommon or else never talked about. He about lost it entirely when Dolly double fisted Mary's ass and pussy at the same time. People just didn't DO this stuff.
As he watched, it was easy to see he was entirely turned on by this. He motioned Dolly out of the way and sunk that pet snake of his all the way up Mary's ass. Mary was far from complaining as she rocked her ass backwards, fucking her self on his massive dick. It was affecting Dolly too. She had a handful of my dick, jacking me as we watched the performance.
"OMFG, fuck my ass again, fuck it hard!" Dolly was on all fours, wiggling her ass at me. I didn't need an engraved invitation, I plowed her bowels and I fingered her clit.
"Uh, harder... split me open! Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck" She started baying at the moon again in concert with Mary's massive orgasm.

Ted looked over at Dolly and I: "You guys do this all the time?"
"Every time the weather's decent and we're home, yes."
Ted looked at Mary and said "Honey, can I come and play too"
"Only with me, mister. You'd ruin Dolly with that thing, but for me, it's juuuuust right!"

Dolly and I went to the Bee and grabbed the two sleeping bags and tramped back to where the tarp was spread.
"I don't know if we'll do a lot of sleeping tonight, but at least we won't be cold."
An evening campfire, hotdogs, beer and two naked women....Life is good!

Mary, as big as she was, looked small wrapped in Ted's massive arms. Dolly snuggled into my armpit with her head on my chest. Sometime during the night, I woke to a warm, wet mouth on my dick and I sat up. Dolly just looked up at me and winked, taking my cock to the back of her throat. I could feel myself running into an obstruction when she swallowed and took me down her throat to my full length.

That was all it took to put me into overload. She was pulling up, taking a breath through her nose and swallowing me back down to my pubic hair. My balls contracted and I know she could feel my dick swelling, readying to pump my load into her stomach.
I grabbed her ears as my control left and she swallowed every drop until I started to go soft. Then, still sucking, she milked my dick until she got the last drop. I lay back and pulled her onto my chest as soon fell fast asleep.

The four of us managed to keep the party going well into the afternoon. Ted and I had places to be tonight, so we packed up the girls and headed to town. Dolly wanted to know if she could come to the gig with me and that started Mary off asking Ted.
I really didn't have a problem with it and Ted was madly in love with Mary, so what the hell. We did the gig, the girls loved it and we went to an afterparty later.

Some totally dumb ass fan or hanger-on decided to pick on Mary, verbally, then physically after drinking or blowing too much of whatever. Ted nearly broke the guy in half. It took me and nearly the whole damn band to pry him off. The dumbass went to the hospital and our manager headed off the cops. Seems the dude wanted to press charges, however, there were about fifty witnesses to his actions that caused Mary's boyfriend to punch his ticket. The cops thought it best if we packed up and got the hell out of their peaceful little town. We'd had other such run-ins with other towns elsewhere because the local girls decided they were 'in LOVE' with the boys in the band to the point they wanted to have our children. It's a bitch being popular.

All good things come to an end. Dolly's folks decided to follow the oil boom and left before she even finished high school. She shed a lot of tears, but Dolly wasn't the same girl I picked up a year before. Dolly would do ok wherever she ended up. Mary and Ted got engaged and Mary finally did lose the weight. I was a groomsman at their wedding. The band held together and we made a bit of a splash in California, turning out a couple of albums. Problem was, our 'producer' who made his money painting a huge Campbell's soup can tried to make it HIS band and had us playing shit that came no where near the type we gotten rich ourselves playing. We were an acid rock band, not the 'Mod Squad'.

The band, minus our lead guitar player, headed for home. The guitarist stayed and tried to form another band with our name. Unfortunately, I owned the name and a letter from our attorney convinced them we'd soon be making money off their use of our name, so they renamed their band, making one album and faded into obscurity.


True story, although I fleshed it out, just a little. The conversations are more or less accurate, the situations are as they happened. Sorry about the major delay adding to my stories, but life and work get in the way.
(c) Hellraser 2015

This story starts out a little slow, and it's a long story but it's not exactly a stroke story, either. It DOES get a little more intense as it plays out.
This is an utterly true story of events that took place some 50 years ago. I've only written this because I wanted to be able to keep the memories fresh as I get older and because my "friends and lovers" have either moved on with their lives or passed away..

Caroline part 1 1967

As you've read in my previous accounts, I had a very popular band, popular enough to tour the entire central US several times. As always, there were groupies and an outlet for the band's teen hormones. Some were high schoolers, like us, all the way to grown women in their 20-30's. I don't know what it is about musicians, but if you're good, women seem to be drawn to you.

Our recent tour was designed to coincide with our school year. Although we did a lot of schoolwork by correspondence, we STILL had to put in a certain amount of days actually IN the school building. This was our last out-of-town gig for the summer. This was an understanding between US, our parents, the school board and our manager. We had a gig lined up near our hometown, sponsored by the biggest radio station around and at $4 per head or $7 per couple, our share of ticket sales and at the door promised to be big. Our contract read $500 per member PLUS 25% of the door. We'd just come back from winning a 'battle of the bands' in Omaha and our radio sponsors were playing it up big, which only enhanced ticket sales. The Convention Hall had a packed crowd as we looked out from behind the curtains. A lesser known band was opening for us and thankfully, they were good, so as not to get the crowd in a down mood as we waited for them to finish their set.

We took the stage after being announced and the roar of the crowd was one of the best ego-builders known to man. Our playlist was already set up and as I slung my bass around my neck , I looked out over the crowd near the front of the stage and saw her. I dunno who she was, but she was belly up to the edge, getting as close to the band as possible. Great, another groupie. As we started our first song, she seemed to just stare at me and none of the other guys. Maybe my fly was open, who knows.

As the crowd got into our music, couples began to fill the floor. I watched this girl get hit on by Gawd knows how many guys, but she just waved them off and kept her eyes on me or my fingers flying over my guitar neck. After an hour, we told the crowd it was break time and launched into our break song. Three minutes later, I set my bass in its stand and walked backstage for a cold drink and to sit for 15 minutes. We were chatting amongst ourselves when the GIRL with a backstage pass walked over to me.
"I just love your music and I can't believe we go to the same school. My name is Caroline and I know yours is Buck. You know we only live about a mile apart? You're a senior and I'm just a freshman. Once in a while, I've seen you in school. I've driven by your folks house a million times. I... I just can't believe I'm talking to you!" If she'd only slow down a minute, I think she could have actually taken a breath.

"Well, hello Caroline. I'm glad we have at least one fan out there. Looked to me like everyone was kinda bored" as I smiled at her.
"Oh God. NO! Everyone here just loves your band. Why don't you guys ever cut a record? I bet you'd be millionaires."
"Well, it's like this, we do lots of cover songs and a few of our own, but mostly cover stuff. People know them, so it's not like we havta get 'em to like our own songs. Maybe in the future." She seemed to be mulling that over in her head.

The break was over and we gathered ourselves to hit the stage again The radio sponsor took Caroline by the arm and told her she couldn't remain backstage if WE weren't there. As she walked off, the front man whispered loud enough EVERYONE backstage could hear it "BUCK'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND!", loud enough that Caroline heard it too. As I took my place back on the bandstand, I thought about this girl. Not tall, not short either. Maybe 5'-2" or 3, shoulder length shining coal black hair, nice legs, what appeared to be a trim waist, and a very pretty face. It was hard to discern much else as she was wearing a bulky pullover. The band started our next set and Caroline resumed staring at me. Why did I get the feeling she was memorizing me, or something about me?

Two more sets and we were done for the night. The sponsor congratulated us on a successful gig and handed our manager the check for our share. We let our roadie crew break down and pack our stuff in the vans and we went towards our own cars. Caroline was waiting for me, leaning on the fender of my Mustang. I also owned a Dodge SuperBee, but at 4 miles per gallon, even at $.35 a gallon, it just wasn't economical.
"Can I talk to you some more, please", she asked?
"I guess so, don't you have a curfew or something though?"
"My mom knows I was coming here and she knew I was going to meet you if I had to hide in your car."
"Wow! Determined little thing aren't you?"
"You have NO idea."
Ok, where does this all lead? Is she the typical groupie? Fuck one or more of the band for kicks or what?
"Actually, would you mind taking me home...straight home." Considering her, her looks and the fact we were really going in the same direction, why not?
"Hop in, hon" as I unlocked her door for her.
"OMG, you're a gentleman, too. Mom is going to love you!" Mom??

It took us about an hour to drive back home and she kept up a near running chatter - me, the band, what we did on the road, did I have a girlfriend, did I WANT one...ect. I really didn't feel like filling her in on mine or the band's 'activities' while we were on the road, but I could answer the girlfriend questions.
"Nope, no girlfriend, haven't had time for a girlfriend since last spring. We've been on the road nearly nonstop for the last three months."
"You poor baby! You need a girlfriend and I know someone who's available."
"Oh? What does this mystery girl look like? I'm kinda particular, you know. Does she look anything like a Playboy Bunny?" THAT got me a hard punch in the arm.
"She's not a centerfold, she's a good girl."
"Good at what?" I smiled
"Oh you! You're impossible." The next 15 minutes of the ride to her house were quiet.

As we got near her street, she broke the silence with "Doesn't your family own a truckstop. I know some people with your last name with one. I get gas there all the time."
"You got me. Yup, the family owns a truckstop. I worked there my freshman through junior year, then the band took off. Besides, you have NO idea how hard it is to work for family."
"That older man there, that's your father?"
"Yep, and that bald headed dude is my older brother, the family 'favorite'."
"I never knew my dad and my mom, Mary, never talks about him. As far back as I can remember, it's just been me and her."
"At least you have a mom, I DO have the wicked witch of the west living at my house. Dad either stays at work or at the truckstop to save his sanity. I'm glad to be in the band and even gladder to be on the road a lot - I don't havta be around her."
"That's really sad. I know my mom will like you. Would you mind coming in with me? "
Totally discounting my 'mother', my dad DID raise a gentleman, so I said "Sure, I'd like that."


Caroline's house... Part 2

"So you're the guy my daughter has been creaming her jeans about" asked Mary, Caroline's mom. WTF? 'creaming her jeans' and this out of her mother.
"Don't mind her. She doesn't have much in the way of MOUTH FILTERS, do you , mom?" All I could do was stand there and turn red. MY mother would have asked nosy questions from any girl I'd ever brought home, not RUDE questions. Caroline disappeared into another room and figured it was about time to make my exit.
"Caroline, thanks for coming tonight. It was fun talking to you. Ma'am, it was nice to meet you."
"Wait, I'll walk you back to your car" as she came back into the living room.

We walked outside and she was kind of hanging her head. "Sorry about mom."
I told her it was ok but had to ask her why she was so blunt. It had to embarrass the hell outta Caroline.
"She's just like that. I guess I DO talk about you a lot."
"Caroline, even with your mother's little distraction, I think you're a cutie. Maybe we can get together another time."
"Will there BE another time, Buck?"
"Sure, gimme your phone number. I already know where you live." I saw her shake. This must have been exactly what she'd wanted to happen.

During the week that went by, I got my share of the gig money, which I studiously put in my bank account. I'd put enough money through the bank that they'd issued me one of the new ATM cards, so pocket money wasn't a problem. I spent most of my time with my guys, talking over new songs we needed to learn but did make time to call Caroline for a Friday night date.

Friday night...

I picked Caroline up about 6:30, asking her what she had planned for us.
"Can we go to A & W and park for a little while?" A&W was THE hangout for anyone not considered a 'soc'[sounds like 'sosh']. That crowd included all the jocks, cheerleaders and the rich kids. The rest of us were too low on the food chain to even recognize. The social crowd would have liked it if there had been some way to chlorinate our end of the gene pool. The band was the exception when THEY wanted us to play for some sorority dance. We retaliated by charging more to play for one of their gigs than for one of us lesser beings. Parking at A&W was ok, but it seemed she might have an ulterior motive.
Tonight, she'd lost the baggy top and dressed in a skirt and button up blouse. Interesting lumps on her chest told me she'd been hiding something.
"You hungry or what? I figured you'd wanna go to the drive-in or something."
"You'll take me to the DRIVE-IN!!" Maybe she just had an orgasm or something.
"Sorry, I wasn't trying to insult you or anything."
"Oh let's just park here for a little while, then I'd LOVE for you to take me to the drive-in. I want people to see us together. I am so happy that you're taking me out."
Maybe 30 minutes later, we were headed out to the city limits and the drive-in as it grew darker.

The Mustang had bucket seats, but the center hump was really just a raised place between the two seats. I had the forethought right after I'd bought it to put a nice, comfortable pillow over the hump. She hopped on the pillow right off the bat. With the difference in our heights, this put Caroline's shoulder about even with mine. [There was another benefit to those bucket seats and that pillow that I'll get around to later in the story.]
As per my usual habit, I parked as near the back as possible. I pulled the speaker in and hung it on the widow as I rolled it back up. I don't even remember what was playing because about two minutes after we'd parked, Caroline was all over me. Remember, this was a Mustang with very little room in front, but what it DID have was that wide space between the seats. Turning towards her. I eased her down, pushing her back so her head was on the cushion of the rear seat. She had to straddle the center console. This wasn't my first rodeo in this car. If you wanted your date comfortable, you laid her out. This gave me the opportunity to lay on top of her - where it went from there was anybody's guess.

Caroline didn't exactly tense up but I could tell she was a little apprehensive about this. When I kissed her for the first time, she about crawled into my mouth. She pulled me hard on top of her, wrapping her arms tight around my neck.
I think she forgot about the tension until I went for a tit. This bitty little girl shoved me hard enough to push me off of her. Ok, big mistake. Rationalizing to myself, I figured I hadn't been the one doing the chasing here. As I sat in my seat, Caroline hadn't moved.
"Why did you do that?" she asked
"You're a beautiful girl, I'm a guy. It's what guys do. Sorry, I won't do it again."
"I'm not ready for anything like that, with you or anyone else."
"Ok, 'nuff said. I think you'd better sit up so I'm not tempted anymore. You look just too good laying there." She got up and resumed her place on the pillow. I put my arm around her and we finished the movie.

As the ground lights came on, I started my car and got in line to leave.
"You're mad, aren't you?"
"No, I'm not mad, I just made a mistake."
"Are you going to take me out ever again?" I watched her face cloud up. I thought about this for a few seconds. I KNEW she wanted a positive answer, but I was the one developing blue balls.
"Caroline, I'm sorry. You're just different from the women I'm used to. I'll try to reign it in, ok? If you still wanna go out with me, I'm still game." She hugged me.

I took her straight home and walked her to the door. She turned into my arms and gave me a pretty hot kiss goodnight. Walking back to the car, I hard to adjust my dick because it had been hard and aching for the last half hour. Making up my mind, I drove back to A&W. It was still crowded and several cars had two or more girls in it going hag. [hag or stag - slang for being without the opposite sex] It didn't take long for some of the girls in my class to holler at me to park next to them to catch up on old times and gossip. One thing led to another and one of these ladies made it known they wouldn't mind heading to the boonies for a little good time - just what I needed. Being an asshole male, I gave little thought to Caroline. She had a chance and blew it off. I can respect a girl wanting to stay virginal, but I was a long way down the road to hell. I didn't party as hard as the rest of the band did. They'd fuck anything that made herself available. I was a little more discerning than that, but I did get horny. I just wasn't so blatant about it. I'd had a pretty wild relationship that ended nearly a year ago [see Youth] and it had been kind of a dry spell for me compared to that.

The girl's name isn't important, just the fact that she fucked my brains out through my dick. She was happy, I was satisfied. I took her back to her car and drove home.

My, how tongues must wag. I went to A&W the next night and got to hear a pretty good recount of the whole trip to the country. Maybe I shoulda sold tickets or something. I called Caroline Wednesday and she accepted for Friday night again. A&W again, followed by a trip to a family recreation center where we shot pool, or I shot and she learned. Around 10:30 I headed back to her house.
"Aren't we going to go parking?" I did a double take on that.
"Honey, didn't you have a good time? I did, just being with you." She was silent for a while and let it drop. Pulling up to her house, I walked her to the door where she threw her arms around me and tried to suck out my tonsils. That got me horny and fired up again, so I went back to A&W to pick up some more good times.

I found a girl I'd dated that went to a country school a ways out of town. Her girlfriends told her I could take her home as they were going elsewhere. The dirt road out to her house was perfect. This girl couldn't wait to get her clothes off and was laying between the seats, pussy humped up in the air and pulling at her own nipples before I even got parked. Daddy didn't raise an idiot. Damned good thing I'd hit our truckstop before the evening got started. As with Dad or my brother, I had a key to our condom dispenser and had helped myself - you never know when you'll need one or ten. I opened the glove box and grabbed a foil wrapped package.

"Let me do that" as she grabbed the rubber from my hand. This girl had a trick - she'd pop the rubber in her mouth and roll it down with her lips. Instant blowjob! I ate her delicious pussy and fucked her three times - twice in her pussy and once in her tight ass until she told me I'd better get her home. In the last couple of years, I'd gotten used to anal sex, I liked it for a lot of reasons. The ladies I'd done it with seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I was the one that initiated this country girl into the joys of anal sex back when we dated. She liked it after getting her pussy plowed a few times. It seemed to cap off her evening. Walking her to her door, she kissed me and told me to call her sometime.

I cruised A&W the next night and wouldn't you know, the whole damned place KNEW country girl and I had gone parking. She wasn't there so it must have been her girlfriends with the big mouths. Maybe I should just take out a billboard ad or something. The other guys in the band were relatively safe - they had regular girlfriends and I know damned well they didn't talk about exploits while on the road. Why pick on me? Maybe I was some kind of notch on a girl's belt. I don't claim to understand women, ANY women.
I kept a pretty low profile the rest of the week, just parking and chatting with whoever. The weekend was coming up, so I figured I'd better give Caroline a call. I was surprised when she wanted me to come over early for our date.

Knocking on her door Friday evening, her mother answered.
"Caroline is in her bedroom getting dressed. Why don't you go in and see if you can hurry her up." My jaw dropped to the floor. Her MOTHER wanted me to go into her 18 year old daughter's room while she got DRESSED??
"Go on, she won't mind." This I gotta see. Caroline was indeed in her room and she was indeed getting dressed. When I walked in, she was in a pushup bra, garter belt and some tiny lace panties. As she fixed her hair in her mirror, she looked at me and smiled.
"Close the door, I wanna talk to you." I did as she asked.
"Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean your MOM is right outside."
"Believe me, mom isn't going to say a word about this." Why didn't I believe that? Based on prior experience with this 'professional' virgin, by professional, I mean she WORKED at it, the situation left me dumbfounded.
"I keep hearing through the grapevine you go to A&W after our dates and pick up some skank to go parking. You wanna explain that?"

'Ohhh, you're fucked now,' I miserably informed myself. 'Well and truly fucked.' What do you say in this situation. She just stood there, sexy enough to give a dead man a hardon and patiently waiting for an answer. Collecting my thoughts and swallowing the lump in my throat, I laid out the best answer I could.

"Caroline, I respect your stand that you 'don't do this kind of stuff', but I'm a guy and I have needs. I won't force my needs on you, but I do have to relieve them somehow. These girls I pick up know this is just relieving her horniness and emotional stuff involved. I would never try to force you to do anything you weren't ready to do, as a matter of fact, I'd decided YOU'D have to ask me to do anything to you." Maybe it was a lame excuse, but it was the best I could come up with on the fly, and besides for what it was worth, it was the truth.

"Whatever makes you think I don't want those same things? Sometimes I want you so bad, I nearly cry. Tell me - do you LOVE me?"
"Damn, Caroline. I thought I was in love once and found out her crush had actually turned into a convenience. I can't actually say what love is. I really LIKE you, I like having you near me - you're sweet and nice and I'm not really sure how to act around you. By now, you know it's hard for me to keep my hands to myself where you're concerned. Seeing you half dressed like this is making me nuts. I can't handle the turn on and the rejection, so I'm just gonna run along. I'm sorry." She grabbed my arm and spun me around before I got to the door.

"We aren't finished talking yet. Sit down on that bed."
"I'm SURE that's not a good idea. What else is there to say? I'm an asshole for fucking other girls while we're going out, but I explained why."
"What's the big rush? Does that mean you'll fall in love with me if just gave it up and bumped fuzzies on our first date? I'm a virgin and plan to stay that way until I fall in love... is that so hard to understand? I get horny just like you do and there's times I just wanna rip off my clothes and climb on top of you. My pussy is literally dripping right now and running down my leg, having you in here seeing me dressed like this. I can guarrondamnedtee you no other BOY has EVER seen me like this."
"Caroline, what do you want me to say?"
"Tell me you want to be with me, hold me, kiss me and fall in love with me."


Caroline pt 3

We dated for several more months. I was finally 'allowed' to touch her breasts, first over her bra and finally, wonder of wonders - bare tit. I took it as a milestone in our relationship. Caroline began to accompany me on every gig we went to and she actually helped our manager with the door. The guys ribbed me, a LOT, about my little groupie. Caroline overheard this once and just flat out told them to eat their hearts out.

We hit kind of a slack period where we didn't have gigs lined up until spring, back with the radio station, to travel the Midwestern states again. This gave Caroline and I a chance to hit some dances ourselves. We actually WON a few dance contests. Lots of guys tried to hit on Caroline wherever we were at and she'd just smile and tell them she'd found her 'hunny-bunny'. Caroline got increasingly more daring in our petting.

One Saturday night, after a dance we'd attended out of town, Caroline flopped between the seats and peeled her top and bra off. She had her skirt up and panties down before I could find a convenient dirt road to turn down and park. THIS was very different. I wasn't about the rock the boat and quietly thanked whatever deity that granted me this boon.
"Does this mean..."
"What does it look like? I've been talking with my mom and some of my close girlfriends and I wanna try some things."
"As in what?"
"Have you ever licked a girl? I mean down 'there'?"
"Darlin, I LOVE eating pussy. Does this mean you want me to eat you? Be careful, I might eat you all up!" I smiled. Again my daddy didn't raise any retards and I sure didn't need any more invitation.

I put her legs over the back of the bucket seats, nearly folding her in half. It spread her wide and opened her little flower up. Her legs being out of the way gave me room to scrunch down, straddling the center hump, until I could get my face into this pussy that had escaped me for long months. I spread her lips with my thumbs to reveal the smaller, tight lips beneath. It was too dark to make out much, but her scent made my dick hard enough to cut diamonds. A little musty, probably because we'd been dancing, but I could detect a whiff of the perfume she was wearing. She must have dabbed some on her pussy. Maybe this whole night was planned. Time to get down to business.

I gave her long licks from her tight little asshole to her clit. I thought she was going to go through the roof. If she liked that, just wait. This was only a prelude. Her clit was already stiff and sticking out of its little hood so I latched onto it with my lips and sucked it. She grabbed me by the ears and pushed me hard into her crotch at the same time, crushing her nexus into my nose and mouth. Poking my tongue into her canal, something was off, but at the time, didn't realize what it was. Never mind, I had more important things to attend to. I extended my tongue as far into her as I could reach, and withdrawing it, I replaced it with my middle finger, running it up along the roof of her vagina until I located that bumpy patch that was a her G-spot. As I rubbed it, my lips went back to her stiff clit. This must have been the first she was aware it existed because she screamed as she came. As she relaxed, she held me close to her and began to sob.
"I never...I never FELT anything like that before. It was WONDERFUL! Oh, I can't stop quivering."
After holding her a bit, she relaxed again and started laying hot kisses on me.
"Do you have any condoms?" WHAT? Condoms...could she mean...
"Yes, so happens I do. Am I Going to need one?" From her question it was a dumb answer but this was too good to be true. She didn't ask if I had A condom, but condoms plural. The night was looking up big time.

Reaching into the glove box, I got one out. She watched me closely as I rolled it on.
"Why is it shaped like that" That funny bell on the end."
"You do know how a guy cums, right?" She nodded her head.
"Ok, that little bell at the end fills with my sperm so it doesn't leak out along the sides. We sure don't want that."
The thought crossed my mind to ask her to give me some head but I didn't want to press my luck... tonight. She hadn't moved her legs off the seatback, so to get access to her little pussy, I'd need to just about crawl up the backseat to reach her. Damned good thing I was a little on the slender side. Getting adjusted took a very short time and you might say I was in a bit of a hurry - I'd been denied this pleasure for months and now was the time!

She was wet, both from my saliva and her own secretions. I rubbed my rain-coated dick up and down her slit a few times to insure it was slick enough to penetrate her.
"Darlin, this may smart a little bit at first, but I'll go slow. Tell me if it hurts too much and we'll stop." She just looked up at me lovingly.
I put the tip of my dick to her hot, wet little hole and pushed it inside. She let out a gasp as I slid part way up in her. Fuck she was as tight and hot as I'd ever imagined! I expected to run into some resistance at her hymen. No resistance, nothing but her tight pussy as it wrapped around my invading dick. Too late to worry about it now. I bottomed out, feeling the end of my tool just touching her cervix. I'm not a giant by any stretch, only a little less than 8 inches, she's just kinda shallow. I withdrew to the head and as I pushed back inside, her pelvis came up to meet mine.
"Oh eeeeaagh, do it, do it hard. You fill me so full."
DAMN, she was so hot and tight that I knew it wasn't going to take long for me to get my nut the way she was moaning and bucking back at me, but something kept niggling at the edge of my mind.
"Oh YEAH....UNnhhh Oh Yeah....FUCK ME!.....Give it to me Buck!!. Do it NOW!!"
She had a death grip on me as she came down slowly and I could feel her pussy clenching around the cock embedded deep inside her. To this point, I hadn't gotten my nut. I pulled out and crawled back in my seat.

"Hon, we need to talk."
"Was it ok? It felt so good to finally do it with you. You don't know how hard it's been to wait."
"About that. You waited to 'finally' do it with me. Who ELSE have you done it with?" I had a flashback of a prior girlfriend that had let me down, badly.
She curled up in a ball in the backseat and started to sob pitifully.
"Well?" I waited on her to answer.
"Oh Buck, I'm so ashamed. You're going to hate me now."
"Still waiting." I was slowly getting up a head of steam, being lied to all this time. Her playing 'miss goody two shoes' since we first met up and now this.
"You know why I don't have a dad? He raped me when I was nine. He kept doing it every time were alone in the house. Finally, mom caught him at it and threw him out. He wasn't really my dad, just one of mom's live-in boyfriends. I don't think she knows who my dad was. She went through a lot of guys as far back as I can remember. I've never let a man touch me since then. Believe me, you're the first boy I've ever WANTED to fuck. In my heart, YOU got my virginity, not him."
I mulled this over and the longer I thought about it, the worse I felt about calling her on it. I just kind of felt cheated somehow. It wasn't her fault but somehow, I wish she would have told me beforehand. I was disappointed that she felt I wouldn't understand.
"C'mer woman" as I reached for her. She curled up in a ball in my lap. All I could do was hold her until she stopped crying.

Once she got control of herself, she eased back into her own seat.
"Are we still together?"
"As long as there are no OTHER secrets. How could I hold some asshat raping a child against you. Just be straight with me. Thinking about it, I gotta ask - why is your mother like she is?"
"I don't know. She's really been all over me with advice since she found out we were going to date. You remember coming in my room as I was dressing? That was all her idea, even down to WHAT I was wearing. If you'd have gotten there five minutes earlier, I wasn't even in a bra. She wanted me to wait until you'd seen me to put it on."
"JESUS! What do you think is going through her mind? It's like she's living out a fantasy through you." What I wanted to say, but held back, was it sounded like she was pimping her out.
"I know she hasn't had a boyfriend since that guy did what he did. She does drink a bit now. But, from meeting you and getting to know you, she thinks you're perfect for me. Maybe we should talk to her."
"Get dressed and let's get you home."

Back at Caroline's house....

I walked her to the door and she swabbed my tonsils as I kissed her goodnight.
"Buck, I will never, EVER forget tonight. You made love to me instead of just fucking. We WILL do that again! I want to do it in the light, so I can see all of you and you can see me. No more shy virgin, I've got my man now. Will you come over tomorrow?"
"Gimme a call when you're up and around."

About eight, the phone rang and the wicked witch answered it. She launched into who was it, why did Caroline want to speak to me, who were her parents, why wasn't her mother married... that is, til I took the phone away from her. You can't choose your parents. Maybe I could pay someone to knock her in the head and just bury her somewhere. I know dad would be relieved and never ask any questions. As a side note here to kind of take up where the Mom story leaves off – mom REFUSED to let me be in a band, REFUSED to let me buy a car, REFUSED to allow Dad to put me on the family insurance. I had an answer to all that. I PAY MY OWN WAY, she'd like it or lump it. Anyway... After rescuing the phone, mom stomped off jabbering about how she was entitled to know everything about anyone wishing to know me. I was not about to get tied up with some trashy cunt who only wanted my money like my slut sister. The Bitch was just bug nuts as far as I was concerned. Caroline told me her mom had invited me over for coffee if I could make it. Ok, I think I was ready to confront her mom about some stuff, especially concerning Caroline. This time, I took the SuperBee as I needed to keep the battery charged. My dad was still kinda pissed at me for buying it, telling my I coulda bought a caddy for what I paid to factory order it. He was right in one respect - economical, it wasn't. but Gawd, did it sound and look good. I drove over to Caroline's place and probably woke the neighbors as I revved it up before shutting the big mill off.

Mary, Caroline's mom, had coffee and doughnuts waiting on me as we sat around the table. Women can tell, somehow. It's not a fact, but they can tell. One woman recognizes another who has been well-fucked. I think Mary had already figured this out.
"I understand you two had a good time last night. Would you mind talking about it?" Mary mused.
Knock me over with a feather! The woman had ZERO filters. I wouldn't blame Caroline if she crawled under the table, but she sat there with a smile on her face. How do you answer a question like that? I looked around to see if there were a gun or a butcher knife within reach. Evidently, this was going to be a calm discussion.

"Well, I'm not sure how to answer that, Mary."
"I'm glad someone was able to get that man out of her mind. I know it's haunted her for years. What she needed was a good, caring fuck to get her over it."
I sat there, in shock. The language and she acted tickled that her shy little girl got her ashes hauled and it was me that was responsible for it.

I sat speechless. Caroline reached over and took my hand. Mary took the other.
"Mom and I had a long talk after I came home. I told her everything you did, how you made me feel and how I felt about it after we were done and how understanding you were when you found out my secret." At this point, I didn't know whether to shit or go blind.
"My panties are wet just talking about the sex you kids had" Mary added. TMI. WAAAY too much information.

"Caroline tells me she wants to do it in the light so she can see everything going on. Would it bother you if I watched?"
"I'm going out on a limb here. Pardon me for being crude, but you want to WATCH me have sex with your daughter?"
"Yes, very much so. Would it put you off if I were to watch?"
"Mary, I've been watched before and it doesn't bother me. Someday, when we know each other MUCH better, I'll tell you about some things that went on only two years ago. What DOES bother me is this is your daughter you're talking about here. What if she has some reservations about it?"

"Buck, mom and I have no secrets from each other. When we talked about her old boyfriend, she was more concerned that he hurt me, that he raped me. She figured I'd be sexually active soon enough, just not THAT soon and not in that way."
"Buck, my own father took my cherry when was only ten. Yes, it hurt the first time, but it got lots better after that. I was more than willing the first time, Caroline wasn't. Mine was with a wonderful, caring man, Caroline's was with an asshole that just took. I like sex, I want Caroline to like sex. Is that hard to understand?"
Gawd, what was I getting myself into? First Caroline does a Jekyll and Hyde on me, now mom wants in on the action.

I looked over at Caroline and she was smiling encouragingly.
"Ok, assuming we do this. Where and when? Not saying I will because this just kinda blows me away. I do have to add, it will certainly be a first for me."
"Is there someplace you need to be for a few hours?" Mary asked. Hours? This was going to go on for HOURS??
Clearing my throat, I shakily answered "No, my calendar is pretty clear all day."
Caroline started clapping her hands. A smiling Caroline and Mary led me off to Caroline's bedroom. I felt like a sheep going to slaughter.

Caroline wasn't a bit bashful about dropping her laundry as soon as we hit the bedroom. She flopped down on her bed, waiting on me. I still felt an itching between my shoulder blades, like Mary was going to put a butcher knife in it any minute. I turned to look at her mom as she pulled up a chair from Caroline's vanity, right beside the freekin bed. If this had been a few years down the road, I'd probably have lit a doobie and just went with the flow. I was stone cold sober and not a little apprehensive about this whole situation. Now, the real question was I going to be able to perform. The little imaginary devil on my shoulder told me 'you can do this. You've done it several times in front of other women, three at a time to be exact.' 'Just pretend mom isn't watching. You know you want to do it. Last night was only a teaser and remember, you didn't get your rocks off.' Taking a deep breath, I pulled my shirt over my head and reached for the buttons on my Levi's.

Caroline was squirming around on the bed. I think she was getting anxious, now that this was becoming a reality. Dropping my boxers, I heard Mary comment "Nice!"
"Mary, pardon my pun, but this is HARD enough as it is." I thought she was going to fall off her chair.
"Hurry baby, I need you so bad. I never realized how BIG you were. I know it FELT big, but this is the real deal." I'd gotten on the bed and scooted up on her side.



"Honey, it's ok to touch it" her mother said, "I know he'd like it if you did."
Ok, I could handle this constructive coaching...touching is good.
Caroline reached her little hand out and held my dick. I was only half hard at the time and struggling to keep even that.
Mary spoke again "Baby, how does that feel?"
"Oh mom, it's getting bigger. It's hard but soft at the same time. It's so warm and I can feel his heartbeat." Touching is definitely good.
"Lean over, on your side and kiss it" Mary suggested.
Other than the out and out sex we had last night, this was light years ahead of where I thought we'd be.

"Wrap your lips around it and suck on it a little bit." Caroline did as she asked. "Try getting more into your mouth, but watch your teeth. We don't want to scrape him."
Caroline got about half of me in her mouth, still sucking away.
"Now, go up and down on his penis, make sure you get saliva all over it. The wetter it is, the easier it will be to get him as deep as you can." Where was this coach all my life? Shit, this gets better by the minute.
Caroline, following mom's advice, eased me as far back in her mouth as she could until it hit her gag reflex. She pulled off of it and coughed a little.

"What did you think of that, Buck?"
"Totally fucking wonderful." I was standing tall at this point.
"Am I doing it right? I want it to be really good for you."
"Baby, there's an old saying - 'there's no such thing as a BAD blow job'. You're making me feel great." I didn't add the part that some were better than others. I could live happily with what she'd done. Mary noticed I shaved my pubes.
"Lick his balls, but be very gentle. His nuts are easily hurt. If he'll let you, try to suck one onto your mouth." Damn, this woman was getting her naïve daughter to do more to me than any woman had done to date.
"Buck, how do you feel about your asshole being played with?"
"I've had women stimulate my prostate, if that's what you mean. I've had a few objects in there from time to time." I didn't mention the anal sex I'd had years ago with my neighbor.

"Ok baby. As you suck on him, get some spit on your finger and slowly poke it up his ass. If you feel a lump towards the top front, that's his prostate gland and it gives him a lot of pleasure if you rub it." Caroline followed her mom's advice.
Watching her suck my dick, bobbing up and down on it, she penetrated my ass. I felt her searching around when BINGO, she found my prostate. After rubbing it a couple of times, Caroline found herself with a mouthful of cum and it felt like my balls collapsed. Caroline rolled around, looking for someplace to spit it out.

"Don't you DARE spit that out, girl. If you can't swallow it like a woman should, let me have it then." Mary leaned over her daughter and kissed her right on the mouth. I could tell she was sucking my essence into her own mouth. She leaned back, resuming her seat.
"Yummy, you taste wonderful Buck." I was still in shock over her action.
"Glad you liked it." Glib answer but I was at kind of a loss for words. Caroline still had some of my cum in her mouth and I watched her roll it around before she swallowed.

"Kinda salty, but I guess I could learn to like it."
"I guess you can. It brings back 9 years of memory for me. That's the last time I had a MAN'S cum in my mouth." I think I just graduated to some higher level here. Myself? From Mary's comments and Caroline's new skills, my hardon was back in full force. Ah, the wonders of being young.

I looked down at Caroline. "It's your turn now, sweet thing."
I got on the bed and went between her thighs with my shoulders.
"Hand me a pillow, hon." She did and I folded it in two and slid it under her butt. Once I got nestled down in the right spot, her wet little pussy was staring me in the face. Again, I pulled her outer lips open to reveal the pink center inside. This pulled her bush aside allowing me clear access to the treasures within. I gave her long licks from her tight little pucker to her clit. The more I licked, the more she squirmed. Her G Spot did wonders for her last night, so why not? I eased a finger in her vagina and searched for the spongy pad at the top. As I did so, I captured her hard clit between my lips and nibbled on it.
She made animal noises and started breathing like a bellows. It took less than a minute to bring her off the first time and I wasn't NEAR done with her yet. Continuing to suck and nibble her hard clit, I put two fingers in her vagina. Her fluids and my spit were running freely down her ass crack so I took a finger and rubbed it around her asshole. She clenched up. Mom was watching what I was doing and told her to relax, nothing was going to hurt her. As her mom talked, I eased a finger into her tight ring.
"Mom, He put his finger in my ass!"
"So? You stuck your finger in his." I guess this made sense to her because she didn't complain any more. In the mean time, I was just worried she'd break my finger. After a few minutes, she relaxed and I pulled my finger out only to gather more slimy fluid. I circled her tight little ring until I felt it soften. That's all the opening I needed. Popping the finger back in, I worked it around, slowly loosening her ass. She soon got used to the invader and I inserted a second finger. She now had two in the pussy and two in the ass and I worked both pair in and out. Her hips started to buck and her head was twisting side to side. Little Caroline was very quickly hitting the big O #2. Once she'd settled down, I removed my fingers. Caroline was like a wet dishrag on the bed. She soon dozed off. I don't mind a girl falling asleep from sex... as long as I'm not in the saddle when they do it. Mom leaned over and took me by the shoulders. She kissed me long and hard and it literally surprised the living shit out of me. What surprised me even more was she slipped me her tongue.
"I wouldn't mind having some of you myself. Maybe Caroline will share."

Mary was maybe in her mid to late 30's. She was slender and I could tell from the full frontal press she gave me, her breasts were small and firm. She must have had Caroline as a teenager but over the years, had worked to keep her figure. I won't say she was a raving beauty, but pleasant to look at. This was turning into a very complicated situation. I'd had a woman older than Mary, another named Mary, truth be known. The previous one became a voracious lover, sharing me with two other women at the same time. [Youth] However, THAT Mary wasn't the mother of my current lover.

We left Caroline to sleep it off and went into the kitchen for more coffee.
"Buck, you have to understand, Caroline and I have a unique mother/daughter relationship. She and I will be discussing you in some depth very soon. I didn't ask you before, but do older women turn you off?"
"No Mary. I was with a woman for many months that was twice your age and I had a full time lover that was more than half your age. Age is just a number."
"Did you learn all these things you do from those women you lived with?"
"Mary, I started way young. I had a good teacher who's experience covered a lot of topics most folks never venture into. I guess practice makes perfect. I just like sex and I try to always be a caring lover. I'm not the jealous type if the game plan is understood beforehand. When it comes down to it, sex is not a given. If it's offered, treat it like the gift it is. I learned long ago to share my toys, provided it's mutual. Caroline took that moment to walk into the kitchen.

"Honey, did you have a nice nap? Mean old Buck just wore you out, didn't he."
"Every time we're together I seem to learn new things, what's next?"
"Time will tell, toots. I think your mom wants to talk to you and I'm not real sure I want to be in on it at this point. I'll call you later, ok?"
"You're not upset mom watched us, are you?"
"No baby, not at all, at least after we got started. It WAS weird at first, but I got over it. I'm gonna run. Be good and I'll call later."
Later was that night. The guys called for a band rehearsal that afternoon so I was left with most of the day to think over the morning's activities.


Caroline pt 5....

I called and Caroline asked me to pick her up and go to A&W. She was a little pensive getting into the car and pretty much stayed quiet the few blocks we had to go. The Bee roared along nicely, the cam giving the car a sexy shake as we idled around, looking for a place to park. Gotta love a good muscle car!

Pulling into a slot on the far outside, we could see everyone as they pulled in or circled the place. I waited for Caroline to speak.
"Buck, did mom tell you what she wanted to do?"
"Mary told me a lot of things and asked a lot of questions. Can you be a little more specific?"
"Mom wants to go to bed with you, that's what."
"She mentioned something along that line. She also said that might be something for the two of you to hammer out. Me? I won't do anything that hurts us. I guess a better question is how did you feel about it?"
"So, you'd fuck my mother?"
"That wasn't what I said or what I asked."
"I don't know how I'd feel about it. I'm afraid she'll steal you away from me."
"Baby doll, fat chance of that happening. You're mine and you'll stay that way for as long as you want me."
"It did turn me on this morning, knowing she was watching and suggesting stuff."
"Did your mother happen to mention she kissed the shit outta me after you passed out? Remember, I told you no secrets."
"Yes, she did and I don't think I mind that at all. What bothers me is she knows all this sex stuff and I don't. She'll rock your world and leave me in the dust."

"IF, and I say IF she and I were EVER to do anything, you'd be right there along with us. Remember - no secrets. Also remember, you two were the ones to put this whole business together to begin with."
"Ok, take me home. Mom's waiting for us."

Mom must have had a lot of faith in her daughter because when we walked in the door, she was in a housecoat with nothing under it, if the gaps meant anything. As Mary walked around, it wasn't hard to notice her pussy was shaved. Maybe a little hint to her would get Caroline to shave hers. I much prefer a pussy without the free dental floss. In this time frame, bald pussies were not the norm that they are today. Bald is beautiful.
No sooner than the door closed, Caroline ran into her room and closed the door, saying she be out in a second. About two minutes later, she came out wearing only a pair of crotch-less panties. My jaw hit the floor. I knew she had some sexy underwear from that first time I saw her in her room, but this?
"Do you like them? Mom let me borrow a pair."
Was I going to be man enough to handle this pair of wild women?
Mary spoke up "Let's take this into my bedroom this time. I have a king sized bed." I could feel my dick growing by the second.
Mary told me "Caroline got you this morning, so I get you first tonight. We'll trade off as long as you can handle us." With that, she lost the housecoat. I think I stripped in record time.

I was right in my assessment this morning. Mary had high, firm breasts, a little smaller than Caroline's, but still lovely to look at. The major difference was Mary's nipples were long, like almost three quarters of an inch long, whereas Caroline's were hard little pebbles when she was aroused. Either woman would look dynamite, braless in a thin shirt. Mary was also blessed with flawless skin, no wrinkles to be found except tiny laugh lines around her eyes. With them standing side by side, Mary was possibly three inches taller than her daughter.
Laughing, both ladies fell back on the bed and I crawled between them. I took Caroline in my arms and kissed her as deeply as I could, then rolled over and pulled Mary to me. Mary gave me a quick buss on the lips, then pushed me down to her distended nipples. I sucked on one as I rolled the other between two fingers.
"I won't break. Pull on those babies." I pulled and the harder I pulled and sucked, the harder she ground me into her chest. She was moaning and panting as I nursed and abused her dugs.

Eventually, Mary pushed my head down towards her feet. I didn't need written directions to know what she wanted next. I caught movement from the corner of my eye and there was Caroline, down at face level with me to get a bird's eye view of her mom getting her pussy munched. I didn't need to part Mary's folds. Her pussy was already suffused with blood and the outer lips swollen. Pushing her legs up onto her chest, I licked her from asshole to clit, like I'd done her daughter earlier. Mary about broke my nose hunching up to meet my thirsty tongue.
"Oh GAAaaawd, it's been so long. Eat me you stud, get your tongue inside me. Eat my heart from the inside out!" She had a death grip on my head, holding it tight between her thighs.
Finding her clit, I was surprised at the size of it. Whereas Caroline's was prominent when aroused, Mary's was just ginormous. It was like a small penis once I'd pushed her sheath back. It made for easy sucking.
"OHGODOHGOD, I told you I won't break. Bite my clit. Suck it in your mouth and BITE it." Mary didn't take long to hit her first climax. I eased off her clit, going for her G spot and as many fingers as I could cram in her pussy. She seemed to react favorably when I tongued her ass, so using some of her dripping fluid, I popped a finger directly into her ass. BAM! Her ass came right off the bed with her second cum of the evening. I couldn't remember anyone leaking as much pussy juice as Mary did. Lubrication was not going to be a problem with her. Not wanting to leave Caroline out, I saw she'd taken up residence behind me, watching as I stimulated her mother with hands and mouth.
"Come up here a minute, hon." Caroline slid up the bed to lay next to her mother's hip. I pulled out a soaked finger from Mary's pussy and rubbed the juice over Caroline's lips. She licked it off.
"That's what a woman tastes like?"
"Pretty much every time."

She took the hand I'd had in her mother's pussy and swabbed every trace she could find off my hand and fingers. I rolled out of Mary's legs and motioned Caroline to take my place.
"Touch your mother, she'll love it and I think you will too." Mary was kind of out in the ozone, recovering from her last orgasm until Caroline pushed her finger into her mom's soaking box.
"Is that my baby in my pussy?" she gasped. She bent her head and looked down in time to see Caroline lean in and take a healthy lick of the woman that birthed her. Once she started, she was bent to lapping up every drop she could find. Mary immediately launched into orgasm number three. I guess the thought of her daughter chowing down on her pussy was enough to send her into orbit. I was actually proud that Caroline was overcoming a lot of taboos, the major one being incest. Mary soon came around and hugged her daughter to her chest, telling her how much she loved her.
"I've got to catch my breath, it's been so long since I've cum without doing it myself. If you don't mind me saying so, I've got 9 years to make up for."

Naked, we hit the kitchen for a drink and a breather.
"I can't believe I ate my own mother's pussy. Why did I do that?"
"How did you feel when you were doing it?"
"I dunno, maybe crazy, I guess. I just had to taste it from the source. You were enjoying it, mom was enjoying it. I wanted some too."
"Baby doll you did everything right. Sex is all about feeling good and making your partner feel good in the process. If a little girl-girl action floats your boat, more power to you."
"He's right on the money, darlin. That last big O was a doozy for me, especially since I knew you were the cause. It doesn't make us lesbians or anything, it just makes us closer. I think we BOTH still want his hard dick, doncha think?"

Caroline was all smiles, but I could tell she filed all this away for future reference.
"Are we rested up, I need Buck inside me." Caroline demurely smiled.
Mary spoke up "I'm good for a little while. I'm still waiting to see if he can handle us both." With that, we went back to the bedroom.

Caroline was in the mood to get right at it but her mom had other ideas. As Caroline lay spread eagle on the bed. Mary leaned in and nursed her small nipples which caused Caroline to moan and clutch at her head. Mary moved down her daughter's body. Stopping at the junction of her legs. Mary slid two fingers into her daughter's wet pussy as she attacked her clit. Caroline must have already had her fuse lit because Mary sucked her and fingered her only a few short minutes before Caroline exploded.
Rocking back on her knees, a smiling Mary explained "Now I know what another pussy tastes like and I must say, I like the flavor. If you poop out before daybreak, I'm sure we'll find SOME way to get through the night. Ride her hard, cowboy."


Caroline pt 6......

Since Mary had already primed her pump, I slid in the saddle, burying my hard dick to the root. Caroline had already experienced this last night, so now, we were going to experiment.
"Roll over onto your hands and knees baby." She didn't ask why, she just did it.
Lining up with her slot, I went balls deep on the first thrust, Caroline arched her back and shoved back against me, impaling herself again. I grabbed her hips to set a rhythm. All I had to do was maintain my balance, Caroline was fucking herself on my dick. Swiping my thumb through her excretions, I pushed my thumb in her ass to add a little more sensation to her fucking.
"OMFG, fuck meeeeeeee!" I wasn't fucking her, SHE was fucking her. I coulda been a dildo wired to a bedpost for all I was doing.

Mary wasn't exactly idle during all this. She had one hand fondling her daughter's nipple and the other buried in her own crotch. It's so nice to see a family playing together. Mary finally lay down and moved under her daughter to bring her tongue to bear on Caroline's clit and an occasional lick to my balls and the junction where we were jointed. Caroline started coming like a string of fire crackers going off - one climax after another. She fell off my dick and simply passed out. Mary smoothed her daughter's hair and led me out of the room.

"Caroline doesn't have any health problems I need to know about, does she?"
"She's healthy as a horse, why?"
"She keeps passing out every time we fuck."
"These are all new feelings for her. She'll cope or maybe that's just her thing - have a good climax and sleep it off."
"I hope you're right but it's kinda scary."
"I'm not going to worry about it. You won't let anything happen to her, I can tell by the way you treat her. Hey, I'm missing out on MY turn, buddy. Let's not waste any more time."

We returned to the bedroom where Caroline had curled into a ball, sound asleep.
Her mother giggled, "Is that like being fucked out or what? Let's take it into her bedroom and let her sleep."
No sooner than in Caroline's bedroom than Mary got on her knees, head down and ass in the air.
"Get that bottle of hand lotion off her dresser and leave it on the bed. I want you to do me doggy style, then lather up my ass and buttfuck me til I scream. Would you do that?" No problem. Like I said earlier, I LOVE anal sex. It's just 'different'.

Tab A goes into slot B. Mary's pussy was still wet from the last foray in her bedroom. She'd gotten wet all over again licking her daughter's clit and me while we fucked. As this was the first time I'd actually entered her with anything other than fingers or my tongue, I was very surprised at how tight she was. I guess 10 years without sex might make you almost virginal again. I remembered she mentioned the climaxes she'd had earlier were the first she didn't do for herself. We set up a slow rhythm, I'd plow forward as she rocked back. This woman still remembered how to fuck.
"Mary, do you have toys?" She was panting as she answered," A very small vibrator, hardly bigger than my finger."
"I have to tell you, your pussy is remarkable. You are so wonderfully tight."
"Stud, you're the biggest thing that's been inside me in I don't know how long. I'm kind of jealous of Caroline. She can get filled like this as often as she wants, but shut up and fuck me. I can't wait to get you in my ass after I cum."
I sped up the thrusting and I could feel her pussy clench my dick. It was making random spasms and I could hear her breathing getting ragged and a low moaning coming from her mouth.

"Oh Jesus, push in hard and just hold it there." I did and she did. I held her to keep her from falling down on the bed. Taking advantage of this little interlude, I grabbed up a bottle of lotion and slathered her ass and my dick with the oily stuff. I lined up with her tight rosebud but asked her if she needed more prep than this.
"Buck, sometimes I like things slow and gentle. The rest of the time, I like a little pain, like pulling and biting on my nipples and my clit. This time, I just want you to jam it in and fuck the daylights out of me. We'll do slow and gentle some other time." She didn't have to tell me twice. As soon as she stopped speaking, she kinda braced herself and I could tell she waited to be skewered.

I rubbed the head of my dick along her ass crack. She moved her butt to follow wherever it was. When I went in her, I wanted it to be a shock, no warning or prelude. I think she was getting frustrated with the teasing and as she relaxed, I jammed in balls deep.
"OH MY GOD! You are so far in me, you're splitting me in half."
"Just giving the lady what she asked for."
"Please, hold still a minute and let me get used to that fence post in my butt."
I gave her about 30 seconds then started a slow in and out move, just about an inch either way. As another minute passed, she got her own motion going, slamming her ass cheeks against my groin. She kept pleading for more.

I grabbed her cheeks with both hands and spread them wide apart, gaining another inch of dick. I started pumping as hard and fast as I could, and watching Mary's asshole swallow all of my cock.
I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her back on my thrusts three or four times until I started spraying cum in her.
After the first hard squirt she let out a long moan and I felt her rosebud tighten up around my throbbing cock as I kept blowing my jism just as far up in her bowels as I could.
"Oh YEAH....UNnhhh Oh FUCK Yeah....FUCK ME!.....Give it to me Buck!!. Do it do it do it, I'm cummmmming!!" she screamed.
There was no need for her to tell me she's cumming. Everyone in the neighborhood can hear her. Her daughter came shooting into the room, wide awake.

"What did you do to her?"
"I gave her what she asked for."
"I'm ok, baby. Buck just did a marvelous job. I'm so not used to feeling this good."
"I thought he was killing you."
"Baby, you're beginning to know what good sex feels like. When it's exceptionally good, you sometimes make a lot of noise." Mary was till on her knees with her ass in the air when Caroline leaned over her.
"Mom, why is your ass gaped open like that?"
"Because I just had an outstanding butt fuck. It'll close up in a bit."
As she spoke, her stomach muscle clenched and my cum started dripping from her open asshole.
"No way am I ever gonna lick that up" grimaced Caroline.
Mary got up and headed towards the bathroom across the hall, as Caroline opened the bedroom door for her mother.
"Do you want to walk around leaking his 'stuff' like that? It's running down your leg." Mary smiled as she started towards the bathroom, "actually I like the way it feels."
"Ewwwww. ICK!"

"You actually fucked my mother's ass."
"She asked and I did what and how she asked me to do it."
"Isn't that kinda gross?"
"If you keep yourself clean it isn't. I think she had that possibility in mind when she thought we'd come here tonight. Did you notice a douche bag in the bathroom?"
"There's ALWAYS a douche bag in the bathroom - we're women."
"When she comes out, go see if there's a small tip on it, rather than that long job you stick in your twat."
"What's the small tip for?"
"You mean mom washed out her ass before we came so she could get butt fucked?"
"I'm not a mind reader - ask her when she comes out."
"Gawd, there is just so much I don't know."

"Every time we're together or you talk with your mom, you learn something. You won't learn it all in a day, you learn through experience. What's the rush, anyway? You take things as they come, experiment and file away the likes and dislikes. Neither you or your mom had ever tasted pussy before tonight, you both learned something new. You got your first mouthful of cum and you decided you liked it, you got fucked doggy style and you liked the deeper penetration."
"Are you gonna put it in my butt?"
"Bigger question - do you want me to?"
"I guess that's the only way I'll know if I like it or not, right?"
"Hon. I'll confess something to you that only a very tiny handful of people know. You've met Tracy, the guy that lives next door to my folks. Tracy fucked MY ass and it felt good. I'm not saying I want to do it on a regular basis, but I don't run screaming at the thought of it. I may never do it again in this lifetime, but I at least tried. Personally, I like my ass played with, I like being fingered, like you did me tonight, I like being rimmed too."

"What's rimmed?"
"Remember when I licked you from asshole to clit? If I'd stayed licking your rosebud, that would be rimming."
"Oh, that felt so strange, but good when you did it to me. Do that to me right now, please." There's a lot to be said about a house full of naked women. I'd forgotten what it was like. Now, I had two special ones that wanted me in their lives.
She got on her hands and knees and poked her butt at me. I pulled her ass cheeks apart to expose her tight little rosebud and ran my tongue around it. She squealed and wiggled her ass for me to do it again. Round and round her tight little ring I went. I could feel it softening and getting looser as I played with it. She finally relaxed to the point I could get about a half inch of my tongue in her butt. She started breathing hard and her hand strayed to her pussy, rubbing her clit. I think she had some mini orgasms because she was jerking all over in time with my tongue.
"That's rimming, toots."
"OMG, you can do that to me anytime."

"Here's a little newsflash for you - your ASSHOLE has nerve endings in it like your pussy and it's connected to the same nerves as your clit and if you thought rimming feels good, go ask your mom what penetration feels like. I read somewhere that 67% of women have tried and LIKED anal sex."
"Now you have me really curious. I've always considered that part of a person's body is just dirty."
"How did you feel sucking my dick?"
"I liked that. I gave me a feeling of, like power or something."
"How did you feel when your mother licked your pussy or when you licked hers?
"I loved it. I didn't think about what I was doing, I just felt like I should and jumped on it."
"Here's another news flash for you - we all PEE through our dicks or vaginas, so is that dirty too?"
"Damn you, you just keep tearing down these ideas I had in my mind. Is there anything DIRTY about sex?"
"Not unless you count bad hygiene. Some people get off on what's called scat or scatology. That's playing with or in thank you. THOSE people are the weird ones. Here's another eye opener. Did you know some people drink PEE?"
"Oh God, that makes me feel all yucky."
"Did you know urine is sterile until it turns over into ammonia? There have been times people had to drink it to stay alive. I've tasted it and other than being salty, it's not so bad."
"You HAVE? Who's?"
"The who isn't important, my point is - don't labor on preconceived notions. Common sense will keep you out of trouble, but sometimes you have to try something before you can make a judgment call." I left her to mull this over as Mary came out of the bathroom.


Caroline pt 7....

Caroline went to the bathroom to check out the douche bag. Sure enough, she found a small, smooth tip on the end of the hose. Returning to her mother, she leaned over to whisper in her ear. Mary smiled at her and took her hand, leading her into the bath and closing the door. It didn't take the head cashier at Wally World to figure out what they were going to do. I let myself into the kitchen and helped myself to the coffee maker. Wonder of wonders, there were still three doughnuts left.

I was finishing the last of the doughnuts about 30 minutes later when Mary came in to join me.
"Caroline is in the shower. She'll be out shortly."
"Why did I just KNOW she'd be taking a shower. How did the enema go?"
Mary giggled as she spoke "You KNEW she was going to get an enema when she went in with me, didn't you?"

"We'd had a small conversation about preconceived ideas and she was totally shocked that you prepared yourself for the eventuality that you'd be having anal sex. If she went though with it, I knew she'd want the shower. It's a no-brainer. She's still convinced most of the human body is dirty."
"We talked while she waited for the bag to empty - anything to take her mind off the cramps. I told her that gets easier with practice. You really covered a lot of ground with her, but I'm sure she understands it all."
"Time, exposure and experience. You didn't learn it all in one night and neither will she" I said.

"In this case, I think it was the rimming that moved her towards wanting to try something up her ass. I hope she can relax and learn to enjoy it. I damned sure do."
"Let's do her together. We can keep her mind occupied until it's a done deal."
"Buck, let me ask you something and don't be afraid to answer, ok?"
"Depends on the question, Mary, but ask anyway."
"Do you think I come off as, what do you call them, a 'pain slut'?"
"Bad analogy, but you pet a dog, it licks its lips to show it likes the affection. Other times, you wrestle around with it and play rough and the dog enjoys it just the same. Why should humans be all that different?"
"Are you sure you aren't really 50 years old" she asked, "you know so damned much about people."

"I read a lot and look at all the dirty pictures. Seriously, none of this shit is original, it's human nature and you're a product of your environment. Your mama or your grandma told you something and you either took it as gospel or you found out if it was fact or fiction. I bet your mother told you NEVER to touch yourself 'down there'."
She about rolled on the floor laughing. "If my mother knew half the stuff I do now, she be spinning in her grave."
"I'd say, for the most part, you turned out pretty ok. I've learned to like how open you are with your daughter, damned sight more than I've gotten from MY parents. Hell, they haven't slept together for as long as I can remember."

Caroline came out of the bathroom freshly showered and perfumed and floated into my arms, carrying a bottle of baby oil. "I want you to do to me exactly what you did to mom. You get the once in a lifetime chance to get my anal cherry." She was in a bubbly mood and I sure didn't want to burst her bubble. I took her hand and led her over to her bed. I was getting tired, but I think I had at least one more shot left before I passed out from lack of sleep. Maybe I needed a shower to perk up. But then again, sleeping beauty has had two naps where us old folks struggled along on adrenaline.

Caroline made one bounce and came to rest on knees and elbows wiggling her ass like a puppy. Her mom went to her front and started pulling on the girls little nipples, getting a few moans from her as she enjoyed the attention. Caroline enjoyed getting rimmed, so that's where I started. Circling her tight ass with my tongue she wiggled with delight. Her mom managed to get under her and worked on her little clit while Caroline played with her mother's larger one.

When her ass began to relax and lose the tight clinch. I poured a trickle of baby oil down the crack of her ass, working it into her tight pucker. She didn't seem to notice. Baby oil isn't my favorite type of lube... it's not all that slick but it was what I had to work with. Actually, referring to the present time, Astrolube and the like wasn't prevalent yet. Olive oil was a preferred lube or KY jelly. I generously coated my semi-hard cock and stroked some life back into it. I got a finger in her ass and so far, so good. As she loosened more, I could add second finger and pour some oil down the crack between them. When her ass let me work those two fingers in and out with some ease, it was showtime. My free hand poured oil on my dick, then rubbed it all over. Pulling my fingers out, I eased the head of my cock in and stopped. She soon got used to feeling full. I'm sure her mother had described the gamut of feelings she'd experience as she took her first dick. She was tight, but not cripplingly so. Easing oh so slowly in, I watched inch after inch slide down her poop chute. I finally bottomed out and started the slow trip back until only the head remained.
"OH, HONEY! Stop a second - I need to get used to this!" she cried

Mom had other ideas. I felt her slide under Caroline until she had her head under her raised pussy. From Caroline's hunching, I knew Mary was working on her clit. Imagine my surprise when I felt pressure on the UNDERSIDE of my dick. Mary had worked her fingers into her daughter's tight pussy. I could feel her fingers move through the thin membrane separating me from her pussy. Caroline started to move and if I didn't get with the program, I'd be out in the cold. Grabbing her hips, I made a full stroke until my balls rested on her ass cheeks. She hunched back at me. I withdrew and made an even harder thrust and Caroline met me halfway with a backwards move of her own.

She was as ready as she'd ever be. Her sweet little ass was unbelievably tight, more like a warm, velvet-lined glove. Mary managed to keep her fingers moving in her twat until Caroline started to get wilder in her own movements. I was slamming her ass pretty hard by now, bottoming out with every stroke. I was dead tired and all the fucking was catching up to me. I remained locked onto her ass cheeks and let her slam her ass back onto me. Her breathing changed and she started gulping for breath. She made nonsense sounds as her body reacted to the pleasure she was receiving. Caroline stiffened, her back arched like a bow string. I could feel the climax claiming her body and mind.

"AHhhhhhhh AHhhhhhhh AhhhAHHH !" my Caroline screamed, "Oh YEAH....Oh DAMN yeah!..... Cum in Meeeee! I'm cumming from my little ass!!"
I tried to hold her at her at the top the her orgasm as long as possible before she relaxed and then went completely limp. As she rolled off of me, dragging my rigid dick out of her, I looked at her face. She wasn't out, exactly, but I would bet she couldn't remember her name. Her eyes being rolled back in her head might contribute to that. Mary gave me a kiss and a high five. Caroline had her first anal sex and from the looks of it, enjoyed it immensely.

This time, Caroline didn't pass out, but she did curl up in a fetal ball. From all she'd said, she enjoyed every new thing I tried on her, but her reactions kinda put a damper on things. Where was the tender cuddling that came after good sex? Caroline woke up and by mutual agreement, all three of us decided to grab a little sleep in Mary's king sized bed. Not much of the night remained. It was nice to have a woman curled up on either side of me had been a long time since the summer cabin. [Youth]

Sunlight coming through Mary's bedroom window shining into my eyes woke me. I our rest with both having their heads on my chest, but sometime during the night, we'd moved to side-by-side spooning. Mary had a leg thrown over my bottom leg and I had a leg thrown over Caroline. About my first waking thought was my bursting bladder and morning wood. I tried to extricate myself from this luscious pile of woman flesh. As I moved, Mary rolled over the other way. Moving my leg off Caroline caused her to wake with a start. She rolled over and kissed me, despite our dragon-breath.

"Gotta pee, hon, right back" I mumbled.
"Eww, you just had to mention that - I gotta go too!" We slid out her side of the bed.
Making our way to the bathroom, I stood there a long time, straining to get a flow going, near impossible through my morning hardon.
"But I thought you guys couldn't pee with a hard-on," she commented, motioning to my fully erect cock. "Yeah, but when I stand and strain for awhile, it will go down enough for me to do it. Now take that sweet little ass of yours out of sight so I can piss."
"Not a chance," she said, her eyes sparkling. "I want to hold your dick while you pee. I've always wanted to know what it felt like to hold a dick in my hands and watch the pee come out of it" as she took me in her hand.
I just looked at her. "You are sooo fucking warped," I joked.

Need overcame embarrassment and I started to piss with her holding me. I had the 'trained' courtesy of lifting the seat when I got to the commode and Caroline wasn't content to just let me pee on the bowl. No, she painted the sides and anything she could hit without me splattering all over the bathroom floor.
"That was fun!" she cried, "Guys are so lucky."
"How do you figure?"
"You can make it go wherever you want. Girls just have to let it trickle out."
"Not really. If you spread your pussy lips and keep them open before you start, you'll piss out, instead of trickling down."
"Really! I would have never guessed that." I moved away to let her sit and do her business. She tried it but had to lean forward to keep in the bowl.
"Wanna hear a joke?"
"Kinda early, isn't it? Go ahead, you kinda have a captive audience here until I'm done."

'A young boy and girl were walking down an alley. They were always trying to prove one sex was better than the other. Coming upon the back of a garage, the boy had an idea. "I gotta piss and I bet I can piss further up this wall than you can!" "Can not" "You go first then" The little girl lifted her dress but and standing close to the wall, could only pee level with her knees. "Hahaha, told you. Watch". The boy unzipped and grabbed his little dick and pointed it chest high. "Uh uh" said the little girl, "No hands."
"That was TERRIBLE!" but she smiled, "I can't wait to tell my friends that one."


Caroline pt 8....

We joined Mary back on the bed as she was waking up. She gave her daughter a good morning kiss on the cheek and grabbed me around the neck, pulling me completely on top of her.
"I need a wake-up fuck, if you don't mind, stud." Ok, I can do that. I'd rather have brushed my teeth or gargled first, but hey! A fuck is a fuck!! Her thighs were already wide apart and she must have been fingering herself while Caroline and I were engaged in our morning ablutions.
Rubbing my hardening dick up and down her slit a few times, I fed it into her.
I began to slowly pump my hips back and forth, fucking into Mary's cunt. It always seemed so incredibly tight, the one time we'd actually fucked. I knew that the tightness of a woman's pussy had absolutely nothing to do with how much sex she was getting and everything to do with the tone of her body and muscles, but Mary's pussy always just felt wonderful to me, almost virginal.
"I needed your cock in me this morning, maybe every morning, Buck", she gasped.
"You make me feel so cheap!" I grinned, "It's so humiliating. I'm just the family sex toy now."
It only took two minutes and Mary was thrashing around the bed as she came. I hadn't been in the saddle long enough to get all that aroused. Pulling out, I flopped over on my back. Quickly, Mary got her breath back and crawled down my chest to grab my slimy hard cock. Lowering her head, warm lips surrounded me.

Mary could only put about six inches of my meat in her mouth before chocking but it didn't slow her down. She wanted that slender cock of mine down her throat and she would have it no matter what. I felt her swallow and let my dick push in that last bit. I could feel the first ridge in her throat. I pulled back a couple of inches to let her get a breath and she forced herself back down again.
This was the first blowjob Mary had ever given me. She never let on she knew how to deep throat- something else for her to share with her daughter, along with shaving her pussy. It truly felt wonderful, but I needed something more. Pulling out, I rolled a surprised Mary over on her stomach and kicked her knees apart.

I put the tip of my saliva-covered dick to her hot little nether hole and pushed it inside. She let out a gasp as I slid part way up in her. Fuck she was as tight and hot as ever. Mary rose up until she was on her knees, letting me make deeper thrusts. Ten minutes of plowing her shit chute got my balls churning and I filled her bowels. As I made my last, deep thrust, it pushed Mary over the top again, and she slumped down on the bed.
"I get the feeling you needed that," I said quietly.
"Oh My God!. . . you have absolutely no idea . . ." she said.

I made a trip to the bathroom and soaped my dick. I didn't see any residue, but you never know where it'd be ten minutes from now. Drying it, I went back to the bedroom. The ladies were already hard at it as I returned. I watched with interest as Mary and Caroline fed on each other's pussy, amazed that mother and daughter could break down the incest barriers and enjoy each other freely now. You know, you just can't find this kind of quality entertainment on television. The turn-on must have been mutual because both started gyrating uncontrollably and soon, fell apart. Just watching got my undivided attention and that transferred to a whole other part of me. Mary had been on the bottom and Caroline just slid off to her side. The target was just too good to pass up. I'd already fucked mom, now it's time to do the daughter. I pulled Caroline's hips up and moved closer behind her.

Caroline's outer lips were swollen and flushed with pink, her inner lips parted as well. She was dripping wet from her mother's spit and her own juices. I put both hands on the sides her pussy, and pulled her gently open with my thumbs. She was still out of it, as usual, but I lodged my swollen dick inside her lips. I made the first thrust deep, until I felt myself brush her cervix. Grabbing both hips, I started pile driving into her semi-conscious pussy. Just a few hard thrusts later, Caroline joined the wide awake crowd. Me driving and Mary stroking her hair. Caroline made some unintelligible noises and collapsed bonelessly, still in the throes of her climax. I followed her down.
"Wow," Mary said as she helped to hold her daughter to keep her from falling over.
"Yeah," I weakly said as Caroline's pussy continued to occasionally squeeze my cock while aftershocks rocked my mostly unconscious girl.

When Caroline joined the rest of the wide-awake members of this little group. I suggested we go grab some doughnuts or something. I was still a growing boy and the night's and this mornings activities were straining my energy reserve. Mary suggested we get dressed and hit IHop. Waffles sounded great to me. We piled into the SuperBee and I could tell Mary got a thrill out of my muscle car.
We got a booth back in a corner and had some degree of privacy to talk. Mary looked at Caroline, then at me.
"Buck, Caroline and I have talked. I know you two are an item, but do you think you'd still have time for her poor, old mother? I know, it's a weird situation, but you're the first man I've even been interested in 10 years. She loves you, you know and dammit, I'm getting feelings for you too."
Whoa! What a bombshell. I LIKED Mary, a lot, and after last night, maybe too much. I looked at Caroline and she was just sitting there, smiling at me. These two must talk a LOT more than I ever figured. Taking a deep breath, it was time I made my own feelings clear.

"I've been falling in love with Caroline more each day but now, this very minute, I'm falling in love with the two of you. Can I have that? Can I have both of you?" The ladies looked at each other and nodded their heads yes.
"So, is this going to be a regular thing from now on" I asked? I could not believe my luck!
"We need to get Caroline AND you on the pill. Remember the old joke about what you call a couple that rely on the rhythm method? .....Parents."
I know that other people would frown on us if they knew we three were all going to be fucking each other, but as long as we don't involve them, they can kiss my rosy red ass and eat their hearts out.


Caroline This is about me now . . .

Caroline, her mother Mary and I may as well have all moved in together. I only checked in enough to keep the parental units from putting my face on a milk carton. Dad, I explained the situation to and he, more or less, agreed with it. The witch found out, not exactly WHO I was with, but threatened to get dad to disinherit me. Fat chance of that, but warnings of being ruined for any woman right down to boys my age having sex would cause me to need glasses. I was 'turning into an animal JUST like my father.' I slowly moved a LOT of my clothes to Caroline's bedroom closet. Yeah, we were an item, one that pissed a lot of my male classmates off.

My biggest problem, Viet Nam was in full swing and Uncle Sam had sent me an invitation, saying 'Please come to our war'. I saw guys being pulled out of school because they were either 18 or had very poor grades, not likely to graduate. Two of the band members and I made the required trip to the recruiter's office to take physicals and a stupid test. The drummer failed out because he had flat feet (lucky bastard!) My organ player was majorly good at art and if he'd sign up for enlistment as SOON as he graduated, he was promised a job in the Army's art department. Both guys finished their physicals and paperwork and left. Our original plan was to go in on the 'buddy system', but that was not to be.

They left me there as the draft board guys pushed test after test in front of me. Not to brag, but I'd maintained a 4.0 average all through high school and outside the band, I was considered a nerd. I asked WHY I was taking test after test when the other two only took one and was told 'if the Army wanted me to know, they'd have told me.' Finally done, I was ushered to the door without a word. About a month later, I got a notice telling me to report to the induction center at Ft. Polk, Louisiana. Bullshit! I haven't even graduated yet. A family friend was a Congressman, so dad made a call. A couple of days later, the Congressman called and told us the army would graciously SEND me my diploma when the rest of my class graduated - also bullshit. We talked a while and he told us he would see what he could do. What a total clusterfuck!

In a week, he called back saying the best he could do was to get me into an Army reserve unit until I graduated. I guess it would do, compared to the alternative. The upside - my time in reserves counted, so by the time I hit the REAL army, I'd be a PFC going in. My brother had been in the National Guard and they'd been called to active duty because of the Cuban Missile crisis. That had been several years ago, but he still had TAILORED uniforms that fit me. All I had to do was rip off the lieutenant's patches on the shoulders. All my new uniforms had visible dark patches on them. They left a darker area on the OD green blouses, but who cares. I had a few choices and joined an airborn medical unit, a mobile field hospital bunch. First it was cool, then really boring until we had race riots in the state capitol. We got called up.

Because of the threats made and a couple of National Guard armories had been broken into, we were armed to the teeth with a machine gun on the roof of our reserve building and patrols with M-14's around the unit's perimeter. I got the unique pleasure of sleeping on a cement floor with a blanket for the next two weeks. We had a cook unit, and I have to say, they fed us well.

Soon, the crisis was over and I returned home, only to find a local university had incited the blacks in town and my school that THEY were being downtrodden and should rebel. We had a couple of rapes right in the school and the teachers had no clue how to handle the problems. I had a black freshman come at me with a switchblade as I went down some stairs. Unfortunately, he was about four steps lower than me, so I just drop-kicked his young ass down the stairs then proceeded to stomp a mud hole in him. I kept the knife. Us 'low lifes' would go across the street to a little store off campus so we could smoke. We were all standing around talking about the race problems when the kid's older brother came out and 1. wanted to kick my ass for beating his brother, and 2. wanted HIS knife back. Naturally, we fought and soon, the cops came. We got hauled downtown where we were wisely separated and we each told our stories. I handed the cop talking to me the switchblade and didn't get any charges for having it, mainly because older brother was bitching that I'd taken the knife from his innocent little brother, after I'd beat the shit out of him. The brother was still in the nurses station when the cops took me back to school. I had to tell the principal the story and regretfully, got 5 days suspension for fighting. The two brothers got expelled. Things finally calmed down but not before nearly our entire high school male component went to the college and 'convinced' the bleeding hearts of the error of their ways.

Caroline and Mary weren't exactly overjoyed that I'd be joining the boys in green anytime soon and threw a total fit because I had to cut my hair to military specs. Reserves weren't as drastic as basic training, so I still had SOME hair left. Of the whole damned band, I had SHORT hair compared to the others and they never let me forget it. Maybe I have a wig in my future??

Basic Training – the beginning of a clusterfuck

Time passed all too quickly and I received notice to report to basic, again in Ft Polk. . . FOUR days after I graduated. That day finally arrived. Dad, Caroline and Mary rode with me to the airport. The witch chose to stay at home. I had to dress in my spiffy, TAILORED dress greens with PFC stripe, my reserve unit ribbons from WW2 and Korea, a purple shoulder lanyard, purple ascot and a purple beret to make my debut. Because of my old reserve unit, I had on jump boots with zippers instead of laces. The rest of my shit, plus some civvies, were packed in my duffle bag. This turned out to be a mixed blessing.
Caroline and her mother cried and kept hugging me. My dad even got misty-eyed, but shook my hand and told me he was proud of me and to watch my ass.

Arriving at Ft. Polk, we lined up in a rough formation and I got singled out almost immediately. I was escorted to the base barbershop by some corporal and given the standard head bone haircut. I was then taken to a barracks in the reception center and given a room to myself.[odd, to say the least] I just went along with whatever. I heard the new recruits come in with armfuls of bedding and fatigues. A sergeant told me I was not to fraternize with any of the others. Later in the day, I wondered where my duffle was at and was told it was lost somewhere in transit. I was also told I wouldn't need it.

The next morning, we were rudely awakened by our barracks sergeant. The troops were lined up in a column and 'marched' out the door while I was held back. I was told to wait and a jeep would be by to take me to the base exchange. [VERY odd]. No one was telling me what was going on, just leaving me to contemplate my navel. Soon, I heard a jeep honk and went out to meet it. I was TOLD to 'please' sit in the back by another corporal. Hey! If they wanted to chauffeur me around, I wasn't going to complain.
We parked at the PX and WE went in. I was told to find utility uniforms in my size, plus REAL combat boots. The corporal was waiting for me at the checkout line. I asked him how I was supposed to PAY for this bullshit and he told me to just sign the voucher put in front of me. Back to the barracks we went. I got to cool my heels until chow call that evening.

After a 'delicious?' meal, I went back to my room. Why was I being singled out? I intended to find out. I walked across the narrow hall to the barracks sergeant's room and knocked. The door opened and the sergeant saluted me. I dunno, I guess it was expected. To this point, I'd only saluted officers in my unit. Doing the only thing I knew to do, I saluted him back. Shit was getting out of hand here. I 'asked' him to sit while I took the only chair in the room.
"Sergeant, what the fuck is going on here? Why am I being singled out from the others?" In my mind, I wondered if my Congressman had anything to do with this.
"Sir, permission to speak freely."
"Go for it, Sergeant" I replied.
"You won't report me for talking to you, will you?"
"Who am I going to report TO?"
"IG, sir" [Inspector General's office]
"What? Why the hell would I do that?"
"We were told you were a plant, sent to check up on us." Oh shit! I KNEW I was headed for trouble now.

I told the sergeant my story. He asked how I came by the uniforms with the officer's bar areas on them. I EXPLAINED where they came from as his eyes narrowed. In about a heartbeat, I was out the door, gathering what little stuff I had, depositing them on an empty bunk with the rank and file. The sergeant beat feet out the door. The rest of my military career went along like the common soldier until we started basic training.

Basic Training [I'm treating this like you know nothing about the intricacies of the military]

Matters went to hell right off the bat. Since I was a PFC, I got 'chosen' to be a platoon sergeant. A guy in my barracks [the barracks were all my platoon] was a across country runner from Montana and I made him my co-leader. We were told to look over the barracks and see what was needed to get it into shape – it turns out it hadn't been used in years. We would find out why later. My crew drew their foot lockers and bedding. EVERYTHING was missing – no brooms, mops, mop buckets, toilet name it, we didn't have it. Reporting to our drill sergeant, we were told to 'requisition' it somewhere...that's army talk for go steal it. Turns out our 'sister' company [who had arrived the day before us] were out doing something, so we helped ourselves to THEIR supplies. They were the 'new army', meaning no harassment, ridiculous hours [get up at 7am, lights out at 9pm] and ONE drill sergeant for the entire group. WE, on the other hand, had a DI [Drill Instructor] per platoon, a Top [Master sergeant] and a CO [Commanding officer] along with a few ancillary buck sergeants who performed God knows what function. We got no supper, but were offered a choice of coffee or milk.

Lights out at 10 pm AFTER sweeping, mopping and getting years of green corrosion off the stool fixtures, faucets and shower heads. Brasso and newspaper would become our best friends during our military careers, starting now. We were told before we went to sleep that all the floors would be waxed and buffed before dinner tomorrow. The sister company didn't have any of this to steal because THEY didn't have to wax and buff, so no supplies or buffer.

Imagine our shock when the DI's came through and woke us up at 4am! We were told to fall out, get in formation, us play sergeants get a head count and remove our uniform blouses and fold them neatly where we stood. Ok, got all that done but it was still darker than the inside of a closet. We were told we'd learn to run, what they didn't say was how FAR. We were in North Fort, pretty much away from any normal military shit the main fort did. N Fort has a unique road call 'The Horn', 15 miles long and we would learn to run it [jog, actually] every morning before we were allowed to eat. Fine. I was still in great shape from high school and 85% of my platoon were pretty well off EXCEPT for one guy named Dowdy, who looked like his name. He was pear-shaped, badly out of shape and overweight...HOW he passed the physical is totally beyond me and to top it off, he was a PHD in something. That alone should have kept him out of the service.

Anyway, Dowdy gave it his all, jogging maybe 50 feet before having to stop and catch his wind. The DI's yelled at him the first couple of times, then started kicking him to keep him moving. That lasted maybe 100 yards and he went down. Too weak to get up. In their infinite wisdom, the DI's lined us up in a column of two and we were told to STEP on Dowdy as we passed over him. Failure to do so would result in that person laying beside him and the column reform. We faked it as much as possible but Dowdy was a broken man. They ended up getting a aid jeep to haul him around. By the time we got back to the company area, it was still dark, so we were marched over to the PT field and told we would run a mile as training for our final PT test. Dowdy was with the group again, but out in front of everyone. I don't think he even tried any more...he'd 'run', more like waddle a bit, then fall down. The DI's hauled him into the middle of this 880 yard track and you could hear him screaming. We just ducked our heads and ran.

Back in the company area, we were pushed into the chow hall to again find a choice of nutritious coffee or milk with an added bonus of toast. 'Breakfast' such as it was, last about 10 minutes. Buckley [my assistant] and I went back to the barracks to line out cleaning duties only to find Dowdy in the shower bleeding out from a cut throat. I sent Buckley to get the Top or the CO. What I got was our DI who screamed at Dowdy and told him when he was through bleeding out he wanted the whole mess cleaned up. We were marched back to the PT field while they [whoever] hauled the body away. Funny thing – NO ONE came and asked any questions and WE were told to forget all about it, if we knew what was healthy for us.

It seemed our company was a clearing house for short timers – those coming back from 'Nam with only a month or two left on their hitch. A FEW of them didn't exactly have both paddles in the water. One was a black buck sergeant [E5] that talked to himself and had a weird look in his eyes. He also sported a .22 pistol he kept in his back pocket. All fine and good except he liked to pull it out and threaten people. He finally did it one too many times and shot one poor kid in the ear, killing him. The powers that be decided it was bivouac time, so we packed our shelter halves, blanket, mess kit and a few other odds and ends and hit the trail – off into the jungles of Louisiana. Ft Polk had all the necessities of home – wild pigs, pygmy rattlers, coral snakes and alligators... what more could you hope for?

We had another sadistic bastard on the short timer's list, another E5. After we'd bed down for the night, he'd come around and steal our M14's. Getting wise to this, because if you lost it, you bought it...all $51 dollars of it, we started wrapping the slings around our arms. That only slowed him down. He'd cut the canvas sling and steal it anyway. Our complaints fell on deaf ears. I for one, had to BUY my weapon. Well, like they say, all's fair in love and war and we were all at war with this asshole. For some slight, a group was ordered to dig a latrine, 8 feet square and 10 feet deep. My guys finished the hole just as Sgt Asshole came by to inspect. For SOME strange reason, he 'fell' into the hole. Some enterprising young troop found a canister of CS gas, pulled the pin and tossed it in the hole with him. We never saw Sgt Asswipe again. BTW, for you older troops, CS is several times more potent than the old tear gas. It attacks the eyes, mouth, nose, throat lining and you puke your socks up.

Basic Training was both a hoot and a nightmare. Since I'd been in such good shape in high school, the PT part was easy. If you wanted to smoke, you low crawled. If you needed to piss or shit, you low crawled. If you wanted to eat a meal, you guessed low crawled.

Caroline and Mary were the only letters from home I got on a regular basis. Sis did write me about once a month and Dad on about the same timetable. The letters from my girls kept me from going totally nuts and I was having strong thoughts about some kind of permanent relationship when I got out.

At the last formation with my basic training company, I was awarded the 4th Army low-crawl medal for breaking the current speed record. I got a trophy and a 5th of Jim Beam.[Ask someone else to explain that to you - takes too long here, but I could do 40 yards in 12.5 seconds.] [The PT test- 40 yd low crawl in under 30 seconds, 180yd man carry, something called the run-dodge&jump, a mile in 5 min. or less, grenade throw, 96 bars on a horizontal ladder in I don't remember what time limit.] All were given their orders for their new assignments EXCEPT me. In about an hour, EVERYONE else had turned in their bedding and their rifle.. I sat twiddling my thumbs in the barracks.
The next day, I was told to report to the CO. He slapped me on the back for my low crawl award - he'd gotten a 5th of whiskey for it also along with mine. My trophy went into the company award case.

"Sir, what's going on?"
"A jeep will be by shortly to pick you up."
"Sir, WHERE am I going? My contract says Medical School in San Antonio."
"Oh, You're headed to OCS." [Officer Candidate School] at Ft Benning, GA
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but a graduate of OCS has to extend their service time for 6 more years on top of my remaining active duty time."
"I never signed UP for OCS"
"According to your records and the tests you took, you did."
"Begging you pardon, Sir, but I DID NOT."
"According to this, you did, so, you'll catch the ride when it comes."
"Let me test my understanding here - you're MAKING me go, and as with any other school I've attended, I'll do a good job. HOWEVER, I do know that once graduated, I can resign my commission and return to my regular enlistment as a buck sergeant."
"You'd REALLY do that?"
"There's no way on God's green earth do I want to spend an additional 6 years in this man's army."
"I need to make some phone calls. . DISMISSED, PRIVATE!"


Caroline Still me & the military

Lucky me. Either for something to keep me busy or some discreet punishment, I spent two weeks painting rocks in the company area white. There are a God-awful lot of rocks in the company area. The bright spots were mail call. I got letters from Caroline AND Mary wondering how military life was treating me. I continued to paint. The letters made me miss my women. Both wrote me religiously every week. Some were crap going on in our home town but nearly all had some steamy parts in them. Hard dick and NO place to use it except old lady 5 fingers. After the two weeks were up, I got called in again, this time to the Top Sergeant.

"Go pack your duffle, you're leaving."
"Exactly WHERE am I going?"
"Ft Rucker, Alabama."
"And that is...?"
"WOCS" [Warrant Officer's Candidate School]
"Top, correct me if I'm wrong, but a WO has to extend their commitment for 6 years in addition to their remaining enlistment time."
"I didn't sign up for WOCS at any time."
"According to your records, you did. You also volunteered for Shake & Bake." [NCO school - you come out a corporal]
"Sergeant, I'm not going anywhere that isn't stated on my contract. I volunteered to four years to get my choice of jobs and duty station."
"You are going to make this VERY hard on yourself, troop. There are a lot of rocks and trees that need painting - get busy."

I got a pass to the PX annex where a bank of pay phones stood. I turned $10 dollars into quarter inside. Grabbing a phone, I called my dad and had him get a hold of the Congressman, giving him the pay phone number. I grabbed a coke and a picnic table and waited several hours until the Congressman's office called back. Whatever aid I talked to there took down notes of this nightmare my service was turning into and she promised the Congressman would see it as soon as possible. I had to return to my paint bucket. I could tell all those rocks were just anxiously WAITING for my attention.

Later that evening, I was summoned to the Top's office where I had a phone call. It was our family friend, the Congressman. I had to kind of insist this was a private call as Top hovered over me, trying to listen in. I mentioned the privacy problem to our friend and the sergeant found something really important to do in the other room. Once I could talk, I filled him in on what the Army was attempting to do to me. After listening to the whole story, he told me to just paint my rocks and trees and not make any waves. He promised to check into it.
I'd no sooner hung up when I was ordered into the CO's office.
"Since when does a Congressman call up a piss ant PFC in MY unit?"
"I guess since the Congressman is a friend of my family and a school chum of my dad's, SIR."
"Get the fuck out of my office, maggot."

"Sir, Yes Sir" and I took my exit. Did all this help or were they going to bury me in some shithole? Suddenly ALL my mail was opened prior to giving it to me. This necessitated ANOTHER trip to the PX and a long distance call. I was hardly back in the company area when the CO pulled me in.
“Maggot, be damned glad you're leaving. Your fucking 'family friend' just called to personally tell me he was thinking of paying a visit to my company and review our records. What have you got to say?”
“Can I quote you on the 'fucking family friend thing'? Probably do your career a LOT of good.” I thought he was going to stroke out. No one, no one at all bugged me the rest of the time in my old company.

I did finally end up agreeing to go to NCO school. Sixty days later, I went to AIT [Advanced Infantry Training] where I learned to kill and maim quite efficiently. A lot of good that does me in a field hospital. But hey! Be ALL that you can be....right?
Late the next day, I was told to pack. I'd be getting a ride to the airport, headed to San Antonio and Ft. Sam Houston to honor my 'contract'. Goes to show it's WHO you know. I pity any bastard who doesn't have family connections.

Medical school was a hoot, hard, but enjoyable. We DID have an axe over our heads - fail a subject and you became the motor end of a litter in 'Nam [field medic]. I managed to graduate 7th out of 195 in my class. Nam was scary as hell, even though I was supposed to be a surgical tech in a field hospital. We were far enough back, we could hear mortal fire, but way out of range.

I got called into a meeting with our top doc (bird colonel) and 2 'civilians' introduced as Smith and Jones. I was told to pack a medical bag and be prepared to catch a chopper at 0500 tomorrow. My job was to see to any medical needs that showed up. After being dismissed by the colonel, Smith and Jones told me exactly what was expected of me – watch their backs, say nothing to either of them unless it was urgent and to keep my mouth shut about where we went and any activities that went on. Failure to do this would result in my untimely demise...a sad casualty of war. I was issued an M-16, a pouch for my web belt to hold magazines and a Beretta 9mm. I REALLY wanted a Colt 1911 .45 pistol.

Packed my shit and my kit and spent a glorious hour flying to God knows where. All I know is all my AIT training looked like it was going to pay off. We weren't anywhere near OUR boys, mostly parked on whatever high ground, watching these two spooks watch troop movements and villages. I've got some sage advice for you– avoid getting shot, whether you need to or not. I caught a ricochet or a lucky shot while we were making a 'tactical retreat'. Wasn't too bad, I patched myself up with only an hours delay...the words 'beat feet' comes to mind. Worst part was, no one could say anything about it because then, you'd have to explain WHERE it happened and HOW and WHY. Remember – we were never there. Such is the fate of a wanna-be spook. So, no purple heart for me. There is also a whole big section of my DD214 that's redacted and refined to cover that time period...other parts were blacked out.
After 3 weeks in the field, we slipped back to our lines and were picked up by chopper. I got two days off and left with another 'Smith and Jones', rinse and repeat. This went on for 5 months of my 9 month tropical vacation.

I did my time, learned a lot I hadn't been exposed to and after my tour, assigned back to Ft Sam Houston to the pathological lab section. Little did I know, I'd be doing autopsies, YUCK! For the remainder of my enlistment, I got bounced around to I think, every hospital the Army had. The high points were my 30 day leaves. For a month, Caroline, Mary and I made up for the long absences, sometimes never getting out of bed except to eat or shit. Both ladies were leaning towards something more permanent on my discharge. Truthfully, so was I.

At one 2 year duty station, I was fortunate enough to get into a couple of 'un-armed' fighting classes. It seems the Israelis had perfected a fighting technique called 'Krav Maga' that started out in the late '60's. One of the Captains stationed here had been assigned as a liaison to the army there. I'd been in a few street fights back home, but this was brutal to the extreme. To say I was thoroughly impressed was an understatement. Another opportunity popped up in the form of LINE [Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement], something being formulated by the Marines. The downside of this fighting form is it's designed to end in the death of your opponent. Hell, the Jarheads are always looking for a fight anyway. I learned enough to scare the shit out of myself. I have to add here that all through high school, I was one of the 'small' guys and was regularly picked on by the jocks and bullies. I won a few fights but lost more because of my size. Truthfully, I SHOULD have relied on my running abilities. I suppose now, I was ready for all comers. Trouble was all that I'd learned didn't exactly give me confidence as much as it scared shit out of me. I was now capable of killing or maiming some asshole. I did develop a mindset that I wasn't taking shit from here on out.

The day finally arrived. My tour was up and the crappy thing - 'Nam was still going hot & heavy so I had to pick a reserve unit for four years. Luckily, my slot was still open in the MASH unit I'd been attached to in high school. BORING! Go to meetings once a month for 2 days and try to stay awake. Since we were not on active duty, I wasn't even allowed in my cage to inventory stuff we'd need IF we were called on and activated.

I got to checking around and there was an Air Force reserve unit right in my hometown. The base was a fighter training location and it was rumored that in a bunker SOMEWHERE on the reservation, a few nukes were stashes in case the shit ever hit the fan, but that was all rumors. It's been a long time since and I don't remember WHO I signed up with, but I got a $5K signing bonus and a rank promotion to E6. Next thing I knew, I was being groomed for NCOIC of the clinic during meetings [Non Commissioned Officer in Charge]. I thought this was going to wonderful - turned out all it consisted of was paperwork and staffing.. BORING. I had a reputation as 'Super Stick', meaning I could give shots or draw blood and you'd hardly notice the sting - worked really well with kids who screamed their heads off. I did all this for a year of my four year commitment. One day. I was looking over our personnel 'tree' that shows what slots are open to fill in our unit. Air Rescue had never been filled, ever. I went to the regular AF Colonel in charge and was informed 'reservists' weren't qualified to BE in Air Rescue. On asking why, was told we lacked practical training.

Not satisfied, I went back to my unit. I need to explain- my bunch only had 18 enlisted men, not counting me (I was the only NCO). The rest was made up of 30 officers, local or nearby doctors ducking active service and staying where the real money was at. I had a few friends among the doctors as most of them trusted me with anything that walked in the door. Realistically speaking, I had seen more blood and guts than they probably had collectively. I posed the problem to them. I think they were reluctant to give me up, but there was a slot for a 'flying' Army medic 150 miles away I hinted at. After talking to them, THEY pressured the Colonel. He's never BEEN in combat and I was more than adequately trained for trauma. Long story short, I got in Air Rescue. We went on 'rescue' missions every time the little 1st & 2nd butterbars [lieutenants] made their solo flights. Most usually bailed at the first red light on their instrument panel, some rode it out. Flight pay, hazardous duty pay and my new promotion to E-6 made my reserve pay VERY worthwhile. This lasted 18 months or so until Congress decided to cut out small reserve units. I got a nice letter in the mail from the Department of Defense informing me the unit was gone and since I still had a commitment, I had to find a slot open elsewhere. Since I had my 'wings' [flight status], a slot had to be for Air Rescue within a 120 mile range - the closest was over 200 miles off, so they gave me my 2nd honorable discharge, subject to all-scale war breaking out.



I was free as a bird now other than being employed by Frisco railroad. Upside was $17/hr plus road expenses [remember-this is the early 70's], downside was we worked N. Dakota to Texas and I was gone sometimes a week at a time unless it was within driving distance. I'd basically gave up living at home, to move in with my ladies. I really thought I had it made and Caroline, Mary and I were going to be long term until Caroline changed.

She was normally a very level headed woman but she developed an annoying habit of ALWAYS talking baby talk to me, even though I told her it drove me to distraction. I'm not talking 'let's make babies', it was like ONE of us was a two year old. It was developing a rift between us but she persisted. Mary tried to reason with her but nothing worked. There had been talk of us tying the knot and having Mary as a live-in lover. I know Mary was thrilled at the prospect. I finally had enough and gave her an ultimatum, after which, she promptly answered in baby talk.

I need an adult woman, not a two year old. Nearly a year passed and had Mary all to myself. Caroline made several scenes about staying with her mother while 'blowing' her off. A definite wedge was developing between mom and daughter. With much sadness, I moved out, only dating her mom occasionally and getting together with the two of them even less so. I really think Mary was more devastated than any of us. Seems like every time I looked around, Caroline was there.

I had a tough time dating anyone in town as they were all Caroline's 'friends'. Mary invited me over for a few laughs from time to time. I think if I'd asked HER to marry me, She might have jumped at the chance. Mary could never understand WHY Caroline drove me away, she knew HOW. Mary and I actually got along famously, going out to diner, going to the lake camping or just staying at home fucking each other's brains out. Caroline was always invited, but she found other things to occupy herself most of the time. It didn't matter, Mary and I made our own party - if Caroline chose to be somewhere else, that became her problem. Mary and I were very compatible, despite the big age difference. To my knowledge, Mary never went out with or slept with anyone but me. I guess in some weird way, I rang her bell just like she wanted it rang. I know she loved sex, at least with me, anyway she could get it. Oral, anal, vaginal.. she was game for it all. Her daughter had been too before she went all weird on me. Mary and I were comfortable with each other in or out of the bedroom.

I was 'asked' to help out at the family truckstop on the weekends I was at home. Dad was sick and couldn't' do his share'. Hell, that man was worth ten times what he was taking home out of there. He was still a vice president of an oil refining company here. He didn't feel the need of the paycheck he got from the station. Caroline talked to him all the time. He and I talked about the trouble she and I had. He agreed it had to be aggravating, but Caroline was such a sweet girl and he knew the deal we had going with her mother. All he could say was I was blowing a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Maybe so, but my sanity had to mean something too. Mary suggested I just keep my dick in Caroline's mouth so she couldn't talk. After she came, she was unconscious anyway.

The railroad job was hot, tiring and nasty. I'd go thru a pair of Levi's in about a week, not so much dirty as shredded. I found a cheaper outlet for my work clothes - Goodwill. $2 a pair for jeans and 50 cents to a dollar for work shirts. The railroad knew how hard the jobs were on clothing and they gave us an allowance every week to wash clothes. Hell, I could outfit myself for several weeks if I took the money to Goodwill.

I moved into an apartment and low and behold, Caroline moved right across the yard from me. If I brought a woman home, which I did pretty regularly, She found some excuse to knock on my door. If she had the chance, she made no bones about the relationship between me, herself and her mother. You have no idea how many times that queered my love life. Caroline also had it firmly in her mind I was just sowing my wild oats. There would come a time when I'd be all her's again, along with her mother's.

A new woman enters my life.....

The military seemed they weren't quite through with me yet, even though I'd been discharged - twice. The Department of Defense told me my services were needed as they were calling up select reserve units to active duty. 'Nam wasn't going away like they planned and Johnson was committing more troops all the time. I was able to go back to my old Army reserve unit, the Air Force unit had been totally disbanded. This time we had a sweet job of relieving the personnel at a convalescent hospital on our reserve weekends. It was here that I'd meet a future wife.

I brought my new girlfriend to the apartment on more than one occasion. Caroline was looking through her screen door one afternoon as I opened the door for the new love of my life. Her name was Marge and she'd packed a bag to stay the weekend. We'd no sooner settled in when the doorbell rang and there stood Caroline, her own bag in hand. She told Marge that she was a regular guest at my place and sooner or later, would marry her and her mother. You KNOW this went over big. It was all I could do to keep them separated long enough to get Caroline out the door. You KNOW who's fault this was, like I'd planned the whole thing. Didn't take long for Marge to grab her bag and head home. I really hoped she'd cool off and forgive.. forgetting was too much to ask for. If I'd been able to see into the future, I would have just let Marge go. My future life with her was a series of the worst heartaches I'd ever suffer through. [see Marge] I dunno, maybe I was the walking poster boy for Murphy's Law.

Caroline did announce that I'd never find a relationship like ours and she and her mother Mary would be waiting. It turned out to be a 30 year wait. I moved on and so did she, marrying and having two kids of her own. Her mom died in a traffic accident and I think I was more upset over that than anything. I DID meet up with her again. We were both divorced and a mutual friend got us together. We fell into a deep relationship for a couple of months. One afternoon, she informed me she liked her single life and decided she didn't want to be tied down. Thomas Wolfe was right, you can't go home again.


Recalling sexual adventures from my teen years
The Legalities: This is a story written by
me. The story/series is copyrighted.
(c) Hellraser 2015

This is an utterly true story of events that took place some 50 years ago. I've only written this because I wanted to be able to keep the memories fresh as I get older and because my "friends and lovers" have either moved on with their lives or passed away..

Please read the Caroline series prior to this story to appreciate both a sexual and loving mother and the strange situation I found myself in. There is a LOT of sex in the Mary chapters because I found myself being pimped out. Hard to believe, but true, nonetheless. The 1st half of this saga is a reminder of meeting Mary's daughter Caroline, and through her, her wonderful mother Mary.


Mary was a total surprise the first time I met her. As the mother of my current girlfriend, I would have had to meet her, sooner or later - it just happened to be way sooner and not in anyway I'd expected. The first night I picked her up, her mother met me at the door, mentioning Caroline creamed her jeans just talking about me. This was something a teen's mother NEVER spoke about and if she knew I was affecting her daughter in this fashion, MOST would have shown me the door, and THIS was the first time I'd met her.

I'd promised to take her out this coming Friday night and the time was upon us. Asking her what she'd like to do, it was a trip to the A&W drive in because she wanted to bee seen with me, according to her. We sat until it became late evening. I suggested we go to the drive-in movie. I thought she'd lose her mind! I don't think I'd ever ran across a girl so anxious to go to a drive-in. Sounded promising but I'd soon develop a case of blue balls from it. Kiss, yes, touchy-feely....not happening. Caroline was SURE this was the end of our new romance and started crying. I apologized and she told me she 'wasn't ready for anything like that'. I made some lame excuse about being a guy and just did a guy thing with a pretty girl.

By the time we got to her house, she was in a lot better mood and wanted us to go out the next Friday, but try to come over early.
Friday night hit and went to pick up Caroline for our promised date. Her mom answered the door and she totally shocked me with her next words:

"Caroline is in her room dressing, why don't you just go on in. I'm sure you'd both enjoy it", or something to that effect. How many teen males get THAT kind of invitation, especially from a girl's MOTHER?

With some reluctance, I knocked on Caroline's door and was invited in. Caroline stood in a white pushup bra, panties and a garter belt. She yet to don the thigh-high hose laid out on her bed. Talk about an instant boner! I'd have a few other girlfriends meet me totally nude, but this was a naïve young woman I had just met. She finished dressing as I worked to re-arrange my johnson so it at least wasn't trying to poke over the top of my jeans. Caroline decided it was time for a serious talk- about me going to A&W after our date and getting a little 'strange leg' there. I told her why and told her I respected her stand on staying chaste but didn't feel the need to be that confined. She could live with it, give in to it or I'd back out of the whole relationship. Understand - I wasn't trying to be an asshole, we weren't really committed yet. I really LIKED Caroline, she was sweet and pretty and had a killer bod, but I was used to a little more non-committed sex than this. I wasn't going to fall in love with anyone else and wasn't going to force her to do anything she wasn't comfortable doing on her own. Caroline told me she wanted some kind of commitment. I could live with that, as long as there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Caroline became a fixture in my life- going to gigs with me and spending all our free time together. It took a few months, but Caroline finally gave up her chastity belt. We did finally fuck and I learned she wasn't a virgin. Seems one of her mom's earlier boyfriends had raped her, several times, until her mom found out. Short story long- I was invited over for coffee then next morning to talk with Caroline AND her mom.

Mary, Caroline's mother wanted to talk about the sex we'd had the night before. I was looking for a place to hide. Moms just did NOT talk about this with her daughter OR her boyfriend, especially if said boyfriend was sting right there. My girl went on to explain she's spilled all to her mom after coming home and Mary was thrilled on several levels - ONE, I hadn't freaked out when I found out why she wasn't as virginal as she'd acted, TWO, that I'd shown her little girl love making instead of a fuck, and THREE, SHE was turned on by the whole situation to say "My panties are wet just talking about the sex you kids had.". TMI. WAAAY too much information.

Mary's next revelation floored me - Caroline mentioned she wanted to do it with lights on and Mary wanted to watch. She went on to say she'd lost her cherry to her dad at age ten and it had been a loving relationship for several years. She wanted Caroline to enjoy sex as much as she had. I STILL had a feeling she was living vicariously through her daughter.

In Caroline's bedroom, my girl lost ALL her reluctance, shedding clothes like they were on fire. Mary commented on the size of my dick. That was nearly enough to shrink what started as a nice hardon. She also encouraged her daughter to handle it, then give me a blowjob, convincing her to swallow her first time. I learned Mary was into ass play, telling C to feel for my prostate and rub it. I hooked Caroline's legs over my shoulders and eased in to my balls. It took about five minutes of long-dicking her and she let out several moans and then a scream. Mary looked on with more than a little envy as her 'virginal' daughter fell into a deep sleep after giving her two intense orgasms. I wondered what was coming next. Mary was flushed and panting like a bellows, obviously excited herself.

Pulling me around by the shoulders, Mary kissed me deeply. She informed me that she wanted to share me with her daughter, if being with an older woman didn't turn me off. Later, I found out Caroline and he mother HAD discussed me and the possibility of some kind of sharing thing. Caroline was apprehensive but got over it. What bothered her was the big gap in sexual experience. A few hours later, we were back at her house and mom made it known we were going to party hearty.

Mary met us at the door in a housecoat she hadn't bothered to tie. This was the first I'd seen of Caroline's mother, in the flesh, so to speak and she made no move to cover herself. Mary told Caroline since she'd gotten all the goodies this morning, it was her turn this afternoon.

She led her daughter and I into her big bedroom. Her king-sized bed left room for everyone to get comfortable and as soon as she got near the bed, the housecoat came off. Mary didn't have a teenage body, but what she did have was tight, upturned breasts, a slender waist and a shaved pussy. She lay back and pulled me on top of her, bringing my head to her lips. After swabbing my tonsils, she pushed me down to her chest. Sucking on her nipples got her to purring contentedly and she surprised me by pushing me on down to her crotch and pulling her pussy open.

"Eat me, stud!" I didn't need any more invitation than that. Mary's sopping pussy was sweet. I could taste some fruity flavor there along with the tangy aroma of excited woman juice. I licked her from asshole to clitty and Mary about collapsed my skull trapped between her thighs. For a small woman, the gal had muscles.

I concentrated on her hard clit sticking out the top of her slit. I was amazed at the size of it - as big around as the tip of my pinky and it extended three quarters of an inch beyond its hood. Here was actually something to wrap my lips around and chew on.

"Oh GOD! Chew on my clit...suck it hard,...bite it!"
Ok, I can do that. Let's see what she's up for. To this point, she hadn't given me any indication that she wanted slow loving. I pushed two fingers into her pussy. Her response was to jam herself down on them, obviously she liked that...a lot. She was hunching on my fingers like she wanted them in up to her navel, so I added another to the mix, twisting my hand around in her tight twat. I didn't have to mash her G spot, she did that all on her own. Her juices were so copious they were pouring down her ass crack onto the sheet. I'd been rolling a nipple between two fingers, keeping it stiff and hard but decided she might want a little more personal invasion, so I took that hand and scooped up some of her generous juices and rubbed her asshole.

"Finger my ass, cram it full!" she gasped, "Buck, I won't break. I want it rough. I'll tell you if it gets too intense...I'm making up for the last 15 years of having to get myself off." Hard to believe she's been solo all this time - she was a good looking woman.

Between mauling her G spot with three fingers and wallowing her out her ass with two more, Mary sailed off into the ozone. She back arched like a bowstring until she collapsed on the bed. Caroline had gotten down to the foot so she could see all I'd been doing with my fingers and tongue. I took the hand out her mother's pussy and wiped Caroline's lips with my soaked fingers. She got her first taste of pussy. Evidently she liked it because it took almost no urging until she buried her face in her mom's crotch. Mary, recognizing her DAUGHTER was eating her pussy, came again.

We took a breather to go to the bathroom and get a drink. Mary was feeling pretty mellow but Caroline was raring to go. As she lay back on the bed, I started to get over her when Mary latched onto her hard little nipples. I watched Caroline react as her mother brought her a very pleasant buzz. What shocked me was Mary kissing down C's body until she captured her stiff clit between her lips. Soon, Mary was muff diving like it was her last meal. Caroline went berserk. Wiping her mouth, Mary leaned back and told us this was the first pussy she'd ever tasted. When Caroline was in charge of her faculties again, I rolled her over for her first doggy-style fuck. She climaxed in a heartbeat and passed out. I was still maintaining my hard on.

Mary wanted to just let her sleep it off and pulled me into her big bed, explaining SHE wanted fucked.

"Fuck me doggy style like you did her and then fuck my tight little asshole."

She was already wet, both from playing with her before and sucking C's pussy. She positioned herself, ass up and head down on her arms. This would be our first fuck together...everything else seemed to lead up to this point.

The lady was tight. 15 years of doing without must have shrunk her to near virgin status. I slid into a velvet glove and I could feel her vaginal muscles rippling and squeezing my dick. Oh Yeah! This was going to be outstanding. I asked her if she played with any toys and she mumbled something about having a tiny vibrator, then expanded my ego telling me I was the biggest thing she'd ever had in her pussy. I told her she had a remarkable twat, as tight as her daughter's. Mary was meeting my thrusts with her own, slamming her ass back as I pushed forward. I sped up my thrusting and I could feel her pussy clench my dick, both going in and out. Her breathing got ragged and a low moaning came from her mouth and I felt her shudder.

"Cum in me, Buck."

"I will, darlin, I'm saving it for a bit."

She had a bottle of lotion in bed and after pulling my rock hard dick from her tight pussy, I opened it and coated her tight asshole. I was kind of surprised she hadn't tightened up from the ass play we'd done earlier, but there's a lot to be said for experience and she was able to totally relax. As I took the time to work some of this lotion into her butt, she told me:

"Buck, like I said earlier. Sometimes I like slow and loving, other times I like it rough. You're not going to hurt me. I've been without a long time and I want you to make me feel it. I need to feel like a woman again, so fuck my ass and fuck it hard!"

I teased her ass, rubbing it along her crack and over her tight little pucker. I think it heightened her anticipation until she thought I was going to continue to just play with her. Once she stopped squirming, I filled her ass with about half my dick.

"SHIT!! You're splitting me in half!"

"Want me to stop?"

She let out a quiet "No." I did give her a minute to accustom herself to the intruder. I made slow movements in and out, not more than an inch or two either way and she got into her own motion, slamming her ass down on my dick. I could feel my balls slapping into her pussy every time we collided. She gave a slow gasp and moaned out she wanted more. The only thing I could do was spread her ass cheeks to gain another inch. I loved watching Mary's sweet ass swallow my dick.

"OH GOD!" she screamed, "OH FUCK! AHHHH GOD!.......OHhhhh FUCK MEeeeee!" Mary yelled and pounded the bed with her fists. I put my hands on her shoulders to pull her back on my thrusts three or four times until I started spraying cum in her. After the first hard squirt, she moaned and screamed loudly. I felt her rosebud tighten up around my throbbing cock as I kept blowing my baby batter just as far up in her bowels as I could.

We lay beside each other, her with her head on my chest and me rolling a nipple on hers.
"Mary, we need to talk about some things." Mary rolled over on top of me with her legs astride mine, cuddling.
"What, lover?"
"I assume you're still fertile and I KNOW Caroline is. Wouldn't you think it's prudent for you both to get on the pill?"
"Wow, I hadn't even thought that far. You have to admit, this is all going rather quick, but that's an excellent idea. I wouldn't mind having another baby, although a 35 year age gap would be a little awkward. C SURE doesn't need that hassle. You haven't come in her yet, have you?"
"No, our first time, I used a condom. I haven't cum, not in either of you. Your ass doesn't really count."
"This is serious business, but it just gets me excited. As odd as it sounds, I'm hoping we can do this on a regular basis. I LIKE having you here with me and I know C loves you."
Caroline must have came awake after hearing her mother let out the war hoop a few minutes prior. She came in her mom's bedroom and stared at her mom's ass as my spunk dripped out of her.
"You fucked mom's ass!" Talk about belaboring the obvious.
"Mary, you and C need to have some another mother/daughter chat. We've thought up a valid hygiene question that concerns you both."

Caroline wanted to know WHEN I planned to introduce her to anal sex. I let her and her mother have their little talk while I got some fresh coffee.
The ladies were gone long enough for me to start sipping my second cup. Mary was full of questions herself. I think it finally dawned on her what we were getting into. She asked me if I thought she was a 'pain slut'. I reassured her I didn't. Like she herself felt, at times, we all like it a bit rough.
Caroline came out and again stated she wanted to try anal sex too. I wondered if this was following her feelings that her mom was leaving her in the sexual dust. If her mom did it, she wanted equal time.

The three of us went to C's bed. I got her prepped by rimming her then oiling her tight little ring. Once I got her to relax, I got in position and eased in her backside. Suddenly, my dick was in a flesh vice and she immediately tighten up, nearly pinching my dick off. Caroline was clenched tight enough that any further penetration wasn't going to happen without it hurting her and me losing some valuable skin. Mom got in the act and crawled under her to suck on her clit and finger her pussy. She soon relaxed again. Between the quivering caused by her mom on the bottom, C got into motion, bucking back to meet my thrusts into her tight little ring, and she came hard. I was pooped myself and stopped holding back, filling her ass with what little cum I had left. I went to the bathroom to clean up and we decided it was time for some shut-eye.

I woke up to a full bladder, a blowjob, a latex covered fuck and another anal session with Mary. A piss-hardon is a wonderful thing until your bladder gets TOO full. The girls had their heads together talking when I got back from draining the main vein. Getting everyone together, I suggested we clean up a bit, then go get some breakfast somewhere - my treat. We had waffles and a country breakfast. As we ate, both ladies were looking at each other, like each was waiting for the other to speak.
"Buck, I know you love Caroline, but I'm developing feelings for you too. We want this to be a group thing for as long as it lasts." Wow! Two hot women and they both wanted me. My mind shifted back to the other three that shared me for nearly a year. Mary was in their age bracket, so that didn't bother me at all. Caroline, more like the two younger ones I'd shared. I hoped this new relationship had a longer lifespan.

Uncle Sam caught up with me and the rest of my band members. As I reluctantly pushed off to join the ranks in green, Mary and Caroline promised to stay faithful and write me regularly. [I won't bore you with a repeat of my Army adventures - read Caroline if it interests you.]
I was free, or nearly so. After doing my tour, I found that Uncle Sam needed my attention in the ready reserves for a few years.

Mary – the journey begins...

It didn't take much persuading to get me to move in with my two ladies shortly after I got home. Both ladies tried to make up for lost time, often to the point I was exhausted. Not being content to be a house guest, I had to work, so I joined a bridge crew on the 'Frisco' railroad. The pay was great, the hours long and hard. The worst part was being away from my women sometimes for a week at a time. Caroline changed. I had changed. I guess the real truth was I'd grown up, seeing the shit I'd experienced in 'Nam. C got 'clingy' and started in with this ridiculous baby talk whenever we were together. I think the whole town assumed we'd get married but the childish way she had around me was like fingernails on a blackboard. We'd had several major fights over it and she decided to move out to her own apartment. Mary very persuasively clarified that nothing had changed between the two of us, meaning Mary and myself. C got on with her life and Mary and I explored as many aspects of our imagination as possible.

Mary, after cornering me several times, got me to tell the story of my time and experiences in my summer 'cabin' years ago. I was reluctant to get into specifics, but Mary insisted. As the story played out, it was an after-sex chat. Mary wanted every 'sordid' detail. What was it like to educate two teens and my young bud into the world of sex? She was appalled then juicy to the point of having me ream her ass soundly after hearing of my friend's sister getting her anal cherry auctioned off by her parents. The whole swinging thing got her cookies off more than once. Believe me, I REALLY tried to explain that although I'd known some of this 'deviant' behavior, it was a learning experience for me too.

What turned out to interest her more were my escapades with the other Mary, maybe because of the age difference and the fact THAT Mary was making up for lost time and nothing was taboo, AND my time with the three women in a lone cabin for nearly a year. I think maybe Mary missed the group sex between her daughter and ourselves.

Mary had a lady friend at work, a year or two older than herself. Evidently, the two had more than casually discussed our whole relationship. Bottom line was that Darla wanted in on the action. This story is about Mary, however, I'd be remiss to leave out Darla.

Darla . . .

I'm not going into a lot of details about Darla, other than to mention she was a fifth year divorcee from a clueless husband. According to her, not only was he without skills or imagination in the bedroom but possessed a minuscule penis. I'd never met the guy. Mary got the three of us together for a dinner out. Darla explained that with her disillusionment with marital sex, she abstained from sex since. After a pleasant meal with only a few pointed remarks about OUR sex life and HER lack of one, Mary invited her to the house for a drink and more conversation.

We'd walked in the front door and Mary went to the kitchen to pour us all a drink. In the right setting, Mary was quite adventurous, to the point that after serving Darla, she crawled onto my lap. Mary invited Darla to ask questions. At first, those were a little more circumspect than the conversation at the restaurant. As either Mary or I answered, without being too blatant, Mary had gotten my shirt unbuttoned and rubbed my chest. Darla took all this in. The longer she questioned and the more we answered, the more Darla kept rubbing her thighs together.

I think Mary knew all along what this was doing to her friend. She'd started sitting on one leg, turned towards me but not shutting her girlfriend out. Watching Darla squirm, Mary out a hand on my crotch and began rubbing, watching Darla all the while. More than once, Darla sputtered as she got into more intimate questions. The little devil! I really believe Mary set out to either seduce Darla or turn her into a quivering mass.

Mary upped the stakes by straddling my lap, throwing both legs outside my own. This was only possible by pulling her skirt up. I know her panties were exposed to Darla sitting directly across from us. She took my hand and guided it between her thighs, rubbing my hand up and down from knee to within distance of feeling the heat coming from her crotch. My other hand was directed to a firm, unfettered breast. I knew Mary, more than likely did without a bra tonight as she did nearly all the time. Her nipple beneath my fingers poked out like diamond and the visible one followed suite. Darla had stopped talking altogether and has a sheen of perspiration on her face and neck.

"Do you know how good it feels to be able to be fondled like this? We do this whenever we're together at home and sometimes, even out in public. It's so kinky to think SOMEONE might see us." Darla was huffing like a bellows.

"He actually touches you where someone could see you?" she gasped. She was rubbing at her chest, not quite getting to her breasts, although anyone there could tell she wanted to.

Mary moved my lower hand until I was cupping her wet crotch. Hell, I was game for anything. Mary wanted this, Darla certainly didn't seem to care, so I took it a step farther. I put my fingers under the elastic of her leg holes and pushed two fingers into her soaking crotch. Mary had her legs up and spread at this point, her skirt up to her ass, thus giving Darla a view of her getting diddled from five feet away. She watched hungrily as Mary got her nut.

"Fuck this shit!" Darla screamed. She started stripping right in front of us. I have to say, Darla hadn't dressed 'to the nines' tonight. Everything she had was mostly hidden beneath tasteful but baggy clothes. Boy, were we in for a surprise.

Evidently, Darla's work clothes weren't much more daring than what she'd worn tonight. As the clothes came off, she revealed a half bra holding up two very large breasts. As the dress slipped down her legs, she wore a pair of French cut panties, the crotch already soaked in her juices. I think Mary was as much in awe as me.

Mary stood and dropped her own clothes, reaching out to Darla.
"Come to me sweetheart." Darla took about two big steps to put herself in an embrace with Mary.
"I've never been held by a naked woman before. What do I do?"
Mary took her cheeks in her hands and said "What do you WANT to do?"
"I think I want to kiss you. Buck isn't going to think I'm a lesbian or something, is he?"
"I think Buck is going to enjoy this as much as we both will." With that, she closed the distance and took Darla's lips with hers.

What a turn-on! Two fantastic, beautiful women loving each other. Maybe I should have felt like the odd man out, but my hardon disagreed. As I watched, Mary began to grind her crotch into her new lover as Darla grabbed Mary's ass to pull her deeper into the embrace. It seemed like minutes passed as their bump and grind intensified. Mary broke off.
"We have a much better place for this," pulling Darla by the hand towards our bedroom.

No sooner had we'd gotten close to our king-sized bed, Mary unsnapped Darla's bra. This was the first front snap I'd been exposed to. . . interesting. Mary mashed her smaller, firm breasts into Darla's larger ones. As an outside observer, Darla's breasts, though much larger, had no hint of a sag. They rubbed nipples on each other a while, then Darla peeled Mary's bikini panties off. Mary stepped out of the pool around her ankles and sank to her knees, talking Darla's panties with her. As Darla stepped out of them, Mary sank her face in Darla's mound. It wasn't hard to see that Darla hadn't trimmed or shaved much as she had a full bush. Using her thumbs, she brushed back the foliage to reveal a distended clit and a sopping slit, already turning flushed, swollen and red. Mary latched onto Darla's clit and I thought the woman was going to pass out. Obviously, her ex had never done this, nor anyone else. It took about four hard licks and maybe a nibble or two and Darla collapsed backwards on the bed.

"OMG! That was fantastic! I've given myself orgasms, but having someone else do it is just... heavenly. No one has ever seen my 'kitty' that closely and NEVER has anyone had their mouth on it! OH, I'm still feeling it."
"Talk to Buck. He's shown me more about my body than anyone" as she smiled.
"But, how? How would he know all that?"
I looked at Darla and told her that sometime, ask Mary my story.
"May I try that on you?" Darla asked.
"Please" cried Mary.
"I'm not sure how, though" she whined.
"You know where all the parts are, just do what I did to you. Buck told me 'once you get past the aroma, you got it licked.'" Both ladies about rolled on the floor.

Darla may have had no prior experience, but she made up for it in enthusiasm. Still standing off to the side, I mentioned Mary liked a pussy full of fingers, if she was ok doing that. Darla was waaay ok with that.
Darla was on hands and knees, giving Mary an intense licking. I'd moved around so I could watch between Darla's legs as she pleasured Mary to an orgasm. As Darla got more and more into her first experience eating pussy, her snatch began to nearly pour fluid, running down either thigh. The more I watched, the harder I got and I had a hairy invitation right in front of me. I'd never gotten the impression that Darla was just here for some girl-girl time, so why not. I crawled on the bed behind Darla, but if she noticed, she never acknowledged it. I donned a condom. Lining up, I pushed into Darla's sopping cunt a little ways. If she was going to object, now was the time to do it. For my token effort, I got a deep moan and I accepted that as permission.

From earlier talking, she hadn't had relations in five years. Maybe she owned a B.O.B, Battery Operated Boyfriend, maybe not. She was tight, even with her pouring lubrication she was tight and I didn't want her to regret this by hurting her.
Putting one hand on her back, I eased in a bit more and withdrew to her opening. Entering halfway, then withdrawing, I could feel her vaginal walls squeezing me and kind of fluttering. I stroked her for a minute or two when she raised her head from Mary's crotch.

I reached one hand around in front of her to stroke her hard clit.
"Oh FUUUuuuck, push that dick deep in me. . . you're splitting me apart!"
Darla started off hitting orgasms like a string of firecrackers, one right after another. She spent so much time flopping around that I thought she was having a seizure at first. When I realized she was hiccuping orgasms I settled in to see just how much fucking she could take before her brain exploded.
I have to say she ran the gamut of emotion. She laughed, then cried, then whooped and hollered out; "Cum in me," she croaked "Cum in me hard."
I tried to hold her at her at the top of her biggest orgasm as long as possible before she relaxed and then went completely limp. I looked down at her face. She was not out, but I would bet she had no clue where she was right now. It took her a minute or two to rejoin the here and now.

"Oh shit, shit, shit! Fuck me running" she said, "Thank God for a man who knows what he's doing and something to do the job with. I was beginning to think it was all a figment of women's magazines." The woman seemed to have a limited vocabulary, centering on profanity.
She rolled over onto her back with her head cradled in Mary's crotch. Her nipples looked like mountain peaks centering on top of her huge breasts. Not able to resist, I latched onto one, sucking areola and all into my mouth. I fondled both her huge tits. "I was a bottle baby. I have issues!"

Darla held my head against her breast as I nursed. Stroking my hair, she asked “What can I do for you? You've turned my world inside out.”
Mary suggested she give me head.
“I don't know how to do that. My ex and I NEVER experimented with sex. He just climbed on, did his thing and climbed off to go to sleep. I can appreciate the term 'one-shot-wonder' now. I thought that was all there was until after my divorce and I learned to pleasure myself, but NEVER anything like this! You all are like that battery bunny on TV. We just keep going and going.”
Mary told her to watch and learn, that reciprocal treatment could or should be enjoyable to both parties involved.

I swear her jaw unhinged, like a snake. She took my penis all the way down her throat, without any problem. She took me to the point that pre-cum was oozing out.
“Now, you try it.”
“What's that shiny stuff coming out? Is that sperm?” Mary answered her that it was my natural lubricant. “Taste it.”
She tentatively touched the end of my prick with her tongue, at least getting a swab of my juice before pulling it back in.
“It's ok to swallow it. Some women spit everything out, but personally, I like the taste.” I saw Darla rolling it around in her mouth before taking the plunge and swallowing.
“That wasn't at all like I thought. I've listened to other women say it was yuckie. Kind of like salty syrup. What does cum taste like?”
“About the same, creamier and a whole lot more of it.
Darla opened up as wide as she could to get my dick into her mouth. It stretched her jaw, uncomfortable at first, but after she bobbed her head up and down on it a few times, I guess she got used to it. A couple of times I pushed it farther into her mouth, and she gagged as she felt it bump against the back of her throat.
Mary held me and stroked me as shot after shot from me went into Darla’s throat. Mary let her swallow and was kissing her immediately.
Darla licked her lips and said ”I could get so used to that. I'm going to want to do that again, real soon.”
In the blink of an eye they were in a sixty-nine, enjoying each other's pussy.

Mary was feeling both happy as a teacher for our new girl friend and neglected as mine.
Time to man up and satisfy my lover. I got her on the bed and Mary is on her back, knees somewhere near her ears in a contortionist's pose. Thankfully, she's flexibile enough to take it. Her pussy is tilted towards me while she stares up at my face, her eyes like saucers with the shock of it. Shock her I did. She was already wet from Darla and I used the head of my cock to separate her tight lips, pushing all the way in until my balls rested on her ass. I banged into her pussy until she was screaming her first orgasm. I reached under her tight pussy and put my thumb in her ass. She went ballistic. Mary squirted so much, the sheet was drenched below us. She came down as a limp puddle on the bed.

“I notice you like having things in your ass. Isn't that kinda nasty?”
“I gave myself an enema before we ever went out tonight, knowing that someone was going to have fingers or a dick in there before the night was over. Personally, I love it. It might not be for everyone, but you never know until you try it.”
“I hear talk around the water cooler. I've YET to hear any woman who liked it” said Darla.
“And I'll just bet none of those women had a man that believed in foreplay, either. Unless you're used to it and expecting it, it can hurt. I'm used to it with Buck and even then, it's sometimes a pleasure/pain thing. I get off on a little pain once in a while. The key is to relax and trust your man. If he's a dork, find a new one. Tell her Buck.”
“Too many guys think it's all about themselves. If you get anything out of it, that just makes them REAL cocksmen. I told a buddy of mine a few years ago something I just about had beaten into me by my first lover - 'Take your time and learn what a woman likes. Use this foreplay to see where their buttons are, what makes them purr, and don't be afraid to ask them if they like what you are doing. Taking your time to find out what your lover wants will keep them coming back.' ”
“Where the fuck have you been all my life? Christ on a crutch Mary, we can't let this one get away.”
“Whatever gave you the idea I was going to?”
“Well, like isn't he your daughter's boyfriend or something? I distinctly remember you saying so.”
“To quote an old hack 'that was then, this is now'. She blew it with Buck. I'm so glad we've stayed together after they broke up” as Mary hugged me for dear life.
“So, all THREE of you were together while they dated?”
“From about the second date, I think.”
“OMFG! That is just so unreal. And she didn't mind?”
“Well, look how it all turned out. She got an education with a caring lover. I caught up on 9 years of doing without. You're here now and I have yet to hear you complain about the company. You live in a tiny little efficiency apartment. How would you like to move into the extra bedroom or just camp out here with Buck and I? A king bed will hold us all.”
“You mean bring me into your lives? What would people think?”
I had to add my two cents - “I know that other people would frown on us if they knew we were all living together and fucking each other, but as long as we don't involve them, they can kiss our collective asses.” That set them both to giggling like school girls but I could see realization coming into Darla's eyes.

Mary pushed me towards Darla, saying; “convince her.”

Rolling her over on hands and knees, I worked on her with my finger inside her tight wetness. I stroked her tight pussy and then curled my finger up to find the little pad of nerve endings up inside her. I stroked the fleshy little pad and attacked her clit with a vengeance with my tongue. When she felt my longest finger slip between her lips and plunge deeply inside her, the feelings radiating from her pussy became overwhelming. She groaned and pushed herself down against me. She felt my finger curling up inside her and I touched something that she had never felt before. There was a spot inside her that I was tickling that drove her wild. She felt the sensations flash over her, setting her ablaze and the tension that had been building in her body just exploded, the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt causing her to thrust uncontrolled against my hand and mouth. While she was relaxed, I used a wad of her juice to rub her tight asshole. She clenched down at first and realized, it actually felt good. Her tight ring gradually loosened as I kept applying more juice and another finger, wallowing her out and getting as much lubrication inside as I was able.

I got up behind her and applied a condom, kicking her legs wider apart and put my dick to her wet slit and rubbed it up and down until it was soaked. Then I pushed up in her tight, hot asshole and made her groan as half of my length pushed up into her bowels. The sudden intrusion caused her to tighten up. “Please! Wait! It's so big. Please let me get used to it.” I gave her a minute and Mary squirted some lub on my dick and her ass crack.
"Oh my GOD that feels good!" She moaned, and I started to fuck her with an increasing need to cum in her hot ass. DAMN, she was so hot and tight that I knew it wasn't going to take long for that to happen! It didn't help the way she was moaning and bucking back at me.
"Oh YEAH....UNnhhh Oh Yeah....FUCK ME!.....Give it to me Buck!!. Do it NOW!!" I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them wide apart. I started pumping as hard and fast as I could, and watching Darla's’s asshole swallow all of my cock.
"OH GOD!" she screamed, "OH FUCK! AHHHH GOD!.......OHhhhh FUCK MEeeeee!" Darla yelled and and about ripped the sheet with her fists. I followed her collapsing body down to the bed, keeping my weight on my elbows and her ass.
“OMG OMG OHM, I did it and I fucking loved it! Leave it in me please – I love the way it makes me feel so full.” I stayed until she pushed me out on her own. I didn't know about the women, but it was four AM and this boy was all fucked out and tired. I lay down beside Darla and Mary took my other side. Both women had their head on my shoulders and their hands clasped together.
Morning must have arrived - The girls got up. Shit, I was too tired to wiggle, so I went back to sleep. Sometime later, I felt a warmth on my dick. Mary had sent Darla in with a warm, wet washcloth to clean me up after last night's final activity. That was fair, I guess. Her mess, her job. I headed for the toilet and the shower and followed my nose towards the smell of fresh coffee. Like always, the girls had time to hash out their plans. Both were standing there in their birthday suits. These two women could give a dead man a hard-on. We sat and sipped our coffee. Darla sat squirming while Mary had a 'cat ate the canary' look.
“Ok, What's going on, girls?”
“If you're ok with it, Darla is going to move in with us. We'd like to store her stuff in C's old bedroom and all of us share my big bed. Can you live with that?”
Darla was on the edge of her seat. I think Mary knew the answer before she even asked the question.

"I'd be a fool to complain, Ladies, and my folks didn't raise any fools, however, there's something else to discuss. Darla, I assume you're still fertile. I know Mary is. What do you intend to do about it? Remember the old joke about what you call a couple that rely on the rhythm method or pulling out at the last second? .....Parents."
You mean you're ok with us living together? OMG! I'll go out today and get on birth control pills. I am soooo fucking happy!”
"You realize we're all crazier than shit-house rats, don't you?" I joked.
“Crazy is good cause I realized this morning I'm crazy in love with you both. For the first time in I don't know how long I feel like a complete woman.”
“Welcome to our little family, Darla.” I got two squirmy women in my lap.


Mary part 2

This is an utterly true story of events that took place some 40 years ago. I've only written this because I wanted to be able to keep the memories fresh as I get older and because my “friends and lovers” have either moved on with their lives or passed away. I've added a small bit of dialog. © Hellraser 2015

We three had been living together for a couple of months. Condoms were only used if we planned ahead for a blowjob after anal to clean up the surplus cum coating my dick. Both my women were on the pill and happy as larks. I know I was – being able to feel my cum shooting deep inside a lover's protected pussy is something no man should ever pass up. Mary fell into a role of 'educating' our new lover Darla and along the way, got a lot wilder. Actually, Darla didn't take all that much encouraging – if it was new, she tried it. If it looked kinky, we ALL tried it. With my job away from home, sometimes a week at a time, my girls had plenty of time to let their imaginations run wild. Our little town didn't have a sex shop, but we weren't far from the state capitol and IT had mega shops. We went to sex lube instead of hand lotion, vibrators, dildos and even double dildos, nipple clips, handcuffs, blindfolds, strap-ons. . . you name it. They could now do each other in either or both holes. It seemed double penetration interested them both. It was not that uncommon for me to be in one hole while my other lady filled the vacant one. It reminded me of my escapades a few years back. I just wasn't that close to any guys now to want to share my bounty. To an extent, that was about to change, somewhat. That part comes a few months down the line.

It didn't take long for me to get the idea of how to turn Darla on anally. In some ways it seemed little different than working her pussy over, searching for the G-spot, although I did need to take a bit more care to make sure I wasn't hurting her. As I stroked and probed her ass with a couple of fingers, I began to tell she was enjoying it. I told her how I planned on playing with her asshole the next time we were fucking, and how I was going to use a vibrating dildo on her asshole. I rammed my slick thumb all the way in her puckered brown hole as we both hit the peak with really hard climaxes. I could feel her pussy clenching and pulling at my cock and I could feel her tight little butt hole clamp my thumb as she gave all she had with this one. After we'd done this a half dozen times, Darla was entirely used to getting something up her butt and it didn't take foreplay to do it.

Darla and Mary both loved to get their pussy eaten, as long as one of us did the eating. They both really liked 69 or me fucking one or the other doggy style while the odd one out ate pussy. Mary had just worked Darla over with a big, fat dildo and after Darla climaxed, Mary flopped over on her back. I dove into her crotch to get her off. It didn't take a lot because getting Darla off had her on edge. Her juices poured out and I stopped licking just long enough to swallow; it was either that or drown. Mary came hard, clamping her thighs around my ears so hard she shut off all outside sound. I had to finally push away from her or suffocate. Some of the great times we had were when one or the other rode my cock while the other sat on my face and played with each others tits as they kissed. It was a tough job, but I gladly took one for the team every time they did it.

As with any couple, the repeat of things got a little commonplace. I won't say boring, but you knew what the other people were going to do nearly all the time. I never heard the girls complain but I did overhear them talking about 'talking up' our relationship with others at their office. Getting them to explain this, they said most didn't believe it. The exceptions got very curious to the point of wanting to witness this. Not that I really cared, but thankfully most were single women. I didn't want to be in a cuckold position with guys who didn't know their wives were getting dipped by some strange stuff.

I came home late one Friday evening after a hard week at work, dirty clothes in hand. I kissed both women hello, luxuriating in the smell of their perfume. Looking up, into the kitchen sat a total stranger – a nice looking, younger brunette.
“What's going on?” I asked
“Lara, meet Buck, the guy we've been telling you about. This is our live-in lover and all around stud. Buck, say hi to Lara.” Say hi? I was trying to draw a decent breath. The last thing I EVER fantasized about were these two bringing home some strange stuff. I don't know, it was probably all of 10 seconds, but the delay seemed like minutes before I could blurt out a 'Hi' that didn't sound like I was in panic mode. Taking her into the other room, I leaned over to whisper in Mary's ear.
“What the fuck is going on? And why is she here?”

“Are you saying she doesn't appeal to you? She does to us. She knows our arrangement and wants to try it. Please don't be upset.” It wasn't that I was really upset, but more like shocked that the three of us wanted to become a four way. I'd done all this and more back in the day, but our polygamous relationship had been a secret from the world, or so I thought.
“Honey, there is more than one lady in our office that would like to spend some quality time with us. I have to tell you up front a couple are married and in the same situation Darla was in – tiny dicks and no imagination.” I was still trying to digest all this. Talk about dumping a total surprise on me.

“Uh, how many more 'ladies' are we talking about? Are you pimping me out now?” Actually, the concept was starting to get my interested and undivided attention.
“Darla and I decided on one lady for a weekend at a time. You're able to handle the two of us several times a day for the time you're home, she'll just slip in the pecking order somewhere.” Ok, it looked like I'd been voted in by proxy, so I may as well make the best of it. I could always pitch a fit later. I did want to make a couple of things VERY clear – if the girls wanted me to play their game, the 'visitors' all had to be on the pill at least a month prior to coming here. Also, it I had my druthers, I re-stated that I like a bald pussy best of all. Coming back to the kitchen, I walked over to the table and shook Lara's hand.

“Is a handshake all I'm getting?” as she batted her eyes. “I was kind of hoping for more.” Wow! Direct and to the point. I can play this game too. I pulled her to me and lay a lip lock on her designed to curl her toes. She did me one better and ground her groin over my leg. This was getting better by the minute. A major plus was this woman could kiss as she swabbed my tonsils.

“Go take a shower and dress nice. You're taking three horny women to dinner.” The sacrifices I make for love? Lust? Who gives a fuck! As luck would have it, Lara had a Chevy Suburban large enough to hold all of us comfortably. She handed me the keys as we went out the door. Being on the road for long distances with my job, I dumped my wonderful Dodge Super Bee. I just couldn't handle four miles per gallon and my Mustang wouldn't get us where we were going without being cramped. Parking at Mary's house was hard enough with three vehicles even now.

Dinner was nice. To be seen escorting three beautiful women didn't hurt my ego one bit. Later, as we sat finishing a bottle of wine, the conversation kept going to when, what and with whom. I let Mary and Darla field most of the answers – I was just the dick to be used and abused. I don't know who was in more of a hurry to get to the house.

We'd no sooner got in the front door and applied the deadbolt before Lara was down to just her panties. She was on the thin side, not bony, just not a lot of padding. Her breast were small, like half an orange, with tiny, dime-sized tips. She was very aroused because her tiny nips stuck out like little BB's and her crotch was getting wetter by the second. I just had to point and all three women marched into the bedroom, shedding any remaining clothes. Lara perched on the side of the bed as Mary and Darla went to work on me. Mary on my face and Darla trying to impale herself on my dick. Both were turned on because of our audience and took only minutes to finish themselves off. I reached for one of the hand towels we'd begun to keep on either of the night stands when Lara crawled on top of me.

“Uh uh, it's all mine.” She licked every inch of my face, getting Mary's juices off, then slithered down my torso to take my dick in her mouth. This girl had some skills. She had no trouble getting my dick lodged in her throat and only rose up to take an occasional breath. She finished to HER satisfaction and sat up trying to guide my rampant dick into her hole. As much as I hated to, I pulled her up far enough that she wouldn't be penetrated.
“Don't I get a fuck?” OMG, how do you answer that?
“Lara, I don't know you. Don't take offense but I also don't know who you were with last night or last week. On top of that, fucking you is fucking everyone you've ever been with, and we don't take those kind of chances and neither should you. You're a lot younger than my two ladies so I know you're fertile. Make us all feel better and let me get a condom on, please. We try to practice safe sex and we hope you will too. If you plan to return again, please bring proof you've been checked. Also, the pill is the preferred method around here.” She kind of wilted a little but perked up when Mary handed me a little foil packet.

“OOOooooh lemme do that. I've never put a rubber on a guy before!”
“Be my guest, hon.” Mary watched her fumble a little bit but made sure she had it rolled down properly. No sooner did she have it on me than she impaled herself. No foreplay, just hop on and ride into the sunset. She dropped herself hard on me a dozen times and screamed out an orgasm, collapsing on my chest. I don't know if it was the cowgirl position or she was just super horny, but I rubbed her back until her breathing got back to normal.

“Gawd, thank you. The sex I've had so far has just been spreading my legs and letting them get off. That's the first cum I've had I didn't have to do myself.”
“Hon, I'm going to ask you a real personal question – how often do you have sex?”
“I've got several boyfriends and we do it about every time we go on a date. Why?”
“And you never use a condom? How have you kept from getting pregnant?”
“I've had pituitary problems all my life. That's one reason why I'm skinny and have no tits. My mom looks like a cow and so did my grandma. I've looked the same since I was 13.”

“But you say you fuck on a regular basis. You don't worry about clap or syphilis? Not to mention catching chlamydia. Remember- when you fuck, you fuck everyone they've ever fucked.”
“When you look like I do, you take whatever you can get.”
“Sweetheart, that is so not true. Find a guy that interests you and is interested IN you. Don't make yourself available to any dick that wants to stick it in you.”

“You did.” This was getting out of hand and she was totally missing the point.
“If you recall, YOU did the sticking and only under my conditions. Look, I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. You're way too pretty to be used as a cum bucket.” She broke into tears and Mary led her out to the kitchen. Darla sat down beside me.”
“That poor girl. Honest, we didn't know that much about her. She was just the most gung-ho about coming over.”

“I don't think she's going to be a good fit for us, at least until she's had an exam and cuts down on her affairs. She may turn out to be the sweetest thing to ever visit us, but not the way she is. . . sorry.” Darla suggested we put her in the spare bedroom until she could go home tomorrow. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't come back, even if she did follow my suggestions. I never saw Lara again.

We had a meeting of the minds after breakfast.
“Ok, here's what I propose. SCREEN these women who want to experiment here. As long as they're clean, on the pill and their faces won't scare little children,and preferably shaved, I'm all for the variety. That said, that is not a revolving door in the front room. You guys also need to insure if any one of these women are married, they will be the epitome of discretion. First time I'm accosted by an irate husband, WE are all over. I was perfectly content with the two of you. Next, no more than one lady per weekend, and on a side note, when do WE get alone time?”

Mary and Darla started to speak up, in protest, I think, but a hard look from me made them close their mouths and think. I couldn't help it, but I felt like a cheap hooker. A variety of strange pussy was certainly tempting, but my choices were being made without any input from me.

Two weeks rolled by. It was Friday night and home for the weekend and my girls were all cuddly and smiley. Moreover, as soon as I walked in the door, I was told to take a shower and dress nicely. Why do I smell a rat?
“We're taking you out to dinner.”
“Just dinner, eh? No surprises then?” I should have known something was up.
“Well, we ARE meeting someone, hon.”
“And that would be...”
“Kristina, but you should call her Krissy. That's what we call her at work. Before you even ask, she's a recent divorcee, no kids, thirty one years old and drop dead gorgeous. Best of all, she's been on the pill for five years and hasn't even dated since her husband deserted her.” Hmm, well she met my criteria, so we would see.
“Wanna tell me why she's thirty one and no kids and her 'ex' just walked away from her?”

“She told us she smelled another woman's perfume on her hubby's clothes and one night he came home late with lipstick on his collar. She confronted him and he told her he'd been hot and heavy with several women in his office building. She tossed all his clothes in the front yard. Now I think she's looking for a grudge fuck. We told her about you and she's curious.”

They took me to a nice restaurant and this Krissy already had a table for us. I seated all three ladies.
“So you're the stud they're always bragging about. Kinda young, aren't you? What makes you think you know shit?”
My ladies kinda came down on her, telling her she'd have to feel it to believe it.
"You just a horny kid!" She said. "Just can't wait to get me in bed, can you? Something else to brag about to your high school chums."
"Hey! A little less of the "kid" thank you very much.” I sighed theatrically, "So, that's all I am to you? A life support system for a dick, a tongue and ten fingers? Just a quick fuck?" I could live without her attitude, after all, I didn't ask to meet her.

“I'm sorry, it was nice to meet you but I think I'm done here. Ladies?”
They were busy trying to shut Krissy up.
"Thanks for talking about me like I'm not here, girls!" I said.
Krissy stood up and said in a loud whisper “Just like that, you're going to walk away from a free fuck?”
"That ship sailed about five minutes ago. Like I said – nice to meet you.” and went through the front door. Our house was only about a half hour walk and it would do me good to walk off this mad. I'd gone about ten blocks when all THREE women pulled up beside me in Darla's Suburban.
“Please get in” said Darla.
“Buck, I need to apologize. What I said was totally uncalled for. Please, let's go to your house and start over” pleaded Krissy.

I got in, but reluctantly. No one needs this shit.
We walked in and sat around the kitchen table. I asked one of my girls to start a pot of coffee.
“What brought on all the acid remarks” I said, once we had our coffee in front of us. I figured to just launch into this. This lady, Krissy, turned me off earlier and I felt I had -0- to lose.
“I'm just really feeling bitter because of that asshole-soon-to-be-ex-hubby. We were married five years. I was happy and I thought I made him happy too. Mary and Darla told me they had someone at home that would mellow me out. YOU were a major surprise. I get the fact you're young and probably have a really short recovery time cause you're a kid, but that doesn't really mean squat to me.”
“Krissy, this 'kid' is recently back from Nam, and this 'kid' makes $17.50 an hour doing a 'man's' work. I've lived a pretty full life with some major life experiences. What exactly, makes a 'man' in your opinion?”
“But you're so young! What can you possibly know that is going to help me?”

“This won't be the first time I've ever said this, but it's something you need to understand. I will give you the biggest secret to getting women to have a good time. A real, caring man takes his time and learns what a woman likes, uses this foreplay to see where their buttons are, what makes them purr, and not be afraid to ask them if they like what I'm are doing. Taking your time to find out what your lover wants will keep them coming back. Never expect sex. If it's offered, treat it like a gift. Yeah, I've dated/fucked a lot of women. All my 'fooling around' as a teenager, I thought had given me an eye for women and their needs, that kind of thing ... of course, if you believe all that, I have a bridge to sell you too.” as I smiled. ”I have long since figured out that what I didn't know about women would made an encyclopedia look like a pamphlet, and what I did know would take about a page to a page and a half, subject to frequent amendments and writing in the margins. I don't claim to be any kind of 'super stud', I just know a handful of things that seem to work.”

Mary and Darla had to get into this discussion in a big way, telling her I was able to satisfy both of them and had even opened a few, new horizons for them, to the point they'd asked me to continue to live with them. It took them a little bit to fully explain what a polyamorous relationship was, how it worked and how to keep it exciting. They also mentioned some 'other' women from work that left with a smile on their face but sworn to secrecy. Why was I feeling like a $2 hooker? I get kinda embarrassed being talked about like I'm not there.

“So what do I do, that is if Buck can forget all the negative stuff I said. I did mention I'm a tad bitter and probably will be til I get all this behind me.” I had to throw my two cents in.
“What do you want to do? What are you expecting? What creeps you out?” I thought that might open a few doors for her. She WAS drop dead gorgeous, but carried a lot of baggage into this deal. There have been a few times in the past I've felt like meat on the hoof, but in her case, I was an 'also ran'.

“I guess I want to feel like a whole woman again. My ex did quite a number on my head, just admitting he'd been fucking around – no rhyme or reason. He seemed to feel whatever he did was justified, but it made me feel sexless. I know I clean up good, I always tried to dress sexy for him, but it seems I just wasn't enough woman to keep him at home” as she broke down in tears.
“This is kinda personal, but what limits did you have? Do you like oral, straight sex, to me, please.” She couldn't have been more shocked if I'd have slapped her.

“I was a cheerleader in high school. Every date I had, boys tried to get in my pants. I let a few rub my breasts, OUTSIDE my clothes, But no one was ever going to touch me intimately until I had a ring on my finger. Roger, my ex, tried a few things when we were first married, but OH ICK! Some of the stuff he wanted to do and stuff he wanted ME to do were disgusting.” AHAH! Still playing a professional virgin. You're a product of your environment and unless something very tragic happened to her, I would just bet her mother was prim in the same way. We might be able to turn her into a tigress if we could turn ICK to SLICK, as in a twat running like a faucet.

“Mary, why don't you and Darla get comfortable and maybe we can get Krissy to relax. Take her in the bedroom with you, please.” I went to the head, brushed my teeth and took a leak, ridding myself of the coffee and dropping my clothes to don my robe. I gave the girls about fifteen minutes of privacy before I entered, finding Mary and Darla nude,lights on, joined in bed holding each other with Krissy in bra and lace panties leaning against a wall. To say she had a shocked, white face would be an understatement.
She barely noticed me in the room. Her eyes were fixed on the two in bed, taking in every inch of their bodies.
“You mean... you two are LESBIANS?”
I had to explain to her; “Krissy, as much as it probably shocks you to your core, you can be loving to another person and NOT fall into a stereotype. If the two of them can be comfortable with me alone or together, how can they NOT be with each other?” I questioned. “Tell me you never had sleep-overs or pajama parties when you were younger.”

“Not in years and years. Come to think of it, it was fun. We all talked about boys and (blushing) compared boob sizes.” She smiled at the memory.
“Not to be rude, but those two don't talk about boys, they talk about what they want me to do with them and how we can expand each other's pleasure. When one or the other is feeling left out and horny, they might jump into the action.” Mary and Darla leered with equally big smiles.

“Are you planning to join or stay a spectator forever? To quote an old hack 'today is the first day of the rest of your life'. Learn to enjoy what's in front of you or wallow in your bitterness – your choice.” I dropped my robe and crawled between my two lovers. If it was just to end up a 3-some, I was fine with that.
“How can any of you be okay with this? I mean you all are NAKED!”
Darla offered her opinion. “Are you embarrassed? If those nipples straining to get out of your bra are any indication, I'd say you were a tad turned on, not to mention that flood in the crotch of your panties. Be careful, I think you're going to drip.”

“Oh God, this is so much to take in all at once. Mentally, I came here prepared to get a decent fuck. This is a whole other world. Where exactly do I fit in here? What am I supposed to do?”
The girls scooted to one side of the bed and Mary rolled over me beside Darla.
“Just lay down here beside Buck. Oh, and I'd lose the underwear unless you plan to stay a spectator” said Mary. Krissy stood there a moment and decision made, you could see the change in her attitude. In the blink of an eye, she dropped the rest of her laundry and jumped in next to me, like she was afraid she'd get bitten. I think being nude with relative strangers was a taxing on her.

I rolled half onto her and looked her in the eyes, then leaned in to kiss her lips. I was surprised when her tongue came after mine. She DID know how to kiss. While keeping up the soul-searching kiss, I moved a hand to her breast, just cupping it. She pushed it into my hand and I nibbled the side of her neck. As I chewed on her earlobe, her breath started to quicken and she squirmed around a little.
I whispered into her ear; “Anything wrong? Am I going too fast for you?”
“Nothings really wrong. This all feels so good but no one has ever just fondled me like that or did any of the delicious nibbling you were doing. Roger always just kissed me once or twice, then kneed my legs apart to grace me with his dick. This slow build-up is making me crazy.”

“Krissy, we have all weekend to make you feel good. No one is in any kind of rush here. Making love is not a race. Remember, in the end, we all know how it ends up, but it's the journey that makes it worthwhile.”
“Less talk and more of whatever you were doing please. This slow buildup is driving me up a wall, but I love it.”
“I'm gonna crank things up a notch. Tell me if you feel I'm rushing you.” I took time to really look at her luscious breast. They were large with upturned nipples, very full and firm. She had tan lines that barely covered her nipples. She may have just been her ex's cum bucket, but the woman knew how to show off the goods.

Instead of just holding her breast, I started rolling a nipple between my fingers. Her hand went over mine and crushed it harder to her chest. Taking that as a clue she must like what I'm doing, I slid down to nurse at the other tit.
“Holy Jesus...don't stop. Oh baby, you're making me lose control.”
“Darlin, losing control is the whole idea. If it feels good, do it. Don't be shy about asking for it.” She likes her nipples pulled and twisted a little and I was happy to comply, however, if she planned to stay the weekend, we needed to start this dance.

I trailed a line of kisses and little nibbles all the way down her flat stomach. I stopped an her little inny and tongued around it, making her squirm more. She had both hands on my head, either to stop me or guide was too soon to tell. Pleasantly surprised, instead of a bush, she had a landing strip and her tan line showed whatever swim suit she wore, was very tiny indeed. As I got down to her short and curlies, I could smell the aroma of an aroused woman. I dropped a hand down to swipe up her dripping slit and her ass came off the bed.
“OMG! What are you doing?” she asked in a whimper.
“Hmm, getting you in the mood, relaxing you while turning you on. Is this new to you?”

“Roger NEVER touched me down there except to aim his dick. This is what men do – they poke the woman, get their jollies and go to sleep.”
“Baby doll, the only sleep we're getting is when you pass out, either from exhaustion or sensory overload.”
“That can't be true. In five years it's only lasted a minute or two and then it's goodnight babe.” Stupidity is not restricted to age, education, religion, or sex.

Apparently, she liked getting her pussy stroked and I knew I could do her one better. I moved all the way down until I was between her thighs.
Krissy's outer lips were swollen and flushed pink, her inner lips beginning to part as well. I put both hands beside her pussy, pulling her gently open with my thumbs, then licked up her slit, stopping just short of her erect clit. I made several passes from her asshole to the top of her cleft. Ever pass got a shudder from her and her thighs tightened up around my ears. Hehehe, I THINK she's getting in the mood. I introduced two fingers into her tight quim, feeling the top inside for that spongy pad called her G-Spot while my lips centered on her clit. She sat straight up in bed, then flopped bonelessly on her back, eyes rolled up in her head.
I would have thought she had at least brought herself to orgasm once in her life. It's no big secret that girls masturbate just as much as guys, or so I'd always thought.

I listened to her breath like a bellows for a few moments then she returned to the here and now. Krissy tugged me up to hold my head against her marvelous boobs.
She told us she also felt shocked at just how much pleasure she had just experienced. She had never felt anything like it before. She felt anger as well. Anger that she had been missing out on the joys of an oral sex orgasm. She confided she'd never had an orgasm in her life. Sex, such as it had been, felt good but never lasted long enough to do her any good. She was angry at herself for putting up with her husband and angry at him for being so selfish or plain ignorant.
“Could you do that again?” What do you think?

I went down on her with a vengeance, two fingers in her pussy and one rubbing her tight asshole. My mouth was about to become a permanent attachment to her clit, sucking and chewing on it. She started coming like a string of firecrackers going off. After four or maybe five, she went limp again. She raised up on her elbows and her eyes looked crossed. Mary and Darla both hugged her and surprise, she didn't shirk away. I knew both my girls wanted to feast on her but that could come later in the weekend. Last thing I wanted was too much too soon.

“Buck, you didn't get off. Didn't you want to just stick it in me and get your load off?”
“Honey, I had a great time just pleasing you. It thrilled me to give you your first ever orgasm, but I promise it won't be the last.”
“That isn't fair. I LOVED what you did to me. I need to do something for you too. Can I touch your dick? Show me how to do things.”

I showed her how to pull the soft skin of my hard dick up and down. She commented how strange it was to be warm and soft on the outside and hard on the inside. I suggested that she might kiss it. She stared at me in
disbelief, until I pointed out that it wasn't so different from what
I'd done to her a few minutes ago. So, with some effort, she bent down and planted a kiss on the head, pulling away quickly.

"Well?" I asked. She put her head on one side, considering. "It's
a little bit scary. Roger always wanted me to do that to him, but I never dared. My mother would disown me if she learned I 'tasted' a dick" she said at last. "But it didn't taste bad...kinda nice. The skin there is so soft Can I do it again?"
"As much as you like, sweetheart," I said. "It's as good to me as licking your pussy was to you." She raised an eyebrow, as if to say she somehow doubted that; but she put her mouth back, and gave the head of my cock a long, lingering kiss. "Try sucking some into your mouth," I urged; and, after a some hesitation, she opened her lips to slide them around my glans, getting the whole head in. Stroking her hair, I used a little pressure with my hand to encourage her into sucking back and forth, and she got into this very quickly. I must admit, I've had way more expert blow-jobs, from girls who've got more into their mouths; but the clumsy, virginal enthusiasm with which Krissy sucked me made them all pale in comparison. I wasn't any better than her at holding out.

A few minutes of this treatment, owing mainly to the fact this was her first time and MY first time with her, I was ready to blow my load.
I felt my balls tighten and my cock begin to throb with my cum ready to squirt. At the last moment, I glanced down at Krissy's serious face, concentrating on her sucking, and realized that she didn't have a clue what was about to happen. I wanted nothing more than to shoot my whole load into her sweet mouth; but I figured that, without advanced warning, it might freak her out. Altering the position of my helping hand, I pushed her head gently away.

The first squirt of cum flew out of my cock, to land right on her face. She leaned backwards, startled; and, before I could say anything about it, the rest of my spunk had spewed out over her chin, neck and breasts.
"Why did you pull me off?"
"When a man cums, some women finish them off in a Kleenex, some take it in their mouths then spit it out. A lot of women like to swallow it," I explained, trying to get my voice back to normal.

"I nearly left it in; but I didn't think it'd be fair to you, as you hadn't been able to choose or warned beforehand."
"Swallow it? ICKKK!" She thought for a moment. I gathered a glob that stuck to her face and offered it to her. She poked her tongue out tentatively to taste it. Touching the glob, she pulled her tongue back in, I'd guess expecting it to be gross. Sticking her tongue back out, she sucked the entire glob off my finger and rolled it around in her mouth.
"Hmm..." She screwed up her face. "It tastes all right, I suppose. Maybe I'll try getting it in my mouth next time. But...You're still hard!"
You have no idea how happy I was that she was alluding to a 'next time'.

I pushed onto her back and settled between her thighs, rubbing my hard dick up and down her wet slit. Pushing her knees back to her chest, I slid about half my length into her to allow her to become accustomed. She grabbed my ass and pulled me all the way into her. Still not wanting to rush her or make her uncomfortable, I used slow, deep strokes.
"Buck, this feels oh so nice. How long can you do it?"
"A while. Ten minutes is pretty normal, but I've gone a while longer, closer to thirty minutes a few times."
"No fucking way! There's never been a guy that has ever gone more than 2 minutes, and most a minute or less. We girls talk in the break room you know."
“Then you've all been with the wrong type of guy. Too many men think sex is all about them. You're not just a cum bucket, remember?”

She put her legs around me and then put her arms around me as well and pulled me down to her. I lowered my mouth to hers and French kissed her as I began slowly moving inside her, just barely thrusting in and out. Krissy moaned softly into my mouth and held me tight with her firm breasts pressed against my chest. Her hips moved slightly, then with more definition as I gently stroked in and out, grinding against her clit every few strokes. I did start bottoming out, feeling her cervix brush against the end of my dick. About a 30 seconds later, Krissy squeezed her legs, hugged me tight and groaned softly as a small orgasm rippled through her. I slowly increased the speed and force of my thrusts, not going hard or too fast. We kissed again, but then she was breathing too hard to hold a sustained kiss. After another dozen strokes, Krissy thrust her hips up hard at me, arched her back and groaned as her pussy spasmed hard around me for orgasm number two. I stepped up the pace, knowing she was in the groove.

The sound started as a growl, low in her chest. She took a deep, ragged breath then let out a loud, primal, ear shattering scream as her pussy started pulsing hard around me, clamping and releasing my dick.
"Fuck me, Buck!" came her guttural groan. "Oh, my God, oh my God, oh my God! It's so deep, so hard! Oh, my God!" her voice rose to a scream. I continued to pound into her and she sobbed out her ecstasy, thrashing her head, screaming as her orgasms washed over her again and again. The sound of this woman lost in a primal daze of lust, giving voice to the passion that was sweeping her. She was sobbing and nearly hysterical.

I drove into her with all I had. I wasn't going to last much longer but she was gasping for breath with each stoke. The dam broke and she screamed loudly. Only seconds later, I slammed in to the hilt and shot my first load into her pussy.
"I can't believe how awesome you just made me feel. It's just... it's just overwhelming. What a twit I've been to put up with less for the last five years...never again." I just smiled and kissed the salty tears from her face. She hugged me tighter and it was clear she didn't want to let go. I was spent, my erection finally fading and it slipped out of her. I rolled off of her and pulled her to me. She put her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arm around me, one leg over mine.
She gave a heavy sigh and said "I could stay here all night just looking at you and feeling you pressed against me." She snuggled even deeper into our embrace "Thank you."


Mary part 3
© Hellraser 2015

We'd added a new lady to our little relationship, Krissy, a thirty one year old knockout. She just booted a philandering husband and came to us with nearly zero sexual experience, save laying there while her hubby got his nut. Her initial contact with me was a nightmare, her calling me a 'kid' and relegating me to the general male population of self-centered numbnuts and dickwads.

Krissy got her first introduction to oral giving and getting, and several vaginal orgasms early the very first evening. The lady was now a blank page, wanting us to write new chapters into her sex life. Once the gate was opened to new sexual experiences, she was in it for the duration. For my part, her looks, her hot body and her enthusiasm made me want to offer her every experience I could expose her to. Mary and Darla were hot to try this new lady on at some point this weekend, themselves.

I'd just finished a satisfying bout with the new girl and lay relaxing with her head on my chest, snuggled into my armpit. She suggested we get up and take a shower...together. She said this with a smirk, explaining her ex never took a shower with her. With a woman like her, she'd have to PRY me off her bod. But like the saying goes, 'you can't fix stupid'. As she started to get up, Mary pulled her down between them and played with her hair, adding little kisses to her neck and ears.
“Ladies, you're probably aware of it, but I'm leaking his cum. I need to get in the shower.”
“Oh, then you'd miss something exciting if you did.”
“And that would be...?” she questioned

Mary slid down Krissy's body and Darla moved over the top of her, kissing her full lips. Krissy shrank away at first. I guess she figured out we were all in this together, so, stepping up to the plate, she kissed Darla back. Once Darla got her motor running, Mary eased between her thighs and licked my cum which was running out of Krissy's pussy.
She pushed Darla away and sat up; “What are you doing?”
“Cleaning you up. His cum is just as good coming out of you as it is from the source, PLUS, your taste gets mixed in with it. Relax and enjoy. You did come here for the full treatment.” Still on her elbows, she watched first with fascination, then with pure lust as Mary cleaned her opening. Darla lay her back down and moved to her full breasts, sucking on a nipple like a baby.

Mary was going all out, fingering Krissy's G Spot and swabbing her pussy. After ten minutes, Krissy arched her back and had another life changing orgasm. After she lay down, she pulled Mary up to hold her. Darla crawled over to clean the juices off my cock, but I did get up and shower the sweat off of me.

As I returned to the bedroom, all three were in a puppy pile, getting acquainted.
“Buck, this is kind of embarrassing, but when you were licking me, you were rubbing my behind. Isn't that dirty. All girls are told how to wipe downwards after peeing so they don't accidentally rub poop into their kitty.”
“Wanna know a little secret? The only thing dirty about contact between two people is lack of hygiene. From where I was at, if you hadn't been clean, I could've smelled it. Girls are lucky. Very damned few have hairy asses like a guy's. It's also why I much prefer a shaved pussy. I can tell you without embarrassing either of these two, they give themselves or each other enemas every day they know I'm gonna be here. Why? Because I like anal sex and so do they.”
“Oh GROSS!!!”

Darla just smiled but Mary spoke up; “Don't knock it until you've tried it. Maybe it's not for everyone, but WE like it. Buck never does anal to pussy or anal to mouth unless he wears a condom. It's a different type of orgasm, but just as satisfying.” That gave her something to think about.
“And you guys do this all the time?”
“At least once to each of us and every night. Buck, I think you need to tell her how this works.”
“Krissy, let me ask you this. When I rubbed your ass while I ate you, did it feel any different than when I was just sucking or fingering your pussy?”
“I guess if I was being honest, it did ramp up the feeling. No one's ever touched me there before. That's another thing Roger wanted to do...all the time, but I always refused.”

I pulled her down the bed, then pulled her legs over the side. I got her ass situated right on the edge and pushed her knees back as I knelt on the floor, in front of her tasty treat. I ate her to another shaking orgasm including a swipe across her asshole every few trips up and down her dripping cunt.
"Anal is part of sex, Krissy. If you don't like it, fine. But I'd like to show it to you in a while if you'll let me try. Patience and lubrication will make it all enjoyable for you."
After maybe a half hour of back rubbing relaxation, Mary rolled over and opened the nightstand, retrieving a tube of KY. She held it up for Krissy to see, who blushed, then nodded in silent, tacit agreement. Krissy would soon learn the joy of anal sex. It was something I knew about, from sessions with Tracy years ago.[see Youth]

We put Krissy on her knees and elbows. Being a total novice at anal or even doggy style, Krissy's legs were too close together. Maybe the thought of being splayed out with all her girly bits displayed was more than she was comfortable exposing. I kneed her legs farther apart. Mary greased my dick generously with the KY and slathered a good bit on and around our new lover's asshole. She knelt beside us and held Krissy's ass cheeks open for me. I put a greased finger slowly into her dark pucker and held it there to allow her to get used to being dilated. As she relaxed from the initial penetration, I added a second finger the same way. Soon, she relaxed enough to let me twist and stroke the finger inside her tight, puckered ring. With two fingers inside her, I could ooze that cold jelly along the space between my fingers to get as much lube inside her as possible.

[Not having anything really to do with this situation before me,I remember seeing a disposable enema bottle and the applicator top on it was the same size as the cap on this tube of KY. Hmmm, my evil mind just thought of a 'slicker' way to stick-her, getting the 'lube into the noob'.]

Darla sat at Krissy's head, straddling her shoulders with her bare pussy right in front of her nose. This double teaming may have moved her mind away from the initial discomfort of anal sex to the totally new world of muff diving? I know she'd heard much about it, probably even talked about it at some point in her life but knew nothing. Nothing that is, except for her new-found willingness to try anything at least once. Krissy concentrated on Darla as I slid my slick cock up and down her ass crack before zeroing in on her tight bud.
“Take deep breaths and just relax. That's the key to making this work. It will be mildly uncomfortable at first because you don't know what to expect. I want this to be as pleasurable as possible.” She did tighten up as my cock entered past her tight ring, but I held still once inside to allow her to stretch to accommodate the new intruder.

Krissy's tongue tentatively worked up and down Darla's sweet slot, while Darla's hands reached underneath her body and began to play with her nipples. For the first time ever, though she would learn that fact about other women a short time later, in that post-orgasmic moment of self-analysis, the taste, the scent, the wetness and beauty of another woman's pussy. And maybe too the addictive attraction of willing partners.

Krissy moved her ass towards my groin and I took that as her willingness to proceed. Mary helped with two fingers rubbing the hot spot at the top of her vagina. Between her enthusiasm with her oral experiment and Mary's stimulation, Her ass began to hump back on me as a sign to take this up a notch.
Krissy raised her head and hissed;“OMFG!! Oh shit, pound me, give me ALL of it!”
"Oh, my God, oh my God, oh my God! It's so deep, so hard! I feel like it's splitting me, but I love it! Oh, my God!" her voice rose to a scream. I continued to pound into her and she sobbed out her ecstasy, thrashing her head, screaming as her orgasms washed over her again and again.

I could only keep fighting the sensations for tiny bit longer, then washed her bowels with a load of cum. I left my dick in her to soften up on its own, feeling tiny spasms as the walls of her ass squeezed me, milking out every drop of cum I had. My balls felt like they collapsed. I sat back on my ankles as she unclenched her grip on the sheets and rolled onto her back.
Tears rolled down her cheeks and I brushed them off with my thumbs. Her shoulders shook with her emotional revelation.

“Never did I EVER imagine I'd do the things we've done tonight. I've never done anal before. I never THOUGHT about anal before. The very idea of doing it made me 'squidgy'. Everyone said it was gross and it hurt like hell. I guess I believed them. I have NEVER cum so hard in my life. If you'd asked me yesterday if I'd ever let a woman touch my breasts, I wouldn't have believed it. Put my mouth on another woman's pussy, or let a man love my pussy with HIS mouth, I'd have laughed. Have a guy lovingly fuck my ass to a screaming orgasm, I'd be rolling on the floor. With everything we've done, when we ever get together again, my tits, my pussy, my mouth and my ass belong to all of you. God, I have missed so much in my life. I made myself unattainable in school and then married Roger. Maybe if I'd had some experience, he wouldn't have strayed. He just demanded and when I didn't throw myself into whatever, he just ignored me. All that has changed. This is a life I want to live now.”
Darla added her two cents; “Husbands or boyfriends like these were the ones that we girls described as 'I'd rather use a vibrator.'”
“I think I have a small problem – I seem to be leaking, from everywhere” embarrassed, she headed for the bathroom holding one hand to her twat and the other to her ass.

While Krissy had left us with a little privacy, I turned to my two women ”I like her. What do you guys think?”
“I think she fits nicely. Once we opened her eyes, she's game for about everything we do” said Mary. Darla nodded her head in agreement.
“So, what do we do now? Weekend guest or regular visitor?” asked Darla
I suggested we have a heart to heart with her, as this was All very new to her.
Several minutes later Krissy re-joined us and I motioned her into the bed with Mary and Darla flanking her.
“Sweetheart, we need to tell you our story and how we set up this little housekeeping thing. Mary, you go first.”

Mary explained that I was originally her daughter's boyfriend and the daughter didn't mind sharing. Mary was making up for a 9 year dry spell and her daughter wanted to learn sex from a caring teacher.
“Oh, was this the guy you were bragging about becoming a son-in-law?” asked Krissy
“The very same, we shared him for a while, but my daughter ran him off. I knew a good thing when I had it, so I invited him to just move in.”

Darla took her turn.
“Mary and I were chatting about her live-in lover. I was divorced for five years from a pencil-dicked husband with no imagination. She invited me to dinner with the two of them and then back to her house to finish our conversation. That hussy was playing with Buck the entire time we talked. I finally had enough and they were good enough to take me to bed...both of them. Like you, I'd never done girl on girl stuff, nor had ever dreamed about having anal sex, let alone being the star attraction in a 3-way. Boy! Was that first night an eye opener. Truthfully, I was in lust initially, now I'm just as in love with this 'kid' as you called him as Mary is. We both knew there were other women we worked with that had unhappy sex lives, so we decided to 'entertain' a few for variety. Buck felt like we were pimping him out and in a way we were.”

Mary chimed in; “You are actually the last person we intended to invite. Buck put his foot down that he was not 'meat on the hoof' for anyone and we have to accept that. What none of us figured on was that all three of us are drawn towards you. The big question is – how would you feel about a polyamorous relationship with us?”

Krissy was astounded to say the least, but I could see the hamsters spinning the little wheels in her head.
“You mean be with the three of you on a regular basis?”
“Exactly. I know it's a shock and maybe too soon for you to decide, but we'd like you to think about it, at least” I added.
“What's to decide? I live in a tiny apartment, the jerk gets the house since it belonged to his parents. Right now, you three are the most unique friends I have and I'd like to think that you're loving friends. From everything I've learned tonight, there's no place I'd rather be than with you three. I meant every word I said earlier – any part of me belongs to the three of you. The only fly in the ointment is my ex. He still feels like he owns some piece of me. I don't think his ego let's him grasp that I had the nerve to divorce him. He may try to cause a scene.”
“Let me know if he bothers you and I will talk to him about getting on your case. If it doesn't stop, let me know, and he and I will have a 'come to Jesus talk'." I suggested

Looking at the clock radio, the night had passed into late morning. I was off for the weekend and I knew of three warm bodies I wanted warming this body until time to get up. The sun coming through the bedroom window woke me and I stretched, waking Krissy who lay curled up in my armpit, her hand holding mine to her full breast.
"Good morning, my sweet, sexy little honey. You look good enough to eat."
"Oh God! Can it wait til I pee first?" as she rushed to the bathroom.
Mary and Darla slowly dragged themselves out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen to scrounge for something to make for breakfast. My new bedmate threw herself over me and gave me my first kiss of the day. I had yet to get rid of my morning wood.
Krissy insisted on being on top, and doing all the hard work, so to speak. I enjoyed being both passive, and tending to her needs at the same time. I know it's tough, but sometimes you just have to make sacrifices.

"I am so about to cum already, Buck. Hurry and cum with me. That was so fucking good when we did that last night. I have never had a man cum at the same time I did and I crave that feeling even after just one time with you. Cum with me NOW, BUCK!"
"Fuck me, Buck!" came her guttural groan. "Oh, my God, oh my God, oh my God!" her voice rose to a scream. I continued to pound up into her and she sobbed, thrashing her head, screaming as her orgasms washed over her again and again. The sound of this woman lost in a primal daze of lust, giving her all to the passion that was sweeping her, sent me right over the edge, and I came into that incredible pussy, my own body straining in climax until I was totally drained and satisfied and limp. She was sobbing and nearly hysterical as her quaking died away.

"Wow," Darla said as she helped to hold her new friend to keep her from falling over.
"Yeah," I weakly said as Krissy's pussy continued to occasionally squeeze my cock while aftershocks rocked the mostly unconscious woman.
"My panties are wet just watching you two go at it."

Mary wasn't making too much progress in scaring up breakfast for the four of us, I had them all get dressed with the promise of a trip to Waffle House. I think it helped to motivate them when I said if I didn't get some coffee and soon, things were going to go very, very bad. Krissy drove her car, following us. During a breakfast of waffles, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns, she let on that she needed to go to her place for more clothes. What she thought was going to be a one night stand had turned into a life altering experience. Krissy and I fought over the check, but being several inches taller than her, I held the check out of reach until she stomped her foot, hissed and went to her car.

A couple of hours later, she returned with a large bag, hanging clothes and her makeup. She seemed kind of nervous and told us she thought her ex was following her. We sat, drinking coffee when the phone rang and Mary answered.
“It's Roger, he knows you're here” as she handed the phone to Krissy.
I listened to her side of the phone call and watched tears roll down her cheeks. She kept telling him it was over between them, that she was making a new life for herself that didn't include him. All of a sudden, she looked at the phone.
“He hung up on me.”
“If he bothers you at work or you see him following again, be sure you let me know.”

We spent the day relaxing and getting Krissy's stuff put away in the spare bedroom. Since we were all sleeping together now, that bedroom had turned into a super closet for the girls. Krissy admitted to being a little sore after last night, which was no doubt, my fault. She'd get used to our gymnastics before too long. One thing she could still do was be entertained by my loving room mates. It would appear she'd developed a taste for pussy juice, having her own eaten not withstanding.

The next Friday, she came home from work and I could tell she'd been crying. Roger had been calling her at work and demanding that he speak with her. Her supervisor knew what her circumstance was, but higher ups complained about excessive personal calls. The girls wrapped her in their arms and told her she was safe and not to worry, he'd get the message sooner or later. However, that's not the way it worked out. That evening, I answered a pounding on the door.

“Who the hell are you? Get out of my way or get my wife out here and I mean right now. I want what's mine. I paid for the bitch, now get her and her shit out of the house and in my car or I'll kick your ass.”
"Don't let your mouth write a check your ass can't cash, fucker! You screwed the pooch with her and now she's with me. I also saw how 'lovingly' you treat her and violence towards any woman just lights my fuse. It makes me want to grab something and beat an asswipe like you until it stops feeling good to me. Now, was there any part of that that was too complicated for you to understand?”
Krissy was leaning into my shoulder.
“Don't hurt him, just get him to leave me alone” she cried.
"So, if violence isn't the answer? Then what's the question?" I asked her.

He stepped forward and pushed me. I didn't push back. Instead, I drop kicked him in the nuts then took a step to the side and gave a hard kick to the side of his knee, hearing the cartilage snap in the process. Self centered 'manly' punks like him need to learn street fighting before they run their mouths. Growing up I had this reputation as being a weird kid, you know, the one everybody stays away from because they all thought I'm antisocial or something, but really, I'm one of the sweetest, gentlest guys you'd ever want to meet... unless I'm pissed off or scared, in which case yeah, I can be one scary motherfucker. The army and a few slant-eyed locals 'over there' taught me that. I sat and let the adrenaline rush wear off. Actually, it was kind of funny to watch this twerp clutch his balls and his knee at the same time.

I had Mary call an ambulance and the police and advised Krissy to get a restraining order ASAP, like tomorrow ASAP. I'd deal with the cops as he'd threatened me first. I stood watch over him as he cried like a baby. I guess a shattered knee hurts like a bitch, but you plays your cards and takes your chances. The cops took my statement, Krissy's and Mary's. According to Roger all he did was politely ask to talk to his ex wife, but the cops weren't buying it. Handcuffed to a gurney, the paramedics loaded him into the ambulance. The cops did ask if I wanted to press charges and I told them no, if he was smart, he'd just go away, but if he returned, we'd be calling the coroner instead. It was never my intention but suddenly, I was the hero of the day, according to the kisses and the promises to fuck my brains out.

We had a quick dinner and the girls filled the living room, watching some inane chick flick. I'd had a rough week at work and the let-down after the fight left me tired, so I wandered off to the bedroom. Soon, a warm, female body spooned next to me. A leg slung over me and a head on my chest and few deep breaths later, we both drifted off to sleep.

A few hours must have passed because the catnap had done wonders for me. I felt the bed dip as another body slipped to the other side of me. It was totally dark in the bedroom so I wasn't sure who was cuddling and who just joined us.
“Did Buck do you yet?" Ah, that was Mary's husky voice.
"Define 'do me.'" Krissy asked. Now thing made a little more sense.
"Fill your pussy, your mouth or your ass with his tasty cum."
At the mention of ASS, my dick woke up too.
"Damn, Buck! All I have to do is ask about anal sex and POW! Elvis has entered the building.”
Krissy rolled away from me and got on all fours, wiggling her sweet, tempting ass right in my face. I couldn't resist and plowed my tongue up and down her ass crack. It was a total turn on to see her try to get her asshole lined up with my tongue as it slid up and down.

Krissy asked me about doing her anally again as her first time was so mind bending.
“Okay, you need to lube yourself and me up before I invade your 'inner sanctum'“ It took a few minutes to get her ass lubed to her satisfaction and my hard erection firmly planted in her back door, but eventually we managed to do it. I thought she'd go after it kind of tentatively, but as soon as the head entered her, she slammed back until my balls were bouncing off her pussy.
“Think if the office people you work with could see you now. Several of them are standing just inside the bedroom door, watching. For all we know, they'd probably think you're some kind of slutty whore, getting your tight white ass fucked on all fours by some strange guy. But you don't care what your co-workers think, do you?"
"God!" She was hotter than a firecracker. We could see the fantasy was real in her mind.

"Shut up and- Uh! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Ugh! Hard!" She was so into the feelings her ass was giving off, there simply was no way for her to think. As her lust built, she started screaming. With the imaginary audience I'd built for her, Krissy knew that she shouldn't scream. She was petrified of drawing even more attention to her obvious anal fucking,but she was too far gone to control her voice or her emotions. The more she screamed and the louder her shrieks, the more she was convinced that the whole office was coming to investigate the noise. It became a self-fulfilling prophesy – the louder and more vocal she became, the more people gathered to watch and listen to her scream out her lust. When her climax had run it's course, Krissy slumped to the bed. She relaxed as fantasy played out and normalcy returned. I'd followed her down. Still hard in her ass. Rolling her over on top of me, her thighs spread until she was seated, still impaled.

“GOD! You are such an asshole! All I could see in my head were my co-workers standing there, not believing what they were seeing. The men were drooling and they all had big tents in their pants and the women wanted to scratch my eyes out wishing it was them instead of me. Christ on a bike, I've NEVER role played before. That was SO hot!”

I lifted her thighs and spun her around, facing away from me, I worked up backwards until I lay against the headboard and pulled her back to my chest. With Krissy's back to my chest, her legs were fully propped open with her heels resting on the bed. This left her entire pubic area open to the world. My dick was fully stuffed in Krissy's incredibly tight ass, my hands were twisting her nipples like they were radio dials. I had to make a comment I'd just now thought up; “Come in Tokyo.” Mary was busy licking and playing with my balls and ass and licking and fingering Krissy's pussy.


© Hellraser 2015
Mary pt 4

Two months passed:
I'd been thinking hard on the drive back from work. We all needed to seriously discuss our living arrangements. The biggest thing I noticed about our little 'love nest' was the giant elephant in the room, the one thing that nobody really talked about, and that was what was happening to us, our polyamorous lifestyle. Was this it, or would we be branching off with more lonely or abused damsels in distress? It's not that I minded the new untried pussy, but more about how thin my attention was being spread, not to mention my stamina. Something had to give, ground rules set, timing yada yada yada,

I pulled my three ladies onto the bed together and grabbed a hand on either side of me, The girls took the clue and all joined hands.
“You all have to know I have deep feelings for each of you and all of us as a group, as weird as that may be. That said, I worry about letting sexual stuff totally run our whole relationship to the exclusion of everything else. In a way, it already kind of does. Now, don't get the impression I want to give ANY of this up. The odd thing is, we got emotionally closer AFTER we had mind-blowing sex, rather than an emotional buildup that LED to sex. At least I THINK I remember how 'normal' relationships start. We all seem to go from point A straight to point Z in a weekend. How do you explain that, 'cause I haven't got a clue?”

Mary looked thoughtful for a bit, then added; "And now we're closer still, Either with or because of the sex. Maybe it's because we were needy women before you came into our lives. You know how long I was without someone to care about besides Caroline. Darla and Krissy, if they don't mind me speaking for them, were on an emotional roller coaster – needing to be loved and cared for and having what might be called 'lusterless' sex."
“True as that may be, can all of you see where I'm coming from? There has to be more than great sex all the time. As odd as it will look to the 'normals' out there, we need to do things together outside this big old bed. Go to the movies, the stock car races, go to the lake, shit! Go roller skating, even. Hell, maybe the normals will think I'm just some gay dude hanging with a pack of beautiful women. What they don't know is their loss.”

“Remember what I said about how the three of us were before we all came together. Those days are gone, and that's a wonderful thing. You're the man now. THE man! Not only that, you're the head of a group of women who love you and look to you for our emotional and physical needs. It's almost like you're our husband, You work and contribute, WE work and contribute, just like a normal marriage. Who the hell knows, maybe this little group will grow. I think something you overlook is there are a lot of women who's needs aren't being met. Not that I think any of us are in a rush to share you to the point we're neglected, but what about occasional weekend visitors – maybe for an evening or maybe the whole weekend if it works out” Mary stated.
I looked at my three women trying to find some kind of dissent in their eyes or body language.
“You all thought about this a lot, before now, didn't you?” I thought to myself - some 'THE MAN', I'm just a cog in a wheel here.

Karla was grinning like the Cheshire Cat; “Are we THAT transparent? Not being in our shoes, you don't have a clue how, I dunno, refreshing our situation here is. We get love, both physical and emotional, we get to expand our horizons with the kinky shit if we want and no one berates us or looks down on us, or tells us that's disgusting. We're free to push our boundaries if we want.”

Krissy had to add hers too;”Look around you. Right now, three women who love to not only be with you, but we can do our girl-girl thing if we want. And you know there's times YOU don't get to be more than a spectator and it doesn't bother you in the slightest. I think it's a given that a lot of men, maybe MOST men get a woody thinking about being in a threesome or a foursome. You just let us do our thing whether you're included or not because you know you'll get one or all of us before the weekend is over. Now, how will adding one or, fuck that, a herd of new women coming through here from time to time lessen things for you? In the beginning, I think it's safe to assume for all of us, we were in heat every time you came home. Time has gotten us to where yeah, we'd love to have one-on-one time with you, but it's not the be-all-end-all it was when it was brand new. I'm not saying we're complacent, just comfortable with our situation.”

That gave me something to think about. I did have to add some wisdom of my own.
“You all realize that when you put women together, close together, that their periods synchronize? I can just imagine three or MORE women hitting PMS at the same time. Maybe I need my own bedroom with a steel door and LOTS of deadbolts.”
They failed to see the humor. I did have to make a rule, since it would affect us all – NO sluts, NO barflies. If they DID pick out new meat, the lady or ladies needed to be the same caliber that my three honeys were. We all agreed on that.
Krissy spoke up;”We have been dropping a few hints in the office. Strange as it seems, more than half of the women there are divorced or just don't have a boyfriend or a social life. Most seem to be just homebodies, lonely and kinda resigned to just work and go home. BTW, some are older than us and some are younger, like right out of high school.”

Saturday afternoon:

We saw her asswipe husband limp up the drive through the front picture window. He started to knock on the front door, but I opened it before Krissy had the chance.
“OMG, what's he doing here? Are you going to handle this again?”
I'm about to see if dickwad's knee there is healed. If it is, I think he's about to have a horrible relapse."
I slammed the storm door open in his face. As he stumbled backwards [it's not all the easy to be graceful on a one armed crutch], I saw a hand go into his coat pocket. When finally got his balance, he pulled a knife out.
“Honey? Shit-for-brains here is going to do something stupid. Call the fuzz while I try to talk some sense into him. Since he was off the front steps and out in the yard, I kept a lot of space between us, well out of arm range. He was only so mobile, trying to move and balance his weight on his crutch.
“You fucking punk! You stole my wife, you made me a laughingstock!”
“You need to re-think this situation. Your marriage was over, she's just picking up the pieces of her life and moving on. You might wanna take a lesson from that.”
[Damn, this is ultimate proof that God has a sense of humor. What MORON stumbles around in a cast, on a crutch and threatens the guy that did this in the first place!] A fact popped into my mind - The Darwin Award: Chlorinating the gene pool. Nominees significantly improve the gene pool by eliminating themselves from the human race in an obviously stupid way. In my frame of mind, that was just about to come to fruition and I just had to smile. I don't think he saw any humor in what was going down. He acted like he was getting revved up to try something. As the old saying goes 'You can't fix stupid'.
“If you make one more sound or move even an inch closer, I'm taking the gloves off and go completely medieval on you. I will put you in a wheelchair for life.”

He made a clumsy lunge, but he was really too far away to make contact. Fuck that! He made the first move. I blocked his arm that held the knife and swept the crutch from under him and pushed him at the same time. As he hit the ground, the knife fell out of his hand as he grabbed his bad knee. I landed beside him, ready to fuck him up. I really never gave any thought to it right at that moment, but it dawned on me HIS fingerprints were the only ones on his knife, so there was no way he could claim I came after HIM.

Maybe, in a perfect world, it was wrong what I did next, but Uncle Sam taught me to never leave an enemy in a position to harm me – kill or incapacitate. I had his crutch arm beside my knee, so I brought it up and broke his elbow backwards over my knee. Crutches weren't going to be in his immediate future, maybe never. He was barely conscious enough for me to get his attention. Leaning in real close to him; “You're a real bad ass when it comes to threatening women and you think the one here owes you 'something'. Reality as of right now, that means absolutely dick. I'm going to remind you one last time - you can die and I am how it will happen if I ever see you or even hear you've bothered her again. BTW, I think you need to get ‘tool’ tattooed on your forehead. You are going to be meeting new friends really soon. You know how important it is to be polite to your new cellmates. You probably should pick a really BIG guy to be your butthole buddy since I doubt you could defend yourself from the smallest jailhouse rat."
I left him there to feel sorry for himself and contemplate a bleak future.

It seemed like hours, but only minutes had passed before a cop car pulled up to the curb, lights flashing and two officers, a male and female, rolled out, guns drawn. Krissy ran out in the yard, staying far away from her ex. Mary and Darla ran up, hugging her. One officer had rolled him over. oblivious to his screams and cuffed him, bad arm and all. Krissy was handing her copy of the restraining order to the female officer who radioed it in. The male bagged the knife for evidence and read him his rights, then stood by him until an ambulance arrived. The lady officer came over to see if anyone else was hurt.

I had to ask; “Are we going to be seeing more of him in the future?”
“I think with violation of a restraining order, assault with a deadly weapon and what can only be called spousal abuse, he's going to be the guest of the county for a long time to come. Understand, I'm not the DA, but you and his ex would be fools not to press this as hard as possible. You didn't hear me say this, but guys like him are better off as part of a landfill somewhere. My guess is the next time you'll see him is to testify in court.” I had to grin at that last statement. We thanked the officers and told them we'd be at the station house to sign whatever we needed to.

Krissy was beside herself. Primarily not understanding how her ex felt he could 'drag' her back since the divorce was nearly final. I told her since he's finally gone off the deep end this go round, she should throw him under the legal bus, and then back it up over him a few times! Reality hit her ex hard. After a month in the hospital, chained to his bed, the judge hammered him with ignoring the restraining order, assault with a deadly weapon. He plea bargained the weapons charge down to aggravated assault and the judge gave him five years to think over the error of his ways in the state big house. He would spend the first year there in the hospital.

Life and love went on.....several months later.

Mary's birthday arrived and we all decided to celebrate at one of the fancier restaurants in the area. One of my girls, Darla, ordered a birthday cake and the waiter brought it out. Krissy held out five packs of birthday candles. Grinning ear to ear, she said; “I would guess we can't put all the necessary candles on it, due to the fire laws about open bonfires in a public place" she asked with a grin. I thought Mary was going to bitch slap her before she doubled over laughing. Mary asked us to excuse her as she stood up. I have never understood the need for girls to go to the ladies room in pairs, in this case, triplets. The last thing a guy would ever do is invite another guy to the john with him! The restaurant had a dance floor and canned music. I managed to dance several hours with all three before giving out.

Later at home, Mary got the honors of being my one and only that night. I got a kiss from the other two, saying they'd take the spare bedroom for tonight. Mary had a sparkle in her eyes as he peeled out of her dress and underwear; "Now, take me in the other room and fuck my butt." What does a man say when a woman asks that kind of question? I just answered, "Yes, dear."

She threw herself on the bed to land on elbows and knees. Getting behind her,I pressed forward and was amazed that the head of my dick popped in. I applied gentle pressure and slid further and further in. She was an absolute inferno inside. I knew I wouldn't last very long, the way this felt. I applied slow continuous pressure inwards and bottomed out - my balls touching her ass cheeks. I pulled back an inch and moved forward again. She was moaning non-stop now.
I lengthened my strokes and she forcefully rocked herself back to meet me! Pulling almost of the way out and pressing back in, she rose to meet me again. I knew I was going to lose it any minute now.

"Harder! Do it HARDER" she said. What else could I do? I pulled back and slammed harder. She thrust back up even harder. We stroked each other a few more times hard and I pressed as deep as I could and exploded into her in a nut-draining orgasm. I swear things went black as I pumped several shots into her.
She went tense and clenched every muscle in her body and screamed. It wasn't pain, it was a kind of brain-numbing orgasm. As soon as it started I was able to pump a few more times as she gasped for breath, her hands clutching the sheets in death grip. I slipped out and lay next to her and put my arm around her, pulling her into my chest. She was crying from overload. I just held her while she regained her composure. Very soon, we both fell asleep.

As was normal, I had a case of morning wood and a bladder about to explode. As carefully as I could, I unwound Mary's arms from across my chest and slipped out of bed to hit the commode and started the shower. Mary sleep-walked walked into the bathroom as I got in and closed the glass. I heard an 'EEEP Holy Shit!' and looked out the shower door. Mary was extricating herself from the toilet bowl.
“Why the hell didn't you put the seat down? I fell in and now my ass is all wet!”
“Next time, open your eyes. You should be glad I bothered to put it up.” I laughed
Her reaction was to flush, cutting off ALL cold water to the shower. Women have no sense of humor OR fair play.

The ladies were dead set on 'entertaining' their fellow workers. I did draw the line at married ones, owing to the shitstorm with Krissy's ex. I never knew who or what was waiting on my Thursday night after getting off work. I suppose most guys would think this was some kind of heaven... provided they didn't have to listen to the sob stories many of these new ladies had. Fuck! I'm not a therapist. I suppose I could say MOST were happy after a night or a weekend, but I have a hard time handling needy people, Fucking is fucking and I'd do the best job I could. I think they've about run out of available women at work, thank God.

Leeza Ann was waiting on me Thursday night. I ASSUMED this was going to be just another ego booster, but damn, I didn't see this one coming. I'm just going to call her LA for short because her part of this deal was more of an invitation than anything else. LA was widowed, owing to her hubby not making it back from 'Nam. After giving her a couple of back to back orgasms and her clinging to me, telling me what a 'wonderful, caring lover' I was, her whole purpose came out. Turns out she had a nerdy, eighteen year old daughter that had yet to have her first date and consequently had very low self-esteem. LA wanted me to show her a good time. After making her talk rather directly, she wanted me to fuck her daughter's brains out.

I really questioned if this was an avenue I wanted to go down, but the girls had already worked up a plan to take her shopping for the right 'dress-to-impress' clothing. According to LA, she was a little on the plain side but well built, never wore makeup and mostly just pulled her hair into a ponytail, hiding her assets under baggy, nondescript clothes. Wonderful!
Remember people telling you about a blind date, saying she had a 'wonderful' personality? That's shorthand for 'she barks at the moon'. Maybe I should ask one of my ladies to keep a paper bag handy.

The next night was her 'debut'. Lois, the daughter, arrived properly attired in her new clothes and makeup, hair straight from the beauty shop. This girl was never going to make a magazine cover or be asked to model for a catalog, but she was kinda girl next door cute. If I hadn't known she was 18, she could pass for early 20's. If anything, she might top out 4'-9” and 98 pounds, thin and trim. The plan was to take her out for dinner then try to hit a club, hopefully, because a lot of the local bouncers knew me, she wouldn't get carded. It was hard to get her to open up during dinner, but once she found out I was a nerd in high school AND a veteran, she relaxed and we actually carried on a decent conversation. Oddly enough, many of the same teachers I'd had during high school were still torturing students. I think the school board screened out anyone with a sense of humor.
Lois absolutely refused to dance anything but a couple of slow ones, at that was mostly at arm's length like in junior high. I didn't try to teach her anything. She was having a hard enough time navigating in heels her first time out.

We returned to the house, me following the game plan laid out by the ladies. I led her into our bedroom to red scarves draped over the bedside lamps.
“Mom put you up to this, didn't she? I know she arranged for this date, but what am I supposed to do now? I've never been on a date, let alone had a boyfriend. I feel so stupid.”
“What do you feel like doing? We can talk or whatever crosses your mind.”
“Did you know that other than my father, a man has never held me in his arms? When we were dancing, I didn't know where to put my hands, even.“
“How did that make you feel? Can you describe it?”
“I felt funny, like I had butterflies in my stomach. Once, I bumped up against you and felt that hard thing against my belly. Why was it hard? I know about the birds and the bees, but I'm not exactly going to turn any heads.”
“Hon, a man gets hard when he's around a beautiful woman, especially one as sexy as you.”

I know, I was laying it on kinda thick, but she doesn't know any better.
She let out a nervous laugh; “Mom told me to just go along with anything you wanted me to do, that in the end, I'd enjoy myself. I don't have a clue how this is supposed to work.”
“Let's start with you kissing me.” She fell into my arms and as our lips met, I eased the zipper of her dress down her back. I felt her suddenly tighter up.
“Buck, I've never been naked around a stranger. I can't remember the last time my own mother has seen me nude. What if I gross you out?”
“Darlin, that thought would never cross my mind.” Stepping back, we allowed her dress to fall around her feet.

Lois had that air of innocence. She had on a matching red lace panty and shelf bra set. Obviously, my ladies had a hand in this. They barely covered any of the essentials and the bra was seriously under powered for its job. She had all over pale flesh, never having seen a swim suit. Her perky breasts were spilling over the frilly little shelf bra. She pulled down the straps, fluffed her breasts out, turned it around and unhooked it. It fell to the floor and she was in just lace panties. Someone must have clued her in because her pubes were well trimmed. Not a hair peeked out from the leg of her bikini panties. Both hands went to her exposed tits and she cupped them, hiding them from me. I gently pulled her hands away, exposing tiny areolas, with sharp little nipples hard as diamonds. My IQ went down about 50 points and the bulge in my pants would be evident from across the street.
Noticing the bulge; “I see you must LIKE what you're looking at. Now, I'm embarrassed. I never dreamed I'd ever give any man a boner.” Jesus God, the woman would give a corpse a hardon.

It wasn't that Lois's tits were particularly big, but 32B's looked twice as large on her otherwise tiny, slender frame. Think Jessica Alba.
I sucked her nipples and rubbed her pussy through her panties for a few minutes, then hooked my thumbs in her waist band and began to work them down. Moments later they were around her ankles. She stepped out of them and then stood still, trembling, moaning as I slid my hand between her legs. My finger found her already wet slit and slipped between her dripping lips. She groaned and quivered as my finger slid up and found her stiffening clit.

Her time was here. I led her over to the king bed and sat her down, cupping her cheek and nibbling on her lips. I had to ask the 64 thousand dollar question - ”Are you protected?”
Her lips quivered; “No. Does that mean we have to stop?”
“Not a problem”, reaching into the bedside table for a condom. Lois' undivided attention was on the hard shaft in my hand. She licked her lips and asked if she could touch it.
“Be my guest. It's all for you, sweetheart.”
Her little hand reached out to hold it; “It's so hard, but so soft and warm! How is THAT supposed to fit in me? I have a hard time just getting a finger in.”
She was totally focused on me rolling the condom over my hard dick.

I got her straddled across my thighs, on my back with my condom covered dick just withing her pussy lips. I sorta gave a little nudge to test her hymen and couldn't believe how tight Lois's pussy was. I rubbed the head of my cock over her wet, dripping cunt then teased the head further into her tight opening. I told her to just ease down slowly. She raised her thighs and let her weight carry her pussy down the head of my cock. I felt something that had to have been her hymen give way and her now ex-virgin pussy gripped me like a vise, almost painfully.
"It didn't really hurt much, not like the other girls I've heard talking about it. It feels strange but just kind of wonderful. I feel so 'full'.”
“When you feel ready, just let me all the way inside.”
“You mean there's more? I feel like your going to come out my mouth as it is.”

Her face screwed up and taking a big breath, let herself drop all the way until we were curlies to curlies. Lois sat there a moment then raised herself up a few inches and dropped again. After doing this about a dozen times, she got into a rhythm of pulling nearly all the way off, then dropping like a rock.
“Can I play now” I asked? She looked at me like I was speaking Swahili.
“It's my turn.”
I drove into her with all I had. She was close herself and her grip on my dick so tight, I wasn't going to last much longer and she gasped for breath with each stroke. The dam broke and she screamed, shaking like an epileptic. Only seconds later, I slammed in to the hilt and shot my first over-coated load into her pussy. Sitting there with my dick still inside her, she stared at me while tears fell from her eyes.

"I can't believe how awesome you just made me feel. I could feel your 'thing' throb when you came. It's just... it's just so different than rubbing off with my fingers, that was so much more."
I smiled and pulled her down to kiss the salty tears from her face. She hugged me tighter and it was clear she didn't want to let go. I was spent, my erection finally fading and it slipped out of her. I rolled off her and pulled her to me. She put her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arm across my chest, one leg over mine.
She gave a heavy sigh and said "I could stay here all night just looking at you and feeling pressed against you."
She snuggled even deeper into our embrace; "Thank you."
“Let's rest a few minutes then do this again.” I whispered to her.
"Again, we can do it again?" she said with wonder in her eyes. Five minutes may have past.

I asked her what she thought would happen if she lay with me naked and she looked up and smiled coyly before laying her head on my chest. Well, I know what I wanted and now I knew what she wanted so I made my move. I lifted her on top of me with one arm. She was light as a feather. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her closer to me. She looked, smelt and felt amazing. Our lips met and hers were the softest I had ever kissed. Her mouth was tiny but she seemed quite ready for the experience and matched me as the kissing got intense and my hands moved across her body feeling every inch. I slid her off me and then moved behind her, pulling her up on her knees. I pushed myself onto her while feeling her breasts and kissing the back of her neck. Her hands moved towards my erection but I pushed them away and told her to relax and just enjoy.

My hands worked their way down towards her little pussy and I gently massaged her mons. I could feel her getting damper by the second. She was pushing her ass back into my erection so I pushed it between her ass cheeks using her tight butt to slowly masturbate it. My hands went back to her pussy and soon found her clit. I used a finger to gently press it and each touch brought a soft moan out of Lois and she pushed harder into me. I was building her orgasm and pushed a finger towards her hole. As my finger reached her entrance, she tensed her body. I eased away and let her relax a moment. She was shy about it but this was all new ground for her. I told her it was ok and carried on massaging her breasts and clit until she started to cum. I increased my speed and soon her body quivered as her first orgasm rushed through her. She squeezed my penis between her ass cheeks and pushed back her head leaving her neck exposed to my kisses. After she had calmed down, she smiled and said she had wanted to do this for years. I told her that was just the start and things would get even better. Lois turned and kissed me again, like it was the last one she'd ever get.

Moving her hands towards my penis I asked her if she had handled one before. She shook her head and I smiled and showed Lois how to use her hands on me. Within minutes she was stroking my full length and kissing me passionately. I asked her if she wanted to try giving me a blowjob and her smile gave her away. I had started something with this girl and now she wanted to try everything. She slid down the bed and stared at my penis for a minute before getting the courage to take it in her mouth. The softness of her lips was amazing and soon she was slurping away.

I gave her a few tips and told her to lick my shaft from bottom to top and get it nice and wet. It was her first time but she was doing an enthusiastic job. I told her what felt the best for me and soon she was sucking the head eagerly and using both hands to jerk me off me. I started to push her head down encouraging her to take more and she tried her best. She slowly increased her speed when I told her to and soon she was going as quick as she could and I could feel my balls tingling.

When I looked down and saw my cock filling her mouth I couldn't hold on and warned her I was going to cum. She never flinched, instead using just her mouth and tongue to work my cock. The sight of her sucking me off had tipped me over the edge and I came in her mouth with her spluttering and still trying to suck it all. My last words were to please swallow my load and Lois immediately did as she was told.
She asked me excitedly if I was going to fuck her but I told her there was no rush and we had plenty of time to get to that. She was obviously disappointed but I soon cheered her up as I became the first to taste her sweet pussy. I toyed her tiny clit with my tongue, sucking and licking her to an explosive orgasm. She came very heavily and her body shook for the second time as I teased her little bud. I laid holding her, thinking of the night's activities.

We dozed contentedly for maybe an hour. I woke and saw this little pixie still laying next to me. After rolling on a condom I slowly pushed myself in her. She thrust her hips up as she squeezed her legs drawing my cock deeper into her. She cooed as I filled her and I withdrew and began a slow steady pace fucking her. She wiggled trying to get me to go faster and said loudly; “Faster please, fuck me, come on, please fuck me, harder, fuck me harder.”

It was all the encouragement I needed so I picked up my pace and I felt her getting wetter and wetter, another orgasm obviously approaching. The look in her eyes was like she’d found nirvana, a happy place she didn’t want to ever leave. She started cumming, having small orgasms one right on top of another, and it turned into one long large orgasm. I really hate condoms. They cut back so much of the feeling. Her spasms beneath me were such, I couldn’t hold back any more and emptied my balls into that damned rubber, deep in her. As I started throbbing, her eyes opened wide and she looked into my eyes and she came even more intensely, seemingly losing control of herself for a few seconds. She went limp under me as my cock started to soften. I pulled out of her and lay next to her on the bed. I tied another rubber into a knot and tossed it in the waste can. I pulled Lois into my side and she placed her head on my chest. All seemed right in the world.

The next morning...

Leeza Ann, mother and instigator of last night's tryst was standing at the foot of the bed, looking proudly at her daughter.
“Young man, what have you done to my darling girl?” she said smiling. Lois sat up looking like the cat that ate the canary.
“So with nothing else to do last night, Lois and I have been attempting to create fire by rubbing two humans together.”
Lois laughed so hard she had to make a bathroom run before she peed herself. My ladies had specified that this would not be a weekend thing and LA went into the bathroom to get her daughter ready to leave. Coming out dressed in sweats, Lois slowly walked over to the bed and leaned down to kiss me. I could see tears welling up in her eyes.
“You'll be back again. I'll teach you whatever you like. You might try to find a boyfriend closer to your age, however, and train him the way you want him. You're a lovely young woman and I predict you'll be a heart breaker from now on. Be kind to the boys – you're a tiger now.”
She blinked back the tears and smiled, then kissed me again, saying;
“You never forget your first kiss or your first time. I know I never will!”
This one would probably always feel special to me. I kinda got something in my eye.

I took the rest of the weekend to be with my ladies, enjoying all of them before going to work Monday morning. To say I was wrung out was an understatement.

The railroad union got a new deal passed, giving everyone 'pillow' fees, meaning $5.75 each week for laundry allowance, backdated to the contract time last year. For me, that was a $300 bonus check. The girls were ecstatic. Friday night was dinner and dancing for all and I'd secretly hoped to spend the rest of the weekend quietly with my ladies. We sat around the living room, letting ourselves unwind.

We were in a playful mood and I told the ladies to listen; 'One dark and stormy night, a guy was driving alone on a wooded highway when suddenly, a tire blew out. After stopping along the shoulder, a flash of lightning showed a high, chain link fence right behind him. The next flash brought his attention to a sign clipped to the fence 'Arkham Asylum for the Insane'. That did absolutely nothing to make him feel better as a cold chill ran down his spine. As he removed the lug nuts, he dropped them into the hubcap from that wheel.
The creepy feelings wouldn't go away and he was anxious to change out the tire and get far away from there, so creeped out, he was about to pee down either leg.
The next lighting flash showed one of the inmates hanging on the fence, silently watching him. In his fright, he kicked over the hubcap, scattering all but one of the lug nuts all over the ditch. “Crap, what am I going to do now?” he said. The inmate spoke up for the first time and said;”Take a nut off each of the other wheels. Four will be enough to get you back to civilization.”
“Damn, that will work! Thanks for the tip. If your so smart, why the hell are you in there?”
“I'm in here because I'm crazy, not STUPID.”

Saturday Afternoon...

Mary came out of the bathroom after a vigorous romp, in what I'd have to call a transparent robe. This was like a 'why bother'. It hid nothing, provided no warmth, and at best, showcased everything beneath it. “You see something you like? You're probably too tired to play anymore.” she grinned
“Baby doll, I think you fucked my brains out through the end of my dick.” I truly was worn out from dealing with her insane needs for the last hour. Sleep was extremely high on my priority list.
Or not.
Damn it! Just looking at her made my johnson stand at attention.
“Let's get dressed and go out, maybe to a club. I let some people know we MIGHT be out tonight. Everybody wants to meet you." she said
I gave her a hard look and smiled. "Oh, really? Just what have you been telling them?"
"Oh, not that much. Just that you're tall, handsome, incredibly smart, built like Charles Atlas and hung like a horse," she replied, with a totally straight face no less.
"So you basically lied to these 'friends' of yours."
“You are much too modest.”

All my girls dressed to the nines and we made our way to a local club. We hadn't much more than sat down in our booth when a 40-ish lady walked over. Mary turned to me and said; “This is Myrna, our office manager.”
Myrna looked me over like a slab of meat; “You must be the Buck I hear so much about.”
“Pleased to meet you.” I think.
“Sit down and have a drink with us and get acquainted.”
Myrna jumped right in, all pleasantness aside;”So you're the resident stud, eh? And you three are his present little fuck buddies?”
Kayla got red in the face. It looked like Mary and Krissy were going to clean Myrna's clock for her.

Someone needed to lighten the mood a bit, so I said; “You ladies ever hear this one? 'I love to make love to you but you're so flat chested. She groaned; “Get off my back!”'
Myrna gave me a withering look.
What a bitch! I guess you have to respect something that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die. Myrna must be a joy to work around.
“Buck serves a purpose, for the women in the office and us especially.” Mary defended
"You girls do remember I'm right here, right?" I chuckled.
“If he's 'soo good', why haven't you invited ME over? All I hear is Buck, you three, Buck Buck Buck from a growing number of women. NO ONE is that good!”
“A more valid question is WHO do you ever hear complaining?” piped in Darla
"Thanks for talking about me like I'm not here, girls!" I said.

I had to get up, hit the head or something before I said anything that might jeopardize my ladies' jobs. I left them to their bitch session while I made myself scarce. When I returned, the women had their purses and were ready to go. Myrna said she'd follow in her own car. FOLLOW??

Back at the house I followed Myrna into our bedroom, her shedding clothes along the way. Once inside, she was totally nude and dropped to her knees in front of me, getting my belt undone and my slacks and boxers around my ankles. Myrna had a fuller woman's body. Large breasted, she had very little sag and a flat stomach. She trimmed her pubes to a V above her clit, even her butt was tight. The woman definitely did some work in the gym.
Myrna grabbed my cock, stroking it a bit and running it over her lips. I had no problems letting the pre cum flow as she licked it off.

After all, men love getting their cock in a woman¹s mouth, even better, down their throat; it doesn't take the head cashier at WalMart to guess that a smart, talented woman can suck the all the power and control away from a man right through the end his dick. However, I wasn't going to let it happen here, not now, not with this woman. Standing her up, it was time to regain control here. I pushed her backwards onto the bed.

I turned my attention to Myrna's firm, upturned breasts, I kissed along the sides, then between them, then kissed each nipple, after which I licked each one. I took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked, like I was a nursing baby. Myrna moaned and then whimpered when I released it as I moved to her other breast. I very much enjoyed her wonderful, full tits. I released her nipple and kissed my way down to her mons, nuzzling my nose in her curly, blonde pubic hair. I got a whiff of her aroused woman scent which caused me to quickly slide down between her thighs and plant a kiss on her swollen labia. I inhaled deeply then pressed my tongue into Myrna's pussy, sampling her fragrant juices. She moaned loudly as I wiggled my tongue deep inside her. I put my arms under her thighs and put my hands on her flat stomach.

"Slow, and easy. Try to make it last as long as you can, OK?" We lay down on the bed side by side and began to kiss and nibble. Her hand went to my groin and began softly playing with me. I played with her ass, rubbing and squeezing her cheeks, occasionally dipping my hand down between her cheeks. I moved my hand up her sides and my palm across her breast, then gently squeezed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I slid my hand down her belly, across her curly patch of dark pubic hair and gently massaged her clit. When I felt she was wet enough, I gently rolled her onto her back and lay down on top of her. I positioned myself against her opening and pressed gently in. I moved slowly as I sank into her warm wetness. She put her heels on my calves and we developed a slow, gentle rhythm. We looked deep into each other's eyes, exchanging soft, gentle kisses. She felt like a silky glove as her pussy lightly gripped me. We slowly made love, I made sure to bring my pelvis into contact with her clit every few strokes, grinding against her before resuming the slow rhythm.

"Now, fuck my butt." What does a man say when a woman asks that question? I just answered, "Yes, ma'am." She threw herself over on the bed to land on elbows and knees. Getting behind her,I pressed forward and was amazed that the head of my dick popped in. I applied gentle pressure and slid further and further in. She was an absolute inferno inside. I knew I wouldn't last very long, the way this felt. I applied slow continuous pressure inwards and bottomed out - my balls touching her ass cheeks. I pulled back an inch and moved forward again. She was moaning non-stop now. I lengthened my strokes and she actually rocked herself back to meet me! Pulling almost of the way out and pressing back in, she rose to meet me again. I knew I was going to lose it any minute now.

"Harder! Do it HARDER" she said. What else could I do? I pulled back and pressed harder. She thrust back up even harder. We stroked each other a few more times hard and I pressed as deep as I could and exploded into her in a nut-draining orgasm. I swear things went black as I pumped several shots into her.
She went tense and clenched every muscle in her body and screamed. It wasn't pain, it was a kind of brain-numbing orgasm. As soon as it started I pumped a few more times as she gasped for breath, her hands gripping the sheets in death grip. I slipped out and lay next to her and put my arm around her. She was crying from pleasure. I just held her while she regained her composure. Once she relaxed, it was tine to attack again.

My nose approached her wet opening. I've learned two basic rules about pussy eating. First, the only ones who claim that the pussy smells like dead fish are guys who've never eaten it but think ,maybe, someday they'll work up the nerve to do it. Secondly, as to guys who are no longer pussy eating virgins, there are only two types: guys who do it and guys who refuse to admit that they do. The reason for denying it totally escapes me. Does it make them less 'manly'? The truth is, every guy loves the taste and aroma of a wet, wanting, waiting pussy. And that was a club that I was happily to belong to.
"Suck my clit, baby, suck it hard." So I kept my mouth where it was, sucking on her clit as though it was a nipple giving me milk. Unfortunately, the real nectar was running out copiously lower. I had to work fast to keep up.

We both relaxed on the bed. Myrna rolled up on my chest and asked; “Why do you do all this? There is nothing 'normal' about this whole situation. I suppose any man would be thrilled to be in your position, with these three women in love with you.”
"I think a big part of that is because what I really love is making sure the women I'm with get lots of pleasure and thoroughly enjoy themselves while they're with me. Even if it looks like I'm doing something selfish, like sitting there and enjoying a blowjob, or making love - I do my damnedest to hold out until the woman gets satisfaction from her labors or has climaxed enough to feel good too. That's a win for everybody. I get off, she gets off, and she'll want to do it again soon, so we can both feel great all the more next time. It all follows something my dad taught me years ago."

Myrna only laid there, on my chest, lost in thought. I guess since she made no other moves to start something, we were done here. We all sat gathered in the living room. Myrna obviously had something stuck in her craw:

“Buck seems to call the shots around here and you all just fall all over yourselves to please him!”
“It's more like the inmates are running the asylum at this house. Yeah, in some ways Buck's in charge, but we girls could argue he's more of a catalyst that starts certain actions. It's really more of a mutually beneficial arrangement, and if you wanna count orgasms, we all have WAY more than he does! We use sexy talk and group participation sometimes because it's such a turn-on for us, the lady involved and him, but it's kind of like an endless friendly but loving orgy. You know what I mean? I love Buck to death, but I don't believe he actually 'lords' it over any of us. These are roles we each play in our little polyamorous relationship because it works for everyone of us in lots of ways. Tell me that knowing all of us KNEW you and Buck were going at it didn't turn you on, or at least get you excited through embarrassment. That's so 'unusual' in your run-of-the-mill affair. We seldom slip off to the bedroom for some private time, one on one, or rather HIM on one. By all of us being there we enhance the pleasure of the participants, not to mention we ALL cum in gushers." Mary said
"But that's just you women's point of view. Are you sure every new lady sees it that way?" Myrna argued

“You notice, we didn't rush in as a group when you started bumping fuzzies, right? We waited until he got your motor running pretty hot. The whole thing isn't to clam jam you.”
“So the whole idea is to just have a mass orgasm and maybe introduce the new girls to a little lesbian fun?”
"Really, that's a big part of it, sure. But it goes a lots deeper. I think it's about showing how much we love each other. Since it's kind of a group thingy, we can't get married, obviously. Aside from that, this relationship is about the deepest we can have. In fact, arguably, it's even deeper and more permanent than a regular marriage. If you're truly serious in this relationship, as screwy as it looks, and I believe all us living here are, 'divorce' isn't an option. We're voluntarily committed for life or as long as it lasts. And keep in mind that Buck's bound to us just as heavily as we're bound to him!" Krissy added

“So how does everyone cope with the situation – there's only one of him and now there's three of you. He's only here on his long weekends, right? Kinda spreads quality time with him a little thin, dontcha think?”
“It's something you have to get used to. If a woman says she doesn't get horny, she's lying to herself. Some of us didn't 'date' at all. Two of us just came out of a totally shitty divorces. The thing to keep in mind, getting mind-blowing, pussy draining sex three days a week helps a lot, and I do mean A LOT. Other couples live quite happily when the man works away from home all week, but on the other hand, we DO have each other to tide us over and all of us work through the week ourselves. It gives us something to look forward to on the weekends.”

“Ok, how does one join this little group on a long term basis? I could never get my ex-husband to make me cum," she said, sadly.
"You mean he was impotent?" I asked in shock.
"Oh, no," she quickly defended him. "He loved sex, he loved to make love. He was ready whenever I wanted it, and sometimes when I was too tired. Not that I was ever TOO tired very often," she added with some satisfaction. "But he just couldn't make me cum, no matter what we tried. That's why I needed a fucking vibrator."
“Well," I said,”I see you didn't have a problem with me.”

"This thing that was really bothering me with your little 'group', about me committing myself to you, does that bother you? Tell me honestly."
I gave her question some serious thought before answering. "Well, yes and no. On the one hand, I'd love for you to join our little polyamorous family. As we all have noticed, you certainly fit in most every way. But on the other hand, I know that you have a hard time with it. I can see it in your eyes when you look at me and the others. You really liked coming here, you had a great time, but you don't love it quite yet. You don't love us, or at least not in the completely loving way we all love each other. You've had your own life with your own friends, lovers and your job. But you should know you're very welcome to join here any time you like, provided you lose the attitude and the other women agree. Regardless, this should in no way affect their jobs one way or the other...agreed?"

Myrna headed for the bathroom and a shower, giving us time to talk; “What do ya'll think?”I asked. Having one more woman to deal with put a little more strain of our little group, but it wasn't my decision to really make. To tell the truth, I felt like more of an outsider as time went along. This was the girls house, I was just a 'handyman'. The girls all looked at each other and shrugged. No one made any negative comment, so I guess this was up to a vote.
Mary said; “Let's do it on a trial basis. If it works out great, if not, what have we lost?”

Freshly showered, Myrna came back into the living room wearing some robe she found in the bathroom.
“I know you all were talking about me... so what's up?”
“Welcome to the group.” Myrna broke out in a big grin and hugged everyone.

“So, now that there are four of us, how will that play out since you're only home three days a week? One of us Thursday night IF you're home; one Friday morning, one Friday afternoon, then one Saturday then rest up for another week?” she complained
“We're all making this up as we go, and maybe hurt feelings will happen. With love, patience, and sympathy we can overcome any problems that occur. We'll work to iron out the difficulties to make things equitable. The simple fact that all four of you want to and need to be fucked a lot and my free time IS limited. There's only one of me to go around. So that's going to be a constant challenge from now on, but we'll manage it if we work together at it and stay a little flexible. So, are we agreed?" I asked

The Coolidge Effect - Basically the principal that men are more sexually attracted and aroused to new females after a certain amount of time. The term comes from an old joke according to which President Calvin Coolidge and his wife were at a government farm one day and were taken around on separate tours. Mrs. Coolidge, passing the chicken pens, inquired of a supervisor whether the lone rooster was sufficient, given the many hens in the chicken flock.
"Yes", the man said, "the rooster works very hard."
Mrs. Coolidge then asked, "Really? The rooster works very hard? Every day?"
"Oh, yes," the man said. "Dozens of times a day."
"Interesting!" Mrs. Coolidge replied, "Be sure to tell that to the President!"
Some time later the President, passing the same pens, was told about the roosters - and about his wife's remark. "Same hen every time?", he asked.
"Oh, no, a different one each time," the supervisor replied.
"Be SURE and tell THAT, to Mrs. Coolidge." Coolidge said with a sly nod

Sometimes, I felt like a bug staring at a speeding windshield. One major advantage to having so many totally different partners available to me all the time proved the 'Coolidge Effect' was hard at work. With any given woman, I could cum... or not, mostly at my whim. It's good to be king!

As a group, we moved to the bedroom. Since Myrna was the lady of the hour, they ALL wanted a piece of her, however, no one asked Myrna her preferences.

"Would you do my breasts? Please?" she gasped. I didn't bother to answer. I just slid down a bit and planted a kiss on her left nipple. She hissed and let out a soft moan as I did so, putting her hand on the back of my head and pressing me into her breast. I opened my lips and sucked her hard nipple into my mouth, bathing it with my tongue. Myrna started moaning louder and pressing my head harder onto her chest. I sucked and licked and kissed her breast as she writhed in pleasure. She shifted and offered me the other one and I greedily sucked the other nipple into my mouth, with my hand on her other breast, tweaking the nipple between my fingers.

She rolled over to lay face down on the bed, her ass propped in the air, wiggling. She searched the nightstand until the found the lube and applied a large dollop of Vaseline right on her rosebud. “Do I want to do what?" She asked looking over her shoulder and locking eyes with me. "Do I want to feel your cock ream out my tight little ass? To have you bury yourself in my butt and have you fuck me? Whatever gave you that idea? I want you to know that from this point on, you can always have all of me – any hole, and every way that you want me."

She had obviously been busy in the bathroom, cleaning herself while we talked about her in the loving room. No other lover had gone to such great lengths to prepare themselves for me, this soon and unknown to me so I decided to show Myrna I was VERY appreciative. My fingers wriggled beneath her to find her warm wet pussy in need of my attention. I sunk my thumb into her tight cleft and let my middle finger slide between her lips to tease her clit. My finger circled her rosebud, working the Vaseline around her relaxing opening. She began to make pleading noises and her hips gyrated so the tip of my finger brushed over the very center of her asshole. She sighed and increased her rocking movements to move my finger further inside her. This wasn't her first rodeo. I withdrew and then entered her again feeling her relax immediately once I pushed my dick against her tight ring, feeling it slip deep within her. One withdrawal to my tip and in until my balls rested on her ass cheeks. GAWD, I love anal sex!

"Fuck, Buck!" came her guttural groan. "Oh, my God, oh my God, oh my God! It's so deep, so hard! Oh, my God!" her voice rose to a scream. I continued to pound into her and she sobbed out her mounting feelings, thrashing her head, screaming as her orgasms washed over her again and again. The sound of this woman lost in a primal world of lust, giving voice to the feelings that were sweeping her, sent me right over the edge, and I came into that incredible ass, my own body straining in climax until I was totally drained and satiated. She was sobbing and nearly hysterical.

I pulled out seeing my cum dripping from her for a moment. Before I could grab a baby wipe, Darla moved my semi-soft dick to her mouth. She reached for me and got me in the right position facing to the side, and she started licking me off very slowly and carefully. Myrna made a quick series of jerks, her stomach bouncing up and down. I saw Krissy on her back between her legs getting whatever was running out and tonguing her clit.
"Sorry, I can't resist," she said before pulling Myrna's ass to her face, plunging it back down to get more. Mary was laying under Myrna's chest, hard at work, sucking or tweaking her nipples.

“I've never had a woman touch me sexually. I think the YUCK factor kept me from it. If this is what goes on here all the time, I think I found my home! Never in my whole life have I ever been involved in any kind of group sex.” Myrna whimpered
We all settled into a cuddle, Myrna on my chest and the others huddled on me like a big puppy pile.

"This feels so nice. It's been so long, I don't remember the last time I was with a man like this. I miss the closeness of a man, the smell of his cologne, hearing and feeling him breathing next to me." sighed Myrna
"I can relate to your feelings, except I've never been with a man." I grinned.
“Hardy har har har. I have to apologize for being such a bitch earlier. It's the office and the pressure I'm under, I let it carry over into real life. Not that I'm complaining, but why do all men want anal sex?”

“I like anal sex. I like it for a lot of reasons - it's taboo, it's tight, it's something few people, especially people my age ever experience. An ass is tighter than a pussy and the muscle control is already there. The girls started calling it the 'trouser snake of destruction', for some reason. Mary told me it was because I ruined it for women who'd only ever tried vaginal sex.

I reminded all - my standing rule- IF you were one of the live-ins, daily enemas when I was to be home and totally shaved beavers. I emphasized the shaved cunts because I hated the free dental floss.
“Just remember, girls that live together synchronize their periods. 'That time of the month' will be holy hell! I may need to park a travel trailer in the driveway."

"We're all family now"
I really thought of them that way and the same sentence applied to me as well. Admittedly it was a highly unusual 'family' with me as so called patriarch and the four women his enthusiastic lovers, but we all cared for each other and that's what really mattered. I knew I would do everything in my power to protect these women and keep them safe. They had all been through painful or traumatic pasts, but if I had anything to say about it, I'd would make sure that they would never have to experience such pain ever again.

Several months later, I got an eye opening surprise on Sunday...


“Buck, I've got a real favor to ask you, but I don't know how you're going to take it.”
“I'll never know unless you ask.”
“Well, the girls and I have been talking and this whole 'family' thing brings back some regrets of when I was married to Roger. He was rarely at home and when I brought up getting a family started, he said 'NO WAY, he'd get snipped first'.
“And... ?”
“Fuck it. I'll just say it and then you can tell me what a fool I am. I want a BABY! There, I said it. You can laugh now” she folded up crying.
I could see this meant a whole lot to Krissy, this wasn't just a passing daydream. I was quiet for a bit, thinking over myour choices here.

Drawing on what little experience I had with guys that knocked up their girlfriends in high school, I think I needed to contact a lawyer about responsibility, like support...etc. I held Krissy and told her I wasn't saying no, I just needed to wrap my head around it for a couple of days. She told me ok, she had to start her pills in the next seven days or wait out the month.

Speaking of talking to the girls, I did just that. How did they feel about it and why make it such a secret.
Mary was the first to speak; “She figured you'd laugh at the idea or laugh then RUN.”
“This is really beginning to be a sore spot with her. She's always wanted a child and the asswipe ex refused. So, Bucko, unless you agree to help her, she's gonna find a donor outside our group.” Karla added
“The three of us are more than ok with the deal. After all – we'd get to play Nanna.”
Myrna stayed out of the conversation due to being so new to the group.
“My ex never wanted kids, either. Childcare is no big deal. Work has a daycare for babies to sixth grade. The four of us can handle it at home. Between the five of us, we make plenty of money. Besides, YOU'RE gone four days a week. So, stud, step up to the plate and do your duty!”

Wow, not a lot of time to get this down to details. I called the union rep and he would get the union lawyer to meet me on the job tomorrow.

Needless to say, part of me was thrilled, the other part scared shitless. What if this tied me to this child for the next eighteen years? Not that I was trying to shirk anything, I'd just never had to worry about much more than myself. I loved my women dearly, but if I absolutely had to, I could walk away and restart a life.
The union lawyer met with me between work responsibilities and told me it was possible to draw up a binding pre-conception agreement that held me harmless of any responsibilities other than what I was willing to voluntarily extend. Somewhat nervously, I explained my living arrangement.
“You've got to be shitting me! Four women, you ALL live together. My friend, you're living the dream.”
He'd have several copies ready for me tomorrow.

I called home and told them we'd have a 'family' meeting Thursday night when I got home. The week seemed to drag out as Thursday finally got here. The five of us settled around the breakfast table and I passed out the agreements I'd gotten from the lawyer. No one found anything they objected to and all signed. Krissy was bouncing around with ants in her pants.

Krissy had all but begged me about sowing my seed to give her the child she'd always wanted and I was going to plant it as deeply within her as I could. That's what men do. I thinks it's nature's ingrained instinct to rut with any and all available females, but I was lucky have the chance to plant that seed inside someone I truly cared about. Krissy was trying hard to harvest that seed for her womb. Not all potential mother-to-be's are lucky enough to do that with their lover of choice. She wanted to be a mother and I was going to try my damnedest to make it so. A man and woman clinging to each other in that age old dance of procreation. She wanted a man on top of her, a man inside of her, a man possessing her. I had a woman arousing me that would inevitably bring me to a balls-emptying climax by the pure promise of her amazing body and what she wanted, ultimately from me.

In mere seconds Krissy had my pants open and my cock out, sucking it into her mouth eagerly, getting it wet, one hand cupping my balls. But she only sucked me for a few seconds, leaving heavy saliva along its length then turned away on her hands and knees, her ass and pussy pointing at him.
"Come on, Buck, stick it in me," Krissy begged, one hand under her body opening her pussy wide and a finger sliding in. "I'm so wet it's running down my legs."

Getting to my knees, I got behind Krissy, rubbing the head of my cock between her spread pussy lips, then pressing it into her slowly, not stopping until it had entirely disappeared in her pussy.
"Oh, god, Buck, fuck me, fuck me," Krissy moaned as I slid my cock in and out of her slowly, feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. I could not believe that I had my cock buried in Krissy's pussy so deep, I could feel it hit the back of her pussy. My dick had to be bumping against the mouth of her cervix. So good, and so amazingly tight, sooo wet. I could see her pussy lips clinging to my cock each time I pulled back, only to disappear along with my cock as I plunged back in.

Krissy and her husband must not have had sex all that much, and to top it off, Krissy was fanatical about using the gym. With a heavy rhythm going, I slammed my dick in and out of her pussy, smacking my belly against her ass each time I thrust deep into her. When I dumped this load, surely Krissy would get her wish to get pregnant. As we got our breath back, Krissy stayed on her knees, shoulders and head on the mattress. My baby juice was pooled around her cervix. She wanted to try to nap that way for a half hour or so. If once didn't cut it, we'd try till she took. Practice DOES make perfect. Still, this would be as unique an experience for me as pending motherhood would be to her. We fucked the entire three days I was off. Mary and Karla licking up any stray cum that leaked from her. Myrna wasn't all that into the girl-girl thing yet, but didn't shy away from being in the group watching.

I must have been more potent than I thought. One of those bouts had the desired results and Krissy missed her next period. You would have thought she won the lottery. We needed a bigger house or a bigger bed as me and four women had a chore crowding into one king-sized bed, especially one getting 'bigger' by the day. That brought up a whole new discussion. Myrna had been using the 3rd bedroom but now we would soon need a nursery. Mary owned the house and she talked about either selling it, or keeping it to lease out, thereby bringing in more money. I let the girls scout for a realtor.

Our town suffered a minor recession as a large manufacturing concern moved its plant closer to Mexico where labor was cheap. Those that weren't included in the move left for other jobs elsewhere. That left several dozens of houses vacant or up for sale. While I worked. The girls made the rounds, checking for size and location, settling on a four bedroom ranch style on the edge of town. Gone was our tiny yard that only took me an hour or less to mow – NOW, we had five acres... a riding lawn mower or fuck it, a TRACTOR was in my immediate future. No way did we NEED a five acre lawn. After a short meeting, it was decided a fence and a rider suited our needs. They'd use the rest of the yard as a pasture for a pony.

Gee, with the bigger house, the girls wanted to entertain more of their friends. I stuck to my guns about getting involved with married women, at least those still living with their husbands. I never knew who or how many would be staying the weekends. The damned place was turning into Grand Central Station. Lois, the daughter of Leeza Ann stopped in several times to add to her experiences. Her mode of dress changed and it was a new girl or rather, a young woman now, more confident in herself and her needs. The concept of shaving her pussy went over ok, once I explained the reasoning. Anal took a long weekend to get her accustomed to, but a few climaxes later, she was accepting. The girls told her if she did this regularly, she'd need nearly no foreplay to get penetration, but keep a tube of lube in her purse, just in case.

As I mentioned, the place was turning into more of a dormitory than a home. However, one woman bears mentioning.

Alesha Johnson:
Black woman, I'm mostly six feet tall and I had to look up to her at 6'-4” and built to fit her frame. Mocha skinned, I assumed she was of mixed race. If she volunteered, ok, but I'd never ask. Actually, this was only the second black woman I'd been with.

Without any hint of shyness, she peeled out of her dress and bra, laying back on the bed. I don't know doodly about bra sizes, but she had to be a 40FF or something. Her tits came in the room a minute before she did. Alesha’s areolas are the size of a silver dollar and her nipples are are as big around and as long as end of my index finger. She must use some sort of body oil after she bathes since I’m tasting coconut or something close to it as I lick and suck her breasts. I felt her shift and wiggle around before feeling her pull her panties off and note she’s trimmed down to a tiny landing strip of soft, straight hair. It’s different for me and I smile as I kiss my way down her body and come to her lower set of lips. I used my tongue to gently probe her folds and feel her body tense up from the sensation of me licking and exploring her deep cleft. I’m taking my time licking deep in her hole and sucking her clit in equal measure but when I begin flicking her clit she grabs my hair, nearly ripping it off my head with both hands and begins groaning loudly. I must have done something right as she let loose with her own body lube. Her labia, shiny and damp,announced that this lady was anxious for a good, long fucking.

“We're here to fuck, so let's get it on. I'm not on birth control, so please cum in
my mouth instead of my pussy.”
“I'm not going up against any stereotypes of whites having only short dicks, am I?”
“Honey, you can stir my pot anytime, don't be shy – I kinda like it rough.” That said, I pounded my cock into her, over and over, in total control as I pounded in and out of Alesha's willing and warm pussy. I could feel her heels pressed high onto my back, nearly squeezing the breath out of me as I rode her. Damn, this amazon could break a man in half!

The feelings were almost more than I could stand as I slammed my cock into her pussy over and over again. After almost 20 minutes of non-stop fucking, I finally felt my balls start to draw up, letting me know that the party was just about over. I thrust harder and deeper until I felt myself go over the edge, then pulling my cock from her pussy and crawled up her body until I was able to slide it into her open mouth. No sooner had she closed her mouth on me than I erupted, cum shooting from the bottom of my balls into her mouth. She moaned and clutched me closer to her, my entire cock disappearing into her mouth and throat as she drank me totally dry. Finally I stopped cumming and Alesha stopped sucking, letting my cock drop from her mouth.

“Ya know, most men I know won't go down on a woman, especially a black man.” she said
"A man should be just as willing to use his mouth on a woman as having it done to him. A man that is good with his mouth will have a lot of girlfriends."
Alesha laughed a little self-consciously at that, feeling a little thrill go through her groin at the thought. We lay cuddled in each other's arms and made small talk for a few minutes. Just looking at this statuesque woman made me hard.
Seeing my dick standing proud, she asked if I was ready to go again. Dumb question. I rolled on top of her and she put her legs around my calves and then put her arms around me as well and pulled me down into her. I lowered my mouth to hers and french kissed her as I began slowly moving again inside her, just barely thrusting in and out.

Alesha moaned softly into my mouth and held me tight with her ginormous, firm breasts pressed against my chest. Her hips moved slightly, then with more definition as I gently stroked in and out, grinding against her clit every few strokes. About a 30 seconds later, she squeezed her legs, hugged me tight and groaned softly as a small orgasm rippled through her. I slowly increased the speed and force of my thrusts, not going too hard or too fast. We kissed again, but then she was breathing too hard to hold any sustained kisses. After another dozen strokes, she thrust her hips up hard at me, arched her back and groaned as her pussy spasmed hard around me.
"I get the feeling you needed that," I said quietly.
"Oh God!. . . you have no idea . . ." she said. Where have I heard that before?
This time, we lay facing each other, getting our wind back.

“Tell me how this all works out, you fucking anyone they bring home. I'd never share a man, at least knowingly. Most of the guys I know probably have several girlfriends but I don't ask and they sure don't tell if they ever wanna come back.”
“I assume Mary or Karla approached you. I don't do married women and there are a few other criteria for you being here.”

“Nope. I'd been feeling horny and out of sorts the last few weeks and Myrna asked me what's wrong. That woman has majorly changed in the last couple of months. She was the terror of the office and a real bitch on wheels. Suddenly, she's Miss Mellow. We got to talking and I guess I unloaded on her, complaining none of the guys I dated seemed to care about me or my needs, just take me out for a meal or a couple of drinks, then try to fuck my pussy and leave.”
Her 'boyfriends' just weren't that interested in making sure she got hers. Alesha may have got off despite them, not because of them.
“Then you've been with the wrong type of guys. Too many think sex is all about them. You're not a cum bucket, you know.”

Ready to go again, I put her knees on her chest, settling down between her legs to lick her pussy and her tight asshole. Alesha looked at me curiously, but then her eyes slowly widened, and I could see the hamsters inside pedaling furiously as she started thinking it through.
It didn't take long for me to get the idea of how to turn Alesha on anally. In some ways it seemed little different than working her pussy over, searching for the G-spot, although I did need to take a bit more care to make sure I wasn't hurting her. Her own juices were running copiously down the crack of her ass. As I stroked and probed her ass with a couple of well lubed fingers, I began to tell her how she was enjoying it, how I planned on playing with her asshole the next time we were fucking. Alesha had look of total awe and surprise.

"You mean your boyfriends have ever tried your ass?" She nervously giggled and added. "Never, but I guess I'm willing to try with you... feels good so far.”
Her pussy and asshole are tilted up towards me while she stares at my face, her eyes like saucers with the shock of what I may do. I put the tip of my dick to her hot little nether hole and pushed it inside. She let out a gasp as I slid part way up in her. Fuck she was as tight and hot as I ever could imagined! I stopped and let her get used to the feeling and relax. I pushed further in her tight, hot asshole and made her groan as half of my length pushed up into her bowels.
"WAIT, WAIT” she moaned. “Let me get used to all this. It feels like I have a log in my ass.” I gave her a bit more time to get used to the intruder until I felt her ass relax.

“Oh my GOD that's starting to feel good! God help me, I didn't think I had a cherry left.” She moaned, as I started to fuck her with an increasing need to cum in her hot ass.
"Oh YEAH....UNnhhh Oh Yeah....FUCK ME!.....Give it to me Buck!!. Do it NOW!!"
I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them wide apart. I started pumping as hard and fast as I could, and watching Alesha's asshole swallow all of my cock.
"OH GOD!" she screamed, "OH FUCK! AHHHH GOD HELP ME!.......OHhhhh FUCK MEeeeee!" she yelled and pounded the bed with her fists.

"This is the time to play rough Buck, just keep going," she cried out through her tears.
I just kept going, and gave thanks that I'd already came twice, because, if I hadn't, I wouldn't last in her tight hole very long.
"That's it, darlin. All the way in. You took it all. Still hurts?"
"Some, but it's going away. Boy I feel SO DAMNED FULL though, it's very strange feeling, let me tell you."
After the first hard squirt she moaned out and I felt her rosebud tighten up around my throbbing cock as I kept blowing my jism just as far up in her bowels as I could.
"AHhhhhhhh AHhhhhhhh AhhhAHHH !" Alesha screamed, "Oh YEAH....oh yeah!..... Cum in Meeeee! Fill that ass!"
I tried to hold her at her at the top of her orgasm as long as possible before she relaxed and then went completely limp. I looked up at her face. She was not exactly out, but her eyes were rolled back in her head. I lay beside her and pulled her onto an arm.
“Damn! I told you I liked it rough. I fucking LOVED that!” as she cuddled up
Sleep claimed us both.

"Good morning, my sweet, sexy honey. You look good enough to eat....again."
"Wait until I pee first" as she rushed off to the bathroom down the hall.
We all gathered around the breakfast table. We'd gotten a bigger one since a bare minimum of five would normally be seated around it. The new one held eight. My ladies seemed pleased at the satisfied, 'just fucked' look on Alesha's face.

“How does a girl get to be here permanently? If last night was an indication of what I can expect all the time, I want in.”
“Let me ask you this” Mary said, “How do you feel about other women, sexually, I mean?”
“I didn't know you swung that way. I never figured you for being lesbians.” said Alesha
“Whatever made you think we were lez's? We all play together with or without Buck. He's the reason we're here but we do play with each other, even sometimes as a whole group. Is that an issue with you?”
“Honestly, I don't know. That's never crossed my mind, but a LOT of things hadn't appealed to me before either, she said grinning at me. That's something I'll have to think about. One thing – you need to keep this man under lock and key, he's a menace.”

“You know Krissy is pregnant. She's carrying Buck's baby by choice and soon, we'll all be Aunts.”
“Yeah, that's me – life support for a sperm bank. You always talk like I'm not in the damned room!” I quipped.
“Another thing I wanna put before this group. Allowing Alesha to join is the capper. I know a couple of the past ladies will want to come back on occasion, but that's it. I'm just spread about as thin as I can be” I said in all seriousness.

Something I worry about when I'm tired or a little depressed - we're going to outgrow each other-or, rather, that the girls are going to outgrow me, outnumber my ability to please them, dump me, and leave me just a pathetic shell of my former self, mourning my lost lovers and writing bad poetry. Add any more to our numbers and I think as a group, we're toast. They say awareness of a situation shows you aren’t insane, yeah fuck that shit. I feel like a bug staring at an oncoming windshield.

Despite my forebodings and my warning to the group, Krissy begged and begged to let her twenty-one year old sister join us. The ladies didn't seem to see the problem I did and invited her as a live-in. I told them this was the proverbial straw, I can't take it any more. Sadly, it was time, time to move on with my life and I quoted them a Dolly Parton song -
'You can tell the truth or you can lie. You can say I left you or I died. Say I'm in the Himalayas on some spiritual quest and could spend years 'lookin' for the light. Say I'm in the witness program with the F.B.I. Say a U.F.O. abducted me from home. Well, you can say what you chose, but I tell you the truth. You can say for sure I'm gone.'
A 'harem' or a polyamorous relationship can be fun... until it turns into work.


Trouble Down the Road

A continuation of my sexual life after High School and into adult life. True story, so don't make my mistakes.

© Hellraser 2015

I met Marge on a weekend assignment from my Army Reserve unit. We were 'volunteered' to work at a convalescent home to relieve the staff one weekend a month. Marge was the switchboard operator there.

To describe her, it's fair to say she was the spitting image of Cher, American Indian in heritage, but extremely fair skinned. Small breasted with a B cup, she was slim all over but drop dead gorgeous. Of course, all the guys in my unit were vying for her attention, but she only smiled and ignored them.

On a $10 bet, I was kinda pushed into making the moves on her and for some reason, she was receptive of them. [shoulda seen the handwriting on the wall, but more about that as I progress] Small talk led to me asking her how a PBX worked. She was only too glad to show me as this allowed her to take a break. I'd no sooner put on the headset when a group of the guys guided her down the hall to the break room. She wasn't ignoring them now.

After an hour long break, she came back and seemed happy to sit beside me and chat as I answered calls from family members inquiring about the patients there. I finally worked up the nerve and popped the question - would she like to go out that night. After getting her address, I let her take over the switchboard again as I went off to collect my wager.

I was still driving my '69 SuperBee and picked her up about 7 pm. We went to a nice restaurant, then off to a club to drink a little and dance. She kept asking about my family, where we lived, what my dad did and if my mother worked. She was especially interested in my ride, explaining she had a thing for muscle cars One thing led to another and after several drinks, she suggested we head back to her apartment. The night was looking up.

We'd no sooner closed the apartment door when she was all over me. Clothes flew off all the way into the bedroom. The woman was a sexual dynamo and extremely flexible and multi-orgasmic to boot. We played hide the salami the rest of the weekend after drill.

After dating a few weeks (I worked on the railroad and was frequently out of state), I paid a surprise visit, not bothering to call first. Imagine my surprise when a Mexican answered the door. This Mexican, a Louis Alvarez, informed me I was trespassing on his territory. I shoulda just washed my hands of it and walked away right then. No, instead, I dropkicked him in the nuts and threw him down a flight of stairs.

Marge, all this time, was watching from the door to her apartment. Can you say 'MAD!!'. I was livid and her only explanation was that Louis was a guy he used to date. Stupid, stupid me. I was already in love, or more likely, in lust with her and told her if I ever caught him over there again, we were through.

A few weeks later, everything calmed down and she was the perfect girlfriend. If there is truly a thing called Murphy's Law, it was saddled around my neck and I was too blind to see it. We dated, we drank, dance and fucked all the time we were together. As a couple of months passed, I took the plunge and asked her to marry me.

It took her maybe 15 seconds to make up her mind - NO! Asking her why, because she claimed to love me too, she explained she wasn't ready yet. Another weekend or two passed and she asked me when she got to meet my parents. Surprised, I thought things were looking up. We'd been to her hometown and I'd met her family.

The mother was nice, the younger sister, edible, looking like a walking fuck toy. Kat, the younger sister offered a cleavage shot whenever I looked her way and wasn't afraid to rub those D cups on my arm as she passed. Marge's next older sister, was a total dyke and also not afraid to make sure the world and I knew it. The oldest girl was married to a nice, gutless guy, but he had no backbone or opinions of his own. I think pussy-whipped is an applicable term here. Dad was another story entirely. 100% Indian, and very closed mouthed, barely spoke to me. Several weekends, we'd go to her home and eat Sunday roast beef.
The strangest part, [at this point] was each girl had a part in making dinner. One would take out the roast, thaw it and sear it in a pan. The next sister, would cut up the veggies and Marge would put it in the oven and start the timer.

I kinda thought this was a neat delegation of work, at least at the time, but the routine nor the chore for each ever changed. Dad seldom spoke directly to me. He did ask what my father did and was surprised he was a vice president of an oil company. Marge perked right up on that point. [another danger sign]

Another week or two passed and Marge reminded me of asking her to marry me. I was totally thrilled, but she wanted to meet my folks first. I should point out, that at this time, dad was taking a medical retirement, due to a terminal inoperable brain tumor. Marge spent 90% of our time there, talking to dad. My mother dragged me down the hall to tell me she thought Marge was a gold digger. [Something to be said for mother's intuition. I seldom agreed on anything she said as she made my dating years in high school a terror for whatever victim I brought home.] On the way back to the city, Marge said I passed the test.
"What test?"
"I had to make sure you weren't a bum. A lot of guys will lie about their families and make stuff up. I really like your home and your parents."
More than I could say for her's.

We waited a month to make the announcement and in the meantime, Marge showed me a side of her I hadn't seen before. A guy I had played in an old garage band with, Brad, was still a good friend of mine. His trouble was he was VERY shy around girls. Marge had taken on a roommate we'll call Betty.

I brought Brad with me on this given weekend. Marge was the first to suggest we play strip poker. The loser had to do whatever the winner suggested. We limited the time to the best of five games. Amazingly, Marge won, losing only her top and Brad lost bad, naked bad. Betty and I were pretty even with two wins apiece, but that took me down to my boxers and her to panties.

Marge's 'suggestion' was that Brad had to fuck Betty in front of us all. If there were a crack in the floor wide enough, Brad would've crawled in it and pulled it closed afterwards. Betty didn't seem too shocked at the whole deal and after some egging, Brad lay her down and did the deed. One thing led to another and Marge and I went at it. Brad was like a wild man after that. Betty asked Marge if I could do her and they'd just swap partners. Hell, at this point, who cares, so swap we did. The weekend progress and we took the action to our bedroom, each couple laying crossways on the double bed. This was all well and good, but two weeks later, I had a tremendous itching in my crotch, I wrote it off to heat rash until I got in the shower and a 'scab' crawled away. FUCK! Crabs!!

I got to a phone and called Marge to tell her the good news. First, she accused me of getting them off some skank on the road. I assured her that other than Betty, my dick hadn't been in another pussy besides hers. I left her with that little tidbit and finished the work week and my cure. Driving to her house, I noticed the absence of Betty. Marge explained she tossed her out. My dad, after hearing about MY case, told me to make sure all bedding was thoroughly washed.
At the time, I didn't know good old Louis had been back and HE was the carrier and Marge gave the crabs to Brad and I. I wasn't to find out about this until much later, after we were married.

The time for the wedding approached and trouble started on her end. It seems her dad felt that since my folks were well off, WE should pay for the entire wedding. I thought my mom was going to head to their town on her own scalping party. She kept trying to convince me NOT to marry Marge. [people do really stupid thing when they're in love]

The day of the wedding.........

My brother was my best man, my dad too sick to do much more than sit in the church pew. All my relatives were there, about 30 of them, waiting, waiting, waiting for Marge and family to show up. Two hours past our time, the minister said we'd have to move on as he had another wedding to perform and told us he was very sorry for our disappointment.

As we were getting in our cars, who decided to pull in? Big rush to get back inside and get it over with. Marge's dad had nothing to say to me, or my family in the way of apology, but her mother made up for it. We had a small reception at a Holiday Inn, then left on our honeymoon.

Dallas is a big city. There were lots of things to see and do. We hit Six Flags over Texas and spent a day acting like kids. Then, after nice meal, we took in some of the night spots. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for Marge, the Dallas Clothing Mart was being held at the fairgrounds. This is the place buyers from clothing chains come to buy next season's hot new looks. Marge went totally bugnuts. Buy me this, buy me'd think she had no clothes to wear.

Something I considered my 'real' job, I was bass player in a band with growing popularity. My dad, brother and I owned a truckstop, but other than pinching in when employees didn't show up, I couldn't work for my relatives. However, my share of the profits rolled in every month or otherwise, Marge would have broke me with her purchases. [This was also a big danger sign- she had no cares about spending money, whether we had it or not.] You know the old saying 'I can't be overdrawn, I still have checks'. That would apply to Marge.

Honeymoon over, we returned to my home town as that was where my railroad crew was based out of. Finding housing was a little tricky. We hosted a major air force base and housing was at a premium. Where we ended up was a new double wide trailer. No sooner had I moved all my furniture and appliances in [Marge owned none], we set up housekeeping

The next sign of trouble began with Marge's demand that she didn't get married to do housework or cook. Fuck it, I was better cook than her. I soon learned why the girls had the Sunday dinner chores - none of them could cook a meal alone. Mom never taught them. I begged, then demanded she get off her recently married ass and take our clothes to a laundromat and hang them the fuck up when she was done. Damned good thing my work clothes were jeans and a T-shirt or denim shirt when it was colder.
Add to this, Marge decided she really wasn't 'into' sex anymore. What? We'd been married less than a month! About this time, we got a call from Marge's sister Kat. It seems she couldn't get along with the restrictions her parents set for her, so she was leaving home. Could she stay with us?

Over any objection I had, Marge invited her to stay as long as she wanted, provided she got herself here. [little did I know at the time Marge had an ulterior motive for this]

Kat arrived with a couple of bags and we showed her to her bedroom. Even our double wide was nicer than her parent's home, but they'd lived there for 30 years. As soon as she was settled, Marge read her the riot act. Unless she could afford to pay rent, she was to do all the housework and help with the cooking. [more handwriting on the wall]. Kat had little choice but to dig in to all the chores Marge had let slide while I was away at work. I mentioned Kat was a total fuck toy and after moving in and settling, she began to wear less and less around the house. That never seemed to bother Marge one bit.

After a month of near slave-like conditions, Kat made a demand of her own.
"If I'm going to do all the work YOU should have been doing, I'm more of a wife to Buck than YOU are!"
"So, what's your point" said Marge.
"If I'm gonna act like the wife, then I get the wife's benefits too"
"Meaning what" I had to add?
"Meaning as long as I'm doing all the dirty work that lazy bitch pushes off on me, you're going to fuck my brains out whenever I feel the need."

Marge stared at her a little bit, then said "fine".
Kat grabbed me by the hand and off to the bedroom we went.
I told you all about Kat's big D cup tits, what I failed to mention is she is one of those women with a two inch gap at her crotch, not to mention she was slightly better looking than her married sister. A hard dick has no conscience, so I plowed her wet furrow until she wrapped her legs around my waist while her clutching pussy drained my balls, screaming as her orgasm hit her. Relief! I hadn't had sex in a few weeks and this really let off a lot of frustrations. I did make sure she was on birth control. How was Marge dealing with this?

Getting up nude with cum running down her legs, she marched back in to the living room where Marge sat.
"And another thing, I'm sleeping in bed with you two. If you don't like it, cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it!" She did and it was little uncomfortable bonking Kat while Marge snored away on the other side of her.

Marge had what I considered a serious problem with alcohol, especially beer. If she drove to the store, she bought minimal groceries but never failed to tote a case in the door. Shit! I have to work away from home all week, coming in Friday afternoon or night. What does she do while I'm gone? I asked Kat several times but she wouldn't really say until I came home about 1am one night and no Marge. I locked Kat's heels and demanded an answer.

"She goes out most nights but she's generally home by now or at least before midnight. I'm so sorry."
My answer was to pull Kat into the bedroom and fuck the living shit out of her. What a deal - a wife that doesn't act like one and a live-in mistress who did. When Marge finally showed, we had it out.
"What exactly do you expect me to do while you're away doing God knows what or who." She went on that she had no friends and Kat and her were at wits end with each other. It finally came down to me coming home to no wife so I was relegated to calling the bars to find her and order her home.

After six months or so, Kat met someone and moved away. Marge got surly because she still had no friends in my hometown. People that knew me would have nothing to do with her. The reason was all her. If she learned that I knew someone, especially if it was a female, she'd go out if her way to be hateful to them. Hell, this was my hometown. What had I been? A hermit?? I decided I needed to stay closer to home, so I quit the railroad and worked in our truckstop. I met a guy who applied for a job there and we hit it off. Getting the wives together, they seemed to get along great. All went well until we went to a cook out at his place and after a few beers for us and wine coolers for the girls, the 'fun' began. Out of the blue, Marge suggested we play strip poker. Surprisingly, the other wife thought it was a great idea, while us two bozo's tried to pull our jaws off the floor. I'll call my friend Dick and his wife Jane.

Jane and Marge trooped off to their bedroom and came out a short while later with so many layers of clothes, they could barely bend their arms.
"Ok, we see a stacked deck already, so here's the rules. For every hand you girls lose, you take off three items, while we remove only one. After a short discussion, it was play our way or not at all.

Eventually, the girls were bare-assed while we at least, had our boxers left.
"Now what?" said Marge
Dick took over and said it was best if we just called it an evening. On the ride home, Marge brought up the subject of wife swapping. It seemed Jane had no objection to sharing and I know Marge didn't.
"I didn't get married to sleep around." [base this on my redneck heritage- we marry for life. Kat was the exception to the rules.]
"You didn't have a problem sleeping with my sister."
"You could have spoke up at the beginning or at any time. It suited you to pass that off as another 'chore' you didn't have to bother with."

Of course, the other shoe fell in our wonderful relationship.
As I mentioned earlier, I had an extremely hard time working with my relatives, primarily, my brother. Because HE was older, managing the truckstop should automatically fall to HIM. Nevermind that I'd managed the damned thing for three years of high school and it was me that brought the availability to purchase it to my dad's attention.

I had the band and it was making me money, a LOT of share of a night's take was $500+. I had a nice car, good clothes and money to burn so I really didn't need the frustration OR the income from the family business. That all went into a private account.

Back to my problems with Marge. Taking her with me on a few occasions showed me she absolutely had no filters on her desire to 'mingle' with roadies, promoters or anything with a swinging dick. The answer to that was no more road trips with the band. She bitched and moaned that if I wanted her to stay home while I was on the bandstand or elsewhere, she had to have 'friends' around. It seemed one of her hidden friends was this Alvarez fella I had so graciously thrown out of her old apartment. It was my hometown and every person my age or near, knew me and liked me. It appeared that every time I went on a gig, it was party central at my house as soon as I was out of sight. My friends kept me appraised of the action.

Several things seemed to happen all at once - 1st, Marge demanded that we move to her hometown. Ok, it didn't matter to me. We had a tour bus to get us to our gigs. We'd been in our new house after moving just a few weeks when Marge laid the BIG bombshell on me....she was pregnant. Naturally, I was overjoyed.

During the interim time of our marriage, my dad died of his brain tumor. Rather than being really sympathetic, Marge seemed more interest in what part of his estate came to me. My mother caught wind of this and sat Marge down and told her as long as she was alive, I'd receive no part of the trust my dad had set up.

Eight and a half months passed very quickly. I was delighted to know we'd soon bring a Buck Jr. or Buckette into the world. Murphy must be laughing his ass off. Marge went into labor and we rushed her to the hospital. For whatever reason, the staff kept me in the waiting room while she delivered. The OBGYN came out and told me I had a new son. I wanted to see him but was told it would be a while before he was cleaned up and in a bassinet for viewing.

Imagine my surprise when I went to the widow of the nursery to see a blond-haired, blue eyed infant with my name on an ID bracelet. Let's see- I'm considered a 'dark' German [like a year-round tan] with brown hair, brown eyes, rather dark complected and she's full Indian. Genetics weren't my high suite, but even a clueless bass player knows things didn't add up.

We left the hospital and her mom was the only one willing to talk and all she did was apologize, not really saying what for, but she was soooo sorry. A few days later, Marge was released and I let her dad bring her home. Once there, I told him to hang around because he might have visitors at his home that day.

I squared off with Marge and first asked her how [even though I knew HOW], the why. I'd done everything for her possible, made excuses for her shortcomings as a wife and swallowed my gall when she traipsed off to whatever bar or party. Her dad was kind of a pipsqueak and when he objected to me talking to his 'baby' like this, he was going to stop me. After picking him up bodily and throwing him out the front door, I told him to wait in his truck - Marge would be out shortly.
Turning to Marge, I demanded again to know WHO fathered that child. By this time, I think she figured I was going to get violent, so she told me it was Louis Alvarez, that she'd been seeing him secretly for months. Hah! Bitch couldn't even do a realistic lie! Louis being Mex would have all MEX characteristics. Somehow, I couldn't see BLOND and BLUE-EYED in his family traits.

I might be a little slow to catch on, but my parents didn't raise a total idiot. Dad got to take Marge and the new baby home with him. I, on the other hand, called the family lawyer and had him file divorce proceedings.

Marge TRIED to hit me with child support, so I topped her by getting the paternity tests done. Judge ruled in my favor there. I also got all of our furniture and appliances since they were mine prior to the marriage, however, she got separate maintenance for 60 days. Dumb, dumb bitch. During that time, she went out and bought a house, new furniture and appliances and a new car - charging it all to me. Separate maintenance doesn't work that way. Of course, the bill collectors came to me demanding payment, but I all had to do was show the court order and the divorce papers.

Her next ploy, since child support blew up in her face was to sue for my trust. That went over big since it was irrevocable. She sued me for attorney fees, nope, no go there either. Strange - where was Louis all this time. A PI told me he slipped back to Mexico and his dad's protection. Try as I might, I never got her to tell me WHO the kid's 'father' was.

I really thought I'd heard the last from her until a little over a year later when I got a subpoena to appear in family court there in her hometown. Marge, it seemed had gotten pregnant again, this time with a little girl. Since Marge still maintained my last name, her daughter carried it too. Marge took me back to court demanding child support of 4K per month for this new daughter. She TRIED to refuse the blood test but the judge informed her the trial was on hold until she gave in.

Marge, the life support system for a cunt was totally up shit creek. Her lawyer kept pushing for extensions while racking up more fees, finally leaving Marge and her folks destitute paying for her stupidity. Every few years, she'd file another paternity suit based on my earnings. None of them even got off the ground once we were in front of the judge.

Marge and her drinking binges finally caught up to her. She'd gone to pick up the now fifteen year old son from ball practice while drunk and ran a stop sign. This resulted in her getting T-boned on the passenger side, killing the boy instantly. The bitch had the balls to try and sue me for the funeral and burial expenses. Shortly thereafter, she was indicted and charged with manslaughter and got 5 years.

Me? I'm a whole lot smarter now. I just pray the NEXT guy doesn't fall victim to her.

One of my friends back home commiserated about my 'marriage' and the subsequent divorce. All I could say was marriage was a great institution, but so are prisons and mental hospitals. He asked me if I'd ever try getting married again. I thought about it a couple of minutes and gave him my considered advice.
“If I ever THINK about getting married again, I'll find some bitch I absolutely can't stand, give her all my money and just walk away!”

I guess one of the new changes in my life was going to college. I enrolled in the local 4 year college and the only drawback was 32 hours of religion since this was a Methodist ministerial college. I graduated with a degree in biology after three years and had been accepted into UCLA and Tulane in their pre-med program. I was working in a local hospital as an intern for an orthopedic surgeon and a Urologist. The surgeon I did traction as the operation finished and follow up work until the traction came off. The Urologist had me doing catheterization and outpatient follow-ups in the ER.

The head nurse on night duty figured since I was male and wore a white uniform, I MUST be an orderly and she treated me as such. Long story short-I showed an RN WHERE to do an IV on a poor guy that had been the subject of botched IV's from the day nurses. I told the patient I wasn't a doctor but he allowed anything that would work and not cause him more pain or another hematoma. I had the nurse go to the hospital library and look up the procedure I'd described and she performed it. The night supervisor went ballistic and I was up before a hearing with the patient's doctor, hospital administrator and the head of nursing service. My overseeing doctors even showed up. No one could find fault with ANYTHING I'd done but the night supervisor threatened to quit if they took no action against me....guess who got the axe?


Time spent recalling my younger years
This is a long story and it is as true as my memory serves. If you’re looking for a quick one-off, skip this one.
Things actually took place and I’ve changed or omitted the names of other people not directly involved with our continued time together.


I had always been sexually active growing up and nothing changed as I grew older and supposedly wiser. If anything, I got more imaginative. This brings us to this place in time:

My hometown had just too many bad memories for me, so I took up another line of work.

I met Jill as a trucker. Pulling into a truckstop in Los Angeles, I sat behind the wheel thinking how boring a night on the lot would be. Thinking of the possibilities, I dollied down my trailer and prepared to bob tail into the city and try to find a club with some action. I’ll cut to the chase here and tell you I found an attractive woman sitting by herself, nursing a drink. One thing led to another – dancing, drinking and she finally got around to asking me what I did for a living. When I told her I was a trucker, she became intrigued. When I mentioned my truck was in the parking lot, she immediately wanted to see it.

I unlocked the door and had to help her up into the cab. I should mention that Jill was a rather tiny little woman, just at 5’ tall, slender, with small, firm little breasts, and a waist I could circle easily with two hands. Once in the truck, she noticed the sleeper. '85 fully customed KW AntEater, I’d had this truck made to my personal specs. Queen-sized bed, clothes closets, sink, microwave, color TV and a dynamite stereo system, not to mention blue mood lights around the ceiling.

Jill walked back to the bed and sat down, then patted the mattress beside her. I didn’t need a written invitation by that point. In about a minute, we were both nude and exploring each other’s body. With me still sitting, Jill swung a leg over my thighs and straddled me with her arms around my neck. As I played with her tight little breasts, she reached down and guided me into her sopping cunt, sliding closer to my groin to get as much of me into her as possible. At slightly less than 7”, I’m not a huge guy, with my penis being only a little over an inch & 1/2 thick, but a guy uses what one has….
Jill started hunching away as I tongued her erect little nipples. Part of my mind was surprised that each of her nipples were slightly larger than a dime, with her hard points only barely larger than my own. It was hard to suck the nipples themselves due to their size, so I pulled as much of her breast into my mouth as I could, keeping my tongue busy on the stiff little point.

Jill’s eyes were nearly rolled back into her head, lots of white showing. She pulled back and asked me if I had a towel handy. I thought it was a strange time to be asking that. I was gentleman enough to always offer warm, wet washrag after the deed, never before the culmination. I told her sure, and with her still impaled on me, I reached into the little cubbyhole beside the sink and grabbed a hand towel.

“Do you want me to wet it” I asked?
“No, put it under you when you sit back down. I think we’re going to make a mess.”
Hmm, I’d had women who creamed copiously as they got excited, but other than running down their ass, no big deal. Oh well, she was running the show.

Jill started making mewling noises and her bouncing and grinding became more pronounced when suddenly she leaned back, pushing herself onto me to the point of actually bruising my pubic bone. Stiff, like she’d gone into rigor mortis, she came….and cum she did. My entire crotch and the towel under me was soaked. Jill was a rainmaker, a woman that squirted when she came. In all my adventures, I’d heard of them but had never ran across a real one. When she’d finally showed some signs of life, her arms went back around my neck and she kissed me like her tongue would either go down my throat or punch through the back of my neck.

I did eventually get her the wet washrag and I think this impressed her somewhat. Strangely, she really didn’t want to lie down on the bed, but asked if it was ok to just sit up front in my air-cushioned seats in the nude. Damn, an exhibitionist streak to boot. BONUS! We talked about where we were from. Talk about coincidence. We were both from the same city north of here, me here on a run and her down for a banking conference. True – Jill was a bank VP here for a week long conference but due to head back north in two days. We made plans to just head for the truckstop where she planned to spend the night with me. After making love to her tight, diminutive body several times through the wee hours, she never failed to squirt about a cup of liquid every time she came. To myself, I was thinking to hit Walmart for some plastic shower curtains….anything long term with this woman would make my laundry bill go through the roof.

We spent most of her remaining off time together, getting to know one another and planning to meet up at home. A week later, I parked the truck in a truckstop at home and planned to spend the next couple of weeks getting to know this little lady.

Before buying a truck, I’d been a SCUBA instructor for many years. The agency I certified for kept trying to get me to take a management job at one of the many franchises, especially along the California coast. The owner of the shop I'd certified through was very sorry to see me go. I had a satellite shop in the rear of a family business and set sales records for the entire certifying organization. [A whole different story, not needed to do more than mention here] After listening to my answering machine, one offer definitely caught my attention. About half again more than I made as a trucker, all expense paid trips out of the country at least every 6 months and weekends at the beach with my classes. I would have no trouble getting rid my year old Kenworth conventional.

Meeting up with Jill, we had dinner at a nice restaurant and I sprung my plan on her. Taking it all in, she was quiet for a bit, then looking me in the eyes, she asked “Shall we just move in together?” I hadn’t actually planned that far ahead, but the thought appealed to me.
“Sure. We seem to get along great and I suppose we can acclimate to each other as we go.”

The next few day were a flurry of moving, calling the dive shop, arranging a meeting with the owner to hammer out a contract we could both live with. I had a reputation with the agency of being a top salesman and had run retail businesses in the past. We met, agreed on the terms and sent it to a lawyer for finalization. Jill was thrilled she had a live-in lover but something kind of dug at her mood at times.

During the exploratory time early in the relationship, I couldn’t help but notice that something troubled her. I asked, several times. Eventually, she sank into kind of a depression. She had a past and possibly a secret that weighed on her mind. I took her hands in mine and told her there was nothing she could have done before that would make me care for her any less. This led to a bawling, sobbing tale of her childhood.

Growing up, it seems her mother was divorced with a nine, ten and eleven year old at home, very little money and mom working 2 jobs to keep a roof over their heads. Her mother had made a deal with her brother and his wife to watch the kids in the evenings. Their end was, they were only willing to take one child per night and the other two would have to either go to an evening daycare or find a neighbor to watch them. Jill kind of clammed up at this point. A rough situation to grow up in, but not exactly terrible. Coaxing her on, she finally admitted that her uncle and aunt had initiated her into sex at age nine. At that tender age, she’d not only had full penetration, learned to deep throat, ate pussy and had her own licked but was also introduced to the family dog. Quite a load for a nine year old, and to make matters worse, her relatives made her feel like it was all her fault. They told her if anyone, anyone at all found out, she’d be put in a foster home and her mom would end up in prison.

Jill would be a wild woman for about 10 months at a pop, then go into these depressions again for a few weeks. Hard to live with but I eventually learned to read her moods. Actually, I got the hint after having my hand and arm nearly ripped off and beaten about the head and shoulders with it. After confessing her sexual awakening, Jill became a wild woman – always wanting a bigger high, so together, we sought out wilder ways to satisfy each of us. We read an ad in the LA Times about a swing club out near Huntington Beach.

Calling, we made an appointment for a ‘personal’ interview. Hmm, did they want to see the goods before they took our money? I’d never been auditioned for sex before. Getting there on a Friday afternoon, we were shown into a nice office by the man of the house and given long forms to fill out - questionnaires asking about our sexual history, preferences and/or any kink we were into. Next came a release form, holding the club harmless in case of a civil dispute or diseases we might be exposed to. Next, what later turned out to be the guy’s wife came into the room and asked me to join her in the other room. Once there, she asked me to disrobe as she did the same. Nude, she stepped into me and ran her hands over my chest until she reached my erect penis. She slowly stroked it and asked if my wife got jealous or if I were jealous of her with other men.

At this point I corrected her thinking, telling her we were just living together, and no, neither of us had a problem that I was aware of. She asked me if I’d ever been aids tested and I told her yes, fairly regularly. She went on to ask if it would bother me to make love while others were present, because a few members like to watch as or before they chose a playmate. Again, I told her no, I had no problems with public sex provided the setting was discreet. Holding my by my stiff dick, she led me through another door where Jill was writhing on top of her husband. The woman looked at me and said “Shall we?”
Watching Jill ride this guys fat dick excited the crap out of me and I pulled our host’s wife down into the same position as Jill. The woman guided me into me dripping pussy and started slowly moving up and down. Soon, she leaned over my chest to ask me if I liked oral and anal or just plain vanilla sex.. Playing with her taut nipples, I whispered that although I liked getting head, I seldom climaxed from it. As for anal sex….bring on the lube!

I also explained to her that I got a tremendous high from fucking in any style and didn’t always climax from it. She thought that was strange, but I told her my reasoning- I get totally involved in the penetration, feeling a woman’s vagina or rectum squeezing my hard dick, but part of my brain tells me when I get my nut, it’s all over for a while. As it is, I can go as much as an hour without cumming and after a physical rest of a few minutes, am ready for another bout.

“Marvelous!” she exclaimed, “So you’re all about the woman’s pleasure then?”
“My old daddy told me Son, take care of the woman and somewhere along the way, you’ll get taken care of too, and the lady will always ask you back.” I’ve lived by those words since puberty.

The woman ground herself hard on my pubic bone, rubbing her clit as she did. Her breath came in short gasps and she stiffened. I could feel her cunt rippling and milking my dick as her climax passed. She lay down on my chest, still impaled on my hard dick.
Jill had ridden this woman’s husband to its inevitable conclusion and both were wiping up the mess with a towel. The lady I had been with asked to excuse them so Jill and I went back into the interview room. Shortly , both came out and welcomed us both to the club. The manager asked if either of us had a problem watching the other make love to a stranger. We both laughed, saying why else would we join a swing club if it weren’t for strangers –strange pussy and strange dick? The pair just smiled and asked us if we were up for anything.

“Define anything” I asked?
The man spoke first saying Jill was a remarkably avid and demonstrative lover and he thought their members would enjoy the time spent with her. Jill was beaming by this time. The guy’s wife spoke up and said the women in the club were in for a treat being with me, as I had no hang-ups about sex in any way. They both looked at each other, then the man spoke:
“Would you, as a couple, like to help us with new member applicants? Many come in, mostly men with their wives and the man is all bullshit about ‘yeah, we talked it over and we want something to spice up our life’. Generally, the hubby talks/coerces the wife into going along with the idea then one of two things usually happen. The wife goes bug-nuts seeing her hubby balls deep in another woman or the hubby goes green with jealousy. Either thinking the other may have found a replacement for them.

What we’d like you to do is chat with them as a couple, then feel them out, find out what their real motivations are. If it looks like one is pushing the other to do it, it’ll never work out and the last thing we need is a domestic quarrel in the middle of mass love making, don’t you agree?”

I could see that very thing happening, so after talking quietly to Jill, I told them yes, we’d be happy to chaperon the noobs. Our first club meeting was on the following Friday night and our hosts took us to the side and explained a few details they hadn’t mentioned in the interview and we’d had no clue to ask about.

“What we forgot was that every Friday and Saturday night we have a catered meal. Everyone is to remain clothed until the caterers leave. Eating is confined to the meeting room, which is more or less a huge pit in the middle of the house. Once people are seated and eating, I make club announcements. Afterwards, I also remind everyone to use the lockers in the long haul. Smoking is allowed, as long as people use the ashtrays. By the way, most often there are 90 to 120 couples here each weekend, so variety is just about boundless. New couples come with members they may or may not have partied with, so your job is to vet these noobs like we spoke about earlier. If they pass your criteria, escort them into the club, otherwise, notify one of us and we’ll gather their hosts and tell them the new people just aren’t ready for this.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear…NO DRINKING, NO DOPE. If you see or suspect someone is under the influence, tell us and they are history. It’s not hard for you to imagine the hassles and the trouble involved with members that are loaded. We run a quiet house and want to keep it that way.” Wow! I was impressed. This was not your typical orgy. Jill and I couldn’t wait to get started. Suffice to say, we both saw or participated in about anything two or more people could do together. If you can imagine sex without any sort of violence or jealousy, this was the place to be.

I do have to mention that a few times I had to play bouncer in regards to Jill. She was so small and diminutive many of the LARGE men there like to toss her around like a doll. Usually, a word and they'd back off, however in one case a German visitor with an absolutely HUGE [read 12” and thick as my forearm] decided she was going to deep throat him. She tried but could only get a few inches inside her small mouth. When I came upon them, the man had both hands around her head forcing more into her gullet without the need of her breathing. I pulled at his hands to free her and he batted me to the side. Wrong move on his part. I slapped my hands over both his ears, rupturing his eardrums. I got Jill conscious again and the owner and I tossed the dude out the door, sans clothes. His sponsor followed shortly after him.
Amazingly, Jill thought the initial part of the blow job was a rush and after getting herself together, was ready to entertain the troops, ALL the troops.

Time to move along. Jill was still on again / off again in the sex department and if I had to hazard a guess, I think she was bipolar. Sadly, if you want to call it that, I was the only person who knew her secret...for a few more months.

We’d received an invitation to Jill’s stepsister’s wedding. The couple decided on an open air affair in San Diego, followed by a reception on a huge paddle wheeler. Jill’s older brother and sister attended also and Jill was in one of her depressions, RIGHT after seeing her aunt and uncle walk by. I’m a people watcher by habit and I watched the sister and brother closely as they also noticed the relatives. Both faces went through an array of emotions, mostly fear and then anger. I leaned over to Jill and told her I think her secret could very possibly be her siblings’ also. She just shivered and started crying. Noticing this, her brother and sister got very concerned. Deciding Jill would never broach the subject, I launched right into it.

“Neither of you has to give me a yes or no answer, but how many years did your aunt and uncle molest you?” Even out in the park as we were, you could have heard a pin drop. Big sister looked at big brother and started crying and in a few minutes, both were hugging Jill and each other.

“I thought I was the only one” said the brother.

“They both told me I was the special one and it was a big dark secret that they’d never tell mom what a nasty girl I was.”

Jill got a really mean look and stood up.
“What do you have in mind, hon?” I said
“This is something mom needs to know. She thinks the sun rises and sets in both their asses” and off she marched in search of her mother, the other three of us close behind. Her mom liked me, probably considered me son-in-law material but this wasn’t my story to tell, so I hung back, just in hearing range when they confronted her.

Their mother asked a few questions of each in a tight voice then stomped off in search of her brother and his wife. We later learned she confronted them right in front of ALL the wedding guests, and of course, they denied everything. However, Jill’s mom also told them there were now three witnesses to their little act. Go and never come around any of her family again or she’d go to the cops. I quietly suggested the the siblings that they seek some professional help.

A year later, we’d moved into a duplex and life was back to the old sexual roller coaster again. However, her fits of depression seemed to last longer as time went by. One afternoon, Jill was in her ON mood and I was eating her pussy for all I was worth. I knew she liked to have me lick her from asshole to clit, as this gave her the maximum feeling. I might mention we’d never tried anal sex to this point. 69 and vaginal sex was plenty. Jill gasped out that she needed something more – she wanted to be filled up. Not wanting to lose my source of pussy nectar, I slid a couple of fingers into her hot hole while nibbling on her clit.
“More, I need more….please!”

Being the considerate lover I am, I slid two more fingers into her slick cunt. She started hunching on my fingers, absolutely lathered up, so I bent my thumb into my palm. POP! My whole hand disappeared into her pussy. I unclenched and clenched my fist inside her, only pulling back and pushing in a couple of inches. Jill’s head was rolling from side to side and she was babbling in some tongue known only to her. Jill rolled over on her hands and knees and I started to withdraw my hand.
“No! Don’t you fucking take it out!!” Ok, I could do that – this was her rodeo, after all.
She rocked back on her knees, driving my fist further inside her and nearly breaking my wrist in the process. Struggling, she got to her feet and told me to put my elbow on the bed. Once in position, she squatted onto my hand, impaling herself to depths I thought would permanently damage her.

During normal sex, she was tight, deliciously so, but I’d seen her take 12 inch dicks as easily as she’d taken mine. But still, I was concerned. After possibly two or three minutes of her squatting, she came like a fire hydrant, covering me and the sheets with her cum. She stood up and eased herself off my hand.

By this time, I was rock hard and ready to rumble as Jill lay on the cum soaked bed on her stomach. I pushed a couple of fingers inside her wet pussy only to find it stretched to the point I would barely feel I was inside her. A thought struck me – she had another hole and one I’d never tried. Scooping her thick juices off the inside of her thighs, I rubbed it around her puckered little ring. Surprisingly, it was very soft and partly open, likely due to the intense climax she’d just survived. One finger, then two…all the way to my hand. If she could do this without pain, then I planned to plow her bowels.

As I said earlier, I’m long but somewhat thin for my length. I slid into her like it was a custom made glove, just for me. After about a dozen slow strokes, from the tip of my dick right down to the balls, she rocked back on her elbows and knees, head down on the pillow. After a few dozen more, she started rocking backwards to meet my thrusts. Within a minute, she reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pulled them wide apart, allowing me nearly another inch to put inside her warm channel. I let Jill do all the slamming, hanging onto her lower back when suddenly, she came. In all the time we’d been together, I’d never actually watched her pussy as she came. Now, all I had to do was rock back and watch it jet from her cunt. If I didn’t know better, I could have visualized she was peeing, instead of cumming.

We could never reconcile her on again- off again moods. I got really tired of the arguments and frustration. It finally led to a complete breakup and I moved out of state, taking another SCUBA management job.

26-Pacific NW

Hellraser 2014 All Rights Reserved
This is a true story. I am not serial gigolo, so mail directed to those ends will be universally disregarded. As it is, I was amazed at the details of my life I remembered – although as I remembered chronologically, more details came to the fore. Alas, my writer’s cramp has writer’s cramp.

The big move.....

Ah, the Pacific North West. Trees, clear, clean water everywhere. I sold my small car in favor of a Mitsubishi pickup with a set-in camper. The camper was nice with a queen pull-out bed over the cab and a kind of cramped double bed the dinette made into. I had a double burner cook top with oven, ten gallon water and holding tank and a evaporator A/C on the roof. I loaded my dive gear, TV , stereo and clothes and headed north. The drive was looong and my overloaded truck had a few issues getting over some of the mountains. Eleven hundred miles later, I pulled up behind the SCUBA shop. I knew where it was located because of hauling loads to this town. My last phone conversation with the owner of the new shop had an extension cord played out under the locked back door. A little rearranging and I could get to my bed over the cab. I awoke to someone beating on the camper door. Wow, a large coffee and a bag of doughnuts and the bosses wife awaited me as I put on some pants and stepped out of my camper.

Wide awake now, I was told I needed to fill out some forms inside and familiarize myself to the class schedule. After a couple of hours getting the 'lay of the land'. I was given a city map with his house circled and told to go unload my stuff in his garage as I'd be living with his family until I found a place of my own. The idea of a real bed was very tempting. After meeting his wife, she unlocked the garage and gave me a key to both the house and the storage and told to get unloaded and back to the shop because I had a class to take on their open water checkout dives late this afternoon.

I hit a MickeyD's on the way back and across the street was a small grocery. I bought pop, a couple of six packs of MGD, some hotdogs, mayo and buns. I had been informed earlier in a phone call that the previous instructor had stolen from the til and was thought to have went thru handbags and wallet... not good for business. Arriving at the shop, the class was there waiting for me, being outfitted for rental equipment. As a way of casual conversation and a little brain-picking, I went through the group asking questions concerning diving and safety.

The owner gave me another strip map showing how to get to the lake we'd be using. All I could relate to that were the lakes in Oklahoma...mudholes covering hundreds to thousands of acres. Great! Was I gonna need a rope to tie these people together so I didn't lose one or three? We caravaned to the lake and imagine my surprise – the lake clear as bathtub water. I sat everyone down and went over what was expected of them the finish their instruction. Once all questions and answers passed I had them suit up. I'm used to California diving, in that offshore, the water is never truly warm. My choice of gear is a dry suit. The class used rental wetsuits. Buddying everyone up, I got the class in the water and all of us down to thirty feet. I did my thing and they did theirs and the whole class was thrilled they'd all passed. Signing off their cards was a pleasure.

The parking lot where we entered the water had electrical hookups for $3 per night and I made note of that. It seems this lake is the closest CLEAR lake around with public access and the class told me they'd be out on the weekend to get their 'gills'. Well, invite or not, I knew I was intruding on my boss's family life, so I made a plan to come back here Friday through Sunday. I found an old codger in a trailer near the boat dock to reserve a space and paid in advance.

Back at the shop, I asked the owner if he was happy with his sales volume. Sadly to say, he admitted it was hard filling classes and harder to make sales. The was a 'surplus' store three blocks down the street that sold off-brand scuba equipment for a fraction of what he sold the on high end, quality stuff for. I took him around his own shop and showed him how this was a 'typical' dive shop... no merchandising and stuff haphazardly placed where ever it would hang or lay. Shelves were dusty, carpet vacuumed only when crap large enough to trip over were present. There were a FEW regular customers, mostly just came in to shoot the breeze.

One was a fairly well-to-do building contractor. He and his wife reserved a space of every dive trip out of the country. I invited him across the street to an I-Hop for coffee. I needed to pick his brains about the owner. After years of low sales and only scattered classes, he just lost interest. He also had a low popularity rating with the other divers in town because he was a 'screw you before you can screw me' type of guy. I began to wonder HOW he could continue to pay me the salary and commission I had in my contract. It was either be proactive or unemployed in the long run. My first chore was to get that shop looking as good as I could make it, given what I had to work with. [I'm tired of 'owner', let's just call him Jay or 'J'.]

J's wife came in and I got Jay to go back to I-HOP with me again and we had a heart-to-heart. He was aware of my sales history and it was the primary reason he'd begged me to come North. Ok, change of plans. This was going to be a 'come to Jesus' talk. I reminded him of the princely salary and commission he agreed to pay me [$250/wk and 9% sales commission plus $50/student] and the only way he'd be able to meet that was to make some drastic changes. He'd agree to the changes or I was gone. You'da thought I killed his puppy. He explained he was paying his bills and I asked if he could get a line of credit. He'd have to talk that over with his wife, the book keeper. I told him to hash it over and get back to me the first of the week.

Friday afternoon slowly rolled around and most of the last graduating class was in to rent gear for the weekend. I told them that before they even thought of buying equipment anywhere else, to give me a month to change their minds. Decked out, off to the lake we went. I set up my camper in a designated spot and pulled out om 50' extension cord and got the fridge and A/C doing their thing. The crew had a blast and as the sun set, they began to head back to town except for one lady. She hung around my camper until after dark so I pulled out another folding chair for her. I mentioned I used a dry suit previously, what I didn't mention is you got HOT in it.
I was the only camper in attendance, so I told Madoline, the hanger-on that I was going to take a dip in the lake to cool off and smell better. I walked down the beach until the camper was out of sight. I dropped my towel and dove in, washing my hair as best I could and scrubbing my balls, ass and pits.

I walked out of the water and who stood there but Madoline, holding my towel.
“Let's get you dried off and make something to eat. I'm starving.”
I was shocked in a way because she paid little or no attention to me other than list to my instructions during their dive. She was still in her conservative 2-piece swimsuit. Now to explain...I have a cardinal rule – no perving the students WHILE they're students. Once certified, not my responsibility and fair game.

She moved up in my personal space and started drying me, pay way close attention to my naughty bits. She took my hand and led me to my camper. She opened this dance so what the hell, dropped the towel and opened the camper. Once inside I turned on the 110v interior lights. Her eyes kinda glazed over. I got out my portable grill and made hot dogs. I had to apologize for the lack of condiments – I rarely eat vegetables. We ate and I tossed the paper plates and settled in my beach chair. She eyed me a minute and curled up in my lap and put her head under my chin. Not wanting any misunderstanding, I asked; “What's going on and why are you doing this?”

“You remind me of someone. I have to be near you and I can't believe I'm doing this either.”
“I'm staying the weekend, where are you staying?”
“Is that bed big enough for two?”
“Well, one wide and two high, nearly anything will fit.“

With that, we went into the camper and turned on the A/C. Looking me dead in the eye, she peeled off the 2-piece she was wearing. Not bad, not great, but I could see a couple of drawbacks. Small breasted with tiny hard nipples, she stood there like she was looking for acceptance or permission. Then I took a good look. Her mound had a serious foliage problem, not growing terribly high on her flat stomach but THICK. Her bush totally hid the lips of her pussy. Glancing up, I noticed her areolas had sparse hair growing around the perimeters. I had never run across such a hirsute woman in my life. The pussy I could deal with but the nipples kinda turned me off. I'd mention that I preferred bald beavers in the past because I hated the free dental floss. How do I explain this? It obviously never occurred to her at all.

Her actions were like she was waiting for me to tell her what to do or make a command.
“I'm going to be here all weekend. Come back when you've removed ALL the foliage.”
I was preparing to duck and cover but she slumped, not out of disappointment but more like she'd just climaxed.
“You promise you'll be here? I'll bring back more beer and groceries. Do you drink the hard stuff?”
“Well, I like my Chevas and 7.” Another shudder ran through her.
“I'll be back first thing. Shall I get the tanks refilled?”
“That'd be great.”
She bellied up to me and laid a smoldering kiss on me.

The next morning as I'd polished off breakfast, she came back driving a Mercedes 300D instead of the Toyota she drove yesterday. I'd shaved, used my deodorant and splashed on a little English Leather Musk. She popped out of the car in a smaller swimsuit and started grabbing grocery sacks. It took only a few minutes to store two days worth of vittles and start the beer cooling in the ice chest. I turned around to notice she'd stripped off her suit and stood the bald as a ten year old.
“Does this suit you? I even shaved my ASS!” like this was a once in a lifetime thing.
“Darlin, you look good enough to eat.” She nearly fell over.
“Say that again.”
“Say what? You look good enough to eat?”
“Call me your darlin again.” Ok, no big deal,
“Darlin, come over her and sit on my lap and give me some lovin'.”

She did nearly stumble to the floor as her knees gave way although she made her way to the dinette where I sat. She stood before she sat and her lower lips were awash and running down the inside of her thighs. DAAAYAAAM! This woman must have a hair trigger. Madoline curled up in my lap like a little child, rubbing her hand up and down my neck and chest. This woman was thirty years old according to her class info and here she was cuddling like a three year old. Anyway, her cuddling was having the desired affect on my plumbing.
“Baby, there's a lot more room up above, just watch your head.”
Like a shot, she was off me and on the queen bed, flat on her back, knees spread, and imploring me with both hands to cover her.

I started slow, kissing her lips and neck and working my way down her chest. Instead of going right to her nipples, I licked around them, watching them crinkle up and stiffen. Her breathing increased as I played with her chest. Taking a hard nipple in my mouth, I sucked.
“Bite it! Oh God pleeease bite harder” She asked, I bit. The harder I bit, the harder she pulled me into her chest. I was afraid my teeth would meet any minute, so I pulled back. Her pelvis bumped up and down and she grabbed her own nipples and twisted them so hard, it hurt me to watch.

I let her do her own thing to her nipples. I wasn't going to be the one destroying them. Tonguing my way down her stomach, I came to the freshly denuded mound of her dribbling honeypot. Not even a trace of stubble – must have used chemicals to defoliate. Her clit was already distended. It looked more like a small penis than a clit – ¾ inch long and big around as the end of my little finger. Latching on I gave it a tug and a hard suck. She screamed like I was disemboweling her. Her pelvis came off the bed and pussy juice squirted everywhere. Getting between her wide open knees, I licked downward, finding the entrance to her canal. Putting my tongue as far inside as I could stretch it, another scream came forth and she covered my face with her cum.

I grabbed her knees and folded them back beside her ears, opening her entire playground for business. Sure enough, she'd even got rid of the hair in her crack and around her brown ring. Too good to pass up, my tongue circled her crinkled pucker. It opened and closed like it was trying to breath. Her asshole certainly had no problem latching onto my tongue when I eventually pushed it into her ass. Again, her hips nearly broke my nose as they shot skyward and pussy juice went everywhere. I hadn't even fucked her yet. I crawled up beside her and held her close as a few tears rolled down her cheeks

“Oh God, what are you doing to me?” she cried.
“Well, just priming the pimp, darlin. You ok so far?”
“I'll be a lot better when you get that dick in me and I mean BOTH holes. Baby me later. Right now I want you to pound me into the mattress, Daddy! I'm on the pill so you can do me all you want. DO ME NOW!!“
It's good to be me. Oh wait...Daddy??

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, who cares what pet names she had for me. She wanted pounded, I can do that. I pounded her sexy, bare pussy through three orgasms then flipped her over and buried my dick in her ass for two more. She never once quit screaming and I was damned glad we were the only people camping. Once she got her wind back, she pulled my head to her chest and threw a leg over mine. She stroked my hair for a bit, then asked me if she could make me a drink, as she'd like one too. “Chevas and Seven for me, otherwise, help yourself.”

Madoline made up the dinette like a couch then made our drinks. She motioned me down to brace up in a corner, then curled up in my lap like a little girl. Damned good thing she was on the tiny side, four foot something and prolly weighed 95 pounds IN her dive gear. Hard to believe but she ASKED me to light up a cigarette. A smoke after sex was fine by me. If we'd have looked fifteen minutes ago, something else would have been smoking.

Madoline wanted to know all about me, where I'd lived, medical school and my time in the service and where I'd been stationed. There was only so much I was allowed to tell her. She turned her face up and looked into my eyes saying; “You're just like him. I miss him so much.”
“Miss who, darlin?”
“My Daddy. But you can be my new one. You both drink the same thing, he smoked, you smoke and you make love just like...” She suddenly shut up.

“Baby doll, you need to tell me the whole story, I think.”

“My Daddy has been my first and only lover since I was twelve years old. He died in Viet Nam in '68. Now you're here and you are just like him and I want to be your little darlin again. Please Daddy, I love you so much! Daddy used to pull on my nipples until I cried, then I learned to love it. He took my ass first because I was so small and late developing. I learned to love everything he did to me” I held her until her crying stopped.
Madoline sat up;”Now, I am aware you're NOT him. exactly, but I'll love you just like I did him if you'll just let me. Everything about you just screams he's come back to me.”
How do you respond to something like that? Woman has a great job as a stock broker, plenty of money, responsive body, but SHE'S A FUCKING PSYCHO!! Somehow, I could visualize Glen Close and a Fatal Attraction situation here.

I did my best to act like it was just another day, frantically trying to figure out how to get away from her. She followed me like a puppy and had to be touching me as much as humanly possible. This has to end.
“Madoline, I can't be what you need me to be. You need a constant lover and I can't be that. I have other responsibilities. Can you understand that?” She had fire in her eyes.
“Last thing in the world I want to do is hurt you, but in this case, it's better to break this off at the start rather than drag it out. You are a loving, highly responsive woman. Please believe I'm not trying to hurt you. I think it's best if I head back to town.”

I unhooked the truck, packed my chairs, grill and ice chest and went home.

Monday - Imagine my surprise when Jay pulled me in the office with his wife and began to interrogate me.
“Tell me what happened this weekend with your STUDENT.”
“What STUDENT? I went camping at the lake, by my self when one of the EX STUDENTS showed up and did everything but put her life insurance in my name. I had to tactfully run her off.”
“Not according to HER” chimed in the wife, “She claims you took advantage of her and then just left her there.” Ah, I see where this is going.
“Did she mention I reminded her of her DADDY, her LOVER. Did she also mention she wanted me to take his place?”
“She never mentioned that at all, but she did say you admitted to killing a few people.”
“Yup, I sure did and I'd do it all over again. I guess she neglected to say it was while I was in 'Nam. The woman is a total psycho. And while we're at it, I'll lay something on the two of you, one time and one time only. I NEVER get involved with an active student. Once they graduate, they're like any other person on the street. I will NEVER involve the shop in any affair I'm involved in.”
The wife added she WAS a little hysterical sounding on the phone. All the more reason to steer clear of her. Jay tried to blow it off like it was no big deal but I couldn't let it drop like that.
“Understand. My time is MY time. My personal life will never affect the shop and it remains my PERSONAL life” I think Jay was afraid I was going to clock out and pack my stuff. Not to sound big headed, but he knew other shops would be tickled to hire me, warts and all.

I'm going to skip over taking Jay to Vegas for the Trade Mart. Suffice to say I was really disappointed in my boss, he did get the line of credit and if left alone, would have spent it all on slot machines and black jack. We got the merchandise I wanted and delegated his wife to purchase three mannequins to display the new stuff. My key to success was to have three manikins set up, fully dressed out in dive gear- low priced, medium and top end sets were displayed. Seeing something on a shelf or box and seeing like it was going to be used has made me and whatever shop I worked a LOT of money. The agency had me running up and down the California coast, showing other franchises how to do the same thing.

After a month I was starting to feel like a fifth wheel around Jay's house. They were nice to me, fed me well, but I'm not family. I started reading the want ads for a house or apartment I could afford. I located a duplex about ten blocks from the shop – perfect and the price was right. Two bedroom with new carpet and appliances, now all I needed was stuff to fill it up. As I'd drive to Jay's house in the evening, there was a Circle K near his turn off. What the hell, class was over for the night and I needed a beer. Pulling in, the store was deserted except for this totally knock out black woman/girl behind the counter. I guess I've always been blind to people of color, I've just never noticed them but I noticed THIS chick! To date, I'd been intimate with exactly one woman of color and SHE wasn't a Negress.


I did everything I could to stretch out my time in the store. She [Leteesha] was more than happy to chat, probably bored out of her skull. I finally took my 6-pack to the counter and after she rang it up I had two dollars left over. In a totally stupid move, I bought the first $1 lotto ticket of my life and dummy me, I had to ask her how to play. She told me to scratch off all the gray stuff and see if I got a pair of anything. Ok, this won't take rocket science. Pulling a coin out of my pocket, I did like she told me. I had two $2 pictures showing. She told me I just
won two bucks, took the ticket and handed me two dollars. Damn! I put a dollar in my pocket and bought another ticket. Nada. Taking out the spare dollar I'd won, I bought another ticket, scratched and you could have heard my jaw hit the floor – two 50's were showing. I think my hands were shaking as I passed the ticket over to her.

By this time, several customers walked in and she was crowing that she'd sold me two winning Lotto tickets totaling $52. A line formed and guys were buying tickets right and left. Several of them won between $2 and $100. The hundred dollar guy couldn't quit giggling as he raced out the door. Midnight hit and she told me she needed to close out and lock up. Grinning, I told her since she was my lucky girl, I'd take her somewhere and buy her a drink. She stared at me a minute and agreed. I went out to my car to wait and in about a half hour, she came out and said she'd follow me in her car. I told her I only knew of one beer joint that was a cross the street from where I worked as I was new in town and I didn't think it was classy enough for her.

Follow me, she said. We hit the main drag and ended up at a place called Thaddeus Fud Puckers. Low lights and current rock were waiting for us inside. This girl was not at all shy. She told me she'd never been out with a white guy before and her friends and family would be properly scandalized. Leteesha was maybe five-six and 110 pounds with curves everywhere it counted. We got our drinks and I asked her to dance. On the floor she was anything but coy, molding her body to mine during the slow song and shaking her ass or rubbing her tits on my during the fast ones. Brad Paisley sang years down the road 'Alcohol helping white people dance'. Too true, in this case but she never once made fun of me. After a couple of hours we were getting a little buzz so I suggested we go somewhere else, preferably off the streets.

“Where do you suggest then, Buck?”
“Well, I just rented a new apartment.”
“Oh, let's go there. I want to see it.” and off we went. Once back to the part of town I was familiar with, I made the right turns to park in front of my new place.

Opening the door, we stepped in and she turned into my arms and tried to duel tonsils. Her lips were full but not pouty like you'd imagine a black woman and she was into the kissing in a big way. As I has zero furniture at the moment, we settled on the shag rug [yeah, I know, but this was 1989. Guys STILL wore double knit leisure suits. Sorry, for those of you who still wear them – move out of your mother's basement.]

Leteesha crawled right into my arms and resumed exploring my throat. What did I have to lose? Worst case, she'd go home. My hands went from her back to under her full breasts. She moaned into my mouth and I took that as a green light. I went for her blouse buttons and once those were clear, she unhooked her own bra and she shucked everything on top. Damn, this was great, way more than I'd ever expected this evening to turn out, but it was only beginning.

My black beauty pushed me backwards and moved over the top of me, grinding her pelvis on mine. The smell of an aroused woman was heavy in the air. She dragged my shirt over my head so she could mash those wonderful tits on my chest. All I could do was stroke the side which made her moan and rub her tits back and forth. I let my hands trail up and down her spine until she reached back and grabbed one to put it firmly on her ass. My daddy didn't raise no retards! I grabbed cheeks with BOTH hand and her pelvis tried to merge with mine.

I rolled her off me and she had a fire in her eyes, I think I was in for it now. Reaching over, I unsnapped her jeans and pulled panties and all down off her feet. She pushed me on my back and repeated the process of my own clothes. From the look of want in her eyes I guess there was no problem with my white equipment. Climbing on top of her, we kissed again and my tongue made tracks down her neck to those bullets on top of her generous breasts. She held my head to her with both hands while her breath quickened. I slid lower to bathe her belly button and she nearly doubled over. A lot of women had a hot zone at the top of their groin where the leg meets. Leteesha was one of them and I had to hold her down. If she liked THAT, she was gonna LOVE this!

Her knees were already spread to accommodate me laying between them. Her curly pussy hair was trimmed to an inch wide strip to the top of her clit. I scooted down until I could lick a swath from her puckered asshole to said clit. I thought she was going to rip me bald headed. Leteesha sat up and asked me what I was doing.
Sheepishly I said I was going to eat her sweet-smelling pussy.
“Black men don't EAT pussy!”
“I wasn't aware I'd turned black in the last few minutes.”
“I'm not sure I'll like it though.”
“Do you finger yourself, rub your clit to get off?”
“Well sure”
“Then try this. If you don't like it, I'll quit.”
She lay back down and I got to work. Between her ass coming off the ground every lick and her trembling, I THINK she was starting to enjoy it. When I latched onto her clit and sucked on it, she about shattered my skull clamping her legs together. Then she made some unintelligible noises and bowed her back. I ASSUMED she'd just cum or epilepsy runs in her family.

When she came back to the present, I lifted her limp knees and notched myself in her wet cunt.
“Baby, I don't know if I'm ready for this yet. Lemme rest a couple of minutes.”
“I'll just park it and wait for you to catch up.” I slid into her slick twat until we bumped fuzzies.
“Were you ever married?” I shook my head yes.
“Why aren't you married now” she asked.
“She decided to start sleeping with other men."
"Did you do that, too?" Leteesha wondered.
"Men don't interest me," I said with a wide smile.
"Oh, you!" Leteesha replied, rolling her eyes. "You know what I mean."

“I could ask the same about you. You're beautiful and ever so sensual.”
“I was supposed to be. The ass knocked me up then skipped town.”
“So, you have a child. Boy or girl?”
“I have a darling little boy that's my whole life. I date off and on, but the brothers all just want in my pants and none of them want to be saddled with another dude's git.”
“You know, I never planned to get in YOUR pants, not that I'm complaining about anything up to now.”
“I've never been with a white man before. You are WAY different.”

I pushed her onto her back again, kneeling between her wide-spread legs. If Black guys never eat pussy, then she's in for a treat.
"Mmm..." she said and ran her fingers through my hair. "Buck -- you can stop now."
“Look – I told you no one's ever done that to me. The brothers say it's not 'manly'.”
I continued tonguing her using the lightest of pressure. "BUCK! ... I said you can stop ... on second thought – Oh FUCK, you're doing it again.” That was the last thing out of her mouth before she started screaming my name.

I'd mentioned in earlier stories about my love life how much I liked anal. I wonder if she does?
Leteesha was like a limp rag when I rolled her over and started tonguing her asshole.
"Would you think less of me if I said I'm not looking forward to this?" she asked "Of course not." I said smiling. "Nothing could make me think less of you."
"UNNnnhhhhhhh.....OH GOD BUCK!" Leteesha groaned as I tongued a little deeper.
I looked down at her, "You never had a dick like this before?"
"NOoooooo....Oh MY GOD!"
I kicked her legs wider apart and put my dick to her wet slit and rubbed it up and down until it was soaked. Then I pushed up in her tight, hot asshole and made her groan as half of my length pushed up into her bowels.
"Oh my GOD that feels good!" She moaned, as I started to fuck her with an increasing need to cum in her hot ass.

As Leteesha cuddled up to me, I couldn't help think what misogynistic dudes she must meet up with. I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, however, I DO try to think of my partner's needs along with mine. Sometimes I simply think of most guys, black OR white, as meatheads who wouldn't be capable of tying their own shoelaces or even getting the shoes on the right foot were it not for extensive repetitive training from remedial high school, short bus and all.

After 2 hours of nearly non-stop loving, we were both wrung out and she told me she needed to get home to her son. She made me promise to come see her at the store tomorrow night after my classes. I took her back so she could pick up her car. As I got to Jay's house, it dawned on me I never got a phone number or address for Leteesha.

A new day with new challenges. The people I'd certed the last week had friends that heard how 'good' I was and so conscientious about their safety. Ten newbies came in to sign up for a class of their own. Not to polish my own apple, but scuttlebutt told me Jay had to spend major dollars on newspaper ads to fill a class. Some came in at lunch, some during their afternoon breaks or after work to sign up and buy their books. I took the opportunity to show each the type and quality of gear they could look forward to owning if they liked SCUBA diving. A few bought their basic gear, so class was looking up.

The work day was over and I had no class tonight, so I drove to my lady's Circle K.
No Leteesha. Another girl was behind the counter so I asked if she was scheduled to work. The girl tried to look anywhere but at me, so I repeated the question.
“Leteesha doesn't work here anymore.” she said
“She didn't mention anything about quitting last night. What's up with that?”
“She got fired” the girl was nearly sobbing.
“Ok, there's no one in here but the two of us, so explain.”
“The owners fired her because of the lottery winnings last night. They tried to accuse her of manipulating the tickets somehow.”
“The tickets are sealed until they're scratched off. I was here and won a few bucks. One guy won a nice one, but people were choosing random tickets. I need to talk to her. What's her number?”
“I can't give out that information. If you're a 'special friend' of hers, you'd know it. The building across the street is our main office – go there and talk to them, I can't help you anymore or I'll lose my job.”

Total bullshit! I came back the next day on my lunch hour, ready to roll some heads. The local franchise was owned by Iranians or some such. I could barely understand the dude I talked to.
“You fired a clerk because she paid some RANDOM lottery tickets. The STATE reimburses you for any winning ticket, so what's the rub?”
“We do not discuss company business with outsiders. Go away. This does not concern you.”
“Buddy, there are laws protecting people from low lifes like you. Leteesha and I need to look for a lawyer!”
Big threat but no ammunition – I didn't even know my girl's last name.
I went across the street and was told I was barred from entering the store and the clerks were to call the police if I tried. SHIT!! I felt like hell but there was really nothing I could do without information.

I was upset for a few days, but life and work have a tendency to assert themselves. Ten weeks passed and a new group of divers certed. I always make a point to advertise the advanced class for any who wanted to perfect their new skills. Couple of days later as I prepared to lock up for the evening at 8pm as there was no class tonight. [Jay and wife seldom hung around after checking the bank deposit. Jay had a side-line business doing ground schools for pilots-in-training and flew or drove all over two states giving schools. Most times, he's out of town. His wife played social butterfly at home or with friends – not any of my business.


Like I said, closing time and in walked one of the last students.
“Susan, [registered nurse] nice to see you again...what can I do for you?”
“You can take me across the street for a beer. I sorta need to talk to you.”
“No problem. I'll be through in about another ten minutes. Feel free to look around.”

I locked up and we went to a beer bar across the street. I thought it was kinda funny, but Susan was almost glued to my hip. After getting a pitcher and two iced mugs, we found a quiet corner booth. The bar wasn't all that busy, only a couple of guys on bar stools.

“Ok, we're here, got cold beer and some privacy. What did you want to talk about?”
“Would it be possible for me to sit in on your classes and maybe help in the pool and at the lake?”
“Interested on becoming an instructor?”
“Maybe. Maybe later. Right now, I want to spend some time getting to know you. I love the way you give your students and customers your whole, undivided attention. It's like this isn't just a job for you.”
“Students and customers pay my wages even though I love selling and teaching. I take people that are afraid of water, claustrophobic and even some that have nearly drowned and make them safe divers. Yeah, it comes with it's own rewards. [to date, I've been an instructor for 35 years and only quit when my health started to fail. I've worked Search and Rescue, body recovery, spring mapping in Florida for the state and even worked as a safety diver at the Daytona 500.]

Susan stated;”I'm perfectly at home in or under the water now. You made the course interesting and fun at the same time. Damn good thing I work at a clinic and off at five every night. I'd really like to learn more about you and more about this fantastic sport.”
“I don't want to sound commercial, but if you DO 'help out', you'd need to rent your equipment just like you were going diving on your own. My boss is kinda touchy about 'freebies'.
“Buck, I have every intention of doing even more than that. Can we go back across the street and you fit me for some of my own gear?” Hell, who am I to turn down commission, even if it's from a beauty like this?
We finished the pitcher. I think Susan got a little buzzed, but we did go back to the shop.

Susan was one of the fortunate ones that bought her basic gear [mask fins, snorkle and booties when she signed up for class]. I let her look around as I called the cops to tell them I'd be late if they drove by to check.

She wanted a run down on the real difference and costs between a wetsuit and a dry suit. When I quoted her the price on a bottom-of-the-line dry suit, she cringed, telling my that was above her budget.
“I wasn't THAT uncomfortable in a wetsuit. Does the water get any colder than that?”
“Only if your diving in the Sound. Remember from class, the only decent diving in the Sound is in the winter after the algae blooms die off. If you go on any of our tropical trips, a 'dive skin' or a shorty suit works great.”
“I bought a subscription to 'Skin Diver' magazine. I saw ads for dive skins- what are they good for?”
“In a wetsuit, they ease putting them on or getting them off, plus they add a small bit of extra warmth.”

I'm glad that wetsuit I used at the lake on checkout was 1/4”, otherwise, you coulda seen my headlights.” I had to laugh at that...I'd seen a lot of headlights, even in California's water.
“So, let's start with the wet skin, that's gotta be the least expensive.” I took her over to our rack. I asked her her dress size and rooted around until I found one she liked the color of. I told her because it's a 'wet skin;, it needs to be snug, just not binding.

“Where can I try this on?” I motioned her over to the class room because it had a door that closed. Grabbing her find, off she went. In about five minutes, she called me in. There she stood, wearing her bra and panties under the suit, headlight just beaming on bright.
“This thing is sooo clingy I look frumpy in underwear.”
“Some women go without. It's entirely your choice. You ARE covered, just a little more graphically than a bikini.”
“Go back outside, now please.” Off I went, being the professional I am.
About two minutes later, she called me back in, telling me to CLOSE THE DOOR this time.

Susan had removed her bra and panties this time, taking a sexy modeling pose. I just stood there drooling looking at her full breasts and obvious camel toe. I noticed a wet spot growing in the crotch.
“Pick your jaw up off the floor. By the way, see anything you like?”
There really is a God!
“Susan you didn't need to do this. I already knew you were beautiful, but the way you fill out that skin makes it really hard for me to stay professional.”
“Then come over here and show me what other thing you're 'professional' at.” My daddy didn't raise any dummies and I watched awestruck as she pulled the spine lanyard down and peel the skin off.

Hot damn! A shaved beaver to boot. She just stood leaning against one of the tables, rolling a nipple and running a finger up and down her center. I truly believed trying on the skin, especially without underwear got her started. Seeing my reaction got her motor running because her eyes were starting to glaze.

I stepped over to her and took her by the shoulders, leaned in and our lips met. She shoved her tongue at me and we dueled for a while. Leaning back, I took the finger she'd been pleasuring herself with and sucked it into my mouth. The woman moaned and her knees got weak, so I picked her up and sat her ass on the edge of the table. Dropping to my knees, I pulled her thighs over my shoulders and dove in to suck some of her nectar. Her clit was fully exposed and I nibbled it with my lips. Every pass made her legs quiver and her body shake.

Susan's outer lips were swollen and flushed pink, her inner lips beginning to part as well. I put both hands beside her pussy, pulling her gently open with my thumbs, then licked first as deep as I could get into her pussy, then, up her slit, stopping just short of her erect clit. She urged me to get with the real program. She'd had enough foreplay.

I drove into her with all I had. I wasn't going to last a long time but she was gasping for breath with each stoke. The dam broke and she screamed loudly. Only seconds later, I slammed in to the hilt and shot a huge load into her pussy.
"I can't believe how awesome that made me feel. It's just... it's just overwhelming" she moaned. I just smiled and kissed the salty tears from her face. She hugged me tighter and it was clear she didn't want to let go. I was spent, my erection finally fading and it slipped out of her. I rolled off of her and pulled her to me. She put her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arm around me, one leg over mine.
She gave a heavy sigh and said "I could stay here all day just looking at you and feeling you pressed against me." She snuggled even deeper into our embrace "Thank you."

She was starting to ooze so I told her to hang loose and I'd get her some baby wipes.
“No, after that, I want to feel you squishing around inside me until I get ready for work tomorrow.” With that, she put her clothes back on. I walked her back into the shop where she went up to one of the display dummies.
“If I were to find the finances, which setup would you recommend?”
“Where do you see yourself in diving.”
“I plan to make every class you teach and if you start those Caribbean trips, mark me down. Maybe by that time, I'll have gone through the advanced classes and can be more of a help than a tourist. Fair enough?”
I wrote the prices down for all three sets minus the basic gear she already owned.
“I'm taking the skin tonight and wash it. I think the crotch was getting a little wet before we got down to real business.”

Susan became an avid diver and was a lot of help during classes. Usually afterwards and especially after the open water check out, we had loving session at the shop or her house. I knew neither of us were in love, just lovingly horny. She made no secret of dating around and we continued to be special friends until she met the love of her life. She did talk him into taking classes so we could all be together from time to time.

Life does goes on, but sometimes you just wish you could put a cork in the hole and hold it in for a little while longer.

Farrah...... [yeah I know but it's really her name]

Farrah had gone through the basic dive course, but wanted more advanced courses. To tell a little about her, she was barely eighteen and a high school senior, still a little pimply-faced, but covered it with makeup. To say she had an outstanding build still didn't do her justice. She was in line for a tennis scholarship from her high school and was toned as hell. She's got a rack on her that totally defies description and gravity. It's possible her tits enter a room a good 15 seconds before her body. The problem was fitting her in a wetsuit.

Jay had a seventeen year old weight lifter at home with an impossible chest on him. You'd think the son of a dive shop owner would be all over the sport, but he was only a sometimes diver. He did enough to keep up his skills and Jay did pay his way on all the tropical trips he wanted. The good news is, he had a neoprene dry suit that fit Farrah just fine. Good thing it has wrist, ankle and neck cuffs or she would have looked like the Michelin man. She'd already passed through the standard advanced classes and wanted wreck diving, ice diving and night diving. I put up a poster in the shop advertising a 'night dive class and a craw dad gathering the next day', so bring your tent with all your requirements. Of course, Farrah signed up but had to get a waiver from her single mother as she was only eighteen. Two other guys signed up also, so the trip would be possible. The shop had a standing rule- you sign up, pay the fees and they are only half refundable if you chicken out or fully refundable if the shop calls it off.

The night of the dive arrived. Farrah showed up with sleeping bag, ground cloth and food. My sleeping bag, lights, cooler and dive gear were in the back of my camper. The girl and I waited and waited, but the two guys were a no-show, possibly because there was a chance of rain, however slight.

I asked her if she wanted to try another time. I could call it off and I refund her entire amount.
“Not only no, but HELL no. Those guys wanna wimp out, it's their problem. I've been looking forward to this for a month.”
“Ok, if you're game, so am I, Uh, you positive this is going to be OK with your mom?”
“I signed up for night diving and whatever tomorrow means. I'm a grown woman, so let's go.” Well she might be 'grown up an 'out', but she was still a minor in this state. That didn't stop the nagging in my head. Hey! I'm a pro, remember? This is just another biggy.

She decided to ride up with me to keep me company. That was the second mistake – first was going in the 1st place. Next to the 'resort' grounds stood an old deserted cabin. The two lawyers that owned the resort wanted to build condos, only to be told they couldn't have a septic tank that close to the lake. They tried to make it private property and if you wanted to park, camp or launch a boat, you had to pay. The state came back and told them since it was lake access, it had to be open to the public. They could charge to park or camp, but boat launching was free. They hired an old retiree to watch the place and gather fees. Two dollars/day wasn't bad for parking and Three dollars per night was cheap parking and camping. We got there just as the sun was setting.

“Decide where you're going to set up. I'm hooking up to the electric. We'll dive after full dark, so if you're hungry,I'm going to broil hot dogs – you're welcome to join me.” Normally, if alone, I'd have broken out the MGD. That was a no-no with a student around. We started the grill and I put out an extra lawn chair for her.
“You know, I've never camped out. Dad left us when I was three and mom just isn't into ANY outdoor stuff except watching me on the court. This is kind of exciting in itself, I'm getting antsy. When it gets dark, may I use the camper to change clothes?”
“No problem. It'll be dark in about another hour, so there's plenty of time. Have another dog.”

“Uh, do you have any beer in that cooler?”
“Sorry Farrah, I never drink around students and it's also a good idea to go eight hours 'from bottle to bottle'. Besides, aren't you kinda young for the suds?”
“Naw, I drink beer around home all the time. Mom knows I won't get drunk.”
“Your mom is very relaxed then. I had to sneak off with my friends to drink at your age. I don't think I'd ever had a drink around my parents. [I didn't tell her the bitch [mom] would never have let dad OR me hear the end of it.

Dark thirty fell and Farrah went to the truck to get her dry suit. She went into the camper and shut the door. It took her about ten minutes to come out.
“Buck, help me with this damned shoulder zipper and check my seals, please.”
No problem. I stepped behind her to grab the lanyard. Straightening out the zipper seal, I could look down her back, all the way to her ass – no suit on under there. I admired her tanned back and tight buttocks. Zipped and all the seals right I looked at her. The top of the suit should have had a little bag to it. Her chest took up all the spare room. If I was smart, I'd make up some excuse and just take her back to the shop...if I was smart. The little head seemed to be taking over in spite of my best intentions.

Ok, I got suited up, ran her through the procedure to purge her suit of excess air and made sure her light worked. We entered the water and the first thing she noticed was the abundance of of crawdads – babies to outright monsters. That got her excited. We spent the better part of an hour in thirty feet or less water as deeper, there was only the occasional big pike or trout. The lake bottom was pretty devoid of anything. Checking her air gauge, she motioned me back to the beach.

We left the water and I helped her out of her backpack and weight belt. She could hardly quit bouncing, talking about all the crawdads and the fingerling trout and bass in the shallows.
“It's a whole different world down there after the sun goes down, isn't it?” I mentioned
“Gawd, none of that stuff showed up when we did our other dives in daylight. How totally cool is that?”
“Now you know why I have the big pot in the camper. We'll change tanks and get lunch tomorrow. I hope you like lobster.”
“I love lobster! Wait... there weren't any lobsters down there.”
“You're overlooking their fresh water cousins. Most of us just eat the tails, boiled in salt water. If you went to say, Louisiana, they eat the whole thing. Not my thing.”

We grabbed our goody bags and changed tanks and got wet again. I think she had a blast trying to pick up the critters without getting pinched. We probably gathered fifteen pounds of crayfish and left them with the bag handles over a stick driven into the sand in about two feet of water. I hoped the turtles didn't discover them before we were ready to cook them tomorrow. As we were talking and her recovering from her experience, I could see the sky was overcast and a wind was picking up speed. I guess we were gonna get rained on, after all. Farrah had her bag laid out on her ground cloth and I told her she should fold the tarp over her bag, just in case. I bid her good night and we'd do breakfast in the morning, if bacon and eggs suited her. Next was getting her peeled out of a wet neoprene suit. She'd pretty much drip dried and went into my camper to change into her clothes. I watched her get into her bag and cover up with the tarp.

I crawled into the upper bunk and unzipped my sleeping bag, slid in and fell asleep. I could hear a little rain hit off and on but didn't give it too much thought. Later, I heard a pounding on the camper door. In my underwear, I opened it. Farrah jumped in looking like a drowned rat. She'd slept in her clothes and was soaked to the skin. She noticeably shivered as she dripped on my floor. I got into a closet and found a her beach towel. She soaked the towel and then asked what she was supposed to do now.
“Well, without sounding like a perv, you SHOULD get out of those wet clothes. Did you bring a change?”
“I'm a girl. Sure I did but EVERYTHING I brought is soaking wet.” I looked at the clock and it was 3:30 AM.
“We should pack up and head to the house and get you warmed up. I'll go start the truck and fire up the heater.”
She looked around the camper, the ceiling, my bunk and finally said; “We aren't going anywhere except to sleep. I want to try those crawdads cooked over a fire outdoors, just like we planned. I'll be ok if I can get in that dry bag up there.”

“Ok, that's just hunky dory, but where am I going to sleep?”
“Sleep up there with me. It'll be ok.” She started to crawl up, wet clothes and all.
“Uhh, I hate to bring up a touchy subject but neither of us will get any sleep after you soak my bag.”
“Not a problem.” Down went the towel and off went her top and shorts. Bra-less, I about passed out and little Buck turned into BIG Buck. She had a tiny pair of panties on that had turned transparent after getting wet. I got another towel and suggested she blot off as best she could and try to dry her hair some. After hanging that towel on the rack, she turned and her panties had crept up into her cleft, showing a magnificent camel toe.

Farrah SAW me admiring her, she pushed her already proud chest out and said; “Well, I guess you've seen it all before. Now you've seen mine. This wasn't how I ever intended for you to see, but I'm not a little girl and I won't break.“ With that, she crawled into the sleeping bag, holding it open so I could get in.
This was wrong on sooo many levels. I could hear the police sirens now.

I began by kissing Farrah's lips, kissing on and around her ears, and down her throat. I swear she was coming already. By the time I made it past her belly button to her bald pussy, she was juicing down the crack of her ass. One good lick and she went off to the races. I captured her pussy lips as I wormed a finger into her. There wasn't a barrier, so my finger slid in smoothly, well-oiled with her juices. By the time I was sucking her clit and fingering her special spot, Farrah proved that such a little girl could make a big noise. I kept making her come with my tongue and finger until she began tugging at me to come up her body. When I was face to face kissing her, she reached between us and fit me into her special place.

She let out a very loud moan, babbling incoherently. Her hips became a blur of motion as she fucked me, I hardly did anything until she wore herself out, then it was my turn and I began giving her something to remember. Kicking off the bag, her thighs came up and her legs wrapped around my ass, pulling me into her time after time. I was just about to cum but had never asked about protection, so I probably shouldn't. I was nearly out of her when she said, "No, No, in me, fuck it in me, do it in me, let me feel it inside me. Mom has me on the pill."

She laid claim to me again by grabbing hold of my cock and saying "This is mine now!" She then pulled me down and inserted my cock into her hot wet tight cunt and said "And this is all yours! Now, any questions?"

I heard a scream and only dimly knew it was me. My body was seized by a huge contraction, my entire body stiffening as my pleasure peaked. The most intense orgasm of my life swept over me and it built until it became a pounding in my ears.” Her eyes had rolled up and if it had it lasted any longer I knew she would have passed out.
We spent another glorious day at the lake. This little girl rang my chimes a dozen times over the weekend. Gawd – I could bite down on those nipples and just PRAY for lockjaw. Sadly, all good things come to an end, at least until we could plan the next dive trip.

I took her home and her mother met me at the door, giving me the stink eye. She was wrapped in a towel, obviously just out of the shower. I thanked her for letting her daughter gain another diving certification and told her what a marvelous young athlete she had. Farrah had team tennis practice and bounced out the door, bussing me quickly on the lips.

“You're going to show me what you were doing to my daughter while you 'camped' overnight. Her bag and clothes are still wet. I know it rained on you two. It poured here.”
What could I do besides go along with her and hope no one ever found out... my boss, the cops, you name it. After all, her daughter was only 18. It sounded like she wanted a complete show & tell. I stepped toward her and placed my hand on the back of her neck and pulled her toward me. I pressed her wet body against me as I kissed her as hard as I had ever kissed anyone before. Now I knew where Farrah got the tits. I felt her hands go to my shorts and grab my hardening dick. It was amazing how much mother and daughter were alike. Both came to a boil with little or no foreplay. She began stroking my dick as we kissed. I grabbed her ass once again and squeezed her cheeks. I kneaded them as if they were two balls of very firm dough. She backed away long enough to remove my wet shirt that separated our bodies. I took the opportunity to step out of my shorts and boxers.

She moved to the couch and spread her legs to reveal a beautiful shaved snatch. I moved to her and quickly went to work on her cunt, working my tongue up the full length of her pussy pausing at the top to flick her clit before tongue fucking her pussy. She cleaned her tits with her tongue as I sent the first waves of passion through her body. I continued to attack her pussy with a ferocity that only comes from an experienced man caught up in sexual frenzy. I was VERY attentive to her pussy lips. I sucked them and then split them with my tongue before going to her clit. Finally focused on her clit, I sucked on it while finger fucking her, she reached her first orgasm. She wrapped her legs around my head and did her best to smother me with her pussy.

As soon as she released me, I knelt backwards on my calves and fisting my cock, shoved my dick into her cunt. She was hot and wet, but she was surprised with the size of my dick as it entered her pussy. I wasn't gentle, as I was through with games. I wanted to fuck and fuck her hard. Grabbed both legs by the ankles and spread her legs apart as we fucked, I plowed with long hard strokes that had her tits bouncing as she clung to the couch trying to hang on. I think due to her snooty attitude she had never been fucked like this before and decided right then if her daughter didn't try to marry me, she might.

I spun her around so that I could enter her from behind and pounded her even harder as she leaned across the armrest of the couch. I slapped her ass with every other stroke adding a twinge of pain to the intense pleasure that she felt at the moment. Nothing mattered as she felt her next orgasm hit. She buried face in a pillow and sobbed like a little girl, yet I continued pounding away. Finally as her orgasm was subsiding she felt me pull out and grunt. This was followed by the warm wet feeling of cum covering her back. I shot my load the full length of her back and into her hair. Rubbing my spent cock along the crack of her ass I placed it back into her fucked cunt. We lay on the couch for a few moments until she noticed the time. No words were spoken as we got dressed and she went to finish her bath. I left the house knowing that I'd have the opportunity to fuck her when ever I wanted to.

Neither girl nor mother spoke to anyone else about that weekend but we did have many return bouts, however, one at a time. The mother told me that she and Farrah had long talks about me, the boys she dated and her own needs and desires. I thought it was great that mother and daughter could talk about things like this without being defensive with each other. Farrah didn't act mushy or clingy at all. She told me she had her friends and I filled a necessary niche in her life. Farrah did tell me that the high schools boys she'd been with were just out for their own needs. I was the first to see to her needs along with mine. Typical high-schoolers, I guess. Their loss was my gain. Mom just used me as a stress reliever when she felt in the mood. We were close to the same age but moved in totally different circles. You never let anyone know you're fucking the gardener.

Dana and Cozumel...

Dana joined a group of certified divers going on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico with me as dive master and tour guide [that means I carry a lot of bags and have to kiss the occasional ass]. Dana was some kind of government liaison between the Air Force and an aircraft manufacturer. We no sooner landed on the island and caught our breath as the hot weather and humidity hammered at us. Dana was glued to my hip for the next two weeks. I had a friend that was sharing the hotel room with me but somehow, Dana got room mates switched around until she was in my room after the second night. She was very direct and to the point, telling me it was my duty to fuck her silly for the remainder of the trip.

As far as sex, she had no limitations, even bringing over her old room mate to have three-ways. That was all good, but there were twenty people of the trip. A lot of the wives were left to fend for themselves as the 'men' did their thing. That not only included diving, but skirt chasing in the clubs at night. Dana never left my side and pouted like a four year old whenever I had to fill in as a dance partner. To make it worse, I'm a people watcher – both looking for potential trouble and checking out the odd babe. Dana wasn't having any of that. If I glanced around a club, she'd grab my chin and turn it towards her. That went over REALLY big with me. I told her to live with it or move back to her old room. I didn't think my old roomy was porking her room mate cause my 'gaydar' said he has a little 'swishy'. Not that he ever made a move towards me, but it was just a feeling I got.

A regular middle aged couple that frequented our shop for all trips cornered me at the hotel bar.
“We'd like for you to grab a bottle of your favorite poison and come up to our room.”
“What's up?” I had to ask myself if this was wise because this couple were known swingers from the stories Jay had confided. He admitted tapping the wife on a couple of trips. That left me to wonder what the hubby did all that time. Well, they were good customers to the store and I was a big boy.

In the room, no sooner than the door closed, Stella, the wife stripped and went after me like a last meal. This kinda creeped me out. Ron, the husband got out a handi-cam and was ready to film the action. Stella had me lay on the bed and did the splits, sinking all the way down to the bone. Ron was two feet away, lights blazing, filming away.
“If you guys like 'home movies', that's great but keep my face out of the picture, please.”
“Not a problem, just give her a good ride. Jay has told us all about the women that seem to flock to you and Stella has been dripping until we got you up here.” Who the hell did Jay know about except the psycho and maybe the nurse?
He filmed for about an hour with her in different positions. Stella was very energetic and enthusiastic but I don't think she ever got off. I know I didn't. This whole thing was like too 'commercial' for my tastes.

Back to Dana – to say she was livid, probably most of the hotel or at least the people on my floor probably heard it. I had the perfect solution. I took her hands and set her on the bed.
“Hon, we aren't married, we aren't even going together. Where the hell do you get off being so possessive?” I reminded her that she should plan to move back to her old room and I meant tonight. She looked at me like I had two heads, but gathered her things and left. My roomy came back, telling me I needed to keep a low profile because he had never seen a woman as mad as Dana.

The two weeks were up and I got everyone and their things together and even got them to customs at the airport. Customs there was a hoot. Who the hell would smuggle anything OUT of Mexico. On top of that, you had to pay five dollars USD to get OUT of the country.

Dana plopped down beside me and said we needed to talk. She apologized for her behavior on the trip. For some reason she was just sooo enamored of me. We chatted like friends to pass the time until we landed in New Orleans. You don't get filled up on peanuts and pop on an airplane, so we went looking for a restaurant. McDonalds caught our eye- yay, junk food. All went great til we got to the register and a Big Mac cost a five dollar bill. A burger, fries and a drink set you back ten bucks.

Back at the shop two weeks later, Dana dropped by to invite me to diner at her folk's house. Feeling about her like I did, I told her it probably wasn't a good idea. Thinking that was the end of it, I wasn't prepared for the flock of her friends urging me to 'just go to dinner and enjoy a good meal'. Finally, I agreed as six people wore me down. Dana called ecstatic. She told me to dress in slacks and a sports coat. What the hell? Was the governor planning to attend also? She picked me up in her Beamer and entered a gated community out by the country club. I had an awful feeling this above my pay grade.

I was introduced to her father who stared holes in me. Fuck him. I'd been intimidated by generals, this was a civy. As kind of an afterthought, I was introduced to her mother who just smiled at me. I had decent table manners as I've eaten with congressmen, governors and a few movie stars, so I didn't eat with my fingers or belch. Daddy made all the conversation. I tried to engage the mother a couple of times but she would glance at her husband and just smile. Dinner, or should I say the 'ordeal' was over and daddy more or less ordered me into the den.
“My daughter has an interest in you. You're educated, employed and appear to be making money. I also know you've spent time behind the wheel of a big rig. I have a proposition for you. I will pay you five THOUSAND dollars to marry my daughter. To sweeten the deal, I will place you over the trucking division of the little company I'm a partner in. You've no doubt heard of MaryKXy. We run over a thousand trucks a day and you will be vice president in charge of transportation.”
Now I looked at HIM like he had two heads. Rather than be in awe, I was pissed.

“Sir, at the risk of sounding RUDE, what makes you think I even fantasize about marrying your daughter? Five K is a lot of money, but for your information, I make close to that every month. Yeah, I know trucking but I got out of that for a reason. I'm more or less self-employed, I set my own hours and do what I love to do. I'm sorry to say this, but your daughter is an insecure harpy who I cannot wait to be away from. I have balls of my own and don't need a woman to tell me what to do and who I can talk to, so thank you for the offer, but no thanks.”
With that, I got up, went to the kitchen and said good bye to her mother and thanked her for the meal. Dana seemed kind of pleased. I think she knew exactly what her dad had planned but didn't know the outcome yet. We got in the car and I told her it was a nice meal but I wished I had more opportunity to speak with her mom. She stopped at the shop so I could get in my truck. Leaning in the door, I wished her a good night and for her to never contact me again in this life. Her jaw was still on the floor as I drove home.


A state representative owned a dive shop in competition with us. We heard a lot of slanderous things he said about the shop and me in particular. I paid him a visit one day and after the niceties, I explained to him that if he continued, our attorney would be in contact. We had witnesses and would be glad to meet him in court.
As it was he had a contract with a local state college. The way the school was run, the students had to buy all their books from the book store, however, he charged them a 'class fee' equivalent to the retail price of the books plus tuition. For what we charged $187 for, he was getting over $500 per head or a $5000 class guarantee. He had intimated to a few of his students if they bought equipment from us, class would go badly for them. His reasoning – we sold substandard equipment. The stuff he sold in his shop, on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being best, his rated 3 or 4.

This all turned out to be the least of his trouble. The lake he uses for open water is an old silver shipping lake. The water is pea green and thick as soup year round. On this day, instead of using the university pool, chose to bus the class of ten to this lake. To make matters worse, the lake never got over about 60 degrees even in the heat of summer. This REQUIRED the use of a dry suit. [A note here, we AND the manufacturers recommend at least four hours instruction in a pool with supervision before turning someone loose in a dry suit. The buoyancy setup in different and there are inherent dangers involved in wearing a dry suit- you had to be in control of it at all times.] He led them out into 100' of this pea soup, not even grouping them close together for safety. Beginner divers are limited to 30' of depth until they are certed by the certing agencies. The boys were spread beyond being visible to each other. Add to this, visibility was so bad, the instructor [the representative] had to surface and follow a bubble trail down to find a diver.

One of the boys hyperventilated until his air was a bout gone. He'd dumped the excess air out of the suit on the surface but had to add air to it as he descended to prevent suit squeeze. If you've ever worn waders, especially chest waders, you've experienced squeeze. Panicking, and being for all purposes alone 100' underwater, he shot for the surface, neglecting to exhale on his way up, not to mention the expanding air in his suit accelerating him. In diving there are laws of physics that work on the equipment and your body. In this case it's Boyle's Law that deals with expanding gasses as ambient pressure is reduced.

In layman's terms, the boy holding his breath exploded both lungs and suffered an aneurysm and for all purposes, dead before he he floated to the top. The instructor didn't even miss him for some time, only to find his body floating blown up like a puffer fish. According to his testimony, he brought the class to the surface. The boys parents sued and myself and a lake resort instructor were called as expert witnesses for his hearing. He and I agreed with the lack of safety, lack of proper instruction and the choice of diving locations. The rest of the class were called and all told of how terrified they were through the entire afternoon. The jury took about a half hour to decide he was negligent and gave the boy's parents five million as a settlement, but how do you replace a kid? Of course, he'd never get shop or instructor's insurance EVER, and his cert agency took away his license.

Ok, so I'm a little commercial – a new marketing opportunity was now open. I made an appointment to talk to the Chancellor of the college. He in turned, pulled in the college president to sit in on my spiel. I told both how the guy had been raping the students class after class. The bookstore had to buy the books from his shop for retail and marked them up from that point. When I explained we take the book store out of the picture [it only pays a stipend to the university as it's privately owned and operated] and charge our $187 for the books and tools they'd need, equipment was free until the checkout dive and they'd rent from the store. As far as class fees, $100 per head. They had written all this down and told me they'd get back to me before the new quarter started.

As I went out the door, the president asked if he could enroll himself and his family in one of our downtown classes. I told him the only requirement was to be in reasonably good health and at least 12 years of age.[Not to sound TOO prejudiced, but some agencies still look on diving as a macho man's sport – women and children need to find another hobby. Actually, if done correctly, diving shouldn't be any more strenuous than walking. Their loss, our gain.]

Our cert agency had made some changes in the way we taught – open water prep dives and then preferably ocean diving if convenient and possible. We opted to just head for the Sound and do the required shallow water dives, then book a boat to dive in a little more aggressive water.

Raymond and his lovely wife Frieda were in their mid fifties with two teen-aged boys. Four of the college boys that had sat in the trial heard we were starting a new class and were eager to try us out. We or rather I explained that taking the course this way didn't allow for them to get phys-ed credit like a university course would. The shop would only give the course as a contractor. They didn't want to wait. In walked Morgan.

Morgan was a bus driver's wife who complained she got to go no where and she was tired of being a live-in maid. Short but built like a brick shithouse, she had a hungry look in her eye. The first night of class, I pulled her to the side and told her her suit was a little risque with two young teens involved. I didn't bother me, but I had other's feelings to consider. Six boys stayed 'tented' the entire time. Class was great, everyone enjoyed themselves. Raymond and wife couldn't believe how easy it was to learn SCUBA. I explained it was supposed to be fun and it shouldn't be more tiring than walking. If they wanted stress, I had other classes they could sign up for. When Frieda heard we had Caribbean trips, she locked Raymond's heels and informed him THEY were signing up for a family adventure in WARM water.

Morgan began to come in on her own during the day and hanging out to 'chat'. She had to have a description of every item for sale in the shop. Oh well. She wasn't hard to look at and if I had to describe her, it would be of a very energetic kitten.

Morgan was enamored of the wet skins and wanted to try them on. I let her paw through the sizes and she ran for the classroom to try them on. Out she came, no bra and no panties, sporting bullets on the chest and an amazing camel toe. I had to tell her she was required to wear panties unless that was one she planned to buy. Oh no, she had her eyes on TIGHTER suits so she took a couple more in the room and closed the door. Out she came and it looked like the skin had been painted on, it concealed nothing and left nothing to the imagination. The little head was taking an interest.

“I can tell from that glazed expression you like what you see.”she smiled
“What do you do for fun when you aren't up to your ears in students?”
I looked her in the eye, wondering what her game was; “I've been know to drink a few beers after work then go home and play my guitar.”
“What happens if you have an audience?”
“I just let whatever happens happen. That's a benefit of being single.”
“Where do you live?”
“I live in a duplex but we need to get something straight between us..”
“Oh, that's what I'm talking about. I want to get something straight and HARD between us, at least until you spread my knees and scratch an itch I've got.”
“You interrupted. What we NEED to get straight is I don't mess with students. Once they're certed, they are fair game, however, you seem to overlook the fact that you have a husband.”

“My husband is my problem or rather it's HIS problem. He doesn't get it up anymore. He has a high blood pressure problem and takes pills for it and can just barely pass his DOT physical, but below the belt...nothing, nobody home. If I want my jollies, it's my vibrator or whatever veggy looks tempting. I don't think he really cares anymore what I do, as long as I leave his dead ass alone.”
“I'll take it into consideration but you have three more weeks of class and a trip to the coast before anything is set in stone.”

“Could I maybe give you a blowjob and then you can kind of lick my pussy right now...that's not really fucking is it” What president weaseled about those same words a few years in the future.”
“Hon, you don't know how tempting that is, but no. Not now and maybe not ever. I've been cuckolded and it's the shits. Being the 'other guy' is a real downer to me.”

Weeks passed and I got the crew outfitted for a trip to the Sound. At someone's suggestion, instead of booking rooms, they wanted to camp out in a forest they knew of. What the hell. I had a camper and a tent, so I could go either way. We caravaned to the coast, Raymond leading as he knew of the campground. Nice place – TALL pine trees thick enough it was hard to see the sky. The owners had cleared off areas for tent setup spaced about thirty or forty feet apart. Setting up for the first night, we did the hot dog on a stick and roasted marshmallows. About ten pm, we all turned in for the night.

The next morning after a restaurant breakfast we went to a little breakwater cove I knew of – no waves and reasonable visibility of forty feet or so. We did all the class exercises and everyone had a blast. Having a late lunch, we were done for the day and the ladies wanted to clean up and do a little shopping for knickknacks to commemorate their trip. Us knuckle draggers went back to camp to discuss all they'd seen or done. Of special interest was a cloud of tiny jelly fish, too small to hurt anyone and lots of dungeoness crabs and a few spider crabs.

The girls didn't get back until about dark and I suggested a nice seafood restaurant I knew of. You bought steamer clams in gallon buckets and the beer was cold. Tummies bulging, we rolled back to camp and as it was late, I said my goodnights and crawled into my bag. I slept the sleep of the just and satisfied until the wee hours when I felt a hand in my bag with a firm hold on little Buck. The next I knew, a nude, warm female body was laying atop me and a slick pussy was rubbing on my hard on. Ok, I broke my own rule or rules as she sat up and impaled herself on my rod. All I could do was grab onto her hips to keep Morgan from bouncing off her pogo stick of choice. What I didn't know was she was a screamer and I had to suddenly cover her mouth with mine to keep from alerting the whole camp. The last thing I wanted to do was explain our actions to a new, potential employer. Fortunately or not, Dana was multi-orgasmic and I had a feeling she'd been saving up for this. I let her pound me for an hour then sent her back to her own tent. Sneaky...NOT! Waking up in the morning, Raymond had raised eyebrows then winked at me. Frieda was embarrassed until Dana made her appearance and the two went off to the johns to do 'girl' talk. Luckily, none of the boys woke up last night or at least made no mention of it.

The boat dive the next day was the high point of the trip. Paired with a buddy, they got their first exposure to 50' of depth and fish, abalone, scallops and even a six foot Ling Cod. The after-dive briefing had every receive their certs. Along with a temporary card, the agency started giving away nice diplomas, but those would come in a week or so. Everyone was wired but tired for the trip home. I told the group maybe we'd come back at a later time and I'd show them how to catch crabs. Morgan was thinking the whole way home. She didn't share but I think it involved me.

The group came in with their washed gear the first of the week to check it in. Dana was the last. After returning her rentals, she cornered me and wanted my address and phone number. I had to ask her if she really thought this was a good idea.
“Baby, that ship sailed several days ago. That was real sex, just the way I like it and I want more of it. I should tell you I had a total hysterectomy 10 years ago, so there's no danger of little Bucks running around, however, the practice is totally fucking mind blowing. This won't be a long term thing, just when I need to take the edge off. Can you live with that?”
“Considering it's already a done deal, we can try it for a while. Understand, we're both free agents. BTW, We never did talk about that night, or rather, the next morning. Frieda had something to say to you because you snuck off to gossip.”
“She thought you would be a good catch. I told her I was the catch & release kind. She doesn't know I'm married and doesn't need to.”

We kept the affair pretty low key. She might be at the shop some nights when I was closing.[Damn good thing those tables are sturdy.] Other times she might be parked in front of my apartment, always to get her off three or four times then she'd disappear for a week or two. After a few months she stopped calling or coming by. I felt she probably found another fuck toy, felt guilty, moved or got a divorce – choose one of the above.

The college president was so impressed with the shop, diving in general, the ocean experience and maybe me, he pushed the Chancellor to get the shop on contract. His wife, himself, his boys and the college kids had nothing but praise for the course and how 'inexpensive' it was compared to what they would have paid. This brought up a whole new problem – the college courses would be daytime and my normal classes at night – who takes care of the shop while I'm at the school and when do I rest? To make things worse, small towns with either a 'Y' or a city pool wanted classes. The big selling point there was slightly higher tuition and most of these people would totally gear up because there were no dive shops close to them. Jay, for all practical purposes, was a non-entity. I hadn't been graced by his presence in months and his wife was seldom there except month's end to balance the books and pay me. On the rare occasion he did visit, I told him we needed to contact the agency and see if they had a prospective instructor we could hire. He made an off hand remark that I was maybe making TOO much money, but I'll get back to that later.

I was fortunate it was winter. Those out-of-town possibilities HAD to have an indoor pool available to them, preferably a YM or YWCA. So, it was teach at the college two days a week, close the shop and drive, possibly 100 miles to teach out of town. I was becoming one tired puppy and my love life was non existent.

I think I failed to mention earlier that I am on salary. I make every effort to give the shop 40 hours per week, not counting the weekend dives or the trips to the coast or the out of town classes. One day it hit me. Seven days at the shop times 8 hrs/day[sales time, or repairs or whatever. This also counts the college classes. I just lock the shop and hang up a sign]. Add one to two hours drive time up to hit the out of town class or classes, plus the two hours I'm there, then one to two hours back. Conservatively, I was giving 60 PLUS hours a week and getting paid for 40. The simple fact was, I was burning out. Since I was the 'General Manager' of the shop and the OWNER couldn't be bothered, I'd call San Diego myself and hired some help.

Help came in the form of Chuck, a newly instructor certed, loan officer for a large bank chain the could re-locate here. This would give me a break on my local evening classes and I could delegate some of the weekend stuff. Chuck was a buff little dude, not real tall, but big time muscled and not bad looking to boot! Also being 24 and single, he no doubt had the women in his classes mesmerized.

I had set up a really small class in another college town 75 miles south of us. The college wouldn't rent their pool so I went shopping around for one. Turns out the motel I booked in had a covered, heated pool that was all deep end and fair sized. The kiddies had a shallow wading pool in a fenced in area at the end of the enclosure. The manager/owner was a nice looking lady [ we'll call her Kate]who casually mentioned she trade 'favors' for pool rent if I stayed the nights of my classes. No way could I do this through the week as Chuck was in the bank and 75 miles is too far to get up and drive into work, so weekend classes it was.

The class was small, only four people, but all drove the 75 miles up and back to the shop and purchased anywhere from our least expensive to our top of the line complete sets. THAT justified the small class fee return. Chuck became my weekend fill in salesman. Chuck was licensed, insured and very serious about the whole dive shop/class/instructor thing. I never asked, but I think he saw himself as a one day bank VP teaching classes or owning a dive shop himself on the side.

The night preceding the first night of the new class had me checked into my room at the hotel. I asked the owner lady where a good place to eat was and she offered to go with me. The woman herself was approaching middle age but had a bod and looks of a younger woman. That said, she wasn't hard to look at at all. We ended up at a Sizzlin Sirloin and got a table away from the other diners. She explained she owned the motel as the result of a divorce settlement and had just started looking around to resume a life of some kind. The lady had balls. She came right out and asked if I had a problem with our age difference. I got up, walked around her, then sat back down.
“Lets see, no hump, no warts, no second head, yer boobs appeared to be yer own and no wedding ring...yup, you'll do.” She laughed so hard I thought she'd squirt iced tea out her nose.

The universe had an odd way of meeting my needs sometimes.

After paying the bill, we headed back to the hotel. I parked and walked her to the door of the office and said goodnight. She turned and pushed her front onto the front of me, rubbing her sex along my thigh.
“The night doesn't have to be over, you know.” Daddy didn't raise no dummies, so I put my arm around her and we walked to my room.

The door was no sooner closed and she flew into my arms and her tongue went in my mouth. Wow! Aggressive, I like that. I wouldn't have to woo this woman at all. Prying her off me might become a problem.

Clothes came off and she pounced on the bed to all fours. I dropped trow and pulled my shirt over my head in record time, knee walking up between her spread legs. Wiping my dick up and down her wet slit a few times, I eased in until my balls were against her ass.

"Buck, that feels oh so nice. How long can you do it?"
"A while. Ten minutes is pretty normal, but I've gone a while longer, closer to thirty minutes before. On rare occasions, I've lasted maybe close to an hour."
"No way! There's never been a guy that has ever gone more than 2 minutes, shit, most last a minute or less."
“Then you've been with the wrong type of guy. Too many think sex is all about them. You're not here as a cum bucket, you know.”

Kate started off hitting orgasms like a string of firecrackers, one right after another. She spent so much time flopping around loose limbed that I thought she was having a seizure at first. When I realized she was hiccuping orgasms I settled in to see just how much fucking she could take before her head exploded.
I have to say she ran the gamut. She laughed, then cried, then whooped and hollered. By the time I let go and started pumping her wet pussy full of thick man cream she was lying there limp, her eyes half open. Well, until she felt me squirting in her.
Then her eyes popped open and she grabbed the sheets. "Cum in me," she croaked "Cum hard."
Ok, I didn't last an hour. Maybe 15 minutes max, but the night was young and in my own defense, it had been a while since I'd been 'active'.

I banged into her pussy later that night. I had her on the bed. Kate was on her back, knees somewhere near her ears in a contortionist's pose thanks to her flexibility [whooda thunk it?]. Her pussy and asshole is tilted up towards me while she stared up at my face. I took advantage of the situation and leaned down to lick her from pucker to clit. Her little brown pucker winked at me on every pass, like it was trying to capture my tongue. Her pussy ran copiously so I fingered a little of her own lube into her ass. Her eyes looked like saucers with the shock of what I may do.
"You mean your ex husband nor any other swinging dick has ever tried your ass?" She nervously giggled and added. "Never, but I'm willing to try anything with you. So, if you want my ass, you can have it."

I put the tip of my dick to her hot little nether hole and pushed it inside. She let out a gasp as I slid part way up in her. Fuck she was as tight and hot as I ever could imagine! DAMN, she was so hot and tight that I knew it wasn't going to take long for me to get a nut! Damned good thing I'd cum so hard earlier. It didn't help the way she was moaning and bucking up at me.
"Oh YEAH....UNnhhh Oh Yeah....FUCK ME!.....Give it to me Buck!!. Do it NOW!!"
I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them wide apart. I started pumping as hard and fast as I could, and watching Kate's asshole swallow all of my cock.

"OH GOD!" she screamed, "OH FUCK! AHHHH GOD!.......OHhhhh FUCK MEeeeee!" Kate yelled and pounded the bed with her fists. This time I lasted another whole fifteen minutes. Hah! I showed her.
"I never dreamed it was possible to fuck like that, I never knew my body or my head would like that until today. I've had lovers, I had a husband, but none made me go wild, none made me lose control and become a wild animal," Kate told me.

I was pooped and she looked comatosed, so we bid each other good night and she put her head on my shoulder and slung a leg over mine. I HAD to sleep – the woman exhausted me.

When I woke up, she was gone, so I did the three S's. I had just put on a pair of shorts when a knock came to door.
“A couple of my girlfriends and I are going antique shopping... come with us and carry the heavy stuff, please.”
“Darlin, I'd agree but my stomach is rubbing my backbone.”
“Not a problem. We planned to hit Country Kitchen before heading to the antique fair, anyway.”
“Baby doll, you got yourself a deal!”

A van pulled up and Kate and I were ushered into the back. I was introduced to her lady friends and after a short time, began to feel like meat on the hoof. A couple of her friends did everything but lick their lips and pull at their clothes. Kate had the balls to give them a blow-by-blow of last night's bedtime rodeo.
"Thanks for talking about me like I'm not here, girls!" I said. I sighed theatrically, "So, that's all I am to you? A life support system for a dick, a tongue and ten fingers?"
“Hon, women would pay good money for what I got last night.” I had to really work on not blushing. I'll say one thing. Reticent she's not.

I got treated to a nice breakfast, then off to this antique show/sale thingy. Now I remembered WHY I don't like to shop with a woman OR women. 8AM until late afternoon, we hit every dealer, looked at every piece of junk [junk to me anyway], and listened to every historically flavored sales pitch. Worst of it was, no one bought anything. Back to the motel we went.

Kate invited me in for a beer or six, which I gladly accepted. I was on my third brew when a loud pounding came from the door.
“Open this door, you filthy slut!”
“Friend of yours?” I asked
“Sounds like the asswipe I was married to.”
“And what should I be doing?”
“Well, you might call the cops while I try to calm him down.” Hmm, I could prolly do that. Her phone was in the kitchen.

She went to the door but left it on the safety chain and asked him what the hell he was doing, bothering her. Her ex MAY have had a few to drink, prior to confronting his wife.
“Who's in there with you? I saw you walk up with some guy.”
“That guy is a friend, if it's any of your business. The judge told you to quit coming around here and to stay completely away from me.”
This wasn't what her ex wanted to hear, so he kicked the door hard enough to break the chain. His next move was to backhand his ex wife as I told the dispatcher the ex was getting violent. He saw me and launched himself in my direction. Bad move on his part. I sidestepped and grabbed his shoulder on the way past to 'let' him stumble of my outstretched leg. The sound of a face plant on a tile floor is not pretty. He got up, blood running down his lips and made to make another pass at me, this time with his fists.

I pushed the arm with the oncoming fist to the side and planted my elbow where his nose used to be. As soon as I made contact with his face, my hands went to his hair, slamming him down on the floor. Dumb shit kept trying to get up but I had a knee planted in his back and an arm bar pushing it up far enough he could scratch his own head. All the time he cussed me and his ex, claiming he'd get us both back. It seemed like a long ten minutes til the cops put in an appearance, cuffing him and dragging his cussing at the top of his lungs all the way to the patrol car.

I went into the living room and sat down to finish my beer. Kate kept apologizing for her ex's behavior and told she was sorry I had to defend myself.
“I wasn't for me. The last thing you need is a trip to the ER as a battered 'wife'.”
Beating the living fuck out of him didn’t bother me, but the fact that fucking him up didn’t bother me, bothered me.
“Maybe you should look into getting a guard dog.”

Sadly, Kate and I never returned to our torrid little affair, however, I never wanted for clean sheets or towels. She revised her deal on using the motel pool – all I had to do was skim it and check the chemicals. I THINK she warned her buddies to leave me alone and not rock the boat.

The Class....

As I mentioned earlier, the class of four had made the trip to the dive shop, paid their fees and bought their basic equipment. I had; a 45 yr old divorced lady looking to spice up her life, as she called it, a college aged young man - married, a lawyer and a young college girl. This evening would be my first chance to meet them and introduce them to the course.

The divorcee, named Evaline was being hit on by the lawyer from the git-go. She told him she'd gotten rid of one cock hound and wasn't looking to replace him. Larry, the young married man was kinda shy but when he did say something, it was usually hilarious. His wife, however, had absolutely NO interest in diving and thought Larry was 1: foolish, 2:gonna get himself drowned, 3: a little upset about the costs involved.

Last, but not least was Lisa, a 20 yr old college junior. I was busy making a class record and shuffling papers until I looked up. I've heard of people having an epiphany, but when I looked up, I lost the power of speech! Lisa was drop dead gorgeous. Blond, slender, blue eyed and extremely shapely. My first instinct was to just say the hell with the class and throw her down on the floor and fuck her totally silly. Yeah, I know – I made those remarks to Jay and wife about students being off limits, but try telling that to the log in my pants. Somehow I knew this was a girl to settle down with, albeit knowing absolutely nothing about her.

I must have been uber obvious. Evaline snickered, Larry's face turned red but couldn't hide his smile. The lawyer never shut up trying to persuade Evaline to at least have a drink with him. Lisa just stared at me, like she was looking into my soul.

I got control of myself and directed the ladies into the bathroom to change while the guys change out here. That was almost a mistake. Evaline was extremely fetching in a two-piece suit. Excellent body for approaching middle age. [I should talk – I'd turn forty in a few months, myself.] The real system shock was when Lisa came out in a bikini that seemed to me, to show more than it hid, but that was likely wishful thinking on my part.. Once I got my jaw off the floor and regained the power of speech, I got the group to head to the pool.

The motel pool(s) were very different. It had a wading pool fenced off from the main and the main pool had no shallow end – a fifty by twenty foot pool ten feet deep. I hadn't asked yet, but I hope everyone could swim.

That first night's class covered a lot of life saving techniques and got them onto mask, fins and snorkle, teaching how to breath without lifting their heads out of the water to 'shake out' their snorkles and how to clear the mask of any seepage. None had ever tried snorkling and felt they'd accomplished a lot their first night. Next week would be their first exposure to SCUBA and learning how water pressure (depth) affected their bodies. I assigned reading in the book and encouraged them to answer the questions at the section end for clarification next week.

[For those of you who have never had diving experience, a LOT of SCUBA covers some laws of physics and how they affect the diver and their safety. It's not all wet fun and if you're ever at a resort like Cancun or Cozumel, for instance, you aren't going to be exposed to any of that.[The problem with resort courses are you're given about a 25 minute orientation to the SCUBA gear, then taken to whatever depth the dive guide/instructor chooses and you're on your own. My certifying agency would like to see the resort courses banned, but that all happen out of the US, no agency in the US will allow a 'resort' course. For some of these 3rd world countries, the almighty dollar is the only concern. To this day, I have over 30 years teaching SCUBA and am glad to see the other agencies changing their methods.] I'll put away the soapbox now.

Evaline and Lisa stayed after class. Evaline, to shake her lawyer shadow, and Lisa who wanted to go somewhere, eat and talk. Wild horses couldn't have kept me away. We hit a Sizzlin Sirloin and chatted well into the night. Evaline said she wouldn't mind a drink, but Lisa was too young, so that signaled the end of the first night.
I walked them to their cars and after Evaline pulled out, Lisa asked me if I was staying at the motel. I told her only overnight on class nights. She had a thoughtful look in her eye.

Classes progressed but the lawyer had to take a rain check due to a lengthy court case. We talked and I told him I was there for him and it was expected that THEY be there for class. He understood and said he'd sign up for another later if I was going to be in the area. Good news was I'd spot him the class fees and told him to ask around and find at least three other people that would take the class with him. We parted on good terms.

After ten weeks, Larry and the ladies were ready for open water. Since the coast was only fifty miles away, it was decided we'd do our open water there. I asked if they were game to save a few dollars by camping out instead of renting rooms and they all thought that would be a hoot.

We met up at the motel after a breakfast meeting and got on I-90 West. Larry rode with me and Evaline took her car. The interstate was surprisingly empty. The BIG surprise came about ten miles into the trip. Evaline was ahead of me and in the right lane when Lisa rolled down the window and sat up in the door frame, pulling her top off and flashing her gorgeous boobs at Larry and I. About every 15-25 miles, she repeated the spectacle. Larry was so embarrassed he slunk down in the seat telling me if his wife ever found out, he'd be singing soprano while his balls resided in a fruit jar on his wife's nightstand.

The campground the college used was in a huge forest of pine trees, so thick, It stayed twilight even during the day. We paid our fee and set up two tents and got camp set up for the weekend. After cleaning up the fire pit, it was suggested we pair up and hunt up deadfall firewood. Lisa glommed on to me. After her actions on the trip here, I figured she was ready for a little more attention, despite my rule. I had to see where this was going, my dick thought it was moral imperative. Evaline and Larry headed off in one direction which left us to go the opposite way. I stopped by my tent and grabbed a space blanket and shoved it in my back pocket [just in case, you know]. We'd gone about 50 yards down a trail when Lisa turned suddenly, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me forcefully on the lips. Not waiting for an engraved invitation, I pulled her tight to me, grabbing her firm ass with both hands. She moaned into my mouth. Taking that as approval, I searched out and found an unfettered breast under her T shirt.

Her whole body seemed to shake and she pushed me away.
“I can't, not yet.”
“Is this can't – don't want to, or can't for another reason?”
“Buck, I can't because I can't stay quiet. I' like the woman's coach in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” - I get really loud when I get turned on. Promise me we can do this later, like next week back home.”
From that point on, she held my hand and bumped hips occasionally while I toted the wood and she picked it up.

The next morning, we hit a mom & pop restaurant on the way to the beach. The weather was very warm for the Pacific NW. I dressed in sweats and carried my dive bag while the others mainly had on jeans. It was fun and not a little erotic helping the ladies into their rental wetsuits. I 'had' to help Lisa push her boobs into the wetsuit top while she zipped it up. Strangely, Evaline allowed Larry the same opportunity. The three took to the ocean like they'd been doing it forever, no qualms, no hesitation. I'd given them a little talk about the possible critters they'd encounter during our 40' dive – octopus, doubtful but possibly squid, although they prefer open water, not so much coastal areas, lot's of crabs of many varieties and jelly fish. From the college classes, the jelly fish here were very small and no one had ever reported a a sting.

Larry paired up with me while the two ladies paired together. We had an enjoyable morning but the class was tired from the new exertion. We hit another restaurant on the way back to the campsite and the late lunch was filled with everyone's individual experience and observations. I think the diving world got three new members. The next topic was WHEN I had a Caribbean trip planned and how much. The girls thought they could afford it easily and Larry figured his wife would be in favor of a warm water, warm sunny skies and tropical excitement. Call me 'just a guy', but for me it meant LOTS of beauties in tiny, TINY bikinis. Since the class was so small, we'd done all the requirements today, so tomorrow was all fun dives.

We cleaned up and it was still early, so we decided to hit town and find food, then try our luck at a few clubs. Lisa showed me a fake ID that I thought was passable. Dinner was nice so we gathered our energy and found a dance club I frequented the other times I'd been there. Everyone got in, no questions and a waitress seated up on the edge of the dance floor. Both us guys kept the ladies entertained for the next few hours, however, when my turn came to dance with Lisa, I thought she'd grind a hole in my thigh straddling it. We drank, we danced and a good time was had by all. Even Evaline was feeling frisky before the night was over, but I made that Larry's problem.

Evaline and Larry took a walk to 'work off' the booze [I don't wanna know how that worked and I'd never ask either of them. I got ready for bed, got the sleeping bag unzipped and was sitting there when Lisa slipped in my tent. She pushed me down and crawled over the top of me, sealing her lips over mine while hunching my crotch though the sleeping bag. I don't think I've EVER had a woman get me so hard so quick as she did. She sighed and rolled off, handing me a paper with her phone number and directions to her apartment and told me she 'expected' me to call very soon, like the day after tomorrow.

Our last open water as a group, everyone paired off and I led them to the other side of the breakwater we'd used yesterday. They still stuck fairly close to me as I led them into sixty feet of water. Luckily, there were a few overhangs in the rocks and they were able to see close-up an Pacific NW oddity – a Ling cod about six feet long. This was the largest fish they'd seen close up since sharing an ocean with other critters. As soon as the dive finished and everyone had washed the salt water off the gear, I handed out their temporary cert cards. Graduation day!

The drive back was quiet. My students were jazzed but tired and we bid goodbye at the motel. I got a not-so-subtle reminder from Lisa about calling. Evaline hugged me and thanked me for an enjoyable weekend, then whispered in my ear;
“That girl has it bad for you. Be nice to her and take care of her. You are all she's talked about the last ten weeks.”
That was like trying to convince me the sky wasn't blue. I WANTED that girl, in a bad, bad way. Lisa was still hanging around, waiting, and looking kind of expectant since I still had a room here. I knew now was not the time, and here was not the place. The hotel owner, Kate,was standing in her doorway, watching the exchange with my students...I MIGHT want to use this place again. Even though we hadn't 'hooked up' again, I'd lit a fire in her I wasn't sure had totally gone out.


I reviewed the classes and the sales for the weekend with Chuck and told him to have a good time with his open water class at the lake. After doing my paperwork and making up a bank deposit, I went into my office and called Lisa.

The first thing off the top of our conversation was when I'd be able to visit her an it was about an hour away. I explained that since my classes were done temporarily, I'd go back to two days a week off. She asked what time I closed the shop every day and I told her I had a part-time instructor capable of closing up. So, anytime after 5pm, I could justify leaving. That suited her to a 'T'. Her desire was for me to come to work, bag packed and be ready to spend the weekend with her. She would have our 'activities' planned out to let me leave at a decent hour Sunday. So that was the plan. To say I was anxiously looking forward to it is an understatement.

I called to let her know that Friday was the night and I'd be at her apartment about 6:30 or so. She told me to bring my appetite...ALL of them!
I got off work, went home and cleaned up. Just to err on the side of caution, I grabbed half a dozen condoms. Gassing up my truck, I headed to Lisa's apartment. Reality was, we really hadn't had a chance talk, I mean really talk...both had been to horny for the other to let conversation get in the way. For myself, for some reason, the woman pushed all my buttons in ways I've yet to understand.

During the hour drive, I reviewed the things I DID know about Lisa – She was enrolled at WSU and currently a sophomore; lived alone; currently wasn't seeing anyone and was twenty to my nearly forty years. She'd also let drop that her ex was 30 years old and she'd rather be with an older man than guys her age. On arriving at her apartment, she grabbed a jacket and we were on our way to a restaurant. We pigged out on seafood and shared a bottle of wine. It seemed to hit her harder than it did me.

I asked what else she had planned for the evening.
“You are taking me home, getting ALL my clothes off and fucking me until I can't stand, are there any questions?” What do you say to that?
Lisa had warned me before that she was a 'howler'. Holding back her impulses were not part of her make-up. I was about to experience that first hand.

Her clothes came off as she walked into her living room. With little ceremony, she flopped on the floor, legs spread. After sucking and nibbling on both nipples, I skipped over the rest of her body, and moved down to her feet. First I massaged each foot, getting Lisa relaxed and making her body more pliable. Kissing and sucking on her toes, taking each one into my mouth and running my tongue around it. I moved up to her ankle, kissing as I progressed upwards. She started to turn into a pile of melted butter, sighing as she relaxed. I massaged and kissed my way up her legs, alternating between kisses and little nibbles, switching legs often to get equal coverage. She was moaning softly and her breathing deepened throughout the process.

Finally, I neared her pussy. I hesitated, teasing her, and then lightly brushed my tongue against her labia. She jumped, arching her back and thrusting her cunt down towards me. I just moved back, not allowing any more contact. This was real torture, but I could tell she loved it. Continuing to use only the lightest touch,
I moved away when she spasmed. When I knew she could take no more teasing, I sucked her clit into my mouth and started flipping it with my tongue. Immediately, she came with an intense cum, writhing and thrashing on the floor. Her screams were loud, as she was trying to shatter all the living room windows. I gave her no quarter, continuing the torture throughout her orgasm. As her orgasm hit, she let loose with a howl like a coyote in heat, nearly passing out.

She was so wet, I went balls deep the first thrust.
“Fuck me Buck. Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK me, FUCK me, FUUUCCKKKKK MEEEE!!!”
she screamed, beating her small fists on my chest and kicking my butt
with her heels. Orgasm after orgasm wracked her writhing body as she shook
beneath me, impaled on my hard, dick. She screamed out her orgasms, over and over, howling like a coyote. I thought I was going to be deaf in my left ear from her screams.[the right one went tits from standing in front of a bass amp for years] Thank god there were no close neighbors, we’d have had the cops there for sure.

“I still have a little… problem," I reminded her, gyrating my hips slightly to remind her that she was still impaled on me. "Oh, well hell! we can’t have you going off...'half-cocked' like that, can we?” She laughed
She already knew something about deep throat and she took all of my penis into her mouth, letting the tip her tongue tickle the base of my cock. As much as I was enjoying the BJ, I'd rather be buried in her cunt.
"Please, Buck, come inside me, DEEP inside me." I lay on top of her, my weight resting on my knees and elbows, as we kissed, long and deeply. My penis, hard and pulsating, within her wet and hot pussy. Slowly, I started to move my pelvis, trying not to disturb the kisses, or change the amount of contact between our bodies, just moving my hips, sliding my cock deep within her pussy like a mechanical fucking machine. After her initial moan, she started her howling, the sound echoed into my mouth. She started coming over and over, and her body simply vibrated. Her pussy grabbed at my cock, and I started to come. My balls finally exploded, and the hot jism shot from me as ropes into her pussy. When my explosion ended, her body convulsed one last time, and I rolled us over to our sides, still holding her close, our limbs entangled, and my penis still inside her.

“No one in my life ever did that. I mean made it good for me before they ever fucked me. Oh hell yeah, I have no trouble coming but it's usually while I'm being fucked. Gawd, where the hell have you been all my life?”
“Women are not cum buckets. If a guy is offered sex, it's a gift, not a given. You, my little minx, push all my buttons and I have no clue why, you just did from the first time I met you.”

Time to get back to the job at hand. I rolled her on her back and moved down to her spread legs. Funny, I move down, her legs spread...I move up, they lock around my ass. She hadn't stopped flowing my jism or her own lube as I tasted the wine flowing from her nearly bald pussy. I used that lube to put a finger in her ass. I sucked hard on her clit as I vibrated my fingertip in place. I felt her wetness increase, and if I thought her pussy couldn't get any hotter, I was sadly mistaken.

"Jeeezzzzzussssss!" she finally hissed, "Ooooooohhhhhhhmifuckinggaaaaaaawwwdddd!" Her body began bucking, and I had to hold on tightly to keep my tongue on her clit, and my finger in her asshole.
"Fuck me!" she pleaded, "Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast. Fuck DEEP. Fuck me NOW!" I fucked her.

She raised her body up, and my lubricated penis fell in between her ass cheeks. She reached under her, and held the tip of my penis to her asshole. Breathing deeply, she lowered herself onto my wet shaft. Her anus was tight, but the greasing of our natural juices allowed her to take the full length of my dick into her ass. Her sphincter spasmed playfully. "I am sooo full," she sighed. I started to slide my penis in and out of her ass as she lowered herself onto me, taking my dick as deep as it would go.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Hooooooowwwwwwwlll" She came. The contractions in her ass were non-stop. She tightened her sphincter to hold me inside while she came. "Now cum, cum deep inside me," she huffed, "Cum in my ass!"
I am totally certain that several of the things she shouted during climax are physically impossible...Just saying...The things some people's kids think up! We were both feeling the loss of energy we'd put into our lovemaking and we headed to her bedroom. It was nice to have someone so hot and lovely resting her head on my shoulder all night.

The next day, she just about insisted we go visit her parents. No sooner were introductions made than Lisa ran off to the back of the house with her mother. Her dad was left to keep me occupied.
“What did you do to my daughter?” he asked
“Sorry, I'm not sure how to answer that or what the question is really about.”
“She walks in here, stars in her eyes and goes for a mother-daughter confab. SOMETHING must have happened.”
“Lisa did tell you she took a SCUBA class from me, didn't she?”
“Yes, We knew about the class. You and it were all she could talk about.”
“Then we are both about on the same page. We went on our first date last night.
“Must have been some first date! Listen- I'm not trying to put you on the spot. Her last long term boyfriend was considerably older than Lisa. We've know since her high school years she has no interest in boys her age. You, however, looked to be a mite older than her last man.”

“Sir, I'm a Viet Nam vet, a college graduate and have been teaching SCUBA for many years, and I make a considerable income, so yes, I'm probably a little more worldly than Lisa's previous boyfriends. It's a little premature to say I'm her boyfriend as we are just now getting better acquainted.”

I have to say, after the 'interview' with her dad, her mom was all over me. Lisa soon had us headed back to her apartment after a couple of hours. Seems I passed muster. Dad was optimistic and mom was measuring me as a prospective son-in-law. Again, no sooner in the apartment door than her clothes fell off....again.

I moved up close behind her, and ran my hands along her hips until they met in front of her navel. Sliding them up to her breasts, lifted them up and separated them, until each hand was softly cupping a warm, firm C cup. Lisa moaned as my fingers gently caressed the flesh of her breasts, moving gently over her
nipples repeatedly until they were fully hard as diamonds. I kissed the nape of
her neck, and slid my tongue up until it rested just below her earlobe, which I took into my mouth and sucked on.
She was writhing in pleasure now, but completely unable to actually reach me. She was panting hard by the time I lowered my hands from her chest, and moved toward her panties. Once there, pulled them gingerly off her hips, and allowed them to fall, adding to the pile of cloth already on the floor around her ankles.

Turning her around, I arranged her on her knees. Her head on her arms, her shoulders resting on a pillow, her ass jutting up at me. I spread her cheeks. She made a small whimper, and I shushed her. My cock worked its way into her ass slowly. She bit down on her fist, trying to relax. Once I felt her sphincter relax, I plunged all the way in and began to work up a rhythm. Lisa grunted a satisfied sigh. As I pumped, I felt the flood coming again. My nuts shot out liquid fire through my prick one more time for the night. Lisa spasmed through a long orgasm, loud and howling as usual, but pleasantly shuddering against me. She ground her ass against my slowly softening dick, trying for all the last sensations she could.

“I had never tried anal sex but I trusted you'd never hurt me. I always thought it sounded icky, gross and it HAD to hurt. Wow, was I mistaken. We need to do that fairly often, like at least every time we make love, I'm thinking. I'm prepared to move you move right in, if you want, then we can do this all the time." she whispered. Whoa! Talk about sudden.

It took several moments for us both to settle from the experience. When I was conscious enough, I rolled to one side of Lisa. My softening dick slipped from her, but I kept my arm draped comfortably over her, my head nestled in her loose hair, and our groins touching. There, we napped, temporarily exhausted.
We lay in bed cuddling, her head on my chest. She kissed me and pulled back slightly, looking at me pensively. “Do you ever want kids?”
It took a lot not to spill my feelings about children from the 'Marge' time in my life. That hurt, though buried, hurt just the same. Both from the loss of losing a child that MIGHT have been mine and the deception.
“Having children is hereditary. If your parent's didn't have any, chances are you won't either!” That got me a slug but she thankfully dropped that line of questioning.

This was day one of our weekend 'date' and she, more than me, wanted to spend the day in bed. Pillow talk can be erotic or of the soul-searching type. Lisa again explained her ideal man was older, experienced and sure of himself and she felt I filled that bill completely. She, on the other hand pushed all of my buttons and I just wanted to bury myself in her arms and in her body.

She was excited about going back to college but still wished to go on a Caribbean dive trip to experience warm water and sunny beaches – seems she'd never been out of the state of Washington. Not that it made a hell of a lot of difference, but her having a trust fund she could draw on meant she could pay her way once I put a trip together. Fortunately, if I got ten or more paid people for a trip, I got a comp room and airfare. Jay still paid my guaranteed expenses for hosting the trip, so in effect, a Mexican dive trip would be free for the two of us. This would make the twenty-ninth trip of my instructional career. We got up, ate a snack and Lisa wanted more bedroom recreation. Who was I to complain?

Day two was more of the same – we went shopping in a mall, had lunch at Micky-D's, the home to her apartment for more bedroom gymnastics. I have to say one thing. Lisa LIKED to fuck, like she couldn't get enough. To her credit, she never complained about being sore...what a perfect woman! The downside was I was getting a bit raw, if you know what I mean. I guess there's truth in 'too much of a good thing'. I'd lost count of how many times we put tab A into slot B. After a short nap, I needed to get on the road North.

We talked on the phone all through the week, planning what to do the coming weekend. Evidently, Lisa and her mom did a lot of talking about me and the two of us and had a dinner planned for Saturday night. The longer we talked and I visited, the more talk between her and her mom turned to a permanent relationship. For the most part, this seemed like nirvana for me but somewhere, in the back of my mind, something kept niggling at me. A family that accepted me wholeheartedly, a young woman that was determined to fuck me to death and a comfortable income....what could be wrong?

Weeks turned into months, the visits became reciprocal- if I drove down, she drove up the next week. The time rolled around for the Mexican trip and Lisa was over the top with excitement. She already owned a bikini but after I told her about swimwear in the Caribbean, what she owned would do for the first day. She'd also never been to a nude beach so that percolated in her head. Her mom thought it was scandalous, but then again, she did own up to the fact SHE wasn't going on the trip and had never had the opportunity Lisa had. Lisa also let on that she'd never flown before and the four hour trip from Seattle to New Orleans to Cozumel would 'break her in'.

To cover the two of us, I had a couple thousand dollars in traveler's checks and changed a couple of hundred to pesos at the airport. Mexico lives on tips and bribes. We had an hour layover in New Orleans and I thought Lisa was going to go over the counter and throttle the hired help over a $5 cheese burger at McDonalds. [Remember, this was the late 80's.]

I knew what to expect when we stepped off the plane in Cozumel, unfortunately, most of my group did not. Heat and humidity hit you like a blanket and the 50 degree clothes most were wearing turned into sweatpants about 30 seconds on the ground. I'd taken a lot of shit about the shorts and T-shirt I'd worn on the flight down. Seattle was uncomfortable, but we were in the airport with heat, New Orleans was tolerable, Cozumel was comfortable, for me, at least. A four mile ride in a VW bus got us to the hotel before anyone really passed out from the heat. Everyone got checked into their rooms and I held everyone's dive gear to be taken to our charter boat for the week. I'd been working on my Captain's ticket for the last couple of years and used the same boat and crew every time I came down. The crew and Captain appreciated the repeat business and I appreciated them letting me run the boat for a week.

Back in the room, the first thing I did was shut off the A/C and open our balcony doors. Lisa went bugnuts.
“Are you out of your tiny fucking mind? I'm going to die of heat stroke!” she screamed.
“No you won't, and the the sooner acclimate, the more you'll enjoy the trip. One thing to remember, 15 minutes in the sun down here equals several hours exposure back home. NEVER leave the room without sunscreen.” I told the other neophytes all this along with a packing list before we left home. I'd also told everyone to grab a nap and we'd all get together this evening for dinner.

Our first dinner on the island:

I knew of a floating restaurant that served great seafood. One of the cool things about it, other than you knew it was floating in the waves was they had a pet Lemur , a kind of a cross between a monkey, a raccoon and and a possum. The Lemur would travel the overhead beams and decide which lucky table got to feed it tidbits from their meals. After the first few shrieks of panic, my group settled down and fed the damned thing, just strengthening its bad habits. In the States, you bought lobster, usually, picking it out from a tank. Here, it sold by the pound. Those in the know ordered 1-2 pounds, the unknowing, thing this meant the WHOLE animal. Since we 'civilized' people only ate the tails, they order ½ pounders and actually only got a large bite or two out of their selection, It dawned on them later, a couple could order a 5 lb. tail that would serve two nicely. There were those who ordered batter-dipped shrimp only to find out you got a huge platter full – enough to feed a family. You just gotta let em learn the hard way.

The next morning:

I knocked on everyone's door, made sure they were up and headed to the hotel's dining room for breakfast. Those that drank coffee were surprised that Mexican coffee was so thick and strong, it coated the sides of the cup and would likely jump-start a heart. I had everyone open their dive bags and check [inventory] their gear...not that I really expected thievery, but this was a place where the average worker made about $150 USD a year. Never in 29 trips had any one of my people lost anything, but my job was to look after these folks.

Lisa popped out in her itty bitty bikini [according to US standards] only to find herself overdressed according to the seasoned tourists and the local ladies. I was quickly informed THAT would change as soon as we could go shopping. Our daily trips went from 8am castoff to around four in the afternoon with a stop on one end of the island for lunch of local fare. The newbies damned near lost their minds after the first dive in crystal clear WARM water. Our first stop was a sunken bomber used in a film tears earlier. The film crew put it down in forty feet of water and the local sea life had immediately taken it over. The majority of my divers were introduce to the Sgt Major herd that surrounded the wreck. Sgt Majors are extremely territorial and as a group, attack when their habitat is 'invaded'. In our case, the new divers found these little fish delighted in yanking out a mouthful of hair. The women only had to keep them shooed away from their heads...the guys weren't so lucky. The had head, arms and hairy legs to worry about.

Lunch was interesting. For many, it was their first exposure to Conch, a local shell fish. They had a choice of shrimp or conch and all the chips, salsa and soft drinks they could consume. Letting lunch settle, several teamed up with locals for a volley ball game while I took a few snorkeling just offshore to the sea grass. There they could see conch in their natural habitat.

The afternoon dive centered on a coral formation that contained many tunnels. In one, we found a nurse shark about 4 feet long. To those who don't know, a nurse shark is 'mostly' placid, in that if you don't but it, it won't bug you. However, this was a SHARK and getting people to swim over it was a dare for most. They also were exposed to Sea Slugs, a strange aquatic animal...slow moving and looking like an over sized tomato worm with more bumps and ridges. The neat thing is, if disturbed, it pukes out it's guts for a predator to feast on while it crawls away to safety and re-generates its lost innards. Lobsters everywhere. Tiny, 'normal' sized to huge ones. Warm water bugs don't have claws, per se but that doesn't make them less scarier.

Back on the boat, the entire trip back to the hotel was “Did you see this....this....this. I peed my swimsuit!”
In a lull in the conversations, I told them all I'd be available if they wanted to explore more eateries and/or the local night life. What I FAILED to mention was Mexico and Cozumel were about three years behind us 'culturally', meaning disco was an up and coming thing here. More culture shock. One high spot I have to mention is 'Carlos & Charley & Jimmy Kitchen's' little corner of paradise. Lots of music, a limited food menu and totally insane waiters. You could be having a drink and conversation and a waiter would wrap a towel around your neck while another, several tables away held up a wine flask and begin spraying in your direction. Its drink or drown. Another quaint thing is the entire ceiling of the club is covered with t-shirts from the various dive shop trips that have graced the island...ours included.

After a few drinks, Lisa wanted to hit the open air market. As we took a taxi to the town square, I explained that haggling the prices were a national pastime and NEVER pay the asking price. The local 'sales tax' was negotiable too. I bought a new pair of water buffalo sandals and Lisa made a bee line for the local swim wear. Thongs and string bikini's hadn't quite caught on in the US. Down here, IF a woman wore a top, it was designed to show all, or nearly I said earlier, nude beaches were passe' down here. Ya know, there's a saying – 'When in Rome...'. Lisa was all for shocking the hell out of our group. Me, being the misogynistic bastard that I am, refused to let her dive topless. I WOULD take her to a nude beach if she so desired. This girl's titties were MINE to ogle, not the world. Naturally, the women got in a confab about the nude beach and four (mine included, naturally), decided I would 'escort' them. This didn't exactly sit well with the guys until they figured if the wives were off playing, they could chase any strange stuff they found on the beach. To quote another line 'I know NOTHING, mine commandant'. Besides, I got to ogle the good, the bad and the ugly in our bunch.

The one I considered the 'ugly' was the biggest nympho in the group. She would take on anyone anywhere, male or female and seems she did so with the other hubbies and the boyfriend she was here with could care less, but that was not my story to tell except Lisa locked her heels and told her I was totally off limits.

Our room had a balcony that overlooked the pool below.
She looked at me and said;”I don't think you realize how my hormones work. Yer gonna make me do something that'll end up on the news if we aren't careful.” The most daring thing Lisa tried was getting fucked as she bent over the railing. I mentioned before that sex with her was not a quiet, private thing and after her first howling session, we had about thirty people's undivided attention. Believe it or not, we got cheers and a standing ovation when we finished. However it was received, several of the audience were ladies from my group...that got me some appraising looks the next morning at breakfast. Lisa was there like a doberman, just waiting to take a bite out of some interloper. Later, I told her what did she expect- SHE was the one advertising. [NOTE TO SELF: if we ever made permanent living arrangements, we had to; 1- live away from anyone, or 2- get the house/apartment soundproofed.] I can say one with her is never dull.

All good things come to an end and our Cozumel trip did the same. Waaay too many souvenirs, a few 'near terminal' sunburns and the occasional hangover, we boarded our jet back to the States. One nice thing- as a group, they were a fun bunch and all wanted notified the next trip I planned.

In Seattle, I got my truck out of hock from long term parking and we were on our way back to her place. Heaven forbid, we'd gone one night and a whole day without sex! Wasn't my fault Lisa got commode-hugging drunk our last night there. Lisa, however, was squiring in her seat and it was all I could do to keep her hands out of my fly on the two hour drive back...the things I had to promise her that I'd do TO HER and WITH her were all that kept her at bay.

No sooner in the front door and our bags tossed to the side and her clothes came off.
I couldn’t help but stare at her nude body. The pretty much overall tan didn't hurt either. Her pussy drew my eye like a magnet. It was neatly trimmed, with a thin, well-groomed patch of pale blond curls above her slit, but smooth as a baby’s butt underneath. Her clit was peeking out from under its hood and her outer lips looked almost red and slightly engorged. As I watched, they seemed to open even more, the inner lips began to show. I could already see moisture gathering at the bottom. This girl just oozed sex and she wasn't hesitant to show it was all for me. I think if her nipples got any harder, they might shatter, especially with the way she was pulling on them.

Lisa looked at me and her eyes were sultry. “You know how much I love you Buck and I wanted you before we even got home. Hell, I'd have screwed you on the damned airplane if I thought we'd get away with it. I want you every day and every night. I love you like I've never loved anyone before and I love making love with you. But tonight was different. You just gave me the best week of my life. This evening, it was about being screwed and having your cock inside of me and letting me show how much I love you. I am even sure I'd ever want anything but your cock and I've never felt that way about ANYONE before. Not that I'm a closet nympho or anything but I need sex, I needed to be fucked and thankfully it's all going to be with my stud boyfriend. Never leave me, Baby.”
What do you say to that?

This woman/girl had my emotions in total turmoil. I had NEVER been this wrapped up this quickly with anyone. How do I cope with this because it could get out of hand in a heartbeat – be careful what I say or do and just let these feelings play out as they will. I needed to just suck it up and deal. Between fending off Lisa's hand during the ride home, I thought carefully about what ever this was that bugged me about her. Did I doubt her love? Nope. Was she sexually fulfilling? You bet your ass. Was she beautiful? There IS no doubt. So what was wrong, what kept me from committing?

Lisa's folks had a big dinner planned to welcome us home. We spent a little time in her apartment censoring the pictures we'd taken...after all, you don't want to shock the parental units. All through the meal Lisa could tell something was on my mind. Later, we went back to her place.
“Honey, do you love me, I mean REALLY love me?” I asked
"YES! And, Buck, don't you DARE try to back out on me! I know how you think, and you are NOT too old, and I'm not gonna chase some college stud, you hear me?"
What else can I say? I nodded in meekly; "yes, dear."
We hit her bedroom and made love ... so sweetly and very aggressively on her part. It was as though some weird obstruction had been removed temporarily and we were now wholly and completely a couple. I can't explain it any better; I realized there was still a barrier between us, more on my part than anything. I can only suppose that my reluctance to tie her down and leaving me in a shambles was the reason. If she broke up with me, I'm not sure I'd survive it.

The thought of her going off to college bugged me. I never had the feeling of inadequacy, just worried she'd find someone her age that tripped her trigger.
Reality was, I JUST turned 40 and was now officially twice her age. I spent the week, holed up in my duplex thinking about Lisa, me and us. This age thing kept slamming me between the eyes. Our nightly phone calls, I tried to stay upbeat but Lisa could tell something was on my mind. She made me promise to talk to her, really talk to her this weekend.

I dreaded the drive down, trying to think of what and how I was going to say it. Lisa was really pensive when I walked in and held her in my arms.
“We agreed we'd talk and I want you to know this isn't easy for me. I've been fucked up all week.”
“Just tell me...we can work it out Buck.”
“Baby Doll, I think you overlook the fact that I'm twenty years older than you...twice your age. That never bothers you?”
“I love the fact that you're older. You're settled, got a good job, treat me like a queen and totally rock my world. What more could I want?”
“A guy closer to your age.”
She started to explain; “Wait- don't interrupt. You do know this bugs the shit out of your dad. He's happy you're happy, but I see the look in his eyes. I'm not that high on his list of prospects for you. Think about it. If and when we have kids, I'd be old enough to be their grandpa.”
Lisa stood there with tears in her eyes, just staring at me.

“Is it something I did? Am I too reckless? I can change, baby, just give us a chance.”
“Darlin, you being you is what makes you so exciting. I wouldn't change a thing about you. It's me. I'm getting all wrapped up in this and I know in my heart, sooner or later, you're going to break it and it will just kill me. I don't know...I'm confused myself. Maybe being away from you for a while will settle things one way or the other.” I kissed her goodbye, maybe for the last time and headed for the door. God Damn It, she launched herself at me and wrapped her arms around my legs begging me not to go.

I don't suppose I'm the only male helpless in the face of female tears. I sat on the floor next to her and held out my arm; she climbed on my lap and buried her face against my neck ... and sobbed. My arms closed around her automatically and I just held her. I know this had to hurt because my own heart was dissolving in grief over my decision, but I hoped it would be better for the two of us in the end. I know, in reality, it was best for me. Heartbreak now and for the next little while rather than major pain down the road after our love had deepened and it totally destroyed me. Yeah, I know, just thinking about myself but sometimes self-preservation is a life saver in the bigger scheme.

I knew I'd be heartbroken over my decision later, but right then I had nothing to give, nothing left inside, just a void feeling – I felt like I'd just lost my future, even knowing it was for the best in the long run. I fucking hate it when I'm right, sometimes.

A couple of weeks passed by, me throwing myself into work and classes. Neither of us called the other, however, her mother called me wanting to know why we broke up. Actually, her mom could see where I was coming from, not happily, but she understood. I apologized for upsetting Lisa and her family. The fucked up thing is...every time I closed my eyes, I see Lisa.

27-Twenty Years Later

Twenty years later...part of the Youth series

A true story of growing up. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. : mf mf, mmf, FFFFM, oral, anal, cons.
During my college experience, I spent some considerable time as a technical writer, hence, I edit my own stuff. Any remaining errors in this story are most definitely mine.

I dated a lady I'll call Bren from one of my SCUBA classes. She was a tad on the naive side, having lost her cherry to one of her older brother's friends...a one and done thing. We dated a couple of times and she brought up my skills as a home repair/remodel person. Seems she had a house given to her by her granddad and it needed some renovation – badly.

Without going into all the nuts and bolts, I put down new inlaid floors, fixed cracked and missing plaster, new kitchen countertops and a total bathroom re-build. When the dust settled, she owed me a couple thousand dollars. I wasn't hurting for money so I wasn't pressing her to pay.

I was in the dive shop one day talking to a friend when a caravan of buses, SUV's and motor homes pulled up out in the parking lot. It seems this bunch were seasonal miners in Alaska and were on their way north. My job was to overhaul their diving regulators and fix their dry suits. As I wrote up the work order, my friend Marvin had gone out to look over the strange machines strapped to their trailers. The group were dredgers, meaning they had floating underwater vacuum cleaners that sucked up anything small enough to go through the 8” diameter hoses hooked to their dredges. The dredge, in theory, separated rocks and gravel from the gold it picked up.

I need to explain Marvin was a newly retired FedEx 747 pilot, recently furloughed out by FedEx along with all the other senior pilot to save money. Marvin was dragging in $147K a year in RETIREMENT! Break my fucking heart!! The group left to check into a motel and left me to my repairs.

Marvin was literally bouncing on his toes, telling me all about the dredgers. It would have been rude to tell him that I was already aware of what and how they made their living as they'd been stopping by every year I'd worked there. Anyway, Marvin thought with his money and my diving expertise, we would get rich dredging the creeks and rivers here in Washington as it IS gold country. I told him to go to the library for research and to visit a couple I knew that ran a treasure hunter's supply here in town.

Bren, in the meantime, invited me to move into her house and get me out of the rental I currently occupied. Her ulterior motive was that I was to teach her 'everything I knew' about sex. Hard work, but nice when you can find it. I asked her to keep an open mind and try things before she decided she didn't like them. Mostly, she was gung-ho to try anything, so she claimed. Turns out she liked only vanilla sex. It was ok and her preferred method to eat her out for a minute or so, suck on her nipples a little then get right into penetration.

At no time did she ever have the convulsions any other woman in my life had when they got off, rather, she'd giggle or laugh. This left me a little confused. Was it good for her? According to her; 'Yes, like nothing she'd ever experienced.' I have to add she'd NEVER masturbated in her life....totally undignified. Dummy me, I should have seen the handwriting on the wall.

Marvin came into the shop a couple of days after setting him on the road to educating himself on what and how dredges worked. Imagine my surprise when Marvin laid a catalog on my counter, showing me a 6“ triple sluice dredge he'd ordered along with all the bells and whistles needed for recovering the gold from the concentrate in the dredge...that was assuming we actually dredged anything up.

Asking him where this miracle dredge was, he told me it would be arriving at MY house any day. HIS wife would castrate him if came to him. She was perfectly content to play wealthy socialite and her husband actually getting dirty just wasn't going to happen in this lifetime. Otherwise, they led two separate lives.

Sure enough, three days later Bren called me at the shop wanting to know WHAT all these boxes were, stacked in her front yard and on her porch and was she supposed to sign for them. I told her to just sign the man's invoice and I'd be home shortly, dragging Marvin by the ear. [For those non-miners, THIS 6” vacuum dredge is about 18 feet long and 6 feet wide and weighs close to 500 lbs dry. That's just the dredge. The 30' hose weighs about 60 lbs.] After looking at the packing list and the assembly diagrams, my first question to Marvin was HOW he planned to move this thing TO the mining site and WHO he intended to hire to carry it or the parts to assemble on or near the water. 'No problem!' He went and bought a retired U-
Haul truck with a cab-over box on it. Surely a 35' box would hold the dredge and ancillary equipment.

Marvin went on to explain he had absolutely no mechanical skills, so it was MY job to assemble the beast. Hah hah hah. I hated to burst his bubble, but I explained I WORKED for a living. Was he planning to hire a crew to do the dredging or what.

Didn't I have vacation time? Well, since beginning at the shop, I'd never taken a day of time for myself, other than my days off, also not counting the trips in or out of country...after all – other than being enjoyable; I had several people's lives, luggage and entertainment in my hands, 24/7. Turns out I had two months of time owed me but the shop owner Jay told me if I took it all at once, he wouldn't guarantee my job would be there when I returned. I have failed to really detail that he'd decided that since I was making SOOOO much money in salary, commission and class fees that I should also assume MY HALF share of the shop expenses, like overhead and the shop's $1M annual liability insurance and since I was doing SOOOO well, I should assume my own travel and class expense.

My rebuttal was, if he wanted to make me a partner in the shop, that might be doable, however, I was still under contract with the pay contained therein. He finally gave me a written ultimatum – pay half the store expenses as just an employee or leave... I left and filed for unemployment. Of course Jay contested the claim. It went from arbitration to a labor and industry court. Jay was adamant that since I was such a productive salesman and successful instructor and was raking in crazy commissions it was only fair. Not only fair, it would be a condition of continued employment. The court didn't see it that way and Jay was forced to pay me the vacation money owed and I was awarded $2500 per month as unemployment based on my payroll records. After the hearing. The judge told me he never knew a diving instructor/shop manager held an 'executive' position and that the job paid so much. I was right up there with bank managers. Bottom line was I was still unemployed.

Needless to say, Marvin jumped right on my situation. He would make me a partner and half owner of all the equipment PLUS guarantee my current income as long as the partnership could I lose? Next stop, Bureau of Land Management to check out claimable land (areas with creeks or rivers). The couple that ran the treasure supply suggested some 'withdrawn' land, meaning it was owned by someone else but they had no claim on the minerals contained therein.

The creek we were interested in lay about 80 miles from home, so this meant camping in place for the duration. The area had a history of rich gold concentrations and the surrounding mountains were dotted with old mine tunnels, however, no one had made big strikes anywhere along the creek. This told me the gold source was likely IN the creek. [Gold is generally found in or near quartz formations. A quartz vein in a creek or river bottom, especially with the erosive spring runoffs this area had would fracture the quartz releasing the gold. Everything in a creek or river that has water in it, especially MOVING water is in constant motion. Heavier materials on the bottom worked their way downward according to their weight. Gold is 17 times heavier than comparable-sized creek material, so other than fishing weights or rifle bullets, gold would be laying on bedrock.]

If the area of the creek was easily accessed, every recreational miner/dredger had sucked bedrock clean, so we headed for the least accessible areas. Without telling you how to build a clock because you asked the time, let's say the area we chose would test even my skills. The water was extremely swift, as in white cap swift and I wore 80lbs of weight just to stay on the bottom IF I hid behind large boulders. No one had mined this area ever. An interesting thing – if you got to the creek just as the snow melt runoff picked up, you could hear boulder bouncing along the creek bottom until they reached a place of low current to settle in until the next gully-washer hit. This creates low pressure areas BEHIND the boulders, letting gold settle in. [As a side note- go to a creek or river that flows. Every bend has a strip of exposed rocks on the inside of the bend- this is another low pressure area where gold is found. Any gold in the current goes downstream until it finds a low pressure area.]

Once I got a trench dredged that I could work in - shielded from the current, I found bedrock only 5-7 feet under the overburden[all the loose rocks, boulders, sand and gravel] It was very pleasant to see once the crap was out of the way that VISIBLE gold was there. [most dredgers see the occasional nugget but mostly rely on the fine[powdered] gold that is trapped in their sluice box.] I had nuggets I could pick up in my fingers but where to put them. I just had to hope our sluice box was trapping them as I stuffed the first few dozen nuggets in the wrists of my neoprene gloves. Hell – I'm new at this, so sue me.

A work day lasted about 6 hours before I felt too beat up to continue, then 1-2 hours of cleaning the sluices and reclaiming our finds. Remember, I mentioned this was a triple sluice dredge – meaning fine gold was directed to the two side sluices while heavy stuff stayed in the main box. Nearly every day, we got a palmful of nuggets of varying size and a small medicine bottle of fines. Marvin's job was to keep the dredge clean, clear out rocks plugging the hose and getting food and necessities along with more medicine bottles. We started in October and by the time snow fell in November, the season was over. This area of the mountain normally got 4-6 feet of snow. We'd gotten lazy I guess and gave up the medicine bottles and turned to Mason jars to hold our gold. After we'd packed up and went home, the next step was getting the gold assayed and sold. Bottom line was MY share of three months of hard work was $40k and I was STILL drawing unemployment.

My conscience gave me a twinge now and then about Jay continuing to pay me unemployment, but if he hadn't been such a greedy prick, I'd have closed the account. Fuck him, I hope it hurt his pocket book. In subsequent years, every time he saw me, he tried to get me to come back. If I'd have been a little sharper, I would have just bought him out.

Bren kept after me about paying for the remodeling, so I gave her the same catalog Marvin had on dredges and told her I'd take a 4” dredge and change. Scuttlebutt had it one of her co-workers tried dredging but hadn't found any profit in it and had used his 4” dredge less than a month. Bren took me to meet him and the dredge hadn't even lost any paint. Bren wrote him a check for $1500 and me a check for $500...not a bad day at the races.

Going from bad to worse....

Bren and I got married. We took a honeymoon in Alaska at a gold camp of all places [her idea]. We made so much noise bumping fuzzies that the owner moved us to a remote cabin. As far as vanilla sex goes, she was game 24/7. For two weeks, I was a happy camper. Bren bought me a gold-finding metal detector as a wedding present. Finding the odd nugget by day and getting my ashed hauled nearly all night put me in seventh heaven.

Back at home ...Marital bliss changed.

“No, I don't like that anymore”, “No, we aren't doing that again”; “Who do you think I am? Some kind of hooker?” was Bren's replies to nearly every advance I made to her in the bedroom. After a year, Bren got pregnant with out first daughter. We did the Lamaze thing and I did my share of 3am feeding, diaper duty...etc. It was agreed since I was a stay-at-home dad until gold season, I had nanny duty. My mother in law, who hated men, decided MAYBE I was alright. Her first grandchild could do no wrong and she was underfoot most of the time. That's OK. She would assume babysitting when it was time for me to go to the mountains again.

Marvin and I didn't do quite as well this second season but we made a living. Marvin failed his last DOT physical due to a deteriorating nerve condition. It showed heavily when we started this season. I will say he hung in there as much as he was able, but sitting around the campfire, he told me this was it for him and offered to sell out his half for pennies on the dollar. What the hell would I do with a 6” dredge and WHO would I do it with? My family and her mother came up alternate weekends, I guess so my daughter wouldn't forget what I looked like.

On one of these weekend visits, Bren caught again. We kidded the new child was a 'mining accident' the rest of her life. My oldest had outgrown everything and the mo-in-law made it her job to keep her in new stuff weekly. The pregnancy and birth was without issues and at home after her twat healed, she rolled over to me and stated she'd 'done her wifely duties' and old lady five fingers would just have to satisfy me from this point on. Hah! I thought she was joking until she nearly tore my arm off and beat me with it. Was I dense? No, not ever again meant just it & live with it or choice.

I had to be there for my little girls, so leaving was out of the question. I did go back to college and get my MS in Computer Science and a BA in Education. I found I had a knack for computers and programming languages. The college offered me an adjunct position teaching computer languages, networking and business math. At home, I set up the first of my servers and opened a BBS [Bulletin Board System]. A current problem at the time was the flood of totally worthless software...maybe you've run across some in your time frame. The advertisers would claim THEIR software was the answer to all your problems and would do everything including diaper the baby. NOT! 95% was all advertising hype. Now, I'm not advocating pirated software, but I did acquire many gigabytes of it. I'd try it out and if it was shit, I told everyone on the BBS. If it was as advertised, I promoted people to buy it. From that point, things seemed to spiral kind of out of control.

I went from a software advisory to having a chat board and that went from vanilla to pure sex in a heartbeat. Who knew many of my college profs and their wives were into BDSM and swinging? I wasn't going to judge but it looked like electronic porn had the chance to make me a few dollars as it was catching on like wildfire.

Before the year was out, I'd moved up to 20 servers with Pioneer Juke boxes[a CD player that held 6 disks] and a T-1 phone system. I charge a meager $10 per month for access and had 1200 paying users. Sounds like a lot, but the phone bill ran close to 10k per month. The chat[think BLOG] side remained free. Not surprisingly I got mega offers to join in the orgies users put together on my BBS. Keep in mind, for the last two years, I'd been totally without sex except self-gratification.

One user and his wife sent me a very vivid picture. He - kinda nondescript, Her, what can I say, petite but totally hot. At times, they liked to take a third into their love making. This totally pushed my buttons. I'll call them Ann and Jim.
We made a date for me to come to their house. They'd sent their kids to Grandma's for the weekend. To say I was nervous is an understatement. This was the first time I'd stepped out on Bren, but I could justify it in my own mind. [Bren had told me earlier she could care less HOW I took care of my disgusting SEX problem, just don't bring anything or anyone home.] I was led inside by Jim who explained Ann was in the shower. I was given a cold beer and asked to sit down while we waited.

Jim was well on his way to being overweight, not bad looking, just really well padded. We made small talk with Jim wanting to know more about my site and how it worked. They were paying customers on the porn file side and it amazed him the amount of porn I actually had available. About 15 minutes later, Ann stepped into the room wearing a robe and crawled into my lap. We made our introductions as she squirmed around on my hardening cock. This wasn't exactly social hour so we needed to get this thing underway.
“Ann, I'd really like to see what you're hiding under that robe.” With that, she dropped the robe to the floor. I'd said she was petite but the had probably B cup tits and on her, they looked ginormous. Blond and thin to boot with a shaved snatch. Little Buck was turning into BIG Buck in a hurry.

As I was sitting, I had her stand on the couch with her feet on either side of my legs and lean her hands on the wall behind me. That put her pussy at mouth level for me, so I dived in. Meanwhile, Jim had unzipped my pants and had pulled them down over my knees. I THOUGHT he was getting me ready for his wife. Imagine my surprise when I felt a warm, wet mouth go down on me all the way to the hair.

After about ten minutes of tonguing Ann's pussy and sucking on her clit, Ann began to bang on the wall and she had a hard time remaining on her feet. After an intense orgasm, she rolled to my side. Jim let up on my dick and said that was the first time he could remember Ann getting off while standing. After catching her breath, Ann said it was the first time anyone had ever done that to her.

Jim asked me if it bothered me him giving me head. No, I always went by 'if it feels good, do it'. They looked at each other and decided it was time to hit the bedroom.

Ann got kinda sheepish and mentioned her period had just started. It hadn't gotten to the point of needing a tampon but would before the night was over. Nope, not a problem on my end. She was a little afraid that at this point in her cycle, she MIGHT be exposed to getting knocked up and asked if I had an objection to anal sex.
Not in the slightest. She went to one of her dresser drawers and got out a vibrator then got on her hands and knees, slipping the vibrator into her cunt until it disappeared. I got into position behind her and slipped in with little resistance. Not saying she was loose, but this was not her first anal rodeo. As I got into a rhythm, Jim crawled between my spread knees and licked her clit while she bucked against me.

In my mind, I didn't figure I'd last all that long, but the old habits were still there. We pleasured each other for a good half hour, me filling her ass with hot cum, her screaming her head off as she got her own jollies and Jim cumming on his own.

Since not wanting to go back home smelling like pussy, I used their shower to clean up. Bren never said a word, but that would be hard since I'd been sleeping on a futon in my office the last year.

I got into one tryst with a professor and his wife. After stripping down, she turned with a rubber glove on her hand and wanted to try to fist me. HE wanted to fuck me after she was done. SHE wanted no penetration done to herself. Was this a fetish I didn't know about? Needless to say, the wife didn't have a lot of luck fisting felt good and it did loosen me up for hubby.

I had another professor and wife that wanted to meet me at a Denny's and have me fuck his wife in the parking lot with the car doors open. Weird, but if it feels good, do it. Besides, in a city of a million people, what's the chance of anyone knowing you?

One of the computer grad students and his wife were into S/M. He pulled me to the side at school and asked me what new things he could do to humiliate his wife. Upon meeting them both in person, she was kinda hot, built well and all the right curves. I told him I'd give it some thought and made a few suggestions. We spoke aloud right in front of her, acting like she didn't exist. It got her so hot, juice was running down her thighs. It was decided he'd have a poker party and initially have her standing nude in the center of the poker table like a statue. By agreement, all the guys totally ignored her. The longer it went on, the harder she was breathing and trembling. I had her go out on the balcony of their apartment, nude, and wave to whomever saw her. Then, she came inside and gave every man there an excellent blow job.

Going from bad to worse...

As I said, things were the shits at home. Bren and I treated each other like room mates, rather than spouses. To make matters worse, the eldest developed a bipolar disorder. She disagreed with anything we asked her to do, would not keep us informed of where she went or who she was with, staying until all hours and took to cussing me in public at the top of her lungs. Being called a chickenshit motherfucker was a little hard to take, especially in the middle of a restaurant. After a couple of years of this, I'd had enough. Bren did nothing to support me as a parent. One day we were going to shop for school supplies [eldest is in college now] and she blew up at me again in a restaurant. We got in the car and headed for an office supply and my daughter never let up the entire time. I got out of the car and told them I'd just walk the five miles to the house. It would give me time to cool off and formulate something to do.

The family was all there when I came in and the eldest started in again. Bren ignored her. I might also mention that although my childhood was out of a horror story, I'd NEVER say the things my daughter said to me. To make it worse, she refused her medication. I told Bren I was at wits end. Her suggestion was just to pack my shit and leave. The youngest went ballistic, finally cussing her mother and sister for putting me in this position.

I went to a friend's house and spent the night, coming back the next day while everyone was either at school or working. In my absence, my eldest chucked all my servers out a second story window, effectively destroying my livelihood while my wife and youngest watched. I got started on boxing my possessions. After 20 years of marriage, it's amazing how much crap you accumulate.. Damned good thing I had a truck as it took dozens of trips to the storage I'd rented. I had a workshop full of metal working and woodworking stuff. At the time, remodeling was the last thing on my mind and 'stuff' is still 'stuff' and stuff could be replaced if I felt the need.

Bren got home from work and it was time to talk about the separation/divorce. Washington is a communal property state and since my eldest had destroyed my livelihood while my wife was a witness, it was time to talk nuts & bolts. It didn't help Bren's case that our youngest was willing to testify about her mother's complicity.

The house was half mine and at an assessed price of $350K and $300k in equity, I could demand half. If Bren couldn't come up with the cash, I could force the sale of the house and split the proceeds after costs. Also, Bren had $150K in a retirement account, I was entitled to half of it and half her wages. I'd already put a freeze on our joint checking and savings account. My 'assets' were tied up in the servers and software destroyed. That amounted to close to $80K. The eldest was 17 and the youngest 15, so there would be child support. My proposal was to just take my shit and go, leaving her assets alone.

Bren's lawyer thought she could get away with me paying $4K per month child support. Bren had evidently failed to mention the settlement I was offering. On getting the initial paperwork from her lawyer, I told Bren to find a realtor because we were selling the house. Next, she needed to inform the hospital she worked at to break her retirement account and give me a cashier's check for $75k. I'd let her slide on half her wages. My eldest had destroyed $80k worth of my assets along with halting my earnings as she looked on. The sale of her old house netted $35k in equity so I would spot her that from the present house sale. Bren still refused to believe I could do all that and frankly,I'm amazed her lawyer kept her in the dark. My lawyer and her's held a meeting and her's finally admitted I was entitled to all I'd asked for. Bren signed off on the terms.

New Horizons....

My Sis had been after me to move back to Oklahoma ever since she got wind of our troubles. Craigslist solved a lot of my immediate cash flow problems. I sold nearly most of my tools for $6K, plenty for a drive back to Oklahoma. Two days later, I learned Sis had found me a house and furniture and everything I'd need to set up housekeeping.

Back in Oklahoma...

Imagine my surprise when I got a registered letter with divorce papers in it and Bren claimed to keep everything. A phone call to my lawyer got an injunction stopping her from concealing any assets and getting the house appraised for sale. We did have a signed agreement, after all. I guess her lawyer thought since I was out of state, I'd just roll over. Her lawyer tried to make a case that the divorce, selling the house, lack of child support showed I was 'abandoning' my family...etc and would cause a hardship on Bren and the girls...NOT! The next thing, I got in registered mail was a quit claim deed.

Since the divorce, I regularly emailed or called my girls and sent them Christmas and birthday gifts for the next four years. Suddenly, their Facebook pages disappeared and they quit answering my emails and changed phone numbers. I guess you could say I was really on my own now.

Trying New Things...

I thought I was never really 'into' guys, with the exception of my early teen years with Tracy. Whether it was a turn on or not, it served to make up for the lack of female companionship until all that changed. [read Youth-2] Since my last marriage went tits, I got to thinking about stuff that 'tickles my fancy' as it were. I'd always liked ass play and the dildos I'd bought to TRY to excite my wife went with me when I left. I put them to use on myself. Putting an ad in a gay men's website, I received a couple of dozen replies from men in my immediate area. Time to experiment. You never know until you try, right?

My first go round, I was nervous as a virgin on her wedding night, even though THAT part of my anatomy was anything but cherry. I met up with the guy in a coffee shop where we got acquainted. His wife was on a downhill slide with Alzheimer's and he couldn't see intercourse with a limp body. According to him, I'd be his second male partner.

Tom was a tiny little guy, barely five feet tall and slender, about 45 years old. By agreement, we split the cost of a 'no tell motel' and checked in. Imagine my surprise when he dropped his clothes – Tom's penis was as long as my forearm and as thick as my wrist...thank God it tapered to a much smaller head. My favorite dildo was 12” x 2” but this was going to stretch the bejesus out of me.

By agreement, we both condomed up up and tried a mutual blowjob. Latex tastes like shit, for those of you unaware. In the blink of an eye, we both got hard. During our time chatting, I explained that with the degradation my ex had laid on me the last 20 years, I was pretty well convinced I'd be a bottom. Other than a few occasions, my hardons were very sporadic. I dunno if it was the thought of what we had done or what we were planning to do, but I was as hard as steel.

Tom kinda nudged me towards the bed and I took the hint, going to my knees, head down. He buttered me up with lube and had a hard time forcing his way in. Good thing he had some staying power because it took nearly ten minutes to fully penetrate me. It FELT like he was up near my adams apple. When he finally got a rhythm going, it actually felt great. There's a lot of difference between a dildo and a real dick. With all the paranoia about HIV, Tom still wanted a bareback blowjob after he was done fucking me and I had to decline, which did not make him happy. Asking me to accept that I was only his second male, he did admit to having many female lovers since his wife had turned ill. Too much of a risk for my taste. I explained that nothing changed the fact that he had fucked everyone THEY'D fucked prior to him.

Now, I had another facet of love making or better, calling it sex to ponder. I couldn't see myself going gay, even if it felt good because I still liked a pussy, the taste and the feel. If a woman offered me anal, I sure wouldn't turn them down as it was always a favorite of mine. I wonder if a guy's ass feels different? Also, over the last 22 years, the concept of 'love' wasn't something I was ready to pursue.

If I were going to be a switch hitter, it was time to look at all my avenues. I expanded my ads to regular hetero dating sites. Sadly, many of the women were kind of messed up – bitter over a divorce or busted love affair, neurotic or what have you. I can't say ALL were that way because I didn't try them ALL. I set out to do some prerequisite research into any woman who caught my fancy. Not all the ladies responded to my emails, but the few who did came under scrutiny. I found several that were alcoholics, one was bipolar and threatened to kill me after I broke a date with her. Before this, she'd never tried anal sex and once it was a done deal, that was all she wanted, the more and the bigger the better. We were together the first New Years I was back home (Oklahoma). She got a little drunk prior to midnight and wanted to ring it in with me in her ass. I had no problem with that at all. After I got my nut, she wanted more but wanted to experiment.

On all fours, she had me put my two largest dildos and two smaller ones in her ass at the same time. Then, as an added thrill, pack her pussy with all I had remaining. I HAD to get this pic on my phone. Funny, it never occurred to either of us to try fisting her. I'm totally sure she could handle it. The only time I'd ever seen this was in some hard core porn mags.

Her bi polar condition reared its ugly head on a Friday before she was to come down to visit. This was not the first time she'd wigged out and I could see it would be an ongoing problem. I told her she needed to dedicate herself to taking her meds if she wanted to continue with me. She blew up and threatened to kill me or have me killed. Not conducive to keeping the relationship open. She drove a beat up Volkswagen and every tine I heard one the next couple of months, I ducked for cover.

So, two months of hetero sex, time to switch sides. My next guy was very well hung, 8” but thick. After getting acquainted, he was more than willing to fuck anytime I was ready. I was very happy to see he had a health card less than a week old, but still, I won't go without a condom. Strange – I no problem getting into a woman once I screened her but refused sex with a man unless we were gloved up...go figure.

Larry didn't want me on my knees or with my legs up near my shoulders, he wanted me on my side with him nestled behind me. The sex was good and lasted a long time and as often as I desired but Larry had a problem. He used poppers constantly and it'd be just my luck he'd have a stroke or something mid-screw. Thanks but no thanks. After a dozen meetings with him, I was ready to move on. Up to this point, I'd always been a bottom. Maybe it was time to go the other way.

Mitch was a health care worker. He was also a confirmed bottom and he told me I was very handsome and would enjoy letting me fuck him if I were agreeable. He lived in a very plush house in an upscale neighborhood and owned a hot tub. I met him at his address and he invited me to disrobe and go to the hot tub. Not a bad idea until I went into his back yard. Wide open, exposed to neighbors behind and on both sides. Worst thing was the neighbor and family behind were barbecuing and the entire family, including a teen boy and girl were watching our every move not 50' away. I've never been a shrinking violet but what if Mitch decided to get amorous while in the hot tub.

The neighbor and wife waved and the two teens took up a position so they could see pretty much everything that went on. Mitch could see my growing discomfort and told me it wasn't that uncommon for that family to sunbath nude in their yard and often, the kids came over to soak in the hot tub sans bathing suits. He also let on that the two kids had no problems being touchy-feely with each other. Kinda makes you wonder what their parents were like. Interesting but still not very comforting. I guess if they wanted a show, who was I to deny them. The longer we stayed in the hot tube, the closer the teens got. We soaked about 15 minutes and my skin was starting to prune. Time to get out and do other things. I was tickled that Mitch handed me a condom.

Mitch like the pretzel position, saying it let his lover get in as deep as possible. I was more than able to accommodate him. He himself was not all that endowed and he was quite happy with what I provided him. It surprised me that after we were done, he said he'd love to give me bareback head but he'd just had dental work that week. Condom in the ass but bareback in the mouth...hmm.

Next, a lady in my neighborhood emailed me wanting a meet and introduce. I'm in my 60's now and figured what do I have to lose. I'd also been to a doctor and gotten a Viagra Rx...damn those are expensive little pills. The pharmacy charged me $27 per pill...that approaches the price of a hooker, I think. I might mention to keep active and to keep from going bug nuts, I'd taken a job as a warehouse foreman in a lumber yard. Not bad work and many residents found it handy to come in and get my advice on remodel jobs.

Sandy was a wonderful, fun woman. Fifty years young and fucked like a mink. Her bedroom was equipped with black lights and a king bed. Once I got in her, it was off to the rodeo and believe me if you lasted plugged in over 8 seconds you were doing well. We saw each other for months, however, her son and his wife lived next door and both made snide remarks, both that they thought it was inappropriate for their mother to be 'co-habitating' and fucking at our age. If my truck was parked at her house, either or both found an excuse to walk in and interrupt. We tried always coming to my house, although for a house, it was more like an efficiency apartment...the word is tiny, 2 rooms, bath and kitchen and you've seen the whole thing. For just me, it was fine, but not a place to entertain. Sandy would come over and sometimes spend the weekend but had to suffer the third degree from her son and daughter in law afterwards. It just wasn't worth it. To make things worse, the son worked for a local remodeler and the crew came in the lumber yard regularly. He had no problem telling anyone that would listen about his immoral mother and the asshole she was fucking. I worked the lumber yard until a customer dropped an 80 lb sack of concrete on my knee, hyper extending it. While on Workman's Comp, the lumber yard replaced me.

Going back the other way, I met Wendel, a black man about 30 years old, hung like the proverbial horse. The idea of fucking a white guy just rang his bell and I was glad to accommodate him. I had to drive 30 miles to meet up with him, but he'd spring for a motel for the weekend. The guy would fuck for hours, take a break to drink a couple of beers with me, then off to the races again. It took a few weekends with him before I quit being 'sore' from all the fucking. I think being regular with Wendel opened my ass and taught me to relax. We met every couple of weeks until he met a guy he wanted to be permanent with. We still email once in a while. To date, this was the most regular bi sex I'd experienced...not that I wanted to permanently play for the other team, but I was comfortable with it.

Back the other direction, I met Shirley. This was the first time I'd hooked up with an overweight woman but she made up for it in other ways. Game for anything, she liked to finger my ass while we made out or fucked and I got in the habit of an enema before meeting her for a weekend. She also heard me talk about Wendel and his size and how easy it was on me. She offered to get some of her friends over if I'd like to be part of an orgy. I'd met most of her friends at a Christmas party she invited me to, comprised of her lady hair dresser friends. Strangely, all were female. [is that a stereotype??] I met their boyfriends at the party and wasn't all that impressed with any of the guys. The women ranged from twenty to fifty and weren't hard to look at at all. One of the twenty year olds happened to be her daughter who said in no uncertain terms any time I was ready, she was 'open', if you catch my drift. I'd only done one mother-daughter thing in my life and it was fun while it lasted.[see Caroline] Instead of instructing the daughter about sex like before, this girl had been around the block a few times. Anyway. Back to Shirley.

One weekend, Shirley asked me to try to get as many fingers in her pussy as possible. To say she was loose would be accurate and before she knew it, I had my whole fist in her. Next she wanted to try her ass. She liked anal sex as a regular thing and all the times we'd done it, it took only some lube to do the trick. I managed to get four fingers and my thumb in her ass, but the rest just wouldn't fit without it being uncomfortable. After giving up, she just had me plug her ass with dick.

We lay there while she played with my spent cock and asked if she could try it on me. Ok, I'm game for most anything. Shirley had me get on my knees, ass in the air. She lubed some fingers and got me opened up, the poured lube along her fingers to slather it around my rectum. She worked on me maybe fifteen minutes as she massaged my balls and dick. I felt something like a pop and her fist was in my ass. As she worked it back and forth, I got such a feeling of relaxation and total contentment. I wanted more of this. It became a regular routine, we'd fuck vaginal and anal then I'd fist her pussy and she'd fist my ass.

Her daughter lived with her and happened to peek in the bedroom one day to catch us.
“God Buck, how can you stand to have her fist stuck up your butt?”
“Don't knock it till you've tried it, hon.”
“I've had guys try that and it won't fit, at least in my twat. Some of the girls have been able to get more in me but only up to their knuckles. How the hell can you get your whole fist in each other?”
“I think it's a lot like's all a matter of relaxing and trust.”
“Well, either invite me in or tell me to get the hell out. Just watching is making me cream myself.”

I looked at Shirley and she just shrugged her shoulders and said; “You won't be the first guy we've shared.”
Her daughter Marilyn was peeling clothes as she entered the bedroom.
“Buck, let me crawl under you and suck you off while mom does her thing there.”
Marilyn had not-so hidden talents. Shirley eventually pulled her hand out and watched as I fucked her daughter's face. The girl had absolutely no gag reflex.
Marilyn pulled off and said; “Mom, your hand isn't even dirty and I'm not noticing a does that work?”

“Normally, Buck is empty when he gets here. Tomorrow if we want to do this again, he'll go to the kitchen sink and hold the sprayer up to his asshole and fill himself, then he'll hold it as long as he can, then head to the bathroom to get rid of it. He rinses and repeats til the water is clean.”

“Marilyn, lay down over here with your butt in the air.”
“You're not gonna stick your fist in me are you?”
“Nope, just lay there and relax. By the way, have you ever had anal sex?”
“Are you kidding me? The guys might suck my tits and MAYBE eat me a little, then it's get it in, get it on, then go to sleep or do something else. I like sex but it's over so quick. Most of the guys we hang with don't go for much in the way of imagination.”
“You hang out with the wrong crowd, toots.” I said offhandedly.

I got her on her hands and knees and spread her ass cheeks with my hands and leaned in and licked her from clit to pucker while I watched her try to climb a wall.
“What the fuck did you just do? My whole body is shaking.”
“That would be one way to eat pussy. Your ass is just as sensitive and maybe even more so than your twat. Relax and enjoy.” She must have enjoyed it because she was trying to shred the sheet with her fingernails. Time for the second installment.

Marilyn was more or less a puddle on the mattress when I wormed a lubed finger in her ass. Her immediate reaction was to tense up.
“Have I hurt you yet? Stop worrying and relax unless I make you uncomfortable.”
Eventually, her ass unclenched and I removed my finger to add more lube. The secret to anal play is there is never too much lube. Now, I could move my finger in and out without her tensing up, so I added a second finger which she seemed to take with no problem. Using the gap between my finger, I poured a generous amount into her rectum and worked it around.

“How you feeling now, toots?” She turned her head with a big smile on her face. Shirley looked me in the eye and winked.
“I think she's ready.” Slathering AstroGlide on my dick, I removed my fingers and her ass stayed somewhat open. I eased my dick in her a little at a time until her cheeks were against my thighs.
“Oh my God, I feel like I have a baseball bat in my ass. But why doesn't it hurt?”
“You're relaxed, turned on and ready is my best guess.” Five minutes later...
“Fuck my nasty ass, oh God, it's starting to feel so good! Holy shit, nail my ass to the bed and don't be afraid to pound me.”

After her third climax, she seemed to melt into the bed, a limp puddle.
“No guy, not any of them made my body totally respond like this. I was beginning to think maybe the kind of sex where the earth moves doesn’t exist, or at least not for me. I've WATCHED you and mom before and she seems to just melt, like I just did. I mean I LIKE sex, it's just never been earth shaking. If he makes my ass make me lose control like this, what's plowing my pussy going to do? Mom, I think you're going to have to move over and share when he's here. Buck, can you handle two women?”
“Been there done that, toots. Matter of fact as many as five in one house. I'm not as young as I was then, but I'll do my damnedest.”[see Caroline then Mary]

The neat thing was Marilyn's hand was smaller than Shirley's and her pussy was many times tighter than her mother's. We three continued the relationship for nearly a year. What a hardship – fuck, suck, finer or fist until one or all of us dropped. Since I lived nearly a hundred miles away and had to schedule visits between remodel jobs, often it was weeks between visits. Human nature kicked in and both found local excitement and I was on my own again.

I tried several of the male alternatives but all I seemed to run across were 'takers', feel me up, fuck and leave me hanging. I'd rather stay home and play with my didos. I stayed in a funk for several months until I got a new email from a local woman.

The diner she worked in was staffed with her, another somewhat attractive but older waitress and what I considered a part time bar fly. I got duded up, splashed on some cologne and made an appearance at her work. I'd no sooner walked in and sat down when the semi-attractive waitress got close enough to smell me and she would hardly leave my table. She made sure I got a good look down her uniform top and a hip planted against my shoulder. I think I burst her bubble when I said I was there to talk to Cheryl. I think she got pissed, but shortly, she sent Cheryl to my table.

We did our introductions and I felt Cheryl was a little embarrassed about meeting me in public because the two other waitresses were hard at work gossiping about us. I made arrangements to have Cheryl meet me at my house after work at 9pm. We met up and spent a lot of time just getting acquainted. She'd traded jobs after working at the local truck stop and a very unsatisfactory affair with an out of state trucker. Seems he filled her head with all the things they were GOING to do together that never panned out. It didn't help she found out he had a wife and other girlfriends. Needless to say, it sort of became a two person pity party.

Cheryl was a shy, inexperienced woman in her late 30's. Kink was totally unknown to her but she seemed willing to test her limits. It didn't take long before she'd moved in with me. I made no secret of my bi nature and she seemed ok with it. Vaginal, anal and oral sex just sent her into orbit. Sexy, revealing lingerie turned her on for a while but she kind of grew out of the thrill. She does like rimming me and unfortunately, her hand is too big to fist me. She, on the other hand loves to get her pussy fisted. After the passage of four years, we've settled into a comfortable 'old married' life.

Finally, I met a woman who totally supported me physically and emotionally. It didn't hurt that she was more than willing to share expenses. I'm now 66 and fully retired after suffering two heart attacks and she is willing to be with me to the end.

Who knows where the story goes from here...Time will tell.


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