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Oral Sex

Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho.. Chapter 11.. (Babysitting Katie)

This is a fairly long chapter and I apologize. However, it is a critical part of this story, and is necessary to maintain the stories continuity

Apples and Oranges part ii

Ever had that know....forbidden fruit

I Dare You To Fuck Me

I went to a large University when I was seventeen. I had a girlfriend, a band, and a high alcohol tolerance

Dutch Uncle (final try)

I apologize for the repostings. My writing program doesn't seem to agree with the Forum's about certain punctuation marks

Bare And Tiny 3

Heidy and Angela Give Jack a birthday party he won

My Cousin Annie 2

Part two of the tale of two cousins who fall in love continues. Please read My Cousin Annie 1 before you read this!

Michelle Part 6 Punishment

In this chapter, Michelle finally gets the punishment she earned for breaking the rules earlier. But life doesn't exactly turn out the way I'd planned

The Helpful Sister

Older sister helps younger sister during difficult time


First attempt...Looking for some feedback, trying to get better so...yeah! Thanks!

In Kind (retry)

A college guy gets his spring break reward for saving a life.

Unexpected Pleasures, part II

Grandmother and son in surprise encounter, plus Steve blackmails wife with new information

The Handy Man - No job too Big

They hired me to fix there house, I fixed there marriage

Justin in D.C. Part 1

I've wanted to write a story about this kid for a long time. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think in a comment! :)

Help! - Part 8

A heart warming tale of a young boy who finds himself in a lot of trouble and needs a hero to "cum" and save him!

Neighbors and Friends

This is a story of 2 firends who are neighbors and find out how good a frindship they have.

Alex's BDSM Adventures Pt. 1

A sexy 20 something's adventures into BDSM

Hot softball coach

I was just dropping off candy money...

The Warehouse Peephole

I build a glory hole to the ladies wasroom

My new house (revised)

i needed some help with this so thanks for the comments here's the final draft

My mom, boyfriend, and me

Continuation of the story "Boyfriend forced to watch me being used".