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Panic at the Pokemon Center

(Note that I don't own Pokemon, not at all. This is a parody. Its just for
fun. Got it? Good.)

May rubbed her eyes and sat up on her bed. She was still inside of the
Pokemon Center guest room, and by the looks of things, alone. Well, she
would be alone if it weren’t for Ash, who fainted sometime ago. Even now he
was STILL unconcious on the floor. May gulped, “WEIRD... I better get some
clothes on before he wakes up.” May was still naked, but to her, everything
that happened between her and Pikachu was just a dream; and a very weird one
at that. It must’ve been a dream, as Pikachu was nowhere to be found. At
least, May hoped it was just a dream. She quickly grabbed some spare clothes
from her knapsack and put them on. Again, she wore the same tight
form-fitting red top and equally tight black shorts.

May walked out of the room, closing the door behind her quickly, hoping that
nobody saw Ash fainted on the ground. She didn’t want people thinking she
was some kind of psycho trying to steal his Pokemon! But unfortunately for
her, when she turned her head, she saw EVERYONE in the Pokemon Center
performing the most lewd things she could ever imagine! They were all
fucking eachother like rabbits, or Golducks for that matter! May’s face
turned so white that you could swear that she was a ghost. She also noticed
all of the cups that were on the ground, which was very strange...

But her attention quickly diverted to the strange acts that were going on.
May could see a few girls, whom looked not much older than the age of 16,
riding the cocks of some guys who looked old enough to be their dads! And
they seemed to be liking it too; their faces were flushed, and they were
thrusting against their partners. May even noticed Pikachu getting in on the
action, and he was busy screwing some blonde teen up her ass. All the guys
in the Center looked particularily horny too, and a couple of men turned to
look at May. The two were definetly not attractive, and almost looked like
they were drunk and homeless. Their smiles were lecherous, and they ran
towards May. The 10-year old girl shrieked and ran back in the room, trying
to close the door on them, but they were too strong! They knocked down the
door to the room, and ran over Ash’s unconsious form. Ash mumbled out,
“S-Stop running over me, Bulbasaur... Chikorita... Go play somewhere else,
just let me sleep...”

The two, whom looked about 50-ish, chased May onto her bed, and they then
proceeded to forcefully take off her clothes. May gasped, “Stop it right
now, you perverts! And watch it, that shirt is new!” Soon she was left only
in her bra and panties. They were both black, to match her shorts. One of
the men ordered May to start jacking off his cock. And so, the girl reached
up and started to glide her hand over his 7 inch shaft, remember the events
of the previous encounter with Pikachu.

The 2 men started to stroke and feel up her small body, which was still
covered by her bra and panties, as May fondled one of the men's cocks. It
was enormous in her hand; she was unable to fit her hand around the man's
hard on. While he was getting his cock felt up, the man started to grope and
knead May’s large B-Cup sized tits, still covered by her black bra. The
other man reached down and held his erection against the girl’s bottom.
Rubbing it against the smooth flesh of her ass and with that, the men got up
and pulling on May's wrists and ankles, arranged her so that one man knelt
over her head, his semi-hard cock hanging down over her forehead, and the
other knelt between her legs, his erection pointing at her tiny hairless
slit. The man between her legs took both her ankles and spread her legs very
wide. He then pulled them up and handed them to the man over her head. He
pulled her ankles toward his body, keeping them spread, and thus opening the
10-year old girl's cunt as wide as possible. May made a small grunt at
having her feet pulled up over her head and being spread so wide, but
otherwise did not protest. Now the man between her legs reached down with
both hands and began to fondle her delicate young pussy. He used the thumb
and forefinger of one hand to spread her juicy lips, while he ran the other
finger up and down within the confines of her hairless slit. After a minute
of fondling her delicate pussy, he pushed his thumb slowly into her. It slid
smoothly into the girl until it was fully imbedded in her. She tensed a
little, but was unable to move because the other man had a firm grip on her
ankles. The little girl was splayed wide open while the other man slowly
fucked her with his thumb.

Having tested the depths, the man removed his thumb and moved forward to
place his hard cock against her hairless snatch. Again, he rubbed it back
and forth between the girls tiny lips, teasing her and himself. "Are you
ready, chick? I'm gonna fuck you now, sweetheart." May just nodded, scared
of what the drunk bastard would do if she disobeyed. She just thought to
herself, “Maybe my Torchic will come and rescue me... I left it out of it’s
PokeBall to play outside, so maybe it’ll come in for me and teach these
jerks a lesson!”

[Meanwhile, outside...]
Torchic was busy chasing a Seedot around, shooting it’s Ember attack at it,
laughing all the while.
[Back in the Pokemon Center...]
May sighed, “Anyday now, you dumb bird...” The younger man again spread her
cunt lips with his thumb and forefinger, and positioned his pole at her tiny
opening. He moved his hips forward slowly. At first, the little girls cunt
lips puckered inward, her sex hole not large enough to accommodate this
full-grown pecker. He kept moving forward, and her pussy resisted. Then
suddenly, the head of his penis disappeared into the small hole. The 10 year
old's small cunt lips were stretched tight around both sides of the large
cock entering her. It looked like she had been skewered on a pole. Her
creamy skin and pink clitoris contrasted against the dark meat of the shaft
entering her His move was relentless. Slowly, the meat of his penis
disappeared into the little girls cunny.

"Oh, GOD, baby.. Geez.. you're tight...... ooohhhhh, man... Okay, baby..
Just a little more to go" Said the other man. Even as he said it, his hips
gave a forceful thrust, and his cock was buried completely in the girls
hairless cunt. May gave a grunt when the last of the pulsing meat pole
penetrated her, but still had nothing to say. "Ohhhhhhh, baby... Oh.. you're
gonna make me cum ... Ohhh, fuck!... You ready to get fucked now, baby..
Tell me you want me to fuck you, baby...." The older man still held her legs
spread wide and pulled back to over her head. May was grimacing a little,
obviously feeling stretched at hold this grown man's erect penis in her
immature cunny. She looked up at the man penetrating her and said, "Please
fuck me...", in a small trembling voice, hoping he’d be nicer, and partly to
quell the familiar feeling that was rising. The man didn't need any further
encouragement. He started to pump the 10 year old with his hard cock. Each
time he pulled it out it glistened with her young juices. Each time he
pushed it in, the little girl gave a grunt. The lips of her little pussy
were moving to and fro, following and sucking on the large penis that was
pumping her.

May could see that her small flat belly actually expanded with each thrust
as the man's cock pushed deep into the poor girl. It closed in on his hard
meat plunging into her. His whole cock disappeared into the little girl,
even though it looked like it was impossible for it to fit. The edges of her
lips were getting red from being stretch by his meat. May’s flat belly
expanded and contracted as the man moved his cock within her; past her large
chest, with tits that flung back and forth with each thrust, to her face.
Her face was held in a grimace. She was grunting with each thrust into her
small hole. She grunted each time the man pumped her. The penis of the
man holding her legs bobbed over her face, sometimes dipping enough to
strike her on the cheek. She opened her eyes and looked up at the cock
waving in front of her face. Then she reached up with one hand and held it,
jacking it a little in tune with her body's movements from the man pumping
her tiny cunt.

"Ohh, baby... FUCK but you're tight.. I can just barely get it all into you.
Shit.. God, I'm gonna cum, baby.. I'm gonna blow my load into you, honey..."
The man was fucking her harder now. The initial gentleness of his fucking
disappearing as his climax approached. The tiny girls body was being pushed
up the bed with his strokes until her face was under the balls of the man
still holding her legs splayed for her fucking. His balls rested on the
bridge of her nose, making it difficult to see her face, but her mouth still
grimaced with each thrust and her grunts had turned to small yelps. She
couldn't believe herself that she could fit a man's whole penis into her
tiny pussy. But there it was right in front of her. May began to moan
loudly. The man with his balls in the hot girls face had let go of her
ankles. Her legs were still splayed wide on either side of the younger man
fucking her. He reached down, pressing his cock against her face and began
rub the tiny girls tender clit, while she still accepted the stroking penis.
The girls reaction was instantaneous. She began to moan loudly and buck her
body as if the sensations she was getting from her clit and tortured vagina
were too much to take. "Nuh.. Nuhhh Ahhhiiieeeyyyye...Nuuuuuhhhh.. Nuh...",
she was incoherent. Suddenly, her whole body went tense. The cords on her
neck stood out, and her chest flushed read. Her face jerked upward with the
spasms of her belly and she bucked up and down with the testicle of the
older man rubbing up and down on her face as she did.

slamming his meat into the girl. Her belly grew large as his cock pushed
it's way into the tiny girl. Now the man and girl bucked together; her body
spasming, her face full of cock; her legs straight out on either side of the
man whose face was in ecstasy above her; his ass taught with the effort of
pushing his huge cock into her tortured cunny; his body jerking with the
spasms that were pumping his load of cum into this 10 year old girl. May’s
tiny pussy had no spare room once fully stuffed with his penis, and so the
cum he shot into her immediately came and coated all sides of her hairless
slit. You could see it glistening on the junction between man and girl as
the camera zoomed in on the spot where the two became one. "OHHH FUCKKK..
TAKE IT.. Uh.. BABY!!...OHHH FUCK....BABY!!", he moaned as he filled her,
overflowing her with his hot cum. The small girl still jerked with orgasmic
spasms; or maybe it was in sympathy with the jerking cock in her young cunt.
In any case, the older man had moved off her face and she could now see that
May had a look of pure pleasure on her face.

The younger man's orgasm slowly subsided. As it did he eased the pressure
off the 10 year old's cunny and his cock began to slip out. The pressure in
her tiny snatch, forced his cock out as it began to lose it's hardness. The
man pulled his cock from her and rested it on her belly. Even as it began to
soften, it still reached from her slit to her navel. And because of the
tightness of her little cunt, not all the man's semen had been pumped into
May. What couldn't get out due to the pressure, now leaked out onto the
child as she lay breathing heavily from her own small orgasm. Her legs hung
over the edge of the bed, and it was obvious that both man and girl were
totally spent. The man chuckled, wondering if May would end up having the
guy’s kid...

Just then, a familiar blue-haired guy snickered as he watched the events
unfold from behind the window outside. His grin widened, and he jumped up
and down like a giddy child, “Oooo! Looks like Meowth’s plan is working!
Team Rocket’s actually going to blast off to victory this time! Now... I
wonder how Nurse Joy is doing... I better go find out!” And with that, the
guy trotted over to another side of the Pokemon Center...

Meanwhile, Ash was still unconcious, and mumbled, “Stop making so much
noise, Phanphy... And Squirtle, stop fighting with Bulbasaur again...”
James made his way to the west side of the Pokemon Center, and hid behind a
window, peering inside. Everyone still were at it with eachother, with no
signs of stopping. A
walkie-talkie then started to buzz on James’ belt. The blue-haired Team
Rocket member picked it up and spoke into the device, “This is James, whom
may I ask is speaking?” Meowth’s voice blared over the speaker, “It’s
Meowth, you dimwit! Is the west wing of the Pokemon Center secure and all
that?” James grinned, “It sure is; I haven’t seen this much action since the
last time I visited that bar in Saffron City!” Meowth laughed, “Purrrfect!
Now what’s going on with the twerp? I wanna take a shot at that kid, if ya
know what I mean.” James’ eyes widened, “Meowth, I didn’t know that you
swung that way! Why, Ash is knocked out and..” “No no no! I mean, the OTHER
twerp! That girl with the Torchic!” “Oh, I think she’s.... preoccupied at
the moment. Huh?” “What is it now?!” “Nothing much, it just looks like Nurse
Joy’s in trouble... There seems to be a familiar looking fellow whos backing
her off into another room...”

Nurse Joy was backed off into a backroom, where there was just an old dusty
bed, and some snack machines. The man who forced her inside was none other
than Brock! Though there was something different about him... he looked as
drunk as a stoner! Brock laughed, “Now now, Nurse Joy... You better give me
what I’ve been begging for all this time...” Joy gasped, “W-What do you
mean? I never saw you in my entire life; you must have me mistaken with one
of my rela-..” Brock then held out a PokeBall, “Inside here is my Onyx; I
can get rid of all the sick Pokemon inside of here easily, if you don’t give
in to my demands...” Joy backed against the wall, “What demands?!”

Brock just smiled and removed his clothes, much to Joy’s disgust. His 9 inch
cock(this is Pokemon, there’s much more abnormal things out there than this)
sprung up with excitement. Brock snickered, “You better get rid of your
clothes too if you want the Pokemon to be safe, heh heh...” Joy reluctantly
took off her apron, and then her pink dress, which matched her pink hair.
The nipples on her full B-sized breasts pointed out. She moved across the
bed to where Brock waited for her. "Come on, Joy. Get on top, or else.", he
said while waiting for her, stroking his cock. Joy hesitated a bit. She then
climbed on top of Brock, then got her feet under her so she could lift her
pussy into the air over Brock's cock. "Ok, sweetheart, now put it in. Put my
big cock in you pretty little hole. That's a good girl."

The pink haired woman reached down with one hand, the other helping her
maintain her balance on Brock's chest, and took hold of his enormous penis.
It jerked in her grip, and she seemed to have difficulty getting it straight
up to point at her perfect little cunt. She pulled it up until the head was
mashing her tender cunt lips aside, and guided it to the opening into her
body. She held it there for a second and then began to lower herself onto
his meat. The head disappeared into her hairless cunt, and then seemed to
stop it's penetration.

"You're really tight, honey. Use more of your weight; Come on, push down...
Harder..... Harder..... Yeah.. That's it baby, it's going in now." Nurse Joy
let more and more of her weight rest on the small spot where her cunny met
his cock. The lips of her cunt were pressed in from her efforts. Slowly his
cock began to disappear into her. Joy let out a small gasp as she reached
the half-way point on his prick. She sucked in her breath and held it as she
continued her efforts to swallow his throbbing cock with her cunt. It was
obviously a tough job, but Joy did not give up, for the Pokemon’s sakes. As
she tried this, Brock was busy fondling, sucking, and pinching Joy’s large
swinging breasts. She grunted and puffed and pushed until, finally, the
tender lips of her hairless pussy kissed the rough pubic hair of her grown
lover, her little cunt having swallowed the whole length of his erect penis.
Joy paused having accomplished this. She sat there, penis up her hole, while
the man beneath her moaned about how unbelievably tight her
little cunt was.

"Arghhh, baby.. your TIGHT!! Man, I love fucking you, baby.. Now ride me..
Come on... Ride that cock you have in you..." Nurse Joy pushed upward and
the lips of her pussy pulled out as the fat cock in her was pulled out of
her body. Then she pushed back down and her tender pussy swallowed Brock’s
cock again. Out.. In.. Out.. In... The girl's face was red from the effort
of pushing this monster meat in and out of her tight cunt. Brock managed to
hold still beneath his young lover, but his moaning and cries of
encouragement let her know that he was really enjoying the fucking this babe
was giving him. Brock reached up and grabbed Joy’s ass. He started to pull
the girl onto his prick with a faster rhythm, slamming upward with his hips
as he pulled Joy down onto his cock. He used his hands to pull the girl
upward and slam her downward, using her body as a tight, warm masturbation
receptacle. Joy had both her hands on Brock’s chest, trying to keep from
losing her balance as he pulled and pushed her onto his cock.

Nurse Joy could feel the man's balls churning under his cock as his giant
penis disappeared into the stretched girls hole. Brock was obviously in
heaven. His breath was becoming ragged, and his thrusts less coordinated as
his climax neared.

"Uh...Joy... I'm gonna cum... sweetheart.... I'm gonna fill you with my
jizm, baby.... Uhhhhh God.. Ready... Here....I......
CCCCCUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm............" Brock slammed into Joy
one last time, pulling down on her asscheeks with both hands as hard
as he could. A small "OH" came from the girl, but most of the noise came
from Brock as he shot his seed into his pink-haired lover. "AAAHHHHH
THAT LOAD.... AAAAHHHHHhhhhh...." He was shouting. Jism was spurting out of
Joy’s tiny pussy. It dripped down to Brock’s balls and coated them. His
hands never eased their pressure on her ass, until his final spurt of white
hot cum was spent into the poor girl. Slowly he relaxed his grip, his
fingers leaving a red after image on her firm and shapely ass. He still held
her, not allowing her to get off his invading cock, just yet. "Oh..
BABY!!! WHEW!! That was GREAT!!... Joy, you got the nicest little pussy
on the planet!!! Did ya feel it, honey? Did ya feel me cum in you?"

Joy was now on her knees straddling him, his cock still in her tight hole.
Bent over and impaled like she was the babe’s head was slumped over his arm.
He held her onto his cock stroking her
fine pink hair. "Did you feel it pumping in you, sweetheart?"
"Uh huh...Yeah" She managed to reply. And with that, the two began to lose
consciousness, and both feel asleep.
After the two men in the room with May finished with the girl, they decide
to leave and bang somebody else. May was exhausted, but was amazed that she
still could keep going. Just then, Ash, whom was unconcious before, now woke
up. But just like Brock, something wasn’t right... The boy’s eyes were
glazed, like if he were in a trance. He then walked over to the bed where
May was, naked. Ash removed his clothes, and got on the bed. May didn’t
complain though, she just blushed.

"Okay May, its t-time...", the Ash said in a groggy voice, and slide between
May's legs, spreading them so he could get access to her tender pussy. Her
hairless snatch was a turn on for
him, and he had to lift himself up on his knees to keep from grinding his
erection into the sheets. Ash started licking the little girls small slit.
May loved the feel of a mouth on her cunny and immediately reached down to
put a hand on Ash's head, pushing his head deeper into her young slit.
Ash was in heaven. He'd wanted to fuck little May since he'd
first seen her. He did his best to pretend to not have an interest, but May
didn’t know that he felt this way. And here was 10-year old May, spread out
before his 12-year old self, pushing her hairless cunt into his face. He
loved the feel of her bald pussy against his face, the smooth wet lips
almost sucking on his chin as he licked her swelling clitoris. He could feel
her cunt throb as he licked her, and knew he was turning her on. He couldn't
wait to jam his prick into her and feel how tight her little twat would be
on him. He wanted to shot his cum into her and look at her face as he did
it. And today, he was going to get his wish.

May was thrusting into Ash's face now, her hips moving without conscious
effort. She loved the feel of a mouth on her most intimate area. She loved
the way a tongue felt on her clit, the warmth, and the moisture; the feeling
of resting her hand on a head between her thighs. She was going to cum soon
from it, she knew.
Ash didn't need any urging. He lifted himself up and crawled up May's body.
May opened her legs willingly, wanting to feel his hard prick enter her
small opening and stretch her until she came. She was close to cumming now,
it wouldn't take much more to make it happen. Ash loomed over her now,
fumbling with his cock to find the opening to her cunt. Ash immediately
thrust himself into the little girl, eliciting a gasp from her. He couldn't
wait for her to recover from his penetration, but immediately began to fuck
her hard, holding himself off her with his arms. The slap, slap, slap of
their two young bodies were the only sound in the room.

May was a little disappointed that Ash's cock was so small. She was a little
surprised when he first rammed home into her, but once he started fucking
her she realized that he wasn't near as large as the men that had fucked her
so far. May was a little disappointed, but not for long. What Ash lacked in
size, he made up for in speed. He fucked her fast and hard. May felt her ass
bouncing off the floor as Ash fucked her, slapping her hairless sex hole
with his nearly hairless hips. The tingle in her cunt was growing again, and
it would only take a minute or two of Ash's fucking to bring her off.
Ash came first. He felt his balls tighten and then felt a mighty internal
heave. He moaned incoherently and his penis started to pump his semen into
the 10 year old girl. He fell forward onto May, and his hips continue to
hump her involuntarily. He pumped his full load into her, and then an
amazing thing happened. Little May, feeling Ash pumping his sperm into her
hole, began to cum too. Her pussy clamped down on Ash's invading penis,
massaging it and prolonging his orgasm until he was blind with pleasure. May
MMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! AAAHHHHH! AAAAAAAHHHHH!", and clutched at the jerking
boy, reaching down to his ass to try and pull more of him into her young
body. The two children humped each other blindly, each in the throws of
their own orgasm, each pleasuring the other without even being aware of it.

Eventually, they stopped, and their orgasms died down...

May and Ash had just finished their fuck session, while Brock was getting
ready to bang Nurse Joy again. But just before Brock could do anything, the
door swung open. It was Officer Jenny, and she didn’t look too pleased at
the sight, “What?! You too?! That’s it, I’ve had enough of you perverts
taking advantage of poor...” Brock, whom was still under the influence,
shoved Jenny violently inside, so hard in fact that she fell down! He
quickly shut the door behind him, and grabbed Jenny by the hair and pulled
her to her feet. "Get over here, or else I’ll order my Pokemon to take care
of you, in their own special way." he ordered her, pushing her towards an
old rocking chair. "Sit down," he said, pointing to the wooden rocking
chair, while reaching into a bag nearby, he produced a roll of duct tape,
and proceeded to tape her wrists to arm rests on the chair. He did the same
to her ankles, taping them to the front chair legs, and then taking a small
piece and putting it over her mouth. Nurse Joy didn’t do a thing to help, in
fact, she seemed to be under the influence, just like Brock, with that
creepy grin on her face. The feeling of Brock’s large powerful hands had
made Jenny's vagina begin to dampen!

He asked her, "Hey bitch, you ever get fucked by a guy before?" Just hearing
him ask that question made Jenny give out a soft moan, as her cunt was now
sloppy wet and desire was welling up in her crotch! Getting up from his
seat, he walked over to her and pulled the tape off her mouth, burning the
skin where it had been attached. Again flashing the knife, warning her not
to make a sound, and with his other hand pulled out his penis.

Jenny was transfixed as she stared at the huge dick only inches from her
face, and although it was only semi hard, it was bigger than any cock she
had ever seen! Large veins ran the length of a shaft that was dominated by a
head that looked to be the size of a pool ball! Even in her most exciting
fantasies, she never imagined a cock as magnificent as this! He move a
little closer until she could feel the heat coming off the big pecker, a
little closer yet and her lips brushed against the beautiful head. He pushed
a little more and she let the head into her mouth! "Jesus," she thought,
"I'm gonna cum from just from giving him head!" Her pussy was now a jumble
of jangled nerves, and with her legs taped apart, she couldn't get any
pressure on her clit, and it was driving her crazy with lust! The shiny
organ was now at full erection, and it was so large that she had trouble
getting much past the head into her mouth. Taking his knife, he cut the tape
on both wrists, and then leaned over and unhooked her ankles.

Pulling his cock out her mouth, he grabbed her by the hair and jerked her to
her feet and demanded, "All your clothes off, NOW!!!" Shaking with lust,
Jenny quickly shed her clothing and stood naked in front of her intruder.
"Nice tits," he commented, as he looked her over carefully. Her jugs where
at a small C-cup, which still was rather large, even larger than Joy’s
B-Cups. Jenny was sure he could see how wet her vulva bad become, but she
brazenly posed for him with her legs partly spread anyway. His big penis
still sticking out obscenely from his unzipped fly, now seemed much more
menacing than it had only a few minutes before.

"Gonna fuck you now bitch," he said, out of character, grabbing her by the
arm, and throwing her onto the bed. his penis pointed straight at her as she
lay helplessly before him, and while still holding the knife in his hand, he
slid on top of her, crushing his chest onto her breasts. She could smell
alcohol on his breath, and he had terrible body odor, and as her nostrils
were filled by these nauseating aromas, she felt tinges of vomit in her
throat. "Open your legs, bitch, daddy's gonna fuck his little slut!" She
slowly spread her pretty thighs, and waited for him to take her. "You put it
in cunt," he ordered! Tears were now welling up in her eyes, but she reached
her hand down and took a hold of the rock hard erection and guided it to her
cunt lips. "P-please don't hurt me," she pleaded, now realizing that there
was a very good chance that she might be badly hurt, or worse!

Gently working the head into her slit, her eyes rolled back into her head as
he plunged all the way in with one quick jab! With her throat tightening,
and her lips becoming dry, her vagina responded to the massive invasion with
a huge orgasm! A loud moan escaped her lips, and he laughed and said, "Can't
get enough meat, can you, you little fucking slut!?!? Her moan seemed to be
a signal to him to start jamming her helpless pussy with his fuck pole, and
not being able to control herself, she wrapped her legs around his back and
began meeting him thrust for thrust!!! Her positive response drove him into
a frenzy while he bored his penis in and out of her cunt until they both
exploded in a simultaneous orgasm! When he pulled out his prick, it caused
her cunt to spasm one last time, but she was now totally spent and lay in a
heap on the bed.
Her hand drifted down to her pussy and began stroking her hardening clit
while her mind began to drift as her finger rubbed the hard little nub.
Without even being aware of it, her thoughts turned to the big penis that
had so taken care of her pussy, and as her orgasm flooded her cunt her only
thought was on Brock’s penis, she knew instantly that this is what she truly
wanted--and it wasn't a problem at all!!!

Brock then was STILL ready to go! He waltzed over to Joy, whom let out a low
growl as his giant pecker bounced in front of her face! "God it's
beautiful," she moaned, taking it in her hand like it was an expensive piece
of china! Her small hands couldn't even reach around it as she slid them up
and down the blue veined shaft! Even though his cock was big, it was the
head of his cock that was the most impressive, with a huge mushroom shape
that Joy fell in love with. Giving it small little kisses and tender licks,
it was plain to see that she was now Brock's little cock hound! "It's even
bigger than I had imagined," she gushed! "Suck it, bitch," Brock ordered! He
now felt he had total control over her, and since she was so in love with
his pecker she would do anything to just hold it in her hot little hands!!!

She slid the big head into her mouth, and soon was sucking on it like it was
the only thing that could keep her alive! Brock reached down to her B-Cup
sized tits, tweaking her nipples roughly and sending her into a state of
sexual hysteria Now as she worshipped his massive pole, she was proving to
be just another slave to his erection! Pushing her off his dick, he ordered
her to take of her jeans. Scrambling to save time, she practically ripped
them off her legs! "Sit back and spread your legs," Brock ordered.

Joy lay back with her legs spread wide apart and her pussy lips dripping
with juice. "Play with it," he said as her hand went right to her crotch and
two fingers disappeared into her hot little hole while she threw back her
head and moaned as she flicked across her hard little clit as Brock fisted
his pecker while watching her bring herself to the edge of orgasm!!! "Stop,"
Brock ordered, "come over here and sit on me." By this time Joy was one
large sexual nerve ending and it wouldn't take much to push her over the
edge, so on very shaky legs, she climbed up onto Brock's lap and tried to
slip his erection into here gaping slit, until finally he had to help her
because she was too jittery to get it lined up!

Taking hold of his shaft, he quickly touched his giant head to the opening
of her hungry cunt, and after placing his hand on her shoulders, he forced
her down onto his pole with one hard thrust, causing all nine-inches to be
buried deep into her tight pussy inducing her to orgasm as the walls of her
cunt were spread by the massive invader! She screamed as the orgasm ripped
through her body while Brock had to put his hand over her mouth to stifle
her, as they were in the middle of a public parking lot! After she quieted
down a little, Brock started thrusting upward into her burning snatch, and
with every plunge Joy fired off another huge orgasm. Brock leaned forward
and sucked on one of her erect nipples, causing her to have even harder
cums! Finally, passing the point of not return, Brock let loose a flood of
cum deep inside Joy's fuck box! Both of them now totally spent, they held on
to each other as Brock's cock slowly began to soften inside the velvety


Ash and May were busy recovering from their last fuck session. Ash was sound
asleep, and May felt like she was gonna dose off too. She locked the door
just in case anyone would try to come in and bother the two. But that didn’t
work, as all of a sudden, Meowth picked the lock with one of his claws. May
was surprised to see the Team Rocket Pokemon again, “What?! What the hell
are you doing here, Meowth?!” Meowth shook his paw, “My my have we got one
foulmouthed twerp here. You seem to have changed yer attitude kid, but
still, dat won’t save you from Me-owth!” May gasped, as Meowth’s cock sprung
out. Wobuffet also came in, and his cock was standing long and proud as
well. May gulped, wondering if she’d have to fuck even more Pokemon; Pikachu
was enough for one day! But now Meowth and Wobuffet?!”

Meowth snarled, “You bet, bitch! Dis way I can finally relieve myself from
what I’ve been holding out for years! I ain’t never been able to get off by
jacking off; da only thing dat cuts it is by fucking for real! And not only
dat, dis way I can find out if Pokemon can get chicks pregnant! Nya hahaha!”
May’s eyes widened, “You sicko! Leave me alone! I’m not gonna let you rape
me!” Meowth laughed as she crawled backwards. her large tits bounced up and
down. “Those are some pretty hot knockers ya got there, and yer only ten!
Well, I hope yer ready to take care of some Poke-kids, nya ha ha!” With
that, Meowth leaped onto her, and mauled her breasts. Meowth laughed,
“Wobuffet, get behind her and give her a good ass fucking!” Wobuffet cried
out it’s name, and mounted May. Meowth snarled again, “Ya better cooperate
kid, or else I’ll take care of ya easily wiith my Scratch attack!”

She lifted her bottom after
straddling Meowth, and reached down for his cock. She guided the head of his
penis between her tender lips and let her weight push his cock up into her
body. Meowth helped with a thrust of his hips, loving the feeling of May’s
hairless pussy sucking his Poke-pecker. The cat gripped her b-cup sized
breasts in his paws and toyed with the tits. Wobuffet held her there,
putting pressure on her back with one hand and holding her wrist with the
other. May didn't like it much, because she couldn't move enough to fuck
herself on Meowth, but fortunately he kept fucking her by thrusting his hips
into her. His penis strangely felt good inside her, and May relaxed and let
herself be
fucked by the Pokemon.

Suddenly, she felt a cool sensation on her anus as a hand rubbed some
kind of lotion on her small rear entrance. It began to probe her small
brown hole, completely exposed in this position, and with almost no delay,
was thrust up into her rectum. "Ow! Hey.. what are you doing?" May couldn't
lift herself up and close her bottom to Wobuffet’s probing.

"That hurts... Stop.. Please.."

He shoved the tip of his hand up into the 10
year olds tight anus.

"OOWWWW.. No.. Please No... Ow.. Stop.. Please..." May was begging.
She couldn't imagine being fucked in the ass. Just the tip of his blue
‘hand’ in there felt
huge. She kept begging to be left alone, that it hurt, that she was scared,
but her cries fell on deaf ears.

Wobuffet had removed his finger from the little girls bottom. He positioned
himself behind
her, aiming his cock at her virgin rear entrance. The head of his cock
the puckered rear hole, covering it completely. Wobuffet, looked down at
his dick met the 10 year olds anus, and wondered aloud if she could take it.
*Meowth, do you really think she can take this thing?* Wobuffet said to
Meowth in its language.

"Sure, man.. Hey 'member that 10 year old in the news last year. She took
Snorlax for
Christ sake.. Do it, man. Fuck that tight virgin ass!"

*Okay.. Here goes..*. And he began to pressure his penis forward
pushing in May's rectal orifice. May was shaking with fear. Her ass cheeks
were being held apart, while Wobuffet concentrated on impaling her
ass. With a sudden pop, the head of his cock broke through the resistance of
her young sphincter, and he felt her anus clamp down on the head of his

May kept pressing forward, amazed that his fat cock could slide into this
little girl at all! Slowly his cock disappeared between May's spread ass
cheeks. The heat and tightness of her rectum where unbearable. Her cries and
sobs and struggles, just added to the sensations in her fantastic bottom.
couldn't move because she was held down by Jessie and James, who came from
out of nowhere. And James was holding
her ass open to Wobuffet's advancing cock. Slowly he pressed on. With only
inch of cock to go, the going got tough. Maybe there wasn't enough
lubrication, or maybe this 5th grader didn't have enough room to hold two
at once. Didn't matter. Wobuffet leaned over the little girl and gave one
hard thrust.

pain in her bottom. She couldn't move, couldn't get away, could barely
because the two held her down so hard, to allow Wobuffet to thrust into her.
The pain of having her rectum stretched to fit this huge erection was
unbelievable. May completely forgot that Meowth's still erect penis was
imbedded in her small cunt. Compared to the pain in her ass, the pleasure of
having her small pussy filled with a reasonable sized cock was nothing.

*SHIT!! FUCK!!! GOD DAMN.. THIS GIRL IS TIGHT!!!* Wobuffet had managed
to fit his whole erection in the 10 year old girl. His cock was in a warm
vice. Almost, it felt like he wouldn't be able to pull it out, but he did,
just a bit, and then pushed home again, into the little girl. 'OH MAN.. THIS
WON'T TAKE LONG!', he thought to himself. The thrill of de-flowering this
anus was almost enough to bring him off. He had to concentrate not to shoot
off in her right then and there. Hell, he wanted to fuck her a little bit,
since he was the first. And so he did. Pulling and pushing his large cock
between the bottom cheeks of this 5th grade school girl. He fell forward
the pre-teen, resting his weight on her back and humped her for all he was

"OW... OW.... OW... OW... OW...", May chanted on each in stroke of his
cock into her small bottom. The blinding pain of initial entry had subsided,
and was reduced to a burning sensation deep in her rectum. His thrusts hurt,
but she didn't feel like she was going to black out from the pain anymore,
she didn't feel the need to scream protests anymore. She tried to pretend
she was passing a large turd, but the sensation was like nothing she had
experienced. This fat Pokemon was on her back, humping her, his chest
resting on her back. As the minutes went by, the more the pain subsided,
until is was just a dull ache that
sharpened slightly whenever the fat man rammed into her.

'Okay.. Okay.. I can take this.. Okay...', she thought over and over to
herself to re-assure herself. She still said "OW" each time the grown
fucked into her virgin anus, but now it was mostly ritual, and she did it
unconsciously. The other men had stood back now, no longer needed to hold
the 10 year old, and watched as Wobuffet fucked her small bottom, and Meowth
to fuck her in the cunt. His hard-on never wavered, and it could still be
seen easily penetrating the little girls cunt. The sight was a turn-on, but
the James and Jessie were pretty much spent from jacking off. But James
started to get a hard-on again,
and figured .. 'what the hell'. He walked over to where May's head hung
forehead touching the floor, and lifted her chin up. It was awkward, because
the 10 year old was almost completely covered by the Pokemon fucking her
ass, but
he managed to offer his cock to her mouth. May seemed glazed out and far
away, not really noticing his offered erection, so he pushed it into her
without waiting for her to notice. The little girl accepted it, and actually
seemed to suck on it, once she became aware of what was in her mouth.

May, concentrated on her mantra to make the pain in her small ass go
away. Suddenly, she felt something poking at her mouth. She opened her eyes
and realized that one of the guys wanted her to suck his cock. The semi-hard
penis slipped between her parted lips, and May realized that sucking this
would help her ignore the cock that was invading her aching young bottom.
so she sucked.

The sight was amazing, and Jessie made sure to grab the video camera to
record every angle. Here was a 10 year old girl, down on her knees, with
every hole filled with cock. The camera zoomed in on where 2 cocks at the
time entered her young hairless body. The cock thrusting into her ass,
her anal opening to cave in with every thrust, and extrude out with every
retraction. The cock in her cunt barely moved, but you could tell the boy
trying his best to contribute to the fucking of the 5th grader. The camera
moved around to the front and got a shot of James pushing his cock into
her innocent face. Her eyes were open and she watched the penis disappearing
into her as best as she could. The camera moved to the side and showed the
entire scene, one man and two Pokemon, jamming there erections into every
hole of
the tiny, slender, pre-teen girl. Each blind to the others and they used
child as a receptacle for their hot loads of cum.

"WOBUFFFFEEEETTTTT!" Wobuffet came suddenly. His
penis expanded and blasted his white hot seed deep into the little girl’s
over-stretched rectum. With each blast he slammed his hips forward, trying
impale himself as deeply as possible into the sweet young child whose ass he
was fucking. He thrust so hard that he rammed her body upward, and Meowth's
cock popped free of her small cunt. Slamming May forward had the opposite
effect on James. Her mouth suddenly engulfed his entire cock, and he felt
head of his prick slide deep into her tight throat. Wobuffet kept bellowing
moaning and cursing as he flooded the pre-teens bottom with his Pokemon
semen. He
finally collapsed on the little girl, his penis still twitching in her anus,
but rapidly deflating.

Jessie came over and assisted the spent fat Pokemon in getting off of
little May and Meowth. Jessie had noticed that poor Meowth could barely get
enough breath and had to rescue him. "Jesus, Wobuffet. What you trying to
Crush these two?!", she ribbed him while he recovered his senses after his
blinding orgasm. "Wobuffet!!!", was all he could reply.

Jamess had removed his cock from May's mouth right after she was
forced to deep throat him. He figured, she had enough to worry about, with
Wobuffet shooting off in her like a Tauros on a Mareep! He was amazed that
May had
managed to take his cock in her ass, he'd not really been sure himself, and
went back to check out her anus after they hauled the fat Pokemon off the
He spread her cheeks and looked as her anus began to recover it's normal
shape. It looked red and stretched, but he didn't see any bleeding, so he
down and kissed each of the young, tender ass cheeks before leaning up to
to the two kids.

"Hey.. Meowth.. You guys never got to finish that fuck.. Roll her over
and finish it.. she's all yours!"

May was beyond words. The pain in her ass was gone, and the tension
drained away from her. She had not realized how tense she'd been, while
getting her ass fucked. Maybe if she'd relaxed a little it wouldn't have
so bad. Well.. lesson's learned for next time. And she surprised herself
that thought, because she realized that there would be a next time. That she
would get fucked in the ass again because that's what men liked to do, and
liked men! That's when May realized that sex was a whole world of men and
boys, and maybe even girls that she was ready to explore. She could handle
anything! Or well.. most things... She felt herself rolled over, her aching
bottom pressed to the floor as her pussy was entered once again. She looked
and saw Meowth looking down at her.

"Beg me to fuck you, bitch!", he asked, submitting her to his will. "Yes.. I
want you to fuck me, Meowth.. Make me cum! Fuck me, hard! Impregnate me with
your hot Pokemon seed!"
May wanted it now, more than anything. His penis in her young snatch had
re-awakened the feelings in her clit, and rapidly took her mind off her
bottom. "Yeah.. Fuck me... Fuck me, please." and the Pokemon did.

Team Rocket watched as the Pokemon and the pre-teen fucked each other.
Each obviously enjoying the others body, and the sensations in their own.
But with the quickness of May’s youth, it was all too soon over. May shouted
her pleasure at Meowth, yelling the fact that she was cumming and wrapping
legs around the Pokemon butt. The throbbing of her pre-teen pussy
around his young cock sent Meowth over the edge and he too moaned his
and his penis spat it's load of Poke-cream into the little girl. May
shouted, with a flushed face, “FUCK YES YOU FUCKIN FANTASTIC POKEMON! SHOOT
on the floor in each other's arms, spent and panting. Both sets of eyes

James sighed, “Well, looks like we’re going to have to wake him up.” Jessie
laughed, “Oh let him sleep for once. The only thing we have to worry about
now is if the OTHER twerp wakes up...” James sighed again, “Or if any gay
guys come in. I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel like swinging that way today.


As the sex-romp took place inside of the Pokemon Center, Team Rocket was
oblivious to the person who was arriving. Delia Ketchum, aka Ash’s mum, was
just at the door of the Pokemon Center! She had her trademark smile on as
she carried a bag full of things she forgot to give Ash before he left on
his Hoenn journey. Prof Oak had told her that her son would be at that
particular Center, so she took a plane to save time. But as she entered the
building, she gasped as she watched all of the women and girls’ lights being
fucked out of them! Delia yelled, “W-What in the WORLD is going on HERE?!
Where is my son! He better not be taking part in this... this.... this...”
Suddenyl, Delia caught a whiff of something in the air, and it caused her
eyes to glaze, almost like a zombie.
And of all people to be there at the time, it was Richie! That same boy who
beat Ash in the Pokemon League! At the moment he was stark naked, and his
cock was standing long and proud as he stared at Delia. He seemed to be
under the influence of whatever everyone else was under!

"Oh, my," she said under her breath as she stared at his hard thickness,
"you have a very large penis for such a young man, how long is it!?!" "I'm
not sure," he replied softly, "I've never measured it!" Reaching down to her
belt, she produced a tape measure and motioned him to come to her and said,
"Well, it's time we found out just how big you really are!!!" Her hand was
warm as she held his erection firmly while laying the tape along the top of
his cock and measuring from his abdomen to the tip of his head!!! "My
goodness," she gasped, "eight and a quarter inches, I've never seen one this
large, it's fantastic!!!" "Are you a virgin," she asked softly?!? "Y-yes,"
he replied with a shaky voice, "I've tried to have sex with somebody, but
everyone seems to be taken, or they say I’m too fake; whatever that means."
"Oh, no," she admonished him, "don't be ashamed, you're still so young,
there's plenty of time for you to find a nice girl, and believe me, she'll
just fall in love with your cock!!!" "Do you really think so," he asked
hopefully!?! "I'm sure of it," she answered, "in fact, she will probably do
this right away as soon as she sees it," as she let her mouth engulf the
velvety head!!!

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," he moaned, "t-that feels so good, I-I can't believe it!!!"
Delia hungrily worked her mouth up and down the thick shaft, even once or
twice taking his nut sack into her mouth and gently caressing it with her
tongue!!! He looked down at her while she was sucking him, and seeing the
look on her face, he suddenly realized that as much as he wanted her to suck
his cock, she wanted to suck it even more, and that in reality, he was the
one in control, not her!!! "Do you know what I think, " he asked smoothly!?!
"What," she asked between licks on his smooth head!?! "That if you want to
keep sucking my dick," he said more forcefully, "that you show me your big
tits!!!" She was a bit taken aback at his nasty mouth, but obediently, she
shucked her pink and yellow shirts aside, to reveal large breasts resting
comfortably in a low cut black lace bra!!! "Oh, god," he groaned when her
shirts slid away, "t-there beautiful, and so huge!!!" "Big tits for a big
dick," she opined, "how would you like me to take off my bra!?!" "Oh yes,"
he begged, "show me, let me see them!!!" "Can you unhook me," she asked
sweetly, while turning away from him?!? With trembling fingers he tried
desperately to unclasp the hooks that held the lacy garment together, but he
was all thumbs and she finally had to reach around and do it for herself!!!

It was a very erotic sight, the twelve year old standing there with his huge
erection, and this older woman with her bra half on teasing him as she let
it slide a millimeter at a time off of her luscious chest!!! Now the tables
had turned once again, and it was Delia who had the upper hand!!! Richie was
becoming almost apoplectic as the slow moving gauzy black material exposed
more and more tit flesh, until her dark pink nipples came into view!!!
Seeing he was in a state of delirium, she teased him by covering and
uncovering her hard nipples in a makeshift strip show!!! "Do you like mama's
bif fat boobies," she teased!?! "Oh, god," he gasped, "t-they're huge, and
your nipples are really hard, god it looks good to me, I think I'm gonna
cum!!!" That was one thing Delia hadn't thought about, and since Richie was
so new to the sex game, just the mere sight of her big tits might actually
induce and orgasm, and of course, that is exactly what happened, as his big
cock spasmed hard and sent a gusher of hot cum splashing all over her big
tits and nipples!!!

Delia then smiled, and took off her blue skirt and her panties. "I feel all
funny inside just looking at it," he said, staring at her now naked cunt. "I
don't know why, but I have an unbelievable urge to put my mouth on it, is
that crazy of me!?!" "Oh, no," she said reassuringly, "that just means
you're a normal boy who loves pussy, now be a good boy and give me a nice
big kiss right on my cunt!!!" Gingerly he moved his head closer to her
bulging organ, and just as she had said, the closer he got, the more
enticing it was becoming!!! "It's like a magnet," he said softly, "I really
want to taste it, here goes!!!" "Oh, that's nice," she sighed as his virgin
tongue made contact with her open slit, "you have a wonderful mouth, Richie,
you're going to make some little girl very happy!!!" With her words of
encouragement spurring him one, he probed deeper and more insistently into
her now drenched sex, which changed her sigh into a low guttural moan!!!
"Suck my pussy, boy," she panted, "show me what a good little cunt lapper
you can be!!!" "It was incredible," he though to himself, "by merely
tonguing her sweet vagina, not only was he driving her crazy, but his own
pecker, which only a few minutes earlier had spewed a volcano of cum, was
now hard as the proverbial rock and ready to shoot all over again!!!" The
power that these held over the male of the species was truly undeniable, and
he was finding that out big time!!!

"Richie," Delia asked in a shallow voice, "could you do me one more
favor?!?" "What," he repliedhe looked at her with his pussy juice covered
face?!?" "Could you please give me a good boning," she whispered hoarsely,
my pussy is just frantic to be filled by your big hot cock!?!" Again mother
nature took over, and he easily slammed his big piece of cock meat hard into
the older woman's needy sex organ!!! As it was his first time, and she
hadn't been fucked in over two months, and never by such a prodigious
pecker, both of them moaned in unison as the Richie drove his dick in and
out of her helpless cunt!!! Like riding a whirlwind, it was unbelievably
exhilarating to give total control to your sex organs and let them race
together towards an orgasm that was sure to shake you to your soul! Richie
watched as his cock plowed in and out of Delia's super-tight cunt at a
frightening pace, and even as excited as he was, wondered how a woman's
pussy could take such a brutal beating, but much to his disbelief, she not
only was taking it, she was begging him to fuck her harder!!! Cock and
pussy, pussy and cock, they went together like ham and eggs or Ruth and
Gehrig, it just seemed like they were made for each other, either alone is
fine, but together they made sweet music!!! The tension in their crotches
rose to a fever pitch until both of them were running on a ragged line
between anticipation and ecstasy, and it only took a slight nudge to push
them over the edge!!! Richie let loose with a groan that shook the entire
office, which of course signaled Delia's pussy that it was also her time to
release all that pent up tension that had been building for almost half and
hour now!!! Richie's cock unleashed a torrent of hot cum into Delia's
demanding cunt, while at the same time, she wrapped her legs around the
young man's ass, as if to lock him in place until her orgasm was passed!!!

Two extremely draining orgasms in the space of fifteen minutes had left him
almost helpless, and as a result, he collapsed on top of her, panting like a
steam engine as he tried to regain his lost breath!!! "T-that was unreal,"
he offered as his blood pressure began to come down, "I never realized how
good a woman's pussy could feel, I don't think my dick has ever been this


Elsewhere in the Center, Brock was having his fun with yet another chick in
the backroom. This time it was Duplica, pretty green-haired trainer that had
a Ditto as her Pokemon. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny were busy regenerating
their sex levels by taking a rest. The magnetic attraction Duplica felt
towards his cock was stronger than anything she had ever experienced before,
and as if being drawn by a outside force, she opened her mouth and let
Brock’s penis’ bulbous head slip inside of her hot mouth! "Oh, gawddddd," he
moaned, "that feels so goooood, please, don't stop, you fucking hot bitch,
just keep sucking it!!!" His incantations were totally unnecessary, as it
would have taken dynamite to get her to let his thick prick escape her
hungry mouth, so while her pussy was drenching itself in her red panties,
her mouth worked up and down the thick pecker as she tried coaxing a sperm
shooter into her hot mouth! She could sense he was quickly approaching his
orgasm when she felt his nut bag tighten and his pecker stiffen just
slightly, and much to her delight, he groaned loud and long as a blast of
white hot cock juice slammed into the back of her throat!!!

As the last of his cum was filling her mouth, Duplica quickly lay back down
on the bed, and in a hot second she tore off her panties while spreading her
legs wide and begging, "All right stud man, I did you, now you do me, fuck
me like I'm a whore, come on stud boy, show me what a big fucking stud you
are!!!" The light from the lamps bounced off her hairy pussy, and for a
second he just stared down at the incredible picture that lay before him,
but the incessant twitching in his pecker forced him to drop to his knees
and slowly bury his manhood deep into Duplica's hot little fuck hole!!!
"Sweet jesus christ in heaven," she moaned as all ten inches(or atleast, its
about that size) of cock flesh disappeared inside of her straining pussy,
"I-I'm cumming already, I can't believe it, you're so fucking huge and I'm
cumming everywhere!!!" This was before he even had completed a stroke, but
hearing the hot little slut cumming like a whore in heat, he slowly pulled
his cock almost all of the way out before slamming it home like a jackhammer
on the loose!!! He was sure Duplica's scream could be heard all the way
throughout the Center, but his own orgasm was building like a tidal wave on
the ocean, so throwing all caution to the winds, he rammed his hard pecker
in and out of her until they both on the edge of massive uncontrollable
climaxes!!! Duplica wasn't even talking anymore, she was more or less
babbling and drooling all at the same time, but now as her orgasm roared
towards her, she threw her legs around Duplica's back, holding him firmly in
place as he pistoned in and out of her with brutal precision!!!

Duplica's eyes were glazed over and her mouth hung half open as her pussy
was being pounded into complete submission by the gigantic piece of cock
flesh that was assaulting her like an invading army!!! Their organs were now
moving in unison as they both stepped onto the orgasm express, with no stops
until the very end!!! Duplica was first to feel it coming, and her low moan
grew louder as her climax rocketed through her while her helpless pussy
continued to be brutalized by Brock's oversized erection!!! Brock had long
since lost control of his pecker, and he was much like Duplica, just along
for the ride!!! "I'm cumming," he gasped as the last moans ebbed out of the
slack jawed little cunt beneath him, "I-I can't hold it back, I'm fucking
cumingggggg!!!" For the second time in the last ten minutes Brock’s cock
unleashed a fire hose gusher of cum seed inside of the young teen, the first
time in her mouth and this time in her now beaten to a pulp pussy!!! With
sweat pouring out of him, he collapsed on top of her, gulping for air as his
blood pressure tired to return to normal.

Meanwhile... in the other room, May and Ash were both still asleep, as they
wasted a lot of energy over the course of the day. Meowth was awake though,
and had been witnessing what went on between Delia and Richie. “I can’t
believe our luck! I think our plan is gonna work here guys!” James giddly
laughed, “Yup, now since our special pollutant can perfectly perverse the
minds of all who smell it, we can sell this for big bucks and buy a whole
lot of...” Meowth angrily leaped up and scratched James, “You nitwit!!! We
need to use it for OTHER bigger reasons! With this we can get all the
Pokemon we want, and nobody will stop us! Not even dat twerp!” Jessie
snickered like a cat, “And it can’t affect US since WE have the antidote!
Its genious!”


Meowth looked up at a clock hanging on the wall. The cat said, “Our testing
of our formula ends in about half-an-hour. We betta hope dat twerp doesn’t
wake up until then.” Meowth pointed at Ash, who looked like he was sleeping
until suddenly he began to wake up! Meowth, Jessie, and James screamed in
shock. Jessie quickly took out a spray can and sprayed some of their
‘special formua’ around the Pokemon trainer. Ash’s eyes glazed over again,
like a zombie. Meowth sighed, “Dat was close, but if he keeps waking up
we’ll never get away! We’ve got to pre-occupy da twerp somehow!” James
yelled at Meowth, “And just how do you expect we do that, Meowth?!” Meowth
laughed and pointed out the door to Ash’s mom, who just finished banging
Richie. James ran over to the glazed over Delia Ketchum, and brought her to
the room they were in. James ran out of the room soonafter, “Okay guys, see
you later, have fun!” Meowth was confused, “What’s da rush James?” Jessie
whispered in the cat’s ear, “He doesn’t exactly like the idea of incest.”
Meowth nodded with her. Delia was half-hypnotized by Team Rocket’s trick.
She got on her legs, leaned back, and started to rub her fat juicy clit.

"Come on in, Ash," Delia said with a big smile, "now be a good boy and show
me your penis!!!" Hurriedly the hypnotized Ash unbuckled his belt and shoved
his jeans and boxer shorts down around is ankles, letting his semi hard
penis bounce free from its cotton prison!!! "My, my, Ash," Delia whispered
in a very husky voice, "you have a beautiful pecker, I could just suck you
for hours!!!" "Thank you mum," the 12 year old said thickly as the older
woman gently stroked his rapidly expanding erection, "a-are you really gonna
suck me!?!" "Do you want me to suck you," she asked softly as a drop of
precum hung from the end of his big hard pecker. "Oh yes, please," he
moaned, "I feel like I'm going to burst!!!"

While still masturbating him softly she asked, "Tell me, Ash, how often do
you masturbate, I'm sure that a hard young cock like this needs and awful
lot of attention!?!" "Oh, yes," he moaned, "I-I do it at least twice a day,
when my friends aren’t around!" "Mmmmm, that sounds so sexy," she sighed
while fisting his big head, "what do you think about when you're jerking
your big cock!?!" "Uh, I usually think about a girl I’ve met on my jouney,"
he replied softly. "Which one’s, dear, tell me some of their names." Delia
"Um, Jasmine, Giselle, Flannery, who is a girl that’s trying to be a gym
leader in Hoenn from what I hear, I don’t know, there’s lots of them!" he
managed to moan, "They’re all incredibly beautiful!!!" Delia said, "I'm sure
if she ever saw your big cock she's just fall in love with you!!!" "I-I
don't know about that," he stammered, "she's awful stuck on herself!!!" "Do
you know what she'd do if she were here right now," Delia asked softly.
"No," he gasped, "what would she do?" "Well," the older woman replied under
her breath, "I think she'd do this," as she dropped her head and took him
into her warm wet mouth!!!

"Oh, yes," he hissed through clenched teeth, "that feels incredible, oh, oh,
right there, just under the tip of my dick, oh yeah, right there, mmmmmmmm,
yesss!!!" If there was one thing that Delia Ketchum adorned, it was having a
young hard cock or a cute teenage vagina for her to suck on, and Ash had one
of the biggest cocks she had ever sucked! Yes, Delia was a certified grade-a
pedophile! Even though he wasn't physically imposing, in fact she guessed he
only weighed one hundred forty five pounds or so, she figured at least half
of his bulk was centered in his big hard pecker!! She always measured her
boys just to see how they compared, and Ash's nine and a half inch bone was
right at the top of the list. without warning, his whole body stiffened as a
gusher of hot cum jetted into the throat of the cocksucking huge titted

Delia made sure that she was ready and said, “Well guess what, your mum
needs to be filled wth some hot boy cum, so here I come!”, and without
warning, mounted his still hard penis and let it slowly bury itself inside
of her red hot snatch!!! "H-how does that feel," she gasped!?! "Sweet jesus
in heaven," he moaned, "it's even better than your mouth!!!" "Y-yes it is,"
she stammered, "fuck me Ash, come on, fuck me hard and fast, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
yes, you have a fucking gift!!!"

Since this was his first fuck with his mom and really didn't know what to
expect, Ash sat there slack jawed as the D-cup sized babe bounced up and
down on his rigid member, until both of them were driven to the edge of
shuddering orgasms!!! "A-are you close," she asked while panting and
moaning. "I'm almost there," he gasped loudly while returning her bounces
with his own thrusts, "in fact I-I'm fucking cummmmmmming!!!" Delia’s vagina
tried vainly to grip the massive invader filling her female sex, but it was
of course a hopeless goal, and so finally, her pussy relented, and with a
murderous spasm, her pussy wrenched in a series of orgasms that left the
babe sitting shell shocked on top of Ash's brutal erection!!! Ash soon
quickly filled her to the brim with his piping hot cum seed, some of it
spilling out, but he made sure to keep it all in her.

"How did that feel, Ashy?" she asked softly while kissing the head of his
still hard erection, "it tasted just wonderful!" "Oh, gosh," he panted, "you
know just how to fuck, I don't think anything could ever feel that great!!!
Strangely I still feel ready to go at it!" Chuckling softly under her
breath, Delia asked softly, "Do you think I'm better than Flannery?" "She's
just a fantasy," he replied as the tension in his growing cock began to
anew!!! "I'm sure that she is, but if she were here right now, what would
you do to her," Delia asked teasingly. "I guess that I'd fuck her," Ash
replied, "I'd love to get on top and just ride her! She’s got such wonderful
pink hair, and that tight black shirt she wears, I’d rip it off and suck on
her large teenage tits. Afterwards I’d cum on her sexy flat stomach, and
then up her tight pussy! And then-"

"Mmmmmm, that sounds wonderful," Delia replied, tired of his babbling, "but
wouldn't you want to suck her sweet little pussy first, I mean just to taste
it!?!" "Uhhhhh, yeah," he answered after giving it a moment of thought,
"I'll bet she does have a sweet little cunt!!!" "Yes I do," came a voice
from across the room, "it's sweeter than any pussy you'll ever eat, I can
promise you that!!!" Ash jerked his head around wondering who else was in
the room, and much to his surprise and delight, there stood Flannery in all
her glory! But then she pulled off her skin tight black flame shirt,
revealing her pink-bra covered sexy large c-cup sized tits! She then quickly
discarded her jeans as well, leaving her also in her tight pink panties! It
was a beautiful sight to behold indeed! But her eyes were a little glazed
over, like everyone else’s...

"W-what are you doin' here, Ash," Peter stammered while his cock turned into
a piece of blue steel. " At first I just came to pick up something from
Nurse Joy, but now I just want to see for myself this super cock that Delia
keeps prattling about so loudly!

But first I need to work up one last practice session..." Flannery took her
place next to Delia and stuck out her tongue in a mock put down, but what
really held her interest was Ash's massive erection which was bobbing up and
down in perfect rhythm with his breathing!!! "See, what did I tell you,"
Delia said softly, "just look at this incredible piece of cock flesh, so
hard and soft both at the same time!!!" "Can I please touch it," Flannery
mumbled as her eyes glazing over and her breathing becoming more labored.
"You'll have to ask Ash," Delia whispered back to the now shaking eighteen
year old!!! "Please, Ashy boy," she begged, "can I hold it just for a

For the first time since Flannery had sauntered into the room, Ash realized
that it was she who was the one in need and not him, because although he
wanted to ride and fuck her, he knew instinctively that she was his for the
taking, so he replied flippantly, "Sure, hot stuff, go right ahead, but take
it easy, I've only got one!!!" Almost gratefully Flannery reached out and
caressed his hammer with her soft little hand, bringing a low moan gurgling
from his throat that turned into a full fledged groan as she let the big
smooth head slip into her warm mouth!!!

"Thatta girl," Delia said softly while sliding her hand up her dress to
finger her big fat juicy cunt, "suck him off, he just loves blowing in your
mouth, ohhhhhhh, god, girl suck him off!!!" Ash had been sure that never in
his life would he find a cocksucker to compare with Delia, but much to his
delight, the pink-haired teen with the smart mouth was every bit the equal
of her older counterpart, and in some ways she was even better, and if this
would have been even a few months ago, Ash would have already blown his load
into her hot little mouth, but now that he had a little self control, he
gently pulled Flannery off his cock and after kissing her full on the lips
ordered, "Take off your panties, I wanna suck your cunt!!!"

Flannery was almost hyperventilating as she quickly shucked her tiny bikini
panties, and then in an overt display of lewdness, she lay down on her back
with her legs spread and her hips thrust forward, in an open invitation to
his hungry mouth!!! Delia automatically ran her finger up and down the
length of Flannery's smoothly shaven slit and commented, "Jesus, she's
fucking hot as a fire cracker, she won't last long!!!" Compared to Delia's
huge cunt, Flannery's was small and tight, with just the right amount of
plumpness to drive a man crazy with lust!!!

"Come on big boy," Flannery panted while running her hands all over her
inner thighs, "suck my pussy you great big fucking stud boy, show me what a
good cunt lapper you are, boy!!!" It was unbelievable how Flannery felt once
again that she was somehow in control, but for the time being that was all
right, cuz he really was hungry for her cute little cunt, so just as she
demanded he let his tongue snake out and wrap itself around her distended
clit, which naturally induced a vicious orgasm to slam into her pussy like a
freight train hitting a stalled car on the tracks!!! "Oh, god, suck me," she
demanded while grabbing him by the back of the neck and forcing his mouth
harder onto her mons, "ohhhhhh, you have such a sweet mouth, Ashy boy,
ohhhhhhhhhh do me, lover!!!"

Providing one climax with his mouth was quite enough as far as Ash was
concerned, so right in the midst of her next cum, he slid quickly to cover
her body with his, and with Flannery reaching down and grabbing his cock,
she guided it deftly into the hot little cock hound's cunt, whereupon Ash
drove in his nine and a half inch spike until both of their pubic bones were
pressing together!!! Seeing the look on Flannery's face as his boner invaded
her tiny slit was something he would remember forever, but the scream, that
is what would always bring him a chill, as the hot little teen let out an
ear splitting yell that nearly broke his ear drums!!!

"Sweet jesus in heaven, I'm fucking being split open," she groaned, "ohhhhhh
god, I'm fucking having a cunt crushing orgasm, ohhhh mother fucking god I'm
cumming!!!" As hot as the little pink haired bitch was, Ash wasn't to far
behind her as he drove his pecker in and out of her with uncontrolled lust,
until reaching that point of no return when his cock head took over and her
was just like Flannery, that being just along for the ride!!! As Ash fucked
her lights out, he watched the hot teen’s large tits flapping up and down,
up and down with each powerful stroke he made. The pink nipples matched her
lovely hair. Ash grabbed obth of her tits hard, fondling and kneading them.
He even began to suck on one of them, but it was so big that his whole mouth
couldn’t fully engulf it! Flannery’s tight cunt was sooo tight, and each
second it seemed to contract again and again, like it was sucking on Ash’s

Ash’s dick felt so good inside of the teen’s hot snatch, it was incredible!
Delia looked on with her eyes half closed in an orgasmic induced haze as the
two young teenagers fucked like a couple of robots stuck in high gear, and
just as Flannery threw her legs around Ash's ass locking him in place, all
three of them stiffened as their genitals erupted in a simultaneous
explosion of cum and sweat!!! Ash gripped her hot ass as he pumped as much
of his hot seed into this teenage babe. Flannery lost control as she sprayed
out as much cum as possible. Ash vainley tried to stuff as much of his seed
inside of the teen hottie, hoping to knock her up.

"Holy smokes," Ash gasped while rolling off the hot pussied little cunt, "I
swear you're both trying to kill me!!!" The two women slid together and
after kissing each other deeply, Delia sighed, "Yeah, but what a great way
to go, right, Flannery!?!" "Right, Delia, that's exactly right!!!”


"W-what are you doing," May gasped as Jessie's warm hand caressed her chest
and tweaked her rubbery nubs! "What does it look like I'm doing," Jessie
breathed, "I'm feeling up your oversized chest and now I'm gonna suck on
it!!! I’m so damn horney that I’d fuck a tree!" Meowth groaned, “Then why
don’t you fuck me instead?!” Jessie sighed, “Because you’re spent, and you
know it.” Meowth fell over in shock. May sucked in a lung full of air and
gasped, but offered no resistance when Jessie leaned in and took a hard
nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it gently!!! "Oh, Jess," May
sighed softly, "we shouldn't be doing this, you gotta stop it!!!" Jessie
gave a sneaky giggle and asked sweetly, "Stop what!?!" "Y-you know very well
what," May moaned while Jessie nipped at her very erect nipples!!! "No I
don't," Jessie replied innocently, "you'll have to be more specific, I'm
just a dumb Rocket agent, you have to explain everything real slowly or it
just goes right over my head!!!"

May rolled her eyes and groaned as the sexual furnace in her pussy was being
stoked by her tit sucking enemy, but she gamely asked, "Y-you're making fun
of me aren't you!?!" Jessie sucked hard for another minute or so before
standing up and pulling May to her feet and whispering softly into her ear,
"I'm just teasing you... or am I?!" Oh, no," May gasped, but again offered
little if any resistance when Jessie pushed her back down onto the chair
with her legs spread wide apart!!! "Now sit there and be quiet," Jessie
ordered evenly as she calmly slid her own things off until she was standing
there in only her matching black bra and panties!!! After licking her lips,
she dropped to her knees and with little or no fanfare, pushed her mouth
against May’s vagina and gently started tonguing her!!! "Sweet mary mother
of god," May gasped as the tip of Jessie's tongue wrapped itself around her
hard little clit, "I-I can't believe you haven't done this before, it's even
better than when I masturbate!!!" "When you're starving," Jessie sighed,
"you try harder," and then with hard nip on the clit, she bored in hard and
brought May to a quick and satisfying orgasm!!!

May just leaned back in the chair with her legs still splayed wide apart,
spraying cum everywhere, while absentmindedly playing with her nipples she
sighed softly, "You're unbelievable, Jessie, I can't believe I let you do
that, but you were so darn persistent!!!" "Yes I was," Jessie smiled back at
her satiated friend, "but you haven't seen anything yet," as she slid off
her panties and unhooked her bra, "now it's your turn!!!" "Now wait a
minute," May protested, "I'm not gonna suck your pussy for you, I'm not a
lesbian ya know!!!" "Of course you're not," Jessie said while fingering her
slit into a frenzy, “but you can at least get me off with your tongue, I
promise I won't tell anyone, and besides, just look at my cunt, it's
absolutely on fire!!!" May didn't want to, but she couldn't stop herself
from looking at her clean shaven lips, and when she did, she gasped at what
she saw, Jessie's vagina was so puffed up that her clit was poking out of
its hood and easily visible from across the room!!! "Y-you're not gonna
leave me like this, are ya, May," Jessie asked thickly, "if I don't get some
oral relief I'm gonna just die!!!" May tried looking away, but her pussy was
already drenching again, and so in a shaky voice she replied, "I don't know
how you talk me into these things, but get over here..................."

Jessie pushed the dishes to one side and hopped up on the kitchen table
directly in front of May with her legs spread wide apart in an unbelievable
slutty display that caused May's mouth to immediately go dry!!! "Jesus
christ,” she swallowed, "j-just look at your pussy, your lips are huge!!!"
After putting her arms behind her on the table, Jessie leaned back and by
activating her cunt muscles flexed her outer lips with drove May right over
the edge as she buried her face in the girl’s hot burning cunt!!!

"Ohhhhhh fuck," Jessie gasped upon contact, "ohhhh, baby, suck that pussy
you fucking cunt lapper, oh yeah, do my pussy with your fucking mouth!!!"
"Such naughty talk," May said between licks and sucks, "you don't sound very
lady like do you!?!" "Fuck, lady like," Jessie groaned, "just suck me off, I
wouldn't have to resort to this if that asshole James would take care of me
like he's suppose to!!!" May chuckled a little at her rant, but her
attention quickly returned to the task at hand, and that meant getting
Jessie's oversized clit to blow it's little nut!!! In one last tease, May
barely flicked her tongue over the distended little head and asked sweetly,
"Is this how you like it, babe!?!" By now Jessie was in no mood for joking
around, so without warning her hand snaked out and grabbed May by the back
of the neck and jerked it hard into her pussy, which naturally caused her
cunt to convulse in a series of brutally satisfying orgasms that left her
shaking and quivering like a bowl of Jell-o!!!

"Good grief," May said softly after they had had a chance to recover, "that
was unbelievable, huh!?!" Jessie flopped back down on the table and sighed,
"Kid, unbelievable isn't the half of it!!!

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