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Rapemeat Raylene

Well, my name is Raylene. It’s not an uncommon name in the south and for the most part, if they just hear my name people go “oh, okay”. Of course when they see my face they think otherwise. Everybody recognizes “Rapemeat Raylene, darling of the internet.

My life started out pretty boring. I’m kinda pretty. I’m skinny with not much in the way of boobs, but I have really big nipples. Long brown hair that I usually keep in braids now, and not much of an ass. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend about six months ago just after I turned fourteen. I guess I enjoyed it. It kind of fades into the background now.

It was a Monday afternoon when I became famous. I was out of school and I went to the bank with my dad. He had to go to some kind of big meeting with the other town heads. The mayor was there, and the chief of police. The school board and the city council. Some of them brought their kids, including the mayor, who was the father of Danny, the kid I had given my virginity to about two weeks before.
The bank was packed. There was about 40 people there in all, including the people who worked there. The guys who decided to rob the bank couldn’t have picked a worse time, with all those people there, but they did it anyway. Later we found out they were all drunk so I guess that explained it. Of course the alarm went off and the cops showed up, so they herded us all back into the vault and locked the door and started to negotiate.

There was the main guy, Vern I think his name was. He was the leader. Billy Bragg was the guy that started it all though, and some little guy named Kenny videoed it. Billy was all tattooed and he kept walking around and cursing and waving his gun. When he stopped in front of me, I just about died. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to the middle of the room. Daddy jumped up but one of them kicked him in the nuts and he went right back down.

They made me kneel in the middle of the room and ripped open my blouse. I just had a training bra so I turned bright red, all those people I knew staring at me. Then Billy cut my bra off and I started crying. I got almost no titties but my nipples stick out about an inch and I knew everyone was watching.
Billy pulled out his dick and started jacking in. It was a lot bigger than Danny’s. Big enough to scare me and I started crying harder. I could see Danny staring at me from behind his dad. Once Billy’s dick got hard he pushed it against my lips. I didn’t know what to do but I kept my mouth closed. Then he reached out and took my nipple and kind of pinched and twisted it all at once. I wasn’t expecting it so I screamed out loud. Once my mouth was open he just shoved that big fat cock right down my throat.
I tried to bring my hands up but somebody grabbed them and I just had to take it. I gagged and tried to vomit but he held my head and shoved his cock so deep I just started dry heaving. His cock plugged my throat so good I couldn’t puke, just heave. I started convulsing and I guess it felt good to him cause he just kept shoving it down my gullet. Tears started running down my face and I was making these little choking sounds. Finally I realized I was turning blue and I took a huge breath through my nose and was able to breath.

He pulled out his cock and I gasped for air and heaved again and a thick drool of gagspit gushed out of my mouth and oozed down to drip off my chin. Billy said “say thank you”. I looked up at him, dumb as a post, not understanding. He slapped me hard enough to make me see spots and said, “say thank you for gagging me, Billy”. That time I figured it out. I looked up and him and said ‘thank you for gagging me, Billy”, then turned my head and puked on the floor.

Billy looked around and saw my daddy staring at him, eyes shooting daggers. What he did next was probably what started the process of me being broken. He had his men bring daddy over and make him sit in a chair. Then he brought me over and said, “suck your daddy, bitch.” Daddy begged them not to make me and I tried to keep my mouth closed but they pinched my titties again and made me open up. I gotta give my daddy credit. He’s got a big fucking dick. Billy took my hair and rammed my face up and down on daddy’s dick. I learned later it’s called skull fucking. At first we both tried to hold back, cause it being family and all, but then I felt daddy thrusting up to meet my mouth. I guess it felt pretty good to him. I figured him being my daddy and all, I should make it as pleasurable as possible so I started dragging my tongue over his head with each thrust. It didn’t take long. My daddy started grunting like a boar hog and the next thing I knew I was eating cream. I gagged and choked again and had to swallow I don’t know how many times, but I ate maybe half of it. The rest dripped out of my mouth, off my chin and onto my flat chest and belly.

Daddy pulled out and before I could catch my breath they had the mayor up there. That old man could hardly wait to get his dick out of his pants and into my mouth. He came in no time flat and the police chief was next. He was the one what started calling me names and telling me what a slut I was. After that everyone verbally abused me. For the next couple of hours it was a line of men using my mouth. I remember looking up at Danny when it was his turn. He looked at me like I was a piece of shit and blew his load right away.

I didn’t know it but Kenny had been videoing it all along. He’s the reason for all the controversy. There were 42 guys that used my mouth that first afternoon. Lots of people have watched the video but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on how many loads I ate that day. Everyone came at least once, and 13 definitely came twice, but several others seem to cum and maybe they did and maybe they didn’t. The total runs somewhere between 55 and 62. I do know that one angle of the camera I look at least 3 months pregnant from all the semen I ate. At 14, you have a pretty flat belly and I certainly got filled.
Sometime during the marathon semen swallowing session, Kenny managed to connect to the internet and broadcast my rape. He even caught the big belch I gave after eating a particularly large load of sperm. That was really attractive. After my face rape, men begin lining up for my pussy. I think that was when I completely broke. Billy came over to me and whispered in my ear, pointing out that my dad was one of the first in line. When your dad lines up to rape you, it’s pretty much over.

If you want to know the rest of that day, pull up the video on youtube. I got raped in every hole by forty something guys. Double stuffed, triple stuffed, ass to mouth, double anal. You name it, I got it. I was fucked into submission. I came over and over, a complete whore. Daddy didn’t just get back in line, he directed traffic. After about 36 hours, the morons decided to give up. All of this projected onto the internet, of course. And the title was Rapemeat Raylene. I was rushed to an ambulance and sent to the hospital. Everyone had been watching it unfold on the internet, of course, so the driver and paramedics pulled over half way to Emergency and raped me again. I spent 3 days in the hospital hooked up to an IV and getting fucked in the ass, mouth and pussy every night by anyone who had access to my wing of the hospital .
After I was sent home, I thought it might be over. The first day my mom went to work, my dad raped me again. When he left, my two brothers came home from school during lunch and had their turn. I settled into a routine of being orally raped by my dad and two brothers each day before they left for work and school.

Eventually I was given permission to go back to class. The first day when I walked by the boys restroom, I was dragged in and gangraped. I spent over 4 hours taking cock in every hole before the principal broke things up. He took me to his office, bent me over his desk and fucked me in the ass.
After that I was just there for people to bust their nut in. When we had trouble with the transmission, daddy gave me to the mechanics for a few hours. I was used properly and the car was fixed. I did the shopping. Fill the basket, go into the back room and let the manager and stock boys make me cum, and groceries were free. All in all, it’s not a bad deal. I’m nothing but a whore anyway.

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