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Anhgel 7

wolf fun

New Neighbor: Part 2

New Neighbor Part 2 Thanks for the comments guys =] I hope you think this one is as good as the last =] “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!” blared the alarm inches from my head waking me, pulling me from a sexy dream

The Slender Man

Carmen, a half raced Third Reich follower is coming out of a party and sees you know who. Being drunk she's hits on him

The Raping of Alex, Pt. 1

i fuck my dream girl, and ensure i get more ass, later

Cougar in the Yukon Part 4

I know its been some time since I have posted a story but I'm back with a long awaited addition to the Cougar series

Unexpected Pleasures, part II

Grandmother and son in surprise encounter, plus Steve blackmails wife with new information

The Handy Man - No job too Big

They hired me to fix there house, I fixed there marriage

Justin in D.C. Part 1

I've wanted to write a story about this kid for a long time. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think in a comment! :)

I Caught Mom Or Did She Catch Me 4

Who Is the True Enemy?

Woman's College soccer star

Lenny always dreamed of knowing what it would be like to be with her

Captured During War-Chapter 2

Continuation from chapter 1.

Broken Promises

Emily's betrayal by her father goes very deep.

Evidence against Tina

With tears,welling in her eyes.It dawned on Tina,that she,did'nt hate her mother.She actually loathed her intensely! "No,Tina!Under no circumstances are you going to that party tonight

Mia Matsumiya: Her Rapist's Baby(Pt. 2 - Wedding Bell Blues)

When Mia's about to marry her rapist, an unexpected guest crashes the wedding...

Looking for a Cure

My first experience being used at 22.

Seregech; the Beginning

This is the beginning of my story. Thirteen years ago a unknown but similar species of human showed up on earth

Primal Chase (From the Ashes #1) Extended

Primal Chase is the first installment of a series called 'From the Ashes' by erotica writer Jessie Snow

1234 tell me that you love me more

No actual penetration in this story people, maybe next time ;)

Reapers 2

chapter 2

Die or Live to do a Porno

A sister is forced to do a BDSM porno with her older sister