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Ry and I

Okay...this is my second story but only my first Fiction so let me know what you think. This story was written for my hockey-playing friend, Ryan, who I like a lot :) So, while it is fiction, the characters are real and hopefully I can change it from fiction to "true story" some day

Best Beach Day

so what is that.........

Gambling , My Wife and Black Business Partner

This is a Fantasy that my wife had about Gambling and Big Black Men

How bad could it be anyway?

Before the story begins just in case you missed it, this is fiction. [u]The story is not based on reality or nonfictional event[u]

I’m Not Wearing A Bra

She really wasn’t wearing a bra or panties either.

Help! - Part 8

A heart warming tale of a young boy who finds himself in a lot of trouble and needs a hero to "cum" and save him!

My Breanna My Darling 2

Im so sorry about the other one i messed up in everything and didnt have as much detail as i would like

Ladyboy Love - Part 1

This is an offshoot from my long series, Ex-Daughter Grown Up, but while writing it as part of that series, I felt it was developing into a new Love I began sharing

Truths and Betrayals of a Young Man's Heart Chapter 3

This is the 3rd chapter and this is where Alex's life starts to change a bit further

Help! - Part 5.

A heart warming tale of a young boy who finds himself in a lot of trouble and needs a hero to "cum" and save him!

Sara's Protective Dad part 1 corrected

Sara's Dad had always been proctive, till he falls in love with her.

A Girl and Her Unicorn Chapter 2: The Unicorn's Prowess

Cherise's idylic life with her unicorm mate when Anton, the man who wanted to marry Cherise, enters the forest to take her back

She is the One (Part 4)

"And ye shall seek and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart" Jeremiah 29:13

Hypnotism's a powerful thing

I wrote this story for my friend. It is a little weird but then again what;s so great about being normal!

Favorite Aunt - Ch. 7

Ben and Jean have recognized, accepted and indulged their love for each other. We pick up their story about two weeks after Ben arrived at Jean's

World of Warcraft fantasy 2 : The Grimtotem

This is a sequel to "World of Warcraft fantasy: Elvish Graces"

The Story of Ann Chapter 3: How I Ruined my Life Before it even Started

My life begins at the young age of seveteen.

Temptations of a Young Teacher

This story is based on reader feedback from my story “Temptations of a Substitute.” While they have completely different characters and settings, the themes are very similar and if you like one, you’ll probably like the other

Last Chance....Chapter 1

How I found Hope.

"Two Worlds Collide"

A young gorgeous twink experiences his first gay encounter with a former school bully, who also just happens to be a cop