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Solaceon Daycare's Secrets Ch. 01-04

*Reposting a great story from AFF.Net on here*

*This story was originally written by megadeth425*

Chapter 1

Funny how the best week of my life was also the worst. It didn't transition from one to the other drastically, but instead the two went hand in hand. And honestly, I'd say the terrible parts of the week went into making it all the better when Friday rolled around, ushered in with the sound of the radio playing louder than it had any reason to. I knew that Thin Lizzy wasn't quite enough to wake me up unless it was as loud as a concert. I guess therein lied my first, and primary, complaint. A heavy sleeper like me, let alone one so used to being up all night and sleeping through to the afternoon had to adapt to waking up so damn early. The sun wasn't even out yet, and the blinking numbers on the clock/radio told me that I was waking up at the time that only a week before, I had gone to sleep at. If not for the "best week" thing, I wouldn't have bothered getting up.

It had been my first week working at the daycare center in Solaceon. The old couple than ran the place--and it was always an old couple--expanded their operation and decided to instead hire someone to help out with things. Being good with Pokemon and them being family friends, I landed the job without any competition. My first week had been rather gruelling, but worth it. I did pretty much everything physical, including feeding time. They seemed to warm up to me rather fast, especially given I was a total stranger and, admittedly, had never been around so many damn Pokemon. Considering how many of them were raised for fighting, for the most part they seemed rather tame around me, not that I was complaining.

I grumbled as I turned the volume to its lowest and flicked the switch to turn the alarm off. I stumbled out of bed and made my way down the hall to the bathroom. The rest of the house remained totally silent, nobody else even remotely insane enough to want to be up this early. When the light went on, I looked like death warmed over, grunting at myself before stepping out of my boxers and into the shower. The hot water helped get my attention and shake some of the urges to sleep, at least enough for me to get through the day like a functioning human being. My muscles ached a little, remnants from the days before, and the heat did wonders for them. The soap, pearly white when I lathered up the facecloth, mingled with brown and black by the time it circled the drain, taking with it all the dirt and sweat. I would have showered before going to sleep the night before, like the previous three, but by that point I had lost all will to do anything beyond sleep.

My hair felt about fifty percent lighter, too, as I washed all the sweat and dirt out of it. I guess that was one thing about my hippie mane I couldn't avoid; no matter how much conditioner I slapped onto my head, it was going never going to be shiny and soft by the end of the day.

With all of that done, I cut the water, stepped out, and started towelling off. The asshole in the mirror was replaced with someone a little friendlier now; his green eyes were less glazed over and squinted, his long brown hair was infinitely better-looking, albeit wet, and he looked like he had a little more life in him than the other guy. He seemed better suited for work, so I decided to take him along.

By the time I was on my way to the door, the sun was still a fair length of time from arrival. My mom's Delcatty blocked the doorway, her way of saying she needed more food. Naturally, upon going to the kitchen, I saw her bowl was a paltry three quarters full, and I would have been a terrible person not to give royalty a full bowl to eat from. Sometimes, I wondered why mom put up with her snooty attitude.

With her fed, I was finally out the door. Sunlight was a luxury my walk to work didn't get by simple virtue of them waking up at dawn. Still, it wasn't all that terrible, especially since the walk was so short; ten minutes, tops. Before I knew it, I was there.

I unlocked the side door that led me straight to the yard, not wanting to wake the old couple who lived out of the house they handled operations from. When I got there, I was totally unsurprised to find Bayleef there.

Bayleef was born in the daycare, one of the egg Pokemon a trainer didn't want. Problem was, nobody wanted to adopt the Chikorita, so she became one of the Pokemon the owners just sort of let run around. The owners were nice, but they didn't interact much with the Pokemon, so she never really had any human contact. Until I came, that was. She quickly grew attached to me, and whenever I went on break, she'd generally sit next to me. She was probably the first friend I made at the place, faster than the other abandoned Pokemon.

I squatted next to her as I closed and locked the gate door behind me. "You didn't stay up all night, did you?" I scratched the back of her neck softly.

"Bay," she cooed, rubbing her head against my arm. I remained there for a moment before patting her on the head.

"I've got to get ready for work, girl. I'll come see you when I get some time, okay?"

"Bay," she grumbled as I made my way down the small cobblestone path that led to the food storage. It was a rather large building for its purpose, resting on the opposite end of the de facto ranch from the house. As such, it had all the various things workers would need if they were working in that part. It wasn't a whole lot, considering the only field workers were me and Heather, a girl who handled the night shift, and someone who worked the weekends. Predictably, Heather was sitting in the break room waiting for me so she could go home. I saw her off with a quick greeting and farewell. It'd be a long day.
I was working the front desk for a short time that afternoon. Elaine and Robert were having lunch, as were the Pokemon, so I was on desk duty until they came back. It wasn't that exciting, all things considered, and it was only a few minutes before I was off to have lunch of my own that a trainer walked in.

"Hi, I'm here to leave my Lopunny," he said quickly and with ragged breath, probably fresh from a long bike ride.

"Trainer ID?" I asked.

We went through all the steps, he let her out to say goodbye, put her back in, handed me the Pokeball, and went on his merry way. I put it in my pocket until I could go back outside, at which point I'd release the Lopunny and eat lunch.

It was only about fifteen minutes later that Elaine came back.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Adam. Bob and I got side-tracked eating lunch."

"It's alright," I said, pushing aside the newspaper I had killed time with.

"Here," she said, handing me a plastic bag. "There's some leftover lasagne in there to make up for the wait."

"Thanks," I said, making my way past her and on my way to the break room.

The expansion was rather recent, and we hadn't quite filled out all the space yet. It was a gradual thing, but for the time being the Pokemon had even more space to themselves than usual, and all the long-termers--Pokemon who were in for several weeks--were eager to take advantage of it. An Umbreon and Espeon, sisters who were left together, almost knocked me over as they ran past me, laughing the whole time. With a wider area, the flying-types seemed to just be lapping the place, revelling in the expanded airspace.

All this energy and happiness... it made me feel good to be here, to have gotten the job. It was more than enough to make the labour worth it, to make me not regret getting up before any sane person would, to not regret the aching and the caked-on dirt. It was just as much a matter of giving them affection and attention as it was keeping them fed with some Pokemon.

At long last, I reached the break room, got my lunch out of the fridge, and sat down. As I opened up the lasagna, I heard a clattering sound as something fell out of my pocket. I leaned over the side of the chair and saw a pokeball. I had forgotten to let Lopunny out. I reached down and let the Pokemon out. "Sorry for leaving you in there so long, I got side-tracked. Go outside and play."

"Lopun," she said, shaking her head. Before I knew what was going on, she had hopped onto the table, bent over in front of me, and motioned to her rear. "Punny!" she demanded, and it took me a few seconds to understand what she was doing.

She leaned down a little more and I got a face full of the Pokemon's vagina, soaking wet as she continued to point to it and repeat her name. I averted my gaze. What the hell was she doing? And why did she expect me to--

What exactly did her trainer do that she now wanted from me?

I grabbed the chair and put my other hand on the table, sliding myself and my food a few feet down, getting Lopunny out of my direct line of sight, before trying to pretend she wasn't there by staring directly at my food and just eating. It did little to stop her, though. She crawled along the table, getting directly in front of me, moving as sensually as she could. Her hips swayed seductively in front of me, lust underlining her sexual grace as her tongue ran along her lips. She approached me, her vagina practically dripping onto the table. She looked like a human--a brown-furred human who just happened to be coming onto me, and I had to say, she looked pretty damn sexy with--

No! No, bad thoughts! Bad, terrible, wrong thoughts!

I decided lunch could wait, getting up from my chair and getting ready to just leave. That was a mistake, as I forgot that Pokemon, even when you have almost two feet of height more than they do, tend to be a whole hell of a lot strong. She tackled me, sending me to the ground with her on top of her, her soft white fur brushing against me in the process. She pinned me down, which told me her trainer had conditioned her for this kind of strength, and that maybe he was refusing just like I was. I could do nothing as she brought her face less than an inch from mine, licking her lips. "Lopun," she said in such a sultry, seductive voice I was almost convinced she hadn't said it.

She turned around, still lying on my gut, her hands digging into my shorts and boxers. I was totally powerless to stop her, her fur now to tickling my crotch area, as she pulled my penis out. "No!" I was shouting. "Stop it, Lopunny. This is wro-ah!"

I was literally rendered speechless in a second flat. I wanted to talk, but I found myself totally unable to as she seemed to take all of my penis into her mouth at once, diving right into something that felt too good considering she was a Pokemon and I was most certainly not.

Her tongue slithered around my shaft as she bobbed her head along the entire length, her teeth just barely grazing it. I was quickly losing my composure as the rational parts of my brain that told me it was wrong and terrible and wrong and illegal and wrong and amoral were all drowned out by the resounding screams of "Yes!" coming from my libido, that jerk. He was loud enough to seriously overpower everything except the primal desire to cum in this Pokemon's mouth.

So I gave in. What else could I do? She had me pinned and was giving me a blowjob so great I was almost paralyzed with pleasure. Maybe my lusty side had a point for once, and it's not like I could stop it. So I lay back and enjoyed the ride.

Or at least I would have, had she not stopped her blowjob to shout at me. "Pun!" she snapped, giving her hips a shake. She must have been in heat, which would have explained why she was so horny, and she needed satisfaction. I gladly reached forward to play with her, if only to get the blowjob train moving again. And indeed, her mouth wrapped around my dick as I obliged.

My fingers slowly slipped into her folds, and almost instantly they were soaked with her pussy juices. A little deeper they slipped into her tight hole, her bushy little tail moving gleefully as I began to pump my fingers in and out, working a steady rhythm in her. It almost felt like her pussy was responding to my presence, tightening and shifting slightly in response, pulsating, but it must have been my imagination.

As I worked her steadily, almost mechanically, I began to thrust--just slightly--upward, into her mouth. She responded to me fingering her by cooing sweetly into my groin, a perfect complement to the heavenly lip service she paid me. I could feel her tongue moving faster inside her mouth around my shaft, sending long waves of pleasure through me.

I probably would have closed my eyes and just basked in the pleasure if not her the hypnotic swaying of her hips, side to side, keeping my attention planted firmly on her. Or, well, parts of her.

It was going great, up until out of nowhere she pulled away from me completely. I was about to ask what the deal was; I hadn't cum yet, and neither had she. Key word: about. Before I knew what was going on, she had straddled me, this time facing toward me, pressing the tip of my cock against her dripping entrance. She remained there a moment; a long, agonizing moment, her hips swaying a little, grinding my head against her puffy labia, a fragile build-up driving me mad. I wanted release, wanted to fill her up with my flesh and then with my cum, to make her scream. I didn't want to play, didn't want any of that. If I was going to give in to such a terrible thing, then I wanted my money's worth.

Then, and again with such blinding speed I wasn't even aware it happened for a moment, she had slid down my cock, burying it all the way into her. I outright shouted as I felt her divinely tight pussy constricting me, keeping me secure in place. My breathing was heavy as she pressed her soft hands against my chest, moving her shapely backside up, then back down again. Slowly she built up her rhythm, something rising inside me as she went, increasing with her speed. Her pussy devouring my cock over and over was one of the greatest feelings I had ever had; such a tight little hole swallowing my entire shaft, much to my amazement.

I don't know why I did what I did, but as she reached top speed, I brought my hand to her mouth. The fingers shone in the bright light of the room with her juices glistening on them. I was sort of surprised when she so gracefully accepted them, taking one finger into her mouth and licking her own juices clean off my finger. Though "licking" didn't quite encompass it.

As Lopunny rode me hard, she treated my finger like she had my penis only a moment ago, sucking on it eagerly, her tongue swirling around it. It was odd, something I had never thought of being a turn-on, but as she basically fellated my finger, I found myself very quickly seeing the appeal. It brought a strange level of pleasure, an odd sensation, to accentuate the great sex she was giving me, and when she had sucked all the flavour, so to speak, out of one finger, she moved on to the other.

What the hell was going on? It finally sank in exactly what was going on; I was sitting there, eating my lunch, and next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor, a Lopunny I was tasked with watching riding me while sucking on my middle finger, and I was loving every second of it. It was wrong, it was illegal, and it could cost me my job, but the Lopunny had me by the balls--figuratively and literally--and I could do nothing but enjoy every sinful second of her furry crotch meeting mine, tickling the skin as her hot, slick cunt gave my dick the best treat in the world.

Fuck wrong. Lopunny pussy beats it out every time.

We began to moan in synch as her motions, pleasure building up between us simultaneously. She leaned forward, her small breasts swaying slightly as she rode me even harder, continuing her work on my finger. Every last trace of her juices was gone, but she continued to suck, but I wouldn't dare complain, because it accentuated the proceedings greatly. If I was going to do such a terrible thing, I wanted to go all out with it.

I thrust back against her as our simultaneous shouts and moans and gasps grew louder, more frantic. A deluge of passion swirled around us as her tight pussy grew wetter still in anticipation for the inevitable. My free hand found its way to her hip, holding her steady as I felt my legs weaken; a sure-fire sign it was approaching. She had me beat by a mere second, clenching down so tight I almost screamed as my cock twitched inside her pulsating, dripping cunt, firing off a load of cum thicker and bigger than I ever had before. I felt it drain me as the milky fluid filled her up, her juices soaking my crotch in the process.

When finally we were both spent, she collapsed on top of me, my hand removed from her mouth, stroking her large ears. I knew even after the act that what we had done was wrong, but by that point it didn't seem to matter. I had no regrets, and to be honest, I felt like doing it again.


Chapter 2

My weekend felt rather dull, almost as if now that it was here, I had a reason for it not to be.

I had sex with Lopunny twice more that day when supper rolled around. Then came the wonderful challenge of removing the smell of sex that hung so heavily in the air before Heather showed up. Aside from Lopunny, my day was pretty run of the mill, though I had to break up a fight between a new Mankey and a long-termer Primeape.

Even though I didn't have work until Monday, I dropped by anyway to see Bayleef, since I had ignored her the day before. Naturally I wouldn't tell her it was because I was tapping some sweet Lopunny ass; that would be in poor taste, and not the kind of thing I should be announcing where my bosses could be in earshot. When I reached the front of the daycare, however, I was greeted by the trainer from the day before--Lopunny's trainer.

"Oh, hey," he said, flagging me down and sprinting over to me several meters away.

"Hi," I said back, having a fair bit of difficulty looking him in the eye. What do I say to him? "How are you doing? I blew three loads into your Lopunny's cunt last night and she was great, I hope you bring her back sometime because I'd love to try anal"? It would have been terrible, but as my mind focused on the fact this meant no more fun with Lopunny, it was all that my brain wanted to come up with.

"I just wanted to say thanks. I talked to Lopunny before we left, and she told me how you helped her out last night."

He was... thanking me? For fucking his Pokemon. "I'm sorry, what?"

"You don't need to play coy with me, it's alright. I'm cool, man. Honestly, I would have kept her myself, but when she's in heat she wants attention all the time, and I needed a break before my dick started bleeding. She said you were a great lay though, so I think maybe I'll bring one of my other Pokemon by some time for you, just as a thank-you."

Had I woken up someplace radically different from the world I knew? Where was I, in this strange version of reality where Pokemon fucking is a topic of casual conversation and you thank someone for keeping your in-heat Lopunny from--

I was dreaming, wasn't I?

"You okay?" he asked, leaning forward a little and waving his hand in front of me.

"I'm sorry, I just--look, I didn't mean for anything to happen. I didn't know she was in heat, I accidentally brought her Pokeball into the break room when I was having lunch, she forced herself on me, and I sort of lost control. I have no idea what happened, and frankly I'm still sort of groggy and feeling a bit dirty over the whole thing, so please, don't thank me."

He looked at me funny for a moment, and I took the time to actually get a good look at him. He looked to be wearing clothes 20 years past their existence, some hybrid of surfer and Bill S. Preston Esq. with blond hair almost to his neck, and not all that bright.

"Oh, I get it. You're new to the whole thing. Well it's alright, you're not alone, dude, and you're not in the wrong. Tell you what, if you're curious, just go home and search 'pokephilia' on the internet, and you can decide for yourself how you want things to be. And if you ever want to hit me up or anything, talk to a fellow lover of fine lady Pokemon ass, give me a call. You got my number yesterday when I brought my babe in to the daycare. See you later, dude."

And again, the words took about four times their length to get through my head. I was still shocked and had difficulty believing anything he was saying was actually said. And naturally, by the time I processed the words and had about a hundred questions for him, he was gone. And took Lopunny with him. Great, I was now confused and probably going to stay that way.

I decided to push the entire matter out of my head as I walked in through the front door.

Elaine greeted me quizzically. "It's Saturday, Adam."

"I know. I wanted to drop by and see Bayleef and apologize for not seeing her yesterday, make sure she's not upset."

"The girl took to you for some reason. Heather and the weekend guys didn't get so nearly a warm welcome from her, so while you're there, can you tell her to be a bit more cooperative? Or else we'll lose our weekend workers and you'll have to go seven days a week."

"I'll see what I can do," I said, lifting the part of the shelf-desk-thing that lifted for people to pass--I had never figured out what it was called--and went out to see her.
It took a bit of convincing--and by 'bit', I mean lots--but eventually I got the stubborn Bayleef to cooperate. Turned out she was a staring session away from chasing Jamie right out of his job. I had no idea why she was so cold to him. She followed me all the way to the gate, and I gave her one last scratch on the back of the neck before leaving to start my actual weekend.

Somewhere after supper, I was upstairs, lounging around, when all of a sudden images hit me. Images of the day before, of Lopunny bent over the table softly mewling, her body heaving as I thrust into her again and again. Images of her huddled against the wall while I lay on the floor between her legs, my tongue exploring her inner core and licking up all the sweet juices she had to offer. One minute I was relaxing, sort of mindlessly watching TV, the next I'm inexplicably replaying sex with Lopunny in my head.

Then I remembered Lopunny's trainer, who told me to look up...what was it, pokephilia? Incredible; they even had a damn name for it. That might help me answer of my questions and be done with this whole thing.

I rolled off my bed and went over to the computer and hit the internet. I stared at the word in the little search engine box before hitting "enter" for several minutes, just trying to understand it and come to terms with the fact I had just typed such an absurd word. With a roll of the eyes I hit the key and brought up the search results. I figured the first result would explain things, so I clicked it.

What followed almost floored me. Pictures of various combinations of humans and Pokemon caught in carnal acts plastered the screen. It was what I had done with Lopunny, but multiplied, both guys and girls, and with Pokemon that weren't all as humanoid. One of the biggest eye-catchers was a slender girl on all fours, mounted by a Luxray. In the picture beside her, another much curvier girl tribbed with her Gardevoir, their legs and lips locked.

Needless to say, I clicked onward, my pants tightening considerably as I went through more of the website. It was pretty standard stuff for a website, explaining the fetish and attraction and tons of preachy stuff about social issues I didn't feel like reading--prattling on about changing society's attitudes did nothing for me when I could feel my pants tightening. There was a message board that'd probably answer all of my questions, but all these images assaulting my brain left me disoriented. Like with Lopunny, I left shame and decency at the door, opening my pants and clicking on the "Videos" tab. What followed was one of the strangest points of my life up to that point.

The first video was tame enough; probably for the best, too; nothing too hardcore just yet. It was rather simple; a girl spread out on a bed, a Ratticate lying atop her and just fucking her senseless, his body moving rapidly. Her breasts heaved and bounced each time he thrust into her, moving as rapidly as he was. She didn't have much in the way of words, just making an assortment of sounds, and her voice was actually rather grating. Next video.

The camera focused on a female Vulpix getting pounded mercilessly, making insanely adorable and arousing sounds as some lucky bastard pounded her tight hole. Her face seemed frozen in total ecstasy as cock filled her up so totally. I knew, watching the video, that I would never be able to look at any Vulpix the same way again; I'd always see the lust-struck face trapped in rapture, and most likely would want to fill her up and induce the rapture myself.

It got hardcore fast as the next random video almost sent me falling out of my chair in surprise. A pale girl in a black quasi-gothic lolita dress sat in the lap of an Arcanine, his cock presumably filling her tight hole, though I couldn't see anything to tell. What really shook me, though, was that about six Arcanine hung around, and she jacked off two of them by her sides. Third video, and I had already come across gangbang porn involving a girl and Arcanine. I was amazed this stuff existed, that people not only had group sex with Pokemon, but recorded it. And it looked professionally done, like there was a market for this stuff out there. A watermark near the bottom told me that it was, indeed, a sample for something I could buy at the company's website.

As a fourth Arcanine walked over to her, standing up on his hind legs and presenting her his cock, which she gladly began to suck on, I found that I had worked my pants off and was jacking off furiously to the sights before me. Yet again I lost the voice of reason in my head telling me it was wrong and all that jazz. All I knew was that there was a cute girl getting objectified by Pokemon, and it was hot. As soon as the new Arcanine had come, he, er... 'came'. All over her face. Pulling out just in time, he plastered her face, and she could do nothing but moan and smile.

Being a sample, the video faded out there and advertised the website, so I went on to the next one. A girl lay on her stomach, eating out her female Bulbasaur, a Pokemon I had never even thought of having any sex appeal at all. And yet, there she was, looking pretty damn hot as a blush broke through her green skin. She had two vines out, both helping out her trainer. Vine Whip. Used for sex.

What had I gotten into? What was I watching? Why did it turn me on and have me masturbating to it, and what did that say about me? I stopped asking the questions as I watched the Bulbasaur moan and slip the vines into her trainer's pussy, fucking her hard with them, making the girl lick her harder, causing louder moans, my hand going the entire time in response to the erotic sight.

I just kept watching the videos, going on for longer than I could imagine, wanking all the while. No time for shame or right and wrong, I just knew that there was a carnival of sex and debauchery on my screen and I loved every second of it.

A girl kneeling in front of her Rhyperior and wrapped her massive breasts--or at least attempted to--around his even more cock while her tongue lashed at its tip. The adorable, lusty sounds of a Mareep as her trainer held her hips, bouncing her up and down in his lap. A girl so young I wondered if I could get arrested for even watching straddled the face of a Charmander while two Charmeleons manhandled her above the waist, enough of their seed on her face to tell me I was catching the middle of something.

The endless parade of Pokephilia porn had seemingly robbed me of every reservation I had, even the ones I regained in the past twenty-four hours. My head had cleared, but now it was even more muddled as I saw the depths of depravity these people sunk to, and my only thought was "I want in".

What finally did it for me was a Lopunny video. Really, it was the inverse of the Charmeleon and Arcanine videos. It was a female Lopunny--a damn fine one, with a nicer ass and rack than the one I had--being practically stuffed with cock. The video description said it was a strange secret 'club' they belonged to; each week, one of the trainers would bring one of their female Pokemon, and they would just ravage her, fill all of her holes at once for hours on end and leave her totally spent. There must have been eight guys, each taking turns with her. Semen was caked on to her fur.

And she loved every second of it. She complained during the brief second when one left and another filled her back up. Flying on cloud nine while her trainer and his friends just fucked her every which way. At one point, a trainer pulled out of her mouth, shot his load on her face, and she smiled for the camera.

The sight of a Lopunny so thoroughly fucked and drenched with cum. smiling that twisted smile dripping with lust, sent me over the edge. I was totally unprepared, gasping as my cum spilled out onto the floor. I kept stroking through, wanking as the stream came and even a little after. It felt so good, as though it was the admittance of something my penis had been saying for years, that some secret level of pleasure had been waiting for me to come around. I stared at the screen a while longer, watching the rest of the video, before getting something to clean up my cum. And once that was done, I hit the "Next" button and started all over again.


Chapter 3

To say going to work Monday was going to be strange was an understatement. Saturday was spent watching Pokemon and humans doing the deed, and Sunday only made it worse. I started exploring, joining forums, meeting people who, it seemed, were a lot like me. And all this time, I didn't even know it. I talked at great length to one girl in particular named Tabitha, a Pokemon Ranger with an Infernape. She said she and a few of her fellow Rangers had pretty much turned the job into "meet random wild Pokemon and fuck them", which made me feel so much better; I wasn't the only one seriously in violation of job rules. We talked for hours about pokephilia, and having befriended someone normal who shared my fetish-as opposed to Ted "Theodore" Logan-went great ways in helping me accept it. Well, accepting it when there wasn't porn in front of me, since the porn shut my brain off altogether.

I woke up groggier than normal that day, since I had stayed up longer than I should have, talking to Tabitha. By the time I reached work, I wanted very much to go back to bed, moreso than I had Friday, amazingly.

Bayleef wasn't waiting at the gate for me, probably sleeping. I locked the gate and turned around to see Umbreon and Espeon playing again, like they had on Friday. Problem was, it was different now. As Umbreon chased after her sister, all I could see was the mental image of the two siblings, paws on my legs, licking my dick together while I reached around them and fingerfucked their dripping slits. Their adorable eyes just focued hungrily on my cock as it twitched, spurting my cum all over their adorable-


My pants grew tighter as I averted my gaze and continued down the path, shoving the lovely little fantasy out of my head, at least for the time being. I continued on down the path, keeping my eyes planted firmly on the path, counting the stones as I passed, trying very hard to keep my mind focused. It was going to be a very difficult day if I was already perving out. When I arrived at the food storage, Heather was sitting around, stirring her half-empty cup of coffee idly.

"Hey," I said, dropping my bag in the corner and pulling up the other chair. "You work the weekend night shifts, too?"

"Yeah," she grumbled, looking worse than I did in the morning. She did the same work I did, but without the exposure to sunlight. "At least until Grandpa finds someone else to work nights. I can't do this much, I need to have a life."

I chuckled a little as we continued to make some more small talk before she went on her way. I took a quick glance at her as she walked by-usually an ass like that, contained so tightly in jeans, would have me drooling, but it didn't do as much for me that time as it had previously. I guess if human ass no longer held as much interest for me, I was a full-blown pokephiliac. Farewell, Heather's ass, I hardly knew ye.


"Calm down, guys," I said, cutting open the bag of Pokemon food beside me while a a bunch of Pokemon, including a Pidgey, a Sentret, and a Cubone, hounded me to go faster. I grabbed the bag from the base, tipping it into the almost comically oversized food bowl. The contents spilled out slowly at first, but by the time I had it upside-down, the food rushed out of the bag, and within a minute, I had it empty. Of course, fifty seconds before then, they were fighting over the food already, shoving each other out of the way playfully. The younger Pokemon were fed first just because of their impatience; the older Pokemon were experienced and could go a few minutes longer without food. Soon, the other bowls were full and everyone was happy.

There were about fifteen to twenty-five Pokemon at any given time entrusted to the daycare. Sometimes trainers just had them there a couple hours, sometimes a day or two. In addition to seven Pokemon who had hatched from eggs their trainers didn't want and became permanent residents until they were adopted, Bayleef included, there were currently twenty-seven Pokemon I was tasked with taking care of. And for the most part, I was handling it quite well. A Machoke who had been there for a few weeks was willing to help me out with carrying the food, which gave me some time to sit around and do relative nothing.

I found that around male Pokemon, or a mixed batch, I was much more able to control my brain. When I was relatively alone with a female or two, however... Let's just say Machoke's presence was a blessing. Through the course of the day I had, in my head, fucked a Pidgeot, a Sneasel, and an Ampharos, in addition to more time with the Umbreon and Espeon twins, and they were all glorious. I avoided Bayleef like the fucking plague, as much as I knew it would make her sad, just because I didn't want to start imagining myself doing anything to her. Tabitha told me that the pussies of grass types tended to taste-

2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17...

And we're good. I had taken to counting off prime numbers in my head when I had to get the stuff out of my head, just because math and memories of learning math were the least sexy things I could think of on the fly. Which was good, because the last thing I wanted to think about as licking Bayleef's minty-sweet cunt and-

19, 23, 29, 31...

Back again.

With everyone fed, I went off to handle my hour-long desk shift. Elaine greeted me as I came, passing me her newspaper as I sat down and did virtually nothing for a solid hour. No slacker-ery types came by with Pokemon in heat for me to watch, and by extension nobody came. It was an hour of silence as I just sat by and read the paper. Elite four challenge in a few weeks, reports of muggers in Veilstone, public outrage over ferry costs to Canalave... it was all totally inconsequential to everything my brain had running through it. On the bright side, no stories about arrests being made over Pokephilia rings or anything. Which was good; it meant the insanely terrible but rather funny timing was still just a literary device, not real. If life were a movie, there'd probably be someone arrested for having sex with Pokemon in some other daycare.

When my hour was up, I handed Elaine the newspaper back and went on my way to have my lunch. In peace. Far removed from any Pokemon who could give me impure thoughts. And, much to my luck, I did. I closed the door, sat down, and ate lunch. Exciting, ain't it? I focused on the food, kept my mind off Pokemon, and when I was done, I got up, threw out my garbage, and noticed the garbage bag was pretty well full. I picked it out of the bin, wrapped up the top in a knot, and brought it around back.

And that's where the boring parts ended. Behind the food storage/break room, Ampharos lay huddled against the wall. I was trying to swear off the impure thoughts, but the problem here was that she wasn't being all wholesome anyway. She her her legs spread and her tail pumped in and out of her pussy while she made soft, adorable sounds.


"Are you okay?" I asked, approaching her, trying hard to cover up the fact I had a very pronounced bulge and with it the fact I wanted nothing more than to drop down in front of her and help her out with that.

"Amph! Ampharos!" she looked very happy to see me, pulling her tail out of her vagina as I neared her.

"Do you need any help with something? Food? Water?" I had dug my own grave by acknowledging her and grabbing her attention. I had no idea what I was saying, only hope that I could avoid problems, albeit really great problems that made me feel on top of the world.

"Pharos," she said, pointing to her pussy. I was afraid of that.

Then, the mental image of the Lopunny video from the weekend came rushing back. Manhandled by eight humans at once and loving every second of it. It was just as much a pleasure trip for her as it was for them. I think I realized at that point something that, frankly, should have been apparent all along. The Pokemon enjoyed it, too. The Pokemon wanted it just as much as we did. Every video I so eagerly masturbated to showed a trainer and their Pokemon in a relationship that just went beyond the normal relationship most have. It was bonding and mutual satisfaction. Even in talking to Tabitha, I think, I missed that part. I mean, for the second time if a week, a Pokemon was coming onto me. Was it really me taking advantage of them and all that jazz if they were the ones demanding it from me?

So I decided then and there that yes, I was a Pokephiliac, and I was going to act on that. No more shoving the thoughts out of my head, loving the stuff when it's right in front of me and being ashamed of it when the porn isn't there. And my first act as an out-and-proud Pokephiliac? Go down on this Ampharos.

I dropped down in front of her, just as I had wanted to, and took a long lick up her pussy. She shook a little, cooing as my tongue came back down again. Her pussy tasted sweet, nothing spectacular, but nothing particularly foul. Back up again, my tongue staying at the top this time to pay some attention to her clitoris, making her back arch and her chest push forward a little. One of her small hands found its way to my head, keeping it in place. Not that I had any intention of leaving her pussy unattended to. My tongue continued to lash at her clitoris as my hand crept over. I slid one finger into her and hooked it, pumping it in and out like her tail previously was.

She responded even better to that, gasping bits of her name again and again while I tried to make sense of exactly what she wanted. I seemed to be doing a good job as her breath grew more ragged and she started bucking her hips just slightly against my face. I began to suck on her clitoris as I slipped a second and third finger in as she fucked my face a bit more emphatically each time I brought something new to the table.

The scent of Ampharos's pussy was all I needed to keep myself going; so sweet and fragrant. The sounds she made only served to make it all the more arousing. Had I not been lying on my stomach, I probably would have masturbated, since my penis was certainly screaming to be released from the cramped space. Still, I persevered, my free hand running along her white stomach, my fingertips tickled by the fur.

One of the videos from the weekend came to mind, the Mareep one. Fitting, considering the evolution tree. If anything, I found, Ampharos was the more attractive of the two, and I couldn't wait to get her in my lap and re-enact the video. Except this time, it'd be a whole universe better than just jerking off.

My strategy in getting her off was simple; whenever Ampharos reacted particularly well to something, I kept doing it. I worked my fingers where she reacted most, eventually settling on what I assumed to be her g-spot given the way she frantically humped by face when I started paying it exclusive attention. My other hand continued its roaming until it found itself in a different place than when I was with Lopunny.

She let out a surprised squeal as a finger slowly worked its way into her ass. Her frantic humping began to work even more in her favour as I moved the fingers in both holes with the same rhythm, accented by her motions. Her tail began to sway back and forth, burshing against my shoulder as it jerked back and forth, my middle finger pounding her tail hole.

Another moan, this one louder and higher-pitched than any of the others, told me she was near. Her body trembled a little before going totally stiff. I moved my fingers away and brought my mouth down to catch every last drop of her lovely juices as the came. I certainly got everything, and when I looked up at her at long laste, the taste of her still fresh on my lips, she looked satisfied, but the look in her eyes told me she wasn't done with me yet. Just the way I wanted it.

I sat down next to her and pulled her close as my hands pulled out my penis. Her pussy was soaking wet, so I just followed the wet spot, and with my arms wrapped around her, it slid into her hole. I moaned as the feeling hit me again, so much better than the whole masturbation thing I did all weekend. Just as wet as Lopunny's, her cunt gripped it just as hard, too.

"Ampha..." she whimpered, my dick buried inside her, as she began to move up and down. In the wake of her orgasm, her pussy was still drenched, and very quickly my crotch was wet with her juices, my penis slick as it disappeared again and again inside her folds.

She began to nuzzle against my neck as she moved, burying her face from my sight and kissing me softly. My hands found their way to her hips, helping her along her rhythm. "Yes, Ampharos," I moaned in response, "Faster."

"Aros,"she responded before responding again, this time with her hips. I moaned, my finger turning to its original spot inside of her ass. She cooed as it slid again into her rear, pulling her head from my neck and surprising me with a kiss.

I had never kissed a Pokemon before, and it was certainly quite the first. Our mouths weren't totally compatible, but enough for it not to be outright awkward. The shape made for a different experience, but pressed against the sea of passion neither of us cared how clumsy the kiss was, we just needed to do it. All that mattered was that her tongue was against mine, our lips pressed together with some degree of grace. We passed that test, so by my standards, it was a perfectly fine kiss.

The kiss, the tightness, the lingering taste of her pussy, and likely the fact it beat out masturbation, which had tided me over all weekend, all culminated into the irresistable feeling that I wouldn't have much longer left. I kept up the assault on her rear with my finger while our kiss continued. Her body pressed so tightly against mine, seemingly joined at the crotch and mouth like some mismatched hybrid, felt so warm. The soft sounds she made into my mouth as she bounced in my lap carried an allure I couldn't explain. Much easier to explain the throbbing vice that so tightly held my dick inside her. It grew a bit tigther and a bit wetter as the feeling crept up on me, warning me that she was close, too.

Maybe it was her first time with a human. Or, possibly, her first time, period; I didn't know her story. But so desperately in heat and with our very cores screaming for mutual release, she was quickly losing her bearings as well.

That's when it struck. I was sort of surprised, even long afterward, that it had even happened. I began to feel a slight electrical tinge to the sensations she granted me. Then 'slight' became a bit more. Ampharos was an electric type, and while I vaguely remembered Tabitha saying something about different types and species of Pokemon having different traits, I couldn't quite remember what she said. She most certainly did not mention an electric vagina, though.

The shocks ran through me again, growing more intense and frenetic as we climbed to the peak, bodies heaving in perfect unison. I came first, my cock twitching just a split second before she clenched down on me, a shock running through my body that accentuated the orgasm like I never thought possible. I shot my cum into her, another thick and plentiful load, like the one I had deposited into Lopunny. I didn't know where they came from or why they only happened during sex, not during my frantic weekend masturbation, but I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. The orgasm was incredible, and we rode it out going full force, slowing down once the feelings subsided.

She sat in my lap still, even as my penis began to soften inside her. We kissed a little more before I finally told her I had to work-and I did. The garbage bag was still nearby.

"Are you feeling better?" I asked.

"Ros!" she replied, smiling at me.

"Good. If you're horny in a few hours, maybe I can skip supper?"

She gave me another smile and nodded before setting off, back to where the other Pokemon were. She was satisfied and didn't have to scurry off to play with herself, so now she could play with the others.

I hoped she wouldn't tell them about what just happened, though. In hindsight, I probably should have told her not to.


Chapter 4

For those who didn't get the reference, the Tabitha referenced is from my and Goombario Jr's "My Life as a Pokemon Ranger" fic. If you're on a site other than AFF, it's under his profile and you should go read it because it's awesome and full of lesbians and pokephilia. Actually, I wrote this pretty much on the premise of being a gender-flipped version of Ranger with only one lead character, and obviously no accompanying yaoi.
Anon and fireheart15: It's not a request-based fic, at least at the moment, as I have plot lined out and with it several more chapters planned, but I can say that out of Bayleef and Arcanine, one of the two is getting some loving soon.
The next day, I was down in food storage, preparing for lunch. The Machoke who helped me out yesterday was picked up by his trainer, so it was all down to me again. As a result, I didn't have the extra twenty minutes I saved from hauling bags back and forth, which meant twenty minutes I couldn't spend with Ampharos, who had indeed come during my supper break for more and more hot, intense sex, and seemed rather intent on coming back during my lunch break again. My finger had seemed to work wonders, since she seemed very much to want anal the night before, but we couldn't quite accommodate the time, given her electric blowjobs making me come back for seconds.

Tabby confirmed the whole by-species and -type traits thing, and that electric Pokemon tended to do that. Then came stories of her friend's Pikachu and all the insane things she had done with him. Including some stuff with her Infernape at the same time. Dammit, I had to find and marry this girl someday. And then we'd only have sex with our Pokemon. Or would, but for the fact she had two girlfriends already.

Strangely, actually, fucking Ampharos and giving in to it all actually sort of pulled me back to my old preferences a little; Heather's ass once again held some appeal to me. I could gladly work out something where I handled attractions to both varieties of girl; maybe at the same time, if I meet the right girl.


I turned around, rather surprised, to see Bayleef standing there, a scowl on her face. She wanted something, it was painfully obvious what, and I didn't seem to have a choice but to give it to her. She was so sweet, and I was the only human she was all that close to, so throwing some kindness her way wouldn't hurt, would it?

"I'll give it to you on one condition," I said, kneeling in front of her, scratching the back of her neck like I always did, a little something I learned from mom's Delcatty. When she wasn't being an uppity princess, I mean. It worked just as well on Bayleef, her head nuzzling against my chest. As I pulled my hand away, she looked back at my face, hoping with every damn fibre of her being I'd say yes. She needed this, and to be honest, I wanted to give it to her. "If you promise not to tell any of the other Pokemon about this."

"Bay," she said, nodding her head in agreement.

"Alright, here you go." I reached my hand back a little, grabbing a handful of food from an open bag nearby, and putting it in front of her.

Eagerly she ate the food out of my mouth, hungry enough to just scarf it right down.

"Okay girl, you got the food. Now go play around."

"Bayleef," she smiled, giving my face an appreciative lick before running off. On her way out, I caught a glimpse of her slit and--

No. I may have accepted my fetish and even begun indulging it rather enthusiastically, already scouting out possible partners for when Ampharos was picked up, but there's no way in hell I'd go with Bayleef. I'd grown attached to her, but had no intention, even in my fantasies of that kind of attachment.
Just as I finished filling all the food bowls, a voice came over the speaker system we had set up. "Adam, the Ampharos's trainer is here to pick her up." Elaine's voice rang through the entire yard.

Dammit. With Ampharos gone, I'd lose my lunchtime fling, and I doubted I'd have the luck required to find another girl in heat hanging out in the back. And I didn't have to take desk duty because Robert was out of town and Elaine said she'd just eat lunch at the desk, so no contrived situation like with Lopunny. I had a double-length lunch break, but what's the use in having such a long break if I don't have a girl to fuck while I take it?

Two hours would have made for a lot of sex. I could have had had a few rounds in each hole, at the very least. Instead, I reluctantly made my way over to Ampharos, grabbing the Pokeball from my belt that had a little "Am" on it, and without even letting myself look at her as she bent over to try and convince me to grab a quickie before I sent her off, returned her to her ball.

I made my way quickly over to the front, making my way through the open door and handing the girl who stood in front her Pokeball. She smiled, handed Elaine the money, and left. I didn't bother staying around beyond that, making my way back outside. I had nothing to do, but had paced my meals out rather well, so I didn't want to go and eat an hour earlier and throw everything off schedule. I decided to just sit.

And fantasize.

Bayleef, lucky for me, was gone, probably having gone for a nap after feeding. It meant I could fantasize without risking her falling into my field of vision. Eleven females under my care, and rather quickly my mind found its target.

Since becoming active on a couple forums dedicated to the fetish, I found that one of the most popular female Pokemon was Gardevoir. Every male and lesbian trainer seemed to count catching a female Ralts or Kirlia as a godsend because of the final result--Gardevoir's earlier forms also had a fairly dedicated following, though not quite as big. Videos with Gardevoir tended to rake in much more views and adulation, and a fair number of trainers first got involved in pokephilia because of their Gardevoir; she made a great bridge since she was so close to a human. One such trainer I read about got involved with his Gardevoir, then moved on to Lopunny and the like, and before long was in a loving relationship with his Eevee.

The mental images were easy to come up, given the prevalence of Gardevoir porn; I could imagine her easily as I did unspeakable things to her voluptuous body. She seemed particularly endowed by the standards of Gardevoir, and I longed to see her wrap those soft, luscious breasts around my dick, to feel her hot breath against me, her lithe legs wrapped around my waist, the taste of her pussy on my lips, her beautiful form bent over a table while I...

"Hey boy, do you wanna score?"

I was thrown violently out of my daydreams as a voice seemed to come...from absolutely nowhere. It's not that the words were said, spoken from one direction or another and received by my ears. No, instead the words just sort of happened in my mind. One moment, I was imagining myself fucking Gardevoir over the break room table, the next a soft, sweet voice had appeared in my head. I looked around, trying to figure out what was going on.

I was met with some light laughter. "Calm down. I'm communicating psychically with you. We Gardevoir can do that."

Oh, crap. "Were you reading my thoughts?" I asked in my thoughts, real worried about what was to come here. If she had seen all those images and was disgusted by them, she could easily blab to Elaine, and next thing I know, out of a job and possibly looking at legal trouble.

"Yes. And calm down, I'm not running to Elaine and Robert with this. Actually, I must say, you have me rather intrigued. You've got some pretty vivid images in your head, and I'm flattered you'd think of me in that way. What do you say we go indulge some of those fantasies?"

I didn't even answer. I don't think I really had to. I was about to make a mad dash for the break room, have all my fantasies come true, but before I could, I found myself already there.

"Teleported," she smiled as I smiled around confused. I was sitting in the chair, the Gardevoir on her knees in front of me, smiling. "See, my trainer's a girl. And we have fun, but it's not the same. You, on the other hand..." she opened my pants, pulling out my dick and licking her lips, "Are most certainly not. How to start things off, though..."

Her finger circled my dick for the longest time, unbearably tracing around it, the soft green skin brushing against the head at all times as she smiled, her mental voice laughing playfully the whole time. My dick ached for release, and she damn well knew it, but she kept me unsatisfied, playing around. Her soft red eyes stared up at me with mocking derision tinged with lust. Her tongue ran along her lips again, her face so close that her tongue just missed my dick, her hot breath sending a shiver up my spine.

I wanted to blow my load right there, get some petty revenge on her for playing with me like this by covering her face in my jizz. It'd certainly make that teasing smile, for all its allure, a whole lot hotter. Oh, how satisfying that'd be. But I couldn't. Even as her hand wrapped around my shaft and began to pump, I couldn't.

"Did you put..."

"Yes," she cut me off. "I have a mental block on you that will prevent you from cumming until I have say so. I want it to be the right time." As she put the words into my mind, she wrapped her hot, moist lips around my head, her tongue working the same gentle circles her finger did as she jacked me off. Not the rapid stroking meant to make me cum as soon as possible so we could move on to the good stuff, but the slow-burning, sensual variety of masturbation meant to arouse and satisfy me over time. She could make me cum at any time it seemed.

She winked in acknowledgement at me as the thought crossed my mind, indicating that yeah, she was reading my thoughts the whole time. Great, I didn't have to vocalize anything. I tried to reach forward to put my hand through her hair and shove her head down, just because all the build-up was making me impatient, but I found my arms locked in place.

Her free hand rose up, her index finger raised and chastisingly moving back and forth. Bitch. She was in my head, cutting off my orgasm and paralyzing me, all for the sake of taking advantage of me. The mental laughing, a pseudo-mocking laughter, kept ringing in my head as her head moved a little further down, her lips pressed a little tighter and her tongue finding a bit more space to work with.

"I do this with my trainer all the time, don't worry, I'm just more comfortable in charge at the beginning, then it tends to slowly pass over to her. I'll do the same with you. I think I can make it up to you for taking you off guard like that, though."

"How?" I asked out loud, escaped in tandem with a gasp. For all the orgasms I wasn't having, she really was making me feel great. She worked my dick like an expert, especially since she said her trainer was female. Her hand worked in tandem with the gentle back-and-forth of her head, her tongue dragging sensually to the rhythm she made. That wasn't how she made it up for it all, though, that was just the level of pleasure she granted me throughout.

Words flooded my head. Words that probably wouldn't have meant anything out of context, but within their presented sequence, were some of the filthiest, vile, and erotic things I had ever heard. She flooded my mind with dirty talk in her sweet little voice, tinged with the kinds of orgasmic moans I heard in the videos that sort of annoyed me. But here, implanted directly into my brain and accompanied by incredible lip service, they were some of the sweetest things I'd ever heard, albeit downright dirty and almost embarrassing in any other context.

She went on about my cum slithering down her throat and how her aching pussy was hungry for cock and she wanted me to make her my pokeslut and that she'd worship my penis forever. The words weren't said, instead just hitting me like a brick to the face. They occurred at once, words that if whispered into my ear would have made me require a change of pants all on their own. But with Gardevoir keeping me from orgasming, I could just sit there, frozen, while she kept up the verbal assault on my mind and the physical assault on my manhood.

Her pussy was quivering and dripping, she said. She was in heat and the only solution was for me to shoot my cum deep in her slutty pussy and make her scream for me. She wouldn't be satisfied until she had my cum in all three holes and plastered on her face.

The words kept flooding in, and they just slew me. I wanted to cum so badly now, my balls throbbing and aching as they screamed at the rest of me to stop whatever the hell I was doing and let them empty. And I wanted to, all over her smug face. The dirty talk was just the cherry on a sundae of great foreplay that I knew would bring about an explosive finale.

Then, just when I had given up hope, something slipped away. I got lightheaded and almost lost vision for a second as my loins ached. I thrust forward, but by that point Gardevoir had pulled away. With physical contact broken, so too was her mental block. I screamed out so loud Elaine and Robert likely heard me as my cock erupted, my seed shooting forward and plastering Gardevoir's smiling face with pure white. She moaned, accepting it gratefully. Problem was, she left me no time to sit and enjoy, to bask in the glorious afterglow of an orgasm that left me weaker than any previous ones had. The chair was pulled out enough from the table to leave a lot of room, and she bent over the table, her hand pulling at her dress-type thing and revealing her round, luscious rump and her slit that dripped with delicious pussy juice. She psychically compelled me forward, still holding the reigns even as she presented.

Almost against my will, I slid my rapidly hardening dick into her slick hole. I was being used as a fuck toy by a Gardevoir.

And I lived every second of it.

to be continued....

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