Best Sex Stories, Adult Stories, Lastest Sex Stories 2017

Fucking My Cousins - Leanne

Leanne and Natasha are both my cousins. Natasha is my age, Leanne is 2 years older. True story but bits are exaggerated for the reader

Pyramid Lake

Open relationships back in the day take form on vacation

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 83: The Stallions

A quick and kinky bestiality fantasy!

The Coven Part 1 - Reed

So, this is my first story. It's basically a lot of short chapters that make up one larger story. It is about a group of vampires that live in a Coven together and their lives and the things that happen to them

Titcage (Chapter 8)

Claire has been made to take work experience at "Titcage", a lobby organisation created to degrade women

Becoming the Prom Queen; Chapter 1 & 2

A boy, who after moving to the city in order to transfer to a new high school for his senior year, mysteriously turns into a beautiful girl overnight

"Two Worlds Collide"

A young gorgeous twink experiences his first gay encounter with a former school bully, who also just happens to be a cop

My intro to sex part 1

I find out my best highschool friends are in an incestuous relationship

School Bunk off (Part 1)

Hoty girl from school wants a real man!

This Story Is About Cindy 1:8

Zach's story continues. This part of the story is almost over, maybe two more chapters before Part 2, so hang in there! I know I write slow

My Sister Ashley chapter 7

progression and surprises

Mom Caught Me pt. 2

Thanks for the encouraging comments on part 1. Again, this story is a stretch on the true story that these are based on, but the stories are intended to be read with the notion that they did in fact happen

Blackmailing Jenny

She was so beautiful and I was so interested in fucking her

Weekends With Dad Ch. 2

She lures Dad the rest of the way...

One to Go

Ever had that fantasy of doing that hot waiter? Well fantasise no more!

The nasty sister

A story of 2 siblings doing things they have never imagined, things very that are ''not normal'' and ''weird''

Sleepover fun part 1

Fun time with some friends

Being Naughty In Front Of The Parents

My girlfriend and I have always been sexually active, but we've never done this kind of stuff before!


Virgin neighbour finds a craving for cock

Picked up in a bar by 18yr old.

A true story of a wild wild night in Sheffield.