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This is a real story that changed my entire life, please like and comment for the next party o my life story

What Are Friends For?

Carter seduces his friend Pete with his ex-girlfriend, Sara

Hazel's Desire Part 2

Hazel and Kate continue their love making

the dark side of me : part two

Nessa decides to finally go all the way with her uncle(dot dot dot)

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 102: The Saber-toothed Tiger

A quick and kinky bestiality fantasy!

Housesitting: Day 10 - Ch. 3: Summer School Slut II: Wet & Wild

Adam arrives early at school to pick up Madison. Things quickly get crazy and spin wildly out of control as together, they fuck, lick and suck others into their nasty, dirty debauchery

Cum at 15- Part 3

John cums in spain.

The Three Megans Part 2

Hey guys here is that part two

Part 5, my sexual life slowly begins

my self exploration continues

Powers to Control from an Artifact

Story has a long build up of how he obtained his powers but once past that the erotica is worth the read

Titcage (Chapter 25)

Claire's worrk at the woman-demeaning lobby group "Titcage" has eroded her self-respect and turned her into an increasingly degraded slut

Seduction of a Babysitter Part III

Reader inspired story. Please read part I and II first. After their first sexual tryst, Nathan thought she was satisfied, but she hasn't had quite enough yet

Fucked by the Lake.

A young girl Paige meets a man named Cor and they take things to the next level quickly. (First story! Leave feedback? Try not to be too harsh!)

"Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales - The Pool Party"

Third part of the series. Justin has a blast as the main feature of this all out sex buffet!

Lia and Alex Part 1: Closer than friends.

This is my first story/fantasy that I have ever written and published. Please leave your feedback in the comments

My explorative teenage years

Haven't posted for a while, have several stories unfinished, so trying to work on them one by one. Again positive or negative feedback always appreciated but advertising is not!

More Than Just Brothers.

Seventeen-year-old Mark secretly loves his brother, thirteen-year-old Jason, more than just a brother

Book 1: Town Raid, Chapter 1

This chapter sets up a large battle for the town of Zavala. If you'd rather skip right to the more fetishy parts, go to the next chapter

The Making of a Sissy Boy Slut Part 4

The degradation and training of Michael, a naive sissy boy, continues. The strange man from the previous episode surprises Michael at home and introduces him to the delights of man pleasuring

When Secrets Come Out

So, this is part 1 of a story I'm thinking about. Let me know what you think. All criticism is welcome