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My summer Boss 6


Was It Wrong? Part 1

Wow, I love that sight, that athletic topless 31 year old body mowing the lawn, my 13 year old pussy yearns for him and the worst thing is that I can’t tell my friends that I have fantasies about my father, I can’t tell anyone

Harry Potter and the Sisters Black - The Complete Saga PART TWO

HARRY POTTER AND THE SISTERS BLACK - THE COMPLETE SAGA PART TWO (THE CONCLUSION) This is my story that I originally posted on *******

The Cubicle

An 18 Year Old Girl is on her way home from dance class when she gets a horrible surprise in a park toilet

SPuT9 pt 20


Breaking In And Getting Caught

When a man is caught breaking in and stealing from a family, what's he going to do to make sure they don't call the cops once he's gone

Taking One For The Team 2: On Tour

What'll happen when the Cobras go to Sterling?

The Hidden Camera

When my wife died eight years ago, I was left to take care of our two beautiful daughters, who, at the time, were only five and seven

The weekend as the babysitter part 2

Sorry for the last story it was rushed at times to get to the real sex. This story I will try to focus more on the details


she cheats all the time so it my turn now

Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy Part 2

Jenny and her friends have a party with a surprise.

Revenge Against Luke

Me and my "friend's" sister, alone...

NymphomaniacaL - Part III

This is the third part of a series of stories. The first parts are not entirely nesessary for the enjoyment of this peice, but I do suggest you read them in order

Cormac & The Elder's Wand-1

Fighting Voldemort wasn't the only thing happening at Hogwarts!

The week with Ben. Day 1.

This is a Fiction story but is written as true events. However, there are some true parts throughout the story

My neighbors son

He was young and he was hung

a different dream

time I can’t stop thinking about it I’ve never had this urge before. I want to tie him up I want to tease him until he begs me to let him cum

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt5

Marks helps out

Holly's Family Fortune's Parts 1 & 2

Holly fought to clear the fog from her mind. why was she so sore all over.

Are you OK?

From: Johnny Sheppard Subject: are you ok i was 14 years old when my parents left me at home while they went on vacation