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My Teen Love Triangle Part 5

Wow, what an experience this has been. This story has become more than I thought it could ever be. To see my stories in the top 30 consecutively is an amzing feeling and seeing you allso happy to read them is the best feeling in the world

How Did It Come To This? Parts I - IIII Re-Formated

Hey guys, Heres chapters one through four reformated.

Tommy and Jade Chapter 2

Goddamn! It's been forever since I had to re-post chapter one! Fuck, I've been busy! Sorry for the delay, onto the good stuff! If you're lost, just read chapter one

The Night I Got More Than I Bargained For.

This is about the final weekend before returning home for the holidays on winter break.

Seperation Ends

Girlfriend returns from trip

I Love College Part 1

Its about a shy college fresher who got what every guy would dream off.

When In Rome - 03

Author's Notes Back to Callia&Cassius - although no one gets pregnant in this chapter, there IS mention of it

My daughter was a slut

I hope you like this story. I got Really wet while writing it and fantasising.

My cousin, Chris

This is my first story.Sorry if I do anything wrong.I think it's a little long.Oh well.Can you guys comment to tell me what I could do for the next part

How I Shocked Our Mother -- Part 2

This took way too long to finish, and it's a little short -- I blame a new job, life, etc. It'll probably be another two or three parts until we reach the initial introduction


First orgasim experience

Getting What I Can't Have

I get with the boy of my dreams.

My Young Flower

My first story, hope you like it

One Year With Kayla

thiss is kind true but with some pazaaz!!!!

Tina and Dre - 2


School Series-I'm a Virgin!

Second part to the School Series.

The Girl Scout -23 -- RUN BITCH RUN

Capture Girl Scout face a continuing ordeal

Holiday Awakening: My cousin Shayla

What promised to be a week filled with fun and catching up with my relatives, turned into so much more (Warning: This story takes some time to get to unfold

Karen's life changing episode

How one night changed Karen's life for good

Pokémon: the beginning

I frequently visit this site and had a different account that i wrote under. the fan fiction for pokémon always had the same degradation of Ash, who is the main character and one of my favorite childhood TV characters