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The Dog Who Brought Dinner - Chapter 3

A total fantasy story written by one who has never had sex with a dog…but who would like to…


From Chapter 2:
But the black sensed my wakefulness, and I sensed his cock grow, and, given he was still inside me, I pulled him as I rolled to my front, and he slipped his hind legs behind me as I rose to my knees, and I gave him his natural position for a morning fuck.
I wasn`t sure, however, how faithful he could be, or how long I could take 3 or 4, or multiple, fucks in one night, if he wanted or needed every night, and if his home was the temple pack, when would he decide to go there?

These were questions of a fearful lover, afraid of losing their partner, but they weren`t questions for now, so I moved my pelvis and joined in his making of love, and welcomed the day to come.

Part 1

When he pulled out of me, he went to the door, and I suddenly thought of his toilet needs.
I called to him and took him to my bathroom, took the filter plate from the drainage hole and told him to do what he must on the tile floor, while I gave him privacy and took my toothbrush and hand towel out to the kitchen, washed and cleaned my teeth, and finished, found him standing in the bathroom – under the shower nozzle, as if he wanted a shower.
“Well, ok” I told him, firstly washing water down the drain.

I shampooed him, rinsed him, even decided to give him my toothbrush, and brushed his teeth, without toothpaste; he pushed his paw up against my chest, and I laughed, and he hugged me, jumping up on me with both forepaws, and dancing on his hind legs, happy himself, I was sure, and showing me by having his cock starting to come from its sheath.
I put him back down, sat down myself, and finished his wash by doing his belly and sheath, his ball sac, and his anus and tail.
He washed me by licking my own growing cock, but I told him “we need some food first”; I dried him with my towel, realised I had no new one for myself after I had also showered, and shrugged, using the same wet one until I got more organised.

I cooked him fresh steamed rice and only had sliced ham to add for him at this stage, assuming he didn`t want to eat spicy pork which I had in the fridge for myself, but which I now threw into the rubbish bin, as it was 3 days old.
I made a café while I waited for the rice and a piece of toast with honey for now; he sniffed at it, so I made him one also, and it was gone in 2 bites.

The more substantial meal he also gulped down, so I made a second dish for him, and he ate slower, but all of it also, and then drank copious gulps of water, and then lay down, looking full and happy and sated.

Part 2

He spent 3, fuck-filled days and nights with me, but then I knew he wanted to go: how…I felt it, and when I went to the car, he bounced after me, and I was doubly sure.

My wife hadn`t questioned his presence, but she had no friends over for those same 3 days, and didn`t ask me for sex.
What she did do was send photos to me, of me coupled with the black after the second day, with the only message following: `can I try a dog; you have to find me one, or these photos go to the Police`.
Of course, what she didn`t realise was that this message would implicate her just as much as me!
I didn`t send her a phone message back; I left a written note on the steps upstairs where she would find it: `I will help you` - 4 words so ambiguous, she couldn`t use them to blackmail me further.

Not my immediate concern; I opened the car door and the black jumped in with no hesitation; “fickle” I said to him, but with a smile.

Parking outside the temple, he was eager to get out, but stood outside the door looking at me for a few seconds; I parked everything and got out, and now he trotted away - to see friends, I surmised.
Pressing the immobiliser, I wandered over to the group, and was surprised to see a white puppy there; hadn`t seen him last time, I was sure, but he was some months old, not as big or robust, or as old, as the black pup which came to my house, but I immediately thought of my wife when I saw he did, indeed, have a protruding cock, ready for action it appeared, as he frolicked and jumped around and up my legs, and the other dogs.

I hunched down on my heels and he came sniffing and licking; I looked for a Mother or Father, but as soon as I stood, he jumped up my legs, his tail wagging furiously, and he followed me to the car, jumping on the door sill when I opened the driver`s door, and wriggling his body in and stuck under the pedals.

“It seems you want to come home now” I said to him, looking for my black; he was sitting, perhaps holding counsel with the pack; he looked across to me and seemed to nod his head, `bye` perhaps, and I fumbled to get the white puppy out and sit him on the passenger seat, but he wanted to sit in my lap, and that`s how we went home.

I took a photo and sent it to my wife: `waiting at home for you` and she sent back `cute, home early`!

Part 3

She must have had a fast motorcycle taxi because she was true to her word, came in, threw her handbag on the table, and knelt down to the wagging-tailed, lolling-tongued puppy, who happily went into her lap, after an afternoon spent with me pushing him away to wait for her.

He went for her tits – clever dog - in her work uniform shirt, and she squealed as he pushed his nose down the open `v`.
“I`ll take him upstairs and show him around” she said, and I shrugged; “show him to go to the toilet down the drain hole in the bathroom, then flush it” I suggested.
He bounded behind her, but fell on his nose on the steep steps and she picked him up and carried him.
A few moments later, her shirt and bra were sailing down the stairs to the floor, and that was followed by her panties and jeans.
“We`re going for a shower” she called down, and I called back “I`m going out for a beer; phone me.”

I had a quick shower, dried with a new towel I had brought down earlier when the puppy was sleeping, and washed my hair.
Then I locked the front door and rode my bike to my beer-drinking spot and had 2 bottles over 2 hours, and went home.

A tremendous squealing met my ears when I went inside, so I rushed up the stairs and opened my wife`s bedroom door.
Then I smiled and took my own photo of her coupled with a dog: a puppy even, as he was fucking her front on, as I liked, and she was squealing out her orgasm, and not stopping.
The puppy, “Whitey” she was moaning out her chosen name, was not quite able to get her nipples into his jowls, but his tongue looked to be doing a good job of stimulating her, and he was frantically hunching his haunches and moving his hind legs as he buried his knot in her and ejaculated in her – for the `nth` time perhaps.

There was no emergency here, so I left the room and closed the door quietly.

The following day was Saturday and this one was my wife`s one Saturday per month off.
She and the puppy stayed in her room, or bathroom, the entire time.
I was asked/ordered to deliver water for them both, food for them both, but otherwise marvelled at the staying power of them both, though I assumed they both slept at times too!
When I collected dirty bowls and dishes, the puppy was often sucking on her tits; I thought I might have one at the same time as he had the other, but a rumbling growl from him ended that idea: `she`s mine` he was clearly telling me.

I had a lonely weekend, went out for beer both evenings, but otherwise drank at home and watched Rugby or the News, or Golf…whatever sport was on I liked.

Monday morning, the puppy came downstairs after they had showered, and sat at the open front door; I knew the signs: he wanted to leave.
I wanted my café and morning cigarette; he`d have to wait.
When my wife appeared downstairs ready for work, looking tired and, well, fucked-out to be descriptive, I said “he wants to go” and she nodded, “I know, he has been fidgety all night, and didn`t want anything” she said rather sadly.
“Dogs are fickle, you might as well learn now” I told her, as she picked up her handbag, fondled the puppy`s ears, and even turned to me and said “thank you, husband” as she left for work.

I dressed in going out shorts, without underpants, and a loose t-shirt; I was feeling horny and empty as I drove us back to the temple: I knew what I wanted.
Locking the car, the puppy had run off to the pack; my black companion wasn`t there, but there were enough of the others watching me approach and sit on the wooden bench, I had no qualms I could get a good fucking this morning.

When one dog came and took my hand in his jowls, and another burrowed between my thighs, I was ready to go with them around the corner.

I wasn`t prepared to see a pair of bare legs and feet in the lean-to already, and at first thought it was the first man I had met, but then realised they were parts of a feminine body, and it was being fucked by a brown dog on top, and a dog either side, including the white/grey I liked, feeding on tits it seemed.

As I hesitated, a pair of teeth pulled at my shorts from behind, so I pulled off my clothes and crawled into the lean-to, with a dog already licking my rosebud.
On my hands and knees, I whispered “don`t be alarmed; I am here for the same reason, and have been here before” and a quick intake of breath was replaced by a moan from the woman beside me, as I was mounted, and her dog howled quietly as he appeared to have finished ejaculating, and she was just moaning.
The white/grey came off her breast and turned around, not rising, and began licking and sucking on my cock, as the dog over my back hunched and moved and his cock came harder, nicer, inside my willing, wanting man-cunt.

I could see her face now – only quite young; she turned her head and looked at me with glazed eyes, as her dog released his cock and shuffled back out of her, and another began eating her, before she rolled and tiredly got up to her hands and knees, her long, black hair falling down as she was mounted from behind, and stuffed anew by a cock.

“Hi” was all she said, as the dog off her tit – big tits hanging down, red and well sucked and licked by raspy tongues - came to her mouth and licked and kissed her, his tongue inside, and she sucked on it avidly.

I moved my concentration to my own dogs; the white/grey had my whole, hardened shaft in his mouth, gliding my cock`s head back and forth on the roof, with his tongue almost painfully licking the underside, and I moaned now as a knot was stretching my hole to get inside, haunches and muscles pushing until it did, and my hole closed behind it, and he sealed with me and began his real fucking, a truly fast one he was, and his spurts were hard and long, each of them, and of his potency inside a female I had no doubt.

The dog left her mouth, replaced by a dog`s balls and cock head, and she sucked that just as avidly as she had the tongue, and her bestial love of all of this was very evident, and I empathised, wishing I had 2 cocks like she had 2 tits, to satisfy more of these animals who loved fucking in groups, in turns, with nary a growl or bark or complaint at the order of things: they shared the people who came to offer their bodies.

My own dog was easing his spurts and movements, his mouth dropping down to my back to lick and drop saliva everywhere, his paws nicely cuddling my ribcage, and I enjoyed his fuck and wished I could sometimes call one of them `my favourite` and find them every time…already assuming I would be back again, and….

After some more, as my dog slipped out, and the first load only had time to gush a little before a light, small dog was up and in, with a long, but thin, cock matching his body, but he quickly thrust his knot in me trying to keep the load inside, but I could feel it leaking out round him, and he seemed upset and whined, so I reached behind him with one hand, his weight supportable by the other, and I pressed his haunches in me tight, trying to help his efforts.
He seemed to appreciate it, and licked my back, thrusting hard to ejaculate, and he was very long and slid a very long way inside, tickling and stimulating me, and my own cock now erupted into the grey/white`s mouth, and he swallowed and licked at me until I was empty, and it was too sensitive, and he understood and left me, rolling out for a kiss and heading out.

The smaller dog inside me was ready, his spurts stronger with his semen than with his earlier watery juice, and his thin cock was so very long and flexible I was sure it had turned a corner up my anus, into my rectum and seemed heading upwards where I couldn`t ever remember a cock getting before, even if their jets of sperm seemed to get up into my intestines when I had been filled by 3-4 dogs, no, a cock hadn`t got up there – how amazing, from a small, light animal, to have such a special appendage!

He was well into his own rhythm, not needing me to hold his haunches, so I used my free arm to stroke his short-haired fur, and he sighed as if feeling pleasured: I was only thanking him for such a surprising fuck – but that wasn`t over, as he just kept pumping and ejaculating at that distant part of my body, furiously fucking me, and it was the longest single fuck I`d ever had also.

So long were we joined, when I finally looked across, the young woman had gone, and a collection of dogs were all lying or sitting licking their cocks and gradually lying to rest and sleep.

My lover stood his front paws up on my back – another first – and this pushed his cock another cm in; heavens, he was amazing, and I had a flash vision of introducing him to my wife`s cunt.
Following that thought, I went down on my elbows, twisted my leg over him, and on my back; this was far more comfortable for me, and must even be more restful for a dog`s hind legs.
He kept fucking, the changed position no barrier, perhaps not unknown by him, and, if he showed an interest, I would take him home with me – especially now I could see his motley grey/black coat, his almost-greyhound shape, and his rather comically smiling face and eyes.
I couldn`t forget his appearance now, that`s for sure.

Part 4

When he finally stopped, it seemed we had fucked the entire morning, and when he slipped out, I wanted to clean him, but I was pinned by the big black immediately, his nipping teeth reminding me I was his possession whenever he wanted, and my grey/black backed away a metre, before lying, cleaning and sleeping – but I was happy he stayed by me.

If the black did as he had at home, I was in for multiple, raping fucks from him, but let`s concentrate on the first one, I thought, as he easily found my hole and put his paws up to my chest and his muzzle up for a kiss as he shuffled forward and inside.
He was bigger in girth than the grey/black, but nowhere near as long – but I didn`t tell either of them of their respective attributes, naturally.
What he did was stretch me wide as his clear fluid spurted ahead of him, and once in, he began his growth, and fidgeted to get his knot in the small hole which was still what my anus was like, thankfully.

As he had before, he growled if I whimpered, his teeth bare against my back, and I bowed my head, while his cock worked like a piston in and out, his hind legs bashing me as he fucked, and his ejaculation beginning as soon as he had fully knotted with this man-cunt he liked to be master of.
I bit my lip, as he hurt – not his size, just his sheer male power driving into me, and the big knot so fat inside, and his semen pumping up from his balls could be felt like a water pump on and off, swelling a hose and relaxing before the next pump.
On and on he went, surely his semen was finished, and he would start to soften and pull out, but this time he didn`t; he just pushed on the side of my back to roll me down and twist over him, and he stayed in me, his muzzle and mouth coming up for the obligatory kisses I had to shower on him, to show him my submission, his domination, his ownership.

But he didn`t release me, or pull out, and it was a long time to be stuck together; the only concession he made to my comfort was allowing me to release my sucking of his tongue and playing with his mouth, and he stood up on his forepaws, either side of my body: just stood there, looking at me, inside me, waiting…waiting for what: until he cared to fuck me again, I assumed, but not allowing another male to take his place.

The grey/black was still there, close by my side, and he shuffled closer, eyeing the black, who seemed unconcerned when the smaller dog nuzzled at my mouth and licked my face, very gently, as if soothing me, and I fell in love with him at that tender show of affection and caring from him.

I stretched an arm out and cradled him, kissing him, but used my other arm to stroke and fondle the black, not wanting to cause jealousy or a fight, or bad feelings between them.

When my hand stroked the black`s belly, and down to his sheath, this seemed to arouse him – not my intention – and I felt a spurt of juice come from him inside, and he began again, and I softly groaned into the grey/black`s mouth as the pain flared, and his muzzle closed around my tongue and lips as if to hide the groan from being heard.

The black was back into his strident fucking, his cock, not even softened before, quite a masterpiece of staying power, and his semen reproduction recuperative powers rather remarkable, and the stronger spurts began, pushing the previous deposits up my rectum, where I smiled at the memory of the grey/black`s cock being there already.

It was quite a while, but this time the black finished and let his knot and shaft slip out, back and away, and I hope that was enough for him, with me at least, for today.
The grey/black never left me, but when no more dogs came for my arse, I said to him “time to go; it`s been enough for today” and I reached for my clothes in the corner, ready for dressing.
The grey/black watched me, and waited.
I took my clothes and went out, naked still, away from the lean-to, and squatted to relieve my bowels, the sperm-filled rectum spreading around my feet, and I spread them, sandal-clad, and my thighs even wider.
Wiping with a tissue from my shorts` pocket, I felt much more comfortable, and stood to tiredly put on my clothes, tell the grey/black I was heading home, and walked towards my car.
He didn`t leave my side.

“Do you like women” I asked him, and he lolled his tongue out; “because you can have my wife if you want more sex today: I am worn out.”
I opened the door and he jumped in; `so be it` I mused, looking at the digital clock: gosh, 15.10 already – coming here was no `5 minute romp in the hay`, so to speak!

At home, I gave him a bowl of water, and then heated a big bowl of rice, mixed vegetables, and slices of ham I chopped up.
He ate avidly, and I stripped and went into my shower, turning it on, but he was behind me, leaving his food in favour of a shower perhaps.

I smiled, “ok, good idea anyway” and we shampooed and soaped both of us, cleaned teeth – I need to write `toothbrushes` on my shopping list – and we dried off.
His coat was silky smooth and shining; “wow, you look positively handsome” I told him, and dripping water from my un-brushed hair, I got my phone and took his photo, 3 of them, as he exited the bathroom and went back to his food.

I took a beer, while he ate, and lit a cigarette – I hardly drank or smoked when with the dogs…guess that was healthy at least!
Sending his photos to my wife, I messaged `he wanted to come home when I asked if he liked women…`
She sent back a smile.
I wasn`t considering if this was helping our marriage, but blackmail from her had to be off the table now, so that was a positive for me.

Finished my refreshment, the dog finished his, drank more water, and came over to me, water drooling from his mouth.
“Now it is rest time – no wild ideas, ok; I am worn out” and he just lay down with me, and I was asleep instantly.

Part 5

When I woke, it was 17.30; the dog wasn`t beside me, but I heard him lapping at the water bowl in the kitchen.
I washed my face, cleaned my teeth and made a café – my timing all out of whack when I spent the day with the dogs, but I need an injection of caffeine.

Then my wife came in the doorway, and the dog and I looked up and at her at the same time.
I did nothing; the dog ran to her, looking back at me, as if to ask “is this the woman?”
Nodding, not sure if he would understand, he nuzzled at my wife`s leg and this into her crotch; she squeaked “I`ve just got home, Grey, let me put my bag down please” and she disentangled herself and walked past me to the dining area table we never used for eating, though I had bent her over it for hard sex.

She pulled off her work shirt and walked to throw it in the laundry basket – normally she would just drop it on the floor upstairs for me, the house slave, to pick up for washing.
Perhaps she was changing her attitude?

It was twilight, but I hadn`t turned lights on yet, so she looked around the corner at the street, and, even more unusually, she undid her bra as the dog and I looked at her, dropped it in the basket, and smiled as she peeled off her jeans and panties, and was parading naked downstairs – a distinct change of mindset, at the very least.
She didn`t go upstairs; she walked past me and the dog, whispered “come on boys” and went to my bed, getting down on her hands and knees, but rolling on to her back, and fondling her own big tits.

I looked at the dog, and his prick was aroused, as was my own; I stripped my shorts off and hung them on my bathroom door, said to the dog “looks like dinner is here” and he woofed and came with me over to my wife, the streetlight outside our house shining partially through the window and bathing my wife`s nakedness in a glow, adding to the amazing spectacle she had already given us.

I knelt down on the far side, giving the dog the near, and I leaned down to a breast, taking her hands away; I put my mouth to it, licked the nipple, and felt the dog`s nose poking my face as his mouth went on her other tit.
“Oh god, now I am a tri-sexual” my wife said, “man, woman and dog lovers: I love it all” and she fondled my hair – something I totally disliked her doing – and I guessed she was doing the same to the dog`s head over her breast.

Pushing my hand down her body, her cunt was already wet; I slipped my fingers in her syrup and brought them up to the dog`s nose; he sniffed and licked, and followed my hand down to the source, leaving her breast to me.
She spread her legs and the dog went between them; I could watch him as I lay my head on the side, moving between each tit, licking and fondling, but he licked her with his tongue just a few times, before he lay down, his forepaws up her body, his hind legs bunched as he shuffled towards her cunt, and his prick was elongating at the same time, wet and glistening and red.

When his tip hit her slit, she arched her pelvis, and it was a perfect time for him to stab: ah, inside.

I knew my wife wouldn`t need me at her tits in a few moments: his prick would take over all her senses, and I would only irritate her.
I pulled away and lifted the dogs` forepaws to lie on her nipples, and his long tongue reached to lick them anyway, easier each shuffle of his haunches up to her, and when she began moaning, I knew he was secreting and beginning to stiffen and grow that marvellous, unreal length of his cock, and wondered if my wife`s body could cope, and how far into her reproductive system he would reach: surely right up her womb; maybe he would even curve to her fallopian tube and head straight for her ovary, his potent sperm having to reverse and return to the womb and seek an egg to attack and mate with.

I wondered if that could even happen. I was the one who had no sperm for children, but my wife was possibly still fertile…hmmm, interesting.

She was croaking “he`s so long” and I stood then and went to have a shower; they didn`t need me, and I wanted a beer.

I finished, dressed, rather longingly looked at my wife being stuffed with his wonderful cock, listened to her squeals, her panting, her cries of “no further”, but she was cuddling him at the same time, craving him, his long cock.

I went out the door with my book and keys, and locked the outer door.
As I was about to hop on my bike, my wife`s sister came to the gate, asking for her sister.
She was less than 2 years younger than my wife, but everyone always said she looked much younger than her age, and therefore much, much younger than my wife: the younger had a large ego.
She had somewhat smaller breasts than my wife, I had always presumed, but she had always kept her hair long, which was a `plus` to me, but we were never very close.

“She`s a bit busy just now; I`ll tell her to phone…” but just then my wife squealed more loudly, and her sister came in the gate and went up to look through the screened window.
“Oh my god” she said, turning to me; I shrugged my shoulders, “she`s fine; he has a very long cock” I said, and I went to the door and unlocked it, leaving her to decide if she would open it, as I just said “I`m going for a beer; bye” and I rode out my gate and up the street.
Looking back, I saw her hand on the door handle….

Coming home an hour later for a pack of cigarettes – the one I had taken had only one left in it – I came in the open door and found a naked sister-in-law on her hands and knees, with the grey/black pounding his cock into her.
My wife was under her sister, doing her best to catch and suck on her dangling, bobbing, jerking tits.
I got my cigarettes, smiled, took 2 photos, and left them as I went back for another beer.

Part 6

Parking my bike, I saw a dog sitting beside my bench seat where my glass and bottle of beer were, with my book.
Sitting down, the dog raised her head and looked at me with tired eyes – I knew why: she had engorged teats and belly hanging off her.
I ruffled her ears, “poor girl” and my mouth salivated: it has been quite a while.
Only the shop owner and I were there, and I asked her if she knew this female, and why wouldn`t she be with her puppies.
“She comes from the soi over there, and they took all her puppies away today” she said, and I groaned, “She wasn`t ready for them to go; she needs a good emptying” and I caressed her brown coat, cooing and talking softly to her.

When she licked my hand, the owner said “perhaps you can be her puppy…” and something in her tone made me look at her, and she was smiling, as if she knew I would love to be the puppy to this dog.
“You can take her into the back room, if you want…I`ll give you a bowl of water for her; the kids won`t be home, no-one`s here, no-one else will disturb you, Khun…”
She went into her kitchen, and I stood and called the dog to follow me; she whined getting up, the effort laborious, but followed me around the other way, so as not to go through the kitchen, and I met the owner coming from the kitchen end, water bowl in her hand.

The owner was gay; a mother to 2 kids, a husband who still came when he had 2-3 days off from his job but she was a dominant, male-type, and all her friends, that I knew anyway, were gay females, some males, and I classed myself as accepted by them, whatever I was, and I had even flirted with the owner at times in years past, trying to let her know I didn`t want to fuck her, but rather the other way around, but she just always smiled and joked with me.

“Get comfortable” she said, unrolling an old large mat from a corner, “as long as you like” and she returned to the front of the store, while I tried to give some water to the female, but she was bloated enough, and just ducked her muzzle in to get wet, lying on the mat on her back mostly, 10 teats showing, but only 6 full of milk it seemed.

I took my shirt off; wanted to take my shorts off, but refrained, and I joined the dog on the mat and whispered to her, playing with her ears, “I`ll do my best” and I gently bent down to her front tit and put my lips to it.
The milk flowed instantly, and I hardly had to do more than keep my mouth around her, and let it come into my mouth and swallow.
I was back in my heaven of drinking dog`s milk, and soon on tit number 3, but slowing as I filled my belly while emptying hers.
She thanked me by laying a paw across my ribs, and licking my head and face – signs of life showing she was feeling much better, and I took comfort in knowing I was helping her.

She rolled further on to her back for the other side`s tits, and just when I got on my hands and knees to reach for number 4, hands were at my shorts, and the owner was tugging them down, speaking hoarsely, telling me she had locked up for a while and needed my arse to fuck!

My cock had been aroused since I began drinking, and she pulled roughly on it as her mouth came to my rosebud and she licked and poked her tongue at my hole, stabbing like a little cock.
“You have a nice cock too” but she wasn`t as interested in that as elsewhere, as she stabbed and tongued me.
She was just wetting me, I soon realised, when a cock began entering, but she didn`t have one - I was sure of that wasn`t I – so this must be her dildo.
“Have you had a cock up here, before” she asked, and my head nodded as she probed this new head at my arse – but I didn`t tell her: only dogs` cocks, not a man`s or a dildo!

My admission, and my submission, clear to her, she didn`t take it slowly; the almost-cock was jabbed and twisted and pushed until the head popped through, widening my opening, and the shaft slipped in behind more easily, perhaps coated with gel or something.
She felt like a male dog as she shuffled her knees up to me, pushing the whole thing inside, and I moaned, though not in pain because she wasn`t as long as my grey/black`s, and she wasn`t, as yet, as rough as the black`s thicker cock: this dildo was rather bland in me, I thought, but its wearer seemed to be enjoying herself, and I wondered if I should play with her cunt, if she liked that, if it would please her…
Surely it must, I thought, so I reached a hand through my opened legs, found her naked, or bottomless at least, and a wet cunt pushed up against me as she fucked with the dildo.

Without niceties, figuring this would be more likely what she enjoyed, I jabbed 2 fingers straight up her cunt, and jammed my thumb directly on her clit – not even a need to search for it.
She screamed, and thrust the dildo to its furthest in me, and held it there, while I finger-fucked her, and she made a wailing sound, and I sucked on the female, who raised her head, but remained calm under my mouth.
The cunt on my fingers released fluids, and the cock in me felt like it wanted to as well – they should make dildos with a built-in semen or sperm release I thought stupidly – as I kept my fingers working to keep her going in her climax.
The dog pushed at me, enough to remind me to check: number 4 was empty, so I shuffled a little to the next one, now truly bloated from both ends, while the woman at my rear changed her tone to a growl and re-commenced fucking me, her cunt coming to my fingers when her thrusts brought her close enough, and I found all of this rather exciting, my own kind of tri-sexual mating: female with a cock, female with milk, and me a mere male in between.

I knew I`d never be able to drink tit number 6, so while I laboured over number 5, I used my hand, taken from fucking the owner`s cunt, and squeezed the milk to start from the last one, and just shifted my mouth now and again between them to keep the flow going, my hand going back to the searching cunt.
She was very fit, the owner – did a lot of exercise I knew, and she could fuck for a long time – I now knew - but when the dog`s milk dribbled to a dripping, finally, I was getting very tired, and tried to tell the cock in my arse so.
Understanding, she pulled it out, and I saw her take it off and put it aside, and I flopped on to my back, beside the dog, her head bending to lick her own nipples clean.

“I haven`t done this for a very long time” the owner said, and she sat her cunt down on my stiff, upright dick, right to its end, and she squealed again, and I cringed at the noise, and the female dog jumped up and went off to a corner near the door, cringing also I thought.

Now I found she was fully naked, tiny breasts, like a developing teenager`s, on her chest (reduced by medicines or treatment I assumed) but I tweaked them with my fingers anyway, and those squeals started again.
She squirted her orgasm down my cock, and bounced on me, prolonging it, and I played with her tits, and caressed her smooth skin and taut muscles, and then she collapsed down on me, and my arms went around her and stroked her back, as she came down from her high, and my cock remained stuck inside her.

Her breathing slowed, the female dog whined to get out, my cock finally wilted enough and I too wanted out…and then I was kissed.
But her kiss was as possessive as the big black dog`s rape, and I found my mouth mauled by hers, and her tongue insistently fucking inside mine, her teeth biting my lips, her nails scratching at my bony, naked chest, until finally she was spent, and released me everywhere.

We dressed together; she picked up the dildo – to wash I assumed – and then smiled at me; “free beer outside; you know this bitch will want milking again tomorrow, don`t you” and with that implied statement, she waved the dildo at me, and went out to open up the shop.

Part 7

The female dog went home; I did drink a free beer, only paying for one, and even watched the shop, served 2 customers with beer and ice to carry home, while the owner showered and returned, her face beaming and her entire being seemingly relaxed and refreshed, and she laughed with me as I gave her the money from the sales..

I went home.

Inside my front door was the grey/black, and he seemed keen to go out – to my car.
“Oh, really – do I have to take you home now?”
His tail wagged, and I resigned myself to his needs – after all, he had given of himself to me, and my family today.
“Ok” I said, but I need a shower, and he sniffed me and seemed to grimace; I chuckled, “it`s ok; it wasn`t a male dog.”
I went inside this time and found 2 naked women lying on my bed, clearly exhausted.
Had I been in a mood for rape, 2 of them were right there, opened, probably raw and hurting.
Satisfying myself, I pulled out my phone, and took a photo, but they didn`t seem to care, not even my sister-in-law; she just groaned and rolled into her sister`s arms.

Showering, I felt surprisingly refreshed, well, once I had sat on the toilet and emptied myself of unabsorbed milk, and I even watched my stomach seemed to shrink back to normal, flat size.

I dressed in my house shorts, loose t-shirt, and left them, locking the door behind me and letting the dog jump into the car, woofing with pleasure, it seemed.

At the temple, the grey/black was out and away, but as I prepared to close my door and drive home, the big black came, preventing that action by snuffing his muzzle at my groin and standing in the open door.
“Oh no” I said to him, “please, Big Black, Boss, I have had enough for today – really” but his teeth pulled at my shorts, and he growled.
I didn`t really think he would attack me, but his teeth were bared, and they were sharp: giving in seemed a better option.

In the lean-to, after his nose had pushed me all the way, I threw my clothes into the corner, and waited for him to direct me as he wanted.
He pushed me on my back, and his mouth came over my deflated cock, and his tongue began rasping over it until he felt it strengthen.
Then his mouth swallowed it and sucked: gosh, he wanted to suck me off: this was new from him!
But he didn`t really; he sucked until I was hard, and then he went between my legs, and without even the proverbial `by your leave`, he thrust his own almost-hard cock at my hole, and his paws came up my chest and his body lay on my cock.
`Huh, is this all you wanted: my hard cock under your belly – you selfish male`

Perhaps he hadn`t fucked since I left earlier in the afternoon, but now he was making up for it, and he pounded me so fast, my body was jerked like a rag doll in front of him, and his paws became pincers to hold me against him, and his claws were sharp and out, digging into my sides as his growing cock thrust into my body until he began ejaculating, and I felt it hitting up inside me, each jet hurting even, and he was thicker than the dildo, and spread my anus and rectum wider, and did his best to fill the space with his creamy sperm – and I had created this space in my shower a short time ago, wanting to be finished as a vassal, and vessel, for this day.

He didn`t want it to be finished.
Pulling out, his muzzle thrust my back so I knew to turn on my side, and he came behind me, slumped down, his belly against my back, and his jerking prick, came back inside me, and, with a rush of emotion, I thought: `he wants to cuddle me and make slow love`.
How wrong I was again, adducing such tenderness to him; he was just banging back inside me from a new angle, and his muzzle pushed at my arm until I leaned it back, found his haunches, and helped him stick to me while he just fucked, helping him to get to a finish by trying to push my pelvis back at him.

I was panting, but never groaned, the tears from my eyes the silent feelings at this brutal treatment.

When I felt him easing off, his spurts inside me dribbling, I hoped, I prayed almost, he would soon leave…
He didn`t; he stayed locked, and his only concession was to stop his forepaws nails clawing me, and instead wrapped a paw over my chest, holding me – like a prisoner, I felt, but not like a lover, except in his own mind maybe.

Was he asleep; could I escape and run, even naked, to my car?

Instead I slept, only stirring when he began again, but I just left him to do what he wanted, what he demanded, and my brain shut down, trying to take my body with it, anywhere to not feel this male who, even more than owning me, even more than having my arse joined to him by a rope he controlled…this male who could just fuck me at his whim, well, he had me allowing it all.
He was my keeper, and I was his to keep, whenever I came here.

So, of course, the answer was: never come back.

That spectacularly unoriginal idea could not be put into practice until he finished with me this night, and he seemed to be taking perverse pleasure in my pain, and the night was well advanced when he crawled off my back again, and out of me – the latter more importantly.
I fell down and slept, even though my brain`s last thought was: get up and go….

When I did, it was to struggle into my shorts, no shirt: I held that to my bleeding, still, ribcage, and in the car, held it there until I was settled, so blood wouldn`t get on my leather seats.

In my village, at 02.24, my shop owner waved her arms at me to stop; I groaned – she is never awake at this hour normally…oh, her 2 children are away… but did stop, my hazard lights on, and pushed the button for the passenger side window to come down.
She smiled, leaning in; “I`ll call you when the bitch comes for her puppy…what happened to you?”
Staring at the blood, she said, “park the car and come in; I`ll fix you up” and she was as dominant as the black dog, so I parked on the other side of the road, and gingerly stepped out and across to her.

“What happened” she asked again.
“A dog raped me, several times” and that was the truth – the truth being better than lying - and she got me inside, where I sat on the step into her kitchen while she locked up this time for the night, and then she came and gently pulled me up and walked me inside.
I lay down on the mat again, and I went to sleep, again.

Part 8

“Here” she said softly, and put a mattress down and helped me move and adjust on to the towels she put on top of that; it was so comfortable, I was so exhausted, and when she pulled my shorts off, I felt nothing…
I did feel the sting of something cold she put on the cuts on my ribs, and then bandages, but not enough to do more than feel her arm, caress it, and mutter “thank yo…” and I left the world at that point.

Until, whenever it was, her naked body came to my own, and I automatically brought her into my arms, this gentle, soft side of her never seen before, and her little breasts were pressed against my chest, and she caressed and pulled, and finally had my cock aroused enough and she pressed me inside herself, and forced me fully in, and then rolled us so I was on top of her, and my ribs were off the towels and she gently cuddled me, where she said, whispering “now sleep, right here, for me, please.”

It was morning, the light of the day outside coming in, and it was the owner`s daughter who came to check on me.
“Oh you are awake; feel like a cup of tea or coffee?”
“I should go home, and drink café there, shower” I groaned as I moved – thankful to find my naked lower half covered by a sheet.
“Mae said she will need to change your bandages first, so please wait, and have a café; Mae will be back in 5 minutes.”

“Ok thank you nong; I`ll dress and wash my face and come out” and I must have looked pitiful to her then, but perhaps slightly better 5 minutes later, hiding the pain the black had inflicted on me externally and internally, as best I could.

When her Mother came, she un-wrapped the bandages, put on antiseptic cream and dressed the scratches, and I thanked her.
She smiled and said “no, thank you; something came over me last night….your cock was just what I needed; see you for a beer this evening?”

She didn`t phone me, so it seemed the lactating dog hadn`t re-appeared, and I spent the whole day lying down on my bed, reading or sleeping, or watching TV – with a glass, several bottles of beer, bucket of ice, the opener, cigarettes and ashtray, all to hand.

By late afternoon, I was more mobile and less discomfited, and I badly needed a shower, so I pulled off the dressings, threw my clothes in the machine – there`s a load needs doing I said to myself – and gingerly washed my upper body, shampooed, even shaved for some reason, but then had to climb the stairs for new house shorts and going out clothes.
I put my own antiseptic cream on, but didn`t cover the scratches, and was bending over to pull my shorts on, when my sister-in-law came to the doorway, and walked in.

“Oh sorry” she said, standing there, just looking at me, and not appearing at all apologetic.
“She`s not home yet” I said, and she nodded, “I know, she will be soon, but I wanted to ask you: where`s the dog gone?”

`Oh, she`s been fucked by that cock, and wants more` I thought.

“When I came home last night, he wanted to go, so I drove him home” and shrugged my shoulders, wincing.
“Where`s his home, and what happened to you?”
I shook my head, “Trust me, you don`t want to know, or go there, and I won`t be going there again. When I let the grey/black out, a big black seemed to be friendly, but he decided I was ripe for rape, and he was very rough about it” changing the facts somewhat, but deciding not to admit to going there several times, and being fucked numerous times.

But that was self-denial, and she asked then about the puppy my wife had told her about….

“If you want a dog, just be friendly to them in your soi; you`ll soon find any who are interested – when they stick their muzzles in between your legs, and lick your panties, or no panties, and when you see their cocks poking out; you`ll be fine, and word will spread among the dogs.”

The talk of dogs and their cocks, and her panties or no panties, was arousing my own cock, and it too was poking out, though covered by my pulled-up shorts somewhat.
I turned to the fridge to get a beer, and she said behind me “if I can`t find a dog`s cock tonight, could you help me” and her hand wrapped on my cock, enlarging it further, and she said “you are thicker than the dog.”
This, my sister-in-law, with whom I had never had much rapport, let alone anything more intimate than a friendly hug on her Birthday!

My wife walked in then, and her sister released me, and I quickly went into my bathroom with my shirt and other shorts and struggled to get them on – but didn`t want to have to repeat the story of the scratches.
I left them then, deciding to drive my car the short distance for my beer, but deeming this less painful than walking or cycling.

Only the daughter was there, and she asked about my scratches, and then she told me to sit and got my glass, ice and a bottle of beer, and I fidgeted to a position comfortable enough, and opened my book.

I was alone reading, and alone at home, and alone all night….


The next morning, I was fine, and my cock zapped in my shorts when I glanced out and saw a dog walk up the soi….

(End of Chapter 3….

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