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THE LUCKY BABYSITTER: Part 4: Fun and a Surprise

THE LUCKY BABYSITTER: Part 4: Fun and a surprise

This is a continuation. The original story was based on something that was supposed to have happened, and the characters, Charlie, Zoe and Mike are based on real people, although their names have been changed, Charlie, although a nice lad, wasn’t the cleverest, and I’ve attempted to put that into his character as the narrator. Charlie was 16, Mike was 13, and Zoe was 12 This tale is set in England, in the late seventies, and I use words such as wank, which means masturbation; and fanny, which is vagina. I hope you like it.

Having lost my virginity to Zoe, I felt on top of the world. In spite of Zoe only being twelve, she was an incredibly sexy girl, and I really liked her. She’d spoken to Carla, whose cherry had been taken by Tim, who’d lost his at the same time. I was hoping that they would be sleeping over on the Friday night I was due to babysit again, but was disappointed. To add to my frustration, Zoe’s brother Mike was in for the night. Mike had joined in on that first night, and had been okay, only I wanted Zoe all to myself. It actually turned out to be a night I’d never forget.

Mrs Henderson, greeted me warmly, smiling as she led me in. She was wearing a red figure hugging dress, and looking at her arse, I could see her knicker-line. They looked dead skimpy. For a woman in her mid-thirties, she was real sexy and had decent sized tits. Her short dark hair looked so silky.

“I’ve left some money for a Chinese,” she said. “Usual stuff. Get them to bed for half eleven, and I’ll be back between half twelve and one.”

“You look lovely tonight,” I said. “Going anywhere special?”
“Thank you. It’s only a function with my workmates.”
“Oh well. Have a good time.”
Mrs Henderson smiled at me. “Thanks; I’ll try.”

Watching Mrs Henderson walk down the path, I couldn’t help looking at her shapely arse. I thought: I wonder what she’s like to fuck. Smiling at the thought, I went back inside, where Zoe was sitting, scowling at her brother, who was thirteen.

“What’s up?” I said.
“This little creep won’t go upstairs,” Zoe told me. “I told him we want to be alone.”
I sat beside Zoe. “He can watch if he wants.”
Mike, who was a good looking lad, sat there looking glum. “But there’s nothing I can do.”
I smiled at Zoe. “You wanked him off before. Why don’t you do it again?”

“Once was enough.”
I kissed her on the cheek. “Go on.”
Zoe looked at Mike, grimacing. “I suppose so . . .”
“I wanna be sucked,” Mike said purposely.

“Fucking no way!” Zoe glared at him.
Mike shrugged. “I’ll tell mum, then.”
“You fucking little shit”
Mike had gained in confidence. “Take it or leave it.”

I kissed Zoe again. “Don’t worry.” I turned to Mike. “If Zoe blows you, will you go upstairs?”

“No. I wanna watch you. I wanna lick her pussy as well.”
“No!” Zoe said irately.
“It can’t do any harm,” I said. I knew Mike wasn’t going to give up. “Go on.”
Zoe looked miserable. “Okay. Fucking hell!”

It’s odd, because I was kind of turned on by the thought of seeing Zoe and Mike doing each other. Me and Zoe had had great sex, but it was just fun. It wasn’t anything serious, and it had been real horny when Zoe had wanked him on that first evening. I reckoned we could have some proper fun that night. I decided to go for it.

“Here,” I said, standing up. I pulled my socks and shirt off and stood looking at Mike, who suddenly looked nervous. Grinning at Zoe, I took my jeans down and left my underpants on. “Come on, Mike.”

Mike, who was barefoot, nervously stood up and took his shirt off. He had a really smooth chest. Then he took his jogging bottoms down. He was wearing really tight briefs. I could see that he was half hard. So was I. I took my underpants down and let my five and a half inch cock spring free. Zoe was looking at it, so I pulled my foreskin back.

Looking at my almost hard dick, Mike took his briefs down. His four inch cock was getting hard. It looked good with the few hairs around the base, and some on his ball sack. He was looking at my dick, and pulled his skin back as well.

“Come on, Zoe,” I said. “Join in.”

Zoe, who was in her nightshirt, stood up and pulled it off. She was wearing nice, tight yellow knickers that showed the crack of her pussy. She pulled them down. I loved her wiry back hairs around her outer lips, which went up a bit higher than the top of her slit.

“Let me lick you first?” I said to Zoe.

Zoe moved closer to me, grabbing my dick and began wanking it a bit. Then she sat on the sofa and opened her legs. She grinned at me. I could see she felt randy. She opened her legs even wider and parted her cute pink pussy lips. I knelt down and put my tongue onto her clit. She jumped a bit. Putting a finger into her hole and moving it in and out, I licked around and sucked her lips. Zoe raised her legs higher. I carried on for a couple of minutes as Mike watched, holding his dick.

“Go on, Mike,” I said, moving away. “Have a taste of pussy.”

Mike moved straight in, kneeling down and putting his tongue into Zoe’s hole. He tasted her juice, and then ran his tongue up and down, flicking her clit as Zoe moaned a bit. He was really enjoying it.

“Come on, Zoe,” I said, standing up. “Let’s be really dirty. Suck us both off.”

I stood beside Mike, who looked at my dick again. Zoe shuffled off the sofa and knelt between us. She took hold of my hard cock and hesitated before grabbing Mike’s. Then she started wanking us, pulling our foreskins back and forth. Smiling, she took my helmet into her mouth as she held onto Mike’s. It felt amazing. She took her mouth away and looked at Mike’s dick, before opening her mouth and licking it. With his skin back, she took his head into her mouth and started sucking it. Mike groaned.

Zoe had been good at sucking me, and found Mike’s easier to handle, taking the whole lot in. She let go of me and started playing with Mike’s balls, moving her lips up and down his shaft.

Less than a minute later, Mike gasped, “I’m cumming.” His body went rigid and he went, “Uuuuuuuuugh!” Zoe kept on moving her mouth on him as he shook and made some funny noises.

“Let’s see the cum,” I said.

Zoe looked up and opened her mouth. Mike didn’t cum much, but I could see it in her mouth. She closed her mouth and moved to my dick. I was amazed when she covered my dick in Mike’s cum, and then sucked hard; sucking Mike’s spunk back in and playing with my hairy ball sack. I watched her work on me and looked at Mike’s dick, which was starting to go soft. Zoe was fast becoming an expert, and the feeling in my groin was getting really good. I knew I was going to cum soon.

“Get ready,” I said quietly. Suddenly, Zoe took me in as far as she could. When my cock hit the back of her throat I cried out, and shot my cum into her. Zoe gagged and moved her head back, wanking my shaft furiously. I kept on cumming and my knees felt weak. “Fuck, fuck!”

Zoe moved her head away, milking the last of my spunk from me, licking it up with a dirty smile on her face. She opened her mouth, showing us the mixture of mine and Mike’s cum, and swallowed it down. Then, to my amazement, she took Mike’s soft dick in her mouth and sucked on it.

“It’s fun when it’s soft,” she said as she moved away. “Come on, make me cum.” Zoe sat on the sofa with her legs wide open, putting a finger into her sopping wet cunt. “Come on, Mike. You know what to do.”

Mike got down onto his hands and knees. “Yeah. I like the taste.”

As I sat beside her and started sucking her cute tits, Mike put his tongue to her hole, lapping at her juice. Zoe closed her eyes and moaned, jumping when he licked her clit. I moved down and joined Mike, running my tongue through her pubes and onto her clit hood. Mike was having a great time as he licked all around and sucked her pink flaps, putting his finger in and out of her hole.

Zoe was moaning and groaning as we worked on her. I wanted her to cum hard, and kept flicking her clit with my tongue, while Mike finger fucked her and licked wherever he could. Every now and again, our tongues touched, which felt really horny. I could taste Zoe’s juice on him. Suddenly, Zoe’s body tensed up and she started convulsing, pushing Mike’s head into her. “Oooooooooh, fuck!” Finally, she closed her legs and lay there panting.

“Well done, Mike,” I said. “You made your sister cum.”
Mike was gazing down at Zoe’s gaping pussy. “Yeah. Cool.”
“You okay?” I said to Zoe.
“Yeah; I’m feeling fucking horny.”

Over the next three quarters of an hour we ordered our dinner and sat talking while we feasted. Zoe confessed that she’d often felt turned on by her elder brother’s cock, on the rare occasions she’d seen it. Mike confessed that he’d sniffed his sister’s knickers whenever he saw them in the wash basket. Both had lost all their nervousness, and sat looking at each other, grinning.

“Want my dick in you?” I said, grinning at Zoe.
“Yeah, okay.”
“Can I do it as well?” Mike asked.
Zoe looked at Mike’s hard dick. “Okay. You might as well. This is fun.”

I stood up and went to my jacket, pulling out a load of rubbers as Zoe fingered herself, standing up and showing us her wet cunt, before lying down on the floor, looking up at us.

“Ever tried one on before?” I said to Mike.

“I’ll show you.” I knelt down and opened the packet, pulling the rubber out. I felt a weird sensation as I looked at Mike’s hard dick. I was going to have to touch it. I put my finger and thumb around his helmet and pulled his foreskin back. It felt a lot tighter than mine, and went back with a pop. I then put the rubber on his end, and slowly unrolled it down his shaft. It felt really good. Once it was all the way down, I saw that it was a bit loose on his dick, but rubbers only come in one size. “Ready?”

Zoe lay on the ground, looking up at her brother as he moved down onto her. She said, “Shoot over me when you cum. I want to see it.”

Mike moved down onto his sister, holding his cock and fumbling to get it to Zoe’s wet hole. Once there, he pushed in. I watched as it entered. Zoe said, “Aaaaaaah.” Mike had lost his virginity. He began moving in and out as he sucked her nipple. The rubber, being loose on his dick, remained in position on his outward strokes, and his cock was sliding in and out of it. A minute later he quickly pulled his dick out, but the rubber stayed in. He then wanked, shooting his cum over Zoe’s firm tits.

I reached down and pulled the rubber out, picking up another and sliding it onto my cock. “How was that?” I said to Zoe.

“Good. Do it from behind.” Zoe turned over onto all fours, proudly displaying her wet cunt, opening her lips with her fingers. I positioned my helmet on the edge of her hole and pushed in all the way. Zoe yelped. “Fuck, that’s good.”

As Mike watched, I pumped in and out, arching my arm around to stroke her clit. She pushed against me as we moved together. I looked down and could see her little arsehole. Feeling horny, I put the middle finger of my other hand onto it, gently pushing. Zoe made some funny noises, and I knew she liked it. As her noises got louder, I knew she was cumming, and pushed harder into her. She screamed something and went rigid, pushing against me, shaking.

Feeling that I was going to cum, I pulled out and whipped the rubber off, holding my dick. I knew I was about to cum, and suddenly my load shot from me, hitting Mike in the face and going over Zoe’s hair. I kept wanking furiously, and spurted some onto Zoe’s back. Seeing the shock on Mike’s face, I aimed more at him, but missed and hit the carpet instead.

“Fucking hell!” I said.
Still in shock, Mike said, “You got me.”
I burst out laughing. “Have a taste, mate.”
To my surprise, he did. “It’s weird.”
Zoe, who was recovering from her climax, looked at Mike and chuckled. “Nice one.”

After Mike had cleaned himself up, we sat around, laughing and joking, which we did for the next couple of hours. Mike and I would get hard, and then let our dicks go soft. Zoe kept herself going as well. We all felt so horny. Mike and I were about to feed our cum to Zoe, when we heard the front door. I looked at the clock and panicked. Mrs Henderson wasn’t due back for ages. We all scrambled around for our clothes, rapidly putting them on, hoping desperately that Mrs Henderson wouldn’t come straight in. She was fumbling around at the front door, which gave us a few precious extra seconds. I’d just managed to buckle my belt when she came in.

“I’m back early,” Mrs Henderson said, slurring a little.
“Had a good time?” I asked.

She sat beside me. “Nooooooo. Boring.” She looked at Zoe and Mike. “Come on, you two. It’s bed time.”

“Do we have to?” Zoe said dejectedly.
“Yes.’ Mrs Henderson stood up. ‘I am going to have a little drink.”

Zoe and Mike stood up, smiling at me. We said that we’d see each other again, and they left the room. I sat there, relieved that we hadn’t been caught, being surprised when Mrs Henderson returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. She poured some wine into each and handed one to me.

“Er, I shouldn’t,” I said.
“Nonsense! I don’t want to drink alone. Come on.”

I took the glass from her and took a sip. Sitting next to me, Mrs Henderson smiled. “You’re a good boy, Charlie. So, it looks like you’ve been having fun tonight.”

“What do you mean?”
Mrs Henderson sipped her wine, pointing down at the floor. “That condom on the floor down there.”

“Er . . . no . . . er . . .”
Mrs Henderson laughed. “Oh, Charlie. You are so cute.”
I didn’t know what to say. “Mrs Henderson, I can explain.”
She smiled at me. “Call me Julia. Look, I know you’ve fucked my daughter, but it’s fine.”
“Is it?”

Julia giggled. “I lost my cherry when I was thirteen. I knew you’d been fucking her. I saw her juices on her knickers when I put them in the wash.”

“Look, it’s okay. I think it’s good that her first time was with a nice boy.”
“You do?”
“Yes, I do. Did Mike watch?”

“Er . . . yeah.”
“Did he fuck her as well?”
I went red. “Well . . .”
Julia laughed. “It’s okay. I know it’s taboo, but they’re close.”

“Just as long as they don’t do it in front of me, and they’re careful.”
Julia put her hand on my leg. “So, how would you like a real woman?”
I was terrified. “Er . . .”

She put her glass down and stood up, looking down at me. I wondered how drunk she was. Suddenly, she lifted her dress and pulled it off, standing there in just her undies, which were skimpy, lacy and black. She had a really good body, and just a small extra bit on her tummy. Her thighs were real womanly, and thick at the top. “Well, Charlie, what do you think?”

“You’re lovely.”
She smiled. “Stand up and get undressed.”
“But Mrs Henderson . . .”

“What about Zoe and Nick?”
“They won’t come down. They know the rules.”

Nervously, I did as I was told. Julia slowly rubbed the front of her sexy knickers as I undressed, watching my every move. When I was down to my underpants, she smiled and unclipped her bra, pulling it forwards and off. Her tits were gorgeous. They were big, round and had dark pink nipples, which were big. They didn’t sag that much either. I really liked them. She looked at my groin and crouched in front of me, pulling my underpants down. My dick was soft because I was terrified.

“Take my knickers off!” Nervously, I put my hands out and pulled them down, gasping when I saw her hairy pussy. The hairs weren’t that long, and I could see her slit. I put my hand on it and into her crack, finding her clit, which was moist. “Oooh, good boy. You know what to do.” She knelt down and took my soft dick in her hand. “Nice cock, Charlie.” She then put it in her mouth and started sucking it, pushing my foreskin back with her lips as it grew. Jesus, she was good. It wasn’t long before I was hard. She took it out of her mouth and said, “Lay down.”

I did as I was told, watching her crouch over me, putting her pussy to my mouth. Loving what I could see, I licked her dark pink lips and poked her clit before sticking my tongue in her wet hole. I listened to her whimper as I licked and sucked her. Without warning, she got up and moved down, lifting my dick and aiming it at her wet hole. It felt amazing when it went in. It was so much better than wearing a rubber. “Oh, fuck!” I said. “I need a rubber.”

“No, you don’t,” she said softly. “I’ve been sterilised. Oooh, you feel good.”

Julia moved herself up and down on me, leaning down and kissing me. I cupped her tits, feeling her fantastic nipples. Having someone on top of me was something new, and I liked it. I pushed my cock into her as hard as I could, and she pushed down onto me, grinding and breathing heavily. Seeing my dick going in and out of her hairy cunt was a real turn on.

Julia kept moving, increasing her speed, and I could feel my cock touching the top of her cunt, ramming against it. She closed her eyes and pushed down hard. Suddenly, I came. I could feel spurt after spurt filling her wet pussy. She arched back and groaned, putting her fingers on her clit and rubbing hard. I kept pumping, and she groaned loudly. I could feel my spunk dribbling onto my balls, and it felt great. She then collapsed down onto me, kissing me passionately.

“Oh, Charlie. That was good; that was fucking good!”
“Yeah, it was. It feels different without a rubber.”
She kissed me again. “That’s the first fuck I’ve had with a guy for over a year.”

“Yes. Girls are fun, but guys are better. I think you had better come around when Zoe and Mike aren’t here. We can have some real fun.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said.
“You, young Charlie, are going to be fucked senseless.”
“I may even bring my friend Trudy.”
“Great,” I said, unable to believe what I was hearing.

Julia looked up at the clock. “We still have a while, so we can do it again. Are you kinky, Charlie?”

“Er, I don’t know.”
She smiled. “Come around tomorrow. The kids are out, so we’ll get really kinky.”

She suddenly got up and squatted over my face, rubbing her spunky cunt in my face. I didn’t want to disappointing her so I licked her, so I licked her pussy as my cum dripped into my mouth. 'Well,' I thought; 'at least it’s mine.'

We fucked again a while after, and I finally went home feeling like a proper man. I really couldn’t wait for the next day . . .

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