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The Second Place Sister: Full Text

Note: This is a book, and is therefore very lengthy, but just gets better as it moves along. If you enjoy it, please vote and comment. If you don't, please do the same. I'd love to hear why you did or didn't like it.

In response to reader feedback, I'm also breaking the story into multiple submissions for the mobile readers out there.

Synopsis and Notes

It is the start of summer vacation, and twin sisters Tori and Stephanie Hamlin are about to be seniors. Stephanie, though, carries with her a dark and terrible secret. Feeling overshadowed by her twin's success, and consumed with her own lust for her father, Stephanie falls prey to a shadowy network of conspirators who promise to give her everything she thinks she wants, if only she can pay the price.

On the face of it, the NewYou Clinic for Adolescent Addiction is a model for rehabilitation and therapy, taking in troubled young girls and helping them overcome their terrible urges. When Stephanie has Tori framed, and labeled a drug addict, the conspirators arrange for Tori's incarceration at the clinic. Outside, Stephanie begins to work on her family, remaking them to fit her perverse vision of perfection. Meanwhile, inside the clinic, Tori learns that rehabilitation can be very humiliating, indeed, but can lead to new relationships that will help her to persevere.

When she's returned to her family, wholly different, Tori must face the changes that her sister has wrought on her family, and herself, facing the terrible truth of what has happened to her. The sisters, and their family, will need to come to terms with not only the changes to Tori, but the changes within themselves. Through trials they never thought to experience, the Hamlin's will need to find the way forward, learning that the power of a family's love is often times the greatest weapon against a terrible evil bent on submission and domination.

Author's Notes on Book One

Thanks, dear readers, for taking the time to devour this filth and depravity with your eager little eyeballs. I'd like to take a moment to give some background, for those who care to read it, on the litany of perversion which lies ahead. For a writer, such as myself, who actually cares very much for his characters, despite the humiliating things he puts them through, it's important for me to give the reader some sort of warning before you dive in to this fantasy land of debauchery.

First, a warning. If you are at all put off by themes of incest, personality modification, hot teenage girls get their slutty little holes plugged by a multitude of horny cocks, mild cuckolding, light bondage, female chastity, or other such perversions, then this story will not be for you. However, if these things are up your dark alley, by all means, read on. Second, an idea of what you are getting yourself into. I wrote the story for my own enjoyment, which doesn't mean that others won't also enjoy it, it just means that through my many years of reading all the filth on the internet, I never quite found the combination of filth that made my ideal story.

It was with this in mind, that I put fingers to keys to craft, what I hope you will agree, is a combination of a great stroker (for those that like that) and also a story about people. Any author will tell you that their characters, once established, begin to take on a life of their own. This often results in the story taking unexpected turns, or characters ending up in situations the author really had no intention of placing them in in the first place.

This story has a great deal of graphic sex, but alongside that charts the lives of people who are flawed, give in to impulsiveness, end up having to deal with the consequences, but also find that love will see them through the storm. While it's important to have that in a good story, in my humble opinion, this one also contains elements that simply do not take place in the real world. The world of the Hamlins, for example, doesn't contain such awful things as STDs, unwanted pregnancy, and a court system that moves very slowly. Those are all consequences we, in the real world, have to deal with, so please understand that safe sex is good sex! Again, thanks for reading, and I look forward to your feedback on this, the first book of the Hamlin series.

*The Second Place Sister*

One hundred meters.

Tori's feet pounded the track, her blood rushing in her ears.

Ninety meters.

Her legs burned with exhaustion. She spared a quick glance and saw her sister just a step behind.

Eighty meters.

Stephanie poured her last ounce of strength in an all out sprint, and closed on Tori's heels. She could do this! She saw Tori flagging, her sister slowing as she used up her final burst.
Seventy meters. Sixty. Fifty.
Stephanie gulped in air, lungs on fire. Tori surged ahead suddenly. Stephanie raged inside. Where did Tori come up with more energy?

Forty Meters. Thirty.

Stephanie huffed, arms pumping, her long legs weakening. She wasn't worried about anyone behind her. She had a good twenty meters on the closest runner.
Twenty meters.

Tori felt the win. Her next gold hovered right there, just seconds away. She could see Stephanie struggling, but almost close enough to touch.
Ten meters.
Stephanie felt hot tears sting her eyes. If she could just muster one last burst! Tori raised her arms in triumph.

Five meters.

Stephanie saw victory die as Tori crossed the line and slowed, bent with her hands on her knees. Stephanie finished less than a second behind and did the same. She wouldn't cry. Not here. Not now. She huffed and sucked in air. Tori looked her way with a smug grin. Stephanie would have choked her if she'd had the strength. Right there, in front of the cheering crowd, she could have wrapped her hands around her twin's little neck and squeezed, until she turned blue and fell over.
Second place. Again. Stephanie filed through the door behind her family, clutching her second place medal in her fist with a death grip Tori, exuberant, strutted in at the head of the line with yet another gold for first. It was something Stephanie had grown used to after all these years. Her twin had always been first in everything. Tori was the first to be born, by only a few seconds. She was the first to crawl, the first to walk, the first to talk. When the two girls were old enough to start competitive sports, the sport of choice had been track. As runners, they were just about equal. Tori, though, always placed first, beating Stephanie by a few seconds each time. Today was the closest she'd ever come.

The only thing Stephanie had come first in was her big teen tits. Stephanie had developed her breasts early on, and where Tori's development had stopped at a nice small C cup, Stephanie's tits had ballooned to D's. She was sure that was why she was always a step behind on the track. Her big heavy udders slowed her down. That had to be it. There was no way Tori was just naturally better at everything.

As her family marched into the living room, Stephanie plastered on a big fake smile and pretended to be happy for Tori's success, yet again.

“You were great, Tori!” She exclaimed, giving her twin a big hug and mashing her fat tits into Tori's slim runner's body.

“You were, too, Stephie,” Tori replied, “One of these days you're going to whip my ass on the track!”

Tori's voice dripped with sarcasm. Stephanie burned with anger inside, but she'd learned long ago how to wear a mask. Their parents, John and Melanie, looked on with pride. Their brother, Mike, blew them off and went downstairs.

The two sisters broke their embrace.

“Race you for the shower!” Tori cried, and took off up the stairs. Stephanie, of course, came in second.


Stephanie was on her knees beneath the desk of her chemistry teacher, Mr. Hart. His pants were down around his ankles, and Stephanie's little blonde head bobbed up and down on his thick cock. The big-breasted soon-to-be-senior eagerly sucked her teacher's shaft, taking him down her throat to the balls, only to come back up and pull him out of her mouth completely.

“Oh, fuck,” the older man groaned, “I'm gonna miss you this summer!”

Stephanie stroked his big dick with the copious amounts of saliva she's slavered on it.

“You mean you'll miss shoving your fat prick into my teen throat,” she teased, “You'll miss having me stroke your cock between my big slut melons until you blow your cum all over me, right?”

The teacher's meat pole throbbed in her hand. He was close to cumming, as Stephanie knew from experience. She'd been blowing her chem teacher for a while now. Not that she needed to. She was smart, and her grades had always been excellent. She just enjoyed the power.
From the time she started growing her over-sized fuckbags, she had noticed that men and boys had positively drooled over her. She loved the attention, and the way that she could manipulate them into doing just about anything for her. And if she had to slobber on their dicks once in a while to keep them on a tight leash, what was the harm? Besides, she loved it when they shot their sticky spunk into her throat, or covered her tits with it. She often finger fucked her snatch at night thinking of men cumming on her big tits.

She slowed her stroking to an even, deliberate pace, and worked her fist around Mr. Hart's bulbous head. She put the tip back in her mouth, and worked his shaft, moaning around it. Every few strokes, she would pause long enough to talk dirty to him. She loved spewing filth while she sucked off cocks. It was a huge turn-on.

“Are you gonna cum for me, Mr. Hart? Are you gonna fill up my tummy with your hot load? Or would you rather cover my big tits?” Slurp, “Maybe you want to squirt your cum all over my face this time?” Slurp, “Go on. I'm your little cocksucker. You can cum anywhere you want to. Show me what a hot old man does to little teenage suck sluts, Mr. Hart.”

That was it. The teacher grabbed his student's face and shoved his whole prick back into her mouth. He wanted to scream out his orgasm, but retained some awareness that he was in a school building. Instead, he gritted his teeth and unloaded spurt after spurt of goo right down Stephanie's throat. She happily sucked it all down, milking his cock for every last drop before popping it out of her mouth.

Mr. Hart, eyes glazed, stared down at the sexy little blonde girl as she pushed the remaining drops of cum into her mouth, licking her fingers noisily. Stephanie stayed where she was until Mr. Hart recovered a bit. When the teacher started to pull up his pants, she stood, and sat on the edge of his desk. Once he had collected himself, he leaned back in his chair with a satisfied grin.

“So,” he said, “I suppose you want to know where we are with the mixture?”

Stephanie nodded. Mr. Hart took a key from his pocket and unlocked a desk drawer, pulling out a small vial, which he handed to Stephanie.

“Now, remember,” he said, “just a single drop into a drink each day. It's highly concentrated. After a few days, there's no way in hell she'll pass any kind of drug screen. It'll look to a lab like she's been dosing with a suite of illegal drugs for weeks. There's also a mile aphrodisiac that will start to increase her sex drive, especially in situations where's she's embarrassed or uncomfortable. Chronic masturbation will be a side effect. I wouldn't be surprised if she has some trouble concentrating, performing routine tasks, that sort of thing. It's not going to be anything that will harm her permanently, but it's going to be noticeable.”

Stephanie took the vial with a mischievous smile.

“And Steph,” he added, “it goes without saying that I had no part in giving you that. If you get caught, that is.”

She nodded. “I won't. Now, what about the other part?”

“Tori is a bitch, I'll give you that,” he said, “but what you're doing is going to change her life forever. You know that, right?”

“She deserves it,” Stephanie snapped, “Now where are we?”

“If everything goes as planned, the NewYou clinic is ready to take on your sister for their program. And the judge knows the deal. NewYou keeps him in plenty of money and teen pussy to make sure they get the right girls for the program. There won't be any problems.”

Stephanie nodded. She leaned in and gave Mr. Hart a big sloppy kiss on the lips.

“When we're done, I'll make sure you're getting plenty of teen pussy to keep you happy, too.”

“I know you will. You always deliver.”

They grinned at each other evilly.

*When Everything Began to Change*

Stephanie gave Tori her first dose in her sports bottle at track practice that same day. Mr. Hart hadn't lied. By the end of practice, everyone noticed that Tori was having an off day. She started strong, but by the end of it she was falling behind Stephanie for the first time in her life. Stephanie was elated.

As they changed in the locker room, Stephanie admired her twin's body. It was, of course, just like hers, and Stephanie knew that she had a fantastic body. Her long legs were toned and slim. Her ass was well rounded, even perfect, firm. Her belly was taut and hard, and her teenage breasts sat high and pert on her chest.

“What the hell was wrong with you out there?” Stephanie asked, pulling her shirt over her huge globes.

Tori reddened, angry, and snapped, “I don't know! I feel kind of shitty today. I think I'm getting sick.”

“Well,” Stephanie gloated, “I, for one, feel great. I beat your time for the first time, in like, ever!”

“Don't get used to it,” Tori shot back, “You'll be in second place again next time.”

The two girls rode home together. Tori, quiet and disheartened, shut herself in her room after dinner. Her head hurt. Her stomach ached. She was perspiring more than normal. The strangest thing, though, was that her young pussy was moist and aroused. She laid back on her bed, shut her eyes, and tried to fall asleep. Her pussy was yearning though.

Of course, she'd masturbated on occasion. It wasn't something that she did often. She was usually a little ashamed when she did, but there were times when the body just needed a release and she wasn't ready to let her boyfriend do it, yet. At the thought of Tim, her studly, football player boyfriend, her pussy got even more juicy. She pictured his fit abs, his muscled arms, his thick lips when they kissed, and her hand strayed down into her shorts. She remembered his smell, like sweat and leather, and slipped a finger into her wet folds.
Just outside, Stephanie pressed her ear to the door, listening closely to see if her sister was jilling off her teen cunt. She'd already seen the effects of the doses on Tori's performance on the track, and Mr. Hart had said that the aphrodisiac in it would make Tori a little more horny than usual. She wasn't sure if that really meant anything, though. Her sister was a prissy little ice queen, anyway. Any improvement in her sexual energy would be a huge one. She hardly even kissed her boyfriend and, as far as Stephanie knew, they never made out or did anything else.

Inside the room, Tori played with her clit, then stroked her fingers in and out of her sloppy pussy. She hit just the right spot, and involuntarily moaned out loud. Stephanie heard it happen and smiled to herself. She waited a moment longer, waiting for Tori to really get into it. Tori finger fucked herself more vigorously, pushing two fingers in, then out, then rubbing her clit, then back in.

She was humping her hand now, thinking of Tim, her mind suddenly wondering what his cock would feel like inside her. She'd only seen it twice, felt it, and jerked him off after a concert. She had virtually no experience with cock, but now she was curious. What would it be like to have a cock in her instead of her finger? Her pussy gushed on her fingers. She was panting now, moaning audibly, shoving her fingers in and out of her box, pushing close to a good hard cum.

Suddenly, a loud knock at the door shattered her concentration, and Stephanie's voice came from the other side.

“Tori? Are you awake? I'm coming in!”

Tori hardly had time to pull her hand out of her shorts and cover her wet pussy with her blanket before Stephanie opened the door and peeked her head inside the dimly lit room.

“Fuck, Steph,” Tori cursed, “there's a reason for closed doors.”

Stephanie came in anyway, and sat on the edge of Tori's bed.

“I was worried about you,” she lied, “I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Still feeling sick?”

“Yeah,” Tori replied, a little guilty that she had snapped at her sister, when she was obviously so concerned for her.

Stephanie sniffed the air, and said, “I guess you're feeling a little better,” she grinned, “It smells like someone was having a good time with herself!”

Tori blushed, and pulled the covers up higher around herself, saying, “Leave me alone.” She looked like she might cry.

Stephanie stroked her twin's long blonde hair, and reassured her, “It's okay, Tori. A girl needs to get off. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I finger my cunt all the time!”

“You're filthy,” Tori complained.

“Oh, get over yourself. Everyone masturbates. Some of us are just comfortable with our bodies, and enjoy ourselves. Maybe you shouldn't be such a prude.”

“I'm not a prude. I just have self-respect!”

Stephanie tried to diffuse the situation. It wasn't time to push her sister too hard.

“I'm sorry,” she said, “That was rude. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

She leaned down and kissed her twin's forehead with her full lips.

“I'll see you tomorrow. Night.”

“Night, Stephie.”

Stephanie retreated from the room, pleased that she'd not only ruined Tori's orgasm, but made her feel like shit. It was turning out to be a wonderful day. She made her way downstairs, and then into the basement. Her brother, Mike, had what amounted to his own apartment down here.

At 21, Mike was a sophomore in college. Their mother had been knocked up by their father when she was only 16 and he was 17. Their conservative parents had been, understandably, very upset at the time. However, their father had proven to be a very reliable and responsible young man. He'd cared for his child, married their mother, and then made his own way asking for no one's help. He was entrepreneurial, and even at 16 had started his own computer business. Two decades later, the family wanted for nothing. Stephanie always felt a twinge in her oversexed young cunt when she thought about her dad.

Stephanie slipped into her brother's “apartment” and quietly made her way down the stairs. At the bottom was another door, which she opened without knocking, and poked her head inside. The sounds of moaning and slapping of flesh drifted from around the corner. Mike was obviously jerking off to some porn. Stephanie smiled and slipped inside, closing the door behind her. She walked quietly around the corner. Mike sat in front of his computer with no pants. On his big screen was the image of a slim blonde girl with a hard body and big tits, just like her. The slut was getting a huge cock shoved down her throat, and another was stretching out her tender young asshole. The violated girl was quaking with orgasm after orgasm as the two hunks plowed her repeatedly, using her body to jerk their cocks off with.

Mike had his fist wrapped around his own big dick. Stephanie licked her lips as she watched him stroke it. Her brother was easily one of the biggest dicks she'd seen in person. He was nearly ten inches long, and thick. She pulled off her shirt and dropped it on the floor, exposing her bra-covered tits. She pushed down her shorts, and left them on the floor, too. Straightening her thong panties, she tip-toed closer to her brother, her mouth beginning to water. Mike, engrossed in his jerking didn't notice his sister until she was kneeling down in front of him.

“Oh shit!” he shouted, and dropped his massive meat from his hand, “Steph! You scared the shit out me!”

Stephanie quickly wrapped her small hand around her brother's thick fucktool and stroked it gently.

“I'm sorry,” she said, looking up into his eyes, “You were so engrossed in your nasty porn, and I didn't want to disturb you while you stroked off this huge cock.”

Mike groaned as she squeezed his dick.

“I thought maybe I could do that for you while you watch,” she teased, spitting on her hand and wrapping her fingers back around it, “unless you want me to leave?”

“Shit! You're such a little slut,” he breathed heavily, “feeding you my dick was the best decision of my life.”

Stephanie leaned in and put her brother's fat cockhead between her lips, teasing his piss hole with her tongue.

She pulled it out and said, “Mmmm. It sure was. I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful cock to suck on right here at home,” she jerked him slowly, “Now you just watch your stupid porn slut get railed and let your horny sister take care of your prick.”

She slid her mouth back over the head, and swirled her tongue along the underside of his shaft as she swallowed a few more inches of his meat. Her pussy was gushing fuck honey as she slowly took Mike's thick shaft down her throat. He put his hand inside her bra and groped her big tits as she looked up into his eyes.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, “You look so hot with your mouth full of my cock.”

Stephanie took him as far as she could, almost getting to the base of his monster, before she gagged. Mike held her head on his dick with his free hand for just a moment, twining his fingers into her honey blonde hair, then pulled her mouth off of him so she could catch a breath. Strings of hot spit stretched between his sister's lips and his fat mushroom head.

“Yeah, you like choking your hot sister with your nasty brother cock, don't you?” she teased, continuing to stroke him off with her saliva, “You're such a fucking pervert, making your sister swallow your over-sized prick! I should tell mom and dad about how you rape my mouth and use it like a cunt!”

Mike pushed her head back down on his shaft, using her hair to guide her mouth up and down his dick.

“Oh, yeah! You're such a dirty cocksucker, Steph. Rub my fucking balls while you suck me. You know what I like.”

Stephanie massaged her brother's huge balls. She could feel them hot and heavy with a huge load. Mike used her mouth roughly, alternating glances from the porn on his computer screen, down to his horny sister and her bulging tits. He fondled her nipples, while pulling her off his dick. He knew she'd spout more filth as soon as her mouth was available, and he absolutely loved the way Stephanie talked dirty.

Gasping for breath she taunted him even more, “You sick fucker! You're so twisted. Who gets off on turning their own sister into their personal suckslut?” She squeezed his cockhead in her fist, “You should feel bad for gagging your pretty sister with this huge dick of yours.”

Mike's breathing was ragged as his sister worked his cockmeat over with her slimy hand.

“Why don't you let me fuck you, Steph? I know you'd love it.”

Stephanie giggled at him, “I'll bet you'd like that! It's not enough that you make me swallow your fat prick. You won't be happy until you have it shoved up my tight little teenage snatch, will you? I'll bet that wouldn't even keep a pervert like you happy. After you had my pussy aching for this big fuckstick inside it every day, you'd probably push it up my ass and make me your little three-hole whore, wouldn't you, you sicko?”

“Fuck!” Mike could hardly hold back his nut with the torrent of filth pouring from his sister's mouth.

Stephanie went on, “Well, you know the deal. You don't get anything but my mouth until dad takes my cherry.”

The thought of their father pushing his big cock into his sister was just too much. Mike growled like a beast and started bucking his hips in orgasm. Stephanie quickly pushed his cock back into her mouth and milked his sperm from his balls, gulping spurt after spurt down her throat hungrily. Her brother's head swam in ecstasy as Stephanie guzzled his cum. His head felt like all the blood had rushed out of it. He practically passed out from slut overload! Stephanie continued to milk his cock, massaging his balls to get every drop she could. Finally, drained, she pulled his thick meat from her mouth and stroked it gently.

“You'll never guess what I just heard,” She said, standing up and dropping Mike's deflating cock. “I caught Tori fingering her snatch before I came down here.”

She straddled her brother's lap, pushing her big tits into his face and rubbing his soft cock between her firm ass cheeks and soaked panties.

“Bullshit,” Mike said, his voice muffled by her bra-covered tits.

“She was totally getting herself off,” Stephanie confirmed, “her whole room smelled like horny cunt.”

“That frigid little bitch probably doesn't even know she has a twat,” Mike said, “let alone how to get it off.”

Stephanie slipped her tongue into his mouth, making out with her hunky brother. She could feel his dick getting hard again and smiled inwardly.

“I can feel your dick growing again,” she teased him, “You're really a horny fucker. You should get that big dick into a tight pussy sometime soon.”

“You're such a cocktease,” Mike groaned, “But dad will never fuck you. There's no way.”

“I don't know,” she said, “You know, as well as I do, that mom and dad are freaks. And you've seen their porn collection. Dad loves hot young pussy. How long do you think it's been since he got to shove his big cock into a nice, warm, teenage slut hole?”

Mike grabbed her bra and pushed one of the cups aside, sucking on Stephanie's hard nipple.

“Now that I'm legal, I'll bet you I can get him to let me ride his cock. And after he pops my cherry, I'll let you have a turn, too!”

With that, she pulled her tit from his mouth, pulled her bra up, and slapped his hardening dick.

“Have fun jerking off, sicko!”

She flounced out of the room, snagging her clothes on the way out. Mike just sat dumbfounded with a new hardon.

The next day was a Saturday, and Stephanie was up early for her morning jog with Tori. This was their weekend routine. She prepped a couple of protein shakes, making sure to dose Tori's with a drop of the compound Mr. Hart had supplied her with. Shortly thereafter, Tori dragged herself down the stairs. She looked like she hadn't slept well at all. Her eyes were dark, her hair only barely run through with a comb. She was dressed in a pair of track pants with a zip-up jacket. By comparison, her hot twin wore booty shorts with “catch this” printed on her ass, and a tight sports bra.

“Good morning, gorgeous!” Stephanie quipped energetically.

“Fuck off.” Tori snapped, grabbing her shake from the counter and chugging it quickly.

“Someone's in a mood,” Stephanie scowled, “maybe you just need a good finger fuck to brighten you up.”

Tori reddened with embarrassment and anger. She had a short fuse today. After Stephanie had barged in her room and ruined her masturbation session, she'd fallen into a fitful sleep. Her head was still cloudy this morning, but she didn't feel quite as shitty as the previous night.

“Whatever,” she said, “let's run. I'm gonna kick your ass!”

Stephanie was out the door and instantly outpacing Tori. Tori, angry, picked up her pace and was soon beside her twin.

“This is a jog, remember,” Tori said, “Not a run.”

“Can't keep up?” Stephanie quipped.

Tori scowled, but didn't say anything else. Side-by-side, the two girls jogged down the sidewalk, enjoying the chill of the early summer morning as they worked up a sweat. As their feet hit the concrete, meter after meter, Stephanie's big, bouncing tits turned heads. She ignored the attention, but secretly reveled in it.

“” Tori panted.

“It's comfortable.” Stephanie shot back. She wasn't even winded.

It was clear that Tori was starting to struggle a bit, and they were only halfway through their routine. She started to lag behind. Stephanie slowed.

“You okay?” she asked.

Tori came to a stop and rested her hands on her knees.

“Just...don't feel...well...” she breathed.

“Let's go back,” Stephanie said, “We'll just walk it.”

Tori nodded and straightened up. The two girls walked the distance back to the house slowly. By the time they got in the door their family was getting around. Their mom was in the kitchen frying up bacon, while eggs and pancakes cooked on the stove. Mike sat at the table pretending to stare at his phone. Stephanie, however, could see that he was really sneaking glances at their mother's ass.

She could hardly blame him. At 35 their mother was fit and gorgeous, an older version of the twins. Her long blonde hair was tied back with a ponytail. Her firm ass cheeks looked delicious in a pair of night shorts that barely covered the fine round globes. Their father was standing in the living room watching the morning financial news. He gave them a glance when they came in, then tried to hide his stare when Stephanie paused in the doorway, bent and stretched for him.

“Good morning, Daddy!” she chirped, running up and giving him a big hug, mashing her tits into him.

“Morning, Stephie,” he returned, as his big arms went around her.

She smelled like sweat and sex appeal. The scent made his big dick start to rise and push against Stephanie's leg. Stephanie looked up into his eyes, making sure that her cleavage was on display.

“I need a shower,” she said, breaking away, “I'm all sticky and sweaty!” She teased, and brushed the back of her hand against his bulge. Feigning surprise, she gasped and whispered, “Daddy! You should get someone to take care of that for you!”

With a giggle, she stalked off, swaying her tight young ass for her father's pleasure. When she got upstairs, Tori was already in the shower. Stephanie decided to head for her room and pick out her clothes. Her mother was taking the twins out for a shopping trip at the mall this morning.

Tori, meanwhile, looked at herself in the mirror. She was stripped naked and staring at her haggard reflection. She hadn't slept well, and her head felt fuzzy. She just had no motivation to do anything today. What she found odd, however, was that her pussy was aroused. Her nipples stood out from her firm teenage tits, and she could feel herself getting wet between the legs.

She shook her head as if to clear it, which didn't work, and then stepped into the shower. As she started to wash away the sweat from her jog with her sister, she soaped up her tight body, lingering on her breasts, rubbing her sensitive nipples. When she made it down to her shaven mound, she found that her juices were flowing freely.

She cocked her head and listened for any signs of activity outside the bathroom, but heard nothing. She couldn't understand why her pussy was juicy. She didn't really feel horny, just mildly aroused; enough that her fingers lingered on the folds of her teen muff. She slowly teased her clit out, her breathing becoming more ragged. What was she doing? She hardly ever masturbated, and certainly not twice in two days. Yet, it was like her mind was possessed with the urge to push her fingers into her sloppy channel and bring herself off. Stephanie had ruined it for her last night. It had been so embarrassing!

The thought of her sister catching her with her fingers in her pussy was awful. She remembered clearly just how excited she'd been, how close she was to cumming, and then Stephanie barged in on her. The memory of her embarrassment at being caught seemed to just make the sexy teenager even hornier. What if she hadn't covered up in time? What if Stephanie had seen her plunging her fingers in and out of her juicy hole? What if she had stood in the door and just watched with that stupid grin of hers.

Without really noticing, Tori had squatted lower in the shower, spread her legs, and leaned against the wall. The hot water pounded down on her hardened nipples. Her fingers rubbed her clit furiously, then slipped into her pussy, back out to rub her clit, then back in. Before she knew what was happening, she was wildly fucking herself with her hand. The image of Stephanie watching her masturbate herself was lodged firmly in her mind. It was a terrible thought, and at the same time, it was turning her on. She could feel her stomach tighten, her legs quiver. She was so close. Just another minute! And then it happened. A loud pounding on the door completely broke her trance.

“Tori,” she heard Stephanie's voice, muffled, through the door, “Don't use up all the hot water! Remember mom's taking us shopping!”

The horny, frustrated teen gritted her teeth in rage. She couldn't believe Stephanie had ruined it again! She was so close!

“Fuck off, Stephie!” She yelled.

Stephanie didn't reply.

The water had cooled a bit, and Tori wondered just how long she had been in here finger fucking herself. She'd lost track of time. Briefly she thought about finishing herself off, but the mood was completely broken, again. She quickly rinsed the rest of the soap from her toned body and shut off the water.

On the other side of the door, Stephanie smiled to herself. Her stupid sister had no idea just how loudly she'd been fucking her overheated little cunt. Hell, Stephanie could hear her moaning and gasping as she walked past the door. It seemed only right that she should ruin Tori's pleasure again. For some reason, the thought of Tori sexually frustrated and unable to cum made the sexpot teen's warped mind rejoice. It wasn't long before the shower stopped running, and she heard Tori get out. Satisfied that Tori wasn't going to finish herself off, Stephanie went back to her room and collected her clothes, waiting her turn in the shower.

An hour later, Stephanie stepped downstairs. Her father was gone, undoubtedly in his little office in the back of the house. Her mother stood in the kitchen, dressed in a hot little tan skirt and high heels. She wore a loose-fitting blouse, the neckline of which plunged just to the tops of her full breasts.

“Hey there, sex on legs,” Stephanie called out, laughing.

“Stephie,” her mom smiled, “Don't be crude. There's nothing wrong with a woman looking good. I can see you've learned that for yourself.”

The busty teenager smirked. She's gone with a similar getup to her mother. Her skirt was scandalous, a small black mini. Her spiked heels made her toned runner's legs look even longer, and her top-heavy tits strained against her tight black top.

“I'll never hold a candle to you, mom. You're a total milf!”

“Flaunt it if you got it, I always say!” Her mother quipped.

“Well, you certainly got it, mom!”

“Where's your sister?”

“I don't know,” Stephanie replied, “She wasn't feeling well yesterday, and the same this morning.”

Her mother looked concerned, “I hope it's nothing serious. I'll go and check on her.”

Her high heels clicked across the floor. Stephanie watcher her mother's gorgeous ass sway in her tight skirt as she walked past and climbed the stairs.

Melanie paused outside of Tori's door, and quietly pressed her ear to the thin wood. Maybe her ears were playing tricks on her, but it sounded like Tori might be masturbating! Melanie was no stranger to masturbation herself. In fact, she was probably one of the horniest women she knew, and had been all her life. It was part of why she'd gotten pregnant so young, after all.

Even though she was highly sexed, she'd never really thought about her daughter's having sexual urges in the same way she thought about her own. In fact, Tori and Stephanie masturbating was something that had just never crossed her mind, for some reason. And yet, here was the sound of Tori panting and moaning behind her closed door.

Briefly an image of her beautiful girl repeatedly shoving her long, limber fingers in and out of her teenage snatch, writhing around in ecstasy on her bed, flashed through her mind. Despite how wicked the image was, Melanie felt her own pussy getting damp. She hadn't brought herself off in two days, and her husband hadn't fucked her since earlier that week, either.

The horny mother felt her cunt taking control of her, as it so often did. Maybe, if she was quiet, she could just nudge the door open and see what Tori was doing. Horrible thoughts raced through her mind. Tori's smooth runner's body spread out on her sheets, her fingers dripping with her fuck honey. It had been too long since she'd been with another woman. The opportunities just weren't as frequent these days.

Though she knew it was wrong, the taboo excited her, as it always had. Very slowly, as if in a dream, her hand moved to the door handle. She eased it down, carefully, and felt the door give. She opened it just a bare crack and peeked in.

Poor horny Tori had come in from her shower with every intention of getting dressed to go out with her mom and sister. She'd dropped her towel, and started to rummage through her closet for something to wear. She fumed with anger at her sister. She couldn't believe that Stephanie had managed to ruin her cumming again! At least she hadn't just barged in the bathroom, though. That would have been so humiliating! She felt her pussy spasm at the thought. What was wrong with her? That shouldn't have happened!

As she went through her clothes, one of her long dresses swished against her exposed mound, and she groaned. She was still so horny. Just that light touch of the fabric against her pussy was enough to set her off. Maybe she had time to finish herself off, if she was quick. Tori left the closet and threw herself on the bed.
Within seconds her fingers were all over her hot sex, grinding her clit, swirling her pussy juice around her folds, her fingers plunging into her gripping hole. Soon she was happily humping her own hand, drawing closer and closer to the release she needed so badly. Her hips were humping up and down on her bed. Her head tossed from side to side as she moaned out her pleasure.

The peak was right there! Her stomach was full of butterflies as she pushed herself toward the edge. Through half-lidded eyes, she swept her gaze across her door and noticed that it was cracked open! Not only that, but there was an eye looking through the crack, watching her fuck her small pussy with her hand. The eye locked on to her gaze, and she noticed that it was her mother.

Her mother was watching her masturbate! A wave of shame and humiliation swept over the pretty teen, and with it came a crashing orgasm. Unable to stop herself, Tori continued to fuck her slit with her finger as her mother watched. Her sweet little pussy gushed cream while she groaned and thrashed on the bed. She was so embarrassed! As the orgasm rippled through her body, she pulled up her sheets around herself.

“What...what the hell, mom!” she cried.

Her mother quickly stepped into the room and shut the door, hurrying over to her daughter as the horny teen shuddered with pleasure and shame.

“Baby, I'm so sorry,” her mother said, “Stephanie said you weren't feeling well, so I just came up to check on you, and...well...” She was at a loss for words.

Tori began to cry, “Y, you could have knocked!” she wailed.

Melanie stroked her daughter's pretty hair, soothing her, finally coming to her senses.

“Oh, baby, don't cry. It's alright. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone likes to masturbate.”

Crying, Tori whimpered, “But their moms don't watch them do it!”

“I'm so sorry, honey,” Melanie said, “I didn't mean to.”

“You won't tell anyone, right?” Tori asked, thinking of Stephanie's stupid smirk, and the way she would tease her endlessly.

“Of course not, baby,” Melanie assured her, “What you do is your business. Maybe next time, though, you should lock the door.”

Tori couldn't help but smile a little bit.

“We're going out shopping,” Melanie reminded her, “Are you feeling okay?”

Now that her horniness had subsided somewhat, Tori realized that she did not feel okay. Her head was still fuzzy, and she didn't want to get out of bed.

“You guys go ahead,” she said, “I don't feel good.”

Melanie nodded, saying, “That's okay. You just rest up today. Call me if you want me to bring you anything home, alright?”

Tori nodded.

“I love you, baby.” her mother said, leaning in and kissing her daughter's forehead.

“Love you, too.” Tori mumbled, and turned over in her bed to nap.

Melanie got up and left the room, closing the door and clicking the lock on her way out. Outside, she breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn't believe she'd been caught watching, but at the same time it was tremendously exciting. The lingering smell of Tori's pussy, and the image of her bucking her hips as she came, their eyes locked on one another, was something that would fuel Melanie's fantasies for weeks.

Tori quietly sobbed into her pillow. She didn't understand what had possessed her to masturbate for the third time in two days. She was a good girl! Good girls don't finger their pussies three times in two days! And good girls certainly don't cum in front of their mothers! It was so nasty! Yet, the lingering memory of her mother watching her fuck her smooth pussy had her juices flowing again.

“No,” she whispered to her pussy, “stop it! I'm a good girl! You're not supposed to make me feel naughty!”

But she did. She felt very naughty. As humiliating as it had been to get caught with her hands in her pussy, she couldn't deny that the shame had set off the biggest orgasm she'd ever had. Her head was still swimming from the stars that had exploded in her mind when she'd seen her mother watching her. Tori closed her eyes and tried to nap, but she kept playing the scene over and over in her head. Somehow, her fingers had found their way back to her pussy, and before she knew what was happening, her legs were spread and she was jilling off her cunny again.

*Planting Seeds*

“Mom, do you think someone can masturbate too much?”

Stephanie drove to the mall, her sexy mother in the passenger seat.

Melanie thought for a moment, “Well,” she finally said, “I suppose if it gets in the way of leading your life, then yes. Why do you ask?”

She thought back to only a short time ago, picturing Tori bouncing on her bed in a lust-filled haze, oblivious to anything but her impending orgasm.

“I don't want to upset you, mom, I'm just worried about Tori.”

“How so?”

“Well, it just seems like she's been masturbating a lot lately. It's, like, all she ever does lately,” the buxom teen lied.

“Everyone does it, Stephanie.”

“I know that, but she just hasn't seemed herself lately. She's been saying she doesn't feel well, and then she hides in her room and fingers herself. I just don't know if it's healthy.”

Her mother contemplated that thought.

“You're both about to go into your last year of school, honey. There's probably some degree of trepidation and nervousness, and maybe Tori is just handling it a different way.”

“I suppose so,” Stephanie agreed, “You're probably right. I'm sure I'm just being a worry wart!”

“We'll just make sure that Tori knows we love her, and that there's nothing to worry about.”

Stephanie agreed with a nod, and drove on to the mall.

*Chronic Masturbation*

In her room, Tori was a sweaty mess of naked teenage flesh. After her fourth orgasm of the morning, her fingers looked like prunes. She had fallen into an exhausted sleep, but after an hour she was awake again, a lingering dream of her mother watching her in the back of her mind. The memory had driven her to bring herself off continually through the morning.

She couldn't understand why she felt this way. When she thought of how embarrassing the situation was, it just made her even more aroused! As though in a trance, the sexy teen had stumbled from her room, still naked, and stopped in the bathroom to relieve herself. Her lust-filled mind seemed only to be focused on her excited pussy. Her fingers weren't enough. She needed to try something new.

Like a zombie, she found herself walking into her parent's room. It was no secret that her mother kept some sex toys in her nightstand. The twins had found them years ago while snooping around where they shouldn't be. Tori opened the drawer of her mother's nightstand and looked at the cornucopia of sexual devices laid out inside.

She had no idea what most of them were, but there were a variety of dildos and vibrators. She picked up a thick pink dildo, and a slightly smaller one. For a brief second her mind cleared, and she almost put them back. What was she doing? But then the thought of how good it had felt to cum on her fingers returned. If her fingers were that good, what would it feel like to use the toy?

Like a little thief, she hurried back to her room and shut the door, locking it this time. Tori collapsed on the bed, the two toys in her hand. She looked at the thick pink one. It had a little switch that she flipped, and felt it begin to vibrate gently in her hand. Slowly, she moved the phallus to her swollen pussy, and began to rub it.

The vibrating plastic cock was amazing. Shivers of excitement emanated from her swollen pussy each time the toy rubbed across her clit and between her lips. What would her mother think if she walked in on her now, seeing her spread legs jerking while the stolen toy slid back and forth between her daughter's engorged pussy lips?

Hardly even realizing what she was doing, Tori stood up, keeping the vibrating toy between her legs, and walked to the door. She unlocked it, and turned the handle, leaving just a crack in the doorway. If someone walked by, they would certainly hear the buzzing of the toy, as well as her groans and squishy teenage pussy. They would probably put their eye to the crack, and then they'd see her playing with herself. She'd feel ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated.

She lay back down on the bed and started to fuck herself faster. The thick pink dildo squeezed into her tight young pussy, filling it with something other than her fingers for the first time. The feeling was amazing! Her tight walls seemed to suck at the toy, pulling it deeper inside her. She could feel her inexperienced pussy contract around the invading phallus.

The vibrations inside of her were such a new sensation, and in no time she was creaming all over her sheets again. As far as she knew, her father and brother were still in the house. They could very easily be peeking in the door right now, watching her cum all over her mother's sex toy. Just the thought made her teenage body quiver and spasm in orgasm as she pressed the toy against her clit.

Her pussy was so slick with her young cream that the dildo slipped off of her clit, down between her ass cheeks, and bumped up against her anus. The sensation sent sparks through her body, and a little mini orgasm followed. Her head swam. She had never considered her ass to be a pleasure zone. The thought was disgusting! And yet, just the slight, accidental contact had been exciting. Feeling ashamed by her actions only made her more horny, though. Almost unconsciously, she picked up the smaller toy and placed the head at the entrance to her sweat and cum-drenched asshole.

Her mind a haze of masturbatory lust, she experimentally pushed a little bit in. The rubbery toy slipped easily past her lubed sphincter, the first inch sliding easily up her virgin asshole. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt at all. Another couple of inches pushed inside of her, and the feeling was strange. There wasn't any pain, just an odd sensation of being full. Her finger on the end of the toy, she slowly pushed the remaining few inches into her backdoor and, in doing so, her finger accidentally switched on the vibrating function on the toy.

The poor teenager's mind suddenly exploded with stars, and she let out a long drawn out moan of pleasure as the shaking toy vibrated the walls of her tender young butthole. Her knees buckled, and her free hand grasped the second toy, pushing it into her well-used little pussy. Her first double penetration was just too much. The series of powerful orgasms, new sensations, her lust-addled brain just couldn't take anymore. Tori passed out from exhaustion with both toys still vibrating away in her holes.


Stephanie and her mother bumbled into the house with their arms full of shopping bags, giggling like a couple of teenage girls. The busty teen and her sexy mother were giddy with the teasing they'd been doing. All throughout the mall, heads turned as they sauntered past, the hot milf and her top-heavy daughter in short skirts drawing every eye. Husbands and boyfriends were slapped or dragged away, salesmen were left speechless, and by the time the two sex magnets were home they were both heady with arousal.

“I thought for sure that one in the blue tie was going to cum in his pants when you bent over for that bottom shelf,” Stephanie said to her mother.

Melanie laughed, “Yeah, but it wasn't as good as when you kept bumping that big rack of yours against his back as you pointed out things for me to look at.”

Stephanie grinned. It seemed as though, since she turned 18, her mother had been much more open with her. She liked the change. She was coming to find that her mother was just as much of a tease as she herself was.

“I don't know about you,” Melanie said, “But I'm beat. I think I'm gonna go have a shower.”

Stephanie agreed, but first she dropped her bags in the living room and ran to the first floor bathroom.

Melanie, however, made her way up the stairs. She was concerned about Tori, and wanted to check up on her to see if she was feeling any better. She quickly dropped her bags off on her bed, and made her way down the hall to Tori's room. The door was slightly ajar, which was puzzling, and she could hear some kind of low humming sound from inside. Peeking in through the crack, she was completely unprepared for the sight before her.

She quickly slipped inside and shut the door behind her. Her beautiful daughter was unconscious on the bed. Her whole room reeked of teenage arousal, a thick sweet scent that Melanie was all-too-familiar with. Tori's bed was a mess of sweat. Her sheets were soaking with pussy juice and perspiration. Her legs were spread open, and two of Melanie's dildos were lodged inside Tori's ass and pussy, still vibrating away. It was apparent to the more experienced woman that Tori had obviously cum herself into oblivion. Melanie recalled the many times that she herself had been in a similar state.

Her hands shaking, Melanie looked down at her daughter, recalling her earlier conversation with Stephanie in the car. Maybe Stephanie was right. Tori had certainly overdone her masturbation today. Carefully, Melanie took hold of the vibrator in Tori's pussy and flipped the switch to stop the vibration. Tori didn't even move. She was obviously deeply asleep.

The smell of her young, virgin pussy was heavy on the toy. It was greasy with her teenage cum, slick and sticky. Horny with the taboo of what she was doing, but unable to help herself, Melanie put the dildo to her mouth and tentatively stuck out her tongue. Her head spun as she licked her daughter's cum off the toy, putting it into her mouth to suck all of the sweet nectar off of it. She sighed with happiness. It had been so long since she and her husband had shared any hot young pussy, and Melanie couldn't believe how much she had missed the taste of teenage cunt juice.

After cleaning the toy with her mouth, she slowly eased the second toy from Tori's asshole and flipped it off. This was so dirty. Her mind was in conflict with her body as she slowly brought the toy to her mouth and tasted Tori's ass. She slurped it with passion, cleaning every drop from it. The task done, she turned her attention to her daughter. Tori's body was so hard, toned, beautiful. But this was her own daughter. She shouldn't have the feelings of desire that were welling up within her right now.

Her mind flashed back to the last young girl she'd been with. Mike's babysitter when he was young had been a college freshman. The horny couple had seduced the younger college girl fairly easily, and for the next year they'd fucker her silly, both individually and together. She could remember clearly watching the tight young college freshman get her inexperienced pussy, ass, and mouth stretched open by John's huge cock. She recalled fondly the times that she had happily licked John's balls while his wife rode his dick up and down. She'd licked her husband's big loads out of the girl's ass and pussy many times, swapped his cum, fucked herself on the young girl's face. But that had been long ago.

Looking down at her daughter's hot young body, Melanie recalled all of these things. But even as horny as the sight made her, Melanie was overcome with motherly love for the poor passed out teen. She took a box of Kleenex from Tori's nightstand, and used them to gently clean her daughter's ass and pussy of her juices. She didn't want to wake the young girl, and so she pulled the sheets up around her, quietly slipped out the door with her borrowed toys, and let Tori rest.

*I Kissed a Girl*

Tori didn't emerge from her room by the time the family finished dinner, and though Stephanie had listened at her door a few times, she hadn't heard anything. Her mother, over dinner, told the family that Tori wasn't feeling well, and should be left alone for the night. A few times, she'd disappeared into Tori's room to check up on her, bring her water, and once something to snack on. Stephanie eavesdropped on those occasions, but wasn't able to hear anything but Tori sobbing quietly. The thought of Tori's tears was enough to make her evening a happy one, though.

By the time morning came, Stephanie was up fairly early. She was getting morning shakes ready for herself and Tori, just in case her sister came down for their morning jog. As usual, she put a drop of Mr. Hart's wonderful solution into Tori's shake. She had just finished dosing it when Mike came into the kitchen. She could clearly see his morning hardon in his boxer shorts, and was suddenly hit with inspiration. Since no one was around, she was fairly certain that it wouldn't be long before her brother was pawing at her body, probably looking to release the big load in his monstrous balls.

Sure enough, as she leaned against the counter, her back arched and ass sticking out behind her in her tight shorts, she felt Mike push up against her backside. One hand roamed up under her shorts, and she spread her legs a little, moaning as Mike's fat finger slid along the folds of her pussy. His other hand slipped into her shirt and groped one of her big tits.

“Good morning to you too, pervert,” she said.

Mike only grunted, continuing to play with her body as his huge cock swelled in his shorts. Stephanie turned around, letting him pin her against the counter. She stuck her tongue in his mouth, tasting his foul morning breath, but not caring a bit. Her hand slipped inside his boxers, wrapping around his fat schlong.

“I'll bet you have a nice big load of cock cream inside those big balls of yours, don't you?” She whispered in his ear.

“Mmhm,” Mike grunted, pinching her nipple.

“You're probably going to make your poor little sister jerk off your swollen prick, too, aren't you?”

“You know you want to,” Mike said.

Stephanie purred, continuing to stroke his big shaft, taunting him further, “Of course not. What sister wants their big brother's cock spewing a nasty load of cream in front of them? You're the worst brother ever,”

He forced his tongue back down her throat as she increased the friction on his thick penis, then broke away and vomited more of her filthy talk quietly into his ear, “There's something way wrong with you, if you think your little sister actually wants your big, nasty, brother cock anywhere near her. It doesn't matter if I don't want it, though, I know that you'll just push me down on my knees and rape my hot mouth until you explode, won't you?”

Mike could only stand so much of his hot sister's nasty talk. He pushed down on her shoulders until she was eye-level with his throbbing dick. The fleshy monster tented his boxers as Stephanie's warm breath puffed out on it. Mike pulled his boxers down, and his cock popped out, slapping lightly against her cheek. Her breathing increased. She was panting. Her pussy was getting moist. She looked up into her brother's eyes, which were glazed over with lust. He was beyond control. Even if she had really wanted him to stop, there was no way he was going to unless his balls were empty.

“Open,” he breathed quietly.

“Uh, uh,” Stephanie teased, “You're not sticking that nasty thing in my mouth!”

Mike rubbed the bulbous head across her lips, smearing precum across them.

“Open up, slut,” he said, more desperately this time.

Still, Stephanie kept her lips sealed, daring him with her eyes, shaking her head.

Roughly, Mike took her hair in his hand, and pulled her head back with it. Involuntarily, her mouth opened in surprise, and Mike quickly pushed his cockhead past her lips. Stephanie moaned as her brother's huge penis slid over her tongue, and pushed into the back of her throat.

“Mmmmph,” she pretended to complain, putting her hands on Mike's legs and pushing as though to fight him off. Her feigned resistance only fueled her brother's horny urges, though. He tightened his grasp on her hair and fed his cock deeper into her mouth, holding 7 inches of the thick shaft in her throat as she tried not to gag.

“Take it you cocksucker,” he hissed, “suck down that brother cock. I'm gonna jerk myself off with your face,”

And that's what he did, relentlessly pulling and pushing his huge prick in and out of her sucking mouth. Grunting with exertion, Mike used his sexy sister's mouth to get his morning wood off. Stephanie was moaning with delight by the time she felt his cock throbbing in her mouth. She knew it wasn't going to be long.

As he pulled out of her mouth momentarily, she hissed at him to wait, and quickly grabbed Tori's shake off the counter. She quickly stroked Mike's quivering cock, jerking it for the big load that she knew was coming. A moment later, his hand gripped her ass cheek hard as he gritted his teeth. He wanted to roar, but couldn't risk his family hearing what was going on. Stephanie beamed with delight as she milked his big dick into Tori's shake, watching his huge creamy load spewing its contents. Finally, he stopped cumming, but his legs were quaking as Stephanie gripped his shaft.

She let it go and stared into Tori's shake. A thick film of sperm covered the top. She picked up a spoon and quickly mixed it all in until there was no sign of it. Mike slowly pulled up his boxers, tucking his dick away.

“Y, you're going to drink that?” he breathed.

“No, silly,” Stephanie, said quietly, “This is Tori's.”

Mike's jaw dropped. His sister's depravity was, at times, more than he could fathom. He could see that she was completely serious, too. She was going to feed Tori his cock cream. The thought make his big dick start to rise again. His stuck-up bitch sister was about to swallow his huge morning load, and had no idea.

As though she had been summoned by the thought, the two siblings heard footsteps on the stairs. Stephanie quickly wiped a string of saliva from her abused mouth with her hand as Tori rounded the corner in her jogging suit. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She looked more rested than the day before, but still had dark circles under her eyes.

“Good morning, sissy,” Stephanie beamed, all smiles, “Feeling better?”

She handed Tori her shake, and her twin took it gratefully.

“Yeah, I guess so,” she said, swirling her drink around, “I guess I just needed to rest.”

She upended the shake as Mike and Stephanie watched. Mike's eyes looked like they might pop out of his head. Stephanie quickly downed her own shake, kicking Mike's shin lightly behind the counter. He quickly made himself busy in the pantry, trying to hide his erection.

“Ready?” Stephanie asked.

Tori nodded and the twins were heading out the door, Stephanie's big tits bouncing in her top, while Tori kept pace beside her. Stephanie shot her twin a sidelong glance, checking for any signs that the potent serum was working on her. Sure enough, within a few minutes, Tori started to lag just a step behind.

Poor Tori didn't understand. She had awoken more invigorated this morning. Her head was a little hazy, still, but the long hours in bed had helped. Her mother had come in and talked with her a few times through the evening, comforting her as she told her about finding Tori with the dildos shoved up her tight teenage holes, laying in a pool of her own cum and sweat. Melanie told her how she had cleaned her up a little and let her sleep. She had taken her soiled sheets and replaced them with new ones, and assured Tori that she had nothing to be ashamed of. It was alright to experiment with your body. Everyone tried new things.

While it had helped a little, Tori was still confused about why she had done any of it in the first place. She felt so ashamed about the way she'd left her door open, secretly hoping that someone would see just what she was doing in her room. She'd become excited at the thought that any of her family could walk by and see her ass and pussy stuffed with sex toys, and that she knew that the embarrassment would make her teenage pussy cum even harder. Just thinking about her day spent in bed masturbating was starting to make her wet.

She'd sincerely hoped that the morning workout would purge her mind and body. She's prayed that the lustful, nasty thoughts would be expelled, but instead she was slowing down. Her head was becoming more cloudy and confused by the second. Her pussy juice was starting to flow down her leg. What the hell was wrong with her? She never acted this way! Her life was in control. She was a track all-star, a top student, a wholesome and well-respected pillar of the school! She was always in first place.

Now, though, her brain was foggy, and her stupid pussy was crying out for attention. She needed to fuck it with her mother's toys again. She looked at her bitchy, big-titted sister, now easily outpacing her on a simple morning jog. This wasn't right. Stephanie was the one who was always a step behind, not Tori!

Without warning, she stopped dead in her tracks and started to cry. Stephanie jogged a few paces before noticing that Tori was no longer by her side. She stopped, turned, and saw her sister with her head in her hands, tears flowing. The smallest twinge of remorse flashed through her mind, but the jealous teen quickly pushed that thought away. Tori deserved this. Tori was the bitch. Tori was stuck-up and thought she was better than everyone.

Stephanie walked back to her sister, feigning concern. She put her arm around Tori, and pushed her big tits against her.

“Tori? What's wrong?” She asked, sounded so genuine.

Tori looked up at her with tear-stained cheeks, her eyes puffy and red.

“I don't know what's wrong with me, Stephie! I don't feel good, again.”

“Come on, honey,” Stephanie said, “let's take you home.”

Tori nodded and leaned against her sister, feeling lucky that Stephanie cared so much about her. Her sister wouldn't let anything happen to her.

The twins had only made it a couple of blocks from the house, so the trip only took a few minutes. Stephanie ushered her sister inside. The house was still quiet. Their parents hadn't yet made it downstairs, and Mike had vanished into his cave. Sniffling, Tori plodded up the steps to her room with Stephanie right behind her.

The girls went into Tori's room, and Stephanie shut the door behind them. The room still smelled faintly of young Tori's hot cunt, which she had played with so vigorously the day before. Stephanie tried hard not to smile at the thought. She grabbed the box of Kleenex from Tori's nightstand as she sat her sister on the bed. Carefully, Stephanie wiped Tori's eyes, handing her a couple of tissues to blow her nose.

Stephanie went to Tori's closet and pulled out some loose shorts and a tee shirt, taking them to the bed.

“Come on, sis,” she said, “Let's get you changed and let you lay down.”

“I, I can dress myself,” Tori said, sniffling.

Stephanie looked hurt, her face falling, she tried to portray the image of the most caring and concerned sister that anyone could ever hope for.

“Oh,” she said, “Okay. I just want to help,”

Tori stood up, weakly. She was in no mood to fight. She held her arms up, still crying. Stephanie took hold of her track top, pulling it over her twin's head and tossing it aside. Tori's perfect boobs were held in place beneath her sports bra. Stephanie felt a stab of jealousy. Tori's tits were just the right size, not like her own over-sized fuck balloons. Tori sat back and Stephanie pulled down her track pants, discarding them with the shirt. She peered between Tori's legs. She wasn't wearing any panties! Clear fluid was evident on her legs. The little bitch was creaming right in front of her.

Stephanie stood up from the floor and leaned over to pick up the pajamas, in the process shoving her huge boobs into Tori's face.

“Stephie!” Tori complained, her face muffled in Stephanie's cleavage.

“Sorry,” Stephanie apologized, “They just get in the way sometimes.”

She pulled the top over Tori's head, making sure to brush her hands over Tori's smaller breasts in the process. She felt her twins' nipples harden, and her sharp intake of breath. Next, she slid the shorts over Tori's feet, catching the smell of her aroused pussy as she bent down. She pulled Tori to her feet, and slid the shorts up her long legs. Her hand “accidentally” rubbed against Tori's juicy cunt, eliciting a moaning from her sexy sister.

Stephanie looked Tori in the eyes, and quickly leaned in and planted her lips lightly on her sister's. Tori gasped, and for the briefest of seconds, didn't move. Then she seemed to realize what had happened, and pulled away.

“Stephie, what the hell?” Tori hissed.

“I, I'm sorry,” Stephanie stumbled, “I smelled really good, and I...well...I don't know. You just looked like you needed someone to love you.” She blushed, feigning embarrassment. She knew that in her aroused state, Tori would just feel more confused about her feelings. Stephanie pulled her twin close and hugged her tightly.

“I'm sorry,” she said again, “please don't think I'm some kind of lesbo,”

Stephanie's knee rubbed up against Tori's crotch, sending shivers through her body. Her twin could feel the slight convulsion as Tori's pussy twitched. Tori was so confused. It actually felt kind of good to have Stephanie's big soft tits pressed against her, and having someone hold her while she felt so confused and strange was comforting. Even so, she couldn't help but think about how Stephanie knew she had been playing with herself the other day, and how she had almost seen her.

That brought rushing back all of the memories of the previous days lengthy masturbatory session, and how dirty she had acted. Her teenage pussy was already soaking, and Tori could hardly wait to cum again. Still, when she'd felt Stephanie's lips, it hadn't felt bad. In fact, it had felt naughty, and exciting. It had felt shameful, and that feeling had only served to make Tori's poor pussy even hotter.

Before she knew what she was doing, she found herself carefully leaning back into Stephanie, pushing her lips lightly against her twins'. Stephanie sucked in her breath, and opened her mouth just a little bit, slipping her tongue into Tori's mouth. One of her hands, meanwhile, snaked down into Tori's shorts and between her legs. Tori moaned into her sister's mouth as her knees quaked.

This was so wrong! She shouldn't be letting her sister feel her pussy. She shouldn't be so turned on. She was a good girl! It was disgusting! Then Stephanie's finger found Tori's engorged little clit, and rubbed it. Instantly, the confused teen found herself bucking up against her sister's hand as she came violently. Her legs turned to jello, and she broke away from their incestuous kiss as she panted and came all over Stephanie's hand.

“It's okay,” Stephanie was whispering in her ear, “It's okay. You need this. You need to let it out, Tori. Cum for your sister.”

The nasty words coming from Stephanie's mouth only served to make Tori more aroused. How could she have enjoyed that? It was so filthy. It was incest! She had just cum on her sister's fingers. She was a horrible person. Good girls didn't cum on their sister's hands. Poor Tori didn't know what to do. It had felt good, but it was so gross! She started to cry again, even as she continued to hump Stephanie's hand.

“Shhh,” Stephanie was hushing her sobbing twin, “It's alright, honey. Your little pussy is so horny from all those years of being the perfect girl. You have a naughty pussy, Tori,” Stephanie went on, pushing two fingers up her twin's overheated snatch, “It's a filthy little slut pussy, and it has to cum or you'll go crazy,”

Tori buried her face in Stephanie's neck, smelling her shampoo, feeling the heat from her body as she let her sister fingerfuck her soaking teenage cunt. The nasty things Stephanie was saying almost made sense. Maybe she was right. Maybe Tori did have a naughty pussy. After all, a good girl wouldn't want this.

She was so ashamed of herself. A wave of guilt swept through her, and she came again, finally unable to keep herself standing. She fell back on her bed, shaking. Her legs were like spaghetti. Her stomach was tight and heaving. Her head was exploding with light and stars. She felt Stephanie push her fingers into her mouth, and without even thinking about it she tasted her own pussy juice as Stephanie fed it to her.

“That's a good girl,” Stephanie was saying, “clean up your fuck honey. Good, Tori.”

Tori sucked all of her juices from her twins' fingers, and found that it was not unpleasant at all. The sweet taste of her pussy mingled with the salt from her tears as she continued to sob in her confusion. Was she some kind of lesbian now? Was she a pervert? Stephanie's fingers were gone now, and so was her sister. She hadn't even noticed her leave. Tori rolled onto her stomach and softly cried into her pillow. As she sobbed, her mind a whirlwind of emotion and confusion, her sensitive nipples rubbed against the sheets, causing her to moan. Without realizing it, her hand had found its way into her shorts, and she began to tease her soaking pussy again.

*What Mike Saw*

Stephanie was overjoyed as she shut Tori's door, leaving it open just a hair so that she could peek in on her again later. Her perfect sister had just turned into a sobbing, pussy juice-sucking little slut right before her very eyes. The experience had left her own cunt screaming for attention. Silently, she thanked Mr. Hart for his excellent work, vowing to fuck the living shit out of him after she convinced her daddy to pop her cherry. As much as the excited teen wanted to go off and finger her own juicy box, there wasn't time.

By the time her parents came downstairs, Stephanie was humming to herself as she made up a big breakfast of waffles and sausage. Her handsome father strode into the kitchen wrapped in his bathrobe. Her mother was right behind, dressed in a skimpy little nightie. Their hair was damp and they smelled wonderful. Stephanie wondered if they'd been in the shower together. For just a moment, she pictured her mother pressed up against the shower wall as her hung father plowed her juicy pussy from behind.

The horny teen felt a stab of jealousy. Her father was the sexiest man she had ever seen. He was so confident, exuded sex appeal, and to top it off he was a wonderful person. Her mouth watered thinking about how it would feel to have his big dick spread open her virgin pussy, or push her face into the bed as he mounted her and made her take his huge prick into her ass.

“Morning, sunshine,” he beamed at her, taking in the sight of her teenage curves in her booty shorts and halter top.

“Good morning, daddy!” she cried, turning from the stove and giving him a big hug, pressing her huge tits against his chest.

She could feel his cock twitch beneath his robe, and she wished that he would just pull it out and shove her to her knees, press her head back against the counter and feed her every inch while she moaned out her lust. Instead, he broke away and went to the table, pulling up the morning financial news on his tablet. Her mother came and gave her a kiss on the forehead before pouring coffee for the both of them.

“Where's your sister?” She asked, a twinge of concern in her voice.

“Still not feeling well. We came back from our jog early, and I put her back in bed. She's probably up there playing with herself.”

Her father coughed, and her mother frowned.

“Stephanie, that's not nice.”

“Sorry, Mom.”

“It looks like you have things well in hand,” Melanie said, “maybe I should check on her. I'll get her in to see the doctor tomorrow.”

Stephanie watched her mother's gorgeous ass sway out of the room and up the steps. She turned back to her cooking, plunked a couple of waffles and some sausage onto a plate, and brought it over to the table. She placed the plate in front of her father, leaning across the table so that her big tits hung down in front of his eyes. He glanced up, pausing with his coffee halfway to his mouth.

“Thanks, honey.” he stammered.

“Anything else you'd like, daddy?” she asked coyly, still bent over the table.

There was a heavy silence between them for just a moment, during which her father's eyes were locked on her over-sized teenage fuck melons. He swallowed hard, and pulled his gaze away.

“I, um, I think that will do it,” he choked out, “maybe some more cream for the coffee?”

Stephanie stood and blatantly pushed her tits out, asking, “Any particular kind of cream you like?”

She padded over to the fridge, opened it up and bent over, sticking her perfect, round ass out for her father.

“Well,” he said, “some milk, or the french vanilla will be fine. Lady's choice.”

Stephanie grabbed the milk, and brought it over, popping the cap off. She stood at his shoulder and poured a dash into his coffee for him, then set it on the table. She threw her arms around his neck from behind and put her lips next to his ear.

“That nasty creamer shit is full of chemicals. You should stick with the milk. I can't have my big daddy getting all sick from a bunch of garbage! How could you keep your fat daddy stick up for mom if you put that shit in your belly?”

“Stephie,” he gasped, “what's with you?”

“Me? Nothing, daddy. I just want you to be healthy!”

The teasing teen kissed his neck and pulled away, fleeing from the kitchen with her heart racing. She dashed into the bathroom to shower and bring herself off, the image of her father's huge prick in her mind.

Down the hall, Melanie peeked through Tori's partially open door, watching as her hard-bodied daughter plunged her fingers in and out of her teenage pussy yet again. It seemed that Stephanie had been right. This was at least two days straight that Tori had hidden in her room masturbating. This time, though, she wasn't really hiding. She'd left the door open as though she wanted to be caught. Maybe she was developing a fetish for being watched?

As Tori writhed on the bed in pleasure, Melanie's hand strayed to her own pussy, which was quickly becoming excited again. She'd just cum hard while John fucked her in the shower, but the sight of Tori's naked teen flesh was enough to get her going again. As she started to massage her mound, Tori let out a long groan and bucked against her hand, cumming hard all over her sheets. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever, until finally, the exhausted teenager's hand drooped, and her head fell to the side. She had fucked herself unconscious again. Melanie quietly shut Tori's door, and went back down the stairs.

John was still at the table, his breakfast gone. Stephanie was nowhere around. Melanie quietly came up behind her husband and draped her arms around his neck, just as Stephanie had done only moments ago. John looked over his shoulder, beaming at his sexy wife, feeling her breasts pressed into his back. She licked his earlobe and purred, running her hand down into his robe and rubbing his hard chest.

“Someone didn't get enough, it seems,” he quipped, “sausage?” he held up a partially eaten sausage.

Melanie giggled, and slid her hand further down his robe.

“I'd rather have this one,” she hissed, wrapping her hands around his thick head.

John growled deep in his throat. His dick was already half hard from watching Stephanie's teasing, and he was certain that's what it was. He couldn't fathom it, but he could swear that lately she'd been trying to get a rise out of him. John pulled his wife around, pushing his chair back in the process. She straddled his lap, letting his big dick rest between her legs as she pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Her pussy was sopping, and his dick was getting harder by the second. She opened his robe, and without any ceremony, lifted her hips, pushed the thin nightie aside, and rubbed her pussy against his hard cockhead. As their tongues wrestled with one another, John felt her pussy start to squeeze around his cock, sucking him in. He wondered what had gotten her so worked up that she was willing to fuck him right at the table with the kids home.

Melanie moaned into his mouth as a few inches of his huge prick slipped up her cunt. She thought about how Tori had just cum so hard she passed out, and the image of her daughter's sexy young pussy was at the front of her mind as John pushed himself deeper. She wondered, briefly, how hot it would look to watch Tori cum on a real cock, a big cock like her husband's. How sexy would it be to see her tight, inexperienced pussy get split open by a thick, foot long shaft like this? It would be like the sexy babysitter they'd fucked together years ago.

The memory of the young girl getting defiled by her husband's huge meatpole was always vivid. She had loved watching the poor girl lose control of her senses when John took her ass for the first time. The way she had, at first, moaned with pain, but then begged him to make her cum with his cock up her ass was amazing.

Melanie remembered the first time it had happened to her, and the way she'd become addicted to it. Over time, she had done about any nasty, perverted thing her big-dicked husband wanted of her. Such was the power of the pleasure he gave her, the control his huge dick had over her body and mind.

Now, as she felt all 12 inches of his manhood fill her up to the breaking point, she pictured her tiny daughter's tight little hole getting filled with this monster cock. Just the image in her mind had her bucking her hips, fucking herself silly as her clit rubbed up and down John's thick tool. She held tightly to him as his hands gripped her firm ass cheeks, pulling her up, and then letting her fall back down onto his rod. She was so heady with her repeated orgasms that she was hardly even a participant anymore. He simply grunted and used her pussy to jerk off his engorged prick. She was constantly quaking, her legs shaking, her breath coming in short gasps.

Her husband's powerful tool filled her up so completely that she lost all sense of where she was. The only thing in the world was the giant meat stalk that repeatedly shoved itself into her soul, seeking release. She threw her head back and screamed, “Ooooh, fuck, yes,” as she felt John's huge balls swell against her ass.

Then, with a roar like a lion he bathed her insides with a ridiculous amount of sperm. His cock was lodged all the way insider her, his balls against her ass as he let himself go. There was so much cum that it had nowhere to go. It gushed in rivers around his shaft, and somehow squeezed out of the tight seal of her stretched cunt to dribble down his balls. It pooled in his chair, dripped on the floor. He picked his quivering wife up and laid her back on the table, his big dick still tightly inside of her. He held her hips as he continued to milk his swollen cock with her tight hole.

Melanie's eyes were rolled into the back of her head as she continued to cum over and over in waves. Drool had flowed from the corner of her mouth, and was pooling on the table. Finally, with a final push, John doubled over on top of his wife. Her clenching pussy twitched as his spent cock slowly slid from her cummy hole.

When it popped out, a torrent of cum rushed out like a dam had broken. It flowed freely onto the table, dripping to the floor in thick white drops. Melanie lay twitching on the table, her legs spread wide, her breathing ragged. John, his big dick swinging, came around the other side of the table. Taking her limp arms in his hands, he pulled her to the edge of the table. Her head slid right off without resistance, and hung over the side.

With a grin, he pushed the big, deflating head of his slimy dick into her mouth. The sweet taste of his cum, mixed with her own pussy juice hit her taste buds and she moaned happily. Her fingers worked her clit, smearing her wetness all around as John used her mouth to clean up his powerful penis.

“That's my slutty little wife,” he panted, “Get it all clean. Swallow that spunk, you cocksucker. You know how much you love it,”

And she did love it. God, she loved it all. She eagerly lapped up every bit she could get, until he pulled it from her mouth. She was close to another orgasm, and as John lifted his heavy balls and placed them on her lips she went over the edge. He smashed his balls against her mouth, taking hold of her legs as they kicked in the air and holding them apart while her mind blew again.

Finally, Melanie was fucked out. For only a moment she caught her breath, but then she felt John lift her and carefully place her on her chest on the table. He held her hair, and through watery eyes she could see the big puddle of spunk on the table, where it had gushed from her pussy. She knew what he wanted. Happily, she began to lick up the puddle of sperm, moaning like a whore the whole time.

It was just at this moment that Mike poked his head around the corner. He'd been drawn by the noises from upstairs, and had to know what was going on up there. The sight he beheld was like nothing he would have ever imagined. He'd always had the hots for anything with tits and an ass, and his mother was no exception. The very fact that it was his mother was one of the primary reasons that he found her one of the hottest women on the planet. As he rounded the corner, his mouth fell open. He stood dumbfounded. His mother was face down in a pool of cum, lapping it up like an eager puppy. His dad held her hair in a firm grip, and one of the biggest dicks he'd ever seen swung between his legs. He knew his dad was hung, and where he'd gotten his cock from, but he'd never seen it so blatantly displayed.

Unable to move, or speak, Mike just stood and watched his mother swallow what looked like a gallon of sperm. It was all over the chair, the floor, the table. John and Mike locked eyes, and shared an instant of shock. Then, to his amazement, his dad put his finger up to his lips and gave him a wink. Mike's mouth worked, but his brain could not come up with a single thing to say, anyway. His dad waved him away quickly as his sexy mother was finishing her meal. With a final glance, Mike backed away and quietly retreated to his cave. His heart beat against his rib cage so fast he thought it would explode. His big cock throbbed in his pants.

He could hardly come to terms with what he had seen. In a daze, he had his cock in his hand, stroking it for all he was worth. The image of his sexy mother, her nightie bunched up around her waist, ass in the air, and face a mess of cum was all he needed. His balls burst and a huge torrent of cum flew from his cockhead to land all over his floor. He couldn't have cared less about the mess he made. He knew his parents were horny, kinky, and over 21 years he'd heard them fucking plenty of times. He'd just never seen it, never knew just what a total cumslut his mom was. The revelation had his young cock erect again in no time. He knew, then and there, that he had to get his dick into his mother. He just had to.

*The Tease*

Stephanie emerged from the steamy bathroom wrapped in a towel. Her bulging young tits scraped against the rough cloth, causing her nipples to stiffen in a most delightful way. She walked down the hall, noted Tori's door was closed now, and stopped to listen. She couldn't hear anything inside. She was probably asleep. The sexy teen moved on, entering her own room, and checked her phone.

Tim, Tori's hunky boyfriend, had sent a text message. He wanted to know if she'd heard from Tori. She hadn't answered his calls for a couple of days. She toyed with the idea of telling him that Tori was busy with her fingers up her overheated little cunt, but instead settled on relaying that she wasn't feeling well. A moment later he sent over a thank you.

She dropped her towel, running her soft hands over her huge boobs, tweaking her nipples. She was so hot from finger fucking her sister to an orgasm this morning. The following tease she'd done on her father, and the way Mike had fucked her mouth, all culminated in an overwhelming urge to make her virgin pussy cum just one more time.

She knew, though, that when she got off it would make the feeling dissipate for a while, and she enjoyed being sexually keyed up like this. It made her feel so naughty. She'd also skipped out on the breakfast that she'd prepared for her parents, and her stomach was rumbling.

Going through her closet, she came up with something that could have been labeled an outfit, but was really just a getup to show off her curves. She hoped her father would be around the house today so that she could flirt and tease him. She'd heard him pound her mother sometimes four or five times in a day, so she knew that eventually he would give in. She just hoped it would be soon. His big prick was constantly on her mind these days, and she desperately wanted him to take her cherry.

She packed her round ass into some tight-fitting yoga pants, and pulled an equally tight tank top over her huge melons. Her hair still a frizzy mess, she bounced down the steps into the kitchen. Her father was gone, probably already in his office. Her mother was crouched on the floor, though, her nightie rumpled. She looked to be cleaning up something off the floor.

“Hey, hot stuff,” Stephanie quipped, “Whatcha doing?”

Melanie looked up at her stacked teenage daughter. Her face had the shimmer of having been recently cleaned. There were wet spots all over her nightie, though, big patches of filmy white.

“Hey, Stephie. Just cleaning up. Your father had a little accident with some cream. And you know that when boys make messes, we girls get to clean them up!”

She didn't look too upset that she was cleaning up the mess.

“Was Tori feeling any better, when you checked on her?” Stephanie asked.

Melanie shook her head, “She was taking a nap.”

Stephanie nodded, saying, “I hope she gets better. We've got finals this week.”

Melanie stood up and tossed a big bunch of paper towels into the trash.

“You girls are growing up so fast,” she said, giving Stephanie a big hug.

Stephanie put her arms around her mother. This close, she could smell both Melanie's soap from her shower this morning, but also a tangy scent of cum. She was certain of it. The spots on her nightie, the cleaning. She felt sure that it wasn't coffee creamer her mom had been cleaning up. Somebody had sprayed a huge load of cum in the kitchen, and her mother had been the recipient of that big load. She was sure of it.

She felt a little buzz in her brain as she imagined her dad's huge cock hosing her mother with sperm. The horny teen's mouth began to water, just thinking of how much cum that giant fuckstick could pump out. Probably twice as much as Mike's. Stephanie loved cum. She loved having it on her tits, on her face, squirting down her throat. Breaking away from her mother, she changed the subject.

“Mom, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, honey,” Melanie said happily, “you know you can always talk to me.”

“Well, do you think I could be a model?”

“A model? Baby, you're so pretty. Of course you could be a model. Why do you ask?”

“I want to make some extra money over the summer, and I've been thinking of that ad we saw at the mall yesterday. The one for swimsuit models. I thought that, maybe, I could take some pictures and build a portfolio. Laying around in bikinis all day sure beats bagging groceries, or something.”

Melanie beamed, “I think it's a great idea, baby. You know, your dad likes to do a little professional photography on the side. Just the occasional wedding here and there. Maybe he could help you put together some pictures?”

Stephanie did know, and she hoped her dad could be convinced, as well. She just wanted her mother on-board with the idea, too.

“Do you think he would,” she wondered aloud, “I mean, he wouldn't think it's weird to take pictures of his daughter in a bikini?”

Melanie giggled, saying, “Honey, regardless of whether you're his daughter, your father is a very red-blooded man. Any chance to check out a gorgeous young girl in a bikini is probably something he's not going to fight too hard.”

Stephanie squealed with girlish delight, hugging her mom close and saying, “Thanks mom! Can I go ask him? Is he in his office?”

Melanie gave her a peck on the head. Stephanie could smell cum on her breath.

“Yes, he's in his office. Don't bother him too much if he's busy, okay?”

Stephanie nodded her pretty blonde head and dashed from the room, tits bouncing, down the hallway. Her father's office door was open, and she found him inside in front of one of his computers. He was on speakerphone with someone else, but grinned widely when he saw her and waved her inside. He held up his finger to indicate she should wait a second.

“Thanks, Al,” he said into the phone, “That should keep them happy. I'll get back in touch on Tuesday.”

The man on the phone hung up. John spun his chair around to face his busty daughter.

“Hey, Stephie. What's up?”

Stephanie entered full-on tease mode. She sauntered up to her daddy and plopped into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her wild, uncombed blonde hair tickled his nose.

“Daddy,” she said girlishly, “I have a favor to ask you,”

“My wallet's upstairs, honey,” John grinned.

“I don't need money, daddy,” she laughed, “well, actually, I do. Just not your money.”

“I'm listening.”

Stephanie adjusted herself a bit, rubbing her tight ass against his crotch. He still hadn't changed from his robe.

“Well, I was hoping to get a little different job this summer, and I saw this ad when mom and I were at the mall,”

“Go on,” he said, his cock jumped as Stephanie's firm ass rubbed against him. She smelled like fresh teenager, and her big tits were positively straining in her tank top to break free. Daughter or not, John was a pussy hound, and Stephanie was a gorgeous piece of teenage ass. He had never had any qualms about fantasizing, especially the way she'd been teasing him lately.

She continued, “Well, there's an ad for some swimsuit modeling, and I talked to mom about it. She said it would be okay to put together a few pictures in a portfolio, and see if I could get the job. I was hoping that you would help me take some really good shots that look professional?”

“Hmm,” he considered, “I suppose I could help out. I'm glad to see you're taking some initiative to make something on your own. What kind of dad would I be if I didn't lend a hand?”

Stephanie squealed and kicked her legs like a little girl. In the process, her tits jiggled wildly, and her butt rubbed all over his lap. Unexpectedly, she gave him a quick kiss right on the lips. She didn't linger in any manner that seemed improper, though.

“You're the best, daddy! I can't wait! Can we do it this afternoon? Maybe out by the pool? Pleeease, daddy?”

Her big blue eyes were begging, her lips trembling. John's big dick rose until it was resting firmly against her ass. There was no way she couldn't notice, but she didn't say anything about it.

Laughingly, John said, “Alright, baby. Settle down, now. I'll need to check all my equipment, but I don't have anything important to do today, so sure. Let's say, maybe, two hours? I just have to finish up some emails and get things ready. I'll meet you out by the pool.”

“O-M-G,” she yelled, “This is going to be so cool! Stephanie's gonna be a model,” she sang, “Stephanie's gonna be a model!”

She leaped from his lap and swished her ass all the way out the door like she was on a runway. Poor John had to adjust his big dick. He'd certainly need to wear some extra baggy shorts this afternoon.

*John and Melanie*

After tossing her soiled nightie into the dirty clothes, Melanie put together some clothes for the gym. Despite her three children, she had the body of a college girl, and constantly worked to keep it rock hard and attractive. Not only was it for her husband's benefit, but she felt like, as the owner of a spa, she needed to portray an attractiveness that her client's felt like they could also attain. As she was packing her bag for the gym, John came into the room, looking a little flustered, and with his erection tenting his robe.

Melanie stopped what she was doing and put her hands on her hips, asking, “Are you okay? You look a little...turned on?”

John smirked. He had never hidden anything from his wife, and she hadn't from him. They didn't need to. They lived life on the same page, and that policy had provided them with years of happy marriage. Just last night, Melanie had opened up to him about how it had made her feel when she'd discovered their daughter with her ass and pussy filled with sex toys. She'd come clean about how she'd sucked Tori's wonderful pussy juice off of the dildos, and how horny the whole situation had made her. John had responded by tongue fucking her to multiple orgasms as he made her tell him exactly what she had fantasized about. Now it was his turn to come clean.

“So, Stephanie's told you about this modeling business,” he began.


“And you're okay with our daughter modeling bikini's for strangers?”

“She's an adult now, honey. She's also gorgeous, and if she wants to use her looks while she has them to get ahead a little, I'm okay with it. Just as long as she's safe,”

“And you're okay with me helping her take racy photos for a modeling portfolio?”

“Of course, baby. I'd rather it be you that some stranger, her first time,”

Her emphasis on first time was not lost on John.

“As long as you're okay with it,” he said.

Melanie could tell he was holding something back.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Well,” he hesitated, “I don't know for sure, but I think Stephanie has been flirting with me. She's been, well, very affectionate lately, and I could swear she's trying to tease me,”

Melanie laughed, saying, “Well, duh!”

John looked confused.

“Anyone could see that she's been teasing you,” Melanie said, “and pretty shamelessly, I might add,”

“You know?” he looked amused.

“Honey,” she said, reaching into his robe and molesting his hardening cock, “She was born of a full-fledged, professional cocktease,” she ran her little tongue over his lips, “and she's grown up to be a huge tease, herself. You should have seen her at work at the mall yesterday,”

“And the fact that she's trying to cocktease her own father doesn't bother you?”

Melanie wrapped her hand around his thick shaft, pressing her body up against his.

“Truthfully,” she hissed in his ear, “No. it doesn't bother me. She's so sexy, isn't she?”

She began to stroke his big boner, bringing it to life. John groaned at his wife's teasing.

“I know how much you love a big pair of young tits,” Melanie went on, “And how much we both love some hot, young, tight, pussy,”

“You're so bad,” he whispered, “That's your daughter,”

“And our daughter is a full-blown wet dream,” Melanie said, feeling his bloated head, “a teasing, bitchy, horny, little hottie,”

“Mmmm,” he hummed, “She is that. But, you told me how you felt just watching Tori play with herself,” he tried to argue, “and we know that it's not right. Despite everything we've done together, all the pleasure, all the dirty, nasty, filthy sex, we've never once involved the kids,”

“Would it be wrong to open up to them now that they're all adults,” Melanie continued, “wrong to let them know that they have a whole world of pleasure available to them, and wrong for them to learn about it with two people who love them, instead of getting into some of the...situations we did?”

She was stroking his cock harder now.

“When you put it that way, it doesn't sound so bad,” he said, but still sounded uncertain, “What if we're wrong, though? What if Stephanie is just a tease, and likes it that way. What if she thinks it disgusting to do anything else?”

Melanie stuck her tongue in his mouth and jerked his big dick. After a second she pulled off his lips and said, “Honey, that girl is so horny she's about to burst, trust me. She's got a serious daddy complex, and if she can't get what she wants from you, you can bet that eventually she'll go find some dirty old man to do it for you. And you know what else? The whole time, she'll be thinking about you,”

“I don't know, Mel,” he said, his breath raspy, “Do you really think that's what it is?”

“Baby,” she assured him, “I think it's time some things started changing in this family, and all of the kids are adults now. They're good kids, and we love them. There's nothing wrong with love, right?”

John agreed. It was hard to disagree with a woman who was stroking your cock so expertly.

“As long as we're divulging all of our secrets and hidden desires,” he said, “there's one more thing...”

“Mmmm, what's that?”

“Mike saw us, this morning,” he said, “he walked into the kitchen while you up the table,” he grinned ruthlessly, reaching up to fondle his wife's beautiful tits.

Melanie gasped, her voice a hushed whisper as she said, “You mean, when I was licking up that big pool of your spunk off the table?”

He nodded, “Saw it plain as day. I waved him off, but he certainly got an eyeful. No doubt about it now. He knows that his mom's a horny little cumslut,”

Melanie moaned as she held her husband's cock.

“How does that make you feel, baby?” he asked, “to know that your son saw you lapping up that big pool of cum like a hungry kitten?”

“Oh, God,” Melanie hissed, “do you think he jerked off to it?”

John had to laugh. His wife was amazing. Where most women would have been appalled at the thought of their son seeing them in such a compromising scenario, Melanie only wanted to know if Mike had cum because of her.

“Probably,” he said, “I'll bet he's down in his room right now stroking off,”

Melanie smiled, dropped her husband's cock, and composed herself.

“Well,” she said, “I guess I'm glad he's got something other than porn to get his rocks off to. Now, I'm going to work out. I'll go to the store after, and I'll plan to be home promptly at 5. Until then, you are in charge of this madhouse. Try not to burn it down, hot stuff.”

She grabbed her bag, slung it over her shoulder, blew him a kiss, and was gone. John's boner was at full attention, disregarded by his sexy wife as though it were a toy she was tired of. Not only that, but he was due to meet up at the pool in back soon, and there was very little chance that he'd be able to hide his huge meat from his teasing daughter. Now, though, he wasn't exactly sure he wanted to.

The fact that his wife had pretty much given her consent to allowing Stephanie to seduce him was something that he couldn't yet comprehend. He wasn't even sure of his own feelings, for that matter. Yes, Stephanie was gorgeous. She was a tease. She obviously wanted to arouse him. Could he allow himself to let it happen, though? Heaving a big sigh, he instead focused his energy on getting into a pair of shorts, and then making his way to his office to break out the camera equipment.

*The First Taste*

The early summer sun blazed down on the Hamlin's back yard. John had opened up the pool a month ago, but Stephanie just hadn't really taken the time to enjoy it much this year. Of course, she'd worked on her tan a bit, but hadn't been in the mood to swim much. Today, though, the pool area held new promise.

She was sure that baring her body for her father in all manner of skimpy swimsuits would help her seduce him. She'd seen her parents extensive collection of teenage porn, and knew that they were into younger girls. Her poor, horny, teen pussy throbbed with need. She was so tired of just using her mouth. She desperately wanted to know how a real cock would feel buried in her hot little snatch.

She carefully laid out a variety of swimwear and beach attire on the lounge table, along with a bottle of sun oil. She figured that the pictures would look better if her skin was shiny. The modeling job wasn't only to help with her father's seduction, after all. She was genuinely interested in making some money for herself. If she could do it by showing off her hard little body, and making men want to jerk off their dicks to pictures of her, so much the better. Wrapped in a towel, she laid herself out on a lounger by the pool to wait for her father to arrive.

She didn't have to wait long. John came out carrying two cases of camera equipment. He set them in the shade of the back porch, set up a tripod, and placed one camera on top. He set out a smaller handheld camera, and a second tripod to capture video. He could probably get some great stills from the video as he had Stephanie change poses and move around. His stacked daughter laid out on a lounger, wrapped in a towel, with a pair of big sunglasses on her face. Her lips shimmered with gloss, and she flashed him a big smile, sexily bending one leg while she spread her thighs just slightly. John smiled to himself. She knew what she was doing, alright.

Equipment ready, John walked over to stand over her. His flipflops smacked the concrete with each step closer. He wore a pair of long, baggy shorts to hide his massive cock. His chest was bare, and he wore a visor to block the sun.

“Hi, daddy,” Stephanie called, “Isn't it a lovely view out here today?”

“Sure is,” he replied, drinking in her long, smooth legs.

“Daddy, could you oil me up? I think the pictures would look better if my skin was glistening,”

She held up her bottle of oil in her dainty hand. John took it.

“Sure, baby. Why don't you lose the towel,” His voice almost cracked as she grinned at him.

Stephanie stood up, put her back to him, and unfastened her towel. She glanced over her shoulder as she slowly lowered the towel, exposing her bare shoulders, then the strap of the tiny bikini she had chosen to model first. Finally, she dropped the towel. John's breath caught in his throat as the thin strap of cloth cut the crack of her perfectly rounded teenage ass. She kicked it away with one leg and laid face down on the lounger.

“I'm ready for you, daddy,” she said quietly.

Her whole body quivered with excitement. She was about to feel her father's strong hands stroking her bare flesh. She wanted to jump up and stick her tongue down his throat, and beg him to please take her. She could hardly stand the anticipation. What if he didn't want her, though? What if he was disgusted by the thought of plunging his huge tool into her tight young body? She'd seen some incest porn in her parents collection, so she was sure it was something they'd fantasized about in the past. What if it was only that, though? Something that he would never consider doing for real?

A moment later she felt his touch on her skin. The cool oil and his warm hand were an erotic contrast. He began in the small of her back, spreading the oil very liberally into her teen flesh. Her breath blew out of her body, and she tensed.

“Just relax, baby,” her father said softly, “I'm sure the pictures will turn out great. You're so beautiful.”

She sighed contentedly as he smeared the oil on her back, working it up her spine, into her sides. He pressed it up under the strap of her bikini, and she imagined him pulling the knot free and letting her top fall away. Her breathing became more ragged. The feel of his hands was incredible!

He massaged the oil into her shoulders next, his touch gentle but firm. More oil into her neck, then back down to her back. In a few minutes her skin was glistening, but he wasn't done. He slowly worked more oil into the backs of her legs, starting low with her ankles, and ever so slowly working his way up her hard legs. She giggled a little as he touched the backs of her knees, tickling her ever so slightly.

She was panting by the time his hands worked their way up to the top of her legs. He was so close to her ass. He rubbed the oil onto the inside of her thighs, his cock starting to swell in his shorts.

“Spread your legs,” he whispered.
The words almost made the oversexed teen cream herself.

“Yes, daddy.” she said obediently, and spread her legs a little wider. The bikini bottoms were so small that she was sure he could see her exposed, puffy, teen pussy. He worked the oil into her inner thighs, his fingers dangerously close to her wet cunt. Then his hands were sliding up the globes of her ass, the slick oil causing them to slide easily over her cheeks. Sexy young Stephanie could feel her pussy spasm as her father's big hands massaged her ass. Her head reeled at the thought of him spreading her cheeks and shoving his tongue up her oiled up asshole. Her butt squirmed under his touch and she couldn't help but moan. Then his hands were gone.

“I think the back's done,” John said, “How's it feel?”

“Great, daddy,” she said truthfully, “Are you okay to do the front?”

“Sure, honey,” he accepted happily.

It was an intense battle with his penis right now. The supple teenage flesh beneath him was just begging to be ravaged. He hardly cared if this little cocktease was his daughter. He wanted to watch her little pussy spread open as he worked his huge shaft up inside her.

Stephanie turned over, and John suppressed a groan. Her bikini top was almost as small as the bottoms. It was hardly more than a couple bits of fabric over her hard nipples. Her big tits spilled out around them, firm and plump on her chest.

John began at her feet, working his way up slowly, oiling her ankles, then her calves, up to her thighs. He smeared the oil on her inner thighs, purposely brushing his thumb against her pussy lips, feeling her jump at the intimate contact. He could see her chest heaving with excitement.

She was absolutely turned on by this. He straddled the lounger and worked the oil into her stomach, watching her beautiful face the entire time. She bit her bottom lip, as though afraid to open her mouth. She felt that if she did, she'd scream. His hands moved up from her abdomen, slid into the valley between her breasts. Stephanie's brow was furrowed in concentration.

“Don't forget my big tits, daddy,” she heard herself whisper.

John grinned, and did as she asked. He added more oil, and his hands cupped his daughter's big tits, smearing them from the bottom of the perfect globes, and then sliding under her top. When his hands passed over her nipples, Stephanie couldn't hold back. All the tension in her body suddenly shot down to her pussy, and her hips began to wriggle back and forth of their own accord. With her father's hands on her tits, Stephanie came right there by the pool. Her young body shook as she moaned and tossed her hair. It wasn't a powerful cum, but John's experienced eye saw it for what it was.

“I, I'm a little sensitive there, daddy,” she said, blushing.

John's dick was now hard. It tented his shorts.

“I'm sorry, honey,” he said, pulling his hands away, “are you okay?”

“Oh, yeah,” Stephanie said, “I'm great. I think I'm good and shiny, now!”

He couldn't tell because of her sunglasses, but he was pretty sure she was staring at his hardon, which was quite evident.

“I'll grab the camera,” he said, turning away.

Stephanie tried to collect herself. Her father had just made her cum by touching her tits. Her father had touched her tits! Holy shit! She had craved this attention for years, and it was finally here. He'd obviously been aroused. There was no hiding a dick like that when it was hard. Stephanie fought to get control of her breathing. Her daddy was coming back with the camera.

“Ready for a couple of shots?” he asked, his dick still hard. He wasn't trying to hide it. She took that as a good sign.

“Sure, daddy. How do you want me?” She grinned.

Over the next hour, Stephanie teased the living hell out of her father, and he her. He instructed her to pose in several different ways, some on the lounger, some against a tree, on the table, by the water, in the water, and in various swimwear, some fairly conservative, some of it utterly lewd. Throughout the process his cock never was in danger of softening, and by the time he finished the last shot Stephanie's little cunt was sopping wet. Finally, he set the camera aside and jumped in the pool. He was under for a few seconds, and then emerged with a gasp.

“Damn, but it's hot out here!” he yelled.

Wasting no time, Stephanie followed him in, making sure to splash him as much as possible. He was sputtering as she came up under him, brushing her toned body against his hard rod. John gasped as she broke the surface right under his nose, coming up fast so that her lips landed right on his. Rather than pull back, he found himself lingering, feeling her young lips pressed against his. His arm went around her waist, and her hand slid into his shorts. She wrapped her small hand around as much cock as she could, moaning into his mouth as her lips opened and she felt his tongue slip inside. Finally, he broke away, still holding his sexy little girl.

“Stephie,” he breathed, “I know you've been flirting with me,”

“Was it that obvious, daddy?” she asked.

“Only after your mother pointed it out,”

She gasped and almost let go of his cock, but she'd wanted it for so long that she held on, “M, mom? Mom knew?”

He nodded, “Your mother's the greatest tease I've ever known. She can spot a flirt a mile away, and you, have obviously inherited her talents in that regard,”

“Daddy,” she whispered.

“Stephie,” he said gruffly, “look. I know what it's like to be a horny teenager. Hell, I was one not too long ago. You're an adult now, though. That means you need to think very carefully about the things you do, and the repercussions of your actions,”

“Oh, I have daddy! I've been thinking of you for a long time,”

“Just hear me out, Stephie. You're my daughter, and that means that there are things that some people might think are wrong, you know that,”

“You mean,” she put her lips to his ear, “things like daddies pushing their big, swollen, daddy cocks into their daughter's virgin pussies? Or do you mean horny little girls trying to fit as much of their daddy's big dicks into their throat as they can manage? What about holding your daughter down while she offers up her tiny asshole for you? Would some people say those things are wrong, daddy?”

John's cock lurched under the water. Fucking fuck! His daughter was a pro at spewing nasty talk. Any restraint he had was beginning to crumble.

“I, uh, yes...yes, Stephie. There are people who would say all those things are wrong,”

“Would you say they're wrong, daddy?” she asked, stroking his stiff pole under the water, “Would you say there's anything wrong with a loving daughter offering up her juicy, teen cunt for her daddy to enjoy whenever he wants?”

Unable to control himself, John took hold of one of her big tits. Stephanie moaned.

“Those are yours, too, daddy. It's all for you. I've been saving my pussy just for your big, hard, daddy dick,” she moaned.

“Stephie, you know that nothing will ever be the same, right? Once you cross this line, I'm going to make you addicted to my cock. You're going to do anything I want, just like your mother, just so you can keep getting filled by me. And your mother will know. She'll know about it every time I shove my cock into your willing little cunt, and she'll know about the way you scream and cum when I teach you how to take the whole thing up your ass,”

Stephanie was lost in lust. Her father was a dirty talker, too. She was on the edge of cumming just from his naughty words. She was so close to having him. She just had to say it, and her cherry was gone. Her daddy would take her and make her a woman.

“Yes,” she said without hesitation, “I want that, daddy. I want it so bad. Please, please make me your slut. I want to be your slut, daddy, please.”

She sucked on his tongue, her small hand jerking his huge cock while he molested her big tits. They made out in the pool a few more minutes, oblivious to everything else.

“Stephie,” he pulled back, “This is something I have to think really hard about. I'm not stupid. I know that things in our family are starting to change, now that you're all adults. But that doesn't mean I'm ready to rush into anything. If you really love me, you're going to have to accept that. If we, as a family, decide to take our relationship in a new direction, it's going to be one filled with love and respect. That doesn't mean it won't be kinky, dirty, and filled with debauchery, but it's not something to take lightly. Do you understand?”

Stephanie nodded her head, her face falling in disappointment. She should already be feeling his big cock bumping against her uncontrollable slit. She should be choking on his fat cockhead! Before she knew what was happening, he was lifting her from the pool and sitting her on the edge. He spread her legs, revealing her puffy little teen cunt. And then, swiftly as a cobra striking its prey, her daddy buried his face between her legs. The sudden contact of his hot breath on her pussy made her gasp, and then her bikini bottom was roughly pushed aside. Her body convulsed in mind-bending pleasure as John's tongue slowly ran the length of her exposed slit.

“Oh, fuck, daddy! Oh, fuck! Yes! Push your tongue up into my virgin cunt. I want you to taste what you can have whenever you want. It's all yours, daddy. It's your pussy,” she screamed.

John took his sweet time on his sexy daughter's young, dripping box. The smell of her arousal and chlorine from the pool was going to his head. It had been years since he'd tasted the unspoiled fuck juice of a virgin pussy. The fact that it was his busty daughter's only made it more exciting, more nasty. Stephanie's hands were on the back of his head. She was moaning and thrashing her hips, desperately fucking her wet pussy against his tongue.

“Fuck me with your tongue, daddy! Make your little girl cream on your face! I'm gonna fill your mouth up with fuck honey, daddy. It's going to taste so good! Oh, God, Oh God, Oh God, I'm gonna cum for you, daddy! Your slutty daughter's going to cum on your tongue!”

And cum she did, harder than any time in her young life. Her hot girl juice squirted like a fountain on her father's face, bathing his tongue and lips with her sweet cum. She fell back on the concrete, her head spinning with unbelievable pleasure as her daddy sucked her clit and rubbed her ass and pussy holes with his big fingers. When he slipped one finger in cunt, and another up her tight little ass, Stephanie completely lost control. Her mind could no longer form a coherent thought or word. Finally, he pulled his tongue from her dripping box, crawled from the pool and stuck his tongue into her mouth.

“Taste your pussy, baby,” he hissed, “lick up your sweet cum like a good slut,”

Wild with desire, she complied readily, licking all of her juices from his face, his lips, sucking her pussy off of his tongue. When she was satisfied that she had cleaned up well enough, she finally opened her eyes, seeing her father grinning down at her.

“Daddy, please..please fuck me...I've waited so long,” she begged.

John shook his head, “Not today, baby. That was just a tease. I have a lot to think about before I bury my big cock inside that firm little body of yours. Until then, I want you to think about it, too. I want you to play with your naughty little cunt while you think about your daddy pushing his fat prick up your pussy. If it happens, it's going to be unexpected. You'll never know. It could be tonight, or next week. Maybe while the whole family is eating dinner, you'll be sitting on my lap with a foot of cockmeat stuffed inside of you. You'll never know until it happens. If it happens. Now, you should get cleaned up. Your mother will be home soon, and I have a lot to talk about with her.”

With that, he stood up, collected his camera equipment, and left his daughter trying to regain her composure. As her mind swirled with what had just happened, she couldn't help but feel disappointed. She was so sure that her plan would work. He was supposed to shove his big tool into her and make her his little teenage fuckhole. Instead, he'd eaten her pussy like a madman, made her cum harder than ever in her life, and then left things wide open.

One thing was certain, though. She was more determined than ever to get her daddy's huge cock in her every hole, and living in a family of sexual deviants, that should take much more doing. Today was a success, in reality. He hadn't turned her down, and he hadn't been disgusted with her confession. There was still a chance, and that gave her hope. As her high came down, she stared up at the sky. The sun was lower, less blazing, and as she soaked it in her eyes fell on an upstairs window.

It was Tori's room. Maybe Tori had seen what happened. The thought made Stephanie very hot again. She hoped that Tori had watched her daddy bring off her pussy with his expert tongue. On wobbly legs, she stood and collected her swimsuits from the yard. She needed another shower.

*Sharing with Melanie*

Melanie returned from the gym sweating, sore, but happy. The workout had burned off some of the sexual energy she'd left the house with, but while driving home she had begun to wonder if anything had happened while she was out. Stephanie would have, likely, taken advantage of this photo shoot to mercilessly tease her father. And she had purposely left him in a highly aroused state, just to encourage him to maybe feel out his daughter's intentions toward him. By the time she pulled into the driveway, her panties were soaked with a combination of sweat and her horny juices.

She came through the front door, tossing her gym bag in the entryway. It could be dealt with later. She took her small sack of groceries into the kitchen, and was surprised to see Tori and Stephanie already there. Tori looked a little more lively, probably driven from her room by pure hunger. She'd hardly eaten anything the last few days. The two girls were in the midst of putting together some kind of pasta dish, the amazing smell wafting out of the kitchen. She recognized Italian spices in the air, and the smell of fresh baked bread. A steaming pot of sauce simmered on the stove. Mike was there, too, setting places on the table.

The three children stopped what they were doing as she entered, all smiles, and yelled, “Welcome home, mom!”

“Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise. My three beautiful children, all getting along, and cooking a family meal? I'm inclined to ask what you did wrong, and how much it's going to cost us to fix,” she jabbed.

Stephanie laughed, “Oh, mom. Nothing's wrong! Everything is great! We just want you to know how much we appreciate everything you guys do, and how much we love our family! See, even Tori pulled her hands away from her pussy long enough to help!”

“Stephie! Shut up!” Tori cried, blushing a deep red.

Mike laughed quietly, his cock aching in his pants at the sight of his hot sisters and his equally sexy mother. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her body shone with sweat. There were splotches of it on her sports bra, and her tight little workout shorts. He imagined, for a moment, that the stains weren't sweat, but rather blobs of hot cum that some gym stud had sprayed her with after she sucked him off in the shower room. Maybe he'd let loose a hose of semen on her pretty face, and she'd eagerly lapped it up and asked for more. His dick was throbbing as he hid it behind the tabletop.

“Where's your father?” Melanie asked.

“Back in his office,” Stephanie replied, “touching up my fantastic new modeling photos!”

“Modeling photos?” Tori questioned.

“Your sister is going to apply to do swimwear modeling over the summer. Your dad helped her take some pictures this afternoon to make a portfolio.”

“Is that what the fucking racket was out there?” Tori said.

“If you want to, you can go tell dad that dinner's about done,” Stephanie said to her mother, ignoring Tori's comment.

Melanie nodded, set her grocery bag on the table, making sure to lean over the table to give Mike a great view of her glistening cleavage.

“Could you please put these away for me, sweetie,” she cooed at her handsome son, “I want to make sure they don't spoil.

“Uh, sure, mom.” the infatuated college boy replied.

Melanie rounded the table, and gave him a big hug, pulling him against her tits.

“You're such a good boy,” she said, and glancing up to make sure the girls weren't watching, she leaned in and gave Mike a quick, but slightly more than motherly peck on the lips. She winked, and turned around to find her husband.

Mike was dumbstruck. Did his hot mother actually just hit on him? There was no way. He must still be fucked up over what he'd seen her doing this morning. He knew his parents were freaks, but hitting on their own kids? There was no way in hell. Trying to hide his raging erection, he began to put her groceries away.

Down the hall, Melanie entered her husband's office. He was touching up a variety of photos from Stephanie's shoot earlier in the day. She closed the office door quietly, and came to stand beside him. John looked up and grinned like a devil, nodding toward the screen. A series of photos showed their stacked daughter in everything from a conservative one-piece suit, to skimpy little beach wear, to more revealing bikinis, and finally in a scandalous micro-bikini that may as well have left her completely nude, for all the flesh it managed to hide. Melanie felt her arousal spiking as she looked at the images.

“My god,” she whispered, “she's even more beautiful that I'd imagined. I can't believe you had the restraint not to fuck her right there. You didn't fuck her, did you?”

John shook his head, saying, “No. We did have a little talk about her flirting, and she came clean. Well, she came clean in about the filthiest way possible, practically begging for me to take her cherry, and make her my personal fucktoy. That girl is as wild as her mother,” his hand cupped Melanie's aroused pussy mound, “There's something else you might like to see, though,” he grinned devilishly.

Melanie raised an eyebrow. He had her curious. He minimized the collage he was working on, and brought up another file. This one was a lengthy video of the entire photo shoot. Most of it was what she had expected. There was John, shirtless, rubbing oil into Stephanie's hard body. They went through a variety of poses, shots, John directing her to try different things, work various angles, and then he leaped into the pool. Stephanie was right behind him.

The camera captured perfectly her emergence from the water, her forceful kiss on John's lips. Melanie's breathing became rapid as she watched her daughter skillfully make out with her husband. It was clear that her hand was stroking his cock. The video was too far to have picked up sound, but she watched John pull away, talk for a moment with Stephanie. She looked disappointed for a moment, but then John picked her up and set her lithe body on the side of the pool. Her daughter's legs spread wide, and then her husband's face disappeared between Stephanie's legs.

“Oh my god,” Melanie whispered, “ ate her pussy?”

John looked up at his wife. Her eyes were glazed over with lust, and her hand was now inside her shorts. He smiled and turned back to the video. On the screen, the camera showed Stephanie grinding her hips against his face, her head thrown back in pleasure. Her long blonde hair shook from side-to-side as she experienced her first orgasm from a man's tongue. After only a few moments, she collapsed on her back, her big breasts heaving.

Her body continued to spasm as John's face came back into view. He crawled from the pool and stuck his tongue into his daughter's mouth. Melanie moaned and worked her fingers over her engorged clit. The sight before her was incredible. She had never imagined how erotic it could be to watch John bring off his own daughter with that skillful tongue. Finally, he walked away, leaving Stephanie twitching as her high receded.

“So,” John said with a grin, and a little trepidation, “What do you think?”

“Baby, that can't...I don't have any words. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen, John.”

He turned in his chair and took his wife's shorts in his hands, sliding them down her long legs. The intoxicating smell of her sweat and arousal hit his nose, and his mouth watered. The video began to play again on its own. Melanie couldn't take her eyes from the screen. She felt John's big tongue slip between her folds and bump her clit. She trembled as he lapped at her horny cunt with a passion. Her pent up arousal was coming to a head as, on the screen, she again saw her busty daughter cum all over her daddy's tongue. The sight was just too much. She began to cum herself, fucking her pussy against her husband's face. A moment later, she started to come down, and released her death grip on his hair.

“Fuck me, John. Holy fuck me! That was amazing!”

“Her pussy tasted just like yours,” John said, “so sweet, but more innocent. She's definitely a virgin. I'd be willing to bet that no one has ever eaten that pussy before today. She said that she's been saving it for her daddy, and wants me to teach her how to take my big cock in every hole,”

“She didn't!” Melanie hissed.

“Not in those exact words, no. It was more like 'Do you think it's wrong for daddies to shove their big daddy cocks up their little girls cunts? And is it wrong for a daughter to want to fit as much of her daddy's big prick into her throat as she can take. Is it wrong for a little girl to offer up her asshole so that her daddy can make his whenever he wants?' Yeah it was more like that,”

“Oh, my, God...She really lays it on, doesn't she?”

“I'd say she inherited it from the best,” he said, standing up to kiss his wife hungrily.

Melanie shook her head, trying to clear away the growing urge to fuck herself silly on his huge cock right there.

“The kids have dinner ready,” she said, “we should go.”

John nodded. He turned off the video, locked his computer, and followed his wife into the kitchen.

*The Slutty Queen who Rules this Roost*

Dinner was a quiet affair, as the entire family seemed to be famished from the day of lewd activity. Tori consumed two huge plates of everything, trying to regain her strength. Her thoughts kept drifting to her sister fingering her to an orgasm that morning, and how good it had felt. By the time she was finished eating, she could feel that her chair was a wet mess from her drooling pussy.

Under the table, Stephanie rubbed her foot against her father's leg, while unbeknownst to the sexy teenager, her mother was also rubbing his bulging erection. Mike, left out, was consumed with his own thoughts about his hot mother's cum covered face. Once the meal was over, Tori claimed that she still felt sick, and returned to her room. Mike left without a word. John returned to his office to continue working on the photos, which left Stephanie and Melanie to clean up the remains of dinner.

“I can handle this, mom,” Stephanie said, “You should go catch a shower and relax. You look beat!”

“Oh, that's alright, baby. I can lend you a hand before I clean up,” she smiled.

She watched her daughter's big tits jiggle in her tight top as she leaned across the table to collect dishes and bring them to the sink. Melanie brought the remainder, and together they began to wash off the plates and glasses, loading them in the dishwasher. When the task was done, Stephanie stood and stretched, her joints popping delightfully. Melanie pulled her close and hugged her, stroking her blonde hair.

“Did you enjoy your photo shoot?” she asked, innocently.

“It was great,” Stephanie replied, “I'm sure daddy will make them look awesome!”

“Mmmm, I know he will. And did you enjoy his tongue in your hot little pussy?”

She snaked her hand down to Stephanie's mound, cupping it through her shorts.

“W, what do you mean,” Stephanie gasped, suddenly afraid, “He, well, we, uh, uh...”

“Shhhh, baby. It's okay. I know how hot you are for you daddy's dick,” she whispered, her tongue flicking her daughter's ear, “It's so big and powerful. When he stretches my cunt open with it, it's like being in heaven. His tongue is amazing, but when he holds me down and forces the length up inside my pussy, or in my tiny ass, I'll do anything he says.”


Melanie's fingers slipped into her shorts, finding her daughter's clit. She roughly pressed Stephanie against the counter and began to work her finger into her slick cunt. Stephanie was at a loss. She never imagined her mother being into girls, and especially not her daughter. Yet, here she was, pumping Stephanie's virgin pussy with two fingers. Melanie kissed her like a lesbian slut, sloppily working her tongue into her daughter's mouth. Stephanie pushed her pelvis against her mother's hand, moaning into her mouth. Melanie broke their kiss, using her other hand to slide under Stephanie's shirt and rub her nipple.

“I never realized that you were such a hungry little slut, and not just a tease,” Melanie taunted the busty teen, “I never knew that my sweet little girl was a cock-craving cunt that wanted her daddy to fill her up with his giant prick. That is what you want, isn't it Stephie?”

Her mother's words were making her head spin. Light flashed behind her eyelids as she started to cum.

“Yes,” she hissed, riding her mother's fingers, “Yes, I want my daddy's big cock. I think about it all the time, mom. Do you... do you think I'm a pervert? Am I wrong to want to feel a real cock inside me?”

Melanie pulled her sticky fingers from her daughter's snatch and fed them to her little girl. While Stephanie cleaned her own fuck juice from her mother's hand, Melanie said, “It is wrong. You're a filthy little teenage cunt. You're an incestuous, nasty, cum-loving slut that craves her own daddy's fat prick. You're obviously fucked up in the head, baby. No good girl wants their daddy to make her take his foot long cock up her tiny asshole. A good girl doesn't beg him to please let her suck it. You're a teasing little tramp with a body to die for, and that's why I love you.”

Melanie kissed her again, groped her big tit, and then stepped back, licking her lips. Stephanie tried to catch her breath. The last few minutes had been so hot that she could feel her pussy on a hair trigger, eager to cum again at the slightest touch.

“Now, I'm going to take a shower. Your poor father has a lot to think about, and I want you to keep your urges in check for now, baby. If your daddy wants to feed you his big prick, and pop your cherry, I'm not going to stop him. You just remember something,”

Stephanie nodded.

“You remember that that man is my husband. I love him more than life itself, and more than anything in the world. I also love you kids the same. But, there will be no jealousy in this house. If I get even a hint that you're trying to take my husband, I will bury you. So help me God, I will make it my mission to destroy you, or any other woman that thinks that she can compete with the slutty goddess that rules this roost! If you can accept that, then I think that a lot of things are going to change in this family, and bring us all closer together. Do we have a deal?”

Stephanie didn't even need to think. She had never seen her mother so dominant, so frightening, so serious. For all of Stephanie's alpha tendencies, she knew that her mother could grind her under her boot heel anytime she chose. She kissed her mother passionately for a few seconds, fell to her knees and placed her head between her mother's legs, smelling her desire.

“Yes, ma'am,” she said meekly, “yes. I'm just a dumb little slut that can't control her pussy, and I know that you'll teach me to please my daddy the way he likes.”

Melanie smiled, pulled her shorts down, and leaned against the table.

“Show me what a good little stupid slut you are, baby.”

Stephanie pushed out her tongue, and tasted her first pussy. As soon as the sweet taste of sweat and fuck honey hit her tongue, she knew it wouldn't be her last.


With only a few days left in her junior year, Tori was having trouble concentrating. She chalked it up to nerves, but it just seemed like everything around her was happening in a daze recently. She'd be a senior in a few months. The thought had been weighing on her heavily all year. That must be it. She just wasn't sure what she wanted to do next, after high school was behind her. She'd already started getting notices about scholarship opportunities for track from various colleges. Stephanie had gotten some, too. Tori really hoped that she could go to the same school as Stephie. Having her sister there would make life so much better. Stephie was always so supportive.

Right now, though, her head hurt. It was hard to focus on what Mr. Hart was saying. She'd never cared for chemistry. Not that her grades weren't good. She was a perfect student, in fact. She just didn't like the way Mr. Hart stared at her like a pervert all the time. The last week, it had been even worse due to the constant tingling in her pussy.

And it wasn't just Mr. Hart. Everything had been worse! She'd felt a little sick each day. She was getting headaches. Some days it was hard to keep on task. Her recent visit to the doctor had come up with nothing. The doctor wrote off her feeling as psychological, probably stress related. She was sure the stress would go away once summer began, and things would be fine.

The classroom door opened, and a teacher's aide came in with a note for Mr. Hart. He took it, glanced at it.

“Tori,” he said, “The office would like to see you for a moment.”

Tori was confused. She'd never been called to the office for anything. She never got in trouble. She was a good girl! Good girls don't cum on their sister's fingers, she thought briefly, then tried to push that dirty thought away. She clumsily pushed herself up from her desk and made her way up to the front of the room, taking the note from Mr. Hart. Her head spun. What could she possibly be needed in the principal's office for?

Her head hurting, Tori left the room and slowly made her way to the office. For a moment, she almost forgot where it was! Then, she collected herself and remembered. Yes, it was up toward the front. She pushed past the glass doors leading to the reception desk, where Angie sat busily typing. Last year, Tori volunteered as an office assistant on her free period. Angie had been really nice to talk to.

“Hi, Tori,” Angie greeted her happily.

“Hey Angie. I guess I'm supposed to see the principal for something?”

“Go on in, hon. I'm sure it's nothing. Probably another college coming to try to woo you!”
Tori felt better. Maybe it was some good news! She walked past the reception desk to the Principal's door, and knocked softly.

“Come in,” Mr. Patterson's voice boomed from behind the door.

Tori turned the knob, stepped inside, and was immediately frightened. What was going on? Mr. Patterson sat behind his desk, frowning. Behind him stood one of the school police, and seated in front of his desk was her father. Mr. Patterson and the officer looked disappointed, while her father looked furious.

“You, um, wanted to see me, Mr. Patterson?”

“Yes, Tori. Please sit down.”

She sat next to her father, who reached out and held her hand affectionately. He didn't seem angry with her, but rather with the two men on the other side of the desk.

“Tori,” Mr. Patterson began, “A short while ago, we received an anonymous tip that you were in possession of illegal narcotics,”

“This is absurd,” her father raged, “Tori is one of your best students. This is obviously some kind of prank.”

“That could very well be,” Mr. Patterson went on, “However we are bound by law to investigate all claims of this nature, as you know. I know Tori's reputation is nothing but stellar, Sir. I'm sure that this will all turn out to be nothing. Now, Tori, we had to request that one of your parents be present for this discussion. We will need you to please empty out your pockets, and the officer here will need to escort us all to your locker to have a look, too. Will that be any problem?”

Tori was aghast. Drugs? She didn't even know what drugs looked like, let alone take any!

“Of course not, Sir,” Tori agreed, “I don't have anything to hide!”

She stoop up and emptied out everything in the pockets of her snug jeans. Her school ID, a pack of gum, some spare change. No drugs.

“Thank you, Tori,” Mr. Patterson said, “Now I understand that you father has requested his legal counsel to be present before we proceed any further. When your attorney arrives, we'll take a quick trip to your locker.”

An uncomfortable few minutes passed, and then a knock came on the door. It swung open, and John's attorney stepped inside, looking a consummate professional. Stu had been a long time friend of the family, having grown up with John. In fact, it was John who loaned him his starter money to open his practice when he'd passed the bar, and in exchange he made John his priority client in all matters. Stu shook hands with everyone in the room, introducing himself. He then switched into full attorney mode.

“Am I to understand that my client is being investigated for possession of illegal narcotics?”

Mr. Patterson confirmed, “I wouldn't yet call it an investigation. An anonymous tip was phoned in to the office this morning, and as you're aware we are bound to investigate that claim. Would you agree, Sir?”

“That's correct, and I'm sorry, John, Tori, but they do have the right of it. Since the report is on school property, and the lockers are also school property, the administration doesn't require your consent for a search. They've extended it, I think, out of respect for Tori's well-known record as an upstanding student.”

“Thanks,” John grumbled.

“Shall we go?” Mr. Patterson asked. The men nodded.

Her father held her hand, and the small group made their way through the halls to the junior lockers. Tori was just glad that classes were still in session, so no one would see how embarrassing this was. At the same time, the embarrassment had started her confused pussy leaking, and she hoped that no one could hear the squishing sounds it was making as they walked.

They stopped in front of her locker, and she put the combination in with the dial. The door clanked open. The officer, with rubber gloves on, began to remover her books, papers, folders. She always kept things neat. Once everything was out and placed on the ground, the locker was empty. No drugs.

But then he reached back inside. There was a loose panel in the back, and the tip of what looked like a plastic baggie poked out from the corner. The officer pried the panel back further. There, clear as day, was a small baggie filled with several items that Tori had never seen before.

Her father, the principal, and the officer all looked at her in shocked disbelief. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know what the baggie was. She looked pleadingly at all of them, tears welling up in her eyes.

“That isn't mine,” She cried, “Someone must have put that in there! It's not mine!”

Becoming hysterical, she began to cry. Her father put his arm around her.

“Perhaps we should return to my office.” Mr. Patterson said.

In a blur, Tori let herself be led back to the office. Once inside her father sat her in a chair.

“This is ridiculous,” he shouted at Mr. Patterson, “My daughter isn't some drug fiend! Someone put that shit in there, and is trying to get her in trouble.”

“I'm sure you're right,” Mr. Patterson said, “but this is very serious. Now, the officer will need to send the drugs to the lab for testing. He'll make sure they check for any fingerprints on the bag, and any items inside. We will, however, need Tori to submit to a drug screen. I'm sure she'll have nothing to worry about.”

“Tori doesn't have to do anything,” her father yelled, “This freak show is ending right here,”

Tori continued crying. How could this happen to her?

Mr, Patterson interjected, “I'm sorry, but this is a legal matter now. Tori will have to take a drug screen.”

“Like hell she will,” her father continued, “Stu, tell them that Tori doesn't have to do a damn thing!”

Stu looked uncomfortable, but had to admit, “They're right John, I'm sorry. The school has full discretion in the matter, since the incident is taking place on public property. They're within their rights to request a drug screen, as it could affect Tori's position in school activities.”

Tori stood up and grabbed her father's arm.

“It's okay, Daddy,” she said, choking back tears, “I'll do it. I don't do drugs. It'll be okay. You'll know that I'm not guilty. I'll show you, Daddy!”

“Honey,” John replied, “are you sure?”

“Yes,” she retorted, “I'm going to do it,” now she was angry. Someone was trying to frame her, “I'll show them!”

Mr. Patterson looked relieved, and said, “I'll give you the address for the lab. The sooner it's done, the sooner we can put this whole matter behind us.”

He flipped through some cards in a Rolodex, scribbled an address and phone number on a sticky note, and handed it to Tori's enraged father. He snatched it, took Tori's hand, and they marched out the door.

Once in the outer office, John turned to Stu.

“I know you've got to play by the law here, Stu, but I need every defense you can muster. I don't care what it costs. This is obviously a stupid school prank, and I'll be damned if it's going to destroy Tori's life. Can you meet us at the house first thing tomorrow morning? I want you there when these results come in.”

Stu nodded, “Of course, John. You know I'm here for you guys,” then to Tori, “Don't worry, honey. This will all blow over in a couple of days. You'll see.”

Tori in Trouble

Stephanie found her sister quietly sobbing in her room when she came home. When both of her parents were talking in hushed tones around the table, Stephanie knew that her plan was on track. In fact, she'd known before leaving school. It hadn't taken long for word to get around that Tori had left school early. No one knew why, exactly, but Stephanie knew. She laid down next to her sister and put her arm around her, kissing her lightly on the forehead. Tori looked up at her with red puffy eyes.

“Oh, Stephie, it was awful,” she cried, “they said I was selling drugs! Drugs!”

Stephanie hugged her tighter and said, “That's crazy. Everyone knows that you're a good girl. I'm sure this will all blow over by tomorrow.”

“Yeah, you're probably right,” Tori told her twin, “It's just stupid!”

Stephanie pressed her body up against her hot twin, and stroked her hair lovingly.

“Does the whole school know?” Tori asked, suddenly fearful for her reputation.

“No,” Stephanie replied, “Just that you left school early. I told people you weren't feeling well.”

Tori rested her head on her sister's shoulder and said, “You're the best, Stephie.”

Stephanie grinned wickedly, and let Tori cry on her shoulder.

It wasn't long until Tori cried herself to sleep from exhaustion.

The next morning, their father's lawyer arrived early. Stephanie quietly sneaked down the stairs until she could listen in on the conversation. Her father was furious. Her mother was choked up, she could tell, from her sniffling. Stephanie felt only a slight twinge of remorse, but pushed it to the back of her thoughts. Tori deserved this. She was a little bitch. She needed to be taken down a few pegs.

“You have the lab results?” Stu was asking.

Her parents slid a copy over to him. He perused it for a moment, and his face fell. He looked across the table, and saw the same look of despair on his friend's faces.

“Does she know, yet?”

They shook their heads.

Stu sighed, and folded the paper up.

“I'm not going to lie, John, Mel. This isn't good. Not only does it look like Tori's been sampling everything from marijuana, to coke, to LSD, but the prints on the bag came back with a positive ID for her. There's no way to fake that. On the surface, it looks like Tori's been into some heavy drug use recently, and possibly even selling. No one's come forward to say that they've witnessed her trying to distribute, but with how much she's got in her system, it could be that she's just a heavy user. Have you noticed any changes in her moods, activities, any new friends recently?”

Her parents looked at each other.

“What is it?” Stu asked.

“Well,” her father said, “She's been unusually reclusive the last week. She stays in her room, hardly eats, complains that she's not feeling well. She went to see the doctor, but they couldn't find anything physically wrong with her. So, yes, I suppose she's been acting a little differently. Teenagers do that, though, you know.”

Stu nodded agreement, and then delivered the bad news, “The next step is that they're going to issue a warrant for her arrest. She'll go in for booking, and obviously we'll post whatever kind of bail we need to. I don't imagine she'll spend more than a couple of hours in lockup. I'll even go with her, just so you two know she has somebody watching out for her. A sweet girl like that, I don't want her in a minute longer than she has to be.

Now, given her superb record, I'm sure that I can set up a plea deal. The amount of drugs she had, while it's bad, we can probably get by without any kind of intent to distribute. I feel very confident that the most we'll be looking at is a fine, followed by a short stay in a rehab facility to treat teen addiction. There's a new place, really highly rated, and it's really more a country club for troubled teens. I'll do everything in my power to beat this thing for you.”

“I know you will, Stu, and thanks,” John said.

“We really owe you, Stu,” Melanie said, “If there's anything at all we can do, anything, just name it,” she licked her lips seductively.

Stu felt his cock jump at the memory of what those lips could do. They'd been friends a long time, and the Hamlin's liberal attitude toward all things sex was something that Stu had benefited greatly from in the past. He couldn't count the number of big loads he's shot down Melanie's hot throat over the years.

“Let's think about that later. For now, all we need to worry about is taking care of Tori. I've cleared my book for today, and I'll stay here for as long as you need me. I imagine it won't be long before a couple of officers are knocking on the door with an arrest warrant.”


In an uncharacteristic display of compassion, Stephanie made sure Tori was out of bed and got herself dressed. She knew what was coming, but she'd be damned if her hot sister went in looking like she just rolled out of bed. While Tori cried her eyeballs out, Stephanie related to her what she'd overheard.

“This can't be happening, Stephie! I've never done drugs before! I don't even know what drugs look like, or where to get them! I didn't do it!”

Stephanie hugged her crying sister, stroking her hair.

“Tori, it's gonna be okay. They're gonna get you off, you aren't going to jail. And Stu said they're going to put you up at some country club to get you all straightened out. Don't you worry, baby.”

Nothing she said could help, though, and Tori continued to cry. She wanted to throw up. This couldn't be real! It was a trick. It was wrong. This was America! The law would see that she was innocent, and then this would all go away.

It was barely an hour later when two officers knocked on the door with a warrant for her arrest. Stu met them, and informed them that as her attorney all questions would be directed to him, and that his client would be under his personal supervision the entire time. John and Melanie stood protectively with their arms around Tori. Her father's face was red with rage. He felt utterly helpless, and his mind was racing with any possible alternative. Nothing short of fleeing with his family crossed his mind, but that was hardly an option. When the officers produced handcuffs, Tori clung tightly to her father and cried even harder.

“That won't be necessary,” Stu said, “Tori's a good girl. She's not going to make any trouble.”

He held his hand out to the distressed girl. Hesitantly, she took it, wiping tears on her sleeve.

“Please, Stu,” Melanie pleaded, “please take care of our girl.”

Stu nodded, his face grim. He took Tori by the hand and followed the officers out the door. Melanie clung to her husband and began to cry. Stephanie joined her, doing her best to fake as many tears as possible. Mike stood aloof, off to the side, but even he looked distraught. Inwardly, Stephanie was soaring. Things were working out so well!

Stu got into the back of the police car with Tori, never letting go of her hand. The journey to the county sheriff's office didn't take long. Stu was with her the entire time, fielding all questions, and maintaining Tori's innocence throughout the whole matter. They allowed him to accompany her as she was processed, fingerprinted, and placed in a holding cell. Eventually, she had no more tears left, and fell asleep on the little cot in her cell. Stu waited outside, pulled in some favors, and had her case rushed to the judge. He set her bail at $10,000. Stu quickly arranged for the bail, and within the hour Tori was set free with a pending court date at the end of the week. The entire process took only a few hours, and when Tori emerged, puffy-eyed and shaking with Stu at her side, her whole family was there to pick them up.

Stu sat in front with John as they drove home, talking quietly. Melanie and Stephanie huddled on either side of Tori, squishing her between their warmth. Once they were safely home, Tori immediately went to her room and locked the door. John, Melanie, and Stu closeted themselves in John's office. Over the next few hours, Stu pulled every string he could think of, and by the evening he was able to put together a possible plea deal for poor Tori. He'd present the deal to the judge's office first thing in the morning, for consideration at her hearing.


The next few days were very subdued around the Hamlin's home. They hardly spoke to one another, even taking care to avoid any real interaction for fear of having to talk about the dark cloud that hovered over the whole of the house. The past weekends sexual energy seemed to have evaporated, as they all held their breath to see what would happen. Tori only emerged from her room to use the bathroom, while her mother brought all her meals up to her. She ignored phone calls from her boyfriend and friends, all eager to know what was going on, and why she hadn't been in school for finals week.

Finally, the day came. The whole family, along with Stu, piled into John's big SUV and drove to the courthouse. Tori's case was one of many, but Stu had used some leverage to move her up to the front of the docket. The judge considered the plea deal Stu put together, and in light of Tori's otherwise stellar reputation and community involvement, accepted the deal almost entirely.

Tori would not spend any time in jail. She would be handed down a misdemeanor charge for possession of illegal narcotics on school property, but without any intent to distribute. She would be required to pay a fine of $2500, perform 25 hours of community service, and serve 6 months probation. The most stern requirement of the deal demanded that she spend the next 90 days in treatment and counseling at the NewYou Clinic for Adolescent Addiction Therapy. She would not be allowed any visitation during that time, and if she completed the program then all charges against her would be expunged from her record.

Back at the Hamlin's home, Tori was still in a state of agitation. She was overjoyed that she wouldn't be going to jail, but the thought of spending 3 months, the entire summer, in some counseling center was appalling. Especially when she knew that she was innocent of any crimes, and wasn't addicted to drugs. However, the evidence was there. She clearly had drugs in her system, and the bag found in her locker had her prints all over them. She couldn't understand how it had happened. It was so unfair! No one cared, though, that she was innocent. All they cared about was what the evidence showed, and it was damning.

John and Melanie wrote Stu a very handsome check for his help, thanking him profusely for everything he'd done. Once he'd left, the family gathered in the living room. Tori, clear-headed for the first time in a week, shook and cried on the couch. Stephanie had stopped dosing her with the serum once she was arrested, and it didn't take long for the effects to wear off. She could now fully reflect on everything that had happened in the last week, and she was ashamed at how she had behaved. Strangely enough, that shame still made her somewhat aroused, but she wasn't desperate to masturbate because of it.

“Under the circumstances,” John began, “it looks like things are going to turn out alright,”

“Alright!” Tori cried, “I have to go to some addiction center for three months! That's not alright!”

“Honey,” Melanie said softly, wrapping her arms around her daughter, “maybe it's going to be for the best. They'll give you the help you need, and when you come home you can get back to life as normal.”

“But, I don't need help! I didn't do anything wrong! I've never done drugs! I don't know where that stuff came from! This is all a set up! It's not fair!”

For the first time in her life, her parents looked at her with doubt. They wanted desperately to believe what she was saying, but the evidence was there, and it was profound. They'd even had a second test done by an outside lab, just to confirm the first results. It had come back the same. Tori's system was filled with drugs of all kinds. Her strange behavior over the last week hadn't gone unnoticed either. As much as they wanted it to be true, they'd come to the realization that Tori was lying to cover up this little episode of hers.

Stephanie gave Tori a quick peck on the head, and said, “It'll be alright, Tori. They'll fix you right up, and when you get back, you'll be ready to kick my ass again on the track.”

Tori smiled, just a little, but her heart hurt. Stephanie was only trying to help her feel better. She was so lucky to have a sister like her. Even though she could be a bitch sometimes, Tori was going to miss her. Stephanie waved them all good night, and left her parents to comfort her bitch sister. She had to suppress the urge to leap for joy all the way up the stairs to her room.

*The NewYou Clinic*

The following morning, her parents drove Tori to the NewYou Clinic. It was the first official day of summer break, and the world was beautiful. Tori stared out the window with tears in her eyes. She wouldn't be seeing this beauty again for three months. She would miss her friends, summer track, the time lounging by the pool. This wasn't fair. She was a good girl.

The SUV pulled up to a big metal gate. The facility looked to be brand new, and was surrounded by high concrete walls. It may have been what Stu described as a country club for teens, but it was also clearly meant to keep the patients inside. John shared a quick word with the guard, who got on his radio, received approval, and opened the gates. They drove up a long path lined with trees, well-tended flowers, and finally came to the main building. The towering structure was a soft, welcoming brown stone, at least three levels high. There were no guard towers, no bars on the windows. It looked more like a hotel than any kind of a prison. John parked the SUV, and pulled Tori's bag from the back. She held her mother's hand as they slowly made their way up the wide granite steps to a set of blue glass doors.

The lobby was like any hotel, too, with a big reception desk in the center. Neutral-colored area rugs covered the tile floor. Plush chairs dotted the lobby, and a big chandelier hung from the ceiling. The receptionist, an attractive young brunette, smiled as they approached.

“Welcome to the NewYou Clinic. How can I help you?”

John cleared his throat and said, “We have Tori Hamlin here by court order for treatment,” his voice almost cracked as he admitted it out loud.

Tori began to cry, and held tight to Melanie's hand.

The receptionist looked sympathetic as she handed over a clipboard.

“I'll need you to please fill out this patient intake form. I'll buzz Dr. Carlson, and he should be down to meet you presently,”

John nodded, taking the clipboard. The three of them took a seat in the comfy chairs, and John began to fill in the form with teary eyes. It was a pretty standard form, like any doctor's office. They wanted to know her medical history, allergies, emergency contacts, but a few things were different. There were blanks for contact information for her legal representative, and the last page was about the addictions being treated. With shaking hands, he checked the boxes for substance abuse, and chronic masturbation.

By the time he was finished with the forms, a locked door at the far end of the room clicked open. A tall man with a neatly manicured goatee strode forth like he owned the place. John guessed that he probably did. He wore a white lab coat with a few pens in a pocket, slacks that were neatly pressed, and a bow tie on his button-down shirt. Crossing the lobby, he held his hand out warmly first to John.

“It's very good to meet you. I'm Dr. Carlson, the head of the facility,”

“John Hamlin, my wife Melanie, and this is our daughter, Tori,”

“Mr. Hamlin, I want you to know that I've reviewed the files sent over by the court, and I want to assure you that your daughter is in excellent hands here. I've worked on cases far more difficult, and I'm certain that by the end of her stay here, Tori will be right as rain,”

Carlson came across as very sincere, warm, and welcoming. He turned to Tori and smiled broadly.

“Tori,” he said softly, “I want you to know that you have nothing to be afraid of. Our facility is the first in pioneering new methods of addiction treatment. We'll allow you free reign of the facility, which includes our gardens, workout areas, common rooms, a cafeteria, and many such amenities. We want you to not only come out of this experience a stable member of society, but we also want your journey of self-discovery with us to be a pleasant one. Now, if you'd like, I can give you all a tour of the facility. I find that it helps you, as well as your family to feel a little more at ease. What do you say?”
“That would be great,” John said. Tori didn't say a word.

“If you'll follow me, please.”

The Hamlin's followed behind Carlson as he took them to the door he'd just emerged from. He swiped a keycard pinned to his smock, and the door clicked open. Beyond was a long white hallway, which opened up into a large common area. At the far end was a serving line, which appeared to be an a la carte cafeteria. Several children Tori's age were gathered around the large tables. None of them looked particularly unhappy.

On the outer edges of the room were large flatscreen TVs, some of which were broadcasting cable news, others sports, and a few where the kids were playing video games. The one thing in common that all the children had, was their dress. They all wore a pale blue set of scrubs, like one would find in a nursing home or hospital.

“This is our main common area,” Dr. Carlson explained, “As you can see, we allow our patients their choice of meals, as well as entertainment. When you're not in therapy, you're welcome to come down here any time you wish.”

Some of the children paid a little attention to the new faces, but otherwise ignored the Hamlin's. There were about a dozen in all in the common room. Next, Carlson led them down one of the hallways, this one made of the same blue glass as the front doors. Outside, a spread of green grass, flowers, and trees stretched on for quite a ways.

“This is the terrace, and garden,” the doctor explained, “We have about half an acre at the center of the facility. We find that going back to the nature can be very therapeutic, and we encourage our patients to spend as much time as they like here,”

Next, he took the family down a long corridor that split off in several directions. He gestured down the left hall, saying, “this way will take you to our gym and pool area. We have full facilities for your fitness needs,” he walked down the right hall with the Hamlin's in tow, continuing the tour.

They began to pass several closed doors with little windows set inside.

“These are our patient's quarters,” he explained, “For the less severe cases, such as Tori's, we'll sometimes put you with a roommate. We find that having someone going through a similar experience can help to accelerate the healing process,”

He paused in front of one of the doors and, using his keycard, he opened it and showed the family inside.

“This will be your room, Tori. You'll have it to yourself for now, as we're at an uneven number of patients. Please feel free to look around,”

The room was fairly spacious. A large, comfortable bed sat against the far wall. A big desk sat opposite, and there were a couple of sets of drawers. A computer with a big monitor sat on top of the desk, and a flatscreen TV hung from one corner of room. Several motivational posters hung on the walls showing things like, teamwork, trust, perseverance. The bathroom was separate, but very basic. A small vanity, shower, and toilet.

“Let me take you through an average day for Tori, so you know what to expect,” Carlson said, “Each morning, our patients will start with breakfast, and after they undergo a physical from one of the staff doctors. They are then allowed an hour of free time. From there, they'll attend a one-on-one session with a psychiatrist that specializes in addiction therapy. That may be myself, or one of the other staff. They are then allowed two more hours of free time, to use as they see fit. This is followed by a group therapy session, dinner, and finally another one-on-one. The rest of the evening is free time, as well. The terms of the court order do demand that Tori attend every session. Her evaluations will determine whether or not she is eligible for early release,”

“Early release,” Tori piped in, “I can get out early?”

Carlson nodded his head, saying, “At your therapist's discretion, you could be eligible for an early release. That is provided that you are cooperative, showing improvement, and the therapist feels that you are ready. Now, I'll give you all a few minutes to say your goodbyes. Tori, I'll take your bag, please. It will need to be searched for any contraband, and then your things will be returned to you. I'll be back in a few moments to escort your parents out.”

Tori handed him the bag, and the doctor left the room to search her belongings.

John sighed loudly, putting his arms around Tori. Melanie held her close, too.

“This doesn't seem so bad, baby,” her mother said, “at least, it's only for a few months. It looks like it's a really nice place, actually,”

Tori began to sniffle, and said, “B, but I don't belong here! This isn't fair!”

John hugged her tight, “Baby, it's okay. This will all be over before you know it, and if you show them that you're good, then they'll even let you out early!”

Dr. Carlson knocked lightly on the door and came back in, handing Tori her bag.

“Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin, I'm afraid it's time. Please, rest assured that we'll take very good care of your daughter, and I'll be reporting to you on her progress regularly. Now, if you'll please follow me, we'll let Tori get settled in.”

Her parents squeezed her tight, telling her how much they loved her, and that they would miss her so much, then, all too soon, they were letting go. Tori burst into tears as they walked out the door with Carlson. The big door clicked shut, and Tori was all alone in a strange place.

*Meeting Dr. Swell*

The big bed where Tori had cried herself to sleep was very comfortable. The sound of a knock on the door woke her from her fitful nap, and she groggily came around, confused for a moment about where she was. The knock came again, and then a lock clicked and the dark room was flooded with a pale white light from the hallway. A tall shadow loomed in the doorway. Tori held her breath, pulling the covers tightly over her head in fear.

“Tori?” a female voice called.

The lights flipped on, and the sound of heels clicking across the cold tile floor drew closer to the bed. Someone sat down on the edge of it, and slowly pulled the covers away from the frightened teen. Wide-eyed, Tori saw a woman with long black hair staring down at her with a friendly smile. She wore a pair of small glasses perched on her tiny nose. Her face was thin and pretty. She wore a white smock, like the other doctor from earlier. Carlson. His name was Carlson, she remembered.

“Hello, Tori,” the woman said again, “My name is Dr. Swell. There's no need to be afraid. I know this is difficult for you, but I want to assure you that everything will be alright. Can you sit up for me, please?”

Tori shook her head, still afraid. Dr. Swell reached out and stroked back Tori's blonde hair from her face.

“You're very pretty, Tori,” she smiled, “I'll leave you alone in just a minute, but first there's some things I need to take care of, okay?”

Slowly, Tori pulled the covers down, but couldn't bring herself to say anything.

“There's a good girl,” Dr. Swell said, “can you sit up for me, please?”

Tori sat up. The doctors eyes roamed over her hard young body, then their eyes locked. She set a small black kit on the bed.

“Thank you, Tori,” she said, unzipping the kit. Inside Tori saw a small bottle of pills, a little vial, and a syringe. Immediately she started to tear up, but the doctor took her small hand and said, “don't worry, honey. I'm not going to hurt you. I just need to give you some medicine,”

She picked up the kit, walked into the bathroom, and returned with a glass of water. She opened the pill bottle and handed Tori 2 small green pills.

“Now, the first step in your treatment is to flush all the bad stuff out of your system,” she handed the pills and the water to Tori, “These are a detoxer. They'll help your body fight off those nasty drugs you've been taking, and get you all cleaned out. In a couple of days, you'll feel good as new!”

Choking back a sob Tori squeaked, “but I didn't do any drugs.”

The doctor frowned, and a little more sternly reminded her, “Tori, you wouldn't be here if you didn't have an addiction problem. The court ordered these treatments, and if you aren't cooperative, we'll have to report that to the judge. That could mean you stay here even longer, and I'm sure you'd like to go home as soon as possible, right?”

Tori wiped her eyes with her sleeve and nodded. She most certainly didn't want to be here longer. If she was good for them, they could let her out early. There was no point in fighting. If she had to take some stupid pills to get out early, then what was the harm? She took the pills and water, popping them into her mouth and washing them down.

“There's a girl. That wasn't so bad, was it?”


“Now, I'm going to need you to roll over for me. I need to also give you a shot to go with those. It'll just be a little prick in your bottom, and it'll all be over. The shot is an immune booster, and it's going to strengthen your immune system so that you'll be good and healthy,” Dr. Swell lied through her teeth.

Obediently, Tori rolled over and pulled down her pants, exposing her perfect little ass to the doctor's gaze. What she couldn't see was the way Dr. Swell licked her lips at the sight of Tori's ass cheeks. They were so round, so perfect, so firm. She couldn't wait until the end of the treatments. But, she was getting ahead of herself. There were still weeks of psychological, emotional, and physical work to be done before Tori Hamlin would be a successful project. She swabbed one of Tori's delicious butt cheeks with a sanitary swab, and pushed the needle into her yielding teenage flesh. In a moment it was done, and she put her kit away.

“All done, honey,” she said, “Now, there might be some side effects at first, but it's nothing to worry about. It's just your body making adjustments while we get the bad stuff out, okay?”

“W, what kind of side effects?”

“You might have to pee more often for the next few days. You'll need to drink plenty of fluids. You might also feel, well, a little aroused. That's the medication balancing out your hormones. The kind of drugs that were in your lab results can wreak havoc on a young person's chemical balance. If you feel the need to play with yourself, go ahead,” she giggled, “we girls don't tell.” she smiled sinfully.

Tori blushed a deep crimson. The last thing she wanted to do was talk to this doctor lady about playing with herself.

“You'll have free run of the grounds for the next two hours. The cafeteria is always open, so feel free to stop in for something if you're hungry. Lights out is promptly at 10:00, though, so make sure you're in your room and in bed by then, okay?”

Tori nodded.

“Oh, one last thing,” she pulled a little black watch from her coat pocket, “this is for you. It's just a plain Jane old wristwatch. Nothing really fancy. No cool James Bond gadgets, I'm afraid, but we do run a tight ship here and you're expected to be on time for all your sessions. It's been programmed with your session schedule, so you'll get a vibrating alarm fifteen minutes before each of your appointments. I'll see you first thing in the morning for your initial physical.”

Dr. Swell left the room, throwing Tori a warm smile on the way out, and shutting her door. Tori sighed and pulled the covers back over herself. She was a little hungry, but she was too frightened to leave the room. She was also embarrassed that she'd had to show the doctor her naked bottom. She felt humiliated. Even stranger, the thought of the humiliation brought back the memories of that past weekend. It seemed like a lifetime ago, but it had only been a week.

With those memories, she felt a familiar feeling between her legs. She was getting wet. In this strange place, far away from home, and all alone, her stupid pussy was getting wet! It must be the pills, she thought. It had to be the pills. The doctor had said they would make her feel a little aroused, so it must be the pills. As she lay under the covers, the doctor's words came back to her. If you need to play with yourself, go ahead. Unwittingly, she found her hand snaking into her pants, touching her pussy.

Through the one-way glass on the front of Tori's door, Dr. Carlson and Dr. Swell peered in on their newest patient. They wore triumphant grins as they watched Tori try to hide what she was doing beneath the sheets. In a few moments, the scared teenager was quietly masturbating her horny pussy.

“She's perfect,” Dr. Swell said.

Carlson nodded, asking, “She took the shot, too?”

“Of course. Just a reminder that we could tell the court she'd been bad, and she'd have to stay longer, and she was pants down and ready to have that needle in her ass,” Swell joked.

“Did you see her chart? Not only substance abuse, but chronic masturbation issues. I think I know just how to handle this one.” Carlson was giddy.

“Let's leave her for now. She'll be primed and ready tomorrow morning, for sure,” Swell said.


Life in the Hamlin household was very subdued for the rest of the day. Tori's absence was like someone had torn a hole in their lives, and it gaped open with nothing to fill it. Even Stephanie felt a little more depressed than she thought she would. The feeling didn't last long, but the image of Tori being carted off to a rehab center brought mixed feelings. On one hand, she was elated. Her plans had worked out perfectly, with the small hitch that all the built-up sexual energy in the house had totally vanished amid the turmoil. On the other hand, Tori was getting exactly what she deserved, and that knowledge helped the busty teen sleep easier at night.

Her parents were quiet, keeping to themselves, and staying locked in their room all night. The house felt empty. Even Mike was standoffish. Stephanie had gone to his cave, and tried to taunt him into raping her throat with his huge cock, but he was in a foul mood. He told her that he just couldn't get it up today. That left Stephanie bored out of her mind. It was summer vacation, and she had nothing to do tonight. Her friends were mostly gone on vacations. She had no boyfriend...but then, Tori had a boyfriend. Tori had a boyfriend, and he was probably missing her. He'd been almost completely neglected this last week with everything going on! A fiendish plan began to form in her warped mind, and Stephanie found herself bounding up the stairs to her room.

She plucked her phone from her nightstand and fired off a text to Tim, Tori's hunky football star boyfriend.

Hey Tim. It's Stephie. What you doing?

The reply came quickly.

Nothing. You?

Just thinking about Tori.

Ya. Me too. I really miss her. You hear anything?

No. They won't let us talk to her until she gets out.

I'm really bored, and it sounds like we could both use someone to talk to. You wanna come over for a bit?

A minute passed before her phone buzzed again.

Sure. I guess. Be over in an hour. That OK?

Ya. Come on.

Tim Barnes, star quarterback for the high school would be a senior after the summer. He wasn't as big as the guys on his line. He wasn't supposed to be. He was wiry, muscular, tall, but most of all he was agile and fast. Dangerous in his position, he'd led the team to more victories than they'd seen in the last decade, and was already being scouted by several colleges. To top it off, he was handsome, in an all American sort of way. Dirty brown hair, blue eyed, a kind face with chiseled features. He could have been a poster boy for wholesome middle America.

And, as far as Tim was convinced, he was dating the hottest girl in school. Well, if he had to be honest with himself, Tori's twin sister was actually the hottest girl in school, but Stephanie was also an undeniable flirt, tease, and had never shown the slightest interest in any boy in school. Tori, though, she was fun, outgoing, friendly, all the things that made him attracted to her.

The only problem was, they'd been dating for over a year, and his raging teenage hormones were giving him the worst case of blue balls in human history. Tori was a good girl. He didn't want to call her prudish, but she was very reserved, sexually. They made out, and he'd felt up her hot body a few times, but the most play she'd ever given him was a handjob a couple of times. To say he wanted more would be an understatement. He wanted to go all the way with his hot girlfriend.

Now, with Tori in some kind of drug rehab clinic, he wasn't sure he could wait. This summer was going to be full of parties, and hot chicks, and his aching balls were about at their limit. He'd been faithful, and he'd held out hope, but a growing young man has needs. Still, he really missed his girlfriend. She was such a great person to be around, and the thought of her locked up for drugs was inconceivable. He couldn't believe she'd been involved with something like that. It wasn't like the Tori he knew.

Tim's big muscle car roared into the Hamlin's drive, and the handsome young man stepped out, making his way up to the door. Of course, he'd had plenty of interaction with Stephanie, and she'd always been very friendly. Maybe a little flirtatious, but that was just her personality. Over the last year he'd come to consider her a friend, and it wasn't unusual for them to chat from time to time. He knew that she was close with her twin sister, though, and they both missed Tori terribly. It would be good to have someone to talk to, and the fact that the two girls looked identical would help. It would almost be like it was Tori, anyway!

He knocked on the door and a moment later Stephanie pulled it open. Tim's eyes about fell out of his head as he took in the sight of Tori's smoking hot twin. She certainly didn't dress like Tori! Stephanie's lips glistened with a fresh coat of gloss. Her blonde hair hung loosely about her shoulders. A tight half top struggled to contain her bulging tits, while her legs were practically bare in a tiny little skirt that hardly fit the definition of 'skirt'. She threw her arms around him in a tight hug, smashing her big boobs against his chest. Despite himself, Tim felt his aching cock coming to life.

“Hey, Tim,” She squealed, “It's so good to see you! Come in,”

She led him into the living room and sat him down on the couch.

“Can I get you anything?” she asked.

“Uh, maybe a soda?”

“Be right back,” she said, and went into the kitchen.

Tim adjusted his boner and tried to act natural. The Hamlin's house was very quiet, most of the lights out. It was strange. The place was usually so active and warm. Mr. Hamlin would be watching some kind of financial news, while his wife busied herself in the kitchen or around the house. There was always something going on. To see it like this made him feel a little sad. It was like the whole place was holding its breath, just waiting for something to happen.

Stephanie returned with a can of soda and handed it to him, then took a seat right beside him.

“I'll bet you can't believe it, can you?” Stephanie asked.

“About Tori? No. I don't get it. How could she get mixed up in something like this. It's really not like her at all,”

“I know,” she agreed, “we all felt the same way. It's been really hard to come to terms with. But, the clinic said that if she shows improvement she could get out a lot sooner, so that's good news,”

“Yeah. She's a good girl. I'm sure they'll see that and realize that she doesn't belong there,”

Tim couldn't take his eyes off of Stephanie's huge melons. Her resemblance to his girlfriend was uncanny, identical in every way. The only difference was those big, ripe, beautiful breasts. He blushed a little as he thought about them, and Stephanie noticed his face color.

“Tim,” she said softly, “It's okay to look. I know that you miss Tori a lot, and it's got to be hard on you to see someone that looks just like her,”

“Yeah, I'm sorry. It's just that I've hardly seen her for over a week, and I guess seeing you just makes me think about all the things I'm missing, you know?”

She nodded agreement, asking, “Maybe it will help if you talk to me about what you miss about her, and I'll do the same. That way, we can both remember all the good things that we love about her, and it'll feel like she's right here with us,”

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said, smiling for the first time, “I really miss her laugh, most of all. She's always been fun, you know? I make stupid jokes, but she pretends they're funny anyway,”

“I miss that, too,” Stephanie lied, “She could be a stick in the mud sometimes, but she always went out of her way to make you feel accepted. I like that about her. I'll bet you miss something else, too, though, don't you?” she smiled coyly.

“Uh, I don't know what you mean,” he said dumbly.

“Well, now that Tori's gone, you don't have anyone to take of your...well...your needs?”

“My...oh, um, well, we hadn't really gone that far. Not yet. I guess, well, I wanted to, but Tori...she'd kind of, I guess, traditional?”

“You mean,” Stephanie feigned shock, “You guys never...did it?”

“Uh, no. We make out and stuff, but that's about it. I thought she'd have told you, you guys being so close and all,”

She shook her head, “No, she doesn't really talk about that kind of stuff with me,”

The sudden change in the direction of this conversation had Tim's cock swelling again. Stephanie was so close to him, and she smelled so good, and she looked just like Tori. Oh, geez, he was getting turned on by his girlfriend's sister. Not good! He needed to think of something else. He began chanting “grandma's apple pie” in his head, willing his erection to go down. It wasn't working, though. Stephanie shifted on the couch, and her bare leg rubbed against him. Her skirt rode up, and he could swear he saw her panties peeking out. She was like his fantasy version of Tori, all dolled up in sexy clothes.

“Are you okay, Tim,” she asked, putting her hand on his arm. She was so warm.

“Uh, yeah, I'm fine. It's just, well, I always kind of wished that Tori would dress like you do. She's really hot,” he laughed, “like you didn't know that. You just have to look in the mirror to see how pretty she is,”

“She's beautiful,” Stephanie agreed, and snuggled in a little closer to him, “Maybe, well, this might sound crazy. Nevermind, I'm stupid,” She looked away, biting her lip.


“Well, I just thought, maybe you could, um, you could kiss me? I mean, I look just like her, and so it wouldn't even really be cheating. Especially if it was just a kiss, right? Maybe it would make us both feel better. You can pretend I'm her, and I can be your pretend Tori, just this once,”

Tim could no longer think of grandma's apple pie. His poor penis was so hard at the thought of what she was saying. The idea made some kind of sense to his hormone-controlled brain. They were identical twins, after all. It would be better than cheating on Tori by hooking up with some girl at a party or something, right? And he could trust Stephanie not to tell her about it, like some dumb girl might do bragging at school. Before he could say no, Stephanie's lips were touching his.

Tim's balls were so blue he couldn't resist. Her lips were so plump and perfect, her gloss tasted like strawberry. He moaned as she pressed her mouth on his, her hand stroking his arm. He didn't even realize that he was putting his arm around her, his hand stroking her hair. She smelled so good! He opened his mouth, and felt her tongue slide inside, gently and passionately stroking his own. She moaned with desire as her hand slid off of his arm and onto his chest. His chiseled body felt wonderful to Stephanie, and she pushed him further by sliding her hand under his shirt.

Their kissing became more passionate, and soon Tim was breathing hard. His cock was at full mast. Stephanie climbed onto his lap, straddling him, and took his face in her hands. Her tongue was so eager, not at all like Tori's tentative, cautious kisses. His hands slid under her skirt and rested on her perfect ass cheeks, gripping them firmly as her big tits mashed against his chest. He could feel her covered pussy humping against his cock, as it strained in his jeans.

Stephanie was moaning softly into his mouth. She reached down and took one of his hands from her ass, and moved it up to her tits. The poor boy had forgotten all about Tori by this point. His eager penis was in full control, and he had a total bombshell dry humping his raging cock. He never stood a chance. He groped Stephanie's big tits, tweaked her nipples, rubbed her ass. Finally, she broke their passionate kiss and put her mouth to his ear.

“Does my sister kiss you like this,” she hissed, “does she rub her horny little pussy against your cock, baby? Does she take care of you?”

To emphasize what she meant, she slid off of his lap and unzipped his jeans. Deftly, she undid his belt, and pulled his pants down before he could figure out what was happening.

“Steph, I, uh, oh...oh...god!”

Before he could argue, Stephanie pulled his cock from his boxers and wrapped her warm lips around it. He was nowhere near Mike's size, much smaller in fact. Fully erect he was only about 5 inches. While she was a little disappointed, this wasn't really about enjoying his cock. It was about getting him under her control. She took him into her throat easily, swirling her tongue around his erection. Tori's boyfriend never had a chance. This was his first blowjob, and he'd always imagined that it would come from Tori. He looked down through glassy eyes and saw a face that was just like hers, only this one was passionate about sucking on his manhood. She pulled off his cock with a pop, and began to stroke it steadily.

“Your big cock tastes so good,” she lied, “I'll bet you want to shoot your cum all over my face, don't you? Don't you want to cum on Tori's pretty face?”

She began to jerk his cock rapidly, fisting the head, rubbing his shaft with her saliva, all the while taunting him to cum for her. The poor football player couldn't take it. He began to thrust his hips into her pumping fist, and after a few seconds his hands gripped the cushions in a death grip and his balls unloaded their cream all over Stephanie's face.

“Yeah, baby,” she encouraged him, “Mmmm, shoot it all over me! Let me have that hot cum!”

Tim's stored up load sprayed her face, dripped into her cleavage, and shot into her gaping mouth. Stephanie lapped it up hungrily, smiling all the while, jerking his softening shaft. Tim's head fell back against the couch as he tried to catch his breath.

“Mmmm,” Stephanie purred, scooping his cum off her tits and feeding it into her mouth, “You sure saved that up for a while! It's not healthy to keep all the cum in your balls for so long, you know?”

Sitting on her knees, her cleavage glistening with his cum, Tim couldn't think of a sexier sight. His hands trembled as he watched her stand and lean toward him. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, and he could taste his own cum on it. Instead of feeling disgusted, he was kind of turned on. She pulled her mouth away, her hand still gripping his slimy pole.

“Taste all your nasty spunk, baby,” she whispered, kissing him again, “get it all in there. Does that taste good?”

His reply was muffled by her squirming tongue. Finally, she released his dick and licked her hand clean. Tim just stared, dumbfounded. He couldn't believe what had just happened.

“Well, that went a little further than we thought it would, didn't it?” Stephanie said, smiling as she sat back down next to him. He could only nod as she went on, “Now, if you need those little balls drained again, you make sure to come here. I can't have you cheating on my sister now, okay?”

The smitten boy could only nod. His head was swimming with the most intense feeling he could recall ever having. The couple of handjobs he'd had from Tori were nothing compared to this. His own jerkoff sessions were, again, nothing like this. He'd just gotten his dick sucked for the first time, and he was certain that he'd want to do it again. Sure he felt a little guilty that it was his girlfriend's sister that had been his first, but they were so identical that it might as well have been Tori, right? Stephanie would never tell her, either, so there was no way she'd find out. She'd also left the invitation open to do it again, and the tingling feeling in his empty nutsack told him that he would definitely take her up on it.

“You got your dirty cum all over my big tits,” Stephanie was saying, “You really need to clean that up before you go,”

He just looked at her stupidly and asked, “Do you have a towel?”

She giggled and pulled his head into the valley of her breasts. She rubbed his face in the remainder of his spunk, and he soon found himself licking it up, if only to get his tongue on those amazing tits. When Stephanie was satisfied, he let go of his head. Tim sat up, his face shiny.

“You'd better go,” she said, “but remember, don't you think about putting that dick near some stupid slut, okay? Tori loves you, and she needs you to be faithful. If you get any sexy urges, or some stupid bitch tries to take you away, you make sure and call me, okay?”

“Uh, yeah, sure...I, well, I'll do that. If you get a chance to talk to Tori, tell her I love her, okay?”

Stephanie showed him to the door and watch him stumble out into the night, still unsure of exactly what had happened. Stephanie, quite satisfied with her work, wiped a string of cum and saliva off her chin. She was kind of disappointed that Tim wasn't hung, as well as studly, but his little dick gave her more control over him, anyway. That, at least, was something. What was very satisfying, however, was that she'd been able to seduce Tori's boyfriend so easily! With the promise of more blowjobs, she was assured that he'd be eating out of her hand by the time Tori came home.

*The Physical*

Dr. Rebecca Swell had once been a darling of the scientific community. By the age of 25 she held advanced degrees in biology and chemistry. Finding work had been no problem, and though she was approached and sought after by several companies, research labs, and government entities, she'd found herself working in the research department of a large pharmaceutical company.

Unfortunately, she was also overeager, and had no regard for protocol or process. When it was discovered that she had initiated human trials on some questionable drugs of her own design, the fallout was swift. To avoid any kind of scandal, she was quietly dismissed from her post, but soon found herself blackballed by everyone who had previously courted her.

The problem with Rebecca Swell lay in the fact that she was a horny and dominant bitch. Dr. Swell loved sex. Not in the way that some people love chocolate, or puppies. It was an obsession that dominated her life. It wasn't that Dr. Swell loved having sex, though she did. It was that she simply could not understand how there were people in this world that did not, and it was her life's mission to see that the world devolved into debauchery, animal lust, and eroticism. She particularly enjoyed sexual domination. The way some people submitted themselves to any and all kind of debasement at the hands of someone that they perceived to be a more dominant sexual force in their lives.

Those people, in the opinion of Dr. Swell, were far too few. Her particular branch of research focused on altering those individuals through the use of DNA, hormone, and chemical alteration. Making sluts with science, she had joked on more than one occasion. Shortly after finding herself unemployed, with a generous severance package to pay for her silence, she had been contacted by another researcher who had similar thoughts to her own. Enter Dr. Paul Carlson.

Carlson himself was far more reserved with his research. He was a stickler for process on the surface, but in reality he was just much better at hiding his activities behind a curtain of legitimacy. Through his own contacts, he'd learned of Dr. Swells interests, her falling out with the broader scientific community, and he'd been very happy to reach out to her and bring her into the fold.

Laying out his plans for the NewYou Clinic, he'd been able to persuade her (rather easily) to get involved. She would have free reign to develop her project as she saw fit, provided it fit within the overall goal of the clinic. That goal was to turn young, more conservative women into young sluts. It was Carlson's opinion that the world (mostly the male population thereof) could seriously benefit from starting young adult women on the path to slutdom as soon as possible.

Over the course of a few years, their methods had been fine-tuned to include psychological condition, DNA, hormone and body modification, and reinforcement of “appropriate” behaviors. Though there had been no shortage of young, attractive, troubled teens through the doors of NewYou over the last two years, Tori Hamlin was absolutely the best.

She was flawless, perfect, exceptional. She was stunning. Her body and her looks evoked the kind of sexual arousal that most women only dream of. The kicker was that she had no idea of her effect on both men and women. She was innocent to a fault, a truly good girl and wonderful person. Corrupting her would be the professional challenge, and accomplishment of a lifetime.

On the previous evening, as Dr. Swell fed Tori her pills and pushed the needle into her perfect ass, she could hardly contain her excitement. Of course, she had lied about both the pills and the injection. The pills were a powerful aphrodisiac, designed for the short term. The injection would take a little longer, as it was designed to rewrite some of her genetic code.

Over time, as it worked, it would increase Tori's hormone production, substantially increase her libido, halt her egg production, and make certain areas of her body much more sensitive to pleasure. Her pheromone production would kick into overdrive, making everyone around her extremely attracted to her. The overall effect was that she would live out her life in a near-constant state of sexual arousal, prevent pregnancy, and any pleasure she received in her erogenous zones would be heightened incredibly. She'd also attract people like a magnet, and they'd all want a piece of her.

The Recoder, as Dr. Swell had come to call it, was only a tool, though. Tori would still need extensive reinforcement on her psyche if she was ever going to accept the new feelings that were going to run rampant through her body. The most delicious part of it was that she would always retain her own personality. In her mind, she would always want to be the same good and wholesome girl, but the terrible urges she'd experience would leave her with a constant sense of guilt and humiliation. Those same feelings, though, would only heighten her arousal, making her body demand more sexual attention.

Dr. Swell was prepping her exam table as poor Tori was escorted through the doors of the examination room by an orderly. She was now dressed in the same light blue scrubs as all the rest of the girls.

“Good morning, Tori,” Dr. Swell said cheerfully, “How did you sleep?”

“Okay, I guess,” she said sleepily. It was clear she hadn't slept much at all.

“Did you make it to the cafeteria for breakfast?”

Tori shook her head. She'd still been too frightened to leave her room. She hadn't eaten anything since yesterday morning, but she'd kept drinking water, like the doctor told her to. And she had needed to pee, a lot.

“Well, when we finish up here I can take you down to the cafeteria myself, and get you something to eat, okay? You can't neglect your health, you know,”


Dr. Swell motioned to the exam table. It looked like one of those tables in a chiropractors office, with a hole at the head where she could put her face, while she lay on her stomach. It was covered in the same white paper that all doctors covered exam tables in. The table sat at about waist height.

“Can you sit on the table for me please? I'm just going to check you out a little bit,”

Tori obediently sat on the table, her legs swinging over the end. Dr. Swell put on a blood pressure cuff, checked her pressure, then listened to her heart. She asked Tori to open and say 'ahhh,' and then tested her reflexes. While all this was happening, Tori began to feel like she might have to pee again. She wanted to tell the doctor, but the male orderly was standing at the other end of the table, and she felt embarrassed to say anything in front of him.

“Good, Tori,” Dr. Swell said, “Now, can you please lie down on your stomach for me, and just put your face there at the top,”

Tori did as she asked, resting her face in the little hole. The male nurse took up position by her head, and she could clearly see his legs and his crotch through the hole. He seemed unreasonably close, in her opinion, but then she was no doctor. The table began to move, the section under her stomach raising up. This had the effect of pushing her rear end into the air. Tori gasped as she felt Dr. Swell pull down her bottoms.

“Now, just relax Tori. I'm going to take your temperature really quick. This is a small rectal thermometer, so don't be afraid when you feel a little sensation at your backdoor, okay?”

“Can't you just use the mouth one?” she asked.

“Those old things aren't very accurate. The best readings are taken right here. Now, this will be a little chilly. I'm going to put just a dab of some jelly on your bottom so I don't hurt you when I put this in,”

Tori cringed and began to blush. She was sure the nurse could see her exposed butt, and couldn't believe he was going to watch the doctor put a thermometer in her ass! She flashed back briefly to when she'd put her mother's dildo in her ass. It had felt good, but then, she'd been alone in her room. She could feel her pussy getting wet at the memory, and was instantly ashamed. Dr. Swell would probably see her arousal, and think that she enjoyed this. On top of that she really had to pee!

Dr. Swell's finger touched her anus, coated with slippery medical jelly. Tori felt the finger slowly slide into her ass, and she moaned just a little bit. It didn't feel bad. When she looked down through the hole, she could see the nurse starting to get an erection. He was getting turned on watching the doctor push a finger up her butt!

“That's good, Tori,” Dr. Swell said, “I'm going to put the thermometer in now, alright?”

“Uh huh.”

Dr. Swell picked up a small black dildo, giddy with excitement. She lubed up the small fake penis and grinned at her nurse as she positioned it at the entrance to Tori's ass. Slowly, she began to push it in, watching Tori's perfect ass squirm at the unwanted intrusion. The feeling of the “thermometer” sliding into her asshole made Tori's poor pussy start to quiver. The nurse's cock was tenting his thin pants, starting to rise higher. As Dr. Swell pushed the “thermometer” deeper into her teenage butthole, the nurse's cock swelled even more. Soon it was standing at full attention, which brought it up through the hole until it bumped against Tori's lips. Only the thin fabric separated his cockhead from her mouth.

“Is that too uncomfortable, Tori,” Dr. Swell asked.

“No,” she replied, and when her mouth opened, the clothed head of the nurse's cock entered her mouth. In shock she tried to pull back, but his big hands held her shoulders down.

“I need you to stay still, Tori,” Dr. Swell urged, and gave her ass a light spank.

Tori's pussy began to drip with juice. Her bladder was painfully full. Her breath was hot on the nurse's aroused penis. The pressure in her bladder was getting unbearable.

“Doctushwell,” she tried to say, her mouth muffled by the fabric-covered cock against her lips. She had to warn the doctor. The pressure from the “thermometer” was pressing against her bladder.

“Just another minute, Tori. We're almost done,”

Tori's body began to shake from trying to hold in her water. She was on the verge of tears as Dr. Swell began to pull the “thermometer” from her ass. As it came free with a pop, the sudden release of tension set off the poor teens full bladder, and before she knew it she was letting it go. Hot tears burst from her eyes, coating her face and the nurse's thin pants. Dr. Swell jumped away with a cry. Tori couldn't help herself. She emptied her bladder right there in front of Dr. Swell and the nurse. Both of them just stood silently and let her finish, all the while she cried with the nurse's big dick pressed against her lips.

Finally, she was done. Her body shook with shame. She sobbed uncontrollably. Worst of all, her pussy was so hot from the feeling of embarrassment and humiliation. Suddenly, the nurse stepped back. Dr. Swell was stroking Tori's pretty hair and hushing her.

“Oh, honey, it's okay,” she said soothingly, “I should have asked if you needed the bathroom before we started. I know those pills made you have to pee so bad,”

Tori couldn't collect herself. She just lay with her exposed asshole in the air, crying.

“Ron,” Dr. Swell said, “Could you please grab a mop and clean up?”

She heard the nurse walk out of the room. Dr. Swell went to a cabinet and came back with some towels. She began to clean up Tori's piss-soaked pussy for her. The feel of the scratchy towel against her pussy, rubbing her clit, the whole humiliating situation was just too much. As if her shame could go no deeper, Tori began to cum as Dr. Swell cleaned up her pussy. Her firm legs shook and a powerful orgasm ripped through her. Even worse was that Ron walked into the room with a mop and bucket just as she went off. She could hear him gasp as her pussy juice ran down her legs.

Dr. Swell continued to clean her up as Tori rode out her orgasm. Ron said nothing, but began to mop up the floor. Tori's whole body was red with embarrassment. She couldn't believe she'd just pissed herself and then orgasmed right in front of the doctor and nurse. She wanted to go hide in her room and die. Dr. Swell lowered the exam table, and came around to stroke Tori's hair kindly.

“There, there, honey. It's alright. Occasionally, these kinds of things happen. It's nothing to be ashamed of,”

Tori heard her, but she was sobbing so hard that the words hardly registered. Dr. Swell helped her to sit up, and used the same piss and cum-soaked towel to dry her tears. Tori could smell her own fluids all over it.

“Why don't I take you back to your room, and you can clean up. Okay?”

Tori nodded. She stood up on wobbly legs and pulled up her pants. With the doctor's arm around her, they walked out of the room. Tori couldn't help but notice the wet spot on the front of Ron's pants, where his cock had been bumping against her lips. The hallways were empty as Dr. Swell escorted Tori back to her room.

“Go ahead and shower up, Tori,” Swell said, “I'll come back in a few minutes and we'll go down to the cafeteria together. I'm starving!”

She tousled the shaken girl's beautiful hair and left her alone. Once she was by herself, Tori began to get a hold of her tears. Mechanically, she set her bag on the bed and began to unpack it. She'd been so frightened the night before that she hadn't taken the time. As she pulled out her things, she noticed that all of her panties and bras were missing. Her personal items were still here, toothbrush, other toiletries, a few books, some notepads, a couple of track suits. All of her underwear, though, was gone. Maybe the clinic supplied their own? She went to the sets of drawers, finding plenty of the light blue scrubs inside, but no underwear. She made a mental note to ask the doctor later. Pulling a new pair of scrubs out, she took them into the bathroom.

The mirror showed her that her face was a mess. She eyes were red and puffy, her hair disheveled. She stripped off the soiled scrubs she was wearing and threw them in the hamper. They smelled like piss. She turned on the shower, and jumped in, not even waiting for the water to warm up. The cold water served to clear her head a little bit. As she soaped up her body, the water gradually heated until it was a nice soothing temperature. As she worked at cleaning herself, especially her crotch, she tried to block out the embarrassing situation she'd just endured. However, when she thought back on it, her pussy started to juice up again.

“No, no, no!” she whispered to herself, “Stop that!”

But her pussy didn't stop. It became more excited as she washed it and pictured Ron watching her cum with her ass in the air. Soon, she was vigorously masturbating herself, leaning against the shower wall with her fingers plunging in and out of her tight little box. The memory of the thermometer sliding into her ass brought her off, and she came so hard that she had to sit down in the shower for fear she might pass out. After a few moments, she started to come down, and the guilt set in again.

She'd just finger fucked herself thinking of the doctor putting a thermometer in her ass! It was disgusting! She pulled herself up and finished her shower. She climbed out and dried herself, avoiding touching her pussy. She knew that if she felt the towel between her legs, that she would start to get excited again, and she had to get control of herself. She was a good girl, and good girls didn't play with their pussies like this.

She dressed in the new set of scrubs and brushed out her hair. Being clean helped her mood. She felt almost normal again, except for the constant tingling between her legs. When she emerged from the steamy bathroom, Dr. Swell was standing by her little desk looking at the few pictures she'd brought from home.

There was one of her parents and her together, another of her and Stephanie after their first state track competition, another of her and Tim, and finally her whole family on vacation in Jamaica. All of those memories seemed so long ago, and like they happened to a different person. She didn't even feel like she was the girl in those pictures. Now she was Tori the drug addict, who masturbated too much and pissed herself. The thought almost made her cry, but she sucked it up. She needed to get through this, and she couldn't do it if she were constantly crying.

“Don't you look beautiful,” Dr. Swell complimented her, “Is this handsome young man your boyfriend?” she pointed at the picture with Tim.

“Yeah,” she confirmed.

At least he was. She figured that he'd probably dump her at the first chance he got, thinking she was some kind of lowlife druggie.

“You have a very lovely family, Tori. I'm sure they miss you,”

Tori managed a weak smile.

“Are you hungry,” Swell asked, “I know I am!”

Now that she thought about it, she was. She was very hungry! She nodded in the affirmative.

“Let's go see what we can find,” Dr. Swell held out her hand.

Tori took it and the doctor led her out of the room and down the hallway to the common room. It was the free hour for the patients, so the common room was fairly busy. The noise and banter when they walked in reminded Tori of her school cafeteria. Several of the tables were occupied by little groups of other girls, all of them dressed in the pale blue scrubs. A few turned to look at her as Dr. Swell brought her in, others ignored her completely. A few girls sat alone reading books or playing on tablets. A few of the patients were hunkered in big chairs watching cable news, or playing video games.

Dr. Swell took Tori to the serving line. All manner of different food was readily available, as long as you liked health food. Everything seemed to be organic. She saw sandwiches, yogurts, fruits, vegetables. Dr. Swell handed her a plate and told her to get whatever she wanted. Tori picked a little bit of everything, piling her plate high. She was famished! At the end of the line was a big beverage tray, but it had only one option. She picked up a plastic bottle with some kind of thick blue liquid in it, and looked at it quizzically.

“It's a protein and vitamin mixture,” Dr. Swell offered, “We want to ensure our patient's health, so we don't serve any sodas or sugary drinks here. In fact, having at least one of these shakes every day is required to make sure you're getting all the vitamins you need.”

Tori took one of the blue shakes, unaware that Dr. Swell's story was a complete fabrication. The NewYou Clinic ran a little side business in sperm donation. They advertised widely under the guise of fertility research, and paid twice as much as any sperm bank. This, of course, resulted in a near-endless supply of fresh cum. The shakes were mixed with a blue die, but were essentially just a big bottle of semen.

Dr. Swell took Tori to a table by themselves and set her tray down. Hungrily, she dived in to her meal as Tori did the same. The poor teen was so hungry, and the food was delicious. She washed it down with her shake, which tasted a little salty and tangy, but was really quite good. She thought that she could come to like it. Dr. Swell hid a little smile as she watched Tori guzzle down a pint of sperm that probably came from twenty different men.

“So,” Dr. Swell said, “you won't actually start therapy sessions until tomorrow. Today we're going to assign you to a coordinator who will go through and get you oriented. She'll get you your schedule, introduce you to your counselors, and make sure you know where to go,”

“Okay,” Tori agreed. She's started to feel a little better now that she wasn't so hungry.

Tori cleaned her entire plate and felt great. Dr. Swell sat patiently as she finished, then they took their dishes up to the counter together. The cafeteria had begun to empty out as other patients drifted off to finish out their free hour, but a few girls were still hanging around.

“I'd like to introduce you to some of the other girls,” Dr. Swell said.

She took her first to a girl with jet black hair. She was thin and wispy, pretty, with icy blue eyes. She had earbuds in her ears and was drawing in a sketchpad. When she saw them approaching, she pulled out her earbuds and looked at them curiously.

“Tori, this is Lindsey,” Dr. Swell said, “Lindsey's been with us for about a month now. Lindsey, this is Tori Hamlin. She came in yesterday,”

Lindsey got up from her chair and gave Tori a big hug. Her tiny breasts pressed against Tori's larger ones, and she could feel the other girl's hard nipples under her scrubs. Apparently, she didn't have any underwear, either.

“Hi, Tori,” the thin girl said quietly, “It's nice to meet you.” She gave Tori a little peck on the cheek.

“Um, it's nice to meet you, too,” she replied.

“Lindsey also came to us from a troubled background with drugs, but her progress here has been great,” Dr. Swell beamed, “I'm sure you two will get along great.”

Lindsey put her earbuds back in and waved goodbye as Dr. Swell led Tori away to another table that was occupied by two girls who were giggling with each other. Their conversation stopped as Tori and Dr. Swell approached.

“Tori, this is Harmony,” Dr. Swell indicated a buxom redhead with huge breasts and freckles dotting her gorgeous face, “and this is Valerie,” the other girl was a black-haired with striking features and deep brown eyes, “Girls, this is our newest patient, Tori Hamlin,”

Valerie just nodded to her, but Harmony stood up and embraced Tori, rubbing her big tits against her. She planted her lips firmly against Tori's, and slid her hands onto Tori's ass. Shocked, Tori didn't move as the other girl kissed her. Dr. Swell cleared her throat, and Harmony broke away from Tori, putting her lips to her ear, and telling her how pretty she was.

“Harmony, don't scare her,” Dr. Swell scolded the busty girl, “Tori, you'll have to forgive Harmony. She's one of our more...friendly patients,”

Harmony looked hurt, and told her, “I have this thing for girls,” she giggled, “I'm not a lesbo or anything, I just like how they kiss,”

Valerie snickered, but didn't say anything. Her eyes danced with foul humor.

“It's, um, nice to meet you,” Tori squeaked.

“Awww,” Harmony cooed, “Isn't she a doll, Val?”

“Whatever,” the girl said dismissively.

“I'll see you girls later,” Dr. Swell said.

“Bye cutie,” Harmony said. Valerie ignored her.

Dr. Swell led her out of the cafeteria and back to her room. As they approached, a tall young woman in a white smock met them outside of Tori's door. She was very pretty, as all the women here tended to be, with short sandy blonde hair and soft, pale blue eyes. Dr. Swell introduced her as Amanda, Tori's coordinator. She shook Tori's hand.

“Well, I have work to do,” Dr. Swell said, “I'll leave you two to go about your business. Tori, I'll see you for your exam tomorrow morning.”

Tori blushed, hoping the exam would go better than her first one. Dr. Swell walked away, and Amanda opened Tori's door, gesturing her inside. Amanda set a small briefcase down on Tori's desk, and began to remove some items. First was a little binder, and then a laminated map of the facility. Next came a pair of earbuds with what looked like a little music player, similar to her iPod at home. The final item was what looked like some kind of hairnet, but it had little white pads and wires all over it. Tori had no idea what it was. Amanda first picked up the binder and handed it to Tori.

“Tori, I'll be your coordinator while you're here. That means I'll help you get oriented to your therapy sessions, help you set up anything on your computer that you need, and be your point of contact if you have any questions. You see the little blue button on your watch? If you hold that for three seconds it'll page me, in case you need some help, okay?”

Tori nodded.

“First things first. That binder has your schedule laid out for remainder of the month. You'll get a new one next month. It will tell you what room you need to be in for all your sessions, the times, and the doctors who will be treating you. It also contains a copy of the facility rules and guidelines, which I'll need you to read and sign by the end of the day,” she handed Tori the map, “this is a map of the facility, in case you need help getting around,” next came the music player, “I'm guessing you've used an iPod before,” Tori nodded, “Same thing. We're going to load this up with some soothing music for you, and some specially constructed audio programs to help you reinforce good social behaviors, and dismiss negative ones,”

“Like hypnosis?” Tori asked, a little afraid.

Amanda laughed, “No, not quite like that. It's more like brain training. Did you ever study really hard for a test by reading the same thing over and over again until it stuck?”

Tori nodded. She had, many times.

“It's like that, only you're hearing instead of reading. It's based on years of psychological research, and it's been proven to help break bad habits and addictions,”


“Now this,” she picked up the weird hairnet things, “is a neural mapping device. I know it looks crazy,” she laughed, “but it's not going to melt your brain or anything,” she turned on Tori's computer, “what we're going to do is put this on you, and run a program on the computer. All you have to do is just repeat the words you see on the screen. The map will monitor different areas of your brain, mapping the electrical impulses. This will allow your doctors to identify different areas of your psyche that are like trouble spots. All of us give in to certain impulses, and those impulses come from different parts of our brain. If we can identify where the impulses for your addictions come from, then it gives us a better idea of how to treat them,”

Tori supposed that made sense. If it was based on years of research, and the clinic had such a great reputation, then they must know what they were doing.

“Okay,” she agreed.

Amanda turned to the computer and pulled up an application.

“Once you get started you'll go for thirty minute intervals. The computer will pause the program every half hour for you to take a break. The entire process will run about two hours. When you're ready to start the next segment, just click the 'start' button there, okay?”

Tori nodded.

“Are you ready to get started?”

“I guess so.”

She sat down in the chair in front of her computer, and Amanda placed the weird contraption on her head, fitting it snugly.

“I'll be back to check on you from time to time, but if you need any help, remember to just hold the blue button on your watch for three seconds and it will page me, okay?”


“Any questions?”

“No, I think I'm okay.”

Amanda nodded and walked out of the room. Tori thought this all seemed a little ridiculous, but then didn't really have any choice. She had to do what they said if she wanted to get out early. Resigning herself to it, she clicked the start button and the program began. Words started to pop up on the screen and, as instructed, she repeated them out loud.

“Titmouse. Holy. Control. Comeuppance. Grape. Gang. Cockatoo. Creamer. Fun. Watermelon. Pussy-willow. Essex.”

The words didn't seem to have any kind of pattern to them, and seemed completely random. She found herself bored after the first session, and decided she didn't need a break. She just wanted to get through it, so she went a full hour before she had to pee. She then went through the second hour without a break. Amanda appeared a few minutes before she finished the last session.

“All done,” she said, as session four completed, “Nice job, Tori. Most of the girls get so bored they tend to take longer breaks,”

“I like to get things done,” Tori said. It had felt good to finish faster than most of the girls. That was what she was used to.

“You've got two free hours starting in about ten minutes, so you're welcome to do whatever you'd like. I'll need you to meet me back here promptly at 2:00, though. I'll show you around to where you'll meet for your therapy sessions, and introduce you to the therapists.”

“Okay,” Tori agreed. With a smile, Amanda left her in her room.

Now that she was no longer occupied with the program, she wasn't sure how to fill her time. With her mind free, she realized that her little pussy was aching for attention again, but she was determined not to get herself off like a little slut again. She needed to do something to take her mind off it. Maybe she could go to the workout room. It would probably feel good to get some time in the gym. She'd been neglecting it the last week with everything that had been going on. Carefully, she opened her door and poked her head out. She was still scared of running into anyone, and going out by herself, but she'd have to overcome that fear some time.

She stepped outside into the hall, and didn't drop dead, so she took that as a good first step. She retraced her steps from earlier in the day, went down the hallway, and passed the common room. The free period had attracted a lot of girls to the room, and she quickly hurried past it. She walked down the next hall and found the gym. It looked deserted, which suited her just fine.

A variety of workout equipment was spread across the large room. She couldn't decide what to do first. She walked around looking at the machines. She passed several weight machines, some ellipticals, and in the back found some treadmills. Now running, that was something she could do. She checked out one of the machines, fiddled with the controls, and started at a walk. The program gradually increased the speed of the treadmill, and soon enough she lost herself in the run. Before she knew it she was sweating, and it felt good.

Her feet pounded the treadmill, the repetition familiar. She could easily imagine that she was back at school, taking time in the gym to work on her cardio. This was right. This was who she was. She was a track star! She was gold medal material! The program slowly decreased her speed, and after a few minutes she was jogging, and then back to a walk.

Her legs were burning, but it was a welcome feeling. This was exactly what she needed to pour out her frustration at the unfairness of it all. When the machine came to a stop, she was panting and covered in sweat. Her long blonde hair was soaked, and her chest heaved from the exertion. She stepped off the treadmill, and when she turned around, she almost ran right into Harmony, who was watching her with a friendly grin.

“Oh,” she exclaimed, “I, uh, I didn't see you there, Harmony,”

The busty redhead came up close to her, and she could smell her shampoo.

“Don't mind me, honey,” she said, “I was just admiring. You really put in a good run,”

How long had she been there, Tori wondered.

“Um, thanks. I run track at school,”

The pretty redhead got a little closer. Tori tried to back away, but she bumped up against the treadmill. Harmony inhaled Tori's scent, the smell of her sweat intoxicating.

“Mmmm,” Harmony purred, “I love the smell of a pretty, sweaty girl,” she said softly, and licked Tori's lips, tasting her sweat.

Tori gasped, but before she could react, Harmony was kissing her again, and it felt nice. The feelings she had been ignoring in her pussy suddenly flooded her mind, and she found herself pushing her tongue into the other girl's mouth. Her brain was telling her that something wasn't right, but her body wouldn't listen. Harmony moaned into her mouth, and her hand came up to massage Tori's breast through her scrubs. Her nipples hardened at the other girl's touch. Harmony's other hand cupped Tori's hot pussy through her pants. The contact was enough to snap her out of her daze, and she pulled her mouth away.

“Harmony,” she squeaked, “I...”

“You're so pretty, baby,” the redhead said, her hand rubbing Tori's crotch, “and you smell so nice,”

“Please, don't,” Tori whispered.

“It feels good, doesn't it,”

Tori groaned as Harmony's hand rubbed the fabric of her pants across her clit, sending sparks of pleasure through her body. Tori started to quiver. She knew it was wrong, but the feelings in her pussy were so strong. She was going to cum right there if Harmony didn't stop, and she wasn't stopping. She was kissing Tori again, rubbing her big tits against her body. Tori groaned in the busty girl's mouth and her legs began to get shaky. She couldn't stop it. She broke their kiss, and with a strangled cry she began to orgasm as the redhead squealed with delight.

“That's it, baby,” she hissed, “let me see you cum! Mmmm, that's so hot! Oh my god, so hot!”

Tori slumped against Harmony as her orgasm rippled through her body. Her head spun with pleasure. Harmony held her up as Tori started to come down from her sexual high. The crotch of her pants were soaked where her pussy had poured out her orgasm, and as she came to her senses she realized that Harmony was licking the sweat from her neck. The intimacy sent more shivers of pleasure down her spine, but the guilt had begun to set in. She'd let a strange girl kiss her and feel her pussy! Worst of all, she'd liked it, and had a huge orgasm! She wanted to cry, but struggled to hold it in. She didn't want to cry in front of the other girl.

“That was so sexy, baby,” Harmony said, “You're a little firecracker!”

Tori was so embarrassed. She pulled herself away and ran out of the gym without a word. Through a haze of tears she ran down the hallway, past the common room filled with people, and ran into her room. She was shaking all over as she threw herself onto her bed. She couldn't believe what had just happened! She'd kissed a girl, and she'd liked it. She'd cum on another girl's hand, and it had been wonderful. It was just like when she'd cum for her sister. Stephanie had told her she had a slutty pussy that day, and that she needed it. Maybe Stephanie had been right after all. Maybe she did have a slutty pussy. She certainly had no control over it. Even now she was horny!

Despite the feelings of guilt at what she'd done, she shoved her hands down her pants and began to finger herself until her brain exploded into another orgasm. The lingering smell of Harmony in her nostrils made her cry out and thrash about on her bed as she squealed in delight. Her pelvis humped up and down on the bed. Her pussy went off like a rocket as her fingers squished in and out of it. She was a mess of sweat, her head swimming with the afterglow of her orgasm. She pulled her fingers from her snatch and brought them to her mouth, sucking her fuck honey off them. That's what Stephanie had called it. Fuck honey. She'd told her to clean up her fuck honey off her fingers, and Tori had done it happily. She was so confused.

Her head finally started to clear, and her surroundings came back to her. She had no idea how long she'd been laying here playing with herself. The beeping of her watch made her jump in alarm. She looked at it, and time read 1:45. Amanda would be coming in 15 minutes. She had to clean herself up. She couldn't allow the woman to see her like this, smelling like sweat and pussy. She quickly ran into the bathroom and started the shower.

She was cleaned in record time. While she showered, she could feel her pussy coming back to life again, but she repressed the juicy feeling between her legs. This was ridiculous! She had to get control. She had to fight it! She put on a new set of fresh scrubs, two minutes before Amanda was due to come back. She was toweling off her hair as her coordinator knocked on the door. Tori let her in, and saw a curious look on the woman's face as she sniffed at the air.

“I went to work out,” Tori explained, hoping that the smell of her sweat covered the smell of her sex.

“Oh, good,” Amanda said happily, “I'm sure that felt great!”

“Yeah,” Tori agreed, not wanting to share exactly how great it really felt.

“Well then. Are you ready for the grand tour?”

“Sure,” Tori agreed, tossing the towel on the bed.

Amanda led her out of the room. Tori tried to stay slightly behind the woman, using her as cover. She couldn't bear to look at anyone for fear that they'd know what had happened in the gym.

“Tori,” Amanda said, “Is something wrong?”

“Huh? Oh, no. It's just, I'm a little scared. This is all so new,”

Amanda smiled gently, “Of course, sweetie. Don't you worry, though, you're safe here.”

Tori tried to return her smile. Amanda took her down a hall she'd not yet been down, explaining that these were the therapy offices. Some of them were for groups, others for one-on-one sessions. They stopped in front of a brown, wooden door with a nameplate that read, “Dr. Travers,” which Amanda knocked on. The door was opened by a skinny, older man in a tweed suit. He had a pair of spectacles perched on his beakish nose, behind which a pair of tired, but friendly eyes studied the two women.

“Come in, Amanda,” he said warmly, “and you must be Tori,” he extended his hand.

Tori shook it and nodded her head. Travers went to his desk and picked up a sucker, handing it to Tori.

“Have a sucker,” he said happily, “when I ran my own practice, all the children loved to get a sucker,” he laughed merrily.

“Thanks,” Tori said, unwrapping the sucker and putting it in her mouth. It tasted of grape, and was coated with a special chemical blend of Dr. Swell's, which would help Tori develop an oral fixation.

“So,” Travers said, “Have a seat.”

Tori and Amanda sat down on a plush couch opposite the doctor.

“You're my newest patient, then?” he asked, picking up a file, “Now, we don't judge here, Tori. All of us are human, and as such we all make mistakes, and sometime bad choices. Our job isn't to tell you you're a bad person because you have an addiction. We're only here to help you get back on your feet, so that you can go home, okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed.

“I want you to know that you can be open with me. What is said in this office is strictly between the two of us, and will always remain confidential,”


“Looking at your file, I can see that you got yourself into a little trouble with some drugs,”

“I guess so,”

“Many of our girls have done the same, dear. It's perfectly natural to want to experiment when you're young. Sometimes, people just go a little too far. Now, I also see that you've had some issues with chronic masturbation?”

Tori blushed deeply. She couldn't believe he knew. She wanted to die.

“Tori,” he said very softly, “It's alright. Masturbation is a perfectly natural thing for anyone to do. Just like drugs, though, sometimes it gets out of hand, no pun intended,” he chuckled, “Now, is it true that you masturbate?”

She nodded her head carefully, humiliated. If he knew that she had, in fact, just finished masturbating, he'd probably feel differently.

“How often, would you say, that you masturbate?”

“Do I really have to do this,” she said, looking at Amanda with wide, frightened eyes.

“Yes, dear,” she said, “this is all part of the court order. You'll have to cooperate, if you want a good report,”

Tori did want a good report, more than anything. She wanted to get out of this place. She wanted to get away from the doctors, and the exams, and from Harmony, and the questions.

“I don't really know,” she said, “I didn't used to, but lately it's been a lot,”

“How do you define, a lot?”

“Maybe five or six times a day on some days?”

Travers nodded, but didn't comment. He made a little note on his chart. Tori noticed that she had devoured the entire sucker at some point in the conversation, and was sucking on the empty stick.

“May I have another sucker?” she asked shyly.

*Family Healing*

The first morning without Tori in the house was an uncomfortable one, especially for John and Melanie. They tried to go through their regular morning routine for a Saturday. Melanie made a great breakfast, and John browsed the news and financials, but with only Mike and Stephanie at the table this morning, nothing seemed quite right.

Mike was quite surprised at how much he missed having Tori around the house. Sure, she was a bitch, stuck up and thought the world revolved around her, but with her out of the picture for now he began to notice just how much her personality counterbalanced Stephanie's more extreme behavior. Tori was like the anchor to sanity, where Stephanie was definitely the storm. He still couldn't quite believe the shit Tori had gotten into, though.

If there was anything he'd imagined Tori never doing, it was drugs. The evidence was overwhelming, though, and her erratic behavior lately was what sealed it for him. Obviously, she had wanted to try something out, and gotten carried away. He was glad that she was getting help. Who knew. Maybe the counseling would help her not be such a bitch.

As his mother bent over the stove in her usual sexy getup, Mike's mind drifted away from Tori, and fixated on his mother's amazing ass. Melanie, despite her mixed up feelings, was a sexual creature. It was just who she was, and there was no stopping her showing off. This morning she wore a blue lace teddy, that left both globes of her shapely behind on display, with a tiny thong running through her crack. Her legs were garbed in slinky blue matching stockings. Her horny son had to fight not to drool on the table, or make it too noticeable that he was checking her out. His dad was such a lucky bastard, to have a woman that dressed like that for bed every night.

John, partially engrossed in his tablet, was very much aware of the way his son was checking Melanie out. He couldn't blame him a bit, and he had to admit that ever since Mike had witnessed his wife sucking up cum in the kitchen, the thought of her seducing his boy was something that had made his dick hard every time he thought about it. It wouldn't be the first time Melanie had taken another cock into her gorgeous body.

They were quite the wild pair when they were younger, and the sight of his stunning wife getting impaled on another man's hard shaft was one that he'd witnessed, and enjoyed, many times. It had been a while, but ever since his little tryst with Stephanie by the pool, his fantasies had been running a little wild.

John also eyed up his busty daughter, who was smiling to herself as she stared at her phone. Every now and again, her foot would brush up against his leg, and he was sure it was no accident. She never looked at him when it happened, but that sexy little smile never left her lips. Ever since he'd eaten her perfect teen pussy, he'd been conflicted, but he'd put a few plans in motion and thought that they would take things in the right direction.

It was very obvious, now, that Stephanie wanted to fuck him. His own daughter wanted her daddy to take her cherry, and she wanted it bad. With all that had happened recently with Tori, she'd been respectful enough not to push the issue, and even acted as though nothing had happened. But every time she saw him, he could see an uncontrollable lust in her eyes, like she was going to rip off his pants, and didn't give a damn who saw it. There was an undeniable tension between them, and it was a situation that would have to be dealt with soon, or it would only smolder.

For her part, Melanie had even played up the fantasy, ever since she'd seen the video of her husband bringing their daughter off with his tongue. The very same night, she'd made him fuck her from behind, and moaned about how much she loved her daddy's big cock in her little cunt. When he ate her pussy, she taunted him, asking if it was as yummy as Stephanie's.

It was pretty apparent that she wanted him to fuck their daughter, and when she heard about his ideas, she was firmly on-board When she'd admitted that she'd made Stephanie lick her pussy in the kitchen, he about blew his load in his pants. It seemed like his whole family had gone through an abrupt sexual awakening over the course of a weekend, and he wasn't sure whether to be delighted, or terrified, but he was leaning toward the former.

It wasn't just their daughter that Melanie was fantasizing about either. Just this morning she'd sucked him off in the shower and told him to shoot his big load on mommy's face. Picturing his son's dick exploding all over his hot mother had made him erupt, and he'd done just that. Melanie was also dressing even more scandalously around the house, as evidenced by her outfit this morning. She always showed off, comfortable around her own home, but she'd certainly turned it up a couple of notches recently. Even he was surprised at just how much ass she was showing.

Yup. He couldn't blame his son for looking. He was tempted to just bend her over right there and shove his big prick up her asshole while his kids watched. He didn't, but the thought was making him hard. And his daughter rubbing her foot against his crotch right now wasn't helping.

And then there was Tori, the gaping hole in their life. His fatherly instinct made him feel guilty for trying to go on with life as it had been before Tori was...committed. But what else were they supposed to do? Their hands were completely tied.

He still had Stu running in circles looking at any and all possible options to get his daughter out as soon as possible, but the beleaguered attorney had burned a lot of favors just to do what he had, and John had been more than grateful. Melanie even offered to fuck and suck the life out of him for his hard work, just like old times. He was a married man, though, and politely declined, though with a stiff dick at the thought.

And so, the Hamlin family tried their best to move on with their lives, knowing that Tori wasn't gone forever. She was just away, like the time she and Stephanie had gone on their school trip to Washington for a week. Only, in Washington she'd not undergone any kind of anal probe, or pissed herself.

Stephanie was, perhaps, the only one of the family that was on cloud nine. Tori was out of her life for three whole months. She had her sister's tiny-dicked boyfriend firmly under her thumb. In an hour she would be attending an interview for the modeling ad, having submitted an application and her portfolio earlier in the week.

The agency had called her only hours later to ask her to come in. On top of it all, it was summer break, and her friends were texting her non-stop about all the parties that were going down this weekend. If there was one wrinkle in the demented hottie's life right now, it was that her daddy hadn't fucked her yet. Granted she hadn't really tried to push it too much, with everything that had happened lately, but it still irked her.

How could he ravish her hungry little pussy with his tongue so well, and then just leave it at that? And then for her mother to make her submit to eating her cunt, while super hot and unexpected, then also ignore what had happened, was just unfair. Even her brother, who could always be counted on to feed her his delicious sperm, had been standoffish lately.

With the way he was ogling their mother's backside right now, she was pretty sure she knew the reason, too. Mike had always had the hots for his mom, and who could blame him? Hell, Stephanie wanted to fuck her mom almost as bad as she did her daddy. What right did that give him to deny her needs, though? She'd had to turn to Tim's little penis to get a taste of cum, and he only shot maybe a tenth the amount of cum that Mike's big balls held.

She was just frustrated. Her pussy was constantly aching to be filled, and her desire for hot, slippery, ball cream was endless. She needed her daddy to fuck her, and soon, otherwise she wasn't sure if she could keep her cherry any longer. Eighteen years was way too long, in her opinion.

Melanie was also in turmoil. Her heart was breaking at the thought of Tori locked away in that clinic. It was obvious that she needed help, but as her mother she felt awful that she hadn't noticed the signs of what Tori was up to. She just never expected her children to get involved in something like drugs. Especially not Tori. Tori had always been the responsible one. Where Stephanie took risks, Tori was there to pull her back from the brink and talk sense into her. Where Stephanie was temperamental, Tori was levelheaded and logical. Maybe, though, that was just the problem. Maybe they had pushed Tori's success too hard, and she had rebelled. After all, the twins did share a lot of personality traits.

The clinic hadn't seemed a bad place, though. At least there were no padded rooms, or people in straight jackets. There were no electroshock treatments or torture going on. In fact, it had seemed like a really great place where Tori would get the help she needed. Melanie was just sad that she couldn't be there to help her daughter through it. The rest of the family felt the same way, she knew, but life had to go on.

She finished up the food and started loading up plates, first setting out her husband's, then Stephanie's. She leaned over the table to set Mike's in front of him, making sure to give him a good view of her tits as she did so. Ever since John had told her about Mike watching them, she'd been unusually horny. And that was saying something.

Melanie's sex drive worked in high gear at all times, but since the events of last weekend, her oversexed pussy was even more needy than ever. She also felt a little guilty that she had made Stephanie suck her pussy off, and then had essentially ignored her daughter ever since. The poor teenager was probably confused about the mixed signals, especially after both her parents had used her body in the same day, and then never followed up with even a word about it.

If Stephanie was upset about it, though, she didn't show it. She was likely just as concerned about her sister as they all were, but Melanie owed it to her to at least have a real conversation about what had happened. She knew John felt the same way. She looked forward to the talk they were going to have, once Stephanie was home from her interview. The interview was something she was particularly proud of. She was overjoyed that Stephanie was making things happen for herself, and the modeling gig was right up her little showoff daughter's alley.

The whole family seemed to ogle her tits as she served up breakfast, and all those pairs of eyes made her more aroused. Mike looked like he wanted to shove them in his mouth, it was hanging so far open. Melanie caught his eye, and he looked away ashamed, but she only smiled and let him look. She returned to the counter and picked up another plate, brought it back.

“Sausage, anyone?” she said teasingly, but looked at Mike.

“I don't think I can handle that much meat, mom,” he quipped, “There's so much here already,”

“Oh, well if you can't, I'm sure your sister and I can handle some sausage, right Stephie?”

Stephanie smiled, “Sure mom. I'll take all the sausage you can feed me,” She looked pointedly at her dad, who looked back down at his tablet.

Melanie plunked a sausage link onto Stephanie's plate, and then her own. The air was heavy now with sexual tension. Melanie glanced periodically at Mike, Stephanie at her father, but no one said anything. It seemed as though the slightest innuendo could cause the table to explode into a full-blown orgy, but no one wanted to be the one to let all their secrets out first. Mike, after all, had no idea that Stephanie had been shared between her parents, while her parents had no idea that Stephanie had been letting Mike fuck her wet teen mouth for some time now. Stephanie, likewise, had no idea Mike had witnessed his mother acting like a cum hungry slut.

The atmosphere was broken by the alarm on Stephanie's phone chiming. Everyone at the table jumped in their seats and looked away from each other. Stephanie looked down and dismissed her calendar reminder.

“Oh, looks like I'm finished,” she cried, “Gotta get going. Someone has to pay the bills around here,” she said, looking smug, “You can all thank me later.”

She went around the table and gave her mother a peck on the head, Mike one on the cheek, and then in front of everyone, planted a quick kiss on her father's lips. She kept it very modest, and then ran out of the room. John looked a little dazed, while Melanie only smiled at him. Mike just dug into his food. With a sigh, John set his tablet aside and picked up his empty plate, bringing it to the sink. He gave Melanie a very big, sloppy kiss, and squeezed her tit right in front of Mike.

“I gotta catch up on some work.” he said, and left the room.

Mike and his mother were left alone at the table. He swallowed hard. He was almost certain that his mom had been teasing him lately. Had his dad told her what he'd seen? Had she liked the fact that he'd watched? Why was he so damn nervous around his own mom? Melanie looked across the table at him.

“What are your plans for the day, mister?”

“Work later, maybe hit the books for the summer courses,” he said, “You know me, the dutiful and studious son!”

Melanie laughed, “Oh, did I have one of those? He must have gotten lost somewhere along the way,”

Mike grinned, and pushed his empty plate aside. Melanie's face became more serious.

“You know that we love you kids more than anything, right?” she asked

“Yeah, of course, mom. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, honey. It's just, you guys grew up so fast, and you're all adults now. Your sisters are beautiful women. My son's a hunk! I just wonder where all the time went. I don't feel like I see enough of you, and I just want to know that you're okay. That there's nothing you need...from me?” she cocked her head.

“I'm...everything's good, mom,”

“It seems like if you're not at work, you're always down in that mancave of yours. I haven't seen you out with your friends a lot since starting college, or seen you bringing any girls around. I'd think they'd be lining up around the block to get a piece of that!”

“Ha! Well, I'm in a little bit of a dry spell, I guess,” he ran his hand nervously through his thick brown hair, “I guess I have my eye on a couple, but maybe I'm not sure how to approach them?”

Now her curiosity was piqued and her eyes brightened, “Oh, well, then you've come to the right place. See, your mother knows a thing or two about what a woman wants. Why don't you tell me a little bit about these two vixens you're trying to decide on, and maybe I can help,”

“I don't know,” he said, “but I'm willing to try,”

“Go for it!”

“Okay, well, they're both gorgeous,” he said, “one is a couple years younger than me, and the other is a little older,”

“Hmm. How much older?”

“Oh, I'd say around your age,” he replied hesitantly.

“Oh, really? So, my boy is a milf hunter?”

“Ha! I guess, if you put it that way,”

“Okay, tell me more,”

“The younger one is a real tease, very sensual, but she's saving herself. We've had some fun in the past, but I don't know if I can hold out. This seems weird to be talking with you about,” he grimaced.

“Honey,” Melanie said, “In case you haven't noticed, your father and I have never really been shy about sex. You were our first child, after all, and we got started young. I know that a young man your age has certain...needs, and we're both okay with that. We just want you to be safe about it, and make sure you're doing things with someone that cares about you,” She wasn't sure if he picked up on that little hint, but went on, “So, what about the other one? The milf?” she giggled as she said it.

“Well, she...I don't know how to put this. I don't even think she knows that I'm really attracted to her. I don't really know, myself, how I feel about it. With her, I know that there could never really be any kind of future, because she has someone in her life. But, whenever I see her, I'm just overcome with a passion that I can't ever remember feeling before. Maybe that sounds stupid,”

Melanie reached across and touched his hand, her cleavage on full view as she leaned across the table.

“What you have to understand, my dear, about older women is that we've gone through more. We're, most of the time, sure of what we want. We're more confident. We're not always out looking for love. Sometimes, we have urges that need to be satisfied, too, and it's not uncommon to find a handsome young man that with those urges,” she smiled at him, clenching his hand a little harder, “What we like more than anything, though, is a man that knows what he wants, too. Someone that isn't afraid to show us how he feels or to take what he wants. In fact, we often can't make the first move, and need that strong man to show us how to surrender. My advice would be to just tell this woman how you feel, and if she rebukes you, then what have you really lost?”

Mike seemed to consider it very deeply, holding onto her hand. She could feel little beads of sweat pop up in his palm. His hand shook a little bit. She stared across the table at him, waiting for his response.

“Honey,” she whispered, “tell me what you're thinking,”

“I...last week, before all this shit with Tori...I saw...well, I saw something. I saw something that I haven't been able to stop thinking about, and it's driving me crazy,”

“What did you see,” she asked, knowing full well what had been on his mind.

“I saw...”

“It's okay, baby, I know. You can say it,” she admitted.

Mike looked stunned for a moment, his mouth falling open. She nodded for him to say it.

“I I saw you...”

“You saw me well-fucked, licking up a cum load like a total slut, didn't you?”

And there it was, out in the open.

Mike grinned. His hand was shaking even more than before. His mouth was dry, his heart pounding.

“Yes,” he said quietly.

“And it turned you on, didn't it?”


“Would it surprise you to know turned me on, too, when he told me that you saw?”

Mike released a breath that he didn't even know he'd been holding. He could scarcely believe what she'd said. She wasn't upset. Just the opposite. She'd liked it.

“Are you serious? You don't think I'm a freak?”

Melanie crawled over the table, until her face was inches from his. Her deep blue eyes were something to get lost in. Her perfect tits were right there. Mike froze.

“Only as much of a freak as the rest of this family,” she hissed, “Do you know what I've been thinking about, since your father told me?”

“No,” he squeaked. This couldn't really be happening. Any moment he was going to wake up in his bed, and find that he'd cum in his pants.

“I've been thinking about how if would feel if my son, my handsome, young, studly son, were to push his needy cock into me,”

She brushed her lips against his. Mike groaned, and almost fell out of his chair. This was definitely not real. There was no way. But Melanie's breath was hot in his mouth, her lips wet and welcoming. If this was a dream, then he'd be a fool not to let it run its course before he woke up.

“But, what about, dad?” he asked, his tone hushed, conspiratorial.

“Your father and I have had this conversation already, and do you want to know what else?”


“His huge cock got so hard at the idea, that he almost came in his pants,” she said, and pushed her lips against his again. It felt so dirty to say and do these things with her son. It was so nasty, and so wrong, but so incredibly hot, “If we're going to make it through everything going on, our family has to be honest with each other, and this is the truth, honey. It's wrong, and it's nasty. It's perverted, filthy, and depraved. The way you look at my body, and the things that I think about you doing to it, they have no place in polite society,” her hand snaked its way down to his shorts, and felt his big bulge straining to get free, “and that's why it makes me so fucking hot!”

“Oh shit,” Mike moaned as his mother's manicured nails brushed his thick meat through his shorts, “that's why it turns me on, too,”

“Mmmm, then I guess you inherited that from your parents,”

“Mom, there's something else,” he said. He couldn't believe he was about to tell her, “something else you should know. Since we're being honest, and all,”

“Tell me, baby,” she said softly, and kissed him again.

“The other girl I told you about...It's...It's Stephie,” he blurted.

Melanie couldn't have looked more shocked. It was like she'd been slapped. She shouldn't have been surprised, really, but she was. Mike had the hots for his sister, too? How fucked up was her family?

“We've never gone all the way, but she's sucked my cock, a lot,”

As his admission sunk in, Melanie found that she wasn't upset at all. In fact, this new knowledge sent a big shiver right down to her already soaking pussy.

“Oh, God. Stephanie's sucked your cock?” She absentmindedly began to stroke his hardon.

“Well, sort of. She doesn't really like to suck it,” he admitted, “she likes to be forced to do it,”

“Really? Oh, honey, now this is just too good,” She grinned devilishly, “do tell me more about our hot little Stephie. Did you know that her father ate her pussy last week, and that she came all over his face?”

Mike gasped in surprise, “You're kidding,” he said, “I never thought...”

“What is it?”

“Well, remember I said that she was saving herself?”

“Mmhmm,” Melanie pulled his shorts up, letting his big dick free. She wrapped her hand around it.

“Oh, shit, mom. That's so good,”

“Tell me,” she whispered.

“I tried to get her to fuck me, but she says that she won't until dad pops her cherry!”

Just the thought of it, Stephanie seducing her brother, then denying him her sex until her own father took her virginity, the sheer unadulterated, twisted reality of what was going on in her home gave Melanie a mini orgasm right there on the table. She gripped Mike's cock firmly, and put her head down as her hips rocked up and down. Mike watched her perfect ass bounce, and felt the heat of her firm grip on his meat.

“Honey, that's's so hot! Oh my God!”

Mike couldn't take it. His big dick was throbbing so hard that he was no longer rational. He stood up, knocking his chair onto the floor, and pulled his shorts down in one swift motion. His swinging, bulging prick was right in Melanie's face. It was the first time she'd seen it in years, and she was giddy when she saw that he was definitely his father's son.

He wasn't quite as large, but he was no slouch. It had to be close to ten inches, and as thick as her wrist. She gaped in awe, and never pulled away as he aimed it right at her mouth and thrust forward. She felt the hot, mushroom head slide between her lips, glide over her tongue, and push into her throat. Within the blink of an eye, she had more than half of her son's giant meatpole throbbing in her mouth.

She moaned around it happily, and began to work her tongue across the underside. Mike put his hand on the back of her head and encouraged her to suck him. Melanie was so turned on by the lewdness of it, the fact that she was milking her own son's fat penis with her mouth on the kitchen table. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft, looking up into his eyes as she worshiped his giant manhood. She made little mewling noises while she nursed on the head, then sunk the length back down her throat. It had taken her years of practicing on John's even bigger dick, but Melanie was a deepthroat master now. Mike's cock was no challenge compared to John's.

“Holy fuck, mom,” he groaned, “You took it all! Oh, shit, fuck!”

Melanie continued to gobble up his cock, giving up her control as her son began to fuck her mouth eagerly. When he pulled out, she gripped his cock before he could sink it back in.

“My arms are tired,” she said, “let me lay on my back so you can fuck my face,”

Strings of saliva hung from her lips, her eyes were wild with lust. He'd never seen his mother this way. She flipped onto her back, lay her head over the side of the table and opened her mouth in invitation. Mike was so far gone that he never hesitated. He slowly pushed his dick back into Melanie's mouth and fed it back out, then back in, picking up speed.

Her face became a mess of saliva as he used her throat. She was fingering her cunt with one hand, grabbing at her tits with the other. Mike pushed her hand off of her breast, and replaced it with his own. Using her perfect boobs as handholds, he pinched her nipples and pounded his big dick in and out of her mouth.

With her hand now free, she gripped his swollen balls, massaging them gently. She could feel the huge amount of potent sperm just aching to find release. Mike's pounding cock pulled free of her mouth, releasing another torrent of sloppy precum and slime, that oozed down her messy face. She panted for breath, but stopped him from putting it back in.

“Please,” she whispered, hoarse from his powerful use of her mouth, “I want to feel you cum inside me. Let me fuck that young cock!”

On wobbly legs she got off the table, pulling her skimpy teddy over her head, and using it to wipe the slop from her face. Mike lay on the kitchen floor, his big dong standing at full mast. Melanie stepped out of her wet panties, and kicked them aside. Completely nude, she stood over her eager son, so consumed with lust that she never thought about stopping.

She straddled him, knees on the floor to either side of his waist. His stiff cock bumped against her hungry cunt, sending a spasm of pleasure through her whole body. He cupped her tits as she pushed back against his hard organ. The head began to split open her inviting pussy, and she sucked in a sharp breath as her head fell back. He pulled at her nipples and groaned as she slid down his cock, taking each inch slowly.

Mike was in heaven. He hadn't been inside a wet pussy in over a year. He pumped his cock into his horny mother, making her shudder. Melanie's ass came to rest against his big balls, and her whole being sung with joy at being filled with so much cock. She was such a slut, she admitted to herself. She was a depraved fucktoy, and no amount of dick was too much to get shoved into her body. She had greedily impaled her cunt on her own son's manhood, and she loved every moment of it. She looked down on this handsome young man, the fruit of her own womb. Never had she imagined that he'd be inside her again, but his face screwed up with passion and lust showed her that he was all in.

Her heart fluttered in her chest. It hammered harder than she could ever recall. The taboo coupling had her so hot, out of control, an animal. She pressed her burning palms against his chest and began to ride his cock, up and down like a carnival ride. The most hideous and depraved carnival ride in the world. Mike grunted like a man possessed, and he was. He'd never had a pussy like this. He'd never felt something that gripped his big cock with so much warmth. It was as though it was made for his dick. It was perfect. His mother's pussy was perfect!

Melanie bounced up and down happily on him, shivering with mini orgasms as every downthrust rubbed her clit. She was lost in ecstasy. Her eyes were watering with tears, it felt so good. Through a haze of tears and stars, she saw John standing in the doorway, a little perverted smile on his face. He didn't say anything, but she knew he wasn't jealous. The big bulge in his pants showed her what he thought about the lewd fucking going on in his kitchen.

As he patiently stood and watched his son take her pussy, she came harder than ever before. This was so taboo, it crossed more lines than she ever had before. Melanie had been gangbanged, double penetrated, whored out for money just for the kick, but the incestuous fuck she was getting now topped it all. She was a filthy incest mommy. She was a dirty bitch letting her son rut her like a wild animal. She was pumping his dick with her overheated cunt right in front of her husband, and the delicious wickedness of it all was going to make her cum again!

Mike wasn't much better off. He was holding it back, trying to make this last as long as possible, but it was a losing fight against his mother's hungry pussy. She was bouncing on his dick like a wildcat, and no amount of self-control was going to help him hold the cum in his balls any longer. Her tight ass slapped down against his balls one last time, and Melanie began to quake and scream like a banshee. That was it. His nuts exploded! He began to empty a flood of semen into his mom, roaring like he was the kind of the mother fucking jungle.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Melanie was saying, over and over.

Their combined orgasm seemed to go on forever until, finally, Melanie collapsed on his chest. Her hair was a matted mass of sweat, her face plastered with cum and saliva. Mike's load squelched around his still-hard shaft as he held it deep inside her. She was lost in a euphoria of stars and pleasure. Her whole body tingled, and she found herself giggling uncontrollably. Mike had his eyes shut, while his dick kept pumping little spurts of cum into her. He thought it would never end. He lay there in a haze, feeling Melanie's cunt sucking at his softening rod. And then he heard his father begin to clap and laugh. The poor boy turned white, noticing him for the first time.

*An Unexpected Gift*

Busty Stephanie was on a total high as she whipped her little convertible into the driveway. Not only had the interview gone well, it had landed her the job with little question. Prior modeling experience was not an issue, once the two talent recruiters had seen her stunning body, amazing good looks, and bubbly personality. She attributed her success, though, more to the former.

The recruiters had complimented her on some great photos, obviously done by someone who knew what they were doing. They gushed over her poolside shots, not only the bikini ones, but the more tasteful examples, as well. She was a natural in front of the camera, and the photos just oozed sex appeal. Lance, the male half of the recruiting team, told her that it was like she was trying to seduce the camera. Laura, the female half, told her how jealous she was that it came so naturally.

When asked if she could come in on Monday for some sample shots with their own photographers, she was delighted to say yes! Now, pulling back into her driveway, she imagined how excited her parents would be when they heard the news. She had beaten Tori to finding a job, one of the few firsts in her life. She was going to be the star, not that uppity cunt of a sister. They were going to gush over how beautiful she was, how successful, how she had made it all on her own. No more second place for Stephanie! She imagined Tori locked away in a tiny room crying by herself, and decided that life was fantastic.

Her only complaint was, of course, that she was so ridiculously horny and had no outlet. She was determined to fix that, and fast. The memory of her father's tongue making her little teen pussy cream all over would drive her to get his big dick into her pronto. She knew it could happen now. Her mother had as much as given her the go ahead while she fucked her slutbox against Stephanie's face.

The oversexed, psychotic teenager put her convertible in park in the side drive and shut it off. Her hands were shaky with excitement. With purpose, she strode into the house, all long legs and big tits. The house was quiet.

“Mom? Dad? Mike?” she called out, but no one answered.

She peeked into the living room. Nothing. Into the kitchen. Nothing. She checked the garage, and noted that her mother's car was gone, as was her father's. Mike's would be parked around the back, since he came and went out the rear basement door. She went to the stairs and stopped suddenly. What was this? A trail of rose pedals led up the steps. Curious, she followed them up, then down the hallway, and into her room. The trail stopped, but on her bed was a box.

Now, this was intriguing. She glanced around the room, but there were no clues. Carefully, she approached the bed and took the wrapped box in her hands. The paper was shiny and red, wrapped with a little bow. No tag. She pulled away the paper, and revealed a black box made of thick cardboard, not some shitty flimsy stuff. A wide red stripe ran from corner to corner, the middle broken by a gold heart.

She placed the box on her bed, and removed the lid. Tissue paper covered the contents, red like the wrapping. She pulled it out, and what lay inside took her breath away. A lingerie set lay inside, as well as two small black boxes. Jewelry boxes. First, a red, lace cami with a matching push-up bra. With it were a set of matching panties, sheer, tasteful, but naughty.

She picked up one of the boxes, and found a set of gold hoop earrings inside. She put it aside and picked up the other little box. When she propped the lid open, she almost came right there. Inside, sparkling gold, lay a little necklace with a charm that said, “Daddy's Girl,” the dot on the 'I' a tiny diamond.

“Holy fucking shit,” she whispered to herself.

She looked around her room, making sure this wasn't some kind of prank. The money that this stuff must have cost, though, would have been a really expensive prank. She followed the gift to its logical conclusion. Her daddy had made up his mind, and he wanted to fuck her. Her daddy was really going to fuck her. She could hardly breathe. She set the little box down carefully, and had to lay down on the bed. Her head was spinning with dirty thoughts. She was lost in a daydream when her phone buzzed, making her jump. She picked it up and looked at the text message.

6:00, dress classy. Dad.

What's going on?

Did you find your present?


Then don't ask questions.

Her pussy was tingling as she set down the phone. She had 6 hours to get ready. Dress classy? She couldn't think of much that she owned that was classy. Most of it was tease material, made for showing off her tits and ass. She would have to go shopping.


Tori awoke to the dinging of the alarm on her watch, and pulled her fingers from her pussy. She couldn't remember the dream she'd been having, but apparently it had made her finger herself in her sleep. She sighed at the empty feeling in her yearning cunt, and wondered if she had enough time to get off. Not if she wanted to shower and eat, she decided.

She pulled herself out of the comfy bed, and prepared for day 3 at the NewYou Clinic. Once she was in the shower, she lost control. The soap on her young breasts, and cleaning up her pussy felt amazing. In fact, it felt better than it ever had, like every nerve in her body was tingling with pleasure at the touch. She quickly found herself rubbing her clit until her brain exploded in orgasm, and she had to relax against the shower wall until she caught her breath.

Tori quickly toweled off, but the feel of the cloth against her body had her wishing she could fuck herself again. She couldn't recall ever feeling so turned on. When she pulled on her light blue scrubs, the touch of the fabric on her bare nipples was enough to keep her excited. If she weren't so hungry, she might have waved off breakfast and made herself cum before she met with Dr. Swell, but she had skipped dinner the night before.

She'd been afraid of seeing Harmony again, ashamed at the way that the pretty redhead had made her climax in the gym, while she pushed her tongue around in her mouth. But she couldn't avoid the cafeteria forever. She had to eat. She also craved one of the delicious vitamin shakes that Dr. Swell had introduced her to the day before.

Her hair still damp, Tori left her room and made her way to the cafeteria. It was busy this morning. About twenty girls, she guessed, were mingling around the room. Some by themselves with earbuds in their ears, while others sat in pairs or small groups. A few gave her some glances as she walked in, but for the most part they just ignored her.

She figured that many of them were like her, They wanted to do their time and go home. She wasn't very interested in making friends. As she went up to the serving line, Harmony spotted her. The busty redhead was, again, at a table with the black-haired girl from yesterday. Valerie. Her name was Valerie, and she was rude. Harmony smiled at Tori. She didn't seem like she was being unfriendly, and waved to her. Tori blushed and started to put food on her plate, making sure to grab one of the blue shakes at the end of the line.

She looked for somewhere to sit, but all of the tables and chairs were occupied by someone. She was scared to just pick a random person, and sit with them. As her eyes scanned the room, Harmony saw her uncertainty, and waved her over. Tori almost shook her head, no, but thought better of it.

She had three months here, hopefully less. She didn't need to make any enemies. She'd always been the popular girl at school, and tried to make friends with everyone. She could do the same here. She just wished she could stop thinking about her pussy, especially when she saw Harmony. Tori put on her best friendly smile and came to Harmony and Valerie's table.

As she set her tray down, she glanced at Valerie. The cute girl with the black hair was absorbed in a book, her earbuds stuffed in her ears.

“Um, Hi,” Tori said to both girls.

Valerie gave her a little wave without looking at her. Harmony's face broke out in a big grin.

“Hey there, sugar. Good morning,” she greeted Tori cheerfully.

That made Tori feel a little better. Maybe Harmony hadn't told her friend about what happened. Maybe she hadn't told anyone. Tori hoped not.

“Thanks for letting me sit here,” Tori said, “The place is sure crowded this morning,”

“Sure thing, baby,” Harmony said.

Tori dug into her food, famished, and chased it with the blue shake. Harmony and Valerie had shakes, too, but they were empty.

“Pretty good, aren't they?” Harmony said, with a nod to the shake.

“Yeah,” Tori agreed, “I'm gonna have to find the secret recipe and make them when I go home,”

“They taste like cum,” Valerie said, not bothering to look up.

Harmony laughed, and said, “They sure do, but not quite as good. Do you think they taste like cum, Tori?”

“I, um, I wouldn't know,” she said, uncomfortable with the sudden direction the conversation had taken.

“You mean, you never...” Harmony said.


“Never sucked off a boy and let him cum in your mouth,” Valerie said, finally looking up, “Never let your boyfriend blow his load all over your face, or licked it off your fingers after a handjob?”

“Ew, no!”

Valerie shrugged and went back to her book.

“Ha! Don't mind her,” Harmony said, “She's just a slut,”

Valerie frowned, but didn't say anything.

“So, I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry about yesterday,” Harmony began to say.

Tori looked worried, and glanced at Valerie. Maybe she knew!

“You know,” Harmony continued, “about surprising you in the gym. I kinda sneak around sometimes, and you were in the zone with that workout. Didn't mean to scare you like that,”

Tori breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn't said anything to Valerie.

“It's okay. I guess I'm just trying to get adjusted,” Tori said, “How long have you two been here?”

“About a week,” Harmony said, “Val's came in at the same time. Did they stick a thermometer up your ass, yet?”

Tori blushed furiously, and looked at the table.

Harmony grinned, “You get used to it,” she said, “I liked it in the ass before I came in here, to it's nothing to me. You ever get it in the ass? Guess not, since you never tasted cum, right?”

“Uh, no,” Tori lied, remembering the feel of her mother's toy in her ass.

“I think that Dr. Swell gets off on it, you know?”

“She seems nice,” Tori squeaked.

“Eh, she isn't bad, I guess. I just think she likes to watch girls take it in the ass,” Harmony said, laughing again.

Tori wasn't sure what to say. This conversation was really uncomfortable, and she was having a hard time concentrating because her pussy was itching and horny with the memory of what had happened yesterday in the exam room. All too soon, her alarm was dinging. She had fifteen minutes until she needed to meet Dr. Swell.

“Speak of the devil,” Tori said.

“Later, cutie.” Harmony said with a wink.

Tori blushed and took her tray up. She had to get to the bathroom before she met with Dr. Swell. She couldn't imagine going through another episode like yesterday. She hurried to her room, pissed, and wiped. The growing need in her pussy was begging for release, but she knew she didn't have time. She hurried to the exam room with a minute to spare, and knocked softly. She heard Dr. Swell beckon her in. Dr. Swell looked happy to see her, and, of course, Ron was there. He pointedly ignored her, studying the wall.

“How are you feeling this morning, Tori?” The doctor asked.

“I'm fine, thank you,” she said, sitting up on the table.

“Wonderful. I'm glad to see you're settling in. You look much more comfortable than yesterday,”


“I'm just going to do a quick blood draw this morning, alright? We're going to see how the shot I gave you is working on getting rid of the drugs in your system.”


The doctor drew a small vial of blood and handed it to Ron. He left out the back door, and was back within a minute. By the time he returned, Dr. Swell was going through the same routine as the day before. Blood pressure, reflexes, and then it was time for Tori to turn over.

“Did you get a chance to relieve yourself before you came in?” Dr. Swell asked,

“Yes, Ma'am,” she replied, grateful that her face was hidden so that Dr. Swell couldn't see her cheeks coloring.

“That's good,”

Dr. Swell pulled down Tori's pants, exposing her naked cheeks. The table's center, again, raised up, pushing her heart-shaped bottom into the air. With her ass and pussy exposed to the doctor's eyes, Tori was very conscious of the wetness between her legs. She could feel her juices running out of her pussy, and down her legs. She had no doubt that Dr. Swell could see it, too.

“Just relax now, Tori,”

The doctor's gloved finger pressed against her anus, smearing the cool jelly on her outer ring, then she slowly pushed it inside. As if on cue, she saw Ron's pants begin to tent through the hole her head rested in. Dr. Swell moved her finger in and out of Tori's ass, lubing it up generously. The feeling reminded her of playing with her mother's toy, only this was much naughtier. She had another woman's finger up her ass, and her pussy was dripping.

“Try not to enjoy it too much, Tori,” Dr. Swell said with a giggle.

Tori felt so ashamed. She did like the feeling, and was almost anxious to feel the thermometer sliding inside of her. She felt the doctor's finger pull out, and a moment later the “thermometer” was resting against her asshole. Ron and Dr. Swell grinned at each other. She'd increased the size of the sex toy today by just a little bit.

Tori would likely not be able to tell the difference, but it gave the doctor a sick kick to know that she was widening the naive teenager's butthole a little more each time, teaching her to accept larger and larger objects. The “thermometer” began to push its way into Tori's ass. Despite herself, she moaned when it passed her sphincter, and her poor pussy quivered. Dr. Swell spread her ass apart and pushed a little more.

Through the hole, she could see Ron's cock rising, growing, and moving closer to her lips. He held her shoulders in place gently, but firmly. The “thermometer” slid further into her rectum, and she felt Dr. Swell release her butt cheek. The doctor's free hand cupped Tori's little pussy, her palm rubbing up against her clit. Tori gasped at the contact, shivered with pleasure. Stephanie was right. She had a naughty pussy. She shouldn't be enjoying this. She was about to cum from a medical exam with a thermometer up her ass.

Her eyes were fixated on Ron's erection. Something was different today. His pants weren't the kind that tied around the waste, they were button-ups, and a few of the buttons were undone. As his cock hardened, it had begun to push its way free of his pants, and she could see the bulbous head poking through.

“Your vagina looks very aroused this morning, Tori,” Dr. Swell said, “I'm going to need to monitor your vaginal temperature, as well. Just to make sure you're alright,”

The doctor's hand left her pussy, and a moment later, she felt a second “thermometer” against her wet pussy lips. Dr. Swell was going to put two of them in at once! She found herself eager to feel the second “thermometer” insider her, filling both her holes. Ron's cock had managed to free itself from his pants, and it was rising higher, getting closer to her lips.
She tried to lift up, to get away from the approaching cock, but his hands were holding her firmly in place. Dr. Swell pushed the second “thermometer” into her virgin pussy, and she opened her mouth in a big “O” of surprise. When she did, the head of Ron's cock passed between her lips and settled there. He didn't push forward, but just let the tip rest between her lips. She should have been repulsed, but she actually felt quite happy to have something in her mouth.

Her pussy and asshole were both filled, but Dr. Swell began to adjust the “thermometers,” saying something about the readings not looking correct. The effect was that both “thermometers” began to slide in and out of Tori's poor holes, creating conflicting feelings in her tummy. The motion felt really good, but she knew it shouldn't.

She was breathing very heavily, and noticed that Ron had begun to rock his hips very slightly. The head of his penis was slowly moving in and out of her mouth. She should be disgusted. This was wrong! Nurses didn't put their penises into the patient's mouths. She should tell Dr. Swell what was happening! When she tried to open her mouth, though, it just seemed to allow more of Ron's hard cock into her mouth.

Now she was nursing on the head as he rubbed it back and forth between her lips. There was an unfamiliar, salty taste in her mouth. It wasn't unpleasant by any means, in fact it reminded her of the tasty blue shakes they served in the cafeteria. Dr. Swell was still adjusting the “thermometers,” and now Tori was on the verge of an orgasm. There was no stopping it. Her pussy had taken control, and she was actively fucking herself on the “thermometers”. She hadn't even noticed that Dr. Swell was no longer moving them. She was just holding them in place while Tori slid her ass and pussy up and down them like a bitch in heat.

She was moaning around Ron's penis, now, lost in a haze of fucklust. She all but forgot where she was, so intense were the feelings in her pussy. Finally, the friction was too much, and her legs started to buckle. She moaned like a porno slut and started to cum right there in front of the doctor, for the second day in a row.

“It's okay, Tori,” Dr. Swell was saying, “go ahead and cum. Let it out,”

Ron's cock was throbbing in her mouth, jumping up and down. She heard him groan, and then her mouth was flooded with a huge amount of the salty stuff she'd been tasting. She realized, right then, that she was getting her first taste of cum. She'd told the two girls at breakfast that it was gross, but as the tangy cream spurted into her mouth, she found herself swallowing it down greedily. It actually tasted very good!

Her brain tried to process what she was doing, sucking down a big load of sperm from this stranger's penis, and when it registered, she came again thinking about how naughty it was. It was embarrassing, shameful, it was sick, and her pussy liked it. The fact that she liked it made her begin to to cry, and Tori was so confused. Her tears ran down the shaft of Ron's cock, which began to soften and fell from her mouth with a plop, leaving a string of sticky saliva and sperm hanging from her lips.

Dr. Swell pulled the “thermometer” from her pussy first, and it felt empty. The next one came out of her ass, but she was still humping the air, as though begging for it to be put back. Neither Ron, nor the doctor said anything. They just watched the oversexed young girl try to get the toys back inside of her. Dr. Swell couldn't have been more pleased.

It was only the third day, and Tori was submitting quickly. Many of the previous girls had taken weeks to get to this level of self-debasement. Tori clearly had a submissive streak that ran deep, untapped, and waiting to be brought out. When she checked Tori's blood, she was sure that she'd find her sex drive had increased significantly.

Finally, Tori's head began to clear. Her pussy still wanted to cum again, but she was past the big orgasm, and she could think again. Dr. Swell lowered the table, and Ron stepped away, his cock tucked back in his pants. She hadn't noticed him put it away, and she could have just imagined the whole thing, except for the taste of his sperm in her mouth. Dr. Swell helped her to sit up and handed her a tissue.

“There, there, Tori,” she said softly, stroking her hair, “Don't worry. These things happen, you know,”

Tori tried to look at her, but she was so ashamed of how she'd acted, the way she'd lost control.

“You just have a very sensitive vagina, it would seem,” Dr. Swell continued, “and orgasms come very easily. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Most women would kill to be like you,” she laughed.

That made Tori feel a little better. Maybe she didn't have a slutty pussy. Maybe she was just different. The doctor didn't make it sound like a bad thing. She noticed that Ron was gone now. She thought, again, that she should tell Dr. Swell about his penis going into her mouth, but she decided that she'd embarrassed herself enough for one day. The doctor would probably think she was making it up anyway. All of them already thought she was lying about doing drugs. Who believes anything that a stupid drug addict with a slutty pussy says? The thought made her want to cry again, but she choked it back and wobbled to her feet.

“You can go now,” Dr. Swell said, pulling Tori's pants up. She hadn't even thought to do that herself.

Tori hung her head as she shuffled out of the exam room, closing the door quietly behind her. She wiped at her eyes with her sleeve and walked quickly back to her room. She had the next two hours free before her one-on-one therapy, but she didn't know what to do. She checked the alarm on her watch, and decided to lay down. She felt very tired after cumming so hard. It seemed like she had just shut her eyes when there was a knock on her door, and Amanda let herself in.

“I'm sorry, Tori,” she said quickly, “I'll just take a moment, and you can get back to your nap. In fact, maybe this will help,”

She handed Tori the little music player from the day before.

“I've got it loaded up, just like I told you. It should help you relax,”

“Thank you,” Tori sniffled.

Amanda noticed her red eyes and sniffling nose.

“Tori, is everything okay?”

“I'm fine,” she said, “Just miss my family,”

Amanda gave her a peck on the head and a big hug saying, “Well, two days are down, and I'm hearing nothing but good things about you. Your time with us will be over before you know it, and when you get out, you'll feel like a whole new person!”

“Yeah, I guess so,”

“Try the music. It'll help you relax,”

Tori put the earbuds in as Amanda left the room. She pulled the covers up around her and shut her eyes as the music began to play. Amanda was right, the music was soothing. It wasn't anything she might have picked on her own, some kind of slow jazz with calming sound effects, like something you might play for an upset puppy. As she drifted off to sleep, her subconscious mind picked up the repeating phrases hidden underneath the music, things that her waking mind would never detect. And they spoke to her in her own voice.

“Tori is a slut...Tori wants to be raped...Tori wants cock...Tori sucks cock...Tori loves cum...Put it in my ass...Tori has a slut pussy...”

She awoke an hour later with her hand in her cunt again, wet with her fuck honey. The music was still playing. She pushed the covers back, rolling onto her back. She couldn't believe that she was horny again, but playing with her pussy felt like the right thing to do, so she kept at it until she came again. When she came down, Tori went into the bathroom and made herself presentable. She had an hour before therapy, but couldn't decide what to do.

She decided on another run, and made her way to the gym, pounded the treadmill for 20 minutes. Harmony didn't appear. It wasn't that Tori wanted her to, she told herself. She didn't want the busty redhead to come in and feel her up again. She didn't want her to stick her tongue in her mouth. She didn't want her to rub her pussy and make her cum. Those were dirty things, things a girl with a slutty pussy would do, and Tori was a good girl.

Still, she found herself hanging around the gym catching her breath for another few minutes. When no one came in, she went back to her room and showered off. Her pussy was begging to be played with again, but she did her best to ignore it.

Finally, it was time for therapy, which her watch reminded her of. Not that she could forget. She took the winding hallways to Dr. Travers' office and knocked on the door. His deep voice beckoned her inside. Tori came in and shut the door.

“Good afternoon, Tori. It's very nice to see you again. You're looking lovely!” He said, seated behind his desk, working at the computer.

“Hello,” she replied meekly.

“Please have a seat. Grab a sucker if you'd like,”

She did like, and grabbed one before sitting on the comfy couch. Travers finished up on his computer and came around, taking a seat in the big chair opposite the couch.

“And how are you feeling today? Settling in, I hope?”

“I'm good, and yes, everyone is really nice,”

“Excellent. Now, today, what I'd like to do is try to get to the root of your recent experimentation with drug use. I'm going to ask you some questions about your background, and we're going to explore, together, the driving force behind your addiction. Does that sound alright?”

“Whatever you, need, sir.”

Over the next half hour, Travers asked her all about her family life, her youth, school, her accomplishments, her boyfriend, social groups, and habits. He was very easy to talk to, and didn't come across condescending, or as though he was in a superior position. Tori found it easy to open up to him, and talk about anything. Finally, the question came.

“When did you first experiment with drugs, Tori?”

For the first time she didn't have an answer, since she had never actually done drugs.

“Well, that's the thing, sir,” she tried to explain, “I never actually did any drugs,”

Travers frowned, saying, “Now, Tori, your toxicology report was very clear. Your body contained a wide variety of illicit compounds,” he looked at her chart, “Marijuana, cocaine, painkillers, muscle relaxers. If this is going to work, I need you to be honest with me,”

He looked at her expectantly, but she didn't know what to say. She was getting upset, and felt hot tears behind her eyes. He thought she was lying. Everyone thought she was lying, and no one would believe her!

“I...I don't know. I don't ever remember doing any drugs!” she declared, agitated.

“It's alright, dear. Just calm down a bit, now,” he handed her a tissue, “you said you'd never done any drugs, but now you're saying you don't remember?”

“I don't. I didn't ever do drugs, and if I did I don't remember doing it!”

Travers stroked his chin, looking thoughtful, “It may be possible that this whole experience has been such a trauma,” he posited, “that your mind has suppressed the memories of your drug abuse,”

She wiped at her eyes, fighting the urge to cry. Why did she cry so much lately? It was like her hormones were completely out of whack.

“Tori,” he said, snapping her back, “I'd like to try a bit of hypnosis, if that's alright. Perhaps we can bring out the repressed memories in your subconscious.”

“Does that really work?”

“It has varying degrees of success, depending on the person,”

“If you think it will help,”

“I'd like to try.”

She nodded agreement. Travers had her lay down on the couch, and she heard his voice change. It became more monotone, very even, relaxing, she couldn't really focus on what he was saying. Whatever it was, she was getting sleepy. Soon, she was under, relaxed, oblivious to what was happening on the other side of her eyelids.

Travers smiled at the prone teenager. She'd gone under very easily, indicating that she was going to be very open to suggestion. He began by implanting a few false memories. Tori smoking a joint alone, snorting a few lines of cocaine, taking some pills. She didn't have a long history of abuse, given that her downhill slide had been over the course of a single, week, so he didn't need to work on her much.

When he'd finished the false memories, he made her more open to sexual advances. She would be more shameless about her masturbation. She would enjoy the depraved things that happened to her, but her mind would still rebel against them, leaving her in a constant state of confusion as her body and her mind warred with one another. He was tempted to go further, but he wanted the behaviors and memories to take root first. Soon, he was bringing her out, and then she was awake. Tori saw the doctor standing over her looking pleased. She felt refreshed, like she hadn't since all this craziness began.

“Did it work?” she asked.

“Yes it did,” he replied, and sat back in his chair, “Do you remember now, what happened?”

She did remember. She could recall a few things. She'd smoked a joint after track practice, in her car. She'd hidden in her room and snorted cocaine. She'd taken pills, and remembered the way they had made her feel good, like she was floating. The flood of memory was powerful, and when she knew that she was guilty of all the things they said she did, she began to cry in earnest. She was a stupid drug addict. She'd done it! She'd ruined her own life, and poisoned her body! She wasn't a good girl, after all.

Travers let her cry, continuing to hand her tissues as she let it out. She felt awful. She didn't want to feel like this. She knew that if she could, instead, find some pleasure, that it would make the horrible memories go away. Without even thinking, she reached her hand into her pants and began to play with her pussy, still crying as she did so.

“Tori,” Dr. Travers voice broke through the fog of tears, “Tori, what are you doing?”

She didn't know what he meant. Then she looked down and noticed that she was masturbating herself right there on the couch. She pulled her hand out of her pants, horrified. She was touching herself right in front of the doctor! How humiliating!

“I, I'm sorry,” she cried, “I don't know why I did that!”

Travers hid his smirk, saying, “Now, now, dear,” he came and sat next to her, put his arm around her. It felt good to be held. He let her cry it out for a moment, and when it seemed like she was pulling herself together he said, “I think I may know what's going on, Tori.”

She looked up at him with pleading eyes. Maybe he could fix her. If he knew what was wrong, maybe he could make it stop!

“Are you familiar with adolescent hypersexual disorder?”


“I believe that this might be the case. It's rare to see, but does happen. Your repressed sexual urges, such as your chronic need to masturbate, are forcing your mind to find other outlets. In some circumstances those things can be positive, such as your success on the track. Other times, they can be destructive, like drugs. Since these cases are so rare, we really don't know much about how to treat them, but given the nature of this institute, it would behoove us to know as much as possible. I'd like to speak to Dr. Carlson about this. If you both agree, I'd like you to help us understand this condition better, and perhaps we can find a way to help other young people like yourself in the future. What do you think?”

She didn't understand. Hypersexual disorder? Wasn't that the same as calling her a slut? She did know one thing, and that was that she wanted to go back to how her life had been two weeks ago. She wanted to be normal, to be racing like the wind around the track, to be holding gold medals and hearing the cheers and praise of her family and friends. She wanted to spend movie nights with her family, hug her mother and father, her big brother, and even Stephanie. If NewYou could make that happen, then she had to do it, didn't she?

“Yes,” she agreed, “Yes. I'll do it. I want to be normal again!” She put her head in her hands and tried not to cry again, but she wanted it so badly that she couldn't help it.

Travers let her cry a while longer, rubbing her back. After a few minutes, he told her that their time was coming to an end. She'd have her free period before group therapy, and then dinner. He'd talk to Dr. Carlson, and let her know what they'd come up with. Tori was so grateful as she walked out of the office and back to her room.

She felt embarrassed that she'd cried so much, and touched herself in front of the doctor. She shut herself in her room, lay on the bed, and studied the ceiling. She needed to pull it together. She popped in her earbuds, seeking solace in the soothing music, and closed her eyes. The sounds played, and beneath them her own voice droned on.

“Tori is a cunt...Rape my mouth...Cum on me...Tori wants her pussy used...Hurt my pussy...Tori is a stupid slut...Tori wants big cock...”

*Daddy's Girl*

At 5:30, Stephanie was putting the finishing touches on her makeup. During her trip to the mall, she'd picked up her dress for the evening, taking a cue from the red lingerie in the box. She settled on a tight red dress that came to just above the knees, not short enough to be slutty, but not long enough to be prudish. It was held up by thin straps, and contained her big tits very nicely, with just a hint of cleavage. Dark red lipstick coated her full teen lips, perfect dick sucking lips, if she said so herself. Her eyes were done up with a smoky mascara that brought out their bright blue. She'd stopped by the spa while she was out, as well, and was thoroughly waxed all over.

The little gold hoops hung from her ears, and her new necklace sparkled under the bathroom lights. Beneath it all, she wore the new lingerie. Checking herself out in the mirror, she knew that she looked more than fuckable. She was a wet dream. There was no way that her daddy could resist her.

She checked her phone, but still hadn't heard another word from him. Neither of her parents had been home, either. She'd passed her brother on the way in from the mall, as he headed to work. He'd looked extremely pleased and content, more so than she recalled seeing him in, well, ever. He'd been in a hurry to leave, and they hardly said a word to each other, though.

With 15 minutes to 6:00, Stephanie heard the sound of someone pulling up in the driveway. She checked herself one last time in the mirror, left the bathroom, grabbed a little handbag with some essentials, and bounced down the stairs. Her stomach was all aflutter. She was bubbling with excitement. There was a knock at the door. Curious. Neither of her parents would have knocked, naturally.

She peeked out the window, and saw a tall man in a suit and tie. She cautiously opened the door, and the man's eyes widened as he took her in. Long, blonde hair, a face that smoldered with sensuality, lips red and inviting, eyes blue and twinkling with mischief. Her figure was model-perfect, her stomach flat and toned, hips curved just right, and legs long and smooth. The man nearly had to pick his jaw up off the floor.

“Uh, Ms. Stephanie Hamlin?” he queried.


“I'm your chauffeur,” he said, “My name is Thomas,”

“My chauffeur?”

“I've been instructed by John Hamlin to convey, 'his most gorgeous angel' (his words) to a secret rendezvous,”

“Hmm, sounds interesting,” She said, giving him a teasing smile.

Thomas stepped back, and Stephanie walked out, locking the door. He walked ahead of her, and into the drive, where a long, black Lincoln limousine idled. The big car was all class, dark and rich with chrome trim and big whitewall tires. Thomas opened the door for her, and watched her beautiful ass as she got inside. She made sure he got a good look, too. She was alone in the car.

Settling into the leather seat, she noted a bottle of champagne on ice, with a note that read, “Don't overdo it”. She was tempted, but Stephanie had never been big on drinking. She was underage, for one thing, but it just wasn't something that had ever appealed to her at the parties. Thomas' voice came over the intercom to ask if she was comfortable. She replied that she was, and the car began to back out of the drive.

Soon, they were speeding onto the highway, and into downtown. The drive only took about fifteen minutes, but when the car came to a stop it was in front of The Elder, one of the most upscale restaurants in the city. She'd never been, though it was a place their family could certainly afford. Thomas came and opened the door, offering his hand to help her out. He gave her a courteous nod as she walked around the car, and up the red carpet to the big doors. A well-dressed man stood outside the big wooden doors with a clipboard in hand.

“Name please, ma'am?”

“Stephanie Hamlin,”

He checked his list, found her name.

“Welcome to The Elder, Ms. Hamlin. The rest of your party are already seated.”

“Um, Thank you,”

He opened the doors and watched her ass sway inside. A receptionist greeted her right away, took her name again, and escorted her through the restaurant. A pianist sat in the center of the main room, currently on break. The old English decor shone under ruddy lights that kept the place dimly lit, but comfortable. Everything here smacked of money, and everyone in the place was dressed very formally. As she walked through behind the receptionist, she drew every eye. The men watched her with desire, as did some of the women, while other looks were clearly jealous of her youth and beauty.

She was shown to a VIP section, closed off by a thick wooden door, heavily stylized. The receptionist knocked lightly, waited a moment, and held the door open for her to enter. When she walked into the private room, her parents were both seated at a table. They both drank her in lustily as she strode to meet them. Her father stood, dressed in an expensive black suit. She'd never seen him look so good. He kissed her softly on the cheek, and motioned for her to take a seat next to her mother. Melanie's dress was the classic little black, and she wore it well. She greeted Stephanie with a not-so-motherly kiss on the lips.

Somewhat taken aback, it took the horny teen a moment to process that her mother was kissing her in a restaurant, but she soon returned it with fervor, licking Melanie's lips as John watched quietly. The smirk on his face said that he didn't mind a bit. Melanie pulled away, and took Stephanie's hand.

“Good evening, you gorgeous creature,” she said hotly.

“Mom,” Stephanie said softly.

She felt hot tears in her eyes. She'd never felt this from her parents. They'd always loved her, sure, and always shone it. But tonight, this place, this experience, this was all for her. She wished her bitch sister would just stay gone, and then she'd have this every night. It would always be her that they showered with love. It would be her they called gorgeous as they kissed her. She collected herself, stuffed away those thoughts, and tried to focus.

“You guys really go all out on a first date, don't you?” she joked.

“Only when the lady is worth it,” John said with a smile.

“And only when we want to get into her pants,” Melanie whispered in her ear.

Stephanie felt her pussy spasm. She was clearly right about the direction this evening was headed. Her parents, both of them, were going to fuck her.

“Oh, God,” she whispered as Melanie licked at her earlobe.

“Now, shouldn't you have your dinner before desert, dear?” John asked.

Melanie pouted, “But it just looks so good, how can I resist?”

“That it does,” he agreed, “but there's preliminaries to go through before the games, right?”

Melanie nodded. Stephanie began to tell them all about the interview, and the job as she browsed the menu. The waiter came by to drop off a bottle of ridiculously expensive wine, not even bothering to card any of them. John and Melanie were ecstatic about the modeling, her mother wanting to know every detail. She was forced to admit that she didn't know much, yet. She'd find out on Monday. Finally, they put in their orders, and John steered the conversation in a new direction.

“Stephanie, we love you very much,” he started.

“I know you do, daddy, mom,”

“We love all of our children, and over the last week our family has really opened up with each other,”

“I might have noticed,” she said pointedly.

“You know that your mother and I, well, we're very sexual people. We always have been. We're very open about it, and we've never kept it a secret from any of you. We've always allowed you three to go your own direction, and we've tried out best never to pressure you to do things that you don't want to do,” he went on.

“I've never felt that you did,”

“Honey,” Melanie cut in, “we both know that there's something that you want,” her eyes slid to John, “and we're not against you getting it. We just need you to know that we would never force anything on you. We want what you want, and we want it be something that's done with love,”

“Oh, mom, it will be,” she gushed. She'd never felt so girly.

“You're a very smart girl, Stephie, and you know where this is all going,” John said, “but we need to establish ground rules here, before anything happens. Do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy,”

“Good. Your mother and I are deeply in love. I want you to know that. This beautiful woman here,” he indicated Melanie, “is my heart and soul. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to come between us. We made that vow years ago, and despite all the odds we've faced, we've never wavered. I belong to your mother, and not to any other woman. Is that clear?”

“Yes, daddy. Yes, mom,”

They both seemed satisfied.

“Over the years, we've both had some fun,” Melanie admitted, “and this won't be the first time that your father and I have shared someone. There's been women in the past, and some men. If it was naughty, dirty, kinky, or taboo, we loved it. And I know that we're going to love this, too, but we want you to understand that we'll never make you do anything you don't want to do. So, if you ever feel uncomfortable, you need to tell us, alright?”


“We also live by a policy of honesty,” Melanie went on, “and we don't want there to be any secrets between us, so is there anything you want to tell us?” she was grinning like a cat.

Her first thought was that they'd found out what she'd done to Tori, but she quickly dismissed that. If they'd known that she'd drugged her sister and conspired to have her locked away in a drug rehab center that was turning her into a teenage fucktoy, she would probably not be out at a fancy dinner right now. Then she remembered Mike. His look of contentment. Like he'd had some weight lifted off of his shoulders. Or maybe a weight relieved from his balls.

“Mike,” she said softly, “I've screwed around with Mike,”

There it was, out in the open. Her naughty little secret. They both nodded. They weren't surprised. This wasn't the first they'd heard of it. They were just testing her.

“Thank you for being honest, honey,” John said, “Now, we don't care when or how it happened. Just tell us, were you both willing? No one forced you, and you didn't...force him?”

She couldn't help but laugh a little at that. Her brother was so horny that the thought of her forcing him to get his cock sucked was hilarious.

“No, he didn't force me. It just sort of happened,” she admitted.

“Alright. Now that we've cleared the air, I think another glass of wine is in order,” Melanie suggested.

Stephanie couldn't agree more. She was already a little heady from the first glass.

“Can I ask you guys something?” she said.

“Of course, honey,”

“Did Mike fuck you,” she asked Melanie.

“Very well,” she said, smiling over the rim of her wineglass.

“I knew it!”

A knock at their door interrupted the conversation. The waiter walked in after a moment, bearing a big tray filled with dinner. Once they were tended to, the conversation turned lighter as they dug into their meal. They all ate sparingly, a little nervous about what was going to happen after they left The Elder. By 8:00, they were finishing up. John tipped their server very handsomely, and led his ladies out of the room.

He felt like a king with these two knockouts on his arms, as he drew stares from everyone in the restaurant. He could feel the jealousy of every other man driving into him, and it made him smile. He was a mother fucking king tonight, and as he looked into the smoldering eyes of the temptresses on either side of him, he knew that if it was his last day on earth he was going to die happy.

Thomas had the limo waiting for them outside. Once they'd all been seated, John in the middle of the two women, the limo was away. The trip was only a few blocks, and when they stopped it was at the Grand Hilton Garden. The swanky hotel was the home away from home for big money CEOs, visiting dignitaries, celebrities, or anyone that could afford to drop most of middle America's annual wage on a few nights of luxury. Stephanie was dumbfounded at how much this night must have cost her father, and he hadn't batted an eye at any of it. She always knew he was well off, but he wasn't the kind of man to spend frivolously.

The Garden stood up to the name well. The three of them entered the lobby, greeted by the sound of exotic birds singing to one another in the tall trees. The hotel was an open atrium design, two walls of rooms rising up on either side for 26 stories, topped by a gigantic skylight. A waterfall crashed in the center, sending a river of clear water around the entire ground floor. Stephanie saw all manner of colorful fish swimming around. Plants and flowers were everywhere. It was like an arboretum in the middle of downtown. John led the two women to the elevator. He and Melanie had stopped in earlier and checked themselves in.

When the elevator doors closed, Melanie turned to her daughter and kissed her again, then grabbed her husband by his tie and pulled him in, too. The two women shared him between them as the elevator climbed to the top floor of presidential and honeymoon suites. They separated as the elevator doors folded open. A well-dressed young couple caught them disentangling from one another, and stood aside to let them pass. The man looked at John with a sense of awe, while his companion cleared her throat, obviously unhappy that his attention was not on her. Holding hands, John led them all to their suite, and opened it with a keycard.

Stephanie's mouth hung open at the opulence of their room. It was all soft cream colors, with a long picture window that showed the towers of downtown spread out across miles. The room was actually three different rooms. The first, where they entered, was a sitting area with a big flatscreen TV, long couch and two comfortable recliners. One door opened to a half bath. A full bar filled one wall, with a miniature kitchen just off to the side. Another door led to the master suite, which was dominated by a huge California king bed with a silk canopy. A full bathroom complete with hot tub, a big glass shower, and long vanity lay off to the left. Back in the sitting room, a small staircase led to a loft that contained another king sized guest bed and its own half bath.

John quickly kicked off his shoes with a happy sigh, and fell into one of the recliners. Melanie and Stephanie, more daintily, removed their heels and set them aside. Melanie went to the bar and pulled a bottle of wine from the chiller, filling three glasses and passing them out. She gave her husband a quick kiss, and took Stephanie by the hand.

“Get yourself comfortable,” she told him, “us girls have to get ready.”

John raised his glass to them, and watched them disappear into the bedroom. He flipped on the TV, and let the news fill in the background noise as he discarded his suit on the couch, sipped at his wine, and tried to contain his raging hardon. Periodically, he shot a glance to the closed bedroom door, his eagerness hard to keep in check. The wine and the two beauties had put him in an animal state. It was a struggle not to march into the room and start ravishing the naked female flesh that was so near at hand.

A short time later, Melanie emerged from the room. She smelled like a dream, and looked even better. She'd lost her dress, and donned a lacy white bra and pantie set that lifted her perfect breasts and presented them to full effect. Sheer white stockings clung to her toned legs, and a pair of flashy white heels lifted her ass, making it even tighter and rounder than it already was. He couldn't remember the last time she'd put so much work into looking so damn good. She approached him slowly, coming to stand in front of him, and flipped her dirty blonde hair for effect. As she fell to her knees in front of him, he noticed a little collar around her neck with a charm that read, “slut”.

His cock got even harder, if that was possible, as she put her hands on his bare knees and looked up into his eyes. She slid her hands up his legs, and pulled off his boxer shorts slowly, never breaking her gaze. His big dick, free at last, sprang up into the air. He drew in a deep breath as Melanie threw his shorts to the side, and lay her head on his leg. She inhaled the scent of him, that intoxicating, masculine smell. After all the years of it, she was still turned on just by that dominant, alpha male scent.

She returned her hands to rubbing his legs, and leaned over to kiss the head of his cock. Her hands came up to grasp it lovingly, and she rubbed its big head across her cheeks, across her lips, sat up on her knees and ran its length between the valley of her breasts. All this time, she'd never said a word, just stared into his eyes. Finally, she put the head between her lips and slowly suckled on it. She was worshiping his dick, making love to it with her lips.

Slowly, she engulfed more and more, until her mouth was completely stretched around its thickness. She remembered, years ago, the struggle to even get a couple of inches into her mouth. It had taken years of practice on his big tool, but she'd come a long way. Still, the sheer size of his cock was a mammoth challenge to fit into her mouth.

John, afraid to break the spell she was casting on him, didn't dare move. His gorgeous wife continued to work her mouth up and down his shaft, taking a little more each time. When he was good and hard, slippery from her saliva, she stood up and held out her hand to him. He took it eagerly, lost in her wide smile. A little drop of precum hung at the corner of her mouth, and she flicked her tongue to lap it up.

She pulled him from the chair, and led him toward the bedroom door. He knew what was on the other side, and as anxious as he was to see how Stephanie looked, he couldn't tear his eyes away from Melanie's wonderful ass as it swayed in front of him. She stopped at the closed door, turned and gave him a deep kiss.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you,” he replied.

She opened the door and took him inside. Stephanie lay on the big bed, her feet bare, her body clothed in the expensive lingerie he'd given her. She lay on her stomach with her legs in the air. Her big teen tits looked luscious, confined in the red bra, and her little necklace hung down between them, twinkling in the dim light. A soft jazz tune played in the background as he slowly approached the amazing young girl on offer in front of him. She was glowing, all smiles and twinkling eyes filled with mischief. Melanie led him to the bed, and lay down next to her daughter.

“Do you know this girl?” She asked him.

“I thought I did,” he choked out.

She was a vision. Unbelievable. Her eyes fell to his big, swinging cock, and she licked her lips hungrily.

“Is that for me, daddy?” she asked quietly.

John nodded, and stepped closer. He reached out toward his horny daughter, but Melanie swatted at his hand.

“Uh, Uh,” she scolded, “Ladies first!'

She rose up on her knees, and pulled Stephanie up to her, wrapping her hand in her daughter's hair and pulling her face up to her lips. She crushed them against Stephanie's, pouring her pent up lust into a fiery liplock that caught the oversexed young girl by surprise. Melanie's tongue slid into her mouth, wrapping itself around Stephanie's. The younger girl moaned loudly, while Melanie's hands roamed over her youthful body.

She cupped her tits, ran her hands over the curve of her neck, down her back, grabbed one of her perfect ass cheeks and groped it. She purposefully avoided her pussy for now. She broke their kiss, and pulled Stephanie's head back by her hair, kissing her way down her neck. John leaned in and replaced Melanie's lips with his, sharing the young girl between them. This was a game he knew from experience.

Stephanie's brain was in sexual overload. She'd never been this intimate with anyone, and certainly not with a man and woman at the same time. She had no idea where to put her hands, but instinct told her to use one to caress Melanie's body, and the other to stroke John's big cock. Melanie licked, kissed, and nibbled her way down Stephanie's neck, and between her big tits, while John kissed her with everything he had, and groped her ass. The weeks of repressed sexual energy had Stephanie on the verge of cumming right there, and they'd barely even started.

Melanie pulled back and watched her husband kiss their daughter. She was so hot. This was a million times more sexy than when they'd shared girls before. It was so taboo, what they were doing. It was so naughty. She loved it!

“Let's show our man how much we love him,” she said softly, pulling Stephanie back down.

They lay on their stomachs, breasts heaving with excitement, and John brought his huge prick up to their faces. Melanie began to lick at his head, while Stephanie massaged his heavy balls. Melanie bobbed her head up and down his big shaft, coating it, and then pulled off. She took it in her hand and directed it toward Stephanie's mouth. The hungry teen's palette watered with anticipation, and she took to it with vigor. Her lips wrapped around her daddy's big cockhead with some effort.

She was used to Mike's cock, which, though a little smaller, was still a monster in its own right. He'd repeatedly fucked her mouth for some time now, and she'd learned how to take him almost to the balls by now. John's cock, though, was truly a weapon of ass destruction. He was bigger than anything she'd seen in porn. As she forced his huge dick into her mouth, she began to wonder if she could even take him inside her. With some trepidation, she looked forward to it. It was going to hurt, though, and it was going to hurt a lot.

“Mmmm, that's good baby,” Melanie said, watching her girl work her daddy's cock over, “He's so big, isn't he?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Stephanie uttered around his cock.

“It's much bigger than your brother, and soon it's going to go inside you,” Melanie continued, “It's going to pop your little teen cherry, and daddy's going to make your young cunt all his. That's what you want, right?”

She pulled her mouth off of his dick and said, “Yes! I want it,” and then John took her hair in his hand and guided his big prick back to her mouth.

Stephanie opened up and took him, bobbing her head, trying to get the whole thing down her throat, but she simply couldn't do it. Melanie was so hot watching her try to swallow her father's penis. Just like everything Stephanie did, she wouldn't be satisfied with only a few inches. She greedily sucked at his swollen rod like a true daddy's girl. Finally she had to come up for air, and Melanie happily took over. She rolled onto her back, and hung her head off the edge of the bed. She'd learned that this was really the only way for him to get all the way into throat.

John pushed his huge cock into her mouth, and slowly slid it down into his wife's throat, until his big balls rested against her face. He groaned in ecstasy when he felt her throat muscles begin to massage his head. Stephanie was awestruck. She could hardly believe what she was seeing. The thick stalk was clearly visible in Melanie's throat. She got on her knees and kissed her daddy while he fucked his long shaft in and out of Melanie's mouth, very slowly. He pulled it out all the way, and Melanie sucked in a big breath.

“You try, now,” she said.

Stephanie turned over as her mother had done, and offered her mouth to her daddy. Melanie slithered down Stephanie's body, and got between her legs as John put his dick into her mouth. He gradually fed her a few inches, pulled back to let her breath, and then put it back in. Melanie pulled her daughter's panties aside and began to lap at her dripping slit.

Stephanie bucked her hips against her mother's face, while John repeatedly fed her more and more of his cock. She'd managed to take a little over half now, but her mouth was stretched so far that she felt like a snake trying to eat a mouse. Her jaw ached as he continued to assault her face. Melanie worked her pussy over skillfully with her tongue, nibbling at her clit and driving the girl crazy.

At nine inches of cock in her throat and mouth, Stephanie had her first orgasm of the night. John held his dick in her as she thrashed on the bed, grinding her cunt against Melanie's face, gripping the covers on the bed so tightly that her knuckles turned white. Melanie relented, and John pulled his dick out of her mouth, leaving a long trail of saliva between them. Stephanie struggled to catch her breath. Her head swam with light. She'd never felt anything so good in her life.

Melanie and John, together, began to strip her of her lingerie, Melanie pulling off her panties, while John pulled off her top. Melanie stripped herself quickly as Stephanie tried to recover. Soon everyone was nude, except for the women in their stockings. Melanie maneuvered her daughter into the middle of the bed and began to work on her big tits, while John went down between her legs and ate her to another orgasm. Stephanie cried out and squealed with joy at the amazing sensations running through her body. Melanie reached over to the nightstand, and came back with a bottle of lube and a big dildo. Stephanie, eyes glazed over, looked at the toy while her father continued to work her pussy over.

“We should open you up before the main event,” Melanie said, squirting some lube into her hand.

“No!” Stephanie cried, “No, I want his cock first,”

“Baby, Melanie said, “Your father isn't the average sized man. It's going to hurt, a lot,”

“I know,” Stephanie said, “I want the first thing inside me to be daddy's cock. I've waited so long, and I've never even used a dildo,” she looked down at her father between her legs, “I've been waiting to take your cock so long, daddy. Please, I want you to hurt my pussy. Push your big cock in me, and make me hurt,”

She squirmed against his tongue, close to cumming again, her pussy wetter than it had ever been. John's big dick jumped at her words. They were so filthy, worthy of being her mother's daughter. He came up onto his knees, and pushed her legs wider.

“If that's what you want, baby,” he said.

He rested the head of his big cock against her tiny pussy, and wondered if it was even possible. Melanie had Stephanie lift her ass, and placed a towel beneath her. She smeared the lube in her hand on her daughter's already excited cunt. There was no way around the pain that was going to come, but she wanted it to be as easy as possible for John to push his cock into her little channel. Stephanie humped at his big dick as it rested against her pussy. She was so close to what she'd been dreaming of for so long. She was going to lose her cherry to the man she loved the most in the world.

John rubbed his big head up and down her slit, coating it in her fuck cream and the lube. Finally, he put it between her pussy lips and began to push. The head of his big dick split Stephanie's pussy open wide, and began to slip inside. Melanie kissed her hard, and Stephanie screamed into her mouth as John opened up her tiny teenage pussy. Just the head of his cock felt like it was tearing her in half. The pain was like nothing she'd ever felt, but she welcomed it, even as tears formed in her eyes.

She was so crazed with lust that she pushed her hips against the intruding cock, but John just held it there, trying to let her get used to his immense size. He could feel her pussy slowly opening up for him, but it was like a vice around his organ. She was so tight that he could scarcely believe he'd gotten as far as he had. Stephanie was in another world, one dominated by searing pain mixed with a perverse pleasure. Her daddy was pushing his dick into her. He was going to take her cherry.

John pushed another inch into his little girl, and watched her little box spread even wider for him. Stephanie thrashed around, clenching her mother's hand in a death grip Melanie watched her husband's big dick slowly start to disappear inside her daughter.

“Hurt my pussy, daddy,” Stephanie breathed, “make your cock fit! Make it fit! Ohhhh, fuck!”

He was a few inches into her little fuckhole when he came up against her hymen, and heard her gasp. They locked eyes and Stephanie nodded her head. She wanted it over. She wanted him inside her. John drew back, and then thrust forward quickly. Stephanie screamed as blinding pain shot through her whole body, and ripped through her brain. Tears flowed down her pretty face as her virginity was taken from her, and at that thought, she passed out.

When she came to, she had no idea how long it had been. Melanie was cleaning her pussy with a warm towel. She felt like she'd been hit by a truck. Her whole body ached, but mostly her pussy felt battered and sore. John was in the bathroom.

“Welcome back, baby,” Melanie said, smiling up at her.

“What...what happened?”

“You're no longer a virgin,” Melanie said, “and you passed out,”

“Oh, God. That's so embarrassing!”

She wanted to cry. She'd been so close to having her daddy fill her up, but she hadn't been ready for just how badly it was going to hurt. Her brain simply couldn't cope with all the sensations.

“It's nothing to be embarrassed about,” Melanie said, “It happened to me the first time, too. That dick is a pussy pleaser, but damn can it do some damage.”

“We're not done, are we?” Stephanie asked, afraid that her daddy would never want to risk hurting her again.

“Not if you don't want to be, but you need a little while to adjust now. You didn't think it would be that easy to lose your cherry to a beast like that, did you?”

“I kind of did,” Stephanie giggled, “but I guess I was wrong. Fuck, it hurt!”

Melanie nodded. She knew exactly how Stephanie felt. A moment later John came out of the bathroom. There had been so much blood that he was sure that he'd killed his daughter with his penis. The towel they'd put down was a bloody mess, which they'd have to dispose of. He'd needed to shower off to clean up. Stephanie had been out for a good twenty minutes, but he was happy to see her regaining some color when he came back into the room. He bent down and kissed her softly.

“I'm sorry if I hurt you, baby,” he said.

“Daddy, it's alright. I wanted it to hurt. That way, I know it's real,”

“Honey,” Melanie said, “Why don't you go pour us another glass of wine, and when Stephanie's ready we can try again.”

John left the room, returning a moment later to find his wife making out with their daughter. The sight was enough to get his big dick rising again. He still hadn't gotten off, and was eager to try to fuck Stephanie again. They lay on the bed together, touching one another and sipping at their wine. The pain was soon fading as Stephanie felt the effects of the wine, and she found that she was still very wet and excited. Soon, they were a tangle of naked limbs and heaving tits once again, the horny trio licking, sucking, and touching until finally, John ended up between Stephanie's spread legs once more.

Melanie smeared his dick with copious amounts of lube, and also applied it liberally to her daughter's little pussy. It was a little easier this time, when the big cockhead spread Stephanie open. The pain was still there, and her pussy was sore, but it didn't hurt as much as the first time. John soon had half of his cock in her, and Stephanie was breathing heavily. Her mother was kissing her as John allowed her pussy to accommodate his size, and then pushed another inch, then another of his giant incestuous prick up inside of his daughter.

With 8 inches of the biggest cock she'd ever seen stuffed up her pussy, Stephanie came like a hurricane. She cried out with a mix of pain and pleasure, while John slowly pulled a few inches of cockmeat from her clenching hole, and then pushed them back in. He worked her rhythmically, sweat beading on his brow. Her pussy was so tight! Soon enough, though, Stephanie was taking his big dick in and out with relative ease. The pain had turned into a dull ache because she was so stretched open, but the pleasure was like nothing she'd ever experienced.

Her daddy stuffed her little cunt over and over with the first 8 inches, and after a while she was taking 9, and then 10. Melanie continued to play with Stephanie's body, paying special attention to her big tits, dropping her head between her legs to lap at her clit, run her tongue along John's shaft as it went in and out of her. Stephanie was in another world. Nothing existed except the huge cock that felt like it was driving into her soul. She lost count of how many times she came as her daddy relentlessly drove his huge prick into her. His stamina was the stuff of legend. She had no idea how long he'd been using her pussy, and she didn't care. She never wanted it to end.

At some point, she realized that she felt his balls slap against her ass. She was taking his entire cock. She was overjoyed at the realization, and it made her cum harder than at any time before. Her clutching snatch milked her daddy's big dick so much that he couldn't hold back any longer. He lay on top of her, her long legs wrapped around him, pulling him into her over and over again. They were a sweaty mess, utterly lost in the lewd fucking and Melanie lay beside them with the dildo in her cunt.

John roared as his daughter's pussy convulsed around his shaft, and he unloaded load after load of hot cum into her young cunt. Stephanie was crying, weather from joy, pleasure, or the pain she couldn't tell, and didn't care. Her daddy was cumming in her. He was filling her up! He was making her cum with him.

She heard her mother crying out with her own orgasm. Then, the flood of cum began to slow. Her father's cock was buried inside her. She was kissing him. Her legs were tired, and falling away. She felt his big dick sliding out of her, and the emptiness it left was like she was losing a piece of herself.

John rolled off of her, and she lay between her parents. Her whole body quivered, and a flood of cum was pouring from her stretched out pussy. Melanie dove between her legs and began to lick it up. She loved her husband's cum, and there was no way she was going to waste it. Especially since she hadn't gotten fucked, herself. Stephanie didn't even know that she could cum again, but she did.

The mixed juices in her cunt flowed into Melanie's mouth as Stephanie crashed through another orgasm. Finally, Melanie came up beside her, pushed her tongue into her mouth, and she tasted her own pussy and her daddy's cum. They kissed for only a moment, and then Melanie rolled onto her back. All three of them were asleep within a minute.

*Hypersexual Disorder*

On the morning of her fourth day at NewYou, Tori was so busy trying to fit four fingers up her cunt and two in her ass, that she never heard Amanda knock on her door. When the confused teenager didn't answer, Amanda let herself in, and that was how she found Tori. Her little ass was in the air, her face mashed against the mattress, and she was moaning and trying to get off by double penetrating herself with her fingers. As much as it pleased Amanda to see Tori in such a state, she was here for a purpose.

“Tori,” she said, but the girl didn't answer.

Her eyes were screwed tightly shut, and she bucked her hips back against her fingers. Amanda came to the side of the bed and spanked her upturned ass hard enough to get her attention. Unfortunately, the slap on her jiggling little butt cheek had the effect of making Tori instantly cream on her fingers. Crying out with pleasure, she half opened her eyes, seeing Amanda looking down at her with a disapproving glare. Tori, though, wasn't able to stop herself. She shivered and quaked. Her knees buckled, and her fingers popped from her wet little holes as she collapsed on the bed, riding out her morning orgasm.

She lay with her legs spread, her breath coming in ragged gasps. She was so dazed that she could hardly remember where she was. And then Amanda was bringing her a towel from the bathroom, covering her naked body with it. She began to come to her senses, and realized that she'd just orgasmed in front of her coordinator. She'd been finger fucking herself like a wanton whore, and she'd been so into it that she didn't even know she had an audience.

“A, Amanda?” Tori said, feeling shame welling up in her gut.

“Yes, good morning, Tori,” She said unhappily, “Are you quite finished?”

“I'm sorry,” she squeaked, and started to cry, “I don't know why I did that!”

“Well, there's no time to think about it, honey. I need you to get cleaned up, and fast. Dr. Carlson would like to see you,”

“Yes...Okay...” Now that she'd cum, she was getting her wits back.

She dragged herself off of her sweat-soaked sheets, and stumbled into the bathroom. A moment later, Amanda heard the shower running. The smell of teenage pussy hung heavy in the air, and the scent had Amanda wishing she could get herself off, too, but there was no time for that. Tori's transition over only three days was astonishing. Most of the previous girls took weeks to become this fuck-crazed. She knew Dr. Carlson would be very pleased.

She waited in Tori's room for about ten minutes before the horny teen came bumbling out of the bathroom, still pulling on her shirt. Her blonde hair was damp and disheveled, and there were dark bags under her eyes. Amanda guessed that this wasn't the first time Tori had played with herself in the last few hours.

“Okay, I'm ready,” Tori said, not feeling ready at all.

“We have a minute. You should at least brush your hair,”

“Oh, no!”

Tori hurried back to the bathroom, and jerked her brush through her damp hair, making it mildly presentable. When she came back out, Amanda nodded, and they left the room. The coordinator took her through some hallways she hadn't been down before, until they came to a small reception area. Dr. Carlson's secretary saw them, and pushed a button on the intercom to let him know they'd arrived.

“He'll see you now,” she said, indicating a wooden door.

Amanda led Tori to the door and opened it, ushering her into the office. Dr. Carlson's office was small, but neat. A few bookshelves held several different medical related tomes. A small couch sat in front of his desk, as well as two padded chairs. Dr. Travers was also here, seated in one of the chairs. The two men stopped their conversation when Tori and Amanda came in, and Dr. Carlson stood to extend his hand. Tori took it, while he smiled broadly at her.

“Tori, very good to see you again,” He said, indicating the couch.

She sat down next to Amanda, and said, “Thank you, sir,”

“I'm hearing good things about you. It seems you've been on your best behavior, and have been very cooperative in your therapy sessions. How are you getting on?”

“Um, I guess I'm okay. Things are good,” she managed a weak smile, but she really just wanted to go home, or play with herself, or both.

“Very good to hear,” he replied, and sat back down at his desk, “Dr. Travers has been filling me in on your session from yesterday, and his diagnosis of your issue. Do you remember?”

She lowered her eyes and said, “Yes,”

Amanda put her arm around Tori.

“It's Dr. Travers belief that you're afflicted with adolescent hypersexual disorder, which is a rare thing. Because of it's rarity, the medical and psychological community at large doesn't have much in the way of treatment, or information. For a facility such as ours, your condition is something of a blessing. We have a rare opportunity to study your case, and thereby formulate treatments that could help other young people in the future. However, we'd need you to consent to going through with anything, and this isn't something we would want to force on you, dear,”

“What do you mean?”

“We'd like to move you over to the other wing of the facility, and since you're of legal adult age, we'll need you to sign a release for exploratory treatment. I know that sounds frightening, but I want to assure you that nothing harmful will be done to you. We don't believe in the savage, so called treatments of our past colleagues. Barbaric things like shock therapy, waterboarding, and the like are things that you'll never find at this facility. Rather, you'd be meeting with a few different counselors and undergoing psychiatric treatment. We're not going to stick you with needles, or anything of the kind. Most of your day will just revolve around talking with your therapists, and seeing how you respond to some visual and audio stimuli,”

“Does that mean I'll have to stay here longer?” Tori wondered aloud, suddenly afraid.

“Absolutely not,” Carlson assured her, “In fact, if Dr. Travers is correct, and your recent episode with drugs is not really the issue, we may be able to release you far earlier, on the condition that you return to the facility once or twice a week to attend therapy,”

Tori's eyes lit up with excitement. Early release! She'd be a fool not to go for it.

“How early?” she tried not to sound too eager.

“Well, based on your already remarkable progress, I'd say that we'd be looking at a couple of weeks for an initial study, and then the remainder of your court-ordered ninety days could be served by your coming in for therapy once a week. How does that sound?”

“Yes! I'll do it,” She agreed quickly.

“I'm so glad to hear that. We have a unique opportunity ahead of us, and we can't tell you how excited we are to have you here. This is truly a chance that we doctors see very rarely. I can't thank you enough, dear,”

Tori was so caught up in the idea of going home in only two weeks, that she never saw the look of triumph that passed between the three staff members.

“Well then,” Carlson said, “Amanda will make the arrangements for your move to the second wing. Don't worry about attending your sessions for today. We'll be starting fresh tomorrow. Before you go, though, I'll need your signature on the release form,”

He pushed a sheet of paper across the table, and handed her a pen. Tori, still too happy about an early release, never bothered to read the paper. She signed her name, and with it gave Dr. Carlson total control over her treatment for the remainder of her ninety days. Satisfied that she'd done the right thing, Tori followed Amanda out of the office. Her day was looking much better than when it had started!

“Well that's a piece of good news,” Amanda said cheerfully.

Tori smiled up at her, and gave her a big hug. She was so thankful that someone was looking out for her.

“Oh, I forgot to mention, tomorrow morning you'll be allowed a phone call home, too. I'm sure your family will be pleased to hear the news,”

“I can call home?”

“Yes, dear. It will be a short call, but I'm sure your family is worried about you.”

Tori was, again, stunned. She'd gotten used to the idea, now, that she'd be all alone for three months. She'd have no idea what was happening in her family, and this little chance at contact had her overflowing with joy. She couldn't wait to tell her parents that she could come home early, but at the same time she was afraid to tell them why. What if they wanted her to stay here the whole time? What if they couldn't understand that she was really just a stupid slut with a horny pussy. Wait, that wasn't right. She had a disorder. Why had she thought about it in that way? She was silent as Amanda returned her to her room.

“I'll need to make the arrangements to have you moved, which will take some time. I'll come back and get you after dinner this evening, alright?”


“And Tori,”


“Try to keep your hands to yourself, will you? I know that it isn't easy, given your condition, but you should really try.”

Amanda left her alone, and Tori couldn't help but feel bad again. She'd been on such a high, that it hadn't really registered as to why she was up for early release. She had a condition. She had a problem. She wanted to be raped in her stupid slut cunt. didn't want to be raped! What was she thinking? She was confused. She needed to relax. She grabbed her earbuds and decided to try to nap, despite the grumbling in her belly from skipping breakfast to masturbate. The bed smelled of pussy juice as she lay down and turned on her music. The soothing sounds soon lulled her into napping, and beneath them her own voice filled her mind with what the doctors wanted her to hear.

“Tori licks cunt...Tori needs to be punished...Tori is a stupid slut...Tori needs her pussy spanked...Tori is a lesbo whore...Tori wants to be raped...Tori has a naughty pussy...”

*What Stephanie Always Wanted*

The first thing that greeted Stephanie's waking eyes was her mother's face twisted in passion as she rode out a powerful orgasm. Her daddy was taking her mother from behind as she lay on her side, his big hand groping one of her breasts. Melanie squealed with glee as John's big cock pounded in and out of her sopping pussy, and when she saw her daughter open her eyes, she came hard. Stephanie kissed her on the lips, and she came again.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” John cried, and unloaded his big balls into his wife.

“Cum in me, baby! Shoot it up my cunt! Oh, yes!” Melanie cried.

Stephanie tried to get up as her parents came together, but she flopped back down on the bed in pain. Her whole body felt battered and beaten. She was sore from head to toe, but mostly between her legs. Her poor pussy throbbed, and when she felt it her fingers came away sticky with the mixture of her own cum, her father's, and her mother's saliva. She groaned out loud and refused to move. Her head ached from the wine, and she generally felt like shit all over. Despite the aches and pains, though, she was content. She'd done it. Her daddy had fucked her, taken her cherry, and then filled her with cum.

John and Melanie, finished with their copulation, broke apart. Melanie turned to Stephanie and stroked her matted hair tenderly. John came around the bed, slid his arms under his naked daughter, and hoisted her carefully. She groaned again, but he gave her a gentle kiss as he carried her to the bathroom. Melanie followed behind them, and unsealed the hot tub. She turned on the jets, and John carefully placed Stephanie's sore body into the water.

The hot, bubbling water was exactly what she needed. She felt the soreness in her muscles and her pussy easing. She dunked her head, came up, and Melanie handed her a glass of water, which she drank gratefully. Her parents then followed her into the big hot tub, none of them saying a word as they soaked themselves. Finally, Stephanie started to laugh. She was giddy. She couldn't believe it had happened.

“Glad to see you're in a good mood,” Melanie said with a smile.

“Oh, God! Am I ever,” Stephanie agreed, “I hurt like hell, but it was so worth it. Thank you, daddy, mom. That was the best night of my life,”

And, she wasn't lying. This was what she'd always wanted. Her parents had done it all for her. Tori would never have this.

“Yeah, it was pretty damn splendid,” John agreed.

“We really must do this again sometime,” Melanie added.

“Is anyone else hungry?” John asked.

“Starving,” the women agreed.

“How does room service sound?”

An hour later, they were clean and fed. Checkout time was at noon, and the three of them set about packing their things. Once they'd gotten everything together, John left a nice tip for the cleaners, who would certainly have their work cut out for them with the amount of bodily fluids they'd left behind. Her parents had driven to the hotel separately, and Melanie encouraged Stephanie to ride home with her father. She needed to stop by her spa and check in, since she'd left it in the hands of her manager for the last two days.

Father and daughter rode home quietly. Neither of them felt the need to say anything yet. They stole little glances at one another as John drove home, and when they pulled into their neighborhood, Stephanie finally opened her mouth.

“So when are you gonna put that big monster up my ass?”

John could only look at her in shock, as he struggled to stay on the road.

*Tori's New Program*

It was after dinner when Amanda came to collect Tori in her room. She found Tori on her bed with her earbuds in, and shook her awake. The poor teen looked confused for a moment, and then saw Amanda and smiled. She pulled her earbuds out, and sat up, rubbing her eyes.

“We're ready for your move,” Amanda said.

Tori already had her meager possessions in her bag, which she slung over her shoulder. Amanda took her through the hallways, and they came to a white door that the coordinator opened with a keycard. They passed through, and into another series of empty white hallways. This part of the facility looked deserted. No one was in the halls, and it was eerily quiet. Unlike the other part of NewYou, the doors here had no little windows, and there were very few of them. Finally, they rounded a corner and stopped in front of one of the doors.

Amanda opened it without her keycard, and showed Tori inside. The room here was almost identical to her old room, with a few small differences. For one, there was no separate bathroom. The toilet and shower were all in the main room, and the shower had no curtain. Perhaps the most striking difference, though, was the girl laying on the bed, stark naked, and plunging a big dildo in and out of her cunt. The girl's huge breasts were heaving with arousal, her pussy glistening and wet, her fiery red hair sweat-soaked. She paid them no attention when they entered.

Tori looked at Amanda in fright. What was this all about? Amanda walked up to the girl, and took over the dildo from her, pushing it quickly in and out of her pussy until the girl began to cum.

“Oh, fuck!” she yelled, “Oh, God! So good!”

Amanda allowed her to ride out her orgasm, and when the girl began to settle down, Amanda sat on the bed with her. The whole experience, though it only lasted a moment, had Tori hot between her legs. She imagined this is what she must look like when she was playing with herself. Amanda stroked the girl's hair and spoke quietly in her ear until her eyes began to focus. Finally, the naked girl sat up, the creamy dildo clutched in her hand.

“Tori,” Amanda said, “This is Cindy. She'll be your new roommate,”

“Roommate?” Tori squeaked. They hadn't said anything about a roommate.

Cindy slid off of the bed and crawled over to Tori with her ass in the air. She sat on her knees, and pressed her face to Tori's crotch, inhaling deeply.
“Do you want to taste me?” She asked, holding the dildo up to Tori's face.

She could smell the other girl's pussy all over the toy, and though her mind rebelled at the weirdness of it all, she found that she did want to taste it. She just couldn't bring herself to say it.

“Cindy,” Amanda said, “I don't think Tori likes to lick other girls cunnies, do you Tori?”

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she heard her voice saying, “Tori licks cunt...Tori is a lesbo slut...”

“I...I've never tried,” she admitted.

She didn't know why she said it. She should have given a flat 'NO'.

“My pussy tastes really good,” Cindy said happily, “I think it tastes like strawberry!”

“Cindy, why don't you leave Tori alone for now. She's new, and you're frightening her,”

Cindy looked hurt, crawled back to the bed, and began to lick her juices from the dildo with a happy purr.

“Cindy is part of the new program, too,” Amanda explained, enjoying Tori's obvious discomfort, “She's a more extreme hypersexual, so much so that she can't even stand to be clothed,”

Cindy was now working the dildo back into herself.

“I just thought I'd have my own room,” Tori said.

“Well, the rooms in this wing are at a premium, and as part of the new program, Dr. Carlson would like to explore the interaction of two hypersexuals cohabitating. I'm sure Cindy will be happy to have you here, and you'll be doing the scientific community a great service,”

“Alright,” she said hesitantly, thinking about her early release.

“Good,” Amanda said, “I”m going to leave you two for now, but one of the doctors will be by later to check on you. In the meantime, I've got some homework for you,”


Amanda went to the computer and turned it on. She beckoned Tori over and sat her down in front of it.

“As part of the program, Dr. Carlson mentioned that you'd be subjected to some visual and audio stimuli. Part of our funding at the clinic is derived from our patients helping with some outside work for various internet companies,” she brought up a web browser, “some of our partner companies are adult sites, and there are thousands of people all over the world that submit videos that need to be categorized and labeled, so that their users can locate the content they're looking for,”

“Okay,” Tori said, not really knowing where this was going.

Amanda clicked on one of the bookmarks, and brought up a graphic adult website. Thumbnail images, hundreds of them, of people performing different sex acts appeared on the screen.

“Whenever you have free time, we'd like you to help with the work. Your job is to watch each of the videos, and select an appropriate category, and write an accurate description. Do you think you can do that?”

“I guess. I don't know much about...well...what they're doing, though.” Tori said.

“That's alright. Most of it is pretty easy to figure out. You'll find that most things are variations of each other, so once you get going it will be pretty easy. Obviously, Cindy won't be much help, since she tends to...entertain herself. Why don't you try one, and I'll help you, to give you an idea of what the websites are looking for. Remember, the people that pay for their content have a certain expectation, and you need to try to make your descriptions graphic.”

“Okay,” Tori said, moving the mouse to the first video and clicking.

The video began to play. It was obviously a homemade film, and a not very attractive girl with stringy black hair was taking off her clothes. The shaky camera zoomed in on her bushy pussy, then back out. A second later she was kneeling in front of the camera man, and taking his pudgy dick out of his pants. Then she was sucking it, and within a few minutes he came on her face and the video ended. Tori began to feel a little hotter between her legs. Behind her, she could hear Cindy moaning as she fucked herself with her toy. As the video concluded, a new screen came up asking for her to select a category and write a description.

“What category do you think that should fit under?” Amanda asked.

Tori clicked the drop-down menu and looked through the categories, many of which she didn't understand. This one seemed to fit under 'oral sex' so she picked that one.

“Good job,” Amanda said, “Now how would you describe what you saw?”

Tori thought for a moment, and then typed in, girl giving oral sex.

“Well, it's accurate, but not really what the website viewers are looking for. Try to be a little,”

Tori deleted what she'd typed, and entered, black-haired girl gives blowjob.

“It's better,” Amanda said, “but try this one,”

She leaned over Tori's shoulder and typed in, ugly slut with small tits sucking tiny dick.

“See, the people that use the site are looking for things that are naughty, so your descriptions need to match up. Make sense?”

“I guess so,” Tori said.

“Try another one,”

Tori clicked the next video. A busty redhead lay on a bed in front of a webcam. She slowly rubbed her pussy and clit, and then began to finger herself. The girl made Tori think of Harmony, who she probably wouldn't see again, and Cindy, now screaming with orgasm behind her, and she felt herself getting wet. The video went on for a few minutes as the girl got herself off, and then turned off her webcam. Tori selected “solo girl” as the category, and typed in big-titted redhead plays with her wet pussy.

“Now that's much better, Tori. I think you're going to do fine. Just remember the expectation of the viewers, and you'll be doing great.”

“Okay, I think I can handle it,” Tori said, and behind her Cindy grunted and climaxed on the bed.

“I'm going to leave you to it, but I'll see you later.”

Amanda patted her shoulder and left the room. Tori watcher her new roommate writhe around on the bed playing with herself. Cindy pulled the dildo from her sopping young cunt, and began to work it up her ass.

“Mmmm, yeah,” she moaned, “put that big dick in my ass! Oh, fuck!”

Tori sighed, put her earbuds in and returned to her homework. The next video showed a blonde teenager, much like herself, surrounded by three men. The men had cocks that ranged from average to large. They all stood over her, stroking their dicks near her face. The girl looked very happy, as she wrapped her hands around two of the cocks, and began to suck on the third one. Tori felt herself getting more excited as the action went on. The girl took turns sucking on each cock, but then the men became more aggressive. They began to hold the girl's hair back, slap her face with their dicks, and shove them into her mouth and throat repeatedly.

The girl looked very pleased when they gagged her with their cocks, called her a dirty cocksucker, suckslut, or almost made her puke by holding their meat in her throat. Soon, one of the men lay down, and the girl mounted him, sliding her pussy onto his cock. Another man kept pushing his dick into her mouth, using her hair to guide her head up and down his pole. The third man, the one with the biggest cock, got behind her and started to push his big dick into the girl's asshole.

By now, Tori's hand was in her pants as she watched the video. Her music was playing low in her earbuds, but over it she could hear the groans and filthy talk from the video. In the back of her mind she could hear herself saying, “Tori wants big cock...Fill up my pussy...Fuck my asshole...” and she imagined that she was the girl in the video. She looked like she was having so much fun getting her mouth, ass, and pussy all filled with dicks.

She slowly fingered her pussy as the blonde teen got gangfucked, and then the men started spurting off into her tight little holes. The man in her mouth was first, shooting cum all over her smiling face. The man in her pussy was next, but she couldn't see his cum. She could just see him pumping his dick into her and yelling, “I'm cumming! Oh, shit!”. He lay there as the third man continued to pound his dick into the girl's butt, until finally he cried out and pushed his cock in until his balls were up against her ass.

The girl started to cum at the same time, and when the man pulled his cock out of her, a flood of dirty sperm leaked from her asshole. The girl climbed off of the man she'd been riding, and started to suck on the cock that had just been in her ass. It was so filthy, but Tori began to climax. She rode her fingers through it, until a big wet spot formed on the front of her pants. The video ended, and went to the next screen. Tori pulled her hand from her pussy, and began to clean it with her mouth, sucking her own juices.

Category: Gangbang. Description: Blonde teen slut takes three cocks in all holes.

She read the description over, and decided that it was good. The girl was a slut, after all, taking all that cock in every hole, and then sucking her own ass off of one of them. Tori put on the next video. This one was just a skinny brunette whore, bent over and shoving a dildo up her tiny asshole. She watched the whole video, though, and over the course of twelve minutes, the girl put bigger and bigger dildos in her ass, until it was stretched open wide.

While she was watching, she hadn't noticed that Cindy had crawled under the desk, until she felt the girl lapping at her wet crotch through her soaking pants. She looked down and pushed her chair back, her mouth gaping like the whore's ass on the screen. Cindy looked up at her with hurt eyes.

“Cindy? What are you doing?” Tori asked, feeling sorry.

“You smell like honey,” Cindy said, “I just wanted to taste it,”

Tori sat back down, saying, “Cindy, I'm not a lesbian. I'm sorry,” but her own voice in her subconscious mind was saying, “Tori licks cunt...Tori is a lesbo slut...Tori sucks girl slit...”.

“I'm not a lesbian!” Cindy protested, “but that doesn't mean I don't like to lick cunt like a lesbo slut.”

Tori heard the same thoughts she'd just had echoed aloud by her new roommate, and carefully looked at the door. It was shut. On her screen, the whore was shoving another big toy up her ass. Tori rolled her chair back to the desk, looking down at Cindy's hungry eyes.

“Okay. You can taste it,” she whispered, “but just a lick,” and she slid her pants down.

She couldn't believe she was about to let another girl lick her pussy, but the way Cindy's eyes were begging to taste her, she felt bad saying no. The poor girl obviously couldn't control herself. Cindy crawled between her legs, and sat down on her dildo, pushing the toy deep into her asshole.

It was just like the girl on the screen. She leaned into Tori's pussy and moaned against her clit. The sensation was incredible! Tori tried not to like it, but as she watched the girl on the screen fuck her ass with a huge dildo, she was becoming very aroused. Cindy delicately licked Tori's slit, running her tongue between her pussy lips.

“Mmmm,” Cindy purred, “You taste like honey, too,” and then she was licking Tori passionately, dipping her tongue into her new roommates hole.

Tori was so disappointed in herself. She shouldn't be enjoying this. Good girls didn't let sluts lick their horny cunts. Only stupid sluts let other sluts lick their cunts like little lesbos. Tori was a good girl, not a lesbo slut! She didn't want this! But the feeling of Cindy's tongue was about to make her cum all over the horny girl's face. When Cindy sucked Tori's clit into her mouth, Tori couldn't hold back. She put her hand on Cindy's head and held her face against her creaming snatch.

“Oh, yeah! Eat that pussy,” Tori cried, “lick my cunt, you little lesbo whore!”

Cindy sucked her pussy harder, and made Tori cum again. Soon, she was getting too sensitive. The licking was making her sore, and she had to push Cindy's face away. Cindy looked sad, and Tori didn't want her to be sad, so she leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Cindy flicked her tongue across Tori's lips, and Tori could taste her own cunt again. She decided that she did taste a little bit like honey. As her orgasms started to subside, she pulled her lips away from Cindy's and felt ashamed. She didn't know why she'd said those nasty words. She'd never said anything like that before. She hardly ever cussed, unless it was at Stephanie.

“Oh, you taste wonderful,” Cindy said, “Thank you.”

Cindy crawled back to the bed with the dildo lodged in her ass, and a minute later she was asleep. Tori was too embarrassed to move. She'd let another girl lick her, spewed a bunch of filth out of her mouth, and worst of all she'd liked every moment of it. She slowly pulled her pants back up and looked at her screen. The video had ended, how long ago she didn't know. She was supposed to pick a category and write a description. She tried to block out what had just happened, and get focused. Amanda wouldn't be happy with her if she had only made it through three videos.

Category: Solo Girl. Description: Brunette whore stretches her asshole with sex toys.

As Cindy snored softly behind her, Tori started the next video.


At the tender age of nineteen, little redheaded Cindy was a varsity cheerleader, and a senior at a rival high school. That was until her parents had found her on the living room couch, sandwiched between two men who were old enough to be her father. When the two ultra-conservative adults walked into the room from a canceled church group outing, to find their daughter happily bouncing up and down on two dicks lodged firmly in her little teenage butt and squishing pussy, to say they were upset would be putting it mildly.

Though their faith would normally dictate that they forgive their little girl, and help her see the light, this was not the first time they'd witnessed her debauchery in action. As Tori learned about her new roommate, she discovered that Cindy's sexual experience was more than extensive. Cindy discovered, just after her eighteenth birthday, that when she lost her virginity the pleasure that a penis could bring her far outweighed the fulfillment she felt from cheerleading, or her educational pursuits.

She'd lost her cherry after Junior prom, to not one, but two football players. While she'd gained a reputation as the blowjob queen of Frankfurt High, the first time she felt one of the jocks shove his throbbing prick into her pussy, and the other down her throat at the same time, something in her brain changed. The two boys took her in every hole that night, calling her filthy names, and pounding her full of meat as she came over and over. After that night, she realized that the perverse animal lust that the thoughts of those cocks evoked in her, was so powerful that she couldn't deny it.

Once the story got around, about her prom night fun, she decided that she was okay with it. People at school called her a dirty slut, a stupid fuckhole, and a whore. Cindy thought they were right, and after the football team gangfucked her after winning their next game, she knew for certain. Over twenty muscled young men used her in every hole, and though she was sore, sticky, and cocksick by the next morning, she knew that she would never stop.

The first time her parents caught her, she was being pounded in her tiny asshole on the back porch of their home. The next time, she was getting violated on her father's weight bench by some stranger she had met while jogging. The third time, her mother walked into the kitchen to find a delivery driver spraying her face with semen. Her parents tried to talk to her, to tell her how sinful her actions were, how damning they would be for her future. Rather than convince her to stop, instead she felt only more horny at how embarrassed they were by her. The repeated string of incidents led them to seek professional help, and it was at this point that their research brought them to the NewYou Clinic for Adolescent Addiction. Dr. Carlson's diagnosis of Hypersexual disorder was, understandably, something they didn't want to hear. However, when Cindy tried to pull off her father's pants to blow his cock during their meeting with the doctor, they finally couldn't take anymore. That had been over 3 months ago, and Cindy had made no progress toward recovery. Not that the institute had tried very hard to work toward a cure.

Tori learned all of this as she lay in bed with her horny, naked, roommate, trying to drift off to sleep. She was having trouble, and so had engaged Cindy in conversation, something that she quickly learned was not Cindy's strong suit. It wasn't that she was stupid, or an airhead. It was that she often became consumed with the feelings flowing from her overactive cunt, and what should have taken a few minutes to relate, instead took a few hours. Cindy would lose track of the conversation and begin to masturbate herself with one of her toys until she came, at which point she became lucid enough to pick up the conversation again.

On at least one of these occasions, Tori became so overwhelmed with the sight her roommates writhing, naked body, humping in pleasure, that she had to cum, too. It was her third experience with another girl fingering her to orgasm, only this time Cindy again used her tongue, and Tori told her she was a stupid little cuntsucker when she came.

They both fell asleep naked, and Tori thought it felt nice to hold onto someone in this place where everything was strange, and all the weird feelings in her body made her feel so good, yet so terrible. She listened to her earbuds as she felt her pussy pressed against Cindy's tiny bottom, and again wondered why she had said those dirty things to Cindy while the girl sucked her horny slit. It wasn't like the Tori she remembered, before the drugs.

Early in the morning, the two girls awoke. Tori felt strange, not having a schedule of therapy to go to. Amanda, on a brief visit the prior evening, had informed her that Dr. Carlson was working on a new program for her, and should have things ready by the next day. Until she heard otherwise, she should keep on with her work. Tori awoke to Cindy's tongue probing her mouth, the little redhead moaning as her hand cupped Tori's perfect tits. Startled, Tori flew from the bed, looking down on her roommate's hurt face.

“I'm sorry,” Cindy said, “I thought we were becoming friends. It's hard not having any friends, anymore,” she looked like she might cry.

“You just startled me,” Tori said, sitting back down on the bed, “I'm sorry. Please don't cry,”

Cindy wiped at her eyes, and manged a smile, “We can still be friends?”

Tori nodded.

“Oh, good!”

The girl sounded genuinely pleased, and threw her arms around Tori happily, rubbing her own big boobs against Tori's. Their nipples rubbing against one another started Tori's pussy throbbing, but something else was eating at her too. Her stomach.

“Cindy,” she said, trying to disentangle herself, “What do we do about breakfast around here?”

“Oh,” Cindy looked surprised, “There's a cafeteria down the hall. Sometimes I forget to eat breakfast, on account of my slutty pussy,” she said, as though it were the most normal thing in the world, “I'll show you!”

“Wait,” Tori said, “I want to get cleaned up and put on some clothes first,”

“Clothes? What do you need clothes for?”

“Well, I can't just walk around naked all day, can I?”

“I don't see why not,” Cindy said, as though Tori were being unreasonable.

“Why do you like being naked?” Tori asked.

Cindy shrugged, “It just feels nice. If I wear clothes, I just have to take them off to get at my cunt, so why even bother?”

Tori shook her head. She wanted a shower, but there was no privacy from Cindy. She'd have to let the other girl watch her as she washed herself. She almost wanted to laugh. She'd let Cindy lick her stupid pussy twice already, and slept naked with her all night. There really wasn't any reason to be concerned about a shower at this point. Tori started the shower, and once the water was nice and hot she got in and began to scrub herself clean while Cindy watched with her hand between her legs.

While she was turned away from her roommate, giving Cindy an excellent show of her round teenage ass, she heard the other girl step into the shower with her. She turned around quickly, and saw Cindy picking up the soap, lathering up her big tits.

“Cindy, what are you doing?” Tori hissed.

“What? I'm having a shower, too!”

“But, I'm already in the shower,” Tori tried to explain.

“And now we're both in the shower, silly!” Cindy giggled, and gave her a peck on the lips.

It was useless. Tori tried to finish washing, while avoiding contact with Cindy's body, but it was a losing proposition. She eventually gave up, and soon the two girls were washing one another, rubbing their hands all over their bodies, sharing little kisses. Cindy became so horny that she crouched in the shower and ate Tori to a tremendous orgasm.

“Oh, shit! Suck my fuckhole, you bitch,” Tori cried, as Cindy tongued her tunnel, “Show me how good you eat cunt! Oh, yeah! Mmmmmm!”

She held the back of Cindy's head and rode her face until she came, filling Cindy's mouth up with her fuck honey. When Cindy looked up at her, face shining with Tori's cum, Tori felt like she got what she deserved. Cindy was a stupid slut. A stupid little lesbo slut, and stupid sluts are only good for one thing. She suddenly realized what she'd been thinking, and now she felt mean and ashamed. Cindy was a troubled girl. She couldn't help herself! She looked so happy, licking Tori's juices off her face.

Troubled, Tori got out of the shower and began to dry herself off. Cindy wasn't far behind. Tori went to the set of drawers, expecting to find more pairs of blue scrubs to put on, but the drawers were empty.

“Cindy? Where are the changes of clothes?” She asked.

“Well, I never wear any, so I don't think they bothered to give me any,” she said, drying her hair.

Tori sighed, and retrieved her pair from the day before. They smelled of sweat and girl cream, the crotch was stained where her pussy had leaked all over it. Tori pulled them on anyway. Soon after, Cindy showed Tori where the cafeteria was in this wing of the facility.

This wing's cafeteria was just like the other one, but there were far fewer girls here. No one even batted an eye at Cindy's nudity, but they did glance at Tori. Some of them looked on with curiosity, others with unconcealed lust. At least one other girl was naked, too. In all, only five girls were seated in the cafeteria.

Tori loaded up a plate and grabbed a protein shake, then made her way with Cindy to one of the open tables. As they ate, Cindy pointed out the other girls, and told Tori what she knew about them.

“That's Bethany,” she pointed to a thick, but attractive blonde girl, “She got caught blowing her brother, and her parents put her here,” next was a girl with black hair, streaked with green, “and that's Liz. She drank a lot and did tons of drugs. Over there,” she pointed out the naked brunette, “that's Karen. She's a filthy fuckslut like me,” Cindy said proudly, “I think she's got me beat in how many dicks have been in her, but I beat her on the most in one day.”

“How come no one sits with each other? Shouldn't we all be, I don't know, friends or something?” Tori wondered.

“I don't think so,” Cindy tried to explain, “See, the girls over here, we get put here because we're not really great at social interaction. Like Liz, she liked to fight. Me, well, most people just think I'm weird, and since I can't keep my clothes on, they don't let me in the other wing. Same thing with Karen. Bethany, you just can't talk to. She doesn't really talk to anyone. You, I don't know what your deal is. You don't seem scary, or weird, but I like the way your pussy tastes!”

Tori thought she'd shrivel up from embarrassment, and hoped no one had heard what Cindy said.

“So, none of the other girls are roommates?” Tori asked.

“Oh, no. Like Amanda said, there's not a lot of rooms around here, and I guess the docs want so see what happens when you put two horny girls in the same room together,” she laughed at that, and Tori blushed. She knew what happened.

They finished their breakfast with little conversation, and then Cindy showed her around their wing. It was pretty much identical to the other wing, with the same amenities. It just had far fewer patients. Tori felt like she should do some of her work, so Cindy took her back to their room. The little redhead was feeling horny, anyway, and she hadn't gotten off since last night, so she was eager to get back in the room and plug her pussy with something.

While Cindy fucked herself silly, Tori booted up her computer, and returned to the website to watch and label videos. The one she started with today opened with a hard-bodied young girl, who couldn't have been much older than herself. Her blonde hair was tied up in pigtails, and she was already naked. A mountain of a man with rippling muscles and a cock that must have been about ten inches long, approached the girl as the sat on a bed. He stood her up, turned her around, and handcuffed her hands behind her back. The girl looked happy.

The man lifted her and put her on her stomach on the bed, and grasped her pigtails in his hands. He guided his cock to her mouth, told her to open, and then plunged his tool into her with no mercy. Using her pigtails, he plugged her throat repeatedly, roughly, and with no regard for her whatsoever. The girl gagged and sputtered as the man fucked her mouth, until finally he pulled out and flipped her onto her back. He leaned over her body, spread her legs, and began to eat her pussy. When the girl began to moan with pleasure, he shoved his big dick back into her mouth and, again, began to pound it in and out with a relentless power. The girl coughed, choked, and beat at his legs with her fists, but the man just continued to pump her mouth and eat her pussy.

Tori watched the whole scene with mixed feelings of arousal and horror. While the girl might have started off enjoying the rough treatment, she was obviously in over her head. The man finally pulled his dick from her throat, and a huge flood of spit poured down over the girl's face. She gasped for air while the man slapped her face with his big appendage, telling her she was a worthless little whore.

He then picked her up and turned her upside down so that her legs were in the air, his face between her legs, and her dripping face at cock level. She obediently sucked his big cock while he ate her for another minute, and then he tossed her on the bed, back onto her stomach.

She lay quivering on the bed as the man climbed on top of her, spread her legs, and then mounted her. He aimed his big prick at her tiny little asshole, and used the spit on his cock to push it in. The girl cried and screamed as his huge tool thrust inside of her. The camera man moved around to capture her face, showing a flood of tears flowing down her spit-soaked face. The man pumped his dick in and out of her ass with powerful thrusts, filling up the crying girl with more meat than she could handle. He used her asshole to jerk himself off, but the girl came anyway, setting off the man's own orgasm.

He roared and blew his load into her ass, and even though she cried, she came with him. The camera zoomed in on her stretched out hole. Tori couldn't believe how something so huge had gone into the tiny girl's ass. The dildo she'd used on herself had been nowhere near as large. She wondered what it would feel like to take that big cock in her own ass. Would she cry like the dumb slut on the screen, or would she be able to take it because she liked big cocks?

“Oh, wow, he really gave it to her ass, didn't he?” Cindy said over her shoulder.

Tori jumped. She hadn't realized Cindy had been watching. The video ended, and she was asked to pick a category and description. She wasn't quite sure on this one. Was it anal? Was it oral?

“Try rough for the category,” Cindy suggested, and Tori did.

“How would you describe that?” Tori asked. Maybe Cindy would be helpful after all. Tori didn't know if she could think up lots of dirty things, like Cindy did.

“How about, tiny, dumb cumdumpster cries as she's reamed by huge prick?”

Tori entered that in. She felt like Cindy's suggestion was great.

“Would you like to help,” she asked her roommate.

“Okay!” Cindy said cheerfully, and pulled up another chair.

They continued watching the porn videos together, getting through three more before there was a knock at the door, and Dr. Carlson came in.

“Good morning, ladies,” he said with a big smile, and took a seat on the bed.

Cindy, squealed with glee and crawled across the floor to rest on her knees in front of the doctor. Carlson rested his hand on her head gently.

“Hello, Cindy. How do you like having a new roommate?” He asked

“Oh, it's really great, Dr. Carlson. Thank you, so much! She's been real nice to me, and she even let me taste her pussy. She tastes like honey,”

“Hmm, is that so?”

Cindy nodded, and then looked up at him pleadingly, asking, “Dr. Carlson, can I please have some cum? Please? I've been really good, and I haven't had any for days. I think it's been days.”

“You're always good, Cindy. We never have any problems with you. Go ahead.”

Tori wasn't quite sure she'd heard right, until Cindy eagerly put her hand on his zipper and lowered it. Next she pulled at his pants, which he helped her get down. The horny redhead pulled Carlson's penis free, and held it in her hand. Tori could see her body shaking with anticipation. The doctor's cock was fairly average in size. Cindy looked up at him for permission, and when he nodded his head, she engulfed his cock in her mouth and began happily sucking away.

“Tori,” he said, as though nothing strange was going on, “I'd like to thank you for the work you've been doing the last day. I've gotten a communication from the website you've been helping with, and they're really pleased with your imaginative descriptions. I can't tell you how important it is for us to get funding for the work we do here,”

“Um, you're welcome,” Tori said.

Cindy bobbed her little head up and down his cock. Tori thought that if she had to label this as a video, it would be silly suckslut blows her doctor. Carlson seemed to notice Tori's distress.

“Cindy has a serious addiction to sex,” Carlson said, “and also craves semen. While we usually try not to encourage an addiction, Cindy's condition is so advanced that to deny her any kind of outlet might be detrimental to her well being. We allow her to indulge in the occasional act of sexual gratification, in order to keep her calm,” he spoke as though Cindy were not even there, sucking on his penis, “The best we can do, until we understand it better, is to provide her a safe outlet for her urges. This way she isn't doing any harm to herself, or to others around her,”

He gently encouraged Cindy's sucking with a hand on the back of her head. Cindy made little happy noises as she hungrily slobbered on his rod, massaged his balls, and tried to get at his cum.

“Now, your condition is not quite this far along, and we think we have some ideas that will help. Amanda will be by later to talk with you, but I wanted to personally check up on you, first. Is there anything I can do to make your transition more comfortable?”

Cindy popped his cock out of her mouth, and turned to Tori, asking, “Wanna try some?”

Tori's mouth watered at the sight of the doctor's glistening cock in her roommate's hand. She actually did want to try some. She wanted it very much. The sight of the hard flesh throbbing only a few feet away was making her very anxious. She wanted to feel something in her mouth. She wanted to taste the cum that she knew would spurt from its head, just like Ron's during her last exam. She almost moved, almost joined Cindy on her knees, but there was still some part of her that rebelled against the idea. Good girls didn't suck their doctor's cocks. Tori shook her head, and watched Cindy go back to work.

She tried to think about what Carlson had asked, then remembered, “Could I get a change of clothes?”

Carlson's hips jerked, and Tori knew that he was cumming in Cindy's mouth. Cindy mewled like a kitten, sucking his cream down, milking his cock for all it was worth.

“Mmm, yes, of, of course, Tori. I'll have Amanda bring some around for you,” he said.

It was clear that Cindy didn't want to let his softening cock from her mouth, but there was no more cum for her to swallow. She looked sad.

“Dr. Carlson,” she said softly, “Maybe you could feed me more later? I'd really like some more.”

“We'll have to see, Cindy. You were very good, though, so perhaps I can work something out for you.”

Carlson pulled his pants back up.

“Is there anything else I can do, Tori?”

“I, um, I don't think so. I just want to change my clothes.”

The doctor nodded and showed himself out. Tori noticed that there was a wet spot on the front of her pants. Her pussy had been dripping as she watched the videos with Cindy, and had acted up even more as she watched her roommate suck on the doctor's cock. Cindy crawled up on the bed and began to lick her lips and fingers, trying to get any drops she might have missed.

“There's never enough,” she said, “Never enough cum.”

Tori didn't know why she was doing it, but she was standing up and pushing her pants off. She was walking up to her roommate with her bare, dripping pussy exposed. She was standing in front of Cindy as she lay on the bed, and then she was climbing on top of her, straddling the redhead's face, pushing her cunt against Cindy's mouth. Cindy might have been saying something, but Tori only heard muffled noises as she pressed her dripping hole to Cindy's mouth.

The little girl's tongue began to lap away at her, suck at her clit, push into her fuckhole. Tori rode her face, sliding her slit along Cindy's tongue, making sure it hit both her asshole and her pussy. She could feel a repressed orgasm building up as she used Cindy's face to get herself off.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, “eat it you little dyke! Suck that pussy! Mmmm, fuck! Make me cum, slut. Make me cum!”

Cindy moaned into Tori's pussy as she fucked herself against Cindy's face. Within moments she was shaking and cumming, spilling her fuck honey on the little redhead's tongue. Cindy slurped away at her cunt until Tori was finished. She fell back on the bed with relief, and sighed loudly. Cindy cuddled up next to her, her face a mess of girl cream. She kissed Tori pleasantly, and shared the honey taste with her. Though her mind told her it was wrong, Tori made it shut up because it felt nice to lick her own cunt cream from Cindy's lips.

When it was all gone, Cindy gave Tori a big hug and told her she loved her. Tori wanted to cry. No one had said that to her since her parents brought her to this place, and it felt great to be close to someone. The two fucked out girls fell asleep in each others arms.

When Amanda came around a little while later, the girls were awake. Tori had put her dirty clothes back on, and Cindy was in the middle of showing her roommate her toys. The sex toys were laid out on the bed in a row. Cindy showed Tori her dildos, one small, one about average, and one very large and pink. It was the toy she had been playing with the first day Tori met her.

Cindy also had two butt plugs, one big and black, the other smaller with a little horse tail. She liked the one with the tail, she explained, because the hair hung down and tickled her pussy. The last one was a strap-on, which she said that she never really used because she didn't have anyone to fuck with it.

Tori caught the hint in her voice, and shivered. She didn't know if she wanted Cindy to fuck her with a strap-on. She'd never been fucked, after all, except for the one time she'd put her mom's toys in her pussy. It felt strange to even contemplate the thought. Two weeks ago, she'd have said it was disgusting. Now, though, she felt her pussy gushing at the thought of the little redhead pounding the fake cock into her body, making her squirm around and cum like the stupid sluts on the videos.

The two girls looked at Amanda guiltily, as though they'd been caught with their hands in a cookie jar. Amanda glanced at the toys, but didn't seem to care. She seemed glad to see the two of them getting along. Cindy scooped up her toys and put them away in a drawer as Amanda sat in the computer chair. She held a bundle of clothes out for Tori.

“Your clean clothes,” she explained, “I'm sorry I forgot to get them to you earlier,”

Tori took the clothes thankfully, and without a thought, started to strip out of her old ones. Amanda watched, and Tori was almost sure she saw a hint of desire in the older woman's big green eyes, but she couldn't be sure. She got dressed in the new clothes, and felt much better.

“Tori, Dr. Carlson has asked me to help with the first step in your treatments, so I'll need you to come with me, please. Don't worry. It's nothing to be afraid of,” Amanda said.

“Okay,” Tori said submissively.

“Have fun, Tori!” Cindy called happily, as Amanda led her out the door.

When they were out of the room and walking down the hallway, Amanda said, “Once we're through with this, we're going to meet Dr. Carlson, and you'll be allowed to call home for a few minutes,”

“Really?” Tori's spirits instantly lifted.

“Yes, dear,” Amanda laughed, “It won't be a long call, but Dr. Carlson will need to explain the new diagnosis, and let them know that you really don't have a drug problem. Won't that make them feel better?”

“Well, yeah, of course!” Tori stood up straighter.

She was thrilled that her parents would know she wasn't a drug addict. However, now she'd have to tell them that she was basically a virgin sex addict. She didn't know how they'd take it. She knew her parents liked sex. It hadn't ever been a secret at home. Her parents were, actually, very sexually active. Maybe that was where she got her condition from. Still, she felt sad to have to tell them.

Amanda led her down the hall, opened a door with her keycard, and they went inside. The room looked like Dr. Swells exam room, only there was no Dr. Swell, or Ron. She didn't know whether she felt relieved, or disappointed. The last time she'd seen Dr. Swell, she'd cum in front of her while she took Tori's temperature, and Ron had secretly cum in her mouth under the table. She recalled the taste of his sperm with a strange fondness. She'd liked it, and she'd been very tempted to help Cindy suck off Dr. Carlson this morning just so she could taste it again.

Amanda told Tori to remove her pants, and Tori obeyed. She wondered when she'd stopped feeling shy about exposing herself in front of other people. She'd changed in plenty of locker rooms, so she was used to other girls seeing her in some form of undress, but she'd always been a little wary of it before. Now, it didn't seem so bad. It was a little embarrassing, but it also made her feel excited.

Amanda went to the table and picked up some weird looking apparatus. It looked like some kind of strange rubber strap. She'd never seen anything like it. The thing was black, looked thin, and had some kind of straps and loops. Amanda brought it over to Tori, and knelt in front of her.

“Lift up your leg, please,” she said.

Tori did, and Amanda slid one of the loops over her foot, then the other one over her opposite foot. She pulled the weird thing up Tori's legs, until she felt it nestled against her pussy. Amanda then took the straps, and secured them behind Tori's back. She felt the back of the device cup her ass cheeks, and when Amanda secured it in place, the straps in back pulled her sculpted butt cheeks apart, totally exposing her asshole. She heard the device lock into place, and she looked at Amanda with fear and confusion.

“What is this?” Tori asked, starting to panic.

The rubbery material pressed between her legs and against her pussy. She could feel her exposed anus open to the world.

Amanda was smiling, “It's a custom-fitted chastity belt!” She explained happily.

“A what?”

“A chastity belt. The doctors are concerned about your constant masturbation, and in order to curb those urges, they felt that the first step in your treatment should be to modify that behavior, so that it doesn't progress further. This belt is designed from a very tough, but flexible material. It's molded to your figure, and should keep you from rubbing your hot little cunnie too much,”

Tori was in shock. She didn't know what to say. How was she supposed to use the bathroom?

“Don't worry, dear. It's for your own good,” Amanda went on, “Now, there's a slit in the material just wide enough to let you safely use the bathroom, but not big enough to let you get your little fingers into your pussy. Of course, you'll need to clean yourself up, so whenever you need to do that, you'll have to page me so that I can unlock your belt for you,”

“But, but,”

“You'll still be able to wipe your bottom, of course,” Amanda continued, ignoring Tori's growing concern, “but if you need to...relieve yourself in other ways, you'll just have to ask permission, alright?”

“This isn't fair,” Tori cried, “Cindy doesn't have to wear one of these!”

“Yes, well, Cindy has her own therapies arranged, just as you have yours. If you want to get an early release, you'll need to follow through with the agreement you signed with Dr. Carlson,”

That got Tori to quiet down, and she realized she was behaving like a child. Amanda was right. She was supposed to be getting better. She had a condition, and they were going to help her. Surely they knew what was best. As embarrassing as it was, she was just going to have to do it. Though she was resigning herself to it, her acceptance didn't do anything to help the ache in her pussy. She'd been aroused since Cindy started showing her the sex toys, and with this thing on, she wouldn't be able to get herself off, or use Cindy's face to do it either. The thought scared her more than it should have.

“Now, walk around a bit and tell me how it feels,” Amanda instructed.

Tori walked around the room. The material flexed well with her movements. It didn't chafe, didn't feel uncomfortable, really, just different. Having her ass totally open was a little disconcerting, as well.

“Feel okay?”

“Yes, I guess so,”

“Great. Now, you can put your pants back on,”

Tori pulled her pants back up over the chastity belt. At least she could hide it under her clothes.

“Alright, now, let's go make that phone call!”

Her spirits lifted again as Amanda showed her out of the exam room, and back down the winding halls to Dr. Carlson's office in the other wing. Carlson was going over some papers behind his desk, but beamed when they entered the office.

“Tori, how does the new treatment device feel?” he asked.

Tori shrugged, “It's weird. How long do I have to wear this?”

Carlson seemed to consider that a moment, “That will entirely depend on you. If you can keep your hands from playing with yourself, then we'll know we've made a step in the right direction. However, if we still see signs that you're trying to masturbate frequently, we'll need to keep it on. I guess the answer is, as long as it takes,”

Tori felt panicked. What if she never got better? What if she was like Cindy, and she kept getting worse and worse until there was no hope? Would she have to keep this thing on for the rest of her life, always asking someone to help her pee, or allow her to cum? She tried to fight the panic down, but the tears were in her eyes before she could stop them. On top of that, she had been in a constant state of arousal since Cindy showed her the toys, and it was getting to the point that she needed to cum or she might go crazy.

“There, now, Tori,” Amanda said comfortingly, “I'm sure you'll be able to help yourself, right? You don't want to always be playing with your pussy, do you?”

“No,” she choked out.

“But a girl has needs, and I'll bet someone with your condition is probably getting a little hot and bothered right about now, aren't you?”

Tori looked up into her eyes, and couldn't deny it. She nodded slightly.

“Would you like to cum? Would that make you feel a little better?”

She knew it would. Her pussy was burning up inside, and she could feel her juices running out between the little slit in her belt.

“Why don't you ask Dr. Carlson if he thinks it's okay,”

Tori looked at the doctor, but she couldn't make the words come out.

“What is it that you want, Tori?” Dr. Carlson asked.

“I...Dr. Carlson...May I...I'd like to please....”


“May I please...cum?” she managed between the tears.

“I suppose that would be alright, Tori,” He said, “But we can't have you masturbating yourself. That would defeat the whole purpose of the treatment. Perhaps Amanda would be willing to help you, if you asked her?”

Tori turned back to Amanda with pleading eyes. Could she ask another girl to get her off? This wasn't like with Cindy. Amanda was part of the staff. She wasn't a hypersexual, like her roommate. She didn't want to do this, like Cindy did.

“Amanda, would you please me...cum?”

Amanda patted her hair, “Yes, I will, honey. Just pull off your pants, okay?”

Tori looked at Dr. Carlson. Did he mean for her to do it right here in his office? She flashed back to watching Cindy suck his cock just this morning.

“Go on, dear,” Amanda urged, “It's alright. We're all professionals here. You want to cum, don't you?”

Tori did want to cum. She wanted to very badly. It had been hours since her last orgasm, and she was having trouble thinking about anything else. She pulled her pants off, and Amanda undid her belt, pulling it down over her legs. The freedom felt wonderful. Her pussy was so wet as Amanda sat her down on the couch and spread her legs. Dr. Carlson looked away and focused on his papers.

Amanda dipped her fingers into Tori's young snatch, and the hot teen moaned loudly at her touch. It felt nice to have someone else touch her pussy. Amanda was very soft and gentle as she rubbed Tori's clit, smeared her fuck cream around her cunt, and used her other hand to finger her hole. Tori became lost in the sensations, never noticing Dr. Carlson pick up the phone.

She didn't hear him dial, but she did snap back rudely to reality when she heard him say, “Yes, Mr. Hamlin?”

Tori sat up at her the mention of her father, but Amanda pushed her back and then Tori felt the coordinator's tongue slash against her slit. It felt so good that she almost came, but knew that when she did the belt would go back on, and she wanted it to last. Dr. Carlson was talking to her father.

“Yes, sir. Dr. Carlson at the NewYou Clinic...Fine, fine, thank you so much for asking...No, everything is just fine, and Tori is doing wonderfully. She's here in the office, in fact, and I have some news to share with you, if you'd like to put your wife on speaker, as well...Yes, I'll wait...”

A few moments passed, as Dr. Carlson watched Amanda suck at Tori's pussy. Tori's hands were wrapped in Amanda's hair, and she was chanting under her breath, “Yes! Yes! Yes! So good...mmmm...lick my cunt...”

Dr. Carlson resumed speaking as Tori fought to divide her attention between the phone call and the building orgasm in her pussy, “Yes, hello. Good afternoon to you both...Yes Mrs. Hamlin, Tori is just fine. She's right here, and I'll put her on shortly. I wanted to reach out to you both with a piece of good news first...Yes, I'm sure it is...After careful evaluation, it is the opinion of my staff, and myself, that your lovely daughter is not suffering from a drug addiction...Yes, I know that should put your mind at ease...”

Tori was on the verge, and she couldn't hold it back. She humped against Amanda's face and began to cum, spilling her fuck honey all over the coordinator's face. Amanda eagerly lapped it up as Carlson continued talking, as though nothing was amiss.

“We believe that Tori's recent experimentation is actually due to a repressed condition that has only begun to manifest in the last few weeks. It's a rare condition known as Adolescent Hypersexual Disorder...Yes, I'm not surprised you've never heard of it. It's not something we see often, but the early signs are there. We've asked Tori to participate in a new study here at the clinic, to which she has agreed. The good news is that we'll be able to petition the court for her release much sooner than expected...”

Tori began to come down from her sexual high as Amanda stood up, leaned over, and pushed her tongue into the teenager's mouth. Tori happily sucked at the honey taste of her own pussy, and then licked Amanda's fingers clean.

“We're looking at a release within the next two weeks, however it will be conditional. Tori will need to come in for therapy once a week...Yes, we're very excited, too! When she's released, her care coordinator, Amanda, will meet with you to discuss the conditions, and the arrangements that she'll need at home...Of course you can talk to her. Just a moment...”

Tori stood up on wobbly legs and accepted the phone that Dr. Carlson was holding out for her.

“Dad? Mom?” she said.

“Baby, it's good to hear your voice,” Melanie said on the other end.

“It's good to hear you, too,” Tori said, and it was.

“How are they treating you honey?” Her father asked.

“Everyone has been really nice,” Tori said, “It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I just miss you guys,”

John and Melanie told her all about the last week, what they had been doing, how work was, about Stephanie's modeling job, but left out the fact that they'd fucked her twin silly over the weekend. She was happy to hear that Stephanie was also keeping tabs on her boyfriend, Tim, and that her sister was really worried about her, too. Tori felt so lucky that Stephanie was looking out for her, when she knew she couldn't. She felt like a bitch for being so rude to her sister before she'd gotten put in this place.

All too soon, Dr. Carlson was asking her to wrap up the call. Tori told her parents that she loved them, and that she couldn't wait to come home. Then she was handing the phone back to the doctor. Amanda was pulling the belt back up her legs. Tori hadn't even noticed that she'd talked the whole time with her lower body completely exposed. Amanda locked her pussy back up, and escorted her out of the office while Dr. Carlson continued to chat with her parents about Tori's treatment.

“You'll need to continue working,” Amanda was saying, as they approached Tori's room, “as much as you can over the next couple of weeks,”


Amanda opened the door, and let Tori inside. Cindy lay on the bed shoving the big dildo up her ass, and a smaller one in her pussy. Tori couldn't help but feel a little jealous. The whole room smelled of teen pussy.

“Remember, if you need help just page me,” Amanda said, and then she was gone.

Cindy came with toys lodged deeply in both her tight young holes, and then realized that Tori was back. She grinned tiredly at her roommate, and pulled the toys from herself, then began to clean them with her mouth. Tori already felt the growing heat in her cunt watching Cindy's lewd display, but there was nothing she could do about it. She found her hand straying toward her pussy, but then she felt the belt, and stopped.

“Do you want me to take care of you?” Cindy asked happily, “You can shove your cunt against my face, if you want.”

“I can't Cindy,” Tori said sadly. She did want to shove her cunt against Cindy's face.

“Sure you can,” Cindy reassured her, “I said it was okay. I like how you taste, and when you call me a stupid dyke. It's really hot,”

“No, I can't,” Tori said, and slid her pants off, revealing the belt.

“Oh,” Cindy said, “They locked up your pussy? That's awful! How are you supposed to cum?”

Tori shrugged.

“Well, there's still your ass, right?” Cindy said, as though it were the most logical thing in the world.

*A Promise Kept*

Stephanie sang along to the radio as she cruised into her neighborhood, her spirits high. Her introduction to her new modeling job had gone splendidly, but her first shoot wouldn't be until later in the week. She felt wet between the legs, remembering the way the photographer had fucked her with his eyes the entire time. He'd been really cute, in a rebellious artist sort of way, with lanky black hair, piercing eyes, and a really fit body. Stephanie had decided immediately that she would fuck him, as long as it didn't screw up her gig.

The afternoon was waning as she pulled into her driveway, happy to be home. She was hoping that her daddy wouldn't be too busy to shove his big dick into her and cure her horny itch. The soreness in her body had begun to fade by that morning, but she'd taken it easy the day after losing her virginity to her father's over-sized prick.

She had, however, invited Tim around and blown his small penis, just to make sure he stayed in line. She'd also been eager to tell her brother about what had happened, and that her pussy was now open for him. Mike had been so patient, after all, through her numerous blowjobs and relentless teasing. He deserved to be next in line to fuck her, and she felt a thrill at the thought of having her brother's big cock stretch her out, too. She knew Mike would be rougher, more dominant, and she liked that contrast to her father's careful lovemaking.

She came in the house, big tits bouncing around in her half top, and checked the garage. Both her parents cars were gone. No daddy dick to fuck herself on, but there were other options in this house. She went to the door to Mike's cave, and heard some loud pounding bass from down inside. Smiling, she opened the door, and slipped inside, making her way quietly down the steps.

Mike lay on his bed in a pair of shorts, his attention in some game magazine. He was absorbed, and had no idea he was no longer alone.

Stephanie crouched low and sneaked over to the bed. The head of Mike's flaccid cock poked out the bottom of his shorts. She felt her mouth water as she quietly leaned over his lap and slipped her lips over his cockhead. Mike groaned and dropped his magazine. She slid her lips further onto his cock, pushing his shorts up and smiling up at him with her mouth full of his growing dick.

“Steph...” he breathed, and then groaned as she purred happily around his meat.

She continued sucking at his dick, forcing more of it into her mouth. His hands came down to wrap in her blonde hair, and he began to use it to fuck her mouth. She let him use her for a few moments, getting his dick nice and slippery. Fuck, her pussy was so wet. She pulled her mouth off his dick and stroked it.

“Did you miss me?” she asked huskily.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “My nuts are about to burst,”

“Mmm, well that's not healthy. A good sister should make sure her nasty brother's big balls are getting drained, don't you think?”

“Of course,” Mike agreed.

“I heard a little rumor,” Stephanie said, fisting his cockhead, “I heard that you got to go balls deep in our hot mother's pussy,”

Mike's dick jumped at the memory of Melanie's cunt wrapped around his cock, and he said, “It was amazing,”

“Mmmm, I know. She's got such a hot little cunt! I have a surprise for you, though,”

“What's that?”

“Do you know what I did this weekend?”

“I'm sure you're going to tell me,”

She squealed like a little girl with a secret, and told him, “I got my virgin pussy stretched open by our daddy's big dick,”

She wrapped her lips around his cock again and sucked as Mike processed this new information.

“Oh, shit,” he moaned, “You did it? You got dad to fuck you?”


“Was it what you'd hoped?”


“So that means...”

She pulled his dick out and smiled up at him, smacking his throbbing meat against her face.

“That means,” she said teasingly, “that my big brother, my filthy, perverted brother, should certainly not try to stick his thick cock into me. That would be soooo wrong. Good girls, like me, don't let their hung brothers shove their big pricks into their pussies. It's disgusting!”

Mike pushed her head back onto his cock and began to pump his hips, forcing his cock in and out of her throat.

“It's too bad I'm such a fucking pervert,” Mike said between groans, “If I were a good brother, I wouldn't even think of getting my big dick into my hot sister. But I'm a terrible brother, and I want to make my sister a total whore for my cock,”

“Uh, Uh!”

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “I think I'm gonna push my fat prick up your little hole and make you cum on it,”

“You can't do that to your little sister,” she said, stroking his meat, “Only some fucking sicko would want to do that. You really think I'm just going to let you force that thing up my pussy, and that I'm going to like it?”

“I don't care if you like it,” Mike played along, “I'm going to do it, anyway. I'm going to rape your little cunt, just like I do your mouth,”

Stephanie dropped his hard dick and stood up, turning as if to leave. Mike was up in a shot. He knew this game. He grabbed his sister's arm and pulled her body against him. She beat at him with her fist, but he twisted her hands behind her back and held her wrists together, while he pushed his lips against hers. Stephanie struggled, but Mike forced his tongue into her mouth, while his free hand went under her skirt and groped her perfect ass.

She bucked her hips against him and tried to wiggle free, but he turned her around and bent her over his bed, still holding her hands behind her back. He reached under her skirt and yanked her panties down to her knees.

“Let go of me you sick fucker!” She yelled.

“Shut up, slut. You're gonna take my dick up your snatch, and you're gonna ride it like you fucking like it!”

“I'll bet you feel big now, don't you! Do you feel like a fucking man? Does it get you off to rape your hot little sister's teen cunt?”

He pushed her skirt up her back and saw her gorgeous, shaved, wet pussy just inches from his cock. He'd been dreaming of the day that he could fuck Stephanie for so long. He never imagined it would happen. Now, just two days after fucking his beautiful mother, he was about to penetrate his sister, too. He knew he was the luckiest man in the world.

Stephanie was still fighting against him, so he took hold of both her arms and pulled them back, using them to lever her until she was helplessly bent over with her ass sticking up in the air. Her face pushed into the bed, Mike lined up his big dick with her slit and slowly rubbed the head in her flowing fuck cream. Stephanie panted and moaned. His dick was so close, so hot.

“Open up for Mikey,” he said, and pushed his big head past her pussy lips.

“Oh, fuck!” Stephanie cried.

His cockhead split her pussy open, slipping inside her. She stopped struggling. It felt too good. Mike pushed again. She was so tight! Stephanie tried to breath evenly, but mike slowly put more inches of his dick into her. She felt her little pussy forced open, struggling to accept his girth. The initial pain was intense, but Mike paused with half his cock in her and let her get used to it. He wasn't quite the size of her daddy, but he was no slouch.

“Holy...shit...” Mike groaned.

Her newly-fucked pussy was incredible. He was only the second cock to ever get inside her, and he could tell. Stephanie's whole body quivered, her legs spread wider, and she began to push back into him, trying to get more of his dick into her. Mike pulled a few inches out, and then pushed back in. Stephanie was so hot that she came on his dick right then. Mike let her arms go and took hold of her round little ass, spreading it open while he fed more cockmeat into his squirming sister.

Stephanie babbled unintelligibly as 8 inches of her big brother's fat prick sunk into her body, setting off another orgasm. The feeling was so much better, now that she'd been fucked. She didn't know if it was the way that he'd taken her, or just the fact that she'd had time to recover from her daddy's fuck, but this time was fabulous! She urged Mike to get all the way in, feeling her pussy trying to milk his big shaft.

“Oh, Mike,” she moaned, “Does your...sister's cunt feel good...Ooooh! Is that getting your dick off?

She pressed her ass back until she felt him all the way inside her, and they both stopped. Mike was sweating, holding his dick firm inside his busty sister's vice of a pussy. Her muscles sucked at him hungrily, trying to draw his load out. Stephanie panted, filled up so full that her head was buzzing. It was impossible for something to feel this good. Then Mike began to pull his length out of her, and push it back in, picking up speed, and she knew she was wrong. This feeling was even better.

Her brother started to pound his thick dick in and out like a machine, until his hips were slapping against her ass and making her cheeks jiggle with every thrust. Stephanie lost her mind in an endless string of orgasms. Her legs would hardly hold her up she was shaking so badly. She felt Mike spit on her exposed asshole, and then his thumb was slipping inside as he fucked her. She'd never felt anything in both holes at once, and the painful pleasure of it was too much.

Her legs gave out, and she collapsed on Mike's bed. He came down with her, pushed her up higher on the bed until her feet hung off the side, and then continued to ravish her clutching teenage fuckhole with his thumb up her ass. Stephanie was babbling incoherently, but he didn't even care. His sister's hot little cunt was the only thing in his world, and her clamping muscles were about to bring him off. With a final push he buried his big cock into his slutty sister and doubled over on top of her. His finger popped out of her ass and they came together. Stephanie humped against him as his cum burst inside of her, her body pinned beneath him while she screamed out her lust.

She had no idea how long she lay there with Mike on top of her. Her pussy sucked and quivered at his invading shaft as it began to shrink, until finally he pulled it from her body. Mike flipped his sister over. She was so beautiful. Her hair was a sweaty mess, and a silly grin was plastered on her face. Her skirt was bunched up around her tiny waist, and her half top was skewed crazily so that one of her big tits had come out. She didn't even move when he brought his slimy cock up to her mouth and pushed it between her lips.

She didn't even try to suck it. She simply lay there like a limp doll and let him clean his dick off with her mouth. Stephanie could taste all the sex on his cock, but she was too fucked to even try to participate. Mike groped her free tit with his big hand while he crammed his wet cock into her throat.

“Yeah, you dirty slut. Clean up that dick for me,” he said under his breath, “Is this what you wanted, Steph?”

Her body was tingling all over as she let Mike fuck her face. Finally it seemed he was satisfied, because he pulled his wet dick out, leaving a trail of saliva and cum hanging from the side of her mouth. She couldn't even move her hand to wipe it away. Or, maybe she didn't want to. What she did want to do was sleep, and before she could even try to stand and go to her room, she was snoozing on Mike's bed.

The sight before him was far too awesome for Mike to want to do anything about. His big-titted sister was so hot, and she looked like such a slut laying there with her legs spread open on his bed. He'd cum, possibly, even harder than when he'd had his mother, and that was saying something. Melanie was an incredible woman, and her body was fantastic. Stephanie, though, was the picture of an ideal young fucktoy. Her body was so hard, and so perfect that Mike's dick started to stiffen up again.

Stephanie was out cold, completely oblivious. He shook her gently, hoping she'd wake up for a second round. Nothing. He adjusted her so that her ass sat at the edge of his bed, and pulled her top down around her waist so that her big tits stood proudly before him. She was so delicious! Mike got back between her legs, put them on his shoulders, and began to work his cock back inside her tiny young cunt again. Stephanie just moaned quietly, but didn't move.

Mike smiled and pushed his dick further into her again, watching how her tits bounced around as she took his dick. Her pussy was so juicy and wet, her fuck honey dripping down her ass, onto his bed, onto the carpet. She was so fucked, though, that she still slept through it. There was something so perverse in the fact that he was balls deep in his sister while she slept. It seemed even more a violation than the fact that he was fucking his sister to begin with.

Her cunt was now so slick that it was easily taking his whole length, encasing his cock like a glove. As he worked her little pussy over, he was struck by an even more perverse thought. He pulled his dick from her, and rubbed it against her asshole. His dad might have been the first to get into her pussy, but he could claim her backdoor right now. The idea had his cock jerking with anticipation. He lined it up and began to push, opening her virgin asshole up.

Stephanie still didn't respond. Her ass was so slick from her cunt cream that he had little trouble pushing his cockhead inside. It was so tight, but he didn't let it stop him. Brows knitted with concentration, he pushed harder this time, and felt her asshole open up for him. His big head slipped past her sphincter, and Stephanie let out a groan, but didn't wake up.

Her ass was amazing! He'd thought that pussy was tight, but her asshole was squeezing his dick so tightly that he thought it might cut off the circulation. He eased the head in a little further, and then worked it back and forth, lubing up her channel with her own juices. Stephanie groaned again as he put another inch up her backside, and then he had to stop or he'd cum right then.

He grabbed her big teen tits in his hands, took a deep breath, and pushed again, fitting another couple of inches into her virgin butt. Stephanie's eyes fluttered open, and she looked confused. It took a second to remember where she was. There was a fullness in her lower body, and thought it didn't really hurt, it felt strange. She focused her eyes on Mike, his sweating face, his silly smile, and she realized that her legs were over his shoulders. Then she felt his cock move in and out of her, but this feeling was different. Her head cleared and she realized that her brother's cock was up her ass.

Mike grinned down at her as the realization hit her, and then he was fucking his big dick in and out of her butt. She shook and tossed her head from side to side as she felt his big meat slide up inside her. It was a wholly different feeling from getting her pussy reamed. It didn't feel bad. Just different. Then Mike's finger began to work at her clit as he fucked her and she decided that she liked how full she felt.

“Mike...” she said.

“Shut up and take it, Steph,” he said, “I'm gonna make you my little butt slut. How would you like that?”

“Oh, it''s...” She couldn't get the words out.

“That's right. My little butt slut sister. I'm gonna teach you how to take it all. Dad might have gotten your pussy, but this ass will always belong to me first, won't it?”

“Oh, fuck...Uuungh!”

“What did you say one time,” Mike said, filling her up with another inch, “I wanted to make you my three hole slut? Well, look at you now! Where's my cock, Steph?”


“Tell me where it is, slut,”

“It'! Oooh!”

Mike had 6 inches of his bloated prick in her rectum, and she didn't think she could take anymore than that. She felt so full, and her asshole was squeezed so tight around his shaft. It felt like his dick was buried in her soul, it was stretching her out so much. Mike fought against her ass's natural reaction to expel his dick, and continued to push and pull his cock out of his sister's gorgeous ass. Stephanie's legs were locked around his neck, and she was on the cusp of another orgasm from his manipulation of her clit.

“Go on, Steph,” he said, “Go ahead and cum with my cock in your ass. I know you want to,”

She did want to, and this was so dirty that she knew she couldn't hold back if she'd desired. Stephanie felt his dick throb deep in her asshole, and she knew he was cumming in her. Her big brother was cumming up her ass, right after he'd cum up her pussy. She'd given him two of her holes and he'd taken the third like he was entitled to it. The thought made her cum with him, and she could feel his second load trying to find its way out of her ass, but his cock had her plugged so tightly that there was no escape.

She'd always known she was horny, and that she was slutty, but now she was really a three hole slut for her big brother. He'd taken her ass, and that seemed to break something in her, some final barrier. She was a slut. She was a nasty teenage incest slut, and she'd just came with her brother's dick lodged tightly up her ass. It was so filthy, and yet so perfect. She knew that she'd never deny this to him again, and she couldn't understand why she'd ever denied him at all. His dick felt at home inside her, and she was truly his butt slut.

“Oh, fuck! Take that cum up your ass,” Mike shouted, his dick pumping into her, “Holy shit! You're my fucking little ass whore, Steph!”

“Mmmm, yeah! I am! Fuck it, Mike. Cum up my ass!”

She didn't even realize what she was saying. She was just spouting filth while Mike emptied his big nuts into her for a second time. When, at last, he'd spurted one final jet of cum into her, he lowered her numb legs to the floor. His cock began to slide out of her, and then popped free, leaving an empty feeling behind that made her a little sad. She'd gotten used to being stuffed full of his fuckmeat. The orgasms this time had been different, though. They were wonderful, but not the intense explosions in her head that made her see stars. These were more like constant butterflies in her stomach that caused an all-over body buzz.

She was still trying to catch her breath when Mike pulled her off the bed roughly onto her knees and slapped his wet cock against her face. She knew what was coming, and she didn't have the energy to try to stop him. She wondered, as he pushed his dick into her mouth, if she even wanted to. This seemed right.

He'd claimed her asshole, and now it was her job to clean him up after the wonderful feelings he'd given her. Mike used her mouth harshly, gagging her with his dirty cock, telling her she was a whore. He was right, and she liked it. By the time his dick softened, she had tears rolling down her cheeks from his abuse of her mouth. Her makeup ran down her face like smeared paint. She looked like a total mess, and she felt like one, too.

Mike pulled his dick out of her mouth and lifted her tired body in his arms. Stephanie felt like she was floating. Her naked brother carried her upstairs to her room and lay her on her bed. She giggled a little, thinking that she'd probably left a trail of cum all the way upstairs, as she could still feel it dripping from her ass and pussy. Mike disappeared, came back a moment later with a warm washcloth and a glass of water. She accepted the glass with shaky hands and gulped it greedily, while her brother gently cleaned her up. She didn't know when he finished because she was asleep, well and truly fucked this time.

*Appropriate Sexual Behaviors*

Tori awoke with Cindy's leg wrapped around her. Her pants were so wet that, for a moment, she thought that she'd peed herself in the night. Then she felt the throbbing in her pussy and realized that she'd been dripping fuck honey all night. Cindy's pussy, pressed up against Tori's leg, had also been drooling cream on her. She had an incredible urge to pee, though, and pushed Cindy's leg off of her gently before crawling out of bed. Cindy mumbled something in her sleep while Tori pulled her pants down and got on their shared toilet.

She knew that she wouldn't be able to clean herself up, though, and as embarrassing as it was she had to page Amanda. Trying to relieve herself with the belt on felt weird, too. She could feel the stream squishing against her pussy through the little slit. She finished, but she wasn't sure exactly what to do,or how long Amanda would be. She didn't have to wait long, fortunately. Amanda knocked softly on the door, and then let herself in.

“Good morning, Tori,” the coordinator said cheerfully, “it looks like you need some help,”

“Yes, please,” Tori said, her face red.

“Stand up,”

Tori stood and Amanda unlocked her belt, placing it in the open shower and running some water. Tori was allowed to clean up her pussy, but when she wiped at it with the paper, it was hard to ignore the consuming need to cum. She was desperately horny, and she hadn't cum since yesterday in Dr. Carlson's office.
Cindy was now awake, and while Amanda took a seat in the computer chair, Tori let the little redhead have the toilet.

“Why don't you get cleaned up, Tori, and wash your belt off while you're at it,” Amanda said, looking down at her phone.

While it was still a little strange to strip off her clothes in front of other people, it was quickly becoming normal. Tori noticed that she didn't really feel as embarrassed anymore, and what little shame she did feel was overcome by the horniness in her dripping cunt. She wondered if Amanda would notice if she played with her pussy in the shower, and then figured she would.

If she ever hoped to get rid of her belt, she had to show Amanda that she could keep from masturbating, but she wanted to cum so badly. She would have to ask Amanda if it was okay. Tori washed herself and her belt quickly under the hot water, joined a short time later by Cindy. Amanda watched the two teens wash each other with a little smile. It really seemed as though Tori was accepting all her behavioral modifications rather nicely. She doubted that she'd have been swapping tongues with another girl two weeks ago, and certainly not doing it naked in the same shower.

Cindy's hand was working at Tori's pussy, and she was so horny that she didn't even care that Amanda was right there. She just needed to get off. Cindy kissed her while she played with her cunt, and Tori found herself pinching the other girls nipples. Cindy's hand felt so good.

“Now, Tori,” Amanda said, breaking the spell, “it looks like you were about to cum there, and you know that you're supposed to ask if that's okay,”

Tori bowed her head with shame. She'd forgotten because her cunt was so hot.

“Amanda,” she squeaked, “I really need to cum. Could I please?”

“That's good, Tori. Yes, I suppose that will be alright, but maybe we should try a different kind of stimulation? Whether it's you, or Cindy playing with your cunt, it's still masturbation, and that's what the doctors are trying to help you with,” she looked thoughtful for a moment, “I know. Maybe we should encourage you to try something more traditional. We want you to have a healthy and natural sex life, after all. Cindy, could you please get your toys out?”

“Oh, I'd love to!” Cindy said and bounded from the shower, still wet.

Tori shut the water off and got out, drying herself while Cindy opened her drawer and pulled her toys out, cheerily dropping them on the bed. Amanda came over and looked them over, and then picked up the strap-on

“This will do nicely,” She said, stroking the fake penis with her well-manicured hand.

“What do you mean,” Tori asked, suddenly afraid of the implications.

“Well, it's very simple. If we want o encourage more appropriate sexual behavior, then we can use this device to serve two purposes. You do want to cum, don't you, Tori?”

She did. Very badly. The heat in her pussy was almost unbearable, and it was a battle of wills to keep her hand away from her cunt. She nodded her head.

“Have you ever used a sex toy to get yourself off?” Amanda asked.

Tori blushed and said she had, once.

“Well this is no different,” she handed the strap-on to Cindy, who looked like she'd just gotten a new pony for her birthday.

“I can put it on?” Cindy said with childlike glee.

“Yes, dear. Your roommate is very sexually frustrated, and I know you would love to help her, wouldn't you, Cindy?”

“Oh, yes! Tori's so nice, and so pretty, and I love to watch her cum. She looks so delicious when she cums!”

Tori listened to them talk as though she weren't there, her mind trying to grapple with the fact that she was about to let Cindy push a fake cock up her pussy. Amanda said this was no different from playing with her mother's toy, but it sure felt different. She'd never had sex, and the fake penis now hanging between Cindy's legs looked so real. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. Maybe this would feel good.

“Tori, do you want Cindy to make you cum with her penis?” Amanda asked.

“I...I don't know,” Tori admitted, waffling.

Amanda came and stood behind her as Tori gazed at the toy between Cindy's legs. Cindy looked so happy. Tori felt Amanda reach around and cup her breast, her other hand drifting down to cup her soaking pussy.

“Have you ever had sex, Tori,” Amanda said softly in her ear. Her breath was hot and lusty.

“No,” Tori replied.

Amanda's hands felt good on her body. She remembered the way Amanda had made her cum yesterday, and how wonderful it had felt. It seemed as though her orgasms were growing more intense all the time, more pleasurable. She wondered if that was part of her condition. Amanda was rubbing her clit, and Tori realized she was leaning back against the older woman, Amanda's big tits pressing into her back. If only Amanda would keep playing with her clit, she could cum without letting Cindy put a fake penis inside her.

“It feels very good,” Amanda said, “It's so nice to feel a big cock sliding inside your pussy when you're so horny. You like big cocks, don't you, Tori?”

A little voice in her head said that she did. It was her voice telling her that she loved to be fucked. She loved big cocks. She was a slut. She needed to cum.

“Yes,” Tori hissed, her eyes glazing over as Amanda manipulated her cunt, squeezed her teenage tits and licked at her ear.

“It will feel so good to let Cindy push that cock into you. I'll bet you'll cum really good, and you'll probably never want to take it out,”

“I...I don't....but...”Tori was so confused.

Amanda was slowly pushing her toward the bed, and then she was laying Tori down, and then she was kissing Tori on the lips while she played with her clit. It felt so nice to have Amanda kiss her, just like yesterday when she'd sucked her fuck cream off the coordinator's tongue. Amanda spread Tori's legs further, smeared her juices around her eager cunt.

Cindy stepped closer, her own pussy just as excited. The strap-on's little arm rubbed up against her clit, and she knew that as she fucked her roommate's tiny teen pussy, she would make herself cum, too. Cindy loved to cum, and she loved to make Tori cum. Tori's face was so lovely when it was cumming. Amanda's tongue was deep in Tori's mouth now, and Cindy could hear her roommate moaning softly as the coordinator fingered her little fuckbox.

Cindy stepped between Tori's spread legs and positioned her cock at Tori's virgin hole. She was so happy that she got to use the strap-on, at last. She rubbed the fake cock along Tori's slit, and Tori jumped with surprise, but settled down as Amanda rubbed her cunt gently. The fake penis was getting nice and slippery with Tori's fuck honey, so Cindy put the head against her hole. Amanda broke away from Tori's mouth and nibbled at her ear. Tori looked at Cindy with uncertainty, but she was so horny that it was hard to care. She needed to cum.

“Watch it go in your pussy, Tori,” Amanda whispered in your ear, “It's going to fill you up so nicely. That hard cock's going to get deep in your little cunt and make you cum so good,”

Cindy pushed the cockhead into Tori, and watched her roommate's pussy lips part, welcoming the penis inside. Tori gasped as she was penetrated for the first time. The penis wasn't very big, about average size, she thought, but it felt different from the dildo she'd used on herself. She could feel the fake veins and ridges along the shaft as the head pushed inside her, and then the first few inches.

“Oh, that's so good, Tori. Let the cock fill you up, honey,” Amanda said, while playing with her nipple.

“Oh, fuck,” Tori exclaimed.

The cock was 3 inches into her pussy now, and starting to stretch her open so wonderfully. Amanda was right. This was better. This was good. This would make her cum! Cindy pushed the penis further into her, 4 inches, then 5, and Tori felt her cunt muscles sucking at it, trying to pull it deeper. She was humping herself against the penis now, eager to get it all inside of her. Cindy watched her roommate's beautiful face all screwed up with intense concentration. She looked so hot!

“Mmmm, it's almost all in there,” Amanda said, “doesn't that feel nice, Tori?”

“Yes,” Tori panted, pushing her pelvis against the penis.

Cindy pushed again and the last 2 inches went into Tori's pussy. Tori groaned as the whole toy filled her up, and then Cindy was pulling it back out, pushing it back in. Tori couldn't watch anymore. This was good! She lay her head back and let Cindy fuck her with the fake cock. Amanda was sucking on her nipple, playing with her clit. She was so hot, and the penis felt so good. She was going to cum, and soon!

The strap-on's arm rubbed against Cindy's clit over and over again as she fucked Tori, bringing her closer to a fantastic orgasm. She watched Tori thrash around on the bed, watched the penis get swallowed up by her hungry cunt, and watched Amanda attacking Tori's tits with her mouth. It was all so naughty, and Cindy loved being naughty. Both girls were moaning together now, and when Tori started to cum on the fake penis, it set Cindy off, too. She lunged forward, burying the whole toy inside Tori, and collapsed against her roommate.

“Oh, fuck,” Tori yelled, “It's so good!”

Amanda sat back and let the girls come down from their high. Too soon, in Tori's opinion, Cindy was pulling the penis out of her. Amanda gestured to Cindy, and the little redhead got up on the bed and positioned the penis at Tori's open mouth. She pushed it in a little bit, and saw Tori's eyes open wide.

“You need to clean your girl juice off Cindy's toy for her, Tori,” Amanda said.


Cindy gently fucked the toy into Tori's mouth, and watched her roommate suck her pussy off of it. When she was satisfied, Amanda nodded and Cindy pulled the penis away. Tori felt a little sad. She had just gotten into sucking it, and it felt nice to have something in her mouth. Amanda got off the bed, and a moment later Tori felt the straps sliding up her legs. Amanda was pulling her to her feet. The belt was settling into place, the lock clicking, her ass spread open.

On the heels of her most amazing orgasm ever, Tori was suddenly back in her belt and denied any further pleasure. Amanda left without a word, and Tori collapsed back on the bed. She hadn't cum enough! She wanted Cindy to put the penis back in her and make her cum again. It wasn't fair! Cindy was all smiles, though, and very happy that she'd gotten to use the strap-on.

“Oh, Tori,” Cindy said, hugging her and mashing her big tits in Tori's face, “Don't cry. I know you don't want your pussy all locked up, but I'll bet I can still get you to cum some more!”

“Really?” Tori asked, fighting back a sniffle.

“Maybe. We can try some stuff after breakfast if you want.”


Tori didn't know what was going on anymore. Two weeks ago she'd have never let another girl near her pussy, but now she was regularly letting girls play with her, stick fake cocks up her, thinking of her pussy all the time. She was a terrible person, letting her stupid cunt control her. She was a stupid slut, and she'd just proven it by cumming on a fake penis. Even now, with Cindy's big tits in her face, she was getting horny again, and trying to think of other ways to cum, desperate to feel it again.

After eating a small breakfast like a robot, Tori came back to her room with Cindy. Her pussy was already aching as she thought about how incredible the fake penis had felt pushing its way into her. If that was sex, then she certainly wanted to do it again! But, her body and her mind seemed to be at odds with each other. The things she did, and the way she felt made her ashamed. However, while it was happening, she never wanted it to end, and couldn't wait for the next time she got to cum.

Dr. Carlson was waiting for them when they entered the room. Cindy squealed and ran over to kneel in front of him. Tori knew what was coming next, and it made her pussy hotter. Dr. Carlson nodded to Cindy, and the little redhead happily began to undo his pants,bringing them down and freeing his erection. Tori tried to get a good look at it before Cindy put it in her mouth. She thought it looked very much like the strap-on penis.

“Tori, we're going to try something new today. It's a form of aversion therapy,” he said, while Cindy sucked his cock, “I'll go over the details with you once we leave here. How are you doing with your masturbation?”

“Well, it's kind of hard to do anything with my pus...with this belt on,” she said, her face reddening.

“Tori, you should try this,” Cindy said, popping the doctor's cock from her mouth, “have you ever sucked cock before?”


“Cindy may have a point, Tori,” Carlson agreed, “since we're trying to divert your sexual energy into more natural practices, and away from constant masturbation, this could be a good step,”

Tori took a step closer. She watched Cindy's head bob up and down the doctor's shaft, and she looked very happy. In the back of her mind, her voice was saying, “Tori sucks cock...Tori loves cum...”. She found herself getting to her knees next to Cindy, watching her roommate drool all over Carlson's dick. Cindy pulled it from her mouth, and pointed it at Tori. She got a good look at it for the first time, and it did look a lot like the fake penis she'd just had in her pussy.

She looked up at Carlson, uncertain, and then at Cindy who smiled at her. The little redhead stroked the wet shaft in front of Tori's face. The head was purple and swollen. It looked like her boyfriend's penis, the two times she had jerked him off, only a little bigger. Tori stuck out her tongue and licked it.

“Isn't it yummy?” Cindy asked.

Tori didn't reply, but carefully put the head between her lips, thinking about how Ron had put his penis between her lips and then cum in her mouth. This was just the same, and she had liked the taste of it then. It felt right to have something in her mouth. Cindy took her hand away and let Tori slip her mouth over more of Carlson's cock. Tori looked up at the doctor, and his smile confirmed that she was doing it right.

“Just suck on the head a little bit,” Cindy instructed, “and then slide your mouth down it,”

Tori did, and felt her pussy dripping. The cock tasted a little salty, but felt good sliding over her tongue. She took a little more, and Cindy clapped her hands happily when the doctor's penis went all the way in her mouth. Tori's lips came down to rest against his shaved scrotum, his cock all the way in her mouth and poking at the back of her throat. She tried her best to mimic what she'd watched Cindy do, and what she'd seen in the videos she'd been labeling.

Carlson groaned softly as Tori began to bob her head up and down on his cock. She pulled off of it, and a string of spit stretched from his head to her lips. She turned to Cindy, and the redhead kissed her, and then took the cockhead into her mouth for a moment, then gave it back to Tori. They passed his throbbing hardon back and forth between them, sharing sloppy wet kisses in-between.

Cindy tugged at Tori's shirt until she pulled it over her head. She tossed it aside, and went back to sharing the cock. Carlson groaned happily as he watched Tori's little blonde head suck away at his cock. She was starting to enjoy it. Cindy began to use Tori's hair to guide her movements, holding her down on his cock with the fleshy pole buried in her throat until she started to gag.

“Suck it, Tori,” Cindy was saying, “you look so good with that dick in your mouth. You want to be a good little cocksucker, don't you?”


“Yes, that's so good. Get all that cum out of his balls,”


Cindy pulled Tori's head back and went down on the cock herself, gagging herself on it. Carlson couldn't hold off much longer. The sight of the two teenagers working over his cock was too good. Cindy could feel his dick throbbing and ready to burst. Carlson held her head on his cock and blew his load right into her throat.

Cindy let it pool in her mouth until the doctor let her up, and then she quickly shoved her tongue into Tori's mouth and let the sperm pass between them. Tori thought it was filthy what Cindy had done, but she eagerly sucked the cum off Cindy's tongue anyway because it made her feel hot between her legs. The two girls swallowed the big load, and then looked expectantly at the doctor, as though waiting for more.

“Well girls,” he said, pulling up his pants, “I'd say that was progress. Now, Tori if you'll get dressed, we have some work to do,”

“Dr. Carlson,” Tori said quietly.

“Yes dear?”

“I...I really need to, um, need to cum again,”

“I suppose we could work on that in a bit, but first we have treatment, don't we?”


“If you're very cooperative with the treatments, perhaps you'll get to make your naughty pussy cum after, alright?” He said.

“Okay,” Tori agreed, eager for a release.

She was so focused on her pussy, that she'd hardly begun to notice the subtle changes in the way the staff were speaking to her. She just needed to cum, and her pussy was taking up all her attention lately. She followed Dr. Carlson out of the room, and he led her through the hallways to a another room.

Inside, there was a chair that looked like the sort she'd sat in on trips to the gynecologist. The chair looked comfortable, with a high back and stirrups for her legs. Dr. Carlson asked her to strip, and she did so without question. He unlocked her belt and slid it down her legs. The cool air in the room made her nipples harden, and it felt good on her overheated cunt.

Carlson had her sit in the chair and put her legs in the stirrups, buckled them in place. She was totally exposed in the chair, her dripping pussy on full display. Next, he pulled some kind of device on a movable arm from beneath the chair, and placed it against her pussy. The device consisted of a slick black pad that rested against her wet lips. The doctor then swung a monitor around from the back of the chair.

“Don't be frightened, dear,” Carlson said, “we're going to work on some aversion therapy. I'm going to run a series of pornographic videos for you. If you get excited that's alright, but the point of the exercise is to deter you from playing with your cunt. If the machine detects your hand getting near your pussy, it will administer a light shock to let you know that it's not acceptable to get yourself off,”

“Shock?” Tori asked, suddenly afraid.

“It's nothing to worry about, dear. It's more like a pinch on the arm, nothing that will cause you any pain,”

“Alright,” she said uncertainly.

“Let's begin. I'll start the videos, and be back soon.”

Tori nodded. Carlson pushed some buttons on a computer and then left the room. The videos started rolling, and Tori's eyes became glued to the monitor. The first video showed a happy teenager, blonde, big tits, and she was on her knees letting a tall man fuck her face forcefully. He pulled the girl's mouth onto his throbbing prick, and held her there as she gagged and choked. The little pad against Tori's pussy began to vibrate gently, sending little waves of pleasure into her needy cunt.

She was so horny, and fighting against the need to play with herself, but the desire to cum was so powerful that her hand strayed downward. The blonde girl coughed and sputtered as the man let her up to breathe, but then he shoved his cock back in her mouth, held her head, and fucked it violently as she cried and choked on his invading dick.

The little pad was making her feel wonderful, and if she could just touch her clit she knew that she would cum. Her finger slid to her pussy, reached her engorged clit, but the pad immediately stopped vibrating and she felt a little pulse of electricity flow through her pussy instead. She gasped in surprise. It hadn't really hurt, and the doctor was right. It was like someone had pinched her pussy. She drew her hand back and promised herself not to do it again.

The man on the video was now spraying the blonde slut's face with cum, and the pad began to vibrate pleasantly again. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get her off, only to keep her aroused and wanting to orgasm. The next video started, and a skinny girl with mousy brown hair was getting her asshole reamed hard by a tall man with a big penis. She groaned as the penis filled her up, pushing into her ass until his balls slapped against her pussy. The pad hummed away, teasing Tori's pussy.

Then, a second cock came into the picture, and also poked at the girl's already full asshole. She began to struggle, but the man held her hips tightly, pulled his cock out a bit. The second dick began to press against her ass, and the girl was squirming. The second dick forced its way in alongside the first, and the girl began to cry. Tori gripped the chair tightly, determined not to touch herself. The girl's asshole was stretching beyond comprehension, and Tori was sure they were going to tear her in half. She'd given up trying to fight, and squealed with pain as the two dicks stuffed themselves into her butt.

Tori watched as the tiny girl came with two cocks up her ass. She couldn't believe anyone could cum from pain like that, but she was watching it happen. The men were laughing at her and calling her a little ass whore, and then they roared with more laughter as the girl pissed herself with their dicks up her butt. They pulled their dicks from her abused asshole, and made her suck on them until they came in her mouth, slapping her and calling her a stupid fuckhole the whole time.

The pad buzzed away at Tori's cunt as the video ended, and she felt proud of herself for not touching her cunt. The next video came on, and a man and middle-aged woman were kissing lovingly. The pad stopped buzzing. Tori looked at it in confusion, but then turned back to the video. The couple were very gentle, kissing, touching, and then making love in a very caring way. Tori was frustrated. She rubbed her pussy against the pad, hoping it would turn back on and stimulate her cunt, but it stayed silent.

She found herself getting angry with the people on the screen. The man didn't make the woman choke on his dick. He never put it in her ass. He didn't call her filthy names. If the other two videos were any indication, the pad would stimulate her if the people on the screen were doing normal sexual things, like calling the girls sluts, cunts, whores, bitches, and shoving dicks into them until they came. If the sex wasn't normal, like the two people making love gently, then there would be no pleasure.

The video ended, and a new one began. Again, a loving couple held hands. The man seemed respectful and kind. He kissed the woman's neck, slowly removed her clothes, and ate her pussy until she came. The video ended, and the pad stayed quiet the whole time. Tori couldn't understand why the man hadn't stuck his dick into her. He never even got off, and the woman was so selfish that she didn't even try to make him cum.

Tori was becoming agitated as the next video began. A redhead, maybe a little older than herself, was on her knees with several black mens' cocks around her face. The men began to slap her with their dicks, and the pad started vibrating again. Tori was so happy to have the pleasure return that she put her hand to her clit without thinking, only to get a shock that reminded her not to get herself off. She let the pad buzz away against her pussy as the black men used the redheads mouth to get their dicks off. Her face was soon a mess of cum, as two of the men had sprayed her with their semen.

There were three men left, and soon they'd maneuvered the girl until her mouth, ass, and pussy were all filled with cocks. The black men pounded her holes until, one by one, they came inside her. The horny slut came repeatedly throughout the fucking, and Tori felt jealous. That stupid slut could get dicks to make her cum whenever she wanted. She didn't have to wear a chastity belt, and she never played with herself.

The scene ended, and the next one showed another happy couple gently making love. The pad stopped. Tori humped against it, but got no response. She rubbed her pussy along it carefully. Maybe, if she could do it long enough, she could cum against the pad. It seemed to know what she was trying, though, and the more she rubbed her cunt against it, the pad shocked her.

Tori sighed heavily, wishing the loving couple would get off the screen so the pad would vibrate again. Finally, the video ended, and Tori was relieved when a beautiful college girl getting her asshole violated came up on the screen. The pad went back to work, keeping her cunt stimulated.

Tori lost all sense of time. She only knew that she'd been exposed to several videos, and by the time the monitor went dead, she had been shocked numerous times. During the last several videos, she'd been able to keep her hand off her cunt, but her pussy was so excited that she felt like she was going to burst.

She sat alone in the chair for a few minutes, but no one came. If she hurried, maybe she could get her pussy off before the doctor came back. But, maybe the pad would still be active and ready to shock her cunt if she touched it. She almost did it anyway, but she couldn't. Getting herself off was bad. She needed to ask for permission to cum. Another few minutes ticked by, while Tori's cunt drooled on the chair with need.

Finally, Dr. Carlson came into the room with a big smile. He could see that Tori was clearly very agitated. She practically bounced up and down in the chair. Her pussy was red and swollen with the need to cum. He came and pushed the monitor away, put the pad back under the chair. Tori's eyes were glazed over, and she'd drooled on her tits, she was so on edge.

“Dr. Carlson,” she said, desperation clear in her voice, “I need to cum. Please, can I cum now?”

“Well, Tori,” he said with a hint of disappointment in his voice, “I'm not sure. According to the results I have, you tried to get your cunt off 24 times. It's very clear that we'll need to go through the exercise again later. Perhaps several times,”

Tori's eyes filled with tears. He had to let her cum. He had to!

“Please! It hurts, Dr. Carlson. I need to cum, so bad! I'll...I'll let you put your, your cock in me. Just please let me cum,” She begged, humping the air.

“I don't think that's such a good idea, Tori,” Carlson said, “It wouldn't be very professional of me to have intercourse with a patient, would it?”

“But, please, I have to cum! I'm a stupid slut, and my cunt needs to cum! Please put your dick in me and make me cum!”

Carlson seemed to consider it for a moment, and then said, “Well, I can see that you're clearly distraught. I suppose, as long as it's what you really want, I could help you cum with my penis. Is that what you want, Tori?”

She was beyond any kind of rational thought, and the only thing she wanted was to cum like the other stupid sluts on the videos, and they all came so hard when they had a cock in them. She knew how wonderful it would feel, just like when the fake penis made her cum earlier. She needed it.

“Yes, please! Please fuck my naughty pussy and make me cum,” she pleaded.

Carlson undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. His cock sprang out, hard and ready. Tori pushed her pelvis to the end of the chair, her pussy soaked and eager. Carlson lined his dick up with her teenage hole and silently applauded his good work. The tip of his penis split her young lips open, and he pushed into Tori's virgin cunt. The excited girl came instantly as his meat slid into her, every inch bumping against her clit as he sunk his cock into her body.

“Oh, yes!” she cried, “Oh my God, yes! Fuck me, please! Make me cum!”

With a sinister smile, Dr. Carlson did just that.

*Progress Update*

Stephanie lifted her cummy pussy off of Mr. Hart's spent cock, and flopped down on his bed with a contented sigh. Her chemistry teacher stroked the gorgeous teenager's big tits with a silly grin plastered on his face. It wasn't the first time he'd fucked a student, but Stephanie was easily the hottest of his conquests. Of course, she didn't think of herself as a conquest, and that was fine with him. To her it was just repaying a favor, and she'd made it clear that if he wanted to keep getting his dick into her that he should make himself available for future favors, if necessary.

“You're such a bad teacher,” she said, stroking his slimy dick, “I can't believe you made one of your top students ride your dick like that,”

This was the part of Stephanie that he was really addicted to. She had the filthiest mouth he'd ever had the pleasure of sticking his dick into.

“Nothing wrong with a little extra credit,” he said, tweaking her nipple.

“You're right, but maybe you should ease up on the curriculum. You ride your students pretty hard,”

He laughed and stood up, pushing his dick into her mouth. Stephanie cleaned him off happily, and then lay back on the bed.

“So, I heard something less pleasant recently,” She said, as Hart cleaned her spit off his dick with a towel.

“What's that?”

“My parents got a call from the clinic. Apparently, Tori's up for an early release,”

“I heard that from Pete,” Hart confirmed.

“That wasn't supposed to be the deal,” Stephanie complained, “She was supposed to be gone for three months,”

Hart waved her irritation away, saying, “Look, Steph. I can only do so much, and I told you that I couldn't make you any promises once she was in. Pete's the head of the clinic, and he makes the final call on petitioning the court for release. It was always a shaky proposition, the drugs and all. The way I hear it from him, they have to continue to roll out new sluts from that place pretty consistently. Three months for drug rehab just wasn't something he was sure he could put a good face on,”

“I guess so,” she agreed, though unhappily.

“The way Tori responded to the treatments was really what pushed the time line up, though. Apparently, she took to them so quickly that it was a surprise for everyone,”

He walked over to the TV and pulled a DVD from a drawer.

“I think I have something that will make you feel better,” he said with a grin.

He put the DVD in the player and turned on the TV.

“Pete sent me over some of the video they have of Tori, and I'm not ashamed to tell you that I've jerked my dick to this a lot recently. Their cameras capture just about everything,”

The DVD began to play, and Stephanie broke into a happy smile as a wide view of an exam room came up on the screen. Her stupid sister looked so unhappy. Some dark-haired woman in a lab coat was talking to her, and then she sat up on an exam table, while an orderly stood behind her. The woman went through a series of little tests, checking Tori's blood pressure, reflexes, and so on.

Things got more interesting, though, when the woman had Tori lay on her stomach, and the table scrunched up in the middle. Her bitch sister's ass went up in the air, and then the woman pulled down Tori's pants. Stephanie saw her lubing up Tori's asshole, and then pushing a dildo into it. Stephanie squealed with delight. She couldn't believe it! Tori was taking a sex toy up her ass?

“Rebecca, that's the dark-haired woman there, told Tori she was going to take her temperature with a rectal thermometer,” Hart said, laughing as he laid back on the bed.

Stephanie was transfixed. Rebecca held the toy in Tori's ass for a few minutes, and Stephanie watcher her squirming around in discomfort. She knew from recent experience that having something up your ass could be a little uncomfortable, but it was so wonderful that it was happening to Tori. Then, Stephanie covered her mouth in disbelief. Tori began pissing herself, spraying urine from her snatch like a fountain. Rebecca leaped out of the way, and Stephanie began to cackle like mad. Mr. Hart laughed along with her as they watched Tori piss and cum at the same time.

The video played on, and Stephanie watched as Tori took two dildos in her at the same time and came from it. Tori laying on her bed fingering her cunt. Tori getting kissed and felt up by some big-titted girl in the gym. Tori getting moved to a new room with some small naked redhead. Tori watching porn on a computer while the redhead licked her slit, and then Tori riding the redhead's face on the bed they had to share.

Stephanie could hardly contain herself when the video showed the redhead wearing a strap-on, fucking her sister while another woman made out with her. It was like a beautiful dream. When she thought it couldn't get any better, the video showed Tori in a weird chair with her legs spread, and a man in a lab coat pushing his dick into her. Stephanie wanted to cry with joy as her sister yelled for the man to fuck her slutty little cunt, to make her cum, telling him she was a stupid cunt. The final scene on the DVD had Tori bent over her bed, and the little redheaded girl was making Tori take the strap-on up her ass.

The video ended, and Stephanie didn't know what to say. She felt like she could cry from sheer joy. A week and a half. That was all it took for the clinic turn Tori from an uptight, prissy little bitch, into a crying, oversexed kitten that begged her doctor to let her cum on his cock. She suddenly didn't feel so bad that Tori was coming home. Judging by the state she was in, Stephanie's part of the bargain was going to be much easier to accomplish, and she was already going over her ideas in her pretty head.

“What do you think?” Hart asked.

“I think,” Stephanie said, rolling over and grasping his dick, “That I owe you a little bit more teen pussy,”

She popped his dick into her mouth and began to suck him hard again. Mr. Hart sighed as he dug his fingers into her hair. This was one of the best favors he'd ever done for someone.

*The New Tori*

Fucking, sucking, and cumming. Nearing the end of her third week at the NewYou Clinic, this was Tori Hamlin's new world. She'd since ceased to really think about it, and none of it seemed wrong. She was just a stupid slut, and stupid sluts liked to get fucked and cummed in. The only thing she could never really reconcile, though, was how she felt after she came. Once the feelings in her pussy had been quelled, she always felt ashamed.

She could remember, only a few weeks ago, that she'd been a state champion track runner. She'd been one of the most popular girls in school. She'd been on the path to success, and no one could stop her. She'd been a good girl, maybe a little prudish, but that was okay. And then she'd done drugs. She could remember doing them, a little bit. She couldn't ever recall any details, just that it had happened.

The doctors told her that this was normal. Often, teenagers who get involved in drugs won't remember some aspects of their time as users. Especially with the kinds of drugs Tori was doing, it shouldn't come as a surprise that she would be fuzzy on the details. The drugs were only a small part of the problem, though. What really tore her in two was her condition. Adolescent Hypersexual Disorder.

The staff at NewYou was desperately trying to help her deal with it, but Tori had pretty much given up hope. Her cunt was in control, and when it was telling her to do things she had to listen. When she listened to her cunt, she felt good and she got to cum a lot. When she tried to be the old Tori, the good Tori, she felt miserable and ashamed. The therapists she talked with tried to help her reconcile the two sides of herself, but there just wasn't much they could do with so little understanding about her condition.

Now, her typical day was to wake up next to Cindy, her busty roommate, and usually eat Cindy's pussy until she came all over her face. She rarely bothered to put clothes on. If she did, she'd just get them wet with her overactive cunt. Tori would need to page Amanda to unlock her belt so that she could use the bathroom and clean herself, then the two girls would shower together. Often they'd make out and touch one another while Amanda watched. Sometimes, Amanda would let Cindy make Tori cum with the fake penis, which was always wonderful. Other times, Amanda wouldn't let her cum because Dr. Carlson wanted her to go to aversion therapy, and there just wasn't enough time.

About every other day, she would share Dr. Carlson's cock with Cindy until he came in their mouths, and Tori found herself looking forward to slurping down his loads of sperm. She'd spent the other days strapped in to the chair for aversion therapy, being fed a constant stream of pornographic videos while she tried not to masturbate. Her second time in the chair, after Dr. Carlson had fucked her for the first time, she hadn't been very successful. She'd tried to touch her pussy seventeen times, remembering how his cock had felt while it pulsed and throbbed in her slutty cunt.

That was the first day Dr. Carlson had spanked her pussy. He'd told her that he was going to spank her cunt for every time she tried to touch herself, and he did. He'd done it in Tori's room, while Cindy watched and got to play with herself. Dr. Carlson had put her over his knee on the bed, and then slapped her excited cunt with his hand. After the seventeenth spanking on her cunt, he'd let Cindy make out with her while he fingered her to an orgasm for taking her punishment like a good slut.

If she could keep herself from touching her cunt less than ten times while she was in the chair, Dr. Carlson would make her cum with his cock before putting her belt back on. If she couldn't do it, he'd make Cindy watch as he spanked her pussy again. Once, she'd cum from him spanking, and she'd done it without permission. He hadn't been happy, and he'd locked her up in her belt without letting her cum really good. She'd spent the whole night wanting to cum so badly that she hadn't slept at all. She'd tried repeatedly that night to get her hands into her belt and get her pussy off, but it was impossible.

In the morning, Dr. Carlson knew she'd been bad and tried to masturbate. To show her how bad she'd been, he fucked Cindy's ass and pussy, quite literally, in front of her and she got to watch Cindy cum several times. In fact, he'd fucked her roommate right on top of her, and made Tori hold Cindy's pussy open so that she could watch his cock hammer in and out of the little redhead's cunt.

After he came in her, Tori was allowed to lick his cum from Cindy's pussy. Dr. Carlson was so happy with her, that he let Cindy fuck her with the strap-on as a reward while he cleaned his cummy dick off in her mouth. This was Tori's new normal, and as shameful as she felt each time she did one of these nasty things, the humiliation of debasing herself seemed to fuel her horniness, making it a long, devilish cycle of constant debauchery.

Now, her release from the clinic was fast-approaching, and Tori was both excited and nervous. She didn't know why she felt afraid, exactly. She knew that she would be going home, which was great. She couldn't wait to have her own room back, her own bed, be allowed to go and do whatever she pleased. She could drive her car, hang out with her friends, spend the rest of the summer in the pool, or see her boyfriend. All of those things, though, seemed like something the old Tori would do, things the old Tori would enjoy.

The friends she had liked the old Tori, the good Tori, not the stupid slut with her pussy locked up because she couldn't stop playing with it. How was she going to swim at the pool with a chastity belt on? How was she going to make jokes with her friends, when all she could think about was her hot cunt? Would her family even be able to look at her, knowing that she was a slut?

All of these things made her unsure of what her future would be like. Then there was Cindy. The last two weeks spent with the little redhead had brought them close. Closer than any friend she'd had before. Cindy was the only one that really understood what she was going through, because she was like Tori. Cindy often held her at night and told her that she loved her, and that she was the best friend she'd ever had.

She thought about Cindy all alone at the Clinic after she was gone. Would the clinic give her a new roommate? She'd hardly seen Cindy say a word to the other girls in this wing with them. Cindy was so kind, but so sad and alone. Tori wished she could take her home with her. Surely, her family could find a way to love Cindy, like they had their other kids. Maybe she could ask her parents about it, after they'd adjusted to the way she'd changed. If they could adjust.

Right now, Tori had her tongue up Cindy's asshole, and her roommate was telling her what a good little pussy girl she was, how good she ate her slit, and encouraged her to push her tongue further up her ass. Of course, Tori could do nothing about the burning heat in her own pussy because of the belt. She knew, though, that when she finished off Cindy, the busty redhead would probably fuck her asshole with the strap-on, and Tori had realized a few days ago that she could cum with something up her ass. It wasn't as nice as cumming from her pussy, but if she worked at it she could definitely get off from anal.

Tori was rubbing Cindy's clit, trying to make her roommate cum, when Amanda walked into the room. The two girls were so absorbed in their fuck play, that neither of them even noticed the coordinator's presence. Cindy's legs clamped tightly about Tori's head and she came all over her face as Amanda watched. She slowly released Tori from her scissor grip, and that was when Tori noticed Amanda waiting. Tori blushed, her face wet with cunt slime, but Amanda didn't seem to care. She was probably used to stupid sluts doing stupid slutty things.

“I have your release papers for you to sign, Tori,” Amanda said, setting a few sheets of paper on the desk.

Cindy looked at the papers, and then looked at Amanda, and then looked at Tori. She began to sob, the delight of her recent orgasm dashed as she tried to come to grips with the fact that Tori was going to leave. Tori held her tightly and let Cindy cry, stroking her red hair and hushing her like a baby. Tori looked to Amanda for help, but the coordinator only looked sad and shrugged.

“It's alright, Cindy,” Tori said, “I'll be coming back every week, and I promise I'll come and see you,”

“Do you really?” Cindy asked, her eyes red, her nose sniffling.

“I promise. We can play with your toys, and suck your cunt, just like we do now,”

Cindy held onto her tightly.

“But I love you, Tori,” She said, “I don't want you to go away! You're my only friend!”

Tori kissed the small girl on the lips over and over, trying to make her calm down. Cindy looked so heartbroken. Amanda, in an uncharacteristic display of pity, came and hugged both of the girls.

“Cindy, I'll make sure that Tori gets a chance to come and see you when she's here each week. I promise I'll make sure they let her, alright?”

Cindy nodded her head, but she didn't seem appeased.

“I'm sorry, Tori, but I need you to sign the papers,” Amanda said.

Tori went to the desk as Cindy clung to Amanda's waist. She took the pen, signed the papers next to the X, and set the pen back down. Amanda took the papers and left the room. Tori lie on the bed with Cindy and held her as the lonely girl cried and cried. Tori tried to be strong, but she cried, too. She felt so sorry that Cindy would be here alone. She was such a good person. She was a total slut, and wanted to fuck everything, but she was a good person.

“Cindy,” Tori said softly, once her roommate's tears had ebbed to a bitter sob, “I'm not making any promises, and I can't really say, but when I go home I want to ask my parents if you can come and stay with us. Would you like that?”

“You would really do that,” Cindy asked, “really you'd ask them? Oh, Tori! That would be so wonderful! My parents don't let me come home. They said I'm a dumb slut, and that I'm not really their daughter. Do you think your parents would like me?”

“You're a sweetheart, Cindy. You're a slut, yes, but you're a good person, and I'll see what I can do,”

“Oh, Tori. I love you! I know you can't make them like me, but I really appreciate that you'd ask them. I don't know what to say. You're the best friend ever!”

She shoved her tongue in Tori's mouth, and thanked her the only way she knew how.


It was Friday, and at noon Tori's parents would be arriving to pick her up. She'd woken up and cried into Cindy's pussy as she licked her to an orgasm, and then together they'd packed Tori's meager belongings into her bag. Tori put on the clothes she'd arrived in three weeks ago, but it felt like they belonged to someone else. On her phone call the previous evening, talking with her parents while Dr. Carlson pushed his dick into her, Tori had explained that she had a friend she'd like them to meet.

After hanging up the phone, Dr. Carlson had blown a big load into her cunt, and Tori had cum wonderfully all over his throbbing cock. While she cleaned off his prick with her tongue, Tori asked him what it would take to have Cindy released from the Clinic. Dr. Carlson explained that Cindy's parents had signed her in, but that she was an adult and had the legal right to check herself out any time she wanted.

Given her condition, though, Cindy would never be able to properly care for herself in the outside world. She would never be able to hold a job, go back to school, or do much of anything as a productive member of society. It was in her own interest to remain in the care of the clinic, unless Cindy could somehow show that she was in good hands with someone to care for her. Tori then divulged her wish that Cindy could come and live with her family. They were wealthy, and they were stable, and they might be able to care for Cindy.

Dr. Carlson seemed to give it deep thought as he wiped his dick on Tori's tongue. Finally, he agreed to the idea. If Tori could convince her family to take Cindy's care seriously, and if Cindy agreed to come to the clinic with Tori for her weekly evaluations, then there was really nothing that the clinic could do to stop Cindy from leaving. In fact, a family environment might be just what she needed, he reckoned. What he didn't tell her, was that he was counting on Cindy and Tori's emotional attachment to keep them both coming back to the clinic. It was part of why he'd put them together in the first place, as they'd shown a very compatible emotional profile.

Now, it was only a few minutes until noon, and Tori held Cindy's hand tightly. Cindy had put on a pair of the blue scrubs, the first clothing she'd worn since arriving at the clinic. She wanted to make a good impression, she'd said. Dr. Carlson and Amanda escorted the two girls to a private waiting room, where they waited for Tori's family.

They didn't wait long. John and Melanie burst into the room with Stephanie and Mike behind them. Tori felt the shame of the last few weeks fall away as her teary-eyed mother ran to her and threw her arms around her with joy. John, likewise, scooped both women into his big arms. Melanie was planting kisses all over Tori's face, John was laughing like an idiot. Tori began to cry. It seemed like years since she'd seen her family.

Reluctantly, her parents let her go, and Mike and Stephanie moved in and hugged her, too. Her siblings weren't crying, as her parents were, but they looked happy to see her nonetheless. The Hamlin's stood grinning at one another, unsure of what to say. Tori, though, stepped aside and motioned for Cindy to step forward. The little redhead shyly came to stand by Tori.

“Mom, dad, this is my friend, Cindy. The one I told you about,”

“Hello, Cindy,” Melanie said, and gave the girl a hug.

To the side, Mike felt his breath catch in his throat. The little redhead couldn't have weighed more than a hundred pounds, and half of that was her tits. It wasn't just her incredible body, though, which the blue scrubs couldn't hide, she was beautiful. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Cindy looked at him, too, and blushed. She was afraid to open her mouth for fear she'd say something slutty.

Tori asked if her siblings and Cindy could wait outside for a moment. Cindy quietly followed Stephanie and Mike out of the room. Once they were gone, Tori began to tell them about Cindy's story, her condition, and how close they'd become. She left out all the parts about sucking cock together, eating pussy, and Cindy fucking her asshole with a strap-on, but she pleaded with them to consider having Cindy come to stay with them.

“This is really important to you, isn't it?” John asked.

“Yes, daddy,” Tori agreed, “this place is not somewhere to spend your whole life. The staff is nice, and all, but can you imagine your family throwing you away because you can't control what your body is doing to you?”

John and Melanie shared a strange look, but Tori was so desperate to plead Cindy's case, that she didn't think about what that look meant.

“Well,” Melanie said, “We do have the spare room. She seemed like a nice girl,”

“I won't lie to you, mom,” Tori said, “She's a slut. She's an unashamed, and wildly horny slut,”

Did her mother just smile at that comment?

“What do you think, John? Can our family take on one more wildly horny slut?”

John chuckled, “I think it might be able to,” he said, “But it's probably a decision that the whole family has to make.”

Melanie went to the door and opened it, beckoning the others inside. Tori couldn't be sure, because Melanie's body had been blocking the doorway, but she could almost swear that Cindy had been kissing Mike and grabbing Stephanie's tits. The three of them came in, and John asked Mike and Stephanie their opinion. Mike was quick to agree, too quick perhaps. Her family grinned at his swift acceptance, and looked at Stephanie.

“Oh, you know me. Wherever there's trouble, saving the day, all that shit,” she said.

“Well, Cindy,” Melanie said, “It looks like you're coming with us.”

Cindy burst into tears and threw her arms around Tori, shoving her tongue into her roommate's mouth, much to the surprise of the entire family. Cindy then went around and kissed each of them the same way. Tori thought it was a little strange that none of her family hardly flinched at swapping spit with the little redhead, but she had to admit the sight made her horny. Cindy seemed to be having trouble extricating her tongue from Mike's mouth, and they all stood by, somewhat uncomfortably, as the two of them made out and touched one another. Cindy humped her pussy against Mike's leg.

“Um, well,” John finally said, “I suppose we should get going,”

Cindy broke away from Mike, leaving his face flushed and a bulge in his pants.

“Oh, can I please get my things?” she asked shyly.

Thankfully, no one was looking at Tori as she turned a deep shade of red.

Tori's parents met with Dr. Carlson and Amanda in a private consultation, while the four teens hurried themselves out of the clinic. Tori and Cindy stopped outside the big glass doors and looked at one another. Tori hadn't been outside, or seen the summer sun for three weeks. For Cindy, it had been even longer. Tori held the little redhead's hand. She looked terrified. The only thing she'd known for months had been the tiny rooms in the clinic, the endless masturbation, therapy sessions, the same recycled menu of cafeteria food and thick protein shakes.

Tori had to remember that Cindy had, not long ago, been just like her. She was a successful cheerleader, a popular girl at school. She'd had friends, a home, a life. Now she was just a fuck machine, always focused on her next orgasm, ready to screw anything and anyone at the drop of a pair of pants. The taste of her strawberry pussy lingered in Tori's mouth from that morning, and the feelings in her own cunt told her that she needed to cum, but she was still locked in her belt.

Her belt! The clinic hadn't taken it off! In all the hustle to get out, she'd forgotten all about it. It had become so natural to her over the last two weeks. How was she supposed to get it off? It dawned on her, then, that she would be coming back here regularly over the next few months. They probably intended for her to wear it for the time being.

Cindy saw the look on Tori's face change from glee to horror, and she asked, “Tori, what's wrong?”

“The belt,” she said under her breath, “they didn't take it off,”

“Of course, not, silly,” Cindy said, “Don't you remember? Amanda said they were giving keys to your parents,”

“No, I don't remember,”

“Oh, well you had the strap-on up your ass at the time, so you probably didn't hear,”

Tori blushed again, hoping Mike and Stephanie hadn't heard. Her siblings were already down the steps, though, and heading to Stephanie's little convertible.

“Hey, are you two coming?” Stephanie yelled to them.

Cindy let her hand go and bounced down the steps like a child. The sun was so bright, the day so warm. She remembered a lifetime ago, when she'd loved the summer. She could tan, she could swim, she could stay up all night with her friends. They'd probably forgotten about her by now, though. No one ever wrote, or came to visit. They probably thought she'd gone into a crazy house. She glanced back at Tori, and was glad that she had one friend. And now, maybe, she was going to have a real family. She hoped her stupid pussy didn't screw it up. She really didn't want to spend the rest of her life at the clinic.

Stephanie got behind the wheel and lowered the top on the car. Mike told Tori she could have shotgun, and got in the back, where Cindy had already plopped her tiny ass down with a huge smile.

“I used to have a convertible!” She said, “My parents took it away when they caught me getting fucked on the hood,”

Stephanie and Mike laughed. Cindy might just fit right in, after all. Tori, though, felt her pussy getting all juicy at the thought of Cindy spread out on the hood of a car getting a dick pushed inside her. She squirmed uncomfortably in the passenger seat as Stephanie cranked the engine.

“Hey, stud!” Cindy said to Mike, and gave him a big kiss with a lot of tongue.


“I think you made a new friend, Mike,” Stephanie jabbed, tearing down the drive toward the gate.

Cindy came up for air saying, “I'm sorry,” then to Mike, “You're really cute. And I can't help myself. Did they tell you I have overactive cunt syndrome?”

She began to rub the sizable bulge in Mike's pants.

“Cindy,” Stephanie said, “I think you came to the right place,”

“What's that supposed to mean?” Tori asked.

Stephanie put her designer shades on, and just flashed Tori a stupid grin. Tori didn't care what she meant right now. She was just glad to be out. The whipping wind through her hair was giving her a sense of clarity she hadn't felt in weeks. If her cunt would just calm down, she might be able to really think straight about what she was going to do from here. Unfortunately, it wouldn't calm down. It didn't help that Cindy was pulling her brother's dick out of his pants and lowering her head to his lap.

“She's very friendly,” Stephanie said to her sister.

“Um, yeah. She is,” Tori agreed.

“You okay back there, bro?” Stephanie called to her brother.

He gave her a thumbs up as Cindy put her lips over his big dickhead. Tori could see it all happening in the mirror. She'd never thought of her brother as anything but that. Now, though, she saw the size of his cock as her friend lovingly massaged it with her mouth, and she felt a little jealous. She tried to look away, but she couldn't. Cindy looked so hot, and that cock, that gorgeous piece of fuckmeat was incredible. Tori felt sick. She couldn't believe she was admiring her own brothers fuckstick.

“It's a nice cock, isn't it?” Stephanie said to no one in particular.

“Stephie!” Tori cried, “That's our brother!”

“Hey, a nice cock is a nice cock,” she shrugged.

Tori tried to shut out the sound of Mike's moans, the wet slurping, Cindy's purring, and the smack of her lips as Stephanie barreled home. It just wasn't possible. The redheaded sex kitten hadn't seen but one cock for months, and nothing like Mike's. It was like Christmas for the sex-crazed teen. The way his big shaft filled her mouth was amazing. Even when Stephanie had to stop at traffic lights, and people looked over at them with shocked faces, Cindy didn't care.

Stephanie felt a thrill over it. Every time someone did a double take, confirmed that their eyes did indeed see a tiny redhead slobbering on a pornstar-sized cock next to them, Stephanie giggled. Tori felt so embarrassed, and yet so horny. She couldn't be upset with Cindy, though. She knew how the girl was, and she'd signed up to deal with it for the rest of her life. This was the new normal.

Mike groaned in the back seat as he blew his load into Cindy's talented mouth. She eagerly guzzled it, and then came up gasping for breath. Collecting the few drops that had squeezed through her lips, she licked her fingers clean.

“Oh, wow! Thanks, so much!” she said, “I was starving!”

She giggled and gave Mike a peck on the cheek.

“Uh, yeah,” Mike said, “Any time. That was amazing!”

For just a second Tori could swear she saw a look of jealousy cross her twin's face, but it was gone the next second. She must have imagined it. Cindy was tucking Mike's big cock back into his pants. They were almost home. Tori wasn't sure exactly what she was feeling. Would it still feel like home?

Stephanie pulled into the drive and parked the car. The four of them got out, Mike taking the two girl's bags for them. Stephanie led them to the door and let everyone inside. Tori paused in the entryway, taking stock. Cindy began to flit around the house, making excited little noises as she explored her new home. She dragged Mike along with her by the hand.

“You okay, sissy?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, Stephie,” She said distantly, “It just feels...different.”

Stephanie hugged her sister tightly, and then kissed her softly on the lips.

“It is different,” she said, “everything is going to be different. It's going to be better,” she said huskily, and kissed her again.

Tori froze. She remembered the last time Stephanie had kissed her in her room, and then fingered her pussy. It seemed like years ago. She'd been shocked, and disgusted then, more at herself than Stephanie. Now, though, it felt good. It felt really good. She hardly gave a thought to opening her mouth, letting Stephanie stick her tongue into it. She felt up Stephanie's big tits, kissed her like a little lesbian whore, moaned into her mouth. Stephanie broke away and grinned at her.

“Welcome home,” she said, and walked away.

Tori stood like a statue, her pussy aching. Her breathing was ragged and her head spun. Had she really just made out with her sister? She knew that she was a stupid slut, now, but her own sister getting her hot? It was wrong! She picked up her bag from where Mike had dropped it near the door. She couldn't hear Mike and Cindy anymore, and wondered where they'd gotten off to, but she also wanted to go to her room. She needed new clothes. She needed a shower. She needed a nap. Most of all, she needed to cum, and felt frustrated that the clinic kept a hold on her, even here.

She sighed and stalked up the stairs, paused outside her door. She felt like an intruder. Like she was about to walk into some stranger's room without knocking. She was being ridiculous. This was her room. This was her home. She was still Tori Hamlin, and this was where she belonged! She opened the door and stepped inside.

Nothing had changed. Everything was still where she'd left it. Years of trophies lined the shelves, her bed was neatly made. She dropped her bag on the floor and flopped down on the bed. It smelled of home, and of love. Not like the constant disinfectant cleanliness of the clinic. She put her head on her pillow, and something inside her broke. She began to cry.


“This is going to be awkward,” Melanie said to her husband as they drove home.

“I think, my love, that that is an understatement,”

“I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with the idea of keeping our daughter locked in chastity. Especially when the rest of her family is fucking their brains out,”

“I do tend to agree,” John said, “but it's not like she has to stay locked in that thing all the time. They said that it's only part of the treatment process, to help with the chronic masturbation. According to them, she was already showing improvement,”

“True, it's just...I don't know how to tell her what's been going on, and I certainly don't want it to stop or seem like we're hiding something from her,”

“Oh, I know what you mean. I want to stop nailing Stephanie's little pussy just as much as you want to give up your stud son's big boner,” he laughed, “but what will we do if Tori can't accept it?”

“Sometimes,” Melanie said wistfully, “I wish I didn't think with my pussy so much,”

“Ha! Try having a dick between your legs,”

“Oh, I've had a dick between my legs. I find it rather enjoyable,”

They broke into laughter together, but their nerves quickly killed it as they got closer and closer to home.

“How do you feel know...what they said about Tori finding her release at home? How she'll find it somewhere, no matter what, and it might be somewhere dangerous?” Melanie asked.

“You mean, could I see myself making Tori cum, fucking her like we do Stephanie?”

“I might not have used those exact words, but yes,”

“I don't know. Tori's just never been the rascal that Stephanie is, and I guess I've always looked at her differently,”

“Me too,”

“You know I'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, though, and if that means we have to help her deal with this condition, then that's what we'll do, right?”

Melanie took his hand, saying, “You're right. We'll do whatever it takes for her,”

“And, the other thing?” John said.

“The other redheaded thing, you mean?”

John nodded.

“Well, she certainly seems friendly, and Dr. Carlson spoke very highly of her. We'll just have to see how it goes, but I guess we're committed. It's not as though we can just return her if she's not working out,”

“I think you might have to start sharing Mike's cock with another vixen,” John said, grinning, “Did you see the way those two looked at each other when we met her? That wasn't lust in their eyes. Well, maybe a little. I think that was love at first sight,”

“Hmmm, You'd know a little something about love at first sight, wouldn't you?” Melanie teased.

He squeezed her hand, “Yes. Yes, I would,”

John pulled the car into the driveway. The house hadn't burned down. The windows were unbroken. Nobody was dead in the yard. These were all good signs in his book. The couple left the car and found themselves pausing outside the front door. They looked at one another and laughed, knowing they'd both paused for the same reason. They wanted to make sure no one was screaming at each other.

Stephanie had dinner going when they came inside. The mingled smells of a full meal wafted throughout the house. Ever since her parents had fucked her the first time, it seemed like Stephanie had been more involved in their family than ever before. She'd never been distant exactly, but she was always on the outskirts. They knew she felt overshadowed by Tori's constant success, always coming in second in the races. With Tori away from home these last weeks, though, it was like she'd tried to step up and prove something to them. While it was a nice change, they both knew that Stephanie had never needed to prove anything. They loved her just as much as Tori, and as much as Mike.

“Hey there, later gators,” Stephanie said, popping her head out of the kitchen, “stuff's in the oven. You've got an hour!”

She strolled out of the kitchen and gave them both a kiss on the lips, squeezing her daddy's crotch teasingly.

“Tori's been in her room since we got home. Mike disappeared into his cave with the hottie you adopted, and is probably fucking her brains out as we speak,” Stephanie said.

“Thanks, honey,” Melanie said, and held out her hand.

Stephanie reached out, curious, and felt her mother drop a key into her hand.

“What's this?”

“Well,” Melanie said, looking uncomfortable, “Part of your sister's treatment for her AHSD is to help her deal with her need to masturbate, so for the time being they're using a deterrent treatment,” Melanie tried to explain.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“They locked her in a chastity belt,” John said.

“They did what?” Stephanie feigned ignorance, looked dumbfounded.

“It's to help her,” Melanie parroted the doctors, “but it means we're going to have to step up and help, too. If she needs to use the bathroom, take showers, or...well...if she needs to cum. We're going to have to help her, alright?”

Stephanie found it difficult to suppress her joy at Tori's predicament, but put on her mask and said, “That's awful! So, like, by helping her I guess you mean taking this thing off when she needs to do one of the aforementioned activities?”

“That's about the size of it,” her father said, “just try to be...nice about it, will you?”

“Oh, the picture of sweetness and joy, I am!”

“And also the devil in disguise,” Melanie said with a laugh.

“Mother, I'm hurt! I, of all people, know what it's like to fight your urges, and my dearest sister shall have the utmost compassion and understanding during this traumatic time,”

“Remind me why you chose track instead of drama?” John said, rolling his eyes.

“Too much stuff to memorize,” Stephanie shrugged, and gave them her best dumb blonde look.

“Stephie, look,” Melanie said, “This transition is going to be difficult enough for Tori, and for all of us. Things have changed a lot in the last few weeks, and now we have two girls with a hypersexual disorder, living in a house of full time horndogs. It's not exactly the ideal place to help them stop thinking about sex, is it?”

“Well, when you put it that way, I guess. Maybe you should think about it like this, though. What better place is there than this? Do you want them out in the world where any dick off the street can take advantage of their condition? Or, would you rather provide a safe environment, where like-minded people engage in similar activities in a loving and enjoyable way? Seems like a no-brainer to me, parenty-o's,”

“I knew you were my daughter,” John said, giving Melanie a jab with his elbow.

“We're going to have to tell Tori what's been going on,” Melanie said, still not quite satisfied.

“Of course we are,” Stephanie agreed, “You two can handle that fuckaroo, and I'll finish dinner!”

“What about Cindy?” Melanie added.

“You mean,” Stephanie grinned, “how is our newest sister going to handle the fact that her adopted family is banging each other?”

“You and our father have a way with putting a blunt face on things, don't you?” Melanie said.

“Like I said, I knew she was my daughter,” John winked.

“If the ride home was any indication of Cindy's mindset when it comes to sexual freedom and experimentation,” Stephanie said, “I don't think we have anything to worry about,”

“How so?” Melanie said.

Stephanie mimed a blowjob and laughed.

“Oh...Oh!” Melanie gasped.

“Sounds like she's going to fit in alright,” John said.

Melanie poked her finger into his chest, “You just want another slutty little teenage hole to put your dick in! You can't fool me!”

John put his hands up defensively, “Whoa, whoa! I never said anything about putting my dick into anyone. I've already got two hungry mouths to feed. Do you think I could handle another one?”

They looked at him as if he were stupid.

“Okay, so I could probably handle another one, but I'm considering it off limits until otherwise notified, okay?”

“Good enough,” Melanie said, “Now let's go see our Tori.”

Stephanie walked into the living room and they heard the TV come on. Resigning themselves, Tori's parents plodded up the stairs to have one of the most uncomfortable conversations any parent could ever have. They paused outside Tori's door and knocked softly.

“Come in,” Tori called, her voice sounded strained.

She was clutching a pillow to her chest, her eyes red from crying. Melanie's heart sank and she threw her arms around her little girl, while John put his hand awkwardly on her shoulder.

“Oh, my baby,” Melanie said, starting to cry herself, “Everything's alright now. We're right here,”

Tori clutched at her mother tightly. She hadn't felt like this in years, so desperate for her mother's comfort.

“Mom,” she said quietly, “I'm sorry!”

“Hush now, baby,” Melanie said, “There's nothing to be sorry for,”

“But I screwed up my life! I'm a stupid slut, and I screwed up my life!”

“Oh, honey. You're not a stupid slut. And you didn't screw up your life. We all make mistakes. I mean, just look at your brother,” she joked.

Tori cracked a little smile. She was so glad to be home. Melanie stroked her hair.

“Baby, I know it's hard right now, but we're going to make sure everything is alright. We love you so much! We all do. We're going to take care of you, and your friend,”

“Oh, God! I forgot about Cindy. I didn't even show her her room or anything!” Tori wailed.

“Don't worry,” John said, “Mike's taking care of her, I think.”

Tori laughed, wiping at her eyes, “I'll bet it's more like she's taking care of him,”

“Does that bother you?” Melanie asked, trying to feel her out. The most difficult conversation was still to come.

“No,” Tori said, “I know what she's like. She's like me. She can't help herself,”

“The doctors told us all about it, honey,” Melanie said, “and it's alright. We don't think you're a slut, and we know that you can't help how you're feeling. We promise that we'll give you anything you need to help you, okay?”

Tori nodded, “This is going to sound really weird, but right now, I really have”

“What is it?” Melanie asked.

“I really need to cum!” Tori cried, looking like she might cry again. It was so embarrassing to say it to her parents, “It hurts so much, mom! Please, can I cum? Please?”

Melanie was a little taken aback at how forward Tori was. She'd have to get used to it, but it was still strange. She'd always been so reserved, so proper.

“Of course you can, honey,” Melanie said, “but the doctor's told us that we need to make sure you're not masturbating,”

“But, how else am I supposed to do it?” Tori asked.

She was genuinely puzzled. It wasn't as though she could ask them to send Cindy up to lick her cunt for her, after all. They'd never understand, and they'd think she was a lesbian.

“What if...” Melanie hesitated, “What if I helped you?”

Tori looked at her mother blankly.

“John, would you leave us alone, please?”

He nodded, “I'll be outside if you need me.”

He walked out of the room, and caught Stephanie trying to flee the scene.

“Doing a little eavesdropping, are we?” He asked.

“Maybe a little,” she said, guiltily, “Sorry.”

“It's okay. I can't say I'm not curious as to what's going to happen in there, too,” he grinned.

“Maybe we can spy together,” Stephanie whispered.

John put his finger up to his lips, and they stood together trying to hear. They could make out muffled talking, and then it got quiet. A moment later, they heard someone moan with relief. Father and daughter shared a knowing look. The moaning became a little louder, more passionate. Stephanie felt herself getting wet. Her father's cock bulged in his pants. Stephanie's wicked mind worked quickly.

She dropped to her knees and started to work his pants down. He looked at her curiously, but didn't stop her. The truth was, he wanted to feel her mouth on his dick right now. He could tell by the little moans in Tori's room that Melanie had convinced their daughter to let her help. Stephanie pulled her father's big cock free and hungrily wrapped her lips around the fat head, coating it with her spit.

“Your wife's eating Tori's cunt,” she whispered, stroking his slick shaft, “She's in there with her tongue up her snatch right now,”

She went back to sucking her daddy off as they listened to the desperate groaning behind the door. John held her little blonde head and fed her his swelling prick meat while she looked up at him, her lips stretched around his huge dick.

“You're such a slut, Stephie, sucking your daddy's cock while your sister cums on her mother's face. Oh, shit!'

Stephanie worked her mouth over him vigorously. She'd sucked his big dick several times since he'd taken her cherry, and she was getting more adept and taking the monster in her throat. She'd manged up to nine inches so far, and while she was used to deepthroating Mike's ten inches, her brother didn't have the thickness that her daddy did. They could hear Tori panting, and then screaming with joy. Melanie's talented tongue had obviously done the trick.

The sound of her orgasm set John off, and he held Stephanie's head on his dick as he blew a big load of thick cream into her throat. She tried to swallow it all, but there was just so much. His cum seeped around the edges of her mouth, and dripped into her cleavage. He fought the urge to growl as he came, his hands tight in his daughter's hair. Finally, Stephanie had drained his balls and he slumped against the wall, trying to catch his breath.

“Oh, that was yummy, daddy,” Stephanie said, smacking her lips, “Guess I'd better go check on dinner!”

She flitted away, down the steps. Things were quiet in Tori's room now. John put his wet dick away, and tried to compose himself. A moment later the door opened, and Melanie came out with Tori. Tori held the weird black belt in her hand. She had a dreamy look in her eyes, and stood up on her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. Then she was strolling down the hall, without her pants, and into the bathroom. Melanie was wiping her mouth.

“Well,” she said, “I think it's going to be a little easier to tell her, now,”


Melanie had a crazed look in her eyes, and John knew what was coming. His wife dragged him down the hall by his shirt, and into their bedroom.

*At First Sight*

Mike lay on his bed, utterly fucked. He stroked Cindy's gorgeous red hair as she lay in his arms, completely naked. The blue scrubs she'd worn, baggy and unattractive as they were, could do little to hide the fact that she had a great body. Just how great, though, he hadn't known until she'd gotten him into his bedroom and rode his huge dick like she hadn't been fucked in years. While the sex with his mother or Stephanie was always mind-blowing, always fulfilling, and always enjoyable, the sight of this hundred pound sexbomb bouncing on his lap like it was her only mission in life had rocked his world.

Cindy was so different from any other girl he'd had. She wasn't just passionate, or dirty, or hungry for his cock. Yes, she was all those things, but when she looked down at him, her big tits bouncing, he could see that she was really getting off on how much pleasure she was giving him. She could make him feel like he was the only thing in the world that mattered, and pleasing him was why she was put on this earth, and she could do it with just a look from those big green eyes.

“Mmmm,” Cindy purred in his ear, “You're so nice, Michael! And such a stud! Where have you been all my life?”

“I don't think my brain can form words, right now,” he said lazily.

Cindy giggled, and the sound was musical.

“I haven't cum like that since...well...since ever,” she said, and licked his ear.

“Shit, I don't know if you could even call that cumming,” he said, “more like I just found God,” he laughed, “and she's got red hair and wonderful tits,”

Cindy laughed with him, and kissed him deeply. When she pulled away, she looked a little sad.

“What is it?” Mike asked.

“It's just...I think I really like you,” Cindy admitted, “I know I just met you and all, but you seem...different, somehow. Like you weren't just fucking me, but like you really wanted me,”

“And that makes you sad?” Mike said, confused.

“No. It makes me really happy,” she whispered, and wiped at her eyes, “but I'm...I'm broken, Michael. I'm a stupid slut, and I can't control my cunt! And I really like you, but I'm going to ruin you like I ruined myself, because I can't control it!”

Mike pulled her close and kissed her teary cheeks.

“Hey, hey,” he said, “I really like you, too. It doesn't sound weird to me. When I saw you, at the clinic, it was like a fucking laser hit me. I don't know what it is, but I really like you, too. And I don't care if you're a slut, and I don't care if you can't control it. It just means that I'll have to fuck you constantly, right?”

Cindy laughed, despite her tears, “You better,” she said, “I need it a lot!”

The sound of Stephanie's voice calling them for dinner interrupted their heart-to-heart. Mike groaned as he stood, and put on some lounging clothes. Cindy lay on the bed naked, looking uncertain.

“Oh, you probably don't have anything to wear, do you?” he said.

Cindy laughed, “This is usually what I wear,”

“It looks good on you,” he grinned.

“But maybe if you have a t-shirt?” she said, “I don't want to freak your parents out, or anything.”

Mike laughed so hard he almost choked, and laughed even harder when he saw the questioning look on Cindy's face.

“Oh, man! Baby, you have no idea,” he said.

They emerged from Mike's cave holding hands, and looking for all the world like a couple of lovesick teenagers. Stephanie and Melanie bustled around the kitchen, while John read something on his tablet. They met Tori coming down the stairs, smelling of shampoo, her hair wet, wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Cindy squealed and ran to Tori, sticking her tongue in her mouth. Mike just watched in awe. He wondered if he were dreaming. Never in his life would he have imagined he'd see Tori openly french kiss another girl, and look like she was enjoying it.

“Oh,” Cindy said, pulling away, “I'm sorry. That was rude of me, and right in front of your brother,” she looked embarrassed.

“Come here,” Tori said, and pulled her back, shoving her tongue back into her mouth.

Mike thought he might pass out. Tori broke their kiss, and winked at Mike, then brushed past him and went to the table.

“Isn't she the best?” Cindy asked, grabbing Mike's hand.


Cindy smooched his cheek and dragged him to the table. Tori kissed her daddy on the forehead and sat down. John beamed at his daughter, and then saw Mike and Cindy come in. Mike looked flustered, and the two of them smelled like sex. John gave him a grin, and went back to reading. Cindy sat between Tori and Mike, her big tits resting on the tabletop. Stephanie and her mother began bringing plates of turkey, potatoes, vegetables, gravy, and rolls to the table.

“What is this, Thanksgiving?” Mike asked.

“We have a lot to be thankful for, mister!” Stephanie chided him, “Our Tori is back, and apparently you finally found a girlfriend that can stand you for more than five minutes. I'd say, you need to count your blessings,”

Mike laughed, “Oh, I am,” he said.

He and Cindy looked at each other like little puppies. Tori looked relaxed and happy for them. Stephanie wanted to throw up and murder them all. If that look on their faces was any indication, she'd just lost the majority of her brother's attention, not to mention his big cock.

Now that her mother had, obviously, sucked Tori's cunt and made her cum, Stephanie was sure that she was going to be sharing her mother's attention with Tori, now too. That left her father, and if he thought he was going to be sticking his dick into Tori, too, he better think again. Stephanie would have none of that. She'd worked for years to get her daddy's cock, and she'd be damned if she was going to share it with Tori. She'd burn this house to the ground, and everyone in it before she'd allow that.

Still, she put on her mask, an easy thing after wearing it for so many years. She was the happy, bubbly, loving sister, ever-so-concerned for Tori's well being. Never again would she allow any harm to befall her. Absentmindedly, she fingered the little key she'd hung around her neck and felt better. The key to Tori's cunt, and it was hers. Stephanie joined in the conversation, cheerily bantering back and forth. She was patient. She'd be cashing in on Tori's cunt soon enough.

*The Pussy Slut*

Tori's pussy ached as she looked at the belt laying on her bed. She was resigned to the fact that it was going back on. It was part of the conditions of her early release, and if she didn't wear it she'd be back at the clinic for the rest of the three month sentence. In that light, it didn't seem to bad. Still, after dinner she was horny again, and she desperately wanted to cum before she got locked in again. The desire to play with herself was strong, but she knew she couldn't. Every time she thought about it, now, she remembered the chair, and the shocks at her cunt, and Dr. Carlson spanking her pussy. There was a knock on her door, and then Stephanie came in, looking very happy.

“Time to lock, up Tori,” she said.

“Wait,” Tori replied, desperate, “I, um, before you do, I really need to...” could she say it to her sister, even after letting her mother lick her slit earlier, “I need to cum, Stephie!”

Stephanie hugged her close, and Tori could feel her sister's big tits against her body. It made her think of all the times she'd felt Cindy's tits, and that made her want to cum even more.

“Well, we know you can't go playing with your cunt, so what do you propose we do about it?” Stephanie asked.

“I...I don't know,” Tori admitted.

“Hmm, maybe your sister could help you out? What do you think?”

“'re my sister,”

“And? I know that you let mom lick your hot little pussy,” Stephanie said into her ear, “and I know you liked it,”

Tori gasped as she felt Stephanie's hand cup her wet pussy.

“Why shouldn't I help, too?” Stephanie said, “Why shouldn't a good sister help you cum, when you need it so bad?”

Stephanie's fingers worked at Tori's clit, and Tori melted in her arms, moaning.

“But you have to help me, too,” She said.

“What do you mean?”

“I'll bet you're good at licking cunt by now, aren't you?” Stephanie said, slipping her tongue into Tori's ear, “I'm pretty hot myself. Maybe you can show me how a good little pussy girl laps at a warm slit, hmm?”

“I...Stephie, I can't. It's wrong!”

“Oh, but you need to cum real bad, don't you?”

Stephanie pushed her finger up Tori's burning hole, and felt it suck at her.

“Yes,” Tori said, “yes, I need to cum, Stephie! Please let me cum,”

“I will, just as soon as you make me cum. That sounds, fair, right?”

Tori's resistance faded, and she nodded her head. Stephanie smiled and slipped her tongue in her sister's mouth, her hand frigging her clit. She pushed Tori right to the edge, felt her pussy quiver, and then stopped. She pushed Tori onto the bed, then pulled her own pants off and tossed them on the floor. She mounted Tori's chest and, before she could argue any further, pressed her hot pussy against Tori's face. She felt her sister's tongue hungrily lick away at her slit, suck on her clit.

“Mmm, Tori,” she said, “you're really good at that! I think you really like being a cuntsucker, don't you?”

“Mmm mmm!”

“I didn't hear you, honey, your mouth is full of your sister's pussy,” she said, “Oh, yes, eat my cunt you little lesbo! Make it cum really good, and I'll let you get off before I lock up your pussy,”

Stephanie rode Tori's face angrily, making sure her sister's tongue hit every spot, including her ass.

“Suck it, bitch,” Stephanie cried, “Make me cum! Mmmm, yeah, you're such a dirty little pussy girl, Tori!”

She wasn't lying. Tori knew her way around a pussy, now, and Stephanie was cumming on her face like a train, bucking her hips and quivering with pleasure. Finally, she pulled her sensitive pussy from Tori's mouth, and smiled at her twin's soaked face. Tori's eyes were totally lost with lust. Her hips humped the air with desperation. Stephanie dismounted and lightly slapped Tori's pussy.

“Oh, Tori, look at what a slut you've become,” she hissed in her ear, “but you were a good slut, so I'm going to let you cum now. Do you want to cum for your sister?”


Stephanie spanked her pussy again, and then shoved two fingers up her fuckhole, using her thumb to rub Tori's clit. That was all it took, and Tori cried out and came all over her sister's hand.

“That's it, Tori, cum for me. Cum like a little pussy slut for Stephie,”

She pushed her tongue into Tori's mouth, and her sister came again.

“You like that, Tori? Does your hot little cunt feel good?” Stephanie taunted.

“Yesss! Oh, fuck! So...good!”

“I'll bet you can cum for me again, can't you?”

Stephanie let up on her sister's pussy, and Tori pushed her pelvis against her hand, trying to cum again.

“Do you need another one, sissy?” Stephanie said sweetly.

“Yes,” Tori panted, “please, I need it,”

Stephanie put two fingers into Tori and held them there, letting her sister ride them to try to get herself off.

“If you want to cum again, I need to know that you're a horny little pussy slut. Tell me, Tori, and you can cum again,”

“Please,” Tori begged, “please...Stephie...make me...cum!”

“Then say it. Tell Stephie you're her little cuntsucking slut,”

Stephanie pinched Tori's nipple and held her on the edge of a big cum, but she wouldn't push her over.

“I'm...I'm a slut! I'm a cuntsucking slut!” Tori cried.

Stephanie fingered her cunt and bent over to flick her tongue against Tori's engorged clit. Her sister lost control and came again, thrashing about, fucking herself on Stephanie's fingers.

“That's right, sissy. You're going to be my little suck slut, my pussy bitch. And I'm going to make you cum so good, because I love you. No one loves you like I do, Tori. No one! Don't forget that I have the key to your cunt,”

Tori lay quivering on the bed in ecstasy, her head fuzzy and full of stars. Without waiting for her to regain her wits, Stephanie slid the belt over her legs, turned Tori over, and pulled it around her waist. Tori, still lost in bliss, barely noticed. Just before she locked it in place, Stephanie dug into her pants pocket, and pulled out a little egg. She pushed it into Tori's cunt, and then quickly locked the belt around her, watching the fitted device pull Tori's ass cheeks apart and expose her asshole.

“Wh, what was that?” Tori asked.

“Just a little something to help you sleep, my little pussy slut,” Stephanie said, and kissed her on the mouth, pushing her finger up Tori's ass. Her sister moaned in her mouth, and then Stephanie broke away.

“Night, night, sissy!” Stephanie called as she left the room.

“Wait, Stephie! What was th...!” her call became a strangled cry as the little egg in her cunt began to vibrate, making her cum again.

Stephanie shut the door, grinning happily as she heard Tori cum again. The little egg would probably have her pussy creaming all night, and she'd be surprised if Tori slept at all. She felt good. Tori's tongue had brought her off very nicely, and she yawned. She was going to sleep great tonight!

The clock on Tori's nightstand read 3 in the morning when the egg in her pussy began to vibrate again, tearing her from the blissful few minutes of sleep she'd just gotten. Every twenty minutes, just as she'd started to fall asleep, the egg would suddenly come to life and set Tori's pussy cumming again. It had been five hours since Stephanie had locked the thing into her cunt, and while the first few times it had made her cum had been pleasurable, she was so tired.

Finally, the egg turned off and Tori lay in a pool of sweat, trying to recover from yet another orgasm. She couldn't take it anymore. She needed to get this thing out of her, and sleep. She dragged herself from her bed and padded into the hallway. The house was dark and quiet. She walked down the hall to Stephanie's room and tried the door. It was unlocked.

Tori went into her sister's room, where she was sleeping so peacefully. She went to Stephanie's bed and started to shake her sister.

“Stephie, wake up, please!”

Stephanie rolled over and flicked on the light by her bed.

“Tori, what is it?”

“That...that, whatever it is you put in me! Take it out!”

Stephanie smiled, “But I thought you wanted to cum?”

“Not like this! Please, you have to take it out!”

“Well, if it's uncomfortable, I guess I can. Maybe you can do a little favor for me, though, and then I'll take it out for you,”

“Just take it out!” Tori cried.

“If you're going to be rude about it, you can fuck off!” Stephanie said.

Tori tried to calm down.

“I'm sorry. It's just, I can't sleep! It keeps going crazy and making me cum!”

“Well, then, pussy slut, I guess you better get to work before it happens again,”

“What?” Tori gasped.

“You heard me. You're my little cuntsucker, aren't you? Well, get sucking!”

A little voice in her head, her voice, agreed with Stephanie. Tori licks cunt...Tori is a lesbo slut...Tori is a pussy girl...She knew what Stephanie said was true, and she had liked it earlier when her sister said all those nasty things to her. She realized that she did want to lick Stephanie's cunt. She wanted to taste her pussy again, and she wanted to get the egg out of her so she could sleep.

“Okay, I'll do it!”

Stephanie pulled back her covers and swung her long legs over the side of the bed. She pointed to the floor, and Tori knelt between her legs. Stephanie spread her thighs, and put her hand on Tori's head, guiding her to mouth to her cunt. Tori lapped at her slit, tasting her sister's honey, and soon she was lost in the rhythm of licking, sucking Stephanie's clit, and tonguing her asshole.

“That's my pussy slut,” Stephanie said, “make me cum you little dyke! Get your tongue in there and show me what a good slit licker you can be,”

While Tori was getting Stephanie close, the little egg suddenly switched on again, and Tori felt her pussy contract. She was going to cum! Stephanie pulled her sister's face into her pussy and Tori squealed into her cunt as she came. That did it for Stephanie, and she came on Tori's face at the same time.

Stephanie held her head tightly between her thighs until the egg stopped buzzing, and Tori's pussy settled. Then, she parted her legs and Tori's wet face came up looking out of breath. Before she could say anything, Stephanie was mauling her tits and pushing her tongue into her mouth. Tori could only moan and suck on her sister's tongue.

Finally, Stephanie relented and let Tori get up. She pulled the little key from around her neck, turned Tori around and unlocked her belt. She put her fingers up Tori's cunt, fished around while her sister squirmed. She thought Tori might even cum again, but her pussy seemed too tired. Stephanie pulled the egg out and locked her pussy back up. She turned Tori around and showed her the egg.

“Open,” she said, putting it up to Tori's mouth.

Tori was too tired to argue. She opened her mouth, and Stephanie put the little egg in it.

“Clean it up good, and spit it out.”

Tori swished the egg around in her mouth, sucking her cunt juice off of it, and then spit it out into Stephanie's hand. Stephanie gave her a kiss.

“You're such a good little suck slut, sissy,” Stephanie told her, “Now, go on back to bed. I'm supposed to take you and Cindy shopping tomorrow!”

Tori, too tired to do anything, plodded back to bed and fell asleep.

*Shopping with Stephie*

Stephanie learned, the next morning, that she and Cindy shared similar tastes in clothing. Well, fairly similar. Cindy preferred to have no clothes on at all, where Stephanie like to show as much skin as possible, but leave a little for the imagination. She was an accomplished cocktease, after all. Unfortunately, the world still had laws, like the ones against public indecency, and Cindy's going out to the mall naked would have certainly landed them all in trouble.

After wrestling Tori out of bed, making her sister eat her cunt, degrading her by telling her what a good slit licker she was, and then helping her out of her belt, making her cum, and getting her off to clean up, Stephanie felt like her day was off to a great start. She'd found a well-fucked Cindy at the table completely nude, and had to admit that the little redhead had an amazing body. While Cindy was quite a bit smaller than Stephanie and her sister, she did share the same tit size as Stephanie.

The three girls, all in various forms of undress, were now raiding Stephanie's closet, after breakfast. Since Cindy had no clothes, Stephanie offered to give her an outfit to go shopping in. Tori, though, had gone through her closet a few times, and then become depressed. None of her old clothes seemed appropriate. They were all very conservative, very stuffy. Her recent reprogramming made her look at them all, and disregard them. They didn't show off her body. They weren't tight, or slutty, or provocative, and she was a slut. She was a cuntsucking pussy girl.

And so, after throwing all of her clothes out into a big pile on the floor, she'd wound up in Stephanie's room with her sister and Cindy. Cindy insisted that anything she wore be an easy access outfit. She needed to allow herself to be fucked at any moment, and she couldn't be bothered with buttons, zippers, or clasps. Stephanie decided that she quite liked Cindy.

The two of them were chatting away happily when Tori came in, wearing nothing but a bra. Cindy cried happily and gave her a big kiss as Stephanie watched. Tori felt herself getting wet, and knew she needed to stop this or she'd be begging Stephanie to unlock her belt and let Cindy lick her cunt.

“You two are so pretty,” Cindy said, “I wish I was as pretty as you. I love your hair!”

“What are you talking about?” Stephanie asked, “You're a hot little package! I wish my ass was as small as yours,”

“You think so? That's so nice!”

“Um, Stephie,” Tori said, “I need something to wear,”

“Did you shrink in the wash or something?” Stephanie joked.

“No, it's just that my old clothes...they aren't right. I don't know how to put it,”

“They aren't slutty enough?” Stephanie grinned.

Tori looked at the floor.

“Oh, cheer up you downer!” Stephanie said, “we're having fun today! Three hotties on a shopping trip! We're going to make the boys eyes fall out of their heads. Let's get you something hot to wear!”

Tori began to feel better as Cindy and Stephanie went gaga over her, pulling out skirts, tops, pants, until finally they'd settled on outfits. Stephanie stuffed her tits into a black Lycra top with a matching mini skirt, little black thong, and some four inch heels.

They put Cindy in a pink tube top that looked like it might explode from the pressure her breasts put on it, and a tiny pink skirt that left the bottom of her ass cheeks hanging out. No panties for Cindy, of course. She looked like she might throw up when Stephanie suggested them. Finally, a pair of pink Playboy platform shoes gave the little redhead an extra few inches.

For Tori, they gave her a naughty schoolgirl look, with a white blouse that showed off her firm stomach, an open chest with no bra that teased her perfect tits, a tartan skirt, and a pair of white stockings. Stephanie insisted on a pair of white heels that made her the same height as her twin.

“Stephie,” Tori said, “can I please take this thing off while we go out?” she asked, flashing her belt.

“If you'll promise not to rub your cunt in my car, then I guess it'll be okay,”

“I won't!”

Stephanie unlocked Tori's belt and slid it down her legs, tossing it on her bed. Tori breathed a sigh of relief as her pussy was exposed.

“I'll just go get some panties,” Tori said.

“No,” Stephanie said firmly, “why even bother. Your pussy will juice them up, anyway. How embarrassing would it be if someone saw. It would look like you pissed yourself!”

Tori cringed as the memory of her doing just that, at the clinic, flashed through her mind.

“She has a point,” Cindy said, “see, I'm wet already!”

“You're always wet,” Tori jibed.

“And always ready!”

“Come on, you sluts,” Stephanie said, “let's do some makeup.”

Stephanie always went light on her makeup, but she took some extra time dolling up the other two girls, and making sure Tori looked like a hooker. She smiled at her sister's smoky eyes and painted eyelids, and at the the look of mixed sadness and arousal when Tori saw her face in the mirror.

“I look like a slut!” Tori said.

“You say that like it's a bad thing,” Stephanie said, “look at Cindy. She's a slut, and she's not bitching about it,”

“I think you look hot!” Cindy said, playing with her slit under her tiny skirt.

“Doesn't she?” Stephanie said.

“Well, I guess,” Tori acquiesced.

“Gosh, I haven't cum for hours,” Cindy said suddenly, “I think I need to before we leave,”

“Oh,” Stephanie cried, “I'll bet Tori could help you with that!”

“What?” Tori cried.

“Yes!” Cindy said excitedly, “She always eats my cunt really good,”

Tori reddened with embarrassment, but the heat in her own pussy was getting to be too much to take, too. She already knew that Stephanie wouldn't let her play with herself, so if she wanted to cum she was going to end up licking Cindy's twat, and probably her sister's, too.

“What do you say, pussy girl?” Stephanie said, reaching under Tori's skirt and diddling her clit, “are you gonna suck her pussy for her? Are you gonna make her cum? I'll finger your hot little box if you do. Would you like that?”

Tori tried to hump her pussy against Stephanie's teasing hand, but she knew it was useless. The only way she was going to cum was if Stephanie let her, and that meant she was going to put her tongue in Cindy's slit. She slowly got to her knees while Cindy spread her legs on the edge of Stephanie's bed. She gave Stephanie a last pleading look, but got only a cold stare in return.

She didn't know why she was doing these nasty things, taking Stephanie's orders. A few weeks ago, she would have punched her sister in the face for calling her a pussy girl, but now her cunt twitched at the words and her mouth watered thinking of the strawberry taste of Cindy's juicy pussy. She hadn't tasted it for almost two days. She also hadn't been fucked for almost three, and her pussy was so used to having Dr. Carlson shove his prick into it, that she knew she was going to need to be fucked soon.

Tori began to finger and lick Cindy's slit, the little redhead gripping Stephanie's sheets as she let Tori bring her off. Stephanie stroked Tori's hair as she sucked her friend's cunt, telling her what a nasty little tongue whore she was, how pretty she looked with her tongue in some slut's snatch. As filthy as her sister's taunts were, they also excited Tori. She knew that if she did a good job, Stephanie would rub her pussy for her, and she'd get to cum. In the end, that was what really mattered.

It wasn't long before Cindy was crying out and feeding Tori her fuck cream, which the horny teen lapped up eagerly. Cindy fell back on the bed, trying to catch her breath. Tori looked up at Stephanie for approval. Her sister leaned down and kissed her, pushed her tongue into her mouth, shared Cindy's taste with her. Tori knew, then, that she'd been a good suck slut, and Stephanie was going to let her cum.

“Can I cum, too,” Tori asked, her breath coming ragged gasps.

“Would you like that?” Stephanie asked coyly.

“Yes, please,”

“Would you lick my cunt first, if I said you could cum?” Stephanie asked.


“Well, I don't want your little lesbo tongue near my pussy,”


“Shhh, shhh,” Stephanie hushed her confused sister with a nasty kiss, “I know you need to get your cunt off, sissy. Why don't you get up on the bed?”

Tori quickly complied, laying next to Cindy, while Stephanie pushed her little schoolgirl skirt up to her waist. Stephanie looked at the recovering Cindy, who knew exactly what was wanted of her.

“Oh, yes! I get to lick your pussy, Tori!” She cried, shimmying off the bed and getting between Tori's legs.

“See how happy she is?” Stephanie said, “You should show some enthusiasm, like Cindy has,”

Cindy went to work on her friend, and soon Tori was moaning and humping her face, while Stephanie kissed her.

“We'll need to get a dick into you soon,” Stephanie whispered in Tori's ear, “A nice big, fat prick to fuck you and make you cum really good. Would you like that, pussy girl?”

Tori would like that. She eagerly remembered Dr. Carlson's cock opening her pussy up for the first time, and the way she'd cum with that throbbing meat inside her. It seemed like ages since she'd felt that, and now that Stephanie had mentioned it, she wanted it again.

“Yes,” Tori gasped as Cindy brought her off, “Ohhhhh, yes! I need to be fucked,”

“Sluts like us need cock, don't they?” Stephanie hissed, “They need to cum on big cocks,”

“Yes!” she came again on Cindy's expert tongue, “Ohhh, I'm cumming!”

Stephanie rubbed her clit while Cindy tongued up and down her slit, “You're such a slut, sissy! I can't wait to watch your cunt get spread open by a fat dick. You're going to look so sexy!”

Cindy slowed her ministrations as Tori twitched in post-orgasmic bliss. She crawled up on the bed and fed Tori her honey-covered tongue, then let Stephanie taste it, too. The three girls swapped tongues until there was nothing left of Tori's girl cream to lick up.

“Right then,” Stephanie said, hopping off the bed, “Who wants to go shopping?”

“Let me clean up my face,” Tori said, sliding off the bed.

“Don't,” Stephanie ordered, “You look hot like that!”

“You do! You really do!” Cindy agreed, “I'll do it, too!”

“But...” Tori started to protest.

Stephanie moved like lightning, pushing Tori over the bed, pulling up her skirt, and slapping her sister's exposed cunt. Tori yowled in surprise.

“No talking back, now, slut!” Stephanie said harshly, “you'll wear that snatch cream on your face, or I'll put your belt back on before we go out,”

“Okay! Okay!” Tori relented.

Stephanie stood her up, made out with her, fingered her snatch for a moment.

“Now you're learning,” Stephanie said, “sluts don't talk back, do they? They just obey like good little fucktoys,”

Tori looked at the ground. Stephanie was right. In the back of her mind, her own voice was telling her that she was a slut...she needed to obey...she needed to be fucked...she was a stupid slut...

“Gosh, you two are soooo hot!” Cindy cried, clapping her hands like an excited child, “Stephie, can you slap my cunt, too?”

The little redhead bent over the bed, and Stephanie looked at Tori meaningfully as her hand swatted Cindy's pussy. The small girl jumped, moaned, and asked for another. Stephanie slapped her wet cunt again, and then pulled her ridiculously short skirt down.

“Thank you, Stephie!” Cindy said cheerfully.

“Come on, girls,” Stephanie said, marching toward the door, “Let's go make some dicks hard!”

“I thought we were going shopping,” Cindy said, confused.

Tori just shook her head, took Cindy's hand, and lead her out of the room.

A few minutes later, they were cruising toward the mall in Stephanie's convertible, the Saturday summer sun beaming down. Tori rode in the back seat, Cindy in the passenger side. They drove with the top up for now, worried about their hair.

“So, Cindy,” Stephanie said, “you and Mike?”

Cindy smiled, “I don't know. I guess so. Your brother's so sweet. I mean, it's only been, like, a day, but I think I really like him,”

“Yeah, he has a certain charm,” Stephanie agreed, “but what about that cock?”

“Stephie!” Tori cried, “That's our brother!”

Cindy laughed, saying, “Uh, yeah! He's got a fucking amazing cock!”

“Did he put it up your ass, yet?” Stephanie asked.

Tori squirmed on the seat. She shouldn't be getting hot thinking about Mike's big dick going up Cindy's ass, but she was.

“Oh, not yet!” Cindy said, “I'd sure like to try that!”

“Trust me, it feels like he's fucking your soul,” Stephanie said.

“What?” Tori blurted, “How do you know?”

“Oh,” Stephanie said, “I thought you knew,”

“Knew what?”

“That Mike fucked me,” Stephanie said nonchalantly.

“No! In case you didn't notice, I haven't been around a lot lately! You fucked our brother?”

“Stephie, that's so naughty,” Cindy cried, “and sooo hot! Do you think he'd fuck both of us at the same time? I'll bet you look really hot when you get fucked.”

Stephanie laughed at Tori's discomfort in her mirror, and said, “Well, he's got enough cock for both of us, so if you don't mind sharing I'll bet we could convince him,”

“Oh, that would be so much fun!” Cindy cried, practically bouncing in her seat, “Maybe he can fuck Tori, too! Tori, you'd really love his dick!”

“I don't want to fuck my brother!” Tori said.

“Why not?” Stephanie asked, “I mean, you already licked your sister's snatch, and let your mom eat your pussy. What's the big deal? It's only a dick,”

“But...Stephie! It's wrong! It's nasty! It's something a,” she trailed off.

Stephanie giggled, “Do you know any sluts?” she joked, “Besides, that hungry little cunt of yours is probably all juicy right now just thinking about getting fucked, isn't it?”

She was right. It was.

“Oh, mine is!” Cindy agreed.

Tori was still trying to grasp the fact that her brother had fucked Stephanie. The thought both disgusted her and made her incredibly horny. She couldn't deny that when she'd seen Mike's cock in Cindy's mouth yesterday, she'd wanted to get in the back seat and put it in her mouth, too. In fact, she'd thought about it a lot since then. How would something that big feel inside her? How hard would she cum with that huge fuckstick pumping her juicy cunt?

The more she imagined laying next to Cindy, watching her body get filled up with Mikes cock, waiting her turn to feel it herself, the hotter she was getting. Her pussy was leaking on Stephanie's leather seats. She tried to think of something else, anything else, and fight the urge to get herself off. Stephanie was pulling into the mall parking lot now.

Stephanie parked the car, and the three girls got out. She looked at the spot where Tori was sitting, saw the little wet spot and took the opportunity to humiliate her sister once again.

“Tori,” She said sweetly, “be a dear and clean up the seat where your cunt got it all wet, would you?”

Tori looked at her blankly. She didn't have a towel, napkins, a Kleenex, anything to wipe up the seat.

“I don't have anything to clean it with,” She said.

“Sure you do,” Stephanie said, sticking her tongue out.

“You want me to lick it up?” Tori asked.

“Oh, I'll do it, Stephie!” Cindy offered.

“No, it's Tori's mess,” Stephanie said, “and she needs to take care of it. Go on, sissy.”

Tori gingerly bent over and put her face to the seat. She licked at her wet spot, feeling Stephanie's hand slide up her skirt and rub her dripping slit. She gasped as she lapped up the little puddle of pussy juice, while her sister fingered her horny cunt in the parking lot.

“That's good, Tori,” Stephanie said, pulling her hand away.

Tori stood up and pulled her skirt down. Stephanie nodded, and the three of them walked up to the mall, turning heads left and right. As they walked through the weekend crowd, dicks became stiff, jaws fell to the floor, men whistled, wives frowned and pulled their husbands along, girlfriends slapped their boyfriends' eyes back into their heads.

Stephanie relished the power of her body on display. Cindy couldn't help but stare at every crotch that walked by, wondering how big their dicks were. Tori shuffled along uncomfortably, her pussy dripping wet, ashamed at how horny she was, wishing that she could just lay on a table and offer her hungry cunt to every cock that passed by. She needed to be fucked so bad!

A pair of college-aged guys, bolder than most, made a beeline for the the three dolled up girls when they saw them across the entryway of the mall. They were clearly in great shape, all rippling muscle, big arms exposed, nicely tanned. Stephanie pegged them for jocks right away. She hated Jocks.

“Morning ladies,” one of the guys said, “you girls are looking good today!”

“Oh, do you think so?” Cindy said, “I don't usually wear so many clothes,”

The guys looked at one another as if they weren't sure they'd heard her correctly.

“Thank you boys,” Stephanie said, “You two hunks are looking pretty hot, too!”

She could swear that she saw their egos inflating right before her eyes.

“You girls need a couple of strong men to keep you company? You know, like bodyguards? Looking that good, you'll probably get all the creeps after you. Having a couple of gentlemen along, can't hurt, can it?”

Stephanie almost blew them off, but then she saw her sister's glazed eyes, looked at her legs, noted the little drops of moisture between her thighs. Perhaps this would be a good way to experiment with just how submissive Tori could be.

“Why not?” Stephanie agreed, “I'm Steph. This is Cindy, and my sister, Tori,”

“Todd and Kyle,”

Todd stood a bit taller than his friend, with a close-cropped head of dark brown hair, while Kyle sported blonde hair tied back in a little ponytail. The two guys grinned at their good luck, and fell in on either side of the little group of girls.

“So what brings you girls out today?” Kyle asked Tori.

“Um, shopping for clothes,” Tori said bashfully, “What about you?”

“Just enjoying the weather,” Todd answered, “checking out the honeys,” he winked.

“Where are you going to school?” Stephanie asked.

“Over at State. We're on the track team,” Kyle answered.

“Oh, really?” Stephanie said happily, “I run track at Harding High. So does Tori,”

“Oh, man,” Todd said, “I'd have never pegged you for high school chicks,”

“Seniors next year,” Stephanie said, “Don't worry. We're legal,” she winked.

That made the guys grin lustily.

“Oh, I just got it!” Cindy cried joyously, “That means it's not illegal to fuck us, right?”

The guys blanched, and Stephanie laughed.

“Not real quick on the uptake, this one,” Stephanie said, “but she's got a good heart,”

“That's not all she's got,” Todd said, and winked.

“Are you talking about my tits?” Cindy asked.

“Indirectly, maybe,” said Todd.

“Oh, thanks! That's really nice,”

“Keep your skirt on,” Stephanie told her, “I'm sure these gentleman aren't just trying to get in your pants, Cindy,”

“But I'm not wearing pants,”

Stephanie sighed.

“Oh, of course not,” Kyle said, “We respect beautiful ladies, such as yourselves. Our motives are purest gold, indeed!”

Tori lagged a few steps behind, feeling like a fifth wheel. She was having trouble focusing on the conversation, since her wet cunt felt electrified every time her thighs rubbed together. She kept looking at the guys' crotches, wondering if they had big dicks. Kyle noticed, and fell back apace to walk beside her.

“You must be the quiet one,” he said softly.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I guess so. I'm a little tired,” Tori said, managing a weak smile.

“Long night, eh?” he winked.

My sister shoved a sextoy up my cunt, and I didn't get to sleep until 4 in the morning because I couldn't stop cumming, and then she made me lick her cunt and beg her to take it out. Tori thought.

“I guess you could say that,” she said aloud.

“Well, if you girls are looking for something fun to do tonight, there's a great party just off campus. Maybe you can come. After you catch up on your rest, of course,”

“Thanks,” Tori said, “I'm not really big on parties,”

“Hey, that's cool,” Kyle said, “but if you change your mind, I'll give you my number before we split up. Sound okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” Tori agreed, her eyes on his crotch.

Kyle followed her gaze, and watched Tori lick her lips.

“You see something you like?” he said, his voice hushed.

“What?” she tore her eyes away, blushed at what she'd been thinking, “No. Sorry. I'm kinda unfocused today,”

“Hey it's all good, baby. When I see something I like, I don't mind making it obvious either,” he said with a big smile.

He had perfect, white teeth, and Tori wondered what it would feel like to have his mouth sucking her overheated pussy. She'd probably moan like a slut and cum on him. They both became distracted by a commotion just ahead of them. Todd was chest to chest with another hunky guy in a polo shirt. Tori and Kyle ran to catch up. Cindy was standing there wringing her hands, while Stephanie and Todd argued with the stranger.

“...looked like she was pretty into it, bro,” the stranger was saying.

“Keep your hands off the lady, punk!” Todd shouted.

“Cindy, what's going on?” Tori asked.

Kyle went to join his friend, causing the stranger to begin backing down. The odds were clearly not in his favor now.

“Oh, Tori, I couldn't help it. That guy put his hand up my skirt, and I just...I kissed him, and then Todd told that guy to lay off, and then they were arguing over me. I didn't mean to, Tori!” Cindy said, looking distraught, and like she might start crying.

“Punk!” Todd said.

The stranger had backed away, and was now quickly hurrying in the opposite direction. With no further excitement, the crowd that had gathered around began to mill away, muttering. Todd, Kyle and Stephanie rejoined the other girls. Cindy put her arms around Stephanie, exposing her bare ass for anyone to see, and many did.

“Oh, Stephie, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to be a bother. I'm such a stupid slut!” Cindy cried.

Stephanie awkwardly put her arms around the small girl, and patted her gently.

“Um, it's okay, Cindy. No harm done. It's a good thing Todd was there to help,”

Cindy then turned and flung her arms around Todd.

“Oh, thank you!” She said, mashing her big tits into his chest, “I'm sorry that you almost got in a fight with that man. I'm such a stupid slut!”

“Cindy,” Tori said gently, “You're not a stupid slut. You just have, well, a very friendly vagina,”

Everyone laughed, and Tori felt better. Like she was part of the group.

Cindy wiped at her eyes, “You're sweet, Tori.” she said, then to Todd, “I feel so bad, though. Would you really have fought that guy?”

“Yeah, baby,” Todd said, puffing out his chest, “Defending the honor of those with friendly vaginas is my weekend job,”

Cindy giggled, “Well I should probably blow you or something, right?”

“Um, that's, uh, not really necessary...” Todd muttered.

“Whoa!” Kyle gasped.

“What?” Cindy asked, “Did I say something wrong? Oh, I get so confused about what I'm not supposed to say. It just comes out like a cumshot to the face!”

Kyle burst out laughing, “Oh, shit! This...girl's...amazing,” he said in fits.

“Oh, God,” Cindy kept on, “You see why they wouldn't let me out in public? I can't help myself.”

“We're working on that,” Stephanie said, “it's alright, Cindy. We'll just make sure to watch you more closely,”

Cindy's eyes suddenly lit up when she saw a parent pass by with their child on a kid harness. Now, inspiration was not something Cindy was accustomed to, and the sudden brilliant (in her mind) thought, caused her to exclaim out loud.

“Son of a fuck!” she cried, startling everyone within fifty feet.

“What?” Tori said, surprised.

“Oh, I just had such a wonderful idea!” Cindy said, clapping her hands.

“Oh, this should be great,” Stephanie deadpanned.

“It is! It is! Stephie, you should just put me on a leash, like that little kid over there!”

She pointed to the child in the harness, his mother firmly grasping the tether as the rambunctious child flitted every which way. The guys looked at one another with shocked expressions. Tori and Stephanie looked at one another, not quite as shocked.

“See, I've got it all worked out!” Cindy went on, “If you put a collar on my neck, a pretty one, and you just lead me with a leash, then it won't be so easy to misbehave and do things I'm not supposed to,” she explained, and began dancing, singing, “Cindy is a genius!”

“Okay, okay,” Stephanie said, “calm down, honey. You're ass and tits are jiggling all over the place!”

“Huh? Oh, sorry,” Cindy apologized.

When she'd agreed to take Cindy and Tori shopping, clearly Stephanie had underestimated the monumental task of accompanying two sluts, who could not control their cunts, out into a public place. Cindy was practically begging for every man in the place to rape her, and Tori was visibly restraining herself from helping them do it. Maybe Cindy's idea wasn't so bad, after all.

“You're serious?” Stephanie asked.

“Oh, yes! It would be so much fun, too! I mean, who doesn't like a slut on a leash?” Cindy said, as though it were something any reasonable person could say 'no' to.

“Hard to disagree with that statement,” Todd said, his cock becoming quite obviously erect in his shorts.

“Okay, okay, look,” Stephanie interjected, “Why don't I go down to the novelty store, and see if I can find something. You guys can go in there,” she pointed to a teen fashion shop, “and poke around for some decent clothes that Cindy won't find too appalling,” she turned to Todd and Kyle, “And our handsome escorts, would you mind terribly if I asked you to keep an eye on these two for a few moments?”

“I think we can handle that,” Todd agreed wolfishly.

“Thank you.”

They watched Stephanie bustle down the hall, and the four of them drifted into the store. The place was, oddly enough for a weekend, not very busy. The sign boasted the latest in summer fashion for teens and young ladies. The latest summer fashion was, apparently, skimpy and skimpier. Almost everything screamed cocktease, from micro miniskirts, to tight tops, to tube tops, to tiny panties and bikinis.

Tori stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the summer swimline on one wall. The large sign hanging above the long display showed her own face staring back at her. She shook her head, thinking she was seeing things. She was not imagining it. The swimsuit model, her big tits straining the bikini top, was Stephanie.

“Is that,” Cindy followed her gaze, “Stephie?”

Tori nodded her head, unable to create words.

“Man, oh man,” Todd whistled, “Your sister's a model? I should have figured.”

“I, uh, I guess she is,” Tori said.

They were distracted by the sales boy coming up, and asking if they needed any help. The young man, probably a year younger than Tori, gasped when she turned to face him.

“Oh, wow!” he exclaimed, “Hey, I know you. You're the model!” He pointed at the sign with Stephanie on it, “Gosh, I feel like a jerk saying this, but you're so beautiful! Could I, like, have a picture with you or something? No one is gonna believe that I met you. We get people asking who you are all the time!”

Tori didn't know what to say. Should she tell him that it wasn't her? It was the right thing to do.

“Actually, that's not me,” she admitted, “That's my sister. We're twins.”

“Oh,” he said, clearly not disappointed in the least, “well, then I guess you're both beautiful! Could I still take a picture with you?”

“Well, I guess,” Tori agreed.

The young man pulled out his phone and came to stand next to her. Tori tried to smile, but her cunt was so horny that it was hard to focus. He fired off a selfie, his arm around her shoulder.

“Oh, man,” he said, “thank you so much. That was awesome!”

“No problem,” she said.

She turned around, saw Kyle waiting for her, but Cindy and Todd were gone. She panicked, her hungry pussy suddenly forgotten. She'd lost Cindy. She'd lost a completely uncontrollable fuck machine at the mall. Visions of rape and murder flashed through her mind as she called Cindy's name.

“Hey,” Kyle said calmly, “It's alright. She's just over there with Todd,” he pointed to a rack of tiny tops.

Cindy was picking through the tops, occasionally pulling one out, holding it up to her bulging tits for Todd to see. Todd grinned like a fool, and piled compliment after compliment on the tiny redhead. Tori quickly made her way over, the sales boy forgotten.

“Oh, Tori,” Cindy said, “What do you think? The pink, or the white? I think the white one would really show off my nipples when they get hard, but the pink is so girly!”

“Maybe you should try them on?” Tori suggested.

“Oh, yes! Could you help me?”

“Sure,” Tori agreed.

Cindy pulled both shirts, as well as matching skirts off the rack. She set them down on a shelf, and then pulled at her top. Tori quickly stopped her before she could pull her shirt off.

“No, honey,” Tori whispered, “In the dressing room.”

“Oh, right,” Cindy blushed.

Tori sighed and picked up the clothes, leading her by the hand to the dressing room. The two of them slipped inside, while Todd and Kyle waited outside the door. Once they were in the dressing room, Cindy pulled off her shirt, letting her big tits free. She sighed with relief, finally in her natural state. Tori couldn't take her eyes off Cindy's breasts.

She knew it was wrong. They were in a public place, and she'd been trying so hard to keep Cindy under control, but now it was Tori who was losing her shit. The throbbing in her cunt was so insistent, that it was becoming hard to ignore. She desperately needed to orgasm. Her legs shook, little beads of sweat dotted her brow. Cindy looked at her and knew.

“Oh, honey,” Cindy said compassionately, “do you need to cum? You didn't get to get off real hard before we left the house, like I did. I'll bet I left you needing more when I licked your cunt, didn't I?”

“No, Cindy...It's...we can't, here,” she tried to argue.

The two girls stopped when they heard Todd and Kyle whispering outside. It was hard to make it all out, but Tori heard something about “the redhead sexbomb” and Kyle saying that he “liked the quiet one better”.

“Cindy, hang on,” Tori said.

She couldn't believe she was about to do this, but her desire to be fucked was quickly becoming a runaway snowball that was about to destroy an entire village if it wasn't stopped. Just outside the door, were two very hard and willing cocks, and her pussy was in dire need.

“You want some cock?” Tori asked.

“Well, duh!” Cindy said.

She poked her head out of the dressing room.

“Um, guys?” She hissed.

Todd and Kyle turned to her, their eyebrows raised.

“Could we, maybe, have your help for a minute?”

The guys grinned at one another and came to the door. They quickly glanced about the store, didn't see anyone looking their way, and slipped inside. The dressing room was a tight fit with four people, but it wasn't a prison cell. There was enough room for them, though it was snug.

“So, what can we do for you girls?” Todd asked.

“We need to get fucked,” Cindy said bluntly.

“And we need to hurry, before Stephanie gets back,” Tori added.

“Oh, well, I think we can help with that,” Kyle said, cupping the bulge in his shorts.

The two girls wasted no time. They dropped the guys' shorts, revealing two half-hard pricks of about average size. Tori felt her mouth watering as she knelt in front of Kyle, while Cindy went down in front of Todd. It was only the third real penis that Tori had put in her mouth, only the second one by choice, and the only one since leaving the clinic.

She felt her heart pounding in her chest at what she was about to do. Voluntarily, she was going to suck on Kyle's cock, having only met him less than an hour ago. If she did it, she could no longer deny that she was a slut. That little voice in her head would be right about all the nasty things it said about her. She liked sucking cock...she wanted her mouth raped...she loved cum...she was a stupid slut...Kyle pushed the head of his cock into her mouth before she could say anything to stop him.

Cindy already had Todd's cock swallowed to his balls and he was growling in his throat. Tori, more inexperienced than her friend, clumsily licked around Kyle's cockhead with her tongue. He put his hand on her head, and began to feed her his dick, sloppily fucking her mouth as she moaned. Her hand went to her clit, rubbing it beneath her skirt. She knew she shouldn't be playing with herself, but she was so hot that she couldn't help it.

Cindy eagerly slurped at Todd's pole, massaging his balls with her hand. Todd pulled his phone out, and began to video the action. He'd be damned if he wasn't going to have something to remember this incredible moment with. He'd fucked plenty of girls, but he'd never met anyone as cock hungry as these two clearly were. He made sure to get a good shot of his buddy fucking the quiet blonde's mouth.

Stephanie entered the store with a little white bag on her arm. She scanned the place, looking for the two guys and the sluts, but didn't see them. She gasped as she saw herself on the advertisement for the swim line. She hadn't gotten to see the finished product, yet, and she had to admit that it looked good. She was distracted by the sales boy coming up to her bubbling with excitement.

“Oh my God! It's really you!” He said, “I just met your sister, but I didn't know you were here, too! I'm such a fan!”

“Um, thanks. Did you see where my sister went?”

“Oh, yeah. She went in the dressing room with her friend a minute ago. They were with two guys, but I don't know where they went. Hey, can I get a picture with you? My friends will never believe me!” he gushed.

“Yeah, sure,” Stephanie agreed, a little calmer now that she knew the two girls were still in the store.

The sales boy stood next to her, put his arm around her, and took a selfie.

“That was great! Thanks so much!”

“Sure,” Stephanie said, “Now, which dressing room was it?”

He pointed to a closed door, and Stephanie walked that direction. She was about to knock when she heard a familiar sound from within. Sucking. Moaning. Groaning. She had a pretty good idea, now, where the two guys had gotten off to. Stephanie smiled to herself.

“Oh, boys and girls, it's Stephie,” she called through the door, “Could I come in please?”

The door opened a crack, and Stephanie quickly slipped inside. While she had an idea what was happening, seeing it firsthand still caught her off guard Kyle had Tori's head pressed against the wall, and her sister was squatting, fingering her cunt, while Kyle fed her his cock. Cindy was stroking and sucking Todd off like she couldn't get enough. Stephanie, quite the slut herself, though more in control, felt herself getting wet watching the lewd display.

“Hey, Steph,” Todd said, “Sorry, but they said they needed some help, and well...”

He groaned as Cindy licked his balls.

“Tori,” Stephanie said, “I can't believe you! I leave you alone for fifteen minutes, and you've got a dick in your mouth and a hand in your cunt!”

“Shtepie,” Tori babbled around Kyle's cock.

“Well, you may as well get what you need,” Stephanie said, “I know you need to cum, don't you?”

“Mmm hmm!”

Stephanie pulled out her phone and started recording, pushing herself between the two guys. She focused her camera on Tori, leaving Cindy out of the picture. It never hurt to have a good video, she figured. Especially if she could hold it over Tori's head.

“You like that dick in your mouth, slut?” Stephanie said to her sister, “You like your pretty mouth fucked?”

She recorded Tori's oral abuse for another two minutes, and then whispered in Kyle's ear. He grinned, and pulled his dick out of Tori's mouth. She tried to chase it and get it back in, but he stopped her, and motioned for her to stand up. Todd got the drift of what was happening, and pulled Cindy up, too. They turned the girls around and hiked up their short skirts.

Tori's stomach was aflutter. She'd only had one cock in her up to now, and she wondered if it would feel the same as Dr. Carlson's. Would it make her cum just as hard, or would it be different? She felt Kyle's dick poke at her slit, then push itself inside of her. She moaned as a few inches of his cock slipped between her pussy lips. Cindy began to fuck herself back onto Todd's dick next to her, her legs spread wide, her hands pressed up against the wall of the dressing room.

Stephanie zoomed in on Tori's slit. Her back was arched, her ass sticking out, her pussy dripping. Kyle's cock was 4 inches deep inside her, and he was pushing more in with agonizing slowness. He held Tori's hips, making her wait for it. Tori was trying to push her ass back against him to get his full length into her, but he held her firm.

“Please fuck me,” she panted, “Please, I need to cum on your cock,”

Stephanie grinned broadly, hearing her twin say those words. It was going to sound great on the video. Cindy turned toward Tori and raped her mouth with her tongue as Todd fucked her. The little redhead started cumming, and Todd clapped his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. She grunted and pumped her hips on his dick as she orgasmed. Tori was so hot and needy that she came, too, making strangled little squeaks as she tried to keep quiet.

“Kyle,” Stephanie hissed, “Tori really likes it in her ass.”

That was all Kyle needed to hear. He pulled his dick out of Tori, and re-positioned it. Tori felt his cockhead tease her asshole, and froze. Her lingering orgasm still flooded her body, and she couldn't have moved if she'd tried. She felt Kyle's slippery manhood push into her asshole, and she groaned softly. Stephanie made sure to get a good shot of Tori's ass spreading open for Kyle's dick.

Kyle grunted as he forced a few more inches up Tori's tight little teen anus. While she'd taken the strap-on in her ass a few times, Kyle's was the first real cock that had been in her ass. It felt much the same as the toy Cindy fucked her with, but it was so hot, and throbbing. Tori relaxed her asshole, felt him slide further inside, and then felt his balls slap against her pussy. She'd taken his whole cock up her ass! The realization made her cum again.

“Oh, shit,” Kyle exclaimed, “She just came with my dick up her ass!”

Tori was too far gone to feel embarrassed. She was cumming so hard, Kyle's cock all the way in her asshole. The college guy was so on the edge, filling up this high school slut's asshole in a dressing room, that he couldn't hold it in. He grabbed Tori's hips and unloaded his balls in her ass. Next to him, he guessed that the little redhead's snatch was pretty damn good, too, because Todd was cumming in it right now.

“Cum up her ass,” Stephanie was saying, “cum in that little slut's asshole!”

Kyle didn't need to be told. He'd never cum so hard in his life. Tori's asshole sucked at his prick, emptying his shaft of every drop of cum he could give it. The blonde teen was hardly able to hold herself up on her own legs, and Kyle realized his arms were turning to jello trying to keep her standing so he could fill her up. Finally, he let her slump against the wall, pulling his slimy dick out of her. Tori spun around and slowly slid down the wall in a euphoric haze.

She'd cum so good that she was seeing stars. She didn't even think to complain when Kyle put his cummy, ass-soaked prick between her lips and used her mouth to clean himself off. He pulled his softening cock from her mouth, leaving a string of drool and sperm hanging from her lips. Her eyes still closed, she caught the familiar scent of Cindy's hot cunt near her face, as well as the tangy smell of Todd's cum, obviously deposited within her.

“Lick it out,” Stephanie was saying, through an orgasmic fog.

Tori obeyed, and let Cindy rub her gooey fuckhole against her mouth. Tori lapped Todd's cum out of it like a kitten, swallowing the tasty spunk along with Cindy's strawberry fuck honey.

“Fuck, your sister's some kind of slut,” Todd was saying.

“Isn't she?” Stephanie agreed.

Now Cindy was kissing her, sucking all the sexy mess off of her tongue. Todd cracked the door open, checked that it was clear, and then he slipped out. Kyle followed him a second later, leaving the three girls in the dressing room. Stephanie and Cindy pulled Tori to her feet, where she swayed unsteadily for a moment before catching her balance. Her eyes took another moment to focus on Stephanie's smiling face, and she grinned like an idiot. Cindy, her top askew, hugged her.

“Did you get to cum good?” Stephanie asked.

“Uh huh,” Tori managed.

“Good. Now that you got that out of you, we still have shopping to do,”

“Okay,” Tori griped, “Just another second...”

Her breathing was slowing, her heart getting back to a normal rhythm. Now that she was coming off her sexual high, she was starting to feel the guilt wash over her. She resolved not to cry, and choked on a sob.

“Oh, Tori,” Cindy said, “Don't cry! I know your first real cock in your ass hurts, but it'll go back to normal size soon!”

The utterly ludicrous way in which Cindy interpreted her feelings made her laugh, which felt good. She was still ashamed at the way she'd acted, getting fucked by a stranger in a dressing room. In her ass, no less. Still, it was hard to feel down when Cindy's utterly slutty innocence made everything so funny.

Tori took a breath and got herself up. She could feel Kyle's cum dribbling from her asshole. She straightened her clothes, helped Cindy tuck her tits back into her top, and then she noticed the clothes on the floor. She remembered that there had been a reason they'd come in the dressing room, and it wasn't to get fucked. It was to try on clothes.

Both tops were crumpled and stained with pussy juice and drops of semen. The skirts had made it through unscathed, but there was no way they were going to be able to put the tops back on the rack. Tori picked up the clothes, showed them to Stephanie, who laughed.

“I guess we're buying them,” she said, shrugging, then her face lit up, “Oh, I almost forgot. I found something for you, Cindy.”

“Oh, did you? That's so great! See, there's the proof that you need to keep me in line,” she pointed to the shirts, “I'm such a stupid slut, that I'll just open up my pussy for anyone if you don't keep an eye on me!” She giggled.

Stephanie pulled a collar and leash from the white bag. The toy collar was pink, like the rest of Cindy's outfit, with little sparking studs around it. She put it around the redhead's neck and fixed the strap.

“Too tight?” She asked.

Cindy shook her head. She looked genuinely pleased and proud. Next, Stephanie clipped a pink leather leash to the collar, and gave it a little tug. Cindy followed the tug like a well-trained bitch.

“That's gonna be so much better,” she said, “Thanks, Stephie!”

“Yeah, sure,” Stephanie said.

She and Tori shared a look that said, 'are we going to be able to do this without getting arrested'? Stephanie opened the door, slipped the leash's loops around her wrist, and Cindy followed along happily. Tori was the last one out, holding the messy bundle of clothes. The two guys were waiting for them outside.

“Oh, wow!” Todd exclaimed, “Cindy you look so hot!”

“Really?” Cindy said, “You're so sweet!”

“I'm surprised you didn't cum and run,” Stephanie said slyly.

“Hey, we're your stalwart protectors, right? Defending the honor of those with friendly vaginas, remember?”

“And friendly asses,” Kyle added, more softly.

Tori blushed and wanted to die. As they made their way up to the counter, Tori passed a mirror and gasped. Her makeup was destroyed. She looked like she'd been facefucked, then had a slimy dick and gooey cunt rubbed all over her, which is exactly why she looked the way she did. Without thinking, she used one of the stained tops to wipe her face off, and looked halfway human again.

She met Stephanie at the counter. The sales boy looked like he might pass out, or cum his pants, or both. His eyes kept bouncing between his current wet dream girl, Stephanie, to the collared and leashed redhead beside her, and then back to Stephanie. When Tori came to the counter with the clothes, he visibly drooled. The sight of the twins together was obviously more than his mind could handle. Like a robot, he rang up their purchase and stuffed everything in a sack. Amazingly, he did it all without ever looking at any of it.

“Uh, come back and see us again,” he said.

“Thank you!” Cindy called, as Stephanie tugged her leash gently.

Flanked by Todd and Kyle, Stephanie marched them out of the store, and on to the next. Stephanie paraded them through shop after shop, buying jewelry, lingerie, clothes, accessories. All the while, people parted for them like the Red Sea. Tori figured that most people were just a little put off by Cindy being lead around on a leash, her ass practically hanging out, tits bulging in her top. Cindy certainly wasn't put off. She actually seemed to enjoy it. Every time she got catcalled, whistled at, or propositioned (which was frequently) Stephanie would give the leash a little tug and she'd fall back in line happily.

By the time they were walking back toward the car, Tori's curiosity got the better of her.

“How in the world are you affording all this stuff?” She asked.

“Did you see the ad in the first store?” Stephanie replied.

“The modeling thing,” Tori concluded, “how long has that been going on?”

“Oh, almost two weeks,” Stephanie said.

“Stephie, I'm so proud of you!” Tori cried, hugging her sister tightly.

Stephanie was taken aback. She couldn't remember the last time Tori had said anything of the kind. She awkwardly hugged her back, mentally stamping out the tiny twinge of guilt that had started to creep into the back of her thoughts.

“Uh, thanks, sissy,” she said sweetly, her mask firmly in place.

Todd, walking beside the collared Cindy, asked her, “Hey, do you think I could, maybe, get your number or something? I had a really good time today,”

“Oh, that's really nice!” Cindy replied, “I did too! I really liked the part where you fucked me and came in me! But, I don't have a phone,”

“You can have mine,” Stephanie said, “We live together.”

“Okay, great,” Todd said.

Kyle looked at Tori expectantly.

“Hey, Kyle,” she said as they approach the car, “I, well, you seem like a nice guy, but I kinda have a boyfriend,” Tori said, instantly feeling ashamed. She hadn't even called Tim since she'd been out, and had ignored his messages.

“I get it,” Kyle replied easily, “I'm not looking to mess up whatever you got going on. Hey, if it was a one-time thing, I can be cool with that, but man, you're something special, Tori. Why don't I give you my number, and if you want to, you can call me some time. Sound fair?”

“Okay,” Tori agreed, and he let her punch the number into her phone.

The girls loaded their loot into the trunk of the car, while Stephanie put the top down on the convertible. The guys walked off with cocky swaggers, and the three girls piled into the car. It was just before 4 in the afternoon. They were partway home when Cindy suddenly broke into tears.

“Cindy, what's wrong?” Tori asked, laying a hand on her shoulder from the back seat.

Cindy shook her head.

“Tell me what's wrong,” Tori said again.

“Its...well...Oh, my stupid cunt made me want that guys' cock! Ted, no, Tom, no, I can't even remember his name!”

“Todd,” Stephanie added helpfully.

“Todd! Fucking Todd and his juicy dick!” Cindy went on, “I didn't even think about Mike, and I really like him! Oh, I'm such a dumb slut,” she cried, “Now he's going to think I don't like him. What am I supposed to do?”

Tori didn't know what to say. Stephanie started to laugh.

“Are you fucking serious?” Tori said, “Can't you see that this means something to her?”

“Oh, ease up, pussy girl,” Stephanie snapped, enjoying the blush in Tori's cheeks.

“Cindy, have you watched any pornos with Mike, yet?” She asked.


“Have you seen his internet history, and looked at what kind of stories he reads?”

“I don't know what an internet history is,”

“It doesn't matter, the point is, I have done those things. If anything, what you did is only going to make his dick harder,”

“What do you mean?” Tori asked.

“Mike has a huge fetish for cheating. Slutty wives, slutty girlfriends, all that shit. It's like his number one fantasy. After we fuck, sometimes we talk about this shit. Look, Mike loves sluts. If he could have a girlfriend, like you, that was completely obsessed with cock, and just couldn't control her pussy, that's what he'd ask Santa for for Christmas. Do you get it?”

“So, you're saying that he would be happy that I fucked that guy?” Cindy asked.

“Yes, that's what I'm saying. Now, here's what you're going to do...”

*The Butt Slut*

When they arrived home, Stephanie had been quick to get her sister's cunt locked up again, and as she made Tori lick out her sweaty pussy, she'd berated her for her behavior.

“I accept the blame for today, Tori,” Stephanie said, pushing her sister's face into her steaming snatch, “I let you go out without your belt on, and look what happened. You got fucked in your mouth, your pussy, and up your ass. What's worse, is that you played with your dirty little cunt while you let that guy fuck your mouth,”

Tori worked at Stephanie's pussy like a good cuntsucker, her own sluthole growing more aroused as Stephanie reminded her what a tramp she'd been.

“The next time, we'll make sure you keep your belt on, and we won't have to worry about you playing with your snatch, okay?”

Tori hummed her assent into Stephanie's pussy as her sister came on her face. Tori happily drank down her fuck honey, as her little locked-up box got even hotter. Stephanie pushed Tori's hungry mouth away gently, and began kissing her.

“Are you my pussy girl, baby?” she asked, looking into Tori's wild eyes.

It was clear that getting that dick shoved in her holes had done something to her sister today, awakened some carnal urge that had finally pushed her from reluctant slut, to mildly willing slut. In fact, Tori kneeling on her floor right now wasn't even at Stephanie's request. They'd been going through their bounty from the mall trip, when Stephanie laid on the bed to get off her feet. Before she knew it, Tori was between her legs, licking at her slit.

“Yes, Stephie,” Tori said, “I'm your pussy girl,”

“That's right, baby. I'll bet you want to cum now, don't you?”

“Yes, please!”

“Well, don't worry. Your sister knows you've got a horny cunt, so I got a few more things at that store where I bought the collar,”

Tori waited on her knees. Stephanie was pleased. She hadn't even asked. Tori just assumed that she needed to stay there until she was told otherwise. Stephanie rifled through the sacks on the bed until she found the white one from the adult novelty shop. She motioned Tori up on the bed, and made her lie on her stomach. Tori figured her sister was going to unbuckle her belt.

She watched Stephanie pull a big black dildo out of the bag, and then something else that looked like a little pyramid-shaped thing. Stephanie laid the toys on the bed, and pulled Tori's hips up, so that her ass stuck in the air. Then, she felt her sister's tongue on her asshole. Tori groaned as Stephanie licked at her ass, spit in her asshole, and slowly worked her finger into her bottom.

“You know,” Stephanie said, her voice husky with excitement, “I noticed something today, when that guy had his dick up your ass,” she punctuated the statement by adding a second finger to Tori's asshole, making her moan and grip the sheets, “I noticed that you came really hard. You did, didn't you?”

“Oh, God! Yes!”

“That's something we have in common,” Stephanie went on, working her slippery fingers in and out of Tori's perfect behind, “I didn't realize it until Mike had ten inches of dick in my ass,” Tori quivered, “but we can both cum from anal sex, and cum like crazy,”


Stephanie pulled her fingers out of Tori's ass, put the tip of the black dildo to her backdoor, and then made Tori lick her fingers clean as she pushed the head of the toy inside her sister. Tori groaned as the big toy spread her open, wider than she'd ever been. Tori yelped, and Stephanie spanked her perfect ass cheek.

“Oh, Tori,” she said, “I wish you could see this! You've got such a great ass, and it looks so good getting opened up like this,”

“Stephie, it hurts!” Tori cried, clutching the sheets.

“I know, baby,” Stephanie cooed, “but it's going to feel so good once it's inside,”

She pushed a little more of the toy up her sister's round bottom, Tori's whimpers making her wet again.

“Oh, oh, ooooh!” Tori cried, 5 inches of the dildo buried in her rectum.

“That's my girl,” Stephanie said, “Just relax. You're going to take the whole thing for Stephie, aren't you?”

The pain was awful, but Stephanie had been right. As another 2 inches of the toy went into her tiny ass, she started to get accustomed to the fullness, and then it started to feel good.

“Yesss...” Tori hissed.

Stephanie picked up her phone and switched on the camera, holding it with a shaky hand as she worked the toy further into her sister. Tori was groaning nonstop, now, whimpering and shaking. Stephanie pushed a final time, and the full 8 inches of the black toy became fulled lodged in Tori's ass. Tori felt the fake ballsack against her pussy, and she knew that she had taken the whole thing.

“Oh, that's so good, Tori!” Stephanie said, “8 inches of black cock, all the way inside your asshole. Does that feel good?”

“Ughhh! It' feels...good!”

“I'll bet it does! Now, just let Stephie make your ass cum, okay?”

“Oh! Okay!”

Stephanie slowly pulled a few inches of the toy out, spit on Tori's asshole, and then worked it back in slowly. Tori shivered and shook. She'd never felt so full, so stretched. She wondered how big that fucking toy was. Kyle's dick had been easy compared to this! Now that Stephanie was pulling it out, and pushing it back in, Tori's ass began to contract around the invading toy, sucking at it just like her pussy did when she had cock in her.

“I need to tell you something,” Stephanie said, fucking the toy in and out of her sister's asshole, “I don't think mom and dad have told you yet, because they're trying to think of a good way to say it,”

“, fuck!” Tori came on the toy in her ass, humping the bed.

“Mmmm, that was a good, one! Oh, well, you remember how I told you that I fucked our brother, right? How he put his big dick up my ass and pussy?”

Tori remembered, and the thought set off another orgasm, this one even bigger and better. She was drooling on Stephanie's bed, her mind trying to focus on what Stephanie was saying, but the big toy up her ass made it hard to think of anything else.

“Well, you're not the only slut in this family,” Stephanie went on, “Our mother's a slut. Did you know that? I'm not the only pussy in this house that's had Mike's dick in it,”

“Oh, God!” Tori cried, “ mean...”

“Yes, our mother's been fucking Mike's cock, too. And that's not all,”

“Ughh! Stephie, I'm cummmming!” Stephanie could see Tori's little asshole clenching the toy as her sister came for a third time. She let her ride it out for a moment.

“See, I'm a bit of a slut myself,” Stephanie told her, “I'm daddy's slut,”


“I'm daddy's hot little teenage fucktoy, sissy,” Stephanie said, “Daddy put his big prick up my pussy and took my cherry!”

Tori was a blubbering mess now, stuck on a seemingly endless, mind-blowing orgasm that started deep in her ass, and radiated through her whole body. She couldn't be sure that she'd heard Stephanie right.

“Oh, and mom was there, too,” Stephanie said, “she watched it all, and licked my cunt while daddy fucked me with his foot long cock,”

Tori's orgasms were growing weaker, but her head spun like crazy. Her eyes were blurry with tears and stars. Her legs had long ago ceased to hold her up. Stephanie held the toy up her ass, but she was no longer moving it. Her sister lay beside her, and let the toy go. Then Stephanie was kissing her, putting her hot tongue in Tori's mouth. After making out with her for a minute, she pulled her mouth away and stroked Tori's cheek.

“So, you see, it's okay that you're a slut, Tori. Now you fit in with the rest of us,”

“Is...” Tori swallowed hard, tried to catch her breath as her asshole slowly pushed the toy out, “Is any of that...true?”

“Every word,” Stephanie confirmed.

“You fucked our whole family?” Tori said, trying to grasp the reality.

“Well, technically, Mike and dad fucked me, but it's all the same in the end,”

“Mom and Mike...”

“Fucking like rabbits,” Stephanie said, “Although, now we're going to have to share that big dick of his with Cindy, who is really quite sweet, by the way. Dumb as a rock, yes, but a good girl,”

The toy finally fell free of Tori's ass, and she felt very empty. Her asshole was wide open, and she could feel the cool air of Stephanie's room blowing through it, cooling her heated insides. She couldn't believe she'd just let Stephanie shove that thing in her ass, but moreover, she couldn't believe how hard it had made her cum.

“That felt good, didn't it?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes,” Tori had to admit.

“Well, now that we got you opened up, it's time for your next present!” Stephanie cried excitedly.

“What?” Tori said, flushed.

Stephanie picked up the other item from the bag, and before Tori could protest, Stephanie pushed the round buttplug into her stretched asshole.

“Ughhh! Oh, God!” Tori cried, “What the fuck, Stephie!”

Stephanie laughed, and smacked her sister's ass, “Oh, calm down. It's just a little buttplug,”


“Well, I want to make sure it doesn't hurt so bad when I get Mike to put his big prick up your ass, too!”

“But, Stephie, I don't want Mike to fuck my ass!” Tori complained.

“Don't be such a whiner, Tori,” Stephanie said, sitting in front of her sister's face and spreading her legs, “Things have changed a little in this family, while you were away, and I want to make sure you're fitting in. I'm doing this for you,” she said.

Fucking Tori's ass had made her incredibly horny again, and when she pushed her hot cunt against Tori's flushed face, her sister didn't object. She lapped away at Stephanie's slit for her like the good pussy girl she was.

“Besides, we can't have you out there just fucking random college boys in dressing rooms, can we?”


“Tori, don't talk with your mouth full of cunt,” Stephanie said, grabbing her sister's beautiful blonde hair and rubbing her slit against her face, “No, I'd much rather you were being fucked in a nice, safe environment, like home. And believe me, once Mike's big cock is all the way up that little ass of yours, you'll not only be my little pussy girl, we'll make you a real butt slut for your big brother. Now, make me cum, bitch!”

Tori still couldn't understand why all the sick things that vomited out of her sister's mouth made her so hot, but they did. The plug in her ass had ceased to hurt, and had given her that nice, full feeling she'd experienced while the toy had been in her. The way that Stephanie was using her face to get off, was also doing a number on the confused teenager's mind.

She should be revolted. She should be fighting. Instead, she was sucking Stephanie's pussy like a little bitch, and wondering if Mike's cock would make her cum even better than the toy. She was such a stupid slut!

“You know,” Stephanie mused, “since you're getting such big orgasms from being assfucked, I wonder if we should even chance taking that belt of yours off again. Sure, you'll need to wash your cunt, and all, but we don't want a repeat of today with you fingering your cunt. And we certainly don't need some strange college guys shoving their dicks up your little teen pussy all the time. Let me think about that.”

That made Tori stop licking, and she pulled her mouth from her sister's cunt in horror.

“No! You can't, Stephie, please!”

“Well, if you keep being a good sister, maybe I won't. But if you're going to fight me about Mike getting his dick up your ass, well...” she let the threat hang in the air.

Tori redoubled her efforts on Stephanie's pussy, determined to be the best pussy slut she could be. The thought of staying in the belt for the next two months, unable to touch her pussy or have it fucked was too awful to think about. If that meant she had to take Mike's cock in her ass, then she was going to do it, and she was going to cum. Stephanie held her hair tightly and came on her face.

*My Slutty Girlfriend*

Over dinner that evening, Cindy regaled John and Melanie with the tale of their adventure to the mall. The little redhead prattled on excitedly, completely naked except for the leash and collar, which she refused to take off. She told them all about how great the sunshine was. She hadn't been outside in months, after all. She talked at length about all the men staring at her in her little skirt, and how she was such a stupid slut that she'd made Stephanie buy her this leash to keep her in check.

She related the story of how a man had put his hand up her skirt, and she'd kissed him, and how a fight had almost broken out. That led to a story about the two college boys, and how they'd defended her honor (as if she had any, she jested). Tori looked very uncomfortable as Cindy got to the part about the store, in which she'd been fucked by Kyle against the wall of the dressing room.

Thankfully, Cindy dropped her fork just as she was coming to this part. The little redhead ducked under the table, found her fork, but then became distracted by Stephanie's exposed pussy winking from beneath her skirt. Stephanie jumped when she felt Cindy's tongue brush against her slit. John and Melanie looked at her curiously, until she began to moan with delight, and squirm in her chair.

They were utterly without words, watching Stephanie get eaten out at the dinner table. Melanie's hand found her way into John's lap, rubbing his bulge. She couldn't blame him for getting turned on. Cindy had the same effect on her, as well. They tried to engage Tori in conversation, but she wasn't really in the mood. The plug in her ass made her squirm uncomfortably in her chair. Next to her, Stephanie came loudly, and a moment later Cindy emerged from beneath the table.

“I found my fork!” She crooned happily.

“That's great, sweetie,” Melanie said, stifling a giggle.

“I think I'm going to go to bed,” Tori said, “I'm really tired,”

“Alright, baby,” Melanie said, “do you need anything?”

“I'll be okay,” Tori said, forcing a smile.

“Night, Tori!” Cindy called.

Tori waved to her, and went up to her room. The plug in her ass was driving her crazy. Her pussy was itching and needy, and the fullness in her bottom seemed to have pushed her just to the edge of an unattainable orgasm. She was so frustrated, and really wanted to be fucked again. She lay on her bed and tried to go to sleep, instead, but her pussy wouldn't let her. She needed to cum! Stephanie had placed the big black dildo on her nightstand after fucking her ass with it earlier, and when she saw it laying there, she knew that there was something she could do to cum. It would mean admitting that she was a butt slut, but she could cum and go to sleep. She reached for the dildo.

Cindy was helping Stephanie clean up the remains of dinner when Mike came home a while later. Cindy squealed with joy and ran into his arms, planting kisses all over his face, and pushing her tongue in his mouth.

“Oh, baby!” She cried, “I'm so glad you're here!”

“Hey cutie,” Mike said, grinning, “Nice to see you, too!”

“Hey, bro,” Stephanie called from the kitchen, “Will you please go put your dick up that slut? The only thing out of her mouth today has been Mike's big cock,”

Cindy blushed, saying, “Well, that's not exactly true! I also licked both your sister's cunts, and you know what? They taste the same! Isn't that weird?”

“Um, well, I guess that is...kind...of...weird...Can I get a shower first?”

“Oh, but I love the way you stink!”

“Yeah, well I don't. You help Stephie, and I'll be out in a minute, alright?”

“Oh, I guess! If you insist upon denying me!” Cindy said dramatically.

“Soon, soon!” Mike said, prying her lips off of his face again, “Hey, wait! What's with the leash?”

“Oh, well, we went to the mall and went shopping, and because I'm such a stupid slut, and I get distracted really easy, I thought that maybe Stephanie should put me on a leash so she could keep me from wandering off!”

“This was your idea?”

“Yes! Aren't I a smarty? Well, not like you, college boy, I've got slut smarts! Oh, yeah! Give me my Heisman!”


“The award they give to really smart people, silly!”

“Oh, yeah. You had a great idea,” Mike said, “Now get your cute little butt in there and help Stephie, will you?”


He watched her butt sway happily back into the kitchen, thinking of putting his cock in it. If possible, he was going to do that tonight. She was some kind of woman! He went into his cave and hit the shower.

By the time he was out and wrapped in a towel, Cindy was laying on his bed with the lights down low. Red stockings covered her legs, and she still wore the pink collar, but otherwise she was naked. Mike was already hardening at the sight of her. She was incredible, oozing sexual energy, her big eyes dancing with playful lust. She smiled when she saw him, and slithered toward the edge of the bed.

Mike dropped his towel, and Cindy gasped at his perfect cock. She'd already decided that there was no better dick in the world. It was big, but not a monster, thick, and it stayed hard constantly. If she had been asked to build the ultimate pleasure tool, it would be this cock swinging right in front of her. She wrapped her hand around it with bated breath, stroking it lovingly.

Mike climbed onto the bed beside her, and she crawled on top of him, kissing him hungrily. His hands roved all over her perfect little body, her big tits, ran between her pussy slit. She was hot and wet, as always. She reached between them and stroked his cock.

“Michael,” she said softly, “am I your girlfriend?”

“Do you want to be?”

“I'd really like that,” she said.

“Then yes, you're my girlfriend,”

“Your slutty girlfriend?”

Mike choked on his tongue, but managed to croak, “My slutty girlfriend,”

She kissed him again, and then slipped down his body and sucked his big cockhead into her mouth. She loved the way his big meat stretched her mouth out, what a challenge it was to swallow his whole tool. She fed herself more and more of his cock, devouring 8 inches of it before it hit the back of her throat. Cindy fucked her own face with his prick, slobbering and moaning around it while Mike stroked her hair.

“God, your mouth is incredible,” he groaned.

Cindy came up off his cock and fisted it quickly with her small hand.

“Can I ride it, baby? Please, can I ride your big cock?” she pleaded sweetly.


Cindy mounted him and backed her ass up to his swollen head, pushed her hot cunt back onto it, and felt him begin to spread her open. Her tiny pussy struggled to swallow his girth, but she pushed, and pushed, until she had the first few inches inside of her. She leaned in and kissed him, her big tits mashed into his chest, her hips working him into her further. Mike grunted like an animal as her little hole squeezed his dick tightly. Finally, with a last big push, his whole cock slid into her, and Cindy cried out with joy as he filled her up.

“Oh, Michael, it's so big!”

“You're so tight, baby,” he hissed in her ear.

“I love the way you fill me up. Ohhhh, it's so good!”

“Ride that dick, baby,” he encouraged her.

Cindy began to hump his throbbing tool, very slowly letting him slide out just a few inches, before slamming back down on him. He could feel her whole body quivering as she took him to his swollen balls.

“Baby,” she whispered in his ear, “I'm your slutty girlfriend! Ohhh, fuck! I'm your hot little slut girlfriend!”

“Oh, God!”

“Oh, baby I was so naughty today,” she hissed, “I was such a dirty girlfriend at the mall, baby,”


“Ohhh, should I tell you, baby? Should I tell you what your slut did today?”

Her pussy was clamped so tightly around him, he was sure it would never come out.

“Tell me...”

She played with his tongue for a moment, and then said, “Well, we went shopping today, mmm, fuck yeah, baby! Oh, and there were...mmm, two hot guys...”

“Oh, shit,” Mike breathed.

“And, when we went...mmm...into a store...ugh...I went into the dressing room with Tori...oh, yes...and...and...we just got so hot...”

“What happened, baby? Tell me...”

“We were so horny...mmm, yeah...and we both, we wanted to be we let the guys in the dressing room...and we...oh, baby we were so naughty! We got down on our knees, and we sucked on their cocks, baby...”

Mike's cock pulsed inside of her, and he jammed it deep, making her cum for the first time that night.

“Tell me...” he said.

“They were so hard, baby...oh yes...when we got their dicks good and wet...mmm...they pushed us against the wall, and fucked us both from behind like little doggies...oh, fuck you're so're so much deeper than the man that fucked me at the mall, baby!”

Mike was about to lose it. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Cindy and Tori both getting fucked in a dressing room?

“Oh, he fucked me so hard, baby, and...ohhh...and the other guy...he...he fucked Tori in her ass...and I got so hot, baby...I came so good on that guy's cock when he fucked your sister...and after he came in your sluts pussy, baby...I made Tori lick it out...oh, God...she sucked her own ass of that guys' cock...ungh...and then she sucked my pussy so good...ahhh...your sister sucked my cummy cunt, baby...”

That was all Mike could handle, and his swollen balls pumped cum up his shaft into Cindy's hot cunt. He bellowed an intelligible string of profanity as Cindy's sloppy pussy bounced up and down on his cumming cock, her mind exploding with stars as Mike grasped her hips and filled her with sperm. The naughty redhead sat perched on his still-hard dick, watching for Mike's reaction. When he could finally open his eyes, he stared into her happy green ones, and thought he must be dead. His life couldn't possibly get any better.

“Holy...fuck...was that, um, was that true?” he asked

“Oh, every word, baby. Are you mad? I'm such a slut, and I didn't even think about how it would make you feel when that guy shoved his cock up me. I'm sorry, baby! I'm sorry!”

Mike sat up, his cock still firmly lodged inside her, and pulled her close. He kissed at the tears that threatened the corners of her eyes. She was so beautiful, and while she might be an uncontrollable slut, her sheer naive innocence made him want her all the more.

“Cindy, you silly little slut,” he said, and kissed her, “I'm not mad at you,”


“No. In fact, you just gave me another reason to like you,”

“But, aren't girlfriends supposed to, like, not get fucked by other guys? Oh, I can't remember! I had a boyfriend once, but everything is so hazy, since my pussy started controlling me. I'm such a dumb bimbo!”

“Well, normally girlfriends aren't supposed to get fucked by other guys, yes,” Mike admitted, “but I like that you got fucked today, and I like that it was with some strange hot guy at the mall,”

He stroked her breasts softly, saying, “You remember when you said you were...broken?”


“Well, we're both broken, baby. We're not like other people, and we don't fit into the regular mold. You're a total, shameless, and wanton fuckslut, I get that. But you know what? I don't care. Just the opposite,” He began to pump his dick into her again, “It gets me so hot. Am I jealous that some dude got to bend you over and nail you against a dressing room wall? Hell yes, I'm jealous! It makes my fucking blood boil, but it's that feeling that makes me want you even more, that feeling of always knowing that when I'm not with you, you might have your legs spread open for another man,”

“Oh, Michael, you're still so hard,” she hissed.

“I'm hard because of you and your hot little cheating cunt, baby,” he said, raping her mouth with his tongue.

Cindy rode his big cock to another great orgasm, never breaking their kiss, until she had to scream with the pleasure of it all. Something very strange happened inside her, though. She couldn't say what it was, but it was a sense of peace and joy that she had never felt before, but it wasn't the joy of having 10 inches of cock buried inside her. It was something that started deep in her gut, and before she knew it, she was crying, riding Mike's cock and crying.

“Cindy, it's alright, I told you I'm not mad,”

“Oh, Michael, I know. I'm not...I don't know why...I'm not upset. I'm...I'm so happy! I'm such a stupid slut, Michael, and I didn't think anyone could ever want me, but you do. I can see it. You really mean it, and I'm so happy!”

“Baby, I'm going to cum in your pussy again,” Mike said, “I'm going to cum in your hot cheating cunt,”

“Oh, do it, baby! It's your pussy! It's all for you, and even when someone else cums in it, it's all yours!”

And cum again he did, they did, together. Neither of them could say just how long they stayed locked together. Eventually, Mike's cock started to go soft, and Cindy pulled herself off his lap, flopping down next to him on the bed.

“I never thought I'd say this,” she huffed, “but I think I came enough for right now,”

“Just give it ten minutes,” Mike said, and flashed her a grin.

“I was thinking five,” Cindy shot back.

They laughed together, until Cindy gave him a delicate kiss on the lips.

“Michael?” she said.

“Hmm?” he was floating in a daze.

“Could I, maybe, well...could I watch you fuck Stephanie some time?”

Just when Mike thought that this woman could be no more perfect, he was given another shock.

“Wait, you know about...”

“Stephanie told me, and it's okay. I mean, you can live with the fact that I'm the easiest lay in town, and I think it's really hot that you fuck your sister. She's soooo sexy!”

“She is that, but I want you to know something. Stephanie and I, well, it's not like the sex that you and I have. It's, well, different. It's just dirty. I think that's why I like it. She doesn't make love, and she doesn't talk to me like you do. She likes me to force her, to rape her and make her take it. That's what gets her off,”

“Well, that's hot, too! I'd love to see you rape your hot sister with that big dick!”

“Good God! Could you be anymore perfect?”

“Um, well, there's one more thing,” Cindy said carefully.

“Oh, my...”

“It's Tori,”

“What about Tori. God, I still can't believe she let some guy fuck her ass next to you at the mall. Did that part really happen? Tori?”

“Ha! Yes, it did. He took her pussy, then her ass, and then she sucked him clean. She looks so hot when she's being a nasty girl,”

“If you knew her three weeks ago, you would be as surprised as I am. Tori was a total ice queen. I'm surprised she even knew she had a cunt between her legs,”

“Oh, well, I guess she knows it's there now! I wanted to ask if you could, well, could I watch you fuck Tori's ass some time, too?”

“What? Did she say that she wants me to fuck her ass? When did this happen?”

“She didn't say that, no, but Stephanie said we could get you to fuck her asshole, and I'll bet you'd like to. Would you?”

Mike thought about that. Stephanie said. That didn't surprise him in the least.

“Cindy, you need to watch Stephanie, alright? She might play friendly and innocent, but my sister isn't someone you cross. She's a little, well, a little bit crazy, I think. She likes to manipulate people to do what she wants, and I think she might be doing the same to you and Tori. So, if she does anything that you don't feel comfortable with, I want you to just run the other way, alright?”

“Oh, you mean if she wants me to like fuck dogs or something? I don't think I would be comfortable with that. I might be a silly fuckslut, but I don't think I'd ever do animals,”

“I guess that qualifies, but I mean anything. If she ever tries to get you do something you don't want to do, then you have to get away from her, okay? Just promise me,”

“I will. I promise,” Cindy agreed.

“Good,” he kissed her.

“Mmm, but you didn't answer my question. Do you want Tori's ass?”

“Baby, if you put Tori's open asshole in front of me, and asked me to fuck it, I would do it in a heartbeat,”

“Oh, good! I just love watching a little slut get her booty stretched open! Speaking of which,” she grabbed his cock and began to stroke, “It's been five minutes, and there's still one hole you haven't cum in.”

“Is this heaven?”

“I've been told,” Cindy said, spitting on his dick, “that heaven is my tight teenage ass.”

*Tied Up*

While Mike and Cindy made passionate love, Stephanie slipped into Tori's bedroom without knocking, to find her sister with 4 inches of black dildo in her tiny bottom. She could hear Tori sobbing miserably as she tried to push the toy further up her ass, but it was clear that she was having trouble. Stephanie closed the door, set a DVD on the table next to Tori's TV, and then walked to the bed.

Tori looked up as her sister's shadow fell across her, and through bleary eyes she could see Stephanie's look of concern. She knew that Stephanie was probably upset that she'd taken the plug out of her ass, but her overwhelming desire to cum was stronger than anything else.

“Stephie,” Tori croaked, her mouth dry, “I can't do it,”

“What can't you do, sissy?”

“I can't...can't make myself cum,”

“You poor thing,” Stephanie said, stroking Tori's blonde hair, “It must be so awful to have a slutty cunt that needs to cum all the time. Do you need me to help?”

“Please, Stephie! It hurts so much,” Tori begged, “I need to cum so bad,”

“I can see, that. You know I can't let you play with your pussy, thought, right?”

“I know! You could make my ass cum, though, like earlier?”

Stephanie grinned, “That was fun, wasn't it? You came so good with that big toy in your asshole, didn't you?”

“Yesss! Please, Stephie, please,”

Stephanie pushed Tori's hand away from the toy, and replaced it with her own. She could see that Tori's asshole was shiny from all the lube she'd put on the toy. She slowly twisted the dildo until it slipped further inside her sister, eliciting a horny moan from Tori.

“That's what you want, right? My little ass whore wants that big cock in her, doesn't she?”

“Ohhh, Stephie, yes! I want it in my ass!”

“You know what that means, right?”

“Ugh! Yes!”

“Tell me,”

“I'm a...a...a butt slut!”

Stephanie pushed a few more inches into her sister, watching her tiny asshole spread wide to accept the fake cock.

“Oh, yeah! That's what you need to make you cum, isn't it?”


Stephanie pulled the toy out, pushed it back in, and repeated the in and out as she fucked her sister's perfect butt. Tori's sobs turned to groans, and then she was humping her ass back against the toy, trying to get it deeper. She didn't even realize that she'd taken the whole thing in her ass by then, and was trying to get even more.

“Oh, you're so close, Tori! Fuck that big cock with your ass for me. That's good! Now, you need to cum real soon, okay? My arm's getting tired,”

“Oh, it's coming, Stephie, please don't stop!”

Tori shook like a wet dog and started to cum, drooling and moaning as her asshole clenched around the big toy. Stephanie held it in her until she began to come down, and then pulled the toy free with an audible plop. Tori's asshole stayed wide open, and Stephanie grabbed the plug off the bed and put it back in her sister's stretched open ass. Tori grunted as the plug filled her back up, but she was too tired, now, to say anything. She felt glad to get the full feeling back in her, and she felt sick because of how good it made her feel.

While Tori recovered, Stephanie went to the big discarded pile of clothes that Tori had thrown all over the floor that morning. She quickly selected a few items and came back to the bed, rolling Tori over onto her back. She straddled her sister and started to kiss her hotly. Tori responded very well, pushing her tongue back into Stephanie's mouth, moaning like a slut.

Stephanie reached out and took Tori's hands, brought them together, and used a pair of leggings to tie her wrists together. Tori tried to complain, but Stephanie's tongue was in her mouth. She started to struggle, so Stephanie pulled her lips away, and put her full weight on Tori's chest.

“Stephie, what are you doing?” Tori said, panicked.

“Shhh! Don't you worry, baby. I'm going to make sure you don't play with your little snatch when I take you belt off. Just relax,”

She tied the leggings to Tori's headboard, and then moved down her body. She turned Tori on her side, unlocked the belt, and slid the device off her legs. Tori had settled down, and watched her with curiosity. Was Stephanie going to make her pussy cum? She hoped so. Oh, how she hoped so!

“I'm going to put on a little movie for you,” Stephanie explained, using two other pairs of leggings to tie Tori's legs apart, “and then I'm going to go into mom and dad's room. I'm going to slide my pussy down onto his big daddy cock, and bounce on it like a little whore until he makes me cum,”

Tori could feel her pussy contracting in desire as she pictured her sister getting fucked, cumming hard on a big dick. She wanted to cum on a big dick, too!

“And while I'm cumming really hard on daddy's dick, you're going to lay here and watch a movie, and get really wet and juicy for me. If you're a good slut, and you don't try to get at your little cunt, then maybe I'll let you cum again,”

“Stephie, please! You can't leave me like this! Please!” Tori begged.

Stephanie reached in her pocket, pulled the little egg out and showed it to her sister. Tori's eyes went wide with panic, but Stephanie pushed the egg into her pussy, anyway. Next, she pulled a little ball from her other pocket, and stood beside Tori's head. She looked so scared, and yet so horny. The mix of emotions made Stephanie positively gooey between her legs.

“Stephie, please! I'll be good! I'm your pussy girl, Stephie! Please don't leave me like this. Oh, please!”

“Hush now, Tori. You are my pussy girl, and good pussy girls should have something in their mouth,”

She took the little ball and forced it between Tori's teeth, securing it with a strap around the back of her head. Tori tried to speak, but only a muffled garble came out, which made Stephanie smile. Her sister looked so good like this! Stephanie kissed Tori's forehead, went to the TV, and popped the DVD into the player.

“I made this for you this afternoon, and I think you'll really like it,” Stephanie said, “Now, remember. No trying to play with your cunt, and if you can be good, I'll let you cum after I finish fucking daddy's cock, okay?”

Tori was probably cursing at her, but she couldn't make out any words. She hit the play button, set it on repeat, and slipped out the door. Tori lay bound and helpless, her eyes glued to the screen. She recognized the scene immediately. It was the dressing room from earlier in the day. Stephanie had recorded the whole thing! Tori wondered how she didn't notice it happening, but she'd been so fuck-crazed that she wasn't surprised.

She watched as she sucked on Kyle's cock. It was just like the videos she had labeled at the clinic. She was one of those sluts, now, getting recorded while people fucked her face, shoved dicks in her pussy, and put cock up her ass. The little egg started to vibrate, making her pussy clench tightly. It felt different with the plug filling her butt. It felt better. It felt wonderful. It...she came, squirming in her bonds.

When she opened her eyes again, Kyle was pushing her against the wall of the dressing room, his cock in her pussy from behind. Stephanie had zoomed in very close, and she could see her swollen cunt lips, the wet drops of fuck honey pouring from her aroused hole, the way her pussy sucked at his cock hungrily. It had felt so nice to be fucked. Then, Kyle was pulling his dick out of her, putting it slowly up her backdoor. Stephanie had filmed this very closely, too, and for the first time she saw just how much of a slut she was.

Kyle's cock made her ass stretch open, pushed further and further until it was all the way in her butt. She saw her round butt cheeks flatten as the college boy tried to get even more into her, but his balls were already resting against her cunt. Something else broke inside of her, another barrier of denial that maybe, just maybe, she could go back to the way things were, before she was a slut. Now, though, the sight of her ass getting invaded by some stranger's cock, and the sight of herself creaming on it, told her that there was no going back. She came again, though the egg hadn't even started up again.

She could see a steady river of cunt juice flowing from her pussy on the screen, and she knew that this was the point where Kyle had cum in her asshole, and she'd orgasmed. Kyle pumped his seed into her, and then pulled his slimy cock out. She saw herself slide down the wall, and then the boy pushing his dick in her mouth. She remembered how it tasted, and that she'd liked it. Then, Cindy's pussy was there, and Tori was cleaning Todd's jism out of it. She'd liked that, too. She was an utter slut.

As if she needed any further confirmation of this fact, the video ended and a new one started. This one she knew, too. She had the black toy already 2 inches deep into her asshole when Stephanie had started to film. Her ass was stretched so wide that it looked impossible for something that big to fit in it. But she knew it had. It had fit, and she'd cum harder than ever when it had filled her up.

On the video, Stephanie was telling her that she was a butt slut, and Tori knew it was true. She was going to be just like Cindy, spreading her legs for anyone that asked, unable to control the desires in her pussy. Part of her was terrified, but that part seemed to grow more distant every day. Every time she debased herself, or let Stephanie use her tongue to get off, or when she came with a plug up her butt and a sex egg in her cunt, like she was now, that part of her died a little more.

What wouldn't go away was the guilt that came after each intense cum, the memory that she'd once been a good girl. She'd been a track star, on pace for a great college career, her future so promising. The recruiters had flocked to her, offered her scholarships and opportunity. She had a hunk for a boyfriend, himself a rising star. They'd been junior prom Homecoming king and queen.

Now, she was a quivering teenage fucktoy, totally focused on her next orgasm, her pussy constantly aroused. She licked her own sister's cunt and let her call her a pussy girl. She let strange men stick their cocks in her. She cleaned those same cocks with her mouth, right out of her asshole. She cried and came at the same time, and as if she could go no lower, she pissed herself from cumming so much, which, very strangely, made her cum again.

The video had stopped, and started over, and again Kyle was fucking her face against the wall of the dressing room. Tori shook all over, her body hypersensitive, every nerve on fire from her repeated orgasms. She lay in a pool of her own cum and piss, and couldn't decide whether she would wipe her tears away or finger her cunt if she had her hands free. Probably the latter.

Stephanie left Tori gagged, bound, and cumming to her own porn video, and walked down the hall to her parents' room. She'd stopped knocking some time ago. She slipped inside, and found John and Melanie already going at it, her father between her mothers legs lapping at her horny cunt. Stephanie began shedding her clothes as Melanie smiled at her and crooked her finger. Fucking her parents was the best decisions she'd ever made.

Stephanie reached the bed, unclasping her bra, and stood naked just out of reach of her mother. Melanie squirmed on John's tongue, while her daughter climbed on the big bed and shared a hot kiss. Stephanie squeezed one of her mom's tits, rolled the nipple between her fingers.

“Such a dirty mommy,” she said, and kissed her again.

“Mmmm, and with such a hot little daughter,” Melanie replied, “why don't you let me taste you, baby,”

Stephanie mounted her mother's face, and pressed her hot pussy against Melanie's lips. Her mother happily lapped at Stephanie's young hole, squeezing her tight teen ass with her hands. While she rode Melanie's face, she felt her mother slide a finger up her asshole, which made her moan like a whore. She had yet to get her daddy's big cock into her young ass. He'd been saying he was afraid to hurt her, but every time she mentioned it, she could see the desire in his eyes. It wouldn't be long, now.

“Oh, mom! You eat my cunt so good! Mmm, yeah!”

She felt her father climb on the bed, and she could feel the heat from his body behind her. She was so hot to get his big cock into her again. Since he'd taken her cherry two weeks ago, she'd become more accustomed to getting stretched open by his huge prick.

He'd taken her over the counter in the kitchen, making her squeal as he worked her tiny pussy from behind. He'd drilled her on her bed, her long legs wrapped around his waist, until they came together. She rode his cock on the couch while Melanie fingered herself during movie night. Perhaps her favorite time was the night before Tori came home, though.

They'd been in Tori's room, making sure everything was nice and clean. That night, she'd choked herself trying to fit his whole cock into her little mouth, and when that didn't work, he'd pushed her onto Tori's bed, spread her legs wide, and fucked her like a wild animal, driving his thick prick into her clutching teenage snatch from behind. That was the first time he'd fingered her asshole while he fucked her, and it drove her crazy.

Her father's big hands came around her chest, playing with her big tits while Melanie made her cum with her mouth. She felt his lips caress her neck, and his cock nestle between her ass cheeks. For a moment, she thought he was going to do it. He was going to fuck her ass! She was only slightly disappointed when he pulled her off of Melanie's face, bent her at the waist so that she was face-to-face with her mother, and began to push his prick into her.

She didn't think it mattered how many times her daddy fucked his big cock into her. It was still going to hurt, at first. His monster head split the tiny teen's pussy wide open on the first thrust, and Stephanie wailed from the pain.

“Oh, daddy! Ohhhh, it's so fucking big!”

“You like being your daddy's little fucktoy, baby?” Melanie said, fingering her own clit.

“Ohhh, yes! I'm daddy's slut! Ohhh, fuck! Push it in me, daddy, please! Hurt my cunt!”

John did just that, holding her hips and pressing half of his cock up inside her. She came, her tongue in Melanie's mouth. Something about fucking Stephanie made him feel different than with anyone else. Maybe because it was the taboo of impaling his own daughter on his dick. Maybe, it was the way she spewed such filthy things when he was stretching her open. Whatever the case, he fucked her much differently than he had anyone else.

He wanted to hurt her with his dick. He wanted her to cum because it was too big for her. He loved to make her squeal because it hurt her so good. Stephanie took it all, too. No matter how hard he pounded her poor little cunt, she took it and asked for more.

“I love my daddy's dick,” she cried, “Ohhh, fuck me daddy! Fuck your slut! Ohhhh!”

Melanie played with her big tits, wondering why it was that she got so hot when John fucked their daughter. She's always enjoyed watching him pound another woman, seeing the way his cock changed them from the inside out. She could see on their faces that they'd never felt anything like it. They may have thought they'd been fucked before, but once John pushed his giant dick into them, and they came on it, it was like they'd seen the face of God.

Stephanie was no different in that respect, but watching John turn their daughter into a constantly-cumming teen fuckdoll was exciting in a way she'd never experienced. She not only took his huge cock, she fucked herself crazy on it. Melanie could see the way her face strained as she tried to get it all the way into her tiny pussy, how it was like her Everest, and if she could just climb to the top then she would find the meaning of life. That was her daddy's cock to Stephanie.

Her face was screwed up so tightly that Melanie thought she'd stopped breathing for a moment, but then she let it out in a staggered screech of pure pleasure as John's big balls slapped her flesh for the first time tonight.

“Oh, daddy, it''s all the way in my pussy!” she said.

“Tell me how daddy's cock feels, baby. How does it feel in your little cunt?” Melanie said, squeezing Stephanie's tits.

“It's so good! Ohhhh, it's so good! Can he...OH...p,p,please cummm....ugh...cum in me?”

“That's so filthy, baby,” Melanie chided her, “That's so nasty to want your daddy's cum up your pussy,”

“Uuuugh! I'm so dirty mom...I'm...daddy's...Ohhhhh...daddy's whore!”

Melanie slapped her face, which only made Stephanie cum on her daddy's fuckstick as he started to pick up speed. She could hear his big balls slap between Stephanie's spread legs, and her daughter could no longer form words as John owned her tiny pussy. Her daddy picked her up, never pulling his cock from her sucking snatch, and lay back on the bed, pulling Stephanie to his chest. Her legs were bent beneath her, and Melanie could now see just how stretched her daughter's pussy was.

John grabbed hold of her tits and pumped his dick in and out of her, making her cum in a seemingly endless orgasm. Melanie got between her legs and sucked at her swollen clit as her daddy fucked her. Stephanie's legs were so weak, and through a haze of bliss she suddenly noticed that she wasn't really supporting herself anymore. She'd been on the verge of passing out, and her mother was now holding her body up as John used her pussy like a masturbation device.

Her tiny cunt was so stuffed, that it was going numb, but Stephanie didn't care. She just wanted to feel her daddy cum inside her. It wasn't long. His daughter's sucking little hole was just too good. John pumped his cum into her with a roar, hammering her little fucktunnel so hard he thought she might break. Stephanie could feel the hot seed splashing her insides like a fire hose, the force of his ejaculation painful as it spurted straight into her womb. She was silently glad for birth control. Her daddy produced enough sperm to repopulate the planet in the event of humanity's demise.

She felt Melanie between her legs, lapping at the cum that was squeezing around her tightly packed snatch. As wonderful as it felt, Stephanie needed to make sure her pussy was good and full. She pulled herself off of her daddy's cock, and tried to keep his cum inside her. There was so much, that she was sure it would be dripping out for days. She gently pushed Melanie away from her.

“Oh, please let me keep it inside me, mom. It's so warm and sticky,” she said, “I want to sleep with daddy's cum in me, please!”

“Okay, baby,” Melanie said, “you keep it all in your pussy, then,”

Stephanie crawled off of the bed with agonizing slowness. She wondered if there would ever come a day that she didn't feel like she'd been run over after taking her daddy's cock. Then again, she'd asked for this, and damn did it feel wonderful!

“I'm really tired,” she said, “I think I'm going to go to bed,”

“Night, honey,” Melanie said, kissing her.

“Sleep tight,” John said, but didn't move.

The last thing Stephanie saw, walking naked from her parents' room, was Melanie licking her cunt juice from her daddy's still-hard cock. She knew exactly where that cock was going next, and it gave her a certain sense of pride that her daddy had chosen to fuck her before his wife.

Her pussy sloshing with cum, Stephanie made her way back to Tori's room and slipped inside. Just as she'd left her, Tori was tied to the bed, her body thrashing as she came repeatedly with the egg in her cunt. The smell of aroused cunt hung heavy in the air, as did another scent that she couldn't place at first. It hit her nose again, and she almost gasped in astonishment. She was sure, now, that Tori had wet the bed.

Tori was so far gone in her endless orgasm, that she didn't even notice when Stephanie stuck her hand in her gooey pussy and fished the little egg out. It was only when Stephanie slapped her face a few times that Tori's fuck-crazed eyes tried to focus on her naked sister.

“Wake up, slut,” Stephanie said, “hey!”

“S,s,s,s,tephie...” Tori managed, practically incoherent.

“You poor thing,” Stephanie said, “did you piss on yourself?”

Tori looked down at her quivering mound, and then back at her sister.

“I don...don't...know,”

“It smells like slutty teenage cunt and piss,”

“I'm sorry,” Tori croaked.

The video was still playing on a loop, showing Tori getting buttfucked in the dressing room again. Stephanie looked at the clock. She'd been fucking her daddy for an hour! That meant that Tori had been laying here in a fuck haze for most of that time. No wonder she was such a mess.

“It's okay, baby,” Stephanie said, pushing Tori's sweaty hair out of her face. Her sister's eyes were puffy and swollen. She was sure she'd been crying at some point, and the thought made her very happy, “I've got just what you need.”

Stephanie mounted Tori's face and pushed her freshly-cummed-in pussy to her sister's mouth.

“I'll bet you're really thirsty,” Stephanie said, “and if you can lick out my pussy for me, I'll get you all cleaned up, okay?”

Tori didn't reply, only obediently began to lick at her sister's cunt. Now that the egg was no longer going off inside her, Tori was slowly regaining her wits. Stephanie's pussy tasted different this time, saltier, gooey. It tasted cum! Stephanie saw the realization in Tori's eyes as she watched her sister eat her creamy snatch.

“Oh, you're such a nasty girl, Tori. Do you like the way my pussy tastes?”


“Make sure you get all of daddy's cum out of it, okay? I want to make sure it's nice and clean before I get to bed,”

Tori had no strength left in her body to fight, so she just licked her father's sperm out of her sister while she cried into her pussy.

“This is good for you, Tori,” Stephanie said, “This is what you're made for. You're Stephie's little suck slut, and if I want to feed you daddy's cum, you should be grateful. How would you ever get to taste it, otherwise?”


“What did I tell you about talking with your mouth full of cunt? If you can't do your job, I could put the egg up your cunt again, and go to bed. I kind of feel like sleeping in tomorrow,”

“Mmm Mmm!” Tori mumbled into her pussy, her eyes suddenly terrified.

“Good girl, now finish up, bitch. Get all that nasty daddy cum out of there,”

Tori sucked her to another great orgasm, made all the sweeter by the fact that Tori was reluctantly swallowing her own father's semen. This was, truly, one of the best nights of Stephanie's young life. At last, she lifted her cunt off of Tori's face. Her sister was completely silent as Stephanie untied her, her eyes had a look of total defeat. Stephanie knew that Tori had always been a fighter, though. She didn't place first in everything just from talent. She had spirit, and right now that spirit might be crushed, but Stephanie wanted it broken.

Tonight was a good step in that direction, but Tori had a long way to go before she was utterly destroyed. Stephanie looked forward to the torment, the tears, the humiliation, the suffering she was going to inflict on her sister. And then there was her end of the deal she still had to hold up.

The conspirators had delivered her a slut, as promised, but now she was on the hook for money, and a lot of it. She needed to break Tori soon, and put her cunt to work. She slowly eased her sister's sore body out of bed and practically carried her to the shower.

*Reuniting with Tim*

Tori's locked up pussy throbbed from cumming so much last night. She awoke in clean sheets, feeling more rested than she had in days. Apparently, Stephanie had decided not to wake her up, and not to make her lick her slit this morning. After another awful night she'd suffered at her sister's hands, though, Tori was grateful. Still, it felt strange not to wake up and fill her mouth with cunt cream.

Though most of Sunday had been fairly uneventful, the evening had been filled with anal training. Stephanie seemed determined to get her sister's ass ready for Mike's cock. As to when that was supposed to happen, Stephanie hadn't really said. Rather, she'd kept Tori locked in her belt all day and used the big dildo to make her ass cum over and over again.

She hauled herself out of bed and wrapped a robe around her naked body, then poked her head out of her door. The house was very quiet. It was after 9:00 on Monday morning. She crept out into the hall and down to Stephanie's room. The door was open, but the room was empty. She went into the bathroom, relieved herself, cleaned up as best she could with the belt locked on, brushed her teeth, and showered off. When she was finished, she felt almost like a real girl again.

She quickly checked her phone, saw another missed call from Tim, but ignored it like all the others. She wasn't sure she was ready for that, yet. The sound of voices and clanking silverware drew her down the stairs, where she found her father at the table with Cindy. The little redhead was naked, as usual, but still wearing her pink collar. Her fiery hair was a mess, tangled, knotted, in disarray. She'd obviously been fucked like mad.

Her father was dressed up in a nice shirt and tie. He didn't usually put on a tie unless he was going to some important business function. John was listening to Cindy's tale of teenage woe, leading up to her time in the clinic. He'd heard it in brief from Tori, of course, but it was different to hear it from Cindy. Where Tori had made it sound sad, which it was, everything out of Cindy's mouth made it sound as though it were no big deal. It was just something that had happened.

John caught sight of his daughter as she poked her head into the kitchen, and he immediately came to his feet and launched himself toward her, sweeping her up in his big arms, just like he'd done when she was a little girl. It felt great, comforting, the nostalgia of a happier time that would never come again. She held onto him tightly, like an anchor in her sea of trouble. She wished that she could just stay like this and enjoy it, but the nearness of his body, the smell of a man, the memory of Stephanie feeding her his cum from her cunt, all made her pussy throb.

“Hi, daddy,” she said, “Good morning,”

He held onto her and stroked her hair lovingly.

“Hey, honey,” he said, “I've missed you. I'm sorry we've been so busy since you got home. I promise your mom and I are going to set aside from time for just us soon, okay?”

“It's alright, daddy,” she said, “I know you guys have important things to do. You look really nice, by the way,”

John finally let her go, and held her at arms length, grinning broadly.

“New software test at the data center over in Charbourg,” he said, moving back to the table, “Normally I'd just leave it with one of the managers, but the client made a request for personal attention, and they're the kind of account you don't get to ignore, so...”

“Go get 'em, tiger,” Tori said.

Then, she was almost bowled over by Cindy's tiny frame crushing into her, and shoving her tongue in her mouth. While it felt very weird to make out with Cindy in front of her father, the needy feeling in Tori's cunt drove her to suck on Cindy's tongue, and let the other girl's hands push her robe apart, grope her tits. Tori couldn't help but moan, which made John's dick jump in his pants. He wasn't sure he'd ever get used to the sight of his once-reserved daughter french kissing another girl. Cindy finally realized what she was doing, and pulled herself away from Tori.

“Um, I'm sorry, Tori,” she said, “I guess I shouldn't do that, like, in front of your dad and all. Sorry Mr. Hamlin,”

“It's okay, Cindy,” Tori said, crossing the kitchen to start some toast.

Cindy looked at John and said, “Tori said I'm not a slut. I just have a very friendly Vagina,” she giggled, “Isn't she nice?”

John laughed merrily, “Yes, that was a very kind way to put it,” he agreed.

“Where's Mike?” Tori asked, conversationally.

“Oh, that lazy man. He's still in bed,” Cindy said, “he had his dick in me for hours, and I think I finally got all the cum out,”

John stared into his coffee while Tori laughed.

“I, um, I think I'm going to finish getting ready and get out of here,” John said, excusing himself.

When he was gone, Cindy said, “Your dad's really cute,”

Tori looked at her quizzically.

“Oh, I'm not gonna try to fuck him, silly,” Cindy said, “Your mom looks like she'd murder anyone that tried,”

Anyone, except Stephanie, apparently, Tori thought, but kept her mouth shut.

“Mike said he's going to take me to a movie today,” Cindy said, “it's at some theater called Leroy's. He said it's kinda of a hole-in-the-wall, but they show films that he thinks I'd really enjoy,”

Tori choked on the toast she'd just bitten off. Leroy's was an adult theater in the seedier part of town. Kids at school were always talking about sneaking in to see the skin flicks, but Tori didn't know much about it otherwise.

“I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun,” Tori said distantly.

“Do you want to come?” Cindy asked.

“No!”Tori said, a little too forcefully, “I mean, no thanks. I'm...well, I don't know what I'm going to do,”

Her thoughts turned to the black dildo on her nightstand, the ache in her cunt, the plug still lodged in her ass. She shook her head, trying to make the dirty thoughts go away. She had to get control of her cunt. She just had to!

“Well, if you change your mind you're always welcome,” Cindy said, “I think I'll go have a shower!”

Tori gave her a little wave goodbye, then sat at the table and stared at nothing, munching her toast like a robot. What was she going to do? Her recent incarceration had guaranteed that she'd lost her place on the track team, so summer practice on Monday afternoons was out. That made her sad. She's spent the last decade on the track, and now it was gone. All her work amounted to nothing. She fought back tears at the thought, and instead tried to focus. She needed her life back on track. It was a new day, and she had all the power in the world to make it whatever she wanted. Except that her pussy was so hot.

She growled in frustration, and launched out of her chair. Before she knew exactly what she was doing, she was running out the door. She didn't care that she was in her bathrobe. She just wanted to run. She darted down the driveway. Fuck pacing herself. She hit the end of the drive at a dead run, like she was in the final heat, neck-and-neck with her sister on her heels. The warm summer air blew through her hair.

She banked right, down the sidewalk, ignoring the looks she got from people working in their yards. Her robe was starting to come undone, but she didn't even notice. Her mind was tunneled on the goal line, her bare feet slapping the concrete. They hurt, but the pain was good. It kept her centered, distracted her mind from the feelings in her cunt.

She was quite a sight, her robe billowing behind her, her body on display for anyone that could look quickly enough before she passed by. Her legs and lungs were burning now, but she pushed forward. This was right. This was what she knew. This is who she was. She was a track star, state champion. She was...running into a man's chest and bowling him to the ground!

She went down in a tangle of limbs, taking the stranger with her. They tumbled to the concrete with a mingled cry of surprise, and Tori rolled onto her back, looking at the sky. She heard the man groan as he slowly got to his feet, and then she saw a hand extended toward her. His face hovered over her, round, grinning, friendly. She saw his eyes scan her body, which was totally exposed. She blushed in embarrassment, but took his hand and let him help her to her feet. She quickly pulled her robe closed around her.

“I'm so sorry,” she apologized, “I didn't even see you,”

“Well, I've been run over by far less attractive folks, so I guess It's alright,” he replied, grinning.

Tori blushed, “Um, thanks. Are you okay?”

“Ha! Nothing broken, a little dusted up, but I'm fine. You?”

“I think so,” she said.

Her knee was skinned, but otherwise, she seemed to be okay physically.

“I'm Bob, by the way. You run out here often?”

“Tori,” she shook his hand, “I used to. I've been...away for a while, and I'm trying to get back into the habit,”

“Well, just a piece of advice, dear. You should probably wear something more aerodynamic if you want to get into running,”

Tori looked down at her robe and had to laugh. The line from Forrest Gump came out of her mouth before she could stop it.

“I just felt like running,” she said, and they shared a laugh.

“Hey, I think I've seen you before somewhere,” Bob said.

“I don't think so, unless you run high school track,” she said.

“No, that's not it. I'm in advertising. Do you do any modeling, or something?”


“Oh!” he cried suddenly, “Are you sure? You're the spitting image of the new Presley's poster girl. I mean, like, dead to rights you two are identical!”

“Presley's?” Tori asked.

“The swimsuit line. They make, like, every swimsuit sold in this half of the country. You probably own one, and don't even know it. I've been trying to get their business for years,”

It clicked in her, then.

“My sister,” she said, “We're twins,”

“Now that is something else,” he said, “Who would have figured?”

“Um, well, it was nice to meet you, Bob. Sorry for running you over,”

“Hey, if you ever want to give it a try yourself,” he said, pulling a business card holder from his pocket, “don't forget about me,”

She took the card, and slipped it into the pocket of her robe.

“Thanks,” she said, and started to walk back toward home. Bob began jogging in the opposite direction.

Winded, Tori pulled her robe tighter against her body. Now that she'd cleared her head with the run, she felt self-conscious. She couldn't believe she'd been running practically naked through the neighborhood. Bob had gotten a good look at her whole body, too. At least he'd been polite enough not to ask her about the chastity belt.

When she got back home, her father was pulling out of the drive. He stopped and waved her over, rolling down the window.

“I didn't know you left,” he said.

“Went for a run,”

“Well, I locked the house up,” he said, and held out a garage door opener through the window, “Good thing I caught you,”

She took it, “Thanks, daddy. Good luck today,”

“Thank you, sweetie. You have fun.”

He pulled out of the drive and sped off. Tori walked up the drive, opening the garage door, and let herself into the house. The sound of someone groaning drew her to the living room. Cindy was on her knees, Mike on the couch, and the little redhead was slobbering on her brother's big cock. Tori knew it was wrong, but she stood in the doorway and watched her friend eagerly sucking away. Cindy caught sight of her and pulled her mouth off Mike's throbbing tool.

“Hi, Tori!” She called happily, “Would you like some?”

She held his stiff rod pointed in her direction, and Mike looked back over the couch, his mouth hanging open. Tori's insides were in turmoil. The sight of that big dick made her mouth water. Her cunt felt so wet. Mike didn't say anything, just watched her as she took a step into the room. Cindy went back to sucking, and Mike's focus returned to watching the small girl stuff as much of his manhood into her throat as she could.

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned, “You're such a good cocksucker, baby,”

“Mmmm,” Cindy purred.

Tori took another step, and then another. She remembered sharing Dr. Carlson's cock with Cindy several times, the two of them swapping his cum, their tongues and lips sucking at one another, sucking at his prick. Her mind, which had felt clear only moments ago, was now pushing her around the couch. Her voice was saying dirty things in the back of her mind.

“Tori is a cocksucker...Tori loves big cock...Tori is a suck slut...Tori wants cum...”

She was pushing her robe off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Mike drank in the sight of his sister's body, flawless and hard, perfect in every way. It was just like Stephanie's, only with slightly smaller breasts. They looked just right on her slim, toned frame. Cindy watcher her approach out of the corner of her eye, half of Mike's gorgeous cock stretching her mouth.

Tori fell to her knees next to the little redhead, watching her work Mike's shaft with her plump lips. She lay her head on his bare leg, felt his hand in her blonde hair. She could see the veins in his engorged cock, the way it throbbed and shivered as Cindy sucked on it.

“Do you like it, Tori,” he asked quietly.

“Uh huh,”

“Do you want to suck it?”


“It's okay. You can watch,” Mike said.

Cindy pushed her face down onto his prick, taking it down to the balls and making him groan. His grip on Tori's hair tightened. She could feel her asshole clenching around the plug inside of her, and the slippery juice squeezing through the tightness of her belt. Cindy came up and gulped in a big lungful of air. Her spit-soaked hand stroked his hardness as she looked into Tori's eyes.

She pointed Mike's big fuckstick at Tori's mouth, bent it until it touched her lips. It was so hard, and so hot. Tori opened her mouth, and Cindy pushed the big head between her lips. She crawled up on the couch, and lay her head on Mike's chest, listening to the rapid beat of his heart. She sucked on the fat head of his cock as he held her hair. Cindy licked at his swollen balls, teased his asshole with her tongue.

Mike was astonished. Every day, his life just seemed to be getting better. If someone had told him a few weeks ago, that Tori would be sucking his cock while a hot redhead licked his balls, he would have laughed in their face. Now, he looked down and saw Tori's little mouth stuffed and stretched around the first few inches of his bloated cockmeat. He must have been a saint in a former life to deserve this.

Tori moaned around his prick, laying still and letting him pump his dick into her hot mouth. It was so big! How in the world did Cindy get this thing all the way into her throat? She was struggling with just a few inches. Mike pulled his cock from her mouth and she gasped. Cindy quickly gobbled it up, and put the whole thing down her throat, gagging softly as she fucked her face on it. She felt Mike's hand leave her hair, and run down her back, until it rested on her ass cheek.

She felt a shiver run through her pussy. She knew that if he looked down, he'd see the base of the plug stuffed in her asshole. She knew why Stephanie had put it there, too. To open her ass up so that Mike could fuck it. She didn't know if she was ready for that, or if she even wanted it to happen at all. She did like the taste of his cock, though, and how it stretched her lips. It felt so nasty to let him put it in her mouth.

Cindy came up off of his cock as Mike's hand felt the plug in her ass. He shook it a little, making Tori cry out as the motion sent a ripple of pleasure through her ass and into her hot cunt. She almost came, but Mike stopped moving the plug and just let his hand rest on it. Cindy fed his cock back into her mouth, and Tori began to suck on it herself this time, wrapping her hand around the slick shaft.

“You're going to learn to suck it just as good as Cindy does,” Mike said to her, “We'll get it all the way in your throat someday,”

Tori moaned around his dick hearing those words, and she knew it was true. This wasn't going to be the only time she sucked on her brother's big tool. The realization made her cunt even juicier.

“Breathe through your nose, Tori,” Cindy instructed her, “and then open up your throat like you're swallowing a pill. Don't be afraid to choke on it,”

Tori did as she suggested, trying to ignore the way his thick meat made her feel like she was drowning. She forced more of his cock into her mouth, felt pleased when she took half of it, but her jaw already hurt from getting stretched so wide. She felt Cindy's hand on her head, holding her in place as Mike pumped his dick slowly in and out of her mouth. She gagged on it, choked, and felt a surge of saliva squeeze out between her lips, felt it coat her hand as she held his big prick.

Cindy let her up, and Tori quickly sucked in air as Mike's cock popped from her mouth. Cindy quickly took it back in her own, and moved Tori's hand down to Mike's balls. She squeezed his swollen nuts, massaged them in her hand. They were so full. She could only imagine how much tasty sperm was going to shoot from his prick. He jiggled the plug in her ass again, and she buried her face in his chest and moaned like a slut. He began to pull it out, and Tori felt the base stretching her asshole open as it began to come free.

The plug popped out, and she came instantly as the empty feeling in her ass set in. Her hips jerked as she humped the couch in orgasm, blubbering into Mike's chest. She felt his big fingers slip inside her stretched asshole, first two, then three, and they moved in and out. She spread her legs for him, tried to help him get his fingers deeper. She was so close to cumming again, and if he would just get them a little deeper, she knew it would happen. Then it did. Three fingers went all the way into her asshole and she came again, so hard this time that her mouth hung open in a silent scream, that turned to a wail of pleasure.

“That's a good slut, Tori, cum for me,” Mike said, his voice a deep rumble in her ears.

She felt his stomach clenching, heard Cindy's rhythmic sucking, and then Mike was groaning, his breath coming in short gasps. Tori opened her eyes and saw him pull Cindy's mouth off of his cock. He wrapped his fist around it, jerking it, and then he pointed it at her face and it exploded. Tori shut her eyes as she felt hot jets of cum spraying her face. It flew into her hair, in her nose, coated the inside of her mouth as she gasped in shock. Cindy was clapping her hands excitedly. Mike was roaring as he jerked his shaft, and it seemed like the spraying semen would never end.

Tori's face felt like it was completely covered in her brother's hot seed. She licked at her lips, swallowed what was in her mouth, and moaned like a nasty cum whore. Then, she felt Cindy's tongue on her face, licking up Mike's cum, cleaning her off like a kitten. She felt Mike push the plug back into her asshole, and the fullness, combined with the feel of Cindy's tongue licking her face, made her cum again. Mike slapped her little butt as she came, leaving a big red hand print on her cheek.

Cindy moaned happily as she finished cleaning what she could from Tori's face. Tori, her head in a daze, sat up on the couch. Cindy straddled her lap, pawed at her tits, and sank her cummy tongue into her mouth. Mike watched them making out for moment, and then pushed his big cock between their faces. Cindy fed the big head back into Tori's mouth, letting her clean the last few drops from it, before taking it back and sucking out the rest, jerking it into her own mouth. Finally, Mike pulled his dick away and lay back on the couch.

“That was so much fun!” Cindy cried.

“That was great,” Mike agreed.

“I think that was Tori's first facial,” Cindy said.

Tori nodded her head, still wresting with the realization that she'd just let her brother's huge prick cum all over her. She needed another shower. Slowly, she got off the couch and recovered her robe, wrapping it around her body.

“I'm going to shower,” She said to no one in particular, and walked out of the room.

The last thing she wanted right now was to have any kind of a conversation about what had just happened. Now that she'd cum, she immediately felt guilty over it. She was such a slut, sucking her own brother's big dick, letting him fuck her mouth, cum on her face, finger her asshole. Still, it had made her so hot to do all those nasty things, and she knew that when it came time, she'd do it again.

She spent a long time in the shower, scrubbing her face of Mike's spunk and Cindy's saliva. She scrubbed it as if it would take the slut off her, somehow make her clean and normal again. It didn't. When she got out, she went to put her robe back on, but there were cum stains on it where Mike's sperm had dripped off her face. She balled it up and threw it, angrily, into the hamper. She wrapped herself in the towel, instead.

Her phone! She ran to the hamper, pulled the robe back out, and pulled her phone from the pocket. Bob's business card floated to the ground. She tossed the robe back in the hamper, and picked up the card. She checked her phone, and there was another call from Tim. She listened to his voicemail, which was very sweet. He told her that he was waiting for her, and when she was ready he'd be there.

Tori went to her room and looked at the bags of clothes Stephanie had bought her the day before. She looked at the phone again, hesitated, and then pulled up the dialer. With shaky hands, she punched in Tim's number and her finger hovered over the button. With a deep breath, she hit it and heard it ring. The line clicked, and she heard his voice for the first time in weeks.

“Tori? Baby, is that you?” He sounded so desperate.

“Um, Hi, baby. It's me,” she said quietly, her voice shaking.

“Oh, God! It's so good to hear your voice,”

“I...Tim...I...” she started to sob.

The sound of his voice, so caring, so desperate to hear from her punched her right in the heart. He didn't seem like hers. He belonged to the old Tori, the good Tori, not the slut that had just sucked off her brother.

“Baby, are you alright?” he asked.

She took a few breaths, tried to settle her nerves.

“I'm here,” she said, “It's just so good to hear you. I'm...I'm really sorry I haven't called,”

“Hey, baby, it's all good. I know it must be hard for you, but I'm here,”

“Are you...doing anything today?” she asked.

“Nah. You?”

“Maybe we can have lunch?”

“Yeah! I mean, if you're up to it, sure,”

“Yeah. Could you pick me up?”

“Sure, baby. When do you want to go?”

She looked at the clock.

“Maybe a half hour?”

“I'll be there,”

“Okay. I'll be ready. Tim?”



“You know it, cutie!”


She hung up the phone and tossed it on the bed, letting out a big sigh. Maybe this was just what she needed. Tim was like a tie to normalcy, something that she could hold onto as her life cascaded downhill into a perverse oblivion with no end in sight.

She looked at the big pile of her discarded old clothes, and then at the bags of new clothes. She dumped the new ones on her bed, remembering as she did how she'd lay in her own piss and cum the night before, her pussy constantly twitching in endless orgasm. The memory made her hot, and she had to fight it.

The new clothes were all tiny tops, ridiculously short skirts, skin-tight pants. She didn't know what to do. She was locked in her belt, and with Stephanie gone with the key, she wasn't sure if anything she wore would really hide it. She doubted Stephanie would let her go out without it, anyway. She wasn't sure she blamed her. She'd probably get horny and end up finger fucking herself in the middle of lunch.

She opted for the longest of the skirts, which ended just above her knees. It was dark blue, and not tight enough that the outline of the belt would be very visible. She pulled a tight matching top over her head, no bra, and saw that it left her midriff bare. Sexy, but not quite slutty. Of course, her hard nipples poking through the thin fabric helped cross that line. It didn't even cross her mind to put on a bra. That should have been another indication that she was no longer the old Tori.

She put on a little bit of makeup, but didn't make herself look like a prostitute, as Stephanie had done the day prior. She checked herself in her full-length mirror. She looked good. She was cute, sexy, a touch of slut. She pinched her nipples and gasped, gave herself a sultry little pout and giggled. If she'd been anyone else, she'd want to fuck her.

She paused at that thought. Is that what she was doing, subconsciously? Was she trying to get Tim to fuck her? She didn't think so, but her sex-crazed brain was funny these days. She sighed. It wouldn't happen anyway. Her cunt was locked up, and her ass was plugged. She turned around, checked her ass in the mirror. The butt plug was hidden. She wondered why she hadn't just taken it out, but decided that she liked the feeling of fullness it gave her, and the sensations it sent through her body when she walked or sat on it.

Her clock read just at thirty minutes since she'd hung up the phone, and she heard the roar of Tim's car in the driveway. He did like to rev that big engine. She picked up a little purse, dropped her phone and keys inside, slipped on a pair of blue slut heels, and went downstairs. Tim was knocking on the door.

Tori breathed and threw it open. Tim's big grin warmed her heart. Her handsome boyfriend looked great, as always. She threw herself into his muscled arms, pressed her head to his chest, and heard his heart beating in his chest. She pulled away, leaned up and gave him a kiss. Tim, used to her chaste lip pecks, gasped as Tori's tongue went into his mouth. She sucked at his tongue hungrily, pressing her tits into his body. She moaned lustily as she devoured his mouth. He could feel her nipples hard against him. No bra?

She finally pulled her tongue from his mouth, looking into his astonished face. She gave him a crooked smile.

“Did you miss me?” she said.

“Uh, yeah,”

“I missed you, too,”

“You look great!” he exclaimed.

He'd never seen Tori dressed this way. Skirts were definitely not her, and the tight top, no bra. She looked amazing.

“Are you sure you're Tori?” he asked.

“Yes, you big lughead. It's really me,”

“You're gorgeous,”

“Why, thank you. You're quite dashing yourself,”

She spun around, letting him get a good look at her.

“Well, I don't know what they did to your fashion sense in that place, but I like it,” he said.

They turned me into a slut, she thought, and Tim noticed her demeanor shift, the bubbly attitude slipping.

“I'm sorry,” he said quickly, “that was rude. I was just making a joke. I guess it's not really that funny, though,”

“It's alright,” she said, forcing her smile back on, “Hungry?”


He held his arm out for her, and she looped hers though it, letting him lead her to his car. He kindly opened her door, and let her in. He slid behind the wheel, cranked the engine with a loud roar, and backed down the driveway.

“Any place in particular you want to go?” he asked.

“Somewhere normal,” she said, “pizza?”

“I like it,”

They were quiet as Tim drove them through town, though it wasn't an uncomfortable silence. They were both lost in their thoughts. Tori wondered how to start over. They'd been together for a year before she went away, and they'd been friends for several years before that. They'd both been in sports, had many of the same friends, but that was the old Tori. How did she begin to put it back together, now. How did she even evaluate her feelings as the new Tori?

Tim pulled into the lot of Dortano's. This was their spot every Friday night, after Tim's games. She recalled, vividly, piling into the place with others from the football team, the ditsy cheerleaders hanging on their arms. It was like remembering ghosts. Tim came around and opened her door, held out his hand. Tori took it and got out, holding onto his hand tightly. He opened the door of the restaurant, and Tori gave him a peck on the cheek as she walked inside.

She immediately drew the attention of every male in the room. Their eyes scanned her body, and she wondered if they could smell her pussy's arousal, maybe on a subconscious level. She was so hot as they looked her up and down, probably imagining what her body looked like, what her pussy tasted like, how tight she was, and if she squealed like a slut when they pushed their cocks into her.

She tried to center herself, ignore the heat between her legs. Tim stepped in behind her, and many of the men found other things to look at. Time seemed to start moving again. She held Tim's hand as they walked up to the counter. He put in their order, knowing just what she liked, and then took her to a table in the corner, away from the majority of the afternoon crowd.

“So,” Tori said experimentally, “Tell me how the season ended,”

Tim, on familiar ground, opened up easily enough.

“Well, we stomped Cross High in the final game,” he said, “They never even scored. I won the bet with their team captain,”

“The bet?”

“Yeah. You were there, at Mike Pierson's place the week before the game. I told them we'd hold them scoreless. He had to streak the field after the game,”

Tori did remember it, now.

“Oh my God! He actually did it?”

“He didn't want to. Coach told him that if he couldn't stick to his word, then he was gonna bench him next year,”

Tori laughed, and it felt good. This was what she needed, something normal.

“Lucy Pendleton tried to throw herself at me after the game,” he admitted, “said that you were getting shipped off to a nuthouse, and never coming back,”

“Did she?” Tori said dangerously.

“She said that you probably didn't even know how to suck a dick, and that I needed someone who did. I told her to go shove a dick down her throat and get lost,” he said proudly.

Tori toyed with her straw. If only Lucy Pendleton knew.

“She ended up fucking Jim Horeston, at a party later that night,”

“I wasn't, you know, in a crazy house,” Tori said suddenly.

“It's okay, baby. We don't have to talk about it,” he said carefully.

“It's alright. I owe you that much, you know, for waiting. For not...cheating on me, I guess,”

It made her sick to say that, considering all the horrible things she'd done the last few weeks. She could still feel her brother's cum in her belly.

“Yeah, well,” he said, “It's all water under the bridge. If you want to talk about it someday, it's okay. If not, cool,”

“Drugs,” she said.


“It was drugs, Tim. I can't really remember all the details. I was really fucked up, I think. I don't even know why I did it, but I got caught,”

“Drugs? Is that why you were, well, kind of weird just before you went away?”

She nodded.

“The therapists, at the place I went to, they think it was stress. Anyway, they found some stuff in my locker. I don't even remember putting it there, but it had my prints all over it, and it got me arrested. I'm surprised Stephanie didn't blabber it all over school,” she put on her best mocking Stephanie impression, “Ooh, my perfect sister doing drugs,”

Tim laughed, “Nah. Stephanie stood up for you. Almost got her ass kicked a few times, even. Tracy Bowman tried to start some rumor that you'd been secretly prostituting yourself for crack. When Stephanie found out she went fuckin' postal. Smashed Tracy's head against a locker and started kicking her. Tracy's friends tried to jump her, but me and some of the guys pulled them off. Your dad had to come take her out of school for the day,”

“Are you serious?”


Tori would have never imagined Stephanie sticking up in her defense. Especially with the way she'd been treating her since she came home. Maybe she had her sister pegged wrong after all. She filed that thought away in the growing 'confusion' file. If she tried to puzzle out that particular thought right now, she'd probably just go mad.

“They kicked me off the track team,” Tori said, sadly, “My parents had to tell them what was going, and I was supposed to be gone for the whole summer. The school didn't really have any choice,”

“That sucks,” Tim said, “Maybe you can get back on after shit settles down?”

“Maybe,” Tori said, looking into the distance, “I don't know what I'm supposed to do, now. It's I'm not even the same person,”

“Hey,” he took her hand affectionately, “It might feel different, after what you've been through, but you're still the same Tori. Maybe you're a better dresser now,” he grinned, “but you'll get back on track. If there's anything I can do, well, I'm here,”

“I know, baby,” she said, thankful for the kindness, “I'll get it figured out. I'm just sorry that it's affected so many people. I mean, just look at us. You have to feel kind of weird after I ignored your calls, and all. I'm sorry for that, by the way,”

“Eh,” he waved it off, “The important thing is that you're back, now. Everything else will fall into place, right?”

“I hope so,”

There was a pregnant pause, and then Tim carefully asked, “Why did they let you out early, anyway?”

“They...I...There's something wrong with me,” she said softly.

“What do you mean,” he looked worried.

“Well, remember I said that they thought it was stress, that I just had some kind of breakdown?”


“Well, that's only part of the truth,”

He could sense her hesitation.

“Hey, you don't have to talk about it, if you don't want. I shouldn't have asked,”

The waiter appeared with their pizza, and interrupted. Tori breathed a sigh of relief. She was on the verge of telling him, and she wasn't sure if she could. The interruption couldn't have been more timely.

*The Reluctant Threeway*

Stephanie sped away from a downtown office just after noon, shades on and her radio blaring. Life was grand. She'd just cashed a check for twelve grand, and all that money just for showing her tits and ass off in some bathing suits. She'd put that many to good use, today, too. She had her own lawyer on retainer, set up a business, and employed a web designer. And the day was only half gone.

She peeked over her shades at a rowdy car full of boys as they hollered and hooted at the hot blonde in the convertible. She pulled her top up and flashed them her tits, which shut them up, and then sped through the green light in the opposite direction, laughing at the foolishness of the male gender. A short while later, she pulled into the driveway at home and parked off to the side drive next to Tori's unused Miata.

Humming to herself, the psychotic teen made her way into the house, calling out that she was home. Nobody answered. She figured Tori would be in her room, probably trying to make herself cum again. That would be great, because her hot young cunt really needed some attention, and there was nothing like face-raping her sister to get her off good. She bounded up the steps, noted Tori's empty room, and pulled out her phone. She knew her parents were both off at work. Who knew where Mike and Cindy had gotten to. They could be downstairs fucking for all she knew. It was surprising, though, that Tori would be out. She shot her a text.

Hey, Sissy. Where you at?

Hey. Out to lunch with Tim.

Stephanie groaned with fury. This was awful! The last thing she needed was for Tori to feel like she could get back to normal. She needed to get them both back under control, and quick.

Oh, cool! She typed back, You guys wanna come swim after?

She knew Tori would hesitate at the question, and Stephanie wanted it that way. It would make her think about her locked-up cunt.

IDK (I don't know) Tori wrote back.

I'll let you out

Tim says sounds like fun. Bts (be there soon).

Stephanie smiled. She needed to come up with something quick. She knew, though, that getting Tori's cunt belt off of her would be like setting off firecrackers in a dry field. She'd been locked up and unable to cum since last night, which had to be getting to her by now. Even if she'd somehow managed to get herself off with her ass, Stephanie knew it wouldn't be enough for Tori's overeager little cunt.

As they walked to his car, holding hands, Tori felt very nervous. She was about to be half naked in the pool with a boy, and with her horny sister. Her cunt was soaking already, and she was having trouble thinking about anything but the ache inside her, the constant itch that needed to be scratched. She had no idea how she was going to make it out of this without being utterly humiliated. What was really confusing, though, was that the thought of being humiliated in front of Tim just made her pussy even hotter.

“Hey, I had a really good time,” Tim said, opening her door.

“Me, too,” she replied and pulled his lips down to hers.

The feel of his tongue slipping into her mouth was like tinder on an open fire. She moaned audibly into his mouth, and her hand caressed his toned chest through his shirt. It took all her inner strength, which was quickly fading, to pull herself off of him and get in the car. Tim, his face flushed, came around and got behind the wheel.

“That was...” he said, hands shaking, “that was great,”

Tori looked at him shyly, and batted her eyes.

“Well, you deserve a little attention after being such a patient boyfriend, right?”

“Can't say no to that, can I?”

“You'd better not!” she teased.

Tim grinned and gunned the engine. He liked the new Tori. A few weeks ago, she would have been very reserved when she kissed him, and he could count the number of times he'd felt her tongue in his mouth on one finger. Whatever epiphany she'd had while she was gone, he was starting to be glad it happened. And, damn, he could get used to seeing her dressed like this. He knew from seeing her in her track shorts and top that she had an amazing body, but she'd never displayed it so openly before. His little dick was hard in his pants as he drove them to her house, eager to check her out in her swimsuit. He just hoped it wasn't going to be the granny one-piece from last summer.

Stephanie heard Tim's car rumble into the driveway, and smiled wickedly. She watched Tim help Tori out of the car. Silently, she had to compliment her sister on her choice of dress. She looked damn hot in that little skirt and top, and even from the upstairs window she could see Tori's nipples poking from the thin fabric. She was certainly aroused, and that was good.

Stephanie met them downstairs as they came in the door, giggling. She gave Tori a big hug and kissed her on the lips, just not as hotly as she'd been doing the last few days. She gave Tim a hug, too, and a peck on the cheek.

“It's so good to see you two back together,” she said, her mask firmly in place.

“Thanks, Steph,” Tim said, and held Tori's hand, “It's nice to have her back,”

“Very nice,” Stephanie agreed, Oh, hey, I grabbed a pair of Mike's trunks for you, Tim. You guys are about the same size, so they should be okay. If you wanna get changed and head out, us girls need to get changed upstairs.”

She grabbed Tori's hand and dragged her away, until they were in Stephanie's room. Once she'd closed the door, she was on Tori like lightening, shoving her tongue into her sister's mouth. Tori, already at the brink of a total slut meltdown couldn't have complained if she wanted to. She groped Stephanie's big tits through her top, moaned into her mouth, and humped herself against her sister's body.

“Oh, God, Stephie! I...please...I need to cum!” Tori begged, her eyes filled with need.

“Okay, sissy, but first, show me what a good pussy girl you are,”

There was no hesitation. Tori dropped to her knees, and pulled down her sister's skirt, watching her long, tanned legs kick it away. Stephanie gently put her hand on Tori's head as her sister went to work on her slit. Tori moaned into Stephanie's wet cunt, lapping at her flowing juices like they were the water of life. Stephanie thrust her cunt against her sister's face, caught up in the intense passion with which Tori slurped at her fuckhole. It wasn't long before she was cumming on Tori's face, coating her sister with fuck cream and calling her a cuntsucker.

When Stephanie finally released her head, Tori knew she was finished, but she waited on her knees for Stephanie to tell her what to do next. Stephanie motioned her up, and turned her around.

“Now, If we're up here too long, Tim's going to get suspicious, so I'm going to take off your cuntblocker, but then we need to get dressed. If you can behave yourself, and not touch your little fuckslit, then I'll be sure to make you cum really hard after we get done in the pool, alright?

“Stephie, I need it so bad,” Tori begged, “Please, I'll be quick,”

Stephanie slipped the belt down her legs, bent Tori over the bed and slapped her cunt hard. Her sister wailed, and Stephanie slapped her cunt again.

“Ow, Stephie! What the fuck!”

“Shut it, slut!” Stephanie said, pushing the base of the plug in her asshole and making Tori moan like a whore, “would you rather get your cunt locked up again and parade around in front of your boyfriend like that?”

“No,” Tori said, defeated, “Please, I'll be good!”

“Good slut,” Stephanie said, and stroked Tori's pussy gently until her sister came.

Tori moaned and quivered as Stephanie got her off, which relieved the tension in her pussy a little bit, but didn't make the heat go away. It was just enough to take the edge off, but she was still so horny!

“Now, as much as I love you for keeping this plug up your little asshole, I think we need to take it out for now. Unless you want to explain to Tim why you have it in?”

“Oh, God, no!” Tori said.

“I didn't think so,”

Stephanie worked the plug out of Tori's ass, making her cum again in the process. When she had it free, she put it to Tori's lips.

“Clean it up,” she said.

Tori wanted to balk, but she knew better. If she didn't do it, Stephanie would physically restrain her, belt her, and probably do something even more humiliating. Maybe she would show the videos to people, maybe to Tim. Her life would really be over, then. She'd be the slut on the video getting her asshole fucked in a dressing room, and no one would ever forget.

Tori opened her mouth and let Stephanie push the big plug between her lips. Tori licked the acrid toy and thought she might puke, but she held it in and finished as quickly as possible. Satisfied, Stephanie tossed the plug on the bed and admired her sister's gaping asshole. She'd certainly opened up nicely, but even as she watched, Tori's ass was closing up again. So resilient, the teenage ass, Stephanie mused. Fuck it open, and it just goes right back to being tight again.

Stephanie went to her closet. Since starting her modeling career, swimsuits were something that were not in short supply. She picked out a modest green bikini for herself, something that showed off her figure very nicely, but wasn't slutty. Tori on the other hand, she handed two pieces of white string.

“What is this? Is this a suit?” Tori asked, looking at the strings curiously.

“It's a microkini. It'll look good on that hot body of yours,” Stephanie said.

“Why can't I wear one like yours?”

“Because I want to look at your gorgeous body,” Stephanie said, stepping closer and kissing her hotly, “and I'll bet Tim wants to see it, too. Be a good girlfriend, now, and put that fucker on,”

Tori fumbled with the little pieces of string, and eventually figured them out. The tiny suit was ridiculous. She may as well have just gone nude. The top was only a couple small nipple covers, and straps that went over her shoulders and behind her back. The bottoms were simply a piece of string that ran though her ass, and split the slit of her pussy. The silky material rubbed against her clit when she moved, driving her already overheated cunt crazy.

“Oh, Tori,” Stephanie praised her, “That poor boy is going to have your legs spread, and pushed back to your ears by the end of the afternoon! How fucking sexy are you!”

“I look like a slut!” she cried, immediately realizing how stupid it sounded.

She'd just eaten her sister's pussy, cum on her fingers, and sucked a sextoy right out of her young asshole. If that wasn't a slut, then she didn't know what was. Stephanie just laughed at the comment, thinking the same thing.

“Oh, calm down. It's not like you've never had a dick in you,” Stephanie said, “Come on. Let's go.”

Tori followed her downstairs, the string rubbing her clit with every step. It was already soaked with her fuck honey. The girls went out to the pool, where Tim was already floating on an inflatable raft. Stephanie was afraid that his eyes might actually pop right out of his head as they came outside.

“Holy mother of...” he began to say, but his tongue stopped working.

The twins were the hottest thing he'd ever seen. Their long blonde hair being teased by the wind, toned legs that seemed endless, flat stomachs, perfect, perky tits. His small boner was raging in his trunks. He couldn't believe what Tori was wearing, if you could even call it that. The tiny suit did basically nothing to hide her flawless body. Stephanie dove into the pool, coming up beside the raft.

“Tell her she looks hot, Tim!” She said.

“Baby, you are amazing!” Tim yelled.

Tori blushed, and came to sit at the side of the pool, putting her legs into the cool water.

“Come on, party pooper,” Stephanie yelled, “get in!”

Tori's frown disappeared. What the hell. She hopped into the pool, and she was honestly surprised that a cloud of steam didn't rise around her as the cool water hit her hot cunt. The initial cold felt great on her hot skin. She kicked her legs up and just floated peacefully on the surface. She heard Tim cry out as Stephanie flipped his raft, dunking him in the pool and breaking into a fit of laughter. Stephanie swam to the side of the pool, pulled herself out, and made sure Tim got a good look as she pulled her wet suit out of the crack of her perfect ass.

She padded to the pool shed, went inside, and came back with a beach ball. She spiked the ball into the pool, right at Tim, and followed it with a cannonball that sent water flying everywhere. Soon, they were playing monkey in the middle, with Tim as the monkey. The twins were trying to keep the ball away from him, but he had several inches of height on them. He got his fingers on the ball as it sailed over his head, and chose Stephanie as the next monkey.

They easily kept if from her, passing it back and forth for a few minutes. Tori missed the ball, had to swim for it, but Stephanie made it first. They giggled, wrestling for control of the slippery ball, but it popped out of their grasp. Stephanie took the opportunity to tackle Tori into the pool with a vicious laugh. Tori screamed and they went under together.

When they came up, they were both laughing. It felt good, just like when they were kids. Tori was having fun, though her cunt was still throbbing for attention. Tim swam over near them and retrieved the ball, paused, and looked at them. It had been a few seconds since they came up, laughing like little girls, but the laughter had died down. Now they were just looking at each other. Then, Stephanie was kissing his girlfriend.

Tim's mouth opened in shock. He didn't know what to say, and wasn't sure if he should say anything. He could see Stephanie's hand beneath the water, and it looked like she was playing with Tori's pussy. The sun must be getting to him. He expected Tori to break away laughing at her sister's joke, but she didn't. She kissed her back, and then there tongues were in each others' mouths.

Tim's cock was straining in his trunks. He dropped the ball and let it float away. Tori was moaning softly, letting Stephanie's hand work between her legs. He hadn't been wrong. He could see Tori's hips bucking against her sister's hand as they made out. Tori wrapped her arms around Stephanie's neck, and became utterly lost in what her sister was doing to her. Stephanie's free hand came out of the water, and she crooked her finger at him.

Tim came over, swearing to God that he would never ask for anything again if this was real. He floated up to the two girls, who hadn't stopped kissing. Stephanie took his hand, and put it on Tori's breast. Tori moaned, but didn't stop kissing her sister. Stephanie, however, did. She pulled away, looked Tori in the eyes, and pulled Tim's mouth to her own. She sucked at his tongue while he mauled Tori's tits, and beneath the water Stephanie continued to rub her sister's pussy.

Stephanie broke away, and then pushed Tori and Tim together. She worked her sister's cunt as she watched them make out. She put Tori's hand on Tim's erection, and heard her sister moan into his mouth. They broke apart, looked at each other, looked at Stephanie, and then Stephanie kissed him again. When they parted again, Stephanie looked into Tori's eyes.

“Tim,” she said, “Have you ever gotten to fuck a pair of hot twins?”

“Stephie,” Tori hissed.

“I...uh, no...”

Stephanie kissed Tori again, broke away, and said, “Would you like to?”

“Stephie!” Tori said again.

“Can't you see how hard you made him, Tori?” Stephanie said, “What's wrong? Don't you want to help your boyfriend's poor balls?”

“But, both of us?” Tori asked.

“Why not?” Stephanie said, “I won't fuck him, if you don't want me to, but think about it. How many guys do you think get to do something like this in their life? Don't you want Tim to know what it's like? Hasn't he been a good boyfriend? Don't you think after a year of patiently waiting with his blueballs, he deserves this? I know you want to, you little slut.”

Tim couldn't believe what he'd just heard. He expected Tori to rip her sister's eyes out for calling her a slut, but instead she stuck her tongue back in her mouth and tightened her grip on his cock. Stephanie pulled them both by the hand out of the pool, grabbed a handful of towels, and they went inside. In the living room, she laid out the towels, on the floor and started to make out with her sister again, while Tim watched, unsure what to do.

While Stephanie kissed her, she pulled the tiny suit off of Tori's body, and Tori did the same to her. They looked at Tim, walked over to him, and together they fell to their knees and tugged at his wet shorts until they hit the towels. His thin, five inch rod stood as erect as it had ever been, bobbing up and down with his excitement. Stephanie groped his balls, rubbing them in her hand and purring. Tori, completely at the mercy of her horny pussy, swallowed his cock whole.

She was a little disappointed by how small his cock was, having had her mouth stretched open by Mike's massive weapon just that morning. He was also smaller than every other cock she'd had in the last few weeks. However, she was too far gone to care. It was a penis, and that was all that mattered right now, getting it inside of her, cumming on it.

Tim tried heroically to control his breathing, wanting to last as long as possible. The few times he'd been with Stephanie, though, had always been short. She was just so hot that when she sucked and jerked his penis, he never lasted more than a couple of minutes. Now, it was like Stephanie doubled, both twins attacking his member with lusty vigor. He was thankful that the time spent in the cold water had dampened the heat in his loins, but that heat was very quickly increasing.

Tori slobbered on her boyfriend's primed penis, looking up into his eyes while her sister massaged his balls. Tim put a hand on her head, his face twisted in concentration, his breathing labored and ragged.

“Isn't she so sexy,” Stephanie said to Tim.

“Oh, yes!”

“Tori's such a good cocksucker, isn't she?”

“Oh, yes! Yes!”

Stephanie slowly extracted herself, backing away from the action. She picked up her phone and flipped the camera on, capturing the action, and then walking to the corner of the room. She turned on another camera she'd set up earlier. As she'd suspected, Tim and Tori were were so caught up in their lust that they never paid attention to the rest of the room. She now had a good wide angle of the whole room on video, as well as more close-up shots that she could capture with her phone camera.

Tori pulled her mouth off of Tim's cock and lay back on the towels. Stephanie slowly moved closer, zooming the camera in to catch a good shot of her sister's swollen, wet cunt.

“Please, baby,” Tori begged, rubbing her clit, “I need you to fuck me, please!”

Oh, God! He was going to lose his virginity! It was going to happen! He eagerly fell to his knees between Tori's spread legs, and then Stephanie was there with them. Some part of Tori's mind noted the phone in Stephanie's hand, but she was too far gone to care. The only thing that mattered was getting fucked, and now. Stephanie took hold of Tim's throbbing penis, stroking it quickly as she guided it to Tori's steamy slit.

“Put it in her pussy, Tim,” Stephanie urged, “Show your girlfriend how you fuck her,”

“Stephie...” Tim groaned. Her hand furiously stroked his dick, edging him close to orgasm, “I...”

His cock touched her slit, the heat against his primed flesh sending a shock of pleasure to his brain. Poor Tim never made it inside her, though. He bellowed and his cock shot two small spurts of cum onto Tori's pussy, and jerked in Stephanie's hand.

“No!” Tori cried pitifully, “Oh, no, Tim!”

Stephanie fought to suppress a laugh at the defeated look on Tori's face. She needed cock in her so badly, and now that she knew it wasn't going to happen, she looked like she might cry. Stephanie took her hand from Tim's cock, and watched as Tori pushed him, forcefully, onto his back. Her lips enveloped his shrinking penis, and she sucked for all she was worth. It had to get hard for her again! It just had to!

Just at that moment, an excited squeal cut the tension in the room. Mike and Cindy stood in the doorway. The little redhead looked well-fucked and disheveled. Her tiny top and skirt were obviously thrown on in haste. Both were stained with drops of, what Stephanie rightly guessed was cum. More strings of cum were in her hair.

“Look, baby,” she said to Mike, “a threesome! Two more makes an orgy!”

Cindy bounced into the room, shedding her clothes. Tim's eyes darted between the stacked redhead, Tori sucking on his cock, Stephanie grinning, and Mike swaggering into the room. His brain was in sexual overload. This was too much! What the hell was happening?

Stephanie silently thanked her lucky stars. This couldn't have gotten any better if she'd made this part of the plan. She beckoned Mike over, whispered in his ear, and his face broke out in a wide grin. He rubbed his hands together and pulled down his shorts, freeing his huge prick.

Tim looked at Tori's brother, unsheathing one of the biggest dicks he'd ever seen. He'd been in locker rooms most of his life, and he'd seen all kinds, but this thing couldn't be real. Why was he walking over this way? Why was the hot redhead kissing his neck, and pushing her big tits into his back.

“Oh, hi, I'm Cindy,” she whispered in his ear, her hand stroking his chest from behind.

“Uh, hi,” Tim squeaked.

Cindy turned his face toward hers and stuck her tongue in his mouth. She tasted salty, and smelled like sex. Was that cum in her hair?

“Oh, are you Tori's boyfriend?” she asked

Tim could only nod. His head was reeling. He couldn't grasp what was happening. One moment he was about to lose his virginity, and then he was dying of embarrassment as he came too soon to even get his dick in. Now, Tori's brother was standing over him with a giant dick, and some girl he'd never seen was making out with him, while his girlfriend sucked on his flaccid penis. This had gone from the best day of his life, to the weirdest.

Tori groaned in frustration. She was so focused on making Tim's penis hard again, that she didn't even notice Mike and Cindy come in. Hadn't heard a single word they'd said. It was only when she came up to draw a frustrated breath, and saw Mike's huge, hard, throbbing cock in front of her face that she realized the reluctant threesome had just become an orgy.

“Oh, Tori, it looks like you need help with that little penis down there,” Cindy said, and dropped down to take it in her mouth.

Had she just called his penis little? Tim looked at Mike's huge dick again, and had to admit that beside that thing, everyone was little. He looked down at the hot redhead who had replaced his girlfriend, wondering when it had happened. This was all so confusing! And what the fuck was Tori doing! She sat transfixed, staring at her brother's giant prick, a look of intense focus on her face.

This couldn't be real! She looked like she was going to touch it. Her hand was moving slowly toward it. Oh, fuck! It was so wrong! It was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. He was getting hard again in Cindy's mouth! What was wrong with him?

Tori wrapped her hand around Mike's huge cock, and Mike looked over at Tim with a smug smile. His sister slowly began to stroke his big shaft, and then she put the head between her lips. For Tori, there was no one else in the room. Mike didn't really even exist as a person right now, he was just a hard piece of fuckmeat that could give her what she needed so badly. Tim was the furthest thing from her mind as she stretched her little mouth around her brother's big, swollen cockhead.

He slowly fucked it into her mouth, watching Tim's utterly confused face with satisfaction. For Mike, this was a dream come true. He'd wanted to cuckold someone forever. He knew that if he could get his huge dick into some other guys' wife or girlfriend, that he could get them hooked on it. He could turn them into his slut on the side, and make them crave his fuckstick. The fact that it was his own sister, and it was happening right in front of her d-bag boyfriend was just icing on the cake.

“You want that big dick, Tori?” he asked.


“Do you want your big brother to fuck you?”

Tori hesitated. She did want to be fucked. She wanted it so badly, but was she really going to let her brother shove that big tool up her? Was she going to spread her legs, and willingly allow him to fuck her with his huge dick? Could she let herself cum on it, and shed the last of her old life. If she did it, then she would know that there was no going back. She would be a true slut. No good girl could allow her hung brother to fuck her silly and make her cum.

She pulled Mike's big dick from her mouth, and said, “Please fuck me, Mike,”

“What was that?” Mike asked.

“Please fuck me,” she said a little louder, “Please, I need to cum!”

That was it for Tim. Her poor boyfriend came for the second time, pumping a few little squirts into Cindy's mouth. He watched Tori lay back, her hands busily rubbing her clit. Cindy swallowed his load and came up to kiss him. He could taste his own sperm on her invading tongue. She softly stroked his little dick and put his hand on her huge chest.

Mike went down to his knees, put his huge dick between his sister's legs. Tori was moaning in total fuck-lust. Mike slid his fat cockhead between her wet, swollen lips, making her cry out and pump her hips against him. He wet his cockhead with her fuck honey, and then re-positioned it, pushed forward, and felt her asshole spread for him.

“Oooooohgodammitnoooo!” she cried, “Oh, please, no, no, no!”

Mike didn't listen. He pushed a few more inches into Tori's ass. His sister covered her face with her hands and moaned as he stretched her open. Against her will, she found her pelvis thrusting itself against Mike's bloated meat, trying to take him deeper. She started to cum, and felt his dick going further and further up her tiny ass.

“Oooh! Oooh! Fuck fuck fuck fuck!” she yelled.

Stephanie stood over her with the camera. Mike pushed her legs wide, thrust his big dick up her, seven inches now buried in her ass.

“Oh, Tori,” Stephanie said, “That's soooo sexy! He's really stretching your ass open, baby,”

Cindy had her mouth to Tim's ear, whispering, “That's so hot, isn't it? Look at the way she takes that big cock? Oh, God! He's almost got it all the way in her! Isn't she sexy?”

Tim found himself nodding his head, his eyes glassy. It was the hottest thing he'd ever seen, watching his girlfriend get fucked by her hung brother.

“Oh, I think she's going to cum again!” Cindy hissed in his ear, “Watch Mike make your girlfriend cum!”

And cum she did, harder than she ever had before. Tori no longer cared that it was her brother. The pleasure was overloading her senses. She clung to his arms as he filled her ass, and then finally felt his big balls slap against her. He'd put his whole cock up inside of her, and she felt so full!

“Mmm, Tori,” Stephanie said, “Where did that big cock go?”

“!” she said, and came again.

“You love your big brothers' cock, don't you?”


“Are you his new butt slut, baby?”

“Yes! Oh, yes!”

“I'll bet he'll want to fuck your little teen asshole again, and you're going to let him, aren't you?”

“Ooooohfucking, yes!”

Now that her asshole was good and ready, Mike began to fuck her in earnest, pulling and pushing his big prick in and out of his sister's backdoor. Stephanie captured it all, her heart pounding. It was perfect. She never imagined that this little scenario was going to turn out the way it had. It was more than she could have ever hoped for. Tori was completely fuck-crazed, letting her own brother plow her asshole in front of her boyfriend.

Cindy left Tim alone, came to Tori and began to make out with her, rub her pussy, finger it. Tori's poor brain exploded as her pleasure centers overloaded. She fucked herself up and down on Mike's prick, her stomach clenching as an endless string of orgasms rocked her tight young body. She had no idea how many times she came. Her brother used her asshole wildly, until with a final push he buried the entire length of his huge prick in her and fired off jets of hot seed in her clutching anus.

Tori thrashed about, and Cindy had to hold her down, pinching her nipples, rubbing her engorged clit. She was sobbing and cumming continuously, as her brain registered what she'd just done. She felt exhausted. The room was getting dim, she was going to pass out.


She heard her name through a fog, but she wanted it to go away. She kept her eyes tightly shut. No more, please!

“Tori, baby!”

Her brain told her that the voice sounded urgent. She should see if it was important. It was much more peaceful to just keep her eyes close, though. Go away.

“Tori, wake up! Please, baby, wake up!”

She carefully opened one eye and saw Tim looking at her. Her vision was hazy, as if she'd been crying. Her body felt like she'd been hit by a truck. She felt something warm and sticky in her ass. She opened the other eye. Tim sighed and smiled at her. He was naked. She was naked.

“There you are,” Tim said, pressing a cold cloth against her forehead.


The soreness in her body was tinged with electricity, an all-over buzz of good sensations. Most of them, as usual these days, seemed to be coming from her cunt. She saw that she was in her room. She lay on her bed. Tim hovered over her. Cindy lay beside her, stroking her tits.

“Welcome back!” Cindy said, and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“What...what happened,” she asked, her mouth dry.

Tim handed her a glass of water, which she gulped down thankfully. God, her ass was sore!

“You passed out,” Tim said, “Cindy and I got you upstairs,”

“Cindy,” Tori said, “Could you please leave us alone,”

The little redhead nodded and flounced off the bed and out of the room. The memory of what she'd done came flooding back, making her head hurt. She'd fucked her brother! She'd let him have her ass, and she'd cum all over his huge cock! She looked at Tim, his happy face, and she started to cry. He climbed on the bed with her, held her tenderly, and let her get it out. She must have fallen asleep at some point.


“Adolescent Hypersexual Disorder,” Tori said softly.

She lay on her bed, cradled in Tim's muscular arms. She could still feel her brother's cum running out of her abused asshole. She was caked in sweat, her face a mess of dried tears.

“That's what they call my...condition,” Tori explained, “They say that's why I was doing the drugs. That I have this repressed sexual energy that's uncontrollable, and my brain just can't cope with it. Some people get horny, and they want to get off. Well, I get really, really horny, and I have to get off or it feels like I'm going to die,”

“So that...down there...”

“I'm sorry,” she said, burying her shame-filled face in his chest, “I didn't even know what I was doing. I just knew that I needed to be fucked, and I didn't care who did it,”

“Can I tell you something,” he asked.

“Yeah. Of course,”

“At first, I...well...I was shocked. Hell, I still am! I was horrified. That was probably the single weirdest experience of my entire life,”

“That makes two of us,”

“But what I think really got to me, and what I'm still trying to figure out, was why it turned me on,”


“Oh, man! Watching you just lose control like that, the way you turned into a total sexbomb, I've never seen anything so sexy!”

Tori looked him in the eyes and saw that he was telling the truth.

“Tim, I...I'm not right, you know, in the head anymore. I've been fighting it so hard, trying to hold on to the person that I used to be. These things that I feel now, these...urges. After I cum, I feel so guilty, knowing that this isn't who I was only a few weeks ago. But now, after what just happened, I know that I can't ever be that person again. I'm a slut, Tim. I'm a slut!”

She felt like she was going to cry again, having admitted it out loud to herself for the first time with a clear head. Tim kissed her softly, then again with more passion. His hand went to her breast, massaged it softly. Tori moaned into his mouth, and reached between his legs to find him hard again. His small penis was so stiff, twitching in her hand. She pushed him onto his back, straddled his chest, and kissed him again.

She could feel Tim's heart in his chest when she placed her hot hand against it. She backed her pussy up, felt his small cock against it, and pushed again. His cock slipped into her easily, and she moaned. It wasn't that she got a lot of pleasure from his penis. It was nothing like Mike's huge boner, but it was just that he'd stayed, and that gave her pleasure. Despite what had just happened, where another man would have run out the door screaming, Tim had stayed.

He'd carried her to her room, he'd watched over her, brought her back to life after she'd fucked herself silly. She kissed him as she rode his penis, and though it was small, and she probably wouldn't cum, she did it because he had cared enough to stay. She could feel Mike's cum running out of her ass, dripping onto Tim's balls. He was panting into her mouth. She broke their kiss and straightened her back, her finger rubbing at her clit as she moved her hips back and forth.

Tim held her legs in a tight grip. Even after his miserable performance earlier, Tori was still willing to let him into her body! He decided that he didn't care if she was a slut. He didn't care if she fucked her brother's much bigger dick. He'd never felt so turned on in his entire life, as he had just a short time ago, watching it all happen. Where would he ever find that kind of eroticism again? Who else could match that, but Tori Hamlin?

Watching her perfect tits bounce, his girlfriend fingering her clit, her other hand running through her gorgeous hair, Tim felt his balls begin to tighten. Tori's eyes opened, and she smiled at him wickedly. She was a fucking goddess, and it didn't matter if she fucked the whole world. As long as she ended up right here, on top of him, giving him that look, her deep blue eyes full of love and lust, he would be her slave forever.

“Cum in me,” she hissed, “cum in my slut pussy, baby!”

“Oh, God! Oh, fuck!”

Three small squirts into her cunt amounted to the biggest orgasm Tim had ever achieved. He felt humiliated, he felt small. Tori still bounced on his softening dick, rubbing her clit, trying to get herself off. She finally did, crying out that she loved him. His inadequacy burned shamefully inside his chest, knowing that he would never be able to pleasure her the way her brother's huge dick had, but those words made it worth it. Tori collapsed on his chest, giggling. Her wrapped her in his arms and breathed in the scent of her, holding her. She might be a slut, but she was his slut.

*Cindy Sin and Little Kandy Kunt*

“What kind of a job?” Tori asked Cindy, as they sat around the table the next morning.

Cindy, naked except for her collar, had just told Tori that she'd come up with a fantastic idea while Mike fucked her the previous night, watching cheating girlfriend porn.

“An internet site,” Cindy explained.

The stacked little redhead had been lamenting the fact that she felt like a freeloader. The Hamlin's had been so good to her, taking her in when no one wanted her, and she felt like she needed to repay their kindness and contribute to the family. The only problem was her very limited skill set, and the fact that she was prone to fucking anything and anyone at the drop of a pair of pants. Those things, coupled with her aversion to wearing clothes, made an already limited pool of work practically non-existent.

“What kind of internet site?” Tori asked, already guessing where this was going.

“Well, a porn website, of course!” Cindy said, happily.

Tori squirmed in her chair, her pussy getting hot in her belt, the big plug stuffed firmly up her tiny asshole once again. Tim had stayed with her a few more hours last night, and then had to get home. After she'd cleaned herself up, she'd been met outside the bathroom door by Stephanie. Her sister had pulled her into her room, raped her face, while telling her what a dirty incestuous slut she was, and then made her cum by fingering her wet cunt. She'd locked Tori's pussy back up afterwards, and said that she didn't know if she could trust her to let her out again, after what had happened.

Tori had, strangely, cum without even touching herself as she thought about the implications. It would mean that getting cock into her pussy would be a rare thing, and that if she wanted to be fucked, it was going to mean cumming from her ass. The idea of being a full-time ass whore for her brother's huge cock simultaneously scared her and made her very horny.

She tried to focus on what Cindy was saying. Her friend was very animated and excited that she'd come up with the idea all on her own, being such a stupid slut as she was.

“I want to call it Cindy Sin,” she said proudly, “and Mike thinks lots of guys are going to pay money to jerk off to me. Doesn't that sound great?”

“That sounds right up your alley, honey,” Tori agreed.

“Well, it's just an idea, but Mike said he has a friend that could help us set it up. We're going to go see him this afternoon!”

“Well, aren't you just a little slutty entrepreneur?”

“Ha! They said I could never be my own boss, but look at me now baby!” Cindy gloated.

Tori had to smile at her friend's innocence. She really was a stupid slut, but a slut with a heart of gold. Tori, on the other hand, was trying to put her life in perspective. Her attempt to return to normalcy by meeting Tim for lunch had completely exploded in her face. More truthfully, it had exploded in her ass. She shivered as she remembered how her brother's dick had stretched her open so wonderfully, and made her cum. She couldn't get the thought out of her head, now.

“Tori, are you okay?” Cindy asked.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah, I'm good. Sorry. Just thinking,”

“Oh, well be careful. I've learned that thinking usually gets me into trouble,”

“Somehow, I believe that,”

“Well, is it anything I can help with?”

“Not unless you know how to remove a chastity belt, and have a huge cock to put up my pussy,” she said.

“Oh, well, no I don't think I know how to do that. But I do know where there's a huge cock, and I'll bet it would love to get back into your ass!”

Tori felt her ass clench around the plug. Her butt still hurt from Mike pounding it yesterday. While she did want to cum, she wasn't sure she could take that monster back into her so soon.

“I...I think I'll have to pass. My ass is really sore,”

“Oh, boy! Tell me about it! The first time I took that thing in my butt, it was something else. And then, at that movie theater, there were these two guys that both wanted my ass so much that I felt really bad for them. So, I let them both in it at the same time. Gosh, you talk about about getting stretched!”

“I guess I never asked how the movie date went, did I?” Tori said.

“Oh, it was great. I don't remember what movie we saw. After it started Mike was feeling up my tits and pussy, and then some other guys got really interested in what he was doing, and instead of watching the movie, they started putting their dicks in my mouth. Well, one thing led to another, and before I knew it they were making me a little three-hole whore right there in the theater. It was really nice,”

“That, really nice. I'm glad you guys had a good time,”

It did sound nice, in fact. Tori could just picture her friend getting her mouth, ass, and pussy slammed full of cocks, cum spraying on her big tits. She had to close her eyes and breath deeply to get control of her aching cunt.

“Hi girls,” John said, popping into the kitchen with an empty coffee cup.

He leaned down and gave Tori a kiss on the head, then the same for Cindy. Cindy, though mashed her lips against his, and then quickly pulled them away, slapping herself on the forehead.

“I'm sorry! I'm sorry! This shit just happens!” She cried.

“It's alright, honey,” John said with a laugh, “Maybe you should try that one on Melanie next time,” he winked.

“Oh, but she's so pretty. I'd feel really nervous!”

“Ha! Somehow, I doubt that,” he said, walking to the coffee maker.

“I think I'll go see if I can get Mike out of bed,” Cindy said, excusing herself.

John came and sat at the table with Tori.

“How you feeling, baby?” he asked, his face serious.

“Okay, I guess,”

“I saw Tim scooting out of her last night. You two patching things up?”

“Ha! Trying to, I guess. He took the news that his girlfriend's a slut pretty well,”

John frowned, “Tori, do you really think you're a slut?”

She knew she was, but admitting it to her father might open the floodgates, and she didn't know if she was ready to start telling him about her last few days at home. Instead, she changed the subject.

“Stephanie told me, you know, about you guys,” she said, “How come you didn't say anything?”

John sat back in his chair, studied the table silently. Finally, he leaned over and took her small hand.

“I know that things have been really strange for you lately, honey. You have a lot to deal with, a lot of conflicting emotions, new feelings, a whole life to rebuild just because of one mistake. Your mom and I, well, we didn't feel like we wanted to give you too much to handle at once. Honestly, we weren't sure how to even tell you, or if we did how it would make you feel. Do you know how much we love you guys? I would destroy the world to keep you kids safe,” his hand tightened on hers, “and maybe we should have told you as soon as you came home. But, that's the truth of it. We just didn't know how to say it, or if it would make you hate us.”

There it was, finally out in the open.

“Is that why you guys have been avoiding me?”

“I'll never lie to you, baby. It is. Maybe we're ashamed to face you over it, or maybe we're just afraid, like you're afraid of what's happening to you. And that's no excuse. I can see that now. It's cowardice, and I'm sorry for it. We owe you more than a cold shoulder,”

Tori felt tears in her eyes. She'd never seen her father so vulnerable, his emotions laid so bare. She pushed her chair back and put her arms around his neck, clinging to him tightly.

“Oh, daddy, you're not a coward! You're the bravest man in the world,”

Her tears broke free and ran hot against his neck. He pulled her close and held her until she loosened her grip, stopped crying. She stood back and he reached out to wipe a stray tear from her cheek.

“So, how do you feel about it?” He asked.

“Well, does it make you happy?”

“I think so. We have a good time, and it's brought us all closer, I think. I can't remember us ever being closer to Stephanie before. You know how she is, always the outsider, like Mike,”

Tori nodded. Her sister had always been that way, keeping them all at a distance, even while trying to be part of the whole family.

“Then I'm okay with it,” Tori said, “and I don't hate you guys. I could never hate you. And I hope you would never hate me for doing...things, too,”

“Baby, that will never happen. Even when you...made your mistake, we weren't angry. We were hurt, yes, but not because of what you did. We were hurt by ourselves for letting you down, for not seeing that you needed our help, and for not knowing how to give you that help. Maybe, when you have kids, you'll be able to understand this, but we don't always know when you need us. We're just slightly bigger kids, ourselves, you know. Your mom and I started family life a lot earlier than most people, and even though we try our best, we make a lot of mistakes, too,”

“Daddy, I know you guys are human,” she giggled, “and I promise if I need help, I'll come to you, alright?”

“Good. Is there anything you need, now? Please tell me, honey,”

“I, well...”

“What is it?”

“Can I tell you something?”

“Of course,”

“And you won't be mad?”

“Well, now that's not fair, but I'll do my best,”

Tori looked bashfully at the floor, bit her lip, and looked like she was going to say something, but stopped.

“If you don't want to tell me, you don't have to,” John said, “but if it will help you, then I'm here,”

“I...Have you ever wanted something so badly, that you would do anything to get it?”

John thought for a second, then said, “Yes. Your mother. Our parents weren't very happy about us being together, and I constantly had to prove myself, especially when she got pregnant with your brother. I worked three jobs, finished school, and started my company and it was all because I wanted her so badly that I would do anything for it,”

“Oh, well, maybe it's not quite the same thing...”

“Baby, what is it?”

“Well, ever since I started getting's really hard to explain. I told Tim this same thing. Some people get horny, and they want to get off, right?”

“I think I've felt that a time or two, yes,” he grinned.

“Well, with me, it's like that but a million times worse. When I get...aroused...well, you saw how I acted the first night I came home,”

“I remember,”

“That was mild,” Tori admitted, “that was like a category one storm. When I really start to feel it, it's like nothing else matters. I don't care where I am, who it is, what I'm doing. When I get horny I have to get off or I feel like my head's going to explode!”

John could see her getting aroused just talking about it. He'd had plenty of experience now, with her sister, to see the signs, and they were practically copies of one another. Her nipples were hard against her tiny shirt, her lips quivering, stomach tight, breath ragged. Tori was more than turned on, she was intensely horny.

“Well, yesterday, I wanted to have sex with Tim. We were about to do it, right in the living room, but we'd never done it before. I don't think he's ever done it, actually. He, well, he got off before we know...fuck?”

John felt his dick stirring in his pants. Tori might be a different person, but he couldn't help thinking of her sister and the way she totally gave herself over to her lust when she was with him.

“Anyway,” she went on, “I was so into it, the need so bad, and then Mike and Cindy came home and saw us. You know that Mike and Stephanie...”

“I know,”

“Well, I had to cum so bad. I had to be fucked, and there was no stopping it, daddy. I begged Mike, I fucking begged him to put his cock in me!”

His already rising cock became fully stiff hearing the words out of his daughter's mouth.

“And he did, daddy,” Tori said softly, “He put that dick up my...up my ass, and I came harder than I ever have in my life,”

John sat back in his chair, breathing heavily.

“Tori, why are you telling me this?”

“I just...I just wanted you to know what happened. I want you to understand what's going on. You asked me if I thought I was a slut? I do. I'm a slut, daddy! I can't help it, and I don't know what's happening to me, but only a slut would do that!”

She sat down in her chair and moaned hotly, squirming in her seat. Her face was a mix of agony and pleasure, and John saw for the first time his daughter's switch flipping, and her uncontrollable lust taking over her body.

“Tori, you need to breath, baby. Look at me,”

She opened her deep blue eyes and there was desperation like he'd never seen in anyone. Even his wife on her horniest day, as much of a sex kitten as she was, had never looked like this. Tori stood up and bent over the table, pulling her tiny skirt over her perfect ass. John blanched as he saw the base of a butt plug lodged firmly in her tight behind.

“Tori is that...”

“Yesss,” she moaned, “there's a big plug up my ass, daddy. I'm keeping it open so that Mike's cock can get in easier. Oh, I came so hard when he fucked me, daddy. It was so good,”

As he watched, she reached back and jiggled the plug, making herself moan. She looked at him as she did it, her lips wet, eyes full of need.

“You can fuck me, daddy. You can put your big cock up my ass, too, if you want to. It would make me cum so hard, daddy! Oh, I need to cum!”

The transformation was shocking. John realized that he hadn't grasped exactly how serious this was for Tori until this moment. While his dick ached to do as she asked, his more rational instincts held firm.

“Honey, I'm not going to fuck you,” he said firmly.

“Please, I have to cum! Oh, please, I need it so bad!”

John had no idea what to do. If he did what she asked, it would be taking advantage of her, and that was not something he was going to do. Still, it was agonizing watching his daughter play with the plug in her ass, trying desperately to get off. He could see the pain it was causing her, and it broke his heart.

“Stay right there, baby,” he said, and ran out of the room.

He couldn't believe he was going to do this, but it was the only solution he had right now, short of getting his daughter off himself. He swung open Mike's door and crashed down the stairs. Mike and Cindy came running at the sound of his loud steps.

“What's going on?” Mike asked, worry clear on his face.

“It's Tori,” John said breathlessly, “I need your help,”

“Tori? Is she okay?” Cindy cried and ran past them both.

Mike and his father ran up behind her. Cindy was already in the kitchen, whispering in Tori's ear. She'd pulled the plug from her asshole, and was trying to jam three fingers into herself. She looked at Mike and John as they came in, but she wasn't really seeing them.

“I need you to fuck your sister,” John said plainly.

Mike laughed. He couldn't help it. It just sounded ludicrous, and he couldn't imagine any other family in the world in which those words would be commonplace.

“Um, okay,”

“I don't know what happened. We were talking, and then, well, this. I'm not going to do it myself, and I understand that you two have already...”

“Yeah, once,”

“Then get to it, man! Can't you see she needs it?”

“Oh, this one is really bad,” Cindy said. Even her normally cheery voice was full of worry.

Tori didn't even acknowledge their presence. She just continued to fuck herself in the ass with her fingers.

“The only thing is,” Mike said, “I really pounded her ass good yesterday, and I'm sure it hurts. I don't know if I should,”

John pulled his keys from his pocket. This was one of the oddest moments of his life. Never did he imagine that he would have to unlock his daughter's chastity belt so that her brother could fuck her and make her cum. But that's what he was doing. He had to wrestle Tori's hand from her ass to get the belt down her legs.
Her pussy was wetter than any he'd ever seen, and John Hamlin had seen a great many wet pussies. It was swollen, hot and clenching. The sight of her needy cunt actually made him cringe. He'd never seen someone who needed to be fucked so badly.

“Mike's going to fuck you, baby,” Cindy was saying in her ear, “Would you like that?”

“Ooooh, yes! Please!”

Mike got behind his hot sister and lined his already hard dick up to her fuckslit. He rubbed the head between her lips. It was just like how Cindy got when she really needed to be fucked. Tori was so wet that there was a constant trickle of fuck honey flowing down her legs and pooling on the floor.

“Oh, God! Put it in me, please!” Tori begged.

Mike pushed his cockhead into her, splitting open her tiny pussy. She was so wet that there was no resistance, despite how tight she was, and how big his dick was. It was incredible! Tori bucked herself back against him and immediately began to cum. John watched with a sense of morbid fascination. He'd seen Mike fuck his wife, and he knew that his son had fucked Stephanie, but to see Tori so utterly lost in desire was something else.

Mike fucked his squirming sister for all he was worth, and she came over and over again as he drove his cock into her. She spit a constant string of moans, fuck me's, and yes's as her brother took her pussy for the time. Cindy rubbed her clit all the while, sometimes fingering Tori's asshole, but always watching her friend get off with a look of pure joy.

John backed out of the room, his head in a whirl. He couldn't stand to watch anymore. Despite all the things going on in his home, this somehow felt wrong. This was different because Tori had no control over her body. He knew that if any other member of his family said no, he could walk away respecting that decision. Tori couldn't say no. The only answer was yes, for her.

She was screaming for Mike to fuck her harder, how good it was, caught in an endless series of orgasms the likes of which he'd never seen. He soon found himself in his car, pulling away from the house, no destination in mind. He just had to leave.

Tori lay twitching on the table, Cindy licking out her dripping fuckhole, while Mike sat back in a chair recovering. His dick was still hard. He couldn't get Tori's voice out of his head, the way she begged to be taken, to be filled. It wasn't like the sweet love and passion with Cindy, or the rough, dirty fucks with Stephanie, or even the slutty, impassioned mutual screwing with Melanie. Tori was like a submissive little doll, that could only beg to be fucked, and he thought that he could very easily become addicted to this.

Tori lifted herself from the table, not bothering to adjust her little skirt. Cindy was sliding her belt back up her legs, locking her dripping cunt back into it. Mike didn't know why. It wasn't like anyone was making her do it. Maybe it was just routine, now, like putting on your socks in the morning. Except that Cindy didn't wear socks.

Tori wobbled toward him, leaned down and kissed him on the mouth. That caught him off guard He kissed her back, feeling her tongue in his mouth. Cindy's was cleaning his cock off with her mouth, sucking his cum and Tori's pussy juice off it eagerly.

“God, I needed that!” Tori declared.

“You're...not mad?” Mike asked.

“No,” Tori said, “It felt great! When in a house full of sluts, do as the sluts do. Or, something like that,” she shrugged and smiled at him.

“Sure, I guess so,”

Tori looked down at Cindy, her mouth stretched around the big dick that had just pounded so much pleasure into her body. She stroked the redhead's hair, winning a cock-stuffed smile from her friend. Tori clapped Mike on the shoulder and staggered from the room. Cindy stood up and put her own pussy over her boyfriend's cock, sank down on it, and rode him in the chair.

It was late in the afternoon when Stephanie pulled away from a downtown office building. She'd spent the morning hours on a shoot, dropped a new contract for a fall line at her attorney's office, and then spent the last few hours going over her own personal project with her web designer. The videos he'd edited together for her were spectacular. She couldn't wait to get home, and unveil her work.

She made it home to find Tori on the couch with Melanie. They were watching a movie, Tori's head in her mother's lap. Stephanie flopped down next to them and gave her mother a long open-mouthed kiss as Melanie stroked Tori's hair. Her sister squirmed uncomfortably, her cunt locked in her belt and undoubtedly yearning to be fucked.

“What have you two kittens been doing today?” Stephanie asked.

“Oh, I spent most of the day at the spa. Busy summer, you know,” Melanie said, “Then I got home and curled up with this little angel to watch some TV. We've just been chatting,”

“I didn't do shit,” Tori said, “Weirded dad out, got impaled on ten inches of dick, came my brains out, had a nap. You know, the usual,”

Melanie laughed, and Tori giggled. Stephanie pushed the mask to the front and laughed along with them, but inside she wanted to choke her sister. How dare she be happy about being a slut? This wasn't right! She was supposed to be emotionally conflicted, guilt-ridden, filled with self-loathing. It wasn't fair that after everything Stephanie had done to ruin her life, that she was smiling and happy, making jokes about it.

“How was your day, sissy?” Tori asked sweetly.

“Meh. Did a shoot this morning. They gave me a new contract for a fall lineup, too. I took it over to my attorney to look over,”

“Well, look at you little miss big stuff,” Melanie said, “so nonchalant with your own lawyer!”

“Ha! Yeah, I guess, so,” Stephanie agreed.

Melanie kissed her again, saying, “I'm so proud of you!”

That was what Stephanie needed to hear. Her dark mood began to fade just a bit. She felt better. Tori didn't have her own lawyer. Tori didn't even have a job, or a life outside of her endless need to cum. Maybe she was overthinking it. Tori probably did hate herself for being a slut. She'd just learned to accept it, and keep it bottled up. That made Stephanie happy. She knew that she and Tori were the same in that respect. They'd keep their pain inside, when possible, and eventually it would burst forth and they'd lose their shit. Sometimes, more spectacularly than others.

“And where is the rest of our motley crew?” Stephanie asked.

“Dad left this morning. Don't know where he is. Mike and Cindy are visiting some friend of his about a website she wants to start.”

“Oh, really. What sort of website is this, and why?” Stephanie asked, genuinely curious.

It was difficult, even for Stephanie, not to like Cindy. The little redhead hardly had two brain cells to rub together, but her general state of happiness about everything was infectious. If ever there was a girl with a sad story to tell, it was Cindy, but she didn't play the victim. She didn't cry about it, whine and bitch. She just accepted that she was what she was, and as long as the people around her were happy, she could be happy. She was, truly, a tiny, big-breasted, shamelessly sex-crazed pleasure machine.

“What kind of website do you think,” Tori said, laughing, “she wants to do porn, of course.”

“Well, she's got the body for it, that's for sure,” Melanie said.

Stephanie raised an eyebrow at her, “Oh, don't act so surprised miss 'hurt my pussy',” Melanie laughed.

Stephanie grinned, “Oh, and right back at you missus 'suck mommy's cunt'!”

“Hey, I know a hot girl when I see one, and that little fuckdoll is a hundred pounds of pure yummy,” she licked her lips.

“Listen to you two sluts,” Tori butted in, “talking about her like a piece of meat that you can't wait to get in your dirty little mouths,”

“You're one to talk, pussy girl,” Stephanie fired back.

Tori blushed, and lowered her eyes, but she was smiling.

“Oh, now don't tease each other,” Melanie said, trying to be the adult.

“Oh, but it's so much fun to tease,” Stephanie said, and licked Tori's ear.

Her sister gasped and she saw her quiver in Melanie's lap.

“Okay! Okay! You two are getting me all hot,” Melanie said, getting up from the couch, “I'm going to go take a shower,”

“Would you like some company?” Stephanie asked.

“Only if you promise to play nice,” Melanie said.

“Do I know any other way to play?”

“That is, obviously, a rhetorical question,”

“It is,”

“Would you like to come, Tori?” Melanie asked, holding out her hand.


Her cunt was so hot. She knew what would happen if she went with them, and her pussy was urging her to do it. She hadn't cum since that morning, and she did need it. She needed it very badly. Could she have sex with her mother, though? She'd already let Melanie lick her pussy once, and she'd loved it. Stephanie was constantly using Tori for sex these days, so that was nothing new. Fuck it.

“Can I please get this fucking belt off, though?” Tori asked.

“Of course, baby,” Melanie said, “If there's one thing you're not going to have to do with these two gorgeous sex machines, it's masturbate. Trust me, you won't have to,” Melanie winked at her.

Tori followed the two of them upstairs, where Melanie learned that Tori was naturally very submissive. Stephanie played the dominant role very well, and while at first it made Melanie a bit uncomfortable to see the interaction between the two of them, she soon found it extremely erotic. She just didn't realize, yet, that Stephanie thought about their relationship much differently then Melanie did. For Melanie, it was playful, and it was sexy. For Stephanie, it was about control, about truly owning her sister and making her submit to her.

The first time she watched Stephanie finger her sister's pussy, making out with her, calling Tori her “pussy girl,” she almost came without touching herself. It was a side of Stephanie she'd never seen in the bedroom before. For her part, Tori danced like a puppet on Stephanie fingers. She seemed to get off on every filthy word, on being made to eat her sister's cunt, and came really hard when Stephanie made her eat Melanie's cunt, too, and lick her ass.

It was the dirtiest shower of her life, and she came out of it feeling like she'd just lived through a pissing match between her daughters. Stephanie was, clearly, not afraid to experiment with Tori's new found sexuality. Tori, though, had seemed to love it. Bitch. Cuntsucker. Pussy girl. Suckslut. None of these filthy names even phased Tori. In fact, Melanie could see the way they aroused her, and made her more eager to please.

John came home to find them all naked in his bed, giggling. He looked tired. It was like a scene out of a porno movie, something that did not ever actually happen in real life. Three blonde sexdolls, naked and horny in his bed, all of them looking at him as though he were dinner. All he wanted to do was sleep. Melanie saw the look on his face.

“Why don't you girls go on now. We've had enough fun for tonight. I think your dad needs to get in bed,”

The twins kissed their mother, gave John a quick peck on the cheek, and ran their naked asses from the room. John flopped down on the bed and let Melanie run her hands over his chest. He sighed as the tension left his body.

“So, where have you been?” she asked

“I went over to the new data center and worked out some bugs in the software. I needed to clear my head,” he replied, smiling weakly.

“Anything you need to talk about?”

“How are the girls?”

“You're dodging the question,” Melanie chided him.

“Am I? Maybe. Tell me, though, how are they?”

“The short answer? Good. I got to hang out with Tori, just us, for a couple hours. Stephanie came home. We had a shower, a little fun,”

“Good. Good. Tori, she was okay?” he asked.

“She seemed fine, yeah. What's going on with you?”

“So, she didn't seem...a little crazy? Out of control?”

“Ha! No. Different, yes. Crazy about eating her sister's pussy, maybe. Out of control, though, no,”

“Good. That's good,”

“John, spit it out!”

He smiled, sat up on his elbow and kissed her head.

“I'm sorry, it's just, if you'd seen her the way...the way I saw her this morning. It was hard, Mel,”

“You mean when Mike fucked her?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“You know?” he asked.

“She told me about it. Like I said, we had a good talk this afternoon,”

“I guess it's just hard to get used to it, and I know that probably sounds selfish. I mean, just think about how hard it has to be for her, and here I'm saying it's tough on me,”

Melanie tugged at his tie, undid the knot, slipped it off of him.

“Well, it's just a change. It's hard on all of us, I'm sure, and your feelings aren't any less important than any of ours, so I wouldn't say you're being selfish,”

“If you saw what I did, Mel, it just made my heart hurt for her. One minute, we're having a normal conversation at the table, and practically in the blink of an eye she's bending over the table begging to get fucked. I didn't know what to do, honestly. I think I panicked, and that's when I brought Mike up to...take care of it. Was I wrong?”

“No, I don't think so. She told me that she knew you were...weirded out. She felt awkward putting you in that kind of position, and I know she feels embarrassed about it. We really talked, though, and Tori's coming to terms with the fact that this is what she is, now. She's been fighting it so hard, but it's wearing her down, John. She said she still feels a degree of...shame, when she comes down from one of her spells, but she also feels liberated,”

“She said that?”

“Mmhm. Look, I know what's bothering you. Don't think I can't read you like a dirty magazine, John Hamlin. You're thinking that she's going to feel taken advantage of because of her condition, that she has no choice but to just let anyone use her for their own purposes, right?”

“You pegged me there,” he confirmed.

“Well, it's not the case. I know that the last thing any of us want is for Tori to feel like she's being taken advantage of, especially by her own family. She doesn't, not really. She said she sees it more as us helping to fulfill her need. When she gets going, it's like a snowball rolling downhill, or an out of control truck. She can't stop it until the need is satisfied, and we can either help her satisfy that need, watch her suffer, or she'll find that satisfaction in places where she truly will be taken advantage of. Do you see what I'm saying?”

John slowly nodded.

“Okay, I can see the logic there. It doesn't mean I'm happy about it, but I can accept it. I'm also going to look at other professional help, if she'll let me. I want second opinions, alternative diagnoses. If it destroys my company, bankrupts this family, I don't care. If she'll let me, I'm going to help her find a way to get her life back,”

“You see why I love you?” Melanie said, “Well, other than your selfless dedication, I guess your huge dick is another reason,”

John laughed.

“Now, why don't you shut up and let me slobber on that fucking monster,”

“Best idea I've heard all night!”

Outside of their parents room, Stephanie led Tori into Tori's room, where she licked her sister's hard nipples and fingered her heated little pussy to a small orgasm. Now that she had her good and aroused, pliant, and ready for more stimulation, she held her by the waist and gave her sloppy little kisses. Tori responded eagerly, rubbing her body against her sister, moaning and whimpering with need. Despite her recent sexual play with her hot mother and sister, Tori was still incredibly turned on. She'd spent a lot more time making Stephanie cum, than she had gotten herself, and she could feel that she was hitting that point where it was time to cum or go crazy.

“I have something I want to show you,” Stephanie said.

The words made Tori shiver, recalling the last time Stephanie had wanted to show her something. It had ended with her getting tied to the bed watching porn movies of herself, a vibrating egg in her cunt, and a continual string of orgasms that made her piss herself.

“What is it?” She asked hesitantly.

Stephanie led her to her computer chair and sat her down.

“Well, I thought it was funny that you mentioned Cindy wanting to start her own website,” Stephanie said, “because I've been working on a little project of my own,”

Tori watched her sister collect a couple pairs of stockings, and come back to her. She sank into the chair, knowing what was coming.

“Stephie, please! Don't tie me up! Don't put the egg in me, please! I'm your good girl, Stephie, please don't hurt me!” she begged.

“Shh, shh, shh,” Stephanie hushed her, “I'm not going to put the egg in your little cunt, baby,” she assured her, “but I'm going to tie your arms to the chair, because I don't want you playing with that hot little cunt, alright?”

Tori trembled, but made no move to stop her. Her heart was beating so fast. The thought of being restrained in the chair was both terrifying and exciting. Ever since the first time Stephanie had tied her down, she'd come to realize that being helpless was very erotic. It seemed to help with the guilt that plagued her after she came, making her feel as though she really didn't have any choice. If she gave up all her control to someone else, there was really no reason to be ashamed when she acted like a slut.

Stephanie gently tied one wrist, and then the other to the arms of the computer chair, and then put her tongue into her sister's mouth. Tori squirmed in the chair, her pussy so hot and wet. Finally, Stephanie pulled the little gag ball from Tori's dresser drawer.

“Stephie,” Tori said softly.

“Open up,” Stephanie said kindly.

Tori complied, and let her sister gag her mouth. Stephanie rubbed her pussy for her, and told her she was a good slut. Stephanie turned on Tori's computer, pulled up her internet browser, and punched in a web address: LKKXXX.COM. The page came up, and Tori was greeted to the sight of her own ass in the air, her belt clearly visible, and she was trying to push the dildo up her asshole. Her face wasn't visible, so it could have been any porn slut, except that Tori knew when this picture was taken. She looked at Stephanie with horror-filled eyes, and her sister only smiled.

“Now, this little project of mine isn't to hurt you, Tori. It's to help you. Seeing as your...condition won't allow you to hold a real job, or really do much of anything but act like a slut, I thought I'd help you make a little money for yourself. Maybe this is your future!” Stephanie explained.


“Now, calm down. Nothing here shows your face, and no one can tell it's you, unless they've actually seen that gorgeous body of yours. Read the description, and see what you think,”

Tori turned her eyes back to the screen and read the introduction page.

Hey there guys! My name is Little Kandy Kunt and, while it's not my real name, it's a pretty accurate description! I'm the hottest, horniest, little 18 year old slut that I know, and I really hope you like jerking those hard pricks to my movies and photos! I'm such a horny teenager with a hot little cunt, that most of the time I can't control it. That's why I have to wear this silly chastity belt! If I didn't, I'd have my fingers in my tight little snatch all day! LOL!

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“Whf a fkk! Sheffy!” Tori mumbled around her gag.

“I thought it was a great description,” Stephanie said, “and look at those stats! Over 300,000 page views, and it's only been active for maybe the last hour! I can't wait to see how many people have signed up. You're probably making some serious cash, right now, sissy. Minus my management fee, of course, but that's pretty modest. I've set up the rest of the earnings to go into a private corporation for you,”

Tori just stared at her, unable to comprehend that this was actually happening.

“Let me show you the videos!” Stephanie said, excitedly.

She logged into the master account and set the playlist to run.

“I'm gonna go have a shower, but you just enjoy the show, and I'll be back soon, alright?”

“Shteffy!” Tori yelled, watching her sister leave the room.

She turned back to the screen, her poor pussy aching as the first video began to play. She read the scrolling description.

My best friend and I went out to the mall to shop for some tiny clothes that show off our hot bodies, and make guys want to rape us, and while we were there we met these two really hot college guys. They didn't have the biggest dicks, but we didn't care. We took them in a dressing room and let them feed us their cocks, and then fuck our little pussies really hard. I'm such a slut that I let my guy fuck my ass, too, and then sucked his friends cum out of my best friend's pussy. It was a great day!

The video played. Tori was intimately familiar with this one already, having been forced to watch it over a dozen times while she was tied down and made to cum repeatedly. Still, she couldn't turn away as Kyle fucked her, and she ate Todd's cum out of Cindy's pussy. The videos had been carefully doctored, obviously by someone who knew what they were doing. The faces were blurred, and voices pitched differently, but the action was clearly visible. Unless someone had been there, they would never know it was her.

The thought that it was now on the internet, and that several hundred thousand people had now watched her getting fucked in the dressing room was making her hyperventilate. She struggled against her bonds, pressed her legs tightly together, trying to make the heat in her pussy stop, but it only made it worse. The video stopped. She forced herself to breath evenly. The next one started. The caption rolled up the screen.

I was so horny today, after getting fucked by a college boy at the mall. My sister had to punish me for being such a slut. They let me out of the house without my chastity belt, and I ended up with a strange cock up my pussy and asshole. My sister made sure that if I wanted to be a stupid butt slut, that my tiny ass was going to be ready to get fucked really good, so she put a big black cock in my asshole to open it up. I came really hard when she put it all the way inside me. Just to make sure I was always ready to get my butt stuffed, she filled it with a nice big butt plug after I came. I love my sister so much!

She knew this one again, her cute little ass wiggled on Stephanie's bed. The big black toy slowly opened her wide. She saw herself cum as her sister put the toy in her butt. She remembered how it felt, the way it stretched her wide open for the first time. Her horny cunt spasmed, a little cum made her shiver. The video ended. The next one came up.

I'm such a naughty slut! You'll never believe the day I had today, oh boy! My boyfriend came over to have a threesome with me and my hot sister, but his little penis came too fast and he couldn't get it into my pussy. Thankfully, my brother got home just at the right time! I'm really glad my sister made me wear that butt plug all night, because my brother has a really, really big dick! Guess what he was in the mood for? Watch him put that giant fuckstick right up my teenage asshole. At first, I didn't think it would fit, but he worked me over so good and made sure it did. I came so hard that I passed out!

The whole scene played out before Tori's eyes, and she got to see what really happened for the first time. She'd been so lost in fuck-lust while it was happening, that she hadn't really paid attention to anything but her needy cunt. All the faces were blurred, the voices tweaked, but she recognized Tim's little penis, and her brother's huge cock.

The camera switched between a wide view of the room, and a close-up view of Mike's big prick forcing its way into her tiny butthole. She watched the way she writhed, screamed, and then came over and over. She couldn't believe that she'd taken his cock all the way up her ass. Her little hole was stretched so wide that the fit looked impossible. She knew, though, that it had fit. It had also given her the hardest orgasm she'd ever experienced. Just watching it happen to herself made her cum in her chair, bucking against the restraints.

When it was finally over, the videos didn't play again. The website came back up, with a note to the members that the site was brand new, and lots of slutty adventures were coming in the near future. It declared her “the Internet's hottest new teenage slut,” and below that a long page of comments from viewers. She couldn't reach the mouse to scroll through them, but the page count showed dozens of pages. She could only read the first few.

You're the hottest young slut I've ever seen. Please make more videos!

Shut up and take my money!

Please do a DP vid! You would look so hot with two cocks in you at the same time!


Tori read the comments again, and focused on the one about making a DP video. She found herself wondering how it would feel to have two cocks in her at once. If they were the size of Mike's there was no way she could take it. It would kill her for sure. Just taking her brother's cock in her ass made her pass out, but she'd felt so good while he was in her ass. So good!

Stephanie was there now, standing by her shoulder, cupping her perfect tits. Her sister rubbed her excited pussy until Tori orgasmed in her chair again, and then again. Her eyes were watering, and her arms hurt from straining against the restraints, by the time she stopped cumming. When she was subdued, but still yearning to cum again, Stephanie pulled the little gag ball out of her mouth. Tori looked at her sister with glassy eyes.

“W...why?” she asked.

“For you, of course,” Stephanie said and kissed her, “I want you to make something of yourself, and this was the logical choice. Just like it's the logical choice for Cindy. You're going to be a slut forever, sissy. You're going to keep getting fucked, cumming, and it's never going to stop. This is what your life is going to be, so just accept it, and make a living off your little slut holes while you can,”

“! I don't want to be a slut forever! I mean, it feels good sometimes, yeah, but this is...Stephie, it's too much! You didn't even ask me what I wanted!”

Stephanie slapped her across the face, and not playfully.

“Sluts don't get to say no, Tori!” Stephanie hissed, putting her pretty face against her sisters, “Sluts do what they're told by the bitch who owns their cunt,” She dangled the key around her neck in front of Tori's face, “Who owns your cunt, pussy girl?”

Tori choked back a sob and looked down. She knew she couldn't stand up to Stephanie, even if she'd wanted to. Her sister didn't hold the only key, sure, but when Stephanie was like this, controlling her, making her do these awful things, Tori's pussy got so hot. Her cunt craved the attention Stephanie gave it, and no matter how many times her sister humiliated her, or dominated her, it was those same things Stephanie did to her that made her cum the hardest.

“ do, Stephie,” Tori admitted quietly, “You own cunt,”

The admission made her hungry pussy tingle, and she knew that if she just did what Stephanie wanted, said the things she wanted, that Stephanie would make sure she got to cum all the time. She would take care of her pussy, and ensure that Tori was always feeling overwhelming pleasure. But if she was a bad slut for her sister, then she'd be humiliated endlessly. Stephanie could easily choose to put the undoctored videos on the website, and then everyone in the world would know Tori was a slut.

“Yes, I do, baby,” Stephanie said, “And I know just what my pussy girl needs, don't I?”

Stephanie lightly stroked Tori's slit as she kissed her hotly.

“And my little slut needs to cum again, doesn't she?” Stephanie said, teasing Tori's wet hole with her fingers.

“Yes! Yes, please, Stephie, I need to cum. Your pussy girl needs to cum,” Tori said, bucking against her sister's hand.

“Do you like your new job?” Stephanie asked and pushed two fingers into Tori's cunt.

“Mmm, yes! Yes, I like it. Thank you for finding me a job!”

Tori wiggled against Stephanie's fingers, trying to fuck herself on them.

“Thank me for not showing the whole world your slutty face,”

She gently pushed her fingers in and out of Tori's pussy. She was so wet that she was soaking the chair.

“Oooh, God! Stephie...than...thank you for...mmmm...not showinggg, oh, the whole world m, my, my slutty face!”

Stephanie smiled and fingered her faster. She wasn't really concerned for Tori, of course. She had her own selfish motivation for not putting Tori's face on the internet, and that was because they had the same face. She didn't want anyone getting them mixed up, and ruining her modeling gig. If the agency thought she was doing porn, she couldn't exactly be a poster girl for wholesome teenage girls that wanted to flash their ass and tits in tiny swimwear. Tori, though, was far too horny to make that connection. She just wanted to cum.

“Are you going to be a good slut for me, Tori? Good sluts get to cum,”

“Oooh, ooh, yes! Yes, I want to cum, please. I'm a good slut! I'm so good!” Tori said, desperate.

“Don't get used to this,” Stephanie said, dropping to her knees between Tori's legs, “I'm not some dirty little cuntsucker like you. You've been so good for me, though, that you can have a special treat,”

Stephanie curled her fingers into Tori's pussy and found her G-spot, in the same place as her own. She flicked her tongue against her sister's clit while she hit her sweet spot. Tori lost her mind, thrashing in her chair, screaming with pleasure and pushing her pussy against Stephanie's face. Stephanie sucked her clit, her fingers working in her sister's pussy.

Tori squirted for the first time, her hot juice filling Stephanie's mouth, and while it was a surprise, Stephanie gulped it down. She really did like the taste of cunt, she just didn't want to give Tori any ideas. It wouldn't do to make her think this was something normal. This was special, and only something Tori could have if she behaved.

Finally, Tori slumped in her chair, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Stephanie stood up and took Tori's chin in her hand, made her sister look at her. This time, it wasn't fear in her eyes, it was adoration. She'd given Tori what she wanted most, and she'd given it to her good.

“Tell me you love me,” Stephanie said, staring her down.

“I, I love you, Stephie,” Tori whispered.

“Tell me who owns your cunt,”

“You do, Stephie,”

“You want to feel like that again, don't you?”

Tori nodded her head lazily.

“Then you need to remember what you just said,” Stephanie said, her voice clearly a warning, “because if you try to pull this, I don't want to be a slut bullshit on me again, I'll make sure that your little website becomes the most popular viral campaign in the history of porn. There won't be a corner of the fucking world that doesn't know who Little Kandy Kunt is, and they'll be lined up out the door to fuck you in every hole for months on end,”

The fear that crept into Tori's eyes filled Stephanie with joy. She untied her sister, helped her stand, and got her to her bed. She belted up Tori's pussy, locked her in, and laid her down. Stephanie pulled the blankets over her sister's beautiful, naked, young body. She gave her a sloppy kiss, pinching her nipple until she gasped.

“Night, night, Kandy,” she whispered, “I love you, too,”

She was smiling as she turned out the lights, listening to her sister's choking sobs. Tori lay alone, trying to sort out her confusion. Why did Stephanie say that she loved her, make her feel so wonderful, and then turn around and threaten her like that? Why did she so eagerly allow her sister to manipulate her body, treat her like a slut, and get off on it?

Stephanie's duality was something that she just couldn't wrap her head around, and she saw that same duality in herself. They were like two halves of a broken whole, one submissive, yet delighting in the guilty pleasure of the experiences, while the other was dominant and derived her pleasure from the power she had over the...weaker half. That was it. She was weak.

She was out of control, and up to now her life had been nothing but in control. Now, Stephanie was that control, and she craved that because there was so little of it in herself, now. The epiphany stopped her sobbing. That was her answer.

She would simply allow Stephanie to make her feel good. If she behaved, did the things that Stephanie wanted, then she wouldn't need to worry about feeling like her life was out of control. She wouldn't need to feel guilty for doing the slutty things. She would just let Stephanie decide what was right for her, and let Stephanie correct her if she got off track. Besides, Stephanie was still rational, while Tori couldn't trust herself. She could easily be controlled by the feelings in her pussy, but her sister could see everything clearly.

Obviously, Stephanie was on the right track. She was, now, successful. She had her own lawyer. She had money. She had an accountant, and she'd already created a way for Tori to take care of herself. Stephanie loved her, and was looking out for her. Really, what had Stephanie done to actually hurt her? She didn't beat her, didn't put her out in the street to get raped. She'd protected her, in fact.

Those college boys could have dragged her and Cindy off, used them as sextoys for who knows how many men. They could have been murdered that day, or sold off as slaves, or something like that. Tori knew those things happened. It could easily happen to her, if nobody was watching her back when her cunt took control of her. But Stephanie had been right there, watching, making sure she was okay.

Yes, this was the right decision, she was sure of it. Stephanie loved her. She would protect her. If Tori had to be her good pussy slut, well, that was okay. She liked the way her sister's pussy tasted. She liked the way her brother fucked her. She liked the way her mother treated her when they were together. She had more in common with her family now than at any time in the past. Satisfied that she was doing the right thing, now, Tori was able to fall asleep.

*Weekly Therapy*

Tori awoke the next morning with a sense of calm, a strange feeling of peacefulness and clarity that she hadn't felt in some time. It was still early when she slid, naked, out of bed and padded down the hall to the bathroom. She relieved herself, cleaned as best she could, and then went to Stephanie's door. The sound of music blared from her radio inside. Tori knocked on the door, waited, and a moment later Stephanie opened it.

Smiling, she beckoned her sister inside. Stephanie was strutting around nude, going through some clothes, trying to decide what she was going to wear. She gave Tori a kiss good morning, pleased at the way her sister moaned in her mouth. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Tori knew what was required of her, and fell to her knees, crawled over, and began to lick and suck her sister's cunt.

“Oooh, you're such a good cuntsucker, Tori,” Stephanie said, rubbing her crotch in Tori's face.


Tori licked her to a great orgasm, after which Tori sat on her knees and waited like the good slut she was supposed to be.

“I suppose you need to cum, too, don't you?”

“Yes, please, Stephie,” Tori said softly.

“Well, you'll need to wait a little while, slut. Let me get dressed, and we'll go downstairs. Did you shower?”


“Let me unlock you, and you go get yourself all cleaned up. No playing with your cunt, either, alright?”

“Yes, Stephie,”

Stephanie unlocked her sister's cunt, and Tori obediently went to the shower to clean up. When she was freshened up, she went downstairs, belt in her hand, and found Stephanie at the table with Mike and Cindy. Melanie and John were in the kitchen, just heading out for the day. Melanie came and gave Tori a kiss on the forehead.

“Will you be alright to get to the clinic this afternoon?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Tori replied.

She'd almost forgotten that today was the day for weekly therapy. She was suddenly afraid. What if they wanted her to come back? What if they wanted to keep her? What if they wanted to keep Cindy? She tried to calm herself. There was nothing she could really do about it. Just like wearing her belt, the weekly visit to the clinic was part of the early release terms. She had to do it, otherwise they would keep her for sure.

“Hey, it's going to be okay,” Melanie said, seeing the look on her face.

Tori managed a weak smile. She looked at Cindy and saw the same fear in her friend's face. Her heart hurt for her friend. She'd finally found somewhere she could call home, where she was accepted. She didn't want to lose that, now. She went to the little redhead and hugged her. Her pussy became hotter, feeling the other girls naked body against her skin.

It was right then that she realized, she'd never even dressed after the shower. She'd come down completely naked, just like Cindy. She hadn't even considered putting clothes on! She dropped her belt as the realization struck her. She was becoming just like Cindy! Not only was she a slut, she was getting worse. How long would it be before she didn't have a single thought in her head aside from fucking?

Stephanie saw the look of terror flash across Tori's face. This was an opportunity. Something was really troubling her sister, and as much as she hated her, she needed to dole out both compassion and instill terror in equal measure, if she was going to keep Tori under control. She took Tori gently by the arm and led her out of the kitchen, into the living room.

“What is it, sissy?” Stephanie asked.

Tori hugged her tightly and buried her face in Stephanie's neck. She smelled wonderful, and she was so warm.

“Oh, Stephie, it's happening! It's happening to me, too! I'm going to be like Cindy!”

“Hush, hush,” Stephanie said, stroking her sister's hair, “You knew it was going to be this way, baby. Don't worry, though, I'm going to take care of you. You know that right?”

Tori nodded and held on to her tightly.

“I love you, Tori. More than anyone else, I love you, okay? Even though you're a stupid slut, I love you,”

“Oh, Stephie, I love you, too!”

“We're going to get you through this, Tori. Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you,”

“I'm scared, Stephie,”

“I know, baby. But you can't let it worry you, alright. Whatever is going to happen, will, but I'll always be here to watch out for you. Would it make you feel better if you got to cum? I'll bet your pussy hurts, doesn't it?”

It did hurt. It ached, and it was wet and throbbing. She really wanted to be fucked, and just forget about the way she was changing.

“Would you like Mike to fuck your pussy?”

Tori nodded. That would be nice. That would make her cum really hard.

“Wait here,” Stephanie said, and went back to the kitchen.

Tori sat on the couch and spread her legs, examined her pussy. It was so hot, so wet. She wanted to touch it, but knew it was wrong. The clinic staff would probably ask her if she'd been masturbating. If she could tell them she hadn't maybe they would take the belt away, and her pussy would be free all the time!

Stephanie returned with Mike and Cindy behind her. Mike was grinning like a dog. Cindy looked very happy, as well. Cindy sat on the couch next to her friend, while Stephanie stood off to the side. She prepped her camera, and waited. This was going to make an excellent update for the website.

“Does my little sister need cock?” Mike asked.

“Uh huh,”

“Oh, can we share it, Michael, please?” Cindy asked.

“Sure, baby,” Mike agreed.

Cindy pulled Tori in and kissed her hotly, putting her tongue in her friend's mouth. Tori fumbled with Mike's shorts with her free hand, and pulled them down over his already stiffening cock. She moaned into Cindy's mouth as she put her little hand around his thick shaft. The two sluts broke apart, huddled together near Mike's big tool, and wrapped four hands around his shaft. His fat cockhead poked out of their grasp.

“Oh, you're so big, baby,” Cindy said.

Cindy released his cock and gently pushed Tori's head toward Mike's penis. His sister opened her mouth wide and sucked in his bulging head, which made Cindy moan. Tori looked so sexy sucking on her brother's cock. The little redhead played with his big balls, while Tori tried to swallow as much prick meat as she could. She was getting a little better at it, and was able to take him seven inches deep before choked.

She came up and swapped with Cindy. The smaller girl made it look easy to deepthroat Mike's big dick, swallowing him to the balls. Tori could see the big fuckstick in her friend's throat, and the sight made her pussy drip. Cindy held him in her throat, massaging his dick with her throat muscles. She came up smiling, and then the two girls licked his dick together, mashing it between their lips as they tried to kiss each other around it.

“Mike, please fuck me,” Tori begged.

Mike nodded, and Tori lay back on the couch, her legs spread, ass on the edge. Mike crouched slightly and put his fat knob at the entrance to her cunt. She looked so sexy, just waiting for him to push it in. Her perfect tits heaved with her breathing. Cindy kissed her, and took Mike's cock in her hand. She guided it to Tori's pussy, and put it inside. Tori groaned as Mike's cock opened her up on the first thrust.

“Ooooooh, fuuuck!” she yelled, as he filled her up.

He didn't shove it in, but went at a steady pace, feeding it into Tori's tiny hole until it was all the way inside of her, and she was panting, cumming on it. Cindy rubbed Tori's belly, where the outline of Mike's huge cock was clearly visible. Tori looked down and saw it, too. His dick was so big that she could see where it was pushed up inside of her. It was one of the most erotic things she'd ever seen, and it made her cum again as Mike held his cock inside of her.

“Fuck your sexy little sister, baby,” Cindy said, rubbing Tori's clit.

Mike pulled back, slowly worked up his pace until he was pounding Tori's hot, gripping snatch. His sister went crazy, humping herself against his powerful strokes, jabbering about how good it felt. When she came again, Mike pulled it out. Cindy straddled Tori's lap and made out with her, as Mike pushed his cock into his tiny girlfriend from behind.

Tori felt his balls slap against her cunt each time Mike bottomed out inside Cindy, and then the feel of her friend's hot fuck honey flowed across her cunt. She groped Cindy's big tits, and then felt Mike's cock leave her friend. He pushed it back into his sister, stroked her pussy until she came again, then withdrew to put it back in Cindy.

She didn't know how long this went on, only that she came again and again as Mike fucked them both. He growled in his throat, and Tori knew he was going to cum. Cindy rolled off of her, and watched Tori stroke her brother off, until his big cock burst. The two sluts laughed as Mike sprayed them with hot seed, coating both of their faces, their tits, making them a huge mess. Finally, he was spent and stepped back. Cindy and Tori licked at each others bodies, cleaning his spunk from one another, until they ended up in a 69, lapping at one another's cunts until they came again together.

They broke apart, giggling and sweating. Catching their breath, they lay together on the couch. Stephanie turned off her camera, smiled and came to Tori. She took her sister's face in her hand, kissed her gently, tasted her brother's cum on Tori's lips.

“Feel better, baby?” she asked.

“Uh huh!”

“Go have another shower, and wash that nasty spunk off yourself,”

Tori stood on wobbly legs, and went upstairs. Cindy pulled herself off the couch, and Mike took her down to his cave to clean up, too. A very pleased Stephanie grabbed her purse and headed out the door. She wanted to get the video edited and on the website by the afternoon.

It was just before noon when Tori and Cindy, finally dressed in slutty clothes, got into Tori's car. She hadn't driven for almost a month, and it felt very strange as she started the car. They drove to the clinic in silence, both of them lost in their own thoughts. Tori stopped at the gate, hit the buzzer, and drove up the long drive.

The clinic was just as she remembered it, of course. The two girls went to the reception desk, gave their names, and a few minutes later Dr. Carlson came out of a side door grinning happily.

“Welcome, girls,” he said happily, “It's so nice to see you both. Come in, come in,”

He led them through the door.

“Cindy,” he said, “You're wearing clothes! My goodness! I never thought I'd see the day,”

“Oh, well, we couldn't just drive over naked, Dr. Carlson!”

“Yes, but you're here now. Don't you want to take them off?”

“Well, yeah!”

They followed the doctor to his office first, where Cindy stripped out of her clothes and dropped them on the couch. He looked at Tori expectantly, and she guessed she was supposed to do the same, so she did, adding her clothes to Cindy's.

“How has the belt been treating you, Tori?” Dr. Carlson asked, pulling out his cock.

Cindy immediately set to work, sucking on it as Tori watched.

“It's alright, I guess,” Tori said, her mouth watering, “I haven't had any trouble trying to play with myself, if that's what you're asking,”

“It is. I'm glad to hear that! Now, don't you girls worry. We won't be keeping you long. Cindy, you'll be going to individual therapy with Dr. Druce. Tori, you'll come with me...ugh,” He came in Cindy's mouth, “and spend some time in aversion therapy, alright?”

The chair. She was going into the chair. They were going to see if she'd try to play with herself. If she could hold out, maybe they'd let her free of the belt! She nodded. Dr. Carlson put his cock away as a knock came at the door.

A big man who she hadn't seen before came in. He was dark and brooding, with short black hair and a mustache. Cindy seemed to know him, though, and she hugged him when he came in. Dr. Druce, Tori presumed.

“See you later, Tori,” Cindy called, and walked out of the room.

“Shall we?” Dr. Carlson asked, and took Tori by the hand.

He led the naked teen through the halls, and into the other wing. Tori stopped dead in her tracks in the hallway, her mouth agape. An orderly was passing them by, but what stunned Tori was the girl crawling behind him. She was being led by a leash, and a little tail stuck out of her asshole. Tori recognized the bright red hair, the big breasts, the green eyes that had once been so bright. Now, they were glassy, unfocused. The girl didn't even look at her. Her tongue hung out of her mouth, and she was panting like a puppy.

“Is that...Harmony?” Tori asked.

“Yes. It wasn't long after you left. She suffered some sort of mental breakdown. She thinks that she's a dog, and won't respond to anyone. Very sad,” Dr. Carlson said, frowning.

Tori watched the girl as she was led away, wiggling her ass. She stopped and sniffed at the floor, then pissed right there. Tori couldn't watch. She pulled her gaze away, and let the doctor pull her down the hall. She didn't know why the sight of Harmony in such a state made her feel so sad, but it did. Maybe it was because the girl had been so full of life, and so friendly. Now she, well, she didn't want to think about it.

Dr. Carlson took Tori into a room that looked almost the same as the one where she'd spent so many days in aversion therapy, but this one was slightly different. For one, there were two chairs instead of one. The chairs faced each other. There was also what looked like some kind of pommel horse, like they used to use in gymnastics class when she was younger. This one, though, had four erect rubber protrusions. They looked like dildos.

Tori and the doctor were also not alone in the room. Another familiar face, Valerie, was waiting for them. The thin, black-haired girl was also naked, but like Tori she wore a chastity belt. She saw Tori and waved.

“Hey, Tori. Long time, no see,”

“Valerie? What are you doing here?”

“Trying to get over playing with my twat,” the other girl said, and shrugged.

“Well, girls, let's get started. First, we're going to work you up a little bit. We want you both to raise your arousal level before you get into the chairs. If you can, then, make it through the session without masturbating, we'll call that a step in the right direction,”

“Sure, doc,” Valerie said.

Dr. Carlson unlocked Tori's belt, then Valerie's. He went to a cupboard, came back with a jar of medical jelly, and rubbed the cold slime into both of their assholes, making sure to finger them good until they were both panting. He led Tori, first, to the strange device, and had her sit on it. Two of the four protrusions slid easily into her ass and pussy at the same time, filling her holes and making her buck and moan.

As Tori quivered and shook, double penetrated by the two fake cocks, Dr. Carlson brought Valerie over and sat her on the other two, facing Tori. The two teens moaned and squirmed, their tight little holes stuffed so full. Dr. Carlson went to the computed and punched the keyboard. The fake cocks inside the two teenagers began to vibrate gently.

The girls went crazy, moaning and yelling as the fake cocks worked at their little holes. It wasn't long until they were bouncing up and down on them, trying to cum, kissing one another, touching their bodies. Tori was the first to cum, and she wailed as she fucked herself silly on the fake cocks.

Valerie came next, kissing Tori and holding her tightly as the cried out. Dr. Carlson let them both fuck themselves for a few more minutes, and then shut off the machine. He pulled Tori from it first, the poor teen shaking and wobbly. He strapped her into one chair, brought the pad to her pussy, the monitor around to the front. Valerie was next.

He returned to the computer, punched in another command, and the screens came to life. The familiar sight of hardcore pornography filled Tori's vision. She gripped the arms of the chair, her little twat begging to be touched. The pad vibrated gently, driving her crazy. She could hear Valerie moaning as her pussy was excited the same way.

On the second video, Tori heard Valerie cried out, and knew that the other girl had tried to touch her pussy. Tori's competitive nature held her fast. She wasn't going to let Valerie beat her. She was going to win! Valerie cried out again. Tori's hands trembled, her pussy was so juicy, so hot.

The third time Valerie cried out, Tori was watching two brunettes with fake tits eat each other out, while both of them got fucked in their asses, cumming and moaning into each others pussies. Tori's hand strayed. She touched her swollen clit. She got a shock, the pad stopped vibrating. She bit her lip and grabbed the arm of the chair, growling at her failure.

Tori counted twenty cries from Valerie throughout the session, but there could have been more. She didn't know. She was so hot between the legs, so in need of a good cum, that she hadn't been paying attention near the end. She knew that she had failed at least four times. That was something to be proud of, though. It meant she was getting better at not touching her cunt. She heard Valerie sobbing as the screens went dark.

Dr. Carlson came in a few minutes later and pushed the screens away, pushed the pads down beneath the chairs. He let Valerie out first. The thin girl was crying, squirming in the chair.

“Please, Dr. Carlson, Please I have to cum. Oh, please can I cum?” she begged.

Tori remembered her first session in the chair. She'd done the same thing. She wanted to right now, in fact. Her cunt was so needy.

“Oh, please! You can put your cock in me, Dr. Carlson,” Valerie said, desperate.

“Now, Valerie, I can't do that. It wouldn't be very professional of me to have intercourse with a patient, would it?”

Tori remembered those same words. She knew what was going to happen. The exchange was just the same, and a moment later Dr. Carlson was pumping his cock into Valerie's horny pussy. Tori watched it all, strapped into the chair, her pussy burning. She wanted to masturbate so badly, watching the other girl get fucked, but she resisted. Somehow, she resisted.

When the doctor grunted and came in Valerie's pussy, he pulled his slimy cock from the little teen's hole, came and unstrapped Tori from her chair. The other girl's cunt cream was shiny on his cock, and Tori fell to her knees to suck it off, moaning as she licked the spunk and honey from the softening shaft.

“Can I please cum, too, Dr. Carlson?” Tori asked sweetly.

“Yes, dear,” he said, and pulled her to her feet.

Dr. Carlson put her back on the machine. The fake cocks filled up her little pussy and ass so nicely, and then he turned it on. The setting was higher this time, and Tori went crazy as the two cocks began to pump in and out of her holes. Valerie sat, exhausted, in the chair and watched the machine fuck Tori to a very satisfying series of orgasms. When she was twitching and sobbing from having cum so much, the machine stopped. Tori slumped forward, her body held in place by the two cocks stuffed up her tight little holes.

Dr. Carlson helped her to stand, then lay her on the cold floor. The cool tiles felt wonderful on her hot skin. She opened her bleary eyes to see Valerie's pussy squatting on her face. The other girls slimy cunt touched her lips, and Tori began to lap at hungrily. The doctor's sperm flowed into her mouth, and she swallowed it down until Valerie came on her face.

Then, Dr. Carlson was pulling Valerie up, bending her over the machine. He beckoned to Tori, and bent her over, as well. She knew what was coming. The sting of Dr. Carlson's hand against her cunt sent a shiver through her body and she yelped. He slapped her cunt four times, one for each time she'd tried to masturbate. When he was finished, he stood her up and groped her tits, pushing his tongue in her mouth.

He turned her around, to where Valerie's cute little cunt winked at her as the skinny girl was bent at the waist. Dr. Carlson took Tori's hand, and used it to slap the other girl's horny cunt.

“Twenty-two times,” he said.

Tori looked at him, looked at Valerie. He was telling her to punish the other girl's cunt. Tori drew her hand back, whacked Valerie's cunt hard and the other girl screamed. Tori did it again, harder. Valerie screamed again. By the time Tori slapped her cunt for the tenth time, Valerie started to cry. Her pussy was red and swollen. Her asshole was clenching and unclenching. Tori hit her again as the doctor looked on. His cock was getting hard again.

Tori punished Valerie's cunt twenty-two times, and by the end of it she watched the little girl quivering and crying with contempt. She remembered the first time this had happened to her, how it had hurt, but she didn't think she had cried. Valerie was obviously a bad slut, if she couldn't even take a few slaps to the cunt.

Valerie's red, puffy cunt was leaking fuck honey. Dr. Carlson moved Tori aside and sank his cock into the crying girl. She cried and screeched even more as he pumped her abused little slit. Tori went around her, squatted on the ground in front of her. Valerie's cute little face was a mess of tears and sweat. Tori licked her tears, and then fed them to her, shoving her tongue in the girls mouth. Valerie's cried, even as she came, and then the doctor blew his nasty load into her puffy cunt.

“You're a bad slut,” Tori hissed at her.

That only made Valerie cry harder as she gripped the awful machine. Dr. Carlson pulled his cock out of her, came around to the other side, and stuck it in Valerie's mouth. She was sobbing so much that she couldn't properly suck it, but he just fucked her mouth until his dick was clean. Tori watched him feed his cummy dick to Valerie, licking her tears the whole time. When the doctor judged his dick clean enough, he popped it out of Valerie's mouth. Tori kissed her deeply, stroked her hair, until the little girl started to calm down.

“Don't worry, Val,” Tori said, “You'll learn to be a good little slut,”

“But, I don't want to be a slut!” Valerie cried.

“I thought that once,” Tori said, “but I was wrong. You're going to be a slut Val. You already are. You just haven't accepted it yet. You'll be a really good slut, soon,”

Dr. Carlson slid Valerie's belt up her legs. Tori noticed that her belt was different, though. Where Tori's left her asshole wide open, Valerie's covered her entire crotch. Not only that, Valerie's had little plugs inside it. One pushed into her pussy, the other in her ass. When she walked, the two plugs rubbed her insides, pushing the thin wall between her ass and pussy. The result was that Valerie sometimes had to stop and lean against a wall as she orgasmed.

An orderly came and led Valerie away, the little girl leaning against him as the plugs in her holes drove her already horny cunt into fitful cum sessions. Dr. Carlson slipped Tori's belt on, too, and took her out of the room.

“That was really good work in there, Tori. I'm very surprised,”


“The way you talked to Valerie in there. I can see that you've come to accept your condition. I might even say that you're enjoying the feelings to some degree. I remember, when we first diagnosed you, that you often felt very guilty about it. That you were fighting to hold on to the person you thought you were. Obviously you learned that it's a futile exercise, and acceptance is the only way to keep yourself from going crazy,”

“I guess that's true. I still have those moments, sometimes, but it's really helped being home with my family. They've been really good to me, helped me keep the urges in check,”

“Yes, I can see that. I was speaking to Cindy's therapist while you were in your session. He thinks that living with your family has also been a positive thing for Cindy. She's even starting her own business?”

“Yeah, it's a website, but at least she's putting her...skills to some use. She's really happy,” Tori said.

“That's wonderful news. It's Dr. Drue's opinion that Cindy's shown such a positive improvement, that she really only needs to come in for evaluation once a month,”

“She'll be glad to hear that. What about...what about me?”

“The weekly sessions will have to continue, at least until the end of your court-mandated time. However, I wonder if, when you come in, you'd consider helping us. I like the way you handled Valerie in there. Girls with your condition, well, you know how difficult it can be to accept that they're becoming sluts. You know how hard it is to feel your control slipping away, and knowing that your sex drive is going to begin taking over your rational mind. Many girls, just like you, have trouble with that. If you could help them to overcome that, help them through it, show them that becoming a slut isn't the end of their life, I think you could really do a lot of good for the other girls. What do you think?”

“Well, I suppose. Does it mean I have to come back more often?”

“Oh, no. I wouldn't ask you to use your own time for this. I know that you're trying to get your life back in order, and the last thing we want is for you to put your recovery on hold. You'll just do as you did today. Reassure the girls that their life isn't over,”

“I guess that would be okay,”


“Dr. Carlson?”

“Yes, dear?”

“How long do I have to wear this belt?”

“Well, I have to admit that you did very well restraining yourself today. You've obviously come a long way. Only touching yourself four times in such an excited state is a great achievement. I'll tell you what. We'll trial a week without it, and test you again next week. If your results improve, then we'll trial you each week and measure it. If you can keep your numbers under this session, then you'll have no further need of the belt. However, if your numbers are worse, we might have to put you back in. Does that sound fair?”


“Good. That's going to be all for today, Tori,”

They'd reached his office. He opened the door for Tori, and found Cindy inside. There was cum drying on the corner of her mouth, and Tori could see a little stream of it pouring from her ass. Cindy, though, looked as happy as ever. Dr. Carlson unlocked Tori's belt, and the two girls put their clothes on.

“Oh, you got out of your belt!” Cindy cried.


“That's so great!”

Cindy stuck her tongue in Tori's mouth and groped her ass under her little skirt. Dr. Carlson cleared his throat.

“Let's go home, Cindy,” Tori said, and pulled the little redhead out of the office.

Tori burst through the front doors of the clinic with her head in the clouds. Her pussy was free! The sense of freedom was incredible. No more asking for her pussy to be let out! No more long nights of endless frustration! She couldn't masturbate! She couldn't touch her cunt! If she fell into that again, the belt would come back, and she might never be able to take it off.

The girls got into Tori's car, their hot little pussies leaking fuck honey on the seats. Tori drove them home, stopping for milkshakes on the way. It was summer. Stephanie was watching out for her. She had her best friend in the passenger seat, flashing her tits to the guys in the car next to them. Things were looking up.

*Little Kandy Kunt Unbelted*

Tori couldn't wrap her mind around the number. She knelt between Stephanie's legs, licking her sister's honey cunt as Stephanie exuberantly told her about the income from the website after just one day.

“Mmm...You're the hottest little piece of teen pussy on the internet, right now, Tori. $94,000 in subscriber sign ups!”

Tori pulled her tongue away, and looked up at her sister in shock. How many people were becoming members?

“$94,000?” Tori said.

Stephanie pushed her face back to her pussy.

“That's 9400 memberships in one day,” Stephanie said, “and the new video just went up this afternoon!”

“You're charging people $10 to watch me get fucked?” Tori asked, doing the math.

Stephanie sighed and pushed her back down to her task.

“Less talking, more sucking, pussy girl,” Stephanie said, “And that's $10 every month. You can still do math. That's bank, sissy. You should really start interacting with your fans,”


“God, even if not a single other person signed up, that's over a million dollars a year,” Stephanie prattled on, as Tori sucked her cunt, “Oh, you're such a good suck slut, baby,”


“I'll bet we could set up some kind of cross promotion with that site Cindy's doing, too. We'll all be rich in no time!”

Tori felt the hot wash of Stephanie's fuck honey in her mouth as her sister came, dollar signs dancing in her eyes. Stephanie thought over the numbers. The modeling job was nothing compared to using Tori's cunt as an ATM. She could quit modeling, and just manage Tori's fucking full-time. She wished they didn't share the same face, though. The website would probably be even more profitable if they could show Tori's face getting cock-slammed by Mike's 10 inch pole.

Stephanie decided to give that serious consideration. The other problem with it would be her family. She wanted Tori humiliated, subservient, defeated, but she wasn't out to harm her parents, or Mike. Maybe there was a middle road that she hadn't considered, yet. Stephanie got off the bed, and Tori waited patiently on her knees. Stephanie fished in her purse, came out with a debit card, and handed it to Tori.

“This is for you. Part of your earnings have been deposited into the account in your name. I've set up an investment account for you, too. Don't worry about it. I'll handle it all for you. You just keep being a good slut, and fucking and sucking, and let me take care of the rest, okay?”

Tori looked at the card, and didn't know what to say. She crawled over and hugged Stephanie's legs, burying her face in her sister's cunt.

“I love you, Stephie,” she said, “Thank you for taking care of me,”

“I'll always take care of you, sissy,” Stephanie said, “just as long as you remember who owns your hot little box, okay?”

“You, do, Stephie. You do.”

Stephanie pulled her up and kissed her, smacked her cute little ass.

“Go help mom with dinner. You have a big day tomorrow,”

“What...” She started, but a look from Stephanie cut her short.

“Don't ask, just go. We're going to have soooo much fun!” Stephanie said, dangerously.

Tori, her eyes on the floor, shuffled out of the room. Stephanie watched her go, and breathed a sigh. $23,500. 25% of the earnings from the website, she'd set up on Tori's behalf. She could have easily kept the money, all of it. Taming Tori, while certainly a wonderful project for the time being, was eventually going to get tiresome, though. One day, that tight little body of hers was going to sag, be less profitable, and no longer fun to play with. She didn't want to be saddled with caring for her sister forever, so the money for Tori was a means to an end.

Besides, if Tori didn't feel like she was getting anything out of the deal, she might start to rebel, and that would cause complications. More complications were something she didn't need. Another 15% of the earnings were already being siphoned off to pay her debt to the clinic's network of co-conspirators, but there was a great deal more that she still had to pay. Her long term goals for Tori would easily take care of it, and she'd get rich in the process, but it was still daunting to think about.

Still, everything was moving in the right direction, and the more she could get Tori fucked, the faster she could be clear of her debt. She opened up her laptop and checked the site stats again. The latest video from that morning's action had garnered several hundred thousand views, and that was just the preview clip. The member's section showed that it had been viewed over 20,000 times. The 9,400 members had risen to over 15,000 now.

Elated, Stephanie closed the laptop, checked her mirror, decided she was utterly fuckable, and went downstairs. She found Tori in the kitchen helping Melanie get dinner ready. Her father was at the table, engrossed in reading something on his tablet. Mike and Cindy weren't home, yet.

Stephanie gave her daddy a kiss, wiggled her big tits in his face, and was pleased when he groped them. He never took his eyes off his tablet, though. Stephanie huffed, dropped to her knees, and crawled under the table. She felt her daddy stiffen in his chair when her hands pulled his shorts down to his ankles. He groaned when she took the head of his big dick into her mouth, sucked on it, pulled away, spit on it, and stroked it.

“Mmm, such a big cock, daddy,” she said.

John felt her put his cock back in her mouth, and she forced as much as she could into her throat, gagging loudly under the table. Melanie looked over her shoulder and gave her husband a big grin. Tori licked her lips, her eyes getting glassy. Melanie turned her back to the cooking as the sounds of Stephanie's gagging continued. She heard her daddy put the tablet aside, so she crawled up his lap and straddled him, pushing her eager tongue into his mouth.

“Will you put your big daddy cock up my pussy,” she hissed in his ear, “Your little girl wants you to fuck her, daddy. She wants your cock inside her right here at the table,”

John squeezed her tight little ass cheeks. His big dick strained against her hot, bare cunt.

“Your baby wants your cock, daddy. She wants it to fuck her in front of her sister and her mommy. Haven't I been a good girl, daddy? Don't I deserve your big cock?”

John lifted her by the ass, and Stephanie reached between his legs and put his big cockhead up against her pussy. Her daddy slowly let her down, and his busty daughter cried out in pleasure as his dick split her open. Her feet planted on the floor, her ass in his hands, Stephanie took half her daddy's huge fuckstick up her cunt.

“Ooooh, daddy you're so big! Uuugh! It's filling me up, daddy. It's so big it hurts in my tiny cunt!”

Tori had completely forgotten about the cooking. She'd never seen Stephanie fuck before, and she'd never seen her father's huge cock up close. Her sister looked so hot with her tiny pussy stretched so wide around his shaft. Melanie went on with the cooking, as thought nothing strange was taking place.

“Oh, fuck, daddy, you're hurting my little teen cunt! Mmmm, you're such....a....bad...daddy, filling up your little gi...girl's...tight slit!”

Tori turned to her mother and asked, “Is she always like this?”

“Oh, no, baby,” Melanie said, “This is tame.”

Stephanie buried her face in her daddy's neck, inhaling the scent of him. His long tool went all the way into her. She could feel it in her belly as she pressed it against his chest. There was no feeling like this in the world. They were joined, like one person, their tongues stroking one another, a bonding energy connecting them as close as their flesh.

John panted into his sexy daughter's mouth, the taste of her like sweet honey. He broke away and watched the sheer ecstasy on her face as he lifted her lithe body up and down his fat pole. The heat of her body was like fire on his senses. Her blue eyes bored into his, and as she climaxed he could see it plain on her face. His daughter was in love with him.

The realization hit him like a bolt of lightening. He stood up, Stephanie still impaled on his manhood, and slammed her onto her back on the table, making her cry out in surprise. That look made something in him snap. He took her long legs in his hands, spread them wide, pushed them back against her shoulders.

Melanie and Tori both flinched as they saw it happen. It was a swift shift in the sexual power between the two. Stephanie had begun by fucking her daddy, making love to him, but with that one move, John became the aggressor. Stephanie cried out as her daddy shoved his big cock up her hard.

“You want this dick, you little slut?” He growled.


“You're gonna take it all, and you're gonna cum on it again. This little cunt belongs to me,”

He hammered Stephanie's little body, watching her big tits bounce, her face twisted with a painful pleasure. She wasn't talking dirty now. She was clutching the sides of the table for dear life as her daddy pounded his massive tool into her over and over. Then Tori was kissing her, squeezing her tits.

“He's fucking you so hard, Stephie,” Tori whispered in her ear, “Don't you want to cum for him?”

“Yes! Oooooh, daddy! I'm cu...cumming!”

John's hand went to her throat and he held Stephanie against the tabletop as she bucked beneath him, her pussy sucking at his cock as she cried out and climaxed again. John didn't cum. He pulled out of her and quickly left the room. Tori had her tongue in Stephanie's mouth as her sister twitched on the table. She felt empty now that her daddy's cock was gone. Tori moved around the table and lapped at Stephanie's juices, making her sister jerk. She pushed Tori's head away, her pussy far too sensitive to stand that skillful tongue.

A cry of glee broke the spell, and Tori looked up to see Mike and Cindy walk into the kitchen. Cindy's hair was a tangled mess of sweat and cum. There was more cum dried on her face, her lips, between her tits. She wore a tiny skirt that was put on in haste, and her top was skewed so that her big tits almost popped out of her top.

“This looks like fun!” She commented.

Stephanie just groaned. Tori beckoned Cindy over to her and sat in the chair her father had just vacated. Cindy eagerly dove between Tori's legs and tongue fucked her friend until she screamed and came on her face.

“Who wants dinner?” Melanie called, drawing everyone's attention, “Apparently we like to have desert first around here,”

Mike laughed along with Tori and Cindy, while Stephanie lay on the table, her pussy sore and twitching.

“Mike, would you please get your naked sister off the dinner table, please? Unless she'd rather we all eat her,” Melanie said.

“No, please. No more,” Stephanie panted.

Mike put his strong arms under her, and lifted her. He carried her to the living room and set her on the couch, then took the opportunity to grope and suck on her big tits. He hadn't fucked Stephanie for almost a week, and the sight of his sister's gorgeous body make his cock twitch, despite having been fucking like mad for two days straight.

“I can't,” Stephanie moaned, “No more,”

Mike slid his hand between her legs and felt her wet asshole. Her fuck honey had dripped between her perfect butt cheeks, making her slick.

“Mike, no,” Stephanie said tiredly, “He just fucked the shit out me,”

“And now I'm going to make you take my cock in your ass,” Mike said.

“No, please. I can't...can't fuck anymore,”

“I know your game, Steph,” Mike said, “always saying no, when you mean yes,”

He pulled her hips to the edge of the couch, freed his big cock, and wet the head with her cunt cream.

“No, don't!”

“You want me to rape your ass, don't you, Steph?”

He pushed the fat head of his dick into her backdoor, making her groan. She struggled, tried to pull away, but she was so spent from the pounding her daddy had just given her. Mike's dick began to stretch her open. Stephanie clutched the couch cushion as her brother's pole plundered her rectum.

“Always making people dance for you, get fucked for you,” Mike was saying, “Payback's a bitch, you bitch. Remember who it was that first fucked this hot little ass? That means it's my ass, you slut sister. I'll fuck it when I want, and where I want, and you're gonna let me,”

Despite feeling utterly fucked out, Stephanie found her body getting hot, responding to Mike's filthy talk. He sure knew how to work her up. Dirty talk and Stephanie were such good friends. Mike drove his dick further inside her, his hands gripping her legs, spreading her wide for his invading tool. Stephanie strained to take him as he split her open.

She didn't think she could possibly cum again, but she was wrong. Her body shook and she screamed as her climax tore through her. Mike used her asshole to get himself off, and her huge orgasm clutched his dick so hard that he came, firing off a few powerful spurts into her ass. He jerked his dick free and sprayed the rest on her prone body, coating her stomach and tits with his seed. He jerked the last few drops onto her, wiped his cockhead on her pussy, and walked away.

Stephanie never made it to dinner. She slept on the couch as the family congregated in the next room. The sounds of talking and laughter drifted to her occasionally as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Her whole body was sore, and she could feel Mike's cum trickling out of her ass. God, she was fucked.

In the kitchen, Cindy was telling the family, excitedly, about her new venture.

“I'm really sore, but every time I see the videos I just get so horny,” she said.

“Well, don't overdo it, sweetie,” Melanie said, “two days of gangbangs can really do a number on you,”

John, now back at the table, chuckled. He knew Melanie was speaking from experience. Oh, to be young again.

“Yeah, we won't shoot again until next week,” Cindy said, “but the site's going to be live tomorrow,”

“Well,” John said, “Do what you love, I always say. I, for one, am really proud of you Cindy,”

“Thank you, Mr. Hamlin,”

“John, we should get memberships for her site,” Melanie said, and then to Cindy, “would it be alright if I jerked John's cock to your videos?”

“Oh, that would be great!” Cindy said, “That is, if you don't mind,” she looked bashfully at the table.

“Of course, honey,” Melanie said, “I see the way he looks at your little body. I look, too. You're so pretty,”

Cindy blushed, “Oh, you guys are too nice. Stop it!”

The conversation was making Tori hot. She finished off her plate, put it in the sink, and then excused herself. She was worried about Stephanie. She went into the living room and found her asleep on the couch, cum leaking from her asshole. Tori approached her carefully. Her body looked so delicious. Tori got between her legs and the smell of cum and sex hit her nostrils. She gently licked at the cum dribbling from Stephanie's ass, making her sister moan.

The warm tongue against her sore pussy felt great, even in her half-conscious state. She cracked her eye open and watched her sister clean her holes. Tori finished getting the cum from between her legs, and then started on her belly, then her tits. When she was glistening with saliva, clean of sperm, Tori moved her sister's body so that she was laying more comfortably. She pulled a blanket from a nearby chair and covered Stephanie up.

“I love you, Stephie,” she said in her ear, and kissed her on the head.

Stephanie mumbled something that Tori couldn't make out. She left her well-fucked sister alone, and went to her room. She'd missed a call from Tim. Tori punched in his number and called back.

“Hey, baby,” She said as he answered.

“Hey, gorgeous. What are you up to?”

“Oh, just finished up dinner. Laying on my bed. Naked. Horny. Wet.”

“I'll be right over,”

Tori laughed, “You better hurry,”

The line went dead. Tori showered quickly, then went to her room and worked out a sexy little outfit to wear for her boyfriend. She couldn't remember the last time she'd worn panties. It had been weeks. During their shopping trip, though, Stephanie had gotten her some very sheer, tiny thongs and push-up bras. She slid a black thong up her long legs, and when it rubbed against her clit she gasped. The black push-up was a half cup, leaving the tops of her perky teenage tits bare, the nipples just barely hidden.

Next, she slipped on a black miniskirt, and pulled a tight black shirt over her head. Her toned tummy was bare. She left her long blonde hair loose, spilling over her shoulders. A touch of dark lipstick and eye shadow topped off her look. She puckered her lips in the mirror and grinned. She looked like a dark seductress, and felt like it, too. The skirt hugged her hips and ass so tightly, that it looked like a part of her body. Tori was horny just looking at herself.

She went downstairs to wait for Tim, traipsed into the kitchen and found her parents doing dishes. Melanie fawned over daughter as she came in.

“Oh, baby! Got a hot date?” Melanie asked.

“Tim's coming over,” she said.

“Well, it looks like that boy's in for a real treat, if that little fuck me outfit is any indication,”

“That obvious?” She giggled.

“Subtle as a cannon blast,” John added.

The sound of Tim's car roaring into the driveway made them all smile. Tori strutted from the kitchen, her hips swaying. She met her boyfriend at the door, and he was clearly struggling not to drool as he took her in. She fell into his arms, and gave him a hot, sloppy kiss. His little cock pressed against her through his jeans.

“You wanna come upstairs,” she said seductively, her blue eyes sparkling.

“Can't think of a better place to be, anywhere in the world,”

Tori dragged him by the hand, up the stairs, into her room. She had soft music playing, the lights low, candles burning. Tim smiled as she pushed him on the bed and undid his belt, all the while kissing him deeply. His heart raced in his chest. His girlfriend was so ridiculously sexy.

Tori slowly backed away, swaying her hips from side to side, moving like water, her body flowing. She didn't know where it came from, but the music poured through her and she found herself moving slowly to it. Tim's eyes were fixed on her slithering figure. She swayed toward him, turned her perfect ass to him, sat in his lap, and leaned back against him.

Tori tilted her head back and licked his lips, teased them with her tongue. His hands slid around her body and across her smooth stomach, slipped up her body to cup her breasts through her shirt. He was so hard against her ass. She stood back up and slowly peeled her skirt off, pushing her ass out toward him. The skirt slid over her round cheeks, the black thong cutting between them. She could hear Tim's labored breathing.

She came back to him, pushed him back on the bed, and straddled his waist. His small penis throbbed against her pussy mound. His hands gripped her hips as she rubbed her cunt against his cock. She pulled the shirt over her head and leaned in to kiss him deeply. Tim's hands softly rubbed up her sides, came behind her, unsnapped her bra. She let it fall away, breathing heavily.

Her chest heaved with excitement, her nipples were hard little nubs. Her eyes were dark in the candlelight, her smile crooked and wicked. She put his hands on her breasts and moaned as she dry humped his cock. Her panties were soaked. Tim rolled her off of him, and pulled off his shirt. She spread her long legs as he went between them.

The smell of her sex was intoxicating as he pressed his lips to her pantie-covered mound. He slowly eased the panties over her hips, down her legs, tossed them aside, and then his tongue was at her hot slit. Tori moaned as he ran his tongue up and down her wet lips, sucked at her clit, pushed his tongue into her. Her hands ran through his dirty blonde hair as he devoured her treasure. She was so hot, so ready. She couldn't wait anymore. She needed a cock inside her.

“I want to ride your cock,” she said softly.

Tim lay on his back and let her mount him. His small, hard cock was already dripping precum. Tori backed her pussy up to it, and felt it slide easily inside of her. Tim groaned as her perfect pussy enveloped him. Her eyes were filled with hot desire as she watched his face. His mouth hung slightly open, his tongue licked at his dry lips. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

Tori leaned into him, and let his arms go around her back. She worked her hips, feeling his small, unsatisfying cock inside of her. She knew his cock wouldn't be enough to really make her cum, but she loved it all the same. She could feel the heat of him as she kissed his lips.

“Can you fuck me hard, baby?” she said.

Tim moved with her, pumping his dick into her clutching cunt. She moaned in his mouth. It was feeling very good.

“I...I don't...aaah...fuck as...Mike, do I?”

“You do just fine, baby,” Tori hissed.

“Tell me,” Tim said, “Tell good...he fucks you,”

A little thrill went through her body, making her pussy quiver. Could she say it? It was so naughty, talking about her brother's cock while Tim was inside of her.

“Mmmm, he's big, baby,” Tori said in his ear, “and he stays....aaaah...stays hard for soooo long,”

“He fucks you...God...fucks much...better, doesn't he?”

“Yes! Oh, God! Baby his dick's so much...better...than...yours,”

It was the truth, but saying it in his ear, while he was doing his best to please her, it was so dirty. It was so hot. It was going to make her cum!

“Does he...make”

“Mmmmm, yes...he makes me...nguh! He makes me cum sooo good!”

“Oh, God!”

She felt him cumming in her, and his weak shot set her pussy off. Tori rode his little penis for all she was worth, as Tim came into her, pumping his hips, his face screwed up with pleasure. She played with her nipples with one hand, worked her clit with the other as she ground her hips against him, trying to get one more good cum before he went soft.

“Oh, baby, you're so hot!” Tim said.

“I'm cumming!” Tori cried, her finger busy with her clit.

She shook against him as he held her bucking hips. Talking about the way her brother fucked her had pushed her over the edge. Slowly, she began to come down, still horny, but for the moment she was sated. Tori climbed off of him, and cleaned his soft cock with her mouth, her hand rubbing his chest. She pulled her lips off of his cock, slithered up his body, and kissed him. Tim could taste his own cum on her tongue, and he felt a flutter in his chest. It was so nasty, letting his girlfriend feed him his own sperm. Tori made sure to keep her tongue in his mouth until the taste was all gone.

At last, she cuddled up close to him, stroking his chest, her breath warm against his ear. His head was a whirl of confusion. He didn't know why he'd said those things, why he'd asked her to say them. The image of Mike's huge cock opening up her ass was something he'd jerked his cock off to so many times in the last day. Even though he was jealous of the way Mike could make her feel, knowing that he could never compare made him so excited.

“Did I do good?” Tori asked, “Is that what you wanted?”

“That was so hot,” Tim admitted, “I don't even know what made me say that, but it got me so hot!”

“Did you like watching him fuck me, baby?” Tori whispered in his ear, “Have you been jerking off thinking about the way my big brother fucked my ass?”

Her hand massaged his empty balls.

“I'll bet you want to see him do it again, don't you?”

“Oh, fuck,”

“Do you want to see his big cock, so much bigger than yours, stretch my pussy open, too? He fucked me yesterday, and this morning, and he made me cum so hard, baby,”

“Tell me, please,” Tim pleaded.

He could feel the blood surging to his dick again as Tori stroked it.

“He bent me over the kitchen table, and he put his big prick up my pussy from behind, baby. Oh, it was so good! He didn't even care if I came, he just fucked it into me so hard. But I did cum, baby. I came really good for my brother's cock,”

“Oh, shit, baby! That's so nasty,”

“You like it nasty, don't you?”

“Uh huh,”

“He fucked me this morning, too, and he fucked Cindy at the same time,”

“Oh, God,”

“She sat on my lap and he took turns fucking both our hot little pussies at the same time, and then we shared his big cock between our wet mouths, baby,”

Tim's little prick was fully hard again, now.

“Maybe, if you can cum in me again, I'll let you watch him fuck my pussy some time. Would you like that, you naughty boy?”

“Yes, oh yes, please!”

Tori straddled him again, and took his cock back inside of her. He stayed harder longer this time, and with her promise to let him watch her get fucked again, he came happily.

*The First Shoot*

Sometime during the night, Stephanie was able to pull herself from the couch and get into bed. She'd pitched fitfully, though, as her dreams disturbed her. She was a child, and she was playing in the snow with Tori. A big hill sloped steeply nearby, and child Stephanie, reckless even then, played too close to it. She fell, she slid, she wasn't able to stop herself.

The long plunge down the hill was frightening. She'd struck a tree, breaking her arm, and almost passing out. Tori hadn't even thought when she'd seen her sister fall. She dove down the hill, her arms outstretched, reaching for young, screaming, Stephanie. She heard the scream when her sister's arm struck the tree, but Tori rolled to the side and missed it by a hair. They came to a stop at the bottom of the hill.

Stephanie cried. Through the haze of tears, she saw Tori plunging through the deep snow toward her. She remembered the pain, how it crippled her. She was helpless, and couldn't stand to move. Her arm was twisted at an angle. Tori pulled her glove off her hand and told Stephanie to bite on it, then straightened her arm as Stephanie screamed and faded out.

Tori found a branch, set her sister's arm as best she could, and wrapped her scarf tightly around it. She'd slowly came to, but the pain was incredible. She tasted blood in her mouth. Tori was pulling her carefully to her feet, putting her good arm over her shoulder. Her face was set in grim determination.

“I'm going to save you, Stephie,” she said, “Don't be scared. I'm here,”

Tori used every ounce of strength to walk Stephanie back up the hill. She'd had to carry her most of the way, because she kept passing out from the pain. Their parents were yelling for them at the top of the hill, but Tori couldn't yell back. Her mouth was so dry, and she had no breath left to yell with. Still, she pressed on, carrying Stephanie, step after agonizing step, until at last she topped the hill and collapsed in the snow.

John and Melanie rushed Stephanie to the emergency room, where the doctors were quick to compliment Tori's quick thinking. Had she not done anything, Stephanie's arm might never have set properly. Tori stood by her side as the treated her arm, put it in a cast. She signed it with a big red heart, and wrote, “I love you, sissy!”

Over the weeks, as Stephanie's arm healed, Tori had taken care of her, waiting on her every need. Each time she awoke from the dream, Stephanie felt vulnerable, a hint of guilt coming to the fore of her mind. She beat her fists into her pillow and pushed it away. So what if Tori had showed compassion for her here and there. She deserved this, every bit of it. There was nothing to feel guilty for. At last, she could sleep, and when she awoke, Tori was there lapping at her sore cunt and ass.

“Tell me you love me,” Stephanie panted.

“I love you, Stephie,”

“Tell me you're a slut,”

“I'm your pussy slut, Stephie,”

Stephanie came on her face. Tori sucked at her cunt honey, filling her mouth with the taste of his sister's young juices. She'd come in this morning, frightened at whatever Stephanie had planned for her, but also excited. Even though she'd cum a couple of times with Tim, the night before, she was incredibly horny.

She could tell a huge difference in her sex drive over just the last week. Where, before, she would have periods where she was only mildly aroused, it seemed that now she was always horny. Even after she orgasmed several times, she still wanted more. Her pussy and her ass might be sore and tired, but she didn't care. She constantly wanted sex. Was this how Cindy felt? She thought it probably was. The little redhead could be fucked non-stop for days, and still want more. Tori knew she was getting to that point, too. Her mind was almost always focused on the feelings from between her legs, now.

Stephanie took her to the bathroom, and they showered together. Her sister made out with her, played with her pussy gently under the warm water, made her cum twice with her fingers. Tori thought that, while being fucked was amazing, the way Stephanie could manipulate her body, and tease her mind with her filthy words, was probably the most exciting and satisfying climaxes she experienced. She knew she wasn't a lesbian, but she realized that she really did love Stephanie. In fact, she might actually be in love with her.

The thought was both scary, and comforting. It was similar to the way she felt about Tim. She just enjoyed being near him, holding him, feeling his body warm next to hers. Even when they said nothing, it was good just to have him there. She found herself wishing she could have the same thing from Stephanie, that she could hold her body against her and feel that warmth.

It was silly, though. Stephanie clearly felt very differently about her, and it made her a little sad. They would never have that kind of connection. Stephanie's love was different. It was more like the love one has for a special pet. She was Stephanie's slut, her plaything. That also made Tori aroused and confused.

Stephanie picked out her outfit for her, after they showered. Her tiny skirt was so short that Tori's ass poked out invitingly from beneath it, and if she wasn't careful, she showed off her hot pussy. A loose top with a plunging neckline went on over her head, and the sides of Tori's firm, young tits were clearly visible in the middle of it. If she leaned forward, anyone could look down her top and see her breasts. A pair of fuck-me pumps completed the package, along with a little necklace that Stephanie fastened around her neck. The charm said, “Fucktoy”.

Tori felt so hot between her legs as Stephanie looked her over, turning her around so that she could see herself in the mirror. She looked like sex on legs. Stephanie kissed her, and told her she looked like the perfect little slut.

It was just after nine in the morning when they left the house in Stephanie's car. Her sister still wouldn't tell her where they were going, but she figured that wherever it was, it was going to end up with her cumming several times, and probably doing a lot of nasty things. The thought wasn't quite so bad. Her pussy drooled on Stephanie's seat.

They arrived at a big house in another neighborhood not far from home. When they got out of the car, Stephanie checked her appearance, gave her a kiss, and then reached into her purse. She pulled out the little gag ball, and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs.

“Stephie,” Tori started to say, but her sister pushed the gag ball in her mouth and put the strap around her head.

Stephanie pulled her arms behind her back, and locked the cuffs on her. She played with Tori's pussy under her skirt.

“One of the photographers I work with recommended a friend of his that does more...risque shoots. We need to make sure we're putting up fresh content for the site, so I've arranged a little shoot for you today,”

“Hut ind uv hoot?”

“Some sexy pictures, and then a hot little fuck session with a hunky porn stud,” Stephanie said.

Tori felt her pussy ache. She was going to be fucked, and she couldn't wait. Stephanie took her into the house, a small mansion that was often rented out for porn films. The open floor concept was light and airy, filled with sunshine from the many windows. Everything was white, from the carpets, to the curtains, to the couch. Several lights were also set up at various locations around the room, driving away any remains shadows.

A short man with stubble on his face was talking to a couple of men with cameras, but he turned toward the two girls as they entered, and the unbridled lust was clear in his face.

“Looks like our talent has arrived,” He said, coming to meet them, “Ross Baker,” he held out his hand.

Stephanie shook it, “Stephanie Hamlin. This is Kandy. She won't be shaking hands,”

Ross laughed as he ran his eyes over Tori's body. The look made her squirm. Stephanie had introduced her by the website name. She noted it as the first time she'd been introduced by her porn name, sure that it wouldn't be the last.

“Nobody told me we were shooting with twins,” Ross said.

“You're not. I just manage,” Stephanie clarified, “My sister is the slut,”

They talked about Tori as if she weren't even there, and while it felt awkward, it was also turning her on. She was the slut. She was here to be fucked.

“That's too bad. People would dump their life savings to watch the two of you get fucked together. You girls are smoking, and I mean that,”

“Well, they'll have to be satisfied with one of us,” Stephanie said, “but just because I'm curious, and we're all here to make money, how much are you talking?”

Ross grinned, “With those bodies, and if you two were willing Half a million per shoot, would be my rough guess. That's a pittance of what the studio would get in return. Especially if you were willing to do anal or DP,”

Stephanie seemed to consider it, “I'll tell you what. You put that in writing, and let our people go over the contract, and I'll think about it. Fair enough?”

They shook hands.

“So, the specs for the shoot said that she's going to be blindfolded?” Ross said.

Tori mumbled something, but they ignored her.

“Yeah. Sorry, but we can't show her face,” Stephanie said.

“I get that. I know who you are, the bikini model. I've jerked off to you more times than I can count, honey,”

Stephanie chuckled, “Well, now you get to jerk off to my hot twin sister, too. How nice will that be?”

“Pretty sweet fuckin' deal, is what that is,”

“So we're starting with some stills,” Stephanie went back to business, “with video, and then the sex. Is that what you have, too?”

“Sounds like it,” Ross agreed, “

“Good,” Stephanie reached in her purse, came out with a check and handed it to Ross.

“Looks good,” he said, grinning, “I know you're gonna like the results,”

“That's what I've heard. Let's get to it,”

Ross finally acknowledged Tori, saying, “Ready, honey? We're gonna get you in the middle of the room here first, alright?”

Tori, her legs shaking, followed the man into the room. She looked back at Stephanie, who nodded her head. Tori was afraid, but she knew her sister was right here. She wouldn't let anything happen to her. She would be okay. Ross put a blindfold over her eyes and tied it tightly behind her head.

She felt him walk away, and she stood alone, unsure of what she was supposed to do. She heard Ross and Stephanie talking off to the side.

“Tori, get down on your knees like you're getting ready to suck some cunt,” Stephanie said.

She head Ross chuckle, and say something about her being well trained. She slowly got to her knees, which was a little difficult in the pumps, and with her arms cuffed behind her back. She felt a warm, masculine hand cup her chin, and tilt her head up. The click of cameras sounded off in the distance.

She felt the hand on her chin slide down to her throat, and the man moved behind her. He knelt behind her, his hand holding her chin up. His other hand slid around her body to cup one of her tits through her shirt. She could feel the wetness between her legs intensify as his fingers rolled her nipple. She moaned through her gag. Click!

With her sight gone, her movement restrained, unable to speak, Tori felt helpless. The feeling was exciting, yet frightening all at once. The man's hand moved from her chin, gathered her blonde hair in his fist, and pulled her head back. She gasped in surprise as his other hand went between her legs, lifting her skirt to brush her horny cunt. Click!

The man bent her backwards, and her tits thrust out. The loose top clung to them. He raised her skirt and spread her legs a little further. She was sure her pussy was fully on display, wet and puffy. Click! His finger pushed into her and she moaned. Click! The man then bent her over, pressed her face to the carpet, raised her ass in the air and pulled up her skirt. Click!

She felt her fuck honey running down her leg as the man pressed his finger to her slit. Click! He got his finger wet with her cream, and placed it against her asshole. Click! His finger pushed into her ass. Click! He pulled Tori back upright, unlocked her cuffs, took her shirt off, and cuffed her again. Click! She felt his mouth engulf one of her breasts, his tongue teasing her nipple. Click!

She moaned into the gag ball as he did the same to the other breast. Click! Next, he helped her stand and slid off her skirt, exposing her whole body to the camera. Click! The man spread her legs apart, cupped her teen pussy with his big hand. Click! He pushed his fingers up her cunt and slowly fucked her pussy. Click! Tori moaned and tried to cum on his fingers. Click! Her hands, behind her back, felt his hardon. He was naked! He pushed his dick between her spread legs from behind, and she felt the shaft slide between her pussy lips. Click!

Tori tried to get it inside of her, but he continued to tease her eager, young cunt with it. Click! It was a new feeling, strange and exciting, being helpless and unable to see the man who was manipulating her hard teenage body so well. His breath was warm in her ear as he rubbed his dick between her wet folds.

A second pair of hands fondled her breasts, making Tori jump. Click! Her legs shook as the friction of the first man's cock gave her a small orgasm. Click! Her body shivered as the second man sucked at her nipples. Click! The first man held her hips and continued to rub his cock between her legs. The second man kissed her on her gag ball. Click!

The gag ball was pulled from her mouth and hung around her neck, just below her “fucktoy” necklace. With her mouth free, her passionate moans filled the room. She arched her back against the man behind her, and the second man put his tongue in her mouth, groped her tits. Click!

“Good fuck, but this little slut of yours is hot,” Ross whispered to Stephanie.

Stephanie just nodded, watching the two porn studs work her sister's body over. She certainly wasn't immune to the effect Tori was having on everyone there. Her own pussy was wet under her skirt. Ross saw Stephanie's glassy-eyed look, her intense focus on the action. He'd been doing this long enough to know when a bitch was getting hot, and he could see that Stephanie was hotter than most. He suspected that a little bit of slut probably ran in both twins. If he only knew. He slid his hand under Stephanie's skirt and rubbed her ass. She didn't stop him.

The two men put Tori on her knees and placed their cocks at her mouth, their two heads bumping against each other. Tori was panting visibly, obviously on the edge of a cock frenzy. Click! The two cocks entered her mouth side-by-side. Tori moaned at the new experience. She let them battle for her mouth, but eventually one of them pulled out, while the other filled her small mouth with its girth.

The cameras rolled and clicked. Stephanie spread her legs a little wider, letting Ross feel her heated cunt. The man in Tori's mouth began to slowly fuck her face, holding her head in his big hands. Tori hardly participated at all. She just let him use her mouth, drooling around his cock, as the man pushed his dick into her throat, held it until she gagged, pulled back out, did it all over again.

The other man lay on his back, and slid between her legs. He pulled Tori down to his face and began to suck at her pussy. Tori went crazy, her young body shaking and quivering as they made her their toy. The two men, clearly used to working in unison, picked Tori up and carried her to the couch, where one of them sat down, and the other positioned Tori, reverse cowgirl, onto his throbbing hardon.

The strangers large penis slid into her hot, quivering, young hole, and Tori began to cum on it, jerking and gasping, a string of saliva hanging from her lip. The other man stood on the couch and put his cock back into her mouth. The sound of moaning, groaning, sucking and squelching went on for several minutes as they made Tori cum over and over.

Ross' finger worked at Stephanie's hot hole, rubbing her clit, sliding inside of her. Stephanie finally snapped out of her trance, and pushed his hand away gently, shaking her head. Ross shrugged and licked his finger while he stared at her. Stephanie grinned at him.

“That's all of my pussy you're going to get,” she whispered, “But you can still jerk off to me,”

“Oh, I will,” Ross admitted.

The porn studs swapped places and fucked Tori's mouth and pussy again. She was a very willing participant now, fucking herself on the stud's cock in her dripping pussy. She was in a constant state of near-orgasm. She knew that she really was just their fucktoy. They were using her body to get themselves off, and in so doing she was having the most erotic fuck of her young life.

This wasn't at all like anything she'd done. This was intense, a total feeling of abandoning control. They made her do whatever they wanted, put her where they wanted, used her as they wanted. She was blind, cuffed, and had no choice but to take their large cocks and enjoy it.

She felt herself being lifted up, the cock slipping from her puffy little cunt. The man put his hands on her ass, held her there, and slowly eased her down onto his penis, filling her pussy back up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and let him lift her up and down his thick rod. He pushed his tongue in her mouth, and she kissed him back.

Her second lover's hands grasped her waist, and she leaned back against his chest, while the man fucking her held her still. Tori stiffened as she felt the other man's hard cock touch her asshole. She struggled weakly, whimpering into the man's mouth. He wouldn't stop kissing her. The man behind her pushed his cock past her sphincter and she cried out into her lover's mouth.

Her small body shook all over as she was double penetrated for the first time by two real cocks. The first sensation was an excruciating pain, her body feeling like she was being split in half. The first man held her ass open, his big cock all the way inside of her. The second man slowly eased his cock in her backdoor. She stopped kissing and began cumming as she felt the two penises rub together through the thin membrane in her body.

“Uuuuugh! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, fuck!” she cried, and broke down into animalistic grunts as the two studs got both of their cocks all the way inside of her. Still cuffed, she squeezed her legs hard around the man holding her up, and then lost her shit. There was nothing else in the world but the feel of those two hard penises pushing in and out in an endless rhythm of pain and pleasure. She felt absolutely filled, filled so much that she thought she was going to burst.

She had no idea what she was saying, or if the noises coming from her mouth were even words. Her head was a continuous jumble of stars, exploding light, waves of dizziness, and unimaginable euphoria. The two studs held her between them, a hot little teen sandwich, and plugged her holes over and over in a rapid jackhammer of sweat and fuck honey.

She felt the first man begin to cum in her ass, followed moments later by the second man exploding deep in her tight cunt. Tori had the biggest orgasm of her life, up to that point, and felt herself getting faint. She thought she might pass out, her head was so light. The two studs pulled their dicks out of her, and she could feel torrents of warm cum pour out of her ass and pussy.

The men sat her down on the couch and took turns assaulting her slobbering mouth, making her clean up their hard pricks with her tongue. Her ass felt very sore as she sat there, leaking cum on the couch. When they were satisfied with how well she cleaned their dicks up, they gave each other a high five and walked away, done playing with their toy.

Tori lay on the couch, legs spread, oozing jism from her ass and cunt, more sperm and spit hanging from her used mouth. Her arms burned from being cuffed for so long, and her wrists were sore. She labored for breath as her head spun with a blissful afterglow. She couldn't process a single thought right then. She was still stuck in an animal state, prone and ready to be fucked like a toy some more.

“Turn off the cameras,” Stephanie said.

Ross turned to the cameramen, gave a signal. The cameras stopped. Stephanie went to Tori. She had little love bites on her tits and inner thighs. She was a complete mess, but looked as though she was ready for more. Stephanie took the blindfold off her. Tori's eyes were staring past Stephanie, totally unfocused. Stephanie snapped her fingers and Tori blinked. She kissed her, tasting the two stud's fuck juice in her sister's mouth. Tori started to come around as Stephanie pulled away.

“S...Ste...Stephie?” Tori droned.

“I'm here, baby,” Stephanie said softly.

“Did I...I do good? Was I a...good slut?”

Stephanie stroked her hair.

“You were a great little slut, Tori,” she said reassuringly, “You fucked those two stud's brains out,”

“I love you, Stephie,”

“I love you, too,”

“Could we go home now?”

“Yeah. Let me clean up that messy little cunt first,” Stephanie said.

She leaned Tori forward and undid her cuffs. The sense of freedom was wonderful! Tori flexed her tired arms, rubbed her wrists. Stephanie brought her a glass of water and began to dab at her used fuckholes with a warm towel. There was so much cum spilling out of her and coating the couch. Tori gladly drank the whole glass of water and cradled the cold cup against her sweaty chest. Ross hovered in her bleary vision.

“Baby, you are something else. I've seen a lot of girls come and go, but that was HOT, and I mean smoking! You ever want to shoot again, you come and see me, alright? You gotta be the hottest little piece of teen pussy I ever seen. The way you lose yourself in it, that's a one in a million trait, honey. Most of these dumb sluts don't show a tenth of the love for cock that you do,”

“Um, thanks, I think,” Tori said.

Stephanie tossed the towel away and helped Tori to her feet. Her legs would barely hold her, they were so weak from cumming. The memory of the dream came rushing back to Stephanie as she half carried her sister across the room, Tori carrying her up the hill, pushing every ounce of strength in her tiny body into her legs, scared but determined to get her sister to safety.

Stephanie gritted her teeth and pushed that thought away with a mental 'fuck you'. She got Tori into the car and carefully put her battered body in the passenger seat. She told her to wait, went back inside and found Ross helping pack up equipment.

“Ross,” she called, and the director looked up at her, “Send the copies over to my editor. And don't forget, I want to see contracts for both of us at my attorney's office by the end of the week. If its lucrative enough, you might just get to see a little bit more of my pussy, and get something else to jerk off to,”

“Baby, you got a deal,” he said, and grinned like a shark.

Stephanie took a card from her purse, scribbled the lawyers name and fax number on the back, and handed it to Ross. They shook hands again, and watched her beautiful ass sway away in her tiny skirt. He couldn't help but grab his cock and lick his finger again. It was the sweetest honey he'd ever tasted.

Tori slept the whole way home, and when Stephanie pulled into the driveway, she had to help her sister out of the car. Tori was slightly more lucid now, and was able to walk on her own, though slowly. Her ass was sore and aching, but she was still a touch horny. She couldn't imagine why. She must have cum a hundred times over the course of an hour.

She stumbled into the house behind Stephanie, who went ahead of her and ran a hot bath. She took Tori into her own bedroom, helped her undress, and then got her into the tub. The warm water felt great, soothing the aches a little bit. Despite feeling beat up, Tori was smiling. Her pussy was hot and tingling with the memory of the savage fucking she'd gotten.

Stephanie washed her hair and cleaned the cum and dried spit from her face. Tori lay in the tub, eyes closed, until the water got cold. Stephanie sat next to her, and just watched her. That little nagging guilt kept creeping into the back of her mind, but she kept pushing it away. Tori deserved this, she told herself again. She helped her sister out of the tub, dried her off, and got her into her bed. Tori fell asleep quickly, and didn't wake up for hours.

*Cross Promotion*

“I think it's a great idea,” Mike agreed.

Stephanie had just finished pitching her idea for a cross promotional venture between and LKKXXX.COM, while Tori and Cindy shared Mike's cock between their hot little mouths. Stephanie was, of course, filming it on her phone. They agreed that Cindy could show her face on the Kandy Kunt site, but they needed to keep Tori's blurred. Cindy had no problem, naturally, with people seeing her face on the internet. had opened the previous afternoon and was on track to be a huge success. Little Kandy Kunt, meanwhile, was still seeing hundreds of new memberships every day. Stephanie couldn't wait to see the reaction to the new video, once the editing was done. She hoped the fans would appreciate that they'd used the blindfold to hide Kandy's identity this time, rather than the blur. It made for a much hotter video, Stephanie thought, having watched the rough cut that morning.

“Great,” Stephanie said, “I'll put a link on the site tonight to Cindy Sin, and start pushing traffic your way,”

“Awesome. You hear that, babe?” Mike asked Cindy, who was massaging his balls as his sister choked herself on his huge rod.


“Nevermind. I'll tell you later. Suck my balls,”

“Okay, baby,” Cindy said, and sucked his balls.

“You wanna put that pretty pussy on my cock, Steph?” Mike asked.

He could see that she was extremely turned on, watching Tori and Cindy worship his dick, but she shook her head and continued filming.

“Money first. I get it,”

“It's not as though you don't have choices, is it?” Stephanie said.

“Yes, the difficult decisions in the life of Michael Hamlin,” he mused, pushing his sisters head down on his cock, “Oh, to lead a simpler life,” the two girls switched places and Cindy swallowed his entire cock, “Uuuuh, God! Oh, I'll just have both.”

Stephanie chuckled. She was definitely going to need Tori to lick her out after Mike came. This whole scene was getting her cunt so hot and horny. She was, in fact, quite tempted to sink her pussy down on Mike's big dick, but she didn't want to stop filming.

Tori mounted her brother's fat cock and Cindy lined it up, put it inside of her. She rode him reverse cowgirl, letting Cindy lick the exposed parts of his shaft, as well as her pussy. Little Tori moaned and took her brother deep inside of her pussy, shaking with a good cum. She pulled herself off his cock and let Cindy have it. The little redhead rode him passionately, while Tori pushed him on his back and sat on his face. The two girls swapped sloppy kisses as one came on his tongue, and the other on his throbbing prick.

When Mike began growling, Tori got off of his face and waited for him to finish cumming inside his tiny girlfriend. Cindy slipped off his cock, which was Tori's cue to climb between her legs and suck her hung brother's nasty sperm out of her friend's slutty cunt. Cindy came again on Tori's face as Mike kissed her hotly.

The three of them lay in a sweaty heap of flesh, the two girls stroking Mike's still-hard cock. Stephanie stopped filming and started to walk out.

“Hey, where are you going?” Mike called.

“Uh, out?”

“No you're not, come over here and get your cunt off with us,”

“I'll pass for now, thanks,” Stephanie said.

Mike sat up, saying, “Come on, Steph. Look at you. If you were any hotter I could toast bread on your pussy,”

“Ha! It would be the best tasting toast you've ever had,”

Mike stood up, his dick swinging. Stephanie licked her lips, but she backed away. Mike saw the game in her eyes, and knew what she needed. Stephanie rarely, if ever, had willing sex with him. It was her kink. If she wasn't “forced” into it, it wasn't as hot for her. He grabbed her arm. She tugged it away.

“Leave me alone, you fucking pervert,” she shouted at him.

“Pervert? Maybe you shouldn't dress like such a cocktease, if you don't want cock,”

“Who says I don't want cock? Just not my brothers nasty cock, wet with the cunt slime from two sluts already. No thanks,”

Mike put his shoulder into her waist and lifted her bodily onto his shoulder. Stephanie shrieked and beat at his back with her fists. Mike flipped her skirt up and slapped her ass, making her screech.

“You better settle the fuck down,” he said, tossing her onto the bed. Her phone fell from her hand.

Tori and Cindy watched with open mouths. This was the first time they'd seen Mike and Stephanie interact like this, and it was exciting! Cindy noted the dropped phone, picked it up and started recording. Mike held Stephanie down as she lay on her stomach, pulled her skirt up, and spanked her again, leaving a red hand print on her perfect ass.

“Quit fighting me, you little tramp,” he growled, “You're gonna take this dick, and you're gonna fucking cum on it, got it?”

“You fucking rapist prick!” Stephanie spat, “What kind of brother says sick shit like that to his sister? Go stick your dick in someone who likes it,”

“When I get done stuffing it up your cunt, you're gonna be wanting it so bad you'll be begging,”

Mike pushed her legs apart, held them apart with his own, and pushed his cockhead into her from behind, making Stephanie cry out.

“Ooooohfuckinshit! You...ugh...dirty...ugh...fuck....ugh” she said, as Mike began to slam his dick into her. Cindy crawled over and stroked Stephanie's hair as her boyfriend fucked his hot sister. Tori came to her knees and put her hand on Mike's chest. She thought she understood the game, and she started filling the room with the filthiest chatter she could think of, knowing that Stephanie loved dirty talk.

“Oh, that's so hot big brother! Rape your slutty sister's cunt for her. What a rude little bitch, telling you not to put that big fuckstick up her pussy. She's such a bad little sister, Mike. Make her take her punishment, and show her how to be your cock-stuffed slut,”

“,” Mike said, looking at Tori as if she were a fucking alien, “Do you two share a fucking brain of something?”

Tori stuck her tongue in his mouth, moaned and rubbed his balls as he pumped Stephanie's pussy from behind. Tori broke away and lay on Stephanie's other side. She took over stroking her hair from Cindy, ran her free hand between the crack of Stephanie's ass and teased her tiny butthole.

“See how good your big brother's cock makes you feel, sissy? Tell him to rape you, Stephie. Tell your big brother to rape your stupid cunt like it was made for,”

Stephanie came as Tori whispered filth in her ear. She had to admit, her sister had the knack for talking dirty, and Stephanie loved it.

“Uuunhg, God! Do it, Mike! Rape my slut cunt! Oh, yes! My cunt was made to be raped! Oh, Shit! Ooooooh, fuck yeah!” Stephanie babbled.

“Do you want your brother to cum in you, Stephie? Do you want his nasty spunk up your teen pussy? I'll bet his big balls need to cum again after fucking me. Should he cum in your pretty pussy?” Tori whispered.

“Yes! Oh, cum in me, Mike!” Stephanie pleaded.

“Mmmm, you see? He was right. You're begging him for it like a slut in heat, Stephie. You're begging for your big brother's cum,”

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Mike was panting.

“Please cum in me! Do it, do it, do it!” Stephanie pleaded.

Mike roared and buried his whole cock in Stephanie, spraying another big load into his third pussy of the day. He collapsed on top of her and kissed her neck. Cindy pulled his face to hers and kissed, too.

“Oh, baby,” she said, “That was the hottest thing I've ever seen! You three are so nasty together. Oh my God!”

Mike pulled his cock out of Stephanie, and the two horny sluts to either side of her almost fought over the cum leaking from her. In the end, they settled for Cindy licking it out, and snowballing it into Tori's mouth, where they shared it between their clashing tongues. The utter depravity in front of him would have made Mike's cock rock hard, if he hadn't just fucked three gorgeous teenager's and cum twice within 15 minutes.

He lay back on the bed and dozed, joined a moment later by Cindy. The little redhead held Stephanie's phone out for her. She took it back. Tori helped Stephanie off the bed, and they tottered up the stairs together. Tori breathed in the just-fucked scent of her sister as they made their way into Stephanie's room.
Tori put her on the bed and crawled in next to her, pulling her blanket up around them. She wrapped her arm around Stephanie's body, cuddling up behind her and smelled her hair. She felt so warm and soft in her arms. She felt Stephanie's hand cover her own and squeeze it softly. Her heart jumped. It was the first time she could remember Stephanie touching her with real affection in years. This wasn't the sexy or lustful touches, like the way she kissed her or played with her body. There was real tenderness in that small gesture.

“I love you, Stephie,” Tori whispered.

Stephanie choked, and started to cry. Refusing to say a word, she just lay in Tori's arms and sobbed into her pillow. Tori didn't know what to do. Had she ever seen Stephanie cry? She honestly couldn't remember. There was one time, she thought, when Stephanie had broken her arm sliding down an icy hill. That, though, Tori understood. She'd cried because of the injury, and Tori had been able to help, then. Stephanie never cried, though, and this time she didn't know how to help.

“Oh, Stephie, please tell me what's wrong. I want to help,” she said softly.

“Shut up,” Stephanie hissed.

Tori went quiet, and just held her. Stephanie's grip on her hand was so tight that it was beginning to hurt. She wanted to let go, to release that hand, put her mask on and move forward. It wasn't so easy, though. Something had changed, these last several days, and it wasn't just Tori's rapidly increasing sex drive.

Rather, it was a closeness that hadn't been there for a long time. She hadn't felt close to Tori this way in years, considered her a friend. The doubts, the guilt she'd been fighting, though, had intensified lately. Turning her sister into a slut hadn't produced the effect that she thought it would, not exactly. Since Tori had come home, she was a different person. She wasn't cold, uppity, smug. Not anymore.

She'd, somehow, come through the changes, accepted them, and was now even embracing them. It wasn't fair! Stephanie had taken everything from her and, yet, she still persevered. Stephanie thought about the increasing popularity of the website, the new closeness that was developing between them, Tori's increasing attachment and tenderness. Despite everything Stephanie had done to her, Tori still managed to come out ahead of her.

Her sister had thousands of adoring fans, all beating their dicks to her videos and pictures. Money was pouring in. People were drooling over her. And here Stephanie was, in the background. She might be holding the reigns, but it was really Tori who was the star. She latched onto that thought, and it helped. The guilt slowly slipped away. Yes, there was the familiar hate, the jealousy. This was what she needed to keep moving forward.

Her tears stopped as abruptly as they'd started. The old mask came to the fore. Tori deserved it. Every humiliating, degrading, and awful thing Stephanie subjected her to, she deserved! The stupid cunt. She might be coming to accept that she was a slut, now, but she really had lost everything she'd worked for. Stephanie had taken it. Stephanie was the good daughter, now. She'd changed her whole family, become a lover to both of her parents. Tori would never have that.

Stephanie let go of her sister's hand. She rolled over and looked her in the eyes, those sad blue eyes. She saw in them the helplessness, the uncertainty, the confusion, and she smiled. Her hand slid down Tori's body, and dipped into her constantly-wet little hole. Tori gasped.

“Tell me you're a slut,” Stephanie hissed.

“I'm a...I'm your slut, Stephie,”

“Tell me you love me,”

“I love you, Stephie! Oh, please, let me cum for you, Stephie,”

Stephanie jammed two fingers into her cunt, and Tori's breathing became more rapid. Her thumb rubbed at her sister's clit, and Tori squealed as she came. Stephanie mashed her lips against Tori's as she sister rode her fingers.

“Who owns this little cunt?”

“Oooo, you do! It's your cunt, Stephie!”

“Good girl. Can you cum again for me?”

Stephanie slipped a third, and then a fourth finger into her sister's dripping hole, making her cum again.

“That's Stephie's little slut,” she said, “Now, let's have a nap. We have work to do later,”

She rolled over again, and pulled Tori's arm around her. Control. She just needed to stay in control. She had to remember that Tori was still her bitch, and that no matter how comfortable she became, being a slut, that it was Stephanie who had put her there. She was winning, and this time Tori would not come out ahead.

It was early afternoon when the two girls woke from their nap. Stephanie ordered Tori into the shower, while she downloaded the video of Mike fucking the two girls from a few hours ago. She also noticed the second video. She hadn't even noticed herself being recorded. She had to admit, it was pretty hot watching her brother shove his prick into her. Their little foursome was damn sexy. She saved the video to her computer, too.

She attached the video of Cindy and Tori to an email and sent it over to the editor with a few notes. That done, she checked the website stats, saw the increasing members, and then sent another email to the web designer. The link to Cindy Sin would be up soon. While she waited for Tori to finish up, she scrolled through the comments to the videos.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The suggestion forum was starting to fill up. Some of the ideas Stephanie dismissed outright. As interesting as it might be to see Tori get fucked in the ass by a horse, even Stephanie's depravity had its limits. Double penetration seemed to be a very common request. Stephanie smiled. The members were going to go ape shit when the new video went up. She'd watched a lot of porn over the years, and the scene with Tori and the two porn studs was one of the hottest things she'd ever witnessed.

Several members were requesting all manner of perversion. Blowbangs, gangbangs, double anal or double vaginal, bukkake, piss showers, fucking machines, black men raping Kandy's teen cunt. One of the most common requests, though, was to see Stephanie in some videos. She was always behind the camera, with the exception of Tori's dildo in the ass video, but that had only shown her hands. The members were very curious. If Kandy was this hot, what did her sister look like?

Stephanie sat back in her chair and thought about it. It was something very easy and doable. She started to make some notes about what the members wanted. She'd work out the easy requests to get some quick content in place, and then find opportunities to make Tori do some of the more extreme ones.

Tori came back in the room, her hair damp, her perfect body naked and smelling of soap. She stood behind Stephanie and looked at the screen, read some of the comments. It was amazing how many people wanted to talk to her, wanted to touch her, and some of the things they wanted to do to her body. She was getting hot just reading them.

“You should really sit down and reply to some of these. I'll help you,” Stephanie said.

Tori sat in the chair, while Stephanie pulled up a stool from the corner of her room. Over the next two hours they answered questions, replied to messages and comments, and did their best to make the members feel like they were part of the Kandy Kunt “sexperience”.

From Fucktoy69: Kandy, you are so gorgeous! I'm an 18 year old and getting ready to start my senior year in high school, but I don't want to go to college. I've decided to follow your example and do what I love, which is fuck! Thanks so much for being such an inspiration!

Dear Fucktoy69: It's so good to hear that you're following your heart, or in this case your pussy. LOL! You're the inspiration, baby, not me. The world really needs more hot young sluts like you to spread their legs for all the horny cocks out there. When you start fucking everyone, like me, drop me a line and maybe we can bump pussies someday! XOXO! -Kandy

From YummyCunt: Kandy, you're so naughty! I just love your videos so much, and I love your brother's huge cock even more! I have an older brother, too, and have been thinking for years about giving him pussy, but I've been afraid. You really gave me that push I needed, and last night, I finally did it. I caught him jerking off in his room, and decided to help. Long story short, he fucked me three times and it was the best sex I've ever had! Keep on fucking, girl!

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FirmHandFirmCock: Dear slut, it's very obvious to me that you're naturally very submissive and playful. I can't imagine that you do this all on your own, and there must be a more dominant hand behind you, helping to control your wanton little cunt. Is there such a person?

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When Stephanie decided they'd put in enough response time they went downstairs to dig up a late lunch. Cindy sat at the table looking bored, toying with a piece of pie.

“Hey, Cindy,” Tori said, “Where's Mike?”

“He had to go to summer classes,”

“So, what are you doing?”

“Being bored!”

Stephanie opened the fridge, poked around, then the freezer. Nothing looked good. She sighed and joined Tori and Cindy at the table.

“It's fucking summer. Why are we inside? I don't have shit to do until my shoot tomorrow,”

“Well, I'm inside because Mike said I shouldn't go out alone, or someone might kidnap me and sell me overseas,” Cindy said.

“Well, if you had someone to keep you on a leash, would that be different?” Stephanie asked.

“Probably. What should we do?”

“Well, first I think Tori should lick my cunt, while you video it for Kandy Kunt,” Stephanie said.

Cindy perked up, “I like where this is going,”

“Then, you and Tori can 69 like the dirty little lesbo sluts you are, and I'll record it for both sites,”

“I haven't cum in hours! This will be great!” Cindy said.

“Let's go out by the pool,” Stephanie suggested.

The giggling threesome went out to the pool deck, and Stephanie pulled up a pool chair. She spread a few towels on the concrete, too. Handing her phone to Cindy, she lay back on the pool chair and spread her legs, crooking her finger at Tori. Cindy began filming.

Tori came over and made out with her sister, while Stephanie rubbed her cunt. Tori worked her way down Stephanie's body, sucking at her big tits, kissing her tummy, then putting her face between her legs. Stephanie stroked her hair, called her a cuntsucker and pussy slut, and then finally came on her face.

She took the phone from Cindy, and had the little redhead lay on her back on the spread towels. Tori climbed on top of her friend, and they were soon moaning into one anothers cunts, fingering their assholes, and cumming in each others faces. They swapped positions, did all over again. After several hard orgasms, they lay panting on the towels.

Stephanie stopped the video, set her phone aside, and dove naked into the pool. It wasn't long before Tori and Cindy were joining her. If it weren't for the ache in her cunt that never seemed to go away, and the fact that she was skinny dipping, Tori thought she could almost feel normal again. They were laughing, rough housing, and kissing each other. They were young, getting rich, and it was summer. Life was good.

*The Walls Came Tumbling Down*

It was raining on Friday, and the steamy heat seemed to cling to John Hamlin's clothes as he pushed through the double glass doors of a downtown office building. He crossed the lobby, gave the receptionist his name, and waited. The girl told him to take the elevator to the fifth floor. Suite 503.

John had been making inquiries over the last week with medical and psychological professionals, trying to find more information on Tori's condition. The responses had been...disturbing. The replies were all the same. There was no such condition, at least not under that name. Certainly there were people out there who were addicted to sex, and several of the responses he'd gotten back had admitted as much. However, none of them could pin down exactly what he was talking about. A few had offered to examine Tori, but he politely declined at this juncture. He didn't want to subject his daughter to more therapy, tests, or anything else without knowing more.

Then, he'd received a call from a special investigator with the FBI's sexual crimes unit, asking him to please come in and talk with them. They promised that it would be worth his while, and that they could offer him some information. His interest piqued, John now found himself riding the elevator to suite 503.

He stepped off, and made his way down a carpeted hallway to suite 503, let himself in, and was greeted by a receptionist. Again, he gave his name, waited. A stocky man in a dark suit and tie came through a door in the back and held out his hand.

“Mr. Hamlin? Agent Arnold Oliver. It's good to meet you,”


“Would you follow me, please?”

He took John through the back door and into a sparsely decorated office. He offered him a chair, and then sat behind a metal desk, and slid a piece of paper and a pen over.

“This is a nondisclosure agreement,” he explained, “Before I can tell you anything, I'll need you to sign it, please,”

John looked it over. He'd seen many such agreements in the past, and it looked pretty standard. He signed it, passed it back. The agent slipped it into a folder, and then pulled a large file out of his desk.

“Thanks for coming in,” Oliver said, “I'm sure you're wondering why I asked you here,”

“I am,”

“Your recent inquiries into a rare disorder tipped us off, so I tracked you down. You see, I head an investigation into sex crimes, things like human trafficking, and I understand you have a daughter who was recently incarcerated at the NewYou Clinic here in the city. Do I have that right?”

“You do. So, what interest does the FBI have in psychological disorders?”

“Ordinarily, we don't,” Oliver said, “however, this particular one caught our attention about a year ago,”

He opened his file and began to lay out photographs. One in particular, caught John's attention.

“Do you recognize any of these people?” Oliver asked.

“Him,” John said, a cold sense of dread creeping over him as he pointed to the photo.

“Dr. Peter Carlson,” Oliver said, “He heads the NewYou Clinic,”

“That much I know. Why am I looking at him?”

“On the face of it, the NewYou Clinic is exactly what it claims to be. It's a rehabilitation ward for troubled teens. Some, or even most of what they do, is actually legitimate work. It has to be, when you're trying to hide...other things, I guess,”

“What are you telling me?”

“Dr. Carlson, and several members of his staff, were very respected in their fields. However, all of them had a penchant for not playing by the rules. Most of them were dismissed, very quietly, from prominent positions in pharmaceuticals, DNA research, psychological conditioning, a pretty broad spectrum of medical professions. It's the sort of pool of talent that you would want to bring together if you were, say, trying to run a clinic for addiction recovery,”

He pulled another set of photographs and laid them out, asking if John recognized any of them. Again, one face he did know.

“That's Mr. Hart. He teaches chemistry at my daughter's school. I met him at a parent/teacher conference last year,”

Oliver nodded, “All of the people in these photographs, we've been looking into for the last year. They occupy positions at high schools around the state. Some of them are teachers, others counselors, principals. But what they really are, are the scouts,”


Oliver leaned back in his chair, “Everything I'm telling you is classified as part of an ongoing investigation. I wouldn't even be divulging it, except that you have a unique connection to this case,”

“How so?”

“For one, your daughter was treated at NewYou, and the other is this,” He pulled another photo from the file, and seemed to hesitate, “This could be...difficult for you, so please just try to keep an open mind,”

John felt his palms begin to sweat as the agent slid the photograph across the desk. He stared at it, time seeming to stand still. The agent said his name, but it sounded like he was yelling down a long tunnel. In the photograph was Stephanie, and she was walking into a house. The man in the doorway was Mr. Hart.

“Mr. Hamlin,” the agent said again.

John tore his eyes from the photo. His mouth was dry. He looked at it again. The agent pulled it away.

“Is that your daughter?” Oliver asked.

John nodded.

“Mr. Hamlin, the people that I've shown you are part of a larger ring of criminal activity that we've been watching very closely. The scouts,” he waved his hand over the photographs, “are the front line. They locate young girls, often girls with problems like drug addiction, and then they work to ensure those girls are arrested for crimes either real or imagined. It's something they're very good at.

They have co-conspirators in the legal system that funnel the girls into the NewYou Clinic for rehabilitation and treatment. However, once inside, they're put through intense psychological reconditioning, as well as drug treatments that essentially rewrite parts of their DNA. The result is that these girls experience a dramatic increase in sex drive, hormone and pheromone production, and have their personalities altered to accept the new feelings,”

John placed his shaking hands on his legs and asked, “You think that...that they did this to Tori?”

Oliver nodded.

“I'm sorry to say it, sir, but I also think that your other daughter might be involved. To what extent, I can't say as of yet, but there's a picture starting to emerge as I look into her,”

“What do they...what happens to the girls?”

“Some of them, well, the families have difficulty accepting them in their changed state. Some have been turned over as wards of the clinic, since they have difficult operating in society, for obvious reasons. Those ones, we know of at least a few that have been sold in known human trafficking rings,”

John thought of Cindy. She'd been turned over to the clinic, abandoned by her family. If they hadn't taken her in...

Oliver went on, “It's hard, though, to make girls simply disappear. Often times, other...arrangements are made. The end goal, as with most of these things, is money or power, in this case mostly money. And sex,”

“You said other arrangements. What does that mean?”

Oliver slid him a piece of paper, a web domain registration form.

“The domain LKKXXX.COM was registered less than a week ago. The domain name is registered to Second Place Holdings LLC, the sole officer of which is one Stephanie Hamlin,” Oliver explained, “have you visited this site?”

John shook his head. He'd never heard of it.

“I would encourage you not to, for your own sanity,” Oliver said sadly, “Please, just trust me when I say that the content is graphic, disturbing, and utterly without shame. The website has only been online for a few days. Already, it's been visiting well over a million times, and has a membership count of over 15,000. The site charges a membership fee of $10 per month. You can do the math,”

John could. The numbers were staggering.

“We've been following the funds, part of which are being dumped into an account for benefit of Tori Hamlin, but owned and managed by Stephanie Hamlin. Another portion is being funneled through a lot of very strategic accounting to other sources we haven't identified. It's my assumption, though, that those funds are paying the network of conspirators that your daughter has been working with,”

John felt like he'd been punched in the chest. He couldn't breath. He put his head between his knees and felt lightheaded. It couldn't be true. Stephanie was...using Tori to make money? Is that what the agent was saying? John steeled himself, controlled his breathing, and finally faced the agent again.

“I'm sorry to have to tell you this, sir,” Oliver said.

“You're sure,” John asked.

“I can only go where the evidence takes me,”

“What do you want from me?”

“I don't want anything from you,” Oliver said, “I wanted you to have the truth, and ask you to keep your eyes open for anything that might help us. Right now, what we have is a shadowy conspiracy that's difficult, if not impossible to pin down. They're connected at some of the highest levels, and the amount of money involved here is immense. I know that what I'm telling you is probably hard to believe, but let me assure you that I'm going to bring them down,”

He reached into his pocket and pushed another photograph across the desk. The girl was very pretty, with dark brown hair and big friendly eyes.

“My niece. Allison.”

John handed the photo back.

“Allison loved music. She was good. Very good. Musicians, well, they can be a mixed crowd. She fell in with some of the bad ones, and got into drugs. It wasn't long before she was arrested with heroin. The judge ordered her to rehabilitation at the NewYou Clinic, and that's when the diagnosis came. Adolescent Hypersexual Disorder. According to the therapists at NewYou, her drug problem was only a side effect of a rare, repressed psychological disorder,”

John saw the parallels very clearly.

“It was three months before Allison came home, at the end of the court-mandated sentence. She was...different. Do you know what Allison does now?”

John shook his head.

“She works in the adult film industry as Anal Allie,”

“I'm...I'm sorry,” John said.

Oliver shook his head, saying, “I'm not asking for sympathy. I just want you to know that I know what it's like. I've been where you are, almost,”

“Then, everything that's been happening to's all been...”

“A lie? Bullshit? Manufactured? I'd stake my career on it,”

John sat back in the chair, trying to muddle through it. He couldn't. He didn't want to. Stephanie was involved in this? Why?

“What do you want me to do?” John asked.

“Just keep your eyes open. If we're ever going to bring them down, then we need evidence,”


“And Mr. Hamlin,” Oliver said, standing and reaching across the desk, “I'm sorry,”

John shook his hand. He was cold as he turned to leave. He left the building on autopilot, and when he reached his car he got behind the wheel and just sat. How did one even begin to process what he'd just learned? Several times he started the engine, and then turned it back off. He couldn't make his body work. Driving the vehicle took too much thought. He didn't know how much time passed, but as the summer sun crossed the sky, John Hamlin put his face in his hands and cried.

*Truth, Stranger than Fiction*

It was after dark when John's car pulled into the driveway. He parked in the garage, shut off the engine, and stared at the door to his home. Over the last month, his family life had changed drastically. It all began with Tori's odd behavior over a weekend one month ago, a sudden uptick in sexual energy that had infected the entire rest of the family. John and Melanie, intensely sexual people themselves, open to the taboo world of kinky perversion, had been all too eager to experiment with their children. The result was that their family had never been closer, never happier.

Now, staring at the door, John dreaded walking inside. It wasn't that he was less inclined toward the new relationships he'd forged with his kids. Quite the opposite. He cherished them, delighted in watching them flourish, loved them all the more because of it. He just didn't know if he could look at Stephanie, now, and see her as his little girl. The extent of her involvement wasn't really clear, but that she had some hand in it was.

And then there was Tori, afflicted, changed, stripped of her entire life and forced into a new one. How could he face her and not break down in tears at her pain? How could he face his wife, and tell her that Stephanie was using her sister, prostituting her? He looked at his phone. Melanie had called twice, but he hadn't answered.

Bugs. Bugs in the software. John was a problem solver by nature. It's what had made him successful, being able to design, locate the flaws, devise solutions, implement. He tried to focus on it as thought it were the same thing. In order to find evidence, he needed to look at the source. Stephanie was the source, his only lead.

Maybe there was something to confirm or deny her involvement. If it was in the house, her room would be a good place to start looking. Stephanie might be blonde, but she was no idiot. She was his daughter, so of course she was smart. If she were hiding something, would she keep it in the house? He'd have to try. He knew that tomorrow morning she would be out on a shoot for several hours. That would be his opportunity.

First, though, he had to make it through the night. He breathed deeply and got out of the car. His hand hovered at the doorknob for a moment, and then he opened it. The sounds of women moaning, and a man's deeper voice greeted him. Welcome home.

John walked through the kitchen, the voices getting louder. He crossed the hall, entered the family room. Despite everything running through his mind, his cock hardened in his pants. While he'd become quite accustomed to the seemingly endless fucking that went on around his house, nothing could have quite prepared him for the complete debauchery happening in his living room.

He'd walked in on a full-blown orgy in progress. His son lay on the floor, and Tori noisily bounced herself up and down on his cock, while Stephanie sat on his face. The twins were making out like the pair of horned up vixens they were. Tori's boyfriend, Tim, was jerking one of the smallest penises John had ever seen, watching the girls fuck themselves silly on their brother.

Right next to the sibling fuckathon, his wife was humping Cindy's face, which was buried between her legs. Melanie had her eyes closed, her face a mask of unbridled lust and pleasure. He watched as her beautiful, flushed body, climaxed on Cindy's moaning mouth.

Tim was the first to see John standing in the doorway, his mouth agape. A moment of panic crossed the young man's face, as though he'd just been caught doing something terribly wrong. Had life been any less ludicrous in this house, he might have been.

“Watch how good Mike fucks your girlfriend,” Stephanie was saying to him, and then noticed where he was looking.

“His big cock's making me cum, baby,” Tori said to him, and also noticed.

Stephanie peeled herself from her brother's face.

“Daddy!” she cried, and ran to hug him, her big tits bouncing so sexily.

His body stiffened involuntarily as she threw her arms around him. He relaxed, and held her back. It was impossible to believe that this little package of warmth, exuberance, and bubbly energy could be involved in something so sinister. He wanted desperately, with all of his soul, for it to be a lie.

He saw his wife's head peer over the couch, a sweaty smirk on her lips. Tori was so lost in a body-shaking orgasm that she didn't even notice him. She kissed her boyfriend hotly as she fucked herself crazy on her brother's dick. Stephanie was pulling his hand, leading him toward the action.

“We're celebrating the grand opening of, our adopted sister's bold venture into the exciting world of adult entertainment,” Stephanie said, “And our dear Cindy's only wish, the only appropriate celebratory event was, of course, to fuck like mad,”

“That seems...fitting,” John said, his brain slowly coming to terms with the depravity before him.

“You see, the only problem,” Stephanie said, tugging at his belt, “is that we have four very horny sluts with only one and a half cocks to share between them,”

She tossed his belt aside, worked at his pants.

“You seem to have arrived at just the right time to remedy this situation, if you would be so kind as to allow these oversexed beauties the use of your big daddy cock,”

“I could, possibly, be persuaded to do such a thing,” John said.

He pushed away his fears, his worries, just for the moment. His whole family was together, and there was a feeling of total peace in this room. If what he'd learned was true, then it could very well be the last time such a feeling pervaded this home. If, after tonight, everything changed, then he wanted to remember that one last time, when they were all together.

Stephanie got his pants off, dropped his boxers, released his huge tool. Her mouth went to work on it as he unbuttoned his shirt, tossed it aside. Tori had pulled herself off Mike's hard cock, and lay on the floor kissing her boyfriend. Cindy was slurping Tori's sex juices off of Mike, while Melanie was crawling toward him like a hungry cat.

She reached his feet, slithered up his leg, her hands sliding up his body as she slowly stood. She kissed him, and he could feel the heat of arousal coming off her in waves. She was incredible, the mother cat, and one in heat. She gripped the back of Stephanie's head and pushed her down onto his big cock until his little girl choked and gagged.

“I think our little kitten is trying to drink a little too much at once,” Melanie hissed in his ear, “Maybe she needs some help?”

Melanie sank to her knees and yanked Stephanie's hair, pulling her off his cock with a pop.

“Let me show you how to handle this cock, slut trainee,” Melanie said, and wrapped her lips around his fat head.

She slowly worked her way down his shaft, her throat muscles working, gulping, swallowing, until her nose touched his belly. John groaned loudly as she took his entire foot of cockmeat. Melanie never ceased to amaze him. Even now he had no idea how she managed to fit that much dick into her throat without killing herself.

She held her head on him until saliva squeezed through the tight seal of her overfull mouth, dripping down the corners or her lips. She came back up and sucked in air, stroking his cock wetly.

“Now that,” she said to Stephanie, “is how you swallow daddy's cock. You need more practice,”

She took Stephanie's hair in a tight grip and pushed her face back down on his big tool. She used her hair to fuck her daughter's face roughly up and down his throbbing shaft. Stephanie moaned, gagged, and drooled all over him as Melanie relentlessly choked her with her husband's meat stick.

“We're going to make this little whore as good a fucktoy as her mom, aren't we Stephie?”

“Mmmm hmmm!”

“Yes, you're gonna be daddy's little teen fuck pet. Doesn't that sound nice, baby?”


Stephanie's eyes were watering as Melanie used his daughter's face to jerk him off. His wife was definitely in rare form tonight. She hadn't been fucked for two days, though, so it was probably his own fault.

“Uh! Uh! Uuuugh! Fuck me, that's so big!” Cindy yelled.

John and Melanie looked over to see the little redhead with the first few inches of their son's cock filling up her tiny ass. John licked his lips as he watched her take it, her anus stretched so lewdly by Mike's thick shaft. Cindy's small body shook all over as he pushed more and more of his cock into her backdoor, his big hands almost touching one another as they held her skinny waist. John had no idea how that much dick could fit inside her without rearranging her internal organs.

Cindy seemed to have been built for a single purpose, though, and she delighted in getting filled up with such a thick shaft. The look of total ecstasy on her face showed that much. If Mike was hurting her at all, she hid it completely. Her hips worked, and her little ass cheeks jiggled as she urged Mike to put his whole cock into her. Her hands were planted flat on his muscular chest.

Right next to the couple, Tori rode her boyfriend's small penis with a look of frustration, but also pleasure. One hand squeezed her tits, while the other was stroking back her hair. She looked beautiful. She looked happy. A crooked smile played at her little mouth.

“He stretched me out so good, baby,” She was saying to Tim, “I can hardly even feel your little dick in me,”

What the fuck was happening here? Stephanie's mouth popped off John's cock, and Melanie took him to the balls again.

“Oh, baby,” Tori said, “Your hot girlfriend came so good on her big brother's fat prick. I wish you could make me cum like that, baby,”

John expected to see Tim flee the house in shame and anger, but instead it was the opposite. The young man let Tori hurl abuse at him with a look of total adoration in his eyes. He looked like a lovesick puppy, total at her mercy.

“I can't ever fuck you like he can, baby,” Tim said, “Only a big dick can do that for you,”

“I wish you had a big dick, baby,” Tori shot back, “But I have to fuck him more than you because he's so much better,”

Melanie came up off his dick and kissed her daughter, slurping Stephanie's tongue and swapping John's precum. The two women stood up and took turns making out with him, too.

“Your fucktoy needs to have her pussy hurt, baby,” Melanie said, yanking Stephanie's hair back and groping her big teen tits.

“Is that so?”

“If you want me, daddy,” Stephanie said meekly, “If you want me to be your fuck pet, I will be. My pussy's so hot for you daddy,”

“Cunt,” Melanie said, and spit in her face, “Good girls have a pussy. Little fuckdolls have a cunt. You have a cunt,” Melanie slapped her daughter's cunt hard to emphasize the point.

John hadn't seen his wife this dominant in a long time. It was really putting him in a mood. He put his hands on Stephanie's waist and hoisted her small body into the air. She shrieked as he flipped her upside down and buried his face in her hot young cunt. Melanie grinned at him, her eyes glassy and on fire with arousal. He felt Stephanie's mouth begin to work at his cockhead as he carried her like this around the couch. She squealed as he dumped her on the cushions. Behind him, four voices seemed to suddenly cry out in pleasure at the same time. It was if they'd all been touched by the rapture at once.

Mike was cumming into Cindy's ass, as Cindy climaxed on his dick. Tim shot a weak load into Tori's pussy, which set her off and gave her a small orgasm. Melanie sat on the couch, and John positioned his daughter so she straddled his wife. They began kissing, groping each others bodies. Stephanie's perfect butt wagged, so invitingly, in front of him. Her tight, hot little cunt was so wet.

John grabbed her ass cheeks and held her still. He heard her moan into Melanie's mouth as she felt the heat of his cock brush her slick cunt lips. He pushed the head of his cock into her and she broke her kiss with Melanie.

“Aaaah, God! That's so fucking big, daddy!” She cried.

Melanie snatched her daughter's chin in her hand and held her, watching her face as John fucked himself into her.

“You like that you little slut?” Melanie hissed, “You want my husband's fat prick up your little teenage twat?”

“Uuuh huh!”

“You think your little cunt is better? Do you think he wants to fuck your young sluthole more than mine?”

“Uuuugh, no!”

Melanie slapped her across the face, “No, Ma'am. You show some respect, fucktoy,”

“Ooooh, yes,'am!”

John pushed his whole cock into her and felt her body tremble with orgasm.

“Oh, look at the little baby slut cumming on that big dick,” Melanie said, and kissed her, “Is daddy all the way in your useless teeny cunt?”

“Ugh, ugh, y, yes,”

“This is what you're good for, pet. You're good for putting cock into. You can't suck cock, we know that much, but maybe your tiny baby cunt can serve a purpose,”

“Ahahahaaaaa, yes!”

“Oh, you're so pretty when daddy's big dick makes you cum, baby,” Melanie said, “I'll bet he loves to jerk his fat daddy cock off with your hot cunt. Do you think he likes that?”

“Uuuh hu, hu, huh!”

Melanie laughed in her face and slapped her again, “Look at the pretty little pet, daddy,” she said to John, “she can't even make real words she's so full of cock. How does fucktoy's cunt feel, baby?”

John grinned at his wife as he drilled Stephanie's from behind.

“I've had better,” he said easily, “but I'll bet I can get off if I try hard enough,”

“Oh, well, let's ask fucktoy if she wants you to try hard enough,” Melanie said to him, then to Stephanie, “Fucktoy, would you like daddy to try really hard to use your teen cunt to get his dick off? Would you like that?”

“Huh, huh, huh, hyess!”

“I think that was a yes, daddy, but I couldn't really tell because her slut mouth is moaning so much. Say it again, fucktoy,”

“Aaah, yes...y, yes ma'am!”

Out of the corner of his eye, John could see Tori sucking Mike's softening cock, just after it had been in her friend's ass. Cindy was now whispering something in Tim's ear as she played with his spent penis. John placed one leg up on the couch, found nice leverage, and pumped his dick into Stephanie like a jackhammer.

Her teeth were clenched together and she was gasping for breath as he drove his big tool in and out of her. True to his role, he used her stuffed little hole to pleasure his dick, working himself into at different angles with each thrust. Stephanie clung tightly to her mothers neck now, her face buried in Melanie's hair. The only sounds she could make were animal grunts, while Melanie continued to hiss in her ear. He couldn't hear any of it, but he was sure it was filthy.

“No more,” Mike said to Tori, pushing her away from his flaccid cock, “God, I can't cum again,”

“Oh, I think we finally drained him dry,” Tori said to Cindy.

“That's okay,” Cindy replied, her body shining with sweat and semen, “I think I need a nap,”

She snuggled up with Tim, who looked awkwardly at Tori. Tori just smiled and crawled away, drawn by the sounds of intense fucking a few feet away. She crawled beneath her sister and watched her daddy's cock destroy Stephanie's tight young fuckhole. Her sister was no longer making any sounds that were recognizably human, and her daddy was pumping into her like she was a fleshlight.

Tori propped herself up and licked at Stephanie's puffy pussy. Her sister screamed and came violently, her whole body quivering like jello. Tori sucked at her clit, setting her off again. Stephanie collapsed, her legs giving way. John's cock popped out of her with a sucking sound and hit Tori right in the lips.

On instinct, she sucked at the big head, licking Stephanie's fuck honey off it. He was so big! Even Mike's cock seemed small in comparison. How did this ever fit inside Stephanie's little pussy? Melanie stroked Stephanie's hair as she trembled and quivered.

“Oh, too bad, baby,” she said, “It looks like daddy's cock didn't get off with your little honey cunt. Maybe Tori can do better?”

The words were like a shock to Stephanie's system. A surge of adrenaline shot through her body and she sprang out of Melanie's lap. Stephanie shoved her father backwards, his dick popped out of Tori's mouth. Tori's look of shock only increased as the crack of Stephanie's hand across her sister's face split the air.

“Don't you touch him, you stupid slut!” Stephanie shouted with murder written across her face.

She slapped Tori again, and the room erupted into chaos. Tim roared like a bull, the big football player charging across the room and tackling Stephanie to the floor. Cindy screamed and clutched Mike. John pulled Tim off of his daughter, while Melanie flew from the couch and huddled protectively around Tori. John succeeded in throwing Tim to the side, and wrestled Stephanie himself as she tried to claw her way free.

“Stephanie!” John screamed at her, “Get a hold of yourself!”

Stephanie looked at him, saw the anger and the worry in his face and slumped against him in tears. Mike and Cindy went to Tori's side, joined by Tim. For what seemed like minutes, nobody said a word. The only sound was Stephanie crying in John's arms. John and Melanie shared a look, and then the big man picked Stephanie up and carried her upstairs.

“Tim, I think you should leave,” Melanie said, “Please,”

Tim nodded, looked at Tori, but she huddled against her mother as though catatonic. He was dressed and out the door in a moment. Cindy was crying now, hugging Tori and telling her to please be okay.

“Go check on Steph,” Mike said to Melanie.

Melanie was torn between the two girls. Her instinct was to protect them both, but how did she do that now?

“Mom, it's alright,” Tori said, slowly coming around, “I'm okay. Stephie needs you,”

Melanie nodded. She grabbed her robe off the couch and dashed up the stairs. Tori hugged Cindy back and tried to get a grip on what had just happened. One moment, everyone was having fun, and the next Stephanie was hitting her. She realized, then, that her sister might actually be a full-fledged crazy person.

“Maybe,” Cindy said, “I could stay with you tonight, Tori?”

Tori nodded.

“Good idea,” Mike said.

Cindy and Tori quietly crept up the stairs, passing Stephanie's room. It was empty. Down the hall, her parents room was closed, and the muffled sound of a girl crying could barely be heard from within. Tori's heart hurt at the sound. Cindy pulled at her arm, and together they went into Tori's room and climbed into bed. Cindy held her close, just like all the nights they'd spent together in that little room at the clinic. Tori sobbed, worrying about her sister, Cindy's big tits pressed into her back.

It was almost three in the morning when John crept out of his bedroom. Stephanie was asleep in Melanie's arms. They'd tried to talk to her, but her eyes were completely wild. She wouldn't say a word, just clung to them like a little naked octopus, and cried. Finally, she'd fallen asleep, and John knew he couldn't wait until morning.

The house was silent as he went in Stephanie's room and shut the door. He could hear the hum of her laptop, jiggled the mouse, and the screen flicked on. The first thing he did was bring up her web browser and check the history. The most recent address confirmed his first fear. LKKXXX.COM. He loaded the site, and his heart skipped a beat.

He played through the videos, one by one, his heart breaking further with each minute of raunchy video, each twisted caption. Though her face was blurred, he'd seen Tori's body enough over the last week to know it. It was identical to Stephanie's, whose perfect figure he was intimately familiar with.

The newest addition was, possibly, the worst. While the others were basically home movies, this one was obviously a professional job. That meant that Stephanie had gone through some trouble to find a studio, hire professional photography, editing, the whole bit. He watched Tori being used like a piece of meat by two porn stars, and while she seemed to enjoy it very much, he couldn't help but think of why.

He clicked the browser closed, sick to his stomach. Over the next hour, he combed through Stephanie's computer, looking at pictures, videos, locating any hidden files. His daughter had a gigantic library of hardcore pornography, most of it incest-themed. A separate file held her personal pictures. Among them he found video shot only two days ago, a hot little foursome with all of the kids and Cindy.

Then, when he thought he'd seen it all, the search came up with a hidden file that was huge. The video was hours long. It would take him the rest of the night to watch it all. After the first few minutes, he didn't need to see anymore. The FBI agent wanted evidence of sexual abuse at the clinic, and here it was. He couldn't stand to watch the whole process, but he knew the full movie would show Tori's transformation at the hands of the “doctors”.

He burned two copies onto DVD, took the laptop, and locked it in his office. With a heavy heart he lay on the couch, the lingering smell of sex heavy in the room. He began to trace everything back over the last few weeks, and then even further, and the picture started to come together.

“Maybe Tori can do better,” Melanie had said.

That was the critical piece, the reason behind it all, and now he thought he understood. Up until recently, Stephanie had lived her life in second place. Her reaction to Melanie's words told him what he needed to know, and the business name Agent Oliver had told him connected the dots. Second Place Holdings LLC.

He knew, then, that Stephanie had been involved. He was certain. Ever since the odd weekend that had started this whole crazy change, Stephanie had been stepping out of Tori's shadow, claiming first. She was, now, the responsible sister, and Tori the uncontrollable, unpredictable element. She'd seduced both himself, and Melanie, used their sexuality to get close to them, all the while making sure that Tori did not. He should have been more careful, after seeing that look in her eyes the other day. He hadn't touched Stephanie since that look, but tonight he'd let his emotions rule him, and Tori had paid the price, again.

The weight of it all, the absurdity, was just too much. His head ached. He couldn't stop thinking about it, putting the pieces together, but eventually sleep overtook him.

He awoke with a start as the sound of crashing wood and screams echoed through the house. He heard Melanie scream Stephanie name, and the sound of pounding steps running down the hall. John leaped off the couch and shot up the steps to find the door to Tori's room splintered open.

“Where is it you fucking cunt?” Stephanie's shriek came from within.

John barreled through the broken door, blood pounding in his ears, just as Cindy rolled across the floor. Melanie struggled with Stephanie, who was on top of her sister, screaming. Cindy pushed herself off the floor and launched her tiny body into Stephanie, taking the bigger girl, and Melanie over sideways. Tori, free now, quickly rolled out of bed and ran behind her father.

“I'll fucking kill you!” Stephanie screamed, looking as though she was absolutely serious.

Melanie and Cindy pinned her down, while John stood over her, his face twisted with anger.

“Stephanie!” He yelled.

Her furious gaze fell on him, softened, and she stopped fighting.

“Daddy,” she choked.

“Baby, please, you need to stop this. I know what you did,” he said, and felt himself choke.

Melanie and Cindy both looked at him curiously. John motioned for them to get up, and he cradled his daughter in his arms.

“Stop this, Stephie, I'm begging you, please. No more. I know everything, and It has to stop,”

“ took it, didn't you?” She said, her face turning white.

“Yes, and I had a visit from the FBI,”

“The FBI? John, what the hell is going on?” Melanie shouted.

Mike had made it up the stairs now, and had his arms around Tori and Cindy.

“I'll tell you what's going on,” Stephanie spat, her voice full of venom.

She pointed her finger at Tori, her hand shaking with rage, “I hate you,” she cursed, “I fucking hate you, you stupid cunt,”

Every face in the room looked at her as though she'd grown an extra head.

“They loved you more than me. Everyone loved perfect little Tori, always in first,” she went on in a little sing song voice. John could feel her shaking with fury as he held her, “It was never Stephie with a gold medal, never Stephie that had the friends, the boyfriend, first in the class. It was you!”

Tori looked completely lost. Her eyes filled with tears. This couldn't be right. Stephanie loved her, she was protecting her, looking out for her because she was sick! But now, her sister really was a crazy person, on a tirade blaming Tori for everything.

“But look at you now, you fucking perfect little princess. You're nothing but a dumb slut that can't even control her own cunt,” Stephanie laughed wickedly.

John pushed her away as if he realized he'd been hugging a viper, got off the bed and stood with his family.

“Stephie,” Tori said softly.

“Shut up! Don't you Stephie me, you bitch! You've always held me in contempt. I was the embarrassing sister in your perfect little world,”

“Stephie, no,”

“Don't you lie to me!” She snapped, and stood up, flipping her hair out of her face.

Stephanie looked at her cowering sister, and started to laugh maniacally, almost doubling over. She straightened up, tears of joy in her eyes, as she looked at her sister.

“Oh, but this is exactly what you deserve, Tori. Everything you had, all the success, all of it, gone. And do you know who took it from you? I did,”

“I don't understand,” Tori said, confused.

“Of course you don't. All you can think about is your cunt, and I did that. Who do you think put fucking drugs in your locker? Who tipped off the police? Who dosed you with the shit that made you fail those piss tests? I did it, and I'm glad!”

Her entire family stood stunned as her admission poured from Stephanie's mouth. All of them, except for Tori.

“ f, framed me? You, Stephie?”

“Yes, yes, yes you dumb whore! Oh, and I arranged for your special rehabilitation. How is that feeling, sissy? Are you feeling...rehabilitated?”

Her grin was pure evil, and Tori saw that her sister had finally gone over the edge. Her eyes were completely hysterical as her entire life collapsed on top of her.

“You...the clinic? You made made me a slut!” Tori cried as it all came together.

“And a good one, too, didn't I, pussy girl?”

“Stephie, why? I loved you!”

Tori's heart broke, the little bit of control, her sister, that she had been clinging to was suddenly dashed apart. But even the hatred pouring off of her wasn't enough to break her love.

“Stop it! You don't! You're a liar!” Stephanie screamed.

“No! Please, Stephie,”

The last thing the unhinged teenage expected was for Tori to hug her, but that's exactly what happened. Tori pulled Stephanie into her arms and cried into her hair.

“I love you, Stephie,” she cried, “please don't do this. I forgive you! Just please, come back. Please, I can't do this without you, Stephie!”

Stephanie, completely caught off guard, didn't know how to react. Her hate didn't have a response for this.

“I need you to take care of me, Stephie,” Tori said, “And I'll take care of you, too. If you can carry me, I can carry you, sissy. I don't care if it's uphill all the way, and covered in ice and snow. I love you so much, Stephie. Please, please, just come back from wherever you are,”

“What?” Stephanie asked, astonished, the anger flagging.

“Don't you see, Stephie? You didn't take anything from me,” Tori said, holding her close, “You gave me everything I was missing. This last week, I've never been closer to you, to mom and dad, Mike, not even Tim. I would never have this if it weren't for you, and I don't hate you! I just want you to come back to me, because I love you so much! And if you hadn't sent me to that place, then what would have happened to Cindy? You gave her a home, and a family, Stephie,”

“But, I...I...”

“I mean, yeah, it was pretty fucked up, I'm not gonna say it wasn't,” Tori laughed, “but look at who we became because of it,”

John and Melanie surged forward and wrapped their arms around the girls. Mike and Cindy stood aloof, but held each other.

“How can you say that, Tori?” Stephanie wondered, “How can you possibly forgive me? You'll never be the same. It's impossible to turn back,”

“I don't care. I don't want to be that person anymore, not after all of this. I just need you to help me, to keep me under control and to love me. Please love me, Stephie, because I love you,”

“And we love you,” John said, “but it doesn't mean you aren't grounded for turning your sister into an insatiable slut,”

Melanie and Tori laughed, but Stephanie felt the last bit of rage leave her body, and she cried again. She was so tired, so empty without the years of hate to cling to. Tori brushed her parents away, and helped Stephanie to her bed. She crawled in next to her, and draped her arm around her waist.

“I love you, Stephie,” She said.

Stephanie just sobbed. Tori looked over her shoulder and pleaded with her eyes for her family to leave. Mike and Cindy drifted out. Melanie and John, a little more reluctantly, left holding hands. Tori no longer had much of a door to shut, so they just left it and went downstairs. Melanie pulled her husband down onto the couch with her.

“So, I'm still a little unclear as to what the hell is going on here. Do you mind filling me in?”

John took a deep breath, let it out, and started from the beginning of what he'd been able to piece together.


“I can carry you,”

The words rang in Stephanie's ears as she lay cradled in Tori's arms. It struck her because of the dream, the same dream that plagued her over and ever. Stephanie was smart. She knew that the memory of that day was her subconscious latching onto a fond memory of a time her sister had been there, had helped her. It was a way for the guilt to reach the front of her mind, after being pushed so far back for so long.

She'd tried so hard to convince herself that Tori deserved everything that Stephanie had done to her, but once she got it out, admitted it all to her family, it felt small and stupid. Maybe it wouldn't have, if Tori had admitted that she felt the same way, that she had lived her life looking down on Stephanie. But it hadn't happened that way. Tori had reacted differently, and it was so hard to hold onto the hate in the face of such powerful love.

She also had to admit to herself that the last week had made it much more difficult to justify her hate. When they'd entered their teen years, the twins had begun to drift apart. They developed new friendships, grew into their own personalities, and Tori had become more distant, more aloof. That was when the hate really began to grow. Stephanie felt snubbed as Tori became more popular, more successful.

Since coming home, though, Tori had been completely different. The intimacy they'd shared over the last seven days had brought them so close. Maybe, closer than they had ever been. She could feel, every time Tori looked at her, each time she told her she loved her, with each lick and suck between her legs, she could feel the truth of that love. And, it had begun to chip away at the rocky core of disdain that she had been holding for so long.

“I can't do this without you, Stephie. Please come back to me!”

Those simple words, feeling the the truth of them in Tori's embrace, had shattered the thick walls Stephanie had built around her heart. She didn't just feel bad, or guilty for what she'd done. She was destroyed. What she had done, it wasn't forgivable, and yet she'd been forgiven, totally and completely, and that was what hurt the most. Even in the face of life-altering change, having everything stripped away from her, Tori could say such a thing and mean it. It wasn't Tori that deserved the pain, the humiliation. It was herself.

Stephanie could feel herself losing her mind as the foundation of resentment, rage, and scorn fell out beneath her. How could she turn around and look into the face that she shared with this person, look into the same eyes as her own, and not wilt with the shame of her actions. But, she had to try, didn't she? If ever she was going to crawl back to some level of sanity, she had to look at Tori.

She rolled over, saw the deep worry in her sister's beautiful face. There wasn't a trace of anger in her eyes. There was only concern, caring, love. How had she been so wrong? Tori's hand stroked her cheek, pushed her hair out of the way. She didn't say anything, but it was enough that she was here.

“What...what have I done, Tori?” Stephanie choked.

“Hush, Stephie. You just let me talk, and you hush, alright?”

Stephanie nodded.

“You know, there may be times where the things we do, well, they don't make sense. They have consequences that we never intended. I can see, now, that I hurt you. I hurt you so badly, Stephie, and the worst part of it is that I never even thought about it. The things you said, well, they were partly true. I drifted away from you, from my best friend.
But I never hated you, Stephie. I never looked down on you, and I never stopped loving you. I just didn't, well, I didn't think that I wanted to be like you. You're so compulsive, so risky, and the truth is that I was afraid of what I would be like if I followed you. But now, everything is different.
What you did was wrong, yes, I can't lie to you and say it wasn't. But I can understand why, and that makes me accept it. Not only that, I can see what it's done to me, to us, and I've learned something from all of this. I've learned that what I had, the medals, the structure, none of it was important. Not really. It's this that's important, Stephie,” she said, and held her hand, “It's you, and it's me. It's mom and dad. It's Mike, and it's Cindy.
It's the love, Stephie. And I wouldn't have ever found it again, if you hadn't acted the way you did. Cindy never would have found it, if you hadn't acted. You might not see it this way, but by changing my life, you changed Cindy's for the better. Really, for the better. And if I had to give up some stupid medals, so that she could be happy, then that's a small sacrifice.
Over the weekend, when tied me in that chair, which was really hot by the way, well, afterwards I thought really hard about what was happening between us. I decided, then, that I know I can't control myself anymore. Just like Cindy, I'll become consumed and spread my legs for anyone that wants me. Do you know how frightening it is, knowing that you have no control whatsoever?
Well, I made a decision that night, and I decided that you would be my control. I trusted you, and I still do, to keep me reigned in, to keep me safe. I still need you to be that, Stephie. You might think that you took that control by sheer force, and took advantage of me, and that might be part of the truth. However, I gave it up to you willingly, too. I know that you'll protect me, even now, after the things you said, I know it.
Now, tell me you love me,”

Stephanie felt a pain in her heart, and a lump in her throat. Every word from Tori's mouth was like daggers, piercing her armor, tearing it away. If they'd had this talk a month ago, would it be the same? She thought not, and Tori made good points. Her hate wasn't the liberating, driving force that she'd fooled herself into thinking it was. It was a ball and chain, weighing her down, sinking her. It might have even drowned her, eventually.

“I...I love you,” Stephanie said, and this time she found that she really meant it.

“I love you, too, sissy. I love you, and I trust you, and no matter what happens from here forward, I want us to be what we really are. Sisters?”

Tori put her head against Stephanie's, the heat of her skin a comfort, her twin's eyes, wet and red said everything she could have hoped for.

“Sisters.” Stephanie declared, and kissed her.



“I'm still your slut,” Tori hissed, “and I like everything about it. Please don't stop.”

Stephanie grinned, and said, “Well, I hardly slept at all last night, and that little domination game that mom was playing with me still has me hot as fuck, so I guess you better get to work pussy girl,”

Tori sank beneath the covers, and the sound of Stephanie's moans was like music to her ears.


Agent Oliver welcomed John Hamlin and his family into a conference room, and seated them around a big, round table. Along with them was John's friend and lawyer, Stu. His wife and girls were beautiful, and the agent felt his stomach turn at what they'd been subjected to. He offered them drinks. Stu, John, and Melanie took coffee, the girls some water.

“I appreciate you coming in, especially you, Stephanie,” Agent Oliver said, “And I'm glad you've decided to help us,”

Tori squeezed her sister's hand under the table.

“Yeah, sure,” Stephanie said, looking down.

“I hope you don't mind if I get straight to it,” the agent said, “I can't tell you what any evidence would mean to us at this point,”

Stu cleared his throat, “Speaking on behalf of my clients, I have to have certain assurances first. The family has a few concerns, and some requests that we're going to ask you to honor before any further discussion takes place,”

“Go ahead,” Oliver said, spreading his hands.

“First, total immunity for Stephanie Hamlin,” Stu stated, “my clients would like to work out their internal family issues themselves, and have requested that their children have no part in any legal proceedings until necessary. In exchange for immunity, Stephanie has a great deal of information that we think will be of use to your investigation,”

“That's reasonable. Consider it done,”

“Second, the video evidence that Mr. Hamlin will be furnishing you with contains very graphic images of his daughter, Tori, and we demand that this evidence not be shared with any media outlet, and not be used for any purpose other than prosecution of those involved in the alleged conspiracy,”

“Of course,”

“Very good. If that's agreed, then I have some documentation I'd like you to sign. I assume you have the authority to make good on these promises on behalf of your division?”

“I do,”

Stu passed him some papers, watched him sign them, and put them into his briefcase.

“The floor, is yours, Agent Oliver,” Stu said.

“Thank you,” he set a recorder on the table, switched it on, “I'll be recording this conversation for the sake of the investigation. I can assure you that anything said in this room will remain private, and will only be shared on an as-needed basis with our legal team, in the event that we are able to move ahead with any prosecution. Is that fair?”

“Yes,” Stu said.

“Stephanie,” Oliver said, “Could you please recount to me all the events, as you remember them, starting from your first involvement with any individuals known to you as part of the wider network of conspirators?”

Stephanie took a drink of her water, and with a shaky voice began to recount all the awful things she'd done. Tori held her hand under the table. She could tell that it was difficult for Stephanie, especially in front of her parents, to let it out, but she did it.

Mr. Hart, chemistry teacher, was Stephanie's original point of contact. It fit with what Oliver had put together so far. Mr. Hart had befriended Stephanie in her sophomore year, helping her with chemistry and biology homework during her study period. He'd probed her very subtly, and carefully, picking up on her feelings of abandonment and anger toward her sister. When she got into his class as a junior, the following year, their relationship began to become more intimate.

Mr. Hart suggested that he might know of a way to knock Tori down a few pegs, and teach her a lesson. Stephanie, controlled by her anger, had readily agreed. He dropped hints that he knew some friends who were highly skilled at taking young girls under their care, and turning them into sluts. Stephanie, curious and a highly sexual person herself, was soon asking all the right questions.

Her teacher made it quite clear that there were several well-defined formulas that his “friends” had used in the past, to ensure that nothing could be traced back to them, and it would look to all the world as if Tori was a victim of her own mistakes. He went over with her, on several occasions, her role in the planning, the execution, and how things were to be handled once Tori's “adjustments” had been made.

Stephanie, no idiot, knew that nothing came for free. Her part, after the changes had been made, was to pay a great deal of money. At first, Stephanie wasn't certain if it was feasible, but Mr. Hart was quick to present a number of options. They finally settled on building an adult website. They ran several numbers on the potential income from it, and looked extensively at real numbers from hundreds of such sites. The sum Stephanie needed to pay, one million dollars, was a drop in the bucket for the long term income potential involved.

Mr. Hart made it very clear, though, that if she couldn't, or wouldn't pay her debts, that his “friends” had ways of recouping their losses. Many of those involved both girls being used for various sexual enterprises, most likely prostitution in one form or another. Stephanie, sure that she could make the website work, had readily agreed.

Mr. Hart supplied her with a chemical compound that would make it impossible for Tori to pass a drug test, which would be required if she were arrested for possession of controlled substances on school grounds. The compound would also alter Tori's brain chemistry, making her irrational, sexually charged, prone to compulsive masturbation, and unable to focus. All of these would raise red flags with any reasonable person, and when the inevitable charges came, it would be hard for anyone to deny that she had been acting very strangely.

Struggling through this part, Stephanie admitted to dosing her sister with the compound over several days. Then, during a weekend track practice she planted drugs, provided by Mr. Hart, in Tori's locker. When school began that week, she made an anonymous call to the school police, which put Tori under suspicion and started the ball rolling.

Stephanie, unfortunately, didn't have any knowledge of those within the legal system that routed Tori to the NewYou Clinic, nor did she know anything about who was at the head of the network. The only thing she did know, was that she was contacted by an accountant, who then helped her route her website's income to the right channels. Part of the money would go into paying the actress, Tori, while the rest would be split to pay the manager, Stephanie, and to handle expenses, fees, and pay toward her debt. She had one year to come up with the money.

Stephanie provided Agent Oliver with the name of the accountant, as well as financial records for the website. Oliver, looking them over, was amazed at how much money the site was generating after only a week in operation. Sex brought in a lot of money, he knew. He'd spent most of his adult life investigating sexual exploitation, and pretty girls doing naughty things usually led to someone getting paid a lot of dough.

Tori wasn't just pretty, though, she was an absolute knockout, just like her sister. No wonder the perverts were quick to part with ten bucks a month to jerk off to her. He couldn't, himself, claim to be immune to how beautiful she was. The twins both exuded sex appeal like mad.

“That's everything, I think,” Stephanie finished, staring at the table.

She couldn't bring herself to look at her family. She felt like she might even be sick. Tori still held her hand tightly, which was probably the only reason she didn't run from the room and bury her head in the sand.

“May I please have the video?” Oliver asked.

John slid the DVD across the table, a little hesitantly.

“Thank you. I'll review it in private,”

“Do you think what I told you will help?” Stephanie asked softly.

“Yes, I think it will. I'll look into the accountant and, as you know, we've been trailing Mr. Hart for some time. I'd really like to thank you all for your help, and if there's anything else I'll be in touch,” Oliver said.

“There's something else,” Tori said, “I'm supposed to go back to the clinic every week for evaluation,”

Oliver nodded, “I have a friend of mine working on that right now. I feel pretty positive that I can pull some strings to have the court order lifted. You won't be going back there again,”

“But, what about the other girls? Valerie? Harmony? I saw them on the last visit, and they're...already different. Maybe even worse than me,”

“Until we can make a case, there's not really anything we can do. I'm sorry,”

Tori frowned, then said, “Well, maybe there's something I can do? Dr. Carlson, he asked if I would help the other girls to accept the fact that they were changing. He wanted me directly involved with it. Maybe I could be, like, some secret agent or something? Does that sound ridiculous?”

Oliver sat back in his chair and thought about it. They'd never been able to get someone inside the clinic. Tori could be a valuable asset, but she'd also be in a lot of danger.

“Let me think about it,” he said at last, “but until you hear from me, don't plan to go back there. I don't care if they call and threaten you. Don't go near them again,”

Tori nodded.

“Thanks again for your time, folks.”

Oliver went around the table and shook hands, saw them out the door. He glanced at the DVD on the table like it was going to bite him. That little piece of plastic could be the thing that broke this case wide open. He just had to work up the courage to watch it.

*The Way Forward*

“You can't be serious?” John said, certain Tori had lost her mind.

“Yes, I am,” she said, “I think it's the best thing,”

The entire family, and the adopted Cindy, sat in the living room. Since coming home from the FBI office, the most uncomfortable conversation they'd ever had was just getting underway. Tori declared, right from the start, that LKKXXX.COM was staying online, and Stephanie was going to continue to manage it.

“How is that anything close to being the best thing?” Melanie asked.

Stephanie, smart girl that she was, kept her mouth shut and didn't meet anyone's eye.

“If we shut it down,” Tori said, feeling more lucid than she had in weeks, “then we raise suspicion. Not only that, Stephanie still has a debt to pay, or there are going to be consequences. We know that. Also, we just set up a cross promotion with Cindy's site, and I want her to succeed. Lastly, I like it,”

Her parents squirmed in their seats as she said it, but it was the truth, “If I'm really stuck this way, like, forever then I'll probably never be able to function in the normal world. Cindy and I, we don't have another choice. Maybe the site started as a way to exploit me, but I actually enjoy it, alright?”

“Honey,” John cut in, “You don't have to do anything. I...I have the money. Stephanie can get out of her debt, and I'll make sure you never want for anything. I'll take care of you,”

“No, daddy. I love you for it, but no. This is something Stephie and I have to do, and if we're going to do it we're going full throttle. We're going to make LKK and Cindy Sin the hottest, nastiest, sluttiest, money machine on the internet,” Tori declared.

“Fuck,” Mike said, “If you told me I'd hear that come out of your mouth a month ago, I'd have said you were on drugs,”

“Har, Har, smartass,” Tori said, but she was smiling.

Melanie stretched her long legs and leaned against her husband, “John,” she said, “If that's Tori's decision, then I think we should let them try,”

“Did mass insanity infect my whole family? What the fuck is going on here?” John cried.

“Not insanity,” Melanie said, “You're just thinking as the protector, provider, and king of this horny jungle. Take a step back and listen to your daughter. She's right.”

John looked like he might argue, but shut his mouth.

“Daddy, I know how you're feeling, but I don't want you to be afraid,” Tori said, “This is me at my most rational which, admittedly, is bordering on a mental breakdown because I haven't cum since this morning!”

Now that he took the time to notice, he could see that Tori was barely holding herself together right now. She was flushed, sweating, her eyes shining with barely-contained lust. Her breasts were heaving as she tried to maintain even breathing. All the signs of what they'd done to her were there in front of him, and he knew from past experience that she was on the verge of snapping.

“Okay,” John consented, “On the condition that you do it safely. Do you understand?”


“Good. Now, Stephanie,” he said, and his daughter looked like she was going to throw up, “Would you please come with me and your mother? Mike, will you please fuck your sister,”

“Oh, can I help?” Cindy cried.

“Please do!” Tori said, and the three of them left for Mike's cave.

Stephanie followed her parents up the stairs to their bedroom, hanging her head. She wished she had a bullet right about now. She gulped as she reached the top of the stairs, but her parents put their arms around her and took her into their room.

“Lay with me, baby,” Melanie said, flopping down on the bed.

Stephanie carefully lay next to her mother. She couldn't stand to look at her father, knowing the pain she'd see there. If her betrayal of Tori was bad, what she'd done to her father was even worse because of the way she loved him. She may as well have pulled his heart from his chest and set it on fire, then pissed on the ashes. She felt her lip quiver as she tried to hold back a flood of tears. She felt the bed sag behind her, and then her father's big arms were holding her.

“Baby,” Melanie said, “We're not going to sit here and beat you up. You know what you did. You're not a dummy,”

“I know,” Stephanie whispered, “and...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, mom, dad,”

“Don't apologize,” John said, “You may not realize this, but we can see how you feel on your face. Once that mask of yours fell away last night, well, we could see that's exactly what it was. A mask. You've been hiding from us for years, haven't you?”


“We're the ones that should apologize,” Melanie said, “We should have seen it. We should have been there. We want you to know that, no matter what you might think, we never loved either of you girls more than the other. We still don't,”

“Stephie,” John cut in, “What we have, the three of us, what we've shared since that night in the hotel, it will always be special. It's something that only you have, and no matter what happens from here on, it will always be something no one can take away from us,”

“But we told you,” Melanie said, “that when this started what it was going to be, didn't we?”


“You know, then,” she went on, “That I'm your father's wife, his lover, and his partner. Nothing is going to change that, right?”


“But,” Melanie said quietly, “tell me the truth now. You're in love with him, aren't you?”

Stephanie looked away, but there was nowhere else to look. She was a little teen sandwich between them.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I'm going to leave you two alone,” John said, and walked out of the room.

“I'm sorry, mom,” Stephanie said, “I guess, well, I guess I always have loved him,”

“Ha! Little girl, you don't have to apologize to me for loving that man. Do you think I can blame you? If John Hamlin isn't the greatest man to ever walk the earth, then I don't know who is. And his big dick is my own personal Jesus,”

Stephanie had to laugh at that.

Melanie became more serious, “Now, your father and I have talked about this a lot. Even before involved, we talked about this possibility. You might think that we're pretty impulsive, and I won't deny that we have been from time to time. But we've also had years of experience, and we've seen what an open relationship like ours has done to other people. There are a lot of people, well, most people I suppose, who can't separate love and sex. Your dad and I are different that way. We can, and do.

We knew that it was a risk, when we started this, that you might not be able to. We took the chance on it, though, not because we were consumed with lust for you, though, it was a little bit of that,” she smiled, “but because we loved you. Both of us love you so deeply, and so completely that we knew we would be able to make room in our hearts for you,”

“Oh, mom,” Stephanie said.

It was very difficult not to cry. She saw the same struggle in her mother's face.

“Now, we've talked some more, in light of...recent events. What you did, it hurt us both, and I know that you know that. We're not going to dwell on it. Tori came to us, and she talked to us, too. We want you to know that, even though we're hurt, we still love you. Your dad and I, we love you so much. You're not just our daughter, Stephie, you've become much more than that to us,”

“I'm your little fuckpet?” Stephanie asked.

“Ha! Well, I guess you're that, too, but only when I want you to be,” Melanie winked at her, “No, you're our lover. You're part of us. If you can be honest with us, truly honest, no more hiding, then we can make you part of what your father and I have. Would you like that?”

“I don't get it,”

“Well, I guess it would be like a polygamist marriage or something, only you can't exactly marry him. But you'd be kind of, a second wife, if you could handle that,”

“That would probably sound really weird to anyone but this family,” Stephanie joked.

“It would probably sound criminally insane to anyone but this family,” Melanie added, “and it probably is. But, it looks like crazy runs in our blood,”

“Are you calling me crazy?”

“Well, you did turn your sister into a slut, and then sold her pussy online,”

“Point taken,” Stephanie admitted sadly.

“We hope,” Melanie said, “Really, really hope, that this will help you, Stephanie Hamlin. We could be wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time, but look at what's happened in this family over the last month! Tori was right, you know. What you did might have been wrong, but you were still the one who brought us all together, in different ways. You pulled a family, that was slowly drifting apart, back together. In the process, you managed to get us another daughter that needed our help, and on balance that means a lot,”

“Thank you,” Stephanie whispered.

“I'm not done, yet. I want you to think about what I've said, but I need you to think about something else,”


“Your father is an amazing lover. He's also one of the most intensely sexual and perverted sons of bitches I've ever met, and believe me I've met a lot of perverted sons of bitches. He needs a constant supply of horny cunt to keep him satisfied, and we aren't always going to be what he needs. Most of the time we will be, but to keep a man like that wrapped around your finger you'll have to accept the fact that he's going to fuck other women. If you can't handle sharing, you'll never keep that man happy. Never. Do you hear what I'm saying?”


“Okay. Before you say another word about this subject, I want you to think about this, and think about it harder than you have anything in your life. One thing I will not have you do, is to put your hands on Tori, or anyone else like you did last night and this morning. Jealousy has absolutely no place in this kind of relationship, alright?

Now, recognize that I get jealous as hell, and I will murder a bitch if she tries to take my husband. But, when it's sex, when it's for fun, you have to learn how to channel the jealousy to become the hottest piece of ass your man will ever need. That's what last night was, I'll be honest,”

“That was so hot,” Stephanie admitted.

Just thinking of the way they'd treated her the night before made her want to be fucked. Then she'd gone and ruined it all by letting the jealousy overcome her, on top of the suppressed guilt, the hate, the volatile cocktail of emotion.

“Fuck, you're telling me,” Melanie agreed, “But that was the jealousy. You're a knockout, baby. That body, that attitude, the way you fuck like an animal, the way your mind works to seduce and destroy. You're trouble with tits, Stephie, and when I see the way your father looks at you, the way he makes love to you, I get jealous.

Someday, I'm not going to look like this, and believe me, it's a challenge now to keep this up. There's always going to be some younger, better looking, hornier little slut that's going to think she can fuck him better than you can. What you have to learn, is that a pervert like your dad needs variety, but also craves stability. You have to provide both, which is part of the reason that this...arrangement works for all of us. Now, go and think. If you can handle what it takes, we're here, and we love you. If you can't handle it, well, we move on the best we can. Alright?”

Stephanie nodded, her head a mess of emotion. Melanie kissed her and walked her to the door. John came out of Stephanie's room, met her in the hall and gave her a hug. He stroked her long hair and pressed his lips to her head. Neither of them said a word as they stood this way for a few minutes. Finally, he let her go and joined his wife. Stephanie went into her room and closed the door.

She lay on her bed and tried to get a hold of herself. What was she going to do now? The long-held hatred seemed to have vanished, leaving behind an empty hole in the center of her being. Maybe, over time, it would be filled with the love that she was being given by everyone, but right now she just felt terrible. Was it enough that she was trying to make amends? Could they all, truly, forgive what she'd done? Could she really be her daddy's girl, knowing what it would entail?

All of these thoughts swirled in her head as the broken teen pulled her covers over herself. If she could sleep, then everything would just go away. But, she couldn't. She just lay there, drained. The quiet hum of her laptop drew her out of her thoughts. She glanced at the desk. Her father must have put it back in her room while she was talking to Melanie.

Distraction. Tori wanted to keep the site running, and she wanted Stephanie to continue managing it. As sick as it made her feel, maybe she could do that. She had to admit to herself that she was curious about it. She hadn't looked at it since she'd exploded and brought everything to light.

She threw back the covers and padded over to the desk, opening the lid on the computer. She brought up the site, checked the stats, and what she saw blew her mind. Memberships weren't just up, they were skyrocketing. 46,556 as of right now. Page views were in the millions. Tori's latest video was an absolute smash hit with the fans. There were well over 200 pages of comments, and that single video had been viewed over 100,000 times in the last day.

She couldn't believe it. At this rate, the debt would be gone by the end of summer, and they would still have made more money than most people saw in their lifetimes. She looked at traffic, and saw that a great deal of it had been sent from Cindy Sin, while Cindy's site had gotten loads of traffic from LKK, as well. The cross promotion was definitely working.

She checked on the videos shot out by the pool. The video of Tori and Cindy seemed to be a pretty popular one, with almost as many views as Tori's session with the porn studs. It was the video of Tori licking Stephanie's cunt, though, that was the king. Apparently people really enjoyed watching two hot sisters doing each other, even if it just showed Stephanie's body from the shoulders down. That particular video had over 200,000 views at the moment.

Most of the comments were fans demanding to see more of them together. Others begged to see her and Tori fuck their hung brother together. The most common, though, were calls to please show their faces. That was still something Stephanie wasn't sure about, and she'd never discussed it with Tori.

She clicked over to Cindy's site, and saw it for the first time. The little redhead had been busy, that's for sure. No wonder she and Mike had been gone from morning to night for several days. Most of her “work” was group stuff, along with solo shoots of her and Mike. The intro page had Stephanie hot between the legs just reading it.

Hello there all you horny perverts! LOL! My name is Cindy, and I'd like to welcome you to my little show. As you can see, I'm one of the dirtiest little teenage fucktoys you'll ever have the privilege of jerking your cocks to. I used to be a high school cheerleader, but I after I got fucked by two guys after the prom, I found that I like shaking my ass and tits a lot more than my pompoms.

I live with my big-dicked boyfriend, and along with my super horny best friend, Little Kandy Kunt, I can never get enough fucking and sucking. Even though my boyfriend has a huge cock, I also love to cheat on him and let other guys have my ass, mouth, or pussy. The things I like most, though, are gangbangs, and anal. As you can see, I have a really tiny body, and I'm only a hundred pounds. That really makes guys hot and horny, and they just love to bend me into all kinds of crazy positions and fill my tight little holes with so much cock that I ooze cum for days.

I also love to shoot with my best friend, Kandy, who is just as much of a slut as I am! Just like us, our two sites are best friends and we're going to be making a lot of great content together. I can't wait to hear from all of you! Don't be shy. I'll do my best to answer your questions and comments, because I really couldn't do this without all of you guys! Your the lube that makes this little fuck machine run, so please don't be afraid to say anything you want, no matter how nasty!

Stephanie clicked through the video previews and photo sets. One of the more popular was a video of Cindy in a seedy porn theater getting groped and sucking off a chain of men. She assumed that Mike filmed this one on his phone, since the quality was a little lacking. The others, though, were much more professionally done.

Watching the hot little hundred pound fuck machine get railed over and over was getting Stephanie juicy. She bought a membership to help out, and watched the videos while she rubbed her pussy. Her favorite was one of Cindy getting gangfucked for almost an hour. There was almost no point in the whole shoot when she didn't have three hard cocks stuffing her airtight. There must have been a dozen guys running a train, pushing cock up her ass, her pussy, into her throat, spewing jism all over her body. Cindy took on every one of them with that big, friendly smile of hers.

Even though she'd seen that busty body every day for the last week, Stephanie still thought Cindy looked incredible in the lingerie photo shoots. Teddies, nighties, negligees, bra and pantie sets, all of them looked fabulous on her toned, flawless figure. Stephanie came on her fingers as she watched Cindy get face fucked by five different men, while a statuesque milf with fake tits played fluffer, and ate Cindy's cunt.

A knock at her door brought her around, and she called for whoever it was to come in. No need to hide what she was doing in this house. Tori staggered into the room, her hair a sweaty mess. There was fresh cum leaking from her ass, dripping down her legs. She sniffed the air, smelled her sisters arousal, saw her wet pussy on display as she sat in her computer chair. Tori dropped to her knees and crawled between Stephanie's legs, devouring her hot, young cunt without saying a word.

“Oh, God! Yes, that's my pussy girl. Eat Stephie's cunt, baby, mmmmm yes!” Stephanie moaned.

On the screen, Cindy's face was covered in spunk and her own saliva, her head hanging off the edge of a table. Another porn stud pulled his dick from her mouth and shot a huge load onto her tits as Cindy squealed with perverted joy. The image made Stephanie cum on her sister's face so hard that she had to push Tori away from her sensitive cunt.

“Did I suck your pussy good, Stephie?” Tori asked, rubbing her face on her sister's legs, “Did you cum like a little teen slut on your sister's mouth?”

“Fuck! Yes, baby. You sucked my cunt so good. Now, tell me you love me,”

“I love you Stephie.

“Tell me who owns your cunt,”

“You do, Stephie. Mmmm, you do!”

“Have you looked at Cindy's site?” Stephanie asked, coming down off her high.

“Oh, God! Yes, we were just looking through it downstairs. She's amazing!”

Stephanie nodded, “If we're going to get serious about this thing, we need to step up the game a little bit. Let me show you some of the stats on your latest videos,”

Tori pulled up a chair, which soon became wet and stick with her brother's spunk, which was still leaking from her recently-fucked asshole. Stephanie took Tori back through the stats from the site, showed her the income, and they spent the next couple hours reading comments and responding.

“There's a lot of people that want to see my face,” Tori commented.

“Yeah,” Stephanie agreed, “but I don't know if it's a good idea to cross that line,”

“Well, I can think of one reason not to,” Tori said, “My face is your face, and your face is plastered on swimsuits ads across a dozen states. It would be pretty easy to get us confused, unless they compared our tits,”

Stephanie groped her big tits, saying,” Yeah, my damn fuck melons are huge, aren't they? It's not so much that I'm worried about losing the modeling job over it. Hell, managing this site is way more profitable and interesting than swimsuit modeling. I'm under a contract, though, at least for the next two months. There's a clause that states that I can't do anything that will embarrass the company, or I could get sued for breach of contract,”

“I think appearing in hardcore pornography would probably fit under embarrassing for a teen swimsuit line,” Tori agreed, “Okay. We'll wait to decide on that one,”

“They offered me another contract for the fall, but I haven't signed it yet. I could decide not to. If you noticed, there's an awful lot of people that want to see us together,”

“Sounds yummy to me,”

“It does,” Stephanie agreed, “and I've been thinking about that. If we keep this going, I can't ask you to do something that I won't. I think I put you through enough hell already, so it might be time that I joined you,”

“Stephie, you don't have to do that,” Tori said, “And I don't want you to feel obligated to do it, either,”

“I am obligated, Tori. I'm not going to exploit you. Not anymore. Whether you like it or not, I'm going to be fucking and sucking right beside you, okay?”

“Oh, Stephie. I love you,”

“Hey, I don't know about you, but all this shit has got me hungry. Are you up for a late lunch?”


“Go put some clothes on. We should go out,”

Stephanie phone pinged with a message.

Hey hot stuff. It's Todd. You remember, from the mall?

“It's Todd,” Stephanie said.

“From the mall?”

She nodded.

“See what he wants.”

How could I forget?

LOL! Well, I sure can't. Hey, we're having a little party tonight. Nothing crazy. Some beers and and just chilling. We could really use some lovely ladies to spice things up, though, if you and your friends aren't doing anything.

She showed the message to Tori.

“Well, I haven't gotten to do shit all summer,” Tori said, “and it could be fun. What do you think?”

“I think we should have lunch, and that we should talk to Cindy,”

Tori nodded.

Sounds like it could be fun. Can I talk to the girls and get back to you?

Hell yeah! You got my number, baby. :)

I do. TTYS (talk to you soon)

Stephanie shooed Tori out of the room to get dressed. She went to her closet, picked out a pair of tight low-rise jeans and a silky red shirt that left her tummy exposed. She met Tori downstairs. Her hot sister wore a tiny white skirt made of thin cotton, with a white halter top. Her nipples poked through the fabric. Mike was in the kitchen, digging through the fridge.

“Where's our Cindy?” Tori asked.

Mike poked his head out of the fridge and whistled.

“Damn but you two are looking edible,” he commented.

“Keep it in your pants, sicko,” Stephanie said, “We're gonna go out for some food. You wanna come?”

“Cindy's in the shower, but hell yes I want to cum!”

“Come out to eat, dickhead,” Tori said, flipping her hair.

“Come eat out? Sure,”

“Do you ever think about anything but pussy?” Stephanie asked.

“Do you?” Mike shot back.

“Yes, actually. I think about dick just as frequently,”

They all laughed together.

“Jokes aside, yes, I could go for something to eat,”

Half an hour later, they'd managed to stuff Cindy's big tits into a slinky half top, and barely contain her ass and pussy beneath a frilly skirt. The four of them piled into Stephanie's convertible, and drove into town, causing all manner of near-collisions at every red light.

As they sat around the table at a local steakhouse, receiving very attentive service, Stephanie talked with them about the message from Todd.

“So this is the guy that fucked Cindy at the mall?” Mike asked.

“That's him,” Stephanie said.

“Oh, his dick wasn't anything like yours, baby,” Cindy said.

“What college?” Mike asked, patting Cindy's hand.

“Over at State,” Stephanie said.

“Sounds like trouble,” Mike said.

“Maybe the best kind of trouble,” Tori added.

“Do you all want to go?” Mike asked.

“I think it could be fun,” Stephanie said, “and with all those horny college guys, you can bet on all of us going home fucked tonight. It could be a good opportunity to get some great video, if we do it right,”

“I'll tell you what, if you'll let me arrange for some security, and those guys are okay with being filmed, then I agree. We'll need to bring releases for them to sign,”

“Sounds smart,” Stephanie agreed.

She shot a text to Todd.

Hey, do you still want some hot girls for your party?

Hell, yes! Came the reply a minute later.

How about a couple of porn starlets?

Shut the fuck up. You're joking, right?

Got a computer nearby?


Go visit CindySin.Com and LKKXXX.COM. Get back to me when you do.

A few minutes passed, and then Stephanie's phone pinged again.

I should have known better than to doubt you girls. Holy fuck. Please come over!

Here's our conditions. We bring security, in case people want to get out of hand. We get to film any action that happens. Anyone that wants to get their dicks into the hottest teen sluts they've ever seen has to consent to be filmed. We can guarantee no faces, but if they won't sign then they don't get to fuck. What do you say?

I don't think that a problem. Bring it.

Shoot me the address. We'll be there at 9.

She shared the message around the table, and Mike got on the phone soon after. He'd hired some private security for some of Cindy's shoots already, and even got a discounted rate for letting them blow their loads into her throat. They were pretty eager to help out again on short notice. Next, he got in touch with the film crew that shot Cindy's gangbang videos. He'd have to pay a little extra for the short notice, but they agreed to bring the equipment out and film.

“So, who's ready to party?” Stephanie said.

Four hands went up around the table.

*Higher Education*

Stephanie's convertible pulled up at an off campus house in one of the ritzy parts of town. The light stone home sat behind a sprawling stretch of well-manicured lawn. A long driveway wound to a gated entrance, where Stephanie pulled up and rang the buzzer. She recognized Todd's voice over the intercom.

“It's your dream girls,” Stephanie giggled.

“Shit! Come in!”

The gate buzzed open and Stephanie pulled inside, idling the car at the gate. She texted Todd to let him know they had security and film people coming in behind them any minute. A moment later, a white van and a black Lincoln pulled up the gate and were buzzed in. Mike got out of the car, talked with the drivers, and the little convoy pulled up to the house.

The four of them got out, and Mike went to shake hands and pass out checks to the security and film crews. Stephanie and Mike led the way to the door, where they were met by Todd and Kyle.

“Fuck me, but you girls are looking good!” Todd exclaimed.

“You aren't looking so shabby yourself,” Stephanie replied honestly.

“Come in,” Kyle said, showing them inside, “This is my dad's winter palace,” he joked, “I get to use it through the summer whenever I want,”

The home wasn't a mansion, but it was very grand. The foyer was done up in dark, polished wood, with marble flooring and a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The sound of heavy bass pumped from another room, mingled with the buzz of guys and girls laughing, drinking, shouting.

“Where do you want to set up?” Todd asked.

“Preferably a big room, lots of light, some furniture, but not a lot,” Stephanie said.

“I've got just the place,” Kyle winked.

He led them through a wide, arched doorway, and down a long hall toward another wing of the house. The sound of the music died away as they entered a larger room.

“This is the ballroom,” Kyle said.

The room had a high, domed ceiling with a skylight. It was wide open, clearly meant for entertaining a lot of guests. The walls were lined with several long couches, while an oval, wooden table sat at the center.

“I think this will be great,” Mike said.

Mike introduced himself to Todd and Kyle, saying, “So, you're the guy that fucked my girlfriend?”

Kyle stepped back from the bigger, younger man, “Shit, dude, I didn't know she had a boyfriend,”

Mike laughed and clapped him on the shoulder, “It's not a thing, man. You think I could possibly keep something this fine all to myself?”

Kyle laughed uneasily, “I guess not,” he said.

The camera men set up their equipment around the room, while the three burly security men took up positions around the room and blended into the background. Stephanie handed a stack of release forms to Todd.

“Anyone that wants to participate has to sign one of these,” she explained, “It gives us permission to use any video we shoot, but ensures we retain all rights to the footage, and frees us from any kind of monetary compensation. You're unpaid actors.

Todd laughed, “I don't think any of these dudes are worried about getting a check. They've probably never imagined getting their dicks waxed by anyone as hot as you girls,”

“Glad to hear it. Now, go pass them around. If they want to peek in and see what they're signing up for, it's okay,”

“Cool. Can we get you girls anything? Beer, drinks?”

“Water,” Stephanie said, “just lots of water,”

Mike and Tori pulled one of the long couches toward the center of the room, and then he stripped off his clothes and sat down. Tori and Cindy's eyes were immediately fixed on his huge dick. It wasn't long before people started to drift into the room to see the porn stars. Girls and guys alike, some curious, some horny started to fill the room. Todd stood at the door, policing, making sure that no one was allowed in without signing a form. The room was soon packed with close to two dozen people, mostly college boys, and a few girls.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Kyle said, climbing up on the table, “Ki Alpha Kappa has a great treat for you tonight, so thanks for coming out! Our good friends, two of the hottest adult entertainers of our era, have agreed to join us tonight to film their next project. The best news is that many of you are going to get to fulfill your dreams of being a porn star this very night”

A cheer went up from the crowd.

“Now, I know some of you had your doubts, but I want to direct your attention to this gorgeous little blondie over here,”

Kyle motioned to Stephanie, who was standing in front of Cindy and Tori as they slobbered on Mike's cock. Stephanie blew the crowd a little kiss, as murmurs rippled through the audience.

“...fucking hot...that body...oh my God...bend that over...gorgeous”

“That, my friends, is the luscious Lucy Lix,” Kyle said, using the name she'd given him, “and she will be your designated fluffer this evening. Just look at that beauty, waiting to suck on your horny pricks!”

The crowd cheered.

Kyle went on, “But wait, once she's got you good and wet, the main course will be ready and willing to take all the dick you can put into their every hole! My friends, let me introduce to you, Cindy Sin and Little Kandy Kunt!”

Stephanie stepped aside and revealed the two hungry sluts behind her. Cindy had Mike's cock buried in her throat, while Tori massaged his balls and sucked at his tongue. Cindy pulled up, revealing her boyfriend's huge tool to gasps from the crowd.

“Shit...fucking way is it real...I have to try that fucker...look at the redhead...fucking twins...”

Stephanie stepped forward, saying, “You've all signed consent forms to let us film the action, so let's have a nice orderly line and get this shit going. Who has a dick for my slutty little mouth?”

She dropped to her knees near the couch and rubbed her pussy under her little skirt as the guys began to line up. Pants were quickly tossed aside, and the first man stepped up. His dick was about average, and with all the practice she'd had on her daddy's huge fuckstick, she took him to the balls with no effort. He pumped her mouth until he was good and hard, then stepped up to the couch. Cindy was sucking at Mike's cock. Tori stood with her legs spread apart, her ass sticking out invitingly, making out with her brother.

The man stepped up and took hold of her hips, rubbed his cock against her slit and slid it home. Tori moaned with lust as she got her first cock of the night. She looked back over her shoulder at him.

“Fuck my horny cunt,” she hissed, “Get your cock all the way in there and make me cum, baby,”

The college boy couldn't take it. He pulled his cock out after only a few strokes, and shot his cum onto her ass.

“Thank you for cumming on my ass,” Tori said hotly as the next man stepped up.

“Ride my dick for me, slut,” he said crudely, wagging a nice thick eight incher in her direction.

He sat on the couch next to Mike, and Tori straddled him, sinking her hungry pussy down onto his shaft. Cindy straddled Mike's lap, reverse cowgirl, and lined his huge cock up with her asshole. The crowd gasped as they watched Mike's giant dick disappear into the tiny girl. Cindy moaned and shook as she took it inside of her, leaning back into her boyfriend's chest. Tori leaned over as she bounced on the thick prick up her twat and swapped hungry kisses with her friend.

Another man pulled his cock from between Stephanie's glistening lips and pushed it into Cindy's open cunt. The little redhead squealed with delight.

“Fill me up,” she urged, “Yes, I need more cock!”

She happily fucked away at both of the dicks inside of her as Tori came next to her with an exultant cry. The man fucking her groaned and began to pound his dick into her, while Stephanie alternated between a small cock and a nice big one, getting them ready.

“You like my nasty little slut mouth,” she said, stroking the two boners, “Are they good and hard to fuck my dirty friends?”

She slapped the cocks on her tongue, took them into her throat, and then watched them join the action. The guy in Cindy's pussy pulled out and shot a load onto her big tits with a howl. He moved away for the next guy, who was quick to shove his big prick into Cindy's vacated cunt. The second man, his penis about the size of Tim's worked it into Tori's ass, but blew his load after a minute.

The guy in Tori's pussy was still going strong, and she'd cum twice more already. He seemed to be trying to keep pace with Mike, probably trying to see if he could last longer than the stud with the bigger dick next to him. From the wonderfully full feeling in her pussy, Tori guessed he wasn't used to having this kind of competition. Mike, though, was a pro.

Tori felt his cock pulsing, and knew he wasn't going to last. She quickly pulled him out of her pussy and swallowed his cock, letting him spray her mouth with hot, thick cum. Next to her, Cindy came like a train, bucking her hips on the cocks in her holes. The guy she'd just drained staggered to his feet with a look of awe on his face.

“You're fucking amazing,” he said, and tottered away.

He was quickly replaced by another well hung frat jock, who picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as his dick sank into her pussy. Her arms went around his neck, and he put his tongue into her mouth. He didn't seem to care that another man had just cum a big load into it. She didn't care either. He moved her up and down his prick in swift strokes.

“God, you're so fucking nasty,” he said, looking into her eyes, “You got a boyfriend?”

“Yeah,” she said, “he doesn't know that I'm getting gangfucked right now,”

“That's so fucking hot,”

“Should I tell him?”


“You want me to tell him I have a new boyfriend with a big prick, and that he fucks me better?”

“Oh, fuck! Yeah, tell him, baby?”

“He'll be so jealous of your big cock,” Tori said.

“Fuck, I'm gonna cum!”

“Cum on my sister's face,” Tori said.

The man pulled his dick out of her and set her on her feet. Tori took his dick in her hand, saw that Stephanie had just finished sucking on another cock. She pointed her current fucker's cock at Stephanie's face and jerked him off until he spayed hot spunk onto her face and hair.

“Oh, you slut!” Stephanie cried, surprised.

Tori attacked her face, licking it clean, swapping spit with her sister as the next guy stepped up to fuck Cindy. Mike didn't want to be an ass hog, so he slid Cindy off of his engorged prick and lay back on the couch. She took his cock back into her mouth to clean it up, and offered the next man whichever free hole he wanted. The dick that slid into her wet cunt was a little bigger than average, but nice and thick. It made her cum as her lips slurped at Mike's cock.

Tori finished licking the cum from Stephanie's face, and found herself being pushed back onto the couch. The next guy pushed her legs up to her ears and began to jackhammer his cock into her pussy until she creamed all over him.

“Cum in my mouth,” she huffed, as she felt his cock throb.

He pulled out of her and finished by fucking her mouth like a pussy, roaring with his orgasm as he slapped his balls against her face and shot a thick stream of cum directly into her throat. What came next was a surprise. The man stepped away, and a pretty, tall brunette with long curly hair pushed her tongue into Tori's mouth, and her fingers into her asshole.

“Mmmmph!” Tori grunted into the girl's mouth.

The girl hadn't taken her clothes off. Tori could see her small breasts down the front of her sparkly black top as the girl pulled her mouth away and continued to finger bang her ass. She roughly pulled Tori down the couch, until her ass was hanging off, the back of her head resting on the cushion. The girl then pulled her fingers out of Tori's ass and stuck them into her own mouth, sucking them clean.

“Mmm, you have such a tasty little ass, you slut,” the girl moaned.

She flipped up her little skirt and mounted Tori's face, rubbing her pussy on her lips. Tori went to work, sucking at the horny girls snatch as she hurled all manner of filth at her.

“Lick it good, cunt,” the girl said, “Get that snatch good and wet, then make it cum. Ooooh, you're a filthy little cuntsucker, aren't you? Make me cum, bitch! Make me cum!”

Tori did just that, sucking at her clit, licking between her folds. As the girl came on Tori's face, she felt another cock slide up her ass. The sudden intrusion made Tori scream into the girl's pussy, which set her off again. She felt a man's fingers rubbing the girls cunt, so she licked at the fingers, too. The girl came for a third time, and then let Tori breathe.

“What a whore,” the girl said, and slapped Tori's face playfully, “You're probably going to cum with that dick up your ass, aren't you?”


“Show me how a little ass slut cums,” the girl said, and rubbed Tori's clit until she saw stars.

She felt a surge of prick juice in her rectum, and knew that the man had just cum in her asshole. She heard Cindy being double penetrated next to her, and then her friend's cries of passion were muffled as another dick went into her mouth. The girl slithered off of Tori and got between her legs. She felt a hot tongue probe her ass, wrapped her legs around the brunette's head until she'd sucked all the cum out of her asshole.

The nasty dark-haired girl came up from between Tori's legs, and forced her mouth open. She spit the nasty cum load into Tori's mouth and then held it closed until she swallowed it.

“You're so nasty,” the girl whispered in her ear, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Uh huh,”

“Is it her?” she asked, indicating Cindy while she rubbed Tori's pussy again.

Someone shoved a cock up Tori's cunt, and she gasped.

“No?” the girl asked, and then saw Tori's eyes move to Stephanie,”Oh my God! Isn't that your sister?”

“Uhhhg! Uh huh!”

“Fuck, that's so Kinky,” the girl said, and made Tori cum again, “Can I stay and help these guys fuck you?”


“Thanks. My name's Amy,” the girl said, and kissed her.

Amy quickly took control of the action. There was a line of eager cocks waiting to get sucked and fucked, and if they kept taking them one at a time, they were going to be here all night. Amy began directing. She sat Tori down on the cock in her pussy, letting the guy pump away. The next man came and took her open ass, and they were soon sawing their di