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The tree fort chapters 1, 2, & 3

Something happened to the original story (Tree fort) I posted on this site. A glitch occurred and somehow it lost its right margin and spread past the normal page area. So I am re-posting chapters 1, 2, & 3.

Before I begin this story I wish to say that I do not condone sex with minor’s, especially pre-teen children. Having said that, this story depicts sex with a ten year old girl. It is fictional and fantasy. By writing this story does not mean I would attempt to solicit or engage nor suggest that others engage in sex with minors any more than I would commit murder or suggest others commit murder by writing a story about murder.

If a story such as I have described above offends you then please do not read this story.

The Tree Fort chapters 1, 2, & 3

Chapter 1

This was the best one yet. Billy, Mike and I had really out done ourselves. We had dismantled our last fort because civilization had come to close. As a matter of fact it ended up in the middle of a new housing development. Dad said that Florida was growing so fast that the people were going to spill out into the ocean.

The three of us were best buddies. Mike was the oldest at thirteen; Billy and I were eleven and a half. It was really cool because Billy and I shared the same birthday and for as long as I can remember we always had our birthday party together.

This was the third fort we had built in the last two years. We were running out of Hammock to build in. Hammock is what they call the high ground that the large trees grew in, and even though it was such a long away from the old tree house we were really happy with this new place. The tree was a huge old Florida Oak that branched out about 15 feet above the ground almost like the palm of a hand. It was perfect tree fort material. Speaking of material, some of the wood came from the last fort. The old one was just a platform nailed to a couple of limbs in a Banyan tree. It was OK except for the berries and sap that got all over the fort and us. Most of the materials for the new fort had been stolen from the developer who chased us from our last refuge. This was the greatest fort ever, with a roof and walls with windows. Billy had found some scrap carpet that we pieced together to cover most of the floor. We had even built a porch that we could sit out on and survey our kingdom. The whole fort was built in such a way that if you locked the trap door no one could get up past the floor of the fort, at least not by climbing the tree. If you got a big ladder or something I guess you could get in. We had a secret lock in the trap door as well as an obvious one, that way it wasn't likely that others would find their way into our private domain. But the best part of the fort was that we had the neatest escape device ever invented and it had been my idea.

One Saturday when we had been scouring the housing development, with our dogs, Bud and Wiser, for fort materials, Mike tripped and fell over a piece of steel cable. Billy and I laughed, Mike got real mad and pushed us both down. Mike was not only the oldest; he was also the biggest and therefore made most of the decisions about what we did. After having dispatched us he then proceeded to kick the steel cable to teach it a lesson, only to stub his toe. He began hopping around on one foot cursing while we sat in the dirt giggling, the dogs barked at our game. Anyway, after Mike calmed down we checked out the cable, it was over a hundred feet long and as big around as our thumb. I got this great idea and told the guys about this army movie that I saw the other day where soldiers slid across a stream on a cable just like this one. I told them we could fasten one end to our fort and the other to a tree some distance away and slide down to the ground. Everyone thought it was a great idea. There was however, one problem, the cable was very heavy. We finally decided that the best way to move was to pull one end dragging the rest behind like a long snake. We looked like we were in a one sided tug of war competition. It took all day Saturday and most of Sunday to drag it to the fort. I found a piece of metal pipe that was about two feet long and big enough inside to stick a broom handle through. I slid the cable through the pipe and we fastened one end to the tree trunk near the roof of the fort and the other to a palm tree at the edge of the clearing. We could slide down the cable by holding on to the pipe and when we got to the palm tree we just dug our heels into the soft sand, like sliding into second base. It worked great. The guy who had just slid down would then take pipe, and like a spear, launched it back up the cable to the person waiting on the porch.

We had stocked the fort with all kinds of great stuff. We had some wooden boxes that we stored stuff in. We even had a secret panel that we kept our secrete stuff in. Right now the only secrete stuff we had was a big red candle that Billy had swiped from his mom's Christmas decorations and some kitchen matches that Mike brought. It didn't matter that we didn't have secrete stuff. We were on top of the world. We had the greatest fort in the universe.

The Tree Fort

Chapter 2

We were continually improving and refining our fortress. Every moment we could steal away from home and school we were at the fort. Then finally summer came and we could spend just about all our time at our hideaway. We even began camping out and only going home for food and supplies.

One day when Mike and I were putting some finishing touches on our lookout post in the top of the tree, we saw Billy running toward us. Wiser, his German Sheppard, nearly tripped him up twice as he ran. He had a bag of some kind in his hand. We climbed down and met him at the base of the tree. He ran up huffing and puffing with a big grin on his face. My dog Bud, a Rottweiler, cut Wiser off and the two shot off into the bushes Chasing an imaginary rabbit.

"Man, have I got some secret stuff in here." he said presenting Mike with the plastic shopping bag.

Mike peered inside and gasped, "No shit, wow." and quickly closed the bag.

"What?" I said, "let me see."

Mike handed me the bag. I looked inside at three glossy covered magazines. One was a Penthouse, one was a Gallery, and the other was a magazine called UnReal People. Under the title was printed "America's Raunchiest Swingers' Magazine", whatever that was.

"Where did you get these?" I asked in shock,

"I found them in an old foot locker in our garage. It was full of all kinds of these. I just grabbed three and ran over here."

Mike grabbed the bag from me and fished out a magazine. It was the Penthouse.

"Wow, look at this," he exclaimed as he let the center fold fall open.

"Oh, so that is what a woman's private's look like. What is that thing? I asked pointing to a little bud of flesh at the top of the woman's opening?"

They Billy shrugged and stared at the picture. Mike sad it was a clitoris. I had no idea what that was and I wasn’t sure that Mike wasn’t just making it up just to look superior. I was feeling a surge of something down in my groin and I looked down at Mike's crotch, his pants were poking out in front. At that moment we heard a noise and Mike shoved the magazine in the bag tearing the folded out page. Startled we looked up and saw Billy's ten year old little sister, Cindy, standing not thirty feet away.

"What are you doing here?" Billy shot at her.

"I wanted to see your fort," she whined.

"Well go home,” her brother demanded.

"No, I don't want to." she shot back, defying her sibling.

"I'll hit you," he threatened, lunging toward her.

Screeching and retreating a few steps, she shouted, "I'll tell mom you took daddy's books."

Billy stopped and looked at the bag in Mike's hand. He knew he was screwed. He would not be let out of the house for the rest of the summer if his crime were revealed. Stunned he looked at us for support.

"What are we going to do?" he whispered to us.

I shrugged my shoulders and looked at Mike.

"If we let you stay for a while and look around, will you do whatever we say when we say it?" Mike guardedly asked.

"Are you nuts?" Billy exclaimed, "We can’t let her stay."

"Have you got a better idea? At least this way we have some control over the situation." Then turning back to Cindy, Mike asked, "Well do you agree? And when we tell you to go home you will go and never tell anyone about the books?...... Well?" he demanded.

Pouting she nodded and finally said, "I'll do whatever you tell me to do." She indicated to Mike. "No one else."

"Deal." Mike responded.

"I don't like this." Billy whispered into Mike's ear.

"Tough" was the oldest boy's only response.

Mike took Cindy's hand and led her over to the ladder leading up to the fort. "Never tell anyone what you see here, OK?"

Cindy nodded her consent and smiled at Mike in a goofy sort of way. She had on a red and white gingham dress with white ruffles. In her jet black hair was a matching ribbon. When the sunshine hit her hair reflected a blue black sheen, like a crow's wing. She really was a cute girl as girls go. She seemed to be the most popular in her class at school, but since I didn't pay much attention to that kind of stuff, what I did know? On her feet she had her spotless white Keds and white socks with frill at the tops. Mike started her up the ladder, as she climbed we were able to look up her dress and see her white cotton panties covering her privates. Mike quickly followed practically sticking his head under her dress. Her foot almost hit him in the face twice during their ascent. Billy groaned and I followed Mike and my eyes were glued to Cindy's butt all the way.

"Ooooh this is cool," she cooed to Mike as she surveyed the structure.

Mike looked as though he were going to burst out of his shirt with pride. He laid the bag with the magazines on one of the boxes that we use as chairs and stepped with Cindy out onto the porch.

"What is that?" she asked, pointing to our escape cable.

I jumped up and grabbed the pipe and shot off of the porch like Batman, I wasn't going to let Mike get all of the credit, yet somehow I wasn't sure why I was so concerned. I flung the pipe back up the cable and Mike calmly reached out and snagged it.

"Wow,” she shouted, "can I try that?"

"No,” shouted Billy angrily, "you will get all dirty when you get to the bottom."

It was true. The dirt at the bottom was as dark as any I have ever seen. I was still brushing it off as I approached the ladder.

"Darn." She pouted, "It looks like such fun."

"It is." I said as I walked back on the porch. "And it was MY idea." Not knowing why I said it.

She stood there with her finger tapping her teeth as if she were contemplating all of life's mysteries when she suggested. "I could take off my dress, socks and shoes. I've been in my underwear in front of Billy lots of times and you and I have swum in the Bakers pool in our undies several times." she said to me.

"Absolutely not." screeched Billy

Mike and I looked at each other and together said "Why not?"

"Because she's my sister." Billy blurted in amazement. "I could get into trouble."

"You’re already in trouble." Mike responded as Cindy was already removing her shoes and socks. She placed them inside and peeled the dress over her head and hung it over a nail. Then she stepped outside again in nothing but those pure white panties. Her breasts looked allot like mine but hers were just barely starting to puff out. She reached up on her tiptoes and grasped the pipe.

"Hold on to it with both hands or it will roll out of your grasp." Mike instructed, standing behind her with his right arm around her waist and his left hand pulling the pipe down so that she could reach it. His front was plastered to her bare back and panties. "Ready?" he asked.

She nodded and lifted her feet off of the porch. Mike released her and she glided smoothly down to the bottom of the cable where she dug her bare feet into the soft sandy soil. Mikes pants were poking out as before.

Laughing wildly she started back to the ladder.

"Throw the pipe back up." her brother growled.

She ran back to the pipe and attempted to throw it back. It only reached half way before slowly sliding back. She made several more attempts with no more success.

"She throws like a girl." Billy quipped.

"She is a girl." Mike responded.

By this time I had climbed down the ladder and was headed to her rescue. Bud and Wiser showed up and danced around at all the commotion, making a racket of their own. I noticed that her panties had ridden up into her cunny crack a little and her feet were now black with dirt. I took the pipe and shot it up to Mike. Cindy gleefully ran back to the ladder and scampered up the tree. She then got in position to slide and shot off of the porch, this time with more confidence. As she came gliding down she spread her legs wide in jubilance just before bringing them together and sliding to a stop, almost crashing into Wiser. Her panties had crept even further up and one lip was visible, as she turned and started back. Her panties were wedged high in her ass crack. She made no attempt to pull them free. I launched the pipe back up and the cycle repeated itself several more times. Finally Mike called a halt to the adventure. Where upon Cindy complained briefly but when he reminded her of her promise she stopped.

Her feet and legs up to her knees were covered in dirt. As I stuck my head through the trap door, Cindy was sitting on one of our "chairs" facing me. Her legs were spread wide and she was wiping the dirt off the inside of her legs with a wet cloth that Mike had doused from the canteen. I just stared at her as she continued cleaning herself, moving her legs this way and that searching for that last smudge of soil. Billy stormed across the room and knocked the bag with the magazines off of the box where they had been resting. The Penthouse slid out and the center fold pussy was staring right up at us all. Billy lunged to recover the magazine, but not before Cindy had taken a good long look at it.

Billy stuffed it back into the bag when Cindy calmly said, "Mine doesn't look like hers."

"You’re what?" Billy spat.

"My, ...... you know ..... down there."

Billy turned quickly away, his face was beet red.

Mike picked up the question knowing full well the answer. "You’re what, down there?"

"You know,..... my ......pussy." she replied seeming embarrassed.

"Why doesn't yours look the same?" I asked.

"Because....... it doesn't have any hair."

"I don't have any hair either." I said.

"Me neither," Billy said forgetting who he was talking to.

The three of us then looked at Mike. "I've got some." he boastfully said.

"Let me see," Cindy said.

Mike seemed embarrassed at this request and said, "Let me see yours first."

"No." shouted Billy. “This is not good. I can't believe we are doing this with my sister."

"You can go down stairs if you don't want to watch." Mike mocked him.

Billy made no move to leave. Cindy took her right hand and hooked a finger into the leg hole of her panties and slowly pulled them aside revealing her cue ball smooth pussy. The little slit was all that there was to it.

"Yeah, it looks allot different." I said hoarsely from the trap door opening.

"Take your panties all the way off." Mike ordered.

"What?" she and her brother said in unison.

"You heard me, take your panties all the way off. You said you would do whatever I told you to do, so do it or go home and don't ever come back." He said with his hands on his hips.

Billy's mouth was just hanging open mumbling something when Cindy stood up. I thought she was going to get her dress and shoes, but instead she hooked her thumbs in the waist of the cotton panties and slid them down her legs. Stepping out of them she placed them on top of her shoes and socks. She then stood strait up facing Mike. She now had nothing on but her tan lines.

Smiling she said, "Now let me see yours."

Mike was caught off guard by her comment.

The Tree Fort

Chapter 3

Mike made no move to expose himself.

Come on. You told me to show you first, I have now it's your turn."

"I don't want to be the only one naked." Mike stammered.

“You won't be, I'm naked."

"I mean guy. I don't want to be the only guy naked."

Cindy looked around at us and said, "Well I guess I will get dressed and go home."

Mike looked at me with a pleading look, "OK." I said, "I'll take my clothes off too."

We looked at Billy, "No way, I'm not getting naked with my sister. You guys are nuts." but he never moved from the spot he had been standing in.

Mike and I began unbuttoning our shirts. Mike was much more muscular than me, his chest and arms were well defined. I, however, looked more like Cindy than Mike. We tossed our shirts on top of the cooler that we keep our food in and kicked off our shoes. Mike got to his belt first but waited for me to catch up before unzipping his pants. Soon we were both standing in our BVD's and socks. Both of us had bone’rs and our shorts looked like the nose cone of a Saturn 3 rocket. We pulled off our socks and hooked our thumbs in our underwear. Mike faked a move to remove his and watched as I slid mine down and dropped them at my ankles. My dick was waving in the air. As soon as I became aware of the ruse I quickly snatched them back up covering my nakedness. Cindy and Mike laughed at my embarrassment, then finally Billy and I also burst out in a fit of laughing.

Mike pulled down his shorts and let them fall. He did have hair. Not like he was covered in it, but a curly patch right above his dick. I lowered my skivvies again and we both tossed them with our other clothes. Our dicks wagged back and forth until they were pointing directly at her, like two divining rods that had found water.

When I had first become aware that my dick could get hard and why, I had measured it. I think most boys do at some time or another. Any way mine measured five and one half inches long and about an inch and a half across. Mikes looked to me to be a little larger. Maybe it was due to the fact that he was a couple of years older.

The three of u stood there looking at each other until Billy irritatedly said, " Now what."

That brought Mike out of his trance and said "Give me the Penthouse."

The center fold model was a brunet, with, what seemed like to me HUGE tits and a lot of black hair on her pussy. She was sitting on a kind of wire frame chair facing the back of it with her legs spread wide and her arms crossed over the back. Like a cowboy would sit backwards on a chair except there was nothing but a few loops of wire between her and our eyes.

Mike studied the picture then he looked at Cindy. Then he looked at the picture again. Cindy was standing with her arms at her side watching Mike. Mike then told her to sit back down on the box where she had been before. Cindy sat like a perfect lady, knees together back strait. Mike placed the magazine on the floor at her feet and sat next to it directly in front of the nubile eleven year old. I scooted next to Mike and watched what he was doing. He told Cindy to spread her legs. She moved them slightly apart. I could see her smooth slit but it wasn't like the picture. It was just a line on white flesh.

"No, ... more like the picture." Mike urged.

Cindy looked down at the centerfold, blushed and slowly began to move her legs apart. Mike reached up grabbed her knees and shoved them wide. Even with her legs spread as wide as the models they still did not look the same. The model had more folds and creases, Cindy just had two lips and what seemed to be a small opening. I mean she was small, so it stands to reason that all parts of her would be small too. She was just over four foot tall and I don't think she weighed more than fifty five or sixty pounds.

Mike was inspecting the picture again, "Where's your clitoris?" he asked.

"What?" Cindy questioned

"This." Mike said, pointing to the tiny bud at the top of the models pussy.

Cindy bent over looking at the picture and then reached down with the fore finger of each hand and spread her pussy lips wide and sure enough there it was a pink little probe right above the small opening. Mike reached up and ran his finger over it. Cindy jumped and let her pussy close.

"Spread it open again and hold it that way, don't let go until I tell you. Scoot to the edge of the box."

The tiny girl gently slid forward until only the rear of her ass was still on the box. Gently she reached back down and spread herself again. Mike touched her button again and again she jumped, only this time she continued to hold herself open. Mike let his finger trail down to the opening and cautiously probed it. He pushed his finger inside of her to the second knuckle. She had become a little moist in there and his finger came out damp. He sniffed his finger and then held it over for me to smell. I though it smelled pretty good for having been between some one's legs. He grasped her little bud between his thumb and for finger and rolled it around like a small ball of clay. Cindy was kind of jerking and jumping while he was doing this. Smiling, Mike increased the pressure and tempo of his ministrations. Cindy had closed her eyes and was grunting with each new movement. He then twisted it like he was turning on a radio or something. She yelped and almost fell off the box but she continued to hold herself wide for him.

Suddenly Mike stopped what he had been doing and asked her what it felt like.

"Mike electricity, only it didn't hurt or anything. Kind of like when your foot goes asleep and it is waking up, only nicer. It felt strange to have your finger inside me though. I mean it didn't hurt or anything it just felt different having a finger in there that wasn't mine."

"You put your finger inside there?" Mike asked.

"When I take a bath I do. In my hinny too. Don't you?"

Mike and I both nodded. Billy was still rooted to his spot although he had shifted his body to better see what Mike had been doing between his sister’s young legs. His hands were covering the hard on beneath his pants.

Mike pressed his finger back inside her a little deeper this time and wiggled it like he was feeling around for something. A couple of times she winced as he attempted to probe deeper.

"You’re a virgin aren't you?" Mike queried.

Cindy nodded faintly, and smiled. Mike told me to stick my finger in and feel her cherry. I had no idea why a cherry would be up inside of Cindy, but nothing could have stopped me from finding out. I pushed my finger inside of her and was surprised at how warm she was. I told Mike that I could not feel her cherry, because something else was in the way. I said that there seemed to be a small hole in whatever it was.

Mike laughed, "You dork that is her cherry. A cherry is a piece of skin that is inside a girl that is a virgin. ..... Someone who has never had sex."

"I have never had sex." I said to him.

"Me neither. That makes us both virgins too, but only girls have a piece of skin that proves it."

During this entire conversation my finger is buried inside the petit little girl. Mike told me to take it out and I reluctantly withdrew it. My finger was shiny with her juices. As a matter of fact she was very wet at her hole and moisture was leaking out and down her crack.

"Holy shit." Billy exclaimed, "Look at this."

He had the "UnReal People" magazine in his hand and was staring at it with his mouth agape. Mike pulled it from his hands and spread it out on the floor. There was a woman with a man's penis in her mouth and another picture that was a close up of a man fucking a woman. All four of us were amazed at the pictures that were in there. There were black men on white women, penises and pussies were spread all over the pages.

"Have you ever done that?” Mike asked her, pointing to the woman with the penis in her mouth. Cindy turned bright red and shook her head no. Mike told her to stand up and as she did he took her shoulders and moved her around so that she was standing where he had been and he sat down on the box. "Kneel" was all he said.

Billy screamed, "NO! I'll tell mom"

Mike looked Billy squarely in the eye's and responded in a low menacing voice." If you say one word the three of us will tell your mom that it was your idea and you made Cindy do all kinds of stuff."

Then he looked at me for a long minuet until I understood he wanted my cooperation in the conspiracy. I nodded yes. He then sought Cindy's eyes. She hesitated for a second and nodded very meekly not daring to look at Billy.

Billy groaned with frustration and fear. He probably wanted this as much as anyone but the thought of getting caught was overwhelming him and tears started streaming down his plump cheeks.

Mike said, "Either you’re in or out, make up your mind. Leave and don't come back to the fort or take your clothes off."

Billy sobered up at this ultimatum and stood there as if in disbelief with his mouth hanging open.

Mike waited a few seconds and shouted "NOW!" the small boy jumped at the suddenness of the demand. Then slowly he drew his shirt over his head.

Soon the pudgy youngster's clothes were in a pile next to his sisters. Still he had not moved from the spot he had been standing.

Mike turned his attention back to the nubile girl and gently repeated "Kneel".

Cindy bent down placed her hands on her knees and kneeled on the carpet at Mike's feet. I was sitting next to her watching intently. She was staring at the older boy's prick sticking up between his legs. Mike spread his legs. I noticed his balls tightly scrunched up under his peter.

"Do it like the picture" he whispered.

Cindy glanced up into the boy's eyes for a brief second before leaning forward, slowly opening her mouth and clamped her lips over the head of his penis. She just held it there. Like the picture, a frozen moment in time.

"Deeper" he spoke.

She moved her head down until she had half of it inside her warm mouth. Mike put his hands on the back of her head and gently pushed her further down on his prick. She offered no resistance and he did not stop until her nose was buried in his sparse hair patch. At one point she made a little gagging sound but did not try to pull back. He held her there for a few seconds then allowed her to move back up and off the end of his manhood. It glistened with her saliva and you could see a drop of clear fluid forming at the tip.

"They call that a blow job only you’re supposed to suck instead of blow" Mike informed us, as if he were some type of instructor. "This time suck, and put more pressure on it with your tongue." he told the child kneeling in front of him.

Again she leaned forward and took his prick in her mouth. She moved her head all the way down to the base and when she hit bottom a little bit of air was sucked in around her lips and Mike groaned. She stayed there and her jaw muscles moved like she was sucking on a straw. Mike entwined his fingers in her soft hair and began moving her head up and down his shaft. Each time her lips hit bottom a slurping sound escaped her lips as proof she were sucking for all she was worth.

Faster and harder the older boy smashed his dick into her face, jacking off his prick with her mouth. Soon his legs were trembling and a low grown started in his throat getting louder and louder until he pulled her face down to the root and blasted his sperm into her mouth. Jolt after jolt shot from his body as he tried to buck more of his prick into her face. Some of his sperm shot out around of her lips yet most must have been pumped directly into her belly.

After what seemed an eternity he went limp and let his hands fall from her hair. Slowly she pulled her head from his his body and kept her lips tight around the shaft as she went. When her lips passed over the head, he flinched and a strand of cum continued to tie them together until it finally broke when she rocked back. I looked at her in awe. She looked as if she were holding something her mouth.

"Do you still have some in your mouth?" Mike asked her.

She nodded her head and murmured, "mmmhuh", with her lips tightly closed.

"Show me." Mike commanded.

Slowly she tilted her head back and opened her mouth. Mike leaned forward, I scrambled to my feet and Billy finally moved from where he had been to see better.

There in her mouth was a pool of whitish liquid. She was careful not to let any of it run out.

"Swallow it." Mike instructed,

Quietly she closed her lips and swallowed, letting the puddle slide down her throat like a raw oyster.

"How did it taste?" I asked her.

"OK" she calmly said. "I have never tasted anything like it, I kind of liked it."

Chapters 4, 5, 6 & 7 have much more aggressive sex than this story, as the progression of the sexual activity increases so does the intensity of the sex that Cindy engages in increases. Some who liked this story may not like the second installment because greater demands are put upon Cindy by Mike. So consider yourself pre-warned. If the activity I describe in the chapters 4, 5, 6, & especially 7 gets too intense for you then stop and read something more attuned to your taste.
One other comment: At no point is Cindy forced to do anything. She always has a choice. She can comply or leave.

Thank you shefux

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