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tThe prego club pt.19

I woke up with a start, looked down and see Amy, beautiful nude Amy, sweet little pregnant Amy, the hot little thirteen year old who brought me into this wonderful haven of six young little girls, all wanting my baby or is it babies. Five of the six girls were virgins, in which I have happily brought into womanhood, and now two of the six are pregnant for sure and possible one or two more by now. Guess we’ll have to another testing in a few days to see if I’ve knocked up another one or two or maybe three of these 12 to 14 year old darlings. Strangle how things happen, just a few weeks ago I was alone, traveling from place to place working odd jobs, remodels, electrical repairs and such, staying no where long. Then I picked up little Amy along the side of the road in the rain walking home after getting out of her ex-boyfriends car and walking off, leaving him with his pants down and a hard dick. She dumped him, for the strangest reason, not for trying to get into her pants, but because He always wore a condom when they had sex, all three times, before she dumped him. She wanted a baby and even thought he popped her cherry he wasn’t going to father any children by wearing a rubber and Amy said to hell with that and him. The poor guy didn’t know what he missed out; Amy turned out to be just the first one of six who wanted to have a child, all by the same guy and wasn’t going to stop until we did.

And then I met her along an dark empty road in the rain, wet cold little Amy, cute young little Amy, hot sexy Amy, future mother of one or more of my kids. Her knowing there was no way she could be pregnant yet, and later a few minutes of us talking, she decided I was to be the lucky guy, to father her children and her five girlfriends children too. Well as you all know when a headstrong female wants something she usually gets it and before long we were in this house, I’m remodeling while the owners are vacationing Europe, with me deep inside her hot tight little pussy attempting to impregnate her. And I’m grateful that she picked me, mmmmm boy am I grateful, six beautiful sexy young girls for me to make love to, six lovely little ladies for me to knock up ‘mmmmmm’.

Amy comes by almost every day since to get an cum injection, usually before school, she’d wake me with her mouth and then we proceed to make hot passionate love, me filling her little pussy with my baby batter and off she’d go to school with a smile on her face. Then after school as well, but not as often due to the other five needed their turns. They were brought to the house one at a time at first, were I introduced them into womanhood and the art of lovemaking, as I took their virginities one by one and filled their tiny pussies with my seed too, each hoping I would knock them up. After which they now come by when ever they can to be injected with my seed and as often as they can, sometimes alone, sometimes two of them and even at times all of them. They even manage to arrange for one to spend the entire night on Friday and or Saturdays. Its pure heaven, epically when I look around and see six nude little girls in my bed, a large bed made out of several mattresses pushed together on the bedroom floor. Wall to wall bed and wall to wall pussy at times too. In fact the group as sort of grown to seven now. Nancy, a little runaway is staying here too, although she is still a virgin, she does engage in oral sex with both the girls and me. All the girls enjoy having oral with each other and with me and of course all six love having me deep inside their sweet little pussies.

Well back to Amy going to town on my hard cock. She’s trying to deep throat me, but gagging somewhat and decided to do a shorter stroke instead, it feels great. Nancy wakes up, sit up seeing what going on and reaches up to pinch one of Amy’s erect nipple. Amy moans onto my cock sending a very pleasant vibration thru my dick and nuts and I moan as well. Amy hearing me redoubles her efforts to suck me into her throat, I said gently ” relax and let it happen” in kind of a groan. I then feel the head of my cock enter her throat, just the tip and she gags again causing a soft of lurch against the tip of my cock, I moan “damn that’s good” as she raises up to keep just the head between her soft tight lips, then down again pushing another inch or so into her, I moan again. My moaning urge her on, she pulls up and back down she goes hard, forcing my seven and something inches into her mouth, the head slips pass her upper throat muscles and is completely inside her tight throat, her lips tight around the base of my dick, her nose pushed into my pelvic area and she swallows, the sensation is wonderful I moan even louder,

“ Oh baby suck it suck it all in awwwww”

She then goes into overdrive sucking my dick, it feel so good, too good in fact, I reach down to pull her up off my cock, so I can cum in her pussy, but stop as I remember, she’s pregnant now and if she wants, she can suck me off, and I really want to let her, so I lay back and enjoying her oral love making. She’s good, great, fantastic, after getting pass the gag reflex. And she seems to loving doing it to me as well; I know I love her for it too. After a few minutes I began desperately holding off this fantastic feeling, thinking of baseball, fire trucks, football, anything to make this heavenly feeling last longer. And Nancy wasn’t helping as she plays with Amy’s nipple and stroking her wet pussy saying,

“That’s it suck him suck him good… God is that hot… take his dick Amy, make him cum… Fill her mouth Bill… fill it full of that hot man milk… God I wish I was sucking him”

Then Amy must have tried to answer her, but instead sent a vibration thru my cock that I have never felt before and pushed me over the top. I couldn’t help but explode into Amy’s hot sucking mouth. The first spurt blew straight down Amy’s throat and she pulled back to catch the rest in her mouth as she works her soft hand up and down my cock jacking me off into her mouth, shot after shot of my thick cream fills her hot mouth. Then I finally stopped pumping cream into her, she jacks me a little more, but the tank was dry. She rise up, turns to Nancy, pulls her to her and kisses her, I watch in awe as Amy opens her mouth and apparelly is sharing my cum with Nancy. Nancy’s shocked as first then eagerly joins in to what looks like a tongue-swapping contest between the two girls. I know my cum was being past back and forth inside their mouths and my dick get harder, not softer as you would expect after the earthshaking blowjob Amy had just gave me.

Damn what a sight, I had to get into something, so I pull Amy to me, she slides one leg over me and center herself over my pelvic area, I grab my cock line it up with her dripping wet pregnant pussy and pull her down, guiding the tip into her heat. She feels the head of my dick spread her pussy lips and then drops her hips, driving me fully up inside her, I jerk my hand just out of the way; Then I shove up, tiring to get deeper into her. After a moment she starts grinding her cunt onto my erect cock, still lip locked with Nancy. Finally her grinding causes her and Nancy to separate. Then both girls show me my cum in their mouth, then swallowed, smiling while licking their lips, and they both kind of coo,

“Mmmmm breakfast cream”

My rock hard cock jumps inside Amy’s glorious pregnant pussy. She moans and began working her tight wet pussy harder on my dick. After a few moments I lean forward and take an erect nipple into my mouth and sucks gently, Nancy not to be left out, moves to take the other nipple in her mouth. We suckle Amy’s tits while she fucking my cock and moaning. God I wish I had a camera, I have never seen anything like this and would have love record it for future viewing, it even feels like my dick got harder. Amy rocking her hot pussy on my dick, causing the head of my dick to rub inside her hot wet little chamber, sending tiny electric shocks thru my cock and into my balls. I can tell she’s receiving the same wondrous feeling, as she moans louder and her pussy spasms grabbing and sucking my cock deeper inside her. Hell it feels like she’s going to pull my dick out by its roots and suck in up inside her for a few moments, Damn does it feel GOOOOOD. I know I can’t last very long at this rate, although I had just emptied my balls in her mouth, my nuts are tingling all over as if they’ll going to blow, what I wasn’t sure. There couldn’t be any cum in them, could there. Amy and Nancy had just shared all that I had had. The fucking well was dry, but the warm tingling was growing. Ohhhhhhhhh YYYeeessssssss.

Amy’s young body shakes in pleasure as her pussy tightens around my hand member, she then groans growls as her organism explodes, bathing my captured cock with her hot sweet cum, hell the fucking dam crumbled as she flooded me, the bed, the room with her sweetness. The heat of her juice and the gripping of her cunt on my dick attempted to push me over the top and my balls did a sort of dry-heave as my hips jerked up driving me deeper into her. It feels weird and hurts a little but feels sooo good and we both scream, I think, maybe it was sort of a mumble of incoherence. I know I didn’t understand what I was saying, let alone what Amy had said. The only thing I can do is to grab Amy pull her to me and hold on, squeezing her tightly into me, her nipples like two steel spikes into my chest, her hot pussy pumping hot little girl cum all over me. She covers my mouth her hers in a wild kiss, her hot breath in my mouth and her whole body trembling. God was I in heaven.

Nancy spoke and we both nearly jumped out of our skins.

“Damn now I know why”

Amy cooed “Why what?”

“Why you girls want Bill for your lover”

Then Amy started to say something, but looked at the clock and jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I just looked at Nancy ‘what’. She got up and followed Amy into the can. I just laid there with a smile on my face and a slowly deflating dick. Nancy came back grabbed Amy clothes and back to the restroom she went. Shortly Amy came back into the bedroom dropped down beside me, kisses me, then kisses my poor wet dick laying there and says,

“Bye baby got to go to school… Fuck you later”

And with that she was gone. I was still lying there when Nancy came back into the room and asked if I was hungry? I answered something and off she went towards the kitchen, her cute little bare butt twisting ever so sexy. I moaned ‘down boy’. Reached over and turned on the boob tube to check the weather or something. Need to calm, down got to finish this house, before I get fucked to death and before to owners due back date.

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