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Eager to Learn (ch.1)

An eager student gets a bit more than she bargined for.

Back from the Future- Chapter 9

The adventure through time continues!

Lost Empire 8

Will Derrick use the head set again? Is Mary now another devote follower of Derrick?

A Dream So Real

A highschool freshman with an obsession for the Senior Quarterback.

The Adjustment Service

A woman undergoes an extreme adjustment to her attitude

I Fucked My Mommy

If you have a horny mom then don't hesitate to fuck

The Devil's Pact, Hell Chronicles Chapter 10: The Ghost

The Ghost enjoys his newest addition to his harem, Lilith, while Lana and Chantelle search for their missing goddess

Retirement Group Sex

Three couples retire together.

Strap-On Fun

Wife surprises Husband with a new Toy

Favorite Aunt - Ch. 7

Ben and Jean have recognized, accepted and indulged their love for each other. We pick up their story about two weeks after Ben arrived at Jean's

Strawberry Blonde

A college student arrived to class too late, but he still got educated. This is the climax of a mutual crush between a college male and his young female professor

The incredibly true story of my relationship with my stepmom

This is 100% true. I don't know, it may seem boring because I wanted to be honest rather than sensationalize the sex

My Dirty Little Secret (4)

Glitter and whipped cream...

First Time With My Special Sister

Sorry for the long wait I ran out of ideas, Mor will cum shortly

Evidence against Tina

With tears,welling in her eyes.It dawned on Tina,that she,did'nt hate her mother.She actually loathed her intensely! "No,Tina!Under no circumstances are you going to that party tonight

Case Study 301: A daughter's Rebel Yell

There's a dark creature in all of us just wanting to get out.

Sexy Teacher and School Board Member


Cumshots That Changed the World

This is an epic novel of one man who's cum could change the world

World of Warcraft fantasy 2 : The Grimtotem

This is a sequel to "World of Warcraft fantasy: Elvish Graces"

Mia Matsumiya: Her Rapist's Baby(Pt. 2 - Wedding Bell Blues)

When Mia's about to marry her rapist, an unexpected guest crashes the wedding...